Forklift operator salary

Everything to do with forklift driver training

2014.08.05 12:48 ForkliftTraining Everything to do with forklift driver training

In the UK, forklift operators must be trained by law. This section contains information about training and forklifts in general.

2021.02.23 07:51 forkliftoperatormemes

Forklift operator memes

2023.03.30 06:55 erpinformation ERP HR Module - 6 HRM submodules & Features Explained

ERP HR Module - 6 HRM submodules & Features Explained
#ERPHRmodules routinely maintain a complete employee database, including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, and promotion of all employees. This is a crucial component of most ERP systems and plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of any organization. In this post, we will explore the basics of the HR module (#HRMS) and discuss some of its key features.
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2023.03.30 06:14 MoonshineParadox Owner Operator Fee

Just kind of curious how all of you handle owner operator fees, salary and compensation besides quarterly disbursements.
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2023.03.30 06:03 Critical-Chance-8427 Paying employees more never makes more people want to work

Paying employees more never makes more people want to work
This is from a post about how there is worker shortage in accounting.
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2023.03.30 04:57 toeknee88125 The NFL owners colluding to control the price of Lamar Jackson should be a bigger deal

It's kind of wild that somebody as young as Lamar Jackson who is a franchise quarterback basically has zero interest.
It basically proves that most of the owners don't actually care primarily about winning and would rather guarantee operating profits. I personally always believed this was true but people like Dan insisted that the salary cap prevented owners from competing with each other and bankrupting themselves.
I have always thought that the salary floor was the bigger influence on owners. Basically because the salary floor is so close to the cap you might as well spend up to the cap.
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2023.03.30 04:43 Remotive [Hiring] 20 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - Mar 30, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Creative Designer Accolitedigital - Canada
Freelance Social Media Manager Onramper - Europe
Sales Manager Pyrotek - USA
Sales Representative Spear Education - USA
Website Designer (Wix/Wordpress) Ueni - Argentina
Nursing Script Writer Osmosis - Northern America
Senior Service Designer, Medicaid For People - USA
Accounting Analyst Addi. - LATAM
Student Support Lead Empowered Education - USA
Sr. Product Manager Preveta - USA
Operations Data Analyst Hireably - USA
Human Resources (HR) Manager APEX Race Parts - USA
Senior Partner Manager (f/m/d) Hygraph - Northern America
Audit Manager (SAS782214) RES Consulting - USA
Site Reliability Engineer SportyBet $40k-$100k Americas, LATAM
Drupal/PHP Developer Evolving Web - Canada
Executive Assistant Juice - USA
Executive Assistant WaitWhat - USA
DevOps Engineer - Data Center Operations (f/m/d) DeepL - UK, Germany, Poland, Netherlands
Frontend Engineer SportyBet $40K-$80K Europe, UK
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2023.03.30 04:11 inastew DOC Job Description Really !!

Thought to myself ' A desk job at DOC might be nice ' then I tried to decipher what the job might involve to see if it might suit me. But really ....

Do the Improvement Manager and the Issues Manager really need a Operations Support and Delivery Advisor to help them. If their assistant is paid $73,336 to $93,708 what are they paid? And to do what?

About the job
Contribute to conservation initiatives by providing support and assurance to the Southern South Island leadership team
4 weeks + 3 days annual leave per year, flexible working options
Permanent role based in the Dunedin or Invercargill office or flexible within the Southern South Island region with remote work from home for the right candidate
Toitū te marae a Tāne-Mahuta, toitū te marae a Tangaroa, toitū te tangata
If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive
Te Papa Atawhai, Department of Conservation (DOC) serves to protect and sustain nature across Aotearoa. We put nature and people at the heart of our mahi, guided by te reo Māori, te ao Māori and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We do this by:
Protecting land, species, ecosystems, and cultural heritage for conservation purposes
Managing threats and adverse impacts
Being a voice for conservation
Connecting people to nature
He angitūtanga About the role
As the Operations Support and Delivery Advisor for the Southern South Island region, you will turn your talents to supporting the Improvement Manager and the Issues Manager with project management, meeting facilitation, logistics and assurance tasks. The role calls for a proactive, innovative, creative, and solutions-focussed operator who can support continuous improvement to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our Regional Leadership team supporting the delivery of conservation initiatives.
This position will be focused on:
Developing and maintaining processes and methods for capturing improvement ideas to review and analyse alongside other key data and performance information
Providing oversight and coordination of projects undertaken by the Regional Leadership Team including monitoring milestones, inputs and ensuring timelines are met
Support the coordination, logistics and facilitation of the regional induction hui and other regional meetings
Leading regional assurance and developing and maintaining platforms to support this assurance work
Providing support collating information to allow the appropriate responses to Official Information requests
Maintain an overview of all risks and issues to provide assurance they are well managed, and a programme of continuous improvement is in place
Ngā pūkenga me ngā wheako Skills and experience
The Southern South Island region is ambitious in its work plan and thrives on excellence and being able to make a difference. This is your opportunity to contribute to the conservation goals in a region that values creative thinking and new ideas. You will be positive and proactive by nature with the ability to ask the right questions and liaise with the right people to deliver results.
If you have the following attributes, we are keen to hear from you.
Excellent attention to detail to be able to critique meeting minutes, Official Information Requests, and reports
Ability to work independently, use your initiative and be action and results focused
A confident and strong communicator with the ability to build and maintain relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
Evidence of critical thinking from previous work experience and an understanding of agile thinking in project management would be an advantage
Technologically savvy with experience using modern collaborative platforms and a high level of comfort with the Microsoft suite of tools
Ngā āhuatanga kei a mātou What's in it for you?
Te Papa Atawhai is committed to fostering a diverse workforce that represents the communities we serve, creating an inclusive workplace culture, supporting the relationship between Māori and the Crown, and lifting our cultural capability. We encourage our people to bring their authentic self and unique perspectives to work, in pursuit of our collective aspirations. Our commitment to well-being and professional development includes:
Flexible working opportunities suited to your role
Study assistance in programmes that are relevant to your work
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and discounted medical insurance
Great discounts on DOC accommodation and outdoor apparel and gear so you're ready for your next adventure
Te Pukenga Atawhai – Cultural Capability Development Programme
Tono ināianei Apply now
Apply online via the DOC Careers Centre with a CV and cover letter that highlights your relevant skills experience and motivation for joining Te Papa Atawhai.
The salary range for this position is $73,336 to $93,708 with the starting salary of the successful applicant being based on their relevant skills and experience.
Eligibility to work in New Zealand is mandatory – this includes holding a valid work visa that covers the whole period of employment.
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2023.03.30 04:03 atkinson1224 30 Team AA-Themed Contract Dynasty League (2 Orphans Available)

Welcome to the Moneyball Dynasty. The concept was founded in 2022 with our MLB league. We expanded to AA and AAA this offseason. The league comprises 30 teams based on real life AA franchises.

