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2023.05.29 17:33 CrimsonCapacitor CR Touch correction abilities?

Just wondering, as a quick Google search didn't reveal anything...
How much of an offset can a CR touch correct? Is it along the lines of +/- 0.2 mm? More? Less? How off can your bed be and have a CR touch "level" it?
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2023.05.29 17:33 umairgl Regert, Anxiety, overthinking, depression, loneliness... Where I'm

I'm tired... Tired of what (idk).... My past haunt's me, and it's related to all relationship with girl... They came in my life and destroy my mental health then left me.... Specially 2 girls from past... One of them just played with me by prank and pulled me in love and give me a trauma and the other girl really ruined my life... 2 times trauma... I recovered myself completely in previous year but then again 1 girl try to enter in my life.... At first i avoid her as much as i can... Because i lost all believe on girls... But this girl stick with me.... Listen my story.... Still wants me.... I saw her making efforts towards me.... I even see her loyalty towards me after then i let her in my life... At starting i didn't give much love to her... I hold my feelings and didn't express my love because of past experiences but then after few months of my broke down period (this broke down period is not because of her or not even related to her) I can't able to hold my feelings and become expressive... She liked it and i saw her happy, makes me happy.... But when i hold my feelings and not expressive, she really need my attention, love, time etc and when i gave it to her.... She is showing less attention and feelings now.... It's like I'm become addicted to her showing "good feelings" and when I'm not getting it, it break me inside into many pieces... I'm lost in my thoughts, thinks a lot of her, i think I'm becoming chaser of her now... But at the same time i want to avoid her, i want her to come me... I even avoid her but can't avoid for a long period of time as I'm doing pointless scrolling over social media and my anxiety drag me to reply her... 1. I can't able to focus now in real life, overthinking everytime everywhere. 2. Its like i want attention, too much attention, or i think maybe i want love, too much love. 3. I think about her almost all the time, can't resist her even in my mind... 4. I avoid her and want that she come to me but i think she don't know how I'm feeling but a lot of time i told her about my feelings and told about my lowest point I'm now, but idk what to say... 5. Sometime i want to tell her to not talk me for 2, 3 months but I can't able to tell her because i think she's gonna hurt...
I'm drowning, everytime my phone's vibrate i think it's her...but no... It's 95% time not her.... Sometimes i feel suffocate and seeing her not texting me...I know she might be busy in her home or somewhere else but my mind don't accept it IDK why ??? Sometimes i feel like too much weakness because of alone idk... I speak to myself many things when it's turn to speak with any person even her.... Many things left unsaid... I don't know where I'm Took 1+ hour to write this all. I'll appreciate every person if you share your thoughts on it
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2023.05.29 17:33 TheScribe_1 [The Book of the Chosen] - Chapter Eleven - The Room of Doors

Series Page - Read 10 weeks ahead on Patreon - Read the story so far on Royal Road
Chapter Eleven - The Room of Doors

