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Hold My Brain Cells

2018.09.24 14:57 spanktravision Hold My Brain Cells

Welcome to “Hold My Brain Cells” (HMBCs), the subreddit where people do the stupidest shit and common sense is in short supply.

2011.01.08 06:16 People Person's Paper People

Why waste time watch many show when one show do trick?

2014.12.18 12:22 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D adventure/ Metroidvania game for PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Hollow Knight: Silksong is in development, release date TBD.

2023.06.04 15:34 maeflower002 Financing iphone

If I finance a new iphone at a store will making a bigger down payment reduce the monthly payment or just shorten the duration of payments? Also is there any discounts for iPhones that people may not know about?
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2023.06.04 15:33 ArduousAttempt I gave Diablo 3 a try and have questions about the combat and what to expect if I were to stick with the game.

I know starting areas are supposed to be easy and I am just at the third quest of the first act (demonhunter lvl9) but the combat is fucking ridiculous. Enemies do almost no damage and at over 700hp plus some regen I literally have to let myself get surrounded without performing any attacks before they can make a dent. I let myself get surrounded by some of the beefier mobs, their attacks did a bit more damage but thanks to the knockback the slow fuckers push you out of their range making sure you get to full health before they can take another swing. I'm sure if I look for the right mobs and don't attack for long enough I'll eventually get to the point where I want to use the instant 60% heal potion or pick up one of the constant health drops.
So far the combat isn't too easy, it is pointless busywork and the only way to die is to deliberately sabotage yourself by running into the open arms of some mobs in full pacifist mode.
I want to acknowledge that I am an ignorant newbie when it comes to this game and surely there must be some appeal to it, but if the combat starts out this way I am wondering what to expect in terms of balance. When does the combat get interesting?
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2023.06.04 15:33 Flat_Rough4362 Is he really interested if there’s no physical signs?

I’ve (30f) been out of the dating game for many years and dating in my 30s just sounds scary. I’ve gone out with a few people over the last few months and it’s not really worked out until I met X (32m).
We get on really well, text or talk every day and we’ve gone out 6 times in the last month. And while I’m quite convinced he likes me, I’m not sure if he’s attracted to me? We hug often, but that’s sort of where the physical side of things ends. Is it possible that he may not be physically attracted to me and just wants to be friends? Or could he just be shy / waiting for me to make a move? I feel like I’ve given him plenty of indication that I’m interested in him. Im not sure how to interpret this.
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2023.06.04 15:32 Wiredcoffee399 Can someone add #16 to This concept as the stage 3

Stage 1 Android #19
Energy absorption.
Increases evolution energy gain.
Until I have all of your energy I will never let you go.
Any super attacks fired at 19 will be absorbed into extra evolution energy.
Ki sensor
As an android you can scan the area for survivors. (Acts like a scouter)
Super attacks
Cybernetic pain.
A rush attack that ends with the survivor getting kicked into the ground.
Photon shot.
19 fires a full power energy wave from his palm.
Stage 2 Android #20
Energy absorption
Do you disagree with my methods?
Upon Maxing out evolution energy Dr.gero will have to return to his lab to awaken androids 18 and 17 which 17 will then kill him.
Ki sensors.
Absorption barrier.
Android 20 will activate a barrier for a brief amount of time. Any damage he receives will be negated and added to his evolution meter instead.
Super attacks
Ruthless blow.
Android 20 will rush towards the survivor and grab them. He will impale them through the chest with his arm.
Photon blast
Android 20 will charge a ball of energy and launch it at whoever he is locked on to.
Stage 3 Android #16
I don't have any ideas for #16
Stage 4 Android #17 and #18
Energy field Similarly to the survivors version android 17 will cover himself in a barrier that makes him invulnerable. However it has a longer duration and a lower cooldown.(20 second CD)
Grand explode
Android 17 will charge ki around his body and then release it in the form of a explosion. Can be used while getting melee rushed. (30 second CD)
Enhanced hearing
Acts like Ki sense but is negated by not moving. However it doesn't make any sounds when activated.(30 second CD)
Find them Sister!

