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2018.04.16 05:14 Insanitychick Suddenly Bisexual

Ever found something that was suddenly bisexual? Then, this is the sub for you!

2011.03.16 02:32 squidgirl The Enneagram of Personality

The Enneagram is a model of the human psyche that is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.

2023.06.04 17:05 Zealousideal_Pen9063 Unlimited Funds vs Poor Person

I worked on a project with a few friends and one of them was particularly wealthy. I handled a very particular part of the project, however I was credited as working in a leadership capacity as well as working on my part of the project. This happened because I was sort of helping from the jump, however I never managed people in any capacity and that wouldn’t be difficult to prove.
It’s been nearly a year since we’ve finished the project and the wealthy person I guess has booked another project and gotten lawyers as part of that new deal. They’re been retroactively going back through their contracts and projects with their team to try to poke holes in things to see where they can squeeze out more money. None of us are sure why they’re doing this - but most think they’re just mentally unwell and in a crisis while also being taken advantage of by the lawyers.
I’ve heard through a friend that on Monday I’m supposed to be contacted by their team, the reasoning is that they feel I’ve allegedly forced them to do labour not stipulated in their contract and now are seeking compensation for that labour. In reality we’ve only ever had a handful of conversations and if anything I was constantly doing favors for them. They were definitely above me as far as hierarchy goes and that wouldn’t be difficult to prove.
This is all super distressing because I don’t have any money to spend on lawyers and they can just throw unlimited funds at this kinda stuff. If they reach out through their team is it illegal if I ignore them? What’s the best plan of action here? Can’t I just go into the meeting and not answer any questions but listen to what they have to say?
I feel like they’re just gunning to fuck me over and it makes me extremely angry considering how wealthy they already are. Is there potentially any case here for me to get any justice for my own mental duress?
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2023.06.04 17:05 Earth_Klutzy Who pays for insect spraying in a rental?

My boyfriend and I moved into a detached house rental two years ago. When we moved in our landlord told us we might see small citronella ants around in the summer and provided some mild insecticide for us to use if we started seeing them. Not an issue as they are harmless. However, we also noticed some large carpenter ants (way more destructive but not harmful to people) that first year which our landlord didn’t mention. This year we see way more of them and I’m concerned that if I tell my landlord about the carpenter ants he will make us pay for some expensive spraying treatment. I’ve always been confused about who is responsible for paying for this type of pest control and I’ve gotten mixed responses from ltb reps. In our lease (which is an old version of a standard lease agreement from the ltb website) it states that the tenant is responsible for pest control should the infestation result from their direct actions. But in my experience it’s almost impossible to prove the source of the infestation or how long it’s been around.
For context: We had a terrible experience in our previous apartment rental where we found bedbugs in our unit and our landlord threatened us and made us pay for treatment because we didn’t have the money to challenge him in court and it effectively couldn’t be proven whether the bed bugs were there before we moved in because he refused to test any other units. It cost us hundreds of dollars in treatments and we ended up paying for additional cleaning and had to throw out a bunch of our stuff. It was one of the worst tenancy experiences and I don’t want to have to repeat that.
So my question is - in this case who is responsible for potential the cost of treatment and how should I approach this with the landlord if at all?
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2023.06.04 17:04 AutoModerator [230605] UJUNG Weekly Discussion Thread

Welcome UJUNGS!!!

New to cosmicgirls? Check out our main wiki page here :)
While we are all on this subreddit as fans of WJSN, discussion in these weekly threads is not limited to WJSN. Feel free to start a discussion thread in the comments below. The ultimate goal of these threads is to move all discussions here on one post, with the idea of all UJUNGs on the sub opining and having a good time on the thread :)



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2023.06.04 17:03 ENTJGal1995 Extra money monthly. Best way to allocate?

