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Videos, gifs, or aftermath photos of machinery, structures, or devices that have failed catastrophically during operation.

2023.06.10 00:18 Pitiful-Special1472 23 [M4F] Europe - Cute anime husbando looking for cute anime waifu!

If you're a person, there's a 99.99% chance I'm not right for you. Consider skipping to the bullet points below before going through the wall of text.


I have zero girlfriends and I would like to increase that number to one. I have absolutely zero reason to believe this will work, but I don't need to believe, I just need to make the post. Sometimes in life, if you want to see change, you try to bring change, whether there is hope or not.
The term "hopeless romantic" is a bit overused, but I do overly romanticize the idea of a relationship. The problem is, my expectations are unrealistic. To be clear, this is one of the most significant reasons I'm single. I'm literally one of those idiots with a list of checkboxes to tick and seemingly there isn't a person on Earth who ticks all of them. This is my little personal Fermi paradox - could I really be truly alone in a world of ~8 billion humans?
In a way, we're all alone in our minds. But I still feel like if I met the right person, we could understand each other on a deeper level. A level of understanding we just don't have with anyone else. It's this connection I seek. I'd rather have one relationship with a person I'd be happy to live and die with, than a hundred hedonistic flings.
I don't believe in soulmates just because I don't believe in supernatural stuff in general. And if I did, I'd feel wrong calling myself just half a soul. But the term exists because people who invented it had relationships that made them subjectively experience a connection that's special. One day, I hope to have that in my life as well. And considering how my odds are so low that I might as well call it magic if I succeed, my search for a high compatibility partner is similar to a search for a soulmate.
Sometimes I wonder. By the year 2100, I almost certainly will have either given up, died alone, or found someone and died not alone. It'd be nice to know the outcome, but maybe it's even better to see it happen.
This post is not trying to talk you into contacting me. It's just information about me so you can decide that for yourself. If you're not convinced, then I don't deserve to have you, simple as that.


About me


These are things I'm just not into. Nothing wrong with them, but they are not traits I'm looking for in a partner. Opposites do not attract in this case. Please don't message if they apply to you.

Contacting me

Please send me a reddit DM (envelope icon), not a reddit chat (speech bubble icon) because I notice DMs way quicker.
It'd be best if you wrote a short introduction, but I'll respond even to a "hi". I also have a little conversational game prepared if you're into that.
Please include the 27th prime number in your message.
As long as this post is up, I'm looking to find you, even if it's years old.
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2023.06.10 00:16 dumpedbytherapist_2 Ongoing crisis with being abandoned by therapist. Saw like 5 in the last week. Thought I found a good one yesterday. Emailed to schedule a follow up for next week. They reply saying they changed their mind. I can’t fucking take this anymore.

Ongoing saga of being abandoned by therapist
I’ve been in full on crisis mode for the last couple weeks about it. Even worse since last Tuesday when she terminated me.
Tried a few last week. They were uncomfortable bad fits unhelpful, just like the 20+ other therapists I had seen like before my recent longtime therapist. Felt hopeless.
Found one while searching, seemed like their credentials and approach and general vibe were good. Made an appointment with her for yesterday. Felt optimistic. Went to the appointment. It went well. Emailed her to follow up for next week.
She said she had changed her mind, at first because of a Medicaid issue, and when I called Medicaid and found out the issue didn’t exist, and replied to confirm this, this new therapist admitted they just changed their mind and “couldn’t help me” despite the session going really well the day before.
I fucking knew this is exactly what would happen when my therapist terminated me, because fucking all of them are dogshit, they are fucking terrible and worthless and they hurt people and are incompetent. JUST FUCKING LIKE THIS.
My only options at this point are to write to my therapist and explain my thoughts and feelings on the termination and see if she’s okay with revisiting or discussing working together again a bit sooner down the road, later this year or something, because I’m not subjecting myself to this field of people that have done nothing but hurt me and be incompetent before I found the one good one, that ended up cutting me loose.
I can’t fucking take it anymore man. I can’t. I don’t have the fucking energy to do it anymore. It’s sucking every ounce of life out of me.
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2023.06.10 00:16 Reaperpax STAT 1201 vs PSYC 2101

Hi everyone,
I know this has been asked before when I did a search but I couldn't find a great answer. I need to do a university level stats course for my masters in nursing. I'm looking at STAT 1201 or PSYC 2101. I've seen feedback that 1201 is quite difficult and people are overwhelmed. All I could see on 2101 is that its the easier of the two.
Does anyone have any feedback on these two courses and recommendations for an easier option? I was decent at math, but that was ten years ago.
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2023.06.10 00:15 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 12

The audience hall was a long room with a high ceiling. From the ceiling hung metal chandeliers that held hundreds of small white shining stones that illuminated the room with a warm and gentle light. Sunlight cascaded from the tall, arched windows over a row of rose beds aligned through the side of the room. For a moment I forgot I was inside the Great Hall and I was transported to a summer garden.
The ornate wooden pillars guided my sight to the center of the room. An exquisite carpet embroidered with fantastical animals and monsters went from the entrance to the foot of the Marquis throne. Captain Kiln guided me into the room where the nobles from the balcony leisurely chatted around the throne.
“That man over there,” Captain Kiln pointed at a man near the window. “He is Marquis Tauron of Farcrest.”
The Marquis was a tall man with a squared jaw and wide shoulders dressed in a simple white shirt and a red vest. From his belt hung a gilded scabbard and a short cape with his crest, a man impaling a wolf, covered his left shoulder. His tanned skin stood out among the paleness of the rest of the courtesans.
“Might I ask what his class is?” I asked.
The Captain gave me an amused glance before replying. “The Marquis is a high level Flame Fencer. I can beat his ass though.”
Abei walked up to the Marquis and after a few words, he walked to his throne. The rest of the courtesans sat on the chairs by the sides of the room, chatting in lower voices.
“Robert Clarke from the City of Light, please come forward.” Abei announced with his voice magically amplified and I felt all glances falling on me.
The old man continued speaking, invoking ancient laws, but I zoned out. Unlike the rest of the people I knew, the Marquis seemed to overflow with magic. If I narrowed my eyes I could almost see red sparks of mana floating around him. A shiver ran down my spine, the Marquis’ mana pool seemed to violently boil inside him. There was something his mana had that mine lacked, but what?
As my mind wandered, a servant dragged an odd brass nest with a dark blue orb embedded inside. I instinctively identify it.
System Shrine Fragment. [Identify] ???
The System prompt caught me off guard. It was the first time [Identify] couldn’t give me extra information about what I had in front of me. I wonder if the System had a reason to keep the information about the fragment to itself.
“Put your hand in the Identify Orb if you are an innocent man, Robert Clarke.” The Marquis spoke out loud. I recognized his words were some sort of ritual because of the little spirit and great disinterest with which he spoke them.
I begrudgingly obeyed, there were a dozen courtesans in the room and I wasn’t eager to show them I was a [Lonely Boy]. I wasn’t eager to know if I had any hidden titles either.
Abei gave me a reassuring nod and I hovered my hand a few centimeters from the nested orb. Suddenly, a blue light surrounded my hand and a second later my data sheet appeared in the middle of the room for all to see. At least there was no cavity search in this world. Or so I hoped.
Abei gasped and the room fell in a sepulcral silence.
New title acquired!
Favorite Teacher (96): Going to school isn’t that bad with you at the whiteboard. [Identify] You have not only managed to teach your students but to earn their respect and affection.
Reward: Slightly increased mana pool (96).

New title acquired!
Confidant: A title for those who are deemed trustworthy and reliable. [Identify] Your wisdom and welcoming nature
Reward: Increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Father Figure(2): Someone has to do it. [Identify] I guess you are a better father figure than none.
Reward: Increased mana pool (2).

New title acquired!
Classroom Fiend: Not even flies fly when you are around. [Identify] They know you are not like those pesky substitute teachers.
Reward: Increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Master Tutor: Title awarded to those who had mastered the pedagogic arts and techniques, and have a deep understanding of what being a teacher means. [Identify] You should’ve considered early retirement by now.
Reward: Doubled mana pool.

