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2023.03.30 06:40 whatwouldjerrido 45 [F4M] US/Online: Squirrels out here Eiffel Towering, and I can’t even get a text back.

Anyhooser, I think we can all agree on one thing: most people kind of suck at communicating. Despite being super attentive and well-intentioned, I suppose I’m no exception. But, expectations are premeditated resentments. Amirite? The less parameters I put on these conversations, the more likely I am to enjoy myself. Please forgive that bit of self-helpy dreck. My mother raised me on Wayne Dwyer and Melody Beattie, but I was too cynical to reap the benefits. I can, however, do a mean impression of Eckhart Tolle. I feel like I fit right in here because I’m all over the place tonight. Here’s the thing, I’m a great texter, but I’m even better on the phone. Not in a Girl 6 kind of way, but more like an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a million years, but manage to pick up right where you left off as if no time had passed. Is that too saccharinley sweet for us Gen-Xers? I mean, probably, but who doesn’t like a little cheese now and then?
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2023.03.30 06:39 viking-ship Blackouts turned into divorce

Hi, i Will start saying i probably don't have DID, i dont know. I Hope i am not offending anybody...but i felt like this community could maybe help me to understand what happened to me. (Even If this is a pretty short resume). Thank u ALL for your time and support....
When i was around 19 i started to date who would be my husband. I did used marijuana at the time. I remember one night we went to a bar, and then when we got home we started a fight. I don't remember what It was about but i felt like It wasnt me at all. Like i was watching this other person fighting with him, this person wanted him to feel guilty about something. It was odd. We married 4 years after we started dating, and It wasnt a smart move, since the relationship was problematic. We divorced after he claimed i cheated on him with an old friend of mine. I thought he was crazy because, aside our problems within the relationship, i did wanted to love him so badly, because he is such a Nice Guy. He didn't satisfied me sexually, but i thought since he was so good, and such a dear friend i wasnt going to get any better and i prefered things being like this. But i never cheated on him. He Said a Lot of times when we were fighting, i simply got out of the house and sometimes just appeared in the morning, saying i needed a walk after everything. I have no memories of that whatsoever.I Just remember going to sleep. I stopped smoking marijuana or doing any substance abuse. After the divorce, i spend the night in a friend home, and she Said she had to stay the night at work. She has a Guy roommate. I remember i Said good night to him and went to sleep at her bed. He was sleeping at the other bedroom. I cried till sleep, because i was really depressed by the breakup at the time. I woke up the next day with my genitals hurting, even my ass. I went home thinking, its hurting like i had rough sex all night long. But It was just a feeling. Later, my friend Said that the neighbour told her i had sex all night with this Guy, and he heard everything, and i was really enjoying. And asking him to do things to me. I started to ask myself if this things my ex Said could be true. I actually had proof short time later that i did went out after our fights. I started to fear myself. Like i didn't know what i was capable to do anymore, like ALL my thoughts that i wasnt really happy with him were controling my body. I never had other episodes of that, not that i am awere of. But sometimes people Tell me little things like "hey whats the name of that dude, you know the one who was always talking to you at the class". And i couldnt remember this person whatsoever, or that i talked to someone in that class at all. I went to a time where i thought i was going mad. But now i am happy with myself, but always wondering...what happened? Its scary. Like idk what some...part of me is capable to do. I dont have moments like idk how i get in somewhere or something like that. I Just sleep. Or i simply remember the time as something and then i have the prove that It wasnt. What was going on with me.......? 😭😭😭
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2023.03.30 06:39 SilentSatyress Melodramatic rant because I feel like it.

I lied every time someone asked how I was doing today. Even to close people. I was on the verge of tears most of the day. I’m tired and overwhelmed. I took a few days off work to take care of my mother and go to an event for my orchestra. Now, I’m swamped with work and don’t have time to do it all while maintaining my mental health, so I’m not maintaining it. I feel like my mask has become too ingrained over the last week or so. I don’t just look neutral and intimidating, I’m actually analysing how I need to gain the upper hand in everything so I can protect myself. Everything is about protecting. I have to protect the little girl in me who wants to be a medical researcher, who was the good, quiet kid throughout her childhood until she realised it wouldn’t help, so she wanted to be brave. She wanted to be like Clara Oswald and Katniss Everdeen and Nova Artino, but she wasn’t strong enough. Now I have to be my own hero, but I want to curl up into a ball and cry. I don’t do so when anyone is around, so I take a minute or two to cry in private and process things; convince myself people don’t hate me. I’m scared someone won’t ask me how I am, but they’ll ask if I’m okay. Because I might not be able to keep the mask on to protect myself (and them). I don’t know how making this post will help, but I suppose right now was a good time to process and cry for a moment. It’s totally melodramatic, but whatever. You’re all strangers on the internet anyway. I can afford to be like a teenager again for a minute. My current solution to my problems is to remember that people love me, and people need me. I refuse to become suicidal, because I’m worth something. If I cling to that, I’ll start finding better coping strategies. I’m grateful for therapy and religion. They’ve both been vital to my survival. Thank you for reading this (or at least skimming). It means a lot. Keep at it. You’ve got this.
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2023.03.30 06:39 endlessnihil Dire need of community support