I am bringing in some extra money per month with my new job and I can continue living off of what I was already making so I want to use all the extra money to pay down my debts. My credit cards are recently paid off and I have a car that’s paid off
I have federal and private student loans.
-private has a balance of $12315 at 5.99%. Minimum payment is $132 and I pay $250 monthly.
-federal has a balance of $26974. Not sure of how to calculate interest rate because it’s on the pause. When it was active my minimum payment was $308 and I paid $350 which is what I would do again when the pause is over.
I also just got a mortgage. $324k balance at 5.5%. Minimum payment with escrow is $2200 and I pay $2500 per month.
I have 10k in my savings now as I’ve been focusing most on paying the credit cards off.
Between my credit cards being paid off and my new job im going to probably have somewhere between $1500-$2000 a month to put towards my debts and savings but I keep wondering, what is the best way?? I do not have 401k or Roth IRA or any of those other investment/retirement accounts
My financial goals is to be debt free as soon as possible and on the way pay the least in interest I can. And long term be able to be one of the few that retire will my generation. I’m 29 years old now.
My thought process so far is back and forth. In both thoughts I want to save at least $500 a month so let’s say I have $1000-$1500 for debts. On one hand I want to throw it all at my mortgage because I’m within my first year and I’m gonna be charged the most interest now because of its larger balance. On the other hand I want to throw it at my private loan first just to get it off the list. By this time next year I think I can pay those private loans off but in the same time I’ll pay $17,713 in interest gags (According to an amortization chart)
I appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.04 17:01 Open_Maintenance8776 Lindsey's Live Yesterday

Lindsey should have never been on this show. She talks about her PTSD from her mother trying to drown her and how she'd gone through a 12 week program to resolve her trauma with her mother and sister. She clearly has some other issues that need to be addressed and 12 weeks ain't gonna cut through it.
I could tell she needs validation of her good deeds I guess that's why she bullies Mark. Three things she said in her live:
  1. She gave him the idea for his clothing line. No one is happy about that, Lindsey!
  2. She picked up Haley from the airport and she feed her dinner at her house and then she took her to her hotel. Haley never reconnected with Linsey on her second trip to California. Lindsey seems salty about that. After all she did for her!? How could Haley not praise her forever & ever!
  3. She said fuck all of her former cast mates since they had ganged up on her during filming. Apparently Noi apologizes for their behavior. But here's the thing: Lindsey was and is not an angel and I'm SURE they each had their individual beef with her.
Based on how she was talking I get the feeling she needs validation for every good thing she does, given that she's "not a nice person, but a kind person" her literal words. I can see why she demands recognition for her good deeds. It's because she otherwise treats people very poorly with her extreme lack of care for peoples emotional well being.
People were mentioning her having babies in her comments. That honestly made me cringe. Only because I can 100% see her being the type of mother who always, always, always throws it in the kids face about what she does for them - as if the kid choose to be theirs and it's not her ultimate responsibility - Her new partner should think long and hard before stepping into that ring with her.
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2023.06.04 17:01 SilveryDeath Played through Halo Infinite's story, here's how I would have changed it

Finally got around to playing Infinite's story and I enjoyed it for the most part. I did feel like the game's story was really close to being something great but it never really puts it all together for being the end game in the 'Cortana' trilogy. I feel like the story itself would have been better suited if the open world was scrapped. I had no issues with it and considering the development hell the game had, that it was a new engine, and that it was their first open world attempt I thought it was pretty solid all things considered. However, it felt unnecessary to me given that Halo already has had a campaign and multiplayer. No need to add an open world on top of it and I felt like everything as a whole (campaign missions/story and multiplayer) who have been without it since those could have gotten more of the focus.
Here's how I would have set it up. Note that I have not read any of the background Halo books or comics so I'm sure there are better changes that could be made to this beginning part. Also, this setup only involves making changes to Infinite's story, as getting into Halo 5's issue being the middle game of this trilogy is another post for another day.
Since they both get introduced during Conservatory others changes are that I would have replaced the Skimmers with Buggers. It just felt odd to me to introduce a new alien race in a game where we are on a Halo ring basically the entire time and that they seem to have no connection with the Covenant, Banished, or anyone. Also, they don't make it clear if they are new because they were in the cylix's and got released or why they Harbinger controls them.
I get the Harbinger's purpose but I felt like it would have made it more interesting to have The Endless be kept in the dark as a mystery. It also raises the question of how the cylix with the Harbinger was able to be found and opened despite the rest of The Endless being locked away. I think that replacing her with say a Elite scientist who is an obsessed forerunner expert would have been better.
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2023.06.04 17:00 code_hunter_cc Objective C Boolean Array

I need to utilize an array of booleans in objective-c. I've got it mostly set up, but the compiler throws a warning at the following statement:
[updated\_users replaceObjectAtIndex:index withObject:YES]; This is, I'm sure, because YES is simply not an object; it's a primitive. Regardless, I need to do this, and would greatly appreciate advice on how to accomplish it.
Answer link :
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2023.06.04 16:58 IDigPython throwing items

