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2023.06.01 21:09 toothbat 🎂

happy birthday, it's not the same without you here celebrating with us❤️❤️
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2023.06.01 21:09 Available-Basis3617 I can't seem to forgive my ex

5 years ago I was in love with a guy, the interest was mutual, I was at a very vulnerable time of my life so he led me on growing the relationship emotionally and suddenly he ghosted me. We always somehow worked together so he was around but we never had real contact. I get past that and I was living my life with my son like home, work, beingmom, very quite life, i was very active at work, i had ambitions and even though I wasn'tlooking for it activwly i was hopeful to be in a loving relationship. Suddenly 2 years ago he took over the company I was working at and started to build the friendship again. Suddenly he was giving me lifts, following me to office get together and pulling me out early. Started to discuss a side business.. In short he was coming on very slowly but surely. He had alot of time to study me. And he proposed. I was floored. After that everything was very fast we got married in very short time. What I wanted was very simple I wanted a family and a man to protect me, before any Andrew Tatu guys came along let me tell you I am doing very good at work and I certainly don't need the financial support. What I needed was the man to show me he is the head of family. So I kept on working. When though he used to say his wife cannot work. He was covering whole our expenses so it was not money issue. I realized he was not happy around me and always escalating situations to fights, not by me but by refusing to sooth my feelings. Cuddling is a problem, ok don't cuddle but let me be near to you, I live off touches no that is a problem too. He divorced me very swiftly after a fight, not consulting anyone, no reconciliation. 1 month of ghosting and then talak.
Looking back I am not delusional the relationship could work. He wanted me intimately and this was his sole reason to marry. I even feel liberated because I don't get tense around someone I supposed to be relaxed and playful.
What I can not forgive after nearly half a year of divorce is that he knew what he wanted was not what I wanted but he went with it anyway.
I feel like I was robbed of my hopes and dreams.. Tuesday was my birthday and I fell sick because of all these thoughts. I turn 42. He stole every little bit of I once had. I was alone but I had my dreams. Now I barely function, I keep going to work, I take care of my son. Everything is bare minimum.
Before I told him I forgive him but I kind of take it back. Is it bad?
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2023.06.01 21:07 stingersam I just need to rant lol

I feel like SUCH a spoiled cunt but I can’t help but feel so angry and sad for myself. My step sister is finally graduating high school after being held back a year or two…my dad and her mom bought her a truck and over $2000 in gifts and money….of course I was a Covid senior so I didn’t get jack SHIT. I had to BEG my dad to help me buy my car so I had a way to get to college 3hrs away,…I don’t even think I got $20, which sounds so bitchy but I watched all my classmates and family members have parties and all that fun stuff and I literally got a “good job”….Next year later I graduated college early on the deans list & was maybe expecting a party to make up for not having one after high school graduation….nope nothing….and to top it off it was my birthday 3 days ago and I think they forgot lol…just sick of my stepsister texting me every 20 mins “guess what your dad got me for graduation”, I know I should be happy for her and I am, something inside me is boiling thinking about how nobody cared to celebrate my success…call it cunty but I guess I’m sad for my 18 yr old self who literally just wanted to be celebrated…
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2023.06.01 21:06 calisznn it’s my birthday

it’s my birthday and i can’t decide how i feel it’s almost like i’m numb to not celebrating it’s funny bc none of my “ friends” told me happy bday and i don’t even care like i expected it to be this way, not that i’m happy abt it i just can’t believe i waisted a whole life time of waiting for this
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2023.06.01 21:05 _Little_Tom_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MITSURI KANROJI!!!

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2023.06.01 21:03 KitchenCoach1198 Happy birthday to Sion from FGO, MB, UNIB

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2023.06.01 21:03 Dragonfoxxy Happy Birthday Itto!! And Happy Pride Month to all!

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2023.06.01 21:02 SeriSeashell Well I guess I'm not getting out of bed anytime soon...

Having cats lay on you is a very comforting and happy feeling! It's kind of like having a living weighted blanket, except this blanket has purr functionality and is also very cute
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2023.06.01 21:02 j3434 Happy Birthday Ronnie Wood !

