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2023.03.30 05:58 D2TournamentThreads March 30 Competitive Matches

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - China

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch Youtube Facebook CN : Twitch bilibili
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (SGT) PST EST GMT CEST AET
CN Vici Gaming vs Aster.Aries 0:0 12:00 21:00 0:00 4:00 6:00 15:00
CN Ybb Gaming vs Outsiders From CN 0:0 15:00 0:00 3:00 7:00 9:00 18:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - Eastern Europe

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch RU : Twitch UA : Twitch Twitch
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (CEST) PST EST GMT SGT AET
EEU Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers 0:0 13:00 4:00 7:00 11:00 19:00 22:00
EEU Team Spirit vs Virtus.pro 0:0 16:00 7:00 10:00 14:00 22:00 1:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 2 - South America

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch PT : Twitch Twitch ES : Twitch Youtube Facebook Trovo
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (PST) EST GMT CEST SGT AET
SA beastcoast vs Infamous.R Infamous.R 0:0 10:00 13:00 17:00 19:00 1:00 4:00
SA Evil Geniuses vs Qhali 0:0 13:00 16:00 20:00 22:00 4:00 7:00
SA Thunder Awaken vs Infinity 0:0 16:00 19:00 23:00 1:00 7:00 10:00

Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #1

Organized by Eden Esports • Pinnacle • GamingMalta




Liquipedia Dotabuff datDota
Stream: EN : Twitch RU : Twitch


ID Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (CEST) PST EST GMT SGT AET
PlayOff R1 Plasma1337x vs Betrayed 0:0 10:00 0:00 3:00 8:00 16:00 19:00
PlayOff R1 No Sorry vs ERTENKELEM 0:0 13:00 3:00 6:00 11:00 19:00 22:00
PlayOff R1 Unity Esports vs Monaspa 0:0 16:00 6:00 9:00 14:00 22:00 1:00
PlayOff R1 Team Ukraine vs The Oversight 0:0 19:00 9:00 12:00 17:00 1:00 4:00
Countdown times are in local time. All times are subject to change based on the length of matches and delays. Other match discussions: /dota2 on Discord
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2023.03.30 05:49 sigvegas Some Wild Theories On What's To Come

The Two Jaunes: I've already given my thoughts on what I think will happen with old-Jaune; Thanks to some time-shenanigans, RWBY will find young-jaune and stop him from picking the Time-Time Fruit and so we'll have two of them together. But unlike old-Jaune who never dealt with his trauma and "went to rust", young-Jaune will confess what happened with Penny and RWBY will try to help him emotionally heal. This will result in a branching where young-Jaune can return to Remnant, while old-Jaune either dies/Ascends, assimilates into his younger self, or willingly chooses to stay in the Ever After.
Little's purpose: Sense the beginning, Little has been trying(?) to help Ruby. I'm thinking that by episode 10, Little will find/decide his purpose is to "help those lost find their way home" and gains a name related to fulfilling that purpose, such as Faith, Belief, Wonder, etc. He'll then either transform into something, or gain a flashy new power that will allow him to send RWBY+J back to Remnant.
The Louis & Alyx switcheroo: We learn that the Herbalist showed Alyx some kind of vision that made her betray Jaune and pushed her into any means to escape the EA. But what was it? I think Alyx was given a "warning" that at the rate she was going, she would never leave. Being the selfish person she was, Alyx interpreted this as meaning that if she continued to 'trust', she'd never escape. So as she and her brother continue their journey, she uncaringly does more and more things that hurt the EA (cheating the Red King, making a false-promise to the Cat, etc.) in her goal of escaping. Eventually, they reach the end goal and Alyx is ready to leave, even if it means betraying/abandoning her brother. This next part isn't my prediction, but instead comes from a random YouTube comment that I fully agree with. But what if, as a twist, we find out that it was actually Louis who escaped the EA by betraying Alyx (for the first & only time in their lives) for all the harm her actions brought to the EA and fulfilling her self-made prophesy. After escaping, Louis deliberately wrote himself out of their story and tried to paint Alyx in a relatively better light as recompense to the sister he once loved. As for Alyx, she was "repurposed" by the tree (either as punishment or chance) into a perverse resident of the EA. And because the heart rarely forgets, she became something that goes around attacking everything in the EA she believes is her enemy; the Jabberwalker.
Neopolitan's Ending: As the opening hints, Neo might end up sharing whatever fate befell Alyx. I think she'll try to use her new Super-Semblance to try and meddle with the Ascension Tree to either: a) take it over to build her own "kingdom" within the EA; or b) try to build an "army" to invade Remnant and go after Cinder. Either way, she'll loose and become a permanent resident of the EA. But I also hope that she doesn't die a villain's death, but instead finds some kind of personal peace.
Ruby's "reforging": By this point it's obvious the issue Ruby is struggling with is that until now, she was trying to be a carbon copy of her mother whom she idolized as the ideal Huntress. But now the current Ruby doesn't fit into the "mold" her past-self made to realize her dream. And the thing that best represents this "mold" is her weapon, Cressent Rose. That's why I think that when Ruby metaphorically reforges herself---as in, comes to terms with who she now is---she'll have her weapon literally reforged by the Blacksmith to better reflect her new "mold/identity". This will also finally show how her Semblance reflects her personality; breaking down and rebuilding herself into a more advantageous position. I also think her giving away her mother's emblem is a metaphor for her to finally gain her own identity after clinging to her mother's image all this time.
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2023.03.30 05:48 waltei Ranking Dragon Ball Games By Cutscene Quality

Played through most of the games and dragon ball content. Some of the games have a lot of unique content in them but I don't feel like replaying them and playing 1000 fights so I've been watching the cutscene movies on youtube. Here is the viewing experience graded.
Dragon Ball Fighterz: Solid A. Unique dialogue and story. The dialogue is 10/10 and I enjoyed the character interactions immensely like Cell talking to Adult Gohan. Run time is 6 hours.
Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2: Solid A. Same level of quality and I think both are excellent. There are enough twists to keep the game engaging and the animated cutscenes and even some of the CGI ones are really nice. I enjoyed Trunks being the center of the story and the way the storylines are altered are really interesting. The DLC cutscenes in xenoverse 2 are of exceptional quality visually so highly recommend those as well. Run time of each game movie about 3 hours each.
Ultimate Tenkaichi: Solid A. It's a visual spectacle and the animated cutscenes are 10/10. The hero mode cutscenes are a short 1 hour unique movie and the rehashing of the main story is solidly done. Lots of reused dialogue from Raging Blast 1 but this is a superior viewing experience IMO. Run time is about 3 hours.
Kakarot: A. This might be a skip for you if you already watched dragon ball z a bunch of times. But compared to some of the older games this is clearly the highest quality retelling of DBZ. The CGI cutscenes range from okay to some of the best dragon ball content in the history of the series. Run time is several hours long.
Shin Budokai 1 and 2: B+. Shin Budokai 1 is mostly text with static character art but an expanded retelling of Fusion Reborn and it's actually a fun ride. The sequel has a decent amout of voiced dialogue at the start of each chapter with a unique story about trunks timeline during the buu saga. There aren't any videos that just have the story dialogue so I have to fast forward battles which is unfortunate but the movies would be about 2 hours of story each.
Revenge of King Piccolo: B+. A retelling of Dragon Ball from the red ribbon up to the piccolo arc. It's truncated into an hour and a half of cutscenes but basically all of it has really good character art, cutscenes that visually hold up, and excellent pacing. In some ways, this is a great alternate experience of dragon ball outside of the anime and manga. Highly recommend to watch for original dragon ball fans. A little more cutscenes and less voiced text boxes would bump this to a solid A.
Dragon Ball Fusions: B+. Unique story focused on the small characters in DBZ like Goten, Trunks, Pan (she is actually likable in this game) and some original characters. If you like seeing Vegeta and Goku act as masters and tons of cool fusions and unique story, then this is a good watch
Extreme Butoden: B. Text based and the main story is an easy skip but the adventure mode is a unique story that is a fun ride.
Burst Limit: B. Short (1 hour) and to the point retelling of DBZ up to the cell saga. Visually the graphics probably held up the best out of any of dragon ball games not available on modern hardware.
Budokai 3: B-. Kinda generic retelling of DBZ but it has style with tons of voice boxes and the pacing of the character arcs and the voice acting has a lot of passion behind it. Could be lower but for some reason the style just resonates with me. Run time is 4 hours.
Raging Blast 1: B-. Kinda generic with some decently good graphics EXCEPT for the what if scenes. Watch them as they are some of the greatest content in a DBZ game and the dialogue is supremely good. No cutscene movie on youtube that just compiles the cutscenes so you have to fast forward battles but the cutscenes run about 2-3 hours long.
Legacy of Goku 2+3: B-. Great Bruce Falconer music and dialogue straight from the show. It's a fun nostalgia watch and guilty pleasure imo.
Budokai 1: Really nice for the time. But there are so many better ways to watch the main story of DBZ up to the Cell Saga (Buu not included) that it hasn't aged for viewing today as well. Run time is an hour.
Infinite World: Comparable to Budokai 1 but only 20 minutes of the most important cutscenes from DBZ and a tiny bit from GT.
Tenkaichi Tag Team: Supremely impressive amount of voice acting and story for the PSP gives this game bonus points. A couple of interesting what-if scenarios but otherwise it's a bunch of chibis and mid-battle dialogue for the most part with some screenshots from the anime here and there.
Budokai Tenkaichi 2: Mostly just static characters with dialogue. Lots of text too. 20 minutes of really basic 3D cutscenes. There are some interesting what if storylines sprinkled in which make it interesting which is all I would recommend. Otherwise you can skip the rest. Run time is 5 hours of low production.
Budokai Tenkaichi 3: It's mostly just dialogue playing in the background of battles. Great game that covers Dragon Ball up to GT but it's super scattered and no real cutscenes. There is a short what if section of unique dialogue but it's kinda meh. Run time is 4 hours of low production.
Supersonic Warriors 1+2: Text based and mostly repetitive but with some semi-interesting what-if storylines. Good for the time and original hardware but a bit dry today.
Nonexistent/Generic Dialogue: Battle of Z, Raging Blast 2, Budokai 2, Budokai Tenkaichi 1, Legacy of Goku 1
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2023.03.30 05:43 dgj212 What is the Orville a reference to?

