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2022.03.31 15:40 iwenttolawschoolonce littlelaw

"For Those Who Couldn’t Care Less About Big Law" - - Aka, for current and former Law School Redditors (who couldn't care less about Big Law, or at least want to crap on Big Law). Ask questions, seek advice, post outlines, etc. But this is NOT a forum for legal advice.

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Do what you want I couldn’t care Rule Must have Kermit

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The place for asking people to read you statistdicks.

2023.03.30 07:01 CuddlyDonkey ISTJ boyfriend - are these common things with this type in relationship?

firstly - I know that MBTI type does not says how other person will be in relationship and you cannot say if other will be compatible or not based on it. But I am fascinated by mbti and I can see common things for INTP in myself.
So I am INTP female and I am probably dating an ISTJ (my guess). He is very calm, practic and he loves organized stuffs. Putting everything into boxes, writing excels on many things, cleaning his kitchen desk eg. Right now it seems to me cute as he does not force me to be that organized, he just do it by himself - and he is okay with that. He is also introverted. I am not sure about his N or S, but as he likes talking and thinking about practical things and not about wierdo "what if" (which I love to) I suppose he is S. He saw things as they are and he does not tend to discuss it.
I am quiet cheerful person. I love talking about my dreams, desires and I also love to listen to my partner to talk about it. But he does not seem that he is interested as he almost never initiate this discussion. But at the end, when we are talking he told me that he really like how we are communicating and he has good feeling from this discussions - I do also, discussions are so calm and I can literally ask anything and he will answer me honestly. But still it makes me wonder if he is even interested - he just doesn't ask. He cares about if I have enough food, comfort, what can he buy to me to feel more like a home in his place, what do I want to like to do, if I get home safely. In sexual way, he makes sure I am satisfied but it does not seem to me he put a desire into it - even though he told me that for him it is okay.
So I am feeling.. very practical in this relationship and when I read about ISTJ it seems to me this is quiet ISTJ's thing. Sometimes I have a feeling that I bore and annoy him with my talkings and cheerful mood - but he does say me it is really not like that and he is happy with me. It is different dynamic than I used to have in relationship.
Do you have similar experience in relationship with ISTJ or this type of dynamic in relationship? What do ISTJ's like? How do they usually show their love to someone?
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2023.03.30 06:58 epicfail48 Advice on cutting torch choice for general fabrication

Using the shop torches at work has gotten rather... painful, owing in part to working with a bunch of monkeys who dont understand that maybe they shouldnt drop-kit acetylene rigs across the shop, or even how to use the tools. Somehow it was decided to run # 4tips on every torch with no other options, despite the fact that 99% of what we cut is 1/2" or less, mostly 1/4". Shockingly, not a lot of clean cuts and we go through bottles way quicker than youd think
So im looking into getting my own personal torch that might stay functional for longer than 3 seconds at a time. Originally i was thinking of having an old Airco torch i have rebuilt, but someone on another forum talked me out of that by letting me know that a supplier local to me participated in Victors trade-in program. Stopped in, talked to the guys there, and narrowed my options down to a ST1000FC for $180 with the trade, or a 315FC body with a cutting head for $120. Ive been leaning towards the ST1000, since id only be using it for cutting and i like the ergonomics of the lever on the underside more, but i cant shake the feeling that the 315fc might be better since i could swap out cutting heads as the job demands, or in the event of damage
Anybody care to break my deadlock here? Bit more background on use, this would be for general fabrication cutting up to bout 1 1/2" thick. Ive got no intention of ever gas welding with this, so thats not a concern. Heating is a possibility, but i can always get nozzle adaptors for the ST1000 to run rosebuds, not really a victory in either direction on that. I dont mind the price difference if it gets me a good tool, but im still new enough to not know what i dont know in order to make up my mind
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2023.03.30 06:58 marimuthu96 The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog

“I, SILVERDENE EMBLEM O'NEILL (familiarly known to my family, friends, and acquaintances as Blemie), because the burden of my years and infirmities is heavy upon me, and I realize the end of my life is near, do hereby bury my last will and testament in the mind of my Master. He will not know it is there until after I am dead. Then, remembering me in his loneliness, he will suddenly know of this testament, and I ask him then to inscribe it as a memorial to me.
I have little in the way of material things to leave. Dogs are wiser than men. They do not set great store upon things. They do not waste their days hoarding property. They do not ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep the objects they have, and to obtain the objects they have not. There is nothing of value I have to bequeath except my love and my faith. These I leave to all those who have loved me, to my Master and Mistress, who I know will mourn me most, to Freeman who has been so good to me, to Cyn and Roy and Willie and Naomi and -- But if I should list all those who have loved me, it would force my Master to write a book. Perhaps it is vain of me to boast when I am so near death, which returns all beasts and vanities to dust, but I have always been an extremely lovable dog.
I ask my Master and Mistress to remember me always, but not to grieve for me too long. In my life I have tried to be a comfort to them in time of sorrow, and a reason for added joy in their happiness. It is painful for me to think that even in death I should cause them pain. Let them remember that while no dog has ever had a happier life (and this I owe to their love and care for me), now that I have grown blind and deaf and lame, and even my sense of smell fails me so that a rabbit could be right under my nose and I might not know, my pride has sunk to a sick, bewildered humiliation. I feel life is taunting me with having over-lingered my welcome. It is time I said good-bye, before I become too sick a burden on myself and on those who love me. It will be sorrow to leave them, but not a sorrow to die.
Dogs do not fear death as men do. We accept it as part of life, not as something alien and terrible which destroys life. What may come after death, who knows? I would like to believe with those of my fellow Dalmatians who are devout Mohammedans, that there is a Paradise where one is always young and full-bladdered; where all the day one dillies and dallies with an amorous multitude of houris, beautifully spotted; where jack rabbits that run fast but not too fast (like the houris) are as the sands of the desert; where each blissful hour is mealtime; where in long evenings there are a million fireplaces with logs forever burning, and one curls oneself up and blinks into the flames and nods and dreams, remembering the old brave days on earth, and the love of one's Master and Mistress. I am afraid this is too much for even such a dog as I am to expect. But peace, at least, is certain. Peace and long rest for weary old heart and head and limbs, and eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well. Perhaps, after all, this is best.
One last request I earnestly make. I have heard my Mistress say, "When Blemie dies we must never have another dog. I love him so much I could never love another one." Now I would ask her, for love of me, to have another. It would be a poor tribute to my memory never to have a dog again. What I would like to feel is that, having once had me in the family, now she cannot live without a dog! I have never had a narrow jealous spirit. I have always held that most dogs are good (and one cat, the black one I have permitted to share the living room rug during the evenings, whose affection I have tolerated in a kindly spirit, and in rare sentimental moods, even reciprocated a trifle).
Some dogs, of course, are better than others. Dalmatians, naturally, as everyone knows, are best. So I suggest a Dalmatian as my successor. He can hardly be as well bred or as well mannered or as distinguished and handsome as I was in my prime. My Master and Mistress must not ask the impossible. But he will do his best, I am sure, and even his inevitable defects will help by comparison to keep my memory green. To him I bequeath my collar and leash and my overcoat and raincoat, made to order in 1929 at Hermes in Paris. He can never wear them with the distinction I did, walking around the Place Vendôme, or later along Park Avenue, all eyes fixed on me in admiration; but again I am sure he will do his utmost not to appear a mere gauche provincial dog. Here on the ranch, he may prove himself quite worthy of comparison, in some respects. He will, I presume, come closer to jack rabbits than I have been able to in recent years. And for all his faults, I hereby wish him the happiness I know will be his in my old home.
One last word of farewell, Dear Master and Mistress. Whenever you visit my grave, say to yourselves with regret but also with happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long happy life with you: "Here lies one who loved us and whom we loved." No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.”
Written by the American playwright Eugene O'Neill to comfort his wife Carlotta as their child lemie was approaching his death in December 1940.
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2023.03.30 06:58 ThrowRA102938475699 My [22M] Girlfriend [20F] has terrible anxiety and vaginismus which has killed our sex life

