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PlayStation Plus

2012.06.05 08:24 Feueradler9 PlayStation Plus

/PlayStationPlus has everything you need to know about the PlayStation Plus (PS+) service including a comprehensive list of the Monthly Games from NA, EU & Asia.

2013.08.31 09:46 will650 P90X3: Extreme Fitness ACCELERATED


2008.04.08 07:18 Seduction, Self-Improvement and Pick-up

Help with dating, with a focus on how to get something started up, whether the goal is casual sex or a relationship. Learn how to connect with the ones you're trying to get with!

2023.06.01 06:48 CButts Force team to try and make it a perfect season at home

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2023.05.26 05:54 Geekqueen15 Maybe unpopular but if we're going to be bringing in a New Dimera man (why idk) then I think we need to swap Dimitri for one of the current men and with Gabi leaving, I think Stefan should go. (Rant below)

Brandon's chemistry with Camila was what turned the character around, the pairing became popular and so did Stefan but now that his anchor, Gabi is leaving (and so far no news of a recast) there's really no reason to keep him around, especially if you're going to introduce a new Dimera male, it'a redundant.
EJ will always have place as a Dimera, Chad is so disconnected (for whatever reason) that it wouldn't make a difference and he's pretty much a Dimera name only at this point. Tony is barely around and more like the patriarch, older wiser brother role. Johnny is a legacy kid, always a place for him. So, unfortunately that leaves Stefan with nothing to hold onto, no shade to Brandon. I say Stefan gets swapped for Dimitri, then when/if Dimitri's gone, reintroduce Stefan with a Gabi recast.
Again I don't see why we need Megan (we already have Kristen) or Dimitri (even if he's hot as hell) when we already have so many Dimeras while other families are given nothing especially the Hortons aka the core family of "Days". Only Dimera's I want to see brought on are Theo and maybe Sydney.
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2023.05.23 12:48 NoMango7367 Pm if interested

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2023.05.23 12:46 NoMango7367 Pm if you’re interested

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2023.05.20 13:01 RugbyBot Match Thread - Western Force v Brumbies

Match Thread - Western Force v Brumbies Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 13

Venue: HBF Park, Perth Weather: 16 C, Clear
Officials: Damon Murphy, Graham Cooper, Jordan Kaminski, Kyle Burnett (tmo)
Match Page:
Match Threads: /rugbyunion/wiki/matchthread
UTC BST CEST (+2) AWST (+8) AEST (+10) NZ (+12) more
12:00 13:00 14:00 20:00 22:00 00:00 more tz
Western Force Pos Brumbies
Angus Wagner 1 Blake Schoupp
Folau Fainga'a 2 Billy Pollard
Tom Robertson 3 Rhys van Nek
Felix Kalapu 4 Darcy Swain
Jeremy Williams 5 Tom Hooper
Michael Wells 6 Charlie Cale
Carlo Tizzano 7 Rory Scott
Rahboni Vosayaco 8 Pete Samu
Issak Fines-Leleiwasa 9 Ryan Lonergan
Max Burey 10 Jack Debreczeni
Manasa Mataele 11 Corey Toole
Hamish Stewart 12 Tamati Tua
Sam Spink 13 Hudson Creighton
Zach Kibirige 14 Ollie Sapsford
Chase Tiatia 15 Andy Muirhead
Tom Horton 16 Connal McInerney
Marley Pearce 17 Fred Kaihea
Siosifa Amone 18 Sosefo Kautai
Tim Anstee 19 Jack Wright
Isi Naisarani 20 Luke Reimer
Ian Prior 21 Klayton Thorn
George Poolman 22 Noah Lolesio
Toni Pulu 23 Jesse Mogg
Simon Cron Coach Stephen Larkham
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2023.05.18 04:31 TheKarolinaReaper Stop Blaming the Doctors. The Problem is the Bans.

There's been a common string of responses I've noticed from the PL side whenever a post is made about a woman nearly losing their life by having to wait to bleed out or go septic in order to get a life-saving abortion. "The doctors should have understood the bill better." or "The doctor should have taken the risk to save their patient if they knew the pregnancy was inevitably life-threating".

