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2023.06.09 22:20 EmbarrassedDesk933 Six door ford?

Six door ford?
Seen on a video, apparently owned by a rancher in Utah.
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2023.06.09 22:17 nutmeggm [Open Cup] Quarterfinal Round Breaks Records Total attendance: 63,255 Average: 15,814 *Crushes previous Last Eight record (55,382 from 2022) **The 20,712 in Utah for Real Salt Lake v LA Galaxy broke single-game Quarterfinal record

[Open Cup] Quarterfinal Round Breaks Records Total attendance: 63,255 Average: 15,814 *Crushes previous Last Eight record (55,382 from 2022) **The 20,712 in Utah for Real Salt Lake v LA Galaxy broke single-game Quarterfinal record submitted by nutmeggm to ReAlSaltLake [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 22:16 Hopeful_Lobster_500 Salary question

Hi all—
Long time lurker, first time poster.
I am applying for a buy side trader role and wondering what kind of comp and bonuses I should ask for and also expect as my career in trading progresses.
I would love to hear about your experience and your salary throughout your career.
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2023.06.09 22:14 RomanDeltaEngin33r A Reasonable "Run it Back" scenario; Make Harden the 5th Option & Make String Changes

TLDR at bottom but don't bitch unless you read my reasoning.
The more I think about this, the more I think the large majority of our failures comes down to poor string construction, and poor role designations / scoring option hierarchy. Harden may be washed from a Scoring/Hero standpoint, but he's still the best playmaker there is. If I am Morey and Nurse, I make three very cheap but effective small moves in FA, change role assignments, string construction and run it back under Nurse.
I bring Niang back because 40.1% from the 3 is elite, and I still maintain game 6 would have been a one possession game if Doc wasn't stupid and benched him red hot. I bring in UFA Javonte Green, who has a defensive rating of 108.9 (DPOY defensive rating is 105.3), shoots 37.1% from the 3 and 57% from the 2. He's hitting FA off a 1.7 million salary. I bring Reed back and he gets regular minutes all season long. Reed has a better defensive rating than this year's DPOY, but the sample size is obviously too small to give him DPOY over Jarren. I keep Tobias at least until the trade deadline, because depth is not the problem right now; String and Role Designations are, and trading Tobias is only going to get you depth pieces. Harden has proven he's unreliable as the 2nd scoring option, so losing Tobias right now isn't the right call in my opinion considering we can't replace him for a similar scoring option.
I make Harden stop trying to be the 2nd scoring option and focus solely on playmaking. He also stops driving to the basket; It's like watching slow motion now and he's not getting the calls he used to, which results in turnovers or blocks. Basically the 5th option is the stepback 3 when the shot clock is almost up (unless he's hot). PJ moves to the bench because we need to replace Harden's firepower on the nights he has it. Granted, he still has 30 point nights, but more times than not he is an assist machine and gets you 10-16 points in the process. The question is how many failed shots did he take or turnovers driving to the basket or fumbling the ball between his legs did he cause to get those 10-16 points?
I start Melton at the 2 and Tobias at the 3 because both are good defenders and both are shooting close to 40 from the 3. I start Niang at the 4 because he's shooting a little over 40 from the 3 and with Embiid, Tobias and Melton's defense, we can afford to do that. Tobias as a shared 2nd/3rd scoring option with Niang (whoever's open) will get you his usual 20 points per game. You can't expect him to get you 20 points a game as the 4th option on an average of 9 ball touches per game. Somehow he still managed just shy of 15 ppg this past year though, so he's getting bagged on a bit unfairly (save the 2 point playoff game where he really could have stepped up).
Off the bench I play Reed at the 5, PJ at the 4 (who by the way is shooting 40% from 3, he just doesn't get enough ball touches to get the points as the 5th option on 1st string), McDaniels at the 3 (DRTG 113.6, which is OK, and 40% from the 3), Javonte Green at the 2 (108.9 DRTG and 37.1% from the 3) and a full season of Maxey at the 1 so he gets comfortable in that role and becomes prime Lou Williams on crack. Besides Maxey that's a defensive fortress 2nd string, everybody can shoot, and Maxey has the ball in his handles, which is where he is best.
Bring Niang and Reed back. Sign UFA Javonte Green (DPOY-worthy DRTG & 37.1% from 3) for 3 mil.
Harden focuses solely on playmaking and stops driving to the basket, dribbling between his legs or looking to be anything higher than the 4th scoring option.
Tobias and Niang share the second scoring option on the 1st string, with D-Melt as the third.
Maxey runs the bench in his native position with a shit ton of defense and shooting around him.
Scoring option order:
1st String: Embiid, Tobias/Niang, Melton, Harden
2nd String: Maxey, Reed, Tucker, McDaniels, Javonte Green
Bet you that's ECF minimum.
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2023.06.09 22:11 pantuso_eth Do we have a huge retirement problem coming?

