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2023.03.22 06:14 tajwaycab The Perfect Getaway: Unwind and Explore Agra with Tajway Cabs' Hassle-Free Car Rentals

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2023.03.22 06:10 Xx_Wion_xX Is Anyca any good for renting cars?

I came across anyca and this was something really new to me since I never heard of car sharing before but only car rental. I downloaded anyca already and signed up and everything, I just wanna know what their attitude would be towards a gaijin like me lol. Although I have heard negative opinions I have equally read/heard good opinions too. Just to let u know I have a Japanese driver's license btw. Also, if there are any other car sharing services besides careco and times let me know!
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2023.03.22 06:08 Severe_Category_14 comfortable ride with outstation car rental Make My Lease

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2023.03.22 05:53 waaayupthere Quality Budget Build

Hey so im completely new and ignorant to the car av world. I just bought a new truck and was wanting to invest in a sound system. I wanted some suggestions on what I can expect to get for my budget.
I have a 2022 Ram 1500 (quad cab.) Im looking to spend around $1000 on equipment. And was wanting speakers, amp, subs, box etc. I’m not so focused on being heard from 2 blocks away. Im aiming more for quality with some smooth bass. Any information helps. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 05:52 jaycuboss Car Rental in Java, Surabaya/Melang/Yogyakarta areas

I am interested in renting a car in Melang on March 24th, driving to Yogyakarta area to do tourist stuff, then driving it back to Surabaya the evening of March 26th ahead of my departing flight the morning of March 27th. I have arranged for my Indonesian friend to meet us in Melang and be our driver and to stay with us through March 27th, but he's not very familiar with Java, so trying to to understand our options.
Is there a rental car company with locations in both Melang and Surabaya so that I can rent the car in Melang, and return the car in Surabaya?
Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated!
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2023.03.22 05:39 CapybaraCavalcade Flight arrives @ KEF at 4:30am—need advice!

Our flight will be arriving in Reykjavik at 4:30am. Even counting the time it will take to collect our bags, go through customs, and pick up our car rental, we will still be hotel-less as early as 6am, and check in for our hotel is not until 3pm. Any suggestions for how to handle this? Hang out at a cafe with early hours? Pay for a hotel room at an airport hotel the night before and get some rest there and possibly request late check out? We will have kids with us so we are not keen on the idea of them sleeping for ~4-5 hours on the plane and then trying to drag them to sites and adventures right away. Any suggestions welcome!
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2023.03.22 05:38 Throw_away_debt_help £15k debt on 23k salary. At a complete loss. Is there any hope?

Hello, I really need some advice. Firstly I apologise for the long read, it’s 4:30am and I’m not sure how best to word this so I’m just writing it down as it comes to me.
I (39M) am at a loss of what to do. In the last year things have spiralled way out of control due the cost of living and my own stupidity which has been exacerbated with my mental health deteriorating.
I’m currently around £14-15k in debt roughly £7-8k is what I’m referring to as bad debt, credit cards, a personal loan and some council tax arrears. The rest of it is what’s left on my car loan.
With my car I refinanced last year from a PCP loan to Hire Purchase as there was no way I was going to be able to afford the final balloon payment and this still has just under 4 years at £142 a month.
I have £500 left on my personal loan at £182 a month with the last payment due in June but this will be swallowed by this years council tax and water bill
These debts are factored into my monthly outgoings.
My other debts which are spread out over 4 credit cards, council tax arrears and a water bill are currently not factored into my outgoings but I just don’t have the money to make any reasonable payments on them.
I make around £23k a year and get a little over £1600 a month in net pay.
I’m currently paying out roughly £1280 a month the day after payday which covers my rent, bills minus council tax and water plus £200 to my children’s mother leaving me with less than £400 a month to cover food, petrol and other day to day costs.
Last year I attempted to gain control and spoke with a debt management company who proposed an IVA. I almost signed but something was niggling me about it and I pulled out at the 11th hour. Although I need to be strict the rigidity of the agreement really put me off. Not being able to break the agreement without incurring a huge cost should my circumstances change for example. I then buried my head in the sand for some stupid reason.
Back in February I went through Step Change and got myself onto a breathing space for 60 days whilst I tried to figure it out but to no avail. After doing a budget planner with Step Change they suggested a DMP of £30 a month which is pretty much all I have left but looking back I feel I was too tight on my budget so I’m not sure this is even doable plus there’s no guarantee my creditors will accept that and it will take over 20 years to clear my debt at that rate!
I tried to get a second job doing something like pizza delivery but everywhere wanted weekend cover which I can’t do as I have my children on the weekends.
We’re now almost 4 months into 2023 and I don’t know how I’ve made it this far. I have bailiffs chasing me for the council tax arrears that I have no way of paying, the credit cards have defaulted and I’m at a complete loss of what to do, I can’t sleep, I’m barely eating and I can feel myself spiralling.
If anyone can give me some advice or explains some options I may have e overlooked I’d be really grateful.
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2023.03.22 05:37 Immersion_In_Writing What’s the best way I can escape my town? I need something new.

