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Does lightning strike mobile phones?

2023.06.04 13:14 Ali_Muhammad_Mallah Does lightning strike mobile phones?

Does lightning strike mobile phones?
Many people associate the dangers of lightning strikes with being outdoors, but there have been cases where people have been injured or killed by lightning strikes while indoors. For example, in 2017, a person died inside the house. Investigators concluded that lightning must have passed through open steel beams and metal tools before passing through the man's body.
During thunderstorms, it is not safe to use a regular corded telephone because of its contact with the wires outside. Unfortunately, lightning can pass through the telephone set wire and harm the person using it. However, a misconception is that holding a mobile phone attracts lightning. If a person or a place is struck by lightning and has a mobile phone, it is usually burnt. People say that it is because of the mobile phone, but in reality, it has no relationship with it.
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2023.06.04 12:49 FataI1ty Magach 1 ammo, which one should I use?

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2023.06.04 12:00 sewingmodthings Simple Sewing Questions Thread, June 04 - June 10, 2023

This thread is here for any and all simple questions related to sewing, including sewing machines!
If you want to introduce yourself or ask any other basic question about learning to sew, patterns, fabrics, this is the place to do it! Our more experienced users will hang around and answer any questions they can.
Resources to check out:
Check out the Sewing on Reddit Community Discord server for immediate sewing advice and off-topic chat.
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2023.06.04 10:13 posidonking Utilizing Machine Learning to Predict Seismic Activity Based on Changes in Fault Line Resonant Frequencies -An Idea

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the place for this, if not, please point me in the right direction. Apologies for formatting in advance, I'm on mobile.
So I had an idea a few months ago during my environmental geology class and thought I'd share it here. My professor at the time said she hadn't even considered the idea in her 30 years of being a PhD of geology. Since I don't have the time or expertise in the subject matter to actually do the research justice, I wanted to post the idea here. Even if the idea Is no good or already in use, it might inspire an idea in someone else.
The idea: Utilizing Machine Learning to Predict Seismic Activity Based on Changes in Fault Line Resonant Frequencies
Abstract: This concept involves the application of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, in the field of seismology, with the ultimate goal of predicting seismic events. The proposed method aims to leverage the analysis of changes in resonant frequencies of geological fault lines to make predictions about future seismic activity.
Background: Resonant frequencies of rocks and geological formations are determined by factors such as their mechanical properties, dimensions, and shapes. Recent studies have identified that resonant frequencies in rocks do change as stress is applied, and that these frequencies may change as a result of seismic activities.
*One paper I found a few months ago mentioned that researchers were able to give roughly 13 seconds warning based on forshocks and resonant frequencies. However to my knowledge, the researchers never extrapolated the data for predicting future earthquakes, and were mainly focused on forshocks rather than resonant frequency.
Proposed Method: The proposed research would involve the collection of resonant frequency data from fault lines over time (preferably very active fault lines with frequent small earthquakes to collect data on how the resonant frequency goes up as stress builds), using appropriate geophysical equipment and techniques. This data would then be used to train a machine learning model. The model would aim to identify patterns and correlations between changes in resonant frequencies and subsequent seismic events.
The machine learning model could be based on a variety of approaches, such as supervised learning (if labeled data about past earthquakes and their corresponding pre-earthquake resonant frequencies is available), unsupervised learning, or reinforcement learning. The chosen approach would depend on the nature and quality of the available data, as well as the specific research questions being addressed.
Potential Impact: If successful, this research could provide a new method for predicting earthquakes, which is one of the most challenging problems in the field of geology and seismology. The development of a reliable earthquake prediction system could have significant implications for public safety and disaster preparedness.
Let me know what you all think of the idea, my professor at the time said she'd look into it, but never really got back to me.
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2023.06.04 10:12 posidonking Utilizing Machine Learning to Predict Seismic Activity Based on Changes in Fault Line Resonant Frequencies

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the place for this, if not, please point me in the right direction. Apologies for formatting in advance, I'm on mobile.
So I had an idea a few months ago during my environmental geology class and thought I'd share it here. My professor at the time said she hadn't even considered the idea in her 30 years of being a PhD of geology. Since I don't have the time or expertise in the subject matter to actually do the research justice, I wanted to post the idea here. Even if the idea Is no good or already in use, it might inspire an idea in someone else.
The idea: Utilizing Machine Learning to Predict Seismic Activity Based on Changes in Fault Line Resonant Frequencies
Abstract: This concept involves the application of artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, in the field of seismology, with the ultimate goal of predicting seismic events. The proposed method aims to leverage the analysis of changes in resonant frequencies of geological fault lines to make predictions about future seismic activity.
Background: Resonant frequencies of rocks and geological formations are determined by factors such as their mechanical properties, dimensions, and shapes. Recent studies have identified that resonant frequencies in rocks do change as stress is applied, and that these frequencies may change as a result of seismic activities.
*One paper I found a few months ago mentioned that researchers were able to give roughly 13 seconds warning based on forshocks and resonant frequencies. However to my knowledge, the researchers never extrapolated the data for predicting future earthquakes, and were mainly focused on forshocks rather than resonant frequency.
Proposed Method: The proposed research would involve the collection of resonant frequency data from fault lines over time (preferably very active fault lines with frequent small earthquakes to collect data on how the resonant frequency goes up as stress builds), using appropriate geophysical equipment and techniques. This data would then be used to train a machine learning model. The model would aim to identify patterns and correlations between changes in resonant frequencies and subsequent seismic events.
The machine learning model could be based on a variety of approaches, such as supervised learning (if labeled data about past earthquakes and their corresponding pre-earthquake resonant frequencies is available), unsupervised learning, or reinforcement learning. The chosen approach would depend on the nature and quality of the available data, as well as the specific research questions being addressed.
Potential Impact: If successful, this research could provide a new method for predicting earthquakes, which is one of the most challenging problems in the field of geology and seismology. The development of a reliable earthquake prediction system could have significant implications for public safety and disaster preparedness.
Let me know what you all think of the idea, my professor at the time said she'd look into it, but never really got back to me.
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2023.06.04 08:59 angelikeoctomber Some science

Can walkers exist
A Harvard researcher actually wrote a scientific paper about what it would take for zombies to exist. It was both serious and humorous at the same time.
Because zombies don’t have circulating blood they have no oxygen transfer so there is no Krebs cycle, not removal of lactic acid… how do they move?
And they have great hearing and balance which can’t be explained. How do they maintain inner ear balance?
They seem impervious to heat or cold; they seem impervious to gunshot wounds and even amputations. They can’t “bleed out”.
The muscles in their jaws continue to work without any kind of motive force or fuel. There are no chemical reactions that allow muscular contraction and release and yet they can still chew flesh.
Their grab response is powerful. They can hang on to objects and grab victims despite no mechanism for the muscles in their hands to operate.
The most complex organ in the body is the human eye, and yet the zombie eyes work well despite no oxygen or blood pressure to speak of. Without these things the eye would normally fail immediately and the body would be blind.
There is no underlying possibility for zombies to exist because the mechanisms that make mobility, sight and hearing work are all compromised. There is no way zombies could actually move, see, or hear, let alone bite and swallow.
Except if there is something supernatural 🤣🤣🤣
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2023.06.04 08:52 Kentukkis Assassin's Creed Mirage pleases but...