My wife and I both have parents that we worry won't have enough to retire. If they don't, that means that we'll have to budget for extra expenses, reducing our contributions to our own retirement as well as our contributions to our kid's education fund. My parents are currently supporting my grandparents. My wife's parents are second-generation immigrants, splitting the responsibility with their siblings. It seems to be a self-perpetuating cycle. As the cost of housing, the cost of childcare, healthcare, and education increase disproportionately with the median salary, I have to wonder if there is a big problem coming.
I was about to search the internet, and when Google completed my search for me, I realized that my concern might be more prevalent than I thought. Here's what I typed in, and the suggestions by Google:
"will millen"
I tried my work computer just to make sure it wasn't my prior search history, then my wife's computer, and sure enough, this seems to be a widespread concern. It just seems like we've divvied up all of the resources already, and every new generation is born into a world of debts to be paid.
My wife and I are having our first kid, and the due date is coming up, so I'm wondering if I'm having a bit of a crisis here.
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2023.06.09 22:10 Teentitansgo123 My bf is having issues with the company he works at

My bf works at tech company as a sales person in Dubai and has been facing issues at it since a while. The last time he got his salary, they deducted around 65-70% from. They have been late by almost a month to give him his salary for May and this might repeat in the future. The manager says he will pay him tomorrow for sure but there is no guarantee based on the past issues. Furthermore, the manager also had the audacity to make him work till late night or on weekends at times and go for meetings, etc to really far away locations at odd hours. He would also get work last moment at times when he already had prior plans. The company recently also got blacklisted which means my bf can't buy a car, get a loan/credit card, etc. anytime soon.
To add to this the company had also given him a car, however when he reported a problem with his car with the manager, instead of getting it fixed, he sold it to some second hand dealer. My bf has also told him multiple times that he wants to resign however the manager said he'll face issues if he tries to do so just as a tactic scare him, we feel. My bf will definitely start looking for new jobs in a month or two but we don't know how easily he'll find one and and neither can he resign this stupid job until he does.
My bf and I want to take action against this company for their unprofessional behavior and wanted advice on what we can do? What legal steps do you suggest we take?
Tldr; Bf works for sales at a company here. They're late in paying his salary and deducted money from it previously. They also make him work overtime, give work last moment and make him attend meetings, etc at far away locations. The manager even threatened him saying he'll face issues when my bf said he wanted to resign. Need advice on what legal steps to take.
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2023.06.09 22:10 drago1206 Gf(24F) left me(24M) for a rich man

Hi, I(24M) was dating a girl(24F) for 3.5 yrs. I graduated from an ivy league college and was already earning above average salary in my country.
However a month ago my gf had gone out for lunch with a guy whom she told me to be just a friend. I did not care much abt it. But then She started acting strange to me.She said she has some mental issues and that a relationship is not something that she is looking for at the moment. She basically told me to break up with her indirectly.
The next thing I find out is that she hooked up with that same guy after our breakup and they started dating just after 5 days of our breakup.
I did some research and found out that the guy was a multi millionaire with a successful tech startup. His net worth is in tens of millions of dollars. But he is not good looking.
This completely shattered my confidence as I know that I can't compare my wages with his networth by far. I have been more than miserable in the past month and am completely clueless what to do.
I love her deeply and want her to be with me . She is extremely beautiful. I don't think I will ever find someone like her again. She loved me deeply in our relationship but don't know what happened in the last couple of months. Maybe I can still convince her that our love is still strong?
Should I text her and try to get back? Or remove her completely from my life? I have been facing a lot of trauma because of this recently.
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2023.06.09 22:08 johnyjameson Can I afford to leave my job with 100k in savings?

