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Welcome to UCSD! This is a forum where the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other individuals associated with the University of California San Diego can discuss, share, advise, and collaborate among themselves!

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News & discussion about the University of California, Riverside: Its students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding Inland Empire community. Use Old Reddit for a more complete experience if you're currently on the redesign!

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By lunch time, I was stare down too many times to count. But I also received a lot of supported looks.
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Jiyeon Won was a brilliant chemistry and biology student, who had come to UC Berkeley from Korea after graduating summa cum laude for her Bachelors, which she had finished in two years after already starting with university at age 16. She spent most of her free time working on all types of concoctions and she had already published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals based on this research.
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I tried again to speak with a "Wait...”
“Sorry sis, not about my crew. I need to talk about Guy,” I say it and she closes her laptop setting on the bed beside her,” I have tried to talk to him but he’s so far gone that I could be talking to la Luna and I’d get a better conversation. I need to make peace and I can’t figure out how any more so since you know him I need your help.”
"Well, I won't lie to you, Jordan, I haven't been great. I mean, I... You know what, never mind, it's not important." She said, silencing herself.
i hung my head "yeah"
“They could, you never know what you might be hearing or think you hear.”
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My sister and I share the same birthday. We're not twins though. We just happened to be born on the same day, but one year apart. I guess Dad was a busy guy back then.
“I can’t do it now!” I begged and she thought about it for a while and nodded.
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"If we weren’t related I would do everything I could to get you to go out with me," he assured her. "However, I'm glad we are related."
She turned around and leaned up, kissing me again with a dreamy little smile on her lips, “Do you still not know what you do to me?” It was an ongoing joke between us, mostly her, that I was unaware of how I turned her on, the effect I had on her if you will. In reality, I had a pretty good idea as to how things worked. Whereas, she actually thought I had no idea what I was capable of doing to her.
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(Terminal Data)
Do nothing more than charge and lunge at V1
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I think most Star Fox fans know about Bear Noguccini and Desla Koba and their reconnaissance-type Arwings, the M-Scouters, from the Introduction and Flight Recorder sections of the Japanese-only official strategy guide for Star Fox, the Mission File Printout. But I noticed some things in the Flight Recorder pages that don't get discussed as much, and thought there might be a lot more obscure lore hidden away in the rest of the guidebook. As far as I knew, only the Introduction, developer interviews, and parts of the Flight Recorder pages had been translated. Sorry if anything I think is unknown or obscure is well-known or found elsewhere in the manual or game. I figure at least some of it has to be new.
I've gone through almost the entire Mission File Printout, using Google Translate to get rough translations. Any "fact" I share could be suspect thanks to how I translated it, but the broad strokes shouldn't be wrong. Please share corrections if you can.
I'm sure this would be more readable with pictures, but in lieu of that I'll link to a PDF of the Mission File Printout on Internet Archive and you can look along based on the page numbers. (The numbers on the physical pages, not on Internet Archive's reader.)
The SFC Star Fox continuity has an in-universe calendar system.
Star Fox fans don't construct timelines based on in-universe calendar systems, like the Universal Century (UC) of Gundam or Before the Battle of Yavin/After the Battle of Yavin (BBY/ABY) dates in Star Wars. They've been stuck with the fan-coined Before Lylat Wars/After Lylat Wars (BLW/ALW) calendar. But at least for the SFC continuity, there's been an official one forgotten all this time.
The Flight Recorder sections on pages 26, 42, and 60 all give dates for Fox Senior, Bear and Desla's final transmissions. Fox Senior disappeared 238.04.20 in the Asteroid level, while Bear and Desla disappeared on the same day, 244.03.17, despite Bear being in Sector Y and Desla in Asteroid. I get the sense the game takes place within a month or a few months after 244.03.17. The calendar system is 宇宙暦 in Fox and Desla's entries and 宇宙歴 in Bear's, both read "uchū-reki", "space calendar" or "space history". For comparison, Anno Domini or Common Era is 西暦 in Japanese, "seireki", "Western calendar".
(I seriously wonder if that 238.04.20 date isn't a reference to Hitler's birthday of April 20, since "Andolph" was likely named after "Adolph" and it was Andross who created the Black Hole that killed or disappeared Fox Senior.)
The images in Bear and Desla's Flight Recorder sections are timestamped "C.C.244.03.17". This suggests 宇宙暦 is "Cosmic Calendar", or perhaps "Cosmic Century" if they take a cue from Gundam. (Universal Century is 宇宙世紀, uchū-seiki, not -reki, but the Correct Century of 1999's Turn A Gundam would translate the reki in 正暦 as "Century" rather than "Calendar", so it's conceivable.)
(The C.C.244.03.17 timestamp is also used on photos throughout the walkthrough sections. It would have been fun if they had given different dates for each level, but presumably Star Fox didn't defeat the Androssians in a single day, on the same day Bear and Desla disappeared and General Pepper printed out their scouting reports.)
This also might imply things about the long-term history of Corneria. Does C.C.000.01.01 or C.C.001.01.01 correspond to some space travel milestone? Has Corneria only been spacefaring for 244 years?
