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A subreddit for the metalworkers who specialize in forging knives and other blade tools. Swords, daggers, kitchen cutlery, carving chisels, etc. Come in, look around, ask a question, learn, and have fun.

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A place where designers, builders, and admirers of Ground Air Heat Transfer greenhouses can compare notes.

2023.03.30 06:48 practicecomics Cold Baths Freak Me Out

Recently I joined a gym….
The gym has a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub, and a cold tub
The hot rooms and the hot tub make me feel great and I feel relaxed after.
But the cold tub feels good when I’m in it, but I feel bad when I get out…when I get out, I feel dizzy and lightheaded and it feels a little hard to walk, kind of like I could fall over…it almost feels like a mini panic attack…
I thought maybe I was holding my breath, so the last couple times I made sure to breath deeply…and I also only stayed in for a few moments…still, when I got out I felt dizzy and anxious…
Any thoughts? Anyone know why this might be or have tips…anyone else like heat too?
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2023.03.30 06:47 critical_courtney [A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Two (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

[A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Two (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)
Book One
Previous Chapter
Chapter Two:
The announcement sounded like always, “Announcing Queen Varella, ruler of the Raven Court at Featherstone, she who soars high above and wields the dark wind. And her pet, the Wolf of Featherstone.”
After my inner girl helped defend the palace against an invasion from the lake, our title received a promotion.
Hushed whispers became the norm for me after I arrived in court. The nobles never seemed to tire of looking at the queen’s pet werewolf. Covered from head to tail in walnut-colored fur, weighing close to 200 pounds, and carrying a jaw of teeth strong enough to pull apart iron bars, I was the perfect beast for the bird lady to tut around and keep others in line.
When the queen sat at her emerald-encrusted throne carved from stone and covered in cawing ravens, I joined her. Some days she wanted me closer and others further. But I was always in the chair with her.
The damn thing was big enough to hold three people. But the Raven Queen and her werewolf filled it comfortably. This particular morning the queen lightly tapped her left leg with two fingers, a movement I’d been careful to watch for over the last few months.
That meant she wanted my paws and head strewn across her lap. So I obliged. Because she was my pack leader, and my devotion to her was absolute. Though that certainly wasn’t the case when I first arrived after finding the inner girl had willingly ensnared herself in the queen’s service.
I tried my best facing off against the Raven Queen in the forest not far from here. To her credit, she gave me a fair shot. I just wasn’t nearly fast or strong enough to put her down. The feeling of being flipped over and slammed into the dirt hard enough to rattle trees around me was something I had trouble forgetting.
Looking out at the gathered nobles, faeries of the Raven Court who had assembled to speak before the queen or witness those who were, I saw more apprehension than normal. A goblin covered in blue flesh and wearing the fanciest rainbow suit I’d ever seen was sweating up a storm. A pair of mated centaurs were shuffling in place, hoves lightly clopping on the stone floor, cotton dresses swaying gently with their movements. On the opposite wall, a girl with the wings of a butterfly twiddled her thumbs, something that, until now, I’d assumed was just what my inner girl called an “expression.”
Random nobles cleared their throats, coughed a little, and wiped their foreheads, waiting for the queen to speak.
My pack leader remained silent, observing her people, trying to figure out what had them all so jittery. Or maybe she already knew. Yeah, that made more sense by her expression, a calm and gradual glance around the room. Her mouth gave away neither a smile nor a frown. Varella’s eyes retained their frosty gare, violet irises that told those who saw them nothing more than the Raven Queen was thinking about something. No other secrets did they betray.
After ruling this court for centuries, the dark monarch of Faerie learned to keep a tight grip on everything going on inside her thoughts and feelings. And on the off chance something slipped through, I was here to steal attention from the witnesses so they’d miss whatever nugget the queen might’ve dropped.
“Let the queen’s business commence,” she said at once and without warning. “I believe we have a long list of petitioners this day. No sense in dallying. Whoever is first to address me, step forth.”
The hushed whispers came to a stop as soon as she’d gotten a single word out. All eyes were turned toward the space in front of the throne. More cawing from the ravens on the back of this giant chair filled the chamber as we waited for the first person to take their place before the queen.
“I will approach the throne to start today’s business if it pleases you, my queen,” an individual called from the tightest cluster of nobles. They stood near the large brass doors at the entrance of the throne room. And I watched them clear out as quickly as their legs would carry them when this faerie spoke.