I mean the name of the ship/show, not the show itself. I assumed it was a play on Orwell, the guy who wrote about dark futures that are slowly becoming real. But I was watching this video about large intentional communities and one caught my attention. There's one in india called the auroville that sounds a lot like the Orville that honestly embodies the spirit of The orville(the show premise) and Star trek. Appearently it means the city of dawn. I'm sure it's something else, but it'd be pretty cool if it was reference after that community.
for those wonder it's this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsEzyeyMfgw&ab_channel=CelastrinaRebecka
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2023.03.30 05:36 ViciousKnids Moral Orel

Mot sure how many folks here have seen this adult swim classic. For those unfamiliar, it's a claymation cartoon about the planet's purest yet most niave little Christian boy navigating the hypocricy and rediculousness of evangelical middle America. It starts out fairly humorous, but very quickly turns dark and dramatic.
The whole series is in YouTube. If you're triggered by things like abuse, gaslighting, alcoholism, racism, etc. I wouldn't watch it. It seriously gets heavy. But I also believe it'd speak to some of you - and it's also genuinely entertaining. Fifteen minute episodes and three seasons of not too many episodes (40ish). You could probably breeze through the whole show in a day or two. But again. It. Gets. Dark. So be aware of that.
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2023.03.30 05:33 dat3percent Guess who’s Back

That’s my favourite bar ever.
Guess who’s back. Back again. Lol.
Do u remember last summer the tits vs arse battle.
Basically it was ur sister. Anyway the weird thing was she’d imposter as me.
Making out I’m the bitter ex and she was the new chick.
Whatever love.
I’m not like regular females.
I don’t compare bitch and stalk.
I’m The chosen. I don’t need to.
ur ex called me the downgrade. she got cussed. ain’t me wanting to lurk and visit her.
She’s massive butters beast.
I’m pretty and I’m tiny. Lmao.
u can’t keep pushing me away.
Then say I’ve gone.
U Degenerate.
I haven’t gone gone.
I was going to be gone. Lol.
u went away to think. To observe.
ur not used to someone loving and defending u.
without u giving them anything in return.
therefore u don’t trust it.
What do u want. cos that’s love n loyalty. u’ve not even been sent to jail. I’ve been faithfully waiting.
ur lovely Nan in spirit loves u dearly.
She said Richard. I’ve brought u to this girl. u can trust me.
ur lovely Nan in spirit brings u to me.
ur lovely Nan sits u down on ur throne next to me.
she splashes u in gold. It makes me laugh. she’s determined to show u off.
Here Richard is the match. lol.
My first love who’s passed over. used to say to me. Elizabeth ur as gold as gold with a heart of a diamond.
without sounding cocky. I’m hard to replace. If not impossible. lol.
Stop beating urself up. ur worth much more. Than u feel.
I see the value in ur heart and soul.
u’ve been misused and exploited.
I’m not the same.
I don’t use men. I love them.
I respect men.
I’m sexy sandwich maker.
I’m not a gold digger.
Don’t lose out. cos of ur fear of getting hurt.
Cos It will hurt u forever to lose out.
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2023.03.30 05:32 No_Fee_5034 Oriana Fallace and the EU

Thursday, April 25, 2002
Columnist Oriana Fallaci: On Jew-Hatred in Europe
Columnist Oriana Fallaci: On Jew-Hatred in Europe
[Originally published in Italian in the Panorama magazine , April 17, 2002 ]

I find it shameful that in Italy there should be a procession of individuals
dressed as suicide bombers who spew vile abuse at Israel,
hold up photographs of Israeli leaders on whose foreheads they have drawn
the swastika, incite people to hate the Jews. And who, in order to see Jews
once again in the extermination camps, in the gas chambers, in the ovens of
Dachau and Mauthausen and Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen et cetera, would sell
their own mother to a harem.

I find it shameful that the Catholic Church should permit a bishop, one with
lodgings in the Vatican no less, a saintly man who was found in Jerusalem
with an arsenal of arms and explosives hidden in the secret compartments of
his sacred Mercedes, to participate in that procession and plant himself in
front of a microphone to thank in the name of God the suicide bombers who
massacre the Jews in pizzerias and supermarkets. To call them "martyrs who
go to their deaths as to a party."

I find it shameful that in France, the France of Liberty-Equality-
Fraternity, they burn synagogues, terrorize Jews, profane their cemeteries.

I find it shameful that the youth of Holland and Germany and Denmark flaunt
the kaffiah just as Mussolini's avant garde used to flaunt the club and the
fascist badge.

I find it shameful that in nearly all the universities of Europe Palestinian
students sponsor and nurture anti-Semitism. That in Sweden they asked that
the Nobel Peace Prize given to Shimon Peres in 1994 be taken back and
conferred on the dove with the olive branch in his mouth, that is on Arafat.

I find it shameful that the distinguished members of the Committee, a
Committee that (it would appear) rewards political color rather than merit,
should take this request into consideration and even respond to it. In hell
the Nobel Prize honors he who does not receive it.

I find it shameful (we're back in Italy) that state-run television stations
contribute to the resurgent anti-Semitism, crying only over Palestinian
deaths while playing down Israeli deaths, glossing over them in unwilling
tones. I find it shameful that in their debates they host with much
deference the scoundrels with turban or kaffiah who yesterday sang hymns to
the slaughter at New York and today sing hymns to the slaughters at
Jerusalem, at Haifa, at Netanya, at Tel Aviv.

I find it shameful that the press does the same, that it is indignant
because Israeli tanks surround the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, that
it is not indignant because inside that same church two hundred Palestinian
terrorists well armed with machine guns and munitions and explosives (among
them are various leaders of Hamas and Al-Aqsa) are not unwelcome guests of
the monks (who then accept bottles of mineral water and jars of honey from
the soldiers of those tanks).

I find it shameful that, in giving the number of Israelis killed since the
beginning of the Second Intifada (four hundred twelve), a noted daily
newspaper found it appropriate to underline in capital letters that more
people are killed in their traffic accidents. (Six hundred a year).

I find it shameful that the Roman Observer, the newspaper of the Pope- -a
Pope who not long ago left in the Wailing Wall a letter of apology for the
Jews--accuses of extermination a people who were exterminated in the
millions by Christians. By Europeans.

I find it shameful that this newspaper denies to the survivors of that
people (survivors who still have numbers tattooed on their arms) the right
to react, to defend themselves, to not be exterminated again.

I find it shameful that in the name of Jesus Christ (a Jew without whom they
would all be unemployed), the priests of our parishes or Social Centers or
whatever they are flirt with the assassins of those in Jerusalem who cannot
go to eat a pizza or buy some eggs without being blown up.

I find it shameful that they are on the side of the very ones who
inaugurated terrorism, killing us on airplanes, in airports, at the
Olympics, and who today entertain themselves by killing western journalists.
By shooting them, abducting them, cutting their throats, decapitating them.
(There's someone in Italy who, since the appearance of Anger and Pride,
would like to do the same to me. Citing verses of the Koran he exhorts his
"brothers" in the mosques and the Islamic Community to chastise me in the
name of Allah. To kill me. Or rather to die with me. Since he's someone who
speaks English well, I'll respond to him in English: "Fuck you.")

I find it shameful that almost all of the left, the left that twenty years
ago permitted one of its union processionals to deposit a
coffin (as a Mafioso warning) in front of the synagogue of Rome, forgets the
contribution made by the Jews to the fight against
fascism. Made by Carlo and Nello Rossini, for example, by Leone Ginzburg, by
Umberto Terracini, by Leo Valiani, by Emilio Sereni, by women like my friend
Anna Maria Enriques Agnoletti who was shot at Florence on June 12, 1944, by
seventy-five of the three-hundred- thirty-five people killed at the Fosse
Ardeatine, by the infinite others killed under torture or in combat or
before firing squads. (The companions, the teachers, of my infancy and my

I find it shameful that in part through the fault of the left--or rather,
primarily through the fault of the left (think of the left that
inaugurates its congresses applauding the representative of the PLO, leader
in Italy of the Palestinians who want the destruction of
Israel)-Jews in Italian cities are once again afraid. And in French cities
and Dutch cities and Danish cities and German cities, it is
the same.

I find it shameful that Jews tremble at the passage of the scoundrels
dressed like suicide bombers just as they trembled during Krystallnacht, the
night in which Hitler gave free rein to the Hunt of the Jews.

I find it shameful that in obedience to the stupid, vile, dishonest, and for
them extremely advantageous fashion of Political Correctness the usual
opportunists--or better the usual parasites--exploit the word Peace. That in
the name of the word Peace, by now more debauched than the words Love and
Humanity, they absolve one side alone of its hate and bestiality. That in
the name of a pacifism (read conformism) delegated to the singing crickets
and buffoons who used to lick Pol Pot's feet they incite people who are
confused or ingenuous or intimidated. Trick them, corrupt them, carry them
back a half century to the time of the yellow star on the coat. These
charlatans who care about the Palestinians as much as I care about the
charlatans. That is not at all.