The SFC continuity's equivalent of the Cornerian Fighter has an official name, the X-Fighter.
Page 26 describes the model of aircraft (搭乗機種, the translation of which I don't quite understand, "Boarding Model"?) Fox Senior disappeared in as the "Xファイタ–(コーネリア第VI期主力戦闘機)", "X-Fighter (Corneria Phase VI Main Fighter)".
I presume this is the same model that's seen being blasted by the Attack Carrier in the game's pre-title intro, and the Cornerian aircraft seen in the Benimaru Itoh comic. Page 7 has a wireframe model of a "former Corneria main fighter", noting it lacks a G-Diffuser System, and it looks like what's in the intro and comic.
Could "X-Fighter" be a reference to the Game Boy game X being a predecessor to Star Fox?
Does "第VI期" mean the X-Fighter is the sixth in its line? Or does it mean it's in the sixth generation of this world's space fighters? I doubt the latter, since the Japanese Wikipedia article for Fifth-generation fighter uses "第5世代".
There is a Sector N.
This one could be a typo for Sector X, Y or Z... on the guidebook's part, not my own. I swear! Check page 26 on the PDF yourself, it's an N, not a Z.
…Currently, the 7th Squadron has destroyed space pirates in Sector N, and while returning to Cornelia, they discovered a series of 5 meteorites…
In SF64, Sector Z has a history of space pirate activity, and the wreckage there is from decades-old battles between the CDF and space pirates. Maybe that idea evolved from this little bit. But I don't see anything else about space pirates and Sectors XYZ in any material, certainly not in the Mission File Printout itself. The Route 3 Asteroid level is on the way back from Sector Z, but the "laughing moon" where Fox Senior disappeared is on Route 1, with no in-game Sectors between it and Venom.
Perhaps the writer did intend a fourth Sector, and went with N for Nintendo.
The boss section entry for Andross implies the final boss is a computer, and that Andross himself doesn't need to be controlling it or anywhere near it.
On page 62:
A gigantic computer that takes over command of the entire army on behalf of Emperor Androff. It attacks by moving objects freely with the powerful power of telekinesis. Indestructible unless attacking the main computer inside the face-like outer wall. Although it is a machine, it has its own will, and it is believed that Emperor Androff is not directly controlling it.
This is reinforced elsewhere in the guide, where Star Fox is tasked not with defeating Andross but with destroying his "Great Brain". Page 13:
I want you to destroy the hyperdimensional space power engine inside the Great Brain and stop Androff's ambitions.
Of course, maybe the idea is that Cornerian intelligence just hasn't realized that Andross fully transferred himself to this mechanical computer, like how Andross becoming an organic giant brain in SF64 is a surprise to Fox. Or maybe they really meant for Andross to be separate from his computer to bring him back in sequels. I've always assumed Andross's cyborg design in SF2 was due to injuries sustained in the final boss battle of the first game. But maybe he just cyborgized himself despite no injuries, or maybe he was injured in the chain-reaction destruction of the Venom base.
(Or, maybe the intention was to imply that Star Fox makes their way from Corneria to Venom three times, destroying a rebuilt Great Brain each time. Page 45 says something about it being impossible to hold on to Venom if the Great Commander ship isn't destroyed.)
Regardless, it's odd to think of an AI computer capable of telekinesis.
Some readers probably won physical versions of the Corneria Airforce patch on the front cover in a raffle.
Before the Introduction:
QUIZ! “スターフォックス特製ワッペン"プレゼントクイズ
QUIZ! “Star Fox Special Patch” Present Quiz
Q. セクターYで、アトミックレイを10匹撃つと出てくる動物は?
Q. What animal spawns when you shoot 10 Atomic Rays in Sector Y?
A Cornelia Defense Force patch will be presented to 100 people who have answered the quiz correctly. If you wish, please write your answer, address, name, age, and occupation (grade) on the sheet of paper and send it to the address below.
This would suggest there were once 100 Corneria Airforce patches floating around. I wonder if any remain. Image searching "スターフォックス特製ワッペン" didn't bring up anything other than some SF64-based patches, though.
General Pepper's first two initials are "Z. Z.".
This one isn't so obscure. But it's worth repeating.
The guidebook is peppered with in-universe scientific justifications for gameplay mechanics.
It keeps referring to special "coatings" used by the Androssian military to reflect blaster fire. Page 45 says this coating (or at least one type of it) is mined from asteroids around Corneria.
On page 9, I think it's explaining why spinning deflects laser fire...
[Rolling Defense]
レーザーやオーバルビームなどアンドルフ軍のさまざまな光学兵器に対抗し、機体に電磁バリ アを張って光学、6兵器を反対防御する装置か開発された。しかし多量のエネルギーを消費するためにG.D.Sの作動エネルギーがもっとも少量となるクイックターンの間だけ作動するように改良されている。
A device was developed to counter various optical weapons such as lasers and oval beams of Andorph's army, and to put up an electromagnetic barrier on the aircraft to defend against the optical weapons. However, since it consumes a large amount of energy, it has been improved to operate only during quick turns, when the activation energy of G.D.S is the smallest.
...and why defeated enemies leave behind Supply Rings and such and how the Arwing can use them:
[Energy Conversion System]
In preparation for long-term operations, the Arwin is equipped with a device that captures and converts the residual energy released when an enemy aircraft is destroyed. After being converted, it can be used for various purposes such as replenishing shields, strengthening armaments, and repairing aircraft.
I love when they explain dumb game stuff like that. I don't recall that from the manuals or anything.
The goal of the Route 1 level in orbit above Venom is to destroy jamming satellites so that the location of Andross's base on the surface can be found.
Page 13:
In addition, the final destination of this operation, the base of the Andros army, the Great Brain, is unable to determine its exact position from the planet due to jamming signals from military satellites orbiting Venom. Find the enemy base by destroying space-floating robots that control military satellites.
I don't know the actual game well enough to know if there were specific jamming satellites you see in gameplay. Is Phantron is controlling them from a distance?