New title acquired!
Silver Scholar: Title awarded to those who had a deep understanding of multiple sciences and techniques. [Identify] Neeeeeerd!
Reward: Greatly increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Stalwart Mentor (7): No matter how many times they fall, you helped them stand again. [Identify] Having too much trust in humanity isn’t always a bad thing.
Reward: Increased mana pool.
Other titles kept popping up but my mouth went dry as I felt my mana pool deepening inside my chest far beyond what seemed possible. But even that sensation disappeared into the background as I came to the realization of what those titles meant.
There was no way in the world I was the favorite teacher of ninety six kids, and the notion I was someone’s father figure was just preposterous. I knew I was a mediocre teacher at best. The System was wrong, after all, I was one of those teachers who didn’t really make the difference.
Before I had time to dwell on it, my character sheet appeared with all of the new titles on it, for everyone to see.
Name: Robert Clarke, Human.
Class: Scholar Lv.12
Titles: Lonely Boy, Hot for Teacher, Confidant, Classroom Fiend, Favorite Teacher (96), Father Figure (2), Master Tutor, Silver Scholar, Delinquent Reformer (5), Stalwart Mentor (7), Role Model, Expert Mathematician, Expert Physicist, Adept Historian, Adept Linguist, Journeyman Biologist, Novice Chemist, Novice Orator.
“A-aren’t you too young to be a [Silver Scholar] and a [Master Tutor]?” Abei stuttered as he glanced at my titles like a child looking at a particularly colorful breakfast cereal commercial. The Marquis was at the edge of his throne and even the most gossipy of the courtesans was silent.
Something completely unrelated clicked inside my mind. I knew why Holst had abandoned the kids. He was farming them. The breakthrough Zaon was talking about had to be a mana improving title just like mine.
I withdrew my hand off the orb before it showed [Homicide Planner] or something along those lines because the System probably knew my [Awareness] was working overtime to plan Holst’s death. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.
“M-master Clarke? Are you all right?” Abei’s whispering brought me back to the audience room.
“Yes, yes… I just… I’m a bit embarrassed, that’s all.” I lied, hoping everyone had seen my [Hot for Teacher] title.
Abei gave me a reassuring glance from the side of the throne before speaking again.
“Most of us Scholars fell in love with a professor at some point in our formation, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Abei opened his character sheet effortlessly and showed it to me without resorting to the Identify Stone.
Name: Abei Luzian, Human.
Class: Scholar Lv.51
Titles: Silver Scholar, Bronze Tutor, Favorite Teacher (2), Expert Astronomer, Adept Mathematician, Adept Architect, Journeyman Orator, Novice Musician, Passionate for the Professor, Archivist, Translator, Thaumaturgy Theorist.
Even if Abei’s character sheet was intriguing, I wished I hadn't seen it. By my Earthling standards that was a blatant breach to privacy. And yet, I couldn’t help but notice that [Passionate for the Professor] was a lot tamer than [Hot for Teacher].
“How long have you been walking the path of the Scholar, Master Clarke? I can’t fathom how much effort it took to get two expertises and one mastery at such a young age.” Abei asked, this time loud enough for everyone to hear.
The silence in the room was replaced by the whispering of the courtesans. Abei’s interest in my person felt nice but I didn’t want to attract that amount of attention towards me. I didn’t want to fall into any intrigue games that could be developing in the Marquis court.
“We have witnessed the titles of an innocent man. For that reason I shall grant you free passage across the kingdom.” The Marquis announced and got a round of applause. Now he glanced at me with predatory eyes.
Abei took out a scroll from his sleeve and with a movement of the hand, the Scholar made it float in the air. With another movement, mana emerged from the tips of his fingers and washed over the scroll like the waves of the sea. With each clash, the words were imprinted in the yellowy surface until the document was complete. Abei took it to the Marquis who pressed his ring against the scroll, leaving a gleaming symbol that slowly lost its magical shine.
“Here you are, Master Clarke.” Abei handed me the passage permit.
“Accept my humble thanks, milord. I will not take more of your time.” I mumbled, still confused by the whole experience. I knew one thing, I had to get away before anything happened.
As I started my getaway when the Marquis spoke again.
“Your knowledge and potential hasn’t passed unnoticed to me and I will like to reward you properly.” The Marquis said with a mysterious grin on his face, but I knew there was no such thing as a free lunch. Whatever the Marquis was offering me wasn’t a reward but a deal I wasn’t in position to refuse without insulting him.
“I can’t think of a reward other than a letter of recommendation for the Imperial Academy.” The Marquis announced with his mighty voice. “The royal family would be thrilled to have such a promising young man helping with the academic development of the kingdom.”
There it was. The Marquis wanted to turn me into a gift for the King of Ebros, and part of me was okay with it. A recommendation letter would greatly expedite my journey to the imperial capital for a foreigner like me, however, something prevented me from jumping headfirst into the offer.
“Can I ask a question, milord?” I said before I could stop my tongue. “I have been watching the comings and goings of the inhabitants of Farcrest and there is something that bothers me.”
I couldn’t accept the recommendation letter without an answer.
“Speak your mind, Robert Clarke. I’m well aware Scholars have ten questions for every answer they have.” The Marquis' attention was fixed on me.
“I couldn't help but notice a great amount of vagrant kids in the northern district while the farmlands around the city lack laborers and some parts of the city lack proper maintenance. Farcrest seems to have enough resources to flourish and yet they seem arranged in the most peculiar way. With a little investment in the orphanages, the Marquis could educate the kids so they become useful classes for the city.” I said.
Suddenly, the Marquis wasn’t as amused with my presence anymore.
“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I understand that for a Master Tutor every problem can be resolved through education.” The Marquis replied with a derisive tone.
I didn’t mention that the actual solution to many social problems was indeed education. Instead, I clenched my teeth and waited in silence. If I was to open my mouth it was going to insult the Marquis’ ancestry.
“Master Clarke lacks the context…” Abei started talking but the Marquis silenced him.
“Miserable orphan lives are a small price for Farcrest’s prosperity.” The Marquis rested his hands together and gave me a winning smile.
The picture of Elincia and her kids eating watery soup came to my mind and I had to bite my tongue to not open my mouth. I saw the tears of the small snake kids, Zaon’s doubts about the future, the bravery of the tiny harpy Shu. I saw Elincia clenching her jaw to withstand the pain of her wounded leg to return faster to the orphanage.
There was something I wasn’t catching.
“The King’s war machine can only be quenched with gold or blood, and orphan blood is cheaper than gold coins. We just take the surplus kids that can’t be fed in the orphanages and send them to the Royal Army.” The Marquis taunted me.
For an instant I didn’t believe what I heard. The Marquis was sending orphans to their certain death just to avoid paying the royal war tax.
“In any case, they are given a chance to survive but the Farlands are a treacherous enemy. Even if they die, they are doing a great service to the prosperity of Farcrest, and the realm.” The Marquis said with a predatory smile, then, he got comfortable in the throne, awaiting my answer.
“A cunning solution for a tricky problem, milord.” I bit my tongue.
The Marquis smiled full of himself, thinking he had secured a nice present for the royal family while outsmarting me in front of the court. The courtesans spoke of how benevolent the Marquis was for offering me a recommendation letter. But the mere idea of leaving Elincia and her kids to their fate made me want to puke.
“I can’t accept the letter of recommendation, milord.” I raised my voice, catching the attention of the whole courtroom.
The Marquis’ face fell apart.
“If you accept my proposal, you will be a Sage in no time. You will be freed of the shackles of a support class once and for all.” The Marquis couldn't hide the venom in his words.
My heart still yearned to accept the recommendation letter, travel to the Imperial Library, and become a spellcaster. But I couldn’t accept it. My new titles reminded me of how I felt years ago when I was a young and idealistic teacher. I felt like I could change the world for me and for others and no matter how naive it was, I wanted to preserve that feeling.
“I can’t accept the letter. The System made me a Scholar, and a Scholar I shall remain until it decides otherwise. Trying to change that unnaturally goes against my oaths. I hope you can understand.” I said, praying that invoking the System would save me from the Marquis wrath.
“Then you are a fool. We have nothing more to discuss, get out of my sight.” The Marquis growled and I felt the captain’s iron grip closing around my arm. She dragged me out of the room. As soon as the gates closed behind us, she let me go.
“That’s the biggest shitshow I have seen in a while, congratulations. The Marquis is going to hold a grudge.” Captain Kiln said as she signaled one of the guards to grab my backpack. My heart raced inside my chest but at least I was outside the courtroom with my head still glued to my body.
“Today I remembered something I had forgotten long ago.” I said as Captain Kiln walked me, or rather pushed me, back to the main entrance.
“And what is that?” The woman inquired, now more intrigued in my person than ever.
“I used to have strong ideals at some point in my life, might as well start following them.” I extended my hand, offering her the two silver coins she had lent me. “These are yours.”
“You are going to need them if you are going to do what I am thinking.” Captain Kiln said, pushing me through the door. The guardsmen at the gates glanced at me with amused expressions. It seemed that not every day the Captain kicked some random dude out of the Great Hall.
Despite her treatment, I noticed an approving look in her eyes. She took the money and put it into her pocket. I was having a hard time reading the woman. Was she loyal to the Marquis or did she have her own honor code?
“I’ll tell you a rumor I heard the other day.” Captain Kiln grabbed me by the jacket and drew me near to her so nobody else could hear. “Someone had been threatening lower nobility to not donate money and the merchants to not deal with orphanage owners. Do you understand what I am saying?”
I nodded in silence. The Marquis wanted to starve the orphanages so the kids had to join the army early. What I couldn’t understand was why the captain of the city guard shared that information with me.
“Lay low. Stay out of trouble, stay out of the Marquis’ sights.” Captain Kiln whispered as she turned around and returned to the Great Hall, leaving me in the middle of the main street.
Before the guardsmen could push me away from the gates, I turned around and entered the busy market knowing exactly what I had to do.
First Prev Next (Patreon) Next
Discord Royal Road Patreon
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2023.06.10 00:15 thechopper133 Good low stress job for social anxiety?

Hello all I'm 26 years old and I've been searching for jobs lately wondering what to go to but I'm really not sure where to start preferably I would like a job where it's low stress as I have a habit of gettng overwhelmed at times but I still want to try and expose myself to start to make an effort getting comfortable around people.
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2023.06.10 00:13 gneerox Thoughts around items, stash tabs & build diversity from a lvl100.

Hi everyone. I'm Gneerox. I usually main support classes in ARPGs. This season I grouped with Dyrn, Teko and Havoc616. We love ARPGs and are fairly well experienced with them (I've gotten far in D3, and decently far in Path of Exile).
I wanted to share our thoughts coming in blind to Diablo 4. None of us took advantage of early access. We did very little planning before hand. With all this, we ended up probably in the top 20 Level 100s (it's hard to tell), and had tons of fun playing the game!
I wanted to share some of my thoughts around Diablo 4 so far. In this post, I only speak for myself, and no one else in our group.
Here they are:
When it comes to items, there are two things to look up: affix lines + legendary power. This is super cool, but they're all dynamic! I can't tell what and item is, based on name or picture anymore. That's fine. However, i think this has some (intended or unintended?) consequences.
Bluntly, it takes much longer to evaluate items. First, you have to switch your brain to know if the aspect on the item you're evaluating is better than the ones you have in your aspect tabs. Then you have to switch your brain to affixes in order to evaluate if the affixes are good for your build, or for another one you'd like to play in the future. This is, in theory, pretty cool! Nice depth. However, it adds complexity that I think needs to be solved for:
Build Diversity
Many people are in the mode that they're searching for the "right" build, and my experience in D4 so far shows me that there's at least three different builds to make:
Given this, my opinion is that the stash tab is way, way, way too small. We are able to fill 4 complete stash tabs in less than 2 hours, and it takes another hour to evaluate all the items. I'd love to see more space.
The reason I want more space is because I want multiple builds. And because I want multiple builds, I want multiple tabs just for those builds alone, and then I need "dump" tabs for all the gear I acquire while doing speed XP farming.
In the same theme of build diversity, it would be amazing if you could bring back the quick-build outfittewardrobe system from D3. I'd like to be able to click a button and have my entire build swapped to another one, with all associated costs announced up front.
Game Flow
My final thoughts
The game is really fun! That Lilith is super hard is great. Group play feels really really good. The geniuses behind the ease in grouping, regardless of the levels of the people in the group can't be overstated. It feels SO good to go into a dungeon with my level 70 friend while I'm 100 and just blast with them, and everyone has fun.
We ran x2 Ice Shot Mage, WW barb & Pulverize druid. We'll probably write up our builds at some point soon.
My personal opinion is that there's a sleeper zDPS barb build that I'll mb make a video about soon.
That's all I've got! What's your experience been like?
(ps: Ked Bardu is my favorite town, but please please please get rid of chair next to the stash or make it so we can't interact with it).
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2023.06.10 00:13 MasudiCat lostdrarryfics is looking for more fic finders!

Hello everyone! I'm one of the head mods and co-founder of lostdrarryfics on tumblr. Over the last year and a half we have helped with over 1500 lost fic requests! We have roughly an 80-85% success rate in finding fics, and we want to keep it that way (or improve upon that number).
We are putting a call out for more fic finders and would love to hear from anyone who is interested! We communicate through discord, so a tumblr account is not required. We post all incoming requests on discord for our fic finders to browse. We're a small group of people who love the feeling of successfully locating a fic for someone! It's like solving a puzzle and can be very satisfying.
Our only requirements are that you be over the age of 18 (we receive and discuss explicit requests on occasion), are able to communicate through discord, and feel confident in your Drarry fic knowledge and/or searching skills.
Most of our requests are for ao3 fics, but we do sometimes get asked about LJ, ffnet, and wattpad.
Please comment below or feel free to DM me if you are interested in joining! We run a very laidback and friendly environment, we are a small group of people from all around the world and have various backgrounds and experience in fandom (some have been involved in HP/Drarry for 20 years, some just started reading fic 2 years ago). We just like helping people find fics they once loved and would like to read again :)
If you don't want to commit to being a part of the team, you can always browse our tumblr or our lost fic masterlist to see if you recognize any of the fics that we were unable to find.
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2023.06.10 00:12 Weary-Lab-5314 Compassionate dentist recommendations needed

Look, I’ve got issues with my teeth. I won’t go into detail about my childhood and the habits I’ve had a hard time getting into in adulthood, but it’s useless. I need to be seen by someone who will help me figure out a plan to maintain my oral health instead of a cleaning and a see ya later.
I have been frustrated with my dentist office and am looking for a new one. I have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist for obvious reasons and am searching for a good office with understanding and compassionate staff. I don’t expect people to hold my hand and tell me it’s going to be okay. I would, however, like to patronize an office that will take care to understand my situation and help me prevent issues in the future. I deal with severe bruxism and TMJ and it would be ideal to be in an office that has experience with these diagnoses.
Do you know of any offices that fit the bill? Or just any compassionate dentists that I can give a call to? Insured by Delta Dental i if that makes a difference. TIA ❤️
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2023.06.10 00:09 Marvynwillames [Excerpt - Dark Heresy The Inquisitor's Handbook] The various saints of Calixis

