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2023.06.01 22:02 SovietPelican Is the Devin Booker challenge even possible?

Like I cannot win, my teammate does nothing and just stands still and passes to me even though I don't call for it and Bookers teammate is borderline prime Michael Jordan. Does my player need to be a high rating to do it or do I just need to be better?
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2023.06.01 22:02 lizhang latest covid requirements?

at the end of this month, I'm traveling to china on an S2 visa issued in 2015 (is this visa still valid?)
this page looks like the most recent health code guidance, but the link is broken
i saw other threads saying take home tests are ok (reddit), but not sure where to find this QR code.
Are there testing requirements for returning to the US?
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2023.06.01 22:02 Insomalian CompTIA SME workshop program?

Hey all, I am still studying for more certs when I just received an email offer to apply for a workshop as a subject matter expert. Although I have been in the field for quite some time, I have never heard of this. Does anybody have any info on this besides the site? i.e. what is it like, what you do onsite, and what is expected the full week you are there? The offer is really generous but I wouldn't want to go into this not knowing it will be way over my head.
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2023.06.01 22:02 NickieDarling HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECHNO!!!

I just wanted to post a happy birthday message for Techno and a thank you to Mr. Technodad. In my mind, it has not been a year. It just seems impossible. I think that is a testimony to the power of Technoblade because he really is immortal in that way. He is timeless and no matter how much time does past, I don’t go a single day without thinking of him.
I’m wearing pink today and my techno bracelet in honor of him and tonight I will, just as every night, cuddle my crochet Techno’s. Whenever I feel down or like shit I just think of Techno and that meme where he calls you a loser and tells you not to be sad. I love him so much even if I never got the honor of meeting him and the effort Mr. Technodad puts into keeping his memory alive makes me so happy.
Mr. Technodad brings me comfort every day in the same way Techno did and reminds me of the good in the world. I know today is definitely hard for you but thank you for being here and for emotional with us. It means the world king. I will be in the event on Saturday and can’t wait to raise more money in Techno’s honor.
Thank you Alex for everything you have done for me and continue to do and a happy birthday to the most inspirational person in my life. Techno is who I talk to when I have a rough time late at night, and last night I wished him a happy birthday sitting outside In the warm summer weather. I don’t believe in any god but I would like to think Techno can hear all the love he receives (he did fight god after all and win). If I had an infinite amount of lives, I would be his fan in every one of them, but for now I’ll settle for being his fan for the rest of this life. Technoblade never dies 💛 I love you king
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2023.06.01 22:01 Ashez42 Does anyone have tips on how to make a 12-minute walk in a 10-minute window?

I have a class that ends at 11:50 am in PMA and a class that starts at 12:00 pm in SZB, so basically on opposite sides of Speedway. I'm thinking I will be able to leave my first class early because I have had the professor before and he records his lectures, so as long as he still does that next semester I would be ok, but in case he doesn't, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how I could make this distance in time. The easy answer is probably using the electric scooters, but I feel scared that I would like accidentally hit someone if I were to do that. If you're wondering why I don't just change class times for those classes, these times have like the best rated professors for each course, so I feel like biting the bullet is worth it.
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2023.06.01 22:01 I_Fell_Offa_Fly Old VOD Request

Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody might have a save of an old Barotrauma stream Criken did in 2017.
The twitch tracker link is
This got me through a pretty dark time back then and I’m hoping one of y’all might still have it on a hard drive somewhere. I’d love to laugh at it again :)
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2023.06.01 22:01 just_doit_ Are extracurriculars needed during gap year(s) while doing full time research?

Basically title- i’ll be working as a research assistant during my two gap years, and am wondering how much extracurriculars still matter during this time? My resume is solid already thanks to undergrad, and the gap years were just to take a breather and take the MCAT while trying out some research. I have the option to continue some of my extracurriculars from undergrad or start new ones; just wondering if they are important to my application?
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2023.06.01 22:01 JRE47 JRE's Analysis on the GBL Season 15 Move Rebalance

