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Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena / Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

2011.08.04 01:22 toolsforconviviality Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena / Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Created in 2011. A community for serious UAP-related discussion. Please read our posting rules. Twitter = @uapreddit

2013.03.16 02:23 born_lever_puller Ancient and medieval coins from around the world

A place to show off and discuss ancient and medieval coins from around the world, as well as to post links to articles and other references about them. Need an ID? PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU BY POSTING PHOTOS OF BOTH SIDES OF EACH COIN & preferably photos of its edge as well. If you have trouble using reddit's own photo hosting please try the imgur app or go to https://imgur.com/upload. Memes, joke posts & other shitposts may only be posted here on the last day of each Gregorian calendar month.

2021.09.27 14:00 EsotericN1nja EscapingPrisonPlanet

This community explores the possibility that Earth could be a prison planet and that we're all unknowingly stuck in a reincarnation cycle, since there is plenty of evidence indicating that this could be the truth. Evidence suggests that after physical death, human souls are memory wiped and sent back to Earth to live another physical life, for reasons that do not benefit us. Earth may not be a "cosmic school" like it has been theorized, but a prison planet camouflaged as a "cosmic school".

2023.05.29 16:43 Ever24 [S] Survivor Edge of Extinction - A New Era

On to EoE, with four returning players.>! Placing fifth in HvHvH is Felicia Channing. Placing 4th in Ghost Island and also the runner up of Ghost Island Leonard Riley and Stacey Valdivia. And the fifth place icon herself from David vs Goliath, Betsy Raines. I really liked this season!<. I do love the first EoE returnee, she deserved. I wasn't too much a fond of the second returnee but I do like the story behind it. Two returning players returning again... though that came tumbling down qucikly which leads me to my next pont.. One thing that crushed my soul was all parts of the finale.>! The three returning players all crumbled at the last second... Felicia's downfall hurted the most, I wholeheartedly stan her. Out of the finalists I did like the winner... the second time playing through, I wish Raissa got a little more votes but it's all good. I also was a fan of Nikita and Carla, maybe Kit as well.!< Good season to me.
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2023.05.29 16:36 okeemike Recommendations of where I can get a (large) document scanned?

I think I can go to FedEx, but am looking to see if anyone else has an idea of other places I can go.
I've got a book which contains my family tree. It goes back to the early 1800's, and is full of stories, pictures, legal stuff (like birth/death certificates) and is basically irreplaceable.
What makes it complicated is that the book is bound with that super cheap plastic binding (like you used to get from stuff at Kinko's). The whole thing is probably between 300-350 pages, double sided. I'm looking for someplace that knows what they're doing, and can take the book apart, scan it to PDF, and then rebind it.
Any ideas of a local place that I can trust with something like this? (and not spend a ton of money).
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2023.05.29 16:03 According_Prompt8682 Why are all IR5 applicants kids birth certificates needed for interview ?

Why are all IR5 applicants kids birth certificates needed for interview ?
I saw this on the preparation list for the interview at the consulate in Abu Dhabi. I can understand them needing the child who is petitioning for his parents birth certificates but why do they need the siblings birth certificates too?
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2023.05.29 16:02 O--R--B Hope to not violate any rule, if so I will remove the post without problems! Here my new price sheet: if you are interested in my drawings for your project or just something for you, here I am! I worked/am working on many projects you can see on my socials (tons of OSR stuff). Text me if you want!

Hope to not violate any rule, if so I will remove the post without problems! Here my new price sheet: if you are interested in my drawings for your project or just something for you, here I am! I worked/am working on many projects you can see on my socials (tons of OSR stuff). Text me if you want! submitted by O--R--B to osr [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:00 -343-Guilty-Spark- 343 Plz Weekly Thread

Hey everyone. This week's 343 Plz thread has arrived.

343 Plz List

Feedback Item Date Added Game
Improve theater functionality January 25, 2023 Halo Infinite
Add matchmaking rejoin January 3, 2023 Halo Infinite
Fix asymmetrical vehicle spawns in Big Team Battle January 3, 2023 Halo Infinite
Bundle duplicate/repeating items (e.g. shoulders) in passes November 7th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add an option to limit menu FPS October 10, 2022 Halo Infinite
Finish the work on Campaign split-screen support and introduce it September 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Fix or remove overactive text chat censorship July 11th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Prioritise and fix desync June 27th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Rework or remove rarity on items June 27th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Multi-Team June 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Allow all items in the in-game store to be purchased at all times June 5th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Assassinations May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Introduce the Match Composer, similar to MCC May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Bring back old emblems and allow for better customisation over them. May 28th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add a Mark VI Gen 3 (Chief's armor in the campaign) core or set for MP May 19th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve custom games stability and drastically increase the custom game options available May 16th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Revert changes to slide momentum jumps made in Season 2 May 15th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Introduce more social features and support May 10th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add Firefight or a PvE mode May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable player collision for friendlies May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Redesign the User Interface May 9th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Bring back pre- and post-game lobbies May 3rd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add remaining Halo Online maps to Halo 3 in MCC May 3rd, 2022 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Introduce more body type options, including more "feminine" options similar to previous games May 3rd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Implement Cross-Core Customization May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable color on armor attachments outside of certain kits May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Allow for more control over color customization May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve/Address aiming and aim assist issues on Xbox and PC May 2nd, 2022 Halo Infinite