The Black Hole in the game was created by Andross's experimental antiproton bomb.
Page 26:
わがライラット系には、Dr.アンドルフが6年前に行なった反陽子爆弾の実験でできた“すべてを飲みこむ宇宙の穴"、ブラックホーが ある。
In our Lylat system, there is a black hole, an "all-encompassing cosmic hole" created by Dr. Androff's antiproton bomb experiment six years ago.
So it was probably detonated in C.C.237 or early C.C.238, not long before Fox Senior fell in in C.C.238.04.20.
Compare this to the Benimaru Itoh comic, where Fox Senior was carrying Andross's experimental bomb in his Cornerian fighter when it detonated creating the Black Hole. The comic calls it a "gravity bomb". I wonder if Benimaru Itoh's script didn't have "antiproton bomb", and a Nintendo Power translator chose to localize it as "gravity bomb" since antiprotons have no obvious connection to black holes?
(I've always been curious as to how the comic was translated; I presume Itoh's English writing isn't fluent, based on an email reply he sent to a fan I've seen, and the comic's humor has a rather Saturday-morning Western bent to it. It's hard to imagine "hyper-twinkies" having been Japanese coinings. Do the Nintendo Power issues credit a translator? Was there an original Japanese script, deep in a Kyoto basement?)
The giant bird in Asteroid 3-2 is called Unidentified Object A, codenamed Silver Phoenix, and the space whale in Sector Y is called Unidentified Object B, codenamed Space Whale.
Pages 42 and 60.
Bear disappears after seeing the Space Whale after Desla disappears while seeing the Silver Phoenix, but on the same day. The guide repeats the Benimaru Itoh comic's connection of the creatures to the other dimension, which is also connected to "超次元空間動力機関", a "hyperdimensional space power engine" constructed by Andross, which is also connected to the Great Brain (see page 13; Google translations imply this engine is "inside" the Great Brain, but I wonder if the Great Brain isn't inside it, hence the boss battle seeming to take place inside a colorful pocket dimension).
The Attack Carrier was originally a battleship, modified into an aircraft carrier.
Page 62.
Phantron was designed as an anti-Arwing weapon.
Page 64.
Professor Hanger was probably originally a Corneria-controlled machine on their resource mining base, before being modified by Andross... with a bioweapon?
Page 64:
Originally a computer that manages the excavation of Titania's amount of resources. A modified bio-weapon is dispatched from the hatch at the bottom of the main body, and he performs a special attack called Shadow Trasher. Since it is directly connected to the resource development system of Titania, which has a huge amount of energy, it is possible to recover the shield any number of times.
So did Andross put something biological and gooey inside the machine? Like something out of Simon Stålenhag?
Plasma Hydra is a mechanical lifeform.
Page 65.
In my personal opinion, the Galactic Rider is being assigned too many tasks to be effective at its job.
Page 65:
A security machine that guards the central highway that leads to the Andolf Army General Headquarters [or General Command Department?] Great Brain. Equipped with a large number of air bikers inside, it launches one after another toward the attack target. The exterior has a special coating that repels blasters. The only way to attack is to aim at the inside that can be seen when the hatch is open.
Its job is to guard that central highway, but presumably it's piloting the Metal Smasher satellite up in orbit full-time until Metal Smasher is destroyed. Can't something else pilot Metal Smasher? Anything whose job isn't to guard the main highway on the surface? Is Andross that confident nothing will threaten him on the surface unless Metal Smasher is destroyed?
Monarch Dodora is a cyborg.
Page 66.
Kind of a disappointment to me, since I didn't like Dodora's seemingly fully-mechanical design in Star Fox Zero. I much prefer the fully-organic, and visibly dodo-inspired, Monarch Dodora of the Benimaru Itoh comic... although I guess that one's technically a cyborg too, since Andross had a mind-control device on it. Maybe the level of cyborgization here is similar.
One Fortunan flying enemy is the Dodo Seagull, who were somehow created by Monarch Dodora.
Page 74.
Can't tell if this is implying the Dodo Seagulls are young Dodora that could grow into Monarch Dodora, birthed by it, or if they're created in some other manner.
Monarch Dodora has an attack called "Dodoshīgaru".
Page 66.
I presume this is some pun, but I can't figure what it might be.
Ships of the Venom Air Force were intentionally designed to be weak.
Page 68:
A space force whose main force is Space Amada. It seems that the reason why there are many weapons with weak power such as lasers and ring lasers is that they are designed to be inferior in combat in outer space and emphasize mobility.
The Battle Butterfly is a fighter craft, while the Dark Butterfly is an organic creature from Fortuna the Battle Butterfly was modeled after.
Pages 68 and 74.
Interesting choice, makes the world feel more real and interconnected. I would've thought they were just two versions of the same fighter craft.
Does anyone else think the Micro Base enemy looks like you can see a rodent piloting it?
Page 69.
On second thought, I can see how it looks like a lizard. Still weird.
The Androssian military has an inferior counterpart to the G-Diffuser System, the Antigravity Hover System.
Page 71:
The low mobility, which was considered a drawback, has been largely eliminated in the latest models due to the development of the anti-gravity hover system (lower output than the G-Diffuser system).
The Bee Fighter is the staple prey of the Death Dragonfly.
Page 74.
Only female Fortune Serpents attack the Arwings. The males are all gentle, even after being modified by the Androssians.
Page 74.
And finally...
...Bear Noguccini and Desla Koba were named after two editors of the guide, Yukata Noguchi and Hitoshi Kobayashi.
Page 80.
I'm guessing these two wrote a lot of the guide, making them the real-world analogues of Bear and Desla, scouting out the game world and writing up their reports for the players. I thought it'd be pointless to translate the credits at the back of the book, but if I hadn't I wouldn't have made this cute discovery.
Also, Shigesato Itoi of Mother is credited as Supervisor.