I find it shameful that many Italians and many Europeans have chosen as
their standard-bearer the gentleman (or so it is polite to say) Arafat. This
nonentity who thanks to the money of the Saudi Royal Family plays the
Mussolini ad perpetuum and in his megalomania believes he will pass into
History as the George Washington of Palestine. This ungrammatical wretch who
when I interviewed him was unable even to put together a complete sentence,
to make articulate conversation. So that to put it all together, write it,
publish it, cost me a tremendous effort and I concluded that compared to him
even Ghaddafi sounds like Leonardo da Vinci. This false warrior who always
goes around in uniform like Pinochet, never putting on civilian garb, and
yet despite this has never participated in a battle. War is something he
sends, has always sent, others to do for him. That is, the poor souls who
believe in him. This pompous incompetent who playing the part of Head of
State caused the failure of the Camp David negotiations, Clinton's
mediation. No-no-I-want-Jerusalem-all-to-myself. This eternal liar who has a
flash of sincerity only when (in private) he denies Israel's right to exist,
and who as I say in my book contradicts himself every five minutes. He
always plays the double-cross, lies even if you ask him what time it is, so
that you can never trust him. Never! With him you will always wind up
systematically betrayed. This eternal terrorist who knows only how to be a
terrorist (while keeping himself safe) and who during the Seventies, that is
when I interviewed him, even trained the terrorists of Baader-Meinhof. With
them, children ten years of age. Poor children. (Now he trains them to
become suicide bombers. A hundred baby suicide bombers are in the works: a
hundred!). This weathercock who keeps his wife at Paris, served and revered
like a queen, and keeps his people down in the shit. He takes them out of
the shit only to send them to die, to kill and to die, like the
eighteen-year-old girls who in order to earn equality with men have to strap
on explosives and disintegrate with their victims. And yet many Italians
love him, yes. Just like they loved Mussolini. And many other Europeans do
the same.

I find it shameful and see in all this the rise of a new fascism, a new
Nazism. A fascism, a nazism, that much more grim and revolting because it is
conducted and nourished by those who hypocritically pose as do-gooders,
progressives, communists, pacifists, Catholics or rather Christians, and who
have the gall to label a warmonger anyone like me who screams the truth.
I see it, yes, and I say the following. I have never been tender with the
tragic and Shakespearean figure Sharon. ("I know you've come to add another
scalp to your necklace," he murmured almost with sadness when I went to
interview him in 1982.) I have often had disagreements with the Israelis,
ugly ones, and in the past I have defended the Palestinians a great deal.
Maybe more than they deserved.

But I stand with Israel, I stand with the Jews. I stand just as I stood as a
young girl during the time when I fought with them, and when the Anna Marias
were shot. I defend their right to exist, to defend themselves, to not let
themselves be exterminated a second time. And disgusted by the anti-Semitism
of many Italians, of many Europeans, I am ashamed of this shame that
dishonors my Country and Europe. At best, it is not a community of States,
but a pit of Pontius Pilates. And even if all the inhabitants of this planet
were to think otherwise, I would continue to think so.
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2023.03.30 05:30 lozyk Linux mint Uma 20.2 - zoom install has unmet dependencies

I'm trying to install zoom on linux mint but I get this dependency issue:
sudo dpkg -i zoom_amd64.deb (Reading database ... 455699 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack zoom_amd64.deb ... Unpacking zoom ( over ( ... run post uninstall script, action is upgrade ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of zoom: zoom depends on ibus; however: Package ibus is not installed. dpkg: error processing package zoom (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.36.0-1ubuntu1) ... Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.24+linuxmint1) ... Processing triggers for mime-support (3.64ubuntu1) ... Processing triggers for shared-mime-info (1.15-1) ... Errors were encountered while processing: zoom 
When I try to install ibus I get this:
Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies: ibus : Depends: gir1.2-ibus-1.0 (= 1.5.17-3ubuntu5.3) but 1.5.22-2ubuntu2.1 is to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution). 
But when I try doing --fix-broken, it tries to remove cinnamon, which kills my OS:
sudo apt-get install --fix-broken Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Correcting dependencies... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: acpi cabextract catdoc cpu-checker crudini exif finalrd gimp-help-common gir1.2-nm-1.0 gparted-common gstreamer1.0-vaapi id3 ieee-data ipxe-qemu ipxe-qemu-256k-compat-efi-roms libavcodec-extra libbasicusageenvironment1 libc-ares2 libcacard0 libcamel-1.2-62 libcddb2 libdca0 libde265-0 libdvbpsi10 libebml4v5 libept1.6.0 libexempi8 libexiv2-27 libfaad2 libfdt1 libfluidsynth2 libfontconfig1-dev libfreetype-dev libfreetype6-dev libgegl-common libgexiv2-2 libgroupsock8 libgsf-1-114 libgsf-1-common libgsl23 libgslcblas0 libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 libgtksourceview-4-common libgutenprint-common libgutenprint9 libguvcview-2.0-2 libheif1 libice-dev libilmbase24 libinstpatch-1.0-2 libixml10 libkate1 liblinear4 liblivemedia77 liblua5.2-0 liblua5.3-0 libmad0 libmatroska6v5 libminiupnpc17 libmjpegutils-2.1-0 libmms0 libmodplug1 libmozjs-78-0 libmpcdec6 libmpeg2encpp-2.1-0 libmplex2-2.1-0 libmpv1 libmspack0 libmypaint-1.5-1 libmypaint-common libnfs13 libofa0 libopenexr24 libopengl0 libopenmpt-modplug1 libplacebo7 libpng-dev libpng-tools libprotobuf-lite17 libpthread-stubs0-dev libqrencode3 libqscintilla2-qt5-l10n libqt5xml5 libraw19 librda-common librda0 librdmacm1 libresid-builder0c2a libsdl-image1.2 libsidplay2 libsm-dev libsoundtouch1 libspandsp2 libspatialaudio0 libsrtp2-1 libssh2-1 libtcl8.6 libu2f-udev libunshield0 libupnp13 libusageenvironment3 libusrsctp1 libva-wayland2 libvlc-bin libvlc5 libvlccore9 libvo-aacenc0 libwildmidi-config libwildmidi2 libwoff1 libx11-dev libxau-dev libxcb-res0 libxcb1-dev libxdmcp-dev libxen-4.9 libxenstore3.0 libxext-dev libxrender-dev libxss-dev libxt-dev libzbar0 libzip5 linux-headers-5.0.0-32 linux-headers-5.4.0-91 linux-image-5.0.0-32-generic linux-modules-5.0.0-32-generic linux-modules-extra-5.0.0-32-generic lua-lpeg mpv msr-tools nmap-common nodejs-doc odt2txt pass python-tinycss2-common python3-blinker python3-entrypoints python3-ifaddr python3-imdbpy python3-iniparse python3-jwt python3-lazr.uri python3-magic python3-netaddr python3-parted python3-pyxattr python3-requests-file python3-simplejson python3-tinycss2 python3-tldextract python3-unidecode python3-wadllib qrencode qt5-style-plugin-cleanlooks qt5-style-plugin-motif qt5-style-plugin-plastique rtmpdump seabios tcl tcl-dev tcl8.6 tcl8.6-dev timgm6mb-soundfont ubuntu-dbgsym-keyring unrar unshield untex uuid-dev vlc-bin vlc-data vlc-l10n vlc-plugin-qt vlc-plugin-video-output x11proto-core-dev x11proto-dev x11proto-scrnsaver-dev x11proto-xext-dev xdg-dbus-proxy xorg-sgml-doctools xtrans-dev youtube-dl Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them. The following packages will be REMOVED: apport appstream atom avahi-utils baobab bind9-dnsutils blueberry bulky caribou casper celluloid cheese cheese-common cifs-utils cinnamon cinnamon-common cinnamon-control-center cinnamon-control-center-data cinnamon-control-center-dbg cinnamon-dbg cinnamon-desktop-data cinnamon-screensaver cinnamon-session cinnamon-settings-daemon cjs code colord cups-browsed cups-bsd cups-pk-helper dconf-cli dnsutils docker-desktop drawing ecryptfs-utils evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-common file-roller firefox flatpak gcr gdebi geoclue-2.0 gimp gimp-help-en gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 gir1.2-appstream-1.0 gir1.2-atspi-2.0 gir1.2-caribou-1.0 gir1.2-cinnamondesktop-3.0 gir1.2-clutter-1.0 gir1.2-clutter-gst-3.0 gir1.2-flatpak-1.0 gir1.2-gkbd-3.0 gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0 gir1.2-gspell-1 gir1.2-gtkclutter-1.0 gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 gir1.2-gtksource-4 gir1.2-ibus-1.0 gir1.2-keybinder-3.0 gir1.2-matedesktop-2.0 gir1.2-matepanelapplet-4.0 gir1.2-meta-muffin-0.0 gir1.2-nemo-3.0 gir1.2-nma-1.0 gir1.2-nmgtk-1.0 gir1.2-peas-1.0 gir1.2-rb-3.0 gir1.2-soup-2.4 gir1.2-timezonemap-1.0 gir1.2-webkit-3.0 gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 gir1.2-wnck-3.0 gist gkbd-capplet gnome-bluetooth gnome-calculator gnome-calendar gnome-disk-utility gnome-font-viewer gnome-keyring gnome-logs gnome-online-accounts gnome-orca gnome-power-manager gnome-screenshot gnome-session-bin gnome-session-canberra gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon-common gnome-system-monitor gnome-terminal gnome-video-effects google-chrome-stable gparted gstreamer1.0-packagekit gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-plugins-good gtk2-engines gtk2-engines-murrine gucharmap gufw guvcview gvfs gvfs-backends gvfs-daemons gvfs-fuse gvfs-libs hardinfo hexchat hfsprogs hplip hypnotix ideviceinstaller isc-dhcp-client keyutils libappindicator0.1-cil libappindicator1 libappindicator3-1 libappstream4 libatk-adaptor libcanberra-pulse libcaribou0 libchamplain-0.12-0 libchamplain-gtk-0.12-0 libcheese-gtk25 libcheese8 libcinnamon-control-center1 libcinnamon-desktop-dbg libcinnamon-desktop4 libcjs-dbg libcjs0f libclutter-gtk-1.0-0 libcolorhug2 libcscreensaver0 libcupsimage2 libdazzle-1.0-0 libdbusmenu-gtk4 libdmapsharing-3.0-2 libdns-export1109 libebackend-1.2-10 libebook-1.2-20 libebook-contacts-1.2-2 libebook-contacts-1.2-3 libecal-1.2-19 libecal-2.0-1 libecryptfs1 libedata-book-1.2-26 libedata-cal-2.0-1 libedataserver-1.2-23 libedataserver-1.2-24 libedataserverui-1.2-2 libflatpak0 libgcr-ui-3-1 libgdata22 libgdiplus libgegl-0.3-0 libgegl-0.4-0 libgeoclue-2-0 libgeocode-glib0 libgimp2.0 libglade2-0 libgnome-bluetooth13 libgnome-desktop-3-17 libgnome-desktop-3-19 libgoa-1.0-0b libgoa-1.0-common libgoa-backend-1.0-1 libgrilo-0.3-0 libgspell-1-1 libgspell-1-2 libgssdp-1.2-0 libgtk-3-bin libgtk-layer-shell0 libgtk2-perl libgtk2.0-cil libgtkmm-2.4-1v5 libgtkmm-3.0-1v5 libgtksourceview-3.0-1 libgtksourceview-4-0 libgucharmap-2-90-7 libgupnp-1.2-0 libgupnp-igd-1.0-4 libgweather-3-15 libgweather-3-16 libgweather-common libgxps2 libhandy-0.0-0 libhpmud0 libibus-1.0-5 libindicator3-7 libisc-export1105 libkeybinder-3.0-0 libmagickcore-6.q16-3-extra libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra libmate-desktop-2-17 libmate-panel-applet-4-1 libmateweather-common libmateweather1 libmetacity1 libmono-addins-gui0.2-cil libmono-cairo4.0-cil libmono-system-drawing4.0-cil libmuffin0 libmusicbrainz5-2 libmusicbrainz5cc2v5 libnautilus-extension1a libneon27-gnutls libnet-dns-sec-perl libnice10 libnm-gtk0 libnode64 libostree-1-1 libpango-perl libpangomm-1.4-1v5 libpkcs11-helper1 libproxy1-plugin-gsettings libproxy1-plugin-networkmanager libpython3.6-minimal libqscintilla2-qt5-15 libqt5printsupport5 libreoffice-gtk3 librhythmbox-core10 libruby2.5 libsane-hpaio libsasl2-modules libsnapd-glib1 libspice-server1 libsrt1 libssl-dev libtimezonemap1 libtk8.6 libunity9 libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 libwnck-3-0 libxcb-cursor0 libxft-dev libxreaderdocument3 libxreaderview3 libyelp0 linux-headers-4.15.0-20-generic linux-headers-5.0.0-32-generic linux-headers-5.4.0-91-generic linux-kernel-generic lupin-casper mate-desktop mate-desktop-common mate-panel mate-polkit metacity metacity-common microsoft-edge-stable minecraft-launcher mint-meta-cinnamon mint-meta-codecs mint-meta-core mintbackup mintdrivers mintinstall mintlocale mintmenu mintreport mintstick mintsystem mintupdate mintupgrade mintwelcome mousetweaks mozo muffin muffin-common muffin-dbg nautilus-data nemo nemo-data nemo-dbg nemo-emblems nemo-fileroller nemo-preview nemo-share network-manager-gnome network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome network-manager-pptp-gnome nmap nodejs onboard openssh-server openssh-sftp-server openvpn orca packagekit packagekit-tools pinentry-gnome3 pix pix-data pix-dbg plymouth-label policykit-1-gnome printer-driver-brlaser printer-driver-c2esp printer-driver-foo2zjs printer-driver-gutenprint printer-driver-hpcups printer-driver-postscript-hp printer-driver-ptouch printer-driver-splix pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth python-cairo python-nemo python3-apport python3-cryptography python3-grpcio python3-keyring python3-launchpadlib python3-lazr.restfulclient python3-oauthlib python3-pyatspi python3-secretstorage python3.6-minimal qemu-system-x86 qt5-gtk2-platformtheme qt5-style-plugins rdesktop rhythmbox rhythmbox-data rhythmbox-plugin-tray-icon rhythmbox-plugins ruby-json ruby2.5 seahorse sessioninstaller simple-scan slick-greeter sqlitebrowser ssh-askpass-gnome steam-launcher sticky synaptic system-config-printer system-config-printer-common system-config-printer-gnome system-config-printer-udev tcpdump thunderbird-gnome-support timeshift tk tk-dev tk8.6 tk8.6-dev transmission-gtk ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-system-adjustments vlc vlc-plugin-base vlc-plugin-notify warpinator webapp-manager x11-apps xdg-desktop-portal-gtk xdg-user-dirs-gtk xed xed-common xed-dbg xorg xplayer-thumbnailer xreader xreader-dbg xscreensaver-data xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra xserver-xephyr xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-intel xvfb xviewer xviewer-dbg xviewer-plugins xwayland yelp zenity zoom 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 387 to remove and 6 not upgraded. 1 not fully installed or removed. After this operation, 3,456 MB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] 
I actually did the fix broken step a couple days ago without looking at what would be removed, and it ended up nuking my OS to where I had to restore a backup using timeshift. Is there a way I can fix this?
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2023.03.30 05:30 EngineSpecialist259 I'm Converting- How to Respond to Concerned Friend?

