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2021.08.13 08:06 theispfamily Internet Service

Looking for a new internet service provider? Check out our list of providers near you! We've gathered information on the top providers in your area so you can compare and choose the best one for you.

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2015.12.05 12:00 IJustWantComment absolutely not your selfies of the soul

absolutely not your selfies of the soul

2023.03.25 01:23 Desdrogama Life is shitty and people are too so let’s be shitty together

Yes let’s be shitty together, or dare I say poopy or maybe even quite possibly a little turdy. So like if that kinda humour is funny to you message me and if it ain’t still message me and eventually I’ll gaslight you to the point it’s funny (or at least you find me funny(or as a minimum bearable))
So yeah what I’m actually after is a best friend, like someone that I’ll message often throughout the day most days and like I wanna make a friendship that lasts yo so only message me if that’s what you eventually wanna get to okay :)
Anyways if you’re a fan of that or wanna play games or watch weird creepy cursed YouTube videos (maybe even at 3am😳😳), send food to flex on one another or memes or you just wanna talk loads and need a vessel to dump all your energy into then message me lol, I am the best speaker but also listener lol😎😎
Just so ya know I live in England but sleep weird so I’ll probably be up when you are lol. Also be between 18 and 24 since that’s me. In your first message tell me if the first paragraph is your humour and if not then what type of brainwashing I should use on you :) also gimme a little context about you but please write it in a away I can respond to it easily so I’m not getting stressed over how to respond in a funny way😂😂
Yeah basically the more fancy and effort you put into it, the more likely I am to think “wow, they cool” and respond so pls do that ty :)
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2023.03.25 01:23 moonkiosk Is it a red flag?

So I (31F) have been talking to this guy (31M) for a while. We have been on a couple of dates, went well, we always split bills for cinema tickets or dinner, and that is me who comes with that initiative. Once he said that 'money is the best man's friend.' That turned me off completely as I have different values. Money is important, I do agree, but more important for me is family, good health, meaningful and compatible connection with a partner, self-development - nonmaterial stuff in general. It looks like his values are focused on transactional things, which I found quite emotionally immature to think in a such a way...
Your thoughts?
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2023.03.25 01:23 Nyaanner Chatting between disconnects on the D4 beta!

Trying out the druid! Come keep me company when the game disconnects!
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2023.03.25 01:23 gummitier Procastination everythere, overwhelmed by job and daily stuff

Hi there. This might be one of those posts, but I'm actually in a bad place right now looking for help:

  1. I am not good at my job. To be clear: I don't have problems at my job, but I'm in the fast evolving IT sector and I can't keep up the speed. I'm learning and I'm not particularly bad, but I am not as fast and I'm not that motivated to work after my shift at home for learning all the stuff.
It's not that it's not interesting to me, I am fascinated a lot by a lot of subjects, but I can't keep my motivation up for a longer time. Also I really do have problems with remembering things for a longer time, so investing time in that is - in most of the cases - just bad used time, because the knowledge is gone after a short amount of time.
The fact that I'm super interested in my work but not being able to keep on learning because of several aspects is driving me crazy. One thing I did observe is the following: In earlier years, I was able to just understand problems and explain correlations to people, nowadays I'm nowhere near this, it's just a lot of vague things I could tell but without seeing/knowing the connections and without having a fundamental knowledge about these things.
How do you guys work around these problems, are there any systems so learning isn't just a waste of time?

  1. My daily life is a mess. I am constantly overwhelmed by my life, not knowing where to start, where to end. I'm just about fighting fires and not about working towards a goal in the future. I have a nice flat where I'm living with my girlfriend, but there is always something missing, there's always something not right. I'm constantly subconciously stressed and unhappy with several aspects of my life without knowing what the deeper problem is.

Every help is appreciated, thanks a lot in advance. :)
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2023.03.25 01:23 WyoGus Miscut Crown Zenith Regigigas VStar GG

Miscut Crown Zenith Regigigas VStar GG
Fresh break, a little creasing left side near the cut. Probably something to do with it sliding around before cutting. A first for me. Couldn’t decide if was excited or a little disappointed.
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2023.03.25 01:23 JuliaX1984 How did our cats know I was in pain from a toothache?

