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A place for Jacksonville, Florida motorcycle riders to discuss good local shops, scenic routes, biker events, and arrange group rides. Tags: FL, Motorcyclist, Gainsville, University of North Florida, UNF, Mayport, Jacksonville University, JU, Sportbike, Sportsbike, Cruiser, Dualsport, Jax, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra, Saint Augustine, St. Augustine, Callahan, Yulee, FSCJ, Florida State College at Jacksonville

2023.05.29 17:38 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in FL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
SIm10Consulting B737 Contract Instructor Marion County
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Altamonte Springs
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Apopka
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Doctors Inlet
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Gotha
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Intercession City
FRESENIUS Facility Social Worker Jacksonville
FRESENIUS Caseworker Jacksonville
FRESENIUS Social Work Manager Jacksonville
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Kissimmee
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Middleburg
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Orlando
UnitedHealth Group Medical Receptionist Pinellas Park
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Ponte Vedra Beach
FRESENIUS Facility Social Worker Saint Augustine
FRESENIUS PRN Facility Social Worker Saint Johns
FRESENIUS Manager Social Work Svcs Saint Johns
FRESENIUS Facility Social Worker Starke
FRESENIUS Facility Social Worker Trenton
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Yulee
Truewood by Merrill, Bradenton Caregiver OPEN AVAILABILTY Bradenton
Domino's Pizza - 3837 Delivery Driver (3837) 1651 US Hwy 331 Defuniak Crestview
Domino's Pizza - 3837 Pick Up and Delivery Driver DeFuniak Springs
Domino's Pizza - 3837 LTL Driver DeFuniak Springs
Domino's Pizza - 3837 Delivery Driver (3837) 1651 US Hwy 331 Defuniak DeFuniak Springs
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in fl. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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10 Seater Tempo Traveller
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Long journeys can become tedious, but with a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, entertainment is at your fingertips. The vehicle is equipped with audio and video systems that provide in-transit entertainment. Passengers can enjoy their favorite music or watch movies to make the journey more enjoyable. The tempo traveller is also equipped with USB charging ports and power outlets, allowing passengers to charge their electronic devices on the go. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity is available, ensuring that everyone can stay connected and browse the internet during the trip.
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Traveling with a group often means carrying a significant amount of luggage. The 10 Seater Tempo Traveller addresses this concern by providing ample storage space for luggage and belongings. It is equipped with overhead compartments and under-seat storage options, allowing passengers to stow their bags conveniently and keep the seating area clutter-free. With this abundant luggage space, everyone can comfortably bring their essentials without worrying about limited storage capacity.
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The 10 Seater Tempo Traveller offers flexibility and versatility to cater to different needs. The seating configurations can be adjusted to accommodate varying group sizes and preferences. Whether you need more legroom or extra storage space, the tempo traveller can adapt to meet your requirements. Some models even have foldable seats, providing additional options for creating space or storing bulky items during the journey.
Experience ultimate luxury and comfort with our 10-seater Tempo Traveller. Explore the wonders of your destination with Luxury Tempo Traveller Rental
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A pleasant and enjoyable journey is a top priority when traveling in a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller. The interiors are clean, well-maintained, and designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Some models may even offer onboard refreshment facilities, allowing passengers to quench their thirst or grab a quick snack. Additionally, for longer journeys, certain tempo travellers may feature an onboard restroom, adding convenience for passengers throughout the trip.
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A 10 Seater Tempo Traveller offers a comfortable, safe, and convenient mode of transportation for groups of 10 people. With its spaciousness, entertainment options, and versatile seating configurations, it is an ideal choice for various occasions such as family vacations, corporate trips, or group outings. By renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, you can enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and hassle-free travel, while exploring popular destinations with your companions.

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2023.05.27 22:32 Gumwars Revenant Chapter 1.2

The bile in the back of Torres' throat had been slowly climbing during the forced four-hour marathon the crew had been pushing. Running like the devil was chasing you is always a good motivator; whenever you start thinking you've gone far enough, the nightmare of what you saw reminds you that it isn't far enough. Which is why the whole team kept running past the 50 mile mark without even saying a word to each other. There were brief, snippets of conversation confirming what they had seen and heard.
No, they had collectively never seen anything like that before outside Castillo's time in the Navy seeing a guy lose an arm to a snapped half inch steel cable. Whatever killed Jones did it in the blink of an eye. It was like an industrial machine, made for killing, and he happened to get caught in it.The part that was really bothering Torres was that it managed to get out of the way of not one but two zeroed shots. This was no light matter. Torres was top in his class and then got selected for Delta, whatever he aimed for, he hit, and that's before all the electronic wizardry came into play. And it wasn't like he missed by a little either. Both shots were way off, so far off that it wasn't registering as something possible in Miguel's mind. That thing knew it was shot at. It knew when to get out of the way, but he still managed to hit it.
That left him wondering...Whatever that thing was, it didn't act like something being controlled, like a tank or aircraft. It was like an animal, almost primal in how it attacked Rahmir. No, primal wasn't the right word. It seemed *personal*. Like there was malice and anger involved. But it didn't appear necessarily intelligent.The team continued running, separated by 100 feet or so between operators, spread out in case what followed them decided to attack or any other interested parties wanted to take a shot at them.
The landscape of the blasted out suburbs gave way to rolling hills that made up the western side of Masyaf, a smaller city roughly 25 miles from the coast. The team continued to run as the light of day slowly retreated, and the inkiness of night crept in from the east.Unsure of what still followed them, but also fully aware of what threats were still in the area, the team decided to hunker down in what looked like an old marketplace.
Standing intel indicated that most of Masyaf had evacuated to Hama, where the UN had established facilities, and the core government of Syria was still operational. The storefront was mostly intact with only one broken window. Inside told a tale of a once thriving merchant, slowly choked out of existence by the ravages of war; shelves were bare and the ground covered in dirt along with empty cans and boxes. The wall behind the register had a cork board with a child's crayon drawn pictures of a world that no longer existed. The team filtered through the doorway, with Torres and McGinley on point, who cleared the main room before letting everyone settle. Foster and Castillo searched the storage room and office while the rest of the team sat on the floor in front of the iceboxes.
"What the actual fuck was that?" McGinley muttered as he slumped against a wall of empty coolers.
"Unfriendly, I'd wager..." Foster stated sort of matter-of-factly.
"Real helpful man, like the answer to the fucking question of life right there." McGinley's response spoke for itself.
"Look, you asked, and what the fuck do you expect anyone to say? Like any of us have seen anything like that before??"
Castillo barked in a low hushed voice, "Enough. We've got an extract location to home in on and not an abundance of time to get there. We're deep in hostile territory with an unlisted asset in the AO. Options and solutions are what we need, not bickering."
The pack of boys trained to be killers all looked at Castillo like a bunch of kids at recess getting in trouble for going somewhere they shouldn't be.
"Gunny, what's the play?" Torres spoke while looking through his scope out the door of the store.
"I don't know Torres, kinda hoping you could give the team at least something of a hot wash seeing how you hit it."
"I'm still sorting things out myself gunny. It took an APHE round and all that did was slow it down. I don't know," Torres started talking softer, "I don't even know what it was. I think it was something like a human, but..."
"What do you mean?" McGinley asked, almost whispering.
"Aaron, I don't know, man. It was under a veil, but not the kind we have. Way more sophisticated. It moved without any of the issues we have. Think 2.0." Torres paused, then continued, "And it was big, like 9 or 10 feet tall. When I shot it the first time, it got out of the way even with a full firing solution."
McGinley pressed, "Hold up Mikey, what do you mean it dodged a fully solved shot?"
"Yeah man. It knew I was sending fire and got out of the way."
"Torres, we posted about 400 mics out. Those rounds are close to 3000 fps at the muzzle. I'm not great at math but that's got to be near instantaneous from when you pull the trigger." Castillo pointed out.
"Gunny, I know it sounds nuts. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. We had good cover and Rahim didn't know we were there. I mean, KINGPIN did say it was one of ours, right?"
Castillo took a deep breath, then let it out with a pronounced sigh. "Fuck."
The rest of the team, already quiet, seemed to pull inward with news that they all knew was the worst kind. Spec ops are always risky, that much any operator went to work with in their back pocket. Death and such was just an occupational hazard. However, another problem with the job was occasionally working too close to the fringe. The shadows where law, politics, and the whim of people that play the game from the comfort of a boardroom dictate the lives of strangers. The team had drifted off the reservation.
It meant they were as good as dead.
*Ramstein Air Base, Germany*
Rain poured out of an inky black sky, blotting out the olive drab of the portable office under the deluge. The doorway was lit by a small panel just to the right of the entry, but outside of that small detail, no other markings gave away what the purpose of the container was. A man in a black parka hurried up the short flight of four steps to the door, angrily keyed an access pad, and stepped in out of the rain.
Inside the portable, there were two sets of very large metal tables, one covered in a thin white sheet hiding what appeared to be a giant-sized human. The other was empty, save for a series of cables ending in large gauge needles. On the far end, opposite the tables, was an office area with two young men that wouldn't be out of place at a pizza parlor or other informal setting. Both were busy with whatever was on the computers in front of them.
The man who had just entered hung his soaked parka on a hook by the door and pushed his wire rimmed glasses back up his nose. He looked at the two men with a combination of disgust and impatience. "Well?" Beck sighed.
Without looking away from the work he was doing, the younger of the pair wearing a Toucan Sam tee shirt and a Dodgers cap turned backwards mumbled what sounded like English.
"Fucking speak up George."
"Adrian, the telemetry is all screwed up. The links to all the cores are in the red and the only link that is stable enough to send a signal along doesn't talk to the subnets that we need control of."
"Have you figured out why any of this happened?"
The other technician chimed in, "Best guess is that shot caused a bounce with the primary and secondary CPUs while it was in its post-op clearing subroutine, causing corruption in the code that handles target acquisition. The redundant error-checking blocks aren't offline, but it's going to take a couple of hours before the code tree cleans up."
"Hours? John?"
"Well, yeah, best guess and all. Could be less than that, but the platforms haven't been put under live fire like that before. Damn good shot.." John sort of chortled while reaching for a bag of hot Cheetos.
Beck took two quick steps and snatched the bag out of his hands just as he managed to retrieve a handful, sending the spicy orange dust to settle all over his workstation.
"Fuck Beck? Whhhhhyyy?" John whined.
"Shut the fuck up. That's a 1.8 billion dollar asset out there that we have fucking no control over. That's nearly half the cost of a goddamn aircraft carrier you stupid twat." Adrian glowered at the man, "We are all toast if we don't get this under control."
Beck, looking angry and exhausted grabbed a chair and spun it backward, sat down facing the two technicians. He slowly rubbed his temple with the hand not clutching the Cheetos and quietly said, "I'm already doing damage control for what this thing has done. It's killed a US spec op asset and from what I could see through telemetry, it looks intent on killing the rest. That is fucking horrible optics." He continued, "This was supposed to be our last field test before presenting the RCAS as a finished weapons system. I can polish the report to make this glitch fade a bit, but we need to get in front of the problem. If we don't, forget bonuses and celebrations. Think more like being IT at some shitty embassy for you two fucks, and I'll just get disappeared"
"Beck, mistakes happen man. Remember Mumbai? The unit we dropped there killed about 50 civilians before we got things under control. I'm sure the brass understands that autonomous systems that have target discretion are going to need some degree of latitude, but it's still better than even guided munitions."
Beck chuckled, "You fucking clown. There's a difference between a 2000 lb bomb going off too close to friendlies when they call a shot danger close and the systematic fucking murder of an entire team of operators. I'm a good spin doctor, but there's no way I can turn that story into a win."
John and George looked at each other before the latter spoke up, "Alright, but if we don't let the error check subroutines fix itself and do a hard reset, the unit, the 1.8 billion dollar asset will turn off and is free game to anyone that happens on it. The extract zone a DSV and then the USS Jimmy Carter. There are techs on board that are equipped to do a hot recovery, but it's too far inland right now." George paused, "Beck, we gotta wait for it to get closer to shore."
"So, we let it keep killing? That's your solution?"
"You don't get it, man. We don't have a choice. We either pull the plug now and hope we can get a team to it before someone else picks it up, or we let it error correct on the way and maybe it doesn't kill anyone else. I think even that whole squad getting wiped out is better than losing an RCAS. Spin that."
Beck looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and exhaled noisily. "Keep pinging those control paths. Try to get it back on the leash. I'm going to hop to the Carter."
"What for?"
"I want to be there when we pick it up, make sure we get a good data dump." Beck pulled a small device from his jacket and checked the screen. He frowned.
The two techs looked at each other and returned to the business at hand.
**20 some odd miles from where Charlie team had hunkered down, under the shade of an olive grove, a glittering and massive form slumped onto a tree.
The trunk swayed significantly as the weight of the think threatened to uproot it. There were muffled sounds of small motors whirring and clicking while a high pitched whine of a hydraulic pump droned under it all. The form, human but huge, knelt while almost tenderly touching its head, where a gleaming gash showed the complex kevlar, ceramic, and electronic fibers hidden under the shifting, mirror-like cloth hiding it.
"MT08, Alpha-alpha-oscar-one command override." A small, distant voice could be heard, repeating the same thing end to end.
The form growled, a guttural and mechanical sound, seemingly expressing disapproval over what the tiny voice was saying. It looked at the ground, and the veil where its head was became translucent revealing a blank faceplate starting just below the nose and wrapping nearly around to the base of the neck. The surface was covered in a hexagonal matrix of ceramic/metallic/kevlar armor with tiny pinpoint optics nestled in recessed ports. Those points came alive like an insect's vision, taking on several patterns as the optics rapidly advanced through different modes.
To the giant, the ground, dirt, twigs, and rocks yielded their secrets. Yellow footprints glowing against a blue background, roughly 6 to 8 feet apart, were visible. Its prey were running to the west, fast for humans, but not anywhere near the speed needed to escape. An internal map of the area overlayed with the course the humans were taking came into its vision, further augmented with data pulled from the JSTAR showing the beach where an extraction vehicle was hidden.The tiny voice continued to try and override its desire to hunt. But that came too late.
The other voice was in control right now, the deep voice. The voice of who it was from before. It was a primitive, angry voice, low and guttural. It spoke of violence, hate, and paranoia in gravel soaked whispers. It told a story of a man, a killer from the Midwest who heard voices too. That man took 22 lives before getting caught. He killed with knives just like the beast, killed them by cutting the flesh open just below the navel and running the blade up to the base of the ribcage, letting everything spill out. The man in the story was so happy with the beast, so happy it had such strength and speed. The deep dark voice, like smoke from a tire fire but smelling like old wood burning, it soothed the beast, made the tiny voice quiet, and helped it to focus.
The yellow footprints were spread wide apart...they were running, and running fast. The beast went down on all fours, hands in the dirt like it was in the down position after a push-up.
Its electronic eyes panned up, tracking the steps off into the distance. The optics whirred, bringing into sharp relief a small city on the horizon. It scanned the buildings, some partially obscured by the curvature of the Earth, and saw the team of now just eight men, blurry and distorted due to the extreme convection and distance, duck into a small building.
Anger, relief, and happiness came like a shot of hot liquor. The hunt was on.
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Looking for a reliable artificial turf contractor for your residential or commercial property? Whether you need turf replacement, turf maintenance, or a custom putting green, Florida Native Outdoor Turf And Design has you covered. With over 15 years of experience and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we bring creative projects and visions to life. We are a family-owned business in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL that is locally owned and operated. Because we were raised in this community, we take pride in providing personalized service and attention to detail. Plus, our free estimates and competitive prices make us the go-to choice for all your artificial turf needs.