AA team names, league names, and structure are the only things being used. We still play with MLB players, it's not a prospect only league!

Buy-in: Flexible, dependent on franchise salary. Luxury tax threshold with life-like penalties. Luxury tax line also keeps league parity in check, as it makes it very difficult for a bottom feeder team to remain irrelevant for long, since top contending teams need to pay a hefty fee to remain where they are with their salary spent.

Payouts: Set percentages of the league pot (dependent on pot size going into the season). Percentages are shown in the CBA.

Rosters: 20 min, 26 max. 40 man roster as well as 7, 10, 15, and 60 day IL. We use starting pitching rotations and bullpen games throughout the week. Daily matchups.

No minors roster limits.

Other league settings of note: 138 game regular season schedule, AA playoff concept, 3 overall champions (each league crowns one), H2H Points, Unrestricted Free Agency, FYPD w/ signing bonus pool allotments. ISBP Spending allotments.

Last year our MLB prize pool was $2104.46. 7 teams received payouts. Three teams went above the luxury tax line; however; Oakland won the league with a payroll of about $100m. It's totally up to you on how you build your team!

If you want to check out the MLB league to get a feel of what to expect:

AA Rules:

Available Franchises:
Rocket City Trash Pandas $36.49 2023 fee
San Antonio Missions $9.82 2023 fee

To sign up, please go here:

The idea is to one day have MLB, AAA, AA, High A, and Low A under this concept. MLB being the most expensive price point to join, Low A the lowest. Each league operates independent of each other (but there is a sheet to email other owners if you wish to work as an "organization" for advice or trade ideas).
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2023.03.30 02:38 vinit__singh Has anyone switched from a service based company to a product based company?

Has anyone switched from a service based company to a product based company?
I used to work for a service-based company before moving to Amazon, and a bunch of my friends from college did, during my preparation I read about a lot of people who did.
Getting a job in a product-based company from a tier 3 college is difficult and students like me hope to get good experience for 1 or 2 years before they make a presentable case for themselves. Many companies don’t take freshers except top-tier colleges, but for experienced roles, this criterion is not true. Although a few other things come into the picture once you
are an experienced candidate. Today in this answer we are going to discuss how one can switch from service to product-based companies and see what are the necessary steps they should follow –
Mindset before switching to a Product-based company
Because of their ability to be called upon when needed, software engineers succeed in all kinds of organizations. Nevertheless, if you as a software engineer can have additional perks like fantastic bonuses in addition to a sizable salary, flexible work hours, and many other things, it can increase your motivation to work 10x as much. Would you not begin to enjoy your work as well?
Well, product-based companies offer all of these things. While finding a position that exactly fits your job profile is important, it's equally critical to take note of how your workplace environment impacts you when considering a change in employers.
How hard is it to switch?
When you decide to move on from your company, the first thing that comes in your mind is what is this going to cost me? The risk of leaving your previous job in search of a new one is never easy. You have to get back to your skills which have been rusted from repetitive work over the years. If we talk specifically about product-based companies then data structure and algorithms play a vital role in interviewing and solving problems years after graduating from college requires focus and dedication. If one can comprehend through these then switching jobs can be a bit easier.
Let’s go through the interview process of product-based companies –
Product-based companies generally take rounds which include online coding assessment, behavioral and technical interviews, clearing these rounds is not as easy as competing for coding and interview rounds of service-based companies. They are more focused on problem-solving skills. But, as long as you remain consistent with your efforts, it’s not that tough to make a shift. Many employees had made a switch to product-based companies in less than one or two years.
The interview process for Software Development Engineers at product-based companies (Depending on the company and experience you’re applying; the interview procedure could be a little different):
Resume Shortlisting A resume plays a crucial role in getting the interview call. As many candidates apply for the same job, you must have something in your resume which helps you stand out. It could be your projects, previous experience, or high rating on coding platforms.
Online Coding Round – Questions related to basic aptitude, technical subjects, and coding questions. This round might not be included in the interview process of experienced professionals.
Technical Interviews – Be prepared to the questions related to data structures and algorithms, core technical subjects, previous experience, and side projects.
Design Round – Questions related to OOPs concept and system design. This round might not be included in the interview process of freshers.
Behavioral Round – In-depth discussion of projects, theoretical technical concepts, your strengths, and weaknesses.
Resume Building
These are some things that should be on your resume to improve your chances of being shortlisted:
Add pertinent tasks and duties in your industrial experience. Try to describe what you did, how you accomplished it, and the results.
Education - Name the college you attended and the year you graduated. Leave out the school's name or a bad CGPA.
Personal Projects - List your two or three most important, original projects that you are fully familiar with. Be ready for inquiries like, "Why did you decide to construct the project using this tech stack?"
Programming Languages - List the programming languages you've used and your level of experience. You can use words like proficient, prior, intermediate, or expert to describe experience level.
Achievements - Include accomplishments that are relevant to the abilities needed for a position. Don't go over into non-technical areas to include interests or accomplishments. Provide the number of competitors if you claim to have placed first in a competition.
Profile - Add GitHub, Linkedin, and coding profiles in your list of profiles (Including the highest rating you have on these sites). If you post technical content on your blog sites or YouTube channel, you may also incorporate those.
Coursework - Put topics here such as computer networks, database management systems, and operating systems.
How to prepare for product-based companies?
Preparing for product-based companies requires a multi-pronged approach that involves a combination of technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and good communication skills. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for product-based companies:
Focus on your technical skills - Develop a strong understanding of computer science fundamentals, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and databases. Practice coding regularly and participate in coding challenges and hackathons.
Work on problem-solving skills - Product-based companies value employees who can solve complex problems efficiently. DSA Foundations is one of the most important topics in Data Structures and Algorithms. You should learn how to calculate the time and space complexity of a solution. Many people avoid this step and face difficulty in optimizing their solutions.
Also, learn how to think and code recursively as recursion is a concept used in many algorithms and with almost all major data structures. Divide and Conquer is the next topic that you should learn next after recursion. Practice questions that require you to use recursion and divide and conquer. Work on improving your problem-solving skills by joining courses like Coursera, Coding Ninjas, Udemy or courses like Logicmojo which are very friendly for working employees. Start practicing on different platforms such as LeetCode, HackerRank, and Codeforces.
Gain practical experience - Build projects or contribute to open-source projects that demonstrate your practical knowledge and skills. This will help you stand out from other candidates and show that you have hands-on experience in building real-world applications.
Stay up-to-date with industry trends - Keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and innovations. Read blogs, attend conferences, and participate in online communities to stay ahead of the curve.
Improve communication skills - Good communication skills are essential in product-based companies. Practice your communication skills by participating in group discussions, debates, and presentations.
Prepare for technical interviews - Technical interviews are a crucial part of the recruitment process for product-based companies. Practice coding and problem-solving under pressure, and prepare for common interview questions by researching the company's values, culture, and products.
Start Applying
In parallel with the previous step, begin applying. Seek for recommendations through your networks or on LinkedIn. Also, you can search for opportunities on well-known job boards or on corporate career pages. Finding the email addresses of recruiters (in the case of large corporations) and founders (in the case of startups) and sending them a cold email with your application is another successful strategy. Joining institutes like Logicmojo can be beneficial in these cases as well, since they provide job support and have a great network of alumni.
Thanks for reading and all the best.
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2023.03.30 01:45 longbeachlocale 🚨 City Council Meeting • April 4, 2023 • 5:00 PM 🚨3 Settlements $324,000 ($99,000 for civil rights violation during BLM protest May 31, 2020, $75,000 work harassment, discrimination) • 3 Worker Comp $411,725 • Library Rules Enforcement Amendment • Library self-checkout machines $274,000 (5 years)