343 Plz List Implemented/Changed

Feedback Item Date Added Date Changed Game
Add the 'Infection' game mode June 13th, 2022 June 20, 2023 Halo Infinite
Separate Event Challenges into their own deck May 15th, 2022 March 21, 2023 Halo Infinite
Add an option to disable enemy shield outlines February 20, 2023 Season 3 Halo Infinite
Reduce kill effects or let players adjust/toggle them July 11th, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve the KBM experience by addressing balance issues and pursuing other QOL refinements May 10th, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Enable 'red reticle' on the PC version May 3rd, 2022 December 6, 2022 Halo Infinite
Rebalance the VK78 Commando May 2nd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Rework or replace the Challenge system May 7th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Team Slayer" challenges should be able to progressed in all Team Slayer modes, not just the Team Slayer playlist May 2nd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Implement ray tracing November 1st, 2022 Season 3 Halo Infinite
Accommodate lower population regions better July 18th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Add Region/Server selection, similar to MCC's implementation May 7th, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Rework MMR / Global Rating May 23rd, 2022 Winter Update Halo Infinite
Keep MCC free of microtransactions July 18, 2022 September 14th, 2022 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Allow us to access the unreleased Halo: Reach armor from Season 1 May 28th, 2022 December 2022 Halo Infinite
Reduce effect of or remove scope glint entirely May 3rd, 2022 August 25, 2022 Halo Infinite
Add more loading screen images May 4th, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Fix different UI elements stuck in indefinite or very long loading wheels May 2nd, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
Improve Scorpion Tank Controls May 2nd, 2022 June 14th, 2022 Halo Infinite
  • New items added this week are in bold
  • You can find the full list along with thread examples for these topics and if/how 343 has acknowledged them on the 343 Plz wiki page

A reminder on how 343 Plz works:

  • 343 Plz is a comprehensive list of wildly popular suggestions/feedback relating to Halo games. This will be a list that is generated by the community and will be visible to everyone. Users can submit a request to include an item on 343 Plz and, provided it meets the criteria, it will be added the following week alongside the weekly thread.
  • The 343 Plz list will be on both our wiki as well as the weekly sticky thread. The sticky thread will provide a prominent place on halo to routinely list and discuss these items, as well as suggest new ones.
  • Once a topic has been added to 343 Plz, it will be 'retired' from the subreddit until there is either significant news relating to the topic, or if the actual topic is added/changed to the game.
You can find the 343 Plz wiki page here: https://www.reddit.com/halo/wiki/343plz
You can also check out the 343 Plz announcement thread here: https://www.reddit.com/halo/comments/ud70v9/introducing_343_plz_a_list_made_from_your_feedback/

How do I submit to 343 Plz?

  • Find three recent popular threads talking about your feedback; we're looking for multiple front page threads (300+ upvotes) and/or highly-active discussions (100+ comments) over the past few months
  • Submit your idea and the required threads either in this sticky or via this Mod Mail template
  • If your idea does not have the required threads, it won't be added; instead, make a standalone post about your topic

What is the point of this weekly thread?

The point of this weekly thread is to organize and sticky popular community feedback for 343, allow discussion of these 'retired' items, and suggest new ideas for 343 Plz.
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2023.05.29 15:58 O--R--B Dark news: new price sheet and open slots! My hands are here to work on dark stuff: if you need drawings for your project, text me via socials or via email. If you want to see for which projects I worked/am working on (tons of things Mork Borg related/themed) follow me on FB, Ig or Twitter!

Dark news: new price sheet and open slots! My hands are here to work on dark stuff: if you need drawings for your project, text me via socials or via email. If you want to see for which projects I worked/am working on (tons of things Mork Borg related/themed) follow me on FB, Ig or Twitter! submitted by O--R--B to MorkBorg [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:56 federerfanatic89 How often in the last 25 seasons does the final boot win if they are at the end