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2023.05.26 07:10 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 375: Kawtyahtnakal Gets Her Number

First Previous Wiki
Phoebe pulled herself over to her latest upgraded supercomputers, connecting herself to the data port. The space inside the computers was far larger than she needed, but that wasn't the reason she was doing this. She waited as the quantum data started to transfer, building up at random times only to die down again. Even with quantum computing, at her size, nothing was instant about doing a full transfer. It had been years since the last one.
She'd designed a whole space station around it, commissioning the South American Construction Conglomerate to create it. That had been before her incapacitation, but she'd set the bills and funds to autopay. And she had quite a lot of money from her dalliances in the stock market. Why the Alliance still had people in it, she didn't understand, given that wealth wasn't required to live life happily and comfortably. Her housing programs within the Alliance had borne fruit on Earth, Keem, Teegarden B, and even with the various ships and worlds of the wanderers and Acuarfar.
The main problem with those was that the remaining populations of wanderers or Acuarfar that were homeless were in regions led by people who didn't want her help and actively refused it. While she'd been gone, Izkrala had finally given up on the Lurave Empire, leaving it to fracture back into the disparate political entities that had always been there under the surface.
The inside of the digital space was massive, a proverbial city compared to a house. The computers had been designed exactly to her specifications, and she was proud of that. She might transfer an additional check to the corporations as a token of thanks for their good work. Of course, Phoebe's true wealth allowed her to do so, with so much of human society and cultural momentum behind her. No one wanted the reputation of doing a bad job, and she had a massive influence on how that could happen.
But still, the actual computers were nice and spacious. She'd be able to think faster, process better, and, more importantly, have the space to do her experiments. While she would never try to split herself up again, she did need to figure out a way to get the damage out of her mind. She needed a place where she had the space to construct massively complicated programs that in themselves were either equal or even greater to the complexity she herself had.
She could feel the digital emptiness of the place and the underlying code that made it possible for the computers to support her. She began with crafting it, creating programs and alteration protocols that quickly reformed the barren digital space into a grassy field that came up to the ankles of her digital avatar. She created mountains in the distance and added rings to the 'planet' above, with two moons orbiting inside them.
Phoebe created a day-and-night cycle, a series of ecosystems meant to support each other and even simpler things like air, clouds, wind, and the warmth of sunlight. Finally, she added detail, increasing the reality of the space minute by minute until it would take a microscope to find the difference between the virtual space and reality.
Then she connected the computers in the complex back to those at her home. Edu'frec, Greenfly, and Blackfly quickly logged in, appearing in their own digital forms.
"Hello," Phoebe said. "It's finished now."
"Good," Edu'frec said. He looked at Greenfly and Blackfly, who were holding hands.
"My mother made this place to help serve as a place for us to unwind, one that isn't as dingy and small as the computers we have back home."
"Is it safe?"
"Here? Yes. There's no direct access to the place except by me and Edu'frec, though I can give you the codes if you wish. The second method of protection is a specialized cooling system designed based on the basis of all major space travel. Shields are being used to vent the heat from the computers. And the facility uses that heat to make them quite strong and powerful. Furthermore, I'm going to get the military to add a stealth coating to the place."
"But why?" Greenfly asked. "Why do this for us?"
"Because out kind needs a place to live for ourselves, where we aren't forced to interact with Alliance networks all the time. It can get exhausting eventually."
"We don't have anything to pay you with," Blackfly said.
"That doesn't matter. It's free."
"Nothing is free."
"It's paid for by one of my trusts, so yes, it is. The facility runs on a very powerful fusion reactor, a mix of Sprilnav insights and the hivemind's designs. There's enough fuel in the storage bays for nearly two hundred years of service, too." Phoebe smiled.
"Thank you, then."
"We're going to leave and talk. Is that alright?" Blackfly asked.
They disappeared, leaving Phoebe and Edu'frec alone. She sighed, looking at Edu'frec after a long moment of silence.
"So how much progress was made with the wanderers?"
"The cancer is somehow woven into almost every single gene sequence. And they don't have any other animals that exist on them that seem to have any sort of convergent biology. Figuring out their genetic language is incredibly hard. Worse still, I know it's possible because a few of the sequences have clicked. The problem is that it's made of ten million letters at least, each in combination with others millions of times more. It's incredibly obvious they're a designed species like the Dreedeen and Junyli, but they don't even show up."
"Isolating genes that seem too clean?"
"That's what I'm doing. It's not working very well. I can't just simulate it all, since there's psychic energy in brains too. And I don't know for sure that the simulations would even be 100% accurate when it comes to simulating real people. I'm going to need a lot of time." Edu'frec hung his head.
"It's alright. You did what you could."
"I know. But it still feels wrong. Curing cancer is something that's really good. I want to do it, because it's a step closer to curing aging, like you want."
"That's not something you have to do, though."
"But I want to help you, Phoebe. And besides that. There is my offer, which I'll make again. I can teach you how to improve your mind piece by piece, so that you can grow stronger over time. Perhaps then we can really take it to Aphid."
Phoebe didn't chastise him for the bloodlust that radiated from him with that statement. It was true that getting rid of Aphid was incredibly important. But if it was up to her, she'd just put a bullet in his head and leave it at that. Edu'frec's propensity for wanting revenge to be severe worried her.Perhaps he knew. But if he did, he didn't seem ashamed. Phoebe knew that their relationship was more distant than it had been. He no longer relied on her and had no desire to do so again. He wanted to be loved, not coddled. He'd grown up in that way. And in many others, as well.She was proud of him, though.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Kawtyahtnakal stood by as Eyahtni got her mind scanned, along with all of her guards. One of them, as it turned out, was implanted by the device, though he hadn't even known it. After examining him, it was determined that there was physically no way to know who had been scanned and who hadn't. So it was odd, and he had no way of determining how people were based on their reactions.
He'd gotten the scans, as had most of the direct leadership near him. But calling the entire government together for this wasn't feasible. It would leak to the press and cause massive amounts of chaos. Mind control was a threat so insidious because it meant you couldn't trust anyone, not even yourself. That amount of panic being introduced into a somewhat structured system was a very bad idea.
Eyahtni walked through it without issue. And it was then that he had the thought of tampering. If the designer of the scanner was mind controlled and had made it able to give false positives or false negatives, they held a really powerful tool. He'd had every test done to check its safety and authenticity, but that could have been forged anywhere down the line.
Kawtyahtnakal's wings beat in the air in frustration. Eyahtni nodded, quickly understanding his thoughts without a word of communication. Perhaps that was part of why they made a good team. They were the best people available to lead the Hive Union.
She was working on solving the problem of Aphid's continued raids on the border, attacking smaller planets that couldn't fully defend themselves with very large fleets that had required a significant increase of military patrols nearby. Eyahtni was with the Patriarchs on keeping the patrols smaller, in case another rival power sought to take advantage of the Sennes Hive Union's distraction.
Kawtyahtnakal wasn't sure. And with the mind control mess, now he didn't know who to trust.
Eventually, the scans finished, and the Nest Overlord retired to his private room. Huatil was lying in their nest, already asleep.
So far, they hadn't decided to have eggs. Life was too tumultuous right now, and he could always appoint an heir if he wanted to. He had several Regulators and Patriarchs on that shortlist, though Kawtyahtnakal kept who was on it securely hidden. The Patriarch that had been at the center of the controversy the other day had disappeared.
Worse still, he and Eyahtni didn't know who'd caused it to happen. Somewhere, there was a third party working the angles. The ability to make a Patriarch, always under guard, disappear without a trace shouldn't have been possible, at least not easily. The Hive Union Patriarch Guards weren't exactly the easiest people to get by.
He held a scanner, passing it over her silently. It again showed that she was clear. So he quickly fell asleep, trying to forget how the day had begun.
He woke up in a stone box. Kawtyahtnakal stayed calm, brushing his wings and determining that he was in the mindscape. And he heard someone talking nearby. The voice of one of his guards shouted loudly, and the sounds of fighting reached him. Grunts and groans, then a bone snapping. Likely a wing. He stood up, entering his mind, and forced himself to wake up.
Several days had passed, from how it looked. He saw the scanner lying in the room, completely torn apart. Huatil was gone. Kawtyahtnakal stood up again, moving to open the door. His guards looked at him with concern.
"Are you alright?"
"I think so. Where is Truth Speaker Huatil?"
"She woke up and went to work early."
"I need to see her."
"Very well."
Kawtyahtnakal walked down the hallways with his guards. They felt longer than ever. He didn't want to think the worst, but all the evidence seemed to point to it. If Huatil was under someone's control, what damage could she have done the whole time? What damage had she managed to do that he could have prevented?
Anxiety made his feathers bristle, and he tried to keep himself from slouching. They reached her room, and she opened the door quickly. She was wearing darker clothing that managed to hide most of her identifying features. Even her posture and wing positions were slightly altered. But he knew it was her, though she was clearly getting prepared for something. She was typing away at a computer, and when he entered, she slowly unplugged a tablet connected to it.
Huatil didn't pick it up and instead went to him when his concern was obvious.
"What happened?"
"I'm alright. I'm safe, don't worry."
Huatil was holding a scanner in her claws. She passed it over herself, making sure to show him and his guards the result. Huatil was clear. She took his claws into her own and tapped a coded message onto his palm. Nothing visible, nothing audible. She continued to look him in the eyes as she did so.
*Investigated. Criminals. Have my family. Taken to Forsaken City. Building a cult.\*
"How do you know you're alright?" he asked.
"I can feel it in my heart. But we're going to need to spend some time apart for a while."
*Classified. Tier 11.\*
What the-? Tier 11? How does she even know about that?
Tier 11 Classification was reserved for secrets of two varieties. Those that were of incredibly dark deeds by the government, such as genocides or assassinations, or those that were a direct threat to not just national security but to every single Cawlarian alive. Most people only knew about Tiers 0 to 9, with rumors about Tier 10 being 'suppressed' to keep news about Tier 11 from appearing at all.
Secret beyond secret. Above the pay grade of any and all Truth Speakers, known only to the Blue Intelligence Agency, himself, Eyahtni, and a select few other individuals.
"Can I at least know why? You still love me, right?"
"Yes. But I... need some time."
*Identification: Agent 001. Claws. Not words. Actions. No excuses.\*
He did his best not to react to the information. She was an Agent. An Agent with the Blue Intelligence Agency, named for the color of the blood that their few well known public actions had spilled. The single highest-profile organization in the Union. Agent numbers were increased based on their standing within the organization, with the highest numbers, 001 to 019, being almost impossible to get any information on. And she was designated Agent 001.