Hi! I’m 21M, about to graduate from college with a computer science degree. The downside is that I’m in a very tech-dead part of Alabama, so there are absolutely zero job openings related to my degree (or tech in general).
Right now, I’m working a retail job that is grueling with little reward. I’m not getting paid much, on average $200/week. I’m living with my parents while working and doing school, so I haven’t been worrying about rent. But since I’m only being paid $200/week, there is absolutely no way I can rent myself an apartment (also no rental offers in my area, which is strange).
What I was thinking about doing was getting myself a job related to my degree in another city/state, probably doing software engineering. But truth be told I hated anything to do with computer science, even programming. I’ve been working through this degree for the past 4 years and got horribly depressed because of it, but I stuck with it because of the promise of money. Now, I’m not even sure if I want to pursue a related job after I get my degree. From my past courses, I just remember being… unhappy because I never enjoyed anything the courses offered.
What’s worse is that my family has really been pushing me to get a related job now - for example, I was told to get an IT job while I was in my sophomore year of college. They don’t understand what it takes to get that sort of job, but the most common thing I hear from them is how they want me to spend my paycheck on them. Stuff like a new car, house, etc. - it’s ridiculous.
So bringing it to where I am now, I am unsure of how I can get out of my town. It just seems so impossible because of the lack of offers in my area. I’m just so tired, and I really want some advice so I can figure out what to do.
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2023.03.22 05:36 babykaysayshey Tinder POT took me shopping and I feel like I could have gotten way more..

I'm sorry y'all, brevity is not a core competency of mine..
TLDR: Tinder POT took me shopping on a first date, spent $200, probably would have spent more but I was nervous and didn't have a ton of time. Trying to figure out if there's a way to turn it into an SR and advice on the approach for that, or whether I just try and use the relationship to get new clothes, and what some good strategies would be to do that while he is out of town for a month. Also getting over the guilt over asking for things when they aren't particularly wealthy but seem generous.

Too Long Version:
I've been getting on Tinder and seeing what's out there and flailing a bit and being real messy. I had been chatting with a POT who has his life in two places while he is moving out to my city where his son lives. We met up the first time for a shopping and lunch date. I wasn't even sure if he was planning on buying for me, but I thought so since he asked me if I wanted anything last time he was at Costco. I blanked out and asked for TP, wtf is wrong with me y'all 😂😭😂. Its been a long time since I've had a bf take me shopping and I've NEVER had someone do that on a first date, so I felt really awkward and out of my depth. It wasn't even anything super fancy/designer. Got a purse and a top at the first store for $120 and then he spent $80 more at the second store. We had lunch, made out for a minute in the parking garage and went our separate ways.
He's only here for 7-10 days at a time and spends as much time with his son as possible so its been/will be easy to delay further intimacy. I'm also not super attracted to him, but he's fine, late 40s, bland personality but fine to talk to. I don't think he's super wealthy.. I'm sure he does fine as a software engineer that works on military contracts, but his rental car wasn't nice. He seems keen to buy me things, particularly clothes and I could use 'em right now. I feel kind of guilty which is dumb and I'm trying to get over that. I told him I was a little shy at our date because I wasn't used to someone being so generous and shopping for me like that. he said he enjoyed getting out and having such a good day with a beautiful, charming woman. I got one more lunch with him, no shopping, right before he left town for a month. I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not... I'm not sure how to walk the line of showing I'm interested in him and not just his money, but also training him that I only show up when gifts are involved.
I feel pretty empowered when I meet someone from a sugar site, because I know they are about it and I can confidently articulate my needs and boundaries. Seeking has really been drying up for me, so I'm trying to explore other methods for finding a legit SR. When it comes to tinder, it feels like the line is more blurred and it can be hard to get a read on how they feel about an SR. I seem to see two schools of thought on here:
  1. Get them off the app, unmatch and just straight up propose it. This seems clunky and unlikely to work with this guy if he hasn't brought up sugaring language first.
  2. Avoid Sugaring language at all costs, delay intimacy, ask for gifts and... poof! SR?
At this point, shopping trips for making out seems like a great exchange to me, especially if he's willing to spend more, which I think he is. He is out of town for a month though and I want to see if I can get him to spend online for me a bit while he's gone. Any recs for doing that? I'll offer pictures of me wearing items, or maybe try and entice him with an unboxing date when he gets back into town. Would you try and turn it into an SR? Is it always the best option to delay intimacy as long as possible or will some get frustrated and move on?
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2023.03.22 05:35 DecentLlama Legal right to car repair bill