Being this abrahanic inspired faith, the Imperial Cult if full of saints, some declared after death, some still living. We know of Saint Sabbath, we know of Saint Celestine, and how even Cain got a planet that worships him as one.
But, how does someone is declared a saint, and how they are worshipped? The following excerpts give insight on that, as well some rather unusual saint, a psyker one.
The holy
“Though they did flay her body with their blades, rend her bones to dust with their fists and consume her organs with their hungry maws, they possessed nothing that could touch her faith.” —
Excerpt from the Blessed Suffering of Saint Elana.
The Calixis Sector is full of saints, men and women who have given their lives to the glory of the Emperor. Some are very minor, only revered in a single city or town, while some can be found wherever Imperial rule extends. Large or small, saints form the human face of the Ministorum, giving worshippers something to relate to and aspire toward. Saints are also often associated with certain aspects and particular causes, such as stellar travel or guilt. Some saints are even more specialised, watching out for those that work with ill-tempered Grox for example. This means, regardless of your situation, there is always a saint watching over you and to whom you can offer a prayer of protection. The truly devout take no chances and festoon themselves with the symbols and tokens of many saints. Saints also have a prominent place in Imperial culture beyond their religious connotations. Their names can be found on everything from worlds and stellar craft to streets and children. Often something that is akin to a saint’s cause bears their name, such as a warship called the Saint Drusus (of which there are one hundred and thirteen so named to date), so it might embody some of the fierceness of its namesake. Taking all of this into account, saints form an important part of a citizen’s life, as prolific and ever-present as the Cult of the Emperor itself.
Drusus the Wrrior
Without a doubt the greatest of all the saints within the Calixis Sector, Drusus stands at the right hand of the Emperor in the hearts and minds of most Calixian citizenry. From early childhood, millions are taught the tales of the great general Drusus and his relentless armies. They learn of how he brought the light of the Emperor back to the sector and swept away the vile masses of xenos who had taken root. It is because of his efforts that the Calixis Sector exists today. The Ministorum makes sure that no one forgets his deeds and, wherever temples and shrines to the Emperor are raised, so too are statues of this saint. Likewise, few saints can boast a cult as large or powerful as Drusus and none can deny the influence that the cult has over all Calixian affairs.
Though a mighty and cunning warlord, Drusus is best remembered and revered as an honest and courageous warrior. It is this purity of faith in the Emperor and the Imperium that soldiers will pray to before heading into battle. To invoke the name of Drusus is to ask for the righteous might of the Emperor to guide your hand. On some worlds entire regiments of Guardsmen are dedicated to the saint’s name, such as the 23rd Drusus Dragoons of Clove, who spend their days in prayer to the saint when they are not battling the enemies of the Imperium. Many combat training facilities have a likeness of the saint above their entrance and cadets are required to ask Drusus for his blessing before they enter.
The greatest shrine to Drusus can be found within the Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla. This is also the headquarters of his cult, where his followers gather from across the sector to discuss cult business. It is also the place where prospective cultists are brought to pledge their devotion to the saint, often in mass blessings many thousand strong. Within the cult, Drusus is second only to the Emperor and comes even before the leaders of the Ecclesiarchy. Of equal importance to the grand shrine on Scintilla is Maccabeus Quintus, sight of the near death of Drusus during the Angevin Crusade. Then there is Sentinel, an obscure shrine world, located in the Drusus Marches. Exactly why the world is holy to the saint is unclear; thousands make the pilgrimage there, often to die in the shadow of Drusus’s monument. It is also important to the cult, and any who would rise to the higher ranks within it must travel to the world and ask the saint’s blessing. Due to the dangers involved, reaching the world and returning safely is usually considered as “proof ” of the saint’s favour.
Vidicus the Forlorn
Vidicus lived many hundreds of years ago and had a life plagued with misfortune and disaster. According to the tales, he was a Rogue Trader—unusual stock for a saint. He is said to have explored great areas of the sector single-handedly, pushing back its boundaries. During this time, it is said he was a greedy and petty man, who sought only to exploit the worlds he discovered and expand his wealth and power. Like many men in such stories, an unfortunate event taught him the error of his ways and brought him into the light of the Emperor. In Vidicus’s case it was the abduction of his daughter by alien pirates. He became driven to find her and scoured the sector in his search. He also turned completely to the worship of the Emperor and beseeched him for His guidance. What Vidicus received, however, was one disaster after another. First, his crew tried to mutiny and he was forced to lure them into a hold and vent them to the void. Then, his ship became lost in the warp and he was almost overcome by madness before he could return to realspace. Later, he was captured by Orks and only escaped by eating his own hands in an effort to impress his captors. The tales of Vidicus’s quest for his daughter are long and numerous; however, they have two important morals. The first is that no matter how forlorn the hope that he would ever see his daughter again, he never stopped searching. The second is that no matter what adversities the galaxy threw at him, he never lost faith in guidance of the Emperor. Years after Vidicus had vanished in his quest to find his daughter (whose name has oddly never been recorded), a group of clerics wrote an exhaustive treatise on his journeys and deeds. It was from this that the Ministorum recognised his deeds and devotion to the Emperor and raised him to sainthood. Even today there are few worlds in the Calixis Sector that do not have a tale of Vidicus and the time he visited their world seeking his lost child.
Though he has no cult, Vidicus has many worshippers. Most people have been touched by tragedy at one time or another or have embarked on a risky or foolish course of action. At these times, they look to Saint Vidicus to preserve them and give them hope. Likewise his shrines can be found throughout the sector, often tucked away in the corners of larger cathedrals, littered with small offerings and prayers. Travellers also often pray to him to guide them safely to their destinations and makeshift shrines exist to him on many vessels. The saint’s name also appears in many common phrases such as, “a Vidicus hope”, meaning something with a very small chance of success, or “following Vidicus”, meaning to obsess about something unattainable. Acolytes have also been known to invoke the name of Vidicus in their missions, sometimes scratching prayers to the saint on the inside of their armour. It is often joked (though out of earshot of any Inquisitors) that Vidicus would have made a good Acolyte.
Rybel Gorth the Watcher in the Dark
Rybel Gorth is unusual among saints because in life he was a psyker. Shunned by the Ecclesiarchy at the time and held in deep suspicion by much of Imperial society, Gorth was seen as a “necessary” second-class citizen. It is written that in his early life he worked aboard a warp-faring vessel, aiding the Navigator and helping to protect its passengers and crew. His story begins, however, during the evacuation of Canopus during the Heresy of Numbers. At this time, the world was being turned to ashes by bitter civil war and a great army of heretics had turned upon the Ecclesiarchy. Formerly a haven for religious learning and scholarly study, Sylor was filled with thousands of prominent and learned members of the Ecclesiarchy. Rybel Gorth’s ship was the only one to reach the world before the end and took aboard hundreds of Ministorum officials and scholars before making a hasty retreat into the warp. Tragically, however, the ship became lost in the warp and years dragged by as it searched for escape. During this time, the crew and passengers began to die. Fearing the loss of the wealth of knowledge he had been part of rescuing, Gorth used his powers to draw out and store the minds of those who died, keeping them safe within his own. When the ship finally broke free and found its way to safe harbour, Gorth was half mad with a brain brimming with a hundred minds.
Before he died, he transcribed the gathered knowledge of the scholars of Canopus, ensuring its survival. For his sacrifice, the Ecclesiarchy at the time blessed his memory and raised him to sainthood.
Rybel Gorth has few shrines and statues erected in his honour. Even now, centuries after his death, a certain distaste of him exists within the Ministorum. Even the majority of citizens who know of him, see him more as a malevolent presence rather than a source of comfort and guidance. They associate their fears about psykers and the warp with the saint, seeing him as the embodiment of this evil.
There are those, however, that do not have their vision clouded by such fears. These are mostly scholars, adepts and, of course, psykers. These people see Gorth for what he was—a powerful psyker who was able to use his gift to hold the warp at bay and keep safe those around him. He has become a protector of those who would deal with the forbidden and the unknown, especially psykers who try and divine secrets from the warp or use it to send messages across the stars. Psykers often say prayers to Rybel Gorth when they use their powers, hoping that he will protect them from the perils of the warp. Scholars who seek ancient secrets also pray to him lest they unearth or awaken the unnatural. The tale of Rybel Gorth is also often taught to Imperial psykers during their training, impressing upon them the importance of their devotion to the Emperor and the Imperium.
Quivvarr Nog of Fedrid
Few primitives have ever achieved sainthood, though Quivvar Nog is one of the rare exceptions. Hailing from the feral world of Fedrid, he was a warrior of one of the great plains tribes who told stories of long ago, when men were star-walkers. It is said he was present to witness the first failed attempt by the Imperium to recover his world. A group of missionaries came to Fedrid to spread the Emperor’s word and bring it back to the fold. No sooner had they made planetfall than they were set upon by the locals and almost wiped out. It was Nog’s tribe that gave the survivors shelter and listened to their tales of the Imperium. So inspired was the young warrior, he knelt beneath the stars and swore an oath to the Emperor that he would bring Fedrid back to him. For sixty long years, Nog made war on the tribes of Fedrid in the name of the Emperor, finally as an ancient and scarred old man unifying his people. It was not until two hundred years later that the Imperium returned, prepared to once again turn the wayward tribes of the world to the light of the Emperor. What they found was a world more devout than most, which honoured both the Emperor and his saint—Quivvar Nog. When tales of the primitive that had brought faith to the world reached the ears of the Ecclesiarchy, a delegation was sent to investigate. The results were that Nog was recorded as a hero of the Imperium and made a saint.
Shrines to Quivvar can be found dotted throughout the sector, especially on primitive or feral worlds where the inhabitants identify with him. There has been some dispute over the best way to revere Nog. On civilized worlds, marble or granite statues are built to him depicting the saint as a cleanshaven giant dressed in primitive but well-made armour with strong and handsome features. On primitive worlds, clay or wooden idols made in his likeness show him as a squat ugly man with dirty hide armour and a ragged cloak. It is argued that the former is a fantasy concocted by the Ministorum to make him more palatable to more civilized citizens, but one that ultimately betrays the saint’s memory. This has lead to the unpleasant practice of befouling statues and shrines that promote this “false” image by those who claim to honour the “true” Nog. In either case, Nog enjoys a broad following as the saint of perseverance and final victory through faith. He is often revered by those with long, thankless tasks ahead of them. Nog is also associated with those too stubborn or too stupid to give up, an aspect many Acolytes can readily relate to.
Elana the Unshaken
A missionary, Elana made it her lifelong goal to bring the word of the Emperor to the dark places of the Imperium. In her time, she travelled far and wide across the sector, often choosing planets noted for their unruly populations or deadly indigenous life. It is written that she bore a scar for each world she visited. From the swamps of Ichovor, where she suffered a disfiguring filth-fly bite, to the wilderness of Dusk, where she was savaged by predators, she stoically accepted these “scars” as part of her service the Emperor. More than once, Elana was captured by natives to be maimed or tortured in the name of heathen gods. In all such stories, however, despite the horrors inflicted upon her, she never faltered in her faith. In the end, after travelling to scores of worlds, Elana was captured by a foul Daemon-worshipping cult on a remote, unnamed feral world. The natives tied her up and threw her into their master’s cave as an offering. Over the next month the Daemon tired to break her faith. Each day it would come and devour some of her flesh and offer her release. Each day she would refuse. Eventually the Daemon consumed her completely because she would not turn from the light of the Emperor. Elana had a final vengeance, however, as, in eating her flesh and spirit, the Daemon ingested that part of the Emperor that resided within her. The Daemon died screaming as the holy light burned its essence away and freed Elana to her final reward. Clerics like telling this story to prove that faith in the Emperor can overcome anything.
Elana is a much loved and widely accepted saint within the Calixis Sector, and shrines to her can be found on many worlds. This is no doubt because she embodies many of the most desirable qualities in revering the Emperor, namely duty and devotion above personal safety. It might also be because hearing even a little of the saint’s suffering can make someone feel infinitely better about their own woes. Those that care for the sick commonly invoke the name of the saint in their work. They preach that Elana watches over all those who suffer in the Emperor’s name but who do not lose faith. In some places this line of reason has led to self-flagellation to honour the saint, though the more mainstream elements of the Ecclesiarchy agree that this is probably misguided. Acolytes may find solace in the worship of Elana when they suffer grievous wounds, praying to her to remind them that all that they do, they do for the glory of the Emperor
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2023.06.10 00:09 dumpedbytherapist_2 Ongoing crisis with being abandoned by therapist. Saw like 5 in the last week. Thought I found a good one yesterday. Emailed to schedule a follow up for next week. They reply saying they changed their mind. I can’t fucking take this anymore.

Ongoing saga of being abandoned by therapist
I’ve been in full on crisis mode for the last couple weeks about it. Even worse since last Tuesday when she terminated me.
Tried a few last week. They were uncomfortable bad fits unhelpful, just like the 20+ other therapists I had seen like before my recent longtime therapist. Felt hopeless.
Found one while searching, seemed like their credentials and approach and general vibe were good. Made an appointment with her for yesterday. Felt optimistic. Went to the appointment. It went well. Emailed her to follow up for next week.
She said she had changed her mind, at first because of a Medicaid issue, and when I called Medicaid and found out the issue didn’t exist, and replied to confirm this, this new therapist admitted they just changed their mind and “couldn’t help me” despite the session going really well the day before.
I fucking knew this is exactly what would happen when my therapist terminated me, because fucking all of them are dogshit, they are fucking terrible and worthless and they hurt people and are incompetent. JUST FUCKING LIKE THIS.
My only options at this point are to write to my therapist and explain my thoughts and feelings on the termination and see if she’s okay with revisiting or discussing working together again a bit sooner down the road, later this year or something, because I’m not subjecting myself to this field of people that have done nothing but hurt me and be incompetent before I found the one good one, that ended up cutting me loose.
I can’t fucking take it anymore man. I can’t. I don’t have the fucking energy to do it anymore. It’s sucking every ounce of life out of me.
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2023.06.10 00:08 FenixHero 36 [M4F] Okanagan, BC, Canada - Back again & still looking for that nerdy love!

