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2023.04.01 13:57 Sjiznit Ender3 stops printing, sometimes power loss, sometimes freezes. Which part broke?

So my ender 3 has been acting up lately. The mechanical side is working fine but i think something in the electric system isnt well.
At first it printed well but when i checked up on it after a while it would have printed fine for a few hours and then stand still with the power loss recovery screen on. I figured it would be a faulty power supply.
However, in order to figure out what the issue is i printed stuff a few more times. Sometimes it prints well, sometimes i get the power loss and sometimes it just freezes up.
So now im unsure what the issue could be, could be the motherboard, power supply, maybe something that fails when its warm after a few hours or something i havent thought about. Any suggestions?
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2023.04.01 13:56 nothinkybrainhurty Recommendations for apps that help you track your meds?

(sorry if a title is worded weirdly, apparently I can’t use words “does anyone have” in a title)
I constantly forget if I’d already taken them, I constantly skip doses by accident and sometimes I take double doses before I remember that I have already taken my meds that day. It’s especially hard with one of the meds which I take at 7am (so I can fall asleep at night) and I’m never 100% sure if I’ve taken them or just turned off all of the alarms and went back to sleep.
So alarms don’t work. Sorting containers for meds don’t work, but at least they help me notice if I skipped a dose or something. I already lumped 3 of my meds to take at the exact time, which somewhat helps, but sometimes just makes me more confused whether I’ve taken them or not.
I’m getting desperate and I’m wondering if you have any app recommendations that actually work for people with adhd.
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2023.04.01 13:56 Anonymous717717 I 15f am being bullied again and I don't know what to do anymore

TW: mention of suicide self harm SA and bullying
Any advice would be so appreciated, but honestly I'm just looking to get it off my chest as I have no where else to go to. This is an anonymous account but if you work put who I am from this YOU DONT KNOW ME.
I 15f have been bullied all my life, every school I have been to I have been bullied most of the time it was just verbally aka name calling or just excluding ect there have been instances where it was physical but it was never too severe (I have 1 or 2 scars from it on my legs). When I left primary I left hoping that I would never be bullied again and would have a bug friend group and no one would be horrible ever again. And I did have that but, it ended in year 9 I had a semi big friend group of around 7 people my best friend at the time (let's call her k) was probably the best person ever she was so kind and helped me through so much but then something happend and we were not friends anymore. But atleast I had the rest of my group and then my next closest friend (let's call her V) was amazing blah blah blah We all stopped being friends and now I have around 3 close friends and I'm okay with that. They are amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more.
Okay so I go to a very small secondary school (less than 700 students) and have been bullied twice there the first time the girl got kicked out a few weeks after (not because I reported her or anything) and now a group of girls who have turned me into an inside joke within their friend group and so on ect.
I am a very sensative person. When I get an instrest into something it gets big and stays for a long time. For example I have a big interest in mushrooms and mycology and plants I currently own 17 I can talk for hours on the knowledge and facts and what I've found in those topics. It's also pretty obvious because I used to post alot of it on my tiktok. Bully 1 also took that to her advantage and bullied me for that aswell. A little backround on the last 2 bullying instances, I belive the first one started when K became friends with bully 1 and I guess she told her some of my secrets for example that I suffered pretty badly with self harm and that I had some physical health problems. Bully 1 took that to her advantage and was relentless with the name calling. She made a groupchat with everyone in her contacts and added me and poster immages and stickers of me and name called and was making fun of me. She also tried to trip me on the stairs multiple times. I never told anyone shout those besides my friends and she eventually got expelled from the school so it all ended there. (There was more to this story but I prefer to keep some things private)
Now I understand it really doesn't seem like a big deal and I know and if you're reading this thinking that I'm overreacting or I'm just sensitive I know and I'm sorry. Some backround why I'm like this is because of all the bullying and insensitive comments ect. I've struggled with self harm since I was 11 and have tried to off myself 7 times thr first time when I was 12. I still haven't recovered fully and I get overwhelmed very very easily and don't do well under stress so that's all been building up and only my closest friends know none of my family and recently some guy tried to SA me I was in town waiting for the bus when he stood behind me very close and walked around and called me a "spicy girl" when I tried to distance myself then he got close and tried to grab my chest area, I ran away and met up with a friend. Which kind of explains why the situation now is very stressful and overwhelming.
Onto whats happening now. A popular group in my year has turned me into an inside joke Girl A has been saying Hi to me and just sometimes being a bit weird and sometimes being nice but too obvious it's sarcasm at first I just believed it to be her being weird because it wouldn't have been the first time that's happend but the other day a friend of mine overheard them talking about how girl A is dating me and she came to tell me and honestly I knew something was up but I never expected that to happen. And then not even like 2 seconds after I was told girl A came up to me and was her usual self of an overly friendly hi then the whole friend group started laughing. Oh and another point is that they will eventually come up to me and say something, but because they are the popular girls I am horrified of what will happen because even if it is a joke and they ask to go out w me or something and I say no they will most likely start some sort of drama and I will be in the centre or worse they will actually bully me. The thought of that caused me to have a panic attack around my friends and now I genuinely have no clue what to do anymore.
I'm really sorry if you're reading this and thinking that I'm overreacting or it's not as bad as I make it out to be and I'm sorry.
also if this for whatever reason goes on tiktok you still don't know me.
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2023.04.01 13:56 Gudsource Has Anyone Else Tried FARGPT.com? The Results Are… Impressive?

Hey folks,
I recently came across this site called FARGPT.com and wanted to share my thoughts. It's supposed to be an AI tool that helps answer questions from the FAR. Now, I'm no expert, but I've had to look up stuff in the FAR from time to time, and it can be a pain.