So starting with Heroes vs Villians. I would break them into 4 categories- for sure win, probably win, maybe win in some condition, doesn't win.
Heroes vs Villians- maybe win in some condition. I don't think she beats Sandra, and while I think she probably beats Parvati, even that isn't certain. And I believe she was planning to target Parvati and not Sandra if she won final immunity, and it had nothing to do with what Russell wanted. It was what she wanted. Now Parvati targets Sandra if she wins final immunity, and Jerri would not vote Russell out I believe so goes along with her, so Jerri's only path to maybe winning the game is Parvati winning final immunity it seems. Unless Parvati is able to talk her into targetting Sandra and not her if Jerri wins final immunity (unlike the real life situation with Russell winning it where she didn't try as she knew Jerri wanted her out over Sandra, she would try, as she has nothing to lose by trying anymore).
Nicaragua- doesn't win. From the cast interviews it is pretty clear Holly loses to both Fabio and Chase, thus at this point, she cannot win the game, even if Fabio is voted out he is certain to be without immunity.
Redemption Island- probably wins. I will be generous to Rob and give Ashley a probably wins, even though many would say a for sure win. Well and Rob might be voted out as well, in which case it is 100% certain Ashley wins. Scratch that, moving this to the for sure category as I can't see the 4th person win final immunity (whether that is Ashley, Grant, a Zapatera, Matt, whoever), unless maybe if it is Andrea, win final immunity, and not win against any combination of Rob, Phillip, Natalie, especialy as Rob is probably voted out anyway how.
South Pacific- for sure win.
One World- LOL, doesn't win. Even if Kim goes somehow, it is still 100% certain she does not win.
Phillippines- probably wins. I do think he likely beats Denise, but not comfortable saying it is 100%.
Caramoan- maybe wins in some condition. I do think he has atleast a 40% shot against Dawn as he would get Reynolds, Erik, Brenda all automatically, and Phillip and Snow have both claimed they vote Sherri or atleast don't vote Dawn. Honestly Cochran might not be voted out even now though so I think it is unlikely, but I am not comfortable saying no shot.
Blood vs Water- probably wins. Not comfortable saying 100% here either. First off is the scenario Tina is at the end she wins final immunity, in which case Tyson is for sure booted, and yes Tina for sure wins. Or the other scenario Monica ties the vote and Tina wins fire over Gervase. The former, in which case Tina has the win locked, seems the more likely one. If Tyson is there she isn't certain to beat Tyson as Tyson would have Monica, Hayden, Caleb, and good chance he gets Ciera which would give him the win with Gervase's vote. Will be generous and say probably, only since Tyson is probably voted out in the scenario Tina makes the end, and she might beat Tyson in the jury vote too.
Cagayan- for sure doesn't win. Even against Woo, Kass has no chance of 5 votes.
San Juan Del Sur- maybe wins in some condition. From the cast interviews I don't think Keith (RIP) is safe to win even against Jaclyn and Missy at all. If Reed was not clueless to voting Jaclyn is possibly handing Missy the win, he would be, but alas Reed is that clueless. I see this most likely a 3-3-2 vote with either Missy or Jaclyn tying Keith, and Jaclyn for sure gives it to Missy over Keith then. Not sure who Missy gives it to if Jaclyn and Keith tie.
Worlds Apart- maybe wins in some condition. If Rodney is against Mike via winning fire he likely loses, and even if he is against Carolyn he is not sure to win.
Cambodia- probably wins. If Jeremy is voted out, Kelley is 100% sure to win, and even against Jeremy she has a shot. So I will put her in the probably category when you combine the two.
Koah Rong- maybe wins in some condition. It seems Cydney might win over Michele, but might be 3rd going against Aubry and Tai. This jury was a weird one. I suspect she has a hard time winning regardless, but ironically she probably has a better shot winning over Michele than over Aubry and Tai.
MVGX- for sure wins.
Game Changers- probably wins. Despite the pretty much always bogus Reunion polls I am fairly sure Tai likely beats Brad. And Sarah is the near certain boot in any scenario Tai is at the end.
Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers- probably wins. It isn't clear who wins Chrissy, Ryan, and Devon, but will be generous and give him probably wins. And there is no scenario Devon is at FTC with Ben.
Ghost Island- for sure doesn't win.
David vs Goliath- for sure doesn't win.
Edge of Extinction- for sure wins.
Island of Idols- I know I probably should say for probably wins, but I am going to say for sure wins. Kellee, Jamal, Noura, Elaine, Elizabeth, Missy, Aaron have all confirmed themselves as sure Lauren votes over Tommy, and he has to swing atleast 2 of those to either win in a 6-4-0 or 5-5-0 (tiebreaker vote from Noura or Dean in his favor) to win, which seems almost impossible. That is even assuming Janet (confirmed Tommy vote), Dean (obvious Tommy vote), Jack (unconfirmed), Karishma (unconfirmed but she hated Lauren so pretty obvious Tommy vote) all vote Tommy.
Winners at War- maybe wins in some condition. If Sarah and Tony are at FTC together, Sarah loses, and even if she is against Natalie and Michele (the more likely scenario mind you) she probably wins, but not for sure. So I am putting her in the maybe wins.
Season 41- maybe wins in some condition. She probably wins over DeShawn and Xander, in fact almost for sure does. I don't think DeShawn was taking Erika, and Erika loses to everyone at fire, so this is the scenario Heather wins. Unless DeShawn has confirmed he was taking Erika too, in which case she for sure doesn't win. I am pretty sure Heather was taking Erika, despite how dumb that is.
Season 42- for sure doesn't win.
Season 43- for sure wins.
Season 44- for sure wins. I literally think there is no chance of Carson reaching FTC and losing, even against Yam Yam.
So by my count.
For sure wins- Ashley, Ozzy, David, Rick, Lauren, Jesse, Carson. Only 7 for sure wins. This is surprising, not really. Mind you some others might argue Malcolm, Kelley, Tina should be on this list too.
Probably wins- Malcolm, Tina, Kelley, Tai, Devon. So if my count is accurate only 12 out of 25 come in under even the "probably wins" or higher. Interesting and surprising. The perception is the final boot is usually a big jury threat. And some wouldn't even have Tai and Devon here, making their count even lower than 12.
Maybe wins in some condition- Jerri, Eddie, Keith, Rodney, Cydney, Sarah, Heather
For sure doesn't win- Holly, Christina, Kass, Angela, Kara, Jonathan
It looks like a pretty even spread, and atleast half of the final boots probably don't win even if they reach the end, and about a quarter of them are certain not to, and a fairly small number, again about a quarter, are pretty certain to.
I do have a feeling if we looked at the first 19 seasons however the spread would be much more positive for the final boots than the last 25.
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2023.05.29 15:46 Apytele What are the absolute simplest board games ever that I could reproduce on paper? (I can make standing game pieces and D6s out of paper)

I'm creating printable, all-paper board games for my psychiatric inpatients. So far I have chess, chutes and ladders, and yahtzee.
I am trying to create entertainment for my patients who might hurt themselves by intentionally or unintentionally eating or inserting game pieces, or who might break/sharpen hard plastic parts to harm themselves or others.
All-paper board and pieces is the ultimate "I dare you to even try." I get to offer entertainment options and the worst they can do is eat it, shove it up their bum, or give themselves a papercut, and I really don't even have to call the doctor for any of those when they're just paper.
I built on the concepts of this chess set and this seamless origami cube to create unique game pieces and dice. (PM me if you want my printable D6s LOL that pdf with printable instructions was an absolute labor of love).
So far I have created chutes and ladders and added yahtzee scorecards. What other games only use standing pieces and D6s?
Bonus points:
Cards I (think) I already have down. I have standard playing cards (but we usually have those stocked in the unit) printable b&w uno cards that use the ps2 symbols instead of colors, and paired matching/memory cards if you're interested in those pdfs.
And hey! I'll make my resource library public for anyone who wants to print shit for 80¢ at the local library!
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2023.05.29 15:41 AstronomerWorldly797 Please explain, I'm confused.