I skipped through the instructions too fast and missed how to throw the items. Can someone tell me how to do it?
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2023.06.04 16:57 chaosattractor [Low Effort Sunday] People are very weird about works targeted at (teenage) girls

people will just confidently make claims about e.g. traditional magical girl anime not having any violence or powerful feats in it based on nothing other than it being targeted at girls. Or act like female readers are uniquely obsessed with romantic pairings when straight men having a "best girl" is a fairly normal thing in the same communities. Apparently it's super different when you live out your fantasies using another fictional character vs when you do it using yourself
imagine how insanely racist it would be if someone just casually said "oh I didn't think this movie would be good because black kids liked it", yet "I didn't think this movie would be good because girls liked it" is a common and often casually expressed sentiment
it really sucks because it feeds back into the industry with execs treating works with an audience of [teen] girls as inherently risky e.g. i remember Cartoon Network only really realised what they had with Steven Universe when they noticed that boys enjoyed it too. It doesn't matter how many times the reverse happens (i.e. the girl demographic enjoying works that were written for a target audience of boys), the lesson that there's huge overlap between what both boys AND girls can enjoy just never sinks in. And even then the double standard between stuff that supposedly appeals only to girls (eww, barely gets a budget) and stuff that supposedly appeals only to boys (just taken as normal, throw all the money at it) is annoying. literally half the population is female you know?
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2023.06.04 16:55 timfinnegan02 Can you re-cure dried ink?

TL;DR: I printed a bunch of shirts and the ink is washing out in water. The ink seems to be okay to use on fabric so I'm guessing the cure time/temp was the problem. Can I save my shirts by re-curing them? And do I need to do the full cure time/temp? What about just using a common household laundry dryer? I'm a bit new to this, and have a problem. I printed nearly 50 shirts for an outdoor art market this weekend. I thought I'd used the correct inks and cured them properly, but a customer purchased a shirt and brought it home, I guess it has a stain on it and they hand washed it in water, and most of the ink came out. So I had to take down all my shirts, and refund everyone else who had already bought one. I started thinking maybe I used ink meant only for printing on paper, so I was getting ready to throw everything in the laundry in hopes I could at least recover the shirts by washing out the ink. The instructions for the inks I used (Green Galaxy Booster, Speedball Fabric Ink, Speedball Water Soluble Ink) seem to indicate they're okay for fabric—so I guess the issue is that I didn't let it cure enough? I was wary about the process since I scorched a tote bag leaving it under the heating thing too long... I know I need to use the laser thermometer and make a note of how long it takes to reach the curing temp (one of the inks said between 275-360f so I figured 275 was hot enough but maybe the ink had only gotten up to that temp by the time 3 minutes were up, and didn't remain at that temp for the full amount of curing time). In any case, since the inks seem okay for fabric then I'm guessing the issue is curing temp & time. But probably half the shirts got printed several weeks ago (the rest just this past week). So I'm wondering if I can save my work by just throwing the shirts under the heater to finish curing? And do I need to do it for the full cure time (like wait till it reaches 275-260f and then leave it for 2-3 min more)? Or can I just throw them in the laundry dryer?
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2023.06.04 16:54 Wamasam151 I’m not sure if I made the right decision breaking up with my girlfriend

Little bit of back story My girlfriend and I had been dating for 2 months before I left her, due to her not making any effort to spend time with me or be a part of my life The first month of our relationship was incredible, we were spending 3-4 days a week with eachother, and I feel so deeply in love with this women, more than I ever have. Because she’s a tattoo artist she went to a tattoo convention 8 hours away from me for two weeks, we talked everyday still like everything was normal but when she got back and I picked her up from the airport she didn’t want to spend time with me she just wanted to go home and rest( imo that’s fair enough airports are a pain)a few days roll by and she still doesn’t want to do anything because she’s too busy, but that weekend comes and I asked her what she’s doing and she said she’s going out to the clubs with her friends for a birthday. (Ok whatever not that big of a deal) next week rolls round and she gets super sick meningitis, I offer to help cook her food or get meds for her to try help and she turns me down at every turn, the weekend comes by again she’s going out with friends again and not even letting me know. At this point I haven’t seen her since I picked her up from the airport and she’s make no effort to do anything with me but she makes time for her mates. Third week rolls round same deal. I brought up my concerns with her and she called me selfish and controlling for wanting to be prioritised more in her life. At this point I was a mental wreck and constantly overhinking. So I tried to make plans to break up with her In person, but every attempt was met with im too sick. So I went to her house while she was with out with her mates and took my stuff that I kept at her house, and told her that I couldn’t keep doing this anymore, and she replied with calling me selfish for not caring about her or asking about her doctors appointments, (when all she did when I tried to ask about her day was leave me on read) and that I only cared about my self. So I wished her the best and told her that I was breaking up with her because I couldn’t take it, which was met with her throwing insults at me and demanding everything she’d ever bought me back. I know how this looks but it’s been 3 weeks now and I feel broken, did I make the right decision.
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2023.06.04 16:54 Enms45 to my person who says they’re there, but really isn’t: i feel replaceable and i’m not mad about it

