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2017.01.02 23:18 sixtysixdays PosterHunt: Follow the clues. Win movie posters.

Win authentic movie posters and other prizes by working with your friends, fellow redditors, or by yourself to solve the clues.

2023.04.01 13:45 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk (Course)

If you want Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).
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2023.04.01 13:43 Tumble-Bumble-Weed Progression Fantasy & LitRPG filter site + request for help

Progression Fantasy & LitRPG filter site + request for help
Hi all, thought I’d start doing an update post once a month to help promote the site. For anyone that is unaware, you can use the Progression Fantasy filter site to search for PF and LitRPG series based on key tags like completion status, reading format, key elements, MC build, POV etc.
For anyone that finds this site useful please help other visitors by either submitting series you’ve read/written or by checking already submitted series to see if any tags are missing. This site is community driven, I try to add as many series myself as I am able, however without reading the series I am only able to add tags that are immediately obvious, this is why it is such a help when others submit series.

New Tag Display
Recent updates:
  • Increased the number of tags available and separated out to give greater control when filtering
  • New display for tags so that they are easier to view and less chaotic
  • New button within tag section for suggesting additional tags or reporting incorrect tags
  • Updated the form for suggesting/reporting tags to be more user friendly
  • 121x General progression fantasy series
  • 255x LitRPG series
  • 716x Users in the last month
  • Most popular tags: City/base builder, Cultivation, Isekai, Post-apocalypse
  • Most visited pages: Cradle & The Reincarnation of Alysara
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2023.04.01 13:42 Temporary-Act7910 New dunks not the same

Has anyone bought a newer dunk model that was released 2020 and later and realized that new dunk models are not even close to older ones, specifically dunks released 2018 and earlier. If you are an OG dunk wearer you can tell easily that these new dunks that are coming out are have been changed drastically in terms of production and materials presumably to cut costs and increases profits for Nike. I mean these new dunks don’t even look or feel the same when you wear them on feet. Personally I owned many pairs of dunks prior to 2018 and they are my favorite shoe model ever so when I heard that Nike is going to be making and releasing new color ways I was really excited. When the pandas came out in 2020 I immediately copped myself a pair and was extremely disappointed. Off the bat I could tell that something was off with it. The material used was completely different and felt so cheap. It’s really sad that since this shoe model has become so mainstream and popular that Nike now puts profits over quality of the shoes. I own multiple dunks released in the early 2000s and it is just crazy the difference in quality and materials compared to newer dunks. Because of this fact I just can’t help but cringe whenever I see someone wearing a pair of “pandas” and all these new horrible quality dunks, because I know that they are just bandwagons and they aren’t even aware of the horrible quality and unoriginal look that these new dunks give compared to older “OG” models. I guess what my overall point is, that dunks have officially been ruined by Nike and will probably never be the same as they used to be
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2023.04.01 13:42 Cosmos606 Conquering Calradia WITHOUT BEING A KINGDOM (guide)

Before everything, we should already meet these requirements;

So how can we beat kingdoms without being a kingdom? Let's go step by step;
  1. Take a rebelled town. Noone will declare war on your clan except the rebel clan which is not a problem.
  2. Join a kingdom as a vassal.
  3. Create an army with your companions only. Then go to battania if you wanna recruit fian champions, or khuzait if you want khan's guards. So basically you're going to make sure all your companions have mostly fians or khan's guards in their party.(Btw, not only leading an army but also upgrading high tier troops give insane amount of xp in Leadership so you also might want to lvl up Leadership during this stage.)
  4. Upgrade all these troops to the top tier by discarding armors/weapons from your inventory. In every town you visit, buy all tier 2 armors/weapons that cost less than 500 Denars, and buy all tier 1 armors/weapons that cost less than 180 Denars. Always have weapons to sell in your inventory so you can get all your money back from the town.
  5. After making sure your own party and your companions parties are full of fians or khan's guards, progress to the next steps below.
  6. Go to your town and create a huge army of vassal parties including your all companion parties. If your companions have high Steward skill, then their max party size will be around 150. 150*4=600 in total. And add your own party too which is around 260 ; 640+260=900 in total.
  7. Once all parties join your army, disband the whole army and immediately leave the kingdom&keep holding your fiefs. Keeping your fiefs while leaving the kingdom will make them declare war on you. Now you're surrounded by 1000+ Men Enemy Army but you also have all companion parties nearby too. With all the fians or khan's guards, it should be easy to beat them with minimal casualties even though you're outnumbered. (The Battle Size Mod plays a big role here since it allows you to spawn more troops right at the start of the battle, instead of spawning them later on and in the middle of nowhere.)
  8. After beating them, take all lords as prisoners and put them in the dungeon of your town.
  9. Now you're in a war with a faction that has almost all its lords in prison. Which means you can take their every single fief by your own. Pick "Festival and Games" as the Daily Default on the manage menu for each fief you take so your fiefs won't rebel due to low loyalty. We have to do this because we don't have any loyalty bonus from policies since we don't have a kingdom. I also believe at this stage it's better to set the Priority of companions parties to "Defensive" so they will patrol around the owned fiefs.
Repeat step 6,step 7,step 8, step 9 for every other kingdom. At the end, you'll conquer all Calradia WITHOUT BEING A KINGDOM :D
I guess this is kind of a playthrough for people who want it more challenging. Or maybe a speedrun category.
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2023.04.01 13:41 langma123 Learn English Language