I visited Iceland last month, and got a small chip on the windshield of our rental car. Budget charged me the full cost of replacing the windshield, but the employee told me to ask for the repair bill by email a few weeks later. He explained that by law they have to provide me with that, and refund the difference between what I paid and what the repair actually cost. This is especially important as it’s likely the chip was fixed without replacing the whole windshield.
Is there validity to what he said? Anyone knows about this law or has experienced this? I’ve been emailing them for almost two weeks with no response.
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2023.03.22 05:30 CrispySamosa Need advice for my headlights and if I should return to auto shop for a third time

Hello! I have purchased a few things from my auto shop trying to fix the output of light from my headlights, and I’m still not satisfied with the outcome. I’m trying to get advice on if this is the best I’m going to get or if I should return again.
My car is a 2013 Honda C-RV. The casing of the headlights had become yellow and cloudy to the point that the guy at my annual check (the one needed for car registration) said he wouldn’t pass me the next year with those headlights. When I went to my auto shop to replace them, the mechanic said they would do a restoration instead. When the restoration was done, I was happy with the result, as it was fairly clear now.
After driving for a bit though, it was obvious that the bulb still needed to be replaced. I was squinting at the road and eventually stopped driving at night completely, as I could see very little in comparison to my partners car. When I came back and got the new headlights, they used an LED conversion kit and new LED bulbs. These were visibly brighter than my old ones, but I called them up and asked if it was possible to get brighter ones, as these weren’t as huge of a difference as I expected. They said there was (they said they put a mid-range brightness on mine for the first pair) and put a new pair of bulbs in and now it seems like they’re less bright than the first pair, more blue, and the light is shining a bit inconsistently now. I am disappointed that I seem to have liked the first set of LED bulbs better.
My doubt with myself is that I’m definitely comparing to what I see driving other cars (my partners and rentals). They have a large area of bright light, and it’s very easy to see, but these cars are much newer. I actually got my eyes checked because of how much I was struggling to see with my car and all is good (I’m in my 20s).
Is this something to leave alone as my car is just older or ask them about again?
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2023.03.22 05:16 venomcloud1 Hybrid or Electric Car for under 31k with range post tax deductions?

I'm graduating from university in the next year and I'm doing research on potential cars. My budget is currently 31k, partially from money that I've earned and partially from family. As a younger environmentally conscious guy, I'm most interested in hybrid and electric cars. My main concern for electric vehicles is range, as it's possible I would need to move across the country using this car.

While I would be eligible for a 2.5k deduction due to Virginia laws (I believe) I would not qualify for the federal 7.5k tax credit on electric vehicles. This seems to put all electric vehicles with 250+ mile ranges out of my max price.
For Hybrid cars my priorities are as follows.
  1. Safety.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Fuel Economy.
  4. Looks. (My dad refuses to help pay for cars that he thinks are "ugly")
  5. Performance
I've been doing a bit of research, and these are the two cars I'm leaning toward at the moment.
  1. Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid. Reliable, safe. 30.75k. 44/47 MPG.
  2. Honda Accord Sport Hybrid. Slightly less reliable, safe(?). no AWD. 29.5k. 46/41 MPG.
I can't seem to find many differences between the two other than AWD and price. Are there differences I'm missing? Are there similar cars that I'm not considering? Thanks!