I’m currently working in a senior(ish) position with a big international bank in London, which is quite lucky for someone in their early 30s. It’s also as high of a company as you can get in my specific field, anything better than this involves equity in high growth startups or being part of a well paid Business Development team. It took me a lot of time and effort to get to this point, as I grew up poor with no generational wealth.
The problem is I can’t stand the people anymore and between alcohol, coffee and excess takeaway food, my coping mechanisms are starting to collapse. It’s affecting my sleep and general well-being, almost feeling a paranoia of backstabbing and manipulative behaviour from (some of) my coworkers.
I’m sure my colleagues have their own issues, but I swear I never encountered such a toxic, manipulative bunch. I’m really scared I might overreact one day and do something I’ll later come to regret. Trying to deal with them formally is pointless, because the management structure owns HR and all internal political machinations. These people will waste unlimited amounts of money just to maintain their status and inflate their ego, so I don’t think it’s wise to try anything like reporting or whistleblowing.
My notice period is 3 months and getting a job that pays so much won’t be possible (I think). I would probably have to take a 2k monthly hit to my existing earnings, which would be hard to swallow. Also, explaining why I’m looking to leave after just over a year would be tricky (I changed jobs almost yearly since before Covid, but that was mainly for progression…obviously money too).
On the other hand I’m constantly paranoid about being made redundant one day, like other people in our wider team have, because of politics and personality clashes. The thing that kept me employed for so long was the expertise I have in my field, but I don’t want to count on it.
Financial situation: * 152k in cash savings with roughly 50k of 0% credit card debt maturing in the next 2 years (hence the 100k “net” in the headline) * pension fund of about 70k * monthly salary of 7.5k * partner monthly salary of 2.2k * mortgage of 1.6k a month, with deal ending in Jan 2027 (390k equity in house worth just under 600k) * nursery 1.5k a month, which I’ll have to keep paying until mid 2026 * discretionary spend/living expenses of 1.5k a month (I try to be sensible but won’t refuse myself or the family many things) * partner pays 1k of her salary for bills and other monthly expenses * I save about 3k a month, plus the possibility of a 20k bonus each January * I was planning on becoming mortgage free if my savings goal and bonuses kept accumulating until 2028
Should I: * wait until January comes and see if I get my bonus, then jump ship to any job I find? * quit and keep the child at home for a while to save on nursery payments? * cash in my equity by selling the house, add my savings and buy something smaller (with 0 Mortgage) and do as little work as possible in this job until (if) they fire me? * combination of the above?
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2023.06.09 22:08 pokebax Setting up my first 401k @ 24y/o - Am I choosing the right investments?

I just got my first job out of college and I don't know if I am doing this correctly. I am contributing 10% of my salary, 5% into a traditional 401k (match) & 5% into a Roth 401k.
I have 75% in VITSX and 25% in VTMNX.
Does this sound like a good balance for my age? I've looked at a lot of the advice on this sub, but many of the suggested investments are not offered through my employer.
Here is a list of all investments offered:
Guaranteed Income Fund
Vanguard Target Retirement 20XX Trust II
Large Cap Growth / Jennison Fund
Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund (IS Platform)

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2023.06.09 22:07 kuhnie SUBREDDIT JOINS ANTI-REDDIT CABAL TO DESTROY ALL THAT IS GOOD r/savedyouaclick will go private in support of Third Party apps

I'm sure you've all heard by now that reddit is changing their API terms and pricing in a manner that prompted several popular, third-party Reddit clients to announce their discontinuation. For all the reasons shared by other subreddits and the developers of the third-party applications, /savedyouaclick will be set to private on June 12th.

Given the timing of this post, I want to briefly react to spez's very successful AMA. Despite serving as CEO since 2015, Spez doesn't seem to understand how implementing a new pricing structure and taking away NSFW posts for third-party apps would negatively affect professional app developers. Even if the pricing was fair, as he insists, removing NSFW for "reasons" (scary Utah lawmakers or something) exclusively for third-party app is a shameless attempt to "tumblr" these competing applications.