17 will call #18 to search for enemies(25 second CD)

Super attacks
Super electric strike
Acts like the survivor version but it deals more damage than the survivor variant. (10 second CD)
Duo attack

17 and #18 will charge at the nearest person and if successful #17 will hold them still while #18 completely obliterates them. (60 second CD)

Note: android 17 and 18 are more of their future counterparts rather than their present timeline counterparts.
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2023.06.04 15:32 SenseiWyn Rating gacha games I've played

Let's start from bottom to top
Arterygear: probably the worst gacha I've played in my time as a gacha gamer the story is not inticing while the charcaters feel less interesting than cardboard would be more interesting(F)
Alchemy stars: do I even need to explain in my opinion it's one of the worst gacha out there it doesn't really do anything enticing some people might like it which is fair(D)
Summonrs wars: The first gacha I ever played when I was 6 it holds a special place in my heart but I had to give it D tier cause of updates the game has made probably would have been High C if not for thought updates(D)
Epic seven: A really good for its time but I feel like it has fallen from grace in my eyes used to play it for 2+ years but over time it became kind of dead to me (C)
Aether gazer: Newest gacha that came out played it on Cn till 1.8 feel a generic action rpg that does nothing better than its predecessors the combat is good but that's where my praise ends the charcaters feel lifeless and they stay lifeless for the entire time the pacing of the story is all over the place and there is nothing really drawing me to the game (C)
Tower of fantasy: The game has improved but not by a lot the story from what I've read is not interesting and there aren't really any themes/dynamics/parallels between the cast so it gets a (C)
Genshin impact: probably the gacha is was expecting the most out of and disappointed me the most I'm not gonna focus on the combat that's not the main focus but the story feels like I'm watching a Disney story and not in a good way it has the same problem with tower of fantasy and aether gazer the story is bland and the charcaters only like have one personality trait they could have really written some impressive characters but they didn't ex. (We could have had a side story of her and the dynamic between and her family and how she is trying to move away from and that we see she gets ridiculed by some of the citizens and how she shows them how she is not like her family) that would have been a really good development for a charcater in the game but they are all one dimensional the only exception is maybe xiao and nahida(C)
Blue archive : I really like this gacha but everything else is just better in its genre I can see someone say this game is B-A tier really good (C)
Dbz legends: a Really good PvP gacha game that spinkles a little story in there which I like I enjoy the dynamic and parallels with shallot and his brother and the rest of the dbz cast(B)
Black clover mobile: feels like a breath of fresh in the genre waited on this game for years and it did not disappoint the only reason it is b tier is cause I can read chinese and my translator friend is on vacation so whn hlobal come out I'll give a more in depth review but for now(B)
Limbus company: Really enjoyed the story of the charcaters I like the uniqueness of how they present the story and charcaters fell like really people which I actually like and location is also very unique (B)
Path to nowhere: One of the most unique storys I've ever read I really like the concept of using criminals as the actual charcaters and the eldtrich horror theme of the story really pulls me in the voice acting is also very good (A)
Honkai star rail: The second best large mihoyo project that lives up to the hype for me where do I begin the story the characters the themes/dynamics/parallels it's all there I haven't felt like this playing a new game in a long time the game play is really fun even though it's not my main cup of tea it's very interesting probably the best gacha release in the year 1 I cant see anything topping this(S)
FGO: The first of the big 3 expansive lore well writing charcaters good gameplay it has it all one og the best gacha of this generation but from what you will see going forward in the big 3 and the best they all had a weak start so I take points of
Arknights: second of the big 3 same as Fgo but it is a little better the first gacha to get me emotional as I actually what started me studying literature one of the best cast of charcaters I've ever seen in media and amazing development to bout
Hi3: the best in the big 3 this is the only gacha (I can see that is interchangeable with the best gacha title) amazing combat well writing story godly charcaters one of the few gacha I can see competing with AAA studios the only reason It's not number on for me is because the best gacha just beats it in a few categories
Pgr: The best gacha game in my opinion Godly combat some of the best wrtten charcaters in fiction in charcaters the story I have tied with Hi3 third but where pgr beats it is in its charcters it was very some of the charcaters I have ever read and the fact that we are just getting started in global just solidified my view that pgr as the best gacha game
(I can't really go in depth on these reviews I would love to make a video explaining everything but don't got the time)
Arterygear:2.2 Alchemy stars:2.5 Summons wars:2.7 Epic seven:3.1 Aether gazer: 3.8 Tower of fantasy:4.3 Genhsin impact:4.5 Dbz legends:4.8 Black clover mobile:5.2 Limbus company:6.7 Path to nowhere:8.8 Honkai star rail: 9 FGO:9.2 ARKNIGHTS:9.4 HI3:9.5 PGR:9.7
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2023.06.04 15:32 claire1998maybe [Discussion] Is my similar premise to an established author's upcoming release dead in the water?

