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2023.06.01 21:10 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (373/?)

Previous / First
Writer's note: The last section has a big time anime trope lol. And the best part is I hinted at some of it a bit in one of the recent chapters.
Amina stood nearly six inches taller than Nguyen as she approached and stood directly in front of him.
To his credit, he didn't balk as she glared down at him. He stood tall and straight and met her eye to eye, albeit at an upward angle.
"My husband has, or at least HAD, a lot of respect for you FIRST SERGEANT." She said sternly, ignoring Werner and the other soldier. "He lost a lot of that as a result of your..... inactions.... in the desert."
Nguyen's jaw clenched for a moment. "That makes two of us." He said in response.
Amina stared at him for a moment longer, then nodded and turned back to Werner.
"Arm your people." She said to the Ambassador. Then she looked down at Nguyen again. "Deploy them to the refugee sector to aide in the evacuation. Only fire at any golems that pose a threat or appear to be attempting to escape the perimeter of the cordon." She glanced at the other members of her command staff. "Restraining anklets stay on though. And you are to report in immediately once this has settled down."
Then she lowered herself a bit and spoke softly.
"And if any Earth personnel ever act against my people again. You will not have time to regret it, and you will not need James to be your executioner." She whispered into Nguyen's ears. Then she pulled back and looked him in the eyes again.
Nguyen swallowed, then nodded curtly.
"Understood." He said. Then he looked over at Werner, who nodded.
And with that the two Earth soldiers took off at a jog, leaving Werner behind.
As they turned the corner, one of the junior officers from earlier came running around the corner with a large jar.
"Your pickled onions General." The soldier said uncertainly.
Amina grabbed the jar greedily and moved back to her position in the room.
Alixan and Veliry, the latter of which had only just arrived, crept through the still hot tunnel carefully.
Alixan, being close to eight feet tall, had to practically crouch to move through the hastily excavated and reinforced earth as he moved. Veliry only had to hunch a bit every now and then when her new antlers brushed against lower portions of the ceiling.
"They summoned an elemental." The Prince said. "In their own control room."
"That's what the our Agent said." Veliry replied.
They had spoken , briefly, to the party of subterranean forces as they'd rapidly evacuated. Many of them had been carried out on litters, their bodies burned from the excess heat and steam that had been created before the doorway leading to the Agency's room had been destroyed.
"Won't be much evidence left then." Alixan said. "Just like last time, unfortunately."
Veliry nodded. A fire elemental was a good way to destroy evidence. Likely the reason the Agency seemed so fond of using them. Though where they were getting them was anyone's guess.
"Still." She said as they rounded the last corner. "We must do our..... dilligence?" She said uncertainly.
The uncertainty was shared by both of the mages as they saw not just a destroyed door. But a second door a few yards away, which was leaning across the hallway. They sensed no magical energy coming from it. And unlike everything else in the tunnel it was neither scorched, nor terribly warm.
Alixan carefully lifted it up and was surprised to find that it had a note on it.
Not written on parchment and tacked to the door.
Not carved into it as if with a knife.
Instead it was engraved into the wood of the door as if it had been built specifically for the task of having the message on it. It was also written in a style of Petravian that hadn't been used in nearly three centuries, though both of them could read it thanks to their studies as mages.
Bother yourselves with us no longer.
We have larger tasks to tackle.
Enjoy the final days of your paltry kingdom in ignorance.
And thank you for ridding me of ambitious fools.
"Whoever they are, something tells me that they're being sincere." Alixan said after he read the message, and Veliry felt inclined to agree with him. "And that makes me more than a little concerned."
Even with his inhuman speed, the excitement was over before James got to it.
He felt the intense magical heat dissipate, then disappear entirely, when he was only a block away. Golems he had passed on his way over were already on the ground dead, their amorphous forms melting to reveal the lifeless bodies within. James felt pity for the former refugees, who had moved into this are of the city for a chance at restarting their lives after the previous devastation, only to be violated by the Agency.
When he got to the sight of all the action, he was surprised to find that it wasn't a building. Instead a large cluster of Petravian soldiers and mages were clustered around the entrance to some kind of cellar, or crypt or something. A lot of the mages were helping to heal people who looked like Petravian soldiers, but with what he recognized as mining gear. Many of them were burned, and the few mages that were among those being healed had the tell tale black veins of magical overuse.
He found himself standing next to a rather oddly clothed pair of were-folk, who he looked at curiously as he recognized the rotary grenade launcher that one of them was wearing on a shoulder strap. And also the DMR equipped CT-6.5 that the other was holding loosely. They looked at him in mild shock and his eyes widened as he saw the goggles on their faces, which looked familiar even though he'd never seen them before.
Then the crowd around them quieted. The tall fox-like one's head snapped up and looked over James.
"Chief!" The were-squirrel next to the fox said as they, evidently a woman if James's ears were correct, moved to run over to the figure emerging from the tunnel.
"Chief?" James asked as he turned to follow the squirrel's movement.
"Holy shit." The fox said as he too moved to approach the newcomers.
"Goddam." James said as he saw them.
One of them was a tall, if somewhat gangly looking, man in armor of a brilliant blue. It looked like the highest quality plate armor James had ever seen, though it did not cover their hands or feet. And yet even as he watched, the armor seemed to melt away, leaving behind water and vapor as it did.
James's head quirked to the side as he recognized the person underneath, though he'd never seen him like this before.
"Marcos?" He asked.
The old man, and Royal Arch Mage, was nothing like James was used to seeing him. Typically he was a hunched over, robed, geriatric who looked one hard fall away from death. But as James saw him carrying out the limp, burned, form of a were-person of some kind, he looked like a warrior. The grey tunic he wore was wet from the melting armor, and revealed musculature that surprised James. His sleeves looked to have been burned off, revealing wiry arms with whipcord musculature. He also wasn't hunched over anymore, and as a result he seemed to be close to six feet tall.
"I need healers." The old man said. The slow, almost halting, speech pattern he normal spoke in all but gone. Then he held up the burned form in his arms. "This man is very nearly dead."
"Chief Vickers!" The squirrel exclaimed again as she and the fox ran over.
"Vickers?" James asked silently as he saw the people around begin moving to help.
And he realized that Vickers was the burnt body Marcos was carrying.
"Oh.... Shit." James said as he moved to join everyone.
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2023.06.01 21:10 AnimancyPress Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Cantrip to 9th-Level

Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Cantrip to 9th-Level

Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Animancy Press is the perfect spell expansion for your bardic boredoms! Spells include; the Animate Weapon Cantrip which allows you to attack with melee weapson at range, the Divinterference Cantrip which allows you add or subtract a die of varying size from from most d20 rolls, Mass Vicious Mockery, which allows you to mock up to 3 targets +1 per level of the spell slot used, Stagelight! a high precision AoE spell that dishes radiant damage, Scintillating Blast, a spell that does damage of all types and reveals a creatures resistances and immunities, Wave of Lethargy, a Slow spell with a 1 round duration that gives you an additional action, Polypsychic Strike, which gives you a number of extra ranged attacks, and Legendary! which grants you Legendary Actions for a duration.

All this and more awaits your discovery within the pages of Magical Secrets.

Cover Art
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Mass Vicious Mockery


Scintillating Blast

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2023.06.01 21:09 EducationAway9830 Safe Harbor

Imagine that from three years old you were sexually molested by several family members, uncles, cousins, and your stepfather. Then, you are forced to leave your mother and live with your father, that you never had a relationship with, and he starts to beat you. You know no one, you have no friends, you don't speak English, and you feel broken and alone. Who do you trust? What becomes your perception of love? What would you do? Ill tell you what you'll do... you'll run, and you'll run right into the arms of an abuser, that initially treats you like a queen. That promises you a better life, that promises to love you, to take care of you and not let anyone hurt you. And you believe it. Because this man, even though you are 12 years old and he is in his late 30's, has treated you better than anyone in your life. So, you do whatever he says, and what he says is that at 12 you will start to work in the strip clubs, you will strip, and you will have sex with several adult men every night for months. You will be drugged, forced to drink, and forced to engage in sexual acts you didn't even know existed. But still, you believe he loves you; you will believe this 30 some year­ old man is your boyfriend and your protector, and you will do whatever he says. Imagine that was you, or your daughter, your niece, your son, your friend, your co-worker. How do we expect them to lead a healthy productive life after this? This story is real and is one of the many I have heard during my years of working with juvenile victims of human trafficking. Far too often when we look at a juvenile similar to the one, I just described, prior to the law enforcement identifying her as a victim, this child was a "just." She was "just into older guys" "Just too promiscuous" "just a child that didn't listen to her parents" that "just didn't follow rules" and "just a drug addict." She was just none of those things, in fact she was an abused child that made the perfect victim. Traffickers prey on children just like this one, they seek out the vulnerable, the ones that have been abused prior, who may not speak English well, who may have mental illnesses or other delays, and who they know they can gain control over. Now imagine that this 12-year-old, never gets help, she never receives treatment and is never identified as what she truly is, a victim. This world becomes all she knows, this is how she survives, this is how she makes her money, how she has shelter over her head some nights, how some nights she is able to eat, and take a shower. And she then eventually moves on, and a new trafficker picks her up, this one is more abusive, this one threatens her with a gun, and makes sure she knows this is not a choice. She spends her 21st birthday at the Mote 6 as he controls her with the drugs, he forces her to do, he shoots her up with heroine and forces her into withdrawals when she doesn't make her quota. He has the control, maybe she forgets for a second, so he brands her with his name across her neck to remind her of who she belongs to, this world, and him. And she believes this, she believes this is her life, all she will ever have, and she has no way out. These women and men and children, build their survival tool kit, their skills that keep them alive. They use drugs to numb the pain, just like we use Tylenol to numb ours, they steal so they can eat, they lie so they don't go to jail, and they manipulate, just like they have been manipulated, but these skills, these skills keep them alive.
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2023.06.01 21:08 your_parts_guy 2006 Star Venture clutch issue