So my girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year now and I will preface this by saying I love her incredibly much and can see a life with her apart from the issues surrounding our sex life.
So for a bit of background, she struggles heavily with anxiety which definitely takes its toll. She has terrible anxiety induced insomnia which affects her pretty much every night that she has something on the next day (work, college, drinks etc).
She also struggles a lot with self doubt and body image issues (I am always reassuring and complimenting her on her abilities, appearance etc). Gut issues like bloating (potentially also anxiety induced) also don’t help with the body image thing either.
Then there’s the issue of vaginismus (again, probably also anxiety induced). The first few months of us being together there was no issues at all with penetration. She has told me that she have issues with previous partners before me however and had seen a pelvic floor therapist and used dilators to help resolve that, but stopped using them and threw them away a year (as a sort of celebration that she defeated it) before we got together.
Also want to be clear - I have never once pressured her into penetrative sex especially not with the vaginismus. I have always been super clear that it doesn’t worry me and we don’t need penetration to have good sex and at the beginning of symptoms when could still PIV but sometimes would have pain, it was always on her terms and I always asked her to communicate any pain with me so I can stop. I have always been super supportive of her through this and never pressured her or made her feel bad.
Couple other important details: - I definitely have a high libido, hers used to be just medium, wasn’t a problem at all but seems to be low now. - She has never had an orgasm and seems to think she never will. - Her mom was quite sex negative growing up, saying stuff like sex is gross/men are gross etc from teen years onward - potentially to discourage? But I think all it did is harm my GF’s ideas around sex. - Have noticed her mom can be quite dismissive of her dad and not take him seriously with requests or emotions etc. Wonder how this has affected my GF.
Anyways, it’s been probably 6 months since the last time we had penetrative sex (which is fine) and a couple more months longer than that since it was regular. Before vaginismus was an issue we would have sex multiple times a week, go for multiple rounds etc - though our living arrangements at the time allowed for this.
We have both moved back home to our parents houses for the time being (privacy isn’t an issue when at my house, but is at hers so she is usually too anxious of this to do anything at her house) so aren’t seeing each other as often as when were living in apartments with roommates - but we still probably see each other 2-4 times a week under normal circumstances, which you’d think would mean every time we meet at least at my house that we’d have some sort of sexual activity since its infrequent but this isn’t usually the case. Variety of reasons, sometimes it’s lack of sleep, sometimes she feels insecure, sometimes she is irritable and so on.
The real issue is not the lack of PIV sex but the lack of sexual activity in general. Sometimes we go a week or more without really any sexual contact beyond a few kisses and cuddles as my advances for going further get rejected more often than not and she doesn’t really initiate. Average would probably be once per week of some sort of sexual activity usually lasting less than 15min.
She also has never given me blowjob to completion - the few it’s gotten close she has got me or her to finish with hands because she doesn’t want me to finish in her mouth (which is fine, she has a very overactive gag reflex) but problem is usually she’ll give head for about a minute then just ask me to finish myself off while she watches then it’s all finished for the night.
She also doesn’t really let me go down on her very often anymore despite her always enjoying it (at least that’s what she says and how she acts) and knowing how much I love it, and sometimes when I do she’ll just get me to wrap up early to just stop or on occasion to give me one of those BJs despite me being perfectly happy to go forever. Think she can get insecure about me being down there and seeing her body from that angle as well.
I also get a lot of the typical “can we just have one night without any sexual stuff/all you think about is sex” sorta shit which just deflates me, but I feel like she says it as a defence mechanism to deflect from her insecurities or whatever the reason she doesn’t want to may be.
I don’t want to have sex just to get off - I want to have sex because it’s the most intimate time with her and emotionally important to me. I think she must think I’m just a man with testosterone making me horny all the time, which while true, doesn’t mean I should just get over it as I don’t care for finishing more so the actual experience with her. I have resorted to masturbating a 3-5 times a week which just makes me feel lonely and want her.
Occasionally we’ll have a night where it’s really intimate and fun and all my worries go away but this is like once a month max otherwise its the typical rejection or half ass blowjob/3 min of me giving her head. The good nights are still usually max 20-30 min and never second round or anything - we might do 69 (usually not as she gets insecure of me seeing her in that position) or something and thats as adventurous as it gets lol. Have talked about anal or pegging but she just seems indifferent so haven’t really pursued it much.
She hasn’t pursued any sort of treatment for her vaginismus since this has been occurring with us (she mentioned at the start of the year she wanted to get over it, but nothing happened since then) which hurts a lot and makes my stomach churn to think that she obviously cared enough about sex with her FWB’s before me to use dilators and such to fix it. But won’t do it now?
I just feel like I can’t really bring up wanting her to see a pelvic floor therapist and dilating again as it isn’t my place and I don’t want to seem selfish making it about me. And it makes her emotional to think about it and how daunting the road ahead to fixing it is. I guess it’s likely also anxiety and upbringing related and so would want her to see someone (CBT?) for that but don’t know how to approach the subject without coming across as selfish, seem like I’m guilt tripping her or hurting her feelings.
I just feel really undesired and inadequate due to lack of her initiating and all of the rejection/dismissals toward my end and I really really miss what we had pre vaginismus. I really love this woman and love being intimate with her and all other parts of our relationship are great. I am so empathetic and supportive with all the roadblocks (vaginismus, anxiety, body image, insomnia) she has run into on the way but it seems like she gets too overwhelmed by all of them and then doesn’t want to do anything about any of it. Which I completely understand, but I can’t keep going like this. Any advice?
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2023.03.30 06:56 A_person_from_Asia GMT -5, Highschool, Looking for STUDY BUDDY TO KEEP EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE

Its insane yall, I cant get shit done at all and i dont even have ADHD or anything (i think)
I need a study buddy who is willing to text and motivate each other to get our asses working and studying on homework daily. Maybe even voice call/ video call or screen sharing sessions daily I dont even care lets force outselves to actually study!
Dm if interested
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2023.03.30 06:52 MudVoidspark Community Criticism

People with NPD have distorted perceptions of reality, especially as it relates to ourselves. The biggest error I see on NPD is to implicitly (or even worse, explicitly) validate and support the distorted perceptions of people who post here. Especially with anonymity and no accountability from those we interact with IRL, with no consequences for misrepresentations of reality or outright fabrications, and lacking any critical threat to our delusions of grandeur from collisions with an unflattering or conflicting reality, no challenges to our embellishing of our already biased fantastical depictions of ourselves, our lives, our importance, our relationships, our understanding of who we are and the world around us... People with NPD will often go online as a way to retreat, escape, and regain control over their threats to their self-important inflated egos and use the validation of overly sympathetic, uncritical audiences, many of whom are similarly narcissistic commenters who likewise want to bolster their esteem by presenting an image of someone who are nice, considerate, supportive, good people. There appears to be an unspoken contract that I see forming in the supposed community here which is pathologically engaging in emotional collaboration of one another's fantasies. People find it gratifying and validation to play out this role of mutual co-conspirator in each other's buttressing of the other's self-esteem in ways that both parties find gratifying and emotionally rewarding. And in ways that lack scrutiny, discipline, or genuine consideration for the mental well being of others. It's actually far more self-serving and toxic than one might first suspect from the whole feel-good charade that portrays this veneer of compassion, support, understanding, and comraderie. The happy gang of the down-trodden and maligned, but earnest and honestly self-examining themselves, trying to be vulnerable and grow... I really find it becoming more and more a PR performance that avoids vulnerability and authenticity in favor of non-reflective, plastic emotional narcosis and positive re-packaging of a very, very caustic outlook towards ourselves, others, and the world. We are not actually that nice. Pretending to be nice on reddit is just deceptive or reward-seeking faux-magnanimosity.
This emotionally engaged, supportive overly sympathetic, uncritical style of reply is perhaps the most common toxic dynamic I see on NPD and the greatest source of unhealthy contributions, not least of all for being so subtle and charming in its pseudopositivity. But it is, in no uncertain terms, enabling of pathological patterns of thoughts and behaviors. It's how you create an echo chamber of grandiose sympathetic circle jerking where people can escape from painful, uncertain, less flattering realities, and avoids examining or identifying our own weaknesses, flaws, inadequacies, or toxic qualities, or even our abusive patterns of behavior. Supportive Validating replies do not actually help people. If you are replying to posts in order to elicit positive emotional feedback or relieved, grateful reactions which paint you as helpful, emotionally uplifting, or whatever else, you should seriously rethink your motivations for even being here to begin with.
What do you really get out of your time here? Why do you continue to invest your energy into these discussions? Are your goals really in alignment with the best interests of everyone else who posts here or are they perhaps more self-serving than you would care to admit?
I'm of the mind that posters here should be aim to be neutral in representations of conflicts and should avoid posting positive, supportive, sympathetic, posts. In fact, I think the ideal reply should be neutral (in the psychotherapeutic sense), should be inquisitive and exploratory instead of expressions of agreement or declarations of opinion or judgment. Replies should avoid commands, telling people what to do or what they 'should' do, aka proscriptions, but instead be gently challenging and skeptical of any narratives presented without disbelieving or invalidating the words of the people who post here. And this would aplly especially to subjects involving interpersonal conflict and intimate relationships, most obviously if they are black and white depictions of family, friends, coworkers, and of course, romantic partners. Value laden judgments and historical accounts of our past, particularly those from our childhood, should not be given exception or other magical immunity for being 'traumatic' neither.
We ideally should avoid emotional, moral, critical, judgmental, supportive, or comparative evaluation. Instead, seek to guide people to fulfill these roles for themselves and to encourage emotional disclosure and reflection, most notably thru leading by example. Communicate how you feel, don't simply act on it. Contain your emotions, and express them, but don't let them consume you and cause you to judge others and take sides in a conflict which would be better served thru neutrality. Both sides of the conflict likely exist within us just as much as without us.
Personal anecdotes and relating to one another can be helpful, but often end up being self-serving and mutually masturbatory, if not outright self-centered attention seeking, envious attempts to direct focus, praise, and admiration onto the commenter instead of the original poster, and imo function to implicitly assert superiority over the original poster and potentially devaluing the poster.
Questions? Concerns? Criticisms? Lay em out.
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2023.03.30 06:51 ThrowRAhehehehe my (24F) boyfriend (30M) has a severe injury and I have been thinking about leaving him...