Assassin's Creed Mirage pleases but...
The developers of Mirage claim that the recently shown footage from the game doesn't really show anything. We have yet to see the full potential and awesomeness of the game. In the past few days, details about Mirage keep pouring out, despite Ubisoft trying to pretend, "Oh, don't look! It's a leak, we don't need to get ready for the celebration." Yet, they themselves came up with such an advertising campaign.
Hidden blade canon in a mirage?
I understand that there is a difference between these.

and with this
Not so obvious, but I'll explain the whole situation with the hidden blade. For some reason, what they show in Mirage isn't quite canonical, so that there are no lingering questions. So, let's go back to the beginning of 2008 when the developers were brainstorming ideas for the second installment. It was decided to make significant changes to the hidden blade to make it more useful and to align everything with the lore. Altaïr, a genius in his craft, became a master assassin at the age of 24 and felt constrained by the limitations of the brotherhood at that time. Therefore, when he became the Mentor, he made numerous changes, including the hidden blade, because what they had, so to speak, was what you might call "crap." The hidden blade among the assassins had always been a contraption made from crap and sticks. Quite inventive, but still a weak weapon.
And the Ezio blade, crafted according to Altaïr's designs, is a cursed monster created for killing.
Altaïr cut off his finger. The design of the blade requires such a movement from the hand to trigger the mechanism, after which it clenches into a fist.
the blade can be launched as here
But one thing remains unchanged: the Assassin's fingers would be in danger if they were all intact, as demonstrated by Bayek.
The Ezio blade no longer poses a danger to the protagonist. It activates the mechanism and allows them to hold their fingers as they please. The same design is present in Basim's blade. The mistake in the DLC for Valhalla was that Kassandra was wearing an upgraded Assassin's blade long before the events of the first installment. Where did she get it from?
In the Codex, Altaïr describes how he significantly improved the blade. It's not just a regular enhancement. Altaïr discovered how to create a new metal alloy using the Apple. He drew it and wrote down the formula. Creating this alloy is a complex task, and very few people know this secret.
And such a blade would withstand weapon strikes. If it were struck in the first installment, it would have broken. In fact, it would break from anything—killing from a ledge, killing from a great height. These moves by Basim would be absolutely impossible with a regular blade. All these movements and techniques were developed by Altaïr for the improved blade that can withstand such maneuvers. Additionally, Basim wouldn't be able to penetrate armor, brutes, and other tricks because, theoretically, his blade should be very weak.

And yes, Altaïr also kills with an open palm, but he works with great finesse. He strikes only at vital parts of the body—heart, throat, liver, spine, brain. Because in other cases, it would be a futile jab or the blade could break. Yet here, Ezio with his blade pierces through armor, even that of the papal guard.
That's why I'm talking about the design of Basim's blade—how he activates it, how he utilizes its technical characteristics, and so on. All of this pertains specifically to Ezio's blade, not the same blade that the Assassins of Alamut in the 9th century should have had.
It's reminiscent of the Odyssey DLC when Darius came up with Assassins equipped with hidden blades. And then Bayek, approximately 400 years later, came up with the exact same thing. Meanwhile, Darius had no knowledge of what Bayek had done, and the fact that Altaïr was supposed to invent it centuries later was invisible to him.
Well, I don't know, Basim's blade is just peculiar. Its length also raises questions. What to do with such a little knife resembling a toothpick, I have no idea.
Let's talk about the new details of Mirage. The developers are keeping a lot about the plot under wraps, but some things have leaked out. The game will feature several storylines, explicitly delving into Basim's backstory for the first time. We will be shown how an ordinary thief transformed into an Assassin and how it affected his life and the lives of his friends. For instance, there will be a character named Hadiya in the game.
According to the game's IMDb page, it was voiced by Sophia Laney.
This is a girl thief, a friend and comrade of Basim, and indeed the thieves, as a faction, are making a comeback. We will have contact with them. And yes, don't expect the character and cutscene models in the game to be impressive; they will still be terrible.
Now, the second storyline of Mirage will mirror the plot of Valhalla to some extent. In other words, this game will showcase the transformation of the Order of the Ancients into the Templars. And in Mirage, they will show the final transformation of the Hidden Ones into Assassins. This will be the game's value in terms of lore. Let's see how they execute all of this.
The third storyline is set in modern times, but it plays a nominal role. It will be something similar to Unity and Syndicate, which is quite disappointing. The developers will provide more information about the story in an upcoming story trailer, which will be released very soon. For now, they are teasing us, showing, for example, Basim's journey from Alamut to Baghdad. It's quite epic, reminiscent of Mad Max. Overall, the game's marketing campaign is pretty good, with the developers giving us various snippets of information that make us eager to play the game. They even recently let us listen to some of the soundtracks, which were recorded by a New York Arab orchestra.
The main theme is quite melancholic, and it's not just a random choice, as the developers themselves say. It fully reflects the mood of the game. So, expect a rather serious narrative. By the way, for those who love maximum immersion, there will be Arabic voice acting available.