I’m back again! Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything except ghosts and people who don’t really know what they want. I can’t believe I have to say this but I am not here to just dirty talk with you so if you are looking to just flirt with someone please move along, I’m looking for a real connection! I have not had excellent luck with love, I’ve been single for a very long time searching for that one who ticks most or even just some of the boxes and I am seriously looking for long-term rest of my-life type thing... So please only reply if you are SERIOUS about dating and know what you want. Where I live everyone is super outdoors oriented and I am quite an introverted homebody who likes video games and cozy nights at home. Online dating apps have been a complete bust due to this, so here I am on Reddit. If you don’t have a good post history on your account you will have to make sure you write a great intro message telling me about yourself or I probably won’t reply. I was almost catfished a while ago so please also send a picture.
Now, what about you? What am I looking for? Well...
It probably seems like I am looking for something a little TOO specific but as I said before you don’t have to check all the boxes. Sometimes you just click with someone and the attraction is just there but I have yet to find that.
I am not interested in anyone from another country! Unless it's pretty close like Seattle, Washington but I primarily want someone in BC, Canada, or at least within 6-8 hours of me like Alberta or something, and you must be willing to travel. I’m just not very good with long-distance unless we are constantly talking and doing things together, so I don't want anything further than that unless you have the resources to visit me often. I don’t really want to leave BC so hopefully if you aren’t within this area then you are willing to relocate in the future. I just want someone who will talk to me every day, send each other memes and music, and do stuff together like best friends would.
This was a lot longer post than I thought and I hope that doesn’t scare people away. I’m just really exhausted with online dating. Thanks for reading my long post! If any of this sounds good to you please feel free to message me and tell me a little about yourself. I’d like you to include a picture too since I’m so cautious now.
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2023.06.10 00:08 madelineharris98 Disgusting

First, good diet meal plan Second, wash your dang hands. In a public place too 🤢🤮
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2023.06.10 00:06 MOHIBisOTAKU Now that it has come to this i have to share my nana(maternal grandfather) experience

So i 21m am from indian living in mumbai since i was an infant but i actually was born in a small remote sandy desert village in rajasthan so my nana(maternal grandfather) use to tell me and my cousins horrosupernatural stories at night when we go to visit for vacations or wedding seasons we use to enjoy the experience he most of the time ended up repeating the stories which he already told us i am now atheist so i don't believe in ghost now but one particular start didn't seem ghostly or supernatural to me so here it goes "its summer time back in the 1950s my nana is 7-8 ish you may know that the desert gets very hot during summer so even in night sleeping inside the house was like being in an oven so and this was before electricity was there in the area so all people in the house use to take their khatiya(wooden hand woven kinda portable bed) on the roof of the houses so there will be little openness so they can sleep calmly so they use do this every summer so one day my nana was sleeping even though his eyelids were close and he saw a bright light flashing through his closedown eyelids he opend it and saw a big ball of fire shining down light from rooftops to rooftops while it was passing through it was flying in the sky at a very high altitude thats how he defined it he suddenly grabbed his dad's hand and wake him up and his dad saw it too and immediately without any sudden movements told him to lie facedown and to not make a movement my nana got scared and sobbed his dad comforted him silently shushed him and the orb passed over. That was the experience but now it gets more interesting cause in the morning when they woke up may nana's dad told him what you saw was a 'pariyo ka dola'(chariot of fairies) he said that he his dad and even their grand dad from generations have been seeing this and the the reason why he told him to lie facedown was so that the fairies would not basically kidnap him and take him to heaven cause a lot of abduction has happened in the past where these chariots of fairies come doen if they see the person reacting and fairies would come out of their fiery chariot to put the peron in spell and take them inside the chariot after that he saw the chariot of fairies 2-3 times more and stopped seeing them after the area became urbanised and some development happened and the population of that area increased its basically a folklore cause every elderly person acknowledge the chariot of fairies and that it" but i think what they (the people who had only 2 raido in the whole village at that time and before that time were describing were describing were ufo not some chariot of fairies looking for mates so that they can get marries i think what they werw describing were aliens coming out of that mf fiery ball of a UFO monitoring us and sometimes abducting and the peope(superstitious religious) folks think of them as fairies staight outta fairy tales. i was searching the internet for some similar incidents but didn't find any so i decided to be the first one sharing generational trauma fear and literal threat which people of mine and neighbouring village had gone through since who knows for how many centuries its literally 3:35 am but i could not sleep and had to get this out there btw the village name is fatehpur sikkri RAJASTHAN
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2023.06.10 00:00 NobleJesse Help me find my 2 childhood games

Sorry in advance if my descriptions are very vague even though this was around 2017-18 ish I will freely answer any questions but thank you for helping me as these two genuinely keep me up at night and cause me huge amounts of stress just trying to remember the names.
I understand that basically no one would have played it and it my be impossible and or describe other games but I'm going to try. I may mix the two games with my horrible memory I'm looking for the names of the games. Even if I can't get them it would be nice to see them •Both games played on Xbox 360

1st game

The main character: I vaguely remember them wearing dark clothes and maybe lighter skin tone (sorry thats all I remember about them)
So this game I remember. It starts off fighting a big boss (I think a robot) Kind of electrical powers (almost like The force unleashed) . The main character is on a very destroyed terrain, very dark black. And I remember lava cracks in the ground almost everywhere. Then I'm pretty sure there is a cutscene of this almost futuristic dystopian city. And it's a cutscene of like a train/tram in the air. It goes into this building. I remember seeing the station and people. In the game you could walk around freely by the way. I don't remember doing much fighting.I think it was based in Asia because of the way the street looks and something I will mention later on
One very clear thing I remember is a playground with kids, and this beach ball you could push around which I would do many times when replaying it. I remember having to go to this asian temple structure that looks like that but more bamboo colour. I can only describe it as I don't remember the missions

2nd game

Main characters: I think there were 3 or 2 characters that I played. Not sure if they were related or friends
So this one I remember a little clearer. You start out in this village and I'm pretty sure a shark in the ground destroys the village (or a dinosaur idk) There may have been a few missions with taking down the creaturs. One of the most iconic things I remember is infiltrating a airship. I remember having to escape into like a dock area where the characters had to jump into the ship to escape. The escape but shortly crashed the ship into this new desert area. I remember exploring and encountering this new long neck monster or dinosaur. At the time it was incredibly hard to beat and that's where I couldn't pass
This is like an unsolved mystery to me and I want it to be put to peace.[
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2023.06.09 23:56 LoyddSteroid Bloodhunt Launch!

Bloodhunt Launches with 3 Hunters, 6 Hunted, 4 maps and more.


The Scarecrow
Difficulty: Moderate
Movement Speed: 4.6 Meters Per Second
Heartbeat: 24 Meters
Height: Moderate
Power: Lantern of Fear
Perks: Fear of Reality, Kill Streak and Skewered
Starter Add-ons: The Face of Fear Mask and Broken Light Bulb
Prestige 1: Kill 5 Hunted with a +25% Fear Bar
Prestige 2: Kill 10 Hunted with a +50% Fear Bar
Prestige 3: Kill 15 Hunted with a +75% Fear Bar
Full Prestige: Win 10 Matches where every Hunted is killed with a Full Fear Bar
Add-on Count: 14

Lantern of Fear
The Lantern of Fear can be used on any survivor. While using the Lantern of Fear you are slowed down to 4.3 Meters Per Second. The Hunted can be put into 4 tiers of Fear. Upon reaching a new Tier The Hunted are immune to gaining more fear for 10 seconds.
Hunted Tier 1: The World becomes Orange, making everything much hard to see
Hunted Tier 2: Hallucinations randomly appear walking. From this point onwards the Hunted slowly gain more fear whenever they aren't near any other survivor
Hunted Tier 3: A distant Heartbeat is heard
Hunted Tier 4: Every Time The Hunted see each other they will scream. A Constant Heartbeat is heard.
Interacting with a Hunted survivor who is in a lower tier of fear than you makes you slowly lose fear. The Current Fear state of any of the Hunted is not revealed to the Hunter


Fear of Reality:
The Hunter's deep connection to the ethereal realm grants him unparalleled efficiency in wielding his powers.
Increases the efficiency of all powers by 5/10/20%.
"Fear not the darkness, for it is your own sanity that shall crumble before him." - Jonathan Blackwood, before succumbing to the madness of the fog

As the Hunter weaves their way through the fog, their malevolent presence disturbs the very essence of his surroundings.
This perk activates after injuring a Hunted Survivor while in chase. All of the Hunted within 4/8/16/32 meters of The Hunted Survivor in chase is revealed. This perk has a 60/30/15 second cooldown
"As the tally of his victims rises, so too does his insatiable hunger, an eternal hunger that feeds on your very essence." -Cirrus

The Hunter's arsenal of terror expands with each fateful encounter.
Gain a stack every time you injure a Hunted Survivor, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Each stack increases your lunge by 0.25/0.5/1 meters.
"In the clutches of the Scarecrow's grasp, time unravels, and reality warps into a twisted nightmare." -Cirrus


The Face of Fear Mask:
Starter Add-on for the Scarecrow
The Face of Fear Mask, a haunting artifact in the possession of the Scarecrow, serves as a conduit for the embodiment of pure terror.
Upon a Hunted Survivor reaching tier 4 they become exposed for 20 seconds
Exposure makes any Hunted take 2 health states when hit

Broken Light Bulb:
Starter Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Broken Light Bulb serves as a chilling reminder that no sanctuary can be found within the fog's enigmatic embrace.
Upon a Hunted Survivor reaching tier 4 they cannot use their item until they leave Tier 4
"The flickering light fades, shrouding you in darkness."

Crow Reaper:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Reaper, a foreboding implement affixed to the Scarecrow's lantern, beckons the dark forces of the avian realm.
Increases range of Lantern of Fear by 15 meters (25 meters)
"In the wake of my haunting presence, the crows gather, harbingers of your imminent demise" -The Scarecrow

Crow Caller:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Caller, a macabre attachment affixed to the Scarecrow's person, summons an unsettling entourage of spectral crows.
Whenever a Hunted Survivor enters tier 4 they gain a crow that screeches whenever they are within the Scarecrow's Heartbeat
"Beware the call of the crows, for they herald my approach" -The Scarecrow

Lit Candle:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
Increases movement speed when using the Lantern of Fear by 0.3 meters per second. Decreases movement speed when not using The Lantern of Fear by 0.3 meters per second. Increases all Fog Stones at the end of the round by 100%

Crow Invader:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
A macabre charm fashioned from the feathers of dark, otherworldly crows, the Crow Invader radiates an eerie energy that resonates with The Scarecrow's presence.
Upon a survivor leaving any fear state they become exposed for 20 seconds
"Expose the trembling prey as they flee, and watch their hope wither in the mists." -The Fog, telling The Scarecrow his purpose

Crow Killer:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Killer, a wicked contrivance of The Scarecrow's malevolence, embodies his desire to ensnare the Hunted Survivors within a web of terror
Reveals the aura of any Hunted Survivor in Tier 1 or higher whenever they complete a skillcheck for 3 seconds
"Every act of defiance shall be met with revelation. The crows bear witness to your torment, and their caws shall herald your impending doom." -The Fog

Crow Feather:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Feather, a sinister artifact tied to the dark powers of The Scarecrow, shrouds him in a veil of stealth and deception.
Whenever a Hunted survivor enters tier 4 you become undetectable for 25 seconds
Undetectable removes the Hunter's heartbeat
"Silent as the wind's whisper, I tread upon your trembling dreams." -The Scarecrow

Crow Meat:
Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
Whenever a survivor enters a new fear state they gain the Blindness effect for 30 seconds
Blindness makes any aura not appear
"Feast upon the crow's cursed flesh and feel the world fade to darkness. In fear's embrace, your eyes shall betray you, lost amidst the shadows of your own despair."

Crow Beak:
Rare add-on for The Scarecrow
Reveals the aura of all survivors within the range of Lantern of Fear
"Beneath the Scarecrow's gaze, no secret shall hide."