In the episode "A Sinister Shadow", Overlord explains to Harumi that he wants to take over Ninjago because he believes that destruction comes from the battles between good and evil, but could stop it once and for all by destroying the Balance, letting Ninjago be at peace in the dark as a result. But on his Ninjago Wiki page, his personality says that it was a ruse used to manipulate her in serving him when he unintentionally shown his true colors, after revealing his revelation about corrupting the Great Devourer. What should I believe? I really want to believe that what he said is true, because his point of view is quite interesting.
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2023.05.29 15:40 No-Knowledge-5828 ShortPixel Lifetime Deal $19 - Convert WebP/AVIF & Optimize Images

ShortPixel Lifetime Deal $19 - Convert WebP/AVIF & Optimize Images
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2023.05.29 15:34 Clerkshipstudent RO Water Filter Drain Help

RO Water Filter Drain Help
Hey all, installing an Waterdrop RO water filter and was hoping for some advice on the best place to install the drain.
This is the product: https://images.thdstatic.com/catalog/pdfImages/fd/fdbd90b2-c184-4a53-af25-8d133b8b678e.pdf
The set up and exact page of what they say to do is in the photos.
Was contemplating the black pipe running down from the disposal to the P trap.
Thanks in advance!
submitted by Clerkshipstudent to Plumbing [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:27 evolution2015 Make pinch-to-zoom work for in-built PDF viewer?

My laptop has a trackpad, and pinch-to-zoom works for regular web pages. But it does not seem to work for PDF files in the in-built PDF viewer. Pinching gesture seems to change the zoom level, but it is slower and not smooth. I guess it is using the old ctrl+wheel-type zoom. Is there a way to make the PDF use the same type of pinch-to-zoom as normal web pages?
Wayland Gnome, Linux.
submitted by evolution2015 to firefox [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:21 O--R--B New price sheet: contact me for any info via my social networks or email and let me know what you need for your project or private commissions! You can find my drawings for projects I worked/am working on also on FB, Instagram and Reddit!

New price sheet: contact me for any info via my social networks or email and let me know what you need for your project or private commissions! You can find my drawings for projects I worked/am working on also on FB, Instagram and Reddit! submitted by O--R--B to u/O--R--B [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:19 AdventurousAerie7151 [PI] Hive 29, Chapter 8


I return to my HQ while Zek’lor gets to eat and drink what it wants, the big beetle seems still scared shirtless by my drones so I think I will give it time to adapt in the old factory with the guards there.
I don’t have trouble finding Lemela, as she is awaiting me right at the stairs, so she’s that eager to give me an earful huh?
-Ethan, finally. I saw. I must admit that I am very concerned about our present situation. You've shared your memories with me, I saw them as if they were my own. You can see mine the same way I assume. It's a vulnerability I'm not used to, and it bothers me very much.-
She pauses looking at me and I sigh.
-If it’s worth anything I shared it so you know too. I wanted you to understand my past, where I come from, and the challenges I faced when I woke up here. It was meant to create trust between us.-
She makes a complicated cat-like expression that Virgil hints at being conflicted.
-I don’t know how to tell you this Ethan.- She pauses fidgeting - It's just that your existence is a troubling mystery.-
-Well I’m here, I can’t be that bad of a deal- I try to joke but she doesn’t find it funny.
-Look the discovery of FTL technology by humans occurred approximately eight hundred standard years ago. Your memory does not correspond to how humanity was at the time.-
I scratch the metal slate that covers my head out of habit.
-That’s how much in human years?-
“79 5 human years. Error! Data mismatch. Data from creators suggest an earlier occurrence in earth’s year 2063, approximately forty years after the last human timestamp you recorded.”
I make a mental note reminding Vigil that we agreed on the data from its creators was a possible steaming pile of crap.
I also make a gesture to stop Lemela from telling me, I don’t need to know I’m out of my time.
-Look I know that I am way out of my time here, but what’s the big deal?-
Lemela sighs clearly frustrated by my inability to comprehend.
-First: Cryogenics alone could not keep a body alive for such an extended period of time. The nanites responsible for healing your tissues defy logic.
Second: You are merged with an IA, The only one I know extinguished all life in the next galaxy over!
Third and most important: You just don’t give such things to Pre-FTL species! It’s like giving a kid a weapon of mass destruction to play with!-
She gives me the stink eye again and I speak.
-You know I don’t have the answers on nanites if you want I can have Virgil get you up to speed on them with all the data it has. Virgil is the IA, and while it’s a bit of a devil on the shoulder, I doubt it will conquer the galaxy on my watch. I’m human remember, Earth is somewhere out there. So your people made themselves a prime directive of sorts?-
Lemela gives me a bit of a stink eye before answering, she didn’t like the chuckle one bit I believe.
-No, I wouldn’t understand technology on that level. I can only hope you can contain that monstrosity. And we aren’t in Star Trek here!-
She frowns clearly asking herself how she knows the show I referenced, but I chuckle.
-Welcome to Earth’s science fiction corner, or how we imagined our venture into space back when we didn’t know any better. If we do know better now. Anyway, that’s the hand I was dealt, Lemela, I can only hope to be able to use it-