English is a widely spoken language and is considered to be one of the most important languages in the world. It is the official language of over 50 countries and is spoken by approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide. Learning English language can open up a world of opportunities for individuals in various fields, including education, business, and travel. In this article, we will discuss the importance of learning English and provide tips on how to learn the language effectively.
Why is it important to learn English language?
There are several reasons why learning English language is important. Firstly, English is the language of international communication. It is the most commonly used language in the world of business, science, and technology. Therefore, knowing how to speak and write English can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market.
Secondly, English is the language of education. Many universities and academic institutions require students to have a good understanding of the English language to be able to study and succeed in their courses. Moreover, most academic research is conducted in English, making it necessary for researchers and scholars to have a good command of the language.
Thirdly, learning English language can improve one's ability to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. English is the language of travel, and knowing how to speak English can make it easier for individuals to communicate with people from different countries and enjoy their travel experience to the fullest.
How to learn English language effectively?
Immerse yourself in the language: One of the best ways to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language. This means surrounding yourself with English-speaking people and materials, such as books, movies, and TV shows. This will help you to become more familiar with the language and improve your listening and speaking skills.
Practice regularly: Learning a language requires consistent practice. Set aside some time every day to practice speaking, reading, and writing in English. You can use language learning apps, watch English language videos, or read English language books to improve your skills.
Focus on grammar and vocabulary: Grammar and vocabulary are important components of any language. Learning the grammar rules and building your vocabulary can help you to communicate more effectively in English.
Find a language exchange partner: A language exchange partner is someone who speaks English fluently and is looking to learn your native language. This can be a great opportunity to practice speaking with a native speaker and improve your language skills.
Take an English language course: Taking an English language course can provide a structured approach to learning the language. You can choose to take an online course or attend classes in person. A qualified teacher can help you to identify your weaknesses and provide you with feedback on your progress.
In conclusion, learning English language can open up a world of opportunities for individuals in various fields. It is the language of international communication, education, and travel. By immersing yourself in the language, practicing regularly, focusing on grammar and vocabulary, finding a language exchange partner, and taking an English language course, you can improve your language skills and achieve your language learning goals.
Langma School of Languages is one of the best foreign language institutes in Delhi, India. We offer more than 50 foreign languages courses and classes online and offline in Delhi, India and other countries in the world. Some of them are German language speaking course, Japanese language classes, Spanish language classes, Russian language coaching and so on.
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2023.04.01 13:40 WinchelltheMagician A Mormon Story for Conference Tailgating Parties: 1905 when the Mormon Prophet lied under Oath

A Mormon Story for Conference Tailgating Parties: 1905 when the Mormon Prophet lied under Oath
A favorite Mormon story of mine is when "Prophet" Joseph F Smith perjured himself under oath at the Federal Smoot hearings in Washington DC and then returned to Utah and tried to explain it to the members. The Salt Lake Tribune did not let the matter die easily. The following clippings give a flavor of the SLT reporting. The story was covered every day for a few weeks, with the paper emphasizing that the "prophet" is a liar lying for god while enriching himself off tithing invested in his own commercial interests, that the Mormon church was controlled by 26 men that lived off tithing, bled the state of Utah of $$ needed for internal improvements, that Joseph F Smith was a self-dealing greedy guy setting up the permanent wealth of his "royal family", that the graft of the Church and the fraud of the "prophet" continued because members (as depicted in cartoon) were old and addled, that the "prophet" had lived his life in a Mormon bubble, been raised with the models of previous Mormon leaders that ruled without being questioned and so, was himself out of touch and delusional and unable to comprehend why his actions were being scrutinized and criticized (I speak for God dammit! Do not question God!). Several members that knew JFSmith his entire life and criticized his actions were excommunicated. This was a time when 19th-century cloistered Mormonism of Utah had to deal with the 20th century....modernism, US laws, increased secular society, increased trust in science, increased presence of gentiles in Utah scrutinizing the Mormon rule of Utah (and the first use of the term cult for the Mormon Church), and more Mormons leaving Utah to study or do business with the gentile world ("the Americanization of Mormons"). In seven years, headlines across the country will scream, "Museum Walls Proclaim Fraud of Mormon Prophet" as the Book of Abraham is exposed (again) as a product of Joseph Smith's imagination.
118 years later: Ensign Peak revelations, billions hidden illegally and fraudulently, members told to trust in the divine wisdom of their leaders-"men of god" and to keep paying their membership dues.
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 20 Mar 1905, Mon · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 20 Mar 1905, Mon · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 19 Mar 1905, Sun · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 19 Mar 1905, Sun · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 21 Mar 1905, Tue · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 22 Mar 1905, Wed · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 22 Mar 1905, Wed · Page 4 Interesting theory about testing out a 'big lie'.
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 23 Mar 1905, Thu · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 25 Mar 1905, Sat · Page 1 Note the larger pail of $$$ for the leaders.
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 28 Mar 1905, Tue · Page 1
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) · 30 Mar 1905, Thu · Page 1
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2023.04.01 13:39 madmax9186 I made - a site that helps you choose a new energy supplier

Hi /Columbus,
Like many of you, I was confused about how to select a new energy supplier when I received a notification that AEP’s default rates were increasing. This inspired me to create
My site asks you a few simple questions. Based on your responses, it determines the cheapest energy supplier that fits your needs. You can opt-in to receive an email when your contract ends so you’ll always know the best supplier. There are no ads, and it’s 100% free. I just hope that it’s useful to members of this community.
Remember: Your utility provider (e.g., AEP) still owns the distribution mechanism (i.e., the wires that connect your house to the grid.) After switching energy suppliers you continue to pay your utility, but your price per kWh is determined by your supplier. Your supplier owns the energy, your utility owns the lines.
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2023.04.01 13:39 reaverdude Met up with ElGuerroPuto also known "EGP" on my most recent adventure - 3/27 to 3/31 Trip Report