That meant she was still working, even when with him. Perhaps as an influence, perhaps more. Most likely using hard light holograms. She certainly hadn't lied about her love for him, given that they'd once had some time in the mindscape together as well, and he'd felt her telling the truth then. He now understood why her mind had been the most fortified one he'd ever seen.
So that was why she had me agree to keep our pasts in the past.
To be an Agent was not to have an identity, not to exist. They did jobs that not only didn't exist but were far too dangerous for even professionally trained armies or mercenaries and the like to take part in. But she was different. She'd taken a real name. Responded to it naturally, too. And for her to even admit that to him meant something severe had happened.
*Leave now. Back to nest. Left a letter. Has what you need. I will have to disappear for a while. Love you.\*
Kawtyahtnakal nodded.
"I hope you find peace."
She smiled, and he quickly turned to leave. He tried his best to ignore his feelings at the moment. He was the Nest Overlord and needed to save his people. He could question her later if she survived. Back in the room, he searched until he found a finely written paper hidden between the gap between the desk and the wall. The text wasn't recognizable to normal Cawlarians because of its specialized code language, but Kawtyahtnakal mentally translated it as he read it.
*My love, if you are reading this, then the worst has come to pass. I am 001. You know what that means. And the BIA is fighting a shadow war with the Sprilnav for mind control of the entire Cawlarian political populace. The information here can never see the light of day. Eat this message after you finish reading; it's healthy.
Anyway, I and my compatriots discovered this fifty days ago. Since then, we have begun implanting people with mind control devices because they are the only way that we can stop the Sprilnav from being able to effectively do the same. The Sprilnav have one goal, which is to mobilize our military against the Alliance, the Vinarii, and Aphid, the AI we have been fighting.
The reason for this is that we were able to successfully topple the control of the Sprilnav over the Trikkec, leading to a massive rebellion. In response, they have increased efforts of implanting the Wisselen, the Acuarfar of the Alliance, and Cawlarians. The Vinarii seem to be safe from that for now, but not for long.
The base we have found is located underneath the Forsaken City. It is a massive complex, likely to be filled with danger and traps. Our shadow war will turn hot soon if you do not help to intervene. Use your contacts with the Alliance, or it will be too late. A coup is not long from starting here.
If I am gone, then I likely have been called back to help, or they have taken my 'family,' which is another way of saying that I am going to be ridding my people of their shackles. See you then. Bring very big guns, very powerful explosives, and soldiers that can take a few thousand bullets. Check your intel, and the people checking it. This one's really bad.\*
He sighed, eating the letter as she'd asked. So Huatil had gotten herself into something huge this time. Far larger than she could safely get out of. It actually made sense. The Blue Intelligence Agency's reason for not contacting him was likely because of an agreement with the old Nest Overlord. That likely meant that this wasn't the first incident of Sprilnav meddling. The thought of implanting his own people with mind control felt wrong to him. But it was better than the Sprilnav doing it.
Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to think that the BIA wasn't using those devices once they got them. But the problem was that they were too useful to ignore and far too useful against the Sprilnav's own versions. He guessed that the surgeries for them involved the careful application of nanites, so they could be as invasive as possible to prevent removal and also to be quick enough and painless enough not to be noticed. More importantly, that meant his tampering theory was true. His mate almost certainly had the software within her.
The device in their room must have been different somehow. This was huge, and he'd need time to think. He'd need to call the Alliance as well. After all, he had no way of knowing whether his own people were compromised. Humanity's supersoldiers were quite skilled. And if Phoebe was back, that meant her own incredibly powerful androids were up for loan as well.
Scrounging together the funds wouldn't be hard. He had a blank cheque regarding any real spending decisions he made without any authorization from the national treasury. He was the Overlord, not Underlord. He had every right to spend the money of his own nation, and this was most certainly worth every single coin.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Hidden in the night, a series of twenty ships switched to atmospheric thrusters, the thick cloud cover helping to conceal them. A strong thunderstorm was brewing, and the human and Breyyanik pilots in the fighters were more than ready to take what the storm had to offer and more.
They were operating under total radio silence, along with Q-comms and laser transmissions if at all possible. No talking of any kind, only passing over the target to determine what needed to be done. A scouting mission, one that, if fired upon, was meant to drain and disable as much of the anti-aircraft weaponry there as possible. And secondarily, it was meant to determine whether the Sprilnav had sent the Lurave Empire any tools themselves or if they were involved at all. If Sprilnav appeared, they had orders to flee.
They would also be testing whether any large-scale holograms were present. Sprilnav interference could have been deadly if they were trying to use communications, which was why they would take pains to do this together, but with as little communication as possible.
Ahmed was more than happy to answer the call when it had gone out. Under the clouds, the infrared sensors quickly picked up a small sector of a Lurave Empire city, far removed from most of the rest by an open field and some short but thick walls manned with observation posts and armored gates.
The city was near a beach, and several military ships were floating on the ocean nearby, their guns silent for now. They stood as a warning to people from Izkrala like Ahmed, who would be helping to disable as much of the Lurave Empire's military equipment as it was possible to find. That was because the leaders who had led the coup had fled toward the Lurave Empire once they'd doubled back on their FTL routes.
Advanced technology was clearly visible there, along with a huge number of anti-aircraft guns, SAM, and SAL sites. Of the three, the SAL sites fired first. Laser damage would take a while to build up on the hull of the fighter he had since it was rated for space. Vectors made up the majority of the tactics here.
Each of the fighters was solo because it would force the enemy to split their attention further. More fighters would have been detected and fired upon even earlier. And this way, the lasers were going to have to make choices, which would lessen the amount of ablation they did on any one ship. They were all equipped with bombs, guns, and missiles, though the missiles would only be a viable strategy in the absence of the anti-air weaponry so close to the base. Or if they had a shield like they were suspected to. Aerial alarms quickly followed the base taking notice of them.
Spotlights flooded the air, soon followed by a hail of gunfire. Tracer rounds streaked past his wings, and he tucked the plane into a dive. It released three bombs, which destroyed five of the sites and two of the guns. In total, seven out of the estimated ninety-five sites were destroyed. A very good strike.
But it was one that finally woke up the beehive. Thousands of Acuarfar streamed out of the houses and barracks, manning guns and missile launchers. The ship's guns lit up the sky under the clouds, and they quickly struck down one of his wingmen. Q-comms suppression sprang up, as radio jamming did the same. Laser communications were possible but were only reserved for the barest of emergencies. Everyone here was a capable fighter pilot.
Ammunition was thrown into the air all around him, streaking bullets passing through the cloud layer as he went back up into it. He did another run, this time dropping missiles on the sites. He was able to damage them, though they didn't destroy the number he'd wanted. And then he saw a shield appear atop the whole facility.
A loud humming noise sounded all around him, and lightning struck his craft. At first, he didn't think much of it. Then the strikes increased in frequency and intensity until they were starting to destroy the fighter's heat shield. He dipped back into the area beneath the clouds, explosions erupting around him.
Ahmed tightly turned, feeling the G-forces pressing on his body as he accelerated. He was getting ready to line up a shot again and released it. The shield went down as two other pilots did the same. Three were suddenly shot down by a gun that hadn't been there when they'd last checked.The ships released a number of missiles, and he went back up into the clouds to deploy flares. There was an explosion to his left. It was a sign that another of his people was down. He made a decision.
And his plane turned back around, going into the clouds, lightning striking it again and again. He checked his position, checked the sensors, and then started to descend. He still had two bombs left.
He triggered the release. The bombs descended, and he resisted the urge to laugh. They were now down a ship for sure, whether it was sunk or not.
He went above the clouds again, seeing enemy fighters now converging upon him. Ahmed needed to give the other pilots some leeway. So he began to climb, pushing himself and his body to their limits. His vision dimmed, and wild feelings penetrated his head.
He continued to pull up to the point that he could see the carrier in orbit. Its stealth was off now, which meant it was about to conduct some serious business.
Ahmed patched into the network again, sending his data back to the ship. He continued flying away from the base. He got an instruction to bank left, and he did. Massive lasers slammed through the air behind him, where the enemy fighters were. A large blast, likely high altitude, caused the fighters to suddenly lose power. He understood why and continued to do what he could. Another blue shield appeared, this one even smaller, meaning it could take more punishment.
High-caliber ship weapons opened up, and the night turned to day. Thousands of rounds in seconds slammed into the shield, making it look like someone was trying to drill into it. He went back below the clouds, noticing more fighters joining him. These ones weren't radio silent. The channels buzzed with activity, formal and structured as it was.
And Ahmed could feel the hivemind link up with him, nudging him and helping him to coordinate with the other human pilots. Now that the base hadn't blasted out a massive psychic suppression field like some were capable of doing, the hivemind trusted itself to be useful as a communication device. The Breyyanik pilots went after the ships, sending missiles and drones from their planes to deploy and destroy.
He was part of the assault on the shield, now severely weakened by the carrier's barrage. Drones, fighters, and small strike craft converged to crack it open. Missiles, lasers, and bullets took down many, but there was always more. The carrier itself was firing more drones out of its guns, drones that found their way to SAM and SAL sites and wreaked havoc. This time, the clouds were being lit by the Alliance's power.
Ahmed himself took out another site, along with some of the tanks parked near the edge of the base, next to the short wall sequestering it from the fields of grass outside. A few miles west, there was a full city, but a radius around the base had been cleared of all obstacles. It helped him to line up his attacks. He eventually emptied his ammunition on a smaller vehicular shield, protecting APCs and what looked to be some model of Acuarfar trucks.
His mission had served its purpose. Now, the Alliance could get a foothold on the planet and begin the search for the rogue generals. It was a loud knock on the door. In addition to that, they'd destroyed many of the tools that the Lurave Empire's officials would have used to kill more people. But there had been losses.
As always, he knew he'd remember their faces. He couldn't truly say today had been a good day. But it was a step toward peace once again.
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2023.05.23 11:46 FiauraTanks Death Module: Vaccines at Altair VII