We all know it's true that our cats get more cuddly and affectionate when we're sick. If you have a fever? No mystery there. If you're sick but have no fever? I still say no mystery because we probably smell different. Animals need to be able to sense when a member of their pack or prey are sick, so it makes sense cats would know when their humans are sick and get all protective and worried and comforting.
What I can't explain is how my cats knew I was in unbearable, excruciating, feel-like-you-want-to-die pain from a toothache for 5 days until I was able to get in to get it pulled.
The pain started Saturday, and I couldn't get in to see someone able and willing to help me until Thursday. had to take off work Tuesday0-Thursday. Starting Tuesday, our cats' behavior towards me was unmistakably different. I'm not imagining or anthropomorphizing - they were objectively acting differently:
  1. Andromeda the tortie never sleeps with me. She has no objection to me occupying my bed at the same she does, but she just goes to a corner I'm not occupying and sits there, not touching me, uninterested. As I lay in bed in the middle of the day Tuesday (I'll leave you to guess how much sleep I was getting at night), Andromeda snuggled against me for the first time. Lay down against me, headbutting me, nuzzling me... I repeat, this is literally the first time she has EVER done that. Not hyperbole - actually, truly the first time. And it wasn't a "Get me food/treats!" signal - when she wants food or treats, she meows. Loud and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Point is, she was silent, she was not bugging me to get her food or treats, she was doing something that I found comforting that she's never done before while I was in unbearable pain.
  2. Sadly, my roommate's calico Cali hasn't been the same since my roommate disappeared for 6 weeks last year (he's a spinal-cord injury survivor paralyzed from the chest down who got dangerously low sodium and had to spend 6 weeks recovering in rehab). Cali used to love to sleep with me, but since then, the only places she wants to go are the basement and next to my roommate. She's gotten better (especially since I got her a calming pheromone collar) but not quite her old self. She's only slept me with me twice since her favorite human's hospitalization last year - once weeks ago, and again Tuesday night.
  3. Our 3 cats do not get along at all (we tried all the techniques, and at first, it looked like they worked, but it quickly became evident that they hadn't learned "Good things happen around these cats, so I like these cats," just that "When we act nice and don't hiss at each other, we get good stuff," but I can't give them treats 24/7, so they don't keep it up 24/7). They don't try to kill each other, they just keep their distance and hiss (and possibly swipe) if another accidentally gets too close. Andromeda and my gray tabby Juliet will sometimes hang out on my bed at the same time (in completely different areas), but when I'm in bed, only 1 cat at a time will come up. They NEVER sleep more than one at a time with me. Until early Wednesday morning. I woke up, Cali was still snuggled close against my right side, and as I lay there trying to go back to sleep, Juliet came up. She stuck to my left, and Cali hissed at her a few times, but then stopped. So for the next few hours, I got to lie there with 2 cats snuggled close against either side of me for the first time EVER.
What signals did I give that something was wrong? A change in my routine? We've had changes in routine for other reasons like power outages and vacations, and they didn't act like this. I wasn't lying there crying - it's not that kind of situation. Change in my heart rate or pulse?
Or do they do these things for other reasons, and it's just a coincidence humans find them comforting? If so, why do they do them?
All I know is, it felt like our 3 kitties did their best to support me while I was suffering this week. I love them so much!
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2023.03.25 01:22 wheelwillturn Glycopyrrolate and possibly dangerous side effects?

Guys I've been considering to try glyco for last few days and have been reading all the posts and comments related it here. It does seem like a miracle drug as everyone speaks and just too good to be true! But there are few things that concern me which aren't mentioned on the forums. So I'm pointing them here as follows
1) Can the dehydration cause hair thinning or does any harm to the kidneys? Chronic dehydration can not only affect hair loss or thinning but also the quality of skin and possibly the kidneys. Have you guys ever noticed hair thinning under this medication? Or ever felt pain in kidneys?
2) I read on the internet that athletes are prone to heat strokes or heart ailments on glyco. I'm usually involved in physical activities like running, cycling and gymming. Given the fact these days lot of young people are getting heart attacks at the gym, I kinda little worry about it.
3) Impaired reaction. Is it safe to ride a bike or drive while on glyco? It could be really dangerous while being on the road if our fight or flight reaction is on delay. The good thing about having an anxiety, it helps as a sensory to survive. Since I'm very much into cycling, I'd like to know if one would be able to stay alert while riding the bike in traffic and like that.
Thanks for reading
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2023.03.25 01:22 Loose-Ad-8421 Any advice for switching careers with limited experience?