Moldy Crow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Moldy Crow, a decaying relic steeped in The Scarecrow's dark powers, inflicts a sinister influence upon the Hunted Survivors.
Any Hunted Survivor within tier 4 becomes oblivious

Crow Bone:
Very Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
Once emerging from the Fog all Hunted Survivors start to gain fear up to tier 1.
"From the first step, your souls shall be tainted with fear, forever haunted by the specter of your impending demise." -The Scarecrow

Iridescent Crow:
Iridescent Add-on for The Scarecrow
A cruel "present" from the Fog itself, serves as a mocking reminder to The Scarecrow of his past life and his eternal entrapment within its grasp.
Reveals the aura of any Hunted survivor whenever they enter a new fear state for 5 seconds
"Behold this Crow, a twisted jest from the Fog's cruel heart. It is formed from the very roots of the Fog, and shows that you are still a man compared to the Fog" -Cirrus

Crow Wing:
Golden Add-on for The Scarecrow
Injuring a survivor who is in tier 3 or higher makes them broken until they are in tier 2
Broken means that survivor cannot heal

In the late 19th century, during the unsettling era of the Industrial Revolution, a small farming community nestled deep within the heartland of a forgotten country thrived under the care of a diligent and compassionate farmer named Jonathan Blackwood. As the crops flourished, so did the hopes and dreams of the townsfolk who relied on the bountiful harvest to sustain their humble lives.
Jonathan possessed an uncanny talent for tending to the land, seemingly blessed by nature itself. With his expertise, the fields yielded more than ever before, and the villagers marveled at the abundance of food that spilled forth from the earth. The sight of the flourishing crops enchanted the townsfolk, and their admiration for Jonathan soon transformed into something akin to worship.
However, as the seasons passed, the prosperity that once enveloped the farming community began to wane. The crops withered, livestock perished, and a sense of despair hung heavily in the air. Blighted by a mysterious blight that defied explanation, the town faced an imminent threat of famine.
Desperate to save his beloved community, Jonathan turned to the forbidden arts of the occult. Rumors whispered of his nocturnal excursions to ancient burial grounds, where he sought guidance from the spirits of the departed. Driven by his love for the people who depended on him, Jonathan was willing to do whatever it took to restore the land's fertility and safeguard their futures.
It was during one fateful moonlit night that Jonathan stumbled upon a hidden chamber within an ancient burial mound. Within its depths lay an ornate lantern, its ethereal glow pulsating with a sinister energy. Overwhelmed by a mixture of awe and trepidation, Jonathan cautiously reached out and touched the lantern, and as his fingers brushed against its surface, an unholy pact was forged.
The spirit that inhabited the lantern, a malevolent entity known as Mirage, sought vengeance for its own tragic demise centuries earlier. Empowered by the farmer's desperation, it offered Jonathan a twisted bargain. In exchange for the spirit's guidance and the restoration of the land, Jonathan would become the vessel through which the spirit would unleash its wrath upon the world.
Blinded by his desire to save his community, Jonathan accepted the wicked pact. In that moment, Mirage's essence seeped into his very being, transforming him into a grotesque amalgamation of man and spirit. The once kind-hearted farmer was reborn as The Scarecrow, a twisted figure shrouded in tattered garments and adorned with straw-stuffed limbs, his hollow eyes burning with otherworldly fury.
With the newfound powers granted by Mirage, The Scarecrow returned to his dying community. As he roamed the moonlit fields, the eerie glow of the lantern he now wielded cast long, haunting shadows across the barren landscape. The presence of The Scarecrow alone brought terror to the hearts of the townsfolk, as they realized that their beloved farmer had been irrevocably changed by dark forces.
No longer bound by the limitations of mortal flesh, The Scarecrow's malevolence manifested through the powers of the lantern. As he stalked his prey, the lantern's glow intensified, and an oppressive mist engulfed the surroundings. Within this ethereal fog, the Hunted found their senses dulled, their movements slowed, and their chances of survival diminished.
The Scarecrow reveled in the torment of his victims, deriving sadistic pleasure from their despair. The once benevolent farmer had become an embodiment of fear, a being who lurked within the mist, harvesting the souls of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. The townsfolk's worship had been replaced by fear.

The Banshee
Difficulty: Hard
Movement Speed: 4 Meters per Second
Heartbeat: 32 meters
Height: Small
Power: Banshee Lunge
Perks: Banshee Scream, Lust for Blood and Death Immunity
Starter Add-ons: Crystal Ball and Timid Death Poster
Prestige 1: Kill 1 survivor with Banshee Lunge
Prestige 2: Kill 2 survivors with Banshee Lunge
Prestige 3: Kill 3 survivors with Banshee Lunge
Full Prestige: Win 15 Matches where the final kill was using the Banshee lunge
Add-on Count: 12

Banshee Lunge
Banshee Lunge can be charged.
Base Range: 15 meters
Charged Range: 30 meters
Hitting a survivor with Banshee Lunge will injure them for 1 health state. Banshee Lunge counts as a Special Attack. Hitting a deep wounded survivor with Banshee Lunge instantly kills them.


Banshee Scream:
The Hunter's presence strikes fear into the hearts of the prey, invoking a visceral response with their deadly strikes. Upon ending the life of a survivor, the echoes of their dying breath send ripples of terror through their injured comrades.
Upon killing a survivor all injured survivors scream and reveal their auras for 3/6/12 seconds
"In the wake of death, the Banshee's cry echoes, striking terror into the wounded souls. Their screams reveal their fate, a chilling reminder of the inevitable."

Lust for Blood:
The Hunter's unyielding thirst for retribution sharpens their senses, granting a keen awareness of the wounded.
Reveals the aura of any survivor being healed for 2/4/8 seconds. This perk's icon lights up while it is active
"The Banshee's hunger grows with every drop of blood spilled. Her eyes keenly watch the wounded, exposing their feeble attempts to mend their broken bodies."

Death Immunity:
The Hunter's relentless pursuit of vengeance grants a formidable resilience in the face of adversity.
Upon injuring that survivor that survivor also suffers from bleed. After being stunned by any means you gain a 50% breaking speed for 10/20/40 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 80/40/20 seconds
"The Banshee cannot be deterred by mere resistance." -Cirrus


Crystal Ball:
Starter Add-on for The Banshee
The Crystal Ball, a mystic artifact in the Banshee's possession, grants her a glimpse into the fate of those she strikes with her Lunge
Reveals the aura of any survivor who vaults over a window for 3 seconds after injuring a survivor with Banshee Lunge
"The Crystal Ball gazes into the depths of their torment, revealing the futility of their attempts to flee"

Timid Death Poster:
Starter Add-on for The Banshee
Reveals the aura of all survivors for 4 seconds whenever you kill someone with Banshee Lunge
"In their fear, they are exposed, mere prey in the Banshee's unending hunt."

Screwdriver Head:
Common Add-on for The Banshee
A twisted modification to the Banshee's deadly instrument, imbues her with an eerie and unsettling power.
After deep wounding a survivor with Banshee Lunge you become Undetectable for 25 seconds
"The Banshee slips through the realm undetected, her wrath hidden until it is too late."

Training Sword:
Common Add-on for The Banshee
Reduces range of Banshee Lunge by 8 meters. Increases maximum Lunges by 1 (2 lunges). Increases turn rate by 25%
"Precision over distance, agility over reach." -Altan Khulan

Crossbow Bolt:
Uncommon Add-on for The Banshee
Increases range of Banshee Lunge by 12 meters. Decreases turn rate by 25%
"Yet with each strike, her steps become deliberate, her pursuit relentless, but measured." -Cirrus

Crossbow Stand:
Uncommon Add-on for The Banshee
Increases speed of Banshee Lunge by 50%. Decreases range by 10 meters

Father's Katana:
Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Father's Katana, a cherished relic passed down through generations
Increases lunge speed of by 25%. Increases range by 10 meters. Increases recharge time by 5 seconds
"With ancestral steel in hand, the Banshee dances upon the wind. Swifter, deadlier, her reach extends to embrace the wailing souls. Yet, with each swing, the past lingers, lingering in every step."

Father's Tools:
Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Decreases recharge time by 3 seconds. Decreases lunge speed by 20%

Old Crossbow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Banshee
A weathered relic from a forgotten era, holds a peculiar power that instills terror within the hearts of the Survivors.
All survivors within 16 meters of your lunge will scream

Charred Skin:
Very Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Gain the ability to break pallets and doors with Banshee Lunge. After breaking a pallet or door with Banshee Lunge you get 50% faster break speeds for 30 seconds

Iridescent Tuft of Hair:
Iridescent Add-on for The Banshee
This Tuft Hair is a peculiar adornment that appears to mock the Banshee's spectral nature. This whimsical accessory, shimmering with an iridescent glow, serves as a playful reminder that even in the realm of the Fog, levity can find its way amidst the darkness. It offers no tangible benefits, but its presence is a whimsical tribute to the ethereal entity that strikes fear into the hearts of Survivors.
After killing a survivor with Banshee Lunge all other survivors are revealed for 8 seconds
"With a mischievous glimmer, this Tuft Hair dances upon the Banshee's spectral visage. A playful nod to the absurdity of their existence, it brings levity to the shadows that consume the realm."

Bloody Kunai:
Golden Add-on for The Banshee
Increases range by 10 meters while in chase. Decreases range by 10 meters when not in chase

In the tumultuous era of the Mongolian War, amidst the chaos and bloodshed, there existed a woman named Altan Khulan. She was a humble civilian, a mere bystander caught in the crossfire of warring factions. The clash of swords and thunderous hooves reverberated through the land, leaving destruction in their wake. Altan's life was forever changed when she became an unwitting pawn, kidnapped by a ruthless faction as leverage in their political machinations.
Altan Khulan was torn from her family, her fate sealed as she became a captive in the midst of the war. The ruthless faction saw her as a means to exert control, a bargaining chip to manipulate their enemies. Her spirit shattered by the cruelty of her captors, Altan yearned for freedom and the reunion with her loved ones, but the fog of war veiled her hopes in darkness.
Days turned into nights, and nights into weeks, as Altan's captivity persisted. In the depths of her despair, she discovered a sliver of solace in the haunting whispers of the wind. In the darkest moments, a mysterious force resonated within her, resonating with her anguish and offering an opportunity for vengeance and release.
With each passing day, Altan's resolve hardened, transforming her from a vulnerable captive into a woman fueled by an unquenchable fury. In the depths of her despair, a dormant power awakened within her, granting her the mantle of the Banshee, a harbinger of woe and retribution.
Empowered by the spirit of vengeance, Altan embraced her newfound abilities and cast aside her former name. She became the Banshee, a spectral embodiment of her rage and sorrow. No longer bound by the mortal coil, she could traverse the ethereal plane and wield her spirit as a weapon, piercing the hearts of those who dared to stand in her way.
In a fateful turn of events, the Banshee found herself consumed by the fog. The Entity, an enigmatic force that presides over the realm of Bloodhunt, claimed her as one of its own. The fog embraced her, merging her essence with its own, forever entwining her destiny with the eternal hunt.
Now, the Banshee roams the fog-laden landscapes, a vengeful specter driven by her insatiable thirst for retribution. She emerges from the shadows, her chilling cry echoing through the realm, striking terror into the hearts of the Hunted Survivors. With each Banshee Lunge, she leaves a trail of devastation in her wake, a reminder of the horrors she endured and the price she paid to become one with the fog.
As the Banshee, Altan Khulan transcends her mortal origins and embodies the wrath and sorrow that have consumed her. She serves as a reminder that even the most vulnerable can rise to become an unstoppable force in the face of unspeakable atrocities. The Mongolian War may have stolen her name, but it also forged her into a fearsome entity, forever known as the Banshee, forever destined to haunt the Fog.

The Prowler
Difficulty: Hard
Movement Speed: 4.5 Meters per Second
Heartbeat: 24 meters
Height: Tall
Power: Hunting Season
Perks: The Prowl, Stay out and Proper Hunting
Starter Add-ons: Worn Machete and Worn Axe Head
Prestige 1: Kill 1 survivor who gets Trapped at least once
Prestige 2: Kill 1 survivor by an Arrow
Prestige 3: Kill 1 survivor by the saw
Full Prestige: Win 15 rounds where every survivor is trapped at least once

Hunting Season:
Upon Emerging through the fog boxes appear throughout the map. Inside the map The Prowler can choose between 3 different powers


The Prowl:
Any time you would normally down a survivor you now instantly kill them. This perk has a cooldown of 80/40/20 seconds
"With a silent and deadly presence, the Prowler's malevolence materializes in an instant. The Fog trembles as his prey falls lifeless, their existence snuffed out in a single decisive strike."

Stay Out:
Whenever you injure a survivor they also bleed. Whenever that survivor is healing their bleed they are revealed. Upon finishing the heal they are revealed for 2/4/8 seconds
"The Prowler's sadistic artistry leaves a mark that cannot be concealed."

Proper Hunting:
Any Hunters power now inflicts bleeding if the power can injure them. This bleed has a 60/30/15 second longer time to bleed out.
"The Prowler's art of hunting transcends the physical realm."