admin approved post
Hello! I am posting this on behalf of my husband, as he no longer has any social media really. My husband is an amazing father and an incredible human being. He is the most kind, gentle and loving person I have ever met in my life, and extremely humble. My husband is a hard working man, he is very loyal and will do anything to protect his children - including swallowing his pride to ask for help.
For nearly three months, we worked hard with Restorative Justice through Bigstone Cree Nation, to have the judge reject them and their help in these custody issues that have gone on for much too long and has had too much ignored or enabled. Unfortunately they do not have the funding to help my husband retain a lawyer either.
It pains us to ask for support from our friends, families and community members, but we are in dire need of urgent help from our people. We have exhausted all other options and we are not willing to give up fighting for his children, and we have put all of our incomes towards surviving and keeping up with what the judicial systems deemed in the children's best interests, and we are not in a realistic financial position to secure another high interest loan, or make enough money in this short amount of time to succeed with what needs to happen next for his children, after spending so much of our income previously on a lawyer.
It is so hard to put this vulnerable time of our lives out there for public view, scrutiny and perception, and if you're engagement is only sharing the link/post to your social media pages, groups to help accumulate traffic to the GoFundMe campaign, we appreciate that too. We appreciate any and all help. It is also really difficult to explain what's happened without trauma dumping the abuses he and his children have endured the last two years.
Every child matters, and it takes a village to raise children, and at this time we call upon our relations, friends, acquaintences and communities to help us raise these children by protecting them from falling through the cracks of the judicial system, law enforcement and child family services and becoming victims themselves of the school to prison pipeline statistic.
I will not be engaging in any name calling of the other parent, or go into specifics of traumatic events, however Kyle's truth is his truth and it is very hard to share that truth without speaking in greater detail what's happened and continued to happen.
He has written a very concise letter on his GoFundMe page, and I encourage everyone to visit and read it for a better understanding, and while we have an immense amount of documentation, we will not be including it in the campaign, as it would violate FOIP.
Thank you for reading and making it this far. <3 Much love.
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2023.03.30 06:38 rkirbyl First Time Builder / Purchase List

I’ve played console games for years now and always told myself I’d never switch over to PC because there just weren’t many games I was really interested in on PC. I work in the firearms industry and with games like Escape from Tarkov, Ready or Not, and Groundbranch gaining popularity I slowly started gaining the desire to get into PC gaming. Today I made the impulse decision to do a bunch of online searching and made some purchases. Now I’m not very tech savvy and am still a little confused so tell me how I did and if there’s anything that may need changing. Just listing what I believe are the important parts.
I’m on a bit of a budget right now and am still learning so tell me how I did. From the research I’ve done I think this stuff should cover what I’m looking to do but still leave a lot of room for improvement down the line.
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2023.03.30 06:38 naivea999 Feeling alone is fkn miserable

now im(23m) not entirely alone. i have a family and friends. but it just seems like there not there for me the way I need them sometimes.
within my family my parents were never really caring or compassionate, and since my sisters are a bit older I never bonded with them as much as they bonded with eachother.
within my friends I’ve always felt like the least important one.
I just feel like i have no one I can really go to. it’s been years of this feeling. in college I tried to make my feeling go away with weed, when I turned 21 i started to do it with alcohol. been doing both regularly since then up until a few months ago cause i can see it starting to take on my health.
I’ve been trying to numb these feelings now by hitting the gym but man i can’t seem to make the feeling of utter loneliness go away. I just wish I had someone. Not even in a romanticized way. Just someone to fkn talk to man .
But maybe I’m just in my head to much and i need to stop being a little girl. Idk man fuck
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2023.03.30 06:38 gobskin I am a bitter person and I have minimal ability to remember good things.