I saw this video pop up on my tiktok feed about R.F. Kuang's upcoming novel. It doesn't appear to have any official publication announcements, but there are a few interviews where she mentions the new novel as well.
Her premise is about two PhD-level magicians who wants to resurrect their professor from hell.
Now here's where I come in. I am currently working on a project (early stages, draft 1 is barely started but outline/research/world building is extensive) about four students at a magical university who seek to resurrect their professor. There is also a rivals to lovers subplot in both our stories.
I don't know much about Kuang's novel yet obviously, but I know that we differ so far in a few places:
Her students journey to Hell. My students resurrect their professor from their normal state on earth.
Her students want to resurrect him because they want recommendation letters to become tenured magicians. My students want to resurrect him to prove their magical ability and pass their final exam to become guild members and keep their magic (if they don't pass, they lose magic).
Her professor dies in a freak magic accident. My professor is murdered by a student, and my MC is basically the cause of this on the surface. In reality though it's all orchestrated by the guild.
Her magic system seems to be Greek inspired, though this is only based on her title. I'm not totally sure. My magic is based on Norse mythology.
It seems her rivals to lovers is a main book point. My book has a group dynamic with rivals to lovers as a very sub plot with no consumation of the relationship at all (no kiss, sex, etc.). At least if it was published as stand alone. A sequel would have more romance.
Ok, so with all that said...am I dead in the water with my premise when it comes to a publishing house buying it? Would I only be dead to her publisher, HC, or all of them? Would agents turn this away once they know about Kuang's book? Or would it actually help my case since it could be a successful comp?
I would hate to stop this project. I really love it and my characters. But I also do want to be a published author, and I don't want to waste my time on something with no chance of success.
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 15:32 linkenski [TotK] Open Air is here to stay. What problems do you think their next game should solve?

TotK is a worthy iteration of BotW that for the most part is the same kind of experience but better tuned and with more variation of content, both in the open world part and in the primary dungeons and bosses, and even with the Depth and the Skies adding a sense of change that the game alternates between. But I think there are some things systemically that bother me, that I hope Nintendo will reconsider before they lock down these conventions too hard.
Let's go forward with the assumption that this format is going to stay intact. It's no use complaining it sucks and asking for a top-down Zelda or asking for an Ocarina of Time game when they're obviously not going to make that for the next big Zelda. So I'm asking, based on how you can move forward from BotW using its foundations, what needs to change or improve?
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2023.06.04 15:32 Thin_Dingo_3018 Crossed 1cr milestone!