I've known this friend for 20+ years. We are both gay. I grew up a devout Christian (Baptist), fell away, then slowly came back to Christ over the past few years. I'm currently an Episcopalian.
My friend is nominally Buddhist (cultural reasons). He has a very negative opinion of Christianity, so I've kept my faith mostly segregated from him.
Over the last year I've drawn closer to God. I've become celibate as well, and it's made me happier. I know the Church's teaching on homosexuality, and I joyfully accept the cross I have been given. This weekend I revealed to my friend that I'm planning to become Catholic. He greatly disapproves, not just because he believes Christianity is based on myths, but also because, "If you want to be a Christian, why not just stay Episcopalian? They approve of gay people." He's also concerned that I'm going to an extreme not just by converting, but become I've become so religious. He called it a red flag that's often a sign of mental health issues that are being ignored.
I responded by telling him that what he sees as a 180-degree turn is actually a 360-turn. I was an extremely devout, and happy, child. I was called to preach as a young man and was actually being mentored by my pastor in high school when I came out and then left the church. I met my friend after that, so he only knows "this" me.
I don't need his approval honestly, but I am trying to understand how to respond. Any (constructive) thoughts you have would be great. For context, he has a friend who has left Catholicism and now worships indigenous Mesoamerican gods, which my friend is fine with, but my sudden observance of Lent, posting prayers or Bible verses on Facebook, and talking about Jesus is going to an extreme.
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2023.03.30 05:11 SnooWalruses7297 Support needed: We would love to share our story with you!

Hello! I'm fairly new to posting and this subreddit, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out to fellow Christians for support. Fundraising is not my favorite thing to do because it always feels uncomfortable to ask people for financial support. However, I know that part of it is my pride getting in the way. So I thought getting on here would help me fight those temptations and discomforts. I believe this falls within community guidelines, so please let me know if this is not allowed!
My wife and I have recently been accepted into this graduate school community program. We are so excited to be a part of this program, for it will equip us both to integrate our gifts and passions into our future communities. My wife and I both plan to play major roles in the church in the future. As members of the Church, we hope to become more equipped in this program so that we are responsible leaders. We hope to be a part of the future generation of church leaders who live faithfully for the Lord and act responsibly for our communities. We would really love and appreciate it if any of you would partner in on our journey through prayer and/or financial support! Obviously, don't feel obligated to give financially; your prayers are such a blessing!
My wife and I will be working this summer at a pregnancy resource center and a grocery store to save up money for this program. However, we know we cannot raise all of this on our own.
Here are two links to our story and donation page, which also includes the program's information:
ALSO! Eden Fellows is a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in Texas. All donations except those by parents of a fellow are tax deductible, as no goods or services are provided by Eden Fellows in return for contributions.
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2023.03.30 05:09 niyathi72 Liz is in the Center of the chorus choreography!!!

Guys omg I was so sad about Liz getting 6 seconds of lines (she’s so talented and I wish she had more!!)
When I was looking through I’ve content, I saw that they had uploaded a YouTube short related to their new pre-release and I went to see it
Looks like Liz is at the Center of the chorus choreography!! Hopefully she’s at the Center in other parts of the choreography and we can see her dance skills being highlighted!!!
If you wanna go see the short, it’s here : https://youtube.com/shorts/NoSZuXumTQ8?feature=share
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2023.03.30 05:02 Shacko97 God has helped me during my chemo trial. I have one more left, and need help and advice. Anxiety and fears arising.

Hi everyone,
I had my 11th chemo today. I have one in 2 weeks and God willing, I am done.
I struggle badly with anxiety and depression, like the stress gets bad. It all started from trauma I got with my father drinking, etc. and me being persecuted or judged a lot for being Christian. Growing up, I started to have very large fears of judgement and persecution and division in my family because I try to walk with the Lord, and my fam is lukewarm.
I was always afraid of this and kind of was a closet Christian, but ever since my chemo and difficult trials I opened up to my family about my faith and stated that when it comes to even simple white lies or anything that goes against my faith, I don’t want to do it. They love me, and agreed. I was relieved.
However, I always fear something bad will happen where I won’t be able to stand up for Christ similar to how Peter denied Christ at first. I’m scared. I’m 25, and everyone around me is not really devout. Things can get tough, situations can be hard. It is hard to not fit in sometimes, ya know.
I spoke to my therapist about future fears and situations where I may fail and let the fear of man take over, but I’m really working on it.
What helps me is thinking these 3 thoughts I worked on with my Christian counselor. 1. God will make a way for me in those hard situations. 2. God will strengthen me in those situations. 3. If I fail, I will get up and keep moving just like how Peter failed.
I still feel uneasy as I am a perfectionist and I’m trying to break those ways of thinking especially with Christianity as it’s impossible. I want to be at peace more. I am trying, would like help.
Kind of worried about my cancer coming back because the chemo, losing friends, losing everything, and the years of anxiety and chronic stress make me feel like I, at. Breaking point.
Praise God for everything however. I’m trying to stay positive. God bless!
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2023.03.30 04:53 Iwao_Oguro 19M, am still trying to get over an ex 19F, for 8-9 months now.