Honestly, when I first heard about FARGPT.com, I was pretty skeptical. I mean, can an AI really be that helpful with something as complex as the FAR? But, I gave it a try anyway, and it's actually been pretty useful. You can even select your agency’s supplement.
The website isn't perfect, and sometimes I still need to double-check the answers it gives, but it's definitely made finding info a bit easier. The interface is simple, which is nice, and I don't have to spend forever searching through to find what I need.
I'm wondering if anyone else here has tried FARGPT. If you have, what did you think? Did it help you at all, or was it just a waste of time? And if you haven't tried it, maybe give it a shot and see what you think. It's not a miracle worker, but it's helped me out a bit.
I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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2023.04.01 13:55 atlas_traveler99 Me 20M and my girlfriend 21F, advice for next move.

First of all, Ive been with this girl for almost 5 years. Throughout the years, she changed a lot, and I felt that she became narcissistic, or maybe I'm not blind anymore. I mean, it is so suffocating sometimes. Her attitude, the useless arguments, the fact that she hardly accepts mistakes—day by day, she becomes more ungrateful for the things I do for her. It gets worse and worse until I am not really myself anymore. and we had a couple of big fights already. I dunno, guys, like I kinda want to be alone with myself again, not in a relationship. I am tired. But I am scared to leave her, as she became so dependent on me (specially when the pandemic hit), and leaving her alone frightens me. I am guilty of wanting to be alone again, but I am also sick and tired... I want your advice, guys. T_T
Ps. We are 20yrs young now, I am scared that she would not change and from the start, I wanted to marry her, I am the guy who enters a relationship for marriage, IDK if I'm so cheesy but. What I'm scared of is I'm going to endure this the rest of my life. What to do ? =(
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2023.04.01 13:55 throwaway20200502 My therapist wants to know what I want but I don’t know what I want?

Both my therapist and I agree that I have a problem about not being able to live in the present. I'm always reminiscing the past, or imagining a better future or fantasizing about an alternate reality.
She wants to know what I want that can be done in the present. But I don't really know that. I'm just looking to feel things again. I want to feel thrill, excitement, joy, coziness, etc. Sometimes that manifests in my thinking about fighting against dragons or being an anime character in High School. That is too far-fetched or not concrete enough for her, though.
I know I hate the present. I just work (about 50h/week) and then spend my free time listening to music in my bed. Everything is boring and dull.
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2023.04.01 13:55 Hannyx3 Love hurt sometime

Hello,I'm here today to talk about a man that i love and the situation that i am now. (Sorry if I make mistakes in my story, English is not my first language). So to start him and I have a big age gap. We met in a professional situation and after i quit i ask him if we can continue to talk. He agree after that we talk for month and he stop talking to me for weeks because of something i tell but now we're good. Recently he tell me a news that i didn't know about it, obviously. That he had a love déception and explain to me that he was very inlove with a woman but she was not interested by him. Now i try to support him with this,and i tell him that i know what he feeling. Because yeah,i know what he feeling, because if it was not obvious i am completely inlove with him. He amazing,smart, beautiful, weird sometimes but i like the way he's weird,I like the way he talk,the way he talks about things he love,he looks excited. He not really confident but ohh man,he fucking special,he incredible and i really want to tell him,how much that if i have a little chance to be with him,how much i will make him happy,if i have one chance to be in his arm everyday,i will be the most happy woman who existed,i would tell him everyday how much he's beautiful. I love everything about him. If i just have the chance to be with him,just one day,just 1 hours... I would be so happy. I feel that he would never happen because of our different age. Sometimes i just wish that i would born earlier to be with him... To my special man,i love you...
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2023.04.01 13:54 alexrider50000 Love that Dota and the Overwatch system promotes and rewards being in Majority.

Just love it. Love that a party of 3 or 4 people playing can just report a solo player for having his opinion, and thoughts on how to play the game to win. Doesn't matter what role,rank,region you play. Overwatch giving me an instant ban, for , if I may ask, griefing!? Is it really griefing, I wish to ask.
Context:Me playing solo, teammates playing in a party with members being in Majority. Our side is losing hard, and we are just getting kills here and there. I ping and chat to ask for a pickoff on their mid split-pushing. Only a certain amount of coordination and we can get that quick kill and out.
They ignore it, say fuck off. Go to fight random 3v3, and 1v1 on the map split up, and we end up all dying. As u can tell, subsequently this decision lost us the game. They start hurling abuses at me, calling me noob, trash, stupid etc, even tipping and all chatting.
The party of these toxic players with no ability to accept other players can have their own decision making process, which can be sometimes better, if u just freaking listen. No, but their ego is high, as they are in majority. They proceed to call me out and saying report me, and I get an instant ban after the game in overwatch.
So much fun, love the system being an absolute joke in times like this. Bully the solo players, force your own playstyle, disregard all other possible ways to play. And if it occurs, report and bully the solo player. It eventually gets to you at some point. Not the toxicity, but the ability to be so, and the lone one being punished for it. Nice repercussions, the perpeted 'overwatch' system. Seen as the saviour in such times.
That's my rant, thanks for either reading, or abusing me in the comments.
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2023.04.01 13:54 sanaoculus i think i may be poly

hi! i think i may be poly, but i dont know. so, a few years back, i met a woman. lets call her a. she was everything to me, i fell deeply in love with her and i dont doubt for a second, that that woman will always hold a big space in my heart. she is the first person i truly love and no matter what, that doesnt go away. last year, that woman got very sick and spent 8 months in the hospital. since i couldnt see her (we werent together, neither was there any kind of romance from her side) i started going out and distracting myself from her. thats when i found m. she gave me butterflies, made me feel safe, and lastly, we got together. then a came back and we started seeing each other again, as friends. soon my relationship with m got VERY toxic and destroyed me mentally. thats when i noticed that everytime a would walk past me, my heart would beat faster. my thoughts and dreams were all about her. still, i couldnt break up with m. i kept telling her i loved her, i sometimes feel like i still do, but i also think its just an emotional attachment. i dont know if i catched feelings for a again because of my destroyed relationship. but what i really want to know: i feel like i dont love m, i am just so emotionally attached that i cant let go. does that count as love? foes that mean i love two people? or is it clear my feelings for m are just an attachment? i know i LOVE a, but i am not sure about m. am i poly?
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2023.04.01 13:54 angisonairnyc Angison Air Conditioning