‘Get moving!’
Sara watched the men readying their horses, squinting at the bright-ness of the stone. The courtyard was full of the sound of boot-steps and creaking leather. Overhead, a thin veil of rippled grey hung over the early winter sky, and the dawn sun tugged gleaming at its edges. Over-head, the dull black shape of an old stormtower bled the sky. Empty, just like the rest of them. There was something very jarring, Sara de-cided, about the worn jerkins and stubbled cheeks of her father’s men, ensconced in a pillared courtyard of vast stone. They were out of place, and they had been every moment since arriving in Uldoroth, she real-ised. They didn’t belong here. Her own anxiety was mirrored imper-fectly with the relief on their weary faces, and the dark rings under their eyes seemed just a little less deep. There may be Black Hand to deal with, back in the Westmere, but it was home. At least there your ene-mies had the decency to show themselves. Sara realised she was chew-ing her lip. At her back, two of the Black Guard waited wordlessly in their gold-touched armour, much more in keeping with the finery of the courtyard, and everything else in the capital. They were waiting to es-cort her away to the Queen, unaware they found a girl not so eager for the honour as she had been, just a few days before.
‘Father!’ She called out, spying him across the writhing mass of men in their moss green cloaks, but he seemed not to hear her. He was standing near the arched cloister at the far side of the square, cloaked and ready for travel, in hurried conversation with a shaded figure stand-ing beyond the marble facade. She squinted, trying to make out the oth-er man, but there was nothing but a dark shadow to trace.
‘Well then, M’lady.’ A voice said beside her, and she turned to find Halin looking down at her, a kind smile on his broad face. ‘You’ll be a right proper Princess when I next see you, methinks.’
Sara smiled at him and shook her head sheepishly. ‘Uldoroth is not my home, yet, Halin. I won’t forget.’
‘Be careful you don’t, Lady Sara.’ Halin glanced distrustfully at the Black Guard behind her. ‘Lots of fancy folk here. Fancy folk with fan-cier lies.’
‘I’ll be careful, Halin.’ She told him seriously.
He smiled again, and the sternness dissolved away from his face.
‘Take care, M’Lady.’ He told her, dipping his head politely. She re-turned the gesture, dropping into a small curtsy.
‘Look after my father, will you?’
‘Always, M’Lady.’
Halin hurried off into the throng in the square, and Sara watched him go, feeling her the knot in her belly tighten. The conversations with her unexpected visitors had left their mark, a nagging uncertainty gnawing at the excitement that had carried her through her first few uneventful days in the capital. The little comfort she had taken in the presence of her father and his men was a loss she could ill afford. She watched her father’s back, frowning softly to herself. Her thoughts were not what she had imagined, when she had thought of him leaving. A hundred dif-ferent times, and more. Had she expected tears, grief at the parting? Re-lief? Instead, there was only the fear, a dull, leaden weight in her belly, clammy-cold as marsh-water.
‘Come on, you whoresons! I want to be on the road before lunch!’ Halin roared, and the men quickened their work. Her father had not moved, still deep in conversation, just out of sight. She peered a little closer, and for a moment the pale sunlight crept over the top of the square, flashing against a colourful doublet marked with a silver brooch. The Fox’s lips barely moved as he spoke from the shadows of the cloister, and her father was scowling. Sara frowned.
‘Mount up!’
The ornate wagon that had been her home all those weeks trundled into the square, then, drawn by a pair of stout horses. Sara saw her fa-ther turn reluctantly towards it, striding out into the square. Sara peered past him into the cloister, and for a moment Lord Bywood’s sharp eyes caught hers. Then he smiled, dipping his dark, smooth head, and van-ished himself away into the shadows.
Sara hurried out into the crowded square, leaving her escort behind, darting between the shifting limbs of the horses. Her father turned to-wards her as she approached, and smiled small smile, in two parts, one weary, one sad.
She threw her arms around him and pressed her head against his chest for a moment, and he put an arm around her shoulders. She knew her role, and the knowing of it made her safe for a moment. Then she stepped back, looking up at him.
‘I thought you were going to leave without saying goodbye.’
‘I… There was much preparation to do.’
Sara did not reply. His eyes had that same distance that they had had since they arrived in the capital. Uldoroth had worn at him, as if all the brightness and finery had made his skin dull, eyes darkened like the contrast of shadows in bright sun.
‘Will you write?’
He blinked as she spoke, then smiled, and the tiredness fell away from him for a moment. He took her chin gently in one hand, tilting it up to meet his eyes.
‘Yes, I will write.’ He told her, and she saw again that fierce ambi-tion in his eyes, the look she had known so well on their journey from the Westmere. Swollen around the soft, lazy ease of diminished strength. ‘And I shall expect news in return. The Rose of Westmere will show these fools how a real lady charms.’
Sara smiled and lowered her eyes self-consciously.
‘I… I will not disappoint you, father.’ She said quietly, and found, in spite of herself, that there were tears in her eyes.
‘See that you do not.’ He replied. Then he let go of her chin and climbed quickly into the carriage. He leaned out from the window for a moment, before they were gone, banging a hand against the wooden panels of the door impatiently.
‘Move out!’
‘You heard him!’ Halin bellowed in response, holding his horse in check beneath him. ‘Back to Westmere, before your wives go stray-ing!’
With that, her father’s men spurred their horses away into the white corridors of the citadel, bound for the sky-cages and the city below. They had arrived on foot, leading their steeds, but they left by horse-back, hurried by grave purpose towards the long road west. She watched the window of the carriage as it trundled away with the horses, but her father did not appear again. She stayed there, staring after them, until the party were out of sight and the great gate of the keep heaved closed behind them, slamming into the distant stone with a resounding thud.
She turned to find the Black Guard waiting, watching her with dark eyes through the narrow slits of their polished helms. For a moment, the suddenness of the departure threatened to overwhelm her. What was it he had told her, slurring over his unfinished dinner, in the pristine per-fection of their lodgings, surrounded by invisible eyes? Power belongs to the strong. To those who take it. Just then, standing in the courtyard, watching alone as her father departed, she realised that he was right. And he wasn’t strong enough. She took a deep breath, smiling for the Black Guard, and followed them out of the ancient courtyard into the halls beyond.
The broad, open avenues and garden-ways of the Keep of Eranor closed in to interior corridors rather quickly, when you knew the way, and soon Sara was following her black-gilded escort through pale pas-sageways lined with statuettes and tapestries, ceilings lost far overhead to the flickering light of amber flames. An occasional glimpse of pale sunlight leaped out across the stone floor, shimmering through shifting motes of dust. Sara was her Lady-self again, graceful and poised, glid-ing over the polished floor after her escort. The giant corridors were a maze of twists and turns, past fragment-views of gardens and libraries and sitting-halls and galleries, but she was dimly aware they were mov-ing towards the Hall of the King. The thought made her a little giddy.
‘Will I be received in the King’s Hall?’ She asked as they walked, but the Black Guards didn’t reply, and their armour clinked in the quiet. Sara frowned, following them. The passage curved, rising, and she found that the wall on her right side suddenly gave way to the hall be-low. One of the galleries, set high in the rafters of the King’s Hall. She stopped, putting her hand on the balustrade and peering out over the ledge, into the vaulted, silent emptiness of the hall. Some fifty foot be-low, the patterned black and white marble of the floor gleamed in flashes of reflected amber, quiet and empty. At the far end, pale sun-light caught the Night Throne, setting fire in the mirrored stone. Over-head, the matching nightglass ceiling gleamed like a lake in starlight, and swirling figures swept back and forth across it in the shifting light of the chamber. Sara felt a little thrill run over her neck.
Sara blinked, starting, and found Dana standing beside her.
‘Sister!’ Sara took hold of her sister’s hands and rose onto her tip-toes, pressing a kiss against her cheek. ‘Here to welcome me into the fold?’
She was struck again by the strangeness of her sister, the difference in her. Dana wore black, a dress of simple lines and inlaid jet, at once relaxed and taut as a lute string. Her pale hands were folded over her belly, and her muddy dark hair was pulled back into a bun. The Black Guards halted behind her, waiting.
‘I am to escort you to the Queen’s chambers.’ Dana said simply. With that she turned and began to walk away along the balcony, to-wards a closed door at the throne-end of the hall. Sara frowned, hurry-ing after her.
‘Do the King and Queen not share chambers?’ She asked as they walked, and the hall below drew on beside them.
‘Their Majesties prefer… to keep their own space.’
The Black Guard fell into step at a respectful distance behind them, armoured heels clicking against the stone.
‘How many others are there?’
‘How many what?’
‘Handmaidens. How many does her Majesty keep?’
Dana did not break stride. ‘Two others, and the Matron.’
‘I suppose we shall not have servants of our own.’ Sara said quietly, eyeing the shadows shifting over the nightglass ceiling. ‘No need to spy on us when we are so close.’
‘Sara-’ Dana began, but Sara cut her off.
‘Father is gone, you know. This morning.’
‘I know.’ Dana replied, looking ahead.
‘You did not come to see him.’
Dana did not turn.
‘I’m sure he will miss you terribly, sister.’
Sara bristled suddenly, grabbing her sister’s arm.
‘I did not ask for it!’
Dana looked down at the hand on her arm, frowning. ‘What?’
‘Any of it!’ Sara told her, angry now, her whisper cracking. ‘I didn’t ask to stay. I didn’t ask him to send you away. I would have given any-thing to go with you. I thought he would never let me leave.’ She low-ered her voice, flicking an eye back towards the waiting guards. ‘I did not ask for the way he… the way he…’