i feel replaceable. not just to you but to everyone. i feel like there’s nothing truly unique about me and nothing that people actually like more than anyone else. i feel like you like me for rn and you say you love me but it’s just because you haven’t met someone more suited to you yet. same thing with morgan and all of my friends. this isn’t even a relationship thing, it’s just how i feel. ig at the root of it, i dont feel like i deserve to have permanent ppl in my life. nothing is permanent in life, ever. you enjoy the people you have at any given moment but you can’t blame them if they move on once you’re gone. nobody actually likes you that much to try and keep you around, it’s always too much effort and too much emotional stress. that’s outside of your neediness and trauma-responses and everything bad about you that make it even more complicated. you can’t be upset at people for moving on when you’re like that…
you specifically have kind of proven that to me. i know you didn’t mean to but…you did. you say you’re there and you want to know what’s wrong, but every time i open up (which takes a lot more effort than you realize), you immediately shut down on me. i thought i was in the wrong, like the timing was wrong, but it’s every. single. time. and the only conclusion i have— because you’re not a bad person, i’ve seen you be there for other people— is that you don’t actually like me that much. it’s okay. i get it.
not to sound like i’m throwing a pity party at all. this is literally just genuinely how i feel. better to be anonymous and say it than accidentally start a fight.
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2023.06.04 16:54 BufoBat Differences in how Girl Defined and Porgan reacted to Shiny Happy People

Differences in how Girl Defined and Porgan reacted to Shiny Happy People
Anyone else find it very interesting the differences in how GD and Porgan reacted to SHP? We all have seen by now the (many) Porgan meltdowns, how they watched it as soon as they were able, and tried to "get ahead" of the narrative. Yet, GD as a whole has been radio silent until yesterday, where Bethy made a story about knowing she's in it, but being really sick (and how stomach bugs make her think of labor which was an entirely other bizarre story, but Bethy gonna Bethy 🤷‍♀️). Paul even tried to get them to engage multiple times by first referencing their "friends" who were "wronged" and then outright tagging them. As though he was desperate to rally the troops.
Bethy simply says she's intending to watch it, and won't pass judgment until she does, and interestingly, posts a photo of GD's older Jinger interview condemning Gothard.
All this to say, it's very striking how GD is waiting to feel the waters-see how the public at large reacts, and trying to show they stand with the Duggar victims (Jinger) against abuse, while Paul and Morgan jumped out the gate throwing a bloody tantrum because they were portrayed badly. Are both GD and Porgan terrible? Absolutely. But I have to admit, they know how to handle a relative PR nightmare like this. That, or they don't care about how they appear to the "normies" while Porgan love and breath validation desperation.
TL; DR, Porgan reacting to SHP with multiple immediate tantrums while GD has been quietly monitoring the outcome before speaking. Sure, GD may still put their feet in their mouths as they often do, but it was just very interesting to see these two contrasting approaches.
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2023.06.04 16:51 AppealLarge3440 Catalytic converter issues

Hi, I am wondering if anyone here is very familiar with the stock exhaust on these cars. I have a 2013 86 and it has been throwing P0420 code for issues with the cat. The dealer has quoted me £1.5k to fix and they are the only source for the cats, so any other garage is going to have to pay £900 for a new one plus fitting.
I am trying to get away with doing this cheaper. Currently I have cataclean in my fuel so hopefully that works, but if it doesn't I want to try and take it off to clean it out. Toyota have been giving me conflicting info about how many cats the car has, some sources say one in the down pipe and one in the heads, and others are telling me there is only one in the down pipe.
So the tldr is: Does anyone know how many cats, and if one, where is it? And how difficult is it to take off?
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2023.06.04 16:51 Ripheus23 How exactly were we supposed to "see" God anyway? (my problem with the beatific vision)