my (24F) boyfriend (30M) has a severe injury and I have been thinking about leaving him...
my boyfriend has a chronic disc injury which prevents him from doing almost anything at this point but at the beginning of our relationship, he was able to work, go out, and we could have sex. we get along really well, and we are in tune with almost everything.
but 2 months into the relationship, he was reinjured and it's progressively gotten worse to the point I am his full time carer. I cook, clean, I feed him when he's particularly weak, I support him. don't get me wrong I absolutely love him and care for him so I am happy to help him I'm his time of need but he was told recently that rehab will take around 1.5-2 years. I don't know if I can do this for another 2 yrs. he has become increasingly less patient and angers quickly when he struggles with pain or an incident happens which sets his back pain off. i take the comments he makes to heart (which are usually an insult or two amd him questioning the way I've cared for him).
he runs his business on the side for our income because I can't work due to having to help him dress and undress, go to the toilet etc. throughout the day. we had to move in with his parents in another state to help with the financial burden. he has reassured me that he will make money to support us (since for the last 1.5 yrs it's mainly been me working full time).
for the last month or so I've beginning to think about what life would be life if I was single and could have freedom in what I do. I've thought about moving in with my brothers who I haven't seen in over 6 months and going out with friends. I have even questioned if I even want to get married at all just so I could have complete freedom. i feel extremely guilty just at the thought of it, because I love him and I do want to help him get better. but I am so worn out, I am so tired and have my own health issues I haven't been able to address. I don't know what I would regret more, not living life how I want or leaving the person I care about?
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2023.03.30 06:51 Relevant_Use_6613 Some Character Theories and General Opinions thus far

So these are all just my opinions of some major characters and theories based on what I’ve observed after watching episodes 1-5 twice through and after reading some threads on here.
  1. Simon- the popular opinion seems to be that Simon had something to do with it (i.e. he’s the only one that can see her, he looked scared/startled the first time he sees her, etc.) I disagree. I think that Simon is the only one that can see her because he truly loved her and it was an “unconditional love” type relationship. he basically tells mrs. fields that they’ve known each other longer than anyone else in their lives, they’ve been lifelong friends. People can argue “what about Nicole her other best friend or her mom? Why can’t they see her?” I feel like because of her mother’s alcoholism that relationship has been tainted, sure her mom loves her but because of her disease she hasn’t always been able to provide that unconditional love. Nicole….I’ll get into her in a second. Also, people keep bringing up the fact that he was startled when he first realizes he can see her. I don’t think this is as strange as people keep making it out to be. If I’m in a classroom looking out the window at a group of people looking for my best friend who’s missing(who’s never “gone silent” on me before so i know something’s wrong) and then all the sudden i see my friend seemingly materialize out of thin air i’m gonna be a little shocked too. Also (and maybe just because I believe in stuff like ghosts) i would kind of assume something’s not right and would probably infer she’s appearing as a ghost because otherwise if she was flesh and blood i feel like she would have alerted someone instead of heading straight to the classroom happening to stumble upon her best friend.
2.Xavier- i feel like Xavier is the obvious “go to” suspect for the first few episodes. By the end of episode 5 however, i don’t think he has anything to do with her death other than the cheating text like he said. The comment to Claire about “I’m worried about them finding her body” is troubling but I’m half convinced, that like another user suggested he just meant then he would be forced to come to the terms that something did in fact happen to Maddie.
3.Mr Anderson/Claire- these two definitely have something to do with all of this. We’ve seen that they’ve worked together on this bogus school uniform business and i feel like it (the money) absolutely has something to do with Maddie’s murder. But at the same time the show is throwing their suspicious behavior in our faces and making it almost overly obvious that these two have some hand in it so I’m not sure that either one was the one who “pulled the trigger” so to speak. Rewatching his first few scenes i truly did not get pervert vibes (when he offered her his number to talk or picking her up from the car accident)he seems like he’s genuinely trying to be a father figure to her but something (probably involving the money) happened between then and her murder because he is definitely hiding something.
4.Nicole- this one is tricky. At first glance i thought she was just one of her best friends, so obviously she cares a lot, and she’s just stuck in denial about her friend being gone. But after rewatching the first 5 episodes there’s definitely something off about her. I agree with what some other users on here are saying. I think nicole had something to do with impersonating Maddie to get the money from mr. Anderson for her to go to college. It would explain why Maddie can’t remember anything about the money. Also nicole is still stupidly optimistic about her friend being alive even after they get the results of the blood tests back proving it’s Maddie’s blood. possibly suggesting that she knows what happened but because they don’t find a body she assumes Maddie is still alive and “made it out safe”. Also torn about the scene where she’s putting the empty totes in her trunk. It’s either because there’s something suspicious in there or she’s creeped out about being watched because they had all just received the video. Her having something to do with maddie’s murder might also prove my theory about why Simon can see her but nicole can’t. If she hurt Maddie that would not be an “unconditional love.” And her “i’d like to think we can be forgiven for anything as long as our heart’s in the right place” is a very strange and specific word choice, and the fact that she “found” the ticket in the woods after going off by herself bothers me. I don't have all the details worked out yet, but out of all the suspects, she's pulling to the forefront for me.
5.I don't think her mom or Xavier's dad had anything to do with it but i could be wrong. i think her mom came to the school just to try to reconcile after her and Maddie had a fight about something and they never got the chance to. the only thing that bothers me about Xavier's dad is the photo they show Simon with the ticket without the boot print on it showing obvious tampering. Its almost like he can't be guilty because he thinks his son did it and is trying to cover up for him.
 *very intrigued by the mrs. fields theories. I agree that she's just in the picture enough for us to remember that she's there for some reason but she hasn't contributed much other than a shady line or two. 
  1. I think that a lot of the theories on here about her still being alive are wrong. I think she is in fact dead. She wouldn't keep returning to the boiler room after she "jumped the fence" if she was in a coma or possessed. I know we all want to believe that somehow she'll find her way back but sometimes the "good guy" just doesn't win. I think part of her character development will be learning to accept this because she has stated several times that she "wasn't ready to die". Now knowing that there are going to be 2 seasons, i think that we will find her body at the end of season 1 and season 2 we will slowly learn about what happened to her and at the end of season 2 find out who killed her.
  2. As for the other ghosts i have my own theories and questions about them check out my other post ''new theory about mr.. martin and observations on other ghosts''
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2023.03.30 06:47 j2thaDizme123 My earth..is spelled with a D

you may not think we are compatible anymore. but hear me out.
Im getting a slow start since Ive been back and i truly feel like time is of the essence..but we both know Ive always been that way.
Number one. i love the fuck out of you. i always have i always will.
cliche but its always been you and will be until i die.
i may not have all the shit that you dream of. but i will work my ass off to get it.

but i need your help.

we are both excellent adapters. in different ways.
i can adapt to what you need while still being my independent self.
im not talking co dependency im talking the way we did. that worked.
i know you like status, i respect your views and real life approach on structure.
and as much as it sound like codependency..it is not.

i am like an airplaine that needs a propeller.
thats you!

sure you can turn the prop vertical and be your own aircraft(helicopter)..
i can be a glider that does all these cool twists and turns with idealism and creativity.
you can fly around at lower meticulous speeds, making your goals come to life,
helping ppl on the way. (something we both enjoy is helping ppl) and landing more often. but
when you are the prop we go places. you propel any and every dream we can fathom to reality and
boy can i drum them up. its not codependency its upgrading. its catalyzing. its puzzle pieces that fit and always have.
sure you can go find a man thats a jet. but will you be the forefront like a propeller? will you be the drive? the guidance device? the thing that takes every flighty glidy vision this guy can fathom and discern whats realistic and help make whats feasible come to fruition? in a jet mans hands would you just be an accessory? would your thoughts, words, needs, spirit, emotions be heard?
would you be protected like life it self is in the balance should you not be maintained and functioning properly?
would you be dismissed? put on a pretty little shelf? or would you be tended to?
would that little whining noise or grumble be looked away from? or would it be inspected carefully until the root of the issue is solved?
would you be the prop? or would you just be a passenger?

i know you want structure..and honestly i crave it. we both want to give back to the world.
my ideals and your carefully planned progression DO FIT. i wish i had a fucking arm full of cash to relieve your fears and to rid the issue there. as it is an issue.
ive never felt loved by or loved anyone like you
not even close.