My friend and I got into an argument today about my behaviour in our friend group and they said, “You have issues kieryn. They hurt us. You can’t expect us not to react.” They sent me this list of all my issues:
-You call attention to us in public when we are clearly uncomfortable -You comment on peoples bodies -We have to ask you constantly to lower your voice -You don’t understand when not to challenge people -You broach sensitive topics without consideration for people around you’s history -You act like you know more about topics that we have lived versus you have only watched or had happen near you -You always think you are right -You think in strict unchanging ways when the world is so much more fluid than that -You can’t acknowledge your own privilege -You think everything is so horrible and that all of your situations are terrible and unfixable when in reality people in our group have lives that are so much worse than anything you could possibly fathom. -You think you are capable of analyzing everyone and understanding how they tick. But you aren’t actually very good at it and need a deeper understanding.
I realize these are all things I do and ways I act, but I am genuinely unsure of how to go about resolving them. Hence, I am accepting accountability for them here and I am going to try and fix them, if a little.
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2023.03.30 06:38 supwithus Do any of your kids soil themselves in retaliation?

Basically the title.
Daughter is 2.5 and recently potty trained. At the beginning of this year we went hard on training and she did great. For 4 days we stayed home with her, No diaper, had a few accidents, but by the end of the 4 days she was doing amazing. No more diaper needed unless we were out or she was sleeping. This went on for over a month. She would run up to us and yell potty. Sometimes she would tinkle a little but always catch herself and announce she had to potty (We were very proud). She also never pooped her pants.
A few weeks ago she started a daycare and my opinion of them isn’t great. A few times she has come home with a rash and I feel that’s due to them leaving her in a dirty diaper all day. Well recently when she’s having a tantrum she’ll piss herself. I’m not saying she’s rolling around on the floor peeing but it’ll be her crying about something, me looking at her explaining why she has to do/not do a certain thing, then immediately after pee. A few times poop. Not sure how to feel about this.
When it first happened I told my wife “she’s peeing in retaliation” as a joke. It upset the wife and she said I shouldn’t joke like that. But now it’s become a thing and the wife agrees something is up.
I know my daughter is still learning and obviously every kid has their own speed but I just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this before? How did you guys deal?
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2023.03.30 06:38 silence1802 I don’t know where it went wrong. Need advice

Hi everyone, I (20y/o F) went out on a first date with this guy (19y/o M) last Thursday, as we have Been scheduling to do this for about a month now. He picks me up from my apartment, and he was standing outside the car door holding it open for me and says I looks great and he was glad I was able to take the time to see him tonight and we go to a restaurant then hookah lounge. We talk about ourselves, who we are, what we do and what we like .. you know ordinary first date stuff, and he brings up marriage and how he wants kids pretty young (marriage is a pretty common topic in middle eastern culture (he is Armenian and I am Iranian) so it’s not weird haha), and I would like the same as well - I graduated highschool at 15 and recieved my bachelors in Nursing at 19, 2 weeks ago actually haha- so I think by 23/24 I would like to be married and settled down. Anyways , he talks about how he can’t wait to take me to these other places in our next date, and we just really really got along, the vibes were so right, he is like a male version of me. He made me feel so comfortable , anytime he had to get up to use the rest room or etc, he would be like “ is it okay if I leave you alone for 2 mins if not it’s okay I’ll stay “ and he even introduced me to his family friends and bestfriends dad bc he owns the lounge & at the end of the night he was like " can we take a video together for our memories " so we did and he played an armenian love song to the video 😭 and the night on after i got home, i texted him i had a great night and i was looking forward to seeing him soon, he agreed and I just said “okay! “
A week now has past and no response , so I texted him saying I hope he’s been doing well and it was kind of strange to why I haven’t heard from him, so I told him that I don’t know if he just wants to be friends or something (because I don’t do that no talking for a few days BS ) so I told him to let me know what’s up so I can move forward and like etc … he didn’t reply to that and I sent that Tuesday (last night at 7pm) - I even posted an insta story and he watched it. I do not know what the hell went wrong. Is he just like immature? I never talked to someone who is near my age bc I have been hanging with adults since a teenager since I was in college at an early age, all my friends are 25-30, so I just don’t know if men my age are just immature and play games. Bc I do not, i just want to get straight to the point and if what I want isn’t what you want then tell me so I can find someone else. I’m just so confused on why he would act like that on our date , introducing me to his close friends and family friends, taking videos with me “ for memories “ and doing all that other bull shit.
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2023.03.30 06:38 mr-dillbugs-cole My First Project

My First Project
Made a little blanket for my nephew. So much texture for his little hands to explore! It was so uneven so I sewed the edges together to make it a square, but I'm getting better. Thanks for letting me share my project with you!
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2023.03.30 06:38 DeliciousYam2271 If i may, a question?

