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Do I Call for a Welfare Check?

2023.03.26 14:56 DeMooch456 Do I Call for a Welfare Check?

Stratford, Ontario, Canada
At some point on Friday afternoon (not sure on exact time as it happened while me and my partner were at work), my neighbour (other half of duplex), had someone parking in the driveway and at her house. No big deal as she is allowed to have guests obviously. Didn't see or hear anything from them. My partner gets home from work at about 10:30pm and we decided to sit outside for a bit. Around 11pm another car pulls up (behind our car making it impossible for us to leave) and goes to our neighbours house to talk. They all kinda start talking outside being loud. I don't care as we are still up but I don't want them being super loud outside for long as I was planning on going to bed soon. The people who parked behind us were thankfully just in and out in a few minutes and left, and everyone went inside.
While they were outside we learned out neighbour had gone through a breakup, obviously had friends over for some support.
This is were it gets weird. I leave for work next day at 8:30am. Friends car is still parked in the driveway. Around 9am (partner still sleeping) all of a sudden there is a huge commotion outside he is woken up by. Neighbours friends are out there yelling, screaming, fighting and trying to get someone to leave the premises. After they got the person to leave (which took a while) they went back in and for multiple hours my partner reported hearing screaming/yelling, shoving of things throwing things, and breaking things. This is completely unlike our neighbour (she has people over on occasion and is almost always very quiet and respectful, never seen anything like this). Later, after the screaming and throwing heard from inside, the neighbours friend came out to have a very loud phone call, talking about how before the commotion outside there was fist fights and strangling happening in the house. They were noisy through the day but my partner was only at our house until 1pm when he went out with a friend. When I got home at 6pm, the car was still in the driveway. Now we haven't seen our neighbour specifically since Friday night, haven't even heard her speak. It's now Sunday morning and still no sign of neighbour and friends car is still parked in our shared driveway.
I'm getting a little concerned as this is totally out of character for her (as far as I've seen, we've been living here for nearly 2 years and nothing like this ever). When should I be concerned enough to call for a Welfare/wellness check? Should I do anything?
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2023.03.26 14:56 pbnag The Pale Lady Standing in Torrential Rain

I recently joined this sub as I've always had interest in the Paranormal World. I believe spirits exist (human and inhuman) but what am about to say happened with me.
June 30, 2014/ Calcutta, India - My dad had been in the ICU for nearly a month in a semi-conscious/ vegetative state owing to Tubercular Meningitis. It was a private hospital and so it became very difficult to continue with the treatment for financial reasons and the doctors there had told us that there was no hope either. At that point we decided to shift him to a renowned govt hospital and had to go through a lot of hassles to get him not only admitted to the hospital but directly into the ICU.
So on this very day, we were all set to move him from this pvt hospital to the govt one...the hospital discharge formalities took several hours and by the time my dad was put into an ambulance for the shift, it was evening and it started to pour very heavily. My sister and a cousin accompanied my dad in the ambulance and me with my uncle followed them in a car.
After traveling for about 45 mins, there came a junction which usually had heavy traffic jam and we decided to let the ambulance go in that direction, as cops would let the ambulance pass anyway and once they get past that signal, it would be a relatively quick drive to the hospital. Me and my uncle took a u-turn to take a different and a slightly longer route which would have lesser traffic so that we could reach the hospital before or at the same time as the ambulance.
After taking the u-turn we continued down the road and there I saw her...an old lady standing almost at the middle of the road...skin was as white as paper...she was wearing a white saree and was holding a thick walking stick..it looked more like a branch of a tree...staring in the direction where the ambulance went...she didn't have an umbrella with her and all the shops were closed because of the rising level of water in the street. The water had risen to the point where our driver couldn't take his foot of the accelerator, lest the water might seep in through the exhaust.
Me and my uncle both saw her but didn't talk about the experience until a couple days later. My dad passed away on 13th July. To this day, it still baffles me what was that lady doing amidst torrential rain, in the middle of the road holding something like a branch of a tree and I've never ever seen someone having such a pale and white skin.
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2023.03.26 14:56 ca76775 EightSleep not properly tracking sleep