GO Battle League Season 15 is upon us, and along with it, our now-customary move rebalance! What's new, what's improved, what's good, bad, or ugly coming out the other side? Let's dive right in and see!
As per usual, Niantic has made us wait until the 11th hour for information on this coming season. (Thanks, Niantic... love you too! 😝) As is NOT usual for them of late, the rebalance taking place at the start of this new GBL season is massive, with no less than thirty three Pokémon being directly affected. Needless to say, this is going to be a lengthy analysis, so let's just dive right into it, shall we?
A FAIR WIND, OR GALE FORCE WINDS? It might seem odd to lead off with a move given to only two new recipients, but CLEFABLE is no ordinary recipient. It has faded further and further into obscurity over time as other Fairies have risen up around it, having dropped out of the Top 5 Fairies in Ultra League and almost out of the Top 10 in Great League. It's still decently bulky, and still comes with the awesome Meteor Mash, which is not only cheaper than most charge moves found on various Charmers (that don't rhyme with "Aloe Van Pine Nails"), but is very widely unresisted and, critically in themed Cups where Clefable is eligible, super effective versus fellow Fairies, often delivering a knockout blow. The problem, of course, is that like other Charmers, you're unlikely to reach it in multiples, since Charm only generates a way below average 2.0 Energy Per Turn (EPT), tied for worst energy generation in the game. It also has Psychic for coverage, or Moonblast for big STAB damage, but the likelihood of reaching any of those in a critical spot is rather low since Charm is just SO slow to get there. So it has sat, languishing, as other interesting Charmers have come along and is now, at best, just part of a growing pack of similiar Pokémon.
That ALL changes with the addition of Fairy Wind and its 4.5 EPT. Not only does this allow it to finally break away from the pack and make its own unique mark, but it works REALLY well with its moves. Spamming a Meteor Mash every 6 seconds (or thanks to carryover energy, just 5 seconds between the second and third Mash) sounds pretty good to me! And indeed, as compared to Charm, you can see immediate improvement in Great League, with new wins against Noctowl (!!!), Azumarill, Froslass, Diggersby, Alolan Ninetales, and somehow even Fairy slayer Shadow Victreebel by slamming it with two Meteor Mashes. Even after all that, though, it remains underwater overall as far as win/loss record goes, though beating Medicham and Noctowl and all else that you'd expect of a good Fairy give it some great corebreaking potential.
For the eye-popping numbers, we actually turn to Ultra League, where Clef turns from this into this. Yes, that IS more than double its former win total (and a jump from under 30% winrate to now 60%!), with those new wins coming versus Walrein, A-Ninetales, Sylveon, Aurorus, Cobalion, Dubwool, Snorlax, Drapion, DDeoxys, and even resists-all-of-Clefable's-moves Escavalier! And if its relatively high XL cost is scaring you, fear not... you can build a hundo to 2499 CP and miss out only on Walrein and Greedent, for what that's worth. Put simply, Clefable is one of the biggest winners in this rebalance, moving from a previous rank of #145 in Open UL all the way up now to #28, with Tapu Fini being the only Fairy ranked higher!
More of a footnote is TOGETIC, which now also learns Fairy Wind, and boy did it need that. Previously having to rely on the mostly awful Hidden Power (in which case you usually had to hope to get lucky with Flying type H.P.) or the subpar Extrasensory, it was left looking quite pitiful. But now, at least it could be spice in the right meta, maybe.
WIGGLYTUFF did not get Fairy Wind, but it is receiving Disarming Voice, a move I've been wishing would be more widely distributed for years. A Fairy-type clone of moves like Psyshock, Magnet Bomb, and Foul Play, it's a more-than-passable move, and quietly the cheapest one that Fairy has available...15 less energy than Play Rough and Moonblast, and better Damage Per Energy {DPE} than the former. Anyway, seeing as Wigglytuff currently relies on Play Rough, Voice likely now slots in as its replacement for a little more shield pressure and new wins like Azumarill and Lickitung. The needle doesn't move too much, but the improvement is still appreciated!
PRIMARINA also gets Voice, but it doesn't really help it... yet. Prima IS a little underrated in Master League, where its Water typing is much more help (resisting Ice, Fire, Water) than hindrance (very little Grass and Electric around to exploit it). But it won't really take off until it also eventually gets Hydro Cannon... sometime in 2025? At that point, it will appreciate having cheap Disarming Voice alongside Cannon more, I think.
LONG STORY SHORT, Fairy Wind Clefable is one of those rather rare overnight sensations that could see an immediate usage spike in Ultra League and as a nice corebreaker in Great League (the pickup against Noctowl really pushing it over the top). It really appreciates the extra energy to spam charge moves, and has just enough variety between Meteor Mash, Psychic (the move!), and Moonblast to keep the opponent guessing and shielding when they really don't want to. The other Fairies with new toys (Togetic and Wigglytuff especially) appreciate small bumps in performance, but are unlikely to suddenly appear where they weren't already.
DRILL RUNNIN' 🔥 As with Fairy Wind, there are only two new recipients of Drill Run, but both are very interesting.
We'll start with ALOLAN SANDSLASH. It sees some play already in both Great (including the Shadow variant and Ultra Leagues, usually with former Community Day move Shadow Claw to give it a unique profile, and spammy Ice Punch and typically Bulldoze for coverage. Bulldoze has excellent coverage (primarily versus Rocks, Steels, and Fires that give A-Slash a lot of trouble otherwise), but isn't a very good move (60 energy for only 80 damage). Drill Run is a strict upgrade, dealing the same 80 Ground-type damage for only 45 energy, a big savings.
Looking simply at simulation numbers, Drill Run doesn't seem to be a great improvement in Great or Ultra, with just occasional new wins popping up like UL Scizor or GL Alolan Marowak in certain shielding scenarios. But this goes beyond the numbers. Those who already use and love A-Slash will greatly appreciate the extra pressure that comes with Drill Run, as it can now be sprung for just 5 more energy than Ice Punch, making each shielding decision that much sweatier for the opponent. Even without STAB, Drill Run still deals quite a bit more damage than Ice Punch versus neutral targets, so this isn't just for strict coverage either. In every way, this makes Alolan Sandslash better, and better at covering its backside. I think players that don't already use A-Slash may come to better appreciate and respect it now too, and perhaps not just in Limited metas!
Perhaps even more interesting (and, frankly, unexpected) is DEWGONG, the poor WateIce type that has NEVER had a move rebalance other than taking its two best moves (Ice Shard and Icy Wind) away. Niantic has finally given it a LOT of love in this update, with Drill Run providing new coverage, and new move Liquidation finally giving it a viable Water move too. (Water Pulse and Aqua Jet are both terrible, folks... so much so that I've always recommended Blizzard as Dewgong's second move. For example, did you know that it tends to lose to Alolan Marowak with super effective Pulse but actually wins with resisted Blizzard?!) Anyway, I do think you want to definitely keep Icy Wind, so then your choice becomes Drill Run to have a shot at things like Froslass, Toxicroak, Lanturn (with Water Gun), and the aforementioned Alolan Marowak, or Liquidation to better outrace Skarmory and Alolan Ninetales? Either way, you get things like Azumarill and Dunsparce now, and still beat things that don't show in those sims like Swampert and Sableye by remaining fully commited to Icy Wind spam. And while you don't see a lot of new Rock or Steel or Fire wins popping up, Drill Run especially gives them all serious pause, forcing them to shield where they really never had to worry about it much before. (Because, again, Water Pulse is awful.)
So not really a great case for Liquidation here, but this is at least a way to transition into covering that move more fully next!
LONG STORY SHORT, both Dewgong and Alolan Sandslash immediately get better (and get better coverage) with Drill Run in the mix. I think it will be their preferred secondary/closing move going forward, and both will see a bump in play.
LIQUIDATION... GOING OUT OF BUSINESS ALREADY? So about that new move Liquidation. It's a good if not fantastic move, an exact clone of Crunch... same cost (45 energy), damage (70), and potential debuff (30% chance to reduce the opponent's Defense). Not game breaking, but very, very solid.
But the real question is... do any of the things that recieve it really want it, and if so, do any of them notably improve in PvP?
I'm gonna save you some time (and me some characters!) by immediately pushing many of its recipients right off the raft.
I think CLOYSTER actually prefers to hold on to a big closer like Hydro Pump rather than Liquidation, preferring to soften things up with Icy Wind and then go in for the kill. Pass.
Similarly, all of the following prefer to keep existing movesets: SAMUROTT (Hydro Cannon/Megahorn), CARRACOSTA (Body Slam/Surf), BEARTIC (Ice Punch/Aqua Tail), EELEKTROSS (Dragon Claw/Crunch). All remain fringe at best.
VAPOREON basically views Liquidation as a sidegrade to existing Scald, though Liquidation is NOT Legacy as Scald is, so it's worth it for any Vapes that don't have its old Community Day move. But Vaporeon remains mostly on the outside looking in at better Water types in various Leagues. No real boost here.
GOLDUCK sees a slight bump with Liquidation, but remains just a spice play, at best.
There is a reason you have never seen FLOATZEL in PvP... it has terrible charge moves. Bad, bad moves like Swift and Aqua Jet, with Hydro Pump as a passable closer but stymied due to average-at-best energy gains from Water Gun or Waterfall. Liquidation is in some ways just what the doctor ordered, but uh... Floatzel still sinks in PvP.
ARMALDO remains a lost cause as well. If you want a GOOD Rocky Bug, use Crustle. If you want a spice one, go with the new Kleavor. If you want to just tank your ELO, THEN maybe consider Armaldo. That's about it though, even with the new move.