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2023.06.01 21:02 NumerousUsernames VSF DJ with Genuine Rolex Datejust 41mm 1:1 Wimbledon Dial

VSF DJ with Genuine Rolex Datejust 41mm 1:1 Wimbledon Dial
Firstly big shout out to u/watchification for convincing me to RL my wifes GMF DJ and get a VSF DJ (albeit he suggested 38mm).
This is from Trusty, and to be honest Andy was excellent from start to finish. He even rushed a different order for me for my wife's birthday! Was super helpful all the way.
My DJ arrived today and boy am I happy! This thing is amazing. I've never seen a real one up close in person but this I'm happy with. Not sure if it actually does have the gen dial, but that's what the listing said..
My S10+ camera might not be doing it justice here. But I'm pleased. Even got myself a box for it. Let's hope nobody calls me out!
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2023.06.01 21:01 GalaxyTheDragin Happy birthday Technoblade

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2023.06.01 21:01 lovelyyandereaddict Prized Patient Zero [Yandere Asylum Patient Defeats You][AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay [Successful Doctor Listener] [Betrayal] [Collab-Worthy] [Unspoken Competition] [Part 1?] [Mentioned Cannibalism] [Mentioned Death]

Description: You (The listener) are a successful practitioner of mental health, traveling world wide to solve the most untreatable cases of insanity. Somehow directing all their violent and sadistic tendencies towards something else or someone else ; whatever it is its working and you've received another call. Its your first asylum the one that kicked off your career and the star patient you 'fixed' has been having some trouble lately. You can't let this one patient of yours unravel your reputation, best to see what they've done now.
Alternate Description: You (The Speaker) are the biggest threat this asylum has to offer and naturally they cater to your every whim for their safety. They've done as you asked, luring your precious doctor back to you. How disgusting! For the world to think it deserved your doctor's treatment! But no worries you just have to buy time. Get them distracted. Keep them distracted. While your friends prepare for the plan...
A/N: This is up for monetization, just credit me please! This does get a little dark ⚠️ as there are mentions of death, cannibalism, and drugging⚠️.
*[These] are suggested sound effects
Yandere Asylum Patient [AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay
[Swiping Key Card]
[Automated Voice] Welcome to the Elite Rehabilitation Center and Asylum, Doctor we’re pleased to have you temporarily on our roster.
[Locked Doors Hissing and Unlocking]
[Nurse] Doctor, we’re so happy you could come! Thank you so much! I’m sure with your notoriety you wouldn’t want to come back to this place but we really need your help. He’s recently had an incident with our best doctor...after going in to administer the proper medication she was attacked.
[Nurse] The director suggested I keep her wounds confidential but considering you’re doing us such a huge favor I can probably tell you. But you probably don’t want the specifics but basically ... the doctor is in a fatal condition after leaving with gaping wounds in their shoulders, their thighs, their calves...yikes the list goes on but I don’t want to hold you any longer.
[Footsteps Stop, Keycard Bleeps]
[Nurse] And Doctor if anything happens–use the syringe it’s enough to knock him out. If you need it. Good Luck.
[Vault Doors Unlock and Lock]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, it's my favorite doctor. They’ve finally brought you back to me! It's been years my love since you were turned into the world’s favorite doctor. ‘Changing the hearts and minds of the most mentally unstable starting with the most twisted villain.’ Patient zero to your mysterious cure. Of course, you’d come back for me! Wouldn’t want to unravel your carefully woven thread.
[Asylum Patient] Now don’t be deceived I’m so so so so happy you’ve come back to see me! I’ve wanted nothing more than to see you again, smell you again, touch you again.
[Asylum Patient] Ah yes. I’ve gotten the straight-jacket with chains treatment. But hey isn’t that a step up from the muzzle? I’m rambling aren’t I? Sorry sorry my love. This is the therapy tell-all time, right? So go ahead and ask whatever you want from me, baby I’m ready.
[Asylum Patient] Oh going for my art, first eh? That’s fine with me! Ah, that one was you, of course, it looks a little off. And the other one is you too. And the next one—you know what I’ll save you the time all 20 canvas drawings are of you. Yeah, can you tell I missed you yet?
[Asylum Patient] Ah, now we get into the good stuff! So that horrified-looking lady is my...creative retelling of her last moments as a nurse. Before you bend me over the knee (I’d really like that) it's been ruled an accident that she ended up all curled up in that air vent. Rumors say it was starvation but I like to think it was the fear itself.
[Asylum Patient] Yes! I’ll tell you all about him! He was a weirdo I don’t think anyone really wanted him around so it’s not absolutely horrible he’s an absolute vegetable now. Me? I had no such thing to do with this one either. Don’t give me that look, it was a matter of a good old-fashioned asylum culling. You know, how all the nearly crazy go for the most hated inmate–excuse me, patient.
[Asylum Patient] Let’s just go to the next one ah yes, I know they keep the “incident” details confidential but I guess you could say she was the leading lady. Well, baby all I can say is that I was a key witness in it all. Yup, just an inspired witness.
[Asylum Patient] Oh, you want to know about the most recent incident, huh? Well as I’m sure you’ve been told that bossy doctor lady got a few pieces bitten out of her. In my opinion, she deserved it for all the whining she was doing, for someone who spoke about admiring you so much she sure knew how to complain. Day in, day out keeping your lovely name on her disgusting mouth. Speaking as if she was your special patient as if she knew how deeply our souls are intertwined. It was obvious she just wanted to know you as intimately as I do. But I bet if she did she’d just gossip about you. Brag to all those sheep about my favorite flaws. So jealous she would always laugh at me when I told her to stop. So disrespectful.
[Asylum Patient] She had it coming. Getting eaten to pieces. I mean it is a feat in the first place that she survived for as long as she did without the proper care.
[Asylum Patient] Wait. Did they tell you differently? Oh baby, no it's–you don’t understand. She will be by now. I wasn’t going to let her live after what she said. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have let any of those forsaken doctors live but a deal’s a deal.
[Straight Jacket and Chains Falling]
[Asylum Patient] And the jig is up
[Vault Door Unlocking]
[Nurse] Uhm the ones you wanted are all in the lounge and the patients–er friends you have been armed.
[Alarm Blares in the Distance]
[Asylum Patient] Good, I’ll just need a moment with my love. Shoo now.
[Nurse] Right. Sorry Doctor.
[Fading Running Footsteps]
[Asylum Patient] I wonder do you have it in you to wrestle with me? I’m sure you do! Just like old times!
[Wrestling Ensues]
[Asylum Patient] So strong, I can barely keep up...if it wasn’t for the ace up my sleeve.
[Syringe Injecting Skin]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, your sleepy face is so cute. But you’re not the only one with a lovely little syringe. There, my love, you can rest your precious head on my lap. When you finally doze off I’ll put an end to this dreaded place and I’ll return to carry my sweet darling off into the sunset. Just wait for me, my precious doctor, your favorite patient is making all my dreams come true.
[Asylum Patient] You had your turn to shine for the rest of the world now it's time to make that light mine.
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2023.06.01 21:00 j3434 Happy Birthday Ronnie Wood!