Has anyone run into the following issue? I have my bed split into two zones, 1 for my wife and the 2nd for me. Since last week I’ve run into the following issues:
1) my wife’s side says she was away, no data tracked, however the away setting is off. I’ve tried toggling it on and off multiple times but that doesn’t seem to solve the issue at night 2) my side is saying I’m sleep from ~2pm to 7am instead of 11pm to 7am. No one is in the bed between 2pm and 1030pm either so I’m not sure how EightSleep is picking up that someone is sleeping.
I’ve tried doing a hard reset of the hub, re-pairing the hub and making sure the USB is securely plugged in.
Any thoughts or other ideas?
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2023.03.26 14:55 TheFlyGuy2022 NEED HELP: Taking a QUICK Poll:

I need your help…looking to take a quick poll on your level of potential interest…
I am exploring a new business venture to start a Mile High Club flight experience.
This would be a 1 hour long flight, in a small private airplane, where the back of the airplane has been retrofitted into a comfortable bed area with foam mattress, satin sheets, pillows and mood lighting.
The 1 hour flight will take place at 5,280 feet, allowing the couple to join the Mile High Club.
The pilot flying will be separated from the back with privacy curtains, and will be wearing noise cancelling headphones, to allow the couple in the back complete privacy.
The price point for this one hour flight will be approx $499.
At this price point and knowing this experience, can you please tell me is this is something that you would participate in?
Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.26 14:54 gain-islandfresh My Quest

Hello! I’m new to this space but I am in the process of discovering more about myself and how I relate to the Autistic experience. I am a 25 year old former teacher and current librarian.
I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in my first year teaching and a lot of that diagnosis made sense to me. But however, despite my best efforts, I was overstimulated constantly and I would have panic attacks, meltdowns, shutdowns, debilitating migraines, etc. Administration did what they could but they were just as clueless as I was as to why I was constantly needing to (literally) run away from my classroom to cry and sit alone. I finally decided enough was enough and quit in the middle of my second year.
I was depressed and felt like a giant failure. I’ve always loved school, language learning, reading, and just education in general and it felt like the reality of working in that field broke me. I felt betrayed by myself too because I thought it was my fault that I couldn’t handle the pressure.
Now, I work as a young adult/teen specialist in a library, I have had meltdowns in this position too but not nearly as often as before but I still struggle much more than my colleagues from what I can tell. However, research and librarianship are huge interests of mine and I like the fact that I’m not constantly in charge of kids- they just drop in. I started researching autism and adhd experiences when I started graduate school (in august) and found that I identify with what a lot of what autistic people have gone through. I was originally trying to figure out why I have so many migraines but I saw an article on the National Library of Medicine website that sensory overload was a cause of migraine and fell down the rabbit hole.
The point of all this is I have an evaluation scheduled for next week to assess for adhd and autism so I wanted to discuss and hear from you guys about what I can do to assure my concerns are heard because I usually can’t say everything I’m feeling in the moment.
Also, I worry that I don’t remember enough about my childhood to ensure that I have truly struggled all my life. I remember bits and pieces but the most I can gather is that I always loved to read, I displayed a high amount of empathy, and suffered trauma from my sister, and I spent a lot of time alone.
Could you guys maybe share your experiences with getting evaluated (if you have been) so that I can maybe understand what I am supposed to know? If you’re self-diagnosed, I’d still love to hear and discuss your stories as well. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 14:54 Jockwr Hire a private boat for dinner for 2? Sydney harbour (not a harbour cruise)

A bit of a long shot... I want to take my partner on a boat to have dinner for her birthday. Let me set the scene There's just two of us (except for the driver at the wheel, taking care of the boat). We're sitting at the back of the boat, a little champagne in hand. The lighting is candlelit, or fairy lights. the boat sits off birchgrove oval (significant location in our relationship) pointing toward the Sydney harbour bridge in the distance The driver is also a chef, or there's also a chef on board, cooking our dinner. We sit, talk, laugh, enjoy the view. After 2 hrs or less on board, we get off near birchgrove oval.
I've been googling custom yacht dinner for 2 but keep getting swamped by redballoon deals or other dinner cruises.
Do you know if anyone provides a service like this? Custom boat dinner for 2 (not a harbour cruise)
Obviously budget is important, looking to spend $1000 or less.
Thanks for any advice. Also, hope this is ok in this subreddit
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2023.03.26 14:54 Rachelx127 How do I speak to my friend about her parenting style? And if I should at all?