"Doctors Are Under Threat"

Doctors can be fined, sued, lose their license or even risk jail time by attempting to providing abortion care under abortion bans. In Texas, a third party can sue someone they believe may have performed, aided, or abetted an abortion. Providers can be fined up to $100,000. There's also many other risks for them listed under the Texas law. This LINK gives a full rundown of the abortions by state. Many have felonies listed for abortion providers.
So PL, why should doctors be in a situation where they have to break the law to provide care to their patients? How is that a reasonable expectation for you?

"Bans Are Too Vague"

There's a myriad of problems of these kinds of statements that it is the fault of the doctor for not understanding the wording of the bills. For one, it has been cited multiple times by doctors, lawyers, and patients alike that have all said that the bills are too vaguely worded. (1)(2)(3). Doctors are too scared to provide abortion care because of this.
Pregnant people are having to go through unnecessary pain and suffering, risking going into septic shock, bleeding out, and even having their reproductive organs being permanently damaged because they have to wait to get properly treated.

"The Problem Is Glaring In Louisiana"

I've seen a lot of PL try to rebut these claims, saying the intention to "save the unborn" is worth risking the lives of pregnant women or that they assert that the doctors are still at fault and having a bill protecting the unborn is more important even if it's vague. It's on the doctors to figure out how to navigate around the bill. Or at least they say something to that degree.
But we're talking about cases where the pregnancy is not viable in this post. That's where a lot of these problems lie with these bills where pregnant people's lives are being put at risk. The doctor knows the fetus will not survive but they have to wait anyway due to the fear that they will get in trouble for violating the poorly worded ban. I've seen PL say, "well the answer is to clarify the bill".
Here's the problem, lawmakers are refusing to clarify the language of their bills. Louisiana has just ruled to opt NOT TO CLARIFY THAT ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES AND MISCARRIAGES are covered under their ban.
A Louisiana House committee overwhelmingly rejected two pieces of legislation Tuesday seeking to clarify when an abortion is still legal due to medical complications, in spite of doctors repeatedly complaining over the past year that the current abortion ban is unclear on this matter.
Lawmakers in favor of the legislation believe the bills may have been rejected, in part, over a fear they could be amended to carve out additional exceptions to the abortion ban for pregnancies that result from rape and incest. The committee voted down other proposals to allow rape and incest exceptions last week.
In this LINK it says:
Democrat Rep. Candace Newell and Republican Rep. Mary DuBuisson had both introduced legislation attempting to clarify what conditions doctors can still treat under the state’s strict abortion ban. Newell’s bill would have amended the definition of abortion to exclude ectopic pregnancies, so that surgery and treatment for them would be explicitly allowed in Louisiana. DuBouisson’s bill sought to clarify that medical procedures used to treat miscarriages wouldn’t be considered abortions under the ban. (Medically, the terms are often used interchangeably–for example, a spontaneous abortion or missed abortion is the same as a spontaneous miscarriage.)
The response from the Republican PL lawmakers was to say:
But Republican Rep. Dodie Horton said she has spoken with multiple doctors who don’t find the law confusing at all, actually adding that there’s “no question in their mind about what they can or cannot do.” Sure.
Rep. Tony Bacala (R) added that he thinks the law is clear that treatment for ectopic pregnancies is legal, to which Avegno pushed back. “If it was as clear as you’re saying, then my colleagues wouldn’t be confused and they wouldn’t be advocating for this,” she said, noting that doctors are wondering if they can continue practicing in the state, given these restrictions. One healthcare worker testified that there has been a drop in applications to residency programs since the ban went into effect last year.
So my question is, how you can PL blame the doctors for not understanding the wording of the bans when the lawmakers are clearly refusing to clarify the bill that THEY WROTE INTO LAW? How is not the fault of the bans? It's pretty clear to me that it is.
As a blatant clarifier, we're talking about cases where a pregnancy is not viable yet the lawmakers still refused to clarify where it would result in saving a woman's life. There is no baby to be saved in this scenario.
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2023.05.11 23:05 drehlersdc1 These members voted against rape and incest exceptions, killing the bill in committee.

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2023.05.11 17:40 Iluvbirds123 Jonathan Goodeau, district 31 votes against rape and incest abortion exceptions with smiles and right to life flirtations.