The Versel still finds this all too complex to elaborate, and on such short notice.With new memories, and new experiences flowing, daily life on a death world like Earth is strangely more normal than it sounded when experienced firsthand.
She sighs looking at the abomination in front of her, Ethan, before speaking.
-How… do you manage to cope with all of this?-
Ethan caressed the metal plate he had hiding what was left of his face with his still fleshy hand before answering.
-Training, focusing on things I can solve rather than on things I can’t deal with or solve.
You know my training now. That’s the life of a U.S. Navy seal. The easy part was yesterday.
You know how I dealt with what I had to do and to see. With what happened to me.
If you allow me I will show you how to apply it to your case. It won’t be easy. It won’t go away. It won’t be the same. Never. But it will be your path. You will stumble. You will fall. And if you allow it I will be here.-
She sighed, it wasn’t that easy, but the human didn’t even pretend it would be, so what she was supposed to do?
-I just don’t know Ethan.- The human offered his hand to her. -We will figure it out Lemela. You need to help me figure out this modern stuff, those alien races. I freed a slave down there, so I will need to figure out with you how to deal with him or her.-
Lemela could only nod, to Ethan each species of alien was a first-contact situation after all.
-So that’s what this was about. I will help you to stay on the right path of technology. So what specie is the slave?-
- A Nolthoran.- The human replied. -Name is Zek’lor. For now, Zeklor is under watch and probation, the first sign of trouble I want to know.-
Lemela sighed, that was something she feared. -I assume you don’t trust this Zek’lor.-
The human confirmed her suspicion with a clear gesture. -I see. I will go talk to Zek’lor. What will you do?-
Ethan then assumed a more serious attitude, straightening his posture, and said.
-I will interrogate our last guest, depending on how this goes we may begin a war.-
Her fur would’ve stood on end if it was still natural, a human belonging to the warrior caste was actually saying he was gonna wage war. Humans as a specie were universally deemed crazy loons, there was too much variance between individuals to establish a baseline for the specie as a whole.
This human, in particular; Lemela knew him now, and a declaration of war from him meant business.
The worst part was there wasn’t much she could say to him he didn’t already know.
-How many of those zombies drone do you plan to have when this is over?-
Ethan sighed understanding her question perfectly.
-Lemela, I appreciate your concern. I don't think I can answer that question. I know some may want to join us in the collective voluntarily. I … still haven’t decided. What I know is that I'll use asymmetrical tactics, focusing on strategic objectives while minimizing unnecessary killing.
Hopefully, I will manage to stir an uprising. How many will die as that happens I don't know. I can control my actions and that's all I can promise. All I know it's that there's a steep price for freedom. In the end, it all depends on our last guest. The Krynnak was well protected by all others and attempted to flee. This tells me he should not be military, not the kind of our resident Li’thirwisz -
-The li’tjwisz belongs to a warrior caste?- She asks interrupting Ethan.
-I understand your people have a caste system in place, you belong to the navigator caste, right? -
She frowns, there’s no such caste and he should know it, still, she corrects him.
-I am from the scientist caste, you should know that Ethan.-
-I know- He replied -I know also that navigation is not really something a scientist does, even if I understand it involves a lot of science. What I mean to say is you should try to pinpoint what an individual actually does rather than pinning a hat and be done with it.-
She could only nod and Ethan started walking past her.
-I need your full discretion, your ability to tell black from white, and all the colors that fall within. With Zek’lor, with all the future encounters with people down here and with my plans. Especially with me and my plans. If I do too outlandish things let me know.-
Lemela frowned -Ethan, your people do outlandish things by definition. I mean they even threw an asteroid at an enemy warship destroying it!-
Ethan chuckled -well let me know regardless, at least I will have a good laugh.-


