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2023.05.31 17:06 Alternative_Duty4614 Origami Anivia Original by Doreng Studios

Origami Anivia Original by Doreng Studios
I'm relating to this post:
(3) Real Papercraft Anivia - It's easy to make :) : AniviaMains (
So, I've made the Anivia origami making it a combination of the original Anivia skin (especially the colors and the banner image of this page) and the papercraft Anivia skin.
But before we dive into details, thanks to Doreng for this incredible design plus the tutorial. Unfortunately, it had some gaps at some points and some additional content was not available which delayed the whole crafting process extremely and took me approx. two weeks to finish.
As a self-proclaimed advanced beginner in origami, I had to figure out some key parts by myself, created tons of prototypes to test if these parts I'm making are actually matching the ones in the video - in the end most did. Well, after this origami, I feel confident in calling me an intermediate if not even more. So beware, this origami is quite difficult, especially putting all the components together at the end (and making the f* phoenix stand properly).
So, if you want to build it yourselves, please find all materials, the video and additional images here (book in background is "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu in case anybody is interested).The platform (hyperbolic paraboloid shelter) tutorial can be found here.
Have fun building!
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2023.05.29 16:35 Manos132 Swain's gameplay design feedback / analysis

Hello everyone,
I'd like to (once again) write some more of my personal opinions regarding Swain's gameplay design currently, which I think even though it's pretty good, he still needs, I'd say a few more changes for him to satisfy the dedicated players' expectations of the champion. I am a high diamond - master Swain OTP, I've been playing him for the past 3 years, witnessed 2 of his mini reworks. I "fell in love" with Swain because of his lore / voice lines and his design overall, alongside that amazing feeling of playing him during his R. I am really devoted to Swain and this is why I'm going through this, because I think he could be further tweaked to reach his maximum gameplay potential which would make me very happy. I've been posting reworks and ideas for long, but in this post I'm going to focus on the problems and not the solutions, having in mind my experience, and the... honestly, infinite amounts of texting with fellow Swain mains about his gameplay state. Brace yourselves, and let's dive in.
First of all a quick definition of Swain's fantasy. What should Swain's role be? Most of us would agree here, Swain is a frontline DPS Mage, or a battlemage.
With that in mind, the champion has some "feels bad" aspects that don't fit with that fantasy. While reading these I want you to understand how each of these problems connect with each other. I'd also like to note that the problems are not sorted in importance order. They're all equally important.
First. His full AoE kit. Having a full AoE kit means a lot of "ambient" damage. Low single target damage means bad late game, where bursting down a squishy ADC matters the most, AoE abilities have bad AP ratios, and in Swain's Q case, it sort of has "single target", ratio, but it requires the Swain to be in melee range which is pretty hard to do on priority targets like ADCs in late game. Look at Vladimir and Anivia, who have similar AoE levels with Swain in their kits but also have a strong single target spell that maintains their agency throughout the entire game.
This problem is further messed up with R2. R2 provides some amount of burst in a teamfight so Swain can have some good priority target burst damage in the late game (R2 is almost always used to burst down squishies with a single combo). But R2 is AoE, so it's gatekeeped behind high base damage and a relatively low ratio so its snowballing potential in mid-game is balanced. But apart from that, with how R2 is right now, Swain's playstyle throughout the game shifts from wanting to fight as long as possible ... to.... go in, use R2, and hope you do enough for your team to clean up. This obviously relates with his E design, which I'll explore later.
Pre-VGU Swain kept a great balance between single target and AoE, with his ultimate being his best AoE damage tool. This brings us to the next problem
For Swain to be a relevant frontliner in all stages of the game, he doesn't need good healing ratio. He needs good AoE damage. The healing, although satisfying in early-mid game, is very easily countered and makes Swain feel useless in later stages of the game, especially in teamfights (ignites are more common/ one person uses GW), where Swain is supposed to excel at.
Look at fiddlesticks. He has one insanely good AoE spell and guess what? That enforces Fiddlesticks players to drop in the middle of the enemy team and destroy everyone. Fiddlesticks doesn't rely on his healing and prayers to succeed in a teamfight, but he relies on decision making and positioning which are things that remain relevant in all elos.
With pre-VGU Swain, we see that his R1 drain had twice the AP ratio of current R1. This means Swain players are further enforced to frontline by doing a lot of AoE to 2,3 + targets. AoE damage and not healing is what makes a DPS mage want to frontline.
Another problem is the unreliability in his E and W abilities, mainly focusing on E.
Don't get me wrong, his E is a very, very strong spell. Perhaps a bit too good, and this is what I'm trying to explain.