i know that just giving it all away isnt rational.. but we can help others by
allocating percentages as we increased,.we both believe in self improvement and the improvement
of our atmosphere. our ideas(when we were a team) made that shit happen like clockwork. youre a magical thinker. its fucking mind blowing. not to mention you are the most beautiful woman ive ever seen.


financial;, structural, i know these differences scare you.
i fear that the addition of social status has poisoned it as well. and if thats the case. you wouldnt be the woman i
thought i knew anyway. pride is one thing..superficiality another.
my biggest turn off. but wtf am i talking about? this is you.
i know you. fear alleviated. isnt it?(insert laughing emoji with nervous sweat drop) lol.

i like your serious side. we are opposite ends on that as im one that
more shit to heart and less logically serious. and that's odd.
but also complementary. kind of a social role reversal per stereotypes. but its true.
and i dont feel inferior or insecure about that. you compliment me. AS I ALSO DO YOU.
our mutual desires are not impossible to obtain. on paper you would think the idiosyncrasies would make it difficult per our personality types but weve proven..thats not the case.

you are one of the most intelligent people ive ever met.
you are an elite thinker. also a free thinker. and old soul, and a kindred spirit.

bottom line. our cognitive approaches are totally and absolutely distinctly opposite.
BUT THEY ARE EXTREMELY POTENT. when allied and used in sync.
that is another reason i appreciate you so much. (amongst the two things that i wont mention here)
and amongst many many other great things.

your recollection,pragmatism, and orientation to the details and necessities,
combine with your own creativity.. allied with my concepts, ideas, and thoughts... has, and does make us
an amazing collaboration. and the ingredients for a true power couple are there.

I need to regain your trust. I also need you to start taking me seriously...like fr.
if you cant take me seriously. its DOA. ive always taken you seriousley. even during the rare few times
i too, absolutely shouldn't have. i trust you . i know ive killed your trust in me. that hurts like hell.
i fear ill never get it back.

you are so beautifully meticulousness, it is sexy. all of you is sexy.

our reason, rhyme, and interaction,...its what made us..us.
without it there's nothing. if we cant TEAR DOWN THE WALLS THERE IS NOTHING
the genuine interaction in to each other is what made us so fucking awesome and effective.

if we are genuine and both take each other seriously. im telling you there is no height we cant climb and n
no issue we cant figure out. <<<(quadruple negative? that equals a double positive?)
you are what i need. God willing i pray your heart still feels and knows...
i am what you need also.

i love you 00kissy face. youre my glue too. you are the esoteric glue that holds the fabric of love live order and
growth. you are the catalyst. you are the earth. my earth. I love you girl. i love you on every level. every dimension. every plain. i hope my vibes reach you. as i know you will not see the letter. pookiebutt and kissy face. brings movement to my soul. water to my eyes. longing to my heart my love. ive missed you.
if i dont get to have you i guess i will have to hope for another lifetime. something i never thought i would ever say.
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2023.03.30 06:47 critical_courtney [A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Two (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

[A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Two (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