She took a breath, swallowing, and straightened, looking her sister in the eye.
‘There are worse things than being ignored, Dana.’
Dana’s hand folded over hers.
‘Let’s… let’s put it behind us.’ She said quietly. ‘You are here, now.’
Sara blinked at her, nodding. She wanted to say more, but her words would not come, locked away from her tongue by the choked gulping of her breath. She lowered her eyes, and Dana squeezed her hand.
‘Sara, listen to me.’ Dana murmured, leaning close. ‘You must be careful. The Queen-’
The door at the far end of the gallery swung open, creaking on its hinges. The pair fell silent, frozen, and whatever Dana might have said, she held instead.
‘Wait here.’
The Matron, the head of the Queen’s Keepers, was an elderly wom-an with rounding hips and hair the colour of ash tied into a tight bun behind the worn-leather creases of her forehead. She was wearing black, same as Dana, though her smock was somehow plainer, when she opened the door onto the gallery, ushering the sisters wordlessly in-to the corridor beyond. Dana had bowed her head deferentially, wither-ing under the Matron’s hard eyes, and quickly disappeared into one of the many doors of the hallway. Sara almost asked for her to stay, but instead she steeled herself, remembering her lessons, and followed the stern old woman down the long, flickering hallway. The corridors of the keep were all severe, all lit by weak, flickering torchlight and gleaming the gleam of cold stone, but here they were particularly bare. There were no busts, no tapestries, no mosaics. Nothing but cold, dead rock, lent a little life by the dim thrustings of infrequent braziers. In her own apartments, she had understood the quiet, but here, in the keep proper, there was an eery silence to the corridors that jarred with Sara’s anticipation. Where were the nobles in their gay clothes, where was the music and laughter of a King’s Hall? Sara frowned to herself, and kept walking.
The room at the end of the hallway was broad and rounded, like a kind of circle made out of many flat edges, each holding the low light of a brazier. The marble floors were black and white and patterned like a gamesboard, empty but for a broad nightwood table at its centre, matching the room itself for its odd roundness. On the far side, a wall of shutters opened out onto a large, bare balcony, and over the intricate-ly wrought stone balustrade, Sara could see the City of the Moon be-low, sweeping away towards the edge of the Heartspire, empty stormtowers stabbing black into the sky. Beyond, the great emerald plains of Valia stretched out into the west, past the fiery line of the river Arq, scored with jagged, dark rock and silver streams. Sara swallowed, realising she’d never been so high up.
‘Wait here.’
‘But-‘ She protested, frowning, but the Matron was already gone, turned on her heel and disappeared back the way she had come. Sara flinched as the door slammed shut behind her, and the silence of the room prickled at her skin. The breeze rustled over the balcony, swirling about the pillared windows, but the air inside was still as the grave. She stepped slowly over to the table, touching the polished wood. This much nightwood would have cost more than a wagonload of gold. She traced the knotted lines across the black surface, trying to ignore the cold weight churning in her gut.
Time stretched on around her, and the minutes dragged by like years. Despite the open air flooding through the windows, the chamber was not cool, warmed by the subtle glow of the braziers, and she felt a little wetness beginning to build under her arms. She looked about her-self, trying to calm her heart. There were four other doors in the room, besides the one they had entered through, all dark and heavy looking, and each bore a pattern of silver on its face. There was a cradle, and opposite it, a pendant with teeth like a wolf. Beside the cradle door, a small drinks table, a glass jug of purple wine atop it, with a pair of matching glasses. The two doors closest to the balcony bore a sun and a crescent moon. She looked a little closer, and realised that the markings were not moonsilver, merely an imitation in gleaming silver paint, and the door she had entered through bore no markings at all. Sara watched them, imagining the rooms that lay behind each. Which one was the Queen behind, she wondered, and her heart quickened at the thought, stomach churning. She was stranded, here, now, in the capital. What if the Queen didn’t like her? What if she said something wrong? Would she be sent away again, back to her father?
‘Lady Westmere.’
The crescent moon had swung open, and the Queen glided through, a beautiful shadow in a studded black dress, arms glistening with little sharpened sequins the colour of midnight. Her hair had been contorted into an elaborate maze of raven curls over her pate, and her pale skin took on a translucent sheen in the pale light from the balcony doors. The throat of her dress was open, as it had been in the King’s Hall all those days ago, and she wore the same golden necklace, its myriad points sharp like daggers with their drops of ruby blood.
Sara blinked, then remembered herself, and dropped into a low curt-sy, bowing her head.
‘Your Majesty.’ She said quietly, keeping her eyes on the floor.
The Queen did not reply. Sara was dimly aware of her shadow mov-ing across the floor, crossing to the drinks table beside the cradle door. Sara risked a glance up, then, and found the Queen’s slender back to her. When she at last turned, she had a glass goblet of wine clutched in her narrow fingers. Sara lowered her eyes again.
‘You are a pretty one, aren’t you.’ The Queen said quietly, as if to herself. Her voice was cold, like ice leaking over lakewater, deep and still. She took a sip from her cup, and Sara could feel the cut of her eyes against her skin. ‘What did the Weasel of Westmere do to sire such a pretty daughter. Your sister, maybe, I understand, but you…’
Sara forced herself not to frown.
‘Well trained, I see.’ The Queen murmured, smiling coldly. She took another sip of her wine. ‘Your mother’s touch, I assume, not your fa-ther’s.’
Sara hesitated. She glanced up at the Queen, then lowered her eyes again, nodding.
‘I hear she is unwell.’
Sara looked up again, braver this time, and found the Queen’s dark eyes watching her over the rim of her glass.
‘She has an affliction, Your Majesty. She does not eat, and rarely sleeps. The Keepers say it is a disease of her mind.’
‘The one thing none of us can escape.’ The Queen sighed, toying idly with her glass and looking out of the window over the city below. ‘Still, there are worse places to be sickly than a Lord’s hall.’
‘I suppose… I suppose that is true, Your Majesty.’
The Queen raised an eyebrow. ‘Suppose, do you?’
Sara squirmed for a moment under the weight of her eyes, but then the Queen turned away, stepping slowly around the edge of the table till she was standing beside the open windows. She took another sip of her wine, back to Sara again.
‘Your sister met you, this morning.’
Sara hesitated, thrown for a moment by the abruptness of the state-ment.
‘Yes, Your Majesty.’
‘And she came to you yesterday, in the apartments Bywood found for you.’
‘Yes.’ Sara felt the cold weight return in her belly. She thought of what the Fox had warned her. There is always someone watching. She cast her mind back to her conversations with Dana. Gods. What had they spoken of? Had she said something out of turn?
‘Curious, that she did not seek out your father.’
Sara let out her breath slowly. That was not a particularly well-hidden curiosity.
‘Dana must have been very busy, Your Majesty.’
‘She is as busy as I make her, and that is rarely too taxing.’
Sara sighed. ‘They have… sometimes not seen eye to eye.’
‘And you?’ The Queen turned as she spoke, fixing her eyes to Sara’s again. Behind her, the distant sounds of the city drifted lazily up through the air, swirling around far-off columns of wispy smoke. ‘What do you say of him?’
Sara hesitated again, stuttering. ‘He is my father, Your Majesty. I trust that he always knows what is best for his daughters.’
‘In my experience it is fathers who know the least about their own daughters.’ The Queen replied dryly, sipping again. ‘Come, let me look at you, then.’
She came back around the nightwood table, her long, narrow limbs gliding over the polished floor, and stopped in front of Sara, setting her glass down beside them. She took Sara’s chin in two spindly fingers and tilted it upwards so that she was looking her in the eye, only a few inches from her face. Sara realised again how tall she was, as tall as her father, at least, though her slender frame made her seem much smaller. She tried not to squirm, but she found that the Queen’s fingers dug un-comfortably into her chin, dark eyes flitting back and forth across her face like a hungry wolf.
‘Yes, very pretty.’ She said at last, not releasing her chin. Sara could feel her breath on her face, smelling softly of dark wine. ‘No wonder. You look like her, you know.’
‘Who-‘ but the Queen had already turned away, back to the table, picking up her wineglass in one bone-stretched hand.
‘The Matron will meet you outside. She will give you your tasks and show you to your chamber. You will begin tomorrow.’
Sara flinched, realising she had been holding her breath. She curt-sied to the Queen’s back, suddenly a little giddy.
‘Thank you, Your Majesty.’
‘You may go, girl.’
Sara turned to go, not at all sure what to make of the encounter. She paused at the door, looking back over her shoulder, but found the Queen looking out over the city silently again, wineglass in hand, black dress glistening with jet. Sara hesitated a moment longer, then hurried out into the corridor beyond the unmarked door, closing it behind her.
The night before her father leaves, she wakes in darkness.
She does not open her eyes, but she knows it is not yet dawn. The sounds of the garden beyond her shutters are soft and murmuring, wind-stirred and drip-spotted.
She can feel him over her, the tense stillness of him, closer than shadows. He smells of wine. Sweat. She is cold, but she does not move. She dares not move. She can feel the weight of his eyes, dulled with drink, tracing the lines of her. His breathing sounds like anger.
She does not know how long she waits there, frozen. But she does not open her eyes. Not once. Time stretches out before her in that mo-ment, an eternity of breathless terror.
Then he leaves. The smell of him lingers long after the door has closed behind him. She lays there a while longer, motionless, dead as stone. Then she curls into her own arms, and weeps silently until the dawn.
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2023.05.29 17:32 _Norman_Bates What's the point of Irreversible ?