Yeah, lol. It's been a bit since the breakup. I'm not really going to sugar coat it, because I was the problem, I was practically the stereotype for a toxic boyfriend, and that means I'm no victim. I know with what happened, I can't take it back.
I'd like to note that I technically was the one that broke up with her, and she seems to have moved on since with another person, which is okay. That's not necessarily the problem, because she deserves joy.

I've been going to therapy every week, lost around 65+ pounds from cardio and gym sessions, (I was 200 pounds and 5'6 :P) hanging out with old friends, reconnecting with the Christian faith, practiced hard to refrain from using any kind of vulgar language with great success, completely dropped pornography for good with abstinence from any sexual pleasure, been reading self help books, and going through the process to enlist in the military.

I'd say I have changed, but it's really hard to say. Because I really hate myself as a person, and think of myself as a monster. My ex has forgiven me, but I really can't forgive myself. I'm so stuck, because I can't let go of this guilt and shame off my shoulders. I've lost my joy, there is no happiness that resides in my heart anymore. And...it sucks. But, I guess I got used to that sort of thing I suppose. But it's come to the point I can't make any new friends at all, I became completely avoidant towards people outside of my job.

I dream and hallucinate about her a lot. It bothers me, haunts me even. And yeah, I wish I could get over her, but she truly was an irreplaceable one. I really wish her and I can see eye to eye again one day and become friends. Maybe it'll help me get rid of this guilt and leave the past behind?
I know she forgives me, and I don't really insinuate for her to forget about the things I did. But more like, I guess acknowledging that I've become a completely different person? I'm not sure..
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2023.03.30 04:47 TheBoxerBySandG Orthodox process around potential converts

Alright um, long story short, I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of faith this last year.
I’ve gone from agnostic to atheist back to agnostic for most my life. But I’ve kinda been understanding the whole idea of faith and why people believe. I get it now.
Admittedly I’ve never been completely against the idea of a higher power, but I have always been vehemently against organized religion due to some personal life experiences.
Point is, I’m at a stage in life where I’m willing to give religion a chance. I have been looking at my options, islam is out of the question. Nope. Had the misfortune of being born in a muslim country and I thank god everyday that I’m out of it.
Jews aren’t very convert friendly, and frankly I don’t know if I have the commitment to learn an entirely new language and be that strict with it starting out.
The reasons I am particularly interested in orthodoxy
A. I had an amazing childhood friend who was orthodox and they were one of the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing.
B. It kinda makes sense, if you’re gonna go with christianity, go with the original iteration. Catholics don’t have the best track record so they’re out, also I don’t like their political aspects. I consider protestants to be “half-assing” it for lack of a better saying so they’re out.
What’s the process here? Do I just walk in to a church? Never stepped foot in a place of worship before so I’m literally clueless about it and don’t wanna be disrespectful my first time.
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2023.03.30 04:45 lobsterbasque My faith is cracking: Christianity just seems like other religions

I don't know how this happened to me, but recently my faith has been cracking. Slowly, over the past couple of months, I've experienced a seismic shift in how I view Christianity — and religion in general. I don't doubt the existence of God per se, but it suddenly seems plausible to me that every religion is nothing more than man's flawed attempt to understand God. In this view, there isn't anything particularly unique about Christianity: religions claim miracles, connection to God, etc. But really they're all, in their essence, false in a literal sense, while perhaps containing many truths.
I don't know how to recover the old way of viewing things. It just seems so much more ... plausible to me, than the idea that Christianity is really the truth.
Any advice? I still love Christ, the faith, and practice it daily.
(To head off questions: yes I pray daily, yes I go to confession regularly, yes I attend Mass regularly — and while I'm far from perfect, I do not habitually commit serious sin.)
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2023.03.30 04:32 charlie_iscontagious Starting today, I have no father

I’m currently 18 years of age, I’m gonna move out in 2 months after I graduate high school.
Just a few hours ago, my father and I got into a very heated argument that I’d like to call a long time coming. Around this time last year, and again this year, he grew super religious out of fucking nowhere and started coming into mine and my siblings rooms, for no reason, trying to tell us about Jesus, clearly ignoring our uncomfortable body language. At some point he came into my brothers room and blasted Christian music, it was very early and even I could hear it.
But this isn’t really about his religious side. It’s about how horrible he is when it comes to confronting us about something. Like getting into trouble at school or getting bad grades, or us siblings fighting with each other, he always goes on a huge tirade about how he “woks his ass off to provide for us, I want to see you graduate and you can’t fucking behave in school?” And I agree, he did work his ass off, I know he had to get hard jobs because he didn’t finish school, I know he had to be gone for months at a time, I’m not stupid. But that’s not the problem. There’s a reason I’m scared to ask for help with homework, or just talk to you in general. He’s just so bad at controlling his anger, he screams at us, he throws things, it’s not often he does it but it still happens regardless, when I get into trouble it’s not him taking my phone or TV privileges I’m worried about, it’s his fucking reaction, one time I didn’t do my math homework and lied to my dad about having any, and then my teacher said that she was gonna call him, and I begged her not to because I knew he was gonna “go crazy” and he did, when I came home that day he LITTERALLY screamed right in my face so badly y that he practically spat in it, I even peed myself a little, he said he was pissed because I told the teacher he was gonna “go crazy” like idk dad maybe that should’ve been a fucking wake up call, but you’re the one who had a bad life so what do I know? And my sister got in trouble the same day for curing his name to her friends on our shared phone, again wake up , pops. My mom wasn’t the best parent either, as she neglected us for drugs, let Strange people into the house, did drugs, but the thing is, she got better, it took a while but she got better. She’s got a therapist, she has the sweetest boyfriend. I don’t see her often because she lives 12 hours away but I’ve seen her growth through the past 5 or so years.
In the argument, my dad said I’m always in my room or on the phone, but that’s because I walk eggshells around him, yeah he’s not always in a bad mood, in fact I quite like when he’s happy, he’s fun when he’s happy, in fact there was a time where I wasn’t afraid of him, abs I looked up to him, I was a child, him and my mom had a good (or decent) marriage, even though things were tough, we were happy. We even share the same fucking birthday, he said I was his birthday gift And then, as I mentioned earlier, my mom started doing drugs and other stupid things, then they started fighting. A lot. And I guess that behavior reflected on me because I found myself having outbursts at school, at home, in public. And I guess that’s when my dad stopped being good at handling conflict because every time I acted out I would get met with a spanking and screaming. I know I was a hard kid to deal with but that didn’t fucking help.
I’m not gonna tell my whole life story, I mean you get the drill at this point.
My sister left because my dad’s religious craze was too much to deal with and in our argument he told me she left because he quit his job (but the thing is, the day he quit his job, he fucking lashed out. Why? Because I “gave him attitude” and how was that? Answering a question, which was “how was your day?” And I simply and bluntly responded “fine.” And then he started screaming at me (this was a year ago, I don’t remember the details, but he gave my brother a beating, and I KNOW he did because I heard him screaming and later I saw him with several bruises, you should keep in mind that my brother is autistic and nonverbal,
he’s 22 years old but still needs to be looked after. My pathetic excuse for a father hurt my brother. I’ve been wanting to confront my dad about it since then but I haven’t. Because I’m scared. And now he wants to keep my brother with him. I don’t trust that. My mom plans on taking his ass to court and I fucking hope she does. He needs to be humbled. But suddenly I’m this argument, he loves him.
Their (my dad and step mom) only argument for being good parents is that they provided a roof over our heads, like okay, that’s the bare minimum. I never asked to be born, neither did my sister (19) nor did my brother. By the way I have two step brothers, (19 and 22) the 19 year old left BECAUSE of my dad, to live with his dad, and I don’t blame him. They used to argue a lot too.
Yes, my step mom provided me with therapy, yes, she listened when I needed to, but as of late? She doesn’t fucking care. In fact, she got upset at ME because she’s sick of cooking and cleaning all the time. Keep in mind, I do help around the house when they ask me to, we even have a schedule, we do laundry on weekends and dishes on week days, we clean our rooms, etc. I even cleaned the bathroom the other day just bc I felt like it. I don’t know why they want to see me as an uncaring bitch just because I hide in my room. Honestly even I don’t know why I don’t talk to them. Actually, I don’t talk much to anyone. Only my teachers. And that’s by choice. I’ve been bullied for so long, living in the same place my entire life.
I don’t know how else to say this. I lost faith in my dad forever ago. He’s a good provider but he ain’t a good dad. I understand that he was abused by his dad. (My grandfather) and I’m sorry he was. But I’m just tired of him excusing the way he acts. He and my step mom have no right to talk shit about me or any of my siblings. If you treat your kids si badly that they think you hate them, or that they have to beg their teacher not to call you because they’re scary, you better fucking shake up or your kids won’t be yours anymore.
And go any one whose facing something like this, you gotta keep going. You can cry, you can hide away in your room, but don’t let your patents try to tell you you owe them. Because you don’t. I sure as hell don’t, Lmao. Be good to yourself.
Sorry for any spelling errors. I’m still pissed and my eyes hurt from crying.
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2023.03.30 04:28 No_Giraffe4124 Christian Camps: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I would like to preface this by saying that my camp is Christian. I have nothing against these camps and think a lot of them are pretty great. I can go on for hours about how great mine is lol. But I just got reminded of an interesting interview for another Christian camp I applied to and the rabbit hole it led me down. I decided to share this with you guys:
So I just spent my first summer working as a camp counselor at a Christian camp. I call it a "Christian camp" instead of "church" because going to church was not the primary focus of the program. Anyways, I had a post camp high and decided to scroll through Tik Tok to see other people's camp experience. Then I stumbled across a certain camp's video. They had really cool cabins that were themed (this one was medieval them) and the counselor had greeted his campers in the most sweetest way possible.
So I do some research and this seemed like the coolest place ever. It was a super large camp compared to mine and that was super exciting for me. I won't share the name of this camp as I don't want to start any trouble. But you can easily assume which one it is. They have a camp in East Texas, one in Central Texas, and one in North Carolina I believe.
So I start an application. I didn't finish it because I didn't necessarily intend to go to this camp, but a day later I get a notification asking when I can interview. I interview and the questions are standard faire. They ask about your faith journey, experience with camp and kids, all that jazz. Then they asked me "morality questions." Like "how do you feel about pre-marital sex" "What are your views on homosexuality" "how do you feel about drug use, alcohol use, pornography" "views on abortion". Now my home camp never asked questions like that and I was confused as to what this had to do with camp in the first place. As a counselor at a Christian camp, abortion never came up in discussion. So I answered honestly (so very leftist unfortunately for them). The part that REALLY got me was when they asked "what was the most traumatic event in your life" and "explain the relationship you have with your mom and dad."
The questions were beginning to sound like the conversion camp in Boy Erased. The questions were VERY personal and I soon learned there was a reason for that. SOME not all church camps utilize tactics like cry night (campers are purposely tired out then attend a long sermon or worship service that appeals strongly to the emotions. Afterwards counselors are encouraged to essentially make their campers emotional and cry together) and testimonial nights to get their campers riled up. I cannot say for certain that this camp participated in that as I have never worked there, but based off former campers I've talked to it seems to be the case.
I have more stories of stuff like this but I'll end it here. What do you all think? I agree that camps especially private ones are well within their rights to want people of certain beliefs to work at their camps. Doesn't mean I can't criticize them for some of their practices. Once again not all Christian camps are like this. In fact if you all want I can list off some Christian camps who I think are doing a pretty good job and some of the work they do.
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2023.03.30 04:21 Crowlordem Any non-religious homeless/women's shelters to donate clothes to? (tw for discussion of death)