Book One
Previous Chapter
Chapter Two:
The announcement sounded like always, “Announcing Queen Varella, ruler of the Raven Court at Featherstone, she who soars high above and wields the dark wind. And her pet, the Wolf of Featherstone.”
After my inner girl helped defend the palace against an invasion from the lake, our title received a promotion.
Hushed whispers became the norm for me after I arrived in court. The nobles never seemed to tire of looking at the queen’s pet werewolf. Covered from head to tail in walnut-colored fur, weighing close to 200 pounds, and carrying a jaw of teeth strong enough to pull apart iron bars, I was the perfect beast for the bird lady to tut around and keep others in line.
When the queen sat at her emerald-encrusted throne carved from stone and covered in cawing ravens, I joined her. Some days she wanted me closer and others further. But I was always in the chair with her.
The damn thing was big enough to hold three people. But the Raven Queen and her werewolf filled it comfortably. This particular morning the queen lightly tapped her left leg with two fingers, a movement I’d been careful to watch for over the last few months.
That meant she wanted my paws and head strewn across her lap. So I obliged. Because she was my pack leader, and my devotion to her was absolute. Though that certainly wasn’t the case when I first arrived after finding the inner girl had willingly ensnared herself in the queen’s service.
I tried my best facing off against the Raven Queen in the forest not far from here. To her credit, she gave me a fair shot. I just wasn’t nearly fast or strong enough to put her down. The feeling of being flipped over and slammed into the dirt hard enough to rattle trees around me was something I had trouble forgetting.
Looking out at the gathered nobles, faeries of the Raven Court who had assembled to speak before the queen or witness those who were, I saw more apprehension than normal. A goblin covered in blue flesh and wearing the fanciest rainbow suit I’d ever seen was sweating up a storm. A pair of mated centaurs were shuffling in place, hoves lightly clopping on the stone floor, cotton dresses swaying gently with their movements. On the opposite wall, a girl with the wings of a butterfly twiddled her thumbs, something that, until now, I’d assumed was just what my inner girl called an “expression.”
Random nobles cleared their throats, coughed a little, and wiped their foreheads, waiting for the queen to speak.
My pack leader remained silent, observing her people, trying to figure out what had them all so jittery. Or maybe she already knew. Yeah, that made more sense by her expression, a calm and gradual glance around the room. Her mouth gave away neither a smile nor a frown. Varella’s eyes retained their frosty gare, violet irises that told those who saw them nothing more than the Raven Queen was thinking about something. No other secrets did they betray.
After ruling this court for centuries, the dark monarch of Faerie learned to keep a tight grip on everything going on inside her thoughts and feelings. And on the off chance something slipped through, I was here to steal attention from the witnesses so they’d miss whatever nugget the queen might’ve dropped.
“Let the queen’s business commence,” she said at once and without warning. “I believe we have a long list of petitioners this day. No sense in dallying. Whoever is first to address me, step forth.”
The hushed whispers came to a stop as soon as she’d gotten a single word out. All eyes were turned toward the space in front of the throne. More cawing from the ravens on the back of this giant chair filled the chamber as we waited for the first person to take their place before the queen.
“I will approach the throne to start today’s business if it pleases you, my queen,” an individual called from the tightest cluster of nobles. They stood near the large brass doors at the entrance of the throne room. And I watched them clear out as quickly as their legs would carry them when this faerie spoke.
My pack leader motioned with two fingers for the speaker to come closer.
Approaching the throne with a cautious demeanor, hands folded together as though one might run away if not held tight, an androgynous individual stopped about 15 feet before the queen. I raised my head to get a better look at the faerie that smelled of lemongrass and peppermint.
Their orange hair was pulled back into a braid that swiveled back and forth on their approach. Brown eyes that couldn’t help but find their way down to me once in a while watched the queen for any sign of immediate displeasure. This individual’s movements were all carefully measured, as if every toe that made contact with the ground only did so after two days of nonstop planning.
It went beyond the otherworldly grace that typically accompanied faeries who danced along the shores of eternity as though it were as natural a thing as breathing or blinking.
This elf was tall and willowy, dressed in a well-tailored black vest covered in silver star designs. A short-sleeved white button-down shirt was tucked into his dark trousers, which were also decorated with silver stars and even bigger constellations.
“Who addresses me?” the queen asked, her tone warming a little bit.
They took a moment to gather their breath before speaking. Another quaint calculation on their part, eyes circling back around to me for just a moment.
“My name is Dareth Ickmunt. I bring you a petition from the Court of Stars, your grace,” they said, bowing their head.
A smile danced on the corner of Varella’s lips, and I looked from her back over to Dareth. He did not speak another word until the queen had time to consider his identity.
“Ickmunt. . . surname of the Star Court King. It’s been some time since I’ve spoken with King Falmouth Ickmunt. Of course, everyone knows he has no living sons. But I’ve heard he keeps a nephew close at hand, even granted him the title of prince. So tell me Prince Dareth, why do you visit my court without an official announcement? Foreign royalty doesn’t typically approach my throne among the nobles during court.”
Dareth paused and considered their next words. They made no effort to hide their identity. Now that I got a better look at the prince, I saw a blue crescent moon tattooed on their neck, along with more stars marking their terra-cotta flesh. It was intricate inkwork and truly set them apart from even the nobles.
“Forgive me, your grace. I did not mean to deceive you. Nor have I come to your court sans announcement for the purpose of spycraft or war. I only wear the title of ‘prince’ to placate my uncle. He is anxious about succession, you see. But I’ve considered myself royalty, despite his decree,” they said.
Varella clicked her tongue.
“So you come to my court without use of a title for the sake of humility?” my pack leader asked.
“It is as you say, your grace. I am not one for putting on airs. I find they needlessly devour my time,” the prince said.
They seemed to have found their noble legs, speaking a little more forcefully now, not with any aggression, just more surety. The elf may not want a title, but I saw nobility within their inflection now. It was their eyes, those locked with the pupils of my pack leader. Each knew who they were dealing with now. No games. Just the queen’s business.
My ears twitched as I heard the nobles whispering amongst themselves once more.
“The Court of Stars? Why would their prince travel this far south?”
“I’m not sure I like the sound of this unannounced royalty.”
“Why come here to our court if not to bring trouble? I don’t like their timing or tidings.”
They continued to speak in hushed voices, but I tuned out and focussed once more on Dareth as the queen raised an eyebrow.
“You speak of your time as though you have any. Our kind does not wear bondage brought on by the strands of time as mortals do. So it’s a curious thing to hear you speak of it in such a way,” she said.
With their eyes sharpened, the prince said, “You and I may have a ladle that can be dipped into the well of ages without limit, but my court faces the end of its days. This is why I come here to petition you, your grace.”
Her amusement was gone. My pack leader’s stare had grown cold again. I had only run in this world for years, but these were Faerie courts being spoken of now. Centuries of time wound up in each through peace and conflict. It was simply beyond the mind of me or my inner girl. Such was the comprehension of mortals and beasts.
“The Court of Stars is in danger of collapse?” the queen asked.
The prince nodded.
“My home of 90 years faces invasion if not utter annihilation from the Fist of Kairn, an alliance of courts who’ve expanded their military presence in neighboring territories far to the north. My uncle remains convinced our pacifism will keep us safe, and that the stain of dishonor that would come from taking a peaceful court will be enough deterrence. But I remain unconvinced.”
It wasn’t just whispering now from the nobles. A few of them were starting to speak at full volume.
“I knew it! They’ve come here to drag us into war.”
“Surely they can’t expect us to protect them from so far away. That’s absurd.”
“I say we ransom the prince off to the First of Kairn here and now. Then we avoid war and bring in a little coin.”
That last suggestion elicited a growl from yours truly. It was enough that the court came to a pause. When a wolf growls, the grotto takes notice. When a werewolf growls, the entire forest takes notice.
But my pack leader was not looking around the room to survey expressions from her people. She remained hyperfocused on the prince who’d traveled so far to be here, chased by the threat of war.
“Your uncle is an optimistic king. I will not speak ill of him, but his decision and confidence in honor seem precarious. So tell me, Prince Dareth, what exactly have you traveled all this way to ask me? What request was important enough that it had to be delivered in person and could not risk being sent via crow messenger?”
Another deep breath from Dareth before he spoke.
At the throne’s top, each raven perched silently, almost as if they were made of stone like the chair we sat in.
“You spent some years growing up in the Court of Stars, your grace. We still have a large painting of you and your brother when you were just a girl, studying constellations and the movement of celestial bodies with my mother and uncle. I’ve come here to ask that if war were to swallow my home, you be prepared to receive fleeing refugees.”
Varella considered this, crossing her legs and placing both of her hands on top of my head, which found itself in her lap once more.
“You’re not asking me to intervene militarily but to be ready to welcome evacuees should the Fist of Kairn bring destruction to your doorstep?” my pack leader clarified.
“My uncle has forbidden requests for defensive aid, citing our court’s laws. Pacificism means that not only do we avoid fighting, but our court refuses to allow others to fight for us. So I’ve come here to seek the next best thing. I made similar requests to the Yellow Court and Worm Court, but they turned me down almost immediately,” Dareth said.
I picked up the sound of footsteps as a noble stepped into view behind Dareth. He was a sturdy man wearing a red robe with gold trim. It covered most of his alabaster skin. The fae’s black hair was cut short, and his yellow eyes washed over the prince from behind.
“My queen, you cannot grant the prince’s petition. The Raven Court would risk further ire from the Star Court’s enemies if we welcomed survivors of a hypothetical calamity. Our resources are—”
The Raven Queen cut him off.
“I’m well aware of our resources, Lord Kitac. I do sit this throne and manage this court each week, do I not? So why would you presume to tell me things I already know? Or would accuse your ruler of being ignorant of her queendom’s assets?”
I didn’t give Lord Kitac time to respond, rising to my feet and leaping down from the throne to the stone floor. My large paws passed over gemstones in the landing beneath me. I strode past Dareth, not paying him a lick of attention. My fur came within inches of their legs.
My haunches popped as I assumed my full height and might, gradually approaching the lord who spoke out of turn.
Even though the other nobles were nowhere near my path, they backed up against the wall as I passed. Their heartbeats were growing faster. And why? They’d seen this play out before with Lord Harroldsen. They watched as I tore his throat open in an instant.
But not here. I took my time approaching this lord so he could stew in the juices of this particular error.
Lord Kitac was a man of average height, but I watched him start to shrink before my very eyes upon my approach. He made no move to run, and it was just as well. Outrunning a werewolf was not a common feat.
A deep, echoing growl resonated across the throne room. I watched as his face sank with each second that noise rattled in his ears. The confidence he so boldly spoke with just seconds ago had taken a sudden leap into a bottomless chasm. And I suspected he now wished his body could do the same.
I had a job to do here. My pack leader is a terrifying monarch. But she doesn’t have to put her power on display every time she sits the throne. If a ruler had to show their true power very often, they wouldn’t have a court to manage for long. That’s where I came in. Because a wolf can be terrifying each time you see one.
And a werewolf? Well, folks didn’t even need to see us to be afraid. A lone growl echoing from the dark is enough to make most folks turn tail and run, especially when they so effortlessly felt the rumble penetrating deep into their core.
I could be the threat and power flexed every day without a single noble questioning the strength of my queen. That’s why I’m here. I am her beast. The queen has her talons, her beak, her dark wind, and through me, she has claws and jaws that could fell any number of enemies.
Flashing fangs, I padded another step closer to Lord Kitac, and any surety he had left dove into the same chasm that he wanted to hide in at this very moment.
The noble fell to his knees and folded his hands.
“Mercy, please, your grace. I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me. Of course you know the resources of this court. You surely do,” the man said, nodding as if to convince himself.
Before I could step closer, my pack leader called for me.
“That’s enough, my pet. Lord Kitac knows he fucked up. Come back to me,” she said.
I locked eyes with the sweating fae noble for what felt like several minutes before turning to leave. He fell to his ass catching his breath and then slowly stood, trying to gravitate to a section of the wall where everyone would forget he existed.
As I climbed back onto the throne, the Raven Queen stroked my neck and said, “Good girl. Such a fearsome beast you are.”
I let my tongue hang out for a moment before locking eyes with Dareth and resuming a more vigilant pose.
My pack leader stood and addressed not just the prince but her gathered nobles now.
“You who call the Raven Court home, I do not blindly ignore your fears and worries. Whispers of war to the north have grown louder these last few weeks. And now that we have a physical reminder of that conflict before our eyes, I understand why it makes you uneasy,” she said.
Dareth said not a word. He stood listening to my pack leader with a calm demeanor that did not once lead me to believe he felt ignored by the queen’s change of attention.
“This court has seen war. We’ve seen death. But I will remind you that in my centuries on this throne, not once have I dragged our people into battle unjustly. Aggressors have tried their hand at conquering us, and enemies have stood at the gates of Perth before! Some of you were here to witness that. And what did I do?”
The hypothetical question was accompanied only by ravens above me, summoning their chorus of caws again.
Nobody answered the queen.
“I soared over those gates and struck down our enemies with a feathered blade in each hand. Time and time again, I have rallied our talons and feathers to drive the enemy back. You know me. I do not pick fights with other courts, and I do not loan our military to be a strength for others unless required to do so by established treaties. Do you not recall mere months ago when I avoided embroiling us in a war between the Yellow Court and Worm Court? Have you all forsaken belief in my wisdom so easily?”
Now some nobles did answer her.
“We believe in you, our queen!”
“You’ve not failed us one single day on that throne.”
My pack leader nodded to her nobles. The energy in the room had completely changed. She’d whipped up their confidence into a fervor, all with a few words. I rose from the throne and stood at her side, my shoulders in line with her hips.
“You trusted me then. I call upon you to also believe in me now. I will not summon the ire and war of northern kingdoms to these lands. The Raven Court will remain safe and prosperous as it has for many years. So I ask you all, here and now, do you trust your queen?”
And with a thunderous echo, each lord and lady present hollered in affirmation.
“Armed with your confidence, I will continue to protect our lands. I appreciate you all,” my pack leader said.
Turning toward the prince as the nobles talked excitedly amongst themselves, the Raven Queen had softer words.
“Prince Dareth, I invite you to stay here at Featherstone tonight as my guest. If you accept my invitation, then we’ll discuss your request for prepared aid in the morning.”
The fae prince bowed.
“I appreciate your hospitality and am happy to accept, your grace.”
My pack leader awarded him a brief nod and then resumed her seat on the throne, calling me to her once more.
“Come now, my pet. We still have much of the queen’s business to attend.”
And that’s exactly what we did. Somehow, the throne room moved on from its display of Raven Court patriotism and continued with more petitions. None were as exciting as what we’d heard from the Court of Stars, though.
The very long day concluded with a shopkeep asking the queen for a 12-month moratorium on tax duties so she could expand her tailoring business from Perth into the neighboring village of Sanc Red. Once the queen granted her this, she dismissed the nobles. Within minutes, the throne room was empty and quiet as it hadn’t been since before sunrise.
I stood with the queen and stretched, wagging tail and rear rising while my front paws carried forward as far as they could. A yawn forced my jaws open wide for its escape.
Varella chuckled and ran her fingers under my chin.
“You did well today, my pet. Fierce and frightening as always you are at my side. My bargain continues to be fruitful. Are you ready to call it a day? Shall I summon your inner girl again?”
I nosed her arm, and the queen smiled.
Then she placed a hand over my head and called forth to the magic she kept within my wolfheart. It echoed within my core, responding to her will, reshaping me into the human girl that struck the bargain in the first place.
“Retreat, my wolf. Sierra Chelsi, I call you forth.”
A familiar smoke rose from the stone floor, engulfing my entire body so the transformational magic could take place.
My instincts sank into an inner slumber to be called upon whenever the queen saw fit in the future.
I stood on two legs once more and stretched. The smoke around me thinned, vanishing as the queen removed her feathered cloak, wrapping me in it as she often did when I appeared naked after each transformation.
“Fun day at court, my queen?” I asked, yawning.
My stomach grumbled, and I felt a familiar light-headedness that came when assuming a human form again.
“You certainly ensured so, my little wolf. I believe I promised you dinner and some answers about Bliss. Shall we head to your room to get dressed for an evening meal?”
“I’d like that very much, mistress,” I said, smiling.
Finally! I can have her all to myself, I thought.
My mistress ran her nails through my hair, which, as usual, left me frozen in a dizzied state while I absorbed every moment of her touch, head slumped to the right against her breasts.
“We’ll go when you’re ready,” she taunted.
I couldn’t budge, and she knew exactly why.
Maybe dinner wouldn’t happen after all.
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2023.03.30 06:46 Potential-Winner7587 Sleep apnea episodes only a few times a month?