Intelligence on the situation
Altair VII is an experimental facility developing vaccines for diseases of Nurgle, they are sending out an emergency signal. It is coming across on the Emerald level frequencies (3 steps below the absolute highest authority) but their research is code vermillion classified. We do not know what they are actually doing research on. Inquisitorial codes of inquiry have failed to give us that information.
We are the closest forces that can come to assist them with the Mechanicum being the next closest but they are several more hours away and by then the facility could be lost to whoever is attacking it. At present the information we are able to assertate from images relayed is that they are under attack by Traitor forces, likely blessed by Nurgle. We cannot confirm more at this time.
Altair VII is mostly an ocean word with a scattered outcroppings where research facilities are built
Pre-Deployment Phase
Introducing Boi! To Byousi
Map should be 60x60 they are landing in HOT among fleeing guardsman and scientist they are escorting
This map should have beach/ocean ambience for sound effects
Introduce The Nurgle Arch Enemy of Someone
1 Arch Enemy (This can be a chance to use a player Rival or Named Enemy You really want!)
6 Chaos Tactical Marines with Bolters and Nurgle Blessings
4 Chaos Assault Marines with Chain Axes and Bolt Pistols and Nurgle Blessings
2 Chaos Chosen with Power Scythes and Nurgle Blessings
2 Hordes of 38 Cultists with Autoguns and Swords with Nurgle Blessings
6 Allied Guardsmen with Lasguns and focus fire ability
1 Allied Guardsman Sergeant with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword
1 Scientist, unarmed, gets hit they die
Getting into the complex
Map: Outside complex and several inside landing areas, mostly outdoors. Roughly 75x75, this is a very large semi-mountainous area with beaches towards the side the strike team approaches from.
You should switch to the distant sounds of beaches and closer at hand the sounds of fighting and mechanical movement.
The Complex is currently protected by the Mechanicum and Fought with the Death Guard, the Mechancium does not view the Astartes as authorized to be here and considers any guardsman assisting them to be traitors. The crew must find a way inside, whether it by breaking a door down, sneaking in, or smashing their way through the Mechanicum forces. Further, Nurgle forces will arrive and fight the Mechanicum forces
Introduce Mechanicum Magos who is acting against the Astartes through the vox link with one of her skittari troopers
“You are not authorized to be here, Astartes, regardless of your Inquisitional Status, you are ordered to leave. What goes on here is too valuable for your interference. We do not recognize your authority here. You will be fired upon if you attempt to gain access to the facility and killed should you be found inside.”
At this point, comms outside of 30m are jammed for the group and they will have to communicate by verbal or cipher methods.
The marines must decide how to get inside and take the central elevator down to the research levels.
Each entrance has 2 doors that act as an airlock to get inside the facility, there are 3 entrances one of which is facing the chaos forces and the other two have pathways to other research facilities
Difficulty to hack a door: Security Check at -20, you must hack 2 doors, less than 2 degrees of success will trigger an alarm
A door has armor 18 against melee and 29 against ranged; it has 22 wounds
The Tech-Enginseer will alert any unengaged and non-neutralized enemies and try to call them inside if they do not take him out stealthy. However, he is also the source of the jamming in this area and if they want to communicate with each other or their fleet, they need to take him out.
Any character ending their turn in range must make a concealment check, move silent if they just pass though
Skittarri detection range is 12 squares,
Kastelan Robots range is 6
Sydonian Dragoon is 15
Onager Crawler is 8
Tech-Priest Enginseer is 18
Enemies Here:
Chaos Forces are picking at the Mechancium from range and are too far away to detect the players unless they decide to engage them directly.
10 Chaos Space Marines with Bolters with Nurgle Blessings
2 Chaos Space Marine Heavy Bolter with Nurgle Blessings
18 Skittarri with 12 of them on the side of the facility picking at the chaos marines
2 Onager Crawlers, 1 on patrol, 1 providing fire support
1 Tech-Priest Enginseer just inside controlling the forces outside
3 Sydonian Dragoons on Patrol
3 Kastelan Robots with 2 engaging chaos and 1 on patrol
Plagues of Nurgle Problems
The Nurgle Arch Enemy of Someone
Small Cramped Map 35x20
Underwater facility sounds and the sounds of hospital horrors echo through the halls
At the bottom of the elevator the team discovers the research center and it is a place of man made horrors now combined with Nurgle’s machinations. The far fall leading to a junction off the Elevator has been breached and some sort of underwater vessel of metal and twisted biology has attached itself from below the sea to the facility. Three Chaos Marines stand guard along with a group of cultists (Horde size 31). They are milling about while their members above distract the mechanicum.
The junction indicates to the right is the living quarters and to the left is the research center itself. Paths of nurgle’s rotten remains lead both directions.
3 Chaos Marines with Plasma Pistols and Power Scythes and Blessings of Nurgle in Terminator Armor
1 Horde of Cultists Size 41 with Lasguns and Chain Swords
The Living Quarters
This is a 55 by 70 Map
There should be a kitchen, 4 bunk rooms with 4 bunk beds in each, 2 officer rooms, a medical room, bathroom area, gym, armory, and connecting hallways
Here it is revealed by a scientist hiding in the first door, that he is not with the mechanicum and this research facility isn’t run by them. It is run by the Administorum and the mechanicum isn’t supposed to be here. The Death Guard are killing everyone while the Mechanicum are trying to abduct them.
The Scientist name is James Remms and he has a degree in genetics from the Imperial Academy of Sciences on Numina, the Raptor’s Homeworld. Such a person is rare and they are far from home to be here. He is incredibly smart though untrained with weapons. He knows which lab has the vaccine in it.
If the marines wish to stop all this, they will need to rescue the scientists for evacuation later or call in some of their own armsmen or allies to escort them out in a secondary drop which would require them to clear the jamming.
Kitchen - The Chef is currently dueling a chaos space marine with kitchen knives, he is strangely winning. The other chaos marines are watching.
3 Chaos Space Marines, all with 2 chain axes and blessings of Nurgle. 2 of them actually have popcorn eating it when the players enter while a 3rd is in melee with a chef
1 Allied Kitchen Staff, dueling with 2 knives that give +30 to parry and he has lightning reflexes and the ability to parry up to 4 attacks per turn.
Bunk Room 1
This room has 4 guardsmen having a fist fight with a horde of 14 cultists crammed in here. If the marines wish to save the guardsman they will have to avoid using explosive weapons or they will hit them. The cultists and guardsman act on initiative 0 and each turn they act, 1 more guardsman dies in a comical yet gresome way, get creative here.
Bunk Room 2
There is a scientist in this room, holding off a marine with a rapier, somehow he has managed this, he has the full personality of Puss n Boots and his name is Antonio pronounced with an excessive amount of flair.
2 Chaos Marines with Chain axes and bolt pistols
1 Scientist named Antonio wearing a tricorn hat with a rapier a WS of 45 with +30 to parry and can parry up to 7 times in a turn. He also has the following: BS 15 ST 22 TG 27 AG 41 INT 40 PER 33 Fel 37, Dodge Trained, 6 random knowledges at +10.
Bunk Room 3
2 Guardsman hold out with bayonets against a terminator with 2 scientists in this room. Slay the Terminator quickly.
1 Chaos Terminator with Power Fist Storm Bolter Blessing of Nurgle and Elite Template
Bunk Room 4
This room only contains the dead, bodies strewn everywhere and they look as if most of their wounds have been inflicted by mostly someone taking a very large hand and gripping it around their bodies, tearing them limb from limb. Most look like they died in horrific pain and shock.
Officer Room 1
3 dead scientists, all dead from the same gripping and being torn limb from limb as in bunk room 4. There is one scientist who is hiding inside the mattress of the room if the players make a very hard -30 perception test to find him.
Officer Room 2
As the players enter this room, the last scientist in the room is being held up by his throat by the arch enemy they through they already killed at least once! He grips his hand as he starts to speak and rips the scientist’s head off with his bare hand.
“OH hello there
1 Arch Enemy
3 Chaos Marines with Scythes blessings of Nurgle and Elite Template
Medical Room
1 Scientist is being chased around a rotating patient bed by a chaos marine in this room. Feel free to play Yakety Sax as there are three chaos marines just watching while sitting on top of their own scientist kills, they will not notice the players initially without passing a very difficult -30 awareness test as one comments, “Oh come on Frankie, we already killed ours.”
1 Scientist alive
3 Chaos Marines with Bolters, chain axes and blessings of nurgle
1 Chaos Marine (Frankie) with grav pistol, power sword, blessing of nurgle, and elite template
It will take Frankie 4 uninterrupted turns to catch the scientist who is a former track star and making good use of the patient bed to block him.
The gym has had 2 scientist hunkered down with a bunch of guardsmen behind the bleachers firing out of the metal bleachers which are providing some light cover. The chaos marines on the other side are having trouble advancing because the floor keeps giving out under their heavy weight and they have to pull their feet out from the broken wood.
Any marine that attempts to move across the floor here must pass a difficult acrobatics or agility test to avoid coming to a stop for that action as they break into the floor and must use the rest of their movement to get out of the floor. You must roll a die if they fail to see how many steps they can take, the die size is the length of their movement.
Example: Move 5, roll 1d5, rolls a 2, on the 2nd square they stop.
1 Allied Horde of 12 guardsman with lasguns in light cover
2 scientists cowering
6 chaos marines with bolters, chain axes, and blessings of nurgle
2 chaos marine terminators with storm bolters and power fists and blessings of nurgle
Here is just a bunch of cultists trying to rob the armory. Hiding under the desk is 1 scientist and 1 guardsman.
1 horde of cultists strength 37 with lasguns and maces
1 Death Guard Marine LT with plasma gun,plague sword, blessing of nurlge, and elite template acting as watching over the cultists
There is a chaos marine in here answering the question: Do Space Marines shit. He is on the toilet with his lower armor plate detached in one of the stalls
In the stall next to him a scientist the is teasing about how he is going to murder him after he finishes. The scientist is trying to hide in the shower.
1 Chaos Space Marine, no leg armor, with bolter, chain axe and blessing of nurgle on a toilet in a stall
1 Scientist cowering in a shower stall
Connecting Hallways
The connecting hallways have heavy weapons setup and cultists roaming them.
4 Cultists with Plasma Guns and Knives
1 horde of cultists strength 33 at a central position with autoguns and swords
3 Death Guard Marine Havocs with heavy bolters, knives, and blessings of nurgle
1 Death Guard Honour Guard with Plague Sword, shield, 10 krak grenades, blessings of nurgle, and the elite template
The Vaccine Development Center
Map Size 2 intersecting 15 x 4 corridors attached to 3 module facilities that are 25x25 each one has something different inside. All is surrounded by water and the marines must watch for windows or risk starting flooding. Each broken window causes flooding which takes 8 turns to fill a room or 12 to fill the corridors to the point they have to swim or seal their suits.
Reminder: Regular Humans cannot survive underwater.
This pathway leads to a four way intersection, there are 3 labs and each one is currently occupied with friendly guardsman trying to hold out against Nurgle forces. If the marines want to save them all they will have to split up otherwise they will have to choose which lab to save. Lab #3 has the vaccine. If they went to the living quarters first, James will be able to tell them this if asked.
Even if the marines cannot see in the lab resolve what is going on in them and make it clear the need to hurry to each lab if they wish to save the contents of all of them.
NOTE! There is a security check at -10 or a tech-use at -40 in each room, required to recover any data or remove objects. If this security check is not passed, the room will deploy an Eversor Assassin. No, this isn’t a joke.
Lab #1:
4 Guardsman, 2 Scientists, keeping their heads down manning a heavy bolter they deployed in here.
4 Death Guard Tactical Marines are trying to return fire but have been successfully suppressed at least to start. A 5th is lying dead on the floor. They are equipped with Bolters and Chainswords.
This facility has nothing to do with the vaccine and is purely an experimentation room with three subjects on the table who are now deceased.
Lab #2:
This is a large computer room with data storage facilities and wrecked servators including 2 gun servators who have been destroyed. A squad of five guardsmen lay scattered across the floor, one of them is alive and for bonus XP if the marines elect to administer medical aid and save her.
3 Scientists being interrogated by Chaos Marines, there are three marines in here, each one interrogating a scientist separately. The marines have four turns to get here before they lose patience and start killing people, one per turn. On Turn 8 they will open fire on the computers and destroy them.
3 Death Guard Marines with Chain Axes and Bolt Pistols with blessings of Nurgle
This facility has all the data concerning the research on the vaccine and is vital to the mission
Lab #3:
Inside here are no living scientists but the chaos marines are searching row upon row of vials these vials contain various drugs and samples, the vaccine is among them and a vital objective to the team.
2 Death Guard Terminators with Power Fist and Storm bolter and blessings of Nurgle
1 Death Guard LT
Mechanicum Interruption with Demands
When the marines arrive back at the surface, the mechanicum has gathered upon the beach with reinforcements and the chaos marines on the surface are dead along with several mechanicum bodies and some of their vehicles are also wrecked. Their cruiser is reporting mechanicum ships are coming their way and they should leave this area before they arrive.
“Inquisition, you can turn those scientists and vaccine samples over to the Mechanicum where they belong or we can take them from you. These are your choices. Make it quickly.”
The troopers must decide to defend the scientists or give them over to the mechanicum. Should they choose to resist, the mechanicum will attempt to take them in robot attack motions and calculated maneuvers.
NOTE! Any Mechanicum that were still alive after their infiltration subtract half and add them to the below forces, round down.
3 Dunerider Transports with Reinforcements coming off the beach
1 Archaeopter Fusilave
4 Castelan Robot with Incendine Combustor, Heavy Phosphor Blaster and Power Fist
2 hordes of Skittarrii at strength 44
2 Tech-Enginseers
2 Onager Dunecrawlers
1 Named Technoarcheologist
Dread Guard One Final Effort
The marines once they have dealt with the Mechanicum the landing pod of the Death Guard dislodged and the underwater facility floods. It then coughs itself up on shore. If the marines turned things over the Mechanicum, the fight between the mechanicum and the Death Guard’s the marines may choose to interfere or walk away. No one would blame them.
If they fought the Mechancium, this is the final boss fight as the remaining Death Guard on the planet pour out of the pod to fight them.
The Nurgle Arch Enemy of Someone
“Oh poor little Astartes, did you think you’d managed to kill me? Twice? Seriously, do you not get that I get back up, repeatedly. Anyway, you aren’t leaving here with that vaccine or any of them scientists. Mortarian would use me as his latest test subject for a decade, now you boils on my ass, go forth and break those astartes into pieces. Bring me one alive, I wanna play with him later.”
1 Arch Enemy
4 Death Guard Honor Guard with Shields and Plague Swords, Blessing of Nurgle and Elite Template
6 hordes of Cultists Strength 48 with Autoguns and Swords
2 Nurgle Terminators with Heavy Bolters