I'm well aware plenty of Christian organizations do a lot of very good work and am absolutely not trying to start any kind of Debate, but there was a recent death in the family, and she was decidedly Not Christian. We have all agreed she would probably have preferred a non-religious (specifically non-Christian) organization for her things to go to, but all of the ones I've found in the area appear to be fairly faith-centric.
Does anyone know of any good ones? My mother was specifically very supportive of LGBT and PoC issues, so any that are notably inclusive would be amazing (but not required).
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2023.03.30 04:14 Psyence_Phiction Gear-Determined vs. Skill-Determined: An Essay on D4 Itemization

Like many of you I've been experiencing D4 withdrawal since beta ended and while combing through reddit posts like a fiending neckbeard I've been able to distill (somewhat) what I consider (personally) to be the most interesting and crucial debate over the game design, itemization in particular. The issue concerns whether the current, highly gear-(read: aspect-)determined build system is bad or not and how it could be improved (significantly). Beyond just being interesting (to me), I think it also presents the opportunity for the community (maybe) to provide focused and realistic constructive criticism (maybe) that the D4 team might actually healisten to (maybe, or maybe a little bit). In reality, two months in game dev time is likely not enough time to substantively alter mechanics that already play such a fundamental role in the system. But we can dream.
*I had a shit day at work and writing this essay is cathartic, but I apologize for the length, please stop reading if you're not down for some self-absorbed way-too-wordy nerd shit. Stay if you love or want to love the game and have nothing better to do than think deeply about its design (so deep bro...). This is an essay and so a package deal. Humor my terminology and gross verbosity and I think it could be both fun and enlightening (not a promise).*
The Undisputed Part
As we are all aware, in the current D4 system, the effects of legendary aspects are so strong and skill-altering that they (will) play a crucial role in determining (what will be) end-game viable/competitive builds. I know we've only seen 25 levels, can't predict the end-game, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc., etc., but this part should not be controversial. You may not care about competition, or "viability," and just plan to make monster go boom in shiny way (so do I), but we can agree that in the limit of impressive damage, speed, style, etc., legendary aspects and combinations thereof will determine what builds or kinds of builds people push with.
The Disputed Part
Many of those that oppose the current itemization system take issue specifically with how gear-determined the system is and are left wishing it was more character or skill-(tree)-determined. Now, everyone who understands the basic appeal of D4 understands that both your player level and skill tree on the one hand and your equipped gear on the other should each play an important/meaningful role in determining your overall build or at least its potential (add this to the undisputed part--I should have). It all comes down to how this balance is struck with the actualized in-game itemization (and leveling, and skill-tree) system. I've been convinced by those with the most clear, level-headed criticisms in the anti-current-system crowd that the current system might put too much weight on the gear side of the balance.
(I wrote a hasty pro-current-system comment, got criticism I deserved, deleted it, and decided to try again with this after thinking more carefully about both sides. Well played downvoters, well played).
The Skills First View
The most charitable rendering I can come up with for the anti-current-system view I have in mind goes something like this. Call it the Skills First View:
Player choice should play a priority and defining role in determining builds (i.e., a combination of skills, class, and gear). As we level up, we want our choice on a skill tree in particular to feel meaningful, impactful. We want to feel like we are designing our build, creating our character, and growing stronger due to our strategic choices and creative forms of expression or discovery (within the limits of a class). Gear should play a complementary role in allowing use to amplify or maximize the power of the build we have created. Gear should play a necessary role in reaching the full potential of any given build but should not define the build. We should have to (and want to!) grind for gear, but we shouldn't have to grind for the builds themselves (apart from leveling a skill tree of course). As things stand currently, the gear more or less is the build. Skill tree selections and combinations thereof do not feel as impactful as they should precisely because so much power is located in the legendary aspect effects. Both the numbers (e.g., % multipliers) and the skill modifications are so impactful that anyone who wants to make an end-game viable/competitive build is practically forced into a small set of pre-determined build paths based on op aspects and synergies between them (e.g., aspect combos for ww bard, exploding mist necro, twisting blades rogue, etc.). This seems to eliminate player choice, reduce skill-tree impact, and severely limit build variety and creative expression (assuming you want to stay end-game viable, competitive, etc.). On top of that, the current system is highly rng-dependent in requiring you to grind for specific aspects, which can be unnecessarily frustrating if you get repeatedly unlucky (imagine trying to rush a build during seasonal play and be missing an essential aspect for an extended period). This is not remedied by the guaranteed codex system because many aspects are not in the codex, not to mention the forced low rolls. And it's made worse by the fact that you can only use consumable aspects you've extracted once.
The Gear First View
Ok. That was my best shot at representing the Skills First View. Now for a Gear First View. I do not think anyone holds a Gear First View in a way that disagrees fundamentally with or actually opposes the spirit of the Skills First View. We agreed already that there has to be a balance between skills and gear. So things are a matter of degree (how much weight on either side) and how the balance is implemented (does it result in a fun system, does it allow for roleplay, is it technically possible, etc.). However, in constructing a spectrum on which matters of degree can be debated, it is best to have both extremes detailed. So I'll do my best to represent the spirit of a Gear First View:
In a realm as magical, gorgeous, varied, and dark as Sanctuary, the greatest of powers can only be revealed by way of ancient relics. Instruments forged in strife and chaos act as conduit for the Nephalem. Amongst the Great Conflict, they cannot act alone, naked and cold. Balance can only be struck by harnessing artifacts so integral to the fabric of the world and its culture that their path through time has become legend. Donning such artifacts, in the right manner, and with the right intention, is the only way to unlock one's true potential. Some items have been kept hidden by creatures unsure how to wield them. Others were forgotten, left strewn about after ancient conflicts, or transported in shoddy crates for some coin, utterly misunderstood by mere merchants and townsfolk. However, the Nephalem are not so naive. Their purpose is to hunt tirelessly to uncover ones of use to them and to discover what effects combinations thereof can produce. The forebears of humanity are marvels in their own right, but they will never incite true awe without the right gear and mastery of how to wield its unique power. There is still great choice in this matter. There is freedom of expression. Only those most creative and persistent will rise above the rest. However, the forebears will ultimately be humbled harshly if they consider the relics they discover mere accessories to their inner power. It would be hubris to assume descendants could overcome on their own accord. (I don't know actual lore, my b).
And so it goes that in a game that is defined by a rich and intricate array of items of mysterious power it makes sense that gearing and the hunt for the right artifacts across the (new open) world should take priority/center stage. The current system makes sense for a gear-grinding game. That's what Diablo is. Without enough power baked in to the gear, players would lack the incentive and drive to really grind for gear. The gear grind is its own fun factor (for those who enjoy the current system anyway) and having to adapt to drops and build around them (while leveling) is its own type of fun (and skill) as well. Finally, I will add that while some builds are obviously pre-envisioned by developers (e.g., ww barb in some form), I think the sense in which people feel they have been handed down meta builds as opposed to opting for player-created ones is overstated. I can't imagine the D4 team has a list of meta builds on the wall, betting on when players will discover which ones. Just because I go and copy some more dedicated youtuber-player does not mean I've forfeited my own choice or creativity in the matter. And if I can't creatively come up with something better it doesn't diminish the original creators' efforts as merely uncovering some pre-existing meta.
The No Fundamental Rework View
We now can at least see both extremes of the spectrum: all the power should be in the skills vs. all the power should be in the gear. No one holds either extreme. The right view is somewhere in the middle with a clever and engaging implementation in game. The Skills First View prioritizes the impact of skills over gear for the sake of player choice primarily. What I will call the No Fundamental Rework View is compatible/consistent with the Skills First View, but claims specifically that we should embrace the current itemization system with regard to its fundamentals and target changes that would allow the slider to shift from where it currently is on the Gear First side more toward the Skills First side. This would result in a happier medium. The primary attraction of this view is that it is realistic. This is uninteresting from a philosophical or initial game design perspective for sure, but it is highly relevant in this context. We are two months out and it is highly unlikely that the D4 team will make fundamental changes to how itemization works. They might be receptive, however, to non-fundamental changes (in this context, "non-fundamental" would mean something like "actually doable"). So what sorts of view are there on how to change things for the better?
How to Approach Changes to the Aspect System
There is where I turn it over to the community for discussion. My only wish is that that discussion will focus at least a bit on realistic changes or approaches to change that could improve the current system, at least over time (no fundamental changes are occurring before release I imagine). I don't have some grand plan to fix things, and most proposals I read on reddit dig too deep down to what is likely fundamental for the dev team (i.e., untouchable, unrealistic). But I will highlight a few issues or questions that I think could be points of focus for realistic changes:
- The codex is only a subset of aspects. Some (seemingly many highly impactful ones) are drop-only. Is this necessary? The codex rolls are already guaranteed low, so would it be so bad to allow guaranteed/farmable access to all aspects in low roll form, perhaps gated behind some challenging pve/zones? This would reduce rng-dependence and dread over unlucky streaks when trying to farm a build up. This rng-dependence will be even more pronounced during seasons when we have limited time to construct that perfect build.
- You can only use consumable aspects you've extracted once. Is this necessary? This seems to limit the use of certain aspects while leveling drastically in a frustrating and costly way. There is something to be said for having to adapt to drops along the way, but constantly rebuilding is a hassle if the player wants the choice of using a specific build that is highly aspect-dependent.
- Currently some aspects modify skill behavior in significant ways that are akin to talents/typical skill tree changes. Is there a way to categorically partition these from the rest of the aspect effects and treat them differently? Beyond simple tuning/balancing perhaps just these, or some of them, should become skill tree choices. This strikes me as entering fundamental change territory but I know some in the Skills First camp might approve.
- This last one isn't so much a change as just something to think about. From a purely business-driven perspective focusing on play-time, player retention, etc., have some sympathy for the devs working with what has a proven track record of keeping people playing. The highly rng-dependent stuff is definitely time-gating sometimes, intentional or not, but they might know (or have data to support) that erring on the other side of having gear not matter enough is the worse way to go.
I'll leave it at that. You all can propose your own changes if you like. I hope this was at least somewhat entertaining. And I hope to have illustrated that there is less (fundamental) disagreement than there seems to be over D4's itemization, at least philosophically. We all want skills and gear to both matter. We all want to feel immersed in a world that is not ours and yet remain in control as much as possible. Getting the balance right is hard.
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2023.03.30 04:12 SixersGameThreadBot [Post-Game Thread] The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Dallas Mavericks with a final score of 116 to 108