🗓 Date: April 4, 2023 @ 5PM
🗺 Location: Long Beach Civic Center411 W. Ocean Boulevard
📺 LiveStream (YouTube):
📺 Live Stream (City Website):
ℹ️ Details:
📄 Agenda (PDF):

Agenda Item

CD5 - Sowing Seeds of Change

Item #1 • File #23-0292 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to increase appropriations in the General Fund Group in the City Manager Department by $500, offset by the Fifth Council District One-Time District Priority Funds transferred from the Citywide Activities Department to provide a contribution to Partners of Parks; and Decrease appropriations in the General Fund Group in the Citywide Activities Department by $500 to offset a transfer to the City Manager Department.

CD3 - Summer Community Concert & Egg Hunt Heights

Item #2 • File #23-0293 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to increase appropriations in the General Fund Group in the City Manager Department by $2,075, offset by the Third Council District One-Time District Priority Funds, transferred from the Citywide Activities Department, to provide donations of: 1. $1,700 to the Friends of Belmont Shore to support their Summer Community Concert; 2. $375 to the Belmont Heights Community Association to support their Egg Hunt in the Heights; and Decrease appropriation in the General Fund Group in the Citywide Activities Department by $2,075, to offset a transfer to the City Manager Department.

CA - Benavidez v Long Beach

Item #3 • File #23-0294 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to pay sum of $150,000, in full settlement of lawsuit entitled Edward Benavidez vs. City of Long Beach, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. 21STCV02509.

CA - Foster v Long Beach

Item #4 • File #23-0296 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to submit Stipulations with Request for Award for approval by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and if so approved, authority to pay $52,200, in compliance with the Appeals Board Order for William Foster.

CA - Medina-Fernandez v Long beach

Item #5 • File #23-0295 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to pay sum of $99,000, in full settlement of lawsuit entitled Michael Medina-Fernandez v. City of Long Beach, et al., United States District Court Case No. 2:21-cv-07038-JPR.

CA - Mullally v Long Beach

Item #6 • File #23-0297 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to submit two Stipulations with Request for Award for approval by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and if so approved, authority to pay 1) $125,642.50 for Stipulations with Request for Award with a life pension thereafter of $77.31 per week and also 2) separate authority to pay $111,142.50 in compliance with the Appeals Board Order for Keith Mullally.

CA - Radcliff

Item #7 • File #23-0298 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to submit Stipulations with Request for Award for approval by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and if so approved, authority to pay $122,742.50 in compliance with the Appeals Board Order for Donald Radcliff.

CA - Sanders v Long Beach

Item #8 • File #23-0299 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to pay sum of $75,000, in full settlement of lawsuit entitled Markeisha Sanders v. City of Long Beach, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. 22STCV16940.

CC - Minutes

Item #10 • File #23-0302 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to approve the minutes for the City Council Special Meeting of Tuesday, March 7, 2023; and City Council meeting of Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Damage Claims

Item #11 • File #23-0303 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to refer to City Attorney damage claims received between March 13, 2023 and March 27, 2023.

LS - Ord to amend the LBMC Library Rules

Item #18 • File #23-0309 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to request City Attorney to prepare ordinance amending the Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) to clarify the City’s authority to enforce the Long Beach Public Library Patron Rules of Conduct (Library Rules) in all Library facilities and on all Long Beach Public Library (LBPL) property. (Citywide)

Mayor - Housing Promise

Item #22 • File #23-0313 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to request City Manager to work with local educational institutions including CSU Long Beach, CSU Dominguez Hills, Long Beach City College, and Long Beach Unified School District, as well as industry partners in Long Beach’s key growth sectors, to pursue strategic partnerships and cooperation agreements that make meaningful investments to support housing production and add to Long Beach’s existing housing stock, and refer to the Educational Partnerships Committee and the Housing and Public Health Committee for input and discussion.

CA - Amicus Brief State and Fed Leg Agenda

Item #23 • File #23-0314 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Attorney to join amicus briefs that align with the annually adopted City of Long Beach State Legislative Agenda and/or Federal Legislative Agenda, and to request subsequent affirmation by the City Council. (Citywide)


CA - Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta Day resos

Item #9 • File #23-0300 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to adopt resolution recognizing the 31st of March of every year as César Chávez Day, a Day of Celebration in the City of Long Beach; and

Chavez & Huerta reso 2

Item # • File #23-0301 (Details, PDF)
Adopt resolution recognizing the 10th of April of every year as Dolores Huerta Day, a Day of Celebration in the City of Long Beach. (Citywide)

FM - Contract w/Elastec for Elastec E30 work boat and trailer

Item #15 • File #23-0307 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to adopt resolution authorizing City Manager, or designee, to execute a contract, and any necessary documents including any necessary subsequent amendments, with Elastec, Inc., of Carmi, IL, for the purchase of an Elastec E30 work boat, with trailer and other accessories, in a total amount not to exceed $416,934, including taxes and fees. (Citywide)