Just got back from what was my fifth time down in TJ. I have to say, this was my least sex focused trip and I spent more time enjoying Mexican culture and some of the other offerings in Tijuana. I have a solid good five ladies on rotation now so I don't need to do any of the buying drinks or negotiating for arriba downstairs as often. I just have them come directly to my room. I imagine most of here will eventually have our own little rotation after going there enough times so I think it helps to explore more of Tijuana so you have better and different places to take your ladies. That being said I was able to meet up with EGP while I was down there.
Also known as EGP around here. I know some of his posts have been polarizing but I've always thought he provided a ton of value to this sub-reddit as both an English and Spanish speaker, someone that's familiar with the area in Zona Norte and the solid advice he provides keeps guys from having their wallets emptied and their hearts broken. We agreed to meet at Las Chavelas and I was met by a polite, intelligent, well spoken, well dressed and clean cut young man. We ordered a bottle of wine, not the wine scam bottles, but an actual bottle of red vino Cabernet, did some shots and shot the shit for a while. He had some hilarious stories. I can now see why a lot of the top tier girls in HK love him. Random ladies inside the bar complimented us and said we were some classy motherfuckers. It didn't take long for two chicas to join us. EGP had to take care of some personal stuff so I poured him a last glass of wine for the road while I stayed with the two ladies.
EGP man, I still have a cigar with your name on it. Gotta hit up the clubs again the next time I'm down there! Thanks again for being so welcoming on my most recent trip!
For those of you wondering where he went and why he's been missing in action, he's being stalked, harassed and doxxed by a simp/snitch around here named TJCoffeeZilla who has nothing better to do but mass report him from multiple fake accounts. For you new guys, TJCoffeezilla is a beta simp loser who passes information from this sub-reddit to the girls who work in the clubs. Guys who have been around here a while are all aware and usually downvote him into oblivion. You can see how he was exposed here. I recommend everyone here block him if you haven't done so already. I have already done so, but he still lurks around here on fake accounts like the coward that he is.
Speaking of this worthless fucking cocksucker TJCoffeeZilla, I let the two ladies I was with know that I needed to use the restroom. On my way to take a piss, who do I see sitting by the stairs at the back of Hong Kong? TJCoffeeZilla. Unsurprisingly, he was sitting all by himself without any girls. Also as expected, he is every bit as repulsive, obese, slovenly and disgusting as I imagined him to be, except maybe worse because a loser like him actually exists in real life. Someone hit him at birth with the ugly stick and you can easily see where all the obsessive beta simpiness he constantly exudes come from. Imagine not being able to get laid in a whorehouse. Well, TJCoffeeZilla doesn't have to imagine it because he lives it everyday and it happens to him every time he sets foot into any of the clubs. Even when he tries to pay, the girls don't want him.. Even more comical is he's still crying about it as of two days ago. You will be paying for pussy for the rest of your life TJCoffeeZilla and even, the girls there don't want you.
It all makes sense now. How his entire post history is just non-stop whining about the girls in the clubs that refuse to sleep with him. How TJCoffeeZilla simps over all the girls' Instagrams and buys their OnlyFans like the loser that he is. The non-stop simp comments he makes about how he "respects" and puts the girls that work there on pedestals. Hilarious..
One of the girls I was with when I went back to my seat said that he's constantly creeping the girls out and nobody offers him any services because he never has any money. Lol. He just literally sits in Hong Hong for hours and fawns over the working girls, pathetic. TJCoffeeZilla, you will never amount to anything in your life as you are ugly and a terrible person. Sharing information with the girls there because a comment on reddit hurt your feelings is the lowest behavior but it's not unsurprising coming from you. No self respecting man or anyone that commands any sort of respect from others would behave that way. But you're a massive cowardly pussy so you do things like that and it's sad. All this stalking/harassment/making multiple accounts will never change the fact that nobody will ever love you and that you'll be sucking cocks for the rest of your days. There's nobody in this world who hates you more than yourself, you were easy to identify and size up. Everything I said about you here now is true and you know it. This non-feud is over and I'll tell you directly why, I took one look at you as I passed by and you can't kick my ass. Rat simp bitch.
Hong Kong/Lucia
Now that that ugliness is over with, let's move on to better things shall we. I took Lucia, one of the girls I met with EGP up stairs. Just a note, nobody ever tried to charge me over $100. Even though I was with two ladies downstairs, I chose Lucia because she was the sweeter of the two while the other chick was way too aggressive. All natural gal from Guadalajara. Big natural tits and a big ass. Lucia also let me record the session. Usually girls are hesitant to record and even if they agree, they tend to be shy and timid which is understandable. Not Lucia. Not only did she agree, she set up the camera herself, turned all the lights way up and looked directly into the camera when we fucked. BBBJ included as well. Condom broke but luckily I caught it before I put it in. I had so much fun with her that I texted her in the afternoon the next day and she came directly to my room for round two. Will be keeping her in my rotation and hitting her up the next time I'm in town.
I met one of my regular gals here for a drink and I even took Lucia from Hong Kong with me to join us. While there, I saw just the most gorgeous girl on the dance floor. Not usually my type as she had smaller tits and a thinner body but man she was beautiful and just a fantastic dancer. Lucia invited her over, her name was Aphrodite, and then Lucia returned to Hong Kong because I guess they can only stay over at other clubs for so long. What a sweetheart though to make sure I was taken care of because she had to return. I spent the rest of the evening just chatting it up with with her as she was interesting and really sweet to be with. I usually bring some premium cigars with me and like sharing them with other mongers down there and I was able to make some new and old acquaintances while there. Saw my pal on the dance floor with his girlfriend and he invited me over and we all had a fantastic time until I headed off to bed.
Civilian Ladies
As I mentioned earlier in my post. This trip wasn't as sex/Zona Norte focused as my previous ones. As with anything, familiarity breeds contempt and doing things too often can wear out the novelty of things, Zona Norte included. I noticed that often, the local women are just as beautiful, if not more, than a lot of the working girls. The primary purpose of the trip was to meet an old friend who I've known since childhood. Him and his wife bought a home in Tijuana a year ago and his birthday just passed so I wanted to celebrate with them. My friend and his wife invited me to Las Pulgas which is just a fantastic venue. I got to attend my first real Mexican concert!!! Everything is much cheaper here too. No $30 wine scams, waiters bothering you non-stop or overpriced buckets of beer.
While waiting for the concert to start, I saw two beautiful women sitting nearby. One of them was just my type, pale skin, big titties, long black hair and nerdy glasses. The other girl was super cute too, beautiful eyes, shorter light brown hair, tight dress and more of a spinner type. I saw several dudes approach them but they just kept to themselves and danced with each other. I thought to myself "fuck it, I'm on vacation" and decided to just shoot my shot. I approached her and let her know that I wasn't from here, my Spanish wasn't that great, but I'd like to buy her a drink. She immediately invited me to sit down with and we started talking with Google translate. Right as this happened, the concert started and I asked both of them to come with me.
They said they couldn't at first because they didn't have tickets. My buddy who's birthday we were celebrating, the ultimate fucking wingman, was able to get them in even without tickets. Damn, this made me look so good in their eyes and the girls were super excited. Once inside, HOLY SHIT, there were a ton of beautiful women, food was great and there's bars at every corner. The concert was awesome and BOTH girls I brought in were hitting on me at the same time. The spinner girl asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told her "many" and then in Spanish she immediately replied "can I be your next one?" instant crush right there. I ended up spending the rest of the evening with the first girl wearing glasses. I guess the singer for the concert is super famous and was one of her favorites that she even cried when one he sang one of her favorite songs during the concert. It felt really good to be able to do something nice for the both of them as I find Mexican nationals to just be friendlier overall than many people in the states. Amazing time. I think I did pretty well for myself as she called me this evening directly and said she wants to meet up again when I return. This is my first time hooking up with a local gal so if any of you have advice and tips on how to game Mexican locals I'm open to what you have to say.
Overall I think this was one of my favorite trips. My Spanish is slowly improving as well. As I tell you guys usually, dress well, smell nice, have a nice haircut and ask a lot of questions when you're making conversation. Every girl I was with on this trip complimented me on my cologne and loved the smell of it. I also started lifting weights again to fight off some brief depression and inflammation that I was experiencing and received compliments on that as well. So that's something I recommend everyone here do if you don't already. Really helps with any interactions you have with the ladies and it will make you stand out from other guys when you're there. Also, don't jack off or watch any porn a week before you go. The sex will be much more enjoyable.
Only thing I need to ask you all. You guys know of a good and quick laundry service in the zona? I spilled some salsa while eating huevos rancheros on my favorite shirt and I just couldn't get the damn stain out. Good thing it was dark in most of the clubs. As usual, appreciate any comments, feedback, suggestions or advice from you all.
TL;DR: EGP is a solid dude, I recommend exploring more of Tijuana if you get a chance.
P.S. for your guys that travel from California. I usually do something nice for myself when I drive back home from TJ. This includes eating a nice meal and going to some type of museum or car show. This time I went to the Godfather exhibit at the Academy Awards Museum as "The Godfather" and "The Godfather Part 2" are my two favorite movies. Highly recommend if you're a fan and the overall museum is fantastic.
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2023.04.01 13:39 websitedesign056 Webvoom: An affordable digital marketing company