People say this movie is very hard to watch. That turned out to be true, with found footage-level shaky cameras all over the place and an annoying French guy shouting all the time.
The movie is told in Memento style, with scenes going backwards revealing more of the story. While in Memento it serves a plot purpose and helps you connect with the protagonist, what it achieves here is that you’re watching “high-intensity” scenes without feeling involved at all (although as we find out, the more you learn about the characters the less you care). The movie starts with two French guys yelling and fighting and it goes on for a good first half of the movie, you pick up the story along the way cause it’s pretty simple but it really feels like an effort.
I almost stopped watching but decided to endure at least until the infamous Belucci rape scene for culture’s sake. The scene was actually a relief because that annoying French guy wasn’t there and the scene was relatively coherent. But I’ll get to it soon. To sum up, the movie tells a story about a girl who got raped and her boyfriend and simpy ex getting revenge on the rapist, and failing.
Now the rape scene. I know it upset many viewers and is supposed to be really shocking, but think what’s more shocking about it doesn’t come from the fact you’re watching a 10 min rape scene (it’s not that graphic), but that it takes Monica Belucci, who is considered some untouchable beauty, and you see her getting anally raped by a guy who seriously hates her existence. Even though her rape wasn’t planned, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, the guy is absolutely disgusted by her. It’s not one of those “she’s so hot I can’t help myself” rapes, the guy sees her as a rich bitch used to getting what she wants cause she’s hot, and he hate-rapes her, calling her a sow and similar names in the process.
This is also the first we see of her character so you can’t really care for her either. But what really comes through is how much the rapist can’t stand her. When he’s done raping her, he bashes her face in.
To me that was the most interesting part about the scene, not the fact that she got raped or how disturbing it is to watch a rape, but the amount of honest hatred and disgust the guy had for her. It’s kind of ironic, he’s the fucked up rapist and she’s Monica Belucci but he is utterly disgusted by her in the process.
Then the movie goes back and we learn more about her and the two main guys… and it doesn’t make anyone any more likeable.
I usually hate it when people criticize movies and shows for not having likeable characters - it’s very childish. But I am not talking about morality here, I am talking about how enjoyable, interesting or immersive someone is to watch, and here some very shitty people can make great characters. Also, not every movie needs likeable characters, sometimes that’s the whole point. But normally, a revenge movie would require the viewer to give at least moderate shit about the characters, feel the importance of their relationship and loss, and want them to get justice (e.g. Mandy). This one doesn’t.
The protagonist is supposed to be some French Chad, the obnoxious guy whom you watch as he does drugs, cheats on his girlfriend, takes her money and just shouts shit out like he has Tourettes all the fucking time. He also stole the girl from his super simpy friend whom he still keeps around to boost his ego, so shit friend too. Normally when someone executes revenge, the viewer should believe how much the victim meant to them but we just saw this guy cheating so the stakes aren’t that high, he isn’t convincing in his need for revenge, it’s not deep. And in general, he’s so fucking annoying.
Then there’s the simpy friend, the most pathetic character, also incredibly annoying in his own way. It’s hard to understand why he’s even involved in the whole plot but he’s just so obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. He idolizes her cause she’s pretty (kind of connects to the point the rapist made about her being over-valued cause of her looks), trying to get her boyfriend to treat her with more respect while she literally tells him that she prefers the other guy cause he doesn’t care about how she feels. He constantly self-deprecates while they laugh at him. Just a totally weird masochistic relationship dynamic.
The girl is a vapid “I love assholes” stereotype, we learn that she left her ex for his best friend because she likes how the other guy only focuses on his own pleasure while having sex, but still keeps the ex around awkwardly, occasionally throwing him a bone. She knows that her boyfriend cheats on her and flirts with others in front of her but is thrilled to find out that he knocked her up. After learning that fact, she goes on to party.
I think it’s interesting how the movie establishes that she likes to be treated like shit and is turned on by the guy who doesn’t care about her pleasure. There was even a scene when they talked about anal and it seems like she was up for it. So in that context, is the rape scene supposed to say this is what she wanted when taken to the extreme?
The viewer also realizes that the two guys ended up getting the wrong guy, the rapist got away with it. I wish it made me go oh fuck, but since the protagonist was so extremely unlikable, I didn’t really give a shit.
I think the rape scene works in a figurative sense, considering the pedestal people like the simp friend put girls like Alex on, this was intended to be some kind of sick enjoyment for the viewer? Not sure.
Overall, I don’t really get the point of the movie or what effect did the director intend for it to have on the viewer. It’s not a horrible movie but I didn’t care for how the story was told or for the characters or the dialogue. Because it was so hard to get immersed in it, most of the scenes were just boring. Not in a way where nothing happens but in a way where it’s shot like it’s a fucking earthquake and I don’t care about anyone affected. But it shocked many people so I guess it did something right which is the only reason I’d give it a 6/10
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2023.05.29 17:32 bankster24 GCTD passed! SEC541 Review