I have been having these unexplained "episodes" ever since I got covid in back in June. When it happens I will wake up feeling like I wasn't breathing or getting shot of adrenaline that wakes me up multiple times while I am drifting off to sleep, or even waking up multiple times a night for no reason or to urinate . I also started to experience daytime sleepiness, brain fog, headaches on nights that followed these sleep disturbances. But it wasn't every night only maybe on average a few times a month.
It really started to take a toll on me mentally because I was concerned and couldn't find a rhyme or reason to why I kept having these episodes, it didnt seem to matter if I slept on my back side or stomach.
Then I found out about sleep apnea and was curious because a lot of my issues with sleep aligned with what other people experienced here.
So I brought a Sp02 tracker and I have been using it for the 10 nights consistently.
The first night I had an awful time sleeping and knew I was experiencing the episodes. So I was not surprised when I downloaded my data to find that it recorded this.
Duration: 5h 18m
Drops <4% 50 total
Drops per hour 10.2
Oxygen level <=94 duration 6min
Lowest saturation 84
I felt awful all day, reminiscent of how I have felt before when I have slept badly in the past when I had slept similarly .
However ever since that that first night where it recorded that mild presentation of sleep apnea. I have only had 2-4 drops on average for the rest of the week, although the lowest recorded level was still pretty low in the mid 80s it was only for 15 seconds or less. I am still spending a portion of my sleep between 90-95% oxygen as well. I also keep waking up multiple times a night.
Now I am confused because why am I only experiencing sleep apnea a few times a month and the rest of the time I am technically clinically "fine" and wouldnt qualify for a diagnosis since you need to have at least 5 drops or more to be considered mild?
Does anyone have any insight?
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2023.03.30 06:45 725KL Far right "Christians" in America are single handedly making me lose whatever faith I once had.

It seems to get worse everyday. The delusion I have read on social media is insane. How trans people are now all of a sudden a danger to Christians. The hate is unbelievable. I see so much hate and I just think how Jesus would never have wanted that. How people just want to be accepted and the second anyone remotely different steps within a mile of them, it becomes a major issue. How these people can't look in the mirror just once.
Everyday it feels less and less likely that there is a God. Twitter is a dump with these "Christians." Who will gladly discriminate because they don't agree or support different people. How all of a sudden it's an issue that people are dying, because apparently a super small number of trans people are killers. But sure, ignore all the other non trans killers.
And what really confuses me, is that these people can go into whatever heaven there is like nothing happened. Some of these people probably spent more time hating and discriminating against people than actually caring for people. Some of these people could abuse their child for coming out, but nope it doesn't matter. I'm not saying people can't change but I guarantee some do not change and just hate.
This world is lost, I don't even know anymore.
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2023.03.30 06:44 Dr_Pepper_spray "Hey, who wants some Drama? Or Fuck Merari01?"

So I'm fairly good and banned from comics. How? Why? - Shut your face! -----I'll tell you.

But first!
Recently my wife and I added a new addition to the family, a baby boy by the name of Harlan. He's a cute little guy, but he's hungry like a vampire and still trying to work out this whole sleep thing. He also spits up a lot and takes forever to put down. It's a lot of work for his mother and me given that we also have another three year old running about who's jealous of any time given to the baby and also waging his own personal war against sleep. This is a long and personal way of saying I'm not getting a lot of time to draw lately. In fact I have to sneak away quietly during the late hours, when everyone else is asleep to draw - like I'm doing something I shouldn't. I can comment though! -- But wait a minute, you don't fucking care about this!

It happened here: https://www.reddit.com/comics/comments/125k8ly/komik_oc/
I didn't originally say anything mean to the mod Merari01. A commenter replied to him attaching a screen shot of something Merari01 had said ...ehh somewhere..at some point in time. In this screen shot Merari01 was groveling to someone, maybe another mod, saying that reddit was "all I have" and "I can't bare to lose it", and "please don't take it away"... Something to that effect. I wish I'd taken a screen shot of that screen shot but I didn't think it was important to. I thought it was so absurd and petty that it was kinda funny. Someone trying to get a mod's goat. It of course, like anything remotely salty on comics, was deleted. I get it, it wasn't sanitized and appropriately rated for pearl-clutchers. So me being me, I just got to mouthed off, because that's all I currently do now - I respond: "the funniest comment was removed" thinking whatever, this too would get removed by a sore mod or the mod, being a very secure person, would just leave it there because --- who fucking cares. Dr_pepper_spray is just being a jerk again. Whoopdie-shit.

Oh how I was wrong. I was immediately perma-banned from the subreddit without appeal, or whatever the official notification was. Holy shit! Someone was thin skinned! I look at the mod name. Merari01? I don't know who that is.
That response was so heavy-handed that I was immediately pissed "Well Fuck comics!" However, despite my distaste with a lot of it, comics still gives me something to do while I'm on the toilet. So I reply with an appeal (I don't remember what I asked exactly) and another moderator lets me know that the permanent ban by Merari01 was an over-reach. It would be pulled back, but that I should just be careful in the future.
Got it. Mod No Like Teasing. Ice is thin. I'll keep my mouthing-off to a minimum this night. Bygones are surely left to be Bygones.

..........However, later that night ....Merari01 contacts me demanding (Dan Carlin Voice):
"I want an apology from you for openly expressing that you think abelist bullying and relentless harassment is funny. That you think its so very funny that I get harassed on a message where I attempt to do something fun with the community. I want this apology to be sincere."

This immediately sets me into "Kiss my ass" mode. Any chance for sincerity flew out the window when Merari01 The Office Clown started demanding I do things, especially concerning my fairly innocuous comment. The whole thing about abelist bullying and harassment just struck me as someone who was trying to play a victim for sympathy points. So now I'm curious. Who the hell is Merari01 and why was this all a big deal to him? Well, I found this https://www.reddit.com/N8theGr8/comments/x0piec/this_is_un8thegr8_im_back_to_explain_why_i/
Fine! it's a bunch of mod-drama, but it started to enlighten me a bit on this guy's nature and why he was so aggrieved.

Then the other mods chimed in. To save you time, the back and forth boils down to "He's a good guy" "Just look at what he posts and how decorated with reddit crap he has - he's super vetted, you should apologize." My response is, no I think he's got tyrannical tendencies and there is a history there. Also, in regard to his character, I post nice things sometimes too but I'm a fucking Jerk. Why can't this goofball be an officious shithead? It's obvious he's got thinner skin than the CCP. Bah! But hey, I get it. He's their buddy and they're sticking up for their buddy.
Negotiations halted and I am very banned. Personally I couldn't be happier with the result. I would however like to keep making comics, I just wish there was a better place to put them besides PizzaCakeComic SHIT! I mean comics. --------My Mouth!
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2023.03.30 06:43 Kimba93 Are the people who talk about "No one cares about men" and "We need to talk more about men's mental health" really serious about it, or are they virtue-signaling?