Let's just set aside Paul's thing about the "unapproachable light." That does automatically throw a wrench in the wish for the beatific vision, but I'm sure apologists have spun the remark to "allow for" the vision nevertheless.
One version I read through, I think from a Lutheran/Calvinist (or maybe Evangelical) author, was that we'd see Jesus, and that would be the vision. He'd be glowing, I suppose, but. Still. Not. Seeing. God. Itself.
Apparently, the official Catholic assertion is that we'll have a new kind of philosophical knowledge implanted directly in our minds, like a new mathematical axiom that changes our empirical perception so we "see God in everything around us." Maybe this is like the Orthodox saying we'll see the "uncreated energies" but not the "uncreated essence."
Dante was oddly subversive (here's a hint: he says that Mohammed is in Hell, not for being an unbeliever or heretic but for being a schismatic, someone who belongs to the true faith but who incorrectly split the faith on a political level). Unlike the Catholic position now, he says in the Paradiso that even while "looking at" God, our vision will keep transforming (IIRC the RCC says that our vision will be "all at once" and relatively static). But he still has some literal eye movements/concentration going on. He's in the Empyrean, and so he's looking at a certain point on a sphere of light surrounding the physical universe. He's looking "up." How could that make a difference? Does God have a special portal that we'll see light leaking through, and we'll "just know" that the portal is God's?
Now, Dante earlier says something about even physical vision, in the Empyrean, not being subject to normal near-and-far limitations. There are people who have done a drug called DMT, who talk about a "kalonkinesiooptic" state, where you see in every direction at once, while floating in the "central light."
But. That's. Still. Not. God.
I mean, they say God is outside of time, and outside of space. So how are any of these supposed changes to our abstract intellect and our physical perception, adequate to the case? We're still in space and time. We're still looking in spatial directions and our thoughts are flowing along from moment to moment. How is any of this supposed to be the final, absolute proof of God?
And I know they might say, "God will cause us to believe directly," but internal brainwashing is. Not. Proof. Or. Knowledge. Even if history came to an end, Jesus was physically visible and ruling the world forever after, and even if Jesus said he was God incarnate... Is that, when all is said and done, actual proof? Evidence, maybe, or at least "warrant," but not proof.
I don't think there could really be proof of such a thing, even if God wanted there to be. It would seem that if It made our consciousness with certain limits, then God made a rock too heavy even for It to lift. It could've created us differently, maybe, except as long as space and time are supposed to be limits on our concepts, I don't see how a nonspatial, nontemporal being can literally present Itself to in-space-and-time beings.
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2023.06.04 16:51 CL60 Both stick and controller for fights in world tour?

Is it possible to use both for fights? I currently walk around with a controller, and do fights with the stick, but only the stick will do anything in the actual fights. It's kind of annoying with how often the game throws you into super simple fights with fodder enemies I have to keep putting down the controller just to hit something a few times.
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2023.06.04 16:50 Practical-Ad4547 Across the spider Verse and breaking cannon

Yes, I know this sounds like something you'd find in a college course about storytelling and thesis work. Yes, I know that this small, rant/post is basiclly that. But hey, I saw it liked it and yeah a few things stuck in my head from it.

First, This Movie made me realize just how lazy some folks writing spider man are. I'm not throwing shade at them because they could fold me verbally like pretzel, but hot damn do they like repeating the same song and dance. Gwen Dies, Uncle Ben Dies, Captain Stacey Dies. Hell, those that break the mold are the ones whose writers it seems are actively breaking the mold (Miles & Gwen). That's not to say that being spider man should be a power fantasy. Misery is a key element of ANY spider man story (though some writers I suspect love to torture and abuse spiderman more than others).

Another element I found interesting is that love of "cannon" which, I feel like that was a look at us fans for being so determined that some things should happen not because they make sense or are reasonable, but because someone has this name. Therefore X will happen. Which I do think hurts our love of the comic especially with something that's have had as many writers as comics industry (we all know atleast one story where we really wished they did something unique rather than X is X and Y is Y).