My friend inherited his dads venture and it currently has no clutch pressure. I'm trying to help him out with it as I'm a great parts replacer but diag is not my forte. When he first got it a while back I found a bunch of google results with the similar issue, but now I cant find them when I have time to mess with it.
Essentially the lever is dead and floppy as can be. Is it as simple as needing a bleed or could it be new lines? Any fingers that can point me in the right direction would be appreciated!
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2023.06.01 21:08 GoCommitSewerSlide funny timing ig

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2023.06.01 21:07 bakariwolf Saga of the Professional DM! Part 3.

I didn't bother calling the DM even though I was upset, because it hadn't worked so far. So next week rolled around we all met up and when we walked in the DM was so happy to announce 2 things. The first was she had made a choice to open up 3.5 into the game. Now I knew a good bit about 3.5 because that's the edition I started learning on and so I was happy. I knew I could make something stronger but I had to ask how would this mesh with 5e? As far as I knew the two systems weren't compatible without a LOT of game knowledge and home brewing to convert the stuff. Knowledge I doubted she had. She assured me however that oh no, the 3.5 stuff wasn't for players, silly me, no it was for her. She would be pulling monsters right out of 3.5 for us to fight no conversion needed just as written that's what we are fighting. Which again to those of us who had played for a while this sounded like a horrible idea.
Her second bit of good news was the addition of a new player. He joined and was making a paladin. She gestured to the guy who looked bright, happy, hopeful, and filled with the thrill of a game to come. Everything in me wanted to pull him aside and just say "run, don't look back, just run!" But instead I found myself sitting down with a fake smile and just said "Good luck."
The game started and we were being stopped by every NPC to just reiterate the quest we had been given, to find out who was attacking travelers. Every single NPC just wanted to tell us the same way so she could see how we reacted and get her roleplay fix, after an hour of this Paladin was still sitting there not introduced just patiently waiting his turn smiling and seeming to dance in his chair with anticipation. We made it out of the city with some harsh words to NPC's and went to searching. Didn't take long before we were at the camp of the bandits.
This was good I thought, bandits were fine and if this had been planned maybe it would be a better fight than the orcs. So we scout the camp and after a couple of perception and knowledge checks we kind out it is a camp of 10 Stone Giants!
Now, I have a good knowledge of monsters and I've DMed a lot of 3.5 games so I knew by heart that 3.5 stone giants were a cr of 8 for one of them, we were level 2! We investigated as much as we could with the veterans and I trying to figure out if there was some trick to this, the only information we got was that the leader was limping like he had a broken leg. Ok injured but that is still 9 fully healthy CR 8 creatures that can sent us back to character generation in one hit. Even the new players were confused, oddly enogh even Bard was confused, seems he knew nothing about this. So we all got to talking. We knew the rule that we weren't getting any XP if we didn't kill anything, however we COULDN'T beat these. So after about twenty minutes of talk we decided to go in and try to talk our way out of it.
The giants were willing to talk and told us their story, that they were driven from their home in the mountains by a threat, they set up a new home in a cave at the base of the mountain but were driven out by another threat. Then they told us if we helped them get rid of one of the threats they would make amends with the kingdom and serve their time for the crimes they committed. After all their best warrior was injured by this threat.
Bard, Barbarian, and Druid all were excited to help the giants while Wizard, Cleric, and I were all looking at each other wondering how the heck we could take on something that was stronger than a stone giant? This is where the story was going though so maybe it was something not strong but clever, something we could beat?
It had been a couple of hours now and Paladin was still waiting patiently to be introduced, still happy and smiling listening to what was going on. Till we finally found him in a giant nest, with three massive eggs. One of which had just hatched a baby white dragon.... Everyone rushed to free him while Wizard, Cleric, and I were telling everyone to run. Bard, Barbarian, and Druid however had other plans. It was a baby after all so they started lobbing lamp oil, alchemist fire, and matches into the nest to kill it. Wizard added a fire ball to hopefully get everyone going, I turned to Cleric and whispered. "There is no way we are fighting an adult white dragon, what CR would that even be?!" She shrugged and the killing continued with people wanting to loot up until the DM interrupted saying.
"The cries of the babies burning to death helplessly in their nest fall silent. Then a massive roar is heard over head, the sun is blotted out by a large shadow moving across the land, wing beats creating hurricane like gusts as you all look up and see far in the distance An elder, great wyrm white dragon making her way back to her nest." Druid "Oh yeah we get to fight a dragon!" Barbarian "Awesome, bet!" Bard "I want to try to seduce it!" Barbarian "Bet bro!" Paladin "DM, you said elder great wyrm, am I safe to assume this means we can't fight it?"
DM "Yep, you have no other choice but to run away, isn't this awesome? Now you have a goal to come back to. Something to really push you to level up. So the party runs away and makes it back to the stone giants, they ask you how you did?"
Long and tedious talks with the giants while we hear about the dragon now going to the kingdom we were supposed to help and destroying buildings because of what we did with the nest pass and we ask the giants about their cave. Maybe we could fix that? We get the full information about it and find out that the cave is home to a male, elder great wyrm red dragon, that since the white dragon is destroying parts of the kingdom it has joined her and those people are now dead and dying.
I look to the DM and try to speak calmly. "So, just to be clear, there is nothing we can do here at our level? Which as I will remind you is level 2 miss DM."
All smiles she looks at me bouncing in her chair and giggling "Yep, you have to run away or you'll be caught up. But now you have something to come back to and beat at a later date. It's such a great story right? You have a goal and that's the most important part!"
We wrapped up and Paladin was all joyful actually walking out with the DM to talk to her about her story telling and commend her on giving us the quest. He had a blast while the rest of us except for bard sat around bewildered. Barbarian was the first to speak and voice his complaints, saying he hated that and felt horrible. If he had known he wouldn't have attacked the nest, Druid felt worse and took it very much to heart that they were the cause of the kingdom being destroyed. We all sat around talking and everyone came to two agreements. The first was no one was happy about this and we wanted to tell the DM. The second was everyone in the group hated confrontation and didn't want to be the one or even back up the one telling her.
I suggested Cleric be the one, detailing my past failures in calling DM and pointing out that Cleric has a way of commanding respect. This didn't fly though because Cleric didn't want to confront her. So everyone left feeling dejected, no one wanted to be the one to say we weren't having fun, and no one was brave enough to just walk away from the game. So we decided one more week, we had our "goal" so maybe, just maybe the story could start? Little did we know.... See you in part 4 for the finally.
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2023.06.01 21:06 Comprehensive-Ad2875 Any advice will help