In terms of gameplay, the game takes a lot from the second installment. The same factions, once again, make a return. You can hire thieves, mercenaries, and more. The wanted system is also making a comeback. Here, you can see a poster of Basim.
Personally, I really hope they improve the system. I liked what they had in the second installment, but it could be made more interesting. Currently, the mechanics only give you debuffs. The higher your wanted level, the more frequent the attacks on you. In Mirage, the developers have made some changes to these debuffs and added several wanted levels. I approve of this, but I also hope that the system will provide you with different buffs. For example, if you have a low wanted level, it should be harder to find you. The blending circle expands and contracts based on the wanted level. If you approach everything stealthily, they could give you Assassin points, like in Unity, which can be used at the Assassin base to buy new weapons, outfits, colors, and clothing dyes. By the way, the return of clothing dyes is confirmed. Some colors will be given if you watch the Ubisoft presentation livestream on Twitch on June 12th.. XD
Regarding the assassination moment shown in the trailer, it demonstrates one of the options for eliminating the target in a Black Box mission.
So to speak, it's like in Unity where you are given different options for eliminating the target, and you can do it your own way. But while Unity had 3-4 different assassination options, Mirage will have dozens, and the more you learn about the target, the more possibilities you'll have in this regard. The developers drew strong inspiration from Hitman, and I'm genuinely curious to see what they've done because it sounds cool on paper. Many people are already saying, "See, here you can choose how to kill the target, it's all about choice in Assassin's Creed. I told you it's canon, so what are you blabbering about in your videos, saying there's no choice in Assassin's Creed?"
Honestly, in a way, this nonsense amuses me, but at the same time, it saddens me. People don't want to understand the simplest concept: there are Events A and B, let's say you woke up and went to work. These events are facts, they cannot be changed, you can't alter the memories to make it so you didn't go to work when you did, and your colleague spilled coffee on you.
Well, to avoid frying your brain, the Animus doesn't require it to have 100% accurate information, like "the person woke up, scratched their butt, then stared at the ceiling for five minutes, and then took a shower." You get the idea. Instead, the Animus allows you to reach that workplace in different ways depending on the memories associated with it. For example, you could have commuted to work by car, bus, or subway. The Animus may give you the ability to shuffle these memories because they all serve one purpose - getting you to work. There's nothing interesting in these memories, you didn't memorize the exact route for each case because the insignificant memories, so to speak, blend together. That's how the brain works.
So yes, Basim can assassinate the target in different ways, whether it was raining or windy, and whether he killed 7 targets with a sword or a blade. In the end, what remains unchanged is that the target was killed. Therefore, the essence of the events cannot be changed because then they wouldn't be memories.
Sorry for the lengthy speech. Well, sometimes interesting people show up in the comments, and for them, an Easter egg in the second installment is proof that mythical monsters always existed in Syria.
It's been so many years, but I'm still shocked by these people. By the way, there will be around 5 main targets for assassination in the game, and after killing each one, you'll be given a unique type of weapon. So, it's like in the first installment: we'll start as a beggar with a single sword, and gradually acquire cooler weapons. Essentially, this will replace the leveling system in the game. It won't exist, although they'll introduce about 10-15 perks. Obtaining them will unlock new abilities in combat, stealth, and more. Hopefully, the perks won't be acquired through training in the courtyard of Alamut.
Of course, it matters that Ubisoft hasn't been releasing the best games in recent years. So, in principle, my expectations are not very high. Well, plus, I liked a statement made by the blogger Leo K [Rogue] regarding Mirage.
People were expecting in 2017 that Origins would be such a game, and I agree. If it were 2017 now, I would probably be screaming with joy. But it's 2023, and a lot has changed. But, darn it, look at it from another perspective. People praise the Assassin's Creed series for having elements of Assassin's Creed, as if it should be something default. Yes, the game interests me, I've already made 10 videos about it. But I can't say that the series has somehow returned to its roots and found a clear direction for further development. Because it's not the case. For example, if we take something like God of War, we know that this guy has a plan for the series, there is a direction in which he is moving.
An assassin doesn't have that. The next games will again be large RPGs, like Valhalla. So Mirage is more of a one-time thing, with a greater emphasis on newcomers rather than hardcore fans. I look at the same parkour and realize that it's the mechanics from a game in 2007, but much better developed with more beautiful animations. The new Assassins were supposed to be an evolution of the series' ideas, where there would be not just 15 parkour moves like in the first installment, but 40 or even 50, so that I would be amazed by the possibilities and parkour combinations. Instead, I sit here and wonder, will there even be a simple backward jump in the game?
Please add that feature from Prince of Persia 2003, it was just awesome. So the game is a light spin-off that plays on nostalgia, and I'm also easily inclined towards it. So yes, I'm excited about the game, but there's a caveat, so to speak. I hope I've clarified everything, so we're in agreement. We're looking forward to the game demo, story trailers, new artwork, and music on June 12th. They will also showcase the release gameplay of the mobile Assassin and the Assassin on the viara. It's likely to be filled with fan service, like missions featuring Altair, Ezio, and others. We'll discuss all of this soon. Show your support with an upvote if you enjoyed it, and see you soon, guys.
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2023.06.04 08:46 BeatShot4076 Check out this post… "Which blockchain has more use cases, according to you?💯".

Understanding the Mechanics of Cryptocurrency Wallets
Hey, fellow Redditors! Today, let's delve into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency wallets and explore how they work. Cryptocurrency wallets play a crucial role in securing your digital assets, and understanding their mechanics is essential for any crypto enthusiast. So, let's get started!
Cryptocurrency wallets can be thought of as digital containers that store your private and public keys. These keys are essential for interacting with the blockchain and conducting transactions securely. Here's a breakdown of how they work:
  1. Public and Private Keys: When you create a wallet, a pair of cryptographic keys is generated—a public key and a private key. The public key is like your account number, which you can freely share with others. It is used to receive funds and verify transactions. On the other hand, the private key acts as your secret password and should never be shared with anyone. It grants access to your funds and is used to sign transactions.
  2. Types of Wallets: There are various types of cryptocurrency wallets, including:
    • Software Wallets: These are applications installed on your computer or mobile device, offering convenient access to your funds. Examples include Exodus, Electrum, and Jaxx.
    • Hardware Wallets: Physical devices designed to securely store your private keys offline. They provide enhanced security and are resistant to hacking attempts. Popular hardware wallets are Ledger Nano S, Trezor, and KeepKey.
    • Web Wallets: Online wallets accessible through web browsers. While they offer convenience, they are generally considered less secure since your private keys are stored on the web server. Examples include MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.
    • Paper Wallets: Physical printouts or written notes containing your public and private keys. These can be generated offline for enhanced security.
  3. Address Generation: Cryptocurrency wallets generate unique addresses associated with your account. A wallet can have multiple addresses for different cryptocurrencies. When you want to receive funds, you share your public address with the sender. The blockchain verifies the transaction using your public key, and the funds are credited to your account.
  4. Transaction Signing: When you want to send funds from your wallet, you initiate a transaction. The wallet uses your private key to digitally sign the transaction, proving that you are the legitimate owner of the funds. The signed transaction is then broadcasted to the network and added to the blockchain.
  5. Security Measures: Wallet security is paramount in the crypto space. Here are some crucial security measures:
    • Strong passwords and PINs: Choose complex, unique passwords for your wallet and enable two-factor authentication where possible.
    • Backup and recovery: Regularly backup your wallet's private keys and store them securely offline. This ensures you can recover your funds in case of loss or theft.
    • Software and firmware updates: Keep your wallet's software and firmware up to date to benefit from the latest security patches.
    • Cold storage: Consider using hardware wallets or paper wallets for long-term storage to keep your funds offline and safe from online threats.
Remember, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so securing your wallet is of utmost importance.
Now that you have a basic understanding of how cryptocurrency wallets work, you can confidently explore the world of digital currencies while keeping your funds safe. Stay curious and stay secure!
Feel free to ask any questions or share your own insights in the comments below. Happy HODLing!
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2023.06.04 08:16 flameal765 Context: It's a sub about milk and things being thick

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2023.06.04 07:35 RXPlaysTooMuch The “dash improvement” is trash. Please revert back to not being horrible.

The new changes to dash auto targeting mechanic for mobile players is horrible. It makes forces us to choose targets when they often they aren’t wanted. The dash mechanics worked fine before and this is a perfect example of the devs getting in the way of themselves from making the game better. Fix bg server lag issues and quit making new problems for the community. Big thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 07:07 HalfblindChaos What are Your Favorite Xbox 360 Racing Games?