Finally, a quick tangent about posting to this subreddit on mobile, as proof that the official reddit app sucks. When I try to submit a post on Sync, my app of choice, I am prompted to submit a text, list, or photo post. These are the options currently available, since reddit didn't add the new post types to third parties (not that I noticed until someone else pointed it out).

However, when I try to submit a post on the official app, I am immediately prompted to make a text post. On this subreddit, text posts are treated differently, because we primarily want link posts to an archive site. Therefore, many new users are tripped up by automod, since they copied their archived link in the text box on the app, without understanding that they are making a different type of post. This is the most common issue that comes to our modmail as a subreddit, there is a similar issue on the redesigned desktop site as well.

TLDR: This post says what all the other posts say plus a couple of tangents by this geezer mod with a 10 year old reddit account
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2023.06.09 22:02 Art3misXX [WeWantOut] 32M/25F EU -> USA

My partner got the opportunity to move to Califoria by switching to a different branch within the same company. Nothing is set it stone as he still has to discuss all the terms at what he would be willing to do this move. He and I would be sponsored by the company for the work visa (H1B if I got that right when researching). I will have to talk to my own company if they are willing to transfer me to the US branch too, otherwise I would need to search for a software developer job with my as if now 2 years work experience and BSc.
Looking at various subreddits I was trying to find out what one needs financially to get started without too many problems money wise. My partner could get around $40k as a start budget when moving. Earning a yearly salary of around $140k. Specifically we would need to live somewhere near or in Sacramento. I am aware that we will both need cars.
I would appreciate anyone who could give me some insight if we could start comfortable with the above mentioned numbers and what we might need to look out for that one might oversee?
Thank you all in advance! :)
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2023.06.09 22:02 Beachbomb08 lots of guilt, Should i quit my job?

employed for 3 years, going on 4 next year. my boss is in his early 90's with no concept of computers or his own cell phone. no heath benefits, no over time ( ie. i asked months in advance when i knew i needed surgery last year, ultimately taking out a loan as there was NO over time) when some work comes in he will accept it and not charge his friends. I do ALL computer paper work, i register deeds for houses, prepare wills, file for probate, prepare annual corporate minutes, accounting, IT (install new computers, repair printers, fix wifi when i can) i also prepare his health insurance forums and his other personal documents whenever they come in. Anything that you think happens at a law firm, i do it. i make 38k USD/52k CAD including my vacation (salary), after taxes its $2,300 USD/ $3100 CAD monthly. my rent is $1300USD/ $1650 CAD and i am behind on this months rent.
i feel bad as when i am not at work, he sleeps, falls out out his chair and hurts himself. after February, it has not been as busy. hes still a cool guy all though very stingy. (he has not adapted to the value of todays money in my opinion, charging someone $250 for a Will that took me 1 week to complete with MULTIPLE revisions) some days no one calls the office and i just deal with his personal matters. But there are peaks when it is still also very, very busy and he just sits, stares and sleeps and accepts more work for me to do, preferably all finished in the same day. holiday season is coming soon and i need to decide if i am leaving or not. I am his only employee, his last employee retired after she met her husband. she worked for him over 10 years, never got a raise. he has previously offered to give me one week advance in the past but it still did not help with the issues i had at hand.
the cost of living has gone up so much, i can only afford to eat once a day now. I have NO savings. my phone has been disconnected because its not my priority right now (rent is, i am panicking because i am late this month and owe $500 from last month and wont have the money to pay it entirely until the 15th this month)
i have 2 customer service jobs that i can start right away Monday morning (online), i would have to work more hours in the day and night but within a month i would 100X be in a better place financially. (at least its working from home...)
should i quit , work part time or stick this job out and work around it, or talk to him AGAIN
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2023.06.09 21:59 ThomasGregorich Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools 'due to vulgarity or violence'

Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools 'due to vulgarity or violence' submitted by ThomasGregorich to BreakingInformation [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 21:56 seminolegirl05 Considering a move from corporate to public