I haven't included anything from the Introduction of the development team interviews, because GlitterBerri translated them here and here.
Well, anyways, thanks for reading, I hope it was somewhat interesting.
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2023.03.29 13:16 Baboyah [NM] UCS A-Wing - 100 @ $3

First Ever Raffle?? READ BELOW
DO NOT add a comment/description /note etc with your payment. The rules are crystal clear, NO COMMENTS. Violations will result in instant and permanent ban from this community
UCS A-Wing - 100 @ $3
Item Name Set Number: UCS A-Wing
Lego Price: 263 (BL 3mo INTL)
Shipping: $37, 60x50x25cm ~4kg, 16491 to farthest distance 94165 Surface Shipping
Raffle Total/Spots: $300 / 100 spots @ $3
Price justification: BL 3 MO
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: N/A
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): KOREA, the good one
Will ship international: Y, winner outside conus pays difference
Timestamp pics: https://imgur.com/a/CHu8vMX
Description: Alphabet plane
Payment required within 15 minutes of raffle filling. 10 for drama.
Paypal Only

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 1
Number of unpaid slots: 20
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 theanachron
2 theanachron PAID
3 Nate-doge1 PAID
4 mfiumano PAID
5 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
6 mfiumano PAID
7 theanachron
8 Bosskz PAID
9 Grenaed PAID
10 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
11 theanachron
12 theanachron
13 DerBengel PAID
14 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
15 AG74683 PAID
16 Acrobatic-Mine-1315 PAID
17 jethro2126 PAID
18 jethro2126 PAID
19 ZappBrannigansLaw PAID
20 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
21 meast05 PAID
22 jethro2126 PAID
23 Acrobatic-Mine-1315 PAID
24 Acrobatic-Mine-1315 PAID
25 theanachron PAID
26 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
27 SirPoofius PAID
28 theanachron
29 AG74683 PAID
30 Grenaed PAID
31 mfiumano PAID
32 theanachron
33 theanachron PAID
34 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
35 theanachron PAID
36 SirPoofius PAID
37 theanachron PAID
38 theanachron
39 theanachron PAID
40 Grenaed PAID
41 theanachron
42 theanachron PAID
43 theanachron
44 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
45 theanachron
46 theanachron
47 theanachron PAID
48 theanachron PAID
49 mfiumano PAID
50 Bosskz PAID
51 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
52 meast05 PAID
53 newmemeforyou PAID
54 Acrobatic-Mine-1315 PAID
55 theanachron
56 theanachron PAID
57 AG74683 PAID
58 theanachron
59 mfiumano PAID
60 theanachron PAID
61 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
62 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
63 SaveTheSticks PAID
64 theanachron PAID
65 theanachron PAID
66 mfiumano PAID
67 theanachron
68 theanachron PAID
69 theanachron PAID
70 theanachron
71 jethro2126 PAID
72 SaveTheSticks PAID
73 mfiumano PAID
74 theanachron PAID
75 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
76 jethro2126 PAID
77 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
78 jethro2126 PAID
79 theanachron
80 meast05 PAID
81 theanachron PAID
82 theanachron
83 jethro2126 PAID
84 jethro2126 PAID
85 theanachron
86 theanachron
87 mfiumano PAID
88 Acrobatic-Mine-1315 PAID
89 theanachron PAID
90 jethro2126 PAID
91 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
92 jethro2126 PAID
93 mfiumano PAID
94 mfiumano PAID
95 meast05 PAID
96 ZappBrannigansLaw PAID
97 theanachron PAID
98 theanachron
99 Sad-Ad5037 PAID
100 theanachron PAID