My pack leader motioned with two fingers for the speaker to come closer.
Approaching the throne with a cautious demeanor, hands folded together as though one might run away if not held tight, an androgynous individual stopped about 15 feet before the queen. I raised my head to get a better look at the faerie that smelled of lemongrass and peppermint.
Their orange hair was pulled back into a braid that swiveled back and forth on their approach. Brown eyes that couldn’t help but find their way down to me once in a while watched the queen for any sign of immediate displeasure. This individual’s movements were all carefully measured, as if every toe that made contact with the ground only did so after two days of nonstop planning.
It went beyond the otherworldly grace that typically accompanied faeries who danced along the shores of eternity as though it were as natural a thing as breathing or blinking.
This elf was tall and willowy, dressed in a well-tailored black vest covered in silver star designs. A short-sleeved white button-down shirt was tucked into his dark trousers, which were also decorated with silver stars and even bigger constellations.
“Who addresses me?” the queen asked, her tone warming a little bit.
They took a moment to gather their breath before speaking. Another quaint calculation on their part, eyes circling back around to me for just a moment.
“My name is Dareth Ickmunt. I bring you a petition from the Court of Stars, your grace,” they said, bowing their head.
A smile danced on the corner of Varella’s lips, and I looked from her back over to Dareth. He did not speak another word until the queen had time to consider his identity.
“Ickmunt. . . surname of the Star Court King. It’s been some time since I’ve spoken with King Falmouth Ickmunt. Of course, everyone knows he has no living sons. But I’ve heard he keeps a nephew close at hand, even granted him the title of prince. So tell me Prince Dareth, why do you visit my court without an official announcement? Foreign royalty doesn’t typically approach my throne among the nobles during court.”
Dareth paused and considered their next words. They made no effort to hide their identity. Now that I got a better look at the prince, I saw a blue crescent moon tattooed on their neck, along with more stars marking their terra-cotta flesh. It was intricate inkwork and truly set them apart from even the nobles.
“Forgive me, your grace. I did not mean to deceive you. Nor have I come to your court sans announcement for the purpose of spycraft or war. I only wear the title of ‘prince’ to placate my uncle. He is anxious about succession, you see. But I’ve considered myself royalty, despite his decree,” they said.
Varella clicked her tongue.
“So you come to my court without use of a title for the sake of humility?” my pack leader asked.
“It is as you say, your grace. I am not one for putting on airs. I find they needlessly devour my time,” the prince said.
They seemed to have found their noble legs, speaking a little more forcefully now, not with any aggression, just more surety. The elf may not want a title, but I saw nobility within their inflection now. It was their eyes, those locked with the pupils of my pack leader. Each knew who they were dealing with now. No games. Just the queen’s business.
My ears twitched as I heard the nobles whispering amongst themselves once more.
“The Court of Stars? Why would their prince travel this far south?”
“I’m not sure I like the sound of this unannounced royalty.”
“Why come here to our court if not to bring trouble? I don’t like their timing or tidings.”
They continued to speak in hushed voices, but I tuned out and focussed once more on Dareth as the queen raised an eyebrow.
“You speak of your time as though you have any. Our kind does not wear bondage brought on by the strands of time as mortals do. So it’s a curious thing to hear you speak of it in such a way,” she said.
With their eyes sharpened, the prince said, “You and I may have a ladle that can be dipped into the well of ages without limit, but my court faces the end of its days. This is why I come here to petition you, your grace.”
Her amusement was gone. My pack leader’s stare had grown cold again. I had only run in this world for years, but these were Faerie courts being spoken of now. Centuries of time wound up in each through peace and conflict. It was simply beyond the mind of me or my inner girl. Such was the comprehension of mortals and beasts.
“The Court of Stars is in danger of collapse?” the queen asked.
The prince nodded.
“My home of 90 years faces invasion if not utter annihilation from the Fist of Kairn, an alliance of courts who’ve expanded their military presence in neighboring territories far to the north. My uncle remains convinced our pacifism will keep us safe, and that the stain of dishonor that would come from taking a peaceful court will be enough deterrence. But I remain unconvinced.”
It wasn’t just whispering now from the nobles. A few of them were starting to speak at full volume.
“I knew it! They’ve come here to drag us into war.”
“Surely they can’t expect us to protect them from so far away. That’s absurd.”
“I say we ransom the prince off to the First of Kairn here and now. Then we avoid war and bring in a little coin.”
That last suggestion elicited a growl from yours truly. It was enough that the court came to a pause. When a wolf growls, the grotto takes notice. When a werewolf growls, the entire forest takes notice.