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2023.04.01 13:54 notsostupidman Littlefinger, Tyrion, Olenna and the Purple Wedding (Spoilers Extended)

Poison Pie is one of the most possible theories in ASOIAF. It can compare with the Blackfyre theory or JojenPaste with the evidence it has. Thinking Olenna and LF plotted to murder Joffrey is akin to thinking Hizdahr poisoned the locusts and Cersei murdered Jon Arryn. In this post, I will try to make a compelling argument for why Tyrion was the intended target in Joffrey's wedding and not Joffrey himself.
The Patsy
The general impression people get from the Purple Wedding is that Joffrey was the target and Tyrion was the patsy. But it makes no sense to be honest. There was no guarantee that Tyrion will be the cup bearer. The only reason the Kingslanders suspect Tyrion is because he was the cupbearer which could not have been predicted in advance. And lets confront something about Littlefinger: Tyrion was a huge threat to him. Littlefinger eliminated Ned by manipulating Joffrey because he couldn't afford for Ned to go to the Wall. And he makes sure Sansa doesn't betray him by making herself completely reliant on him. Even if, Littlefinger is somehow a greenseer and saw that Tyrion will be blamed for the murder, he still is a threat. Tyrion can just go to the Wall and send a letter to Pycelle that Littlefinger was defrauding the Iron Throne and that he murdered Jon Arryn(more on this later). We know Tyrion won't probably do that, but LF doesn't. Tyrion is just as much a threat at the Wall. No, LF had to kill Tyrion. The Patsy explanation just doesn't work out. People would just assume Joffrey choked if Tyrion wasn't there to pin the blame on. Tyrion served Joffrey and spilled the wine after the murder. That could not have been planned in advance, therefore Tyrion was not the patsy. Either Joffrey was the target or Tyrion was with Oberyn as a potential patsy. Some of you may be wondering: Why the jousting dwarfs? Perhaps they were a signal to bring out the pie. After the dwarfs leave, Joffrey starts insulting Tyrion and just after that the pie is served. The servers were the queen's. We aren't told which queen so either Cersei or Olenna.
As Little finger himself admits, he has no motive to kill Joffrey:
Why should I wish him dead?” Littlefinger shrugged. “I had no motive. Besides, I am a thousand leagues away in the Vale. Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you
Littlefinger was clearly using this opportunity to manipulate Sansa. That was just on-the-spot lie like the one about the dagger. Committing Regicide and trying to get away with it is very, very difficult. It just doesn't seem to me that LF would kill Joffrey for literally no reason. He is a master liar so we shouldn't believe him on what he says. I believe that while Sansa changed in the godswood, some other informant rushed to LF and told him that Joffrey had died so that by the time Sansa arrived, he was prepared.
Did Olenna have a motive for killing Joffrey? Yes but a small one. That Joffrey would abuse Margaery. But, it just doesn't seem to me to be enough of a motive. Joffrey would probably not have abused Margaery. He was nice to Sansa until Ned's execution. He was even nice to her after Ned tried to arrest him(and that was after Robert's death). Sansa was a traitor's daughter and that was why he wanted to bully her imo. The Tyrells aren't traitors. He would just be the gallant prince for Margaery. And as a backup for Margaery's safety, Loras is just outside the door. He wouldn't stay silent like Jon Darry if Joffrey starts abusing Margaery. The Lannisters are also reliant on the Tyrells, who currently have a bigger army than any of the kingdoms. It makes no sense for Joffrey to encourage Tyrell hatred by abusing Margaery with Loras just outside his door. When you take all that in consideration, Olenna murdering Joffrey for Margaery seems less and less likely.
Now for Tyrion.
Did Littlefinger have a motive to kill Tyrion? Yes. Yes he did. And a bigger motive than he had to kill Joffrey. LF has already tried to get Tyrion two times. The first in book 1 with the dagger (which almost resulted in Tyrion's death and would have if Bronn had not helped him) and the second in book 2 with Ser Mandon Moore(LF is the only player who Mandon Moore might be working for. Both of them are from the Vale and Mandon was possible made a KG on LF's recommendations.). Tyrion would have figured out LF's scams soon enough. And LF has another motive to kill Tyrion. One that is seldom overlooked.
When I was her guest in the Eyrie, she insisted that I’d murdered her husband and was not inclined to listen to denials.” He leaned forward. “If I gave her Jon Arryn’s true killer, she might think more kindly of me.” That made Littlefinger sit up. “True killer? I confess, you make me curious. Who do you propose?”
This is from ACOK from the chapter where Tyrion gives different info to LF, Pycelle and Varys. As far as LF is concerned, he will think that Tyrion somehow found out about his murder of Jon Arryn. Therefore he will think that Tyrion has to be eliminated. He tries to accomplish this with Ser Mandon in the Blackwater battle but fails. This is his third try to finish Tyrion off. Tyrion is still a threat at the Wall. So he must not be the patsy but the target himself. Tyrion also lies to LF so revenge is another motive. Sansa being widowed is also a motive. Its pretty clear that LF has a lot of motive to kill Tyrion.
Do the Tyrells have a motive for killing Tyrion? Yes but you have to look at the bigger picture to understand this. Sansa will be widowed so that the Tyrells can make a play for the North. They will also be able to take the position of Master of Coin if Tyrion dies. Tyrion being the patsy makes no sense as I explained above so it makes so in a hypothetical situation about Joffrey's murder, Tyrion would still be the Master of Coin. Another motive is that they can blame Oberyn Martell the man who crippled their heir. Oberyn is associated with poison and has a motive too. I think they would still have blamed Oberyn for Joffrey's murder if Cersei hadn't arrested Tyrion first.
The Downsides
While LF doesn't lose much by Joffrey's murder, he doesn't get a widowed Sansa.
As for the Tyrells, yes they lose a lot. Firstly, Joffrey can be easily manipulated. He seems like a person for whom the reverse-psychology would be pretty effective. Margaery is his wife so she can manipulate Joffrey. This also explains the meeting with Sansa. They wanted to know how Joffrey can be manipulated by finding out what kind of person he is. Secondly, they are outnumbered badly in the council. The Regent, The Hand, Grandmaester, Lord Commander of KG and Master of Coin are all pro Lannisters. Varys is Varys so he cannot be trusted. And then there is Oberyn too. The Tyrells get only the positions of Justiciar and Admiral. If, they kill Tyrion instead of Joffrey, they can get a Tyrell as Master of Coin and ofcourse they can manipulate Joffrey and as the King's word is pretty much the law, the small council can't overrule him. They, however, can't manipulate Tywin. Also, Sansa is not widowed if the Imp doesn't die. Just look at how quickly the Tyrells lost power after Joffrey's death.
As you can see, the motivations for killing Tyrion are present while the same cannot be said for killing Joffrey. And the Tyrells lose a lot if they kill Joffrey.
The Murder
Cressen's death and Joffrey's death(if the wine is poisoned) are a bit different in the time they take.
The wine was sour on his tongue. He let the empty cup drop from his fingers to shatter on the floor. “He does have power here, my lord,” the woman said. “And fire cleanses.” At her throat, the ruby shimmered redly Cressen tried to reply, but his words caught in his throat. His cough became a terrible thin whistle as he strained to suck in air. Iron fingers tightened round his neck. As he sank to his knees, still he shook his head, denying her, denying her power, denying her magic, denying her god. And the cowbells peeled in his antlers, singing fool, fool, fool while the red woman looked down on him in pity, the candle flames dancing in her red red eyes.
As you can see, Cressen dies really quickly. Joffrey takes a lot of time to die if the poison was in the wine.
Joff yanked it from his hands and drank long and deep, his throat working as the wine ran purple down his chin. “My lord,” Margaery said, “we should return to our places. Lord Buckler wants to toast us.” “My uncle hasn’t eaten his pigeon pie.” Holding the chalice one-handed, Joff jammed his other into Tyrion’s pie. “It’s ill luck not to eat the pie,” he scolded as he filled his mouth with hot spiced pigeon. “See, it’s good.” Spitting out flakes of crust, he coughed and helped himself to another fistful. “Dry, though. Needs washing down.” Joff took a swallow of wine and coughed again, more violently. “I want to see, kof, see you ride that, kof kof, pig, Uncle. I want . . . ” His words broke up in a fit of coughing.
Joffrey manages to get a lot of words out after he drinks the wine. Then he drinks the pie and starts coughing. Then he drinks another swallow of wine and then the coughing becomes worse. This is probably the result of the pie blocking his throat. The time taken works out of the poison was in the pie but not for the wine.
How the pie would work
Margaery was also drinking from the wine. I don't think the Tyrells wanted to risk her life and it would be too suspicious if she didn't drink from it. If the target is Tyrion, then the strangler could have been put on the pointy side of the pie and covered with lemon cream. Sansa's hairnet also makes sense as a backup plan. If the Tyrells were ever suspected, Olenna could just see her hairnet and claim that it has the strangler in it. Sansa has reason to kill Tyrion of course and she was sitting right beside him making it easy for her to have slipped the crystal. They could kill Dontos to throw off further investigation.
A serving man placed a slice of hot pigeon pie in front of Tyrion and covered it with a spoon of lemon cream. The pigeons were well and truly cooked in this pie, but he found them no more appetizing than the white ones fluttering about the hall. Sansa was not eating either. “You’re deathly pale, my lady,” Tyrion said. “You need a breath of cool air, and I need a fresh doublet.” He stood and offered her his hand. “Come.”
This serving man could have been working for Olenna. If done well, it would have killed Tyrion without making anyone the wiser. But Joffrey comes along and eats it, killing himself.
Now, we have the motive, the means and the murder all making sense. So I will turn to other tidbits that might hint at this theory.
Some Quotes
A serving man placed a slice of hot pigeon pie in front of Tyrion and covered it with a spoon of lemon cream. The pigeons were well and truly cooked in this pie, but he found them no more appetizing than the white ones fluttering about the hall. Sansa was not eating either. “You’re deathly pale, my lady,” Tyrion said. “You need a breath of cool air, and I need a fresh doublet.” He stood and offered her his hand. “Come”.
This after the pie is served.
My uncle hasn’t eaten his pigeon pie.” Holding the chalice one-handed, Joff jammed his other into Tyrion’s pie. “It’s ill luck not to eat the pie,” he scolded as he filled his mouth with hot spiced pigeon. “See, it’s good.” Spitting out flakes of crust, he coughed and helped himself to another fistful. “Dry, though. Needs washing down.” Joff took a swallow of wine and coughed again, more violently. “I want to see, kof, see you ride that, kof kof, pig, Uncle. I want . . . ” His words broke up in a fit of coughing. Margaery looked at him with concern. “Your Grace?” “It’s, kof, the pie, noth—kof, pie.” Joff took another drink, or tried to, but all the wine came spewing back out when another spate of coughing doubled him over.
Two choice quotes that hint at the pie being poisoned.
“The Fat Flower of Highgarden is quite convinced of your guilt, and determined to see you die. His precious Margaery was drinking from that chalice too, as he has reminded us half a hundred times”.
It makes sense why Mace Tyrell would want to see Tyrion die, now that his plan is failed.
In the show, the poison was in the wine. But in the books it was in the pie imo.
TL;DR The poison was in the pie. The motivations make sense. The poison being in the wine has some problems like the inconsistency of the time of death and that Margaery was also drinking from the chalice. The poison being in the pie however makes sense and there are also some choice quotes hinting at it. However, in the show, the poison was in the wine.
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2023.04.01 13:53 PontiacTransAm1 Rate my set up please sometimes I use it to enjoy some movies and I’m sorry that it is in a bad place for it