As I proceed through the lab and the sewer the marvelous chime of Virgils pings me again.
“Query: Please define the devil on the shoulder analogy.”
-That’s because you always offer me the easy option.- I reply -It’s not inherently wrong mind you Virgil, but it can lead to bigger issues along the way.-
“Query: please elaborate. Functional explanation.”
I chuckle a little at the machine mimicking me.
-Well you’re taking some pages from my book now, aren’t you? Fine, fine. It’s simple really, take the instance of Zek’lor and Xalrak ok? You suggested integration for both. We would know all the information Xalrak and Zek’lor know right?-
Virgil acknowledges my reasoning
-I don’t know about Zek’lor yet, but Xalrak? Xalrak would have definitely found a way to damage the collective.-
“You are stating a factual impossibility”
-Am I? Do you think that scratching a wall will damage this collective?-
Virgil negates this notion.
-Still, it could. Xalrak is military. There are countless signs I could use to alert my fellow marines of my presence. One of those in the wrong place, and the group Xalrak is part of would be on our ass. And there are hundreds of tricks like that.-
“Acknowledged. Should we terminate Xalrak?”
-See? Easy option again, killing would solve the issues but would deny the possibility to flip Xalrak which would be more beneficial in the long run.-
“Still you expect betrayal in this alternative you propose. Why would you do that?”
-Hope for the best, prepare for the worst Virgil. Now shush, I need to concentrate on this one.-
I pass the vigil and climb the stairs to enter the room and look at the Krynnak, it shudders at my presence. Good.
-Alright, let's get started. What is your name?-
The Krynnak, with what I could call a cautious expression, responds.
-Names don't mean much in my line of work, but you can call me Vexx.-
Not really good, but not bad as a beginning.
-Well, at least I know how to call you outside the name of your specie, Vexx. So, do you know where you are?-
-I know exactly where I am. This is the belly of Taboo, under City 29 a treacherous place ruled by Dexton’s dogs.-
I smile under the plate of metal that hides my face. Let's see how Vexx reacts to a little theatre.
-Well I don't see any of those famed Dexton's dogs you speak of, do I?-
Vexx glances around nervously and looks at the various blinking lights before lowering the tone of its voice.
-They may not be present right now, yet their presence can be felt everywhere. Trust me, they're always on the lookout for anyone who steps out of line.-
Well if they can make some random lizard this paranoid they either mean business or have a better grasp on the populace than I anticipated.
-And I'll be prepared to meet them. So, what were you doing in such an area? You appear to fear those Dexton’s Dogs a lot.-
Vexx shifts uncomfortably and appears to choose the words spoken carefully
-... I was just doing my job, you know? Taking care of the... the operations. Moving things, ensuring the processes run smoothly. It's not an easy task, but someone's gotta do it.-
-The operation, yeah- I hate people when they are vague -the famous operation.- I continue -That operation where you were turning dead bodies into food.- I cut the chase on a lower note -I get it, this planet ain’t natural but are you so desperate for food you have to rely on that method?-
Vexx recoils a bit, in front of my serious tone then its eyes dart around nervously before responding.
-Look, we don't have a lot of options here. The processed bodies... it's a method of survival-
I get the feeling this one ain’t telling me the whole story, it feels slimy; I mean first down here there are also beasts, why not hunt them?
But I want to go another route to see where it leads first, besides Vexx doesn’t show the telltale signs of Lemela or Zek’lor so at least I guess Vexx isn’t in the same position.
-You could always trade with other planets, I mean, ain't commerce a thing in the galaxy anymore?-
Vexx's reptilian eyes narrow, is that sincere frustration I see?
-It's not that simple. Taboo got this name from humans because it is now a forbidden planet, isolated from most interstellar trade routes they hold.
The risks involved in transporting goods in and out of this place are tremendous.
Dexton's dogs are one of them. Sure they offer protection, the kind of protection you have to pay for. Basically, you either trade with them, involve them somehow, or well… things happen.
Bad things, you will see. Look, it’s a matter of survival, even if it means resorting to unconventional methods. You must have slept long here, machine of the old empire-
I let the comment of the machine slide, I am not a machine but it doesn’t hurt that Vexx believes my cognitive functions are restricted by programming.
No offense intended, Virgil.
The thing that irks me is the indirect threat Vexx just used.
-I get it, Vexx. So just for reference, other than these pirates and me, what other threats are down here?-
Vexx's scaled face contorts with a mix of fear and apprehension when I qualify myself as a threat.
-There are creatures, monstrous and vicious, that inhabit the depths of Taboo. They are unlike anything you've ever seen.
Ferocious beasts that prey on anything they come across. We've lost many of our own to their relentless attacks.
It's a constant battle for survival down here.
That’s why if and when you go down you usually have to bargain for Dexton’s services.
There are times when the opposite happens. When things do stop working for those above usually.-
Interesting side comment here, those above where? I don’t want to follow Vexx’s lead in this conversation for now but I make a mental note that there must be above-surface levels to this mechanical planet.
I have a more interesting pattern to test Vexx reactions upon.
-Creatures like the Brahumthraks? They are still beasts in narrow passageways, with the weaponry you have shown, you wouldn't have issues hunting those for food right?-
Vexx's eyes widen at the mention of the Brahumthraks, the alien lizard gulps audibly before speaking.
-The Brahumthraks... the tunnel stalkers... There are worse things down here. True enough, their meat might provide sustenance, but hunting them is an incredibly risky endeavor. Their agility and strength make them formidable opponents. Dexton doesn’t lend his mercenaries to hunt them down. The risks just outweigh the rewards.-
Now let’s see if I can use Vexx for my plans.
-What if someone hunted those for you? Do you think you could establish a market for proper meat?-
Vexx's eyes widen and I believe for a moment that those sleek pupils became dollar signs.
-If someone were to hunt the Brahumthraks and other things down here and provide a steady supply of their meat, it could indeed open up new possibilities. The market for proper meat, untainted by the reprocessing methods, would be highly sought after. Especially by those that live in the upper layers of the city.-
Vexx’s enthusiasm suddenly drops as does the posture it kept until now.
-Dexton would surely try and have a cut of the profits anyway. You can never be safe here. Alluring as this is the challenges are too much.-
I decide to give Vexx a little nudge rather than resorting to playing punching ball with his or her snout for trying to be a smartass.
Does Vexx things I am an idiot? If this big crocodile can afford an armed escort it means that some kind of sanctioned activity on the surface carries Vexx’s name, and given what this one was doing, I believe to know what it is.
- That is ...unfortunate. If only somebody here knew anybody who sold meat on the surface...-
Vexx raises a scaly eyebrow, maybe I put too much sass in that and I blew my cover as a machine; in the end, Vexx appears intrigued by my statement.
- Let’s say I know a business on the surface? What then?-
Vexx leans in closer, his reptilian features revealing a mix of curiosity and suspicion.
-If you truly can offer me a steady supply of meat, then we might have something to discuss.-
Vexx cautiously looks around the room, ensuring no one else is listening, eyes fixed on the blinking lights when continuing.
-Let's be clear, my survival is absolutely necessary here. If you can guarantee I will remain alive we can go and discuss a potential partnership for you. Until then, forgive me if I remain skeptical. And what of my slaves?-
No Virgil, don’t even ask, there’s no way I will ever make this one a part of the collective. Not even if Vexx begs for it, or is dying.
“Query: incompatibility of thoughts process involved?”
Long story short: yes. Look I will gladly explain another time, but I mean look Vexx is just too greedy and self-centered.
I need to drive another thing into this dirty lizard skull.
-I ordered the death of all those who were with you. So tell me, why should I trust you and keep you in the first place Vexx?-
I notice a flicker in Vexx's eyes as my words resound in the room.
Vexx takes a step back, his demeanor shifting to a mixture of defensiveness and desperation.
-You... you intend to kill me?- Vexx stammers, his voice betraying the fear it must be feeling.
-Listen… please… I… I can do what you want. Look I can sell the meat you provide! I won’t make a question! Please… just please don’t kill me! I have a wife! I have eggs to attend to!-
That's better, even though I think he's exaggerating to appeal to my pity, does he think I have emotions as a machine?
I cross my arms and motion to Vexx to continue.
Anyway, it appears I won't have to flip a coin on this one; I'll presume Vexx is male because it's more likely than the alternative.
I mean he would lie about the partnership, but the lie has to be fluent and believable, and if humanity's standards hold for aliens too I only have about a 30% chance of being wrong.
I focus on Vexx as he takes a long breath, attempting to calm himself.
-I can prove to you that you can trust me and my capabilities. Just protect me from Dexton's dogs. And don’t kill me. Please.-
Vexx's eyes still dart around, looking at the blinking light on the old instruments in the lab.
I don’t really like people who can’t lock eyes with others, and I don't trust them, but Vexx seems genuinely scared of the technology down here.
Virgil, did you encounter signs of wiretapping when you inhabited the network of your creators?
"The creators had an external connection to order bodies, Ethan"
Not really what I wanted to know, but well I need to concentrate on another thing right now.
-The things that slaughtered your people are at my beck and call. You will be protected of course, by the beings I command. Needless to say, any signs of betrayal and you will die.-
Vexx's reptilian eyes widen in a mixture of astonishment and fear as he comprehends the weight of my words.
He swallows hard, his throat visibly constricting.
It’s not like he didn’t know, he saw me after all, his gaze flickers between me and the passage I came from.
Don’t run. It’s a bad idea pal. I could capture you amid a battle, now you’re just target practice.
Vexx chose to be smart and stay,
- It seems I have no choice but to join you.- Vexx says, his voice laced with resignation.
-Not really, you can be my guest in this room until you die.-
I reply earning a stink glare from Vexx, surprisingly he extends one of his four, scaled hands; cautiously offering a handshake. Weird.
Virgil, is a handshake a universal gesture?
“According to the data in my network and Lemela’s memories, it is a gesture limited to humans and those who traded with them directly. Warning! Data mismatch. Trade in this region should be limited according to Vexx’s information”
I don’t know Virgil, people lie by telling the truth sometimes. I wouldn’t rule out there are human criminals on the planet.
I shake the pawed hand with my mechanical hand since he offered me one of his right appendages.
-We have a deal. You will remain here in this cell for now. You will be provided with food and water. When I have enough meat to trade I will send you on an escorted trip to the surface and I will expect you to keep your end of the bargain.-
But you won’t get anywhere near my base, and I will blindfold you for good measure. I will need to find an alternative route to the surface.
Vexx nods, his reptilian features displaying a mix of relief and apprehension. He understands the situation he is in and at least.
-I will await your signal- He replies, I think there is a blend of gratitude and cautious optimism in his voice. - I will not disappoint you. I am prepared to fulfill my end of the bargain.-
With that, I simply leave Vexx in his cell, I will test this new alliance soon.
The path to change will be treacherous, but if Vexx values life and profit like I believe he does, perhaps there is a path for a new beginning.
I will not count my chickens before they hatch, I need multiple venues for this to work, a planet is a big place after all.
Why do bad guys talk about world domination like it’s an easy venture?!
[First] [Previous] [WIP]
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2023.05.29 15:09 Tranquil_Colors Hi, I'm Giving These Bold And Easy Coloring Pages Rady To Print For Free ! Makes a Great Gift For Kids, Seniors, Beginners ...