Until recently, I thought that male loneliness and men's mental health was a serious issue. I came to the idea because of the statistics about male suicide and alcohol- and drug-related deaths of men, because of the "Man up" and "Boys don't cry" stigma, and because it's an always returning meme in social media that someone says "No one cares about men" and it gets massive amount of attention like this video with a million views and everyone says "Yes, it's true" (not to forget the stories of Norah Vincent or trans men who say the experienced emotional starvation after transitioning).
But I think I was dead wrong. Right now I lean to the belief that men don't really suffer from a loneliness and mental health crisis, saying this is just virtue-signaling. The reasons for this is that I analyzed the whole issue and saw my own experiences when tried to talk about the issue. Before I go any further, I want to say:
So yeah, I don't think we have a massive amount of loneliness and undiagnosed depression among men that explains all the male surplus in suicides and alcohol- and drug-related deaths (and just as a sidenote, the mass shootings in the U.S. are a gun problem. Mental health issues are not higher in the U.S. than other countries, but Americans have more guns and a terrible gun culture).
What about all the "Men are not allowed to show weakness" narrative? This is probably the biggest lie in the whole debate. It's very easy to see that men are alowed to show weakness. The only "rule" is that you have to find the right group. People who are your enemies might make fun of you if show vulnerability, yes, but your friends or peers will usually not. In the political sphere, you can see how Jordan Peterson's crying marathon was not punished by conservatives, the same way a leftist man who shows vulnerability won't be punished by leftists, and the same is true in all other real-life spheres. The notion that a man who expresses sadness or vulnerability to his peers (whether they're men or women) will get immediately ridiculed is incredibly outlandish. The men who say otherwise are talking about a self-imposed rule that they externalize instead of acknowledging that it comes from themselves. It's the same with women who say that beauty standards are oppressive to women. The reality is that this is a self-imposed thing, literally no one cares if a woman wears make-up or not. Women are not oppressed by beauty standards, and men are not oppressed by "not showing weakness" standards. Every man can easily find people who he can talk about his vulnerabilities (and cry if necessary) without being ridiculed. This leads to my conclusion: Telling men to talk more about their feelings is unnecessary. Not because "Men are different than women, we don't need to talk", no, it's because (1) I don't think men's mental health issues cause the higher rates in male suicides, drug- and alcohol-related deaths and mass shootings, and because (2) men can already talk about their feelings despite all the myths saying otherwise, so if they don't do it, they probably don't want it. There's no one holding them back, no stigma, no oppression, nothing. I never was someone who said therapy is a wonder solution (there's many legitimate critics to be made about therapy). However, I thought it should be destigmatized and offered more. Now I don't think that we should offer it more. It has nothing to do with "Therapy is feminized" or "Therapy has worse outcomes for men" (there's no evidence for that), it's just that it's clear that many men just don't want to go to therapy, and if you don't believe in therapy, going to therapy won't help you.
Many things said in social media are just virtue-signaling. The "No one cares about men" "We need to talk more about men's mental health" is probably just a part of it. It sounds good, but it's not really a thing (you can also see how many men who complain about not getting compliments actually mean they don't get sexual compliments from beautiful women). And at the end of the day, men talking less about their feelings might not even be true. I'm reminded about how in a mensrights post, someone commented how talking about a problem doesn't help him, men need solutions, etc., the usual men-don't-need-therapy-rant. One commenter answered:
100%. What good does talking about something do? I want solutions. I don't want to waste time talking about my problems. How does that help anyone?
I immediately saw the irony and responded:
Literally this whole sub is talking about problems without offering solutions.
He answered:
Yeah but this is free. If I'm paying for therapy, they damn well better be offering some solutions
Men might not show vulnerability, but they do vent all the time. What is this other than talking about their feelings? Complaining about feminism attacking men ("patriarchy", "toxic masculinity"), women having too high dating standards, etc. might be just a "male" form of therapy. No one is offering solutions, they are just endlessly talking about their feelings. It was right in front of our eyes all the time.
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2023.03.30 06:39 paulythegreaser Is anyone else frustrated by the new Spring into Spring Event?

Besides the release of Cutiefly and Ribombee, and the 1/2 egg hatch distance. the event includes...
- new costume for Pikachu and Eevee, including evolutions for all
- 8 featured wild spawns with two rare wild spawns, 5 in total having costumes
- One star raids including wild spawns, 3 star raids including Exeggutors, and 5 star repeat of Lugia with Mega Raid repeat of Lopunny
- Field research tasks rewarding wild spawns only with costumes
...and that's it.
Other than the 1/2 egg hatch distance and the two new Pokémon I must say this looks to be one of the most disappointing, boring, and barren events in a long time. There is absolutely no reason with over 700 Pokemon available in the game and a ridiculous amount of costumed Pokémon to try and collect that every event shouldn't be flush with encounters, tasks, research, and things to do. Considering the scope and variety the game has to offer I find threadbare events like this to be an insult to the player base. "Eh give them the same costumes but a different color, that'll satisfy them." There should be at least 20 featured wild spawns and far more variety in raids and tasks during any event. Am I the only one who feels this way? It feels like Niantic feeds us less and less slop every other event and expects us not to notice or care.
Sorry for the rant, TLDR; next event looks boring, angry at trend of worse events.
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2023.03.30 06:38 K3nma_Kozume rant about stuff

not a vent just ranting but i don’t believe in heaven or hell morals are all a social construct and the world needs both sides to function it wouldn’t make sense to force someone to “hell” for something they made them do because it was all fate to begin with plus i doubt divine beings would care at all for a few petty thing a human did. i don’t really get morals anyway everybody are different and it doesn’t make sense to punish someone based on your own. murder is obviously bad but if it was normalized nobody would care and it wouldn’t be a huge deal. people adapt with change things that seem strange can be perfectly normal in different situations (im not talking about murder anymore and it was probably a bad example ) religions are cool but it doesn’t make sense to force someone into one saying “it can save people” or “change your life” because it probably all made up by some ancient guy who had a superiority or a savior complex. angels and gods are far vastly superior then us and they couldn’t give us a second glance. we’re just an item of entertainment for them who they couldn’t careless about. like, fish. it’s either that or they gave up on us because of the amount humanity is corrupted and has absolutely extreme morals and rules that are hypocritical and just dumb i know my place and respect them but i don’t get people who dedicate their whole life’s to heaven and hell and expect to get something back in return or feel superior than others for believing in that because we’re all going to be treated the same way no matter what. im a straight A and B student that teachers adore so im not going to go insane with a superiority complex and rebuild society like light yagami but it doesn’t make sense how hypocritical people can be with morals and ethics
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2023.03.30 06:36 throwRAlgbtq My friend (18f) hesitated when I (18f) asked her what if I was LGBTQ+

I have known my best friend since middle school. We were pretty much the same person. Similar interests. Similar backgrounds. Similar personalities. Even our names were similar to the point where our teacher sometimes mixed us up. In gr 8, she moved to a different country. She was going to return by the end of gr 9, but that plan was messed up due to COVID-19. She said that she'd return tho eventually tho at this time, she's still in the other country. She did come to our country a few times, however. During this time, I kept in touch with her.
Today, I was texting venting to her, and while I won't go into too many details about it as it will get me identified, at some point, she brought up LGBTQ+. She reminded me that our religion (Islam) has certain views about that and while I am free to do wtv I please, she just thought that she should remind me. Remember that part where I said we had similar backgrounds? yea we have the same religion and we both grew up with homo- / transphobic views. I was lgbtq-phobic myself for a while but I eventually unlearned the views.
I finished venting then I couldnt help but think about this. I asked her would she unfriend me if I associated with queer ppl and / or was queer myself. She said that it would leave her feeling conflicted because on one hand, we're not supposed to associate with any queer ppl because of our religion. But at the same time, she cares about me so much and it would destroy her. In the end, she just said "I- it's hard, okay?" It hurt me a little because while she didnt give me a straight (no pun intended) answer, the fact that she said it was complicated says it all.
She even once told me that she might be bi-curious last summer when she came to visit for a bit (granted, she said that she wouldnt act on it but she sometimes wonders if she would be bi if she wasnt religious). She also once asked if being considered ace was "haram" (a sin). Also, what she doesnt know is most of our friend group from middle school (which I still close to and she considers herself to be friends with) later turned out to be queer. I myself might be bi-curious.
Idk what to do. Aside from her homophobia, she is a genuinely kind-hearted girl who would put others before herself. For the time being, I have sorta separated her from our LGBTQ+ friend group since they arent as close to her as they are to me and vice versa. It especially helps since shes been out of town for a long time and thus ppl from both sides dont know that shes queer-phobic and theyre queer.
Also, ik some of you would be suggesting that I should just cut her off but it's easier said than done. You see, because of our friendship, both of our Moms are very well acquainted with each other. They even admitted to us that they would love to be friends with each other. So, if I / she were to cut her / me off because of her views, this would eventually reach her mother, which would reach to my mom, and because im still financially dependent on my parents, it wouldnt be very safe for me to do so.
Srry for this long post, any advice would be helpful. Ty
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2023.03.30 06:36 GoodPuzzleheaded3218 Mental health and Ramadan.