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2023.04.01 13:53 j__-__ Vent: Sister moved in with her kid and everything is going wrong

My sister (25F) and her child moved in with us to escape a relationship that wasn’t the healthiest by any means. Right, when she asked, I, along with my mother, dropped everything to remove her from that situation and move her 1,000 miles back home. Since then, we have had many issues that don’t seem like they’d snowball into huge arguments, but they do. The first month she was here wasn’t horrible; if anything, it seemed all good and suddenly everything turned upside down. She doesn’t care for the house in the sense of being a bad roommate- Dirty dishes, full trash but not taken out, cigarette butts littered, dirtying areas that were just cleaned. Any attempt to remind her to pitch in is met with max resistance I understand having a kid is hard, but there is no effort toward my feelings and These aren’t just little things either. I cannot tell you when or if she has cooked for her kid (McDonald's or microwaved meals), she’ll ignore the child for hours while he’s crying, and to top it off; she has abandoned her child for hours at home alone to go out and meet up with guys not once but twice and only fessed up to it when confronted. She complains that nobody is helping her when she isn’t helping anyone, not herself or her child. It hurts when that's all my mom, and I have been doing. To top it all off, she then bitches to me about my mom, who has - Moved her back home, bought groceries, cooks , does her kid's laundry, and has set up a college fund for him. All this while my sister is dropping hundreds of dollars on tattoos but then complaining about not being able to buy her kid any food or milk. I don't know what tf to do she doesn’t appreciate anything, not herself, not her family, and sometimes not even her child. I, along with my mother, have tried everything, and frankly, I’m lost. I am getting cameras set up inside and outside the house because, truthfully, I can't trust my sister anymore, and this seems like the only way to hold her accountable.
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2023.04.01 13:52 eieireddit The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal

This is a heavy summary of the book, the psychology of money. let's discuss it!
Thanks for reading! Let me know your opinion below!
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2023.04.01 13:51 assembledmolecules 24 [F4A] Discord/ tg call tonight

I want to talk with anybody, like a chill talk lang. I just want to talk to someone sometimes.
I hope you’re a very chill person. The call would be pretty chill, we don’t have to talk every minute. Just be there
I am done with my chores and everything. Would like to chitchat lang for a bit
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2023.04.01 13:50 Throwawaylife1023 I am spiraling into a depression deeper than I’ve ever been, and it’s because of the family I married into.

TW!!!!!- CSA, Mental Health
I (26F) have been depressed over half my life. I was first diagnosed at 11, which unbeknownst to my doctors at the time was due to ongoing abuse. From 10-15 my CSA was ongoing. After 15 it all came to light, he got put into prison, I got pregnant with my first child by my now-husband. It all happened very fast.
I married my husband (29M) when I was 19. He was my first boyfriend, and I do sometimes feel that I kind of took the first thing I construed as love and ran with it. My home life was awful and sometimes I wonder if I made a good choice. Anyways, I trusted his parents with the information of my CSA. Huge mistake.
In 2020, my abuser was released from jail. Not long after he got a job at the store 15 minutes from where I live. My depression resurfaced (I had been pretending that it never happened while he was in prison) but I got some help and felt okay for the most part. I avoided the store and was still in survival mode so it was okay.
Then last September happened. I had went the last 2-3 years without seeing my abuser. My in laws decide to go to his place of work while he was leaving, and live stream them harassing him, shouting my name at him. I only know what was going on because they CALLED ME telling me to get on Facebook and that my FIL was going to shoot him. I opened Facebook confused on what they were talking about and it was the first thing that popped up.
It was the first time I seen him since the last time he abused me. I have a recorded testimony so I didn’t have to see him during trial. Watching the livestream and seeing him I dropped my phone and threw up. I want to throw up now talking about it. I had panic attack after panic attack, my kids watching from the window scared and concerned.
I refused to talk to them for a week, where they proceeded to tell me that I was petty and ungrateful. After a week my husband told me he was sick of the drama and I didn’t have to forgive them and he is ‘on my side’ but I couldn’t ignore them anymore because it was too much on him.
Since, I have panic attacks about once a day. I am so depressed. I don’t know why that triggered it but I’ve never been this bad before. I decided to do something about it and seek help because I was starting to get scary thoughts. They are starting me on EMDR therapy in two weeks, I’m scared for it. My husband has been making comments like ‘you’re being distant, I shouldn’t have to pay for your trauma’ and ‘therapy isn’t going to cause issues for us it is?’
Last night he finally said ‘I dont know how to help you, it seems like you’re getting worse and I don’t understand how you can be okay then a small thing happens and you get this bad’ referring to what his parents did. I don’t know how to get him to understand. I don’t have the energy to be honest. I’m so exhausted and I’m so tired of fighting every day to get up. I want to not be on survival mode anymore. I want to be a person. But who am I without depression? I’ve been depressed so long I don’t know if I have a personality outside of it….
Thanks for reading
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2023.04.01 13:50 Llamaair The Norma Bubble