What is your favorite/preferred way to do meth? Either depending on your feelings before or for different activities?
I make little parachutes before work, other than that hot rails because they hurt the least (im a baby ok sue me) id snorted and smoked it, snorting it gets that rush i lile but i always have to get used to the drainage, and the taste in the back pf my throat makes me gag. Smoking it is fine it just takes more Finese and at this point im used to getting liquid in my mouth (it doesn't bother me i just know that's not the point of jt)
Eating it (little tp parachute and swallow like a pill) os my go to cause it's easy, painless, the peak high lasts lo ger and it's slower coming down, which was great for my 12hr shifts (now i just work the normal 6-8)
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2023.03.30 06:38 FazeWeelchair if anvone needs someone i’m here for you (18M) also able to VC and play games with anyone

a little background on me is that I was born with a disability which put me in a wheelchair, it's always been hard for me to find friends irl so I came here! Some of my favorite things to do are play video games and meet new people.
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2023.03.30 06:38 Aggravating-Flower34 Should I be concerned about tiny little purple-ish red dots on the crease of my left elbow

23 Male (23m), Bicuspid Aortic Valve, currently taking CBD oil and THC for anxiety, vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish Oil and Zinc for general health
Hey, I noticed this morning that I have about 10-15 little purple red dots on the crease of my forearm, I did some googling and believe it may be petachiae, I recently started exercising again, could that be the cause? I suffer from pretty bad Health Anxiety, I’ve told myself today that I have Leukaemia as that’s what pops up when I googled it
As a side note, since about October, I’ve had recurrent chest pains that comes and goes in waves, been to ED multiple times and eventually found out I have a Bicuspid Aortic Valve, however pretty much every doctor I’ve seen has said that the chest pain is not heart related and that it’s anxiety. But now my anxiety is telling me the chest pains are cancer related because of these damn dots on my arm, again, sorry for the long text..
Edit: photo of dots in comments
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2023.03.30 06:38 olkaad New here, had a revelation

Today was a hard, hard day. I desperately needed to escape and the usual tv or videos on my phone and reddit just weren't doing it. So for the first time in 2 years I smoked a joint. I used to have a problem and couldn't stop but a quick stint in rehab helped me with that. So I got a little low potency stuff and man do I regret it. A flood of emotion came out and I realized that I am profoundly lonely and unhappy. And like many out there I mean alone, not too close with family, only 1 friend who I see /talk to sparsely, no partner, no connection to my colleagues etc. You've read that stuff before in other posts so you're probably familiar with the state of things. I actively isolate myself as Im scared of rejection and bullying to an extreme extent which makes getting out there and making friends, especially at my age (40) next to impossible, let alone dating. I've given up on that knowing how scared I am to let anyone really know me.
My father is ill with cancer, he's my last remaining parent. We have a good relationship although I still tend to avoid him too. But he's sick and the thought of his mortality freaks me the fuck out. When he's gone, the very last person I can depend on I fear I'll be completely lost. As if my depression wasn't brutal already.
I realized that my phone is with me 24/7. It's always playing something with at least audio if not video. I can't stand to be in my own thoughts. Not even while moving from one room to another. I desperately need the distraction from the loneliness. If it's not YouTube it's a film or tv or a podcast but there is constantly something playing at least in the background no matter what I'm doing or where I am when I'm alone. Even as I write this audio of a person talking is playing in the background. I'm barely listening to it. It's just to fill the void. Can't sleep without something playing. Even the sound of the fan in my room needs to be on just so it doesn't feel as empty. A fan for Christ's sake.
I looked at meetups for lonely people and am going to push myself to join and try to communicate with other people. At this point, the pain of loneliness is worse than the fear of rejection so I might as well try.
I now understand why we need a tribe of some sort. I think we're truly meant to be social. As much as I wish I could be okay being alone and isolated my mind is just no longer having it.
Currently on medical leave from work and struggling to climb out of this ridiculously rough depression but now that I know loneliness is at part at the heart of it I'm not sure it's ever going to relent.
My doctor has me on an antidepressant and I'm in therapy. Both been going on for years. She recommended I exercise to help a long the meds and psych so I've been at the gym twice a day 6 days a week. I'm trying, I really am. It's not doing so much for the mood.
That's my story. Thanks for reading and have a good night.
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2023.03.30 06:37 Business-Ad7737 I (17M) am in a long term relationship (18F) and have met a girl abroad who I like (17F)