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2023.03.29 07:42 Lesserg3 [FS] [USA] - Spring Clear-out

All of these items are in hand. I will be able to send inhand photos and measurements if needed I’m just lazy to take rn. All items have yet to be worn or washed and have just been sitting in my closet.
Please PM or direct message me if interested.
PayPal F&F preferred will also accept invoice if buyer covers fees
Shipping only to address linked to PayPal to avoid issues
Will do international shipping if buyer covers shipping as well as potential import fees (shouldn’t be much if any)
No trades
Comment BEFORE messaging
Tops: https://imgur.com/a/3AIIT8Y
Tops Pt. 2: https://imgur.com/a/r2nMjkT
FZJT Issey Miyake Para Bomber - Size M - $450
TurnTurn Helmut M69 Flak jacket (Olive) - Size 44 - $150
Pelt SLP Teddy - Size 48 - $100
Mr. Lee CG Scuba Jacket - Size S - $195
Julius Jacket - Size 1 - $105
B197 Vuja De Allegro - Size 1 - $65
CMMAWEAR Balloon Jacket - Size S - $95
Deeds Craig Green Buckle Jacket - Size XS - $105
Deeds Helmut Lang Flak (Black) - Size 48 - $135
Dystopia Leather Overlock Jacket - Size M - $510
Haider Boxing Crewneck (Gray) - Size XS - $75
Yeezy season 3 Red Crewneck - Size S - $75
Julius Long Sleeve (Black) - Size 1 - $75
CMMAWEAR Crescent jacket (Brown) - Size M - $65
CMMAWEAR Crescent Jacket (Green) - Size S - $70
Marxism single stitch Tupac Vintage Tee - Size S - $40
Marxism Single Stitch Akira Vintage Tee - Size S - $40
Banned Seller Ann D Poem Long Sleeve - Size S - $65
Tsunam1 Led Zepplin Vintage Tee - Size M - $35
Marxism Sound Garden Single Stitch vintage Tee - Size S - $40
Pants: https://imgur.com/a/kk9ECMr
B197 CMMAWEAR Calethea (Black) - Size M (32 waist) - $45
B197 CMMAWEAR Calethea (Green) - Size M (32 waist) - $45
B197 CMMAWEAR Calethea (Cream) - Size M (32 waist) - $45
Will do a package deal of all 3 Caletha trousers for ($90 shipped) need gone to big for me length wise
Marxism Dystopia J-Cut Overlock Trousers - Size M - $145
Aqua De Vida CCP inspired Spiral Cut Trousers - Size M - $85
Dystopia Spiral overlock Trousers (Black and Gray) - Size M - $135
Marxism UC 85 (Black) - Size 2 - $150 (pending)
Y/Project Thigh Cowboy pants (Blue & Black) - 32W X 31L - $70
Raf Simons Bondage Trousers - Size 50 - $135
Kapital Denim - Size 30 - $70
Shoes: https://imgur.com/a/mjt3q3l
Christios - Size 41 - $55 Shipped
Yeezy season 4 boots - Size 41 - $110 Shipped
Marxism CCP Gray Kangaroo Tornado Boots - Size 40 - $400
Marxism CCP Gray Kangaroo Laser Cut Tornado Boots - Size 40 - $465
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2023.03.29 03:33 italk2trees UC Ship and accutane

This spring I am a part time student since I only have one class needed to graduate. I was wondering if I am still covered by UC ship by default. I can't seem to find any answers online. Also, I want to go on accutane and was wondering if anyone has had experience going on accutane through a referral from the student health center.
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2023.03.28 17:08 winnilourson Watches, accesories and clothing for sale!