Hi, I'm Giving These Bold And Easy Coloring Pages Rady To Print For Free ! Makes a Great Gift For Kids, Seniors, Beginners ... submitted by Tranquil_Colors to u/Tranquil_Colors [link] [comments]

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2023.05.29 14:55 JarethDuke How can I add animations to my player sprite and other questions

I made this single page sprite.

I wanted some minimal animations where, there is change in the booster( flames turns smaller) when moving. and her legs to sway when player pressers left or right, Like the human robot on macross games.

Also how do I edit the bullets, I want a different color for them.
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2023.05.29 14:54 1mVeryH4ppy [US-CA] [H] Thermal SEQ1, Tomo, Vega, Fjell R5, Simpler 60, Ciel 60, Link 65, Kara SEQ1, GMK Laser Synthwave, KAT Refined, DSS Easter, Infinikey BoW, ePBT x Gok BoW, AM Glacier [W] Paypal

Downsizing my collection to make room for new items since I don't see myself using them in the future.
Before we start...
Kit Color Layout Condition Parts Extra Parts Price
Wilba Thermal SEQ1 Halt (i.e. red) HHKB New Standard parts on the product page https://ramaworks.store/products/foundry-thermal (hotswap PCB option) Halt (i.e. red) plate $400
Tomo Pink 75% New Standard parts on the product page https://store.monokei.co/blogs/news/monokei-x-friends-tomo (solder PCB option) Solder PCB $320
Vega Black 65% New Standard parts on the product page https://typeplus.net/products/vega-1 (solder PCB option) [note 1] $300
Fjell R5 R1 Gray 60% New Case, WT-60D solder PCB, brass plate, dampening foam, Mekanisk stabilizers PC plate $210
Simpler 60 E-Whtie 60% New Standard parts on the product page https://www.primekb.com/products/simpler60-keyboard $120
Ciel E-White 60% New Standard parts on the product page https://paramountkeeb.com/products/group-buy-ciel-cnc-anodized-6061-bakeneko-with-weight-groupbuy $130
Link 65 Starlight + Silver bottom [note 2] 65% Used Case, Hotswap Slip PCB + PE sheet, POM plate hostswap PCB, daughter board, FR4 plate $280
Rama Kara SEQ1 Iced HHKB Used Case, hotswap PCB, PC plate, plate foam, USB daughter board, accessories Noct (matte black) back piece $120
Keycap Set Condition Kits Price
GMK Laser Synthwave M170 New single kit $40
KAT Refined New alpha x2, text mods, icon mods, extra modes, Mac, spacebars x2, 40s $130
DSS Easter New single kit $30
Infinikey Black on White Used single kit $25
ePBT x Gok Black on White R1 Used single kit $25
AM Glacier Used [note 3] dark base with text $30
note 1: the build guide says the package comes with stabilizer shim but it didn't. However you should be fine as long as you use 1.2mm stabs.
note 2: the starlight color is champagne like, the color on the timestamp photo might not be exposed properly; the silver bottom has a matte finish and can easily become dirty, it can be cleaned with wet wipe (+rubber if needed)
note 3: put on keyboard once, type tested, decided it's not for me and put back to box
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2023.05.29 14:39 Greveling The ChatGPT plugin AskYourPDF lies

