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2023.05.29 16:29 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.98

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---Lhamo’s perspective---
---2686 Terran Calenda27 years BF---
I watch the British woman of FrancoJapanese parentage stride from the floor of the Parliament of our (recently capitulated) enemies.
She is surrounded by four of the most physically imposing Humans I’ve ever seen! Not one of them less than 210cm!
I suppose, when our army numbers in the hundreds of billions, finding one-in-a-millions isn’t too hard(!)
Me and the rest of her retinue fall in behind her as she passes through the vomitorium and turns to my left, her right, towards her temporary office.
As large in stature as the durasteel clad soldiers are, they do not compare to the woman’s android husband, 230cm tall and, from the sound of his bare footfalls, a few hundred kilos in mass!
We reach the door of the (newly designated) office of the Terran Representative and she snarls “You four, guard the door…” addressing her bodyguards “…Ezra, Zurab, Lhamo, inside… Everyone else, piss off and find something to do!”
The door closes behind us.
“Bug sweep, darling…” says the woman, exhaustedly.
“No bugs detected.” answers her husband, instantly.
She slumps onto the chair that had to be brought from our ship after the one provided by the Parliament collapsed under her weight the first time she sat in it.
Tilting her head back, she asks “So… how did I do?”
“You did wonderfully, sweetheart.” answers Ezra, immediately, in his flat, serene cadence.
She reaches a hand out to one of his and says “Thank you, darling! You are my rock… but I was really asking these two…” gesturing at me and the KartveloTamil man with her other hand.
My opinion…” smiles Mudaliar “…pitch perfect! No notes!”
“Agreed.” I concur.
She leans her elbows onto the table in front of her, quickly removing them when she hears its groans of protest.
“There’ll be a lot of people back home who think that we let them off too easy… who’ll think that we should have pulled a fucking Versailles on their arses!” she muses.
“A punitive Peace would foster resentment in the gardenworlder populace… They would feel as if their leaders stabbed them in the back by surrendering… Not to mention giving ammunition to antideathworlder bigots!… We need future generations of gardenworlders to think their ancestors were wrong to declare War on us, not wrong to sue for Peace…” I remind her.
“Enumerating their various hypocrisies, warcrimes and the many violations of their own laws that they perpetrated serves that end well… Hundreds of trillions of GU citizens, who personally had little to nothing to do with the War, suddenly finding their salaries cut in half to pay our War reparations would very much be counter to it(!)… Let us hope that demanding the most heinous warcriminals be remanded to Terran custody to stand trial placates the sabre rattlers back home…” adds Mudaliar.
Yes, but…! I don’t know… I feel like we should have got something more from them!… Instructions on how to reproduce their more advanced tech, maybe…?”
Mudaliar purses his lips in a joyless smile and shakes his head “We just (relatively handily) defeated them in a War with technology centuries behind theirs… Their tech is not something we can ask them to trust us with yet… we need to build their trust first. It’s going to take time… It’s going to take…”
What!?” snarls Miyazaki to whatever poor unfortunate soul is requesting entry.
One of the towering guards, in their sleek, state of the art durasteel, enters.
“Apologies for the interruption, Mistress Miyazaki… There’s a delivery for you. Already been scanned for explosive, biological and chemical agents etc… It’s clean.”
“A delivery…?” she says, screwing up her face in a mixture of confusion and contempt for a moment before shifting to appraisal and beckoning wordlessly.
The towering man enters the room and stands to one side, revealing a small woman with pink skin, purple tendrils covering her scalp, three teal eyes and three legs with one too many joints.
The girl looks terrified as she walks in, a levitating platform following behind her with a heavy looking cube (around a metre wide, deep and tall) on top.
Looking as if she might be about to burst into tears from her fear, the pink skinned girl holds out a holo toward Miyazaki (though still around 8m away) and says “C-c-could you… s-s-s-sssign h-here, p-please?”
“What am I signing for?” asks Miyazaki, flatly.
“Th-this?” says the scared delivery girl, gesturing at the glossy cube.
Fury flashes across Miyazaki’s face and, before she can traumatise the poor girl, I step in.
“I think what our Representative means is that we weren’t expecting a delivery… Would you mind telling us what this is?” I say, kindly, smiling (without teeth) down at the girl.
“I-it’s… a d-data drive…?” she asks more than tells.
A data drive!?
That’s absurd!!!
With how insanely advanced their computing is, a physical storage device this large would represent several multiples of all the information Humanity has ever set to page!
“What’s on this data drive, sweetie?” I smile, trying not to betray any of my desperate curiosity to her.
“It’s a c-compendium… of a-all Galactic Union t-technologies and ssscience…”
The room stands in stunned silence for 9 straight seconds while we all process what the little xeno girl just said.
She shifts uncomfortably, looking at Miyazaki and, clearly, unwilling to approach her.