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2023.06.01 20:59 fullmoonfroggy if you remember the bday jellie search post- I got him today!! he’s so huge with a cordy tail & floppy claws and a perfect body shape to hug, I can’t believe how cute he is! I’m over the moon, please drop name ideas! thanks to all who helped me pick the perfect birthday buddy to celebrate with :)

if you remember the bday jellie search post- I got him today!! he’s so huge with a cordy tail & floppy claws and a perfect body shape to hug, I can’t believe how cute he is! I’m over the moon, please drop name ideas! thanks to all who helped me pick the perfect birthday buddy to celebrate with :)
**non Larry name ideas! my best friends dog is called Larry so I want something else :)
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2023.06.01 20:59 wilgarfred Happy 24th Birthday to Kanami!

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2023.06.01 20:57 _AstroSoul After many great experiences, think the LS finally ruined my relationship

Posted a few weeks ago about how my partner (m) and I (f) had a hookup, where my So crossed boundaries.
Took the high road advice and opened up with him how that made me feel, and how we need a break from the LS, to which he agreed.
Fast forward to this week, I agreed to our usual agreement of FFM, so he has been eagerly seeking, however I noticed he was talking to the couple with whom he crossed boundaries with and I asked what they were talking about and he ignored me, then lied to my face and said they aren't talking and that I'm crazy. Sure enough the messages have been deleted.
A bit of info on my previous post:
My so went to another room with the girl " which has always been off bounds *, and claims he just "had a cigarette". Meanwhile all week hes been talking about how good sex and cigarettes are (which we haven't done together). Just little comments he makes is making it appear like all the lying pieces are stemming together.
We didn't have this issue with previous experiences, but with this one, him and the girl had too strong of a connection, and I wasn't attracted to the guy sexually, which my so knew from the start.
My so keeps trying to get us to hang with them, but I'm so uncomfortable, and feel sick by how obsessed he has been about this other girl.
Everything has been weird and off since then. Has he been thinking about her that much? my gut is alarming me that something is off.
I really enjoyed the LS up until now, and now I'm kinda mad at myself for giving the wrong man this opportunity to explore with me. He had never had these experiences until I introduced him to the LS, which wasn't suppose to be a full swap which he also knew, but my drunk ass tried to be the kinder partner, and he has taken advantage.
Feel like we went from a happy and cute couple to becoming toxic in a matter of weeks. Just in shock, we've been together for 10 years now with many experiences. I love him dearly, and really wanted us to find that balance, but now I'm seriously considering leaving this relationship.
For the first time, LS has ruined my relationship because my so is taking advantage and he doesn't care how I feel.
Does this happen often to couples in the LS? How do I confront him without sounding like I'm nagging or complaining? How do I get my point across.... I don't want to let 10 years go so easily, but it feels shady.
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2023.06.01 20:55 Ok_Artest Happy birthday techno... first one I've ever been here to celebrate.