Last Christmas I received a used Xbox 360 as a gift, and I've been enjoying a couple of great racing games. First, I am not a fan of simulation racing games, so my racing interest lean closer to the arcade side of the spectrum. I've just never been interested in sim racers, because I don't have the patience for playing the same race track a thousand times to perfect every turn. I am also not a fan of most mobile racing games either, because their track length is too short. Even though I am not perfect at arcade racing games I really do enjoy them. Here are some that I have played so far.

Most Favorites:

Need For Speed: Hot Persuit - Made by the same people who developed the Burnout Series. This game is like the love child between burnout and NFS. This game feels more refined gameplay wise and looks more refined visually.
  1. Even though the graphics look a little pixelated and dated by today's standards the environments still look beautiful to look at. I always prefer graphical aesthetics over fidelity.
  2. Multiple shortcuts and alternative routes make the environments feel more believable and make then more replayable.
  3. Various tools like EMP and spikes give the gameplay more depth. This turns a standard racetrack into a playground.
  4. Preview tracks and vehicles lets you try them out before you race them. Great if you want to learn where all the shortcuts are and learn the tracks really well.
  5. There is an open world mode where you can just drive and explore. Great to help you relax after a stressful day.
  6. There are no penalties for crashing and driving reckless!
Split/Second - This game is just reckless abandonment embodied and the most fun that I've had in a racing game in a very long time. I just can't believe that Disney even published it.
  1. Graphics and environments still look great to this day. It's exciting to see them explode and crumble before your eyes.
  2. Earning powerplays by drifting is a very thoughtful gameplay mechanic. The driving also feels very smooth and intuitive. I don't have to think about it.
  3. Using the powerplays to change the routes gives the races replayability and makes the courses feel more fluidic and dynamic.
  4. There are no penalties for crashing and driving reckless!

Least Favorites:

Need For Speed: The Run - There is just something about this game that I just don't like. It leans too close to a simulation racing game for my tastes. Trying to balance the gameplay and perfect my cornering is difficult for me. I also don't like how the game gives you a finite number of retries per stage. It feels like the game penalizes you for making mistakes. Some of the rock textures in the wilderness areas also look really bad in my opinion. They used bump mapping, gloss and bloom effects when they should have left them eternally lit with a matte finish instead.
Crackdown - Crackdown is a really fun game, but its racing segments are really, really bad. Let's just leave it at that.

Wanted Games:

Outrun 2006 - You can't go wrong with Outrun 2006 for the Original Xbox. Running the game on the 360 these days is the most premiere way of playing it. You can go wrong with how much it cost these days. For a game that was originally under $50 new it is often priced at over $200 used. I'm not paying that much for a game that I would play rarely anyways.
What were and still are your favorite racing games for the Xbox 360? Please comment below and please tell me why too. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 06:36 ThePhoenix0404 Tier 9 Heavies imo

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2023.06.04 06:27 TranquillizeMe Regarding *Balance* this year...

I wanted to type this out to consolidate the general feelings of myself and maybe also the player-base into a singular post.
The balance this year has been seemingly all over the place; it has been disheveled and abrupt at times, or even just straight up late to the party. I wanna give a few concrete examples of examples of things that to myself are non-sensical and damaging to the perceptions of the Balance team.
  1. In the past, TitanForge has raved about True Damage being a problematic stat due to it's inability to be mitigated by protections, and how that can power-creep tanks if it isn't handled properly because penetration as a stat is not necessary to deal damage. Yet, they add more True Damage in 10.1 by introducing Tablet of Destinies, which was bad upon release, but subsequently over-buffed in the 10.1 balance patch, almost DOUBLING it's damage (which they said they don't do buffs in Bonus Balance unless absolutely necessary AND they said they are usually small), until it became a must buy on every mid mage and Solo Guardian (even sometimes support). Then they nerf it and Book of Thoth an appropriate amount in 10.2 Bonus, before they nerfed Book of Thoth and Tablet of Destinies AGAIN in 10.4 (Ix Chel release) for seemingly no reason as it had fallen out of the meta, and was getting virtually no play in the Pro League. The general response to this was that it was generally unwarranted, and it is not clear why they nerfed it a second time. It is still rarely seen. Those items IMO were balanced in their 10.2 Bonus state, and the fact that they buffed it so much on a Bonus Balance only to nerf it back almost to its original state just doesn't seem healthy for the game.
  2. Cyclopean Ring for some reason got nerfed alongside Telkhines ring in 10.2 Bonus, even though people were only building Telkhines. Cyclopean was already extraordinarily terrible compared to it's physical counterpart, Qin Sais, and this item's DPS is not noteworthy enough on tanks, plus it costs 350 gold more than Telkhines which offers more DPS to squishies with the added benefit of Lifesteal. Cooldown also seems like an odd stat for that item to have as I don't think Magical ADCs really prioritize that, it should likely be 8% Penetration instead, or both. And at its current cost, it would maybe be balanced. Just the fact that they touched Cyclopean when it wasn't problematic is bizarre, especially when they knew that Gilded Arrow was bugged, and Purple Buff was literally providing more Basic Attack damage early game to Mages than Hunters.
  3. Crit Chance has also been a problematic stat to the point where they altered the crit chance algorithm to be pseudo-random. They even removed Crit from Artemis passive, Ne Zha passive, and Hun Batz passive in the 5.13 update to prevent from early crits because they were frustrating. Yet, in 10.4 they add passive crit chance to Serqet's ultimate, which is not only a lazy, uninteresting balance change, it does a couple things: it makes her more viable as a bruiser because she can deal more damage for free without having to itemize into it (which is something they literally partially reworked her and Fenrir away from) so she's now a hyper-mobile one-shotting bruiser god, and it also reintroduces the problem of BS early crits when she hits level 5. Adding a stat to a god as a passive I think can cause issues further down the line when it comes to balancing around items/roles because it allows the god to forgo certain stats in their builds in lieu of something else, such as protections.
  4. In a very similar vein to #1, Mitigations are another set of items that were overly nerfed only after they had fallen out of favor to a point where they were seen as balanced by the community. They also made the change in possibly the worst fashion, which was to completely nullify the mitigation build-path for any god with % Damage Mitigation barring Osiris by making ability+item mitigations not stack. My biggest gripe with this is that they immediately did a much better change in the 10.5 Bonus Balance a week later, which makes me wonder why they didn't do the current state now in the first place. Why would they purposefully make a stat non-valuable to a specific group of gods? It just doesn't make any sense when the current implementation is much more equitable to those gods.
  5. Healing is yet again another hot topic for debate, especially when they completely removed the brawling debuff and changed all the healing or self-healing gods (barring Cliodhna for some reason...) the same patch. One of my biggest gripes with this is they didn't catch all of the healing gods in the first go-around which is sloppy balance IMO, and then they also crazily over-buffed certain gods, like Aphrodite and Hel. Aphrodite got to grant 25% of her prots with a god in perpetuity, which on paper is just a ridiculous amount, and I'm surprised they ever thought that would be balanced and not problematic. I feel that the balance team should be experienced enough to look at that number and be like "yeah, that's probably not ok." That same sentiment is something I share with the Tablet change to 0.14% from 0.08% as well, AND the Envenomed Deathbringer change this patch, too. That item stayed bloated from 10.3 until 10.4 Bonus Balance when it was finally nerfed. Crit was finally killed off once Spectral was buffed, too, which took way too many patch cycles to do IMO. I also think the healers that have AoE team heals were not adjusted appropriately and have been bloated since 10.3, especially since Anti-heal is capped at 80%, or 50% against people with Rod of Asclepius.
  6. Vamana's change to have his healing on his ultimate shifted from healing to lifesteal completely removed his counterplay (Ankh), making him impossible to deal with. This, coupled with many buffs, has made this character which was already frustrating to play against in some cases, much more powerful and frustrating, even to casual players. They have no way to out DPS him or escape him if Vamana plays right in most cases. The balance team should have known this would eliminate his only true counter-play, yet it seems that they either didn't care or didn't think about it.
  7. Class-scaling attributes are another thing I think that completely missed the mark by decreasing average TTK back to pre-9.5 levels and also furthering the squishiness Tanks have late-game. I think giving Assassins 5 flat pen at level 1 was reckless and nonsensical given that they should know that flat-pen is the best penetration stat in the game against people with low protections - which everyone has low protections at level 1. That, and Guardians got the worst stat as their scaling attribute, CCR, while other classes get things like Power, CDR, Pen, or Attack Damage.
One other thing I want to shout out are how the Penetration Changes were also sloppy, and some items/text were entirely missed (or in the case of Dominance, were not changed at all even though the text says it was). Also, Aura prots have been a topic of discussion for several patches due to how boring they are as a mechanic, and they haven't really been touched at all. I am hoping they do so next patch though. And finally, Erlang Shen has been a mess of a character with seemingly no end in sight to being either overpowered or totally trash, and I hope they change that soon.
While all these things above are negatives, I wanted to give a quick shout to some positives:
  1. Shielding changes to no longer stack shells and such was a good change.
  2. I like where we landed with the mitigations change ultimately.
  3. The Anubis change was very interesting and fun and I would love more changes like that.
  4. I like that the antiheal items are no longer 1-dimensional stat sticks.
  5. I like that Hel can heal mana now, including her own, and the stance switch cooldown change was nice.
  6. I like the changes to Fire Giant timer to be more fast-paced, 180 seconds with 60 seconds downtime; I think that is interesting.
  7. I like that they removed the Gold Fury bug abuse.
  8. I like the Pyromancer bomb as a mechanic.
  9. I like that they are trying to make historically bad gods viable again in conquest (Ah Puch, Anubis, Arachne, etc)
  10. I like that they're willing to change-up the meta drastically with large sweeping changes, but I wish they were executed more carefully.
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2023.06.04 06:17 BuilderTomorrow Please critique my education-focused road trip in the US south/southeast!