Hi everyone. In addition to just getting my CPA license last year at the age of 42, I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis. I've been working in corporate/private accounting for the last 20 or so years. I am currently a Controller in a niche real estate field and I make mid $90s(includes small bonuses). I'm currently looking for a better paying job but every nice job I see in my industry requires some seriously heavy skills that probably would have been obtained in public accounting(ie. SOX, SEC reporting). My questions are below.
  1. In let's say a regional accounting firm or national firm, what position would I start at and what salary?
  2. I currently work anywhere from 50-60 hours per week, would my hours be about the same? Because I have a child, I do need some work life balance.
  3. As previously said, I am pushing mid-40s, would that be an issue? These Gen-Zers have a tendency to stress me out a bit😁.
  4. I'm very proficient with the accounting cycle from beginning to end and I do deal with external auditors a lot. Would my transition into public and promotion be a bit easier than if I had come in knowing nothing?
Thanks everyone! I've been feeling a bit stressed lately and just want to know how I should spend the next 25 years of my career.
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2023.06.09 21:55 sjgidman Employment with tupelo and long service and holiday pay

My company went through Tupe during the pandemic at the time I was on a contract that guaranteed me 336hrs a year but I worked 50hrs per week. Now during covid I was furloughed from may to September. Firstly during this time the government website said I should still earn holiday pay on the hours I was being paid for. The company has denied me this. Secondly since being with the new company I have been given a salaried position. Where so of the company benefits are long service extra holidays etc but I have been told that my service before the salaried contract does not count. Is there any legal standing behind this for me or are they in the right
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2023.06.09 21:54 money4meduh What situation is better?

What situation is better? Option A: (current job) Position: Senior Mechanical Design (New Jersey)
• Salary: $125,000/year. • Fully remote (sometimes I go in) • Working few hours a week tops besides the meetings and still always ahead of my game. • 401k match 100% up to 6% contribution. • $1800 for rent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option B: (new offer) Position: Senior Principal Design Engineer (San Francisco)
• Salary: $225,000/year. • Onsite full time. • 401k match 100% up to 6% contribution after 1 year of service. • Very niche industry so not that many companies do those stuff! • Have have to move and live near San Francisco.
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2023.06.09 21:53 sneakysnacks82700 Job Advice

Hi all!
I am 1 month into my urgent care job as a new grad. I originally wanted family medicine, but the hospital system in my area refused to hire me for that because I was a new grad. It was a pretty crappy process with poor communication and empty promises from preceptors in FM. My UC gig is pretty good. Clinically I am way more interested in FM and really miss chronic disease management. I also miss building relationships with patients. Conversely, I can already see how the in basket and constant flood of pt messages may be exhausting. I intended to stay in UC for 6-12 months before considering anything else. I have good training and support from colleagues and my SP (not on site, but very responsive to text/call questions on shift). However, I was made aware of a FM opening for a site I rotated at. I didn't work with this specific doc, but I knew who he was. I love the location and clinic manager. This would be a pretty significant paycut and I don't want to burn bridges with the department I am currently in. My gut says not to do it because I need to give this job time... I don't hate it but don't love it.
UC Contract: 150 shifts/year (3 shifts/week -- 8a-8p), $123k ($68.75/hour, any additional shifts are base pay + 15%), up to 15% annual bonus, unlimited ATO (not PTO) as long as contractual hours are met. 36 weekend hours/month + 1 major holiday per year (rotating).
FM structure (from what I have heard from colleagues): 36 pt facing hours/week (typically in office 4 days/week) + 4h admin time/week. Pay ~$108k with up to 15% bonus. Can switch from salary to production-based model after 2 years. 6 weeks of ATO. Would be inheriting a very full pt panel from a NP who is leaving to pursue a behavioral health gig. She was wonderful but was frequently double and triple booked.
For reference, I am in a very low cost of living area in the midwest. I am unsure if I could even get hired for FM if I applied since I am still so new... I think my rotation there is the only reason I would be considered. I also found the previous hiring process to be heartbreaking since I had my heart so set on FM so I'm not sure if I am ready to potentially go through that again while I am trying to be content where I have been placed.
Sorry for the novel...
TL;DR Can't decide if I should stay with a decent gig or apply for a lower-paying gig that I feel would be more fulfilling.
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2023.06.09 21:49 QuarterForsaken2488 Reality Check - First Time Mom