Hello everyone!
I'm posting cool stuff all around this post, so stick around!
Shipping from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pick up available at the Montreal Police station. GS fees already included, discount available for other modes of payment. (For Canadian Customers: Cash and E transfer preferred, Transferwise or paypal FF for US buyers).
Jupiter & Pluto, 350 USD each or 650 USD total: https://www.reddit.com/Watchexchange/comments/125vdkn/wts_omega_swatch_mission_to_jupiter_pluto_bnib/
Cool Swiss Watches
Rare Omega Oval-shaped Ref 191.0100 cal. 1365, with an unusual push button instead of a crown: https://imgur.com/a/KVonbUc
250 USD + shipping
Japanese Domestic Market Swag
The North Face x Nanamica navy parka size M: https://imgur.com/a/ZUxOUs4
200 USD + shipping
The North Face x Nanamica mountain wind breaker vest, brand new, size M: https://imgur.com/a/IXhiBqv
110 USD + shipping
The North Face purple Nanamica T-Shirt, Size M: https://imgur.com/s1mVIDV
100 USD + shipping

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2023.03.28 03:10 lukemfrank [FLASH] 75060 UCS Slave - 1 - 120 Spots @ $5 Limit 4 30 mins

Escrow for u/Intrepid-Donkey-8031
Item name: 75060 UCS Slave - 1
Lego Price: $533
Shipping: $55 UPS Ground (Insured to $550, 24x16x6, 8 lbs 92131 to 10012)
Subfund: $12
Raffle Total/Spots: $600 - 120 spots at $5/ea
Price justification: BrickLink 3 Month Avg US
Call spots: Yes
Spot limit per person: 4
Duration of spot limit: until 9:40
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: No, sorry.
Timestamp pics: https://imgur.com/a/xpLz9pI
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling.
CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. . PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 vangobroom97 PAID
2 GorillaX PAID
3 ShuckleStorm PAID
4 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
5 ShuckleStorm PAID
6 ssj3dvp11 PAID
8 Bosskz PAID
9 Background_Badger942 PAID
10 bowardboolin PAID
11 dillng PAID
12 GorillaX PAID
13 legoislifey PAID
14 Background_Badger942 PAID
15 despinos PAID
16 mulligansteak PAID
17 Pjay367 PAID
18 legoislifey PAID
19 toasternudel PAID
20 ShuckleStorm PAID
21 DerBengel PAID
22 CharlietheCorgi PAID
23 Background_Badger942 PAID
24 bowardboolin PAID
25 Bosskz PAID
26 meast05 PAID
27 toasternudel PAID
28 kraftymonkey PAID
29 Pjay367 PAID
30 Rogerian78529 PAID
31 CharlietheCorgi PAID
32 despinos PAID
33 mrxscarface PAID
34 LoneBlack3hadow PAID
35 chitownkid81 PAID
37 complicatedorc PAID
39 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
40 BourbonandTattoos PAID
41 GorillaX PAID
42 legoislifey PAID
43 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
44 legoislifey PAID
45 Rogerian78529 PAID
46 Available_War941 PAID
47 ButterKnives PAID
48 despinos PAID
49 heavyboots79 PAID
50 Bosskz PAID
51 Bosskz PAID
52 Available_War941 PAID
53 CharlietheCorgi PAID
54 idrinkpisswater PAID
55 emoney_316 PAID
56 ButterKnives PAID
57 complicatedorc PAID
58 mulligansteak PAID
59 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
60 Grenaed PAID
61 Rogerian78529 PAID
62 DerBengel PAID
63 Available_War941 PAID
64 Pjay367 PAID
65 chitownkid81 PAID
66 chitownkid81 PAID
67 Grenaed PAID
68 optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
69 ShuckleStorm PAID
70 Background_Badger942 PAID
71 SirPoofius PAID
72 despinos PAID
73 dillng PAID
74 dillng PAID
75 emoney_316 PAID
76 BourbonandTattoos PAID
77 CharlietheCorgi PAID
78 Pjay367 PAID
79 emoney_316 PAID
80 twosock360 PAID
81 twosock360 PAID
82 ssj3dvp11 PAID
83 idrinkpisswater PAID
84 bayrat428 PAID
85 DrSeussFreak PAID
86 emoney_316 PAID
87 vangobroom97 PAID
88 LoneBlack3hadow PAID
89 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
90 mrxscarface PAID
91 complicatedorc PAID
92 BourbonandTattoos PAID
93 Available_War941 PAID
94 meast05 PAID
95 chitownkid81 PAID
96 ButterKnives PAID
97 DrSeussFreak PAID
98 optimus-Ron-4082 PAID
99 Grenaed PAID
100 Rogerian78529 PAID
101 DrSeussFreak PAID
102 BourbonandTattoos PAID
103 ButterKnives PAID
104 DrSeussFreak PAID
105 DerBengel PAID
106 kraftymonkey PAID
107 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
108 LunchBoxMercenary PAID
109 GorillaX PAID
110 bayrat428 PAID
111 bayrat428 PAID
112 bayrat428 PAID
113 Grenaed PAID
114 complicatedorc PAID
115 dillng PAID
116 DerBengel PAID
118 vangobroom97 PAID
119 kraftymonkey PAID
120 vangobroom97 PAID

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2023.03.28 01:06 ProjectCereal Anyone know a walk-in clinic that accepts UC Ship

Rlly sick and need to go to the doctor. Other than urgent care on campus, is there another place I can go to?
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2023.03.28 00:18 ColdWaterBottle03 [WTS] Insane VAMs, MS and AU type coins, RAW US type coins, and more!