Webvoom: An affordable digital marketing company
In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s essential for businesses to have a strong online presence to reach their target audience. However, digital marketing can be expensive, especially for small businesses with limited budgets. That’s where Webvoom comes in — we’re an affordable digital marketing company that can help businesses of all sizes reach their target audience and achieve their goals.
One of the primary benefits of Webvoom is our affordability. We understand that not all businesses have large marketing budgets, which is why we offer cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Our goal is to provide businesses with high-quality digital marketing services without breaking the bank.
Our affordable digital marketing company include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, email marketing, and more. Each of these services can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their goals.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our SEO services include conducting keyword research, optimizing your website’s content and structure, building high-quality backlinks, and more. By improving your website’s search engine rankings, you can attract more traffic, leads, and sales.
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another effective way to reach potential customers. Our PPC services include creating targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. We conduct extensive keyword research to ensure that your ads are displayed to the right audience, and we continually monitor and optimize your campaigns to maximize your ROI.
Social media marketing (SMM) is a powerful way to engage with your target audience and build brand awareness. Our SMM services include creating engaging social media content, running targeted ad campaigns, and more. We work with businesses to identify the social media platforms that their target audience uses most and create customized strategies for each platform.
Content marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Our content marketing services include creating high-quality, engaging content that is tailored to your target audience. We create blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and other types of content that are designed to attract and engage your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.
Email marketing is another powerful way to reach potential customers. Our email marketing services include creating custom email campaigns that are tailored to your target audience. We create engaging email content that is designed to convert subscribers into customers, drive traffic to your website, and increase brand awareness.
At Webvoom, we understand that the key to successful digital marketing is tracking and analyzing your results. We track and analyze your website’s performance, ad campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI possible. We provide detailed reports that show your progress and make data-driven recommendations for improving your results over time.
In addition to our affordable digital marketing services, we also provide custom website design services. We create websites that represent your brand, engage your target audience, and provide a positive user experience. Our SEO-friendly website design services ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and can rank higher in search engine results pages, leading to more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.
Overall, Webvoom is an affordable digital marketing company that can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their goals. We provide customized digital marketing solutions that are tailored to each business’s unique needs and goals, and we focus on maximizing your ROI by providing cost-effective services that deliver results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed online.
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2023.04.01 13:39 sliverfoxkitty How long should I wait before filing?

I spent so much money before considering filing. I got frustrated with how annoying it was to be frugal and be in debt. At the same time, I was going through an episode due to my mental illness (which most people with it are also reckless with money).
I spent about 9k in credit cards in a span of 2 months. I bought food, stuff on amazon, gift cards for gas, and cosmetics. Nothing too luxurious. It was between 2 cards mostly. I did try to pay them back by doing overtime at my job. So I would pay extra back but it wasn't much. maybe 400$ total that wasn't a minimum payment.
After spending so much, my minimums increased to the point where i am struggling so much to pay them off. I spoke to my therapist that told me that bankruptcy was an option for me and that some of his other patients had filed. We also spoke about life after discharge. I then considered that I should file for bankruptcy.
I did research and I heard that it is best to wait for a month before filing if someone spent a great amount. I heard and saw a couple post that suggest filing many months after. I found a great lawyer that I spoke with about filing and answered all my other questions like how to start the process. I didn't think to tell him about how the 2 of the card amounts are recent and not long-standing. I haven't spoken to my lawyer about it yet.
I want some ideas beforehand of a waiting period. and during that time, I don't think i can pay for my minimums on every card. maybe just on the ones i used recently (the 2 cards). How long have other people waited and how long should I wait after spending that much recently?
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2023.04.01 13:37 harjas2517 The StoryFire platform aims to enhance fan-creator interactions, resulting in improved content quality, greater engagement, and increased earnings for both creators and advertisers.