Hi! (On mobile obligatory apology) In December of last year, I dropped out of college after a semester because 1 I didn’t know what I wanted to do and 2 it’s expensive asl. I am now in 13000 dollars worth of debt :D I’m choosing to ignore that right now tho and focus on my more urgent problem. When I dropped out of college, my mom kicked me out (my parents are separated) so I had to resort to living with my boyfriend and his family (thank god for them). Living with my dad is not an option because he abused me throughout my childhood. Over my dead body would I ever live there again. I don’t have a job since I had to quit the one I had for college and my dad took away my car because I “wasn’t using it for the right reasons” (I literally only used it to go to work and his house). I have applied to over 60 remote jobs in the past 2 months and either they haven’t gotten back to me or rejected me. I love my boyfriend but his family is unbelievably problematic, so much so that it’s cause a major decline in my mental health. I already have a list of apartments I’d send applications to once I have the money for it, I just need help with what to do. I don’t have reliable transportation so remote jobs are my only option and my mental heath is gonna crash if I don’t get out of this house soon. I realize that was really messy but that’s how my thoughts feel at the moment lol. Any advice you can give me will help more than anyone in my life has. Thank you for reading :)
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2023.06.01 21:05 RohanHeavensDoor Process of reboosting

I used Dignics09c for my forehand for a long time and accidentally hit the edge of the table while doing a topspin and the rubber literally teared open right in the middle of the racket. I hadn’t had enough money to get me a new sheet so I got a H3 Neo commercial 39degrees and used a thick layer of Haifu Seamoon booster. First it was great and the feeling did not differ much from my dignics09c. However I played with a racket from a friend of mine that has a Dignics09c attached too it and it felt completely different from my H3. Way more power and easier to procufe fast shots. It’s been about 4 months since I booster my H3 and it just feels dead. I want to reboost it but I haven’t done something like that till now. How is the process of reboosting done and how long will it last? Or should I get me a new sheet of H3?
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2023.06.01 21:05 arrimapiratelul Why do we get JMod Smackdowns/Replies in here but no Statement to the actual Customer Service?