Hey y'all, I work as a customer service representative for a home builder. I'm not a huge fan of the job because of the stress it adds to my life, however I'm thankful of what it has taught me not only about the home building process but dealing with difficult customers and coordinating difficult home repairs. I'm looking to find another career, but with no college education and only construction and customer service on my resume, I'm feeling a bit stuck and I don't want to work in this industry anymore. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas for good career paths that don't require a college degree?
I consider myself good at my job but really don't want to deal with entitled customers anymore. I'm tired of being a punching back for my company. Any advice helps a ton, thanks!
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2023.03.25 01:22 chimpanzeepool I don’t even know who’s passive aggressive anymore

Working for a small retail company with 3 owners and 7 employees. 3 of the employees are in the same family and one of them is sleeping with one of the owners. I’m the longest serving employee.
I’m a one person purchasing department in charge of maintaining inventory levels of 15000+ SKUs, and the company makes me cover receiving too.
Ever since the relationship between the employee and the owner began I felt a change in treatment/attitude towards me from the entire family and that owner. They would leave me empty display hooks for things that are out of stock on my desk without a word of communication. They would leave post it notes with “hey just to let you know x and x are out of stock”. But never ask me why or when we’re expecting restock. I don’t sense any good intention from all of these “reminders”.
Money is always tight and we literally can’t stock tons of all 15k+ SKUs. Sometimes products are already on the way and would get here more or less just in time. Sometimes there are production delays and not everything is always available. But they make all of that seem like my incompetency.
One day this week I was doing receiving and went through 30 boxes on my own, half of the boxes are bigger than me. I was very tired at the end of the day, my hands had multiple cuts, and my nail was separating from my finger from digging tightly packed boxes. I left the last box unopened, as it was from a different supplier and there were no pre-ordered items in it, I figure I could do it the next day. Not a word of acknowledgement on the boxes I went through. All I got was “what’s the deal with this box? Why aren’t you going through it?” from one of the members of that family.
I left one of the “out of stock” notes with the restocked item. Like “hey now we have it”. Went to the washroom and came back to find the same note on my desk again as the owner and his lover were replenishing shelves (btw they always work together and do the same tasks, no matter now menial. They go to the washroom together too).
I was furious but also confused. I found their behaviour shitty and passive aggressive, but have I become passive aggressive too in the process?
I gave them my resignation in writing last week and the lovers&family have been mostly ignoring me except for nitpicking on my work (the box instance) and returning the note.
I don’t fucking know anymore.
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2023.03.25 01:22 Juice117 Need advice on workplace that became unreasonably toxic.

I’ve been working as the head of a department for about a year now.
Initially the job was fantastic, I performed at a high level and helped the company achieve a high output, all my performance goals were met.
Around Christmas it took a downward turn, suddenly the boss started being rude and short with everybody, cutting down staff and being unresponsive to feedback.
He is the son of the original founder of the company, so he answers to nobody and has a superiority complex, however this is was not the case originally.
Now my department has had its staff reduced and workload amplified, I’m getting stress migraines daily and am not sleeping well due to the anxiety of what the next day will bring.
Now I’m in a situation where I’m being told I can’t spend anymore money for the month, yet we are bringing in brand new projects that will require parts and equipment, and getting zero support from the company when I bring up these concerns.
I also have calculated how much my department has earned and we are bringing in massive surpluses each month, which is even more frustrating.
I need advice, because I can’t just quit due to having a mortgage and being a primary income earner, I feel like I was tricked into leaving my job and coming here.
The job market is poor for my field at the moment- which is another difficult thing to deal with as when I took this job a year ago, I was fielding offers for this position and I actually left money on the table to come to this location because I liked the business plan the best.
The stress is literally killing me and I can’t even enjoy my nights at home.
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2023.03.25 01:22 Training-Detective-3 midwest asian loses any and all hope for T20s