But my pack leader was not looking around the room to survey expressions from her people. She remained hyperfocused on the prince who’d traveled so far to be here, chased by the threat of war.
“Your uncle is an optimistic king. I will not speak ill of him, but his decision and confidence in honor seem precarious. So tell me, Prince Dareth, what exactly have you traveled all this way to ask me? What request was important enough that it had to be delivered in person and could not risk being sent via crow messenger?”
Another deep breath from Dareth before he spoke.
At the throne’s top, each raven perched silently, almost as if they were made of stone like the chair we sat in.
“You spent some years growing up in the Court of Stars, your grace. We still have a large painting of you and your brother when you were just a girl, studying constellations and the movement of celestial bodies with my mother and uncle. I’ve come here to ask that if war were to swallow my home, you be prepared to receive fleeing refugees.”
Varella considered this, crossing her legs and placing both of her hands on top of my head, which found itself in her lap once more.
“You’re not asking me to intervene militarily but to be ready to welcome evacuees should the Fist of Kairn bring destruction to your doorstep?” my pack leader clarified.
“My uncle has forbidden requests for defensive aid, citing our court’s laws. Pacificism means that not only do we avoid fighting, but our court refuses to allow others to fight for us. So I’ve come here to seek the next best thing. I made similar requests to the Yellow Court and Worm Court, but they turned me down almost immediately,” Dareth said.
I picked up the sound of footsteps as a noble stepped into view behind Dareth. He was a sturdy man wearing a red robe with gold trim. It covered most of his alabaster skin. The fae’s black hair was cut short, and his yellow eyes washed over the prince from behind.
“My queen, you cannot grant the prince’s petition. The Raven Court would risk further ire from the Star Court’s enemies if we welcomed survivors of a hypothetical calamity. Our resources are—”
The Raven Queen cut him off.
“I’m well aware of our resources, Lord Kitac. I do sit this throne and manage this court each week, do I not? So why would you presume to tell me things I already know? Or would accuse your ruler of being ignorant of her queendom’s assets?”
I didn’t give Lord Kitac time to respond, rising to my feet and leaping down from the throne to the stone floor. My large paws passed over gemstones in the landing beneath me. I strode past Dareth, not paying him a lick of attention. My fur came within inches of their legs.
My haunches popped as I assumed my full height and might, gradually approaching the lord who spoke out of turn.
Even though the other nobles were nowhere near my path, they backed up against the wall as I passed. Their heartbeats were growing faster. And why? They’d seen this play out before with Lord Harroldsen. They watched as I tore his throat open in an instant.
But not here. I took my time approaching this lord so he could stew in the juices of this particular error.
Lord Kitac was a man of average height, but I watched him start to shrink before my very eyes upon my approach. He made no move to run, and it was just as well. Outrunning a werewolf was not a common feat.
A deep, echoing growl resonated across the throne room. I watched as his face sank with each second that noise rattled in his ears. The confidence he so boldly spoke with just seconds ago had taken a sudden leap into a bottomless chasm. And I suspected he now wished his body could do the same.
I had a job to do here. My pack leader is a terrifying monarch. But she doesn’t have to put her power on display every time she sits the throne. If a ruler had to show their true power very often, they wouldn’t have a court to manage for long. That’s where I came in. Because a wolf can be terrifying each time you see one.
And a werewolf? Well, folks didn’t even need to see us to be afraid. A lone growl echoing from the dark is enough to make most folks turn tail and run, especially when they so effortlessly felt the rumble penetrating deep into their core.
I could be the threat and power flexed every day without a single noble questioning the strength of my queen. That’s why I’m here. I am her beast. The queen has her talons, her beak, her dark wind, and through me, she has claws and jaws that could fell any number of enemies.
Flashing fangs, I padded another step closer to Lord Kitac, and any surety he had left dove into the same chasm that he wanted to hide in at this very moment.
The noble fell to his knees and folded his hands.
“Mercy, please, your grace. I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me. Of course you know the resources of this court. You surely do,” the man said, nodding as if to convince himself.
Before I could step closer, my pack leader called for me.
“That’s enough, my pet. Lord Kitac knows he fucked up. Come back to me,” she said.
I locked eyes with the sweating fae noble for what felt like several minutes before turning to leave. He fell to his ass catching his breath and then slowly stood, trying to gravitate to a section of the wall where everyone would forget he existed.
As I climbed back onto the throne, the Raven Queen stroked my neck and said, “Good girl. Such a fearsome beast you are.”