As stated above.

We post here in hopes to get a reply from a JMod / something in case our account gets compromised because it's public knowledge that the support is non-existent at this point.

Why is there no statement by a moderator though about how flawed the customer support is?

Why is it as it is? Why are there no statements but enough ressources to give us sailing with like 5 dead skills ?
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2023.06.01 21:04 aliceink Inaccessible dead thing under house how can I stop the smell?

Hi there,
A thing (possum? Cat? Raccoon?) has died under my house. It’s in a spot that is totally inaccessible unless i crawl all the way under the building into a crawl space, which I am hesitant to do without proper equipment.
I can’t actually see the dead thing, I just know it’s there because of the smell and the flies.
Professionals wanted $380 to deal with it and I don’t have that kind of money right now.
I’ve read that lime will speed up decomp and help with the smell, but if I can’t actually see where the animal is, will this help? Can I just pour it into the hole in my porch steps and hope for the best?
If I just leave it totally alone, roughly how long will it take to stop stinking & swarming with flies? I live in Louisiana & it’s hot.
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2023.06.01 21:04 TadpoleTraditional14 magic systems advice: Elemental magic duality

I need help with a magic system I'm developing using elements as a basis, you see the original idea from the beginning was to have each element be represented by a duality, now at first that duality was between the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins, but I kept going there are only so many ways to make sloth or lust positive, same as finding negative connotations for diligence and chastity, so I dropped that part of the system.
But I still wanted to have this duality so I went to look for common associations for the elements. Since I don't want to make this system just black and white where one is all good and the other all bad, I like both aspects of these dualities to have positive and negative qualities, they just look at things from a different perspective, similar to the aspects from Homestuck. Since the whole 7 elements style is still here I'll tell the elements, I already have some associations for dualities but I liked to hear from more people what they think, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Nature, Ice, and Lighting.
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2023.06.01 21:04 go-move-78 For someone coming from a C background, what languages (other than Python and JS) are good choices to get into more relaxing, WFH work?

It doesn't necessarily have to be webdev. It could be virtually anything insofar as the field itself is relatively easy to get into (lots of jobs, lots of junior positions, not incredibly technical--best example, imo, is something like a django dev).
I come from systems programming. After 10 years of systems programming language, which I love, I'm looking to do things that are more relaxing. Having spent some time working with people in fields like web-dev and enterprise programming, they're just chilling. I no longer want to think in complex math and I no longer want to squeeze every last drop of performance by manually managing every part of my memory. I want to just write and do other things with my life.
In the jobs I've had using C, sometimes C++, there is a limited amount of ways to do something correctly. In Python, there are 4,000 different ways to do something trivial and no one can agree on why the like one and not the other and no one seems to even understand the differences due to the insane abstraction. Python cannot handle importing entire libraries in a sane way. Importing the entire library using a wildcard doesn't work because Python has no way of differentiating between different libraries with same-name functions. E.g.:
import cmath * import math *
Which sin am I using? Well, the one from math, since it's the one I imported last. This is madness. Not having any way of scoping a specific library's function is just impossible to accept. Documentation for Python is everywhere. Official docs recommend the requests library for handling https requests. It is considered one of the best written/maintained libraries in Python, yet it is not part of the standard library. This is madness.
Going into the madness of Javascript is beating a dead horse. Everything goes, every company has a different way of handling the same thing, and there's 600 layers of abstraction and no one, probably not even the devs, have any idea how it even works anymore.
I want sanity. I want a gold-standard that virtually everyone follows (deviations are fine; for example, Linux uses a different standard than many companies, but it's trivial differences at best), well-written docs, sane standard library decisions, and intelligent language design. I rarely, if ever, want to look at a single line of code and be genuinely confused what is going on. Reading someone else's Python repo is virtually impossible. Reading someone's C repo is incredibly easy because things do exactly what they say they do. And if you know C, you can jump into any repo on any page and get a grasp of what's happening.
Is there any high level language that does this that's actually hiring devs? I know that there are off-shoots of JS that I hear are more sane, but I'm not familiar with them. Ruby seems interesting, but I don't know enough. Rust and Go are relatively sane languages that I'm familiar with, but you stand a better chance of being hired as a Holy C dev than either of them. - Very easy to get into the industry, very common to WFH. (Things like webdev, since it's typically the easiest industry.) - Lots of Jobs/Junior Positions - Sane language decisions - Not 400 different ways of doing things - Language Standard, Language Standard, Language Standard
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2023.06.01 21:03 New_Cantaloupe_4908 Do I have bad Luck or….