Have been a long time lurker here. Just wanted to post a milestone which I'm excited about.
I crossed 1 cr milestone in terms of assured assets/investment (current networth is somehwere around 1.1cr)
Single, 26M, Upper middle class background. Elder sibling is an IIT grad and entrprenuer. I graduated from a relatively expensive niche tech school (Tier-2) debt free, joined a unicorn post under-grad, grew rapidly and then jumped to early stage startup to accelerate growth - moved to UAE a year back. Assets
This is purely what I've earned + invested in past ~5 years i.e no inheritance (I have no idea how much is it neither I'm interested in it, I have strong views on the fact that beyond a education, a parent is not responsibe to do anything) or ESOPs (no liquidity aspect)
40% is contributed in last year alone, thanks to my move to UAE (HIghly recommended if you want to build up corpus rapidly and can do so given life circumstances)
Thesis on above asset distribution
I know the distribution is very much skewed towards equity and that is by the design because of my privilege that I have in form of high income, low living cost, no dependents and a default cusion in case something goes wrong. I think I can take this dis-proportionate amount of risk also this is in cohesion with my financial advisor's strategy, he aims to make be FI by 2030.
Major expenditures ahead (2-3 years) Capital expenditure post marriage (probably next year) ie setting up a new home etc (rented). My partner has a good job so we won't have to compromise on anything.
Partner has education loan.
Trade-off Never really compromised much but I think there is always a trade-off. in my case the trade-off was not going after a fancy degree in terms of post graduation which I could easily have done by going for an MBA abroad or in India. The way my salary was growing - it didn't make sense.
Another trade-off seem to be a relative lack of travelling, I would admit I'm not a traveller myself but people in my friend circle have really really started travelling seriously going to not-so-popular but great destination like Japan, Norway etc. Just feel maybe I over optimised on this corpus building and missed out but not sure if its that or FOMO.
Why am I aggresive in corpus building? The reason I am very much aggressive in corpus building was that I feel my career is very fragile I work in tech and the feel that my field has been greatly helped by the macroeconomic situation, I'm very much aware of these bull and bust cycle, thus know that my profession would probably be the 1st to be out of business or out of favour which is happening right now as well. Hence, my aim was to be in a situation where I would be comfortable even while not working for a while or figuring out what is next. Goal is not to retire early but have a good cushion beyond the liquid fund & mental peace.
Shared this here as this community gets it. My friends are also very well off but I don't like discussing these things as they may leave a bad taste. Inspired by a similar post by a 27 yo which I related to.
All the best for those in FIRE journey.
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Notice of how to play: Domination: Spawn and capture your nearest flag. Avoid B. Run to their spawn and murder! Capturing B will cause the game to end faster. This is at your own cost!
Discord: JahCoin#5396 - Discord with Vouches: https://discord.gg/mw2lobbies
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2023.06.04 15:32 AutoModerator [Download Course] Tanner Planes – Digital Dropshipping Mastery (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.04 15:32 Mountain-Welcome-709 Phoebe living her best life

Phoebe living her best life
This is taken, post pupcup, and post dog park where her two favourite people in the world showed up, Grandma and Grandpa!
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2023.06.04 15:31 Exact_Watercress_859 AITA for not bringing someone free food

My (24f) husband (26m) is in the navy. I work as an RN 3 days a week. I’ve met a lot of his coworkers and their wives at work events and I usually am the type to get along well with everyone.
Where I’m from it’s normal to bring someone food after they’ve had a baby. Last year two of his friends/coworkers had their first kids. I like them and their wives so I brought each of them a lasagna and a few other dishes. Just something to make things a bit easier I suppose. They both made big posts about it on social media thanking me which I thought was a bit awkward but whatever. I did it to be nice, not so I could look good.
Last year one of my husbands coworkers who I’m not that familiar with got married. He’s 26 and married some 19 year old dancer. I’ve only met her once and I didn’t like her, it felt like she was trying way too hard to instantly be friends with everyone, and she shared really personal and uncomfortable details about her childhood that killed the party mood. No social tact there. Anyways, they just had a baby. Her second.
She recently reached out to me asking why I’ve had a habit of bribing people food after birth but I didn’t bring her anything, I thought it was really inappropriate of her to ask this, as it should be considered pretty obvious. I told her I’ve only met her once, whereas I’ve know those other women for many years and we hangout occasionally.
She started ranting to me about how hard is it to have a toddler and a baby and her husband isn’t helping at all, and she’s barely eating or showering. I feel bad for her, but I don’t want to be her friend so I don’t really want to open the window there and let her get the wrong idea. She has a lot of drama going on in her life, and I just don’t want to deal with that. I chose not to reply to her rant, and she decided to make a big post about how hard her life is and how other military wives are excluding her.
I feel like that post she made is definitely not going to win her any friends. I’m not trying to exclude her or anything, she’s welcome to come to any events and I’ll put up with chatting with her. I just don’t want to go out of my way to befriend this messy 19 year old mother of 2, who is not pleasant to talk to. Like I’m 26, we have nothing in common.
AITA for not bringing this girl food?
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2023.06.04 15:31 CaitlinisTired Got given 2 glowlight tetras for a 5 gallon/20 litre tank, need advice from those more knowledgeable than I!