FM - FY23 Salary Reso for MWD

Item #16 • File #23-0315 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to adopt resolution amending the Fiscal Year 2023 Salary Resolution RES-22-0159 to increase the maximum annual compensation permitted for the Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors representative to $200 per meeting attended limited to no more than four meetings per month, inclusive of subcommittee meetings, not to exceed $7,000 maximum per calendar year. (Citywide)

LS - Agrmnt w/Bibliotheca for updated self-checkout machines

Item #19 • File #23-0310 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to adopt resolution authorizing City Manager, or designee, to execute a contract, and any necessary documents, including subsequent amendments, with Bibliotheca, of Norcross, GA to provide updated patron self-checkout machines at the eleven Long Beach Public Library branch libraries, and maintenance services, in a total amount not to exceed $224,726 for a period of 5 years, with no renewal options, at the discretion of the City Manager; and, authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute all documents necessary to enter into the contract, including any necessary subsequent amendments. (Citywide)

DS - 1711 Harbor & 1515 W. 17th St. Appeal D7

Item #21 • File #23-0312 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to receive supporting documentation into the record and conclude the public hearing and consider one third-party appeal by the Westside Business Association of Long Beach (APL23-005); Adopt resolution adopting and certifying a Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND 01-23) and making findings of fact related thereto, and adopting a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program; and Deny the appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision and approve two (2) Conditional Use Permits (CUP21-010 & CUP21-011) to operate a trucking use on two (2) properties located at 1711 Harbor Avenue and 1515 West 17th Street that total 4.85 acres in size in the General Industrial (IG) Zoning District. (District 7)

PD/FD/TI - Contract for emergency response/public safety equipment and supplies

Item #25 • File #23-0317 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to adopt resolution authorizing City Manager, or designee, to execute a contract, and any necessary documents including subsequent amendments, with Safeware, Inc., of Lanham, MD; and Mallory Safety and Supply, LLC, of Portland, OR, for furnishing and delivering emergency response and public safety equipment and supplies, on the same terms and conditions afforded to the Port of Portland, OR, through Omnia Partners, in an annual aggregate amount of $3,000,000, with a 20 percent contingency in the amount of $600,000, for a total annual aggregate contract amount not to exceed $3,600,000, until the Omnia Partners contract expires on April 1, 2026, with the option to renew for as long as the Omnia Partners contract is in effect, at the discretion of the City Manager. (Citywide)


CM - Sprout Social

Item #12 • File #23-0304 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute a contract, and any necessary documents including any necessary subsequent amendments, with Sprout Social, Inc., of Chicago IL, to provide social media support services and tools, in a total annual amount not to exceed $40,000, for a period of two years, with the option to renew for additional one-year periods, at the discretion of the City Manager. (Citywide)

ED - PGWIN service and product providers for training and employment svcs to residents

Item #13 • File #23-0305 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute a contract, and any necessary documents including any necessary subsequent amendments, with various Pacific Gateway Workforce Innovation Network training and service providers, for training and employment services to residents, in a total aggregate amount not to exceed $750,000, for a term ending December 31, 2023, with the option to renew for an additional one-year period, at the discretion of the City Manager. (Citywide)

FM - Contract w/Tait Environmental Svcs for the City’s Fuel Operations system

Item #14 • File #23-0306 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute all documents necessary to amend Contract No. 34878 with Tait Environmental Services, Inc., of Santa Ana, CA, to provide technical support, construction management services, and regulatory updates for the City’s Fuel Operations program, to increase the contract amount by $70,839, for a revised contract amount not to exceed $1,105,839, and extend the term to September 30, 2023. (Citywide)

PRM/PW - Grant funding for Davenport Park Phase II project D8

Item #24 • File #23-0316 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute an amendment to accept and expend grant funds from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation Land and Water Conservation Fund, increasing the award from $2,016,000 to an amount not to exceed $3,656,000, for the period from July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2023, for the Davenport Park Phase II Project; Increase appropriations in the Capital Projects Fund Group in the Public Works Department by $1,640,000, offset by grant revenue; and Increase appropriations in the Capital Projects Fund Group in the Public Works Department by $1,640,000, offset by a transfer of Land and Water Conservation Grant Funds from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation from the Capital Grants Fund. (District 8)

Conformed Contract

DHHS - Fundamentals of Fatherhood Project

Item #17 • File #23-0308 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute an agreement, and all necessary documents, subcontracts, and any necessary amendments, including any amendments to the award amount, with Public Strategies, Inc., a Technical Assistance provider for the Fundamentals of Fatherhood Project, to accept and expend grant funding in the amount of $35,000, for the National Responsible Fatherhood Alliance, for the period of April 1, 2023 through October 31, 2023, with the option to extend the agreement for three additional one-year periods at the discretion of the City Manager; and Increase appropriations in the Health Fund Group in the Health and Human Services Department by $35,000, offset by grant revenue. (Citywide)

ABC License

PD - ABC License - Sake Secret D1

Item #20 • File #23-0311 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to receive and file the application of Sake Secret, LLC, dba Sake Secret, for an original application of an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License, at 460 Pine Avenue; determine that the application serves the public convenience and necessity, and submit a Public Notice of Protest to ABC; and, direct City Manager to withdraw the protest if a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is granted. (District 1)


CA - Boxing and Wrestling

Item #26 • File #23-0318 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to declare ordinance amending the Long Beach Municipal Code by amending Sections 5.24.010, 5.24.020, 5.24.080, and 5.24.140, relating to boxing and wrestling exhibitions, read the first time and laid over to the next regular meeting of the City Council for final reading. (Citywide)

CA - Advisory bodies & amending Section 2.06.060

Item #27 • File #23-0265 (Details, PDF)
Recommendation to declare ordinance amending the Long Beach Municipal Code by amending Section 2.18.050; and, by repealing Section 2.06.060, all relating to compensation and training requirements for members of boards and commissions, read and adopted as read. (Citywide)
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2023.03.30 01:19 Unknown_Personnel_ Living Wage Calculation for Ann Arbor, MI

This is the document cited by the GEO.
Despite not working full time and only works for 8 months (outside CoE), the GSIs still make $24,053. They obviously cherry-picked the annual income instead of the hourly wage.
HOWEVER, my argument is that even this $24,053 should be enough for a college student currently enrolled in the university. Remember the Living Wage calculation is targeting the general population and situation could be different for a student. Here is the technical document behind the living wage calculation for your reference. I would assume each student to be able-bodied and is without children as this description fits into the majority of student on campus. I personally support additional assistance from the university to the students who do not fall into that category.