The Norma Bubble is a brand new player driven bubble located in the Norma Arm. It's main system is: Byaa Ain QA-J c11-144 which also has a tourist beacon in it.
Here, there are some great mining and exploration oppurtunities.
Most of the space out here is unexplored, which makes it perfect for both exploration and Exobiology.
For those who likes to mine, there are buy orders up for certain commodities as well. For example, we buy Platinum for around 270% of Galactic Avarage, and also Low Temperature Diamonds and Void Opals for around the same procentage.
We only operate in Live mode as of now, but we might also expand to Legacy later on.
We have 2 carriers in our official fleet there as of right now. 1 which buys and sells commodities and 1 which sells different ships and modules.
We will also have events sometimes such as photography events, mountain climbing events, combat events, racing events and much more where you can earn credits for participating and winning as well.
We will soon have a racing event, with a prize of over 1 billion credits to the winner.
We will also have transports going from the bubble and Colonia to this location, starting in a week or 2.
Our location is chosen so the distance to Colonia isn't that far (6000LY) so players easily can get to and from the Norma Bubble with connections in Colonia.
We are now looking for players that are interested in joining this bubble, both players with carriers and without carriers. Whether you're interested in mining, combat, exploration or just earning credits - there's always something for you to do here.
If you are interested, plese join our brand new discord server: https://discord.gg/zZUhUyuyDh
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2023.04.01 13:50 Chroxify NameGPT - Generate Project Names in Seconds

NameGPT - Generate Project Names in Seconds
Hey everyone,
we all know that coming up with a project name can be quite challenging sometimes,, so why not just let AI do the job?
NameGPT is a simple GPT-3 powered website to generate project names based on a description within seconds.
Also, feel free to check out the Github and eventually leave a ⭐ incase you like it!
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2023.04.01 13:50 CIAHerpes Corpse lights have taken over the woods near my home. Something is living within them.