Just shipped off my Freya + for repairs after waking up this morning to a completely dead preamp. This is not the first time I’ve had to send back the freya to schiit and I don’t really know if this is just bad luck or if reliability is seriously a concern with the Freya and I should start looking at a different preamp. For reference I also have a Bifrost and Aegir that have been running strong.
Does anyone else have reliability problems with the Freya?
Considering the Cary SLP-98L as a replacement but that’s more than I’ve been wanting to spend.
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2023.06.01 21:03 bigma36 Luvmybabies1927 (ss in comments)

First of all… the story of why she lost her kid: -CPS took her bc she was outside in 100+ degree weather in only a diaper, and the mom refused to get to a shelter? -this was 10+ years ago, she was given to the dad, and he’s had her since. And the courts still only allow her 1 SUPERVISED visit a month for a few hours. -I mean, does that sound right lol? (Also, I know CPS has does some foul shit, but their CPS case was closed years ago) She was taken away for such minuscule shit, and in 10 years all you’ve gotten is one supervised visit a month? Nawl sis, the math ain’t mathin.. -she claims the kids is denied food bc the dad told her “no” when she said she wanted Chick-Fil-A … -then that random slowed down video where she claims the kid is being abused yet the video didn’t show anything lol it looked like someone pushed her head… lying about shit like that is not cool.. -on Mother’s Day she said she was “stepping back” bc her daughter called her calling her names and shit. So she was “done” -the last two weeks she needs money for a lawyer so bad, sooo what does she do, ooooope you know, she starts BATTLING AND DOING RANKINGS! Bc why not? That’s what we do now when we need something. Fuck working! -her younger daughter had an allergic reaction to a medicine and she’s been dragging that shit out for weeks now 🤦‍♀️ she uses some long medical term, which is literally the big word for hives 🙄 -she got in the rankings one night, and made “all the money for a lawyer”, the next day she was all giddy saying how thankful she was. -That evening, she dropped so she was trying to get back up to where she was, she was being fucking rude at this point, she walked away for about 4-5 mins and comes back saying “WHAT THERE WERE THIS MANY PPL IN HERE A SECOND AGO, NOW MY VIEWERS HAVE DROPPED. THIS IS STUPID. YOU GUYS DOJT WANNA HELP ME. IM DONE IM GETTING OFF LIVE ITS POINTLESS.” And she dead ass ended that live … -like throwing an actual temper tantrum 😂 mind you someone also donated 1,000 to her go fund me that same day.. -you went from “thankful hashtag blessed” to “fuck this y’all ain’t giving me your money bye” -like surely folks ain’t that desperate for friends or attention that they pay this chick 🤦‍♀️ y’all got to stop letting folks that look like this think they’re better than folks, or like their time or story is more worthy than others. -It’s wild, the way this chick has been made so comfortable to talk to folks the way she does!! -and i hope all them folks know that money ain’t going to no lawyer .. it’s funding her so she ain’t gotta work. This chick ain’t no TA at “her college” -this chick is delusional and folks keep feeding into it. And now she’s making money off that dumb shit 🙄 -like seriously, the text messages she shared between her and her daughter is wild, like she’s emotionally abusing that kid. Bating her into saying shit and acting a certain way, while she’s recording.. starting fights with the dad and step mom in-front of the kids, always sharing her love and desire to have the dad, it’s obvious AF she’s mentally fucking with that kid and ppl just go along with it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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2023.06.01 21:03 Shoddy_Hall9198 Broken ipod touch 2

I have an ipod touch 2 gen with some good memories on it. The problem is that I have not used it for abit and 2 year ago when we found it after a couple years in an old car it worked just fine. Now it almost dead pretty sure holding the buttons do nothing and before that my mom tried to charge it and it did not go so well. Now I'm stuck here with a I pod witch won't turn on any suggestions?
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2023.06.01 21:03 chrisor97 [PS5] Dead Island 2 Day One Edition - PlayStation 5 is $62.99

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2023.06.01 21:02 brad_ron_cooper Wes vs. Dwan - did Doug give away Wes’s hand, and if so does Wes have a claim against Doug or Hustler?