I let my tongue hang out for a moment before locking eyes with Dareth and resuming a more vigilant pose.
My pack leader stood and addressed not just the prince but her gathered nobles now.
“You who call the Raven Court home, I do not blindly ignore your fears and worries. Whispers of war to the north have grown louder these last few weeks. And now that we have a physical reminder of that conflict before our eyes, I understand why it makes you uneasy,” she said.
Dareth said not a word. He stood listening to my pack leader with a calm demeanor that did not once lead me to believe he felt ignored by the queen’s change of attention.
“This court has seen war. We’ve seen death. But I will remind you that in my centuries on this throne, not once have I dragged our people into battle unjustly. Aggressors have tried their hand at conquering us, and enemies have stood at the gates of Perth before! Some of you were here to witness that. And what did I do?”
The hypothetical question was accompanied only by ravens above me, summoning their chorus of caws again.
Nobody answered the queen.
“I soared over those gates and struck down our enemies with a feathered blade in each hand. Time and time again, I have rallied our talons and feathers to drive the enemy back. You know me. I do not pick fights with other courts, and I do not loan our military to be a strength for others unless required to do so by established treaties. Do you not recall mere months ago when I avoided embroiling us in a war between the Yellow Court and Worm Court? Have you all forsaken belief in my wisdom so easily?”
Now some nobles did answer her.
“We believe in you, our queen!”
“You’ve not failed us one single day on that throne.”
My pack leader nodded to her nobles. The energy in the room had completely changed. She’d whipped up their confidence into a fervor, all with a few words. I rose from the throne and stood at her side, my shoulders in line with her hips.
“You trusted me then. I call upon you to also believe in me now. I will not summon the ire and war of northern kingdoms to these lands. The Raven Court will remain safe and prosperous as it has for many years. So I ask you all, here and now, do you trust your queen?”
And with a thunderous echo, each lord and lady present hollered in affirmation.
“Armed with your confidence, I will continue to protect our lands. I appreciate you all,” my pack leader said.
Turning toward the prince as the nobles talked excitedly amongst themselves, the Raven Queen had softer words.
“Prince Dareth, I invite you to stay here at Featherstone tonight as my guest. If you accept my invitation, then we’ll discuss your request for prepared aid in the morning.”
The fae prince bowed.
“I appreciate your hospitality and am happy to accept, your grace.”
My pack leader awarded him a brief nod and then resumed her seat on the throne, calling me to her once more.
“Come now, my pet. We still have much of the queen’s business to attend.”
And that’s exactly what we did. Somehow, the throne room moved on from its display of Raven Court patriotism and continued with more petitions. None were as exciting as what we’d heard from the Court of Stars, though.
The very long day concluded with a shopkeep asking the queen for a 12-month moratorium on tax duties so she could expand her tailoring business from Perth into the neighboring village of Sanc Red. Once the queen granted her this, she dismissed the nobles. Within minutes, the throne room was empty and quiet as it hadn’t been since before sunrise.
I stood with the queen and stretched, wagging tail and rear rising while my front paws carried forward as far as they could. A yawn forced my jaws open wide for its escape.
Varella chuckled and ran her fingers under my chin.
“You did well today, my pet. Fierce and frightening as always you are at my side. My bargain continues to be fruitful. Are you ready to call it a day? Shall I summon your inner girl again?”
I nosed her arm, and the queen smiled.
Then she placed a hand over my head and called forth to the magic she kept within my wolfheart. It echoed within my core, responding to her will, reshaping me into the human girl that struck the bargain in the first place.
“Retreat, my wolf. Sierra Chelsi, I call you forth.”
A familiar smoke rose from the stone floor, engulfing my entire body so the transformational magic could take place.
My instincts sank into an inner slumber to be called upon whenever the queen saw fit in the future.
I stood on two legs once more and stretched. The smoke around me thinned, vanishing as the queen removed her feathered cloak, wrapping me in it as she often did when I appeared naked after each transformation.
“Fun day at court, my queen?” I asked, yawning.
My stomach grumbled, and I felt a familiar light-headedness that came when assuming a human form again.
“You certainly ensured so, my little wolf. I believe I promised you dinner and some answers about Bliss. Shall we head to your room to get dressed for an evening meal?”
“I’d like that very much, mistress,” I said, smiling.
Finally! I can have her all to myself, I thought.
My mistress ran her nails through my hair, which, as usual, left me frozen in a dizzied state while I absorbed every moment of her touch, head slumped to the right against her breasts.
“We’ll go when you’re ready,” she taunted.
I couldn’t budge, and she knew exactly why.
Maybe dinner wouldn’t happen after all.
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2023.03.30 06:47 IamEllythankyouYT Hello Everybody!