Jonathan Goodeau, district 31 votes against rape and incest abortion exceptions with smiles and right to life flirtations.
Advocates of loosening abortion restrictions faced an uphill battle, however. The Legislature is overwhelmingly conservative and opposed to abortion. Criminal justice committee members rejected bills to allow for rape and incest exceptions on 10-5 and 9-5 votes Wednesday, with all Republicans on the committee opposed.
Those votes came after hours of gut-wrenching testimony from rape victims, incest victims and medical professionals on both sides of the issue.
“If you are forcing survivors of rape and incest to carry a pregnancy, you are not supporting victims,” said Katie Hunter-Lowry, a rape survivor who runs Louisiana Survivors for Reform.
“Rape has always been used as an excuse to legalize abortion,” said former Rep. Woody Jenkins, a Baton Rouge Republican testifying against the bills.
One of the sponsors of the legislation to provide rape and incest exceptions, Rep. Delisha Boyd, D-New Orleans, had a personal connection to the issue. Boyd said her mother was 15 years-old when she gave birth to Boyd after being raped by a 28 year-old man. Boyd’s mother, who died before she was 30 years-old, never got over the event, she said.
“My mother did not survive her trauma. It was overwhelming for her and she didn’t have a choice in the 60s,” Boyd said. “I didn’t always understand, but I get it today.”
Rep. Tony Bacala, R-Prairieville, had a different take on Boyd’s story.
Bacala told Boyd that he was more inclined to vote against Boyd’s legislation because he thought it was a blessing that a good person like Boyd was born and her mother wasn’t given the option to terminate her pregnancy.
The rape and incest exceptions would do nothing to address another concern with the abortion ban however. Doctors have said the current law is interfering with their efforts to treat people who face complications with pregnancy because physicians and hospitals fear the criminal charges they might now face.
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2023.05.11 02:19 Iridescentplatypus These members voted against rape and incest exceptions, killing the bill in committee.

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2023.05.08 16:57 BarryAllen85 Performative Coaching

Rant: I dislike how coaching has become more and more performative. Like everybody is Tony Horton or applying for HQ. I’m sure most coaches don’t even realize they’re doing it, it’s just the way Crossfit is coached these days. I miss the days when coaches would spend time correcting mistakes, adjusting weights/scales, and doing some of the things you would expect a trainer or sport coach to do. Connecting with athletes’ needs on a more fundamental level. It’s like we are all Zoom-but-not.
Rant over.
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2023.04.30 07:49 Good_Highlight_3103 Leanne Morgan on Tony Horton's Webseries

Thought this was a pretty fun episode -
Love how open, honest, and real she is. Tony is a good time too.
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2023.04.27 21:26 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 120. UNLV

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
Viva, Las Vegas. UNLV narrowly escapes the bottom 10, coming in at the 12th worst team of the last 40 years. They’ve produced some memorable players including QB Randall Cunningham, RB Ickey Woods (Ickey Shuffle), and WR Keenan McCardell, but it hasn’t translated to consistent success.

