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2023.03.24 23:23 Significant_Buy_2301 Should the books contain vital game information?

So, with GGY now officially out, I want to hear your opinions on this. Should the books contain important game information or not? I personally, am against this. When GGY was leaked, not only was I not happy with the reveal (and still am not), but I also raised this question in my post about it, where I said that the games should stand on their own. You can read my full thoughts here.
So about GGY (not concerning the plot, no leaks or spoilers , don´t worry) : fivenightsatfreddys (reddit.com)
With the official release, I have not changed my stance. Like I said in the linked post, this is like revealing Springtrap in a guidebook. The books should just be fun, side material that don´t impact the "main" story in any way. Just like the original trilogy.
But you might be saying: "But wasn´t the original trilogy, also important to understand the games?" Well, not really. All you really missed, by not reading the books back then, was the Puppet´s name and Henry. And as much as MatPat is saying that the books revealed Afton´s name, his name was also revealed in the credits of pizza sim later, for non-book readers so... Even with Henry, you could easily deduce his name from the HRY acronym as well as understand remnant from the insanity ending, so the only thing you would be missing is the Puppet´s name. Feel free to disagree with me on this one but the fact that RyeToast was able to successfully make a full timeline without using the books AT ALL, adds to my point. Sure, you miss some things by reading them(like the discs) but the games efficiently present all you need to know and understand, and once again, don´t impact your experience.
GGY however? This is the first time a FNAF book IS the game essentially. You CANNOT understand the CD´s fully, unless you have the picture painted by the books. And I honestly think that if they keep going this route, the games will become supplemental material, not the other way around, with the books taking centre stage. At which point they might as well rename the series to: "Those books at Freddy´s". You know, at first I was interested, in a book saga that would take place in the game continuity, but as more time passes I really am starting to think that this was a mistake. There is an excellent video by ShyCrow on this topic: "How the pizzaplex books destroyed the FNAF timeline...all of it" and even though he makes some errors in the video (coming to the conclusion, that Stichline are in the games, which is wrong), I mostly agree with his stance. Because, now you have to take into account EVERYTHING that Tales bring to the table, realize that it´s hard canon, and that the games are now dependant on the books to be solved.
But anyway, those are just my opinions and I´m curious to hear yours.
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2023.03.24 22:33 Map1e5had3 Springtrap coming back in Security Breach was actually not lazy writing.

I saw a lot of people on the internet (and actually some of my friends) complain about the Afton Ending in Security Breach, and for a while I actually kind of hated it as well. But as time passed, I realized that it was set up to be like this for a long time, and it actually makes sense.
Most people say the same thing:
"It's like Henry achieved absolutely nothing, both William and the kids were brought back!"
I will talk about both Springtrap and the kids' souls respectively.
  1. The Souls
It's fairly simple to just see the Blob and think that those are still the missing children from all those years ago. When they aren't. It was proven by Game Theory in one of their FNAF episodes. The Blob is completely soulless. It acts on "agony" alone. It has the feelings of the souls that were trapped in there, before they were freed. That's why it doesn't actually say anything, and it only growls like an animal. It's only driven by instinct.
Also, a lot of people still think that the Funtime Freddy mask that it wears is a continuity issue (because it seems like it was somehow repaired between FFPS and SB). But it's actually not. The masks from the two games are completely separate, and that's because the animatronics from FFPS don't have their original casings. They rebuilt themselves from scrap they found after escaping from Sister Location. The Mask in SB is the original mask we see in the scooping room in SL. It was brought along with other artifacts and put on display in the beginning area of SB, to only then be taken by the Blob. (The Blob is attracted by agony, so it collects anything with remote traces of it)
So, in the end, Henry DID achieve a lot. He freed the souls, and that was his most important mission from the beginning.
  1. Springtrap/BurnTrap
This is the thing that most people have an issue with. It seemed like introducing a completely new villain might've been way better, and have Afton die at the end of FNAF 6. But in my opinion, that is not the case. The whole point of UCN is that William will never be free. He will never truly disappear from this world. At least, not until Golden Freddy is put to rest. Without Cassidy disappearing from the picture, Afton will never die. And he WILL come back. And it honestly should've been pretty obvious he would come back. Remember, he couldn't be dead. That was the only way Golden Freddy could be torturing him. His soul was still in the real world. He kept him alive. He kept his soul attached to the Springtrap remains, in the hopes of making him suffer for eternity.
So, in my opinion, the Afton Era never really ended. He was still there the entire time. Incapable of interacting with the real world, but still strong enough to stay "alive", and for Cassidy to torture him. The only way for Afton to die, is to free the soul(s) in Golden Freddy. And that won't be an easy task.
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2023.03.23 18:38 ModestMonkey1 i want to do one of those fnaf 1 edits like fnaWalterWhite where they just replaced the pictures with the characters from breaking bad. how do i do that?