I have been jumping of joy after the introduction of the AskYourPDF plugin for ChatGPT, as the solution of GPT-3.5 - connected to a vector database of uploaded documents in which it mediates between GPT-4 queries in ChatGPT and the document content - seemed really reliable, as it sends chunks of content by page number that correspond to the interpretation of the query, which GPT-4 uses as a source to answer your questions.
A lot of testing back and forth gave pretty positive results, but without knowing the cause, the GPT-4 becomes blind to the query results. When the source to the correct answer actually lies in the "raw content" resulting from the query, GPT-4 provides alternative answers based on factually incorrect knowledge of the subject. And it does so quite convincingly, which creates a fundamental discrepancy with the actual aim of the plugin. Its annoying, because the database queries functions not very, but quite good in selecting the correct part of the document, while GPT-4 ignores it and provides non-existing information with page numbers from the query. In other words, while the plugin essentially provides a solution to the over-fixation making ChatGPT fabricate answers, ChatGPT somehow still doesnt identify the provided source as sufficient or appropriate.
Does anyone else experience similar issues, or do you have any tips to how one might formulate the prompt differently to force chatgpt to recognize the content from the resulting query? These moments give me trust issues with all these new plugin innovations..
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2023.05.29 14:39 aomine029 Need help with shipping pickup-URGENT

Hello. I’m looking to ship some documents from the UK to India and have a pickup from my house scheduled for tomorrow.
Given the nature of FedEx’s absolute joke of a customer service, I’m unable to connect with anyone, much less get any help. Long story short, waited for an hour before FedEx disconnecting the call but let’s leave that for another day.
I’m currently looking to get some help on below items:
1) I have a PDF of the shipping label sent to me by FedEx which is a 4-page document. Am I required to print this and stick it on to my document folder (package) or will FedEx do this? If so, what do I ask the print shop guy in terms of printing specs? Printing 4*A4 pages doesn’t seem right. 2) Payment: will the payment be deducted at the time of collection of the package? 3) On the website I cannot see any shipment requests created by me which makes all this even more confusing.
Can someone please assist me with this? It would be a great help, thanks.
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2023.05.29 14:35 naniisadino NTU-NIE TSP AMA

realised that there’s quite a few queries about the TSP programme and different routes one can take for teaching and hope I can answer some of these questions while I have the time to (I had the option to pursue masters upon completing my Bsc(Ed) in TSP and hence have time on my hands compared to my fellow batchmates who’re already out there in the teaching world :p)
in general, you can think of TSP as sort of a double degree programme. you take modules
useful link: https://www.nie.edu.sg/docs/default-source/ote-documents/programme-booklets/babsc_programmes_ay2022-2023-as-at-16-september-20225e0005ffdeb0605693ab4b92685aa206.pdf?sfvrsn=cbb065a9_0 A LOT of info here but you can see the type of modules you have to take for your subject combi. note that you have too do academic studies (AS) mods, curriculum studies (CS) & educational studies (ES) modules. so as a math & phy sec sch teacher, I look at pages - 377 (AS1: math) & 418 (AS2: phy) for AS mods - 205 (CS1: math) & 210 (CS2:phy), for CS mods - 108 (sec sch) for ES mods
opportunities unique to TSP - we have 4 teaching attachments as part of our programme
expectations of you as a student teacher gradually increases. I personally think this is really helpful, but of course one’s experience varies depending on the school & mentor you get. all are pass/fail except for TP2 which you’ll get a grade (pass/merit/distinction)
IP - you get to experience what teaching is like in other countries - finland, japan, demark, china etc. quite a few options! sadly I can’t share much as covid robbed me of this opportunity:( i probably still can answer questions about this though:) I had the opportunity to visit switz on a study trip as we moved out of covid in 2022 in replacement.
you get to go on the usual exchange program too, in year 3 sem 1 (not as flexible as other courses where one can choose to go in y2s2 or y3s1 due to NIE curriculum)
other adhoc overseas opportunities: SALT - basically like OVIA. sign up basis (some might require interview). a week long. open to diploma & pgde student teachers too theres nalanda and sikkim trips by the NIE service learning clubs too, usually in dec.
common qns: watered down content for academic subject modules? I would say yes to some extent, afterall, I think the emphasis is still on teaching, since most (I personally hope all) that enter TSP do so because of their passion to teach. loving a subject doesnt mean that one can teach the subject well. BUT if you’re genuinely passionate about the subject itself, I’d say there are plenty of opportunities to work with profs that will grant you opportunities to stretch your academic abilities too. they recognise strengths, and being teachers themselves, of course they’d want to push you. am pursing math masters in a uk uni that is fairly recognised for math, so I hope the “lack of depth” idea doesnt stop you from considering TSP.
as I mentioned in some of the comments in similar threads, I did enjoy my 4 years in NIE, being around fellow student teachers with the heart for students brought about many wholesome conversations. you’ll meet many profs who were teachers themselves and get to hear their stories too. most profs genuinely care about your learning and your future as a teacher. small class size is a massive perk too.
I genuinely think TSP would benefit those who are truly passionate and intend to join teaching. if you’re not sure // feel like you love the subject more than you love teaching, then it might better to get a degree elsewhere and consider the pgde route instead:) afterall, 4 years is indeed a long time and you’ll never know how uni would open your mind & stir up other passions within ya!
oh, feel free to ask about the scholarships / application / interviews too.
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2023.05.29 14:28 Chipsandu Pixelated document when loading exported PDF - image settings changes nothing

Pixelated document when loading exported PDF - image settings changes nothing
When loading a PDF I've exported, all the pages, both text and images, are pixelated and takes a long time to load properly. No matter what image settings I change (compression/PPI/quality), the result is always the same. The document workspace is RGB, and I'm exporting in RGB as well.
Has anyone else experienced this and have some tips for me? I appreciate any help I can get!:)
Here's how it looks:

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