Best Seasons and Highlights

 1. 1984: 15. UNLV: 11-2 (20.9351) 2. 2000: 45. UNLV: 8-5 (-1.26933) 3. 1983: 47. UNLV: 7-4 (-4.43223) 4. 1994: 52. UNLV: 7-5 (-7.91198) 5. 2003: 63. UNLV: 6-6 (-11.2493) 6. 1986: 65. UNLV: 6-5 (-14.4903) 7. 2013: 78. UNLV: 7-6 (-15.0805) 8. 1985: 63. UNLV: 5-5-1 (-18.1594) 9. 1992: 74. UNLV: 6-5 (-20.4159) 10. 2002: 76. UNLV: 5-7 (-25.1297) 11. 1987: 79. UNLV: 5-6 (-25.3278) 12. 2001: 85. UNLV: 4-7 (-26.1738) 13. 2009: 90. UNLV: 5-7 (-26.7353) 14. 2008: 92. UNLV: 5-7 (-26.9078) 15. 2017: 100. UNLV: 5-7 (-27.0838) 16. 2022: 105. UNLV: 5-7 (-27.7456) 17. 1990: 89. UNLV: 4-7 (-34.5125) 18. 1989: 83. UNLV: 4-7 (-34.7034) 19. 2018: 101. UNLV: 4-8 (-35.1308) 20. 1988: 87. UNLV: 4-7 (-35.9293) 21. 2019: 111. UNLV: 4-8 (-36.2456) 22. 1993: 91. UNLV: 3-8 (-37.1708) 23. 2016: 108. UNLV: 4-8 (-37.8405) 24. 1997: 94. UNLV: 3-8 (-39.2784) 25. 1991: 92. UNLV: 4-7 (-42.2475) 26. 2015: 109. UNLV: 3-9 (-43.1039) 27. 1999: 103. UNLV: 3-8 (-45.047) 28. 2021: 116. UNLV: 2-10 (-45.478) 29. 2007: 110. UNLV: 2-10 (-46.0142) 30. 2004: 108. UNLV: 2-9 (-46.4045) 31. 2020: 124. UNLV: 0-6 (-47.2584) 32. 2005: 111. UNLV: 2-9 (-52.3284) 33. 2006: 113. UNLV: 2-10 (-53.779) 34. 2012: 117. UNLV: 2-11 (-56.5007) 35. 2011: 115. UNLV: 2-10 (-58.448) 36. 2010: 115. UNLV: 2-11 (-59.1698) 37. 2014: 123. UNLV: 2-11 (-59.2762) 38. 1996: 107. UNLV: 1-11 (-61.108) 39. 1998: 110. UNLV: 0-11 (-66.0091) 40. 1995: 108. UNLV: 2-9 (-67.0286) Overall Score: -3697.71147 (120th) 
Aside from the 0.341 winning percentage, there’s a lot to like here. 2 conference titles, a winning bowl record, a consensus All-American, and nearly 25 NFL players drafted? We’re starting to see some decent success in this series, UNLV being one example. Unfortunately, most of it hasn’t come recently. 5 of UNLV’s 10 worst seasons have come since 2010, and only 1 of their 10 best seasons have occurred in the same stretch.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst: 1995 (2-9 overall, 1-5 Big West)
You might notice that this comes after 1994, UNLV’s 4th best season. UNLV also has 0-11 and 1-11 seasons. So what gives, why is 1995 the worst? One glance at the schedule tells you everything you need to know. They ranked dead last in the nation on defense, giving up 47.3 PPG with an average result of 20-47. UNLV ranked last in the country in my algorithm at 108th out of 108 teams. They somehow got a win over 6-5 Arkansas State in week 2, but that had to be a fluke. Losses included 0-38 to a 2-8-1 Rice team, 6-51 to Eastern Michigan, 14-62 to 3-8 Northern Illinois, 14-52 to 3-8 San Jose State, and 0-42 to 4-7 Utah State.
5. 2003 (6-6 overall, 2-5 MWC)
A team that went 2-5 in conference play is a top 5 UNLV team ever? You’re kidding, right? Hear me out, and take a look at the non-conference results…Led by College Football HOF coach John Robinson, things started well with a 28-18 victory over an eventual 8-4 Toledo team. After losing to a Kansas team that would make a bowl game, UNLV travelled to Camp Randall to play #14 Wisconsin on ESPN2. UNLV would be held to just 187 yards, but defense won the day as Wisconsin was held to 291 yards themselves, and UNLV shocked the nation with a 23-5 win. This was the same Wisconsin team that would beat #3 Ohio State to start 6-1! They’d beat (eventual 9-5) Hawaii and (eventual 6-6) Nevada to complete the non-conference slate of games. The rest of the season would be a wash, losing lots of close games and winning only 2 of the last 7. UNLV ended the season with a win over Wyoming to get the tiebreaker over the Cowboys and not finish last.
4. 1994 (7-5 overall, 5-1 Big West)