Shellshocked, I eventually manage to say “I… can… sign… for that…”
Looking relieved, she hands me her holo and a stylus.
I scrawl out my name in the abugidic script of my native Tibetan, my hand then making a second pass on the line, adding the vowel markers.
The girl looks thoroughly relieved not to have had to get any closer than she is to the intimidating woman behind the desk, in the formal blue dress.
I hand the device back to her and she uses it to direct the platform to unload its cargo.
She does not wait to be dismissed, beating a hasty retreat from the room, leaving behind the single most valuable object ever possessed by Terrankind!
---2687 Terran Calenda26 years BF---
“We need gardenworlders!” growls Miyazaki, frustratedly, as we pore over the plans for the new agency we’re trying to design “This needs to be more than just the Terran embassy to the GU and vice versa! It needs to set the tone for all our interactions moving forward! We need qualified gardenworlders, ready, willing and able to work alongside the Terran staff! Helping us build our networks and win over potential allies in the Parliament!”
“Yes… well… unless you want to kidnap a complement of gardenworlders to staff it as forced labour, then our choices are open it with a Terran dominated staff and hope we can entice more gardenworld employees at a later date or delay it… again!” points out a weary Mudaliar.
Guys…” I interject, equally wearily “…I think we’re past the point of productivity for this evening… how about we call it quits and come back to it with fresh eyes, tomorrow?”
Good idea…” he answers.
The two of us begin getting up but Miyazaki says “Wait…”
We turn to look at her, expectantly.
“How about we go out tonight?… No shoptalk, I promise!…Just think it might be good for us to have a night to cut loose… just the four of us… five, if that hot, young nurse you’re dating wants to come, Zurab?”
Mudaliar smiles “I appreciate the offer… but I really need to sleep… Raincheck?”
“Fair enough… Lhamo?”
I hesitate, considering.
“Wooooo! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots shots SHOTS!!!” shouts a merry Miyazaki as she and I raise small glasses of weak spirits to our lips, in a booth in the xeno bar, and tip them down our throats.
Her android husband mimics the action with an empty glass.
She slams her glass onto the table and releases a sigh as she slumps against the padded seatback.
Her expression turns slightly melancholic as she says “Y’know… I don’t know if Im the right woman for this job…”
“You are.” replies her husband, instantly, almost displaying an emotion for a second there(!) “The fact that you were appointed above all other potential candidates should prove your fitness for the role. They could have chosen anyone and they chose you.”
“I agree with your husband… but what makes you say that, Jeanne?” I query.
“IIIII don’t knooow…” she grumbles “…I sort of feel like I was chosen on the strength of my reputation… and my parents’ reputation for ferocity… but, the thing is, while my mum and my shitstain of a father could give a fiery speech, they also had all the other skills you need to be a diplomat as well!… I feel like Ive got one skill and it’s scaring people!”
“That’s why Im here, sweetheart.” smiles Ezra, serenely “You’re the stick and I’m the carrot…”
Thank you, darling… It’s just… much as I hate to give that man the credit… difficult not to think that my father would’ve done a better job if he’d managed to make it hear without getting his ship blasted out of the sky!”
While I have far more sense than to ever say it, it’s absolutely apparent that the husband Jeanne ‘Blitz’ Miyazaki commissioned for herself is, in all ways, the polar opposite of the late father she despises!
I only ever knew him by his reputation but; where her father was a passionate firebrand, Ezra is calm, measured and tranquil.
Where her father was a gorgeous heartthrob who became a handsome silver fox in his later life, her husband (while certainly not ugly) is definitely much plainer in his looks.
Where her father famously favoured flamboyant modern dress, her husband’s wardrobe looks straight out of a Unification era vid in its conservativeness.
Where her father had a slight frame and a diminutive stature, her husband is tall and solidly built.
And, where Yuki ‘Blizzard’ Miyazaki famously left his wife, Charlotte ‘Guerre’ d’Aureville , after a scandalous extramarital affair with Tombe ‘Breeze’ Upash (another (obviously married) diplomat, no less!) in a move that would have sunk the career of anyone else in his line of work, Ezra certainly seems as if he only has eyes for her!
Several times, she has expressed the thought that raising her half sister, Emiko, to be a decent person is the only good thing that man ever did!
My rumination on that is cut short, before I can answer her imposter syndrome, when she says “You ever consider the diplomat track, Lhamo?”
I give a rueful smile as I answer “I’d need a spouse for that, Jeanne(!)”
Her eyebrows raise in surprise as she says “Oh… you’re ace? I didn’t realise…”
I chuckle and shake my head “Not ace… just 42 with crowsfeet…” I gesture to the corners of my eyes “…I feel like, if I were going to meet Mr Right, it would have happened by now(!)”