The StoryFire platform aims to enhance fan-creator interactions, resulting in improved content quality, greater engagement, and increased earnings for both creators and advertisers. This is made possible through the use of the BLAZE token, which restructures incentives and maximizes user attention. Attention generates data, and valuing this attention requires quantitative attribution of data. By doing so, the attention model can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ecosystem as a whole, providing quantitative qualities to all entities involved. BLAZE plays a critical role in enabling this ripple effect.
#StoryFire #Btc #Crypto #Binance
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2023.04.01 13:37 Crowling_Games From making Potion Clicker

From making Potion Clicker
Hi! My nickname is Kakadak and I'm starting my path towards creating computer games. I decided to start by making a clicker that is a clicker and not a "simulator of generating points per second". My new baby is Potion Clicker. It's not some graphical miracle, but I try to add things to it that will make the gameplay more interesting. The principle is simple: You click on the potion icon and you get points for it, which you can use to buy upgrades such as more points per click and points per second. Why did I add points per second if, as I mentioned before, I want to create a CLICKER? Well, point generators are only a small help in getting them. They are expensive and the difficulty of purchasing them increases with the number of purchases. Another element of the game is research that unlocks different things for us, such as books, but more about them later. You can only research one thing at a time. We get research points for clicking on the previously mentioned icon. I also made these books. To create them, we need workers who will collect the leather and paper that are required to create it. Books give us bonuses such as multiplier points per second x3 or x2 and +points per second or click. The game is still under construction and you won't find it anywhere and I will be adding new stuff as time goes by. At the moment the latest version is v0.4.1. Now I'm working on adding levels and new stuff for it. So please follow my work! The game is built using the Unity engine and free assets from the Unity Asset Store.
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2023.04.01 13:37 celestinaeuro Increasing Use of Mixed Xylene in Various Industries Fuels Market Growth

Mixed xylene is a colorless, flammable liquid that is a mixture of different isomers of xylene. It is widely used in various industries, including chemical, automotive, and construction, among others. The global mixed xylene market has been growing steadily over the years, driven by the increasing demand for solvents and chemicals in various industries. In this article, we will discuss the overview, trends, and forecast of the mixed xylene market.
Browse Full Report with TOC -
Overview of the Mixed Xylene Market
Mixed xylene is primarily used as a solvent in various applications, including paints and coatings, rubber and plastics, and printing inks, among others. It is also used as a feedstock in the production of paraxylene, which is used in the manufacture of polyester fibers and resins. Asia-Pacific is the largest market for mixed xylene, followed by North America and Europe. China is the largest producer and consumer of mixed xylene, accounting for more than 40% of the global consumption.
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2023.04.01 13:37 AnotherPerhaps Overwhelmed by research and going through analysis parayalsis!

I have been reading "the forever dog" and also trying to educate myself on pet nutrition. I have 4 month old pups and I just want the best for them. Especially after my first dog died of oral cancer at age 12.
I have been reading raw diet information for 2 months now. So much is out there on not feeding it , like FDA websites or studies published... But then there is the complete opposite too and more overwhelmingly the real experiences of dog owners on all the subs that say it's done wonders for their dogs health, teeth, coat, etc.
I am definitely going to go commercial raw that has a complete diet (I don't think I have the confidence to make a complete meal myself .. at least at the start) and I live right beside a pet store that sells raw which is a nice bonus.
I am worried my vet isn't supportive of raw when I tell her. Her opinion really matters to me. We have been going to her and trust her for over ten years. So comments like "switch vets if they don't support" is scary for me and I probably won't even if she is against it... But it will suck... A lot.
I have some questions if anyone is willing to share their experiences to any of these questions
  1. Should I do the rapid transition and just start raw one morning and completely stop the kibble? How long would the diarrhea last? (I assume there will be just like transitioning diff kibble brands)
  2. Do a lot of dogs refuse to eat raw when starting? I have picky eaters and it's one of my top fears is they won't be interested in it
  3. How often do you rotate your meats or commerce brand? Especially in the beginning. Was going to start with chicken.... And the brand I'm going with to start is "back to raw"
3b. Does anyone revert to cooked meals once in a while when travelling (e.g. boiled chicken, rice, veggies)? / Or how do you handle meals when going camping?
  1. Are there any studies you have read that you can share that will be great to send to family members for them to understand raw better and not judge me (It's hard to find good sources that aren't just blogs or articles written by whoever feels like sharing an opinion... But still easy to read and understand for the everyday person )
Ok thank you! I'm thinking of transitioning after my next vet visit and get the green light. (Which is in two weeks)
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2023.04.01 13:36 GammaChemical New L3 Harris PVS-7W (WFOV)

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2023.04.01 13:36 crispy_luck Promised a raise, and then nothing happened.

My boss has been promising me a substantial raise since I started my job two years ago. I’m required to be certified by the gov to do my job, but to be certified you need experience in the field (without getting into what I do). So I was promised $23/hr while training, which would increase to $31/hr when certified. I completed the training about 6mos ago, at which point my boss said I missed the raise deadline and he “can’t afford it” anymore. I am now completely limited to a “cost of living” raise- $1/hr per year or until my boss changes his mind again. It will take nearly a decade of this job to get to that pay rate now. In the meantime my boss is making more money off of me than his other employees, at a gross rate of about $75-100/hr based on what we charge customers. I’m livid, and I have a hard time going to work these days. But this place still pays better than other companies in my field.
Do they want me to quit? Because this is how you make people quit. I feel like I can’t argue for that raise without being fired but I worked my ass off to get it. Dirty fucking pool, man.
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2023.04.01 13:35 dr_marco_metzler The Golden Conundrum: How Fed Manipulation and Paper Gold Threaten Investors