One year before their worst season ever. UNLV would tie for 1st in their 2nd to last season in the Big West, finishing 5-1 alongside Nevada and Southwestern Louisiana (now UL Lafayette). UNLV met in week 11 with heavily favored rival Nevada. UNLV was just 5-4 on the year while Nevada sat atop the conference at 9-1. The rivalry was especially poignant this year because of the history between the two teams’ coaches. Nevada coach Chris Ault had handpicked Jeff Horton to take over the Nevada job in 1993, but after Horton left for UNLV in ‘94, it forced Ault to return to the sidelines. UNLV scored with 58 seconds left to pull off a stunning 32-27 upset in what became known as “The Red Defection”. With the win, UNLV earned a share of the conference title and would play in the Las Vegas Bowl in the postseason, avenging an early season loss to Central Michigan by beating them 54-24 the second time around.
3. 1983 (7-4 overall, 4-2 PCAA)
In 1982, a QB by the name of Randall Cunningham stepped on campus and the rest was history. Cunningham threw for 2847 yards 17 TD 12 INT in his first year as a starter, and returned for his second season in 1983. UNLV outscored opponents 23.2-17.5 on the year and finished 2nd in the Pacific Coast Athletic Association with a 4-2 record. Cunningham had an even better season in 1983, this time throwing for 2545 18 TD 8 INT and led the PCAA in 8 different statistical categories including passer rating, completion percentage, total yards, and total TD. LB Kirk Dodge would be drafted after the season in the 7th round by the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, UNLV would later forfeit all victories in 1983, due to playing with ineligible players.
2. 2000 (8-5 overall, 4-3 MWC)
UNLV moved to the Mountain West in 1999, and things started to turn around for them in HC John Robinson’s 2nd season with the team in 2000. After starting 1-2, they took down unbeaten Air Force 34-13 in front of ABC viewers, the first time ABC had visited Las Vegas. The next week they set a record for the largest crowd for a Battle for Nevada game ever, as 27,578 people watched UNLV take down Nevada 38-7, ending a 5 game rivalry losing streak. The season came down to a nail biter in a 34-32 win over Hawaii to improve to 7-5 and clinch UNLV’s 3rd bowl appearance ever. In the Las Vegas bowl, they beat an Arkanas team coming off wins over #13 Mississippi State and #24 LSU to finish 8-5 on the year. A very underrated defense gave up just 21.2 PPG, and had 4 players selected in the 2002 NFL Draft with 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th round picks.
1. 1984 (11-2 overall, 7-0 PCAA)
I’ve said it at least 10 times and I’ll say it again, every team has their glory year. UNLV’s 1984 season stands so far above the rest for them. This was Randall Cunningham’s final year with the Rebels, and he’d throw for 2898 yards 26 TD 10 INT, repeating as the PCAA OPOTY. He’d also have another fantastic season as UNLV’s PUNTER, averaging 46.5 yards per boot, earning 2nd Team All-American by the AP to go alongside his 1st team All-American in 1983. RB Kirk Jones, who chose UNLV over Texas and UCLA as a recruit, was a 1000 yard rusher, and backup RB Tony Lewis spelled with 1000+ yards from scrimmage himself. Games were close throughout the year—only 3 of UNLV’s 11 wins came by more than two possessions. They finished unblemished in the PCAA though, earning a California Bowl bid against 8-2-1 Toledo. UNLV showed their prowess, and took them down 30-13 to finish 11-2 on the year. 4 players from the 1984 team were drafted into the NFL including Cunningham and reserve RB Ickey Woods. As of 2009, seven UNLV players including Kirk Jones had passed away, gone too soon. Their memory lives on from that great 1984 team, may they rest in peace.