Bah…!” she dismisses, letting out her Francophone side for a second(!) “…None of this ‘too old to find love’ tripe! You’re still a stunner!… Not to mention an intelligent, vibrant woman with a fantastic personality!…Plus… we’re this close to cracking regen!… Pretty soon, 42 will be the new 25… along with every other age over 25(!) You’ve got all the time in the world!… It’d be really great to be able to hand this job off to you or Zurab!… Either of you’d do better than me, I’m sure!… I could go back to Earth, safe in the knowledge that things were being taken care of!”
“Ma’am…” I lean forward and reassuringly pat her wrist “…I promise you, you are the best person for the job… certainly at the moment, anyway!… Please grace us with your presence for a few more years at least!”
She chuckles “How about you get the next round and we’ll make a toast of it(!)”
I smile back “No problem… but I dont think we’ll be allowed anymore of these…” I gesture to the, one-per-customer, shot glasses.
“Vinjirian ale… 900ml.” says the woman, immediately.
“I will take an empty 900ml glass.” states her husband.
“Got it.” I smile.
“Don’t drink any until Ezra can run chem analysis on it… Don’t want to get drugged!” she reminds me, seriously.
“I promise I won’t!” I chuckle, walking away.
“Oh, and watch him pour! Make sure he doesn’t spit in it or anything!” she adds, a little louder than she needs to but not loud enough that I think the large, porcine, xeno barman will have heard her.
I cross the crowded bar and step to the counter.
“Two Vinjirian ales and an empty glass, please… 900ml, all. Pretty sure you have our waivers for it already.” I smile, with closed lips, up at the orange xeno with the piglike face.
He oinks an acknowledgement and starts pouring.
As I watch him, I notice myself being noticed by a xeno at the far end of the bar.
I don’t turn to look but keep track of him in my periphery while my foveal focus rests, squarely, on the drinks being drawn.
He stands.
Fuck…” I whisper to myself.
There’s one of two reasons a xeno is likely to be approaching me: either, he’s going to angrily vent at me about how I’m a monster and caused him to lose X number of loved ones in the War… or he’s about to test the rumours about Human promiscuity
I’m not particularly in the mood for either but I really hope it’s the latter… I don’t know that I would trust the proprietor to take my side if one of his gardenworld patrons gets belligerent.
As the man approaches, he occupies more and more of my attention to the point that, even though I’m looking right at them, I wouldn’t necessarily see if our drinks were tampered with!
Good thing I’ve got a walking laboratory back at my table(!)
The gigantic man has now made it to within a metre of me on my left and stands, looming over me.
Despite the fact that I know, if push came to shove, I could probably put his head clear through the countertop without too much trouble, it’s still uncomfortable to have such a large person so close.
The first words the man speaks catch me completely off guard.
“It’s been a while, Dr Yeshe… I’m very glad to see you again!” comes a warm, familiar voice, speaking Gangsri accented Tibetan and sounding a bit like a Human with a blocked nose.
My head whips left and up, my eyes resting upon a very recognisable patch of smooth, flat, periwinkle coloured skin between two large, orange eyes.
I haven’t seen this man since I was transferred to Forward Operations, 4 years ago!
My joy is so immediate and genuine that I momentarily forget to restrain my smile, so as not to be perceived as making an aggressive display!
He doesn’t flinch at the brief flash of my teeth I involuntarily give him.
“Well, well, well, well, well!… If it isn’t my favourite prisoner of War(!) What a pleasant surprise, Wing Commander!” I say, my voice joyful.
Then, my face falls as I notice the dark blue bruise across his right eye.
“What happened to your eye, Ong?!” I ask, ready to demand the name and badge number of whatever guard it was that did that to him… then remembering that we’re no longer on Gangsri!
He casts his eyes down and shamefully confesses “It’s… not ‘Ong’ anymore… and it’s not ‘Wing Commander’ either… I’m just Ngngomg, now…”
It takes a second before the pieces click together for me.
I gasp as I realise “*Hhhhh*…You were expelled from your tribe?!”
He answers with a doleful Terran nod.
“Because you defected?”
“Just got released here, yesterday… went to my embassy… found my tribal representative… he punched me… told me not to come back to Gollogng… and… here I am…” he gestures around the bar “…drowning my sorrows(!)”
“That’s terrible, On…Ngngomg! I’m so sorry!!!”
“It’s fine…” he lies “…I’ve got some preWar savings to live on for the moment… should also be due two years salary from the GU military… but who knows when or if I’ll ever see that, given how my service ended!”
“They don’t count time spent as a POW to be time you served?” I query.
He puffs through his lips before answering “They do not, no… certainly not when you became a POW by treason!”
“Is… is there anything I can… do?” I offer, pathetically.
He gives a joyless curl of his lips and answers “Sweet of you to offer but… there’s really nothing to be done… Anyway… it was nice seeing you…” and turns to walk a way.
Wait!” I say, a little more desperately than I mean to.
He turns back, one of his dark blue eyebrows raised quizzically.
“How would you like a job?”
“A job…?” he frowns “A job doing what?”
“Let me buy you a drink and… we can tell you all about it at my table…”
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.05.29 16:28 BeautifulShape9441 Rest of year box office predictions