Worn Machete:
Starter Add-on for The Prowler
Reveals the aura of any survivor who steps into a trap, gets hit with an arrow and gets hit with the saw for 6 seconds
"Its edge, worn but sharp, brings forth the revelations of survival's fleeting moments."

Worn Axe Head:
Starter Add-on for The Prowler
Reveals the aura of any survivor who disarms a trap, dodges an arrow, or dodges the saw for 6 seconds
"The Worn Axe Head, a testament to the Prowler's relentless pursuit"

Charred Machete:
Common Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Bow and Arrow by 25%. Decreases charge speed of The Saw by 25%

Charred Axe Head:
Common Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Saw by 25%. Decreases charge speed of The Bow and Arrow by 25%
"The Charred Axe Head, a symbol of relentless torment, delivers the scorching kiss of everlasting agony. Its fiery embrace consumes hope, leaving only the ashes of despair." -Cirrus

Original Machete:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the Round with The Beartraps equipped. Increases setting speed by 25%
"Its blade carries the echoes of a thousand hunts, resolute in its duty to deliver the final blow."

Original Axe Head:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the round with The Saw equipped. Increases saw charge speed by 5%
"Through the ages, it remains an emblem of the Prowler's unquenchable resolve."

Original Bow and Arrow:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the round with The Bow and Arrow equipped. Increases Bow Charge speed by 20%

Golden Axe Head:
Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Saw and The Bow and Arrow by 25%.

Prized Bow and Arrow:
Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Decreases maximum arrows required to kill by 1.

Sharpened Arrow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
The Sharpened Arrow, a haunting reminder of past encounters, is the very same arrow that pierced the flesh of Ethan during a fateful encounter.
Decreases maximum arrows required to kill by 1. Increases charge time by 1

Bloody Hockey Mask:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Its macabre visage, marked with the scars of their encounter, instills fear and despair in those who catch a glimpse of its chilling countenance.
Survivors no longer bleed when hit with the saw. Increases saw charge speed by 30%

Broken Book Bag:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Survivors who escape from the bear trap suffer from a broken bone.
Broken Bones make the survivor 1% slower, and make all healing progress lost after 20 seconds without healing

Iridescent Axe Head:
Iridescent Add-on for The Prowler
Glinting with a malicious radiance, this axe head seeks to taunt the hunter, dredging up memories of a life filled with hardship and isolation.
Progress between The Saw and Bow and Arrow carries over.

Chipped Machete:
Golden Add-on for The Prowler
The Following effects are applied to any survivor who steps into a trap:
And the Prowler becomes undetectable for 30 seconds
Broken Bones make the survivor 1% slower, and make all healing progress lost after 20 seconds without healing, Undetectable removes the Hunter's heartbeat, Exposure makes any Hunted take 2 health states when hit, Blindness makes any aura not appear

The Prowler, a relentless and sinister hunter in the fog, once roamed the mountain resort with malicious intent. This man, whose identity remains shrouded in darkness, made the resort his hunting ground, preying upon unsuspecting victims with his deadly arsenal of a bow and arrow, traps, and a saw. His twisted desires drove him to kidnap and torment those unfortunate enough to cross his path.
One fateful day, a group of young adults arrived at the mountain resort, seeking a memorable getaway. Little did they know, their presence would become a horrifying chapter in the Prowler's dark tale. Among them were Kris, Kayley, Olivia, Kyler, Jamison, Ethan, Emma, Kara, and Anthony, each unaware of the imminent danger that awaited them.
Tragedy struck swiftly and mercilessly. Kris, a young woman full of life, tragically lost her footing and met a grim fate as her neck snapped upon impact. Kayley, another unsuspecting victim, bled out, her life force draining away. Jamison, overcome by a series of treacherous traps, met a gruesome end as his head was ensnared within their clutches. Ethan, wounded by an arrow piercing his shoulder, faced a brutal demise with his neck swiftly snapped. Emma, consumed by the unforgiving snow, was buried and suffocated beneath its icy grasp. Kara, too, fell victim to the Prowler's relentless pursuit, succumbing to a blood-soaked demise.
Yet, amidst the horrors that unfolded, three survivors emerged—Olivia, Anthony, and Kyler. In their desperate bid for survival, they managed to wound the Prowler, albeit only slightly. But in a cruel twist of fate, Anthony suffered a grievous loss, his three fingers severed in the struggle against the sadistic hunter. As they reported their harrowing ordeal to the authorities, the police were led to the mountain resort, only to discover an eerie absence. The Prowler, consumed by the ominous fog that enshrouded the realm, had vanished without a trace.
Now forever lost within the fog, the Prowler roams the twisted realm of Bloodhunt, his insatiable hunger for victims driving him to relentlessly pursue those who dare to enter his domain. The echoes of his past atrocities continue to reverberate through the mountains, serving as a haunting reminder of the terror he once inflicted upon unsuspecting souls. Olivia, Anthony, and Kyler, forever marked by their encounters with the Prowler, find themselves forever changed by their near-death experience, haunted by the nightmares that unfolded on that fateful day.
As the survivors venture into the fog-ridden realm, they must face the eternal darkness that now encompasses the Prowler. The hunt has begun anew, and their only hope for escape lies in outsmarting and evading the remorseless predator that lurks within.

The Hunted:

John Carlson
Difficulty: Moderate
Item: Flashlight
Perks: Backstab, Quick and Easy and Tenacious Detective
Prestige 1: Backstab the Hunter once using the perk Backstab
Prestige 2: Successfully get out of Chase using the perk Quick and Easy
Prestige 3: Successfully evade chase using the perk Tenacious Detective
Full Prestige: Survive 10 rounds as John Carlson

The Flashlight allows you to see easily in dark areas where the generators aren't finished. (No the flashlight can't blind someone)


A Cunning detective knows that striking when least expected can be the key to survival
After recovering 100/50/25% while downed you get a hard skillcheck when the hunter picks you up. Successfully hitting this skillcheck drops you from the hunter's hands
"The Hunter becomes the Hunted. Just when they think they've got me, I strike back with a vengeance." -John Carlson

Quick and Easy:
This perk activates after vaulting while injured. Your grunts of pain are silenced and your blood pools are softened. This perk stays activated for 3/6/12 seconds
"In this deadly dance, every second counts. I glide through obstacles unseen, my steps a whisper in the night." -John Carlson

Tenacious Detective:
The Detective's investigative instincts persist even in the fog, granting him unparalleled awareness of his surroundings.
This perk activates after emerging through the fog. All Hunter Objects are revealed to you for 2/4/8 seconds. This perk also activates every time a generator is completed. The Killer is revealed for 2/4/8 seconds whenever a generator is completed.
"I see through their tricks, their devices. Every step we take, I unravel their dark design." -John Carlson


Old Battery:
Common Add-on for John Carlson
This worn-out battery holds sentimental value for John, as it harkens back to his early days as a detective.
Increases battery life by 1 second

Uncommon Add-on for John Carlson
Increases battery life by 2 seconds

Reinforced Battery:
Rare Add-on for John Carlson
It was a crucial tool that sustained him through long nights and perilous encounters, granting him the strength to persevere against all odds.
Increases battery life by 3 seconds
"I can withstand the storm." -John Carlson

Cracked Lenses:
Very Rare Add-on for John Carlson
These cracked lenses were once an essential part of John's detective gear, aiding him in observing details and spotting hidden clues. However, during a fateful encounter with one of his most elusive suspects, the lenses shattered, a physical representation of the shattered trust and fractured reality that followed.
Increases distance of the flashlight by 4 meters
"Stop Him!"

Iridescent Grip:
Iridescent Add-on for John Carlson
Crafted by the fog itself, it serves as a mocking symbol, highlighting the futility of trying to maintain control or unravel the mysteries that lie within. It is a stark reminder that within this twisted domain, the fog reigns supreme, and no investigation can prevail against its relentless grasp.
Allows you to blind the killer when aiming at their eyes. Blinding takes 5 seconds. Blinding lasts for 5 seconds. Decreases battery life by 1 seconds
"It Fucking Mocks me! The Fog Fucking Mocks Us! There is no escaping! There is no nothing!" -John Carlson

Scratched Battery:
Golden Add-on for John Carlson
A battery that never seems to die out when you need it to be alive.
Grants infinite life. The Flashlight will die whenever the last generator is completed.

In the shadows of the 1970s, when crime and corruption permeated the streets, John Carlson emerged as a seasoned detective with a reputation for his tenacity and resourcefulness. Born and raised in a city plagued by lawlessness, John had a front-row seat to the injustices that unfolded daily. Determined to restore order and bring criminals to justice, he dedicated himself to his work, earning the respect of both his colleagues and the community he served.
John possessed an uncanny ability to uncover the truth, seeing beyond the façade and deciphering the intricate web of lies spun by criminals. His sharp mind and keen instincts made him a formidable adversary to those who sought to evade justice. However, as John delved deeper into the dark underbelly of the city, he unwittingly stumbled upon a secret society that thrived in the shadows—a clandestine organization known as Fog Whisperers.
Fueled by greed and power, Fog Whisperers operated with impunity, pulling the strings behind the scenes, orchestrating crime waves and manipulating key figures within the city. They saw John as a threat, a disruptor who posed a risk to their carefully constructed empire. In a calculated move to eliminate him, they devised a sinister plan.
One fateful night, as John tirelessly pursued a high-profile case, he received an anonymous tip leading him to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Unbeknownst to him, the tip was a carefully orchestrated trap. As he ventured deeper into the derelict building, he found himself ambushed by a group of masked assailants, agents of the Fog.
A vicious struggle ensued, but John was outnumbered and overwhelmed. Despite his valiant efforts, he was overpowered, beaten within an inch of his life. The assailants, believing they had dealt the detective a fatal blow, left him for dead, disappearing into the night.
However, fate had other plans for John. As his lifeblood seeped from his battered body, he was enveloped by an otherworldly mist, a manifestation of the very darkness he had fought against. In his darkest hour, the fog claimed him, granting him an unexpected second chance at life—but forever tethered to the fog and its twisted realm.
Now one with the fog, John emerged as a hunted survivor, trapped within the nightmarish trials orchestrated by the Fog. His skills as a detective proved invaluable in his quest for survival, enabling him to outsmart and evade the relentless hunters that pursued him. Yet, the line between self-preservation and selflessness became blurred for John. His desire to survive often clashed with his moral compass, as he would not hesitate to use his companions as distractions, ensuring his own escape.
While seen by some as a helpful survivor, John's reputation was marred by his self-serving tendencies. With every trial, he walked a precarious tightrope, balancing survival and the instinct to alert the hunter for his own benefit. His conflicted nature, a blend of resourcefulness and self-interest, painted him as a complex figure among the survivors, one whose actions could be both admired and criticized.
As John ventured deeper into the trials, he was haunted by the shadows of his past, the echoes of the crime-ridden city he had once fought to protect. In the fog's merciless embrace, he sought redemption, an opportunity to atone for the compromises he had made. The path ahead was treacherous, but John Carlson, the detective of old, remained determined to survive, to unravel the mysteries of the fog, and perhaps, find a way to free himself from its unforgiving grasp.

Amy Light
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Medkit
Perks: Shattered Mirror, Fine Fettle and The Doctor in The Room
Prestige 1: Avoid the Hunter's hit by any means using Shattered Mirror
Prestige 2: Get Injured and heal yourself using the perk Fine Fettle
Prestige 3: Heal 2 other Hunted in 1 round using The Doctor in the Room
Full Prestige: Heal 20 other Hunted as Amy Light

Gain the ability to heal yourself, and you can now heal any other hunted 25% faster. The Medkit has a total of 5 heals before you run out of heals. This counts self heals.


Shattered Mirror:
Reveals the aura of the killer whenever they use their power for 1/2/4 seconds
"I turn their tactics against them." -Amy Light

Fine Fettle:
Increases the speed you are healed by 10/20/40%
"Years of medical training have bestowed upon me the gift of swift recovery." -Amy Light

The Doctor in the Room:
Increases the speed at which you can heal by 10/20/40%
"Within my presence, the wounded find respite. With deftness and care, I restore vigor to their weary bodies. As my hands move, auras reveal the path to healing, uniting us in our shared journey towards survival." -Amy Light


Plum Bandages:
Common Add-on for Amy Light
Increases the speed at which you can heal by 10%.