5th Quarter

Was Randall Cunningham a better quarterback or punter? And how can UNLV return to the glory days of the 80’s? Perhaps in the NIL era, a Las Vegas school can find some funds they previously couldn’t.
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.04.25 16:03 happyhippoh Let's help Louisiana 💕

Hello Hippo Family!
Louisiana is having a hearing on the 25th regarding a state ban. Here are a list of the legislator's emails that are involved.
Alonzo L Knox- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Dodie Horton- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Debbie Villio- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Alan Seabaugh- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Marcus Anthony Bryant- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Tony Bacala [-[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Rep. Kathy Edmenston- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Rep. Gabe Firment [-[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Nicholas Muscarello- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Bryan Fontenot- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Joseph A [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Jonathan Goudeau- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Clay Schexnayder- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Denise Marcelle- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Rep. Valarie Hodges- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Raymond E Garafolo- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Vanessa Caston Lafleur- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
You don't have to live here to write in. Please share your story and help keep our tea legal! If you don't have time to directly email them, please go to to share your story. To help further, you can call, as well. Love y'all!
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2023.04.23 01:09 SteelyDan4Prez [SETLIST THREAD] Billy Strings - St. Augustine, FL 4/22/2023

Hey all, welcome to 4/20 Too, N3 in St. Augustine! Happy to be your captain tonight.
Weather: ~70° F, slight chance for storms as the night progresses
Gates Open: 5:30PM EST
Show: 7:00PM EST
Show Poster: Maxx242 and Kathleen Goff
Official Stream:
Setlist Resources:
Scheduled Start Time: 7:00PM
SET ONE [7:21PM - 8:33PM]
Dusty Miller (traditional) >
Must Be Seven
Hollow Heart >
Tipper (Tony Rice)
Preacher & the Bear (Arthur Francis Collins) 1
Nothing's Working
Katy Daley (Eamon O'Shea) >
Tennessee (Jimmy Martin)
Turmoil & Tinfoil 2
I Told Them All About You (Doc Watson with David Grisman) 3
Key Signator (Darol Anger)
SET TWO [8:57PM - 10:05PM]
Nutshell (Alice in Chains) >
Along The Road (Dan Fogelberg)
Streamline Cannonball (Roy Acuff)
Ain't Nothing To Me (Loy Clingman) 4
Thirst Mutilator >
Love Like Me 5
Highway Hypnosis
Shady Grove (traditional)
Bronzeback >
Ole Slewfoot (Johnny Horton)
ENCORE [10:07PM - 10:11PM]
Big Mon 3000 6
1 for Jarrod Walker's parents
2 over 20 minutes
3 sign request, fan's honeymoon
4 40 show gap, for Billy's mom at home
5 dedicated to newlywed friends, honeymooners from earlier, and anyone else that's in love
6 Casio DG-20
At the show: 301, 201, 303
Couch Touring: Philadelphia PA, Frazier Park CA, Charlotte NC, central OH, Bend OR, Greensboro NC, Bellingham WA, BHam AL, Boston MA, Nashville TN, Vancouver BC, Mamaroneck, Billycord, Harrisburg PA, Salem OR, central NC, Chesapeake VA, Mobile AL, state of Tennessee, middle of fucking nowhere IN, Huntington WV, south Chicago burbs, Madison WI, Centerville MD, eastern WV, Kentucky, Elizabethton TN, NW Chicago burbs, Mt Pleasant SC, Eugene OR
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2023.04.22 21:25 AnarchoFerret “The germ regime” 🤔

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2023.04.22 18:09 fogv tony horton - power of 4

anybody else do this program? i’m about a month in. program design is very good. just did the ‘primal flow’ workout and it just about killed me though. been doing BB programs for close to 14 years now but never seen a workout like that before. really different and TOUGH! had to do the ‘power down’ versions almost always.
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2023.04.22 10:35 RugbyBot Match Thread - Western Force v Highlanders Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 9

Match Thread - Western Force v Highlanders Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 9

Venue: HBF Park, Perth Weather: 25 C, Clear
Officials: Nic Berry, Graham Cooper, Jordan Kaminski, Brett Cronan (tmo)
Match Threads: /rugbyunion/wiki/matchthread


UTC BST CEST (+2) AWST (+8) AEST (+10) NZ (+12) more
09:35 10:35 11:35 17:35 19:35 21:35 more tz


Western Force Pos Highlanders
Tom Robertson 1 Ethan De Groot
Tom Horton 2 Andrew Makalio
Santiago Medrano 3 Jermaine Ainsley
Felix Kalapu 4 Pari Pari Parkinson
Jeremy Williams 5 Will Tucker
Tim Anstee 6 Shannon Frizell
Ollie Callan 7 Billy Harmon
Michael Wells 8 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u
Issak Fines-Leleiwasa 9 James Arscott
Bryce Hegarty 10 Mitch Hunt
Manasa Mataele 11 Jonah Lowe
Hamish Stewart 12 Thomas Umaga-Jensen
Sam Spink 13 Fetuli Paea
Toni Pulu 14 Connor Garden-Bachop
Chase Tiatia 15 Sam Gilbert
Feleti Kaitu'u 16 Leni Apisai
Marley Pearce 17 Dan Lienert-Brown
Siosifa Amone 18 Saula Mau
Ryan McCauley 19 Fabian Holland
Rahboni Vosayaco 20 Sean Withy
Ian Prior 21 Nathan Hastie
Bayley Kuenzle 22 Freddie Burns
George Poolman 23 Josh Timu
Simon Cron Coach Clarke Dermody
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2023.04.17 19:42 CabinetMain3163 NSV: I did a 25 minutes workout and I feel amazing