First, the Housing Cost is $12,564. This is a reasonable estimation of rent price in Ann Arbor. Living here means you will have access to the Ride and Umich bus service. Therefore, we should review how the Transportation costs are calculated as specified in the technical document:
Transportation. The transportation component is constructed using 2019 national expenditure data by household size from the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey including: (1) Cars and trucks (used), (2) gasoline and motor oil, (3) other vehicle expenses, and (4) public transportation. Transportation costs cover operational expenses such as fuel and routine maintenance as well as vehicle financing and vehicle insurance but do not include the costs of purchasing a new automobile.
As we can see, this cost estimation obviously sets driving as a default method of transportation. This is reasonable for the general population because they have to drive. But as students, you will have access to free bus services that could cover all your commuting expenses. You do not need a car to work for the university. You also have access to the Ride, which covers several major grocery stores such Meijer and Kroger. There should be no transportation costs at all.

The health component of the basic needs budget includes: (1) health insurance costs for employer sponsored plans, (3) medical services, (3) drugs, and (4) medical supplies.
GSIs are eligible for GradCare, which is entirely covered by the university.Upon inspecting the actual copays, I do not believe $3,108 is a reasonable estimation for their medical related costs. (Remember UHS visit is entirely free)
The civic engagement component is constructed using 2021 national expenditure data by household size from the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey including: (1) Fees and admissions, (2) audio and visual equipment and services, (3) pets, and (4) toys, (5) hobbies, and playground equipment, (6) other entertainment supplies, (7) equipment, and services, (8) reading, and (9) education
Apparently, most university-related events are free and education is obviously free for GSIs.

Other necessities
The basic needs budget includes cost estimates for items not otherwise included in the major budget components such as clothing, personal care items, and housekeeping supplies. Expenditures for other necessities are based on 2021 data by household size from the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey including: (1) Apparel and services, (2) Housekeeping supplies, (3) Personal care products and services, (4) Reading, and (5) Miscellaneous.21 These costs were further adjusted for regional differences using annual expenditure shares reported by region.22 Values were inflated from 2021 to December 2022 dollars using the Consumer Price Index inflation multiplier from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Again, this report is for a typical household. For example, you are required to mow your lawn and clear snow. Many costs are not applicable to students. For example, the library is entirely free and students don't need some apparels such as lawn mowers or snow blowers.
Other institutions
This is also misleading. The salary they cited for Umich is based on a 8 month appointments. For example, the salary they cited for MIT is $41,976. However, this warning can be found literally on the same page:
For students in 12-month programs who have a 9-month funding appointment, it is very important that you check with your department or program about opportunities for summer support, since nine months of support is typically insufficient to cover living expenses in the area.
It's a common practice for students without summer appointments to seek external fundings.

In conclusion, the GEO report is very misleading

Bro, you guys don't need to organize a special downvoting operation on reddit.
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2023.03.30 01:11 zzill6 Dollar General: Underpaid And Dangerously Understaffed. (article link in comments)

Dollar General: Underpaid And Dangerously Understaffed. (article link in comments) submitted by zzill6 to WorkReform [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 20:34 cwtheking The March of Industry (6/?)

Drama builds faster then an industrial mining rig. As always DM me or comment any questions or feedback, I like reading them.
The Alaskan snow coated the construction site as the CEO watched from a catwalk just as Dr. Lamarr stepped up watching the construction too while speaking. “Chief. I was unaware of your visit. We managed to contact our Russian partners and they were more than willing to sell us the reactor.” In front of them the reactor core was slowly being lowered into a newly dug and constructed pit in the earth connected to the portal facility.
“I'm glad it went smoothly. Iv read the reports on the portal operation what are our estimated figures on the exports from the portal?” The doctor shuffled, thinking and pulling out a tablet and sifting through it. “Well sir we don't actually know the properties of the obsidian substance but if it's as described and counting the water pumping. Our initial guesses point that what we can pump in the first month should net the company about.” There was a pause as the doctor read and did the math freezing at the figure. “ 153.4 billion assuming our estimates are correct but I can't ensure that sir. “The CEO stopped pulling a cigar from his pocket, taking one out and lighting it before responding. “Good, we can work with that. Get our enforcer and his new…pets… what they need to begin drilling i want drills in the ground by the next board meeting.”
The doctor nodded while listening to the CEO. Lamarr only started working here about 5 years ago but he still didn't understand how that figure didn't even cause the man to flinch. It was not his job however so he shook it off staring at the reactor as sparks started from the workers welding the core and securing it to its mounts assembling the facility. There was a moment of silence in the air that hung as they watched the work as snow gently fell on the site.
Suddenly the doctor spoke. “It's going to break eventually you know that.” The CEO didn't even look continuing to smoke. “I trust the engineers to make the reactor stronger and safer than before..” The doctor tapped his foot looking down. “That's now what I'm talking about and you know it.”