How am I supposed to survive Ramadan? like not the eating aspect but the mental health aspect.So, I never told people I was a muslim since I came to this country but I do have a muslim name so they kindof figured it out. Usually the other muslims do not say much to me as I openly do not practice,, but like during ramadan there are like some colleagues and some classmates who literally make me regret being alive. Like there's this group of people in class who always remind me that I am going to hell and I am undeserving of being on earth since I don't pray,fast...etc. At work there are most colleagues who are from the same home country as me and I have faced some pretty harsh comments as well. There's this guy who said that he hates me for being so blasphemous and not practicing and that he expects that from me anyways because most of the people in hellfire are women anyways. Some avoid me and don't even talk to me which I'm happy about but others give me really dirty looks and even insult me. I have to face this group of people nearly everyday and I'm beginning to feel alone in this. I know it may sound irrational to complain, since I'm in a relatively safe country, but there are muslims everywhere and while some couldn't care less that I left islam, some others care enough to harrass me. The amount of judgement I receive on a daily basis is really taking a toll on my mental health at this point. Like, I hear pretty damning things everyday(hellfires, punishments ..etc) which is triggering my traumatized inner child. I was just wondering how to get through this?
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2023.03.30 06:35 badrednation Slane theocracy should be broken mentally before they die.

The thing about the slane theocracy is despite the fact that the belief that humans are the chosen race and that they are the only race that should flourish they had to problem raping(the knight in vol.1 was begging for anyone to save him in return for 500 gold had tried to rape Enri ) and kill innocent human villagers just to kill one guy.
By vol 11 i released the only thing the slane theocracy top echelon cares about is increasing there military power just to kill more nonhumans, i may be wrong but that what i think since that they mainly use the citizen registry for.
The elf king is vial and disgusting person, the number of elven slaves that are beings raped only bases legally is an even bigger sin.
I know ainz has had innocent people killed just to cover up demiurge identity and destroyed and a country over a theft however ainz is not human or any race similar but the exact opposite, he may retain his human memories but his personality has changed almost completely.
I really hope Ainz destroys the slane theocracy's every belief before he kills them. beliefs like the fact that they think they were chosen by the gods or the fact that the six players were even gods and the fact they could ever defeat him when they couldn't even reach the power of the six.
The reason i like Ainz's character is cause I was ever in his place I would be stressed out every second of everyday worry about how to act or how i can't sit in a room without someone waiting on me every second i am there to give them some kind of order.
This is my first post here but it seems more like a rant. I just want others to feel the same way.
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2023.03.30 06:35 luhbotomy I need to get this out.

Beforehand I want to say I am going to get counselling very soon I just need someone out there to hear this.
My mother for the first 14 years of my life has been a severe manipulative gaslighting alcoholic and I have always resented her for this and always made that clear. Last year (When I was 14) her health had gotten so bad my father needed to force her to go to the hospital since he was very worried about her. We were told, if her health had been left unattended for one more day she would’ve passed away. She had to give up drinking immediately and start having regular doctor visits -Thank GOD we live in Canada- to make sure nothing had worsened. I imagine this as a very dark time for her since she needed to confront what she had done to me in my early years of adolescence. Even at this time I still treated her like shit because I still resented her and I couldn’t forgive her. No matter what she was always patient with me and made it clear she loved me. A few months ago she went to visit her parents to make things right with them, but this didn’t go well and they had a fall out. Two days ago she had a psychotic break of sorts and i woke up to her screaming about her blood thickening and how blood is love and blood is life and very obscure things. She was hysterical and couldn’t be contained or restrained by my dad. He was screaning at me to call 911 and i did. it took them 20 minutes to get to our aprtment and she was transported to a hospital and admitted for 2 days. in these 2 days i have realized i have been the worst son in the world and i shouldve been therr for her in her times of need instead of being a bitchy son. I love her and i couldnt imagine life without her. I love you mom.
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2023.03.30 06:34 HugeWorth6029 My stepfather destroyed the whole relationship with me, my mom and brother and now is asking for forgiveness.

First I want to appologise for my bad writing skills, I never wrote something like that before but I really need to get this off my chest.
So my (m16) stepfather just destroyed the beautifull 3 years relationship with us by cheating on my mom with a employee of his company. We built a whole new life together, I dont even know why he would ruin everythinglike that... We were all just so happy... well, at least me, my mom and brother I guess. Me and stepfather were very close to each other, we talked a lot, had a lot of fun together and even played video games together. I even liked him more than my own dad. This whole thing broke my moms heart in a million pieces, she did everything for him. When she found out he cheated on her, she was completely devastated, a mix of rage and sadness. And she was crying, sobbing as I was just standing there... Watching this whole thing knowing that I couldnt do anything about it. Eventually she lost her head even and started trowing and breaking stuff furiously like a psychotic person. It took me a few seconds so my brain could tell reather if that was actually happening or not, cuz this couldnt be true, I thought. And unfortunately, it was, and I was the one that had to hold her so she wouldnt hurt anyone or even herself while i tried to calm her down. I've never seen her act like that, shes not the type of person that would do this. It was unreal, I was so confused, lost, scared, desperate... Seeing her like this just didnt feel real at all... lt just felt wrong... As I was trying to calm her down I eventually managed to do so, she calmed down and came back to normal, still crying a lot. She suffered from a really horrorible depression in the past and im afraid that it can come back even worse, since she still has anxiety issues. We had to move out to start a new life from 0, so we (me, brother and mom) packed our stuff up and the housekeeper let us stay in her house temporarily thankfully.
Next day (today), at 23:40 my stepfather sent me an appology text...
I cant just forgive him you know... I feel just as betrayed as my mother does, he ruined our lives like if it was nothing. I just left him on seen but I may not even reply to his message at all, I guess...?
So thats it... Thanks for reading and feel free to ask/tell me anything.
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2023.03.30 06:33 Last-Of-My-Kind A few Beta Pokemon Return as new Evolutions:

A few Beta Pokemon Return as new Evolutions:
Additional Notes:
The original names of the beta pokemon are in quotes. I tried to come up with interesting and fun names for their reintroduced counterparts and make them truly unique pokemon without bein OP or broken like what usually shows up on Theorymon Thursday. Their BST are based on their in-game counterparts.
  • Mirrorrim's name is a Palindrone. Like it's namesake, conceptually its a mirror (Animon original evolved from Ditto using a Metal Coat). I gave it a learnset based on copying and mirroring the opponent. Yes, it DOES have Sketch, however it only learns Sketch ONCE and only once. It won't be broken (Although I'm sure fun use could come out of it). The BST is a play on Ditto's as all of its stats are all base 48 and Mirrorrim's are base 84 (a mirror image). The new ability Doppelganger is Imposter but it always activates when facing a new opponent. This is certainly a double edge sword.
  • Turbonch gets its name from the words Turban and Conch. The BST is based on its counterpart Cloyster. Due to the hard/rough appearance (and nature of shells), I gave it the Rock typing in addition to Water. This also helps to check it given the 4x weakness to Grass. Moveset has many moves added. Can be a good hazards mon. Abilities given include Strong Jaw for obvious reasons, and a new ability I made called Venomous. Many pokedex entries talk about the poisonous nature of "shellder" on the Slow family line. So I wanted to do something that related to this. I felt 20% or 1/5 chance for a bad poison status was fair and not too much to roo small , especially since ALL attack moves used by it will have that chanxe.
  • Tangantula's name is derived from the words Tangle and Tarantula. I didn't add too many new moves as it will learn everything it counterpart Tangrowth will. But I added a few to round of the addition typing of Poison; which I gave to it to make it distinct from Tangrowth and had some fun with the concept by making it evolve using the Poison Stone, which was cut from the game, just as Jaranra was. The new ability Ensnaring Vines lowers the speed of all grounded pokemon by 1 stage except for the user. It affects partner pokemon for balance ( or benefit). BST is based on Tangrowth.
  • Lastly Diurnowl derives its name from the words Diurnal (opposite of nocturnal) and Owl. With that said, it evolves from HootHoot using the Dawn stone. BST is once again based on its counterpart Noctowl. I gave it Psychic Typing since GameFreak should have done that with Noctowl in the first place. And I added in some Psychic type moves to the movepool. Lastly, the new ability is Esper Force (couldn't think of a better name) but it is essential Trick Room upon switch in. And it remains as long as Diurnal is on the field. This could be dangerous (especially late game), however, with so many weakness, it can be taken out pretty fast. Plus, it can be countered or removed by use of Trick Room snd othe means that affect TR.
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