Good evening!
I'm in the process of planning a road trip for July that is education-centric -- specifically space/astronomy and US History. This is my first time planning a road trip with so many stops, so I would very much appreciate feedback from those who are more experienced.
I've set a goal of trying to have no more than 7 hours of driving in any one day. and wrapping up all the driving before it gets dark. Otherwise, I'm trying to be pretty flexible.
I'd welcome any thoughts! I especially like short "stretch your legs" roadside stops. If you know of any on this route, please let me know!
Day 1
Drive to Memphis
Check out Beale street for Dinner

Day 2
National Civil Rights museum in Memphis
Drive to Buffalo National River
Set up camp and take an evening hike, do some stargazing

Day 3
Canoe trip down the Buffalo National River
More stargazing and spend the night at camp

Day 4
Drive toward Houston, TX
Stop in Little Rock to visit the Little Rock Central High School national historic site
Stop somewhere north of Houston for the night

Day 5
Finish drive to visit Space Center Houston
Spend the day at Space Center Houston
Drive a little further south and spend the night in Galveston

Day 6
Visit the Galveston Naval Museum and Fishing Pier
Take the Galveston ferry
Drive to New Orleans with a possible stop to see the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge depending on timing

Day 7
National World War II Museum in New Orleans during the day
Sightseeing in NOLA that night
Spend second night in New Orleans

Day 8
Guided history tour in New Orleans
Drive to Selma, AL
Stop in Mobile along the way to see the USS Alabama

Day 9
Selma to Montgomery historical trail with various sights along the way
Visit the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery
Drive on to Birmingham to spend the night

Day 10
Walking tour of major Civil Rights landmarks in Birmingham
Drive on to Huntsville to spend the night

Day 11
Visit US Space and Rocket Center
Spend night in Huntsville

Day 12
Drive home
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2023.06.04 06:08 _Sauza_ [PC] [2004-2007] Racing game that used physical cards for upgrades and power ups

Platform: PC
Estimated year of release: 2004-2007
Graphics/art style: from what I can recall, it was along the lines of an arcade graphics like those racing games at arcades. Art style was akin to asphalt mobile games.
Notable characters: the cars looked cool I guess haha
Notable gameplay mechanics: this is the big one, when you first bought the game at the store it came with this card reader thing and a starter pack of cards. Although you could progress in game, to unlock rarer cars you had to buy packs at the store which had those neat cars with all the stat boosts but it also came with power ups you could use during the races. I can’t recall exactly what kind of power ups. I believe general car upgrades came from these booster packs as well.
Other details: I don’t believe the game lasted past 2010 as I cannot recall playing it past that year. It might’ve been always online as well. Definitely had a multiplayer component to it, no career mode whatsoever for it.
Side note: I’ll be enterally grateful to whoever helps me identify this game. My late dad always bought me a booster pack every month and I’d like to relive that memory by seeing gameplay and the cards again somewhere online hopefully.
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2023.06.04 04:51 ciaolarspi How could we solve the pain point of private key management for crypto wallets?