As I stood sipping a cup of green tea in the middle of the night, sitting on my porch and looking into the swamp beyond my house, sickly lights began to dance and flash in front of my eyes. I remembered my grandmother’s warning about the corpse lights.
“Teddie,” she said to me, sitting on the same porch twenty years earlier, smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of wine, “do you see those lights? The ones that stay close to the ground, change colors and disappear or reappear constantly?” My small five-year-old self nodded.
“Yes, Grammie,” I said. “They’re pretty.” She nodded at this, taking another long drag off of her cigarette.
“Yes, they sure are,” she said gravely. “They’re also dangerous. You should never go into those woods at night, but especially when those lights are there. Where I’m from, we call them corpse lights. It means the fae are nearby. They like to hide behind the lights.” I nodded quietly at this. She had told me about the fae, how they sometimes kidnapped children and took them to their underground lairs, never to be seen again. She didn’t tell me what the fae did to those children, or why they wanted children at all. She simply said they were not to be trusted and that I should always avoid areas where they frequented, especially at nighttime.
“There are lots of fae haunting grounds near here,” she said to me. “It has been that way since before the Europeans settled this land centuries ago. The Native Americans used to consider that swamp sacred ground.”
But now I was an adult, and moreover, I was curious. I had looked up the scientific explanations for these lights that appeared and disappeared in flashes all over the forest and swamp, showing up in blue, green, red or white flashes that shimmered and vibrated. Supposedly it had something to do with the decomposition of plant matter and the resulting gasses that appeared. People had been seeing them for thousands of years, calling them by many names.
As I sat there, thinking about Grammie Greylock, who had died just a few years earlier, the old-style TV on the porch changed from some sitcom with too much fake laughter into the nightly news. A pretty young reporter sat at a desk, staring into the camera.
“And we start with some breaking news: the latest victim of the Westland Ripper was found today. Police say a woman in her thirties was found sexually assaulted and tortured to death by her father, who later told police he hadn’t heard from her in a week. This latest murder brings the known number of victims up to twelve. With us, we have Special Agent Ellis of the FBI. What can you tell us about this serial killer and the investigations?” The nondescript agent appeared on the screen, speaking deadpan into the camera.
“Well, unlike most known serial killers, this suspect targets both males and females. He is an equal opportunity killer. And he is extremely organized, planning his crimes in meticulous detail before…” I shut the TV off, rising and stretching out my arms and back. The news was always so depressing, and the latest crime had happened only a twenty minute drive from where I live, which made it even worse. My attention returned to those floating lights behind my house.
I got up out of my chair, chugging the last of my green tea quickly, and went inside to grab a flashlight. Without a second thought, I walked out towards the trail that wound its way through the swamp and deep into the forest.
At first, it was just a beautiful night hike. The stars were bright overhead, as there was no light pollution for miles in any direction. The moon looked nearly full, and my light caught many bats flashing through the trees, hunting bugs and squeaking in their eerie way.
Then I heard something that didn’t sound like any animal I had ever heard. It was a deafening screaming noise, but it wasn’t a fox or a fisher cat. I knew the cries of both of those animals, having heard them frequently living out here in the country. This was a sound like a woman overcome by the deepest grief, like the wail of a mother who just lost her only child.
“Hello?” I called into the darkness. The corpse lights began to drift towards me, floating a few inches off the ground and shimmering with colors. I stopped, an eerie creeping feeling coming over me. I immediately turned around and tried to walk back home as fast as I could.
But within a few feet of walking, the corpse lights started to cover the trail, smaller ones seeming to congeal into larger bubbles of flashing light. I saw flashes within, as if tiny bolts of lightning were flicking across the clouds.
Hesitating, taking a deep breath in, I put my right hand into the corpse light, the white shimmering seeming to lessen for a moment as I touched its surface. And then I could see every vein, artery and capillary in my entire hand.
Shrieking, I pulled it back out, looking down. My skin was back and my hand seemed totally fine. But my heart was still beating fast, and I felt eyes all over me.
“What in the hell was that?” I whispered to myself, regretting ever stepping foot in the woods.
I stared deeper into the corpse lights, and realized the surface looked like it was zooming into itself- as if it were a fractal image. I saw the same sparks of lightning arranged in the same way over and over as it moved faster, the white light on the outside shimmering as it moved towards the center.
And then a naked, sickly-looking woman stepped out of it, breaking my hypnosis instantly. At least, I thought it was a woman, until I looked at her face.
Her face was melting off, like candle wax. It deformed, beads of skin dripping off her nose and chin constantly, but it constantly reformed itself. Her eyes would be covered by the constantly shifting skin and muscle, but then reappear again, shining silver in the moonlight.
The body of the thing was thin and emaciated, looking like a cancer patient in the last days of life. I could see every single rib, and her hip bones stuck out over legs that looked like twigs.
But her hair was somehow the most disturbing part. It was stringy, black, and clotted together with what looked like blood. Drips of black fluid and dozens of writhing maggots constantly fell off the ends of each clump of hair, which was so long it reached nearly to her knees, being the only covering on her diseased-looking body.
Time seemed to slow down, and in a moment, I flashed back to a conversation I had with my grandmother.
“Never run from a fae,” she said as we sat on the back porch in the afternoon sunlight. “They will tear you apart. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me the same thing, and it saved my life. I accidentally stumbled into one as a teenager.” I tried to think of her as a teenager, but my mind failed completely. I had always known her as a sweet, old woman. “And like my grandmother told me, you grab it, hug it as tight as you can, and it will hug you back.” I giggled at this, thinking of hugging a fairy. She smiled down at me.
“It’s not like a real hug, though,” she continued. “It’s like you’re hugging it with your mind, and its mind hugs you back. And it will take you someplace else, and if you keep hugging it long enough, it will be under your power. The fae cannot lie. You can even tell it to come to you if you ever need it, though I don’t recommend it. When it comes, it won’t be under your power any longer- it will be free, and it will be angrier and stronger than ever.”
“Why can’t they lie, Grammie?” I asked, snuggling closer to her on the bench, feeling her warm, comforting presence next to me. She shrugged.
“They worship the truth, live in the truth,” she said. “It’s like their religion. They don’t worship God, but they worship power, life and death and sometimes, evil. All those things spring from the truth- they have existed since the beginning of time. The fae cannot think except through that which has always existed, so it limits them and their minds.”
I shuddered, my small, five-year-old mind trying to comprehend it- and failing. I just hoped I would never run into one.
Trembling, a sickly sweet sweat starting to pop out all over my body as my adrenaline soared, I ran forward, arms out. I grabbed the thing across the chest, but part of me knew I was not grabbing it with my physical body at all. It was more like my mind wrapped around its heart. Its mouth widened into an O that took over most of its melting face, its silver eyes widened, and then I was out of my body completely.
We were descending through the ground together. I smelled the grass and leaves as we rushed through them like ghosts, and then we entered the dirt underneath. The corpse lights had expanded to become the entire world around us as we sped faster, forever going straight downwards. It felt as if I were descending through some gas giant, Jupiter or Saturn maybe. Multi-colored, thick gasses swirled all around us, huge lightning bolts sending white light shooting out in all directions, yet making no sound.