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/zyjwwrF_d.jpg?maxwidth=520&shape=thumb&fidelity=high
I am a new seller trying to start selling for fun and to reinvest my money into coins I am more interested in. I'm cool using a middleman if that makes anyone feel safer (asking the buyer to pay extra postage and tip). If anyone wants to discuss price, I'll always be free to hear anyone out. Also, if you have questions about anything, please let me know. Please chat before dming. Hope y'all like the selection.

2013 Year of the Snake Australian one Ounce (46) https://imgur.com/a/UcFIrp2
1944-S PCGS MS66 Jefferson Nickel (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/RMSWajt
1961 NGC PF67 Franklin Half Dollar (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/aZs3I8o
1906 ANACS AU55 Details Scratched Barber Dime (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/5hTcvFg
1900-O/CC Morgan; I would say XF Details (200) https://imgur.com/a/u7XKdE9
1879-S Reverse of 78 Morgan; I would say AU Details (215) https://imgur.com/a/f3e0bjY
1840 no Drapery Half Dime; I would say Good Details (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/rbL4ydB

Shipping is 5 Dollars; I am accepting Zelle (Preferred) and PPFF (No notes Pls)
Disclaimer: I lose all responsibly once I drop the package at the post office, but I will help in anyway I can for any issues that occur. I will ship once payment clears; my post office is closed on weekends, so I will only ship on weekdays.
submitted by ColdWaterBottle03 to Pmsforsale [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 00:16 ColdWaterBottle03 [WTS] Insane VAMs, MS and AU type coins, RAW US type coins, and more!

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/2QkzYlt_d.jpg?maxwidth=520&shape=thumb&fidelity=high
I am a new seller trying to start selling for fun and to reinvest my money into coins I am more interested in. I'm cool using a middleman if that makes anyone feel safer (asking the buyer to pay extra postage and tip). If anyone wants to discuss price, I'll always be free to hear anyone out. Also, if you have questions about anything, please let me know. Please chat before dming. Hope y'all like the selection.

2013 Year of the Snake Australian one Ounce (46) https://imgur.com/a/UcFIrp2
1944-S PCGS MS66 Jefferson Nickel (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/RMSWajt
1961 NGC PF67 Franklin Half Dollar (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/aZs3I8o
1906 ANACS AU55 Details Scratched Barber Dime (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/5hTcvFg
1900-O/CC Morgan; I would say XF Details (200) https://imgur.com/a/u7XKdE9
1879-S Reverse of 78 Morgan; I would say AU Details (215) https://imgur.com/a/f3e0bjY
1840 no Drapery Half Dime; I would say Good Details (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/rbL4ydB
1883 no Cents V Nickel; I would say VF30 (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/MQAWElH
1847 Braided Hair Large Cent; I would say VF35 Details (SOLD) https://imgur.com/a/dwBPGR4

Shipping is 5 Dollars; I am accepting Zelle (Preferred) and PPFF (No notes Pls)
Disclaimer: I lose all responsibly once I drop the package at the post office, but I will help in anyway I can for any issues that occur. I will ship once payment clears; my post office is closed on weekends, so I will only ship on weekdays.
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2023.03.27 21:56 Rakeda [FS][US-DE/GLOBAL] Hynix 16GB DDR4 ECC Registered Memory

timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/wle29Lh
Please buy me out, I'm begging y'all
Make Cisco PN Model Quantity
Hynix UCS-MR-1X162RU-A 16GB 2Rx4 PC4-2133P (HMA42GR7MFR4N-TF TD AB) 117
Will easily beat out prices anywhere else, asking $14 each Free shipping on 10+, can easily barter with 30+
Buy all (117) for $1,500 ($12.80 each)
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2023.03.27 18:22 kchorton2 [US, WW] [H] Slabs, Vintage Singles & Binder, Set Fillers, PSA Shadowless Packs [W] Paypal, eReader stuff, Want List

Please specify the condition you're looking for before I take pictures.
Domestic first class shipping with tracking is $4-$5 and PWE is $1. Prices will be based off TCGPlayeEbay Sold. Anything with shipping included is domestic shipping. International PWE is $2 - tracked shipping can be calculated but tends to get a little costly.
submitted by kchorton2 to pkmntcgtrades [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 17:38 jnavalol UC SHIP

Hello highlanders, I have heard about UC SHIP but I really don’t know what it is. What are the services they provide? Is there a copay? Is it walk-in only?I tried calling last week and the lady was a bit rude so I just hung up😞.
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2023.03.27 17:30 EarthErection [US,US] [H] Post Card Show Goodies CUSTOM Graded Card Displays, POP series 5 Packs, Master sets, Booster boxes, Slabs, ETBs [W] SKYRIDGE UMBREON DMG/HP Sealed Leafgreen & sapphire, Skyridge Packs, Paypal, High value Binders/Cards