I'll preface this by saying I know very little about fishkeeping as I'm very new to it! It's my birthday today and my parents got me 2 glowlight tetras and put them in my 5 gallon tank (which is cycled, though I've been running it empty for like 9 months as I just kept forgetting to buy anything myself ahaha). I got the tank for snails and shrimp only, and I've read that tetras are schooling fish that need a minimum of 10 gallons, so right now I'm stressed and they probably are too :( I've tried making the tank as inhabitable for them as I can for now (spaces to hide, as much room as I could possible make for them to swim, etc) but I'd like to buy a 10 gallon and some more tetras (I've heard 6-7 in a 10 gallon?) so they can be happy.
The only thing is I can't afford to right this moment (fish tanks are so expensive??) and I have no idea how long they'll survive if they are stressed? They're not erratic by any means and they're at least not alone, and I should be able to afford a proper 10 gallon and some friends for them by the end of this week; will they be okay that long? Would I be better off keeping them in a big bucket or something? Will a 10 gallon be okay or should I try to go oven bigger? And in wanting to move them to a better environment quickly, what would be the best way to cycle a new tank? Would using all the cycled water from my 5 gallon and then topping up with tap water, filter boost and tap safe be adequate?
My main worry is space; I live in a flat and I'm likely going to be putting my new tank on the windowsill (with the blinds closed since it's summer and the sunlight will probably be a bit harsh lol), in theory it has the space to hold like 3 of my 5 gallon tanks but given how heavy full fish tanks are I'd like to get one as small as possible that can house tetras in a way that they'll thrive. I do have some floor space I could get creative with but don't want to put the tank on the floor, so suggestions for alternative places one might put a fish tank are also welcome lol. I'm also a bit worried about electricity costs; is running 2 fish tanks (a 5 and 10(?) gallon) together noticably more expensive than running just the 5? I can't take the tetras back - that was my first thought - and I actually love the little guys, which is why I'm currently holding out for a bigger tank as soon as I'm able to ahaha
Sorry if I sound super naive in this post, again I'm new to this and I'm kinda sad that this has happened in the first place, the poor things. I intend on keeping my 5 gallon for my amanos and some snails, though, cuz it's kinda high maintenance and it's been insanely good for my anxiety in a weird way, since I can just obsess over water parameters instead of like... everything else :') Thanks for any advice you can give, even if it's tough love because my mum just keeps telling me "they'll be fine once they get used to it" and I absolutely do not believe her after all the posts I've read here (but that sounds ungrateful, I'm still happy they thought to get me fish for my tank finally, I just wish the pet store they'd gone to had informed them better). Much love to all of you and all of your aquatic friends!
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2023.06.04 15:31 PaulPuma Edge+ 2023-- Is this what the Pixel 7 Pro should have been?

INSANE battery life, beautiful FHD screen (cannot tell the difference vs. P7P's higher res), lean Android with a few more useful flourishes than Pixel's version but otherwise looks and acts like the Pixel UI, and multiple years of support. Works well with dual sim too (way better than Samsung). Could give a damn about cameras so I have no idea there. And costs $799.
I love the P7P in almost every way. Battery life just sucks (I've tried 3 different phones, all had the same battery issue) and killed the deal for me. Discovered the edge+, have tried it for a few days, and I am very impressed. I feel at home with it like I have all other pixel phones. Except I can now do 8 hours screen on time on a single charge....
Had an s23 ultra on order and cancelled-- have used that before and really liked it overall, but need a much better dual sim solution and don't like all of Samsung's UI layers. But oh that battery...
Here are more detailed impressions about how the phone stacks up against the Pixel 7 Pro.
-- Battery life and it's not close. The Edge's battery is as good if not better than the s23 ultra's in my use.
-- After initial set up, 0 instances of a warm phone.
-- Internet connection on both WiFi and cellular (ATT and Visible) seems snappier. 8 gen 2 modem strikes again?
-- Notification UI. The easy ability to view, reply, dismiss, delete from the lock screen without having to unlock is glorious. Such a nice UI touch.
-- More reliable and quicker fingerprint sensor. On par with S23U. P7P's isn't bad at all. The Edge's is just better.
--Retail: $100 less with twice the storage (but 4gb less ram which can be halved with Moto's RAM boost to 10 gb).
The same:
-- The overall UI and its smoothness. Haven't hit any lag and the transitions are familiar, quick, and fluid just as with the P7P.
-- Technically, the P7P has a better screen. Have noticed no difference at all with the Edge+'s FHD+ OLED screen. Seems a little brighter too.
-- Very few extra/bloaty apps or UI touches. Runs lean and the few preloaded apps I didn't want were easily deleted or disabled.
-- Widgets. I wish Google and/or Motorola would implement stacked widgets like Samsung. One area where I really prefer Samsung.
-- No Always on Display. Disappointing but easy to get used to. Maybe in a software update?
-- Case availability as of now. Waiting for Spigen to come out with theirs as they did with the 2022 version.
-- Pixel handles dual sim a bit better but not by much. Both handle WAY better than Samsung.
Don't know:
-- Update fidelity. Same update promise as Google. We'll see about execution. So far: Came with April security update installed and May update came day 1.
-- Cameras: don't know and don't care. I know some people do care a lot so wanted to provide full disclosure on how irrelevant cameras are for me (again).
Won't be going back to the P7P. Have a pixel fold coming later in the month and if that has similar issues as the P7P, then I'll stick with the edge+ and see what the P8P brings.
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2023.06.04 15:30 JustanotherPeasantz Why does your client love the office?