The melting face of the woman grinned up at me, lengthening fangs showing underneath the waxy dripping of her skin. I smiled back, even though inside I was terrified, and even thought I might die of a heart attack if this went on too long. I tightened my mind around her, seeing it like a rope twisting around her bony, naked chest, and I saw her grin turn into a grimace. She did the same back at me, and I felt my chest tightening, a suffocating feeling overtaking me. I couldn’t breathe, but the more anxiety and fear I felt, the more I kept tightening my consciousness around her body.
“Stop that,” she said in my mind, speaking telepathically instead of physically, her real mouth now opened into a silent scream. “You’re hurting me. You’re killing me. Release me now.”
“No,” I grunted through the suffocating tightness. “Not until you give up.”
“Release me, or I will drop you down here,” she responded, now yelling in my mind, sending all other thoughts scattering like scared fish in a pond. The corpse lights had begun to clear, and we were in some horrific landscape, deep under the Earth.
All around us, massive leeches crawled, ten feet long. Tortured beings of all kinds tried to run, but their tormentors were too fast. Some had massive holes on their chests and back and faces, clotted gore running out, but they healed again, and new swarms of leeches slithered over and lunged at them in turn.
Out of the ponds and lakes all around us, black water hid eldritch monstrosities underneath. But tentacles flew out anytime anyone ran too close to the water, fanged suckers ripping through the victims’ flesh, dragging them upside down and plunging them into the water. The echoing of the screams and the splashing of the water resounded back and forth across the light brown stones of the caverns, soft light spilling out from the rocks themselves. I saw other fae like the woman standing here and there, some of them sleeping in small nooks dug out in the cave walls, others helping to torment the beings and laughing about it as they did so.
“You… cannot…” I said through gritted teeth. She could not drop me unless I let go first. I felt her will beginning to give.
“I’m dying,” her voice screamed in my mind. “You’re killing me!”
“Then give up,” I whispered, though I also felt close to death. My vision was beginning to turn black, my head bursting with pain.
“I release you,” her voice said, and the pain was gone instantly. I kept hold on her for a few more seconds.
“Do you promise to do what I ask if I let go?” I said.
“Yes!” her voice said in my head, and I released her. Floating, I fell back a few inches, taking in deep, sweet breaths, my vision returning to normal, my heart no longer so tight it felt like a fist was closing over it.
“First, what is your name?” I gasped.
“My name is Lilin,” she said, her face melting faster, her eyes blazing with hatred and fury. Out of nowhere, an idea came to me- a dangerous one, but my instincts told me to go with it.
“OK, Lilin. Mine is Teddie. When I say ‘Come to me now, Lilin’ in the future, you will come.” She nodded, her eyes seeming to smile now, the look of hatred receding from her face.
“Yes, when you say, ‘Come to me now, Lilin,’ I will come.” Her voice sounded so spiteful and full of hate that I flinched slightly when she sent this message out.
“Now bring me back up!” I said, feeling relieved to have survived and not gotten stuck in this underground Hell on Earth. I drew close to her again, wrapping my mind around hers, seeing my mind’s projection of arms wrap around her strange, sickly body, and within moments, we were back in the dark woods. I was standing in my body at the same spot that I had been when I first saw her, hyperventilating as I swayed unsteadily on my feet.
“Get out of these woods,” she whispered in a low, demonic voice, “and the next time I see you, I will kill you.”
I walked out of there, pouring myself a huge glass of whiskey when I got home. But I still didn’t sleep that night. I was afraid of what I would see if I did. My hands were trembling so badly that, when I poured myself the fourth glass of whiskey around dawn, I dropped the entire bottle, seeing it shatter all over the porch.
A few weeks passed, and I began to wonder whether I had imagined the entire thing, maybe while sleepwalking or during some strange, isolated seizure event. After all, every day that passed made the encounter seem more and more like a dream.
The night that I saw Lilin again, I had just gotten home from work. I felt exhausted. It was Friday, and I just wanted to lay down and catch up on my sleep. I fell down heavily on the bed, and I was out almost instantly.
My dream was bizarre. I kept seeing that fae woman from the forest, her face dripping off the bones. When all the flesh was gone and puddled on the floor at her feet, she smiled at me, just a skull, and pointed up at the sky.
I looked up and saw a symbol I had never seen before- it looked like a backwards silver-colored seven with a diagonal slash through it, surrounded by a glowing white circle.
“Soon, I will be free,” she said to me, her skull chattering out of sync with the words, yet her voice still coming through loudly and clearly. “That symbol will guarantee it. And I will never stop hunting you until we are even.”
A crash brought me back to waking life. I sat up in my bed, looking at the alarm clock. 11:47 AM.
I heard footsteps crunching on broken glass in the kitchen. A few seconds later, a man with an executioner’s hood over his head walked calmly into my bedroom. On his forehead, he had painted the same symbol I had seen in my dream- the backwards seven with the circle around it. In his hand, he had an old-looking revolver, which he pointed directly at my face.
“Freeze, maggot,” he said, a tone of mirth in his voice.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I asked, now wide awake and frozen in terror.
“Well, the news calls me the Westland Ripper,” he said, giggling an insane, high-pitched laugh. “I guess it is as good a name as any.”
“Get the fuck out of my house,” I said coldly. He pulled the gun back, pistol whipping me across the jaw. I felt something in it give, my mouth filling with the warm taste of blood. I spit out a tooth.
“Why? What are you going to do about it?
“Now you’re going to be a good boy,” he said, his voice now as emotionless as a robot’s. “I’m going to tie you up, unless you want me to shoot your dick off first. Try anything, and that will be the result.” He pointed the gun at my crotch to emphasize his point, and then proceeded to pull out a coil of thick rope from his back pocket.
Though I rarely watched TV, even I had heard about the Westland Ripper. He had injected corrosive acids into the flesh of some of his victims, burned others alive, and the FBI allegedly believed he had killed dozens of people above and beyond his official body count. Not only was he a serial killer, but an extremely sadistic torturer.
I knew if he got me tied up, that would be the end of me. I did the only thing I could think of.
“Come to me now, Lilin!” I screamed, my broken, swelling jaw muffling my words slightly. I spit out small droplets of blood as I yelled. The killer raised his gun to pistol-whip me across the face again, but he never got a chance to bring it down.
The entire room filled with the corpse lights in an instant. Flashes of light shone on the insane, melting face of Lilin as she materialized behind the intruder, grabbing his gun arm and forcing it up higher with her bony, claw-like fingers.
In a flash, her mouth opened wide, and she bit into his armpit. Shaking her head from side to side like a rabid dog, she ripped off a huge chunk of skin and muscle. He was screaming now, blood pouring down his all-black outfit.
As she ate him alive, I got out of bed, sprinting out to my car. The screams of the man followed me, growing more and more desperate. When I reached the threshold of the front door, Lilin’s voice echoed in my mind.
“Where are you going, friend?” she asked in a mirthful voice. “I’m not done with you yet. You can run, but you can’t hide.” I pulled my phone out to call 911 and report the armed intruder, driving out of that town well above the speed limit.
The police only found a mess of gore in my bedroom when they arrived, an eyeball in one corner, a finger under the bed, and so on. Most of the body was just gone.
I never returned to that town. I sold my grandmother’s house that I had inherited, using the money to leave the state entirely. But I don’t think that will keep me safe.
Lilin isn’t gone. Despite moving three hundred miles away, I just looked out the window.
Under the streetlight outside, I saw the silhouette of a naked, emaciated woman with long, black hair.
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2023.04.01 13:48 37Pigeons WELCOME TO KICKR