Miguel O'hara's love of cannon also meant that no one called out the shit he did, which seemingly broke cannon more. I mean how many spider men have actively waged war and fought another spider man in the majority of Marvel comics or Marvel Entertainment? Miguel (whose played amazingly well by Oscar Issac by the way) actively broke the Cannon by denying Miles from being at his father's death. If cannon is so important, then Spider man not being there to save his father IS needed, not him being locked up and having to wait for his death. after all, in all media involing this "captain", spider man feels guilty cause he was too busy doing something to notice the brave captain's sacrafice and guilt cause he could've done something. Not being there for obligation reasons removes the entire essence of spider man (helping folks and sometimes not noticing the after effects). So much shit was broken in what makes a spider-man (a tadbit of misery, the constant attempts to do better and be better, having spider like powers, equipment or tendencies). Also finally, He broke cannon several times by ACTIVELY jumping different universes to get some time with his girl. Miles Wants to hang out with his freinds which is equally bad, but to make him seem like an aberation just annoys me in that no one calls him out on the hypocrisiy.
BTW, Andy samberg killed it as Ben Riely as did Karan Soni for indian Spider man, Daniel Kaluuya as spider punk and yeah. Only complaint I can have is that it felt only half way done, in the way reading a comic starts getting REALLY good and then you have to wait for a period of time for it to restart.
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2023.06.04 16:47 Ok-Bake3321 My father is definitely a narcissist, but I suspect my mom has something a little different. Anyone deal with a histrionic parent too?

I think my mom has histrionic personality disorder- what should I do?
I (30F) have been doing a lot of self discovery recently in trying to heal from past traumas, after years of having cPTSD, ADHD, anxiety/depression, and most recently being diagnosed with BPD. My father is the quintessential alcoholic narcissist so I know a lot of my issues come from him. But in this process, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother who I’ve always had a complicated relationship with too, and I’ve always suspected had some kind of mental illness herself but could never quite put my finger on it.
She’s always been a little “off”- I always just thought it was her quirky, eccentric personality and a ton of PTSD and anxiety from dealing with my narcissistic, alcoholic father but after tons of research I highly suggest she has HPD. It all makes so much sense now.
She has an extremely animated, exaggerated and dramatic personality- she’s very lively, happy-go-lucky, loud, talks incessantly and never shuts the fuck up. She has an ability to say a lot of things, repeating on and on in many different ways for a long time without really saying much at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been in her presence for more than 30 seconds where she didn’t audibly make some kind of sound. Even her yawns are loud and exaggerated. She’s like a live wire, always on unless she’s asleep. It’s very annoying, and it’s honestly embarrassing for me most of the time to be out in public with her. She makes her presence known wherever she is. She just completely drains me of all my energy.
She is by far the most sensitive person I’ve ever met. I’m sensitive, but nowhere near this extent. My entire life I have had to walk on eggshells with her, with the fear of saying something to offend or upset her. She takes offense to literally anything that doesn’t absolutely sing her praises, to the point of delusion. Example: years ago I was sitting in a recliner and I wanted to lift up the feet and recline back. My mother was standing behind me. As I reached down to pull the lever, I said to her “ooh watch out!” So that I didn’t hit her with the recliner! Instead of reacting like any normal person would and just moving out of the way and carrying on, she took offense to what I said, and scoffed at me and muttered under her breath “ha yeah, watch out.” And stormed out of the room. If I go to apologize to her or explain that I wasn’t trying to offend her, she flat out denies anything even happened, she won’t even look at me and if I continue to press the issue she will throw a tantrum out of frustration and storm away from me again. There are countless other examples just like this, that have been happening all my life. She is extremely exhausting to be around.
Adding to the above, is the fact that we have an extremely shallow relationship, and she is never able to talk about serious issues or emotions, unless it’s to complain about my father. She cannot handle any type of criticism whatsoever, otherwise she will manipulate the entire situation around to make her the victim, and cry that she’s just such a horrible mother. Example: I told her back in high school that I wanted to do my own laundry, and she didn’t have to keep coming in my room in the morning to wash my clothes for me. Of course she took offense to that, as if I just didn’t like the way SHE did my laundry- and her response was “FINE! I’ll never do it again!” And stormed away from me, again. She’s said that exact line about countless other things in my life.
She has no boundaries, and has never respected mine. She’s extremely enabling, controlling and spoiled me to the point where I was afraid to do things myself with the fear that she would take it personally as if the way she was doing it was wrong. I never had to do any chores. I’ve always said she just loves to do “mom things” but found it odd the way she lets everyone walk all over her, as if she wants it and desperately wants to be needed. For being so loud and uptight, she is extremely submissive.
She dresses very provocatively and suggestively for someone her age. 90% of the time, she’s wearing a crop top or exposing part of her stomach. Skin tight leggings, fake leather, full length tight body suits. She looks incredible don’t get me wrong, but the way she dresses has always made me uncomfortable. She’s very petite, and when I was in elementary school we were the same size and I remember she would rave about how cool it is that we got to share clothes. When I was in 4th grade.
She definitely thinks her relationships with other people are closer than they actually are. She doesn’t have many close friends, and there are even some family members that I think purposely leave her out of things and she will either make excuses for them, or just complain to me about it, yet do nothing.
And finally, just because it’s worth mentioning, but she was also physically abusive to me and my little sister (but not my brother) when we were young children. It’s not a possibility to even bring this up with her because she will flat out deny it ever happened. But it’s been a very tough realization for me lately to remember that she was actually worse than I thought she is. I don’t understand why she is the way she is, she grew up in a loving home and both of her siblings act nothing like her.
The thing is, I still absolutely love my mom. I need her in my life, despite how toxic and exhausting she is. Part of me also doesn’t want her to remember the abuse, because I know how she is and how it would ruin her to think she was a horrible mother. I don’t know why she did that to me but I know she loves me. I feel very badly for her, and desperately just want her to be happy. So my questions are does this sound like HPD or more like narcissism? Maybe both? How should I navigate this relationship going forward while still trying to have a relationship with her? TIA if you made it this far🫠
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2023.06.04 16:45 i-dont-grok-it New School and Book for Pioneers? (aka all JW’s now)