I feel like an easy way to get more people interested in a role without raising salary expectations is making it wfo/hybrid.
Why do I still see so many jobs that want full rto? Do these companies not understand the office provides no benefits for most people?
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2023.06.04 15:30 Lonely_Dad_379 Looking for a little advice on choosing a therapist

I have (what I believe to be) a bit of a unique situation picking a therapist.
I have been in therapy for years. I had a therapist at one practice (T1) , then I joined a PHP over last summer and fell off her schedule. So I obtained a new therapist (T2) where I was completing my PHP program. At the beginning of this year my newer therapist (T2) took a leave of absence (I wasnt told why, it isnt my business) very suddenly without a heads up.
I had waited about 4 months of really struggling without a therapist, so I called a few places and put in paperwork. I just heard I found placement this week (Same practice as T1). However, 2 days before my placement, I heard my previous Therapist (T2) just came back from leave.
I worked really well with T2. However, I also did well at the original (T1) practice as well. There was an odd part of me that just this last week made peace with not being able to see T2 again and allowing that closure. No hard feelings. People have emergencies, I waited as long as I could. I wish T1 Placement and T2 placement didn't happen the same week.
So I am a bit at odds. Do I allow that closure to occur and just move on to a new therapist? Or should I go back to the T2 that I had a good relationship with. The one perk of choosing T2 is not having to retread some of the trauma I already went over. A perk from starting a new therapist is fresh beginnings.
Anyone have any guidance here? I am happy to answer questions if that helps.
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2023.06.04 15:30 AutoModerator $PSFE Daily Discussion - June 04, 2023

Daily discussion thread for PSFE
Notable DD:
Reviewing the bear case on Paysafe (PSFE)
$PSFE (Paysafe) the most undervalued fintech play on the market. Popular analyst Steve Grasso has been calling for it to triple.
Paysafe Lock-Up Periods and Times of Expiration
Some Notes On Paysafe's Private Equity Lockup Expiration
Essential DD on Paysafe (PSFE)
PSFE and the Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic DD
Paysafe's value creation trajectory is very much on track
Paysafe DD Recap:
Paysafe to Enable Online Cash Payments on Microsoft Store on Xbox
My first simple analysis is for Paysafe. I'm not the best at converting my thoughts into writing but hoping to improve.
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2023.06.04 15:29 hlg64 I'm gonna start my microdosing journey soon (and I'm gonna journal it)

I feel stupid doing this alone. No one knows what i'm doing. Is that okay?
A few months ago, i got curious about shrooms because of an online friend (who i'm not in contact with anymore, so i can't ask more questions). I was planning in a full trip for my first time but that's not possible right now because of a lot of factors.
I chanced upon an online store selling it in my country a few months ago. It's not criminalized here, but it's in a gray area. I bought a few grams, but never opened it. I have messaged with the seller on how to use it. Although it's been months, it's been kept in a good condition. I know the risk of losing its potency when it's months old. It's fine with me.
I've never done anything like this before. I live in a conservative country. But for some reason, shrooms just interest me.
I've done my research and i feel that microdosing would benefit me. Some people talked about improvements in managing their anxiety and overall mood. I'm willing to give it a try.
I've prepared for a routine and i've scheduled when i will write in my journal. I'm nervous but excited.
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2023.06.04 15:29 Hakesopp Bought this years ago, is it too late to prune it?