Spiderverse 2:
Ow: 118
Dom: 305
Ww: 612
Transformers ROTB:
Ow: 50
Dom: 130
Ww: 550
Ow: 28
Dom: 70
Ww: 180
Ow: 96
Dom: 300
Ww: 700
No Hard Feelings:
Ow: 27
Dom: 67
Ww: 90
Asteroid City:
Ow: 6
Dom: 20
Ww: 48
Indiana Jones:
Ow: 136
Dom: 290
Ww: 680
Rudy Gillman:
Ow: 14
Dom: 40
Ww: 100
Insidious 5:
Ow: 27
Dom: 65
Ww: 137
Joy Ride:
Ow: 14
Dom: 30
Ww: 45
Mission Impossible:
Ow: 89
Dom: 280
Ww: 970
Ow: 68
Dom: 160
Ww: 280
Ow: 56
Dom: 150
Ww: 380
Talk To Me:
Ow: 8
Dom: 25
Ww: 43
Ow: 37
Dom: 125
Ww: 240
The Meg 2:
Ow: 35
Dom: 103
Ww: 450
China: 180
Gran Turismo:
Ow: 38
Dom: 90
Ww: 270
Last Voyage of the Dementer:
Ow: 22
Dom: 47
Ww: 138
Blue Beetle:
Ow: 58
Dom: 127
Ww: 287
Ow: 28
Dom: 60
Ww: 98
White Bird:
Ow: 12
Dom: 45
Ww: 100
Equalizer 3:
Ow: 30
Dom: 90
Ww: 170
The Nun 2:
Ow: 37
Dom: 80
Ww: 200
A Haunting in Venice:
Ow: 13
Dom: 38
Ww: 120
Expendables 4:
Ow: 12
Dom: 30
Ww: 170
Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie:
Ow: 15
Dom: 50
Ww: 163
The Creator:
Ow: 34
Dom: 104
Ww: 280
Kraven The Hunter:
Ow: 37
Dom: 92
Ww: 200
The Exorcist:
Ow: 35
Dom: 75
Ww: 125
Killers of the Flower Moon:
Ow: 25
Dom: 125
Ww: 200
Dumb Money:
Ow: 9
Dom: 27
Ww: 40
Saw X:
Ow: 22
Dom: 50
Ww: 115
Five Nights at Freddy’s:
Ow: 42
Dom: 78
Ww: 115
Dune Part 2:
Ow: 72
Dom: 200
Ww: 720
The Marvels:
Ow: 105
Dom: 250
Ww: 600
Next Goal Wins:
Ow: 10
Dom: 25
Ww: 50
Trolls Band Together:
Ow: 38
Dom: 110:
Ww: 288
The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes:
Ow: 125
Dom: 300
Ww: 630
Ow: 78
Dom: 280
Ww: 1.05 billion (absolutely out there pick)
Ow: 7
Dom: 22
Ww: 35
Ow: 35
Dom: 150
Ww: 235
Ow: 64
Dom: 175
Ww: 638
Ow: 54
Dom: 196
Ww: 430
The Color Purple:
Ow: 22
Dom: 103
Ww: 140
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2023.05.29 16:28 DjDmc888 Edm Mix 1 and 2