There was another long pause but the doctor could feel the CEO glare daggers into the back of his head as he took another drag from the cigar. “I trust in your work doctor, Coulson’s veil will hold there's nothing to worry about.” The doctor pounded his fist on the railing. “That's not true! You saw the data. It's failing and eventually he will remember and when he does then what?
“Then my good doctor. He will be dead, that world is a dangerous place if he somehow does remember and decides he wants to fight through a portal he will dealt with. Afterwards we can send another person or team to continue the work.’
The doctor clenched his fist sighing and nodding. “I have work to do, thanks for your time sir.” The doctor walked off as the CEO only grunted in acknowledgement.”
Coulson and the dwarves had been wandering the area for the past few days during sunlight and returning while it was night. The radar while being able to penetrate deep into the surface had a very narrow view meaning they had to move quite a large distance before scans and only got a small view of what was below.
From the data they had gathered and as the dwarves learned how to use some of the tech around the base it was clear that below them was a gigantic set of caves and tunnels stretching for miles. The dwarves had said that what they were seeing was called the “Underdark.” Apparently it was some sort of underground world filled with evil and riches but it was incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately they also stated that the liquid obsidian they were going for (if it existed) would be below it.
In order to figure out the plan and go about it they gathered up around the firepit. Coulson spoke first. “Alright so first set of issues the radar can't find any liquid but that's not because it's not there instead due to the massive voids in terrain from the Underdark. Luckily if we do the drilling correctly and pick a good location that shouldn't be an issue if we find a deposit that is.” Coulson rubbed his nose as the dwarves sat and thought Urist was twirling his pick as he responded. “Well the obvious solution is. We go down, we take as many weapons we can carry, find a way down and explore with that RAY-DER you got to find this liquid. Never mind the dangers there.” All of the dwarves seem to put their heads down very much not liking the idea of diving into that place. “If we are going for that liquid I don't see another option. We need to go down, if we have to drill anywhere near a void in the terrain or we risk the pipeline breaking causing who knows how much damage.”
“Boss if you want to go down into that hell we will follow but we need to go prepared.” As if a sign from the gods at that moment they heard the sound of space and time ripping as the portal was re-established and a test one opened. Immediately the group ran for it, the dwarves standing in awe as it was the first they had seen it. The portal this time however was much bigger standing at a solid 10 foot diameter.
Through the portal he saw movement as suddenly something came though. Wheels hit the ground on extended motorized arms as a drone rolled out a large set of cameras and sensors on the front and two large forklift style arms on each side with a third near the back that seemed much more nimble presumably for handling and using a set of tools.
The entire group stood back as it wheeled out standing at about 7 feet tall. Suddenly though the portal a comms channel opened up and a PA speaker spoke both from the portal and though the drone. “Stand clear IVA-N deploying sorry for the scare Coulson and our new employees R&D was eager to get this guy out and onto the field. They said you would have a hard time moving and setting up the rig so hopefully Ivan here should do the hard part for you. He was originally supposed to be sent out for drilling operations in volcanic terrain but we felt this was a better use of company resources.” Coulson was both worried and awestruck on one hand this was an amazing feat and he was happy to have the portal back. On the other the portal was bigger and they were sending in more resources, that could only mean the water was selling and with news of the liquid obsidian they were eager to see a return on their investment. Now it was guaranteed they weren't going to leave this place till any cent of profit was taken from it.
The dwarves on the other hand were amazed at the size and the use of self using machinery really not being able to fully understand what they were working at. Eventually however Urist snapped out of it and spoke almost shouting through the portal. “Ah i take it you are our new employers? It's a pleasure to meet you! We hope to find this substance quickly. If i may ask however would you happen to have our ‘payment?’” There was a stretch of silence before suddenly a keg was rolled through the portal, the dwarves catching it and picking it up cheering. “Thank you sir!” They quickly ran out of the tent presumably to drink said keg.
Coulson spoke into his comms. “Impressive sir our metal friend must be fresh out of the workshop i take it.” Foreman responded, laughing a bit. “Yes he is, the CEO redirected it himself. It also allows us to get an eye on what's happening in that camp. He's autonomous mostly if you give him an order but other than that he's controlled from here.”
Coulson clenched a bit. “Sir, we have a plan to find this liquid. We think we know where it is but between us there are a whole lot of dark caves and danger. We need some combat and spelunking gear. Not just for me but for my whole team. These guys are just as interested in finding this liquid as we are sir.”
Foreman mused over the situation a bit before responding. “Fine, we will see about sending over some supplies, send over a list of needed objects and the dimensions of the dwarves we will develop an equipment loadout for them.” Coulson responded quickly. “Thank you sir, you're clear to close the portal I'll stay in contact.”
The next few days would be VERY interesting. For better or worse.
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2023.03.29 20:18 signalssoldier Counteroffer Exceptions/Success Stories?