Adrenaline Vial:
Uncommon Add-on for Amy Light
After breaking from a heal the survivor getting healed gets a 5% boost for 10 seconds

Rare Add-on for Amy Light
Increases boost from hitting skillchecks by 15%

Doctor Gloves:
Very Rare Add-on for Amy Light
Increases boost from hitting skillchecks by 30%

Iridescent Vial:
Iridescent Add-on for Amy Light
Gain the ability to instantly heal a survivor at any time. Cannot be used on yourself

Doctor's Notes
Golden Add-on for Amy Light
No longer experience skillchecks while healing. The Medkit heals 50% faster than normal. 2 less heals.

Lore: Amy Light, a beacon of compassion and healing, was born into a world still reeling from the aftermath of World War II. In the wake of the devastating conflict, she emerged as a symbol of hope, dedicating her life to the noble pursuit of medicine. Amy possessed an unwavering commitment to her patients, driven by a deep sense of empathy that compelled her to alleviate suffering and restore lives shattered by the horrors of war. As a doctor, Amy witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional scars etched upon the survivors and soldiers who sought solace in her care. Her days were filled with tireless efforts to mend broken bodies and fragile spirits, tending to wounds that ran deeper than mere flesh. Despite the ravages of war, she remained steadfast in her belief that even amidst the darkest of times, a glimmer of light could be found. However, fate had a twisted plan in store for Amy. One fateful night, while attending to a patient haunted by the memories of battle, an unnatural occurrence unfolded within the walls of the hospital. The fabric of reality ripped apart, and the darkness of the Fog began to seep into her world. Chaos ensued as the hospital transformed into a nightmarish reflection of its former self, with the Fog's influence warping the very essence of its occupants. Amidst the chaos, Amy found herself trapped within the fog, torn away from the life she once knew. Stripped of her medical tools and stripped of her purpose, she was forced to navigate a realm where survival became paramount. Despite the fear and confusion that surrounded her, Amy's altruistic nature remained unyielding, and she became a guiding light for her fellow survivors. Within the trials, Amy became known for her selflessness and unwavering support for her companions. She would risk her own safety to tend to the wounded, offering solace and healing amidst the relentless pursuit of the Hunters. Her presence served as a source of comfort, as survivors found solace in her compassionate spirit, drawing strength from her unwavering commitment to their well-being. However, even the brightest lights can cast shadows, and Amy carried her own burden of survivor's guilt. Haunted by the faces of those she couldn't save, she yearned for redemption, seeking solace within the trials. Every survivor she aided, every life she mended, served as a testament to her unyielding resolve and her determination to rise above the darkness that threatened to consume them all. Though trapped within the fog, Amy remained a beacon of hope, reminding her fellow survivors that compassion and kindness could endure even in the most desolate of landscapes. In the face of unimaginable horrors, she stood as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even within the darkest corners, the light of altruism could prevail.

Kris Hackley:
Difficulty: Hard
Item: Hockey Stick
Perks: Ice Skates, True Fighter and Team Captain
Prestige 1: Successfully escape chase using the perk Ice Skates
Prestige 2: Successfully escape the Hunter's grasp using the perk True Fighter
Prestige 3: Complete 1 generator and heal 1 survivor using the perk Team Captain
Full Prestige: Stun the Hunter 30 times as Kris Hackley

Hockey Stick:
While within 2 meters of the Hunter you can hit the Hunter with you hockey stick for a 2 second stun


Ice Skates:
After stunning the killer by any means gain the haste effect for 3 seconds. After this haste ends you gain the exhausted effect for 100/50/25 seconds. Haste doubles you speed. Exhausted makes you 5% slower and you cannot experience haste while it is active.
"With every daring move, I carve my path to freedom." -Kris Hackley

True Fighter:
Increases your wiggle speed by 5/10/20%. Increases your wiggle sway by 15/30/60%
"You may think you've caught me, but I refuse to be a captive in your twisted game " -Kris Hackley

Team Captain:
Kris's natural leadership qualities shine through, even in the face of overwhelming darkness.
Increases your action speed by 3/6/12% when not within 8 meters of any of the other hunted. Increases the action speed of any of the hunted within 8 meters of you by 3/6/12%.
"Together, we are stronger. With unity and coordination, we can overcome any obstacle that lies before us. Trust in each other, and we shall prevail." -Kris Hackley


Goalie Gloves:
Common Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 0.5%

Hockey Putt:
Uncommon Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 1%

Back Breaker:
Rare Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 2%. Stunning the Hunter inflicts blindness for 20 seconds

Empty handed:
Very Rare Add-on for Kris Hackley
Gain a haste effect for 2 seconds after stunning the Hunter. Cannot be used while exhausted.

Iridescent Hockey Wrap:
Iridescent Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 10%

Professional Hockey Stick:
Golden Add-on for Kris Hackley
Allows you to hit the Hunter twice before the stick breaks

Kris Hackley had always been the embodiment of determination and leadership. As the captain of her local hockey team, she commanded respect and pushed her teammates to their limits. Yet, beneath her strong exterior, Kris harbored a simmering discontent towards those she perceived as unworthy or unfamiliar. It was this disdain that brought her to the fateful trip to the mountain, seeking an escape from the confines of her team and the pressure of her responsibilities. The day started with a hockey game, where Kris once again led her team to victory. But instead of relishing in the triumph, she found herself growing increasingly irritated with her teammates' shortcomings and mistakes. Seeking solace from the persistent frustration, Kris agreed to join her friends—Emma, Ethan, Anthony, Kyler, Kara, and her siblings Jamison and Kayley—for a weekend getaway in the serene mountain retreat. However, tensions began to rise as Anthony introduced a newcomer to the group—Olivia. Kris immediately resented the intrusion, perceiving Olivia as an unwelcome disruption to their tightly-knit circle. Her feelings of superiority and territoriality cast a shadow over the trip, as Kris became increasingly distant and hostile towards Olivia. As the group ventured further into the secluded mountain, their bonds began to strain under the weight of Kris's disdain. Unbeknownst to them, the dark presence of the fog had already begun to weave its way into their lives. It sensed Kris's isolation and resentment, drawing her closer to its clutches. Tragedy struck when Kris, consumed by her own emotions, failed to extend a helping hand to those in need. As they engaged in risky activities, disaster struck one by one. Kris watched in horror as Emma, Ethan, and Anthony succumbed to their fates—severing the already fragile bonds of friendship. Jamison and Kayley, her own siblings, suffered the consequences of her indifference. Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, Kris found herself separated from the remaining survivors—Olivia and Kyler. Alone in the unforgiving mountain terrain, the fog began to envelop her, offering a haunting embrace that echoed her internal turmoil. In that moment, Kris's fate intertwined with the fog, becoming one with its ethereal realm. Now, as a Hunted survivor, Kris roams the trials, forever trapped within the fog's grasp. Her once fierce determination transformed into a relentless struggle for survival, and her perceived superiority challenged by the enigmatic horrors that lurk in the shadows. The lessons learned from her past failures now guide her, as she navigates the trials with a newfound sense of humility and empathy. Though the memory of her selfishness lingers, Kris's journey through the fog offers her a chance at redemption. She seeks to overcome her former limitations and forge new bonds, recognizing that unity and selflessness are the keys to survival in this twisted fog.

Kyler Hal:
Difficulty: Moderate
Item: Glasses
Perks: Survivor!, Grand Refresh and Reap what you Sow
Prestige 1: Successfully survive one trial using the perk Survivor!
Prestige 2: Successfully take 2 hits for an injured survivor using the perk Grand Refresh
Prestige 3: Successfully stun the Hunter twice while using the perk Reap what You Sow
Full Prestige: Successfully escape 10 times as Kyler Hal

Glasses can be equipped or unequipped at any time. While equipped all of the fog is removed, however if you are hit while they are on you break the glasses.


This perk can be activated at any time while injured. You become broken for 80/40/20 seconds. During this time you suffer from blindness and oblivious. You also make no grunts of pain. Once this time is up you become healthy once more. This perk applies exhausted for 60/30/15 seconds. Exhausted makes you 5% slower and you cannot experience haste while it is active, Blindness makes any aura not appear, Oblivious makes it so the heartbeat constantly seems further than it is, Broken makes it so the survivor cannot be healed.
"Surviving isn't just about avoiding death. It's about embracing the risks and emerging stronger." -Kyler Hal

Grand Refresh:
Gain a stack for every protection hit you take for a survivor. Every stack decreases your grunts of pain volume by 10%. Gain a maximum of 6 stacks.
"In the face of danger, I'll stand as your shield."

Reap What You Sow:
Gain a stack for every time you stun the Hunter with a pallet or door. Each stack can be used whenever you hit a skillcheck on a generator. That generator will gain 5% of its current progress added onto the generator. That generator gets revealed to the Hunter. All stacks are lost upon being downed
"Every action has consequences. Let's make sure they favor us." -Kyler Hal


Metal Lining:
Common Add-on for Kyler Hal
Increases the speed you put on your glasses by 1 second
"Every second counts when darkness looms. I won't let it cloud my vision." -Kyler Hal

New Lenses:
Uncommon Add-on for Kyler Hal
These lenses have advanced optics that brighten his surroundings, allowing him to see with greater clarity even in the darkest of environments
While the glasses are active everything becomes 25% lighter
"With a clearer view, I can navigate the shadows with confidence." -Kyler Hal

Bloody Glasses:
Rare Add-on for Kyler Hal
Being hit while the glasses aren't active breaks them. Being hit while they are active does not break them

Blue Glasses:
Very Rare Add-on for Kyler Hal
Reveals the killer in blue while looking in their direction

Iridescent Lenses:
Iridescent Add-on for Kyler Hal
These unique lenses, infused with the essence of the fog, grant Kyler an extraordinary vision that transcends the boundaries of the physical world.
Removes the fog and darkness while active. Your vision becomes red while active.
"Through these lenses, I see a twisted reflection of my fate."

Golden Glasses:
Golden Add-on for Kyler Hal
Increases the fog for the killer while in chase with you AND the glasses are active

Kyler Hal was a free-spirited adventurer, always seeking thrill and excitement in life. In the vibrant era of the 1970s, he yearned for experiences that would test the limits of his courage and fill his life with unforgettable memories. It was during this time that he found himself drawn to a mountain resort nestled in the picturesque Colorado landscape—an idyllic setting for the adventures he sought. Accompanied by his friends—Emma, Ethan, Olivia, Kris, Kayley, Jamison, Kara, and Anthony—they embarked on a journey filled with laughter and camaraderie. The mountain resort promised an escape from the constraints of the mundane world, offering a playground for their youthful spirits. Little did they know that their escapade would lead them to the unforgiving clutches of the fog. As they explored the resort's scenic trails and indulged in adrenaline-fueled activities, Kyler reveled in the freedom of the mountains. The majestic peaks seemed to call to him, urging him to push his boundaries even further. However, their joyous excursion took a dark turn when an ominous presence loomed over their group, watching their every move. Tragedy struck swiftly, as Emma, Ethan, Kris, Jamison, and Kara fell victim to the unknown malevolence that pervaded the mountain. Their lives were cut short, leaving Kyler, Olivia, and Anthony as the sole survivors of the harrowing ordeal. The weight of loss and survival weighed heavily upon Kyler's shoulders, his carefree spirit burdened by guilt and grief. It was on their journey back to civilization that the fog made its insidious move. Trapped in a dense mist that seemed to devour the world around them, Kyler found himself separated from his companions. Panic and confusion washed over him as he desperately searched for an escape, but the fog had claimed him, pulling him deeper into its eerie realm. Now condemned to wander the trials as one of the Hunted, Kyler fights to preserve the memories of his lost friends and find solace in their spirits. The fog taunts him, a constant reminder of the past he cannot change and the choices that led him to this haunting existence. His once carefree nature has morphed into a resilient determination, fueled by the desire to honor the memories of his fallen comrades and seek a way back to the world he once knew. In the trials of the Fog, Kyler's courage is put to the test, his survival dependent on his ability to adapt, cooperate, and outmaneuver the relentless Hunter. Through the fog's relentless challenges, Kyler seeks redemption, not just for himself but for the friends he lost on that fateful mountain journey. As he navigates the trials, he discovers that true strength lies not only in physical prowess but also in the bonds forged with his fellow survivors, united in their shared struggle against the encroaching darkness.

Anthony Kael:
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Toolbox
Perks: First Serve, Hate The Sinner and Panic Headed
Prestige 1: Finish 1 generator using the Perk First Serve
Prestige 2: Finish 1 Generator using the Perk Hate The Sinner
Prestige 3: Finish 1 Generator while injured using the Perk Panic Headed
Full Prestige: Finish 30 Generators as Anthony Kael

Can be used while working on a generator. While using it it you complete generators 25% faster, however getting off of generators is much slower.