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2023.06.01 20:55 AC_the_Panther_007 Who is your favorite movie character played by Morgan Freeman?

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2023.06.01 20:54 Ok_Artest Happy birthday techno... first one I've ever been here to celebrate.

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2023.06.01 20:54 yarnmonger HAPPY PRIDE! Here's a pride Kitsune (Queer-tsune?) I made for my queer spouse's birthday :)

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2023.06.01 20:53 AmbitiousGround9869 love sucks.

hi, i know that i'm young and all (14f) but i feel like everybody now-a-days are trying to date other people, which is normal but it doesn't feel like it to me. love feels alien to me, maybe it's because i've never truly been in a 'real' relationship before (those elementary school relationships that last like 2 hours don't count to me) anywho, i thought that it would be me, myself, and i for the rest of my life, which is what i want but now it seems like something has flipped me upside down.
it's a girl. she's a year older than me. she barely knows that i exist. she is the one that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach, i feel like i look for her during dismissal, watching her from the background and wishing that i was there in that group, just to talk to her. we've never talked before, until she got a job at the convenience store where i get off of the bus at. we're on different buses but whenever she goes to work, she's on my bus. the only time that we have ever truly spoken was when she let me go ahead of her. she said, "you can go ahead," and i said "thank you" kind of sheepishly. she's more popular than me. she look at me, not through me. she stopped to acknowledge that i'm a person. those simple polite words made my stomach do backflips. i even let her go infront of me one time when we were getting off of the bus and she said, "thank you," not "thanks" or just silence. she thanked me. but for what. what have i ever deserved to be thanked for? why are you so polite. to me. to the bus driver. what makes you respect me even though i'm lower than you? i'm nothing compared to you. a speck of dust. a dead skill cell. a welcome mat that people tramp over. one time when my dad and i were going to my nana's birthday potluck, we stopped at the convenience store to get her some scratch tickets. and inside working, was her. i was so scared. she didn't look at me (i think) during the entire time. i never wanted to run away as much as i did during that moment in time. it felt like time stopped. i hate this.
i hate love. its a disease that corrupts my mind and my body. its a waste of time on somebody who you know will eventually leave you. its a temporary sense of euphoria that dies quickly when you realise that you're not special. she's not my dream girl, shes my nightmare that corrupts my dreams, warps my thoughts, keeps me thinking and thinking until i'm mentally drained. i can't stop seeing her name. EVERYWHERES. in movies, tv shows, this is being done on purpose, the universe wants to torment me so that i can never escape hell. i've even seen her name before i even knew that she existed. i liked the name when i first heard it, made my own mental character of someone with the same name, gave her a wife, a happy ending. how bittersweet the karma would be? i remember a said one time when i was in my dream-land, "i wish i had someone in my life like her," as a joke. but then 2 weeks later, there she was. i heard her name being called as i was standing in the hall, i almost had a heart attack. i only met her this year but it feels like an eternity. im trapped in a hole and i cant get out. i'm stuck with these emotions and they wont go away. is this my punishment for making a story with that name? i wonder how different things would be then. or is this fate? did the universe do this for a reason, or to antagonize me. i'll probably never know.
she's dreamy to me. shes a little bit taller than me, maybe 5'8 or 5'9 (i'm 5'7) and we both have the same hair and eye colour, although she got blonde highlights in her hair now, but i think it looked better before it. she's a lot more popular than me. she has friends in my class, she vapes (an ick but i could deal with it) and she seems like an interesting person. i just feel like she has something to hide. like she is trying to be somebody else. she dresses like a basic girl, (lululemon, black slip-on vans, blundstones, jackets that are so long that it makes people waddle like a penguin, fake blonde, etc) but i feel like there is another side to her, something i want to unveil.
i want to see a tarot reader or just get some kind of sign to wake me up from this poisonous nightmare. i had a dream 2 nights ago, me and her were in a mall, she had friends taking pictures of me to show her where i was. i felt happy for some reason. the dream ended when we were both about to go down a slide that went to a different floor on the mall, she turned to me and said something along these lines, "this is fate. we were meant to be, don't let anyone else get inside of your head. i'm proud of who i am, my country, and who i support. this is fate, the universe said so." that quote has been stuck in my mind ever since then.
last night i had another dream of her, she was driving away from me. she recently had a birthday and she got her drivers license. it's been days now and i haven't seen her and i feel like something has been ripped out of me. i'm no longer complete. will i ever see her again? maybe i will, but probably not.
i've been seeing her accounts all over social media on my suggested followers on facebook, as well as her families hobby farm account (which i found myself stalking last night) on my quick add on snapchat, hearing her name on tv, in class, i can't escape.
i really hope that someone sees this. how do i get myself out of this? love is making me destroy myself on a girl that i don't even know, nor had a real conversation with. i just need someone to hear me out, please..
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2023.06.01 20:53 vanyaaa26 I (19F) want to start dating again, but I do not feel ready after my break-up with my ex-boyfriend (18M).