Intended Major(s): Economics, Government, some business schools as well (varied between schools)
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. State FBLA, Vice President: elected in a state of 3,500+; upkept every aspect of organization's online presence, planned and conducted state conference for 1,800+ members
  2. School FBLA, President: nationals top 10, state champ, nationals qualifier x4
  3. Online intl. debate organization of 800+, Founder & President: spent hours organizing and arranging debate seminars, councils, and comps.
  4. Model UN, Executive Officer: unfortunately we only attend one intl. conference per year, but I've earned an award at every conference we've attended
  5. Regional voter registration, Founder and Chair: worked with local elected officials and party organizations to direct non-partisan voter registration in my area
  6. Local political org, Communications Director: wrote press releases, worked with elected officials to coordinate campaign/volunteer opportunities
  7. Volunteer teacher's assistant for middle school math class, created student database for 3 classes, graded exams every week and helped reinforce important learning concepts
  8. State representative campaign, Volunteer then Intern: systematized county candidate database, tracked constituent issues, led weekly canvasses/phone banks
  9. Social Studies Honor Society, executive officer: organize and direct annual Trivia Bowl, promote and advocate for civic engagement
  10. School Literary Magazine, editor: edited and rated pieces to be considered for publication, nothing special
  11. UChicago Summer Immersion, student: studied econ through quantitative experiments, culminated in paper on competitive price discrimination
  12. Self-directed research: researched wealth inequality in my local city through a human-rights lens, offered policy proposals
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. National Merit Semifinalist
  2. Local youth service award winner, nominated by school and recognized by local navy council
  3. Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Bronze)
  4. Outstanding Del, Model UN international conference (highest honor, doesn't award best del)
  5. FBLA Top 10 Nationals
Letters of Recommendation (FERPA exists so I'm guessing)
Government teacher- 7/10. Wasn't worried about this one until I received four rejections this week. Doesn't know me super well, but assumed she'd write an okay letter. Not sure anymore.
English teacher - 9/10. I know she wrote some unique things about me, and she is a FANTASTIC writer, so I really trust that she wrote it well
School FBLA advisor - 9/10. The teacher I'm closest to, knows me extremely well and is aware of everything I've done for the club and on the state level.
Counselor- 7/10. Wrote my nomination letter for a service award (which I did get), so I heard a blurb of what he wrote about me, and it sounded pretty good; it should be pretty standard, but nothing that could've hurt me
UPenn- 8/10, interviewer was sweet and I felt like I said everything I could've, but I did screw up one question which could've been important (How do you find a balance between your academic and social life, super important to Penn culture)- freaked out and gave a super generic answer
Georgetown- 6/10, had internet connections on my end, so we had to move to a phone call. The conversation just didn't flow as well as I wanted it to, and Georgetown is one of my dream schools, so I'm really upset
Harvard- 8/10, interview was standard, was actually pretty disappointed in my interviewer- didn't ask any interesting questions and guided my interview in a very boring way. She was super sweet though, just didn't feel like I did the best I could've
Princeton- 12/10, absolutely perfect. My interviewer was older, but I felt super calm throughout the whole thing and was very happy with how I handled all the answers. He told me he's rooting for me to get admission, knows I'll have a lot of options (lol he was wrong!) and that I'll choose Princeton out of all of them :)
Cornell- 6/10, not evaluative, interviewer was older and barely knew anything about the school now, so didn't get me excited or anything
Northwestern- 9/10, interviewer was the absolute best, would even tell me what he'd write on my report as I spoke, very casual conversation and felt very good about it
Decisions (unbelievably disappointed and want to cry):
Waiting on:
At this point, I'm completely done and have lost any kind of hope I could've had of getting a T20. USC came as a massive shock, especially considering I'm a National Merit Finalist. Same with WashU, I did the video portfolio and everything, and it didn't work out. Extremely disappointed and feel like everything I've done was for nothing. I'm still in complete shock and genuinely don't think I can go back to school after spring break.
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2023.03.25 01:22 zorandzam Current best vegan?

I used to use Hello Fresh and Dinnerly, but lately I’ve been focused on Green Chef and I like it, but I feel like I’ve kind of gone through all their best recipes and want to branch out. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis, though, and one rec my doc had was to cut most or nearly all dairy and drastically reduce my meat, trying to basically avoid all red meat, while simultaneously increasing my vegetable intake by a lot. I already love meal kits and already eat less meat when I use them anyway, but would love one where every single option is on plan so I don’t have to sift through what I can and can’t eat. While I like that Green Chef does have a robust vegan menu, again, I want more variety.
In searching here it looks like Purple Carrot may be something to try but is pricier? But how is the quality of the food and the prep time? I’m spoiled by how GC includes some pre-diced veggies and pre-made sauces.
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2023.03.25 01:22 obligatorystorytime I love this genre but I haven't yet found the perfect game. Looking for recommendations