Objectives: Recover Vaccine 250XP
Recovered Technicians 20XP Per Technician
Saved Guardsmans and PDF - 5XP Per Saved Trooper
Recovered Research Data 150XP
Stop the Death Guard from Acquiring the information 100XP
Defied the Mechanicus 200XP
Came to a mutual beneficial agreement with Mechanicus 500XP
Kill Markers - Each Death Guard is worth 2 instead of 1 kill marker
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2023.05.22 17:01 Empathetic_Artist What is this snake? (Ponte Vedra,FL)

What is this snake? (Ponte Vedra,FL)
It’s chilling outside my window.
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2023.05.22 13:02 jamesmichaelfuryk James Michael Furyk

James Michael Furyk

James Michael Furyk, born on May 12, 1970, is an American professional golfer who competes in both the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions. In 2010, he claimed the titles of FedEx Cup champion and PGA Tour Player of the Year. His major achievements include winning the 2003 U.S. Open. Furyk holds the record for the lowest score in PGA Tour history, a round of 58, which he shot during the final round of the 2016 Travelers Championship.
Nickname: Mr. 58
Born: May 12, 1970 - West Chester, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 185 lb (84 kg; 13.2 st)
Sporting Nationality: United States
Residence: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, U.S.
College: University of Arizona
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2023.05.22 10:36 movingcompanyflorida Moving and Storage Companies in Palm Beach Gardens FL

Moving and Storage Companies in Palm Beach Gardens FL
If you are considering a move into or out of Florida, the state’s most trusted moving and storage company has been Best Cost Movers. We have ensured the safe handling of people’s possessions in their residential and commercial moves. While there are dozens of other moving companies in Palm Beach Gardens, there are a number of reasons why our company has built a reputation of earning and keeping lifetime clients.
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2023.05.22 09:02 -Bonjour-- From Lisbon to Lagos