It has been a long time since I had done any workout. Closest I came in was with few minutes of Beat Saber. But I feel I have a lot of energy recently despite being in deficit and I really wanted to move again. I used to swim but I honestly fear I can't walk the ladder back up, so I will wait until I reach the same weight as I was back then (~420lb). But I still wanted to do something and I remembered the workout set I knew about back then: Pay it forward by Tony Horton [it's on youtube, illegally I think so I won't link it here]. It's afaik basically modified P90 for my weight class. I was sweating a lot but I did it and honestly I feel great. I have no idea how to log it, so I went with 15m cardio, 10m resistance, ~400 calories.
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2023.04.17 16:05 jimmymacattack Hit a milly

Hit a milly
Hit 1 million in about 9 months. Definitely could have done it in a shorter period but some months were a disaster as far as consistency goes.
Was starting from being pretty out of shape from COVID and a strength score of mid 300s to about 575 now (lower is seriously lagging as upper is 681 and it's around 420). I've lost almost no weight but I haven't been trying to cut at the same time or anything. Since the first mill was mostly muscle building (all the go big or go home's including 1 and 2 twice + raising the barbell 1 and 2 and some tony horton and tim ladecho(?) workouts), I'm going to change it up to more cardio intensive / get lean programs to try and shed the outer layer.
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2023.04.15 02:41 sparkster185 [Setlist Thread] 2023-04-14 - Mobile Civic Center - Mobile AL N1

What is up my music buddies, and howdy to y'all! Happy Friday, but more importantly, happy Billy Strings day. Tonight kicks off the second show of Spring 2023 with the first night of two at the Mobile Civic Center. Hope everyone has a good old time, and don't forget to sort your comments by new to keep up with the fun.
Tonight's show is streaming on Nugs and is free for subscribers. No free audio / mixlr stream, unfortunately. Scheduled show time is 08:00 CDT (09:00 EDT), with a guestimated actual start time 15 - 20 minutes after that.
This evening's poster is the first of a double header by artist Brandon Heart.

Set 1 [08:25 - 09:31]
Slow Train
End of the Rainbow (Frank Wakefield cover) >
Thirst Mutilator >
Everything's the Same
Freight Train Boogie (The Delmore Brothers cover)
This Old World
Love and Regret
-> Rundown (Jeff Austin cover) >
Pretty Daughter (Danny Barnes cover)
Show Me the Door
Know It All

Set 2 [10:00 - 11:15]
Away From the Mire
Long Forgotten Dream
John Deere Tractor (Larry Sparks cover)
Tipper (Tony Rice cover)
My Alice
Home of the Red Fox (Bil Emerson cover) >
Ole Slewfoot (Johnny Horton cover)
West Dakota Rose (Chris Henry cover)
Psycho (Eddie Noack cover) >
Y'all Come (Arlie Duff cover)
Pre-Show Tunes:
Mighty Poplar - Grey Eagle (Alex's side project)
Rushad Eggleston - Leafternoon
Blaze Foley - Cold, Cold World
Miles Davis - Pharaoh's Dance
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2023.04.14 15:15 cos_i_am 2023-04-14 : New Country

New Releases from 2023-02-25 to 2023-04-14

Here are the new singles & albums for Friday April 14th 2023.
Singles :
Albums :
Spotify Playlist
As always, if there are any missing, feel free to reply to this post.
Don't forget to up-vote & say thanks!
Have a nice weekend! :)
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2023.04.13 22:23 Nintendo600 Which actors could play what characters

I’m gonna be honest, a lot of the cast look like cheap knock offs of big Hollywood actors, so just out of curiosity and for fun, if DOOL made a feature film, which actor would play who? Here’s some of my picks. Btw not saying all these actors are cheap knock offs, but who they remind me of.
Tom Cruise - Austin Reed Tom Hiddleston - Tony/Andre DiMera Paul Rudd - Jack Deveraux Billy Ray Cyrus - Steve Johnson Keanu Reeves - John Black Anna Faris - Belle Black Josh Duhamel - Shawn Douglas Brady Brecken Meyer - Phillip Kiriakis Tom Hanks - Tom Horton Selena Gomez - Chloe Lane Ben Affleck - Brady Black Taylor Lautner - Ben Weston Pedro Pascal - Rafe Hernandez Shemar Moore - Eli Grant Rhianna - Lani Price Dean Cain - Lucas Roberts
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