Man, quite a bummer, right? Decent move, but really nothing that gets it stands to benefit in a way that will impact PvP. So moving on then to... wait, what? I missed one? Oh... OH! So I did. And thankfully, we can end this section on a good note... because GOLISOPOD just became a bit more interesting.
Remember that when it was first released, it was a completely lost cause, with Fury Cutter, Metal Claw, and Waterfall as its clumsy fast moves, and underwhelming X-Scissor, **Aerial Ace, and somehow even worse Aqua Jet as its only charge moves. That left it in a very sad state. Eventually, it acquired Shadow Claw, which made it at least slightly interesting. And now comes the charge move it's been begging for, with Liquidation elevating it into spice territory, at the very least. Now you can potentially beat things like Charizard, Nidoqueen, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetales (Powder Snow), Talonflame, Cobalion, and Sylveon that you couldn't before, though even as bad as Aerial Ace is, giving it up means you generally now lose some Grasses like Venusaur and Virizion. Still though, things are looking up for Golisopod!
LONG STORY SHORT, while Liquidation is actually a nice addition to Water's arsenal (a clone of Crunch, including the debuff chance), the only thing that gets it initially that really looks to benefit is Golisopod. Stay tuned to what may get it down the road, though... most of its current recipients just have more problems than Liquidation alone can solve.
THE LEAF AGE BEGINS? Probably haven't seen Bullet Punch in PvP much, have you? Scizor and Metagross use it, and uh... that's about the extent of it. But it's actually a pretty good PvP fast move, with the average 3.0 Damage Per Turn (DPT) but above average energy generation (3.5 EPT). And now here comes Leafage, an exact clone of Bullet Punch for the Grass typing. The number of things that get it is quite a bit smaller than Liquidation (only three evolutionary lines), but I think this is a clear case of quality over quantity in Leafage's favor.
I could write an entire article on the injustices done to DECIDUEYE in Pokémon GO. All its interesting moves in MSG, and here it sits with underpowered Shadow Sneak, overpriced Energy Ball, and big but risky closer Brave Bird, and all locked behind low-energy Razor Leaf or arguably worst fast move in the game Astonish. #JusticeForDecidueye! While I do still hope for an eventual and LONG overdue buff to Astonish, for now the addition of Leafage should be a big help, right? Weeeeeeeell..... I mean, yes, it is most certainly better, and will become even a bit moreso when it eventually gets Frenzy Plant. But clearly, it's problems are not JUST the fast moves. Heck, pre-evolution DARTRIX (who has also been trapped behind Razor Leaf) even looks better than Deci in the here and now, thanks in large part to having Seed Bomb as a more workable second charge move to set up Brave Bird. It does seem that even though ROWLETT also gets Leafage, it may still prefer to keep existing Razor Leaf down in Little League, where Razor Leaf can admittedly be particularly dominant.
LURANTIS (and Little League pre-evolution FOMANTIS) operates nicely right now as sort of a Jack of all trades with Fury Cutter (and its Bug damage output) powering up Leaf Blade and Superpower (well, Grass Knot in Fomantis' case). Superpower allows for some nutty wins like Bastiodon, Galarian Stunfisk, and excecuted properly, even Registeel, clearly showing Lurantis' appeal. So does Leafage help or disrupt the good Lurantis has already got going? Eh, I think we're gonna call it a sidegrade, though a tasty one for sure. Lurantis does give up a couple things where the effectiveness of Fury Cutter wins the day (Cresselia, Shadow Victreebel) and loses a little speed, which flips Shadow Alolan Sandslash to a loss. (Luratnis cannot hit a Leaf Blade AND followon Superpower in time with Leafage like it can with Fury Cutter.) But Leafage is able to carve out new wins like Shadow Alolan Ninetales and Pelipper with superior neutral fast move damage (as opposed to resisted Bug damage), and also can outrace Walrein far more reliably. So not an upgrade, but a nice sidegrade like this can add some disruption into appropriate metas just fine.
Speaking of disruption, let's check out ABOMASNOW. Obviously it runs more as an Ice than a Grass, humming along nicely in multiple metas with Powder Snow and Weather Ball (Ice) and Energy Ball for a big Grass closer when the situation calls for it. And more than likely, it will mostly continue in that configuration moving forward. BUT, Leafage may be preferred in certain metas now, at least, and not just because it now slams the door on Water types (instead of sometimes merely scraping by with Powder Snow). In Great League, where ShadowBama is usually preferred, Powder Snow continues to shine out, but it's worth noting that while Leafage is an overall downgrade, most of the wins it gives up are versus Flyers (Altaria, Noctowl, Skarmory, Mandibuzz), with new losses to Umbreon and Venusaur as the most notable exceptions. Leafage DOES make some new key contributions like Powder Alolan Ninetales and Galarian Stunfisk that may come more to the fore in Limited metas with, say, fewer Flyers? Just saying. In Ultra League, the biggest knock against Leafage is that it drops the Giratinas (as compared to Powder Snow), but otherwise Leafage makes a pretty strong case with pickups of Poliwrath, Walrein, and Alolan Ninetales (with Powder Snow OR Charm). I think Leafage deserves some real consideration at Ultra League level!
LONG STORY SHORT, no huge improvements to be found with Leafage, but it does earn a rightful place as a robust sidegrade consideration for the Lurantis and Abomasnow lines (particularly with Ultra League Aboma). It's an upgrade for the Rowlett/Dartrix/Decidueye line, though Deci itself remains middling at best until it one day gets Frenzy Plant (or just some more synergistic charge moves in general!). Leafage SHOULD start popping up here and there in PvP soon, moreso than Liquidation likely will.
JUST A BRUSH FIRE, REALLY Honestly, I expected a number of things to get Mystical Fire after it recently entered the game, but for now, Niantic chose to distribute it to only two new Pokémon:
As I mentioned in my analysis on Mystical Fire back during Delphox Community Day, DRIFBLIM is an intriguing choice. Mystical Fire and existing Blim coverage move Icy Wind share the same stats aside from typing, so this is almost the very definition of sidegrade... against neutral targets they do the exact same thing, so it just comes down to effectiveness. If Blim is facing something burnable (like a Steel, Ice, or Bug type), it will prefer to have Mystical Fire. For things weak to Ice, like Flyers and Dragons and Grounds, obviously it will want to be packing Icy Wind instead. (Grasses are weak to both Fire and Ice, so usually no change there, aside from things like Abomasnow with a subtyping that favors one or the other... in that case, Mystical Fire is double super effective and Icy Wind is merely neutral.) I'm not going to bother with the sims, as they're close to indistinguishable at a high level, but I WILL note that Mystical Fire can potentially beat Galarian Stunfisk at Ultra League level, and more definitely beats G-Fisk AND A-Slash, Skarmory, and even Registeel at Great League level, none of which Icy Wind can realistically hope to replicate. (Its only standouts are things like Gliscor.) Yes, giving up Icy Wind means completely abandoning hope versus things like Ghost-resistant Pidgeot and especially Noctowl, but overall? I think Drifblim might be getting much hotter soon, in several senses of the word! 🔥
Not nearly as exciting, I admit, but note that LITWICK also gets Mystical Fire. It's really only for Little League use, and has been an interesting but lesser-used Fire type, falling behind things like Vulpix, Growlithe, and Tepig thanks to them having some good neutral coverage, while Litwick has been stuck with just Flame Charge and two other rather Fire charge moves. Mystical Fire slots in as a nearly straight upgrade with pickups that include Wynaut, Vullaby, Obstagoon (for LL Cups where it's allowed), and... Vulpix, regardless of which fast move 'Pix is using. Something to look forward to in the next Little League rotation!
LONG STORY SHORT, Mystical Fire IS likely the default coverage move of choice for Drifblim going forward, just because of the number of burnable things (as opposed to freezeable things) in its respective metas, Great League especially. Except to see Blim soar up a little higher than it has in a while. It's also a nice upgrade for Litwick, who should finally emerge as a true Fire contender in Little League formats.
ODDS AND ENDS Going to put everything else together in this last main section, but don't mistake that to mean they're less important... quite the contrary! Just doing this because these are all one-offs, as opposed to the changes above which directly affected multiple Pokémon recipients.
Before I dive into the specific move additions, let's briefly review the existing moves that are being buffed or nerfed in this update.
Icicle Spear - 60 power → 65 power. Obviously this only affects WALREIN (for now), and is obviously a strict upgrade, since the cost and all else remains the same, just more damage. Specifically, at a high level, I see Walrein picking up things like Skarmory and Umbreon (non-Shadow) and Trevenant, Pelipper, and Azumarill (Shadow) in Great League, and stuff like Shadow Alolan Ninetales and Virizion in Ultra League. So yeah... you didn't need me to tell you this was an improvement, but maybe that helps you decide how much of an improvement and whether you want to turn back to Wally if you ever turned away before. I'd say Great League in particular has reason to fear it a bit more again.
Poison Fang - 40 power → 45 power. More things affected by this than Icicle Spear, but obviously most of you just want to know about NIDOQUEEN, so in the interest of time and... well, interest, we'll just highlight her for now. Again, you don't need me to tell you this only makes things with Poison Fang better, but HOW much better? Honestly not too much changes in Great League (as far as straight wins a losses go, though this is undoubtedly scarier now!), but in Ultra League, I see new wins for Queen versus things like Charizard, Pidgeot, Cresselia, Dubwool, Obstagoon, AND Guzzlord, among others, so this is no small tweak! Might Nidoqueen be "back"? Only time will tell. Admittedly, what made it SO scary in the past was the cheaper cost of Poison Fang, and that hasn't changed, so I don't see it returning to full dominance like she once enjoyed. I also think she was treated rather harshly even before this buff... she didn't fall off quite as hard as many made it out to be. This will reveal that more fully... she's not so much "back" as much as I think she never really left. Also keep in mind things like GOLBAT/CROBAT and SALAZZLE/SALANDIT** that stand to benefit from this as well!