The power his E pull has is insane in every stage of the game and one could argue that his pull's agency is what remains high, even in late game. However, a pull / hook is best in a support champion, let's face it. There's a reason every good pull champion is in support. You might not see where I'm going with this yet but hold on. A pull ability has its maximum value when you have more than one person attacking the pulled target, thus why pull champions are always in support. However, those champions that have powerful CC hooks come with a trade off: they do very low amounts of damage.
Swain is trying to be balanced, or more correctly, designed, across both support and mid lane. Even though he has a mediocre or a bad hook, it's obvious, just by seeing how Swain's playerbase is distributed, that it's still very powerful when it's followed up by ADC damage or other teammates. So, in the end, both Swain support and mid/top are hurt by this. Swain's ratios are lowered, thus impacting solo lanes, and supports are provided with a mediocre hook, alongside low scaling damage, making him, as stats verify, a good pick in low elo and a very bad pick in higher elos, where supports are very crucial and important.
Compare Swain's current E with his Pre-VGU counterpart, his old W. His old W was not a pull but a AoE similar to current W, but in the end, it rooted instead of slowing. So just by not having a pull Swain's solo lane potential was more favoured, by having higher damage ratios across his entire kit. Furthermore, his W ability was perfect for Swain's role in the game as a frontline battlemage: It was perfect for when people were close to Swain, and it was also perfect as a follow-up from let's say a Zac E or Nautilus Q, followed up with Swain's R , Q , E etc.
About Swain's W. Swain's W alone is a very good spell. It's perfectly designed. However, it further enhances Swain's utility for his teammates and not his own potential. And I think enough power budget is spent in utility, in his E. I think wild rift, keeping in mind the limitations in gameplay because of touch screen and smaller map, it still IMO made a good choice to lower Swain's W range and make its damage scale further if paired with his E.
Next up is the passive. Swain's HP stacking passive favours support a TON. It provides a stat that isn't relying on gold but on hitting an ability (that is easier to hit on a duo lane). That alone helps you understand.
For solo lane Swain the passive makes 0 sense. It made sense for a while after the mid scope... That is, until RoA got back in the game. You see, the only use solo lane Swain has for the passive is early game survivability. 12 HP matter most when you have low max HP. Swain needed this early game survivability because he had no HP from any items until his 3rd item (the core build was Liandrys > Zhonyas back then). This change was not reverted when RoA was re-introduced, so we're stuck with a version of Swain that has low AP damage ratios and high HP, thus not benefitting a lot from RoA, and AP overall, so Swain's build paths slowly evolved into Liandrys > Rylais > (Ocassional) oblivion orb > Tank items. Tank items, although they keep Swain relevant in later stages of the game, still don't make him feel as he should, like in pre-VGU versions of him, and don't really help him stay alive much longer because his R healing scales off of AP.
This leads us to our next problem: low need for AP.
All of the above issues (Avengers, Assemble.) like too much AoE, low AP ratios (which relates with the too much AoE problem), relatively long R cooldown (because of R2), make him be reliant not on AP, but on... spell effects. That's not how a mage should work. Even though these problems are often complained about by Swain players, with band-aid fixes like remove the ability of R to apply spell effects, they are not the core issues. Swain feeling like he "abuses" spell effects is the result of all the above issues listed, combined. It's not the problem itself. His R being a big AoE isn't the problem that makes him feel bad/ feel like he abuses spell effects and nothing else.
And... bad AP itemization.
Swain is an AP juggernaut, but, apart from HP, AP items lack the tankiness he needs. This connects with his passive problem (remember, I told you to try and understand how these problems connect with each other), since now with RoA back, champions like Swain, who need to be able to be in the frontlines, have that needed HP. Swain, either in his kit (passive?) or his items, needs real anti-burst solutions. Swain would love an AP version of Death's Dance. We see that after Liandrys > Rylais, and maybe Zhonyas added to the build, Swain literally has no good AP options for his playstyle. Thankfully, with abyssal mask's rework, Swain is now one of the best users of it, and it's good for magic resistance, but in the case of physical damage, Zhonyas is simply not enough to prevent Swain from getting bursted. However, this might not be needed if all the above problems are fixed. If Swain gains good single target damage, he shouldn't also be unkillable in the late game.
If you're still reading, I want to thank you and conclude with my final point. After all this, try to understand how well designed Swain's pre-VGU kit was. Yes, maybe it felt clunky, yes , the visuals were outdated, but the core kit design which includes stuff like: Q = Single target DoT damage, W = AoE root, E = single target damage multiplier, R = big AoE damage and healing, overall it had a perfect balance between everything. In my opinion pre-VGU Swain could be ASU'ed instead of VGU'ed (maybe with some more number or tiny mechanical touches) and he would be perfectly fine, and Swain's popularity would certainly rise.
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2023.05.28 21:09 Drisoth Karma Sett

Karma Sett

There's been a lot of conversation around this deck, and it's been ending up deep in the weeds with questionable takes. There's been some unsuccessful attempts to wrap up the conversation, and while I'm not nearly egotistical enough to think I can bring everyone together in agreement, I did think I could get the conversation to a more useful place.