I am HOOKED on this format and I have purchased and played so many BBGs this year and all of them are fantastic games but, none of them scratch all of my itches. Here is a list of what I have played so far and an explanation why it isn't "the one". Please note that I play solo and avoid multiplayer. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
Fallout 4 - love this game so much but the settlement building is an afterthought, not the focus. Would love it if the whole point was to build and defend a network of settlements. With the "quests" focused on recovering tech from old locations.
Satisfactory/ Factorio - love both but they make me feel stupid once I get to the upper tech levels. I have to use other people's strategies and layouts and the "satisfaction" is artificial and fraudulent.
Valheim - this one is damn near perfect but too difficult for solo play. I get that a large number of people enjoy the soulslike difficulty but I wish it was optional. I also have the (unpopular?) opinion that there should be more NPCs/Thralls and at least some automation .
Rim World/ Dwarf Fortress/ Anything with the 3 speed/pause mechanic - I'm burned out on this mechanic bc there are so many copycats. I do like this style occassionally but I much prefer the time aspect to be adjustable in the buildings/machines themselves and the exploration and combat done in real time.
Minecraft/DQ Builders - both of these are great but a little too cute for me to fully immerse in them.
Riftbreaker - I like this one a lot but the base building isn't very involved and I don't get the same sense of accomplishment that I get from games like FO4 and Valheim. If there were a 3D fpp version of this game I think I would enjoy it way more.
Len's Island - I am very hopeful for this one. They just added controller support but it's far from perfect. I wish you could make your own town and not be limited to housing the townsfolk in the existing hub town.
I do not want to play Rust because I hate pvp. I have yet to play The Forest but I wasn't impressed with the tech level (based on the demo videos - I could be wrong here). I do not want to play Subnautica because I have submechanophobia. Other than those I would love your recommendations, thanks for taking the time!
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2023.03.25 01:22 cm011 Engin making a return!

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2023.03.25 01:22 botheredbysmallstuff Season 4 is a masterpiece and it absolutely IS Fargo

I don't even have the energy to defend stuff on reddit anymore, so I'm just gonna leave this here. I have no idea what people saying this isn't a good season or that it isn't "Fargo"-like have in mind.
Stellar season. East/West may be the best individual episode of the whole series.
Season 3 and 2 are both tied as Top 1 for me, but this one comes close.
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2023.03.25 01:22 Ani722 Dad, do you have any advice on what to do when a close friend has suddenly gone MIA?

Two months ago, I (21M) met a guy a few years older than me on campus, and in no time we became best friends. We would message each other every day. I would hang out at his place, which was 25 miles away from my campus. There were days we didn't text each other much, but we did make sure to say good morning or ask how the day was going.
I'm very concerned because he went from very active to silent since yesterday morning. He was the one who would often initiate interactions, and I find it weird he's quiet. My texts don't reach him, and calling him leads to voicemail. It's been the second day, so I'm gonna wait a little more. I'd have checked on him, but I don't have a car. I just can't help but think the worst. He is a two-time cancer survivor. His father calls him every day, and his neighbors often meet him, so I hope they notice if anything is wrong.
I plan to go to his city in two days as another guy, and I made plans. He agreed to stop by his place so I could check on him. I've had friends go silent before, but this one feels different and unusual.
I'd love some advice. Thank you.
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2023.03.25 01:21 UnknownAcolyte78 The Darwinist Struggle

Hello again, this is my new article called "The Darwinist Struggle". I found that the more engaged you are in becoming someone better the more likely you are to face difficulties at some point. This is my written piece that will gives you some tips for how to work for opportunities and find possibilities. Have a read and let me know what you find interesting in this or what I can improve.