Rollout - 4 power → 5 power. So low power that I can tell you this won't be a big shift, but obviously it DOES help. DUNSPARCE picks up a potential win over Shadow Alolan Ninetales (hey, Rollout is super effective, so....), and MILTANK a new win versus Shadow Swampert, of all things, and sometimes (Water Gun) Lanturn when utilizing Ice Beam instead of my personal recommendation of Thunderbolt (which beats Lanturn as well). It tends to prefer Tackle in Ultra League, though newly buffed Rollout is MUCH improved now with new wins versus Cresselia, Drapion, Umbreon, Alolan Muk, AND Walrein. Perhaps Tackle won't be the default now? As for ALOLAN GOLEM, Volt Switch just remains a much better move in nearly every scenario and meta. Stick with that, I say, and get all the Rock damage you need from the charge moves instead. 🪨
Mud Bomb - 55 power → 60 power. The two big ones that come to mind are TOXICROAK and WHISCASH, the latter of which honestly needed a boost like this. However, this small a bump looks and feels like more of a "win more" where they already won more than anything. The only notable new win I see (at the high level this massive rebalance is demanding of little old me!) is Toxicroak versus Trevenant, though I think that's more due to Trevenant's nerf (which we'll get to in a moment) than Toxicroak's resisted Mud Bomb dealing a tiny bit more damage. (And upon further review, it may be neither of those and instead just come down to move timing.. but leaving Trevor in here as it's a good setup for later.) The big winner here is actually QUAGSIRE, who FINALLY gets a charge move cheaper than 55 energy to reach the same spam potential as its fellow Mud Boys. It's hard to show how this improves things in simulations, as they actually tend to favor Earthquake in many situations (such as in 1v1 shielding, where Quake shows additional wins against things like Azu, Sable, Swampert, and Umbreon), but the difference is more obvious when you go 2v2 shielding, and the extra spam of Mud Bomb shows out with new wins that include Froslass, Jellicent, Toxicroak, Shadow Alolan Ninetales, and Shadow Walrein. I actually don't know if this will actually bump up Quagsire's useage or not, though it's shot up about 60 slots to #15 in PvPoke's rankings. Not sure if that will match reality, but I DO think it's time to see if you have a good PvP Quag to perhaps take out for a spin and see. It certainly has some exciting new potential it's never had before!
Seed Bomb - 55 power → 60 power, Energy Cost Increased. The only thing on this list that's not a straight upgrade, getting the same damage boost as Mud Bomb but increased cost to go with it... mostly, I feel, as a backdoor way to bring Trevenant down a bit. (And indeed, PvPoke has dropped Trev 25 slots from #10 to #35 in Ultra League, and down nearly 70 slots in Great League from Top 10 to outside the Top 70!) I certainly don't think Trevor will be going away -- it still breaks several cores across multiple Leagues -- but this is undoubtedly a hit. In Great League, it looks like it's now at a disadvantage against things it used to be able to beat like Walrein, Talonflame, Alolan Marowak, Sableye, and even Toxicroak. The hit is a bit less severe in Ultra League (where it can hang in longer to somewhat compensate for the increased energy needed), but it does still lose former wins like Jellicent and the re-buffed Nidoqueen. Most of the rest of the collateral damage will be felt in Little League, where several notable things have Seed Bomb (like Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Oddish, etc.). Note much of note in bigger Leagues, though it IS noteworthy that WHIMSICOTT is getting Seed Bomb for the first time. And yes, I think it DOES become the favorite in most circumstances over existing Grass Knot, despite the latter being a "better" move (50 energy for 90 damage) and using that to get a couple unique wins still like Diggersby and Lickitung, because Seed Bomb brings new bait potential to set up big Moonblast wins over Cresselia, Pelipper, Toxicroak, Vigoroth, and Trevenant. Not sure Whimsie is suddenly going to bust out in Open Great League or anything, but I think it's very safe to say it just became a bit scarier and more versatile in Limited metas for sure.
And there are all the actual move "rebalances". Now to wrap it up real quick with a final list of existing moves now assigned to new Pokémon!
PROBOPASS is in some ways similar to Defense Deoxys, in that it has long had three charge moves that seemed almost interchangeable in overall performance. Rock Slide is pretty standard for Probo, and most folks also run it with Thunderbolt, but it's so lackluster than even Magnet Bomb has always hung around as a viable alternative. Well that changes now, as its bulk allows it to make good use of new addition Zap Cannon. I think it and Rock Slide are the new standard, along with Spark to power them out, and that combo brings in new wins over Sableye and Umbreon, along with wider margins of victory over things it just scraped past before like Cresselia and Bastiodon. Probo used to escape them both with less than 10 HP, but now waddles away with quite a bit more than that. Not sure if this will send it up the charts (Bastiodon itself is still usually preferred), but it IS a more intriguing alternative now.
Speaking of funky Rock types, HEATRAN can learn Earth Power now! But uh... you still don't want it, sorry. At least give it Incinerate, Niantic... c'mon!
A MUCH more interesting Rock type is CRADILY, now getting some more speed with Rock Slide as a new alternative to Stone Edge. In my first blush analysis on the day of these many announced changes, I speculated that Cradily may want both Rock charge moves going forward, as it still beat things like Lanturn and even Swampert without needing Grass Knot. But in hindsight... nah, I think you want to instead just swap out Edge for Slide and be done with it. Keeping this short and sweet, here are some of my findings when comparing these side by side (by side): Grass Knot is absolutely needed to beat Diggersby, and is obviously the surest way to beat Waters and Ground (and/or Rock) types in general (including having ANY shot at beating up things like Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon). The raw power of Stone Edge is still the best way to punch out things like Alolan Ninetales, Lickitung, and Shadow Victreebel. But the speed of Rock Slide (10 less energy than Edge) adds the potential to now handle stuff like Cresselia, Alolan Marowak, Sableye, Venusaur, and most notably, Noctowl. That's right... Cradily now becomes a handy way to handle Lanturn AND Noctowl, among many others, and can also beat popular Sableye as well. Corebreaker potential on the rise. Dilly dilly!
Look, URSALUNA continues to disappoint and likely always will until it gets a better fast move than Tackle. I know it, you know it, basically everyone but Niantic (and maybe TPCi) knows it. But as I wrote when Luna was first released, Ice Punch at least gives it the most bite of the three main elemental Punches, and until now it was the only one Ursaluna could not learn. Now it can! That gives it a bit more reach in Master League (the one League where it currently has any real play at all) with all the Dragons already. Specifically, Ice Punch allows it to now consistently beat Garchomp and Landorus, so that's nice. But come on, Niantic. Give the people what they want!.
Let's be honest: the addition of Brutal Swing to the arsenal of TYRANITAR is more a cause of celebration for raiding than it is for PvP. (New top Dark type in PvE, I hear!) But yes, it DOES help in PvP too. Tyranitar has the size to work in Master League, but even with Brutal Swing, it's still an awkward fit. The one place I have seen it pop up here and there is actually in Great League, albeit in Limited metas only. While those opportunities are relatively rare, I am happy to report that Brutal Swing is a noted improvement over former best Crunch, adding on wins you would expect of a Dark type (Sableye, Cofagrigus, Jellicent) and a few you might not expect (Drapion, Toxapex, and finally it can beat Altaria!). Still more niche than meta, but at least it's an improving niche!
And finally, we come to humble little EMOLGA, and the first non-Community Day recipient of Acrobatics. Long-time (or even some short-time!) readers have surely seen me write many times about Aerial Ace. It's a passable move -- barely -- dealing 55 damage for 45 energy. Boooooring, but it usually works JUST enough to not be total trash. It's a move I would LOVE to see buffed a little at some point, but it's also a move currently assigned to a massive number of Pokémon, and unlikely to change unless Niantic wants to REALLY shake up PvP. And like way too many Pokémon, poor Emolga has long been stuck with dull old Ace as its only Flying move, leaving what should be an exciting option languishing in obscurity. But now, finally, this mighty mouse may be about to soar! Just look at the HUGE names it can now beat: Medicham. Lickitung. Sableye. Shadow Swampert. Trevenant. Shadow Alolan Ninetales. And Cresselia and even Froslass for good measure. Those are some really big names, folks. Did Emolga just go from being afterthought behind Zapdos to passing it completely? I think it may have! If, like me, you've been holding on to a good one and just biding your time... well, that time is now, my friend! ⚡
Speaking of time, though... it's up! The new season is here! So we're gonna wrap it up right here for now. I hope this was as helpful a read as it was LONG. 🙃
Until next time, you can find me on Twitter or Patreon. Or please feel free to comment here with your own thoughts or questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
Stay safe out there, Pokéfriends. Best of luck this season, and catch you next time!
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2023.06.01 22:01 Lumpy-Celebration-67 Need Help Finding an Engagement Ring