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

I'm a consistent high masters player who's been playing LoR since around monuments of power, and CCGs generally for close to two decades. I've had a lot of ladder success in LoR, and plenty tournament success on top of that:
In respect to Karma Sett specifically, I am a good pilot of the deck. I've played it off and on for a few seasons, I doubt I am the literal best pilot, but I'm not bad at it. I played it to the referenced win, in both open rounds and top cut, I've played many games with it, and many games against it.

Is Karma Sett Broken/OP?

There's a lot of takes that Karma Sett is wildly overpowered and suppressing wide swathes of the meta, and this is just false.
The deck mostly floats around 52-53% winrate, with a moderate play rate. Certainly nothing bad, but a far cry from actually overpowered and centralizing decks that usually put up numbers over 55%. Particularly with the level of playrate these decks have, a 2 or 3 percentage point difference is massive. Decks like Fizz Samira, and Tristana decks DEFINED their meta, every deck was evaluated in its relation to those two decks, Karma Sett was simply a deck in the meta that you could justifiably play.
The prior meta was no different, with a variety of Samira decks absolutely running over the meta, and karma sett simply existing as a playable option.
The deck could certainly be broken at some point in the future, but as of right now it's just been one of many decks that are good but nothing special.

What is the Issue with Karma Sett?

It's exceptionally frustrating to play against for a lot of the playerbase.
There are a few things that I see as the source of this issue.
Generally when people are playing novel ideas, they have enough interaction, and value. The most frequent problem off meta, or just unoptimized decks have is they aren't actually good at converting an advantage into a win.
Strong decks will get an advantage and put you six feet in the ground the very next turn. If you are excited to play a novel deck, and hit Karma Sett, you frequently will not have the closing power Karma Sett demands of you.
Look at how frequently people ask for the Fangs to be buffed. The community generally likes decks that slowly play for value over multiple turns. These decks invariably get blasted by Karma Sett as if the game goes to turn 10, Karma will be playing 5 or more effective cards a turn, and upwards of twenty effective mana every turn. There isn't a value engine in the game that will keep up with that.
People don't like putting themselves out there. This has nothing to do with CCGs, and is just people mostly disliking risk. Playing against Karma Sett is fairly tricky, and it is always you who is expected to dictate how the game is going. You must always make the first move.
Overall, Karma Sett is a deck that makes people play in a way that is rather unpleasant, while specifically bullying a lot of fan favorite concepts. The deck is extremely well set up to generate frustration.

How do I beat Karma Sett?

Pressure, Demacia and generally targeting a win on turn 9.
Karma Sett has an insane power spike at turn 10, but very little scaling prior to that, generally you are free to set up from turns 1-8 building to an unbeatable turn 9 attempt. They do have interaction, but it is quite poor and limited by the specific flavor of Karma.
PnZ is reasonably good at killing small units, but struggles against anything slightly larger, Ranger-knight defector is hilariously difficult to answer for them, typically demanding a hexbliterator alone.
Targon is much better at killing chunky units in the midgame, but can't answer wide boards of cheap units to even a passable degree.
Rushing into the win isn't a good plan, you have time to use so take it!
Making a plan to win the game any later than open attack on turn 10 will not work, you are essentially gambling that your opponent hasn't found karma, and they will have.
Killing karma is not going to work, stop even considering that as an option, even pre turn 10 don't think about holding up removal, Level 1 karma is such an unbelievable waste of mana that unless it is their only option, they won't play her, and if it is their only option, you probably shouldn't care.
No matter how slow and greedy your deck is, you will lose to karma + place your bets, you are the aggro in this game. Aurelion Sol + Viego? You better be slamming Hydravine on 7 and trying to get them dead.
If your deck is incapable of winning the game before turn 10 in any reasonable way against Karma Sett, you will not beat it, and you need to make your peace with that reality. That doesn't make your deck unviable, Nasus Vaults of Helia was in essentially that situation and still managed to be a force in the meta of the back of other favorable matchups.
I strongly recommend just conceding when you're lost. Playing out the game against Karma is only going to dumpster your mental state and you're still going to lose.

Should Karma Sett be nerfed?

As much as card games love to pretend to be purely rational beings operating off logic alone, we are not homo economicus. Balance can and should have a goal of public relations. In fact balance shouldn't even care if a deck is objectively overpowered except as it impacts public relations.
If a deck is wildly broken, but the vast majority of players enjoy playing with and against it, you shouldn't nerf it. The sole point of a game is to be fun, if your players are having fun, who cares if its objectively poorly balanced. Your players could certainly STOP enjoying the format if it stays poorly balanced for a long period of time, but while they enjoy it, definitely don't step in and interfere because of some objective metric.
The opposite situation is what's going on with Karma Sett, any objective metric you look at tells you the deck is not anything more than a reasonable deck that people can play if they want to. A short trip through reddit will quickly inform you on just how hated the deck is.
The objective strength of the deck is completely irrelevant to if it needs adjustment, The deck seems to be the second most hated deck of all time, behind only Azir Irelia. A deck being that hated blatantly should be removed from viability.
Some people certainly enjoy the deck, and their opinion should be considered in this process, but public opinion on Karma Sett is so wildly tilted to the negative that the decision is not close.