Basically, I’m in a very happy relationship (almost 2 years). This week, I’ve been on a language exchange abroad, where I met this girl for whom I have feelings. I’m not going to act on them - we live in completely different countries and I don’t want to throw away what I have for a girl I barely know and honestly don’t like anywhere near as much as my girlfriend.
Maybe you’ll say just keep it quiet as once you go home it’ll blow over - but no I’m completely stupid. My girlfriend seemed to just know - for various reasons she felt worried about me and this girl and asked me if I liked her, and I couldn’t lie to my girlfriend about this, I had to tell her.
In our relationship this is a huge problem, it just feels like emotional infidelity even if it’s actually something quite shallow. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d feel if my girlfriend said this to me, and I’ve done exactly that to her. I feel fucking awful.
She’s not jumping to dump me, instead she’s basically said I need to figure my feelings out and if I’m just “confused” then we can reassess and see if we can fix things, but if my feelings are actually real then we’ll have to break up.
My girlfriend and I have had a difficult time recently - we’ve hardly seen each other and spent minimal time this year because of being busy (it’s less practical to see each other because we live quite far). Maybe this is related.
I don’t know what to do. I can’t control my feelings for this girl, but I don’t want those feelings at all - I wish they’d just go away. I don’t want to throw away what I already have.
TL;DR: I’m already in a 2 year relationship, I met a girl I like, my girlfriend found out, I don’t know what to do.
Thanks Reddit
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2023.03.30 06:37 NeoIsTheChosen1 Hard to quit 1g a day?

So about 6 months ago I started using these Botanic Tonic Feel Free bottles. They’re those little blue glass bottles that are getting really popular, you see them at smoke shops and gas stations everywhere now. Apparently, it is 90% kava and 10% kratom. The total blend in the shot is 2600mg. So 10% of that would be 260mg kratom. The most I ever take in a day is like 4 shots, but most days I take 2 or 3. So in total it’s about 500mg-1g of kratom everyday. That really doesn’t sound like much, compared to some people on here that took 50+ grams per day. I’ve been taking it everyday for the past 6 months. Within that time I’ve experienced a lot of the hair loss problems that people talk about, and I only just discovered it was the kratom. They say kava doesn’t cause hair loss but there’s so many stories about kratom. Within 6 months I’d say like 50% of my hair is gone, and it’s so much thinner. I’m a 22 year old male with long, thick, curly black hair. It was literally so thick that it would be an afro if I didn’t tie my hair back. Now it’s so thin that I can see my scalp through the long hair. No one in my family is bald and 23&me dna test said that I will 90% not go bald. It’s so depressing and I’m going to quit just because of the recovery stories I read on here. I’m not sure if my math is right, but 1g sounds like very little and I’m surprised that if it really is that little that I have experienced such a massive amount of hair loss with 1g a day. I’m quitting CT and I want to know if the withdrawal symptoms will be that bad with 1g a day. I know I will have the mental hurdle of wanting to buy it, and I also have an addictive personality. But will I face any physical withdrawal symptoms? I really hope it will be easy. I wish you all luck and I’d love to hear stories about your recovery and hair regrowth.
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2023.03.30 06:37 Savings_Wishbone_187 What is that blinking red/green light under the hood?

So I was looking under my hood today which I have never done in the dark and noticed a flashing red/green light under where the windshield fluid tank is. Ignition was turned off.
Also another question. Since I got into my accident I don’t drive much and plugged in a snapshot device from progressive. Killed my battery in 2 weeks, bought a brand new battery yesterday (not realizing it was the device until today) and my battery went from 12.6v (on the dash) to about 12.2-12.3v. I drove it around for a little while after work today and hope that charged it up enough to be where it should be at. But I don’t know…will i have to replace battery again or can it be charged? It didn’t die on me or anything just kind of idled rough when I turned it on after work today, the rough idling went down it seems after my journey. While driving around the dash showed 14.1-14.2v with just lights and infotainment display on. Is that normal? Or when I go to start it tomorrow is it going to have low voltage again? I had my charging system checked. Nothing wrong with alternator or anything. Just can’t believe that happened overnight. I unplugged the snapshot device. Screw that nonsense. Didn’t know it continued to draw power 24/7 and I have been making short commutes because of my accident and am afraid of doing more damage until it gets repaired (even though suspension seems fine) car kind of shakes at 70 mph though.
Sorry for the long post. I’m just really stressed because I hat bought it a couple months ago and all this is happening.
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2023.03.30 06:36 sunflowertheshining Questions about cyclothymia