Need Help Finding an Engagement Ring
Its been a rough week, I ordered an engagement ring 3 months ago and was planning to propose to my girlfriend at electric forest. I found the perfect ring on a website called Glamira and did some research on the site before buying and only saw positive reviews. Fast forward to today and I still haven't gotten the ring.
I filed a dispute with my credit card company (Chase) and they told me they have had issues with that site. I looked on here and found a lot of people who had similar issues. Today they contacted me and tried to get me to withdraw the dispute. I immediately called chase and they told me not to because of pervious issues with that website and it would make the dispute process harder if they release the funds now. I contacted Glamira and they said the ring is ready to ship but they need me to release the funds so it can be sent. Chase told me they have done this in the past and customers have not received their rings for up to two months.
Chase has instructed me to maintain the dispute until I receive the ring. I'm in a bind now. I have two weeks to buy and have the ring in hand to be able to propose.
I have included the ring below, I was going to get it with a black diamond in the center and have a budget of up to $2600 (Was planning to upgrade the center ring on our one year anniversary) can anyone help with a ring that looks similar?
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2023.06.01 22:01 ThrowRAPoppyHead Meat-Eaters who hate hunters epitomize human wickedness, apathy, cowardice, and hypocrisy.

This isn’t to say they are the worst people, no. They do, however, display most clearly the traits inherent in the worst of people.
To condemn hunters but be a meat eater is to:
  1. Not care about the lives of animals. To be so haughty as to think that you are not also directly responsible for the suffering of animals is a completely apathetic and disturbing detachment from reality.
  2. Be too cowardly to get your hands dirty, but still want to reap the rewards. Like a white-woman crying rape against a black man. Using the tools of oppression while maintaining a white gown. You are more wicked than any of the factory farmers who torture animals, than any of the hunters who kill for food or sport. You’re not only a direct supporter of it, but you’re too big of a coward to do it yourself. You don’t deserve the food you put in your body.
  3. Be a hypocrite — for all the examples above. You think you’re better than someone who does what comes natural, who labors for their meals. While instead, you simply feast without burden.
As a privileged vegetarian who has never once consumed flesh in his 30 year life… hunters are beautiful and haunting reminder of what it takes to survive.
Those of you who consume flesh and condemn those who kill it are the hypocritical leeches of society.
Repulsive, cowardly, apathetic, gluttonous, wicked, people.
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2023.06.01 22:01 cutecoyote40 $CUMINU launching its OF killer 18+ platform in 2 days! They’re working with the devs who built the BAYC marketplace. Time to beat OnlyFans at $18bn.