I was looking ahead at the midweek meeting because I like to know what bs my mom will be consuming. I’m always looking for an opportunity to send her something to counteract it in advance.
Long story short the organizational accomplishments video talks a lot about a new curriculum for an updated pioneer service school.
Here is my theory. The secret boxes are a new version of the fully accomplish your ministry book. aka the pioneer school book. Think about it… November is right before all those schools kick off.
I could be wrong but thought I’d throw that idea out there and see what you all think.
Edit: Just adding I was a pioneer last time we got a new book but I don’t remember when or how that came about. Maybe someone else will.
submitted by i-dont-grok-it to exjw [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:45 colinsfordtoolbumb I'm wondering how others view and deal with the concept of death. I tend to still be anxious about it.

This is my first time posting here and Im sure others have posted similar issues so Im sorry for that. I was raised in a religious family and after I moved out to college when I was 18, I quickly began to realize how closed minded religious concepts were.
I met people who were "sinners" who were great normal people. The flimsy scaffolding that was religious belief deteriorated quickly for me. It still took years for me to come to terms with the fact that I nolonger believe in God or that there is, at the very least, no evidence of one. I'm closing in on 40 now. I'm a late bloomer I guess though I've basically been agnostic for about 18 years now. So this isn't a "I'm newly converted" situation but I find it hard to still grasp death.
I understand it but I've had a lot of anxiety about it. Religion obviously gave a fluffy solution to that that is insane to me these days.
I've found some comfort listening to Carl Sagan a lot lately (probably pretty cliche if I had to guess. This is the first time Im sort of openly talking about this.) describe the universe and this concept of having always existed and seeing consciousness as a beautiful moment in the matter that makes us before we return to base components. The idea of sort of borrowing the universe's resources to experience life is beautiful to me but I still have a general fear of death that I believe is above the norm as it makes me anxious to think about.
I'm sorry for the long post (again, this is sort of the first time I'm acknowledging these things directly) but I'm curious how others view death, what helps them not be anxious about it, or if it's simply normal. I know some level of it is since obviously we value life. I'm just curious how others view it all. Thank you in advance for letting me sort of throw it all out there.
submitted by colinsfordtoolbumb to atheism [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 16:44 mendohead Its so sad

I bought a new SOL mattress that’s already arrived. The bed we bought for it seems to be lost in shipping…anyone have an idea of how long we can keep the mattress packaged up? Trying to get something figured out so that I can unbox it. Old bed has a box spring on a metal bed frame, and trying to figure out how to use the box spring with the new mattress. Figure if I had queen bed slats I could throw those over box spring? Hoping to come up with a temporary setup. Torture having that new mattress stare at me from inside the box!
submitted by mendohead to Mattress [link] [comments]