1. The paint point of private key management
Private key (or seed phrase) management has been a major pain point for crypto users since day one. To the flip side of “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins”, it is “If you lose your private key, you lose everything”.
Of course, you can write down your private key and seed phrase on paper, maybe multiple pieces if one is not safe enough and you want backup.
If you are a more advanced crypto user, you could buy a decent cold wallet and keep it offline most of the time.
There are other options like mobile wallets (e.g. Trust Wallet), browser wallets (e.g. MetaMask), desktop wallets (e.g. Electrum), smart contract wallets (e.g. Argent), MPC wallets (e.g. ZenGo and UniPass) and etc.
All of the above require the user to hold a private key or a share of the private key in order to sign transactions. The problem of single point of failure remains when you lose your private key.
There have been relentless efforts to solve this problem for mass adoption for crypto, such as Smart Contract, MPC and Account Abstraction.
2. A better solution needed
As per David Wheeler’s quote:
All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection.
We have been asking ourselves what is the best place to store our private keys, the answer is “The blockchain itself” since we are already on it. Now the question is “How would it be possible and safe?”, the answer is that the concept has been proven to be feasible, and there are already some implementations emerging.
Lit Protocol is one of them.
3. How it works
  1. Lit Protocol is based on TSS / MPC, and is a protocol running on a decentralised network governed by consensus.
  2. The protocol slices your private key into pieces and store them across the network nodes with a certain degree of redundancy.
  3. The private key shares will only be retrieved and aggregated in a designated HSM environment when the access conditions are all met, then things like transaction signing and secret decryption will take place in there, and the user would get the final results without exposing the private key to risks.
  4. The access conditions are programmable, they could look like below.
If the user has valid access token and today is a Sunday, then grant user access to retrieve the key shares.
4. Pros and Cons
The advantages:
  1. It is not a 2 of 2 or 2 of 3 scheme as most current MPC solutions.It is run by consensus across the entire network. There is no single point of failure as long as the network is up and running.The private key is never exposed to anyone, even to the owner.
  2. Security is guaranteed as the key share retrieval and aggregation as well as signing take place in a designated HSM environment.
  3. It is blockchain agnostic, it supports ECDSA and BLS at the moment, and more to be added, hence it supports most mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.
  4. It is Web2 friendly, what it means is that the access conditions can be programmed to validate if the user has valid access to his Google account, if so then the access to key shares is granted. Being Web2 friendly is essential for mass adoption.
  5. It is extensible in terms of security mechanisms and business logic, so that enhanced security mechanisms like MFA is feasible. It is critical for building a crypto wallet with bank level security.
Some challenges:
  1. The security of the protocol is to be tested in reality, and ongoing efforts are required to maintain and upgrade the protocol to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.
  2. The performance of the protocol is to be battle tested and proven in production, especially when it is at scale.
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2023.06.04 04:15 zharkos Am I missing something?

How are people getting any enjoyment out of this game? It feels like a mobile tier cash grab with very little to actually do beyond shitty minute long world events at a chance to get a legendary.
Every dungeon is exactly the same, locked door that requires 2 keys on either side and then one of 3 whole boss types at the end. Tired of the khazra demon? Too bad idiot that's the only boss we made. If you thought elden ring areas and bosses were copy pasted you haven't seen a thing kiddo, Diablo 4 doesn't have a unique bone in it's body
Every overworld area is exactly the same, with almost the exact same enemy types in every zone. Outside of fractured peaks those fucking garbage bees that slow you are everywhere, ice clan spearmen chucking their life savings at you are everywhere, and that fucking ghetto lich enemy that has three whole recolors to try and trick you into thinking it's different
World events are extremely repetitive and only occupy you for a handful of seconds at best. Hope you liked killing those channelers or standing on the blood pedestals in EVERY zone
Main story bosses have exactly 0 mechanics. With Astaroth if you just dash out of his fire breath he legitimately doesn't do anything
Builds are extremely limited and feel less explored than ESO of all things. Why can I have more than 4 moves learned if I can only have 4 moves? Why can I swap moves in combat if there isn't a loadout system? I don't want to play menu hero or respec every 30 seconds because my aoe build is worthless single target and vice versa
Even if you try to experiment with builds you can't really go far unless you've already amassed every legendary in the game. Every rogue build aside from twisting blades is WORTHLESS unless you get 3-4 legendaries to support it, and then even if you DO get those legendaries sometimes they lock you into requiring TWO moves of your FOUR to work. Sorry idiot you need both shadow imbuement AND frost imbuement if you want to play with this effect, which means you actually only have 2 damaging moves since both of THOSE moves just enhance your existing ones
Outside of the 3-4 side "questlines" every side quest has less depth than a world quest in wow. Line of dialogue, pick up a rock or kill an elite, get a bag of herbs. Even the questlines that pretend to have a story give fuck all for rewards compared to the shitty jar of souls you see every 10 seconds
The customization is more barebones than games released on the ps2. Why even bother having customization when every hairstyle is shit both aesthetically and graphically? I'd rather have no customization than 3 face options that look near identical. Same thing with the dye system, you have 8 palettes and 4 look like variations of your 4 year old daughter's paint palette when she gets bored and mixes every color together
The music is okay i guess but it suffers in the same way that wow does where it's all just background ambience noise. When I'm fighting demons in the plains I don't want slow violin solo #572315 to put me to sleep
The scaling is complete garbage. It's cool that you can drop in and out with your friends whenever but it seems to be completely random as to whether or not enemy damage and health goes up or down. I'll drop in on my girlfriend's playthrough from time to time and everything will either one shot me or do 0 damage per hit. I'm assuming the scaling is relative to the amount of players in the zone but I can't confirm it. Then you have the level scaling where if you want to do the side content in the first zone you'll be almost level FIFTY before act 2
Why is this an always online mmo? Playing with my 2-4 is cool but nobody wanted weekly massive world bosses in diablo where you can't actually tell what the fuck is happening just because of the sheer amount of bodies. Also oopies we loaded you into a shard where every enemy on the map was killed by another player so the overworld is even emptier than it was before, and it was pretty empty before. Don't forget that if you just afk on a spot where an event pops up someone else can complete it and you'll get full credit even if you don't actually hit anything. You don't even need a bot to farm exp and gear in this because the game is already an afk farm!
There are still dozens on dozens of minor bugs that came from the first beta to live and the second beta to live. Oops you entered a portal and now none of your buttons work. Oops you can't properly preview your transmog because the colors loaded wrong. Oops the entire NA east server is down and you can't manually select to swap so you have to use a vpn. Oops this rare npc cloned itself 4000 times
The first preview of what balance changes look like is unsettling. Outright removing a stat and legendary effect for a class instead of even attempting to make it less overwhelming. This is something blizzard did in Battle for Azeroth with azerite gear and I figured they had learned nobody wants to learn their build and items will be gone or worthless in a week
Lucky hit is a garbage stat that doesn't need to exist. It is literally just extra words to tell you that your procs have a lower chance to proc. There's no reason every item and move needs to have it's own proc rate to proc the proc
Why does adding a legendary effect from the codex cost so much? I assumed the intent behind the codex was to make leveling alt classes easier but it can cost up to 30 crystals which are a rare drop from dismantling yellow items. My alt isn't exactly going to get that right away and by the time he does he'll have said legendary already
Why is renown locked to beating the campaign? Why am I allowed to fully complete everything in the zone if you're going to lock the reward for doing that until later? Having a level cap is okay but it would've just made more sense to lock some of the side content behind levels instead. If you're going to give me rewards for the side content, why are they fucking timegated?
Why is there crafting if it's going to be shittier than digimon world next order? What's the point of picking up shitty ores on the ground when I can get 3x those materials from salvaging a single piece of gear? Why is there such a limited pool of resources when each one has almost no uses?
Why are there even vendors in game? The cost of items is stupid high relative to the actual level of power they give you. After level 30 you'll probably have a legendary in every slot because of how fast the drop rates ramp up, but you want me to drop 200k gold on a ring that's a 0.1% damage upgrade ONLY IF I UPGRADE IT TO LEGENDARY MYSELF AFTERWARD
What's the point of common items and "uncommon" blue items? You barely use them levels 1-5 and then you almost exclusively see yellow items from that point on. You could've removed these tiers and nothing would've been lost. It's not a slow upgrade where you go from unenchanted gear to legendaries, you IMMEDIATELY throw statless gear into the dumpster and forget it exists. Gear rotates WAY too fast even once you get legendaries
Why does every class "benefit" from every stat? I don't want strength or intelligence on a rogue, 40 strength giving me 0.001% energy regen doesn't do ANYTHING relative to a single point of dexterity. Oh just reroll the stat then! Well stat rerolling is also expensive as fuck early and there's one stat per piece you can't actually reroll, usually the stdex/int stat. Don't forget if you do reroll it it's guaranteed the next drop you get will be better anyway
The cash shop. Hoooooooly shit the cash shop. You're asking me for 70 dollars for the game, and then 20 dollars for early access and the battle pass, and you have the fucking AUDACITY to advertise garbage ass fucking gear set cosmetics for an upwards of $25??? One of the druid sets was used in an early gameplay footage demo and you made it a fucking CASH SHOP ITEM? MOST OF THEM DON'T EVEN LOOK GOOD
Why is mounting locked so far in the story? Why are there only horses as mounts in a game about demons and angels? The entire level is scaled so you can do most side content in any order you want but you can't get the best way to travel until too late to matter. By the time it's unlocked you have every fast travel point anyway and since there's no penalty to using town portals there's no reason to have a mount
Why is moving in this game so awkward? Who thought that the button to move should be the same button to attack? Hope you didn't want to run past a single big enemy as a melee because you just fucking magnetized to it. Also if you're holding down the mouse on an enemy when it goes invisible or teleports you just go to the spot it'll show up before it's even there. Kinda pointless to make it teleport or go invisible then yeah? On the opposite hand bosses like Asteroth have such shitty hitboxes that you can be "targeting" him, and under him, but somehow not in range to melee. I imagine this is a little better on controllers at least though
Why do silent chests exist when they're super rare and give fuck all relative to the jar of souls event next to it or just buying a piece outright from the orbol vendor?
Why is there only one type of treasure goblin and why does it seem like most of the time they don't actually drop anything? Forget bad drops I'm talking straight NO drops. You'd think with how far diablo 3 came later in it's life we'd have at least a LITTLE variance
I really wanted to like this game but holy literal actual shit what the FUCK is this garbage? I'd rather go play fucking immortal
I ask again, HOW are you enjoying this slop? Have you just never played a video game before? Do you only get 20 minutes a day so the repetition is less obvious? Are you stupid?
What happened?
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2023.06.04 03:17 H0LL0W_J4CK ChatGPT’s take on that post about Breaking Bad but with ham and cheese sandwiches