*No Hyundais are included as my dad sees them as "super ugly" :)
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2023.03.22 05:12 joeytribbian1 AAMI home insurance twice the price of Budget Direct? Why?

Trying to insure my rental and compared these two companies. AAMI = $2300 p/a. Budget Direct = $890 p.a (30% first year discount, so more like $1200ish going forward). I entered all the same details on both sites. Why so different?

**Update: AAMI seems to have no excess, and Budget Direct is $1000 for Home and $750 for contents. Still weird though.
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2023.03.22 04:53 SDnewguy Need advice on whether to finance or pay cash

Hello, I might need some advice, here is my situation. I moved to the US (San Diego) from Europe, my wife and I have around 10k in savings and a rental property in Poland. Our combined income is 180k, we have no debt (other than the rental property, but it is essentially being paid by the rent payments) We keep saving/investing every month, but I definitely want to have a bigger emergency account and start saving to buy a home in San Diego. 1 month ago, I bought a car from my neighbor for 5.7k, a week after, a dude lost control and hit us in the highway (total loss), the insurance payment will be around 14k (poor neighbor). What would make more sense? 1) Buy a car for 14k. 2) Buy a cheap car with cash and save 4-5k (Prices are crazy) 3) Buy a cheap cheap car financing it, and have 12k for saving/investments. In this option, the objective is to take advantage of compound interest, and obviously add money every month. In case of a serious emergency, we can always pull money fast.
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2023.03.22 04:51 metalhe4der Moving to Port Jefferson. Tips and advice?

Moving from Brooklyn. Wife will be working in Port Jefferson, I’m remote. Moving with her and a 2 yr old around May/June. Seems like rental communities are the main options around here? Can’t really find other rentals since it seems mostly homeowners around on the island. Open to a relatively small commute in nearby areas too (we’d commonly be shopping by Smith Haven mall probably, for example). Could probably be open to going as far as Smithtown.
Just don’t know what are safe neighborhoods, family-friendly and preferably somewhat diverse around (is that a big ask?).
What areas should we avoid? Are there any go-to sites to check for rentals? Budget is flexible. General recommendations and advice welcome and appreciated! Thanks.
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2023.03.22 04:48 SDnewguy Need advice on whether buy cash or financing

Hello, I might need some advice, here is my situation. I moved to the US (San Diego) from Europe, my wife and I have around 10k in savings and a rental property in Poland. Our combined income is 180k, we have no debt (other than the rental property, but it is essentially being paid by the rent payments) We keep saving/investing every month, but I definitely want to have a bigger emergency account and start saving to buy a home in San Diego. 1 month ago, I bought a car from my neighbor for 5.7k, a week after, a dude lost control and hit us in the highway (total loss), the insurance payment will be around 14k (poor neighbor). What would make more sense? 1) Buy a car for 14k. 2) Buy a cheap car with cash and save 4-5k (Prices are crazy) 3) Buy a cheap cheap car financing it, and have 12k for saving/investments. In this option, the objective is to take advantage of compound interest, and obviously add money every month. In case of a serious emergency, we can always pull money fast.
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2023.03.22 04:35 MortemWiz Which of these three are the best bang for my buck? My dad’s given a budget of about 35k to get a new car as my brother needs one. Have a 2016 Civic EX-T, looking to give my brother that car and take one of these if they’re better. Lmk if there’s something else that’s better in that price range.

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2023.03.22 04:28 qetuowryipz Cheap car rental for a month

Hi I need a car for a month or longer but all the traditional car rental companies charge ridiculous amount of money for a month. Is there any creative/cheap way to get an access to a car? Thank you!
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2023.03.22 04:28 Sum1awsome Am I getting ahead of myself buying this car?