Hi all! My psychiatrist brought up the possibility of me having cyclothymia. We didn’t get the chance to talk about it much in depth yet. This came about because my therapist mentioned that I experience what may be hypomania at times. I’m a little confused from what I’ve been reading online about it vs. what my psychiatrist has told me.
First of all, when I told my psychiatrist that I experience periods of usually a few days where I have a burst of energy and productivity, am much more talkative, super social (which is the opposite of my normal personality), and end up taking on way more than I can actually do, she seemed really skeptical that my therapist used the word hypomanic. She said her clients that have hypomanic episodes did things like driving recklessly, soliciting sex from strangers on Craigslist, and spending $10k in one go. She said it’s not hypomania if I’m not doing extreme impulsive things. But that it might be cyclothymia (isn’t hypomania a part of cyclothymia?)
Another thing is, when I look up cyclothymia it says it involves a mild depression. Now it’s hard to say how depressed I am in comparison to other people, but I definitely don’t consider my depression to be mild. I have not self-harmed or attempted suicide, nor have I been hospitalized, so I suppose it could be worse. However I do have suicidal ideation on a regular basis and am just generally emotionally unstable. I would say I am depressed 80% of the time, feeling okay 10% of the time, and happy 10% of the time.
Does anything usually trigger the high and low moods? For me sometimes there’s no trigger, and other times something minor will happen that will send me into the full blown euphoria or depression (usually depression). I started noticing these mood cycles when I was taking Pristiq, an SNRI. I stopped taking it but still experience it.
I also have OCD, and my psych prescribed me Prozac for that. She said that we should focus on treating my OCD first, and later on we can talk about mood stabilizers. Everything I’ve seen online says that people with cyclothymia should not take antidepressants alone, so I am skeptical of starting an SSRI.
Basically what I experience are anywhere between hours to weeks of high highs and low lows, but the lows are much more frequent. The highs are amazing and I never want them to end, but sadly they don’t last very long. When I’m upset I’m extremely upset. I manage to function somehow, I’m in grad school and I work. My sleep however is pretty unfazed regardless of my mood, unless I am crying at night and can’t sleep. During the highs, I feel like I could sleep less, but I also don’t really have trouble sleeping a normal amount.
I’m not asking for anyone to diagnose me, just trying to learn more and hear others’ stories. Any input is much appreciated, thank you!
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2023.03.30 06:36 throwRAlgbtq My friend (18f) hesitated when I (18f) asked her what if I was LGBTQ+

I have known my best friend since middle school. We were pretty much the same person. Similar interests. Similar backgrounds. Similar personalities. Even our names were similar to the point where our teacher sometimes mixed us up. In gr 8, she moved to a different country. She was going to return by the end of gr 9, but that plan was messed up due to COVID-19. She said that she'd return tho eventually tho at this time, she's still in the other country. She did come to our country a few times, however. During this time, I kept in touch with her.
Today, I was texting venting to her, and while I won't go into too many details about it as it will get me identified, at some point, she brought up LGBTQ+. She reminded me that our religion (Islam) has certain views about that and while I am free to do wtv I please, she just thought that she should remind me. Remember that part where I said we had similar backgrounds? yea we have the same religion and we both grew up with homo- / transphobic views. I was lgbtq-phobic myself for a while but I eventually unlearned the views.
I finished venting then I couldnt help but think about this. I asked her would she unfriend me if I associated with queer ppl and / or was queer myself. She said that it would leave her feeling conflicted because on one hand, we're not supposed to associate with any queer ppl because of our religion. But at the same time, she cares about me so much and it would destroy her. In the end, she just said "I- it's hard, okay?" It hurt me a little because while she didnt give me a straight (no pun intended) answer, the fact that she said it was complicated says it all.
She even once told me that she might be bi-curious last summer when she came to visit for a bit (granted, she said that she wouldnt act on it but she sometimes wonders if she would be bi if she wasnt religious). She also once asked if being considered ace was "haram" (a sin). Also, what she doesnt know is most of our friend group from middle school (which I still close to and she considers herself to be friends with) later turned out to be queer. I myself might be bi-curious.
Idk what to do. Aside from her homophobia, she is a genuinely kind-hearted girl who would put others before herself. For the time being, I have sorta separated her from our LGBTQ+ friend group since they arent as close to her as they are to me and vice versa. It especially helps since shes been out of town for a long time and thus ppl from both sides dont know that shes queer-phobic and theyre queer.
Also, ik some of you would be suggesting that I should just cut her off but it's easier said than done. You see, because of our friendship, both of our Moms are very well acquainted with each other. They even admitted to us that they would love to be friends with each other. So, if I / she were to cut her / me off because of her views, this would eventually reach her mother, which would reach to my mom, and because im still financially dependent on my parents, it wouldnt be very safe for me to do so.
Srry for this long post, any advice would be helpful. Ty
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2023.03.30 06:36 darthphallic This season of The Mandalorian has given me literally everything I’ve wanted from starwars since the Disney takeover and I couldn’t be happier (some spoilers)