Disclaimer: This is pure conjecture and based on a thread I saw on twitter.
From pre-flop to River, Wes played his hand like Aces (even with Kings I think that’s a river check by Wes since it was clear Tom had a big pair and he might be behind to aces). But Tom said he was pretty confident Wes didn’t have aces or kings pre. Looking back at the video, I think the tell was this exchange w/ Doug
Doug (announcing to table): I saw Wesley’s hand
Wes: It’s fine, it’s fine. So you’re going to fold right?
Doug: *I haven’t looked at my hand*. I know what you have
Wes: [puts in a 3bet]
Doug: I’m just going to… [checks his hand, then folds and throws his hands up in confusion]
IMO the big giveaway is Doug saying “I haven’t looked at my hand”. Would he say that if Wes had aces? Maybe but I don’t think it makes as much sense.
So here’s the question, if Tom had come out after the hand and said I knew Wes didn’t have Aces because of what Doug said (he’s obviously smart enough to not do this), would Wes have recourse against Doug (for exposing the strength of his hand) or hustler (for not declaring the hand dead)?
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2023.06.01 21:02 Ray-Damoiseau This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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2023.06.01 21:01 beneaththeslope TIL Lobsters and other shellfish have harmful bacteria naturally present in their flesh. Once the lobster is dead, these bacteria can rapidly multiply and release toxins that may not be destroyed by cooking. You therefore minimise the chance of food poisoning by cooking the lobster alive.

TIL Lobsters and other shellfish have harmful bacteria naturally present in their flesh. Once the lobster is dead, these bacteria can rapidly multiply and release toxins that may not be destroyed by cooking. You therefore minimise the chance of food poisoning by cooking the lobster alive. submitted by beneaththeslope to TerrifyingAsFuck [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:01 HeavyPepper208 Well... Atleast he did that in the first place.

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2023.06.01 21:01 rjwut If the Bard Wrote The Princess Bride