I (19F) have been dating my ex-boyfriend (18M) for two years. We've broke up in october 2022.
Our relationship had its ups and downs. I truly believe he was my person, for most of the time we've been a couple. We've met after I just got out of a mentally draining relationship, with a guy who cheated on me for 6 months. We've clicked instantly and the beginning was absolutely beautiful. I was struggling with an Ed and he helped me get back on my feet; I felt insecure about mostly everything, especially when it came to trusting someone again. We have been through a lot together and I couldn't be more grateful that I had him by my side.
However, we had many downs in our relationship. It was his first real relationship and had no common sense when it came to it. And he was (as I like to believe) absolutely clueless when it came to girls liking him. Some times it sent me into an episode, as I felt all my trauma was going to happen once again.
By the time our relationship was close to an end, he changed. Drastically. Over the past two years, I've gained a lot of weight - I spiraled into some sort of depression episode, after the death of two family members in the same year; and, I was comfortable to look like that with him. My weight gain caused a problem between us and it resulted in some crappy comments about my body and me, in general. The person I loved wasn't the same and I couldn't look in the mirror without feeling guilty - the one person I loved the most, didn't like the way I looked anymore. At the same time, he started hanging out with a lot of other girls from his class and made some sort of group friends with them. Worth mentioning is that, in the course of our relationship, he always had to say something negative about them and always mentioned he couldn't stand most of them.
This is the context, now coming back to the present. I've lost weight, started loving my body, found life-long friends and made memories I will never forget.
HOWEVER, it is still some sort of ongoing story with my ex-boyfriend. We've stopped talking fully somewhere around january this year and he unfollowed me a couple of days ago on Instagram. I've wanted to maintain a civil relationship with him, even though I hate the person he had become now. The last straw was back in March, when it was my birthday, and he couldn't even care less to send a happy birthday message (especially because he knew it meant a lot to me, in general).
This monday we've had a party, as a parting event because we are finishing highschool. Since we've attented the same high school, we've both been there. The whole time, only when I was looking at the dance floor (not to him specifically, but somehow he always in my view), he would let other girls kiss him on the cheek, neck, you name it - the cherry on top it was the fact that those girls were the ones he hated all that time. I could care less if they even had sexual interactions, it's his life after all, it's just pathetic.
There is more to it, but he seems like he didn't move on. I did. I do not feel any anger, sadness or madness when I think of him or see him. I am just disappointed that, after two years together, he chose to show me that he got over me in some disgusting ways - especially since this is not his first time doing some sh#t like this.
After all this context, coming back to the main point. I am afraid to date again. I want to date, honestly and sincerely, because I love loving someone. Not just anyone, but someone to call my own. I feel fulfilled with my life right now, I don't see a new relationship as my main source of happiness - just additional happiness that you can't achieve any other way. I feel insecure - I am not sure that I can trust someone like that again. Like I've said, there is more to the story, and many things he has done since we broke up we're directly attacking my insecurities he only knew about.
So, any advice how I can get over this? Got over the relationship itself, I just need to know how to start my journey in the dating world.
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