The first milestone is having 500 creators and 5,000 fans which easily achievable with a business model that can compete with OnlyFans.
The potential for Cummuniti
OnlyFans is currently valued at $18 Billion!
It's valuation and revenue has exploded in recent years due to the huge spike in adult content creators.
From 100K users in 2017 to 188M fans and 2.1M creators at last report.
They've paid over $500M in dividends in the last 2 years.
In terms of $CUMINU they are 2000x in valuation. Instead of paying dividends CUMINU team will buy back and burn tokens.
CEX Listings
$CUMINU has offers for both free and paid CEX listings.
Many of these deals are based on the token volume, not the quality of the project.
There is a chance CUMINU token may list on a smaller CEX (outside top 10)
The team in still in talks with OKX about scheduling an AMA. Ideally we would like this done prior to launch.
$CUMINU will buy back and burn $100K of tokens for each $1M of revenue generated by the Cummuniti platform
The potential is huge when you consider Only Fans does over $80M a week
We all are so early!
Uniswap, Telegram link and for more:
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2023.06.01 22:01 FarbatosXD In which the author finally gets to tell a guest off

This is an ongoing tale but I've been wanting to share its progression for quite a few days now, plus it has been going on for quite some time now. You can look up the sort of property I work at from my post history, though the only necessary piece of information for this tale is that this is in Europe.
Do take a seat, I'm not keeping it short.
The cast goes as such: Me - yours truly, FDA Anna - an FDA coworker of mine Ray - returning problem guest from abroad
Our tale begins on a cold winter night, the month I can't quite recall. I've got the night shift, 7pm to 7am, still waiting for some arrivals. In walks Jay with a reservation from Hostelchairs, CC guaranteed but not pre-paid. As we're going through the paperwork he asks if I could guess where he's from. I'd just finished scanning his passport when he asked that but I did not think to look at the passport itself or the data that we just received in our system, going only by his last name I took a wild guess and nearly hit a bullseye - the general area he's from tends to have languages and cultures overlap way past country borders. Moving on, while still making small talk I ask how he would like to pay for the room - he insists he's already paid. I double check both our system and Hostelchairs but he's only ever given a guarantee. We have a little back and forth about this but eventually he pays out and heads for his room.
Months later he pops in again, this time with a membership to our brand and starts staying rather regularly - every two or three weeks, always for 5 or so nights. Some time goes by and my coworkers begin telling me how he always comes by the front desk to chat, especially when Anna is in. I jokingly mention he might have a crush on her - she is an attractive young woman after all. This is where the end of the fun begins. A few days go by and Anna says that Ray found her on social media, started messaging her, too. She's declining any and all advances he's trying to make but he keeps on trying. It's at this time we start getting to know more about him. It was pretty obvious he was in our city for business since he always came and went in expensive looking suits and always had a really nice car pick him up in front of the hotel. Turns out he's a CEO of at least one company, co-founder in some others and the heir to another pretty big company in his home country. And he's begun to try his luck more and more often, and more and more agressively. The moment we realized trouble might be brewing was when he had one of his associates - his goons, we call them - bring a 250$ bouqet of roses to Anna while she was working at the front desk. This associate didn't even ask if she'd accept them, just asked if she was indeed Anna and shoved the bouqet in her hands, turned around and left.
She went on to try and shut him down on a near daily basis now, to no avail.
Some more shenanigans happen, he hosts a couple of his own events at our confetence rooms (because they've been kicked out of all their previous locations) but nevertheless, let us fast forward to just a little over a month ago. I wasn't present for this part of the story, I've only heard it from my coworkers.
Anna was just relieved after her night shift and was leaving, when just outside the door he got in front of her and wouldn't let her go on her way, always stepping in front of her when she tried to get past him. He wanted her to get in his car, go somewhere with him for a date and let him take her home. Drew noticed and told him to leave her alone, which provided sufficient enough at the time.
After all this, Anna did not think it necessary to bring all this to management's attention because she didn't want to be the talk of the company and because from her own perspective she was handling it just fine - or at least this is what she told me.
After another time skip of three weeks, I go to relieve Anna from the night shift - Ray is seemingly just checking out. Turns out he'd been there for at least 10 minutes when I got there and stayed there for 15 more. As she was handing the shift over he kept interrupting us with questions to Anna, mostly regarding why he can't find her on social media anymore - and repeatedly asking for her number after being told flat no-s each and every time. It was the fifth time he'd asked when I couldn't just listen to it anymore and told him 'Look, if she said no then she said no. Knock it off.' He looked baffled for a moment then turned around and went to stand at the lobby windows for a solid 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes Anna went and changed from her uniform and came back to relax in the back office located just behind the front desk until she were to leave for her train. Not long after she entered the office Ray came up to my desk and started going off on me mostly about how:, -he's a customer, and a VIP at that (yeah, you always book through whichever 3rd party you find cheapest, not exactly a VIP), -he's very good friends with my GM (GM has never even seen this man, he probably meant our coworker from Sales who arranged his events) -he's going to own this company very soon (it's in Chinese hands at the very end of the chain, good luck getting it from them) -none of what's happening around me is my business (it literally is, especially if it concerns the safety of my colleagues) -I should just stick to doing my job and nothing else (see above) -and that he never wants to see me again. (I'm assuming he meant he's going to get me fired. Spoiler: not happening)
Now, this guy is not that threatening, I'm a 5'9" guy with some pounds to spare. He's a good few inches taller than me, and he was trying his very best to scare me with his body language, too - and he did manage to trigger my fight or flight response. I am sorry to say that I did not give him the decking I believe he deserved but it did take pretty much all my willpower to stand still and not do anything stupid.
After his rent he left the lobby - but this is not the last we heard of him that day, though, seeing as this post is already a wall of text, I'll return to tell the remainder at another time.
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2023.06.01 22:00 Mandminla Navigation route not highlighting upon reroute

Navigation route not highlighting upon reroute
I just got the new navigation update the other day, and now the blue highlighting of my route doesn’t update if there’s a reroute. For example, if I miss a turn, the directions will change to reroute me, but the originally highlighted route will stay highlighted. You can see this in the attached photo where I’ve missed a turn, am on a new route (light gray), but the original route is still highlighted in blue. As I noted, the turn by turn directions updated correctly, just not the blue highlighting. This worked before the update. Anyone else having this issue?
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2023.06.01 22:00 Kittsunii I somehow found the schizo's NU acc and he's still alive 💀

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2023.06.01 22:00 ohatropa first headshots?? (help??)

Hi guys!
My name is Tatiana and I'm a 19 year old actor. I am going to get my first headshots done, already have the photographer picked out, etc. I have a bunch of questions because I really want to get this right prior to actually doing it and any help is appreciated!
  1. The issue of my hair. The very underside is bleached blonde and my hair is rather short right now so it's barely noticable, but still considered unnatural since my hair is dark brown - should I take the headshots as is and hope nobody notices/discriminates? Or should I use a quick root spray to make it match the rest of my hair? (Or, would that backfire if I was called into audition when they see there's a tiny part bleached? Even if in my applications I clearly state I will do ANYTHING to my hair for a role?)
  2. Background! The photographer offers four backgrounds: marbled light blue, marbled brown, light gray, and blurred outside. I've read multiple sources that say outside headshots are trending in the acting world, but multiple sources also say they're too vivid and distracting. What's currently in and will get my headshot the most attention? Because right now I'm veering towards marbled blue - my hair and eyes are brown, so the brown background would make me blend right in, and the light gray is solid and VERY boring. So marbled blue is my current choice unless an outside headshot wouldn't totally get be omitted from the acting world. So which one should I go for?? This is what I'm most worried about.
  3. Lastly, outfit. if I DO go with the light blue background, what should I wear? I've read about dressing for your "character types" but I'm not sure how to pinpoint mine. I'm very loud and have a strong, bold voice so I ASSUME I'd be casted as a mean girl/bitchy type character, but my personality is quite the opposite so I'm not sure what to go for. What colostyle of shirt should I wear? Is jewelry a no? Is makeup a no, and if not, how much should I wear?? Very stressed about this as well.
I want to get the headshots done as soon as possible but I also want to make sure I'm getting them right. Thanks in advance for ANY help I may receive! <3 (I've attached a picture of me without makeup and a picture of me with makeup for reference!: - it gives a warning but i swear it's just selfies lmfao?)
- Tatiana <3
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2023.06.01 22:00 Khenal Dungeon Life 123