Hello, everyone! I am the creator of this community, post whatever you want that's not Gacha heat, racist, homophobic, or sexist. And censor certain words that can be triggering to others. You can upload Gacha Cringe, but if it is inappropriate, then mark it as NSFW, no, this is not an NSFW community. We do not support sexists, homophobes, or racists. Thank you for spending your time reading this. Have a great day.
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2023.03.30 06:47 alter_persona Quando você é tão merda que até o Talibã precisa te ensinar a se comportar na internet

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2023.03.30 06:46 Skies1069 Sister issues

My sister has been harassing my girlfriend and I for the past 6 months.
I don’t know what to do. I already cut her out of my life and she still finds a way to pick at us. For example: I blocked her on social media and she made a new account, I blocked her number and she gets her friends to text us, she’s been sending harassing emails. My entire family is on her side because she is the only person who has a baby.
I don’t speak to my family because my sister brainwashed them.
I am happy with my girlfriend, we are both successful in our careers, we both love each other so much. We plan to get married soon and have decided not to invite family into our lives.
My sister is a very toxic person and my girlfriend and I are very positive people who don’t need that kind of energy in our lives.
My sister has everything she could ever want, a rich baby daddy, a baby, a huge truck, even one of my brothers is living with her at the moment.
why does she keep bothering us?
My question is what can I do? Can I sue her for harassing? I don’t know what to do?
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2023.03.30 06:46 RangerBright3523 1:1 Top quality bags from Helen, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8613136347879

1:1 Top quality bags from Helen, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8613136347879 submitted by RangerBright3523 to Replica [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:46 First-Art-8890 1:1 Top quality bags from Anna, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8618957858713

1:1 Top quality bags from Anna, we will provide a detailed video to check the quality before delivery we will deliver the goods after you satisfied, and provide the tracking number at the first time. Through Fedex, UPS, DHL, Air Line, Whatsapp:+8618957858713 submitted by First-Art-8890 to Replica [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:46 PersistentHobbler Can I sue my landlord for cramming over 12 people into one property?

This is not an apartment, duplex, or quad situation. This is a house with two mini houses in the back yard.
There is no way the property is zoned for this. He had every available inch of the house boxed in to be another bedroom (including what was supposed to be a laundry room). There are now seven rooms in the front house, three in a small back house, and one in the other. There is also a welcome mat in front of the shed so somewhat might be in there.
I think this is all under the table. I didn’t sign anything to live here. He has over twenty houses. This guy needs to get shut down. The houses are poorly maintained and something is always broken. We’ve had months without a working sink, stove, shower, or heat. I’m in Phoenix, AZ. Can I get money back so I can freaking leave?
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2023.03.30 06:45 DependentBroad6034 proud of my brother and I. He told me

when the time comes, to think kindly of him and keep on going.
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2023.03.30 06:45 KarmawantstobeBored Old Post

I have found the old post (somehow I was smart to save it-)