📉 The price of gold has been subject to manipulation for many years, with many investors claiming that central banks, including the Federal Reserve, are responsible for driving down the price of gold through naked short selling and other means. These allegations have led to concerns about the true value of gold and the potential impact on investors who hold gold as a safe-haven asset.
📈 Despite the allegations of manipulation, some analysts predict that the price of gold could experience a short squeeze in the near future. A short squeeze occurs when investors who have sold gold short are forced to buy back the metal at higher prices, leading to a rapid increase in the price of gold.
💰 The recent surge in demand for physical gold, coupled with concerns about the impact of inflation on the global economy, could contribute to a short squeeze in the gold market. This would be good news for investors who hold physical gold, as they would likely see a significant increase in the value of their holdings.
📊 However, investors who hold paper gold, such as gold ETFs, may not see the same benefits. Paper gold represents a claim on physical gold, but there is often more paper gold in circulation than actual physical gold, leading to concerns about the true value of these assets.
💡 In light of these developments, it's important for investors to consider the potential risks and benefits of holding physical gold versus paper gold. While physical gold may offer greater protection against manipulation and other risks, it can also be more difficult and costly to store and transport.
🌟 In conclusion, the manipulation of the gold market by central banks and other entities is a serious concern for investors. However, the potential for a short squeeze in the gold market could provide an opportunity for investors who hold physical gold to see a significant increase in the value of their holdings. As always, it's important for investors to stay informed about market trends and developments and to consider the potential risks and benefits of their investment strategies.
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and a like!
For more information, see these links:
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2023.04.01 13:35 RyanzRetroReviewz The Vikings - 1958 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz

The Vikings - 1958

The Vikings is a 1958 epic semi historical/romance movie directed by Richard Fleischer (the son of the great american animatoinnovator and early cartoon producer Max Fleischer, responsible for the creations of Popeye the Sailor man, Betty Boop and many more), who after having spent years in the B movie industry, was now riding high on the success of his Walt Disney produced 1954 adaption of the classic Jules Verne novel "20,000 leagues under the sea" (also starring Kirk Douglas) when he decided to take on the helms of this larger scale and more adult oriendted epic full of love, lust and bloodshed all set in the Viking Age of England and Scandinavia.
With the starring role of this picture going to the mammoth of acting that was Kirk Douglas (although before the more well known "Spartacus" from 1961, this is after he had played the part of Perseus in the 1956 "Ulysseus" movie, so he was already on top), fresh off his hot streak with his new sidekick of a director from "20,000" (Douglas personally hired Fleishcer for this, being that it was his own production company behind the financing). He is non-casually joined by the all time (and/or old time) Hollywood couple Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (progenitors of the now Scream Queen of old, not to mention still world class beauty, Jamie-Lee Curtis) making this their fifth out of eleven movies together, as well as a big old bowl of Ernest Borgnine dumped on top, having already solidified himself on the big screen as both a well known character actor and a main star. Now, when a movie can boast about having such a combination of high quality talent as this, you know it's bound to be great (although, there are exceptions).
The prologue title sequence of this movie alone is worth note, giving us the audience the pleasure of hearing the stern but soothing (if that makes any sense) voice of the great Orson Welles as he explains to us the whos, whats, whens, and why's of the viking expansions and invasions into the British Isles, as well as the political landscape of England itself at this time in history. This is done as we're shown a bunch of spectacuclar tapestry/parchment paper drawings of Vikings battling against Englishmen, complete with a more than perfectly passionate orchestral theme that invokes the thought of the King Arthur tales of yore, all coming together to add a real sense of authenticity to this epic that we've yet to even see begin...which it does with a bang.
Or the swipe of a sword to be more exact, as the viking leader Ragnar (Borgnine) and his band of warriors fall down upon the camp of the English King Edwin of Northumbria. The two leaders enter into a private duel in the King's tent, with Ragnar slaying his foe and further forcing himself down upon the deadman's wife, Queen Enid, ultimately and unknowingly impregnanting her before disappearing back into the Northlands. Knowing that the child is that of Ragnar's, but will still be seen as a threat to the new King Aella (Frank Thring), Enid gives birth to the child whom she names Eric, in secret and finally sends him away to Italy with her most confident of priests, placing the hilt stone of the King's rightful sword on a rope around his next to later one day be indentified as true heir to the throne of Northumbria.
Years later at the court of King Aella, we come to meet princess Morgana of Wales (Janet Leigh), as her Father pledges her to Aella as a token of alliance between their two kingdoms. King Echbert of Wessex (James Donald) is then brought up on charges of aiding the Vikings in their raids on England's kingdom's in order to protect his own lands, and is thrown into the dungeons to die. We learn that the charges are true when Echbert escapes from Northumbria and finds refuge with the Viking leader Ragnar aboard his longship. The vikings travel back to Scandinavia with Echbert and his promises to continue providing them with coastline and river maps for further raid and plunder.
The incredbily wide shot scenes of the long ships coming into port in the fords of Norway are truly spectacular (clearly being filmed on location), elevated by the realistic built sets that make up the Viking and village (not to mention the ships themselves), as well as the dozens of costumes and hairstyles worn by the extras that are showcased throughout (and a really awesome Viking horn blower welcoming the warriors back home each time, echoing the fantastic sounding orchestral theme of the movie yet again). Also, we now get some of that real over the top barbarian type behaviour being portrayed by Ainar (Douglas), son of Rangar, as we, the mostly uneducated in history average film-goer, would expect out of any and all vikings on screen (it is pretty awesome though); complete with beer guzzling, barell smashing, deranged angry tones, and wishes for barrels of blood to guzzle down instead of that of beer.
Ainar hates all Englishmen, but agrees to his Father and Chieftain's demands to keep after Echbert and see that he wants for nothing. One day while breaking in their hunting hawks, Ainar starts up a confrontation with a slave named Eric (Tony Curtis), the unknowing son of Ragnar, subsequent half brother of Ainar, and true King of Northumbria, who had been abducted from his ship en route to Italy all those years ago. Eric then sicks his own hawk that he's recently found onto his oppressor, leaving Ainar with only one good eye, and himself now with a guaranteed death sentence.
At the feasting hall however, a volva woman steps in against Ragnar's judgement of death, claiming that the gods do not wish for Eric to die by any man's hand, to which Ragnar outsmarts and has Eric taken instead to a rock pool off the coast at high tide to await an eventual death from drowning. Echbert though finds the stone from around Eric's neck and, realizing who he is, goes down to the rock pool to save him and claim him as his own slave in order to keep him safe from Ainar. We also get some more awesome over the top barbarian type behavior, now complete with ass smacking, random kissing orgys, more beer guzzling and axes being thrown at a viking's wife's hair braids to judge wether she's been faithful or not (this movie's about as toxic male chauvinist as it gets, but still... really awesome).
Echbert eventually finishes his maps for the Vikings, as well giving them the idea to abduct and ransom Princess Morgana before her marriage to Aella, with Ainar carrying out the task and giving us a pretty decent battle at sea in the process. Ainar though, now falls madly in love with Morgana and wishes to claim her as his own. When back at the hall once again, we get even more over the top barbarian behavior, beer guzzling, rape jokes, etc, etc, (what do you want from them?, they're Vikings), all this before Ragnar finally concedes to his son's wants and needs, allowing him to claim Morgana as his own. But when Ainar tries to force himself upon her, Eric appears from behind and knocks him out, bringing Morgana to escape with him on a boat to England.
A really-rad boat chase scene ensues through the fog filled fjords, culminating in the collision of both Ragnar and Ainar's boats into one another, sending half of the Vikings to their deaths. All but Ragnar that is, who's saved and pulled onto Eric's boat, heading straight for the King of Northumbria. Ainar swears revenge against Eric, while the two escapees fall madly in love en-route to England.
At the court of King Aella, Eric hands over Ragnar then asks that Morgana be relieved of her pledge of marriage, to which she agrees with. The King demands that she take more time to reflect with her priest, then forces Eric to try to take part in the execution of Ragnar by pushing him into a rabid wolf pit. Eric refuses by cutting Ragnar's bonds and giving him a sword, so that he may die a warrior's death and be aloud to enter Valhalla, giving us an extremely climactic ending of Ernest Borgnine's character in this tale as he raises his arms and voice to summon Odin the All-Father, before jumping to his death in the wolf pit, sword in hand and smile on his face (man Vikings were badass!).
Eric has his hand chopped off as punishment and is set adrift into the sea, but not before the priest -and Morgana find the King's "Pummel-stone" amongst Eric's belongings, coming to the realization that he is the true heir of Northumbria. Morgana then runs in the room just in time to see Eric's amputation, letting out a horrific scream at the sight of it (she wasn't called America's first "Scream Queen" for nothing folks. So this is where Jamie-Lee gets it from eh).
Back in Scandinavia, Ainar is now King of the Vikings, but can't seem to raise an army to retrieve Morgana, until Eric comes back and tells them of Ragnar's death. The two (still unknowing) half brothers now team up to defeat the tyrant King Aella, to both gain revenge for Ragnar and to rescue Morgana, leading the "Great Heathen Army" across the sea to England (in the year of our lord 865 for those of you history buffs).
Between the ships leaving of Scandinavia, and the army's landing and setting up of their assault on Northumbria, you really come to ask yourself as to why film-goers are NEVER treated to such a large scale production as this anymore (well, at least not since The Lord of The Rings as I recall). The amount of extras, costume pieces and props required for this must have been incredible, but all completely necessary in the creation of a full on believable historic setting such as this.
So the Vikings land and lay siege unto Aella's stronghold, battering rams, catapults, axes, spears, swords, the works (not to mention Kirk Douglas scaling the Castle's front door using only axes for leverage. Again, you just don't see stuff like this anymore). Ainar cuts his way through to Morgana's room, but upon realizing that she loves Eric, and that Eric is also a son of Ragnar, he takes her to confront his half brother and fight for their prize.
Eric meets Ainar at the top of the castle and the two enter into an extremely well coordinated battle of the blades, until Ainar breaks Eric's sword that is. But Eric seizes a moment of hesitation that befalls Ainar, and stabs his half brother in the gut with the broken down blade of his sword. Ainar then drops his sword, but Eric picks it up and gives it back to him, again allowing for a true Viking death. He uses the last of his strength in a final roar to summon up Odin, then Ainar is no more. Eric and Morgana embrace each other with love bringing us to the end of this movie, but not before treating the audience to an authentic Viking cremation funeral for Ainar, in which he is cast off to see in a ship and flaming arrows sent flying to the mass. We watch the ship and Ainar's body burn as the credits to "The Vikings" comes up once more, leading us into the ending credits with more authentic looking parchment scroll drawings of the Vikings battling against Englishmen, and finally coming together as one (accompanied again by the awe inspiring orchestral themes of yore every step of the way).
To sum it all up, "The Vikings" (1958) is literally THE - BEST Viking movie that's ever been made. Full of high quality A-list stars (to which I'd say is one of both Kirk's and Tony's coolest characters ever portrayed on screen), and a great group of secondary character actors like James Donald, Frank Thring, Eileen Way and many more. The story is well put together by screenwriters Calder Willingham and Dale Wiserman (based on a novel by Edison Marshall), with the underlying theme being the coming together of two peoples, as well as giving us a pretty cool backstory for a very real and historic time in Northwestern Europe. The wide scale shots and surrounding sceneries caught by DP Jack Cardiff are truly amazing, joined by epic scale (and pretty damn authentic) sets-props-hairstyles and makeups, very well coordinated swordfights and stunts, and lets not forget the awe inspiring orchestral theme of yore laid down by composer Mario Nascimbene and conductor Franco Ferrara. All this is brought together perfectly by director Max Fleischer in what was defenitely the largest scale movie of his career. I would recommend this movie not only to fans of retro cinema, but to anyone who loves epic scale warrior movies, as well as to general ancient world history buffs.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:35 Habiibi88 Ongoing activism against arms dealing between Finland and Israel (30.03 - present)