These wall-mounted displays fit both CGC/PSA slabs or raw cards so you can change them out anytime! I can make any size display up to 30 x 30 inches or as small as one slab.
Only doing trades in my favor unless it's on my want list
MASTER SETS - all 100% complete!!!!
Buy all master sets for $4.5k or 5.5k trade value

Only taking Friends & family as payment besides the jumbo slab display, must have decent vouches as well for big purchases.
Skyridge Booster packs
skyridge umbreon holo raw and graded
skyridge master set cards C/UC, Rares, holos all NM condition please.
Latios & Latias alt art in MP condition and below
Tag Team All Stars Booster boxes
Gold Star Latios, Latias, Torchic, Mudkip, TReecko
PSA 10 Munch scream promos
mario and luigi pikachu sealed box
Poncho Pikachus
armored mewtwo copies preferably in MP condition and below but will take LP to Mint
NM Crystal Guardians EX and reverse holos
graded and raw sealed copies of Pokemon Leaf Green, fire red, ruby, Sapphire, and emerald!
Fire red & Leaf Green Booster packs and Blisters
ruby & sapphire Booster packs
MEDIUM WANTS: Eevee Heroes Booster box, eevee heroes gym set box, POP Series 5 packsEvolving skies Booster boxes, evolving skies Alternate Arts, Eevee Heroes alternate arts, NM Crystal Guardians EX and reverse holos, as well as graded and raw copies of Pokemon Leaf Green and Sapphire!
Raw wants - I'm interested in any cool, minty, and expensive cards though these are just ones I want specifically, let me know what you have!
SEALED Booster Packs platinum base (palkia art), double crisis (groudon art) plenty of older black adn white and back sets I need artsets for.
SEALED Etbs - Primal Clash, Phantom forces, plasma Blast
Buyer pays shipping for all orders
$4 in tracked bubble mailer or calculated for sealed products. Can do PWE shipping for $1 for smaller transactions
If you want to TRADE then PLEASE let me know what you have and want!!!!
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2023.03.27 08:39 bpork [US,US](H) Assorted Hits: Zards, shinies, rainbows, vintage, WotC Holos, slabs, PayPal for high end, bulk (W) XY Promos, Expedition Blastoise, Shining Raichu/Zard, Friends in Galar, Hisui, & Sinnoh FA, PayPal for lower end hits (trading is a priority), Munch Pika/Mimikyu, maybe BB/MtG, e-readers

Back with a post over a hiatus! I still have a lot of trading to do and lots of organizing to do and like a lot of collectors, I'm definitely wanting to consolidate the collection a bit if possible. The bank account took a hit lately but we will see what comes through in terms of the pricier hits! Even with the recent hit to the bank account, I still prefer trades for my cards. For trade values, I usually use TCG market for modern and then lean more towards eBay/pricecharting for the older, not-so-liquid hits. A lot of the WotC Holos are not NM. I might post the personal collection if the right high end cards come through.
assorted hits/binder
top loader hits
Items greater than $50 pricing:
Cynthia FA: traded
Green's Exploration: $70 TV
Mew ex (MP): $60 TV
Ho-Oh ex (LP): $85 TV - i think i mispriced this initially - lowest TCG is $100 for LP
Erika's Venusaur (LP): $55 TV
Hitmonchan 1st ed. shadowless (DMG): $125 TV
Mew 1st-4th place (traded only as a set): $250 TV
Rocket's Zapdos 1st ed. (LP): $80 TV
CGC 9.5 Umbreon GX: $165 TV
Suicune & Entei (bottom/top - only sold as a set): $190 TV
GMA 8 Shiny Ponyta SH11: $90 TV
Squirtle PSA 10: $90 TV
BGS 9.5 Charizard VMAX (Darkness Ablaze): $80 TV
BGS 9.5 Charizard VMAX RR: $290 TV
I don't like the current bulk rates, but will definitely offer personal bulk pricing for the following as long I have enough available of each. I will just grab a handful of each from the collection, not try to hand pick a bunch of each.
$0.01 per energy
$0.03 per non-holo C/UC
$0.10 per holo C/UC
$0.10 per non-holo rare
$0.20 per rev. holo rare
$0.30 per holo rare
$0.75 per V
$1.50 per VMAX/GX
Shipping (in case I do actually sell something outright): $1 PWE, $5 BMWT, $22 Flat Rate Priority Box shipping. Shipping will be discounted the more that is traded/bought. Free PWE at $20 and free BMWT at $50.
Thanks for taking a look! I will hear out offers. I definitely have not opened much Lost Origin, Silver Tempest at all so seeing some hits from these sets would be good. The usual AA, Neo Shinings, Crystals (probably will look at Gold Stars last) that everyone wants are also on my list of stuff I want. I will be opening a bunch of CZ soon, and SV, I am going to wait a bit before trading. Have a great day/night!
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