Dallas Mavericks (37-39) @ Philadelphia 76ers (49-26)

Game Status - Final: 76ers Win 116-108


1 2 3 4 TOTAL
Mavericks 37 25 29 14 105
76ers 28 29 32 21 110


Mavericks 76ers
A.J. Lawson Mac McClung
Frank Ntilikina Louis King

Game Stats

Mavericks 108 38/83 (45.8%) 18/46 (39.1%) 14/18 (77.8%) 8+32 24 22 3 14 3
76ers 116 37/80 (46.2%) 17/36 (47.2%) 25/30 (83.3%) 11+32 26 19 9 10 4
SF Tim Hardaway Jr. 36:25 21 8/15 (53.3%) 5/10 (50%) 0/0 (0%) 0+2 2 0 0 1 4 9.0
PF Reggie Bullock 33:14 7 3/10 (30%) 1/8 (12.5%) 0/0 (0%) 0+6 1 0 0 3 4 -17.0
C Dwight Powell 10:37 3 1/1 (100%) 0/0 (0%) 1/4 (25%) 1+1 1 0 0 1 3 -2.0
SG Kyrie Irving 40:06 23 8/17 (47.1%) 3/7 (42.9%) 4/4 (100%) 1+5 5 2 0 1 1 -1.0
PG Luka Doncic 37:10 24 9/20 (45%) 4/9 (44.4%) 2/2 (100%) 1+9 8 0 1 4 3 -7.0
Maxi Kleber 25:56 5 1/4 (25%) 1/4 (25%) 2/2 (100%) 0+2 2 0 1 3 3 0.0
Josh Green 19:43 6 2/5 (40%) 1/3 (33.3%) 1/1 (100%) 2+1 1 0 0 0 1 -15.0
Christian Wood 12:15 9 3/3 (100%) 1/1 (100%) 2/3 (66.7%) 2+2 0 1 0 0 1 -10.0
Jaden Hardy 18:23 8 2/7 (28.6%) 2/4 (50%) 2/2 (100%) 0+2 4 0 1 0 1 1.0
JaVale McGee 06:10 2 1/1 (100%) 0/0 (0%) 0/0 (0%) 1+2 0 0 0 1 1 2.0
SF Tobias Harris 32:31 13 5/7 (71.4%) 0/2 (0%) 3/3 (100%) 0+4 2 1 0 0 2 -7.0
PF P.J. Tucker 19:10 2 1/3 (33.3%) 0/1 (0%) 0/0 (0%) 1+5 0 0 0 0 0 -6.0
C Joel Embiid 33:08 25 8/17 (47.1%) 1/3 (33.3%) 8/9 (88.9%) 1+8 3 1 1 4 4 10.0
SG Tyrese Maxey 34:26 22 6/13 (46.2%) 4/9 (44.4%) 6/6 (100%) 0+4 4 2 0 1 3 8.0
PG James Harden 38:21 15 4/14 (28.6%) 2/6 (33.3%) 5/7 (71.4%) 2+2 12 3 0 2 3 3.0
De'Anthony Melton 32:37 17 5/9 (55.6%) 5/6 (83.3%) 2/4 (50%) 4+2 1 0 0 2 2 16.0
Georges Niang 19:21 14 5/9 (55.6%) 4/7 (57.1%) 0/0 (0%) 0+2 2 1 2 0 2 3.0
Jalen McDaniels 15:29 3 1/4 (25%) 1/2 (50%) 0/0 (0%) 0+2 1 0 0 0 2 15.0
Paul Reed 14:52 5 2/4 (50%) 0/0 (0%) 1/1 (100%) 3+2 1 1 1 1 1 -2.0
Danuel House Jr. 00:04 0 0/0 (0%) 0/0 (0%) 0/0 (0%) 0+1 0 0 0 0 0 0.0

Eastern Conference Standings

Rank Team W L Pct GB Conf Home Away L10 Strk
1 Milwaukee Bucks 55 21 0.724 - 32-15 30-7 25-14 7-3 W 2
2 Boston Celtics 52 24 0.684 3.0 30-17 28-9 24-15 7-3 L 1
3 Philadelphia 76ers 50 26 0.658 5.0 30-16 27-11 23-15 6-4 W 1
4 Cleveland Cavaliers 48 29 0.623 7.5 31-16 30-8 18-21 7-3 L 1
5 New York Knicks 44 33 0.571 11.5 29-19 22-17 22-16 5-5 W 2
6 Brooklyn Nets 41 35 0.539 14.0 27-21 20-16 21-19 4-6 W 1
7 Miami Heat 40 37 0.519 15.5 21-27 25-14 15-23 5-5 L 3
8 Atlanta Hawks 38 38 0.5 17.0 24-23 22-16 16-22 5-5 W 1

League Scoreboard

Away Score Home Status
Milwaukee Bucks 149-136 Indiana Pacers Final
Houston Rockets 114-123 Brooklyn Nets Final
Miami Heat 92-101 New York Knicks Final
Los Angeles Lakers 121-110 Chicago Bulls Final
LA Clippers 141-132 Memphis Grizzlies Final
Detroit Pistons 106-107 Oklahoma City Thunder Final
Utah Jazz 128-117 San Antonio Spurs Final
Minnesota Timberwolves 24-25 Phoenix Suns End of 1st Qtr
Sacramento Kings 19-20 Portland Trail Blazers End of 1st Qtr

Next 76ers Game

Friday, March 31, 07:00 PM EDT vs. Toronto Raptors (2 days)
Last Updated: 03/29/2023 10:42:21 PM EDT
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2023.03.30 04:09 Azrael_Ze Reflective Mirror and Aurora Wings-Major Update 54 Details

Reflective Mirror and Aurora Wings-Major Update 54 Details
Langrisser's all-new update is finally here! The game will undergo a update maintenance at March 30th. During the maintenance, commanders will not be able log into the game. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! After the maintenance is completed, you'll be able to enter the game and continue your glorious adventure!
[𝐄𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞] 01:00 - 05:00 (GMT-5)
[𝐀𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬] 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬
[𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧]
When the maintenance is over, you can claim Trinity Vouchers x 5 on the Info page as compensation. Please remember to claim them in time!

New Heroes — Grenshiel and Joa & Conny
SSR Hero - Grenshiel: She is the eldest princess of the Nolan Holy Empire, Captain of the Glorious Wings, Guardian of Snowpeak Temple, and known by the people as "The Valkyrie". With the passing of King Amadeus, Grenshiel was forced to quickly ascend to the throne. The young girl, though utterly inexperienced in the art of ruling, took up the challenge with glee. But perhaps Grenshiel never imagined that the truth, buried in time with all its secrets and scandals, only came to surface with the arrival of outsiders.
[Faction]: Origins of Light, Princess Alliance, Strategic Masters
[Final Class]: Air Blade/Wing Commander
SSR Hero - Joa & Conny: As the operators of the Elysium Ark, this mentor and apprentice duo has been providing comprehensive technical support for the design, construction, and navigation of the Ark since the time of the Gresden Empire. Even today, with the assistance of artificial intelligence and virtual imagery, they continue to work tirelessly in the Control Room day and night. However, there is an accident that no one wants to speak of, concealed behind their routine work.
[Faction]: Empire's Honor, Strategic Masters, Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei
[Final Class]: Machinist CommandeTechnologist

New Limited-Time Summon — Reflective Mirror and Aurora Wings
Event Time: March 30th, 06:00 - April 26th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
A generated hologram brings to life a person of the past. Standing atop a snowy peak... gazing at the aurora borealis under a canopy of stars... faith and companionship will keep you warm through the long night!
Increased chance of summoning SSR heroes Grenshiel and Joa & Conny during the "Reflective Mirror and Aurora Wings" limited-time summon!