Edm Mix 1 and 2
Here is my Edm Mix 1 and 2. Tracklist is below.
Hear Me Tonight-Alok, Shooting Darts-Dimitri Vegas, Love fool-Two Colors, Love again-Alok, It Don't Matter-Alok, Tell me you love me-Cheat Codes, Love Again-Alok, Savage-Tiesto, Goodbye-Imanbek
Don't Be Shy-Karol G, The Drum-Alan Walker, Sweet Dreams-Alan Walker, Lonely-Yellow Claw, All day and night-Jax Jones, Man on the Moon-Alan Walker, Black and Blue-Hugel, It Don't Matter-Alok, I Just died in your arms-Newclaess
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2023.05.29 16:27 jmphere1 Too early projections 2024

Oscar season has already begun!!!!
Some potential nominees have been released or are streaming.
According to Variety Magazine, the following movies are a frontrunner in at least one category:
A Little Prayer Across the Spiderverse Asteroid City Barbie Civil War Cocaine Bear Dumb Money Dune: Part 2 Elemental Fast X Flint Strong Freud's Last Session Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project How Do You Live? Killers of the Flower Moon Little Richard: I Am Everything Maestro Magazine Dreams Nyad Oppenheimer Past Lives Rebel Moon Saltburn Spellbound Still: A Michael J Fox Movie The Actor The Book of Clarence The Color Purple The Eternal Memory The Holdovers The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes The Little Mermaid The Marvels The Piano Lesson The Super Mario Bros Movie Trolls Band Together Untitled Diane Warren Documentary Project Wish Yellow Door: Looking for Director Bong's Unreleased Short Film
And here are the ones that are their picks for possibles nominations in at least one category:
20 Days in Mariupol A Haunting in Venice Chevalier Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget Escape from Hat Fair Play Ferrari Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Iron Claw John Wick Chapter 4 Kraven the Hunter Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 Napoleon Next Goal Wins Nimona Pain Hustlers Poor Things Priscilla Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken Rustin Stamped from the Beginning Strangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem The Deepest Breath The Disappearance of Shere Hite The Killer The Nickel Boys The Supremes at Earl's All You Can Eat The Zone of Interest Trans Los Angeles Untitled UEFA Euro 2020 final documentary
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2023.05.29 16:27 No_Wheel_9336 Filters for coloring app possible with Stable Diffusion?