Tarl considers his report, brushing the feather of his quill against his cheek and not minding the ink staining his fingers. It’s not often he gets to update two dungeon reports at the same time, but he really should understand by now that things simply work differently around Thedeim.
At least the actual contents of the reports aren’t too out of the ordinary, if one ignores the dates. Violet is progressing slower than her mentor, thank the gods, but still at a rapid pace compared to other dungeons. Her tentative designation as a toybox is still valid, which is nice. He could see the gremlin scion wanting to fight when he was there, but she looked less like a killing machine, and more like a child wanting to show what she’s learned.
He’ll have to keep an eye on Violet, if only to ensure delvers understand the implied rules of delving. His gut says she’ll stay as a toybox, but have a single chest, or maybe a small section of her territory, where delvers will actually need to fight to get whatever goodies she has. Perhaps she’ll lean hard into various metals. It’d help explain why Thedeim expanded and looks to be focusing on that himself.
Thedeim’s lava tubes will be interesting. Mythril and orichalcum will draw miners from across the kingdom once spring returns, as well as adventurers to guard them. While he expects Karn’s guild will have enough that can handle magma wyrms for the demand over winter, he doubts he’ll have enough for the influx in spring. In fact, the appropriate adventurers might be more occupied with the miners in the caverns. They might shift their operations to the tubes once they learn of the bounty of rare metals in there…
He shakes his head, banishing his wandering thoughts. Those details are for the adventurers and miners to sort out. His job is to provide the information they need to make the decisions, not try to guess what they’ll actually do with it. He’ll need to pay attention to the local smiths and see if he can get an upgrade for his daggers, though. His steel ones are the highest of quality, but mythril should help him hone his techniques better.
He sighs and closes his eyes for a moment, setting the quill down. He needs to focus. If he can’t stop his mind from wandering, there’s probably not much else to add to the reports. He holds that in the forefront of his mind as he opens his eyes once more, and checks the reports for mistakes. After a few minutes, he nods to himself, satisfied.
Thedeim’s new expansion is marked as hazardous, partially because of the potential threat the elementals and wyrms entail, but also because the specifics of the area are likely to change rapidly. The adventurers and even the townsfolk at large are still careful around Thedeim’s new projects, but they also trust him enough to take a closer look than might be strictly safe. With how remote the expansion is, at least the only ones likely able to get down to look will be ones experienced enough to tread carefully.
Violet’s expansion is also interesting, as is her apparent Secret Metalworks. He’ll have to wait and see what she actually cooks up. If Thedeim is helping her, Tarl isn’t even going to attempt to guess. He might somehow give Thedeim ideas, and that dungeon has enough of those already.
Before his mind can wander to what absurdity Thedeim could get up to, the door to the guild opens and a catkin enters. Tarl is drawing a blank on his name, but watches as he introduces himself to Telar.
“You guys want information on the local dungeon, right?” he asks, and Telar nods from behind her desk, and motions for the catkin to take a seat.
“We do, though our inspector just finished an inspection of Thedeim and Violet just the other day. If you have information you believe to be more recent, however, I can still pay coin for it.”
He takes a seat as she talks, and Tarl can tell he feels less confident in a payout after hearing that. “Ah. Well, I had a quest for Seaside Forge. Uh, Hrunter will probably be by soon, come to think of it. I just turned it in with him. Anyway, he wanted me to scout out the deepest sections of the dungeon to check on a feeling he had. I didn’t know the way down that deep, since most of my clients prefer the manor or the caverns at most.
“I spotted the new scion, peeking up through the dirt in the yard, and asked her for directions. She seemed pretty shy, but also seemed to agree to help guide me. I fought a bunch of various things on the way down, nothing out of the ordinary, until she led me out of the dungeon. Then into the other dungeon, the small one?”
Telar nods. “Violet, tentative toybox designation. She won’t receive her proper one until she gains a Voice.”
“Oh. Well, she has a little gremlin scion with a bladed gauntlet, and she wanted a fight. Not like she wanted to kill me, but she wanted to fight. Does that make sense?”
Telar smirks. “Not especially, but I understand what you mean. So you and the scion did battle?”
He shakes his head. “No. Well… yes, but first, I showed her a basic stance, attacks, and blocks with her gauntlet. It was maybe thirty minutes of training before we sparred. I killed her at the end, and the dungeon… Violet? Violet didn’t seem upset about it. Then the wyrm scion, Thedeim’s new scion is a wyrm, by the way. The new scion lead me to the tubes.
“I spotted a mythril and orichalcum node and gathered a bit, and I also saw a bunch of ants in there. Some were making their hills out of weird gray dust, but others were making them out of metals. Those ants looked a lot bigger than the dust ones, too.”
Tarl’s eyes widen at that and he gets up. Telar’s eyes follow him as he approaches, and she stays quiet to let him speak up.
“Crucible ants already?”
The catkin turns to look at the other elf. “Is that what they are? I haven’t heard of them before.”
Tarl nods and stands beside Telar’s desk. “They’re uncommon in our kingdom, but many dungeons in the dwarven holds have them. Their warrior-smiths will often specialize in fighting them, giving them access to high-purity metals without needing to pay a smelter or smelt it themselves. Are you a smelter?” he asks, curious about the catkin.
He shakes his head. “Technically, I suppose, but I’m a Steeldancer by class. I only have some mining and smelting skills to help pay the bills. Metal affinity makes it a lot easier to gather and purify.”
Tarl nods at that, and eyes the catkin up and down. Well-used yet well-maintained gear, implied to be a solo adventurer, strong enough to delve deep in Thedeim, careful and smart enough to engage the dungeon himself and achieve at least a working relationship. He nods to himself and holds out his hand.
“I’m Tarl, Inspector for this branch.”
The catkin shakes his hand pleasantly. “I’m Berdol, solo adventurer.”
“Have you considered a change in career, Berdol?”
The catkin shrugs. “Not really? I like doing the odd jobs and quests in the Adventurer’s Guild, gives me the freedom to mostly do what I want. Why?”
“Have you ever considered becoming an Inspector?” asks Tarl, and he can see Berdol almost laugh the suggestion off. The elf’s honest look makes him pause and consider for a few seconds.
“What all does it entail? And will I still be able to delve? Can I be in both guilds at once?”
Tarl smiles at that. A proper inspector needs to think things through, yet also be prepared to take advantage of new situations. “You’d apprentice under me, and yes, you can still delve. You can even remain part of the Adventurer’s Guild until your apprenticeship is finished, though you’ll have to take a few oaths to not share information for free. Trade secrets and so on, I’d expect Karn to get an oath or two out of you for similar secrecy about his business, too.”
“Why me?”
Tarl takes a few seconds to consider that question, before answering. “Do you know how many people ever even attempt to communicate with a dungeon or its scions?”
Berdol looks slightly taken aback at the question, and a frown slowly develops on his face as he thinks about it. “...not many? I don’t think I personally know anyone who has.”
“Yet you did. Not only did you try, not only did you succeed with the rather personable Thedeim without the benefit of addressing his Voice, but you also were able to communicate with Violet’s gremlin scion, too. There’s more to being an inspector than being strong enough to delve solo. You also need to be able to communicate with the dungeons and their scions, to be able to recognize they have needs and wants, even if you don’t know what those needs specifically are.”
Berdol chews that information over for a few more seconds before smiling. “What’s the pay like?”
Tarl grins and prepares to answer, but is interrupted by the door to the guild slamming open.
In the doorway stands the hairiest dwarf Tarl has ever seen. A thick leather apron and rugged pants attempt to hold the tide of red hair at bay, and thick leather gloves cover hands that only probably don’t have much hair on them. A bulbous nose sticks out above the braided mustache, and beady eyes perch above that, though they are wide and wild at the moment.
“Orichalcum and mythril! It has orichalcum and mythril!”
Perhaps Tarl should have put some thought into how the local smiths would react, after all.
< [Next>]
Cover art Want moar? Discord is a thing! I now have a Patreon for monthly donations, and I have a Ko-fi for one-off donations. Patreons can read up to three chapters ahead, and also get a few other special perks as well. Thank you again to everyone who is reading!
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2023.06.01 22:00 Some_Personality8379 What do you guys think about support systems?