Many times, we do live in a very unforgiving world. Natural disasters caused by climate change, financial difficulties in the market, and social pressures threaten to change our comfortable way of life. We may seek a stable way of life for ourselves, but often the world around us has other plans. Attractive middle class jobs are gradually being replaced by the ongoing progress of automation in the economy, while the large-scale protests of the past decade still inspire dissent for disgruntled citizens. Despite appearing prosperous and dynamic on the surface, our society of the early twenty first century is beset with difficulty and insecurity that will continue for an indefinite period of time. These are only some of the hardships that are apparent in the society of this age. The truth is, difficulty has always plagued our civilization, and we know deep down that it is set to continue. However, human beings are designed to handle unrelenting challenges more than we would think.
Endless competition and rivals
When old problems are finally solved, new ones always appear. This is all because as we must know, the world is never at rest. Even in the face of unforgiving challenges, the human spirit is capable of enduring, adapting, and overcoming. It is not just the competition over scarce resources and limited customer bases, it is the basic truth of reality. Life itself is a competition, and an endless competition at that. You have no doubt experienced it when applying to university even when you have a high GPA, or trying to get an interview for a job among endless other candidates. You know very well that the experience of life is made to be a struggle. Therefore it is important for you to not only know the rules of fierce competition, but also how to survive. It is not enough for you to rely on the strategies of consistency and loyalty, you must also be prepared to use more ruthless tactics as well. It doesn’t matter what your superiors will tell you, the fact of the matter is that you are more than capable of handling this intense struggle than you would believe. Begin by knowing the most fundamental truth of our world, that the world itself is built around conflict and rivalries. The strongest will gain more, and the weak will be left with nothing. Now it is up to you to be ready for the challenge.
The natural order of life for all organisms is built around getting to the limited resources first, and then protecting it from other hungry adversaries. Machiavelli himself said that even more difficult than claiming new territory, is holding onto it. At some point in your life you have likely gained an advantage somewhere or claimed new ground. Now, the new challenge is holding onto it and using your new gains to their best effect. Sometimes people on the other side will become dissatisfied with the person already in charge of their plot, and they will be ready to come onto your side. If the executive of a rival company that you want to acquire fails to inspire loyalty into his workers, then they might take an interest in working for you. If a customer base that once preferred another provider is no longer fulfilled with what they receive, they may turn over to you. If you are persistent, you can indeed gain new resources at unexpected times. Now the question comes of how to keep those beneath you content. The rule here is simple. You must supply them, and generously. Understand that all people are motivated by their own self interest and they will give up what simply doesn’t work. If you can make yourself into the one that will reliably provide others with solutions and wealth, then the advantage is yours.
Use the new advantages
This is why facing engagements that happen in the social, political and financial realms not only relies on the ability to overpower your competitors, but also on the smart management of your resources. Some things under your belt such as a moderate income, enrollment in the right classes for a degree, or a part time job as a driver will benefit you over time given your careful management and attention. The resources you have may not seem like much, but you have to manage them well. Eventually, they will increase with your patient effort. At the same time, do not be afraid of taking resources from your opponents when you get the chance. When you have finally gained an adequate base, reach out for the assets of others. Not only are they not likely to be interested in helping you out later, but they will also start to misuse their own supply when they become confident enough in it. Their confidence will eventually become their weakness, so do not hesitate to use the new chance you now have available. So take the spot of senior manager of your workplace, leading investor on the charts, or most experienced employee in the whole firm for your own use. Do not hesitate, because time wasted is time that will work against you.
There is indeed much to be gained if you look hard enough. However, it is not enough to hold onto whatever you have recently gained. As one competitor out of many, you will also need to be able to look for further opportunities. This not only takes discernment, but also the understanding that if you ever stop increasing, you will begin to decrease. Ambition must become your name, or eventually you will begin to fall behind. There will eventually be chances for you to expand your business or your career, but do not be content simply waiting for opportunities to arrive at your doorstep. You must actively seek them out.
Seek to prove yourself
To use the advantage offered to you by a new set of customers or a new investment niche, do not look for familiarity towards your own practices. Rather prove to everyone else that you are ready to handle what seems to be reserved for “the elites”, or “the most experienced.” As nature itself dictates, this is your time to adapt and quickly learn the fine details of your new venture. Even as you must be aware of risk, just as much should you be bold. If you can fulfill the challenge of using the newest and most intimidating business opportunities to their best while everyone else sits on the sidelines, then others will know that you are a force to be reckoned with. Once you gain familiarity in your new venture or job offer before anyone else did, only you will be left to reap the benefits. This is the nature of competition and struggle, to seek out not the most prepared out of us but the most capable and willing.
Do not be scared of taking chances, but also keep the essential knowledge of what you are getting into. Thriving in a world with many hungry competitors who battle over scarce resources means that you will have to step outside of your comfort zone. Over time your effort spent openly confronting risk will yield you rewards, and the surplus you have left over means that you can then analyze your next step. You will indeed expand if you take your work or duties seriously yet be enthusiastic for more on the horizon. Despite being set by fierce adversaries on all sides, you will find that you do possess the ingenuity and knowledge needed to pull yourself through. It is no secret that the world is occupied by many hungry members who want to further their own ambition, but eventually you will learn the ruthlessness and movement that is behind our battle hardened world. Use this knowledge that you have grasped. Indeed, every man has the tools they need to gain more once they understand enough about how many times they may lose everything. At first it seems difficult, but your methods will eventually generate an outcome the more you use them. Prepare yourself to be a stabilizing factor in a tumultuous world, and gain what is yours.
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2023.03.25 01:21 DJ_JoY Is the Battlepass contributing to less Team Play?