This course was a much needed offering as there isn’t many good training options out there for those of us who work in a cloud SOC!
As far as the certification is concerned, it is pretty straightforward, just Index and repeat the labs and you’ll be fine.
As for the course training, I felt it spent too much time on how logging works in the cloud and not enough time on TTPs and APTs, but overall it was nice to have a cloud focused course in the monitoring and detection space.
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2023.05.29 17:32 WhitchyPoo Potty Training

Hey guys! My classrooms consists of infants/young toddlers. I usually babysit on the weekends (I have three consistent families I watch). This upcoming weekend, I am watching a three year old over night. She just turned three in March. Her parents are also in the process of moving houses. This little girl is NOT potty trained, nor does she show much interest. She is also still reliant on a pacy. My goal is to have her almost completely potty training, but I don’t know how to fully go about that. Please give me ALL of your advice. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 17:32 immacamel Defending the Draft: 2023 Green Bay Packers

A new era is under way in Green Bay, and there's a lot to cover about this offseason. First, let's set the stage.
Key Signings:
KR Keisean Nixon- the return dynamo who renewed my will to live after watching Amari Rodgers play football. Signed again on a 1 year deal worth up to $4m. And he figures to have a larger role on defense this season. This was one of the biggest wishes for packer fans this offseason, as it finally shows a dedication to building the ST unit.
S Rudy Ford- he had himself a nice 2022 and got re-signed for his efforts. It's a one year deal, and he will compete for the starting safety spot as of now.
CB Corey Ballentine- a reserve CB who I will always have a soft spot for due to his tragic draft night story. Ballentine has been re-signed and will compete for snaps in an unsettled secondary.
S Dallin Leavitt- a Rich Bisaccia re-signing. Leavitt was a quiet killer last season as a special teams ace, and he returns in that role this season.
OT Yosh Nijman- a developmental prospect that has blossomed into an serviceable swing tackle, I thought Nijman would get more on the open market than his RFA tender price. He will be back with the Pack in a LT2 and RT2 role for 2023.
Key Departures:
DT Dean Lowry- Lowry gave the Pack his best and we appreciate him, but his ceiling was evident and achieved. Devonte Wyatt was drafted as a high upside replacement. Lowry signed with the Bears on a 2 year deal.
WR Allen Lazard- Aaron Rodgers's latest security blanket, Lazard is rejoining Rodgers on a 4y, 44m deal with the New York Jets. A quiet, consistent performer for the Packers throughout his tenure, Lazard will continue to be a sure-handed possession receiver in New York, transforming the slot position previously occupied by Elijah Moore into more of a big slot. He will also continue to mug people in the run game.
TE Robert Tonyan- Bobby Tonyan heads south to Chicago to be TE2 behind Cole Kmet. Packer fans love Tonyan for bringing pride back to the position in GB, and I honestly feel bad for him. He likely missed on his chance for a big pay day after tearing his ACL in 2021 and having a down year coming back. Now he's pushing 30, but he still provides excellent hands for the position and a great work ethic. Godspeed, buddy.
DL Jarran Reed- the big man returns to Seattle this season on a 2 year deal. Reed was just about what we expected in Green Bay- not great, not bad. He was a placeholder in a spot that Wyatt hopefully can take over.
Free Agents yet to be signed:
WR Randall Cobb, S Adrian Amos, TE Marcedes Lewis, K Mason Crosby
All members of the old guard. Cobb recently had surgery, and is a contender to rejoin Rodgers in NY. Amos had a down year, but could still have some left in the tank. I'm guessing he has an offer from GB and is weighing his options. Lewis also could be weighing his options between retirement, the Jets, or sailing into the sunset where it all began for him in Jacksonville. Mason Crosbys wife seemed to confirm on social media recently that the Packers have little interest in re-signing their all time leading scorer. Crosby made some clutch kicks for us over the years, and if this is the end, the Silver Fox will never have to buy a beer in Titletown again.
2022 season review: Record: 8-9 Oh man. 2022 was the year it all came crashing down. Green Bay tried to keep its veteran core together for a few years, appeasing Rodgers and navigating the salary cap reasonably well. But they never achieved that brass ring. Minus Davante Adams and working with a broken thumb, Rodgers struggled the most he has since his inaugural season as a starter. It's now time to address Rodgers in this post; I could write an entire entry solely on Rodgers and this past season, but I'll leave it at this: Aaron is my favorite football player of all time. He led the Packers to their greatest stretch of sustained excellence since Vince Lombardi roamed the sidelines, often with depleted rosters around him. In my opinion, hes the most talented QB to play the game. It seems a majority of Packer fans were ready to move on from the man and soured on him this offseason. Personally, I think he will be an MVP contender in NY next year and still love him. But it was time. The Jordan Love era needs to happen, if only for the front office itself needing to justify their faith in the Love pick. Rodgers and the Packers were operating on different timelines the past few years, stuck somewhere between going all in and resetting. The front office has put all their chips in on Jordan Love.
The defense was expected to be a top 5 unit, but regressed heavily. Joe Barry was under scrutiny all year long, seemingly incapable of putting his plethora of first rounders in positions to succeed. A late season push did just enough to save his job (apparently).
Favorite win: Dallas Most frustrating loss: Detroit, week 18
Rodgers's exit also raises an interesting thought: will we see the True Matt LaFleur Offense this season? Offensive deficiencies have been blamed on Lafleur himself or Rodgers's hesitancy at transitioning from a traditional west coast offense to a Shanahan-esque, motion based attack. The answer will be uncovered this year, with Jordan Love having 3 years of experience in the scheme and a first round pedigree. As a Love truther in the pre draft season who hated the pick for the Packers, I am fascinated. This pick will make or break Gute's and Lafleur's tenure.
Aside from the quarterback situation, there are lingering questions concerning LaFleur's ability to lead the team in general. The Packers have consistently laid an egg in one game every season of his tenure and have come up short in the playoffs, with some head scratching decisions rearing their head in crunch time of big games (the end of the Bucs NFC championship the most glaring). I also have questions on his staff hirings/retentions. LaFleur hired 2 dogshit ST coordinators before making the obvious choice of Basaccia. He also chose to retain Joe Barry, noted football terrorist, as defensive coordinator. I've read rumblings that Gute has more say over the staff than the head coach, which is unconfirmed but concerning. I don't mean to dump on LaFleur in this piece, only to emphasize how big of a year this is for him. I think his scheme is sound and the guys play hard for him. With Rodgers gone, I think we see less RPOs and inside zone handoffs to AJ Dillon out of shotgun. The offense will have more identity. But if there are 2 more years without the playoffs in Green Bay, the Cheeseheads will advocate for a new coach.
2023 Draft:
Positions of need: S, TE, WR, DT
Round 1, Pick 13: Lukas Van Ness, Edge, Iowa With the world expecting Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Gute stuck true to his type and drafted athletic freak LVN out of Iowa. Van Ness profiles as a Rashan Gary clone, with a high RAS score and unrefined repertoire of pass rush moves. If he works out like Gary, this is a massive hit. In the pre draft process, the only guy who could have realistically been there for GB that I had above Van Ness was Peter Skoronski. He wasn't there, and there was no doubt in my mind Gute was going for LVN afterwards. He'll rotate with Gary and Preston Smith this year, and will kick inside on certain packages. He makes Smith expendable in the future.
Round 2, Pick 42: Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State Musgrave has the size and athleticism to be a game changer at tight end. His tape was short but encouraging. His biggest questions are durability and how he will develop, given his late breakout and immediate injury afterwards. My comparison to his playstyle was Travis Kelce, and if he can approach even 70% of Kelce's production in a season, this is a great pick. The biggest hole on the roster was TE, and I have a feeling Gute got the top one on his board.
Round 2, Pick 50: Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State The process of this pick was nerve wracking. I was one of many fans pounding the table for Brian Branch, the S out of Alabama. When Gute traded down instead, I was telling friends I hoped he took Jayden Reed, and that's what happened. Reed is smaller receiver who plays bigger than his size on contested catches. He carried the Michigan State offense last year after Kenneth Walker jumped to the NFL. My comparison for him is Tyler Lockett. In Green Bay, Reed will take over the slot role, and I expect him to see around 60% of offensive snaps.
Round 3, Pick 78: Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State Another tight end added to a barren room. The former Jackrabbit is similar to Musgrave in a lot of ways- big, athletic, and a willing albeit unrefined blocker. Kraft's addition along with Musgraves could push the Packers into more 22 personal this season, something LaFleur wants to run but hasnt had the personnel for, and I would not be surprised to see him outsnap Musgrave if he develops quickly. I'm really hoping this is the pick that breaks Green Bays 3rd round curse (seriously look it up its so bad).
Round 4, Pick 116: Colby Wooden, Edge, Auburn A former 4 star recruit at Auburn, Wooden collected 17 sacks as a 3 year starter in the SEC and showed inside/outside versatility. He shows an ability to rush with speed and power, but is inconsistent in his pad level and technique. He anchors well in the run game and showed great gap discipline. I don't see him getting many snaps this year, but if he does I think he takes Kingsley Engabare's role on run downs.
Round 5, Pick 149: Sean Clifford, QB, Penn State A perplexing pick until I saw this man somehow has a 9 RAS. Clifford is an experienced college starter who plays with a clear understanding of his role and a passion for the game. My issues with him were accuracy, arm strength, pocket presence, and decision making. You know, playing quarterback. I did not give Clifford a draftable grade and would have preferred Jaren Hall or Max Duggan. But this is really nit picking over a 5th round pick who was drafted to be a career backup. If the staff sees something in him, I'll give it a chance.
Round 5, Pick 159: Dontayvion Wicks, WR, Virginia A 6'1, 206 lb vertical threat, Wicks was inconsistent in his career at Virginia. If he replicated his 2021 production last year, he might have found himself as a day 2 pick. Alas, a new offense and drops led to his availability at this spot. Wicks has a good release package and the ability to stack DBs and get vertical. His tendencies as a body catcher led to drops last year, and he doesn't provide much after the catch. With his profile, he'll be a WR4/5, but could be a special teams ace very early in his career.
Round 6, Pick 179: Karl Brooks, DL, Bowling Green A bit of a tweener, Brooks is a high motor, high effort pass rusher. He flashes great technique and seems to rush with a plan. He can get washed out in the run game, and will need to commit one way or another to defensive end or defensive tackle. He graded very high from PFF, so that's something. To get on the field, he'll have to show more consistency and ability when anchoring down in the run game.
Round 6, Pick 207: Anders Carlson, K, Auburn Apparently, Mason Crosby's replacement. Anders is the brother of Las Vegas kicker Daniel Carlson, who's pretty damn good. There is a connection with Basaccia there, who's known Anders since high school. I wasn't encouraged by his stats at Auburn, but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in scouting kickers. If Basaccia says he's that dude, then that dude he is.
Round 7, Pick 232: Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky Valentine is a WR convert with a long, slender frame. He is at his best in press man, where he has a variety of ways to get hands on the receiver and reroute him. Unfortunately for Vallentine, Joe Barry hates press man and will kill my family if I suggest it again. Valentine's frame can lead him to get bullied by bigger WRs at times, but he is physical at the catch point. He also brings experience as a productive kick returner, something that could be helpful in the future or even this season if the staff wants to keep Nixon fresh for defensive snaps.
Round 7, Pick 235: Lew Nichols, RB, Central Michigan A big back with some intriguing traits, Nichols enjoyed a very productive 2021 before injuries hampered his 2022. Nichols has good vision, contact balance, and power as a north-south runner. He was productive catching out of the backfield, but wasn't asked to run many routes beyond that. His biggest hurdles in the NFL are going to be elusiveness and speed. He lacks both, but should be a decent backup. For the Packers, they used their RB3 less than maybe any team in the league last year. This will be the Jones&Dillon show again in 2023.
Round 7, Pick 242: Anthony Johnson Jr, S, Iowa State Johnson Jr is a converted cornerback who plays with rare physicality for someone of that description. He did his best work in the box or in the slot at Iowa State, and that may be where the Pack will try to get him some snaps this year. He can be over aggressive in his pursuits at times and take bad angles, but that is coachable. Given the state of the safety room, the 7th round rookie may find himself starting some games this season.
Round 7, Pick 256: Grant DuBose, WR, Charlotte DuBose comes from UNC Charlotte, where there apparently is a football team, and he was 2nd team all C-USA last season. DuBose has excellent size at 6'2, and I love his agility on in-breaking routes crossing the face of safeties. He has experience both outside and in the slot, and is an interesting addition to the WR battle at the bottom of the roster, which is going to be highly competitive. It may come down to how good he can be on special teams. Coaches and teammates rave about his work ethic and love of football, and he worked at Walmart while keeping himself in shape during the Covid year. I'm optimistic he can carve out a role for himself and make the team.
Overall, Gutekunst drafted for need at times in this draft, but still stuck to picking guys that fit his type: big, athletic, and versatile. My biggest shock was not taking a safety until the 7th round, but I think it just never lined up with his board. There was an obvious effort to surround Love with talented pass catchers, which is a breath of fresh air from this team. I was surprised that they didn't take a single offensive linemen, given this is almost certainly Bakh's last year in the green and gold and question marks surrounding some of our young guys, but we drafted 3 linemen last year and the staff may have high hopes for Zach Tom to be the next left tackle. The franchise has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to scouting and developing OL.
All told, 2023 is the most excited I've been for a Packer season in a few years. There are so many unknown variables surrounding the team, from Jordan Loves development to LaFleur's offense to Joe Barry's pending glue eating scandal. Media pundits have them ranked somewhere between 20 & 26 in the league hierarchy heading into the year. Personally, I'm a little higher on the Pack, and they will shoot up these rankings if Jordan Love delivers. There's a lot on Love's shoulders. This is the season we've been waiting for with baited breath for 3 years, the post-Rodgers era, and now it's here, for better or worse.
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2023.05.29 17:32 AutoModerator Todd V - The System (Complete Course)