Episode 1: "Bread and Butter"
Walter White, after receiving news that he doesn't have cancer, contemplates his uneventful life. On his way home, he stops at a grocery store to pick up lunch meat and sliced cheese to satisfy his hunger. There, he unexpectedly bumps into Jesse Pinkman, a former student with a knack for culinary creativity.
Walter convinces Jesse to join him in his quest to perfect the art of making ham and cheese sandwiches. They transform Walter's old RV into a mobile sandwich laboratory, complete with cutting-edge slicing equipment and secret ingredients.
Episode 2: "The Secret Ingredient"
As Walter and Jesse experiment with different recipes, they discover a secret ingredient that takes their sandwiches to a whole new level: pimento cheese. Its unique flavor and creamy texture make their sandwiches irresistible.
The duo starts selling their gourmet sandwiches at local events and food festivals, quickly gaining a loyal following. Their sandwiches become a hit in the culinary world, drawing attention from both sandwich enthusiasts and competitors.
Episode 3: "Bread and Circumstances"
Walter and Jesse's success catches the eye of rival sandwich entrepreneurs, led by a ruthless businessman named Gus Fring. Gus offers them a deal to join his sandwich empire or face dire consequences.
Reluctant to compromise their creativity and integrity, Walter and Jesse refuse Gus' offer. This decision sparks a heated rivalry between the Sandwich Syndicate and Gus' powerful sandwich organization.
Episode 4: "The Mayo Connection"
As their sandwich business flourishes, Walter and Jesse encounter various challenges. They face supply chain issues when their mayo supplier unexpectedly discontinues their favorite brand. To keep their sandwiches consistent, they embark on a quest to find a replacement mayo with a similar taste and texture.
This quest takes them on a journey through sandwich conventions and hidden condiment markets, eventually leading them to a mysterious mayo chemist named Saul, who provides them with a top-secret recipe.
Episode 5: "The Great Sandwich Heist"
Desperate to maintain their sandwich supremacy, Walter and Jesse hatch a plan to steal a prized, rare breed of ham from a heavily guarded meat warehouse. With their culinary skills and ingenuity, they successfully execute the heist, securing the finest ham for their sandwiches.
Episode 6: "Sandwich Noir"
Walter's brother-in-law, Hank, a detective with the Food Crimes Unit, becomes suspicious of the Sandwich Syndicate's sudden success. He begins to unravel the truth behind their operations, leading to a cat-and-mouse chase between Hank and the duo.
As the stakes rise, Walter and Jesse must outsmart Hank while keeping their sandwich empire intact. Their once-innocent endeavor becomes a high-stakes game of wits and taste.
Episode 7: "Sandwiches of the Past"
Walter's secret past as a renowned sandwich chef is revealed, causing tension within the Syndicate. Jesse questions Walter's true motives and wonders if there's more to their partnership than sandwiches.
The episode delves into Walter's backstory, showcasing his rise in the culinary world and the personal sacrifices he made along the way. His inner struggle becomes intertwined with the Sandwich Syndicate's ultimate goal: creating the perfect sandwich.
Episode 8: "Sandwich Overload"
As the Sandwich Syndicate expands its operations, they face overwhelming demand and the pressure to maintain quality. Walter's obsessive pursuit of perfection takes a toll on him, straining his relationships with Jesse and his family.
The episode climaxes with a massive sandwich convention, where the Syndicate's sandwiches are put to the ultimate test. Will their creations withstand the scrutiny of the culinary world, or will Walter's obsession with sandwiches consume him?
submitted by H0LL0W_J4CK to breakingbad [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 02:31 306thAsltBde [A3] [Recruiting] [NA] [Semi-Serious] [New Player Friendly] 306th Brigade of the Bundeswehr Recruiting