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2023.03.22 06:08 andejm93 So Let's Talk About Genetics

So Let's Talk About Genetics
Buckle up y'all, I'm about to get early 2010's Game Theory here.
As I continue to chip away at my damn illustrated timeline project, I started the icons for the human characters. Made a few mental notes, looked at current illustrations, so on and so forth. But then something caught my attention.
Ear shapes.
I realized as I drew my W. Afton icon and my H. Emily icon, that the new Henry illustration from the Encyclopedia has quite the distinct earlobes (as well as some handsome hazel-brown eyes).
So I decided to check the illustrations of William Afton from the graphic novels, and no such earlobes are on him. But that's the graphic novel for an alternate William Afton. It's not as though there's any in-game source that would show Afton has less distinct earlobes.

Or is there?
Now it isn't a replica of Afton, no way in hell. But if he wanted to recreate his children, the replicas of the Afton children would have almost the same ear shape given the limits of what material is used. So if we see three heads with nary a distinct earlobe, it can be surmised that the Aftons in general had connected or undefined earlobes. (Fun fact: the picture of Rick Astley used for Michael Afton doesn't have distinct earlobes either)
So the Aftons don't have earlobes and the Emily's do, big whoop. What does that do for the lore?

Could be the art style, but…
Yeah, nix that. Art style is a bit too loose. To me it looks like the start of some earlobe definition in prepubescence. But hey it's just the art style, it's not like there's another trait we could check—
Take a closer look at that snout!
Well those noses do not look similar at all. Elizabeth has that sharp nose and chin that's reminiscent of alter William Afton's same feature. Crying Child on the other hand has a steeper nose and rounder chin when you compare the two. But not just that, look at the insides of the ear. Crying Child has a distinct tragus drawn into the ear, while Elizabeth does not.
Do you want to know who else has a steep nose, round chin, and a distinct tragus drawn into their character portrait?

Cue the Jerry Springer bit
Okay, now we have to pump the brakes. Have I just put forth the theory that Crying Child is Henry Emily's son? Yes, yes I have. Do we ever know if Charlie had a twin in the games? Do we know what may have happened to the game's version of Sammy? Well now we might know.
I have one last bit to back all of this up. Let's talk about eye colors.
In art and renders, William Afton has always had Grey or Grey-Blue eyes, evil purple energy ignored for obvious reasons. Michael Afton has blue eyes, as we've seen in sprites from in game. Elizabeth Afton has green eyes. And if the Ballora = Mrs. Afton parallels are correct, then Mrs. Afton had some very icy blue or lavender peepers. So what does that all mean?
Well here's a blast from the past for many folks
If we compare the Afton family to general ideas of how eye color is inherited, it's a high improbability that Crying Child would have brown eyes as we see in his official art. Henry Emily has some Hazel or Light Brown eyes which makes it much more probable that his children would have brown eyes.
This also fits in with the book parallels of William Afton kidnapping one of the Emily children. Now why is Henry Emily's child the Youngest Afton? Any number of reasons, which is all the more reason to look into Sister Location and it's themes of family and children.
On top of all that, it would explain why it's Fredbear that speaks to Crying Child. Because Fredbear is Henry Emily's creation, and an extension of Henry Emily. (This also ties into my theory about the FNAF4 eon minigames and who talks to Crying Child through Fredbear that I posted here)
So the FNAF Encyclopedia is a bit of a hot mess. But, I feel that this is one of those weird set of details that fandom theorists should not ignore. There's a good chance, the Youngest Afton is an Emily.
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2023.03.21 22:41 AwesomeBlassom Question about cosplay meetups

Ok so I was wondering if you would get weird looks for going to a cosplay meetup just to take pictures with people haha. For example if I were to go to the fnaf meetup but I’m cosplaying as vi from arcane, would that be weird?
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