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2023.05.29 17:32 itsathrowawayduhhhhh I’m an awful person and paying for my mistakes

Sorry in advance for the length of this post. I just have to get it out.
Seven years ago I made a mistake. A huge, ginormous, gigantic, colossal mistake. At the time I was 26 (F) and my boss was 39 (M). I had been working at this small business for four years when all of a sudden he started "noticing" me. He started coming around more, being really nice, and paying me so much attention I didn't know what to think. I remember telling my coworker "boss is paying attention to me lately, I don't know what it means?" It was weird because he was married, four kids, and for the longest time didn't have much to do with the business. I was so stupid. I started an affair with him. He gave me so much money, so many gifts, so much attention; it was a whirlwind. I admit at the time I didn't see how wrong it was, I was almost blinded by the attention. Six months after our affair started we were found out. He didn't have a passcode on his phone and his wife read our entire six months of text history.
When we were found out, my world ended. That sounds pathetic, I know, because her world was the one that really ended because of this all. But I lost my job, my house, my reputation, my everything. I went into hiding for a year. He supported me financially for a couple months, because he felt guilty I lost my job. I did find another job and things were looking up. Then, a year later, he told me he officially left his wife and he was going to be with me. What choice did I have? I had to be with him, because I was the reason his marriage ended. I ruined everything for him, his wife, and his kids, so obviously I had to be with him. And thus began hell.
I guess things were good for us for a little while. It was maybe six months before he got abusive. It was mostly verbal and emotional at first, with some questionable sexual stuff (not allowing me to have boundaries, me not being allowed to say no, that kind of stuff). It wasn't ideal, but again, I ruined his life so what choice did I have but to stay? A year and a half after we got together my crush from high school became single on facebook. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I remember saying to my best friend "why would I stay in this awful relationship when crush is single for the first time in over ten years?" So I left him. I didn't handle it the right way though, because I almost immediately sought crush out and turns out he had always had a crush on me too. So we started dating. It was great, actually, he was awesome. But I hadn't processed anything with ex, so when I found out a few months later he was dating a girl I knew (who btw, looks like me and has a lot of similar interests...we always bonded over facebook about our similarities) toxic me kicked in and I left crush and told ex I wanted to get back together with him. He didn't leave new girl right away like I thought and once again I was the piece of shit other woman.
He did leave her after a few weeks and we got back together officially. I can't even describe how bad it was. It was so, so, so bad. Now it was verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. But now I had twice ruined his life and taken him from "good women" so again, what choice did I have but to stay. This was four years ago. These four years have been the worst years of my life, and all I want is to not be with him, but he won't allow it. He says I am stuck now forever because of what I did. I ruined his family, I ruined his life, I ruined it all, so now I'm stuck. He says he will kill my family or friends if I leave. He won't kill me he says, because he wants me to live with the pain and suffer forever for ruining his life. I've tried to leave before and he just stalks and harasses me and threatens me until I come back.
I'm so completely stuck. I have a full time job, he doesn't work, I have so much debt from loans and things I've taken out for him. I kind of lucked into my job and make really decent money for not having a bachelors degree. I'm currently in school almost done with my associates, and when I get my bachelors in a couple years I intend to look for other work making comparable wages or more so I can get out. I don't live with him, I live with a parent, because I've worked really really really hard to keep some sort of out. I say I live with a parent, but he makes me stay at his house every night, so I guess I just rent a room from my parent so my cat has a place to stay.
I don't know what I'm looking for posting this. I'm just stuck, I hate my life, and there's just no way out right now. I know I was a disgusting human for what I did. I ruined a family, I ruined people's lives. I guess this is probably just my karma for being a homewrecker. I know I am evil, I know I'm awful. You don't have to comment that I'm a piece of shit, but you can because I know it's true. I don't know, I just wish I could go back in time and not be a disgusting person and not get myself into this situation.
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2023.05.29 17:31 ohoots When is the last time you played without headphones?

Remember when you could casually game without needing to worry about multi-directional oh so important audio cues.
I’m thinking of joining zombie and working on aim and not even wearing headphones.
I mean, I’m not complaining, it makes the experience that much more immersive and awesome. I’m just thinking cause my headset exploded from being put on and off so much. In which I gorilla glued them back together. But then the earmuff came off…so I gorilla glued that back on….then the earmuff COVERING is coming off. Pair is maybe 3 years old dunno how often but doesn’t seem old enough to just explode but whatever. Corsair HS50’s or 70’s or something.
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2023.05.29 17:31 untaarah Help! I (27F) don't like sex anymore but I want to.