I have a coloring app for adults, and I was wondering if I could enhance it with Stable Diffusion running on the cloud. What possibilities exist currently? Could I color empty PNG coloring artwork to generate coloring ideas? Could it be used to create cool filters for finished artworks to transform them into various styles?
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2023.05.29 16:27 Pmoe_97 Mushrooms helped remind me how much I love my wife

Last Thursday I took ~2g of shrooms alongside my wife and her friend, and I spent the next 5 hours reliving all of our greatest hits. I just kinda stared at her for a good long while and thought about our wedding, the birth of our daughter, and all of the things that she has ever done for me. I love my wife and seeing her under the kaleidoscopic haze reminded just how much I care about her, and how much she cares about me. The next day I told her that even when the entire world was shifting and even my own face was melting in the mirror, looking at her while I was tripping was like staring at a Masterpiece oil painting. She is beautiful, kind, insanely brilliant, and she is my best friend. To be clear I knew all of this already, but I just wanted to share a fraction of my experience. My wife is one of the best things about my life and I wouldn't trade her for anything or anyone else on this planet.
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2023.05.29 16:26 xxkittygurl Please help pick paint color!

Please help pick paint color!
All Benjamin Moore paints.
1 - Gull Wing Gray
2 - Coventry Gray
3 - Midnight Blue (bedroom color)
4 - Deep Space (office color)
5 - Solitude
6 - Gibraltar Cliffs
7 - Smokestack Gray
Obviously we like our grays and blues!
This is an open space that includes living room, entryway, dining, and kitchen. I’m thinking either #1 or #7? Or something completely different. At this point I almost want to just paint it all white to be done with this.
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2023.05.29 16:26 Imaginary_Hope8585 Scarf Colors? Need suggestions please.

Scarf Colors? Need suggestions please.
So currently I'm disabled after a broken leg. To fill time and look to the future, I'm crocheting scarves to sell at a craft fair in the fall. My problem is colors. I know what color scarves I like but I know I need to expand beyond my preferences so I need suggestions. Color suggestions, yarn brands, types of yarn. All suggestions welcome. Above are the types if colors I lean toward plus black & white.
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2023.05.29 16:25 sternendrache2 Foam Knight XC and RX in N-Strike colors

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2023.05.29 16:25 Automatic_Gur_9570 Please help! Dress color choice

I’m very undecided. I am planning on a sparkly evening dress. I am trying to decide between pink sparkly / ivory or champagne
I wanted to pick pink, but just a slight blush pink ( not a dark pink) and I’m just afraid of looking to pink because it’s going to be all over. I am now leaning towards ivory or champagne but my seamstress says champagne can seem a bit yellow at night in the dark -> so thinks maybe Ivory.
I really don’t know. It is a wedding. I thought pink would be fun. But it’s also the specific occasion to wear white. Can I please get your opinions? The issue is I need to decide very soon to order fabric to stay in the right timeframe.
I forgot to add we ordered all the fabric sample. I find it hard to now having a small sample of pink. For the other colors, I hardly see the difference between the ivory and champagne! Thank you 🙏
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2023.05.29 16:24 hyperfinesplitting [Request] [Academic] Very quick survey on medication management - happy to complete your survey in exchange

Hey there :)
We're conducting a completely anonymous quick survey on oral medication management, and we'd be really grateful if you could participate.
Once you've completed the survey, please drop a comment with your survey link, and I'll be more than happy to return the favor.
Thank you in advance!
Link to the survey: https://survey.typeform.com/to/I5GapCdx
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2023.05.29 16:24 snowy_mind How many pets can you have?

I’ve built my own house and upgraded it once and I can have two pets. Does anyone know what the final cap is? I’m the kind of person that wants one of every pet in every color. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:24 EngineerAlba In 2016, Shigeru Miyamoto said BOTW needs to sell 2 million copies to make a profit. So far it has sold at least 15x of that, not even including TOTK.