I’ve known my best friend for over 15 years. She now has a 4 and 5 yr old. I love seeing my friend but I can only see her kids in small doses. They are out of control. They run the house. They are getting older and in preschool so they behave better and better as time goes.
But my friend still lets them have bottles! I slept on the couch last week and woke up to my friend getting her 4 yr old a bottle in the middle of the night. I’ve learned that giving them milk in a bottle can rot their teeth. 4 yr old is still in diapers too. Do I intervene here?
She lets the 4 yr old sleep on her bed every night while her husband sleeps on bunk beds in a room with the 5 yr old.
The older one did not speak for a very long time and I think will have some trouble in school. They are planning on sending their kids to an alternative school where there is no structure.
I am worried they are making mistakes at the expense of the kids. I don’t want to say anything because I know it’s rude to comment on her parenting style. I don’t want to cause a riff in our friendship but it also deters me from spending more time with them.
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2023.03.26 14:51 Educational-Mind-439 Depression manifesting itself as fatigue?

Hey all. I was diagnosed with pretty much every anxiety disorder and severe depression when i was 15. Im now 22, i have seen many therapists since then, but not for anxiety or depression. I actually haven’t felt depressed since i was 18-19, and i have good coping mechanisms for my anxiety. Lately, my job has caused me overwhelming, debilitating fatigue, and loss of motivation to get out of bed most days. And at first i thought it was because i have 2 autoimmune diseases that also contribute to this debilitating fatigue. But now i’m thinking that because i hate my job so much, i’ve actually become depressed because of it. I have people around me who i can talk to and support me, i love going to uni, i feel okay with where i’m at in life. Is this just me hating my job, or could it actually be depression?
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2023.03.26 14:51 Select-Ad-2061 Drunk guest left my listing an absolute mess, from pee to water logged carpets and is of course refusing to pay.

Had a guest that was supposed to check out yesterday. About 30 mins before their check out they asked to stay later. I try to be accommodating whenever I can, so even though I had another guest that afternoon, with a normal cleaning I would've still had plenty of time. So I let them stay an extra hour. They returned the favor by still being late for check out (sarcasm 🙄) When I entered the property I was absolutely floored by the state it was in. The bed? Absolutely soaked in urine, all the way to the mattress cover, ALL the pillows, the duvet cover and duvet. Normally I would just wash the covers on everything but now I'm essentially looking at triple the washing. There were two large wet spots on my carpet, I believe just water but still..they were so wet that the curtains that touched the carpet were also soaked. There was food and trash left out everywhere despite having two trashcans. The couch cover also had large yellow stains on it. Pretty much everything that could be washed, had to be. To top it all off...they brought a dog without my permission and despite my listing not being dog friendly. I truly have no words. I generally love air bnbing, I'm an avid traveller myself and so I try to be as reasonable as possible, price -wise, and not gouge people. My listing is just a guest suite off my house, generally the cleaning takes almost nothing so I have a LOW cleaning fee of $35 for a short stay like theirs. This experience really has me questioning whether this is worth it anymore, I don't mind cleaning but I do mind being disrespected. Luckily I was able to get everything flipped in time by taking it to a laundromat but it was extremely stressful for me on what was essentially my only day off from my day job.
I filed a request for money ($200) with plenty of pictures and of course they declined...went so far as to call it "a simple cleaning" and that the carpet spots were "just water" ...as if water damage isn't a thing? People can truly suck sometimes. Anyways..I know Airbnb can be difficult in these situations and sometimes it pays to know certain phrases and what not to help escalate my case. Just here for any advice y'all can offer and really to just vent. Thanks in advance♥️
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2023.03.26 14:51 LosMuertos_ [M4F] Fallout Roleplay!