Just for context I am a 22 year old living in California. I just graduated college currently working in finance making roughly 70k a year. I have no debt and no monthly expenses. I have 30k in a HYSA and contribute weekly/monthly to a brokerage account and ROTH IRA.
My commute is fairly long (50 miles) and I have been driving my dads old 2001 Honda Accord everyday to work and leisure activities, it has served me well since high school but it definitely has some issues as the car is as old as me so I thought it would be time to upgrade.
I have always wanted to get a BMW and thus the search began. I looked for a used one and god knows the used market is currently atrocious and I was not able to find a decent deal. Granted I was in no rush to find a car as my current car still did the job. My main goal was to find a newer BMW with good gas mileage as I drove a lot. My best option was the 330e, unfortunately even a used one with the specs I wanted was out of my budget. So I kept looking and kept shopping around with my parents. It came to the point where we kept on looking at cars 2-3 years old and were over or close to 40k (budget was around 30-35k).
My parents come in and say they are willing to buy a new car for me in cash so I can avoid the high interest rates and just pay them back over time. I ended up ordering a new 330e and I am looking at around 55k (long story but I was able to get a deal under msrp) otd when it arrives (estimated end of April). I have no commitment to the car and if I were to cancel anytime I would not lose anything. All I would have to pay for is insurance if I were to get the car other than that I have no other expenses. Am I going to far with this purchase?
Thank you for any input or advice.
Cheers hope you stay dry if you're living in Cali!
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2023.03.22 04:27 biremegroup Compressed Air Rental: A Flexible Solution for Your Temporary Compressed Air Needs

Compressed Air Rental: A Flexible Solution for Your Temporary Compressed Air Needs
Many different industries, including manufacturing and construction, rely heavily on compressed air. But occasionally, you could require compressed air for a quick project or your main compressed air system might be down for upkeep or repairs. Compressed air renting can be a flexible and affordable solution in certain circumstances. In this post, we'll look at the advantages of renting compressed air and how Bireme Group may assist with your short-term compressed air requirements.
What is Renting Compressed Air?
Businesses and industries can rent temporary compressed air systems through a service called compressed air rental. When your main compressed air system is down for maintenance or repairs, short-term projects, emergencies, or other reasons, compressed air rental can be a flexible and affordable alternative.
A portable compressed air system that is simple to transfer to your site and rapidly set up is generally included in a compressed air rental. For your particular application, the rental system can deliver the necessary compressed air flow, pressure, and quality.
Why Choose Renting Compressed Air?
Compared to buying or building a new compressed air system, compressed air renting provides a number of advantages. The following are some of the main advantages of renting compressed air:
Flexibility: If you need temporary compressed air, compressed air renting may be a flexible alternative. Whether you need a compressed air system for a day, a week, or a few months, you may rent one for as long as you need.
Renting compressed air might be a budget-friendly option for urgent emergencies or short-term undertakings. You merely pay for the rental period and don't need to purchase a new compressed air system.
Convenience: Renting compressed air can be a time- and effort-saving solution. The compressed air system will be delivered and set up for you by the rental business at your location. Repairs, upkeep, and installation are taken care of for you.
High-quality compressed air systems that are well-maintained and satisfy the specifications needed for your application are often provided by compressed air rental providers.
What Compressed Air Rental Assistance Can Bireme Group Provide?
A leading supplier of compressed air rental services, Bireme Group offers a variety of portable compressed air systems to fulfil the particular requirements of diverse industries. The Bireme Group can assist you in locating the ideal compressed air system for your short-term requirements thanks to its sizable fleet of the rental equipment and knowledgeable staff of specialists.
For a variety of uses, including construction, manufacturing, and emergency circumstances, Bireme Group may rent compressed air. To make sure you obtain the ideal system for your unique needs, they provide a variety of portable compressed air systems, including high-pressure compressors, electric compressors, and diesel-powered compressors.
To ensure that your compressed air rental equipment performs well, Bireme Group also offers delivery, setup, and maintenance services. To keep your rental system functioning at its best, their team of experts can provide routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance.
Your temporary compressed air needs might be best served by renting compressed air, which is both flexible and affordable. You can save time and money while assuring the calibre and dependability of your compressed air supply by selecting the appropriate compressed air leasing solution.
Leading compressed air rental company Bireme Group offers a variety of portable compressed air systems and services to fulfil the particular requirements of diverse sectors. Bireme Group can assist you in locating the ideal compressed air rental solution for your short-term needs, providing the best value and performance for your investment thanks to their skilled team and cutting-edge equipment.

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2023.03.22 04:24 Karebear1321 homeless

Living in my car.. lost my job and my apartment due to budget cuts and lay offs. Need gas and oil ASAP
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2023.03.22 04:03 varun_chopra Kyte car rental $50 off

Use code varunc1 while renting a Kyte to get $50 off on your first ride. It’s relatively cheaper than Enterprise, Avis, Budget and Thrifty.
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