How can I rediscover my turn ons? Or is there something else I need to figure out first?
I have been with one man consistently for 4 years and switched to polyamory a year and a half ago and have been with 2+ other men since. I love seducing men and prefer to do the pursuing rather than be pursued. Sex has always been a gratifying experience for me. I would completely lose myself in the act and it gave me the outlet to be affectionate and sexy and "dirty" at the same time.
But lately, I have been feeling a bit done with sex and masturbation. The things that would always get me going like a particular genre of porn or sex positions or physical chemistry don't work anymore.
I started feeling this way about a month ago. Back then I was feeling closely connected one other person, would spend a lot of time with him and often made out (he wanted to take things slow initially, so no sex, but we were just talking about trying rope-play), while also having some of the best sex of my life with another man who was very sweet but I didn't like him as much as a partner.
Then I suddenly lost interest in both of them. I also became severely anemic at this point and had to be given a blood transfusion. Not sure if these are related 🤷
Right now, I only feel like cuddling up to my partner of 4 years but I don't enjoy sex with him or want it from anybody else. I kind of want a platonic relationship with all my other partners.
P.S. I have never used a sex toy.
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2023.05.29 17:31 samxstuff Pitter-Patter

How am I supposed to say this? I think you have a crush on me but I don't feel the same way. I noticed everything from the little touches you give me, the way your feet point, to the way your face flushes. But there are also bigger things like how you went to live in Seattle for a few months and your mom asked if I missed you (I didn't really even think about it) but also that I got a friend request.
This is the odd part, you were going to Seattle to live with your cousin for a few months. And only she knows who I am, not her husband. So why in the world would her HUSBAND who doesn't know who I am REQUEST ME ON INSTAGRAM? God I already know why, when you came back and mine and your family were hanging out, your mother is pretty much open about anything.
She told my mom that you supposedly "wouldn't shut up abt me" and that after so many times they had to ask who I was.
It doesn't make sense to me. We barely got to know each other last year after we graduated. (You ignored me all thru HS!) Why have a crush on ME of all people? Idk how to feel about you.
My coworker asked me if I was dating someone and I immediately said no, but mentioned I think someone liked me. I told her the story and she just looked at me and said "sounds like a crush"
I could only sigh in annoyance. This is the last thing I need.
You don't want me dude. I know this and it's for your own good.
If you really got to know me, you'd run away in digust. Looking at my body should already make you disgusted.
My coworker told me I'm insecure.
No shit.
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2023.05.29 17:31 Admirable_Aardvark58 How to deal with a breakup when you have no one?

Yesterday I (28f) lost the man (35m) that I care about so much. I am just so devastated. I didn't want to lose him, but sadly it was for the best in the long term. But it still hurts like hell. I already miss him so much. I made some mistakes and I have a lot of healing and growth to do before I settle down with someone else, but yesterday I was absentmindedly browsing the site where we met, and I found him on there, already making a post looking for someone new. It makes me feel like he's already moved on and he never actually cared about me as much as I thought.
I don't have a single person in my life to turn to. My family is a bunch of strangers and I don't have a single friend. I live in a small, empty town with nothing to do, so nothing to distract myself. It's just me and my empty, dark apartment where I always am. I have no idea how to even begin to heal from this. I feel so lonely and broken and like I'm destined to be alone forever because everyone I've ever cared about has abandoned me or not been there for me.
Yesterday after it happened I tried to keep myself occupied by listening to music and doing some spring cleaning around the house, and it helped a little bit to distract me, but today I am just fully unmotivated and can't do anything besides lay in bed and cry. Wtf do I even do? All I want is some comfort and love but there isn't a single person in this world that can give that to me right now. Part of me just wants to give up completely. I lost the one person in my life that cared about me and now everything feels pointless.
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2023.05.29 17:31 superepic13579 Final update: finally beat the game for the 1st time and here's my thoughts on it

So firstly colossus 13 is my favourite. It was so cool and i loved it so much. Colossus 16 was also cool but also annoying. Like I'm fine with is shooting me and knocking me down but it instantly fired before I finished getting up basically stun locking me. Like dude... give me a chance.
Overall a loved most of the colossus. There were a few that weren't great but thats no big deal. All the mechanics were really good even by todays standards. The map was really good as well. I expected it to be way more repetitive but I was surprised at how diverse some areas were.
Some complaints I have is that the world feels a bit empty. Like shooting lizards and eating fruit is fun and all but its a bit dull. Also I wish there was a way to upgrade damage on the sword because with some bosses it takes a while for them to stop moving and your window of opportunity is very small so its unlikely to get max damage on some stabs.
Overall its been very fun and will probably try to beat in and hard mode next or probably play NG+ because I've heard you keep all the stamina and health from the base game.
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2023.05.29 17:31 donotholdyourbreath Dealing with natalists and pro breeders is hard.

I'm not just talking about people who have kids but about the hard liners who want everyone to have kids.
It sucks we still live in a society where these type of annoying people exist.
Me and a co-worker were talking about kids or not and she said she doesn't want kids..
Another coworker, comes in and says the usual things natalsits say. Things like. Well you will be the right person (this married man knows we are single) and then goes on and says that having kids will be good for you.
It's not the end of the world or anything but what's annoying is our hypocritical world. If I told him, him who constantly complain about his kids tiring him out and yet still wants another, if I told him he should have or should keep it in his pants all hell would break loose.
I think the worse is people not understand child free people exist. And the fact sometimes it's not an argument. Why do they keep wanting to argue with us.
Why can't I just say I don't want kids and people say. OK. Instead it's always yeah but kids are great! Yeah but have you thought of who will take care of you!
Yeah but have you thought of how much kids cost emotionally and financially.
Super annoying. Also when you tubers act like child free people are the cause of the world's problems
Anyways too long didn't read. My main problem is that our society expects child free and antinatalsit to just bite our tongues even though the reverse would make us be the bad guy.
And one final thing. The you will change your mind is the worse argument. And if you change your mind about having kids? Even with adoption you just traumatized a child. So fuck you. Yes. I do think in this regard at least I would have a moral high.
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2023.05.29 17:30 magethaniel How Important Is Length

So, I've just finished edging out the first few cums while reading my first novel, so still pretty early in the process. But every time i finish, my dick looks way shorter than I first thought it would be. It starts off much bigger, but in the end, it just shrinks down. I also tend to be pretty succinct when I masturbate and I'm usually in the lower sperm limits of what is considered a "man" ie. Alpha male/big dick boy/dickus maximus/whatever. With the way it's going it looks like I'm gonna end up shooting blanks. Which is hella depressing for an adult, but I'm not sure how to make it longer without using a dick pump or something, Idk, I'm just not sure how important the difference between 3 inches and 4 inches. Oh, the story itself is pretty simple, and I just don't think ah fuck I came again
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2023.05.29 17:30 DreamilyContent I (F30) need to talk to my friend (F29) about her behavior on our trip