Can't control have one good deck?

Control has had plenty of good decks.
Often I'll see a post on reddit with a title like "Why does riot hate control", the content will usually talk about how LoR has no real control decks, and everything is just slower midrange and we've never had a good control deck.
When commenters point out a variety of strong control decks LoR has had through time, the OP will usually dismiss them with a variety of frankly comical ways to discount something as not real control.
Especially comedic, people will often directly say, that LoR has never had a control deck other than Spooky Karma and Anivia.
Making any attempt to win a game does not prevent you from being a control deck. Control decks can and do play win conditions, what you are looking for would be better described as fatigue control or prison.
Modern CCGs do not have fatigue control or prison as major metagame forces for very long. These decks have some of the worst second player experience and are widely hated. LoR is not abnormal in this aspect. LoR has even HAD fatigue control (BC broadmane) and people still complained that control didn't exist.
If Karma truly was the only good control deck, LoR had ever had it would still justify being nerfed from how hated it is, but that's not the case. It even does the same stuff people dismissed TLC or Darkness for - eventually making an attempt to win the game.


Karma Sett is a good, but not broken deck that is exceptionally well suited to frustrate players. There is no reason to debate if the deck objectively needs a nerf due to power level, the deck is far more hated than liked. How to nerf the deck is not particularly relevant for the actual community to decide as Riot will be quite a bit better at solving the issue than we will. Until something changes, midrange decks with effective ways to pressure through the removal suite Karma Sett is currently running will be your best tools, often in Demacia.
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2023.05.28 13:43 -Maxxo- I see a pattern

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2023.05.25 16:05 XenoMan833 Is it the update???

It seems like overnight I suck on Varus now. I’ve been trying the new builds (Doran’s, Rageblade, Mystical Footwear, Nashor’s, etc.) and 3 out of 4 recent games I’ve gotten zero kills and died maybe 6 times. Do I suck now? Is this happening to anyone else? I’ve been up against Vayne twice, Senna, and Lucian. The sups have been very poke heavy like Brand a bunch of times as well as Anivia. What’s going on?
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2023.05.23 02:18 Blu_Will_Enthusiast I tried connecting a brawler to a League champion. Either it be gameplay, mechanic, or theme similarities.

(No matter how far-fetched or stretched out it is)
Shelly - Graves Shotgun wielding outlaws
Colt - Lucian Double pistol do-gooders
Nita - Annie BEAR!!!!!!
Jessie - Heimerdinger Tiny things building turrets
Dynamike - Ziggs BOMBS!
El Primo - Sett Show fighters who attack by punching
Brock - Tristana Both use launchers of some kind that have exploding ammo and both can jump
Barley - Graves An AOE bartender and an AOE alcoholic
Rico - Sivir? Both marksman with abilities that bounce? Also Sivir literally has an ability called ricochet
Bull - Alistar? Uhhhh Bull? IDK
Poco - Sona Musical support healers
Bo - Kindred Spiritual Archers
Mortis - Vladimir Vampire archetypes who steal life force
Spike - Zyra Living plants who deal AOE damage
Crow - Twitch Poison
Piper - Jhin? Their both snipers who dabble in crafts? Also both their supers include the number 4
Pam - Soraka Healing Mamas
Tara - Twisted Faith Both throws three cards and reveal enemy location
Darryl - Rammus They see us rolling
Penny - Gangplank Pirates who have cannon artillery as supers, also barrels
Frank - Sion Undead corpse tanks who have an attack where they slam their weapon in the ground
Leon - Neeko Chameleon
Gene - Blitzcrank GET OVER HERE!!!!!
Carl - Wukong Both have fidget spinner supers
Rosa - Vi Punch tanks (Even though one of them doesn't even have enough muscle mass to punch)
Bibi - Riven? Both get close to your face with blunt objects and have wave clearing supers?
Tick - Taliyah? HARD STRETCH. Taliyah has that one ability maybe?
8-Bit - Milio? Another hard stretch. I guess since they both have AOE support abilities?
Sandy - Lillia Sleep zzzzzz
Emz - Singed Gas *cough*
Bea - Varus Long range marksmen who both have annoying supers
Max - Zilean? Max probably has weird sense of time anyway with all the energy drinks she's drinking
Mr. P - Malzahar Those porters might as well have come from the void for how annoying they are
Jacky - Rell Mounted tanks with supers that draw in enemies
Sprout - Maokai Living plants who throw other plants
Gale - Janna Supports who have supers that push enemies with wind
Nani - Kalista Marksmen who both have nanny cams
Surge - Kayle? Maybe the level up gimmick as well as the crash down supers?
Colette - Ahri One kiss and your health is taxed
Amber - Brand FIRE!!!
Lou - Nunu and Willump Both can freeze enemies with snow and ice
Byron - Senna Supports who heal by shooting at you
Edgar - Talon Parkour assassins
Col. Ruffs - Ivern? Supports who buffs others?
Stu - Akali? Annoying assassins with infinite dashes
Belle - Ezreal? Both marksman with abilities that doubles damage if it hit the same target?
Squeak - Zac Blobs, that's literally where the similarities end
Buzz - Pyke Grappling underwater assassins
Griff - Tahm Kench? Both wouldn't upheld their part of the deal? idk
Ash - Renekton Both have anger issues
Meg - Rumble MECH!
Lola - Zed Sends out clones with same attack
Grom - Syndra? Balls and knockback I guess?
Fang - Lee Sinn They both literally have kick based skill shots
Eve - Anivia? EGG!
Janet - Seraphine Singers who get all the fanart
Bonnie - Kennen Tiny assassins who deal massive damage with their supers
Otis - Lulu Have companions that attach to you and hurt you and makes you wish you never existed
Sam - Xayah? Both can deal damage by recalling their weapons
Gus - Thresh Ghostly supports who shield and collect spirits
Buster - Braum That flipping SHIELD!
Chester - Shaco No outright gameplay similiarities, both are just absolute CLOWNS!
Gray - Bard PORTALS!
Mandy - Caitlyn Snipers with annoyingly long supers
R-T - Swain They know all your secrets and they have AOE supers
Willow - Renata Glasc Poison AND mind control
Maisie - Vex? Both have abilities that accelerate mid-flight?
Hank - Nautilus Underwater tanks who deal massive damage up close
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2023.05.21 23:38 FeuerwerkFreddi Help me find a new name