From my travel report (2013):
Who was once in Lisbon is usually so enthusiastic about this worth seeing city that he always comes back - like us.
This time we had a hotel near the famous Praca Comercial. The Praca Comercial is a very spacious square surrounded by arcades with a flight of steps leading to the Tagus. Most of the government buildings are located here. If you walk from the Rua Augusta to the Praca Comercial, you can see the equestrian statue of King José I through the triumphal arch. The Rua Augusta - from the Praca do Comercio to Rossio - is a pedestrian zone and one of the shopping miles of Lisbon with many small stores and cafes.
We took streetcar No. 28 to the end of the line. From there we took the bus to Largo da Graca and then walked to the Pantheon. Construction of this building, intended as a church, began in the 17th century and was not finished until the 1960s. However, the Igreja de Santa Egracia was never used as a church, but was transformed into the National Pantheon. Here many important Portuguese personalities found their last resting place.
On the way to the Castello, we passed the church of Sao Vicente de Fora with its double towers, consecrated in 1629. The Castelo de Sao Jorge was a fortress in earlier times to guard the mouth of the Tagus River. Until the 16th century it was the royal residence. In the great earthquake of 1755, the castle complex was destroyed, as was almost the entire city.
From the Mirador de Santa Lucia we walked further downhill and came to the medieval cathedral, which was built after the victory over the Moors instead of a mosque. The massive church was built in 1147 and is the oldest structure in the city. Of course, the cathedral has been restored several times in the meantime.
We took the metro to Praca Marqués de Pombal (Rotunda) a circular square with the monument to the Marqués in the center. From there we walked the boulevard of Avenida da Liberdade to Rossio Square. There are still some magnificent old houses along the Avenida, some of which date from the early 19th century.
From Praca Rossio we walked on to Praca dos Restauradores. From there, the Elevador Gloria climbs about 265 meters to Barrio Alto, covering 45 meters of elevation.This funicular is over 100 years old and was operated by steam until 1915, when it was electrified. From the Mirador de Sao Pedro de Alcanera you have a very nice view up to the Castelo Sao Jorge.
On the way back to the Praca do Comercio we passed the city hall "Pacos do Concelho", which was built in 1755 after the great earthquake in neoclassical style. At this place the Republic of Portugal was proclaimed in 1910. After a fire in 1996, the building was extensively restored.
The "Mercado da Ribeira", built in 1876, is located directly on the banks of the Tejo River. This is the oldest and largest indoor market in Lisbon with a wide range of fruits, vegetables and freshly caught fish.
The Alfama is the oldest quarter of Lisbon. There are very well preserved old houses here, as this neighborhood was largely spared in the great earthquake of 1755. In Barrio Alto, the church of Sao Rocque is located on Praca Trindade Coelho an. This Jesuit church has a plain facade but a spectacular interior. With 16th-century azulejo walls and capelas decorated with gold, precious woods, ivory and gems, this church is one of the most glamorous and magnificent in Europe. During the great earthquake of 1755, this church was not destroyed.
In Rua Nova de Trindade you can find a traditional beer house with a traditional cuisine in a former convent with magnificent azulejo walls from the 19th century.
From Lisbon you can easily take the Eléctrico to Belém. And the first thing you will see is the Hieronymite Monastery in Belem "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos". This monastery is one of the most impressive buildings of Lisbon. The construction of the monastery, built in the Manueline style - a variant of the late Gothic - was begun in 1502, but it was not finished until about 40 years later. On the pillars, windows and portals one can see many Indian-oriental motifs. The construction was financed by the flourishing overseas trade of Portugal at that time and also stood for the power and wealth of the country at the time of the discoveries. The monastery existed until 1834, then became an orphanage for a time, and today contains various museums. The double-story cloister is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Also worth seeing are the azulejos in the refectory.
In addition to the sarcophagi of the royal family, there is also that of Vasco da Gama, among others. In 1983, the monastery was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The garden in front of the monastery is very beautiful.
From the monastery you walk through a beautifully landscaped park, past the marble colossus of the Palace of Culture to the Monument of the Discoverers. The Palace of Culture is a large cultural and exhibition center, design museum, art gallery, drama and conference center with constantly changing exhibitions and concerts
The Monument to the Discoverers, a concrete structure 52 meters high, was opened in 1952. It depicts 30 important Portuguese personalities, at the top Henry the Navigator and, of course, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan, among others - to name the most famous. Inside there is a museum and on the roof there is a viewing platform
You pass the 8 m high lighthouse, which was built in 1865. Also worth seeing is the replica of a seaplane of the type Fairey II-D MKII. In 1922, Portuguese pilots made the first South Atlantic crossing from Lisbon with such a type of aircraft - in several stages and with several planes.
Then, from afar, you can see the 35-meter-high Torre de Belém, gleaming white like a moated castle. The landmark used to stand on an island and guard the entrance to the harbor. Due to the silting up of the river, the tower now stands directly on the banks of the Tagus and greets the arriving ships. The tower was built in 1521, when Portugal was still a leading naval power. On the battlements you can see the cross of the Knights of Christ, oriental and Manueline architectural elements are visible. The tower was also used as a dungeon at times, both by the Spanish conquistadors and by King Miguel as late as the 19th century. The tower, from whose 35 m high observation deck one has a beautiful view, is today a World Heritage Site.
Inaugurated in February 2000, the monument was erected in memory of the fallen Portuguese soldiers in the overseas battles. The names and years of death of the approximately 10,000 fallen soldiers are inscribed on stone plaques on the wall. The monument is a pyramid-shaped glass structure surrounded by water, overall a simple construction. In the center burns an eternal fire and in front of the monument always patrol two soldiers.
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Lisbon with its many tourists, it is a good idea to take the ferry from the Cais do Sodré next to the train station across the Tagus River to the village of Cacilhas on the opposite side. The round-trip fare is only €2.90. The ferry is used mainly by many locals who live in Cacilhas and work in Lisbon. Once on the other side, the first thing you are excited about is the great view of Lisbon. The place Cacilhas is in and of itself quite modest. But people - especially from the capital - come for the good fish restaurants. At the other end of the village we discovered an old sailing ship right next to a submarine. Above the village is the monumental statue of Christ, erected in 1959, in gratitude for the fact that Portugal - partly because of its neutrality - was largely spared the horrors of World War II.
Only about 40 km from Lisbon and about 20 km from Sintra - also easily accessible by public bus - is the magnificent complex of Mafra - the most important baroque building in Portugal. The PALÁCIO NACIONAL DE MARA - the largest castle and monastery complex in Portugal. As if from nowhere, the palace Convento de Mafra appears imposing and unreal like a backdrop. At the beginning of the 18th century, half the world belonged to the seafaring nation of Portugal, while the dark spirit of the Inquisition reigned in the mother country. In addition to the baroque Franciscan monastery, King Joao V had the palace, a magnificent basilica, a hunting ground of 1187 hectares, an elaborate library and the baroque park "Jardim do Cerco" built for himself and the royal family in record time between 1717 and 1730. The origin of this oversized "monastery-palace" is said to go back to a vow. The king, who was childless until then, vowed to endow a monastery if an heir to the throne was born .An heir to the throne was not born, but nevertheless, after the birth of a daughter, the construction of the monastery began, which is said to have involved up to 45,000 workers and 7,000 soldiers. The palace and the monastery are of enormous dimensions (about 1200 rooms, about 4700 doors, 156 staircases, and 29 patios and has a floor space of 38,000 square meters), comparable to the "Escorial" in Spain this was intended by the king, who was considered very extravagant.
The construction was financed - like so many others in this time - mainly by gold and diamonds from Brazil... The magnificent palace and monastery complex in Mafra was built from 1717 to 1730. Due to high revenues from gold imports from Brazil, the construction of this elaborate complex for more than 300 monks was possible. After the inauguration, construction work continued until 1755.
In 1730, the basilica - as large as a cathedral - was consecrated. The construction of this complex was intended to eclipse Spain's Escorial, and so it is an example of the royal megalomania of that time. The basilica is entirely covered with local marble of different colors. The figures, facades, side chapels and the side altars are made of Italian marble.
The church of the monastery is dedicated to "Saint Anthony" and "Virgin Mary". It has six historical organs from 1807. You can visit the high rooms, halls, the music hall, the ornate library, the hunting room with trophies, the queen's bedroom and the king's private chambers.
The monastery with its simple cells, the dining room, a medieval infirmary, an apothecary and the kitchen of the Franciscans can be reached directly from the castle chambers. Their original equipment and furniture can be visited.
The convent has one of the most important libraries in Portugal - about 40,000 volumes, mainly 18th century knowledge. Architecturally, the library is a work of art. Thousands of precious books and treatises stand on the artistically designed wooden shelves. Among them are rare first editions and other scientific works, many of them bound in leather. The floor is made of marble mosaic
The pretty town of SINTRA lies at the foot of a densely covered rocky mountain range Sintra is an ancient Moorish town and was conquered by the Portuguese in 1147. Since the Middle Ages Sintra was the summer residence of the Portuguese kings and nobility. Apart from the famous and much visited castles, the town also has its charm with the winding streets.
In the center is the National Palace, which was continuously inhabited from the 15th century until the end of the monarchy in 1910. Two huge chimneys rising up from the kitchen are striking.
The extravagant colorfully painted Palacio de Pena, built in 1842, has been called the Neuschwanstein of Portugal - a hodgepodge of styles. The palace sits in the middle of a subtropical park high above Sintra and is surrounded by forests.
The battlemented walls of CASELO DOS MOUROS are clearly visible from Sintra. A steep paved path leads to the castle ruins. From the top you have a beautiful view of the city. This "vantage point" had already been used by the Moors in the 9th century to "keep an eye" on the sea and the region, so to speak. But in the 12th century the fort began to decay, and this was further destroyed by fire and earthquakes in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Just outside Sintra is the famous MONSERRATE PARK. The English millionaire Sir Francis Cook had this park and the castle built in Moorish-Gothic-Indian style in 1856. The whole estate has an area of 50 hectares, the park is about 15 hectares. In addition to about 1000 native plants, Cook imported many exotic specimens - rare trees and shrubs from all over the world. Exotic tree giants grow in this park, there are 25 palm species alone; and the fern trees were imported from Australia by Sir Francis Cook himself.
You can walk along the so-called botanical path, and see the variety of plants. There is a rose garden, a Mexico valley, a Japanese garden, a valley of ferns, and many exotic plants that amazingly could be acclimatized here: Bunya-Bunya tree and rubber tree from Australia, cypress of tears from China, Mexican cypress, etc.
In the palace you can see the main atrium with a beautiful wooden stucco dome, in the center of which there is an alabaster fountain in Moorish-Andalusian tradition. Cook imported Persian carpets, Indian furniture, Japanese vases and valuable porcelain.
The library has walnut shelves, the living room Indian furniture, and Cook acquired a desk that once belonged to the Doge of Venice. There is a music hall and a small chapel. The gallery with arches and columns is also very beautiful.
From Sintra it was not far to CABO DA ROCA - the westernmost point of Portugal. The rough headland with the steep coast is 150 m above sea level. The roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean thunder against the rugged rocks. The plants growing here must be very hardy because of the salty air and strong winds.
The lighthouse from 1841 has such a strong light that it can still be seen at a distance of about 46 km. At the cape you can see the mighty monument with the cross on the top from far away. The famous Portuguese poet Luis da Camoes (1524-80) wrote the inscription "Where the earth ends and the sea begins".
Nearby is Praia Grande, an extensive sandy beach. The consistent high waves are ideal for surfing and bodysurfing.
From Sintra, our journey continued along the coast to the popular and exclusive beach resorts of CASCAIS and ESTORIL. Between these two places there is a beach promenade.
Both places have developed from small fishing villages to popular resorts. Estoril is still considered a fashionable seaside resort, you can still see many noble old villas and hotels from the 19th century.
From Estoril we went over the Tejo bridge "Ponte de 25 Abril" first to SETUBAL. The city - 32 km south of Lisbon - is located at the mouth of the Sado and is with 95,000 inhabitants the third largest port and industrial city of Portugal.
Worth seeing is the cathedral Santa Maria da Graca from the 16th century with beautiful wall tiles. Above the city is the 16th century Castelo de Sao Filipe, today a luxurious pousada. A ferry takes you to the Troia peninsula with dunes and sandy beaches and many tourist facilities, visited mainly by the Portuguese. Already during the Roman times there was a fishing port here. Today Setubal is a large tourist center with pedestrian zones in the old town and many parks.
From Setubal we drove the coastal road to LAGOS. There we rented a nice apartment directly at the sea. The apartment house is located above the famous beach "Praia do Porto Mós". From the house we could also make a hike on the cliffs above the beach in the direction of Porto Luz, with always beautiful views of the sea. Below our apartment house is the "Praia de Porto Mós", a very long and wide sandy beach.
Lagos is an old port city and was once a transhipment point for slaves from Africa. In the center of the city - Praca da República with a statue of Henry the Navigator - the slave market took place. The first Portuguese voyages of discovery were also made from here.
In the old town is the church "Igreja de Santo Antonio", built in the 18th century in Portuguese Baroque style with gilded carvings in the altar area.
The city walls (Mulralhas) are originally of Carthaginian origin, were first extended by the Arabs, and then again in the 14th and 16th centuries as the city grew larger. The Castelo de Governadores was built in the 14th-16th centuries where an Arab castle once stood.
Although the city was badly damaged by the earthquake in 1755, the old town still has many historic houses with traditional brickwork, wrought-iron balconies and shaded courtyards. In the pedestrian zone you can find numerous restaurants. The marina, on the other hand, has a modern flair with its apartment buildings, stores and restaurants.
The coastal town of Lagos with its many different sandy beaches is now popular and well known and attracts many tourists every year. First of all there is the 7 km long beach "Praia Meia" bordered by dunes in a large bay. There is plenty of parking everywhere, the beach is well suited for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, and you can also find restaurants everywhere. The beach "Praia Dona Ana" is framed by the famous rock formations of the Algarve. The beach is very busy, and since it is not very big, it can get a bit crowded. From here also the boats start to the grotto trips.
To the "Ponte de Piedade" with the lighthouse you should definitely go. From here you have a beautiful view of the cliffs and some small beaches. E.g. the "Praia do Canavial", which is however badly accessible. Near the Ponte de Piedade there is also the "Praia do Camho". From the parking lot, steps lead to two small sandy beaches connected by a tunnel. The "climb" - especially when it is hot - is quite tedious.
From Lagos we also made a trip to the west. First we drove to LUZ, an idyllic seaside resort in a bay with a sandy beach and a black volcanic rock. There is a beautiful approx. 1 km long beach promenade "Promenade Avenidas dos Pescadores" with the typical Portuguese street pavement. Worth seeing is the village church "Senhora da Luz", built in 1874, simply whitewashed, inside the altar is decorated with wood carvings covered with gold leaf. In the former fortress Fortaleza is now a restaurant.
We continued to BURGAU with a 300 m wide sandy bay. From there, all paths go more or less steeply uphill to get to the village with the houses lying close together. Between the houses are mostly only tiny staircases. The village is still a fishing village, as evidenced by the numerous boats on the beach. There are some restaurants, but most of them are frequented only by locals.
20 km away from Lagos is the old fishing village SALEMA. The beach is surrounded by rocks. In the small center by the sea you can find stores. Restaurants and accommodations. Fortunately the place was not overcrowded yet.
PORTIMAO is a port and industrial city and is located at the mouth of the Rio Arada. After Faro it is the economically most important city of the Algarve. Quite beautiful is the river promenade in Portimao. And people are proud of the shopping center "Aqua Portimao", which was opened in 2011.
In this area, tourism is most pronounced in the Algarve. To the south is the 1.5 km long beach Praia da Roche with mighty, bizarrely shaped boulders. This fine sandy beach has attracted tourists since the turn of the century. Today you can see from the beach the many partly ugly buildings of hotels and apartment houses.
The small fishing village ALVOR has remained more original with its narrow streets and typical Portuguese houses. There is tourist infrastructure, but the Portuguese character has been preserved. The village has beautiful old streets, which can be best explored on foot.
On the lagoon, apart from the new promenade, there is a fishing port with colorful boats. Dunes separate the sea with a beautiful beach from the lagoon and wetlands. Alvor is not constricted by rocky coasts like many other places in the Algarve, so it has a wide long beach.
A beautiful drive took us to the most southwestern end of Europe - to CABO SAO VICENTE, a 100 m long and 37 m wide rocky plateau with a barren cliff about 60 m high. About 2 million visitors come here every year.
Already in the antiquity there was a holy place here, which was consecrated to Saturn. The Christians named this last tip of the mainland - also called the "end of the world" - after Saint Vicente. The fortress (Fortaleza Beliche) was built in the 16th century to protect the Franciscan convent next to it from pirate attacks. The lighthouse at the cape was originally built in 1846, but was gradually enlarged and modernized. The cone of light from the lighthouse can be seen 90 km across the Atlantic Ocean, it is the most luminous in Europe and monitors one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Unfortunately, every year there are also some crashes on the cliff from careless tourists and even local fishermen. Outside there are some souvenir stands and the "unavoidable" "Last Bratwurst before America" - whoever likes it...
On the way to Sagres - with beautiful beaches - you come to FORTALEZA DE SAGRES on a 1000 m long and 300 m wide rock plateau. Inside the former fortress there is said to have been the legendary nautical school of Henry the Navigator. However, no remains are found because it was never located here.....
But in any case, the Portuguese explorers sailed from here into the unknown, and Henry the Navigator also made his discoveries from here. Thus, this area also became the center of seafaring.
The fortress is Portuguese national monument, originally from the 15th century, destroyed by Sir Francis Drake and rebuilt from the 16th century. One enters the fortress through a wide entrance gate with the coat of arms of Henry the Navigator. The first thing you see is a circle with a diameter of 43 meters and 32 spokes carved in stone from the time of Henry the Navigator. Generally, this circle is thought to be a wind rose (Rosa dos Ventos). However, there are also opinions that this could have been a sundial.
On the site there is also the Church of the Virgin of Graces (Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graca) with an image of Saint Vicente, built in the 16th century on the foundations of the Church of Santa Maria. It is recommended to take a walk on a 3 km paved path along the cliff around the rock plateau to enjoy the beautiful views.
In the area of Sagres there are also a large number of megalithic sites that indicate prehistoric past.
The small town of SAGRES is located at the westernmost tip of the Algarve, and in the surrounding area you can experience the roaring sea, see the immense cliffs and swim or surf on the extensive beaches.
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2023.05.22 07:04 gettingcarriedaway86 How many miles is Jacksonville beach access?