Ongoing activism against arms dealing between Finland and Israel (30.03 - present)
Ahead of Finland’s General Election this Sunday, Finnish human rights activists projected slogans on the capital city Helsinki’s landmarks on 30th of March, 2023, as an act of solidarity for Palestinian people. The action is part of the Killer Deal campaign which calls Finland to stop arms trade with Israel.
Internationally acclaimed Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Israel's new government's systematic demolition of housing, forced evictions and other forms of escalating violence against Palestinian people has compelled Finnish activists to question a recently announced €200 million trade with a Israel State owned arm manufacturer.
As Finland is preparing for general elections on Sunday, the activists published a survey exposing the electorate's dissonant views regarding human rights and arms trade. The activists are calling for the end of arms trade with Israel in light of Israel's recently announced plans to annex Palestinian territories – a process condemned by international law.
Finland’s Ministry of Defense headquarters on March 30th, 2023. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Young nations share a gruesome trade history in the arms industry
In December 2022 Finland announced that it will buy over €200 million worth of missiles from the Israeli government-owned corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Other purchases from Israel in the same year include almost €100 million worth of rockets and radios from Elbit Systems. These bring the Israeli percentage of new arms deals the Finnish government announced in the past year to over 40%.
This is a big increase. During 2008–2021, Finland spent over €400 million on military equipment from Israel, about 5% of its arms purchases. Finland bought anti-ship missile systems, multi-mission radars, field radios and communications equipment.
Parallel to the arms trad, Israel has continued escalating its oppression of Palestinians. During 2022, Israel killed more Palestinians on the occupied West Bank than during any year since 2005. Human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and B'Tselem have published reports showing that the Israeli regime of oppression and domination over Palestinians constitutes the crime of apartheid.
This regime is maintained with constant violence. Israeli companies market their weapons as field-tested, using the Occupied Palestinian Territories as their laboratory and treating Palestinians as guinea pigs. Thousands have been killed and tens of thousands wounded, mostly civilians, by Israeli attacks in the last 10 years alone. According to the UN, 75 Palestinians have been killed by Israel only this year (2023). The killings continue with the pace of one Palestinian life lost every day.
During the past decade, Israel has moved from apartheid towards fascism. The current Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich defines himself as a “fascist homophobe”. As hundreds of thousands of Israelis have risen to protest against fascism, the Finnish government continues with its plans to buy hundreds of millions of euros worth of missiles from Israel, supporting apartheid.
The Helsinki Cathedral on March 30th, 2023. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Activists surveyed candidates running for re-election
Parliamentary representatives running for re-election in the April 2023 General Election in Finland were surveyed about their opinions regarding arms trade between Finland and Israel, and the Palestinian human rights situation that is directly impacted by Israel arms industry.
"Israel does not comply with UN resolutions. According to international law, Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian territories, and arms trade with this country must be seriously considered," says MP Kimmo Kiljunen (SDP), a member of the defense committee who responded to the survey.
The survey approached 194 candidates running for re-election from ten parties, out of which 51 from eight parties were surveyed.
Of the respondents to the survey, 43% support the arms trade between Finland and Israel, and 30% oppose it. Yet, in the same breath, 67% said they would advance the human rights situation of Palestinians if re-elected, while only 6% said they would not. The question arises: How is it possible to support arming the oppressor while simultaneously vouching to advance the human rights of the oppressed?
The General Election is held on Sunday the 2nd of April, 2023.
The Helsinki Central Railway Station on March 30th, 2023 Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
More information about the Killer Deal campaign:
Download link for web and print quality images:
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2023.04.01 13:34 AnotheRRandomGGuy Serious question: Where are all the cars in Amsterdam?

Hey guys, I just saw an argument for not reducing car infrastructure in the city of Prague (objectively infested with cars): That in other cities the same percentage of people (or even more) travel by car:
Prague: 25%
Copenhagen: 26%
Amsterdam: 27-42% (depends on source)
Vienna: 28%
Stockholm: 47%
Yet, Amsterdam looks amazing, peaceful (as shown in NJB videos) and Prague looks like this (And Adam visited many cities...).
Can someone please explain to me, where the real difference is? How is it possible, that the numbers say something else than we can literally see in the cities?
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2023.04.01 13:34 sparrahork This makes me hopping mad...

I won't name names, but there is one contributor whose posts are always entertaining, however they never appear by the time I look at posts as been down-voted by so many.
I look forward to reading their conspiracy theories, how their win ratio is kept low by insider's who have a button that makes their ball ping out of the hole (regardless of what Mach speed it is travelling at).
So please, be nice out there and let us all read and learn about the insider tricks that allow some players to do so well.
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2023.04.01 13:33 edvards48 [EU-LV] [H] GWolves HTX Ace, Pulsar X2, Lamzu Atlantis, Fantech Aria XD7, Ninjutso Katana Superlight, Artisan Hien XL Soft Red [W] Paypal

- Any additional videos/images of the mice or pad will be provided in PMs if requested. - Willing to hear out any offers. - ONLY SHIPPING TO EU
HTX Ace + Pulsar X2 Receiver (the cable thing) Used for under 1h. Will include a spare Pulsar X2 receiver (does not originally come with one, only the dongle and charging cable), all extras are included. Asking for 105€ , Shipping Covered. Paid 125$ Mouse+Shipping on official website.
Ninjutso Katana Superlight Used for under 12h, will include everything that came in the box. Asking for 85€ , Shipping Covered. Paid 105 € Mouse+Shipping on MaxGaming.
Pulsar X2 + Thin Grips/Extra Stock Skates Used for under a week, switch swapped to blue shell pink dots with m1 and m2 slightly bent for better click feel, comes with pulsar thin grips, pulsar control skates and 2 sets of normal pulsar skates, pcb is slightly damaged in soldered locations but everything works fine, can show images/videos. Asking for 80€ , Shipping Covered. Paid ~125 € Mouse+Shipping+Control Skates/Grips on MaxGaming.
Fantech Aria XD7 Used for only a few hours, switch swapped to TTC Gold 30ms with some dot skates applied (protective cover still on), comes with all in the box extras but the solder joints are a bit damaged although everything works fine, can show images/videos. Asking for 55€, Shipping Covered. Paid ~80 € Mouse+Shipping on Amazon.
Lamzu Atlantis Used for ~100h, no shine on plastic. Comes with anything that might've been in the box, poron strips caused issues (can be seen in a previous post of mine) so they were removed and the additional travel distance was compensated for by slightly bending m1 and m2, can show demo in pm. Asking for 80€, Shipping Covered. Paid ~120 € Mouse+Shipping on MaxGaming.
Artisan Hien Soft XL Wine Red Used for under 6h, no stains/wear, comes in original packaging. I simply prefer my zero soft over this. Asking for 65€, Shipping Covered. Paid ~75 € Pad+Shipping on MaxGaming.

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