My Life in a Homophobic and Lowkey Racist Family
I am a Mexican teenager that uses the pronouns “They/Them”. If you came up to me, you wouldn’t know what my gender is since I have my hair cut short, I wear baggy yet nice clothes, and I have a mask on majority of the time when I’m in public. The only problem is my family. See, I live with my dad and my step-mom (my real mom abandoned me when I was a kid because she thought drugs was more important than her four kids). Both side of the family (I’ll refer my step-mom “mom” and her family “my family” in order to not confuse people) are Christians. I’m an atheist. I have been since I was 10. So whenever I have to do anything for a church, I am usually in a awkward position to the point where I ask my mom to pick me up. I also hate a lot of people, so don’t expect me to be in a party (unless I’m forced by my parents but that’s another story). I’m just an awkward kid that likes anime and hates people. Well, I came out pansexual to my parents. Well, mostly my dad. My mom on the other hand hates it. My dad supports me. I came out a year ago. I then thought that my dad would support me if I used the term “They/Them”. I came out as Non-Binary a day in October. My dad took me outside (in the cold without a coat) and left me outside for nearly 30 minutes. He told me that I would always be a girl.
“You were born as a girl, so you will always be a girl. You won’t be a boy or whatever the hell you want to be.”
His words, not mine.
I have been depressed ever since I was 11. It’s not major as before, but I’ve tried to commit suicide twice already. When I tried to, my parents sent me to a mental hospital. Then when I came back, I was acted all nice just to hide my true self. My parents believed that I was just trying to cause drama. I have actually starved myself, cut myself, making myself throw up. What’s worse is that my family likes to bring up things from my past and stuff like, “Remember the time when you thought of being a boy? (My dad told me this year when my younger cousins were right next to me). They think I’ll end up like my real mother. I can’t tell anybody in my family that I’m pansexual and non-binary because they hate gay people and will disown anyone.
I forgot to mention that my family on my dad side is kind of racist. You see, I have a Korean brother. Both me and him look alike, so people just assume that we’re both Mexicans. My dad likes to call me his ‘beaner’ because I’m part Mexican. Then, earlier this year, my dad’s mom said, “I wish all of these Mexicans and Black people would just leave me alone. Or probably go back to wherever they came from. I can’t stand them.”
Again, her words, not mine.
I also can’t forget about all the things I have to do while my little sister gets to be on her iPad all day and yet I get yelled at. I have chores before school, after school, and during the weekends/breaks/etc. My sister is 9 and I was 7 when I started to mow the whole yard (and I have 6 acres). The only thing my sister has to do is to water the dogs and I have to tell her to because she has her eyes on her iPad. I didn’t get my iPad until this year, and I saved my money for it! She got hers four years ago on Christmas! I was never allowed an electrical device until I was in my double digits and was in high school. Then, whenever I tell my parents that my sister should take some of my chores, they would get mad and say, “You’re not doing a lot so stop complaining.”
A lot…
I’m not doing a lot…
Wake up at 6
Get ready for school
Feed Dogs/Cats
Water for Cats
Get Sister up and ready for school
Be ready by 6:45
Feed Dogs/Cats
Water Cats
Clean the liter box
Clean mirrors
Clean windows
Clean couches
Clean bathroom
Clean basement stairs
Sweep in the basement
Vacuum in the basement
Clean the walls in the basement
Outside (when nice)
Sweep the barn
Mow the whole yard
Clean around the fences
Burn the trash
Clean around the house
Clean around the barns (we have 2)
Clean around the trees
Clean the barns (inside)
Clean around the burn hole
*clean-cutting raking picking sticks etc.
Outside (Winter)
Shovel the back porch/front porch
Shovel the driveway
Burn the trash
All of my chores are done by myself….
I can’t even get a job until I’m out of the house because my parents said, “Who’s going to do all of the stuff.”
I don’t know if this goes to entiledparents or toxic-family, but here you go. Just two more years until I’m free.
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2023.03.30 06:45 CharlieEmily24 It's just a rant

I only have two friends who cares about my feelings trust me I have emotional break and yell at anyone I have yelled at a teacher and my whole class see me as a crybaby and yes I have autism so I see the world differently so what and this morning my friends were walking to class laughing and talking and I stay back with one of my other friend and the other who cares about my feelings who I have opened up to the most look at me with saddest and walked with everyone else and my partner didn't notice I was gone and on the bus I have to sit next to my brother who I hate and my partner who knows I have separated anxiety/problems and sat in the back which hurt my feelings and they laugh at me if I say something serious
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2023.03.30 06:45 ammadahmed00 Are there any ways to speed up the immigration process

I have been living & working in Dubai UAE. My younger brother is a citizen in united states and he has filed my case for immigration in july 2021. My understanding is it usually takes about 10 years or more to become eligible to further carry on the process. I want to know is there any way, we can speed up the process ?
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2023.03.30 06:45 Kalamity1994 LA Smell

I moved to LA two years ago. I love LA, I'm so happy to be here, it's beautiful.
My partner and I walk around as much as we can. We live within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops, etc. (We're walkers!). But after the first few months, I noticed that my partner would come home from a walk, and I could smell this sweet-sour-sweat stank on him. But it's more than sweat, it's like a specific sour stink that ONLY comes when he walks around outside. I go out for morning walks and he says he smells it on me too. It goes away after a little while. We figured it was just us, we're now the smelly couple (despite the fact that we both wear deodorant). But recently my writing partner came over after a stroll around my block and I immediately noticed that HE smelled like that sweet-sour-stinky-stank. The exact same smell.
So I'm wondering if this is an LA thing? Is there something in the air that makes folks a lil' stinky? (Mix of sweat and smog?) Does anyone else notice this? (Or are we just weird?)
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2023.03.30 06:45 djbigggs AC drain line questions

Hi all,
I am told my AC unit has 2 drain lines, pic here:
Told me that one on the left is the primary and the one on the right is the secondary.
  1. When AC is on, air blows out of both pvc lines. Is that normal?
  2. When AC is on, it smells somewhat bad a bit like vinegar. The air coming out of the pvc lines smells the same. If I want to clean out the drain lines, should I just pour watebleach in both left and right pvc drain lines?
  3. I looked at the evaporator coils and they look clean. Don't think the smell is due to the evaporator coils, but is it still worth it to clean them?
Appreciate any help, thanks!
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2023.03.30 06:44 The_VinayKumarK Fast Charging vs normal charging