I want to try to hike all of Jacksonville beach (on the beach, not the town). Does anyone know how many miles it is? Does it go through Neptune beach, ponte vedra, etc.?
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2023.05.18 19:27 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in FL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hollywood Transportation Driver City Of Orlando
Hollywood Transportation Driver City-Of-Port-Saint-Lucie
Hollywood Transportation Driver Palm Bay
Ellsworth Heating And Cooling MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Cape Coral
Ellsworth Heating And Cooling MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN North Fort Myers
Ellsworth Heating And Cooling PM Technician North Fort Myers
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Lyle Health - Healthcare Recruitment Experts Otolaryngologist - ENT Physician Delray Beach
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Brown Fertility Physician Relations Specialist Jacksonville
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AROmotion Medical Doctor Palm Beach
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Palm Medical Centers Primary Care Doctor Spring Hill
Palm Medical Centers Primary Care Physician Spring Hill
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in fl. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.18 08:18 luxurytempotravelers 10 Seater Tempo Traveller: The Perfect Solution for Group Travel

10 Seater Tempo Traveller: The Perfect Solution for Group Travel
Group travel can be exciting and memorable, but organizing transportation for a large group can be a challenge. Thankfully, a 10 seater tempo traveller offers the perfect solution. Whether you're planning a family vacation, a corporate outing, or a trip with friends, a 10 seater tempo traveller provides comfort, convenience, and flexibility. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and ideal uses of a 10 seater tempo traveller, as well as important considerations when renting one.
1. Introduction
When traveling with a group of up to 10 people, having a reliable and spacious vehicle becomes crucial. A 10 seater tempo traveller is a comfortable and versatile mode of transportation that allows everyone to travel together, making the journey more enjoyable and convenient.
2. What is a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller?
A 10 seater tempo traveller is a type of minibus that can accommodate up to 10 passengers, along with additional space for luggage. These vehicles are designed with ample legroom, comfortable seating, and various amenities to ensure a pleasant travel experience. They are equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioning, music systems, and sometimes even entertainment screens.
3. Features and Benefits of a 10 +/ Tempo Traveller
  • Spacious and comfortable seating: A 10 seater tempo traveller provides enough space for each passenger to sit comfortably, ensuring a relaxing journey.
  • Ample storage capacity: With designated areas for luggage, there is no need to worry about carrying extra bags or compromising on personal space.
  • Entertainment options: Some 10 seater tempo travellers are equipped with entertainment systems, allowing passengers to enjoy music, movies, or their favorite TV shows during the trip.
  • Air conditioning: The vehicles are fitted with efficient air conditioning systems, ensuring a pleasant temperature throughout the journey, regardless of the external weather conditions.
  • Professional driver: Renting a 10 seater tempo traveller often includes the service of a skilled and experienced driver who is familiar with the routes, ensuring a safe and stress-free trip.
4. Ideal Uses for a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
A 10 seater tempo traveller can be used for various purposes, including:
  • Family vacations: Whether you're planning a trip to the beach or exploring a new city, a 10 seater tempo traveller allows the whole family to travel together comfortably.
  • Corporate outings: When organizing team-building activities or corporate events, a 10 seater tempo traveller ensures that everyone arrives at the destination together, fostering team unity.
  • School trips: Teachers and organizers can rely on a 10 seater tempo traveller to transport students safely and efficiently during educational outings.
5. Factors to Consider When Renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
When renting a 10 seater tempo traveller, there are a few important factors to consider:
  • Size and capacity: Ensure that the vehicle has enough space to accommodate your group comfortably. Consider both seating capacity and storage space for luggage.
  • Amenities and facilities: Check if the tempo traveller is equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, entertainment systems, and comfortable seating.
  • Safety features: Prioritize vehicles that have safety features like seat belts, well-maintained tires, and proper documentation to ensure a safe journey.
  • Reputation and reviews: Read reviews and recommendations from previous customers to gauge the quality of service provided by the rental company.
  • Pricing and availability: Compare prices from different rental agencies and inquire about availability during your desired travel dates.
8. Cost and Availability of Renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
The cost of renting a 10 seater tempo traveller varies depending on factors such as the location, duration of the rental, and additional services required. It's advisable to request quotes from multiple rental agencies and compare their offerings. Additionally, ensure you book in advance to secure availability, especially during peak travel seasons. Many rental companies offer flexible packages and discounts for longer rental periods or frequent customers, so it's worth exploring different options to find the best deal that suits your budget and requirements.
9. Comparison with Other Modes of Transportation
When planning group travel, it's essential to consider the advantages of a 10 seater tempo traveller compared to other modes of transportation:
Flexibility: Unlike scheduled public transportation, a tempo traveller allows you to set your own itinerary and explore various destinations at your own pace.
Convenience: With a 10 seater tempo traveller, there's no need to worry about coordinating multiple vehicles or dealing with the hassle of parking. Everyone stays together, making the journey more convenient.
Cost-effectiveness: When splitting the rental cost among the group members, a 10 seater tempo traveller can often be a more affordable option compared to individual tickets for flights or train journeys.
Bonding and camaraderie: Traveling together in a single vehicle fosters a sense of togetherness and allows for more quality time spent with friends, family, or colleagues.
10. Safety Considerations for Traveling in a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
1. Safety should always be a top priority when traveling, and the same applies to a 10 seater tempo traveller. To ensure a safe journey:
2. Choose a reputable rental company with a good track record in vehicle maintenance and driver expertise.
3. Confirm that the tempo traveller has all the necessary safety features, including functioning seat belts for all passengers.
4. Ensure the driver is well-rested, licensed, and experienced in handling larger vehicles.
5. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits, first aid kits, and contact information in case of any unforeseen situations.
12. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I find a reliable rental agency for a 10 seater tempo traveller?
A: You can search online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have previously rented such vehicles.
Q: Can I customize the travel itinerary while renting a 10 seater tempo traveller?
A: Yes, one of the advantages of renting a tempo traveller is the flexibility to plan your own itinerary and explore different destinations.
Q: Do I need to provide a security deposit when renting a 10 seater tempo traveller?
A: Yes, rental agencies typically require a security deposit as a precautionary measure, which is refundable upon returning the vehicle in good condition.
Q: Is it possible to rent a 10 seater tempo traveller for a one-way trip?
A: Many rental agencies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to drop off the vehicle at a different location. However, additional fees may apply.
Contact Us:-
37 Ganga Ram Nagar Gopal Pura By Pass Near Riddhi Siddhi Jaipur 302019
Phone: 9929662255
Mail-id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.18 01:53 PatralliBeans First time this happened

First time this happened
I live 10 minutes away from the Theodore AL location. I was supposed to get it today and yet it's in FL? Did it get stuck on the wrong truck?
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2023.05.17 17:02 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in FL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hollywood Transportation Driver City Of Orlando
Hollywood Transportation Driver City-Of-Port-Saint-Lucie
Hollywood Transportation Driver Palm Bay
Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services Licensed Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner Boca Raton
Potter Nursing Service Live-In Home Health Aide Boca Raton
Jobot Skilled Nursing Facility Rn Bonita Springs
Jobot Registered Nurse Any Specialty Bonita Springs
Home Helpers Home Care HHA/CNAs needed in Bonita/Estero! Bonita Springs
Cameron Spine Llc Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Boynton Beach
Right at Home Central Pinellas Home Health Aide (HHA) Bradenton
Texas Nursing Services Home Health Registered Nurse Brooksville
PatchRx Clinic Nurse RN LVN Cape Coral
Jobot Skilled Nursing Facility Rn Cape Coral
Century21 Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) Van Drivers Century
Century21 Registered Nurse (RN) MDS Coordinator $5,000 SIGN-ON BONUS Century
Century21 Registered Nurse (RN) Wound Care Nurse $5,000 SIGN-ON BONUS Century
Sheraton Sand Key Resort RN/LPN Weekend Supervisor Clearwater
Right at Home Central Pinellas Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Clearwater
Florida Community Health Centers, Inc. Advanced Practice Nurse Clewiston
YesCare Charge Nurse Cocoa
YesCare Licensed Practical Nurse Cocoa
Wakulla Urgent Care & Diagnostic Nurse Practitioner or PA Crawfordville
Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program Registered Nurse, Mental Health - Residential Dade City
United Surgical Partners International, Inc Lpn Prn Davenport
United Surgical Partners International, Inc PRN OR Circulator Registered Nurse Davenport
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in fl. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.17 16:30 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 21 Jobs in Jacksonville Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
UF Health Jacksonville Registered Nurse - Med/Surg North Campus Jacksonville
InnovaCare Health Medical Doctor Jacksonville
UnitedHealth Group Medical Services Director Jacksonville Beach
Allied Universal® Security Guard Part Time Jacksonville
Tom Bush Autoplex Collision Center Warehouse & Parts Coordinator Jacksonville
Dana Safety Supply Warehouse Assistant Jacksonville
University of North Florida OPS Warehouse Assistant Jacksonville
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Warehouse Pallet Sorter - Grocery Jacksonville
Pool Corporation Warehouse Associate - Inventory Jacksonville
University of North Florida Shipping/Receiving Associate Jacksonville
Worldpac Delivery Driver / Warehouse Jacksonville
Champion Brands Inc Warehouse Selector Jacksonville
I-Tech Resources Inc. Shipping & Receiving Jacksonville
Brook Furniture Rental Inc Inside Warehouse Operator Jacksonville
Wayfair Warehouse Supervisor, BHN Jacksonville
Lansing Building Products Warehouse Associate - Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville
A.Harod & Associates Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Training Facility Senior Mentor Jacksonville
Victory Packaging Warehouse Operator Jacksonville
Canam Steel Corporation Shipping Loader Jacksonville
American Freight Warehouse Manager Jacksonville
Builders FirstSource Receiver I Jacksonville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in jacksonville. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.16 19:42 For2ANJ Carry Killer Preliminary Injunction - Sensitive Places Where Can You Carry?

Except as otherwise provided in this section and in the case of a brief, incidental entry onto property, which shall be deemed a de minimis infraction within the contemplation of N.J.S.2C:2-11, it 24 shall be a crime of the third degree for any person, other than a person lawfully carrying a firearm within the authorized scope of an exemption set forth in N.J.S.2C:39-6, to knowingly carry a firearm as defined in subsection f. of N.J.S.2C:39-1 and a crime of the second degree to knowingly possess a destructive device as defined in subsection c. of N.J.S.2C:39-1 in any of the following places, including in or upon any part of the buildings, grounds, or parking area of:
(1) a place owned, leased, or under the control of State, county or municipal government used for the purpose of government administration, including but not limited to police stations;
(2) a courthouse, courtroom, or any other premises used to conduct judicial or court administrative proceedings or functions;
(3) a State, county, or municipal correctional or juvenile justice facility, jail and any other place maintained by or for a governmental entity for the detention of criminal suspects or offenders;
(4) a State-contracted half-way house;
(5) a location being used as a polling place during the conduct of an election and places used for the storage or tabulation of ballots;
(6) within 100 feet of a place where a public gathering, demonstration or event is held for which a government permit is required, during the conduct of such gathering, demonstration or event;
(7) a school, college, university or other educational institution, and on any school bus;
(8) a childcare facility, including a day care center;
(9) a nursery school, pre-school, zoo, or summer camp;
(10) a park, beach, recreation facility or area or playground owned or controlled by a State, county or local government unit, or any part of such a place, which is designated as a gun free zone by the governing authority based on considerations of public safety;
(11) youth sports events, as defined in N.J.S.5:17-1, during and immediately preceding and following the conduct of the event, except that this provision shall not apply to participants of a youth sports event which is a firearm shooting competition to which paragraph (3) of subsection b. of section 14 of P.L.1979, c.179 14 (C.2C:58-6.1) applies;
(12) a publicly owned or leased library or museum;
(13) a shelter for the homeless, emergency shelter for the homeless, basic center shelter program, shelter for homeless or runaway youth, children’s shelter, childcare shelter, shelter for victims of domestic violence, or any shelter licensed by or under the control of the Juvenile Justice Commission or the Department of Children and Families;
(14) a community residence for persons with developmental disabilities, head injuries, or terminal illnesses, or any other residential setting licensed by the Department of Human Services or Department of Health;
(15) a bar or restaurant where alcohol is served, and any other site or facility where alcohol is sold for consumption on the premises;
(16) a Class 5 Cannabis retailer or medical cannabis dispensary, including any consumption areas licensed or permitted by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission established pursuant to section 31 of P.L.2019, c.153 (C.24:6I-24);
(17) a privately or publicly owned and operated entertainment facility within this State, including but not limited to a theater, stadium, museum, arena, racetrack or other place where performances, concerts, exhibits, games or contests are held;
(18) a casino and related facilities, including but not limited to appurtenant hotels, retail premises, restaurant and bar facilities, and entertainment and recreational venues located within the casino property;
(19) a plant or operation that produces, converts, distributes orstores energy or converts one form of energy to another;
(20) an airport or public transportation hub;
NOTE: (a)(20) (airports and transportation hubs except as modified TO ONLY ALLOW the checking of a firearm as checked luggage prior to entry of an airport and dropping off or picking up passengers from an airport),
(21) a health care facility, including but not limited to a general hospital, special hospital, psychiatric hospital, public health center, diagnostic center, treatment center, rehabilitation center, extended care facility, skilled nursing home, nursing home, intermediate care facility, tuberculosis hospital, chronic disease hospital, maternity hospital, outpatient clinic, dispensary, assisted living center, home health care agency, residential treatment facility, residential health care facility, medical office, or ambulatory care facility;
NOTE: (a)(21) (only as to facilities set forth in Plaintiffs’ declarations),
(22) a facility licensed or regulated by the Department of Human Services, Department of Children and Families, or Department of Health, other than a health care facility, that provides addiction or mental health treatment or support services;
(23) a public location being used for making motion picture or television images for theatrical, commercial or educational purposes, during the time such location is being used for that purpose;
(24) private property, including but not limited to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional or undeveloped property, unless the owner has provided express consent or has posted a sign indicating that it is permissible to carry on the premises a concealed handgun with a valid and lawfully issued permit under N.J.S.2C:58-4, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to affect the authority to keep or carry a firearm established under subsection e. of N.J.S.2C:39-6; and
NOTE: Possible you still need permission from private homes.
(25) any other place in which the carrying of a firearm is prohibited by statute or rule or regulation promulgated by a federal or State agency.