Hello fellow degens besties,
I’m currently building a new champion pool after one tricking Anivia. I’m now planing to also play Akali and Ahri with Akali being the one I’m having most fun with rn so I’m looking for a funny and degenerate name that preferably suits all of them but since especially Anivia is kinda the odd one out I think that’s not possible, so a funny name for Akali would suffice. I’m unfortunately not creative enough in my degeneracy, maybe you can help me out. Already asked the Darkinfolk for suggestions and was told to ask here as well.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.21 07:40 Nastyscar For Fun Anivia Support Build

Runes: Comet or Electrocute + Font of Life (mandatory) and Revitalize or Overgrowth
Build: Spellthief's Edge > Echoes of Helia > Imperial Mandate. Rest is situational, I like Chemtech Putrifier and Vigilant Wardstone.
These items are cheap, yet they allow you to do very good damage and also heal your allies! This pick/build shines when your team has a lot of ad as they will auto a lot and proc Font of Life and Echoes of Helia while you remain as a significant source of ap damage.
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2023.05.18 23:58 communism_johnny Enchanter Anivia

OK guys. It might sound stupid, but with the item changes today it has potential. You go moonstone first item, second item mandate and then you can flex like redemption or whatever your team needs, maybe even demonics embrace. I tried support Anivia with moonstone and mandate before the changes and it worked kind of. I just think you offer alot of cc, especially with all the ability haste implemented in the build, while also healing your team and having a good amount of dps. You proc moonstone permanent with your ult in teamfights, as well as mandate. I'll try it out in a normal game tomorrow. Anyways, thoughts, comments, concerns?
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2023.05.18 05:31 _Froz3n_ I think Imperial Mandate is going to be a great item for Anivia next patch.

Imperial Mandate has always been on my radar as it's an item that I've always though would be great on Anivia, however due to the fact it was a mythic till now always stopped me from building it as the other mythics where always to valuable. However, now that Imperial is a legendary item its a lot more reasonable to build. These are the changes Imperial Mandate is getting:

Imperial Mandate

Cost: 2300 Ability Power: 55 Ability Haste: 20 Base Mana Regen: 100% Unique Passive - Coordinated Fire: Abilities that Slow or Immobilize a champion deal 45-75 (based on ally's level) bonus magic damage and marks them for 4 seconds (6 second cooldown per enemy champion mark application). Allied champion damage detonates the mark, dealing an additional 90-150 (based on ally's level) magic damage and granting you both 20% Move Speed for 2 seconds. ⇒ Abilities that Slow or Immobilize a champion deal 35-75 (based on ally's level) bonus magic damage and marks them for 4 seconds (6 second cooldown per enemy champion mark application). Ally champion damage detonates the mark, dealing an additional 70-150 (based on ally's level) magic damage and granting you both 20% Move Speed for 2 seconds.
While this item is lower on AP than other mage items I believe the passive damage makes up for it. If my math is correct at max level if you can mark everyone on the enemy team your dealing ~1,125 damage from the passive alone in team fights. Furthermore, even though the AP on the item is lower you got to keep in mind the item is a lot cheaper so you get the power sooner but also Deathcap is going to give up more AP to make up for it. Oh and also Anivia has decent base mana regen and mana regen per level so the 100% base mana regen will also have good value.
IDK these are just my thoughts and wanted to put them out there.
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2023.05.17 18:09 TheGiantTortoise1 What do we think about the changes 13.10?