Fast Charging vs normal charging , which one do you prefer for np. Because charging with official np charger (charging rapidly) gives me 5hr max battery life and yeah can't deny summer heat makes it worse though.
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2023.03.30 06:44 miasanjoni hasbulla x his cat barsik

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2023.03.30 06:43 usernamy Pat has completed his arc from lovable underdog to mainstream bully

I swear I used to love this guy’s content but Pat recently has always been mad.
Taking it out on a YouTuber on his platform is shameful. He’s forgotten what it’s like to be the little guy, and I swear he’s always mad or angry nowadays.
Far from the fresh breath of air he used to be when compared to other sports media, he’s just straight up a bully now
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2023.03.30 06:43 Rhetorical_Abe Veteran Tips

I see plenty of people posting on here asking for recommendations, so as a 4th time attendee this year, I will share what I have learned.
First: shade. One canopy is great. 2 is supremely better. A beach tent is a great second canopy. The second canopy is for your tent. The difference provided by that shade will separate you from the rested and the devastated.
While we’re talking about keeping cool, you don’t know heat brother. You’ve been on the beach in 90 degree heat before. You were fine. Well, ‘yer on the farm now city boi. And in the south we got a thing called humidity. So bring the following to also help you keep cool.
Rechargeable battery fans. And when I say fan, you need the blade diameter to be no less than 6-8”, bigger is even better but bigger means they take more power. More on that later. Get 2 at least maybe 3. With three you can create a nice little cyclone and keep the air moving. The fans that recharge through usb cables are ideal. Because they’ll be easier to recharge.
Frog toggs. They’re chamois that soak up cold water and you can drape them on your neck or over your head to keep cool. Put them in your cooler water to get them nice and cold.
A 5 gal bucket. You can also drain your cooler water daily into this bucket. It will stay surprisingly cool for a long time. This bucket you can use for a very soothing and very cooling foot bath at camp. You can also use this to wash your feet before you enter beneath your canopy. Clean camp is a happy camp.
Space blankets. You can clip these to the top of your canopy and help bounce even more heat off your camp. Make sure you also bring plenty of clamps/ binder clips/ zip ties to secure them and..
Tapestries. You want 3 at least and you want them to be tall enough to go to the ground from the side of your canopy, and wide enough to span side to side. Gives you privacy and a nice little wind tunnel.
Solar battery generator. We live in the future and it’s glorious. These things are expensive but worth every penny. Even getting a smaller cheaper version will prove immensely useful to recharge your phone and fans out there. You may even be able to run some led string lights with them at your camp for ambiance and light. Lock it in your car during the day or hidden in your bins or tent. Recharge and run your fans at the same time while your battery is charging in the beautiful sun. An alternative are those car charger adapters that have like 2 USB ports and a regular plug. It can be nice to take refuse in your car and enjoy the AC but be mindful of your neighbors. You may be blowing exhaust and heat right on them.
Tent locks. This is a controversial topic on this subreddit. But what most people overlook is the notion that not every thief is a pro or fully motivated. Some fucked up idiot who stumbles through your camp who could have been deterred easily could get into your tent now. Any measure is better than no measure. But do keep high dollar valuables locked in your car. You may consider keeping smaller items and electronics in plastic bags in a second cooler. Your car will get HOT.
Bring a good cooler and expect to buy ice at least once per day. go FIRST thing in the morning for ice and to shit before there is a line. Also don’t bring food to cook. Cooking at camp is rookie shit. Take burgers. Sounds easy. We’ll think about it. Produce won’t keep. Cheese won’t keep. Meat won’t keep. Condiments won’t keep. No don’t cook. Budget for food and if you do bring food bring snacks and simple meals like pb and j or oatmeal. My personal recommendation are those MREs and First Strike Bars.
Solar shower. The shower line is for chumps. And you don’t need a shower booth. Just bring a swimsuit and bathe in that with help from your friends. One stands on the cooler or a bucket and holds it and you get a better, warmer, wait free shower each day. They’re also exceedingly cheap. The med size is all you need.
Personal folding fan/ Battery misting fan. Misting fans are great for in the crowd. Those little neck fans are nice but be sure to bring enough batteries to change them everyday. Otherwise you’ll barely feel them.
A canteen/ water bottle/ camel pack. Hydration is the name of the game. Everyone here says it all the time, and they’re all right. Drink lots of water. Also bring Water Boy or Liquid IV to boost your hydration.
You don’t have to do drugs to have fun. It’s a great place and a great time all it’s own. If you are doing drugs, only do the drugs you brought with you. Don’t buy drugs. And if anyone offers you drugs, bring a test kit to make sure they are safe. If for nothing else your peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re on.
I’m sure I could think of more but I thought this could help some newbies out there. You don’t have to have everything I said. I built up to this young padowans. You will want to come back so get what you need and you will be better prepared next time. You will have a great time. See y’all on the farm.
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2023.03.30 06:43 epicgodgamer8989 bye heat nation