PSA: I am 18+, and all partners/characters must be 18+ as well!
Howdy, Reddit! I hope all who come across this post is having a good day/night! I've been searching far and wide for a good, longterm roleplay that takes place in the Fallout universe, specifically centered around New Vegas/4, and since most of the ads I've seen regarding Fallout are heavily geared towards the more raunchy side of the roleplay spectrum, why not post my own?
A bit about me: I am a male residing in the EST zone of the United States. I've been roleplaying for nearly 6 years now and am semi-literate to advanced literate/novella. I am a full-time college student, so I won't be able to reply 24/7! Likewise, take your time when responding to me! Quality over quantity!
Plot/What I'm looking for: •I'm not the type of partner that has multiple pre-made "one size fits all" plots saved away somewhere, so someone who doesn't mind bringing their own ideas into the mix, engaging in the planning stages, and isn't an echo chamber blindly agreeing to whatever I say for the sake of hopping straight to the meat and potatoes is preferred! It also helps if you have a good imagination! I'm not asking for anything groundbreaking. Just be at least semi-creative!
•Pairings I'm looking for are predominantly MxF (with me being the male)! I am looking for slowburn romance to be included, so just be mindful of that!
•I roleplay in third person and require that my partners do as well. This is a hard requirement.
•Other than romance, I'd very much like action and angst to be involved! Other 18+ themes are also welcomed, but not a hard requirement!
•In regards to literacy, literate to advanced literate and novella is greatly preferred. Note that lengthy does not equal literate, at least not to me. Things that SHOULD NOT be in your posts include, but are not limited to; Text talk (i.e. "u, y, gr8, r u ok, hru", etc), bad grammar, horrible spelling (the occasional typo is alright!), and just utterly ignoring/not acknowledging important situations that I may include in a post (example: I present an opponent for us to face and you just completely ignore it/them). In other words, just pay attention to my post and what you're typing. If you need clarification on something, please don't be afraid to ask!
•Partners that DO NOT make their characters the damsel in distress/need their characters babysat every waking moment of the roleplay.
Can't think of anything else to add on, but there is room for discussion if and when we move to DM's!
That should be everything! I hope to hear from some of you eligible roleplayers very, very soon!
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2023.03.26 14:51 RepresentativeBird98 Need some mentorship or guidance

I’m a single father serving overseas in the armed forces. I am Currently married. I have a 10 year daughter who lives full time with her mom in the states. I visit at least twice to three times a year for a week and half at a time . A little background about her: she had a very rough early life due to medical. She had a heart transplant at the age of 6. She obviously missed a lot of school and socialization because she was in the hospital waiting for the transplant for nearly 8 months. She is strong and healthy now but she was diagnosed with ADHD last year. She currently still can’t tie her shoe and she struggles with reading My child’s mother and I were never married. I call every other day or try to call every Sunday. Normally we play roblox together and very little actual conversation beyond what’s going on in the game. When I try to talk about her day , school, her life, or anything else it’s one word answers, nothing at all, or she throws a tantrum and immediately disconnects. I’ve brought this up with her mother but to no avail , nothing has changed
The other day she showed me her three books she got from her school’s book fair. I expressed genuine interest in what she was showing me. I said I had to go and said I love you. Then all of a sudden she throw a tantrum and said “I hate you” slightly under her breath. I asked her why did she feel that way and she says “because you always talk”. It slightly hurt.
I brought it up it her mom and her mom said she may not know how to accurately express herself. I can understand that but , hate? That’s a little much for a 10 year old.
I don’t know what to do honestly. She’s becoming more and more like her mother and her side of the family: Very entitled without any discipline who can do no wrong.
Any advice would help!
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2023.03.26 14:50 SouthernStrawberry33 How to transition smoothly?

I've decided to not re-enroll in Medicaid and want to transition to regular insurance. I'm not making money yet but plan to in the very near future, so I'd rather just switch now. I have enough assets to cover. I tried the Marketplace in the past, but not having an income eliminated that option, that's how I ended up on PA magi medicaid. (If that's not correct I'd love to know) My medicaid renewal date is this Friday. I assume if I don't send in information for redetermination I'll eventually receive a letter informing me I am no longer covered by Medicaid.
So, my questions are : does my coverage end on Friday or will I have a grace period to find new insurance? Should I expect a letter soon with this information and will I for certain have a SEP?
TIA for any help/info/suggestions anyone can offer. 🙂
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2023.03.26 14:50 th3sound0fmusic Which career would you choose?