Coach Curtis did a video and seems to think mages may be buffed. How will these play out for Anivia overall do we think? Also is a liandries build better now due to buffed lost chapter?
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2023.05.12 07:58 DOLFYtheCAMP3R I genuinely want to learn how to play Anivia, can someone tell me the usual gameplan? (NOT ITEM AND RUNES)

So I like Anivia and how she is a reckoning force if she is piloted by an expert.
1-Can win lane.
2-Can scale well.
3-Can solo carry team fights.
4-Can defend the base like its the end of the world.
5-Can side line into most champions.
6-Has so little unplayable matchups if not at all.
7-Is always useful no matter how behind she is due to her utility and wave clear.
8-Can deal with tanks and squishies likewise.
She is a strong champion no matter the meta.
However I do not know how to play her in terms of game plan. I know the runes, combos, and builds, but I havent got a grasp of the play style. So here is the list of my questions (with a description of my personal experience), to help clarify what I am wanting to learn:
1-In easier matchups, or in matchups that you can score early kills such as Viegar or Vlad, do you take ignite and actually play for the early kill? Don't you run into mana issues if you play for early kills?
2-After the first back, when mana issues isnt as bad, and when you have ult available, what do you do against mages, and what do you do against Assasins?
I find it hard or impossible to ever kill long range mages such as xerath velkoz or ziggs, I usually just shove the wave and avoid any kind of interaction with them. However, I can score kills against battle mages such Viktor, Viegar, Vlad, Ryze, A sol, or any normal mage without one gazillion range.
On the other hand, killing assasins seem to be difficult due to their mobility, and kill range threat. For example, against something like Qiyana I can take my CS and avoid being killed, but I almost cannot kill her due to her dashes. Or if I ever try to kill Fizz, he can easily turn on me and kill me instead, so I forfeit killing him and he gets free roams off. I usually shove and take plates or make him lose waves, and also pink ward the paths he might use to roam, so I can warn my lanners, I never follow his roams since he can easily ambush me or just plain out run me since im too slow. Overall, how do you lane against each archetype of champion?
3-Do you ever roam? If yes, what are the criteria for a proper roam? If no, why?
4-How do you team fight?
In the majority of my games I feel like I had an impact on the game's outcome, but then when I look at the damage graphs, it really shows how little damage I did over the course of a game. But when I play something like Heimerdinger or Malzahar I do absurd amounts of damage by the end of the game, usually the highest in the entire game.
Can someone explain to me the usual gameplan for anivia?
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2023.05.07 21:58 Lissandra_Freljord Why is nothing being done about Force of Nature?

Riot is changing ADC and support items in the next coming patch or so, but nothing is being done for AP champs who have been struggling against the nightmare that is FoN. This new season has tanks who can infinitely stack up HP with Heartsteel, or get disgusting amounts of MR from Jak'Sho's. But even just buying a FoN nullifies the damage of almost 99% of the AP champ roster, including those who were good at melting tanks like Azir, Cassio, Malzahar, Anivia, Brand, Ryze, Kayle, Teemo, Singed, Mord. Unless you have built in AP scaling true damage like Vel'Koz or Gwen, or infinite scaling % max health AP damage like ASol, or built-in scaling MR penetration like Evelynn, you are not going to be able to kill a tank, even if you are a dps mage. Those like Kayle, Mord, and Kog'Maw, who have a flat MR pen/reduction sadly don't do enough damage as they should. The other day, I was playing Mord against a Sion who was like 0/22, and I was 9/2, and I could 1v1 him almost always, even if he built Heartsteel, Hullbreaker, and Titanic Hydra. But once he built FoN, I did no damage at all, even with my built-in % max health AP damage passive, plus my built-in flat 15% MR pen. And mind you, I had a pretty good amount of armor with Jak'Sho, Steelcaps, and Thornmail. Same thing happened to me as Cassio against Sejuani, who built Heartsteel, FoN, and completely nullified my damage, even after I went Liandry's, Demonic Embrace, and Void Staff. This simply isn't healthy, and something needs to be done, because AP items have always had it worse at counter-building than AD items, which are far more versatile and numerous.
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2023.05.01 21:45 PowerLich1 Anivia real emotional story teller - listen to her pain

my name is anivia and this is my story im so powerful that others just bore me but let me take you back to the day when i was small egg and i had a small leg i never knew that i would be wild and strong my upbringing was hard i remember playing with my mum and dad chasing every shard my life was more like a cable black or red card but i knew i had to make it through this struggle so i threw the dart and it landed right in the middle when i use my w that gets stuck in the middle i was scared but nothing like the fear from fiddle waking up in the cold was a riddle so my skin turned from normal to ice just a little i always knew i had the potential to be the best league of legends residential so i starting setting the rules presidential and my diet was strictly oriental if i could find something small it went straight in my dental i just were so life experimental although i had no place live so i found a dragon named shyv on my way to the big league i sat down with her and all we did is speak the night was getting dark and my wings were getting weak and she let me sleep but not only she polished my bleak i got up and gave her an ice cold kiss on the cheek no one ever showed me love like this it was peak but then i escaped it felt too good to be true so my anger and insecurities started closing my view anyone i met on the way i just slew building my obsession to take off couple lives may be more than a few it was a hard time to get through but that just one story of my life full of pain and glory i found a man who told me he made me in a laboratory he said i was in the predator category and it all started make sense so i developed my killing ability and strength every day i would see my wings getting linked i competed in battle of the artica and i was 10th my master told me he can inject substance that will make me more success horny what do you think i did i let him do all i could think about winning so i said screw it 5 months later i joined the league and i was so dangerous i had full ability power i was so cold noone could speak so you better like this or i will punish you with my bleak let me say that again so you better like this or i will punish you with my bleak
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2023.04.29 15:46 TheHarambe2017 How blindpickable is he really? In mid, for climb