Bought this years ago, is it too late to prune it?
I found this some years ago and thought it was pretty. I had no idea what it was, and I'm still not 100% sure, maybe ginseng ficus? It's starting to get a bit long and all over the place. Can this be pruned like a jade plant and new branches will grow out of the stub? Where can I cut if I want more foliage in the middle? Or should I try to force it in with wires?
I repotted it two years ago into a larger pot, but now I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do. I live in a very cold and dry climate and spring is just starting to turn into summer.
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2023.06.04 15:29 OwlNo3553 How soon would a PCR turn negative after paxlovid?

I've seen/read that folks start testing negative like a few days after starting paxlovid, but would one day on the medication affect PCR results that quickly?
I had a positive PCR, took one day of paxlovid, and then had a negative PCR. I don't know if this is the medication doing its thing or one of the PCRs is wrong? (This second test was at an outside site where the staff member left the test bag on the hood of my car so I wouldn't come into contact with anyone.)
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2023.06.04 15:29 iniezionidipiscio My friend don’t ask me to hangout anymore since the BU

Basically, last year I met this girl that my friends already knew. We all went on a trip together and me and her became close friends. I met my ex boyfriend through her, she’s his best friend. My ex would ask me to hangout with his friends all the time. As the relationship went on, my friends would come with me sometimes at hangouts, which led me to have a big big group of people (my friends + my bf’s friends) to hang out with. It was honestly so fun. Then BU happened, and beside the pain of losing a person that I loved with all of my heart and being dumped, I had to face a series of situations with my friends that just made me sad, especially with my ex bf’s best friend. It was mostly about me being not invited to hangouts anymore, because my ex was there and yk, why would I be there too?
Today it happened again. My other friend who lives close to me sent a pic with my ex bf’s bestfriend in our group chat. They were celebrating in the street because the football team of our city has won the match. It is a big thing where I live. I can’t stop thinking that they could’ve invited me, but they didn’t say anything and instead told me that they will be there till tonight. My ex boyfriend is very into football and I’ve been thinking that maybe they didn’t tell me because he and his friends are there too and will take them home after the celebration.
For some reason, it fucking hurts. When things like this happen is like someone is putting salt on my open wounds. I hate this feeling of entitlement that I have, and I hate knowing that I am not even able to be invited by my own friends because someone that I deeply cared about dumped me. I also feel jealous, because even my friends who didn’t know that well my ex before, now can enjoy his company while I simply can’t even see him anymore. This pain makes me sick in my stomach and makes me want to leave this town. How can I stop feeling like this?
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2023.06.04 15:28 whyd_u_lie Is this a ‘not bad’ sign?

I got my rejection email after our interview on Thursday — but got this.
Hi [redacted],
Thank you so much for meeting us over Zoom this week. It was really great meeting you two. Unfortunately, we've decided not to fund [redacted] this batch.
First, sorry for not emailing you earlier about suggesting we wanted to talk about your alternative ideas. Like we said, we think you are an incredibly talented team - they kind of team we love to fund. You are technical and have done very impressive things in the past. But [industry] is very [redacted …].
We would love to stay in touch with you this summer. If you decide to build for a different space and make progress please reach out to us and we can try to schedule an office hours in either July or August to chat more
Of course, we could easily be wrong about all of this(we certainly have before), and so I encourage you to sincerely try and prove us wrong. We would love to see you apply again.
Many thanks, [redacted]
Is this normal? Obviously I imagine every interviewed applicant is very impressive but can I take this as more of a good sign than a total rejection? Does this put me in a good place for winter?
I’ve emailed asking for a second interview but trying to understand my situation here.
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