Limited Time Secret Realm Event — Dawnlight Bastion
Event Time: After the March 30th Maintenance - April 26th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
As darkness gathers in countless dimensions, a mysterious city is calling to brave heroes...
"Dawnlight Bastion" is a special defense game mode in which commanders must construct buildings and deploy heroes to defend against waves of enemies. This event opens 5 new levels, some of which a commander can choose their own hero to fight!
During the event, clear the Secret Realm levels for the first time and complete the achievement goals, to get amazing rewards such as Trinity Vouchers and Brilliant Ribbons!
See the event's "Info" for detailed rules.

Limited-Time Secret Realm Event — Forbidden Battleground
Event Time: After the March 30th Maintenance - April 26th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
With Crimzonia and Pelia returning to hang in the sky, the tide of time flows once more, causing the Forbidden Battleground to emerge from its ancient slumber... A new battleground is here — The Forbidden Battleground!
During the event, defeat enemies in the "Forbidden Battleground" secret realm to win event items which can be exchanged for SSR Accessories, Skin Vouchers, and lots of other amazing rewards!
See the event's "Info" for detailed rules.

New Troops Join the Training Grounds
The barracks ushered in a new power, and new combat forces have joined!
After the March 30th maintenance, the training ground will unlock new minions: Deck Gunner (Archers) and War Falcon (Fliers).

New Gates of Fate Unlocked
Discover the stories behind the heroes and help them regain their former glory.
After this maintenance, the Gates of Fate of Grenshiel and Joa & Conny will be available. After completing the challenge, commanders can unlock their Bond Power in addition to Memory Shards to further enhance their attributes.

Limited-Time Event — Echo of Light
Event Time: After the March 30th Maintenance — April 26th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
Darkness threatens El Sallia. Faith in the Goddess of Light is the world's last hope. Commander, pick up your sword, embrace this new power, and let the legends of mighty heroes resonate across the land once again!
During the event, recharge a certain amount to gain a corresponding number of rewards. SSR Heroes Grenshiel and Joa & Conny 's limited-edition skins "Frostblade Dragonmaiden" and "Prayer for the Departed" are now available!

New Gift Packs in the Store
[Skystrider's Gift]
Sale Time: After the March 30th Maintenance — April 12th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
$33.99/2-Purchase Limit, this Gift Pack contains: Ode to Bravery Weapon Pack x1 (Choose one of the following equipment: Ragnarok, Bone-crusher's Hammer, Extreme Magic Bow, Lurker's Sting), Indomitable Spirit Armor Pack x1 (Choose one of the following equipment: Last Rites, Forbidden Defender's Armor, Alliance Robes, Cloak of Defiance).

[Starlight Blessing]
Sale Time: After the March 30th Maintenance — April 12th, 23:59 (GMT -5)
$33.99/2-Purchase Limit, this Gift Pack contains: Warlord's Resolve Headwear Bag x1 (Choose one of the following equipment: Njord's Feathered Crown, Fury of Tyr, King's Crown, Flower Boon Bonnet), Glorious Will Accessories Bag x1 (Choose one of the following equipment: Overlord Badge, Apex Boots, Judge Talisman, Twilight Star).

Other Optimizations and Adjustments
New Content:
  1. Level 2 Awakening skills available for the following heroes: Grenshiel and Joa & Conny.
  2. Unlockable Casting Skills available for the following heroes: Lambda, Clarett, Lanford, and Vargas.
  3. Secret Realm Store: Added exclusive equipment for heroes Werner (Headgear) and Azusa (Headgear).
  4. Love Confessions for the following heroes will be unlocked: Ashemar.
  5. Heart Bonds for the following heroes will be unlocked: Grenshiel and Joa & Conny.
  6. The following content have been added to the Figurine Wall:
Hero: Vargas, Lanford;
Hero Skin: Vargas "Mobile Suit Guardian," Lanford "Purest Intentions," and Liffany "Magic Council";
Soldier: Templar Knight, Scorpio, Golden Knight;
NPC: Tsuruno Elder
  1. Optimized Equipment Upgrade and Star Upgrade. Added a one-click Upgrade Function, which can display the highest-level Upgrade Materials, Gold, and Attribute changes that can be enhanced by the current Upgrade Materials.
  2. Optimized Class Advancement. Added a one-click Advancement Function, which can display the highest level that can be strengthened by the current class and can quickly purchase Advanced Materials.
  3. Added R and SR Barracks Materials to the Guild Store.
  4. Optimized the display of the number of items on the Bond Upgrade interface. When the number of items exceeds 999, the specific number will no longer be displayed.
submitted by Azrael_Ze to langrisser [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 04:00 littprince [Store] Collectors Cache 2019, Aghanims 2021, Diretide 2022

Accepting PayPal & CRYPTO Currency Payments. Read bottom of the page for more information.
Reservation Fee: 5 $ (USD/EUR)
Applied to Everyone. Everyone pays the same Reservation fee no matter the size of your order. Reservation fee is subtracted from the total cost of your Order. Reservation fee is non-refundable.
FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) can be found on my steam profile.
My Steam Profile
Leave a message in the comment section, and add me. Will respond once I see it.
Treasure Nr. & Year Rare & Retro Sets Hero Price Stock Reserved
Diretide 1. 2022 Dark Behemoth Primal Beast 50💲 7
Diretide 2. 2022 Sublime Equilibrium Void Spirit 45💲 1
Diretide 1. 2022 Blue Horizons Marci 20💲 15
Diretide 2. 2022 Brands of the Reaper AntiMage 35💲 2
Aghanim's. 2021 Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel Chaos Knight 50💲 1
Aghanim's. 2021 Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi 45💲 1
Cache 1. 2019 Gothic Whisper Phantom Assassin 125💲 1
Cache 2. 2019 Cinder Sensei Ember Spirit 185💲 4
Cache 1. 2019 Defender of Ruin Disruptor 35💲 3
Cache 2. 2019 Fowl Omen Necrophos 20💲 5
Cache 2. 2018 Cruelties of the Spiral Bore Magnus 80💲 2
Cache 2. 2018 The Rat King Chen 10💲 2
Collection 2022 Charms of the Firefiend Batrider 5💲 1

Diretide Cache 2. 2022 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Darkbrews Transgression Alchemist 10💲 2
The Wilding Tiger Brewmaster 10💲 1
Withering Pain Clinkz 10💲 2
Dawn of Darkness Foretold Doom 10💲 3
Sacred Chamber Guardian Huskar 10💲 2
Bird of Prey Legion Commander 10💲 2
Feasts of Forever Night Stalker 10💲 2
Freebot Fortunes Ogre Magi 10💲 2
Transcendent Path Oracle 10💲 1
Darkfeather Factioneer Phantom Assassin 10💲 2
Cursed Cryptbreaker Pudge 25💲 1
Grand Suppressor Silencer 10💲 3
War Rig Eradicators Techie 15💲 1
Acrimonies of Obsession Vengeful Spirit 10💲 3

Diretide Cache 1. 2022 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Hounds of Obsession Chen 10💲 14
Seadog's stash Clockwerk 10💲 12
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 10💲 13 1
Chines of the Inquisitor Faceless Void 10💲 13
Shadowleaf Insurgent Hoodwink 10💲 12 1
Champion of the Fire Lotus Monkey King 10💲 13
Crimson Dawn Phoenix 10💲 14
Scarlet Subversion Riki 10💲 13
Whippersnapper Snapfire 10💲 13 1
Spoils of the shadow veil Spectre 10💲 13
Forgotten Station Terrorblade 10💲 12
Dirge Amplifier Undying 10💲 13
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt Ursa 10💲 14
Deathstitch Shaman Witch Doctor 10💲 13

Aghanim's Cache 2021 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Blightfall Abaddon 15💲 3
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist 20💲 1
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparition 15💲 2
Days of the Demon Axe 15💲 1
Widow of the Undermount Gloom Broodmother 10💲 2
Perils of the Red Banks Chen 15💲 4
Apex Automated Clockwerk 35💲 1
Perception of the First Light Dawnbreaker 25💲 3 1
Silverwurm Sacrifice Dragon Knight 20💲 2
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 10💲 2
Forgotten Fate Mars 15💲 2
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 10💲 3
Test of the Basilisk Lord Razor 15💲 1
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 15💲 1

Cache 2. 2019 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Endless Night Abbadon 15💲 1
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 10💲 2
Fury of the Bloodforge BloodSeeker 10💲 4
Automaton Antiquity BroodMother 15💲 3
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 15💲 2
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 20💲 3
Souls Tyrant Shadow Fiend 25💲 4
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 15💲 1
Verdant Predator Venomancer 15💲 2
Tribal Pathways⠀ Warlock 15💲 4

Cache 1. 2019 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Echoes of the Everblack Abaddon 15💲 2
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan Chen 15💲 2
Allure of the Fadeshade Flower Dark Willow 25💲 2
Forbidden Medicines Dazzle 15💲 2
Soul of the Brightshroud Death Prophet 25💲 1
Scorched Amber Dragon Knight 25💲 1
Glimmer of Sacred Hunt Drow Ranger 85💲 1
The Arts of Mortal Deception Enigma 15💲 2
Pursuit of the Ember Demons Huskar 25💲 2
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 10💲 1
Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 25💲 1
Poacher's Bane Tidehunter 25💲 2
Curse of the Creeping Vine Undying 15💲 3
Genuine Weather balls can be traded for items without delay
Genuine Weather Price Stock
Ash 8💲 1
Snow 5💲 2
Rain 5💲 2
Moonbeam 5💲 0
Harvest 3💲 7
Spring 3💲 2
Pestilence 3💲 3
Aurora 3💲 22
Sirocco 3💲 2
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