I hit gold 4 with him in mid and was around 60% winrate. On my main account I'm plat 4 but for the moment I'm hovering gold 4-silver 1 on this account with Talon on mid
I started getting insane lose streaks and declined to 50% with 66 games played all on mid. Multiple games where I felt like I really couldn't do a lot and felt borderline useless. This is a bit of a meme take but I feel like a lot of my games have been just bot lane lotteries, it's either that my bot lane has 30 deaths total in post game or then it's the opposite.
So the question is: Am I handicapping my climb by blindpicking him every game?
For runes I go for phase rush, nimbus cloak, absolute focus, gathering storm. Secondary ones are demat and boots
That's the runepage I opt for by default, I change my resistance rune according to who I'm laning against. For items I've been going youmuu's into duskblade, then usually serylda or cleaver, edge of night if they have lockdown cc or burst. I almost never build tear unless I know I'm behind and the best thing I could do at the moment is to just try to lose less
Then I go conqueror if they have an absurdly tanky setup, like if enemy mid decides to go tank malphite and they have something like sejuani jungle, olaf top, tank support
I feel like in some games I am kind of shooting myself in the knee by blinding him. Playing against something like Orianna, a Veigar that hold cage, Anivia etc can feel really excruciating sometimes. Especially when some games it feels like my team is just in sync and the teamwork is there, then next game I get into a game where every lane is 0/2 at 5 minutes and relying on jungle ganks isn't really that consistent I think?
If I can't kill my laner I just try to shove the wave and look for anything on the map that I could be useful on, sometimes I can get an early level 2 or 3 gank on top if they trade heavy or kill or burn the enemy jungler if I see them going to wolves etc on vision
But sometimes there literally isn't anything I could capitalize on. It's not uncommon for a scuttle fight to never even happen, sometimes the enemy jungler just concedes it after full clearing, looks for a gank and goes back to farming.
I have issues playing from behind, I usually just go to a sidelane and split, try to take towers and look for anything I could do on the map. I don't know how I'm supposed to impact the map effectively against heavy push matchups where I just get pushed in under tower against malzahar etc, then my bot lane blames me for not ganking. I've been watching guides about macro and csing and general game fundamentals too but it feels like some games are just really really difficult to win. I usually try to keep a cool head and mental because I know at the start of the game that if I play patiently and look for opportunities the game could take a turn very quickly, but sometimes it feels really hopeless.
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2023.04.28 21:28 NummeDuss Is ROA really the thing?

Hi, I've been playing Anivia with ROA ever since it came back into the shop. Before that I usually played Liandrys+Zhonyas+Demonic Embrace while playing Comet/Manaflow band. I never had any mana issues and the damage was really good.
Since ROA is back I tried playing the way most of the guys here are proposing: ROA+Seraphs+Zhonyas and Eletrocute
Despite going Electrocute I feel like my pressure throughout the whole game is much less impressive. Sure my stats in game seem to be nicer having much more HP+Shield but the damage is just not the same. Also going that way I feel like I am getting my zhonyas too late. Sitting on a stacked tear and going zhonyas before seraphs feels bad and skipping seraphs feels terrible (which was not the case with manaflow band).
Overall I am still sitting on 56% win rate in around 150 games and she surely is my safest and most reliable pick but playing her seems super boring with the Roa build. Does anyone feel the same? Are there even people who still go Liandrys? And if yes what is your impression?
Also what do you guys think about going electrocute but instead of precision tree going future market? I just tried it a few times and it seemed ok. I got a little more dmg simply cause I was able to get to my items faster.
I just search for a way to have the best possible experience both in terms of winrate and fun. Sometimes the line between being unconventional and being grieving is pretty thin tho.
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2023.04.25 20:27 Negative-Custard9025 Crit Anivia