I was an adjunct professor for years before I left for a full-time job unrelated to my field. I left mainly because I was dissatisfied with the amount of work I was doing as adjunct with little pay and no benefits.
A tenure track position in my field has opened and I am a decent candidate. It is the only location near me (in my field) and the last tenure track position at this location. Seems like a no-brainer to apply, but in the short time I've been away, I've become spoiled by my current job. I have great benefits, decent pay, exceptional work-life balance. But as it is outside of my field and not much to look forward to for career progression, I feel stagnant. But, they went out of their way to accommodate me in the hiring process and if I leave I know that bridge will be burned forever.
I am so torn on whether to apply for the tenure track position...any guidance would be helpful!
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2023.03.26 14:50 ThrowRAdjlfg My (25F) friend (21M)has started treating me badly

I have had a close friend for over two years now. We met and got along right away. We hung out a lot. I'm a bit older, but we have a lot in common, from our likes to our families to how we feel about things morally, ethically, etc. We have had 7 hour conversations. We have talked about everything under the sun.
But, then he dropped out of college and then he quit his job, and now he lives with his parents again. His father is abusive, and His mother is an alcoholic, and now my friend is doing nothing but drinking and playing video games. He is up all night, going to bed around 7am, sometimes later. He has gotten mean, too. He lied to his friends about me, and two of them went off on me, saying I was somehow treating him badly. I asked him why he lied to his friends about me, and he said I was manipulative and controlling. What?
I have encouraged him to get help. He drinks way too much. He needs to get a job and get back in school. He doesn't show up for things he says he will then gets mad when I call him out on standing me up. I bought movie tickets, and he did not show up for the movie with the excuse that he saw his friend was online and wanted to game.
Then, he started calling me in the early morning hours, talking about ending his life. I have stayed up with him for hours, missing sleep, even though I had to work in the morning and am going through my own health issues. He's now obsessed with some girl that he stays up with all night playing games. She's in her mid 30's, and seems like a bit of a loser and gaming addict. He said she's easier to be around than I am. I don't get what happened. I love this guy (as a friend). How do I get my friend back?
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2023.03.26 14:50 Sloeber3 Looking for needle-moving backlinks.

Travel niche. Looking for real strong domains like CNN, NatGeo, Huff Post, etc.
My current domain is very strong in our field. Top 3 for nearly all of our keywords. Just looking for 1-2 high DA sites to put us over the top.
Don’t come at me with DA 50-60 backlinks. Looking only for the top dogs.
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2023.03.26 14:49 Frequent-Job-5000 How possessive are people about their roast dinners?

I don't know if that's the right way of saying it in the title, but I'll explain.
If I say I'll make a roast dinner, I do not want any help. If it's my roast dinner then I have a set way of doing things, chopping things, timing things to cook, and I like to be doing it all start to finish so I know where everything is up to.
I've come home and my dad has near enough done half of it. He does everything differently to me and I've told him before I don't want or need any help but he ignores that. He starts cooking everything at like 11am even though we don't eat until 5pm so everything either gets overdone or is cold. It actually stresses me out.
Is everyone else like this when it comes to their roast? Or is it more of an all hands to the pump thing in your house?
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2023.03.26 14:49 No-Communication5312 i keep messing up

I keep making my friend angry, even tho my friend says they arent I can see that they are angry. I dont know what to do, i dont know how to act i am so lost. Everytime i try to strike up a conversation with them they dont respond and when I ask if they are angry or sad they say they arent angry. I nearly started to cry bc of the mood change, my friend just ignored me for 3 hours and now when they want to strike up a convo i dont know how to act or what to say to them.
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2023.03.26 14:48 AzuraScarlet Boyfriend doesn't have as much fun with me as he does with his friends