So I know that as an almost exclusive Medic Main who has no skill whatsoever with snipers or LMGs really, if the battlepass says ‘Spot 20 bros while playing recon’ that’s what I do, for at least part of a game… this means I am not playing medic, reviving my teammates and doing the stuff that I normally do that gets me consistently in the top 10 on the leaderboard.
If I’m not playing my best or even my part properly, then surely others can’t be either.
We’ve all seen the medic spam when it’s 5 points for revives and then a day later they’re all gone!
Not whinging, just asking. Was there always Battlepass? Can only remember it on BFV.
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2023.03.25 01:21 NewsFun3424 My ex bf (27M) cheated on me ( 25F) and begging for me back. Advise?

My ex bf m(27) cheated on me f(25) in May. He basically had a two month thing behind my back with this girl. He had told her we weren’t together anymore and such. They had went on dates. Cuddled. Kissed. He told her he wants to date he be with her. I caught him at a bar kissing her . And I ended it. He’s been begging for me back the past few months saying he’ll do anything. He keeps saying that he was “ running away” from our problems and he had lost himself and wanted to escape… we weren’t in the best place I can admit from issues and my dad passing, but he had a way out but didn’t want to loose me. Now he’s saying he’ll do couples therapy with me and keeps trying to show up at my place to see me and talk and “ treat me” to things. I’m very confused if he’s worth a second chance. I honestly don’t want to want to go back but I’m lost because I thought he has a good heart. Just to add - he also has a temper randomly. He has broken things in the past. He says he’s in therapy..
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2023.03.25 01:21 gripother Andrew Tate - PhD Program (High Quality)

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2023.03.25 01:20 Single_Tap_9597 AITA for this, am I too cruel

So basically I used to be good friends with this person let's call him Dave, I was spending all my time with him, till he started making fun of my poverty and family and stuff, I put up w it till he stole my girls away from me by spreading rumours, I've tried to ignore it but ass soon as I found out he was being a creep to one of my girl best friends who believe him over me(this is the girl he stole from me), I just snapped, I showed everyone screenshots of what he said I gave him real nasty threats so bad he's threatened to call the police, all his friends might leave him, I scared him off badly he's blocked me on everything, is it bad I've been waiting for this moment to snap and just make his life miserable and make him feel the pain I felt? Am I the asshole?
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2023.03.25 01:20 Odd-Confidence1781 Hathor's ant analogy

This really doesn't have a big point, just me being bored and thinking out loud. I've always known the Gods were powerful, but I never knew how powerful, but that their power is not unlimited. I was communing with Hathor one night, just chatting about my day and I asked her about it.
She said it was like watching ants. Their day goes by so fast, they're so busy and constantly moving. But as you watch them you begin to notice patterns, how they move, how the colony functions. But they're so *tiny,* barely a blip on your radar. You could easily walk right past one and not notice. And it is so incredibly easy to help them. Giving an ant sugarwater would be nothing to us, maybe three minutes of effort, depending on how far you have to walk and what you have to do to mix it. Maybe longer if you don't have sugar on hand. But it would forever change the course of the ant's life.
Over your days, months, and years, you've been watching the ants for their generations and you begin to care for that little mound of dirt immensely. When the rain comes or something accidentally stomps on the pile you freak out and you do your best to do damage control. But you can only save so many. So you do your best to help them with what you have. You wish you could communicate to the majority of the ants to explain to them what happened and what they need to do to make sure it doesn't happen again, but you're a human, and these are ants. So you watch the generations pass as the ants make the same mistakes they always have and you work from the sidelines trying to guide them so nothing bad happens again. But they're so small and fragile and ignorant of the world around them. And there is nothing you can do that will ever save all the ants. And that is tragic to you. But you have two choices, either close your heart to their suffering, or open yourself to them so that you may help as many as you can.
Hathor really loves her ants btw :)
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