I get bored sometimes. I think everyone does. So I decided I'm going to spice it up. The bard way. I have now decided to seduce all the bosses. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP.
You're in control of my kickr profile, a dating app exclusively for monsters and for adventurers (or kickers). You can MATCH with a profile you like by using the command !kick or you can REJECT a profile you don't like by using the command !slam to SLAM THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY SHUT IN THEIR FACES.
GUYS. Im LONELY. Help me make a match that's suitable for me. You're my wing people and I'm counting on you.
-Disclaimer, !kick and !slam will randomly assign the XP gained from the attack to one of the normal attack types. If you're a specialist, this means you might gain XP in an attack type you don't use.
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2023.04.01 13:48 ChaosBard Νeed a software to calculate thermodynamic capability and reaction rate

Can anyone suggest software to calculate thermodynamic capability and reaction rate? Sometimes searching for enthalpy and entropy substances on directories is sometimes too long, thank you.
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2023.04.01 13:47 Ok-Scarcity-7875 Is there something like "prompt forcing" in chat mode?

Sometimes the model gives you an unpleasant reply and it would be cool, if one could write the beginning of a reply, so the model gets railed into what it has to say next.
To give an example:
You: Write python code that does X. Assistant: Sure. I can do that. 
So instead you edit the answer of the Assistant with:
Assistant: Sure. Here is the code: import 
And then the model is forced to predict text after import and hopefully produces nice python code.
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