So, me(25) and my bf (29) are in sort of an LDR. We only meet twice a month in both our home city.
Since, I don't really go out much, he is the only person I hang out with on weekends when I am home. Mainly because most of my friends don't live close by.
That is not the case with him and he has got all his friends here. Friends from his football club, from his neighbourhood, and one close knit group he never misses to hangout with.
Now, I kind of want to spend atleast a few hours on either Saturday or Sunday whenever I am home with him because the next time will be after two or more weeks.
But he doesn't live far from his hometown and vists every weekend unlike me.
Sometimes he is so busy hanging out with his other friends that he suggests meeting the next time I come or simply doesn't call to arrange a meet-up.
We generally talk daily but it seems he forgets about me whenever he is around his friends. Once he told me that those guys were there before me and will be there after me.
And it kinda hurts. Because I prioritise him over a lot other people and over my friends. Ther have been a lot of times when I cancelled plans with my friends to hang out with him.
Once on a long weekend I asked him a month in advance if he wanted to go somewhere like a trip or something because he had wanted a weekend gateway for a while. He didn't properly answer me and gave the excuse that his brother's wedding might happen around the same time. But that wedding shifted a few weeks earlier and he made plans with his friends for that weekend.
I felt betrayed and cried about it to him which basically ended badly because he doesn't like when I am too attached.
I told him to visit me and he did. I visited him too last weekend. Everything was happy and cool but the meet-up kinda saturated him and then he didn't even call me up like he does every night.
I know I am being childish in wanting him all to myself and it's not his fault I don't have other people to hangout with. But I want to spend the time I have here with him. I don't just want to see him once in a month.
I even tried getting transferred near him so that we can see each other more often. But I feel so angry when I don't feel him giving the same amount of effort.
He enjoys a lot more with his friends than with me. He even told me that he couldn't enjoy as much on a trip we went together on with his friends because he had to look after me. And hence he hesitates to take me anywhere.
I felt embarrassed and like a burden. I didn't know anyone on that trip so obviously I stuck with him everywhere. I felt so bad and hurt when I found out that he couldn't enjoy because of me.
But I still want to hang out with him and go on trips. I don't want to be a person he just has sex with.
And it just kinda hurts a lot.
I don't know what I am trying to achieve by posting hmit here but I guess I wanted to rant somewhere.
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2023.03.26 14:48 Comprehensive_Mix307 AirCover didn't properly cover me, what next?

I reserved a listing for the night of March 25. On March 24, the host cancelled on me (and called me to try to get me to cancel so she wouldn't be charged, sooo sus), and so I called Air BNB the night of March 24 to get me a new place and properly do so via the platform. Eventually the host cancelled the day of my check in (March 25) , and I waited from 8am until 10pm that night stranded thinking Air BNB was going to rebook me. They actually refunded me when the host cancelled even though I had explicitly stated to them that I wanted to be re-booked, not refunded, because I wouldn't find anywhere else at the same price in such short notice and could not afford a hotel, but there were no listings left with such short notice in the area and criteria I needed at the price that I paid. By 5pm there were only like 3 suitable listings left (smaller city). I had told them the night before to reserve a hotel for me if it came to there being no listings available, because they've put me in hotels before and I know they have hotel partners for such situations. At any rate as mentioned I only got their level 1 agents on the phone for most of the day, who kept saying "someone is already working on this", and that went on from 8am until 10pm with ZERO resolution. That person never got in touch with me. I had a 3pm check in originally and here it was 10pm.

Finally someone messages me and sends me listing options, the only 3 left which had dwindled to two. They told me I had to message these people. I explained that they should be doing this work for me because it is not only money that needs to compensated in situations like this, it is time. I had events all day of the 25th and already put in the time and money to find the place. To make guests spend hours searching and waiting for responses again is the same as making them spend money, because both resources (time and money) were already used up on the first listing. I had no more time to search for a place and wait for responses, and on top of that, it was 10 PM! I explained to them that it was already past my bed time and past time for me to be checked in somewhere safe and sound and it was ridiculous that they were expecting either me or hosts to be having pleasant conversations about a reservation for that same night at 10PM on a Saturday night. As expected no hosts responded to the messages.
I reiterated over and over "why did you wait so long to help me!? I've been without a place the entire day!" and "checking in now would only be half a day of stay, there should be a credit towards an additional stay at this point" and "why don't you just get me a hotel!?" at which point the rep said "Hi,my shift is ending and I will be transferring you to a new agent" who did not resume conversation until well past midnight.

I don't need to elaborate on how unacceptable and frustating and simply ethically wrong this is when AirCover's terms guarantee guests to be re-booked in same or better listings on the night of their stay. In my book, once it is past midnight, that day is OVER. I never ssaw any messages past 11pm because that is too late to be accomplishing something that should have been accomplished before 3pm. That day is over. They failed to cover me by check in, by 10pm and by midnight, so in my book AirCover did not cover me. And when I woke up this morning after crashing in my car because I had to get to sleep to be up early for an event today, the messages were the agent sending me options at 1am for listings that were all over 45 miles away. Were they really expecting me, at 1am, to message these people, have them respond, go back and forth, get booked and then travel 45 miles to get to bed by 4am to be up by 6am and consider covering that to be an adequate makeup for ruining my entire day and failing to provide me somewhere to be in bed by 10pm?