Nearly all information online is very much against counteroffers, however I want some aggregated advice from reddit if my particular situation may warrant it.
Important Info
Possible Opportunity

At this juncture, I'm far more inclined to try for a counteroffer than to actually leave jobs. I am satisfied at my work place, no other issues I really have besides just my salary and the specific wheels of bureacracy that would go into increases.
Please help me reddit
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2023.03.29 19:36 wwhkyyezsf 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif mvqvbn3aspqa1...
It was 3 months’ time from my last story. Since last time I had my encounter with Megan, I had gotten a job at my dad's business five miles from my mom's house. My dad was a contractor and made a reasonable pay. I had a good salary of $500 a week just for filing papers and being his son. For my birthday my dad got me my own car. As soon as I saw that baby my heart almost got dumped out of my butt. It wasn't new but it was my dream car. A 2008 Mustang Shelby. I drove Megan and me to school every day and felt like a boss. I paid for my own gas because I had a job that paid enough to do so. I didn’t pay rent so I had a lot of money saved up. I got off on spring break for 2 weeks so that meant no worrying about school. Kind of relaxing don’t you think?
The door opened up just enough to see who was outside.
“It wasn’t your fault.” Claire says quietly but a little firmly before adding, “she is blackmailing you too isn’t she?”
2013-07-21 14:24:28
I barely had time to take a second response ..
“Where were you while I showered,” I wondered aloud.
I nodded dumbly.
They laughed, it was so bizarre I laughed too. I accidentally rubbed the front her panties.
I was embarrassed but also feeling tingling between my legs. I turned from Fred and looked to Sue who just smiled at me. I turned back toward Fred and that was when I noticed that he was standing there with his swimming trunks jetting out in front of him.
“Kyle stop, we’re in public.” He dipped his hands down the front of her skirt and she quickly closed her legs tight.
"Get ready for it bitch," he said. He held the cock still in the back of her throat and cum erupted into her. She felt it slide down her throat and fill her stomach.
“Alright, baby, now it's your turn to cum for me,” she said.
Dean let her redirect his hand away from her body, and proceeded to zip himself up. Responding to her humor, he protested, "thank God. I don't know how I'd survive the night if you were. Not that I'm complaining, of course -- you were incredible!"
"Oh come on. You're really going to tell me no?" she responded, leaning down further so that our noses almost touched.
She dug her face into my neck and squeezed me tight as she came right there with me still sliding in and out of her. Her wetness ran down my legs, giving me a chill as it hit the air, but I didn’t slow down in the least fucking her. After all that time holding her up in the air I had used up so much energy that my legs were getting tired, so I sat us back down in the chair as she kept cumming on me. With my legs finally taking a breather and with her finally regaining her composure, she sat up on me and looked me in the eyes grinning from ear to ear.
Mike. Jessica's ex.
Karin stood in the door way between two hotel rooms. The buxom high school graduate, stood naked and looked into the adjoining room. She had been in bed with her school friend Kevin's father. Her parent's had just announced their open relationship, in the sexual revolution of the 70's. Now as she peered into the next room, her Mother Lacy got double teamed by Kevin and his father, John. Her mom and John had conspired to reserve rooms together and Lacy was getting all the action at the moment.
force that her body started to slide upwards on the blanket. Grabbing
"I don't know" Zoe said shyly.
How’d you do that?!
"So I really can’t blame Freddy for everything that happened. I have to take some responsibility for my part in all of it. I could have screamed for help, or tried to run away, or done other things to try to escape the situation. But I didn’t.
Alexander in the house.
As she walked quickly down the empty hallway to her next class, she saw Mr. Walker, the school janitor.
"Don't get me wrong. John is AMAZING in bed. And his dick is HUGE! I love it," Brittany continued her speech. "It's just... We never do anything exciting any more." She frowned, reminiscing to the first few months of their relationship, when they would have tried anything, just for the forbiddenness and sexualness of it.
I nodded to him. I wasn’t. I was still really light headed but I was clearing up. “I’m good.”
“He’s probably in his early sixties. He seems young for an older guy,” Jake said.
I woke up maybe an hour later, feeling something hard against my head. I yawned and opened my eyes, seeing that it was Drew's penis, pushing against the fabric of his jeans. My skirt had rode up when I laid down, and my white cotton panties were showing. I got up and looked at Drew, who appeared to be asleep.
“And yet here I am, walking away.” Nicole flatly responded as if nothing happened, not even looking back at me. “Aren’t I such an enigma?”
Of course, meeting Eric made things even better.
For a moment, it looked like Elisa was going to cry. “As you wish.”
She was wobbling when she stood then fell onto his bed. Both were so spent they could do nothing but float on clouds of pleasure. After a full minute of cooling breaths, he asked her, “Was it better?”
“Ooooh, it' so hard.” she purred “You're makin' me so wet. I love suckin' cocks.”
"No, it only lasts a couple of hours. I've done it a few times before and it’s worked every time perfectly. Do you want to try?" I asked her.
Breathing heavily, eyes wild, Riley looked down at me, “Give me one good reason not to kill him, Holls.”
“Only time it’s too late is when I’m dead, I may spend the rest of my life trying to prove I love you and that you are my special boy but in the mean time I have nine birthdays that need to be balanced,” Mom explains and the family is waiting outside my door.
With her mouth full of his cock, she said okay. The vibrations of her speaking that one word with his cock in her mouth drove him over the edge. His cum raced up his cock and shot out into her mouth. He pumped a good 5 to 6 large loads into her mouth, and she swallowed most of it. She wanted to show him how good of a girlfriend she was. He looked down after she pulled her mouth off his cock and saw that she still had a-lot of cum in her mouth. He found it very erotic. She then closed her mouth and took a big gulp and opened her mouth again and saw that she had swallowed it all. This turned him on even more.
All of a sudden Porky is by us and hollers, “Miss Mann, Mr. Summer, is this a private conversation, or can the whole class be involved..”
Leanne gives John a lusty smile, and motions him over with her finger. John walks over to Leanne, encircling her body with his hands, pulling her tightly against him, kissing her passionately. Leanne can distinctly feel John’s hard cock pressed up against her cloth covered, dripping wet pussy. A soft moan escapes Leanne’s lips as her pussy has been yearning for John’s attention ever since he started rubbing her foot. John runs his hand softly down Leanne’s back, and back up, through her hair. Leanne responds to John’s gentle touch by digging her nails into his back, her lust starting to take over her body.
After calling her girlfriend and arranging that she'd pick up Emma after school, Abby got busy. She had cookies to sell.
Christie sat up, furious.
“Ah peaceful night then”
Jacinta walked down stairs quickly follow by Charlie.
to the English class he saw her, she looked up and almost gasped, but caught herself. Her big brown
Then I knew, by his moans, that he wanted the real thing, and I realized that so did I. I was getting more confident. “Undo your pants,” he almost growled. I was turned on by his assertiveness and quickly began to unbutton my pants. I started to pull them down when he growled, “Not quick enough.” and he took a hold of my pants and began to pull them off. By the way he was smiling I knew that he was only being aggressive because he knew that I wanted this just as bad but he was terrible at waiting.
“Okay. Two years ago, some guy gave me this ring. I don’t remember him well, or where we were or any of that. But I remember when I first put it on. It was… weird. After a nap, I woke up and I was a dude. When I tried talking to your sister, she remembered me as a guy. Then I called you and you called me Mitch, and I nearly had a mental breakdown. When I took it off, I was me again. I was a girl, and everyone knew it.” I vaguely recalled getting lots of calls from Michelle sometime a long time ago, and being pretty worried. But I let her continue. “So gradually I started figuring it out and I tried a few things. I played around with it and no one would remember that I was Michelle if I wore the ring. It was weird at first, but then I picked up a girl at some bar and we had sex… It was amazing. I’d always been bisexual, but this was crazier than you’d ever believe me. I stopped sleeping with guys altogether and picked up girls even when I was me, and I loved it. You and I hung out when I was Mitch because I was a little more comfortable like that… at first.”
Her husband, who was a lot nicer-looking than she was, glanced over his shoulder at us. “Almost done, Bob says.” As though in response, my cousin straightened up and nodded to him. “Try it now.”
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2023.03.29 19:33 Puzzled-Example-8774 Crazy Wisdom is COMING BACK!

Crazy Wisdom is COMING BACK!
YOU GUYZZZZZ it looks like they will be reopening the shop and community space. Also they are hiring -- looks like a decent gig!
Screenshot from their most recent email
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2023.03.29 19:25 ToolsofGenius24 Salary Cap Challenges and Suggestion

I’m really loving the upgrades that have been coming out for PGM3. I have a thought on the salary cap and wondered what everyone things about this issue.
I’ve never been a fan of turning salary cap off because it’s part of the challenge, not just to field a great team but to have to pick your impact players wisely because of salary cap.
It seems in PGM3 you can never extend a player until they get into their 4th and final contract year. I’d love to be able to see that lock not apply to all players so that you can extend players being developed. This seems legitimate and still a risk as players may not develop to become what we hope. I’m finding it extremely difficult to operate within the salary cap, I don’t want to turn it off, but I have no options to invest in players early with a commitment to develop them.
Thoughts on this?
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2023.03.29 17:48 ForensicScientist101 Should I go back to my old job after leaving 3 months ago because they are now advertising it as higher pay and a better package overall?