I’ll start off by saying I didn’t like the sequel trilogy, even a little bit, just to get that out of the way. The characters got almost no development nor did the galaxy at large and it left me feeling so empty and pessimistic about the future of the saga, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about how Mandalorian season 3 has renewed my hope for the future of SW.
The anthology movies and all the D+ shows on the other hand have been enjoyable (Loved Boba and Kenobi) but this season of the Mandalorian blows them all out of the water. It’s moved the galaxy as a whole past Endor, and shows us the ramifications of the empires fall on the outer rim both good and bad. It shows us the new republic and the poor decisions they made in an attempt to take some imagined moral high ground that allowed the first order to flourish. In the trilogy they were pretty much a mystery, we didn’t know WHY they were so weak, why the resistance was a splinter faction, or why they never stood against the first order. And now we get to see they foolishly decommissioned most of their military, arguably foolishly allowed imperial holdouts to reintegrate, and got tied up with the same bureaucracy that led to the clone wars and later people embracing the empire. We saw the complacency from core citizens, who really saw no difference between the republic, empire, and presumably the first order because their lives weren’t really effected.
I could go on forever about how THRILLED I am to see what the rest of the galaxy is doing outside of the Skywalker family, and getting these smaller scale stories in a universe with endless potential for them.
Also, just a bonus for my ten year old self, seeing a squad mandalorian shock troopers rocket down from a star fighter is maybe one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. That’s all, I just wanted to gush a little bit over this immaculate season that’s given me everything I’ve ever wanted from that galaxy far far away.
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2023.03.30 06:36 sankalp_pateriya Narcolepsy/ Sleep Paralysis/ Early Onset Parkinson's?

Info about me: Male, age 26, weight 79KG, height 5ft 5in
My conditions and medicines that I take:
Hypothyroidism, taking Thyroxine 75mcg on weekdays and 85mcg on weekends
Hypertension, taking Cilnidipine 20 twice daily
High Cholesterol, taking Atorvastatin 20 once every night
I'm having on-and-off symptoms of Parkinson's for over a year now coupled with severe episodes of sleep paralysis and now I just feel like sleeping all of the time with elevated Parkinson's symptoms! Will see a doctor soon, but I was wondering If anybody could give any insight on this it would be very helpful! Thank you!
For over a year I'm experiencing these symptoms but never went to a doc because I thought I was overthinking too much.
Either I'm sleeping too much or too little. Sometimes I have trouble identifying things or objects, I would look at an object for five minutes but I wouldn't be able to identify the color of that object. I would get severe sleep paralysis at night after which I couldn't sleep for the whole night. I am forgetting things and stuff. Also having twitching at the left side of my head temple which is also annoying. When I go for a walk I just feel like I would fall asleep any time so I'm even scared to go out for a walk! I also suffer from slurred speech since birth. Also unable to focus on what's in front of me, like I wouldn't be able to figure out what's going on in front of me!
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2023.03.30 06:36 Dogmum77 Recs for high schools for ASD students

If anyone has recommendations for high schools with excellent support for ASD students and strong/effective anti-bullying policies, please let me know.
We are located north east but a little bit of travel isn’t an issue for the right school.
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