The 306th is a Bundeswehr mechanized unit. We operate using 1980- 1997 era equipment. We do long term persistent campaigns with limited equipment. We are pretty relaxed and don't take ourselves too seriously. However, when it gets going, we are pretty serious. We use German squad organization and tactics. We use the global mobilization DLC but do have non- DLC equipment that is nearly identical built in.
We are very new player friendly and are always willing to help, even if you don't end up joining us.
We are currently in need of: armored crewmen Medics Autoriflemen logistics personnel We are also looking for zeus applicants. Join for more details. So please hop in if you are interested in either of those.
Please reach out if you are interested or have questions.
Age: No Age Requirement
Style: Semi-Serious
Region: US Central
Op Times: Sundays 7pm CST (5pm PST/8pm EST)
Type: Mechanized (No Jets)
Join our Discord for more details!
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2023.06.04 00:52 yhsqvklzjvugsnicwd 2010 Honda Civic Mk8 A/C troubles

Last summer, my A/C kept kicking on and off. It would work great for like 10min on a hot day, then stop, then randomly start working great again.
Got it regassed, no luck. Checked online, apparently the relay modules fail a lot on these, so I replaced that too, no luck.
I put up with it last summer. This summer, it completely doesn't work. The blower works but no cold air at all.
Mechanic replaced the entire compressor unit and it still didn't work. He said he thinks it's an electrical issue but isn't sure. Called a mobile "AC specialist" who just tested the relay and then said he doesn't know what's wrong.
Any ideas what I can try? I'm pretty good with electrics (electrican background) but useless at mechanical stuff.
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2023.06.03 23:32 itsjackwayne Square Enix And Ubisoft Lead NFT Game Development

Square Enix And Ubisoft Lead NFT Game Development
As web3 technology transforms the gaming industry, several web2 video game publishers around the world are dabbling in NFT games in order to stay ahead of the competition. These publishers are refocusing their efforts on incorporating blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs into video games. Some of the world's largest gaming companies are gradually showing interest in Web3, with platforms such as PC shooters, mobile games, and multiplayer metaverse games in mind.
Furthermore, the majority of the game publishers on our list have their headquarters in Asia, with only one in the United States and one in Europe. This dominance corresponds to DappRadar's prediction that Asia will become a Web3 gaming hub. In this article, we'll look at some notable game publishers who are launching new projects in the web3 gaming market.

Square Enix Leads the Charge in NFT Games

Since 2019, Square Enix, the company behind the success of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts video games, has been investigating NFT games. In 2021, the company will release a limited-edition bundle of NFT trading cards based on Ethereum. Six months later, Square Enix traded the rights and the Tomb Raider IP to its three studios in order to raise funds for blockchain ventures and artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.
Earlier this year, the developer announced that Symbiogenesis, an NFT game, would be made available on the Ethereum sidechain ecosystem Polygon. The next game, according to the company, is a "collectible art project" with a storyline and a mystery that players must solve.
The publisher also stated that it plans to bring its Dungeon Siege IP to the gaming world. Square Enix previously invested in The Sandbox, a metaverse game. In addition, on Polkadot, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII NFT-based trade cards linked to real-world statues and collectibles on Enjin's Efinity platform.


Nexon, a solution-oriented firm, is developing MapleStory Universe, a unique MapleStory game, on Polygon NFTs. The NFT game, according to Nexon, will have its own private network or polygon "Supernet." Nexon is a major South Korean Web2 game developer. Other successful titles from the developers include Dungeon and Fighter, Sudden Attack, and KartRider.
The original MapleStory games drew a massive player base of over 260 million people. Furthermore, the studio's revenue increased to more than $4 billion. Hwang Sun-Young, Group Leader of MapleStory Universe, stated that Polygon Labs and the team will work directly on all aspects of the game's creation and promotion.


Ubisoft, a French game publisher, is one of the few Western Web2 video game developers who openly embrace NFTs. In 2021, free Tezos NFTs for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint became available. Even though the NFTs were unappealing and were introduced in a game with few active players, they sparked a furious online outcry from gamers who dislike the concept of NFTs in games.
Ubisoft released "Smart Collectibles" from Assassin's Creed at the start of 2023, a clever move that combines tangible collectibles with digital NFT components. In The Sandbox game, the studio also revealed NFTs based on its Rabbids IP.


Krafton, the South Korean publisher of PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile, has announced plans to release a metaverse game that supports NFT. The studio uses the "create-to-earn" mechanism, which allows players to create their own digital resources.


While no new releases have made headlines, Zynga's Web3 gaming section is making progress. According to a job posting on the studio's website, the studio is currently looking for talented and ambitious software engineers. The studio is growing its team in order to dive into the world of web3 games and create innovative projects.
Take-Two Interactive, Zynga's parent company, is one of the world's largest gaming publishers. Titles in its diverse portfolio include Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, and Red Dead Redemption.


NCSoft, a Korean game developer, is responsible for titles such as Guild Wars, Blade & Soul, and the Lineage series. It has stated its intention to develop NFT games on the recently established Sui blockchain. NCSoft participated in Mysten Labs' $300 million Series B fundraising round last year.

Com2us Plans Multiple NFT Games

Com2us, a versatile South Korean gaming company, created and published Summoners War. The studio is very interested in blockchain-based games and is currently working on projects based on NFTs and cryptocurrency integrations via the XPLA blockchain.
In a letter, the company's U.S. President Kyu Lee stated that the company plans to develop 10 to 15 blockchain games per year, with the majority of them being for mobile devices.

WeMade to Launch NFT-based Fishing Game

Wemade promoted its cryptocurrency gaming platform Wemix Play at the Game Developers Conference in March 2023. Wemix Play, according to a representative from Wemade, aims to serve as a cryptocurrency game equivalent to the Steam store.
World Fishing Championship is a new fishing game for Android devices released by the Korean game publisher Wemade. R1B and Night Crows are two additional blockchain games that the company intends to release this year. R1B, a baseball game, and Night Crows, a high-concept fantasy MMORPG, are being converted into Web3 games in order to compete with international competitors.

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2023.06.03 23:10 Arfreezy_LoL Graves vs Nocturne/Olaf Matchup Guide By A Grandmaster Graves

I'm a GM jungle main and both Graves and Nocturne are some of my most played junglers of all time.
Here are my 3 tips for Graves players to focus on in the Nocturne matchup (these also apply to the Olaf matchup since it is very similar):
Video Link For The Visual Learners:
Tip #1: Abuse Wall Hops
Tip #2: Opt Into Mobility Options
Tip #3: Abuse Jungle Tracking
The video link above has example clips that are self edited, ad-free, and hopefully, highly informative, but I can understand if people prefer a quick text guide over a random YT channel.
My goal is to make higher level jungle concepts easier to understand because it took me thousands of games before I began to truly play the game 'properly' because there aren't many guides targeted for high level junglers such as Diamond players to take their game to the next level.
Thanks for reading my guide, and any feedback or questions are welcome.
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