After 6 years of this shit i am done i am leaving and going back to the Lakers but heat nation was an amazing experience so bye
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2023.03.30 06:42 glasses_the_loc A boring Reddit feed

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2023.03.30 06:42 Additional-Yam6345 All My Smash X-stream newcomer movesets completed so far:

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2023.03.30 06:42 ADN-VIII YSK what happened in the Air Conditioning industry this year and how it affects the price of new air conditioning.

Why YSK: Because the prices have increased by a substantial amount, and if you are someone that is looking to buy or sell a home this affects you directly.
So, air conditioning is something a lot of people take for granted. I'm a tech in the HVAC industry and the most difficult thing I have to do is explain to people why the new air conditioning system they need is costing them $12k when the article they just read says the average cost of a system is only $8k in the U.S.
The reason why is because that article you are reading was published in 2022. HUGE changes hit the HVAC industry this year on January 1, and homeowners do not know about it. I am constantly going to appointments with customers who's AC finally crapped the bed after 15 years and they're shocked to see the price to have it replaced.
So, if you have never heard the term SEER before, it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Essentially it is a rating that is placed on HVAC equipment that reflects it's energy consumption during heating and cooling season. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient it is to run during peak conditions (middle of summer and winter), therefore lowering your gas and electric bills. As the SEER rating on equipment goes up, so does the price when you install it. Last year, a basic 14 SEER system would run you about 7-9 grand depending on what brand, what tonnage, any job specific related stuff like ductwork modifications, etc. The problem now is equipment is no longer being produced based off of SEER ratings.
As of January 1 this year, the EPA implemented a new system called SEER2. Essentially what has happened is the standards for newly produced air conditioning equipment has been raised. In order to achieve a higher energy efficiency score, higher bars have to be met as far as the equipment's performance in peak conditions. So, what was a 14 SEER system last year would be closer to a 12-13 SEER2 system this year. The numbers between different model number and brand match ups all fluctuate a bit, but the biggest thing is systems that are rated below 13.4-14.3 SEER 2 (depending on where you live in the U.S.) systems are no longer allowed to be installed on new construction homes.
These new requirements did two things to the HVAC industry. On the manufacturing side of things, every single company nation wide got slapped with a letter that said "hey, your new equipment has to meet these new efficiency standards. Make it better." So that drove the cost of equipment production up. Production of old SEER rated equipment completely stopped. Those units are no longer being made. It's all the new more efficient systems now. The old systems that could be modified to meet the new criteria were, the rest were bought up, rush installed, or junked. So, now we have more expensive equipment and supply chain issues because the manufacturers are still climbing out of the mud pit that was becoming compliant with new efficiency changes.
On the retail side, this has directly impacted the price going out to the consumer. Oh, slap an economic recession on top of that? Yeah, prices have gone up.
The absolute cheapest system I have been able to quote so far this year was $9,000 dollars, and that job was pretty minimal fuss. 9 grand was what I was quoting for 15-16 SEER equipment last year depending on the brand. This year? That's the entry level 14.3 SEER2 system. My average ticket price so far this year? $13,000.
Now there are obviously going to be price fluctuations from company to company. Smaller companies (one location, maybe a couple dozen employees) can offer lower prices because they have less overhead. Larger companies are insured, bonded, usually have strong ties to distributors and manufacturers, and can handle larger jobs/more complex homes. Regardless of which you choose, Joe from Joe's Heating and Air and Joseph from HVAC United are both going to give you an estimate that is a lot more expensive than last year.
Point is, if you've got an older system, now is the time to either get it regularly maintained and tuned up by a professional or start preparing your wallet. If you're looking to sell your home, the age of your AC system directly affects the price of your home, and buyers are being very choosy right now over HVAC in houses. If you're looking to buy, I don't blame you. With prices being what they are, I would definitely hire licensed HVAC company to do a full system assessment before signing a contract. If you don't, you might be inheriting a massive bill in a few short years.
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