First time caller here. I’m a new mom of an 11 week old boy. I maybe going back to work soon in a corporate job that is 75% work from home and then the rest is planned travel 1-2 day trips. My husband is an airline pilot so we’re trying to figure out what would be available with a nanny and if anyone would want to work with our schedule.
We think it would look like paying a weekly salary for about 40 hours (I’ve been told $20-25 and hour) regardless of if we need them that whole week. If I need to travel while my husband is out of town, our nanny would travel with me and watch the baby and I would cover their travel expenses, food, hotel etc. I think we could also offer them a buddy pass on the airline in case they want that as a perk on weekends and holidays. I think I wouldn’t need them everyday but would need them to be flexible (one month notification of travel).
Am I living in a dream world or would there be people who wanted this deal? What else should I consider?
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2023.06.09 21:47 Complex_Orchid_6161 What are the consequences of turning down a promotion?

For 16 years - from 23 to 39 - I worked for the same company. In that time I was promoted from just about as junior as it was possible to be to effectively running the entire operational side of the business. By the final internal move I was burnt out on the company and recognised I really need to leave. At just the point I found another position, covid hit and the company I was in talks with pulled the offer pending further developments. In the three months that followed a number of disastrous decisions from the executive team left me completely burnt out and basically barely managing to make it through the day without breaking down. Then one day I snapped - in fairly spectacular fashion - and found myself fired for gross misconduct and effectively blacklisted in the rather small and niche market I was in.
A couple of months pass and I managed to find work in another sector entirely - and was honest with my new employers about how things ended at my previous company - in a much less senior role. Over the past two and a half years my role with the new company has changed a couple of times until 8 months ago a ‘restructure’ took place and I was approached about taking a more managerial role that I would share with another co-worker. This has worked well and I enjoy the role - a combination of leadership and hands on project work.
Today I have had a meeting with the director who has asked me to consider taking the full managerial role going forward. My co-worker apparently isn’t suited to a leadership role and instead is going to be moved into a technical role where he will be able to work more independently but will have no responsibility for leading the team. I told them that I needed to think about this and have been given the weekend to consider. The trouble is that even before we begin discussing the salary I already know that this isn’t the direction I want to move in. I enjoy the hands on work far more than the leadership side and this move will strip nearly all of that from me. In addition my previous experience and concerns of how the stress of leadership has made me feel and react in the past make me wary to consider moving higher up the chain.
How can I turn down a promotion without seeming ungrateful and what are the likely consequences of doing so?
Ps. Sorry for the long post. Felt it necessary to explain the history as to why I don’t feel this would be a good development for me.
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2023.06.09 21:44 bribangingonyocheeks So why does everything or anything change once married vs when you are just boyfriend and girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and are in our late 20’s. The topic of marriage has come up and we both still feel like we aren’t ready to marry, we need more time to reach our goals before we get married and have our life more figured out. But then also I’m like… what’s the difference? Why does it matter? The question doesn’t come from being impatient or eager, I can wait, but I was genuinely thinking what is the difference if we are still together, living together, and in agreement of all major life decisions. Ideally we feel in 2 years we’d be ready ready. But between now and then what should stop us from being married as we try to reach our goals? We don’t have kids, don’t want them ANY time soon and can’t/won’t be able to afford to buy a house until a longgg time, we happily rent. We aren’t broke or ever scraping by, but doing just fine. We are trying to reach career goals so we are living more comfortably than before. I know money is important obviously, but we are the newer screwed millennial generation that is stuck being satisfied with having just enough and is reality checked with the fact that it is so impossible to “just buy a house” or “just save enough”. I reiterate that for people who might be out of touch with reality who say you must be able to buy a house and own a business and spend 3 months salary on a ring to get married. The world isn’t working like that anymore lol. No shade, but I know age and social economic status might have vastly different opinions in this topic. I ask because I hear the expression “everything changes once you’re married” but I just don’t know why that is. I feel people are still themselves. I’m really curious. What does change?
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2023.06.09 21:44 ducati21 Living with an EV car with no way to charge at home?

I have the chance to get an EV car through salary sacrifice. Unfortunately I live in a flat with no way to charge it at home, just wondering what other peoples experiences are in the same situation?
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