Last week, a group of 8 of us (4 couples) went to the beach. Most of us had a great time, but my one friend, M, was in a terrible mood the entire week. I need advice on how to talk to her about it. Sorry, it's really long, but I think the details are important.
It started with her messaging me repeatedly the week before about how it was going to be too cold at the beach. I kept assuring her that while it sucks, we would still make the most of the trip. We drove in 3 separate cars, and had a group chat to notify each other if we needed to pee, etc. Our friend who planned the trip, C, preferred if we stopped for breaks together, as it's just more fun that way. At one point, M and her boyfriend, D, decided not to stop with the group and to keep on going, which was no big deal. Because of that, though, they ended up stuck in traffic later on, while our GPS rerouted the rest of us to a quicker route.
M was texting me and C privately, freaking out about the traffic, complaining how she had to pee, and saying she's bawling her eyes out. I felt bad for her, and C and I tried to be reassuring about her situation. She ended up arriving about 45 min later than the rest of us, and she stormed into the house and straight to her room and didn't come out for a while. She did send a text to me and C to say she's sorry but she's been crying for the last hour so she needed a minute. Again, completely understand.
However, her mood did not really improve the entire week. At every opportunity she went to her room. She never ate when other people were, and was always irritated and hungry. There was one day that D came out of their room after me, C, and our partners had gotten breakfast, so he walked to a coffee shop to get a muffin for M and coffees for the other 2 who were still in bed. They put their coffee orders in the group chat, which were complicated, and D forgot the muffin. M basically threw a fit, and D offered to go back to get her a muffin, but she said it was too late and almost lunch time (it was about 11 and we were planning to go to a place that C really wanted to try). The whole exchange was really awkward and kind of a tantrum - I think she was hangry. Finally D was like "we're going to breakfast" and they left. They ended up doing their own thing after that for most of the day. Then they met up with us later while we were getting henna tattoos, but once again she was really hungry so they left to go find her food.
Another day we played some drinking games designed by another friend on the trip, S. M doesn't drink, although they offered ways for her to play still (replacing alcohol with ginger ale, her favorite drink). Her not drinking has NEVER been an issue before, by the way. She doesn't mind being around people who drink and we do not pressure her to drink. She usually participates in some way. This time she chose to sit on the porch, but then she did get hungry, and spent an hour searching on her phone to find the exact meal she wanted. She kept trying to chat about it while we were running around and shotgunning beers and whatever, so I will admit I wasn't very attentive to what she was saying.
Anyway, she finally got her meal but it wasn't right (the chicken inside the wrap was cold which she hates). After the drinking games we went to the beach, and the 65 degree temps were much more tolerable after drinking. She tried to stay behind but we talked her into going with us. She was pleasant enough on the beach. There are more examples but I think you get the picture.
We left Friday, and everyone was sending pictures and videos in the group chat and making jokes, etc. M did not participate nor respond to a single group message since we got back. She shared a bunch of memes about being sad to her Instagram story, but hasn't discussed wtf is going on with anyone (except D, who C and I both asked about it and he said he didn't want to offer an opinion bc he didn't want to end up misconstruing info). If I text M privately just to chat she does respond normally.
I'm trying to be braver and more confrontational/ assertive and not let resentment build in my friendships. I need to talk to her about this. C also really wants answers. How do we talk to her about this? Can we do it in a group chat? I want the 3 of us to have this discussion, but I don't want her to feel like we are ganging up on her. Also, how do I start the conversation? I've seen her completely ghost people rather than have a hard conversation, so I am worried about even bringing it up.
TL;DR My friend was in a sour mood for our entire beach trip and I want advice on how to talk to her about it.
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2023.05.29 17:30 SplendidSuperman122 Mario takes over the channel finale. (This took a while but I’m finally done with it-)

Shadow Mario is ready to stab through SMG4 with the sword he summoned
Meggy: “MARIO NO!”
Shadow Mario: “I told you to shut up!”
Shadow Mario: Begins to lower his sword
Meggy: Comes closer and puts hands on his shoulders “Mario… I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’ve beat you up so much… I’m sorry I’ve been such an ass to you… Please forgive me…” Hugs him
Shadow Mario: … Drops the sword and hugs back “I’m sorry I got so angry…”
Meggy: “Don’t be… You had every right to me angry at me…”
Mario: Suddenly starts shaking “AHHHHHHHHH!!!”
Shadow Mario: Separates from Mario “DAMN YOU! YOU RUINED SHADOW MARIO’S PLANS! NOW YOU CAN’T HAVE ALL YOU’VE EVER WANTED MARIO! I thought you wanted that!”
Mario: “I did too… But I’d rather have friends than that…”
Shadow Mario: “I’LL DESTROY YOU ALL!” Leaps to stab Meggy in the head
Mario: “NO!” Types on the laptop Shadow Mario is sucked into the laptop and trapped
Shadow Mario: Begins to be pulled back and is absorbed into the laptop “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Gone and turned the laptop purple
The palace then vanishes and the kingdom turns back to normal and the now cursed with evil laptop falls to the floor shut off and the power button busted
SMG3: “It worked! The sky is blue again and everything’s got its color back and all the fire is gone too!”
Meggy: “Mario… Im so sorry…” Hugs him which he returns
Everyone else joins in the hug
Tari: “Yay!”
Saiko: “This is mushy but nice…”
Boopkins: “Yaaaaay!”
SMG4: Separates “So guys… How’d you feel about all going out to get some coffee or something?”
Mario: “Mario would like that very much…”
Everyone walks off to go have a good rest of the day
Bob: “So CaN wE gEt SoMe FoOd LaTeR tOo?”
Meggy: Laughs “Oh Mario… You’re still a big goof!”
SMG4: “Yep! And that’s what we’ll always like you for!”
They all walk off into the sunset
In the square where the castle will go someday the laptop with Shadow Mario in it suddenly jolts to life and his face shows up onscreen “One day I’ll be free… And that pathetic ragtag group of misfits will pay…”
The end
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2023.05.29 17:30 GetnLine A long time employee that is torn

I have been with my company for over 10 years. I have a six figure salary but I know I could make 30-40k more if I leave. What has kept me at my job is my pto situation. I have earned the respect of my managers and coworkers through the work that I do. As a result I am able to use a lot of PTO. In fact it is encouraged and praised when I do take PTO. For example, last year I took off a total of 8 weeks. This year I will use anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks of PTO.
If I were to start at a new company I would only have anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks of PTO. Some companies offer unlimited PTO but it's not like I could take off for 6 weeks or more for several years with the new company. I guess I have to find the balance of what's more important to me, PTO or money.
How much PTO would you expect a new employee (2 years or less) to take before you start giving them looks?
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2023.05.29 17:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (All of them)

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The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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The core concepts in Iman Gadzhi’c courses include:
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If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi’s courses, contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.29 17:29 rantings-of-troubled What steps can I take to prepare for the transition from undergraduate studies in biology to pursuing an MHA?

Hello, I will be in my senior year of undergrad next semester in Pakistan.
Even though I am majoring in biology, my courses are more inclined towards microbiology, such as medical microbiology, environmental microbiology, mycology, etc. However, I have also taken more traditional courses like biochemistry, physiology, and botany.
I am already pursuing a minor in DATA ANALYTICS to align my degree with something related to health management and facilitate an easy transition into an MHA (Master of Health Administration) program. Therefore, I am taking courses like business analytics, programming, and a couple of economics courses.
I currently have a remote job as a content strategist for a high-ranking review website that focuses on health products. Additionally, I am volunteering at a health clinic as a graphic designer. Finally, I will be doing some internships this year as well.
I guess my question is: How much weight do courses carry? Does it really matter which biology courses I take? I feel like my transcript is all over the place and doesn't show any cohesiveness, which scares me. I worry that it might come across as me being confused about my field, even though I am certain I want to pursue an MHA after my undergraduate studies in biology.
Furthermore, my internship is most likely to be in a hospital, where I will be doing analytical work like PCR, bloodwork, assays, etc.
What else should I do to prepare myself for admission to a great university abroad with high scholarships?
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2023.05.29 17:29 panpandesu Host Parents Question

Our exchange student left the country a couple of days ago. I miss her so much. My husband and I don’t have kids. My dog also misses her. This is so hard. How did you deal with these emotions?
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