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2023.05.29 16:24 Competitive_Boot9203 Something popped

I have been on this path for years. My main influence has been Nisargadatta Maharaj and for a time was Ramana. I checked out Rupert’s videos before in the past and wasn’t drawn to them.
They didn’t have the exotic Indian coloring to them in which I felt was a prerequisite, so I barely gave them attention or a chance. Recently I had been noticing how I had that limitation on this teaching of having to be from one of these famous sages.
I have been doing as Maharaj says for years but yesterday I was driving an 8 hour drive back home and I listened to a Spotify interview of Rupert.
Before this I listened to an interview about coming with the approach of not knowing what I am or what awareness is.
I dropped all of that preconditioning and listened. He led the interviewer and listener right to an experience of this true nature. I listened the hole time and at a point the most subtle but extraordinary shift happened.
I realized the clear luminous knowing that all experience and myself is made of. It was incredible and I spent the following hours waiting for this knowing to leave me as all experience always had at some point. I was worried lightly that I would lose this understanding.
But trying to hold onto it only seemed to cause some unnecessary tension. It became apparent no matter what this wasn’t going away. In fact the more I just rested in it the more it was apparent it is impossible not to rest in it.
Went to sleep and woke up this morning. Still there. In fact the more I gaze into it and rest into it it is saturating my entire experience and being. It is more and more clear the entire world is made of what I am and is so alive. There is quite peace and happiness. There is knowingness that I am eternal as this awareness and there is nothing else.
It seems silly to have forgotten it. So thankful for this man.
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2023.05.29 16:24 CoolTrax_9090 Missing Points on “The Wedding” Episode

In an episode called “The Wedding“, Drake and Josh (mostly Drake) accidentally gave Craig and Eric van keys and Josh’s cellphone leading them to get a broken car from Trevor which completely broke down in the middle of nowhere. Throughout the episode, they couldn’t find good help and are missing the wedding of Aunt Cathrine. In the end, the car went on fire and taking the wedding cake with it which led to them being stranded for who knows how long and the wedding was probably a bust.
The thing that drew my attention is how it ended. There’s no way of telling what happened once the episode ended or what’s going on at that wedding. Here are my theory points:
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2023.05.29 16:23 VitalityOverVirality What are your biggest struggles with conversation/communication? I want to revolutionize how we speak

When you speak, how do you feel about your word choice? Do you find it challenging to put your thoughts into words when speaking to others?
I am building a software tool to help streamline the process of speaking articulately. Because learning to be intelligent with my word choice has changed my life and quite literally eliminated my social anxiety.
2 years ago, my vocabulary used to consist of 500 words. I could scarcely compose a sentence that made sense. When I did, everything I spoke was cliché and unoriginal. I rarely contributed to conversations. I had opinions, but I could never compose those thoughts into words. My mind closet was packed with unordered, unfocused ideas that desperately needed sorting. My thoughts were in a thousand colors but my vocabulary was a crayon box of ten colors. This led to me always feeling unsatisfied with my word choice.
A year ago, I began developing a love of language and have since transformed the way I communicate. The depression I was dealing with completely subsided and I can now enjoy conversations. Seriously, people have said I'm a completely different person. I’ve become far more satisfied with what I say.
This came from expanding my vocabulary, reading edifying literature, studying rhetoric, and discovering a host of frameworks that allow me to order my thoughts and conversation contributions. It made me realize how many of my problems in my work, relationships, and self stemmed from an inability to communicate effectively.
Does anyone else feel similar?
I find it incredible to hear someone who thinks logically, explains clearly, and uses language effectively. Our current levels of communication are almost an insult to the unique, rich consciousness that I believe we each possess. We’ve grown accustomed to illogic, innuendo, and vagueness that it’s strange to hear someone so staggeringly genuine. And I believe in revolutionizing how society communicates.
If you have any struggles with communication or articulation - please elaborate! I'm happy to share what has worked for me. This is all research for a tool that I do believe can help people achieve greater verbal intelligence and mental clarity.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:23 AlBasel1 Fanola No Orange Shampoo & Mask 350ML

Fanola No Orange Shampoo & Mask 350ML
🔅🔅Fanola No Orange Shampoo & Mask 350ML: Fanola No Orange Shampoo 350ml gently cleanses and neutralizes undesired red reflections, leaving the hair more shiny and hydrated.