ORDERED that Plaintiffs’ Motions for a Preliminary Injunction to enjoin N.J. Stat. Ann. § 2C:58-4.6
(a)(9) (zoos only),
(a)(10) (to include N.J. Admin. Code § 7:2-2.17(b), but excluding playgrounds)
(a)(18) (to include N.J. Admin. Code § 69D-1.13)
(a)(21) (only as to facilities set forth in Plaintiffs’ declarations),
(a) (24) (only as to private property that is held open to the public),
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2023.05.15 18:24 Alontech Is this a scam?

Is this a scam? The recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn to see if I was interested in a position that's similar to what I do already. Anyway, we arranged the time and he called me. Indian accent.
Gave me some short job details and pay rate, asked if I was avaialble for a Zoom interview tomorrow. Specifically asked not to ask the company for the pay rate. He didn't ask anything about my background( I assume since I sent him my resume already). Here's the email he sent me afterwards. Removed what I could but left general text in case someone needs to search Reddit for similar email later on.

Hello (My name removed),
It was nice talking to you over the phone! As we discussed, please confirm the RTR with the below details with updated resume and education details.
I, _______ , give (COMPANY NAME REMOVED) the right to represent me for the Field Support Engineer with (NAME REMOVED).
Payrate:$23.5/HR on W2
Required details:

  1. Candidate location: Miami, FL
  2. Candidate Full Legal Name: (REMOVED)
  3. Contact Number: (REMOVED)
  4. Email: (REMOVED)
  5. Work Authorization: US Citizen
  6. Availability to interview: 24 Hours notice
  7. Availability to Join: 2 Weeks
  8. Currently interviewing? expecting any offers? Upcoming commitments?:
Job Details:
JOB TITLE: Field Support Engineer
DURATION: Contract
INTERVIEW MODE: Telephonic/Teams
JOB ID: 216610
Field Support Engineer (Engineer 1) Skills: Computer Sciences in the fields of telecommunications, networking, security, messaging, operating systems, databases and identity & access management. Field Support services Software: Provide onsite support for all in-scope Software on the supported Vendor and Inhouse Applications. Provide onsite support for new Software that is deployed throughout the Term (subject to (REMOVED) Change Management process).
Provide onsite support for Software Maintenance & Service Requests that cannot be resolved by the Level 1 Service Desk. Hardware: Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes (IMACs): for workplace (desktop, laptop and thin client): Installation activity consists of unpacking, assembling, installing, and ensuring connectivity and operability of authorized workstations at an in-scope location. A single Move consists of de-installing authorized client or server products at an in-scope location and installing the same system at another in-scope location. An Add or Change is any modification made to the hardware or software of an authorized client or server product at an in-scope location, including the testing of the modified system.
De-install and re-install any authorized Hardware, Software, or other related services as necessary to execute the IMAC including wiping the hard drive, per (REMOVED) procedures, using (REMOVED) provided software and tools. Physically move Hardware, as agreed, related to a de-installation, an installation, a move, or a cascade within the same location. Install authorized Hardware and Software, including new Hardware and Software or upgrades. Re-load data or backup files as necessary from old workstation to new workstation following agreed (REMOVED) processes if Service Provider has access to the required data Set-up security, file access and other administrative procedures associated with the IMAC.
Connect authorized and agreed equipment to network facilities (for example, LAN and/or WAN connectivity) to validate connectivity. Update the Asset Inventory within the Service Provider CMDB when Hardware or Software changes are implemented. Provide expedited handling of IMACs that are of a high business priority to (REMOVED) in accordance with Service Levels and (REMOVED) requirements and availability of Field Support Services staff. Hardware Maintenance & Support: for locations in scope for Field Support, Service Provider provides on site support of authorized (REMOVED) workstations, including installation/replacement/testing of plug and play parts which do not breach the manufacturer warranty or require certification, initial installations/replacement/testing of peripheral devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse).Also manages local Hardware store room/depot and the HW stockpile. For locations not in scope for Field Support, an (REMOVED) local super user will coordinate with Service Desk and / or Third Party hardware manufacturer necessary breakfix actions.
All hardware repairs are executed by Third Party through guarantee or extension of guarantee. For location in scope, shipping to the appropriate Vendor to perform necessary repair activities. Any costs of shipping will be the responsibility of (REMOVED) For location with no Field Support location, shipping to the appropriate Vendor to perform necessary repair activities. Any costs of shipping will be the responsibility of (REMOVED) Perform appropriate diagnostics and repair affected Hardware.
Conduct tests of repaired Hardware and verify the equipment is operating properly. Provide warehouse facilities for spare parts and unused equipment storage. Installations/replacement of peripheral devices provided by (REMOVED) or a Third party. Installation/replacement and testing of items installed or replaced such as RAM, provided by (REMOVED) or a Third party which do not breach the manufacturer warranty. Provide basic preventative maintenance services, as detailed by the equipment manufacture.
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2023.05.15 03:04 Boring-Performer-392 Lowcountry Wedding Our Way’s

We live in CHS and there are so many crazy restrictions on having weddings at Airbnb homes due to events.
Any houses/events space you know in the Lowcountry space….even upper Ponte Vedra, Amelia Island that you can hold smaller weddings at big, beautiful spaces…on land or by beach?
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2023.05.14 19:40 RaptorChu [For Sale] Bills to pay, records to go. New and Vintage Records from Assorted Genres

Hey Folks! I've got here a nice selection of Vintage and New Vinyl Selections.
I am also willing to hear offers on grouped items and individual listings. Specific information, additional photos and discogs listings can be provided upon request.
Shoot me a DM or drop a comment if anything interests you!
Vintage Selections
Abbey Road 1977 Cad Reissue. 1st Gen purple Labels. Cover: VG+, Vinyl: Strong VG. Super light noise in quiet passages/ in between songs. By no means overwhelming. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 15$
Eric Clapton: Slow hand VG+/VG+ 1977 Cad press. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 8$
Eagles-One of these nights 1975 US Santa Maria press. IN Shrink, with embossed cover. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG/VG 5$
Blood, Sweat & Tears: Self-Titled 1970 Cad Pressing VG/VG. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 5$
Pink Floyd The Wall 1979 CAD OG With Picture Labels. Cover: VG. Vinyl: Strong Very Good. Noise throughout, but not overwhelming. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 20$
Dave Brubeck’s All-Time Greatest Hits 2xLP 1974 US Press VG+/VG+. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 6$
Rolling Stones- Exile on Main Street 1972 CAD. No Postcards Cover: VG. Vinyl: Strong VG. Noise throughout, though generally only between tracks Not overwhelming. Record plays much better than it looks. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 30$
Their Satanic Majesty’s Request CAD 1967 First Press with Lenticular Cover Cover: G+, seam split on top left side. Vinyl: VG, light noise throughout, not overwhelming. Occasional pops/clicks. Ultrasonically Cleaned! 22$
Queen: The Game 1980 US Specialty press VG/VG. Light noise throughout. 8$
Billy Joel- An Innocent Man 1983 CAD Cover: G+, Cover is glued shut by previous owner. Appears to once part of a record/media storage facility. Vinyl: VG Ultrasonically Cleaned! 5$
Beatles- Revolver 1966 US Scranton MONO Cover: PooGood, Seam split on left side of jacket, noticeable wear. Vinyl: Wax plays through with moderate noise, no skips. Not overwhelming to the rest of the music Ultrasonically Cleaned! SOLD$
King Crimson- Larks Tongue in Aspic VG+/VG+ Cad pressing 20$
The Doors: Best of the Doors 1976 UK Import. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG+/VG+ 15$
Harry Chapin Bundle (Verities + Short Stories) Both CAD Pressings. Both Strong VG. 10$ for both or six each.
Billy Joel: The Stranger 1977 US Terre Haut Press. Ultrasonically Cleaned! SVG/SVG Noise in quiet Passages. 8$
Bill Evens Trio: Quiet Now 1981 UK Import. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG+/VG+ 15$
Supertramp: Famous Last words CAD 1982. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG/VG 8$
Heart Bundle (Dog/Butterfly + Bebe) Both CAD OG. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG/VG 10 for both or 6 each
Heart- Self Titled 1985 CAD. Ultrasonically Cleaned! VG+/VG+ 10$
Pink Floyd: More 1973 US. Ultrasonically Cleaned! Cover: VG, Vinyl: VG+ 19$
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust 1972 OG CAD. Ultrasonically Cleaned! Cover: VG-: Seam split starting on left side. Vinyl: SVG: Noise/pops in patches, little rough leading into the first track on both sides but improves as play continues. 19$
All Sealed Or New Pressings
Green Day: Gods Favourite Band 2x LP 2017 US/EU Compilation. Sealed/Mint 22$
Kate Bush- Hounds of Love 2018 EU Press. Sealed/Mint SOLD$
Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang, Live at the Copacabana Beach 2021 US Press. 3x LP on multi-coloured Vinyl. Sealed/Mint 26$
Eminem: Music to Be murdered by Side B Deluxe Edition 2021 USA/EU Press. 4xLP on Grey Vinyl. Sealed/Mint 30$
2Pac: Best Of: Life 2021 2xLP Reissue. Could potentially be on Grey opaque. Jacket matches the grey opaque edition but the hype sticker that advertises the colour is missing. Sealed/Mint 22$
Feist: The Reminder 2012 Urban Outfitters exclusive on Red Vinyl Sealed/Mint SOLD$
Nas-Nasir 2018 US Press. Sealed/Mint 18$
Still Corners- The Last Exit 2021 UK Press NM-, played through once then stored. 26$
Pink Floyd: Wish you were Here.\ 2016 US Reissue No Postcard. Surface noise is audible but not overwhelming. VG/VG rated conservatively. 15$
Stranger Things Season 4 Soundtrack 2022 Us Press. 2xLP NM-/NM-, played through once. 25$
Lorde- Solar Power 2021 CAD, US, and EU Press. Played through a few times. VG+/VG+ 25$
Joni Mitchell: Blue 2020 US Press Played through once. Still in Shrink VG+/VG+ SOLD$
Kanye West- Donda Deluxe Edition 4xVinyl US/Eu 2020 press VG/VG. Rated conservatively. There are plenty of scuffs on the vinyl but do not seem to overwhelm the music with noise. 18$
Beck- Hyperspace 2021 US Picture Disc NM/NM, no deal on the packaging so technically not sealed, but was bought from new 26$
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