Just looking to do a little trolling with a friend in a 2v2. Im the adc main, hes the frontline.
He is going ap xin zhao, and recommended ad/crit anivia, just as a funny idea.
So far my build ideas are as follows:
Ability/aa: Kracken/Gale, Swifties, Manamune, Runaans, Quickblades, Syrelda’s grudge.
aa based: Kracken, IE, Beserkers, PD, LDR, Bloodthirster.
Thoughts? Any other lowkey cursed crit build on another champ?
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2023.04.22 00:02 Flowerotica That moment when... blast cone into the baron pit, steal it, kill someone with your R's burst damage, then get out and win the game. end the game with a horde of remora with baron buff. stop Kata's ult with your W. Or any channeled high DPS ability such as Anivia R.
...your team rushes to help you take Herald when it spawns. have a Lulu support.
...the enemy team picks absolutely no CC.
...the sound effects when you consume a coral.
...stealing objectives with E.
...the enemy team goes full AD and you go the raidboss gauntlet build. get a kill on the invisible Teemo with your E.
...Shaco clones and your E still targets the real one.
...pov: you reach 7AS.
And many more satisfying stuff you're free to write in comments.
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2023.04.20 04:11 RoseAmongFlowers Am I the only one who is afraid of the rework?

Hey Ivern mains, I truly enjoy our favourite champ and I do not see a reason for a rework.
Does he have a low playrate? Yes, he is a niche champion and not everyone should have a high playrate. Is it weird that we build night harvester? Yes, Daisy should scale with shieldpower. Does it suck that he is not good in low elo? No, some champs are better in high elo and some are better in low elo. He is a difficult macro champ. Does his w need a change? No, it's one of the few abilities that can go wrong, like anivia w, trundle e or tahm r. League does not have enough of those. Is Daisy clunky? Yes, she needs bug fixes and something for the enemy smite.
The aim of this post is to raise awareness for the people that like Ivern how he is. He was the first champ that got me out of plat and even out of diamond, he taught me so much about this game and myself. I can only see how the rework goes wrong.
Have an unusual day :)
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2023.04.19 17:14 Kinkymango0711 Carrying a losing game once you hit a few items In rhaast and just turning the tide is such a good feeling.

I know that rhaast isnt as broken as he used to be.... well isnt really OP at all. That being said, this morning i had a game against a fed mundo and nasus. We had a jax, a varus, and an anivia who were getting spanked as well as me. I focused om getting dragons and farming and killing the squishies until my build was eclipse, black cleaver, chempunk chainsword, and deaths dance. Mundo and nasus started getting absolutely shredded and i was out sustaining them in every duel. It was totally a lost game but i think if you can just stall, rhaast can easily carry a game near full build.
If I'm ahead, eclipse and cleaver alone makes me a terror as rhaast. Goredrinker seems pointless honestly. What do you guys think of rhaast right now and what do you usually build?
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2023.04.19 15:07 apgadoz Mid tips

I'm an Anivia main and a relatively new player (4 months). Every now and then my birb will get banned so lately I've been trying out Ashe in midlane. I wondered if anyone here can give me useful advice from their own experience? My build focuses on ability haste and then spamming W to help my frontline in team fights. I tend to stay fairly safe through laning phase - using E to help my JG or sniff out enemy ganks, as well as keep an eye on rift or drag. I'll often throw out an R after backing when I feel I've got an ok chance of getting a stun for either top or bot lane to help teammates. I'm keen to learn what else I can do to be better in this lane 😎
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2023.04.17 15:58 BellCn Split Push Oriented champ idea

Name: trickster
Passive: when him, an enemy or a tower goes to 40% health near him or his ult, he receive 30% move speed per 3 seconds and 25% tower damage per 10 seconds. Whenever he build an item that gives him health or resistances, he just receives half of theses stats(example, hearthsteel gives 800 health, so instead of receiving 800 he gain just 400).
Q: He creates a blast cone that can explode 0.25 seconds after putting him in the ground or 3 seconds after, if an enemy gets hit, he receive 25% move speed per 1 second, this blast cone does 40 damage plus 80% of your AD.
W: When pressed this skill will be ON per 0.25 seconds, if an skill hits you in this time, the one that send this skill will receive the damage of the skill too, after that the skill is prematurely go off(You still receive the damage, and you dont mirror the stun if the skill have).
E: you create a mark 2 meters of you in the ground per 10 to 90 seconds, if an enemy pass in the mark while it is still on the ground, the skill goes on cooldown and you need to put a new mark somewhere. if you activate this skill when the mark is on the ground a wall that have 50% of your health and resistences appears it have 100 base health and no resistances and it last per 10 to 70 seconds, this wall tease near minions, when this wall gets hit by a basic attack, then it will do 35% of your AD as thorns, if an enemy dash through the wall, then the enemy will receive 120% of your AD as damage, and the wall will lost 50% of its health. (this wall is the size of anivia wall lv 1, and it doesnt gets bigger). (After the wall dies or the time of the wall goes out the skill goes on cooldown per 90 seconds).
R: when activated the next wave in the lane that you are will have one buffed mage minion that have 50% of your health and 50% of your AD, you dont control it, and it moves just like a minion, this minion if affected by your passive, and if a champ have 10% of its health near him, then the minion will focus this champ.
Things about him: He is melee.
man, to me this champ would be the most funny ever
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