Long story not so short, I left my job 3 months ago for a new job due to numerous reasons e.g. made me do manager responsibilities without the authority or salary of a manager, and giving my team a different line manager from a completely different department, even though I did 95% of the managing.
Just a couple of examples worth mentioning.
But I saw yesterday they are advertising my old job for 50k a year with hybrid working.
Just to note, my old salary (for the exact same role they are advertising now) was £26k a year and hybrid working wasn’t offered.
Whilst my time away from that company i’ve realised how dedicated I am to them, the industry and the product.
Anyway, I applied for that role I saw (because whats the worst that could happen?) and this morning I had a call with the head of operations with the topic of me possibly returning to my previous role.
I also mentioned there are a few things that would need amending if I was to return e.g. making me the teams line manager and giving me the authority to do the role properly. She said she would get back to me soon.
But the final problem is, i’m actually liking my new team and my new company. My manager has been so lovely to me so far. And has had my back from day 1.
So, I guess my question is, If all goes well and they accept to take me back and agree to the terms, do you think I should stay with the company i’m at now, or go back to my old company for more money and responsibility?
It might be worth noting, i’m on 35k at the moment, and what i’ve requested with the head of operations at my old place would be taking my current salary up by another 10k.
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2023.03.29 17:42 Remotive [Hiring] 20 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - Mar 29, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Head of Product (Mobile) OBRIO - Ukraine
Database Analyst Shuvel Digital - USA
Infrastructure Engineer Crossvale - Spain
Senior Federal Proposal Writer Enterprise Horizon Consulting Group - USA
Head of People Partnering (HRBP) (f/m/x) refurbed - Europe
Unreal Game Client Engineer Tidal Flats $24k - $48k Worldwide
Director of Finance Inspectorio - Worldwide
People Business Consultant Perceptyx - USA
Executive Virtual Assistant The Badass Babe Squad - Honduras
🇩🇪 Bilanzbuchhalter / Steuerfachangestellte oder gleichwertig in Tierschutzorganisation Tier- und Naturschutzbund Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. - Tierlebenshof Nauen €36k -€55k Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Frontend Developer SportyBet $40k-$80k Americas, LATAM
Fullstack Software Engineer Vervegroup - Spain
Near Shore Python Developer JBS Solutions - Costa Rica
Customer Success Manager Regrow Ag - USA
General Manager, Customer Advocacy Icertis - USA
People Operations Coordinator [bench] - Canada
Full Stack Engineer Mediavine - USA
Head of Marketing Waterplan - USA
Account Executive Sequence - UK
Sentinel Cybersecurity Architect Higher Frog Ltd - UK
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We Buy Construction Equipment Equipment Planet Equipment
Are you looking for top dollar for your used heavy equipment? A visit to Equipment Planet is always a good idea. We are used construction equipment buyers who will pay you top dollar, regardless of whether or not your equipment is operational. Selling your construction equipment may be an option for you. Having our buyers on your side will help you reach your goals and make the selling process as easy as possible.

What Do We Purchase? We buy all types of construction equipment such as :

Here at Equipment Planet, we acquire single pieces and entire fleets of equipment in virtually any shape or form. We will provide you the best price for your equipment, regardless of whether or not it is operational. If you’re looking for something more long-term, we can also work with you on a permanent basis.

Here are 5 Things you need to know before buying a used heavy equipment

If you are interested in getting the highest prices for your equipment, get an appraisal from Equipment Planet by calling 214-773-0207 today!
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2023.03.29 17:03 Shelomith21 Top Dollar For Your Used Heavy Equipment Equipment Planet Equipment

Top Dollar For Your Used Heavy Equipment Equipment Planet Equipment
Are you looking for top dollar for your used heavy equipment? A visit to Equipment Planet is always a good idea. We are used construction equipment buyers who will pay you top dollar, regardless of whether or not your equipment is operational. Selling your construction equipment may be an option for you. Having our buyers on your side will help you reach your goals and make the selling process as easy as possible.

What Do We Purchase? We buy all types of construction equipment such as :
Here at Equipment Planet, we acquire single pieces and entire fleets of equipment in virtually any shape or form. We will provide you the best price for your equipment, regardless of whether or not it is operational. If you’re looking for something more long-term, we can also work with you on a permanent basis.

Here are 5 Things you need to know before buying a used heavy equipment

If you are interested in getting the highest prices for your equipment, get an appraisal from Equipment Planet by calling 214-773-0207 today!

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Sell My Construction Equipment Sell My Heavy Equipment Sell Used Construction Equipment Sell Your Construction Equipment Top Dollar for Your Construction Equipment Top Dollar For Your Used Construction Equipment Top Dollar For Your Used Equipment Top Dollar For Your Used Heavy Equipment Top Dollar for Your Used Machines We Buy Construction Equipment We Buy Equipment We Buy Used Heavy Equipment
Where To Sell Equipment Where to Sell Used Equipment Who buys Construction Equipment Who Buys Heavy Construction Equipment Machinery Who Buys Heavy Equipment Who Buys Heavy Equipment Machinery Who Buys Backhoes Differences of Telehandler and Forklift Different Ways to Use a Trencher Various Types of Dozer and Blades Types of Heavy Construction Equipment
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2023.03.29 16:52 justlooking4myson Does anyone know of any entry level jobs that are hiring immediately?

Hi there, I'm looking for a job, almost anything will do. I'm maybe a week or so away from being homeless. So any places that you may know that are hiring that may not advertise online or in the papers I'd really appreciate any recommendations.
A bit about me. I'm 24, my last job was in July of '22, I'm mostly used to warehouse or mid-labour jobs. I'm not in the best shape right now. I know how to drive a forklift and the order picker. But I don't have a license for them anymore. I have a pretty sporadic work history. But I'm pretty desperate at this point in time. I'm decent-ish with computers. And I'm pretty good with janitorial duties. I also know how to operate the floor scrubbers, both the walk-along and sitting versions.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.03.29 15:42 Remotive [Hiring] 20 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - Mar 29, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Account Executive (They/She/He) MotorK - Spain
Onboarding Manager InvestNext - USA
Senior Product Designer Wallet Connect - Sweden
Certified Medical Coder Lightyearhealthexternaljobboardpostings - Northern America
Graphic Designer Lucidya - Saudi Arabia
Legal Counsel - Privacy & Security Oura - USA
RPA Senior Developer (Automation Anywhere) Crew Digital - LATAM
Senior Product Manager (f/m/d) Impactlabs €55k - €75k Europe
Data Solutions Architect ClearBank - UK
Senior DevOps Engineer Tesorio - USA
Senior Copywriter Firstleaf - USA
Staff Accountant OpStart - USA
HR Manager Alchemy Worx - USA
Sage X3 Senior Operations Consultant NexTec Group - USA
Administrator Your People Partners - UK
Full Stack PHP Laravel React.js Engineer Mahisoft - LATAM
Lead Fullstack Developer Vertrical GmbH - LATAM
Customer Support Executive Elucidat - USA
Vice President of Customer Success Spear Education - USA
Talent Connector Studentfinance - Europe
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