I am so astonished. I feel that the terms of service were broken because Aircover guarantees rebooking for the same day. I feel they owe me a complimentary booking or two. I'm not sure what to do and would like ideas. I cannot believe this company that was giving out $100k to dozens of OMG Fund recipients did not have the budget to have an efficient customer service team.
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2023.03.26 14:47 Safe_Doughnut2932 I (23f) feel terrible for wanting to break up with my partner (27m)

Sorry this will be a long one.
My Partner who I'll call T and I have been together for a little over two years and have been living together for most of that.
Some background I moved in with T a few months after we started dating, Its the first time I've ever lived out of home and its taken me awhile to learn how to properly run a home, I also started my first full-time job around the same time.
Previously we have gotten into arguments over when and how I do house chores dont get me wrong I am a clean person but Im also not the type of person to do everything at once as soon as it needs doing (for example he wants me to clean pots I cooked with as soon as Im done cooking, instead of after I eat)
At the start of this year my employer messed up my pay and I ended up massively out of pocket I was lucky enough that my parents lended me some money and T encouraged me to use some of our emergency money to pull myself out of the red.
T is a teacher at a very very fancy select entry school and Im an Aide who works with very high risk kids. I know teaching is hard but I get physically and verbally abused by the kids I work with almost daily but I feel like he looks down on my job as not as hard or important as his.
Finally T has been suffering from chronic pain which has meant all the house work has fallen completely onto me.
Okay with that out of the way, The other day while I was on the phone to T I asked him about how we split some bills since our government is giving a handout to cover one of them, he said that we will split it normally and keep the money since its going to him anyway, I tried to argue but he basically said he cant be bothered spliting it differently and if I wanted it I should do the math and pay the bills, I said sure to this which annoyed him I think so I just dropped it.
While this was going on I was looking at my bank account and made a joke about how good my credit score is, he responded by saying his is way better and that I would be fucked if it wasnt for him saving me, I said he he wanted me to use our emergency money and that I was just making a stupid joke so relax. He then said Im a bitch for snapping at him and hung up on me.
Once he got home he ignored me completely which made me feel really bad so I sat down and tried to explain to him that I was sorry for snaping back at him what he said really hurt me to which he agreed and saif thats why he said it which I was really taken back by.
He then went on to say that Im a lazy and that all he wants is to come home to a clean house and not do anything. He then brought up the fact that the day before I came home from work and fell asleep instead of changing the bed sheets like he told me to, I tried to explain myself and say that I'm trying my hardest but im doing all the chores alone without even getting a thank you but he cut me off saying that chores are a bare minimum and that the minimum doesnt deserve a thank you and that if Im only doing things of praise to stop because I'll never get it.
I wont lie I broke at this point I feel so incredibly horrible for saying this but I said I couldnt handle dealing with his illness anymore
T then said that everything is always about me which hurt because everything I do is for him, I moved out of home hours away from my friends and family for him, work 6 days a week so i can pay our bills and have been doing all the house work until he feels better. He then said he is a selfish person and wants to be selfish for once.
Basically disassociated and sat there and took it while he spoke to me like I was a child getting told off. I cant quite remember what happened after this, he ranted at me for awhile and since then I have been sleeping on the couch.
I dont want this to be over, i dont know what id do with T but I dont know how to fix this but at the same time I cant provide what he needs and I want to break up but doing so because of his pain feels so so wrong. I keep telling myself it will get better but i dont know if I can last that long.
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2023.03.26 14:46 SmashSix [WTS] Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP MRAD, Switchview SV-5

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/0Knvy6V
Lightly used Vortex Viper PST Gen II 3-15x44 FFP MRAD. The only salt is on the battery cover and near the logo as shown in the photos. This has seen no use from me and minimal use from the previous owner. Comes with all original accessories but no defender caps (decided to keep those) - $525
Vortex SV-5 Switchview Throw Lever. Minimal to no salt. - $45
All prices are shipped USPS. Will take PayPal F&F or Venmo only. Hit me up with any questions 🤙
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2023.03.26 14:46 derika22 I only heard positive features of Bitcoin, are there any disadvantages with this technology?

Bitcoin technology and the idea behind it is so great.
If anybody would ask me how great BTC is, I can only come up with positive reasons for BTC (it's not like anyone would ever ask me about BTC, just theorectically):
These were still an unexchaustive summery of pros for BTC, if anyone would ask me what are the contras, I really dunno.
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