🔅🔅Fanola No Orange Mask 350ml is suitable for colored hair with dark shades.


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Fanola No Orange Shampoo & Mask 350ML
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2023.05.29 16:23 zeacliff Anyone know what this white patch is?

Anyone know what this white patch is?
It looks like it could be some sort of fungus or something, or possibly an injury. It doesn't seem to have grown much or at all in the past couple of weeks, it may even be part of his natural coloring and I just never noticed... it just looks off to me though. He's eating and swimming fine
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2023.05.29 16:22 WholesalerElite Boat Leveler 12" x 8" Trim Tab Set

Boat Leveler 12
  • Color-coded wiring in 25' to 40' lengths with quick connects fittings, meets federal standards for heat, pull and insulation, making installation easy.
  • They are custom designed for Insta-Trim Boat Leveler Co., epoxy sealed and humidity resistant, thereby preventing shorting out. The solenoids lock the tabs in any position, eliminating driftback. Barb type hose fittings provide tight, secure connections.
  • A powerhouse with coated wirings and a thermal overload that resists temperature and amperage build-up. 1 3/4" stack windings and top mounting eliminated oil leakage. The motor is mounted with stainless steel nuts and bolts, and is easily disassembled.
  • Swivel type brackets allow cylinders to be mounted an adjusted to any angle. Knockout pins act as shear pins it tab strikes an object.
  • Designed and engineered exclusively by Instatrim. The built-in bypass is factory set at 400 P.S.I. tolerance held to .00025. Amperage doesn't exceed 16 because the unit circulates oil, rather than stalling out or trying to pump additional pressure.
Motor Cover
  • 4 1/2" D x 6" W x 11"H, high impact ABS plastic cover with a built-in oil reservoir mounts easily with two screws. The filler is located in front. Our cover protects the motor from occasional wash down.
  • Impact resistant, fiberglass reinforced nylon cylinders eliminates expansion and resists ultra-violet rays. Two expanding type seals, plus O-ring, eliminates high and low pressure leaks. Barbed cylinder fitting and an inserted tubular rod prevents hose blow-off and breakage. A stainless steel spring retracts the cylinder when the boat is not in motion.
Trim Tabs
  • 12 gauge 304 stainless steel trim tabs are available in standard and custom lengths. They are guaranteed against electrolysis, remaining strong and secure. Insta-Trim's hinges prevent most spray and can be used for transom or bottom mounting.
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for Insta-Trim with nylon-reinforced webbing and protective PVC coating. Rated at 2000 lb. burst pressure, 15' of hose is supplied for your system. Entering the transom 6" above the water line, the hoses are held securely with hose trim. Stainless steel clamps hold the hose to barb fitting at the solenoid.
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2023.05.29 16:22 MHBBP-Podey What do I do with my hair?

What do I do with my hair?
I dyed my hair blonde for hockey playoffs a few months ago and it’s still super blonde even though I’ve cut some of it out twice. Some people say I should dye it back before summer but I fear it’s gona turn red or orange. (Natural hair color on bottom layer)
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2023.05.29 16:22 Rwinaadinge Price question: are these normal prices? Total diamond noob here. Other stores ask x3 the price for the same set

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2023.05.29 16:22 TisSlinger Y’all, meet The Frank - greatest daddy of all times! Philly boy that fought at Anzio and was the sole survivor of his platoon. 1921-2017 Any improvement you can make would be appreciated! Clearer, B&W, color. Happy to tip!

Y’all, meet The Frank - greatest daddy of all times! Philly boy that fought at Anzio and was the sole survivor of his platoon. 1921-2017 Any improvement you can make would be appreciated! Clearer, B&W, color. Happy to tip! submitted by TisSlinger to PhotoshopRequest [link] [comments]