The best way I can describe a support system. It's like introducing a new magic system to a setting, without necessarily introducing a full magic system to a setting though. It's just a side system. I hope this makes sense. I will elaborate on it more in this post. Usually technology is the support system for the main magic system in a lot stories.
For example, characters would have magical powers or superpowers in a story. And they would used technology as a way to support their powers, and make better used of their powers. Maybe a Wizard with electricity powers would used a tech based suit to charge his/her electricity powers. Or a fire based Mage can channel the fire powers through a flamethrower.
Some people don't like having multiple magic systems in a setting, because it's to messy and a lot for a writer to keep up with. So some people think it's better when all the magic come from one source. So in a way the technology in those previous examples don't feel like a extra magic system being put into a setting. Instead the technology feels more like a secondary magic system, or even just an extension of the main magic system.
In one of my worlds, the support system was the Charles Atlas Power. The Charles Atlas Power is basically just having incredible abilities based on normal human capabilities, via training. The Charles Atlas Power was a support system for my Superpower magic system, which is the main magic system in that world.
For example, an average person with super senses would still be cool right. But imagine a highly skilled ninja with super senses. Or a freak of nature Boxer like Mike Tyson with enhanced physical powers. So it's basically combining superpowers, with the best a human can be.
So in conclusion. What do you guys think about support systems? Do guys think there should be a better name for a system like this in a story?
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2023.06.01 22:00 Street-Cheetah5771 How would you rank the past 5 championship teams?

The past 5 champions Nuggets (2023) Warriors (2022) Bucks (2021) Lakers (2020) Raptors (2019)
I would go 1. Warriors (end of a dynasty) 2. Nuggets (beginning of a dynasty) 3. Raptors (middle of the road) 4. Bucks (should’ve been Nets) 5. Lakers (Bubble)
Also which losing team is the best? I would go 1. 2019 Warriors (injured but still good) 2. 2022 Celtics (middle of the road) 3. 2021 Suns (should’ve been Nuggets) 4. 2020 Heat (Bubble) 5. 2023 Heat (laughably bad)
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2023.06.01 22:00 flowersforthee How can I get a sponsorship for a summer school I got nominated for?

I'm so upset cos I got nominated by my university for this climate change law summer school program in Europe that I really want to go for. Problem is I don't have the money, and my parents told me to look for a sponsorship. My uni said they can't help me out. I've emailed so many organisations working in that area with my CV and a whole letter explaining the program, my interest, how this could be a good opportunity for them and I, but I've heard nothing back. I've reached out to my university's law firm partnerships and still nothing. I have about the week left to book student accommodation there before that closes and I'd have to find my own accommodation which would be much more expensive. The actual program is in mid July but I have nothing booked, no accommodation, no flight... I know I might not go but I really really want to, that's why I'm reaching out to the people on here. I haven't asked my extended family or family friends partly cos I think by my parents' reaction they might not have the money either. Please, is there anything more I could do? Any one else I could ask. I come from an African country and I am itching to travel especially when it's to learn more about this field I hope to work in one day. So really any advice will be helpful.
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2023.06.01 22:00 cutecoyote40 $CUMINU launching its OF killer 18+ platform in 2 days! They’re working with the devs who built the BAYC marketplace. Time to beat OnlyFans at $18bn.

The first milestone is having 500 creators and 5,000 fans which easily achievable with a business model that can compete with OnlyFans.
The potential for Cummuniti
OnlyFans is currently valued at $18 Billion!
It's valuation and revenue has exploded in recent years due to the huge spike in adult content creators.
From 100K users in 2017 to 188M fans and 2.1M creators at last report.
They've paid over $500M in dividends in the last 2 years.
In terms of $CUMINU they are 2000x in valuation. Instead of paying dividends CUMINU team will buy back and burn tokens.
CEX Listings
$CUMINU has offers for both free and paid CEX listings.
Many of these deals are based on the token volume, not the quality of the project.
There is a chance CUMINU token may list on a smaller CEX (outside top 10)
The team in still in talks with OKX about scheduling an AMA. Ideally we would like this done prior to launch.
$CUMINU will buy back and burn $100K of tokens for each $1M of revenue generated by the Cummuniti platform
The potential is huge when you consider Only Fans does over $80M a week
We all are so early!
Uniswap, Telegram link and for more:
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2023.06.01 22:00 TaehyunsToe Should I move out?

I need help making the decision on whether to move out or not. I am going into my senior year of high school and my family is moving to another state. I cannot currently drive nor do I have a job but have my permit, am close to getting my license, and am going to get a job soon no matter of my living situation. I am aware that I am not financially ready to get an apartment but I do have someone I can be roommates with at least until I enter college and can enter dorms. The real problem with moving and the reason why I'm considering moving out is that I have pretty severe OCD which takes out a lot of day. The way it works makes it so I would be near completely normal if I left the home. It has affected the way I study in school as well as what I generally do in my free time as I don't get much anymore. I do not believe that I could handle moving because I do not want my stuff being messed with along with my private places being disrupted ( I currently have my own bathroom but could not view another as clean for usage of someone else in family has to use it as well). In short, I'm considering moving because I can not emotionally handle a move but am not currently financially stable enough to provide for myself (I would have a roommate and my mother would help me by sending me money every now and then but I would still need to find a job and split bills)
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2023.06.01 22:00 OliveKey2129 Mutual respect

Mutual respect
If the time skip/punishment had been longer, I like to imagine that Hades and Leuce would have gotten together. When the punishment is lifted, Persephone returns to the underworld to find that Hades is happy and they build a respectful friendship while Hades stays with Leuce until she falls sick. Eventually Hades asks Perse to help him by turning Leuce into the white poplar so that he still has her around. Persephone agrees, and the tree that Leuce become holds her soul. (Not realistic, but I think of this as Leuce can still hear everything and have emotions). Hades takes care of Leuce as a tree, but he slowly falls in love with Persephone. He stops visiting Leuce during fall/winter when Perse is in the underworld. Leuce becomes sad and loses her leaves. All that brings us to the actual drawing: Before Perse leaves to attend to spring in the mortal realm, she visits Leuce to thank her for keeping Hades company while she was/is away, and Leuce produces a flower as a symbol of her respect for Perse. I was short on time and didn’t get to shading but still wanted to share something :)
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