A little something I wrote about three years ago...
[THE MAN IN BLACK approacheth VIZZINI and BUTTERCUP. They sit at a table with wine and two goblets. VIZZINI holdeth a dagger to the neck of BUTTERCUP; her eyes are covered, and her hands and feet are fettered.]
VIZZINI. Forsooth! There remaineth myself and thou only. If thou wilt see her die, I pray thee, continue thine advance.
MAN IN BLACK. Permit me to expound...
VIZZINI. There is nothing upon which thou mayest expound. Thou doest attempt to abduct that which justly I have purloined.
MAN IN BLACK. Perchance we could obtain an accord?
VIZZINI. There shall be no accord, and thou doest slay her.
[VIZZINI presseth more deeply the point of his dagger in the neck of BUTTERCUP. She gaspeth in alarm.]
MAN IN BLACK. If we can have no accord, we find ourselves in a quandary.
VIZZINI. Alas, so it is. Thy strength exceedeth mine own, and thy intellect doth pale when compared to mine.
MAN IN BLACK. Verily thou hast such great wisdom?
VIZZINI. I shall enlighten thee: thou hast heard tales of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?
VIZZINI. Halfwits.
MAN IN BLACK. Thou sayest! I therefore challenge thy wit with mine own.
VIZZINI. And the princess for the prize?
[The MAN IN BLACK nods assent.]
VIZZINI. And death for him who faileth?
[Anew the MAN IN BLACK nods.]
VIZZINI. We have an accord. [He putteth away his dagger.]
MAN IN BLACK. Well met! I pray thee, pour the wine.
[VIZZINI doth comply. The MAN IN BLACK taketh a small vial from his bosom, and proffereth it to VIZZINI.]
MAN IN BLACK. Inhale this odor, but I beg of thee, touch it not.
VIZZINI. [He doth inhale.] No odor doth assail my nostrils.
MAN IN BLACK. The odor thou doest not detect is that of grains of iocane. It hath no odor nor taste, dissolveth immediately in any libation, and is a deadly agent whose potency is of renoun.
[The MAN IN BLACK taketh the goblets and doth turn his back to VIZZINI. He then replaceth the goblets on the table and discardeth the vial.]
MAN IN BLACK. Where lies the poison? The challenge of wit hath commenced. It endeth when thou doest choose and we both imbibe, and discover who hath chosen aright, and who doth shuffle off the mortal coil.
VIZZINI. This be a task for simpletons. All that I must do is consider that which I know of thee and divine: Be thou the sort of gentleman who is wont to taint his own goblet, or that of his enemy? Consider: a man of understanding desireth to taint his own goblet, for he doth comprehend that only a halfwit doth accept that which his enemy doth place before him. I am no halfwit; it followeth as the night the day that I cannot imbibe the wine before thee. Contrarily, thou most assuredly doest know that I am no halfwit—verily, thou wouldst have depended upon that comprehension—it followeth that I cannot imbibe the wine before myself.
MAN IN BLACK. Hast thou chosen, then?
VIZZINI. Most assuredly not. Forsooth, even a simpleton doth know that iocane proceedeth from Australia, a country o’erflowing with the vilest of malefactors. It is a rarity that such men have confidence with others, as thou doest not have confidence with me; it followeth plainly that I cannot imbibe the wine before thee.
MAN IN BLACK. Verily thy comprehension doth confound my poor wit.
VIZZINI. AND YET HAVE I NOT BEGUN! I pray thee, tell me of what I last spoke?
MAN IN BLACK: Australia.
VIZZINI. Verily, Australia. And thou must have believed that the provenance of the grains would not be unknown to one such as I; it followeth plainly that I cannot imbibe the wine before myself.
MAN IN BLACK. Thou dost attempt to postpone thy decision.
VIZZINI. VERILY, THOU DESIREST THAT SUCH WOULD BE SO! Thou hast vanquished the giant in mine employ, thou doest therefore possess remarkable strength. Thou mayest have tainted thine own goblet, with confidence in thy virility; it followeth plainly that I cannot imbibe the wine before thee. Contrarily, thou hast also defeated mine indentured Spaniard; thou art therefore learned. In thine education, thou most assuredly hath discovered that man hath life in his breast but a short season. Thou wouldest have placed the deadly agent afar off from thee; it followeth plainly that I cannot imbibe the wine before myself.
MAN IN BLACK. Thine intent is to cause me to disclose to thee what thou desirest to know by subtlety. Thou shalt have no satisfaction.
MAN IN BLACK. Forestall no further, then, I pray thee.
VIZZINI. I shall comply; my choice is—Blessed fig’s-end! What is that yonder?
MAN IN BLACK. [Turning to mark it] What is the cause of thy exclamation?
[VIZZINI doth exchange the goblets.]
MAN IN BLACK. [Returning] I behold nothing.
VIZZINI. By my troth, I beheld a thing. It mattereth not. [He laugheth.]
MAN IN BLACK. I pray thee, disclose what doth fill thy breast with mirth.
VIZZINI. I shall tell thee presently. We shall first drink: I from the goblet before me, and thou from thine.
[They take their goblets and drink. VIZZINI again laugheth.]
MAN IN BLACK. Thy powers of divination fail thee.
VIZZINI. Thou art deceived! That is the fount of mirth within my breast! I DID VERILY CHANGE THE GOBLETS WHEN THY BACK WAST TURNED TO ME! Ha ha! Thou halfwit! Most assuredly, thou hast fallen to a most simple blunder. That which is of most renown is to never become concerned in warfare for Asian territory, but the renown of this is lesser by a mote: THOU SHALT NOT CHALLENGE ONE FROM SICILY WHEN THY LIFE HANGETH IN THE BALANCE!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA!
[VIZZINI doth halt in his mirth suddenly. He falleth to the ground and doth give up the ghost. The MAN IN BLACK uncovereth the eyes of BUTTERCUP.]
BUTTERCUP. Who art thou?
MAN IN BLACK. I will not be made a fool. That only dost thou need know.
[He doth unfetter her hands and feet.]
BUTTERCUP. Verily it was thy goblet that was tainted during the entire encounter.
MAN IN BLACK. Both were tainted. I have poisoned myself by degrees with grains of iocane, by which I have obtained the strength wherewith to resist it.
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2023.06.01 21:00 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (Jun 1-4)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

June Featured Events

53rd Annual Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival at Rock Quarry Park
1776 at DPAC
PLAYlist Concert Series: Raíces, Rutas, y Ritmos at Durham Central Park

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at The Carolina Theatre
Events at The Pinhook
Events at Motorco Music hall
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Boxyard RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Local Sports

Durham Bulls Home Stand at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Running of the Bulls 8K at Historic Durham Athletic Park

Thursday, Jun 1

Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, Jun 2

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee
Garden Printing: Cyanotypes and Hammered Flower Prints on Fabric at Duke Campus Farm

Saturday, Jun 3

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Hayti Walking History Tour at Hayti Heritage Center
Nasher Community Celebration at the Nasher Museum of Art
MAKRS Pop-up at Durham Central Park
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works
Beaver Queen Pageant — Once Upon a Wetland... at Duke Park

Sunday, Jun 4

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Art-n-Soul Market at Mystic Farm & Distillery
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

upstART Gallery: A Jim Lee Project at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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