First Serve:
What some may see as old scrap you see as good machinery
This perk activates after touching a generator with no progress. Gain a 25% boost on that generator until one of the following happens: You leave the generator, you are hit or you fail a skillcheck. This perk has a 60/30/15 second cooldown
"When the sparks fly, and the machines come alive, it's my chance to make a difference." -Anthony Kael

Hate The Sinner:
This perk activates for 15/30/60 seconds after being injured. Gain a 15% boost on fixing generators during this time. This boost is increased to 30% if you are deep wounded
"There's a fire inside me, a relentless drive to fix what's broken and reclaim our chance at survival." -Anthony Kael

Panic Headed:
Unlike most, you don't scream from Injuries. You take the pain and laugh in the face of death
Gain a 3/6/12% boost to all actions while injured
"When the world spins in chaos, my mind clears. Panic fuels my every move, heightening my senses and sharpening my focus" -Anthony Kael


Spanner Wrench:
Common Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases speed by 2%

Measuring tape:
Uncommon Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases speed at which you put the toolbox away by 15%

Metal Mallet:
Rare Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 5%

Very Rare Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 10%

Iridescent Screwdriver:
Iridescent Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 20%. Toolbox now deactivates whenever the first generator is completed

Golden Wrench:
Golden Add-on for Anthony Kael
Gain the ability to sabotage Traps. Decreases boost from skillchecks by 2%

Born with an innate talent for tinkering and fixing things, Anthony spent his days as a dedicated technician, ensuring that machinery and devices functioned flawlessly. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he embarked on a fateful trip to a serene mountain resort with his friends, unaware of the horrors that awaited them. As Anthony and his group of friends arrived at the picturesque resort, tensions ran high. Despite the warnings, Anthony insisted on bringing Olivia, a newcomer who was not well-received by the others. Little did they know that their collective actions would lead them down a path of darkness and despair. Tragedy befell the group one by one, as the mountain became a hunting ground for an insidious force. Ethan, struck by an arrow, met a grisly fate with a snapped neck. Emma, entangled in the gnarled bark, was mercilessly slammed into the snow until life left her body. Kris, the team captain, met a fatal end when she plummeted from the treacherous mountainside, her neck snapping upon impact. Kayley, left to bleed out on a meathook, succumbed to her injuries. Jamison's ill-fated encounter with a bear trap sealed his fate, leaving him lifeless. Kara, too, fell victim to a cruel trap, bleeding out as her final moments slipped away. Amidst the bloodshed and loss, Anthony, Kyler, and Olivia found themselves as the sole survivors. They navigated the treacherous terrain, their bond forged in the crucible of survival. However, their resilience would be tested further as they encountered the enigmatic force that lurked within the fog. As Anthony faced the horrors unfolding around him, his resourcefulness and technical prowess became his greatest assets. Cirrus, drawn to his unwavering determination and problem-solving skills, claimed Anthony as its own, entwining his fate with the merciless trials that awaited him in the fog. Haunted by the memories of his fallen friends, Anthony now roams the fog, driven by a relentless need to uncover the mysteries of his tragic past and outwit the forces that seek to consume him. With his technical expertise and a determination that knows no bounds, he fights for survival, ready to uncover the truth behind the malevolent presence that binds them all.
Kara Scaler:
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Boots
Perks: Back Track, The Queen and Sixth Sense
Prestige 1: Successfully escape from Chase using the perk Back Track
Prestige 2: Successfully escape with at least 1 other Hunted using the perk The Queen
Prestige 3: Successfully hide from the Hunter using the perk Sixth Sense
Full Prestige: Escape 10 chases as Kara Scaler

You run 1% faster than all other survivors. Your footsteps are silent.


Back Track:
After vaulting through a window your grunts of pain and pools of blood are removed for 2/4/8 seconds. Once this time ends your pools of blood backtrack the the vault location.
"In this tangled game of survival, every moment counts. I leave no traces behind, vanishing into the shadows. They'll never know where I truly tread." -Kara Scaler

The Queen:
Reveals your aura to all survivors. While injured all survivors gain a 5/10/20% boost to healing. All of the Hunted who escape gain a 100% boost in experience
"The Queen commands, and her will is absolute. Together, we rise above the pain and despair." -Kara Scaler

Sixth Sense:
Reveals the aura of the Hunter for 3/6/12 seconds when you hear their heartbeat. While within the heartbeat of the hunter gain a 3/6/12% boost to all actions


Soft Tissue:
Increases movement speed by 0.5%

Steel Toe Boots:
Increases movement speed by 5%. Removes the silent footstep effect

Leather Boots:
Increases vaulting speed by 5%. Removes the silent footstep effect

Winter Boots:
Removes the silent footstep effect. Increases speed after being hit by 10%

Iridescent Tissue:
Increases movement speed by 3%. This stacks while Deep wounded.

Fur Boots:
Removes the silent footstep effect. Increases movement speed by 2%. Increases vaulting speed by 3%. Increases wiggle sway by 20%

A striking figure with an air of independence and a disquieting aura, Kara possessed a longing for control and an unspoken desire for affection that ultimately drove her down a treacherous road. Intrigued by the allure of the Hackley mountain resort, Kara insisted on gathering a group of friends for an adventure. Among them were the determined Kris, the gentle Kayley, the steadfast Kyler, the empathetic Anthony, and the spirited duo of Ethan and Emma. Despite her reservations, Anthony chose to invite his friend Olivia, much to Kara's discontent. Her desire to maintain a close-knit circle was fueled by an underlying fear of losing control. Within the group, Kara clashed with Kris, a natural leader whose presence threatened Kara's own desire for dominance. She held an unspoken disdain for Kayley, who had a deep connection with Jamison, Kara's secret love interest. The weight of unrequited affection burdened her heart, and only Anthony, her confidant, shared her pain and understood her longing. As they ventured into the heart of the mountain resort, the group encountered unspeakable horrors. Emma's tragic demise shattered Kara's world, traumatizing her to the core. The harrowing scene would forever haunt her memories, igniting a primal fear and unraveling the fragile threads of her composure. In the midst of chaos, Kara's selfishness and desperation propelled her into the forest, seeking refuge from the horrors that unfolded. But fate had other plans in store. Trapped by a vicious bear trap, Kara cried out for help, her screams echoing through the night. Hours passed, each moment a torment as she wrestled with pain, fear, and regret. As the agonizing hours slipped away, Kara's desperate pleas were answered by an unexpected force. The fog, sensing her turmoil and her broken spirit, reached out to claim her as its own. It enveloped her in its ethereal embrace, forever sealing her fate within its enigmatic realm. Lost to her friends and the world she once knew, Kara became a reflection of her own inner turmoil—a haunting reminder of the consequences of selfishness and the yearning for control. In the fog's clutches, she is condemned to wander, her soul forever tormented by the choices and regrets that shaped her tragic journey.

Harvest Haven:
Type: Abandoned Farmlands
Harvest Haven is an eerie and desolate farmland, haunted by the memories of a tragic event. Once a thriving agricultural community, it now stands abandoned and forgotten, overrun by overgrown crops and ominous scarecrows. Dilapidated barns, broken fences, and rusted farming equipment serve as reminders of a life that was abruptly shattered.
Main Building: Farmhouse. The Main building has 1 generator inside it, and when the generator is completed the lights inside are turned on. (Safety: Safe)
Size: Moderate

Resort Ruins:
Type: Mountain Resort
The Resort Ruins capture the remnants of what was once a luxurious mountain getaway. Now reduced to a desolate and overgrown wasteland, the ruins bear witness to the horrors that unfolded within their walls. Collapsed structures, cracked swimming pools, and twisted amusement park rides serve as eerie reminders of the resort's tragic past.
Main Building: Ski Lodge. The Main building has 1 generator inside the basement. Upon this generator being completed the lights inside and outside are turned on. (Safety: Balanced)
Side Building: Ski Lift. The Side building has 1 generator. Upon this generator being completed the lights inside are turned on. (Safety: Unsafe)
Size: Moderate

The Prowler's Shack:
Type: Mountain Resort
The Prowler's Shack is a secluded and ominous structure tucked away deep within the fog. It serves as the dwelling place of The Prowler, a twisted refuge where he orchestrates his malevolent pursuits. The shack is surrounded by dense forest, and the air is filled with an unsettling stillness, as if nature itself holds its breath in fear.
Main Building: Prowler's Shack. The main building has no generator inside it. (Safety: Balanced)
Size: Small

Derelict Manor:
Type: Mountain Resort
Derelict Manor is an abandoned and decaying building that once stood as a grand mansion. Time has taken its toll on the once opulent structure, leaving behind a maze of crumbling hallways, broken furniture, and faded portraits. The atmosphere is heavy with a sense of abandonment and despair, perfectly reflecting the darkness that haunts The Prowler's past.
Main Building: The Manor. The Main building has 3 generators inside it. Once all generators inside it are fixed all lights inside it turn on. (Safety: Very Safe)
Size: Large

Fog Offerings:
Forgotten Ritual: Common Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 25%.
Faded Postcard: Common Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain resort by 25%
Vengeful Spirit: Common Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 25%
Desperate Prayer: Common Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 25%
Bloodstained Ledger: Common Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 25%
Cursed Cornfield: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 50%
Ripped Blueprints: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain resort by 50%
Dark Embrace: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 50%
Beacon of Hope: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 50%
Knowledge Tome: Uncommon Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 50%
Harvest's Call: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 75%
Ruined Brochure: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain Resort by 75%
Blood Oath: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 75%
Survivor's Pledge: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 75%
Duo Dice: Rare Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 75%
Hunter's Mark: Very Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 100%. If two are placed both Offerings are discarded
Survival Talisman: Very Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 100%. If five are placed all offerings are discarded
Essence Amplifier: Very Rare Offering. Increases the amount of experience gained by 100%
submitted by LoyddSteroid to bloodhuntPOD [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:54 dumpedbytherapist_2 Ongoing crisis with being abandoned by therapist. Saw like 5 in the last week. Thought I found a good one yesterday. Emailed to schedule a follow up for next week. They reply saying they changed their mind. I can’t fucking take this anymore.

Ongoing saga of being abandoned by therapist
I’ve been in full on crisis mode for the last couple weeks about it. Even worse since last Tuesday when she terminated me.
Tried a few last week. They were uncomfortable bad fits unhelpful, just like the 20+ other therapists I had seen like before my recent longtime therapist. Felt hopeless.
Found one while searching, seemed like their credentials and approach and general vibe were good. Made an appointment with her for yesterday. Felt optimistic. Went to the appointment. It went well. Emailed her to follow up for next week.
She said she had changed her mind, at first because of a Medicaid issue, and when I called Medicaid and found out the issue didn’t exist, and replied to confirm this, this new therapist admitted they just changed their mind and “couldn’t help me” despite the session going really well the day before.
I fucking knew this is exactly what would happen when my therapist terminated me, because fucking all of them are dogshit, they are fucking terrible and worthless and they hurt people and are incompetent. JUST FUCKING LIKE THIS.
My only options at this point are to write to my therapist and explain my thoughts and feelings on the termination and see if she’s okay with revisiting or discussing working together again a bit sooner down the road, later this year or something, because I’m not subjecting myself to this field of people that have done nothing but hurt me and be incompetent before I found the one good one, that ended up cutting me loose.
I can’t fucking take it anymore man. I can’t. I don’t have the fucking energy to do it anymore. It’s sucking every ounce of life out of me.
submitted by dumpedbytherapist_2 to CPTSD [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:52 qedr0 Filters for YouTube to fix the 3 videos per row issue, block Shorts and more!

How to use them: Simply go to the uBlock settings, paste the ones you want in the My filters section and click in Apply changes.
The filters below increases the number of videos per row to 5 on the homepage, sub feed and channels pages, blocks Shorts and mixes, hides irrelevant search results (For you, People also watched, Popular today etc.) and makes the search suggestions box dark in dark mode:
// More videos per row www.youtube.com##.ytd-rich-grid-renderer:style(--ytd-rich-grid-items-per-row: 5 !important) www.youtube.com###avatar.ytd-rich-grid-media www.youtube.com###avatar-link.ytd-rich-grid-media www.youtube.com###home-page-skeleton .channel-avatar www.youtube.com###endorsement.ytd-video-preview www.youtube.com##.ytp-inline-preview-mode .ytp-paid-content-overlay www.youtube.com##.skeleton-bg-color.ytd-ghost-grid-renderer www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer:has(ytd-ad-slot-renderer) www.youtube.com##[style="--ytd-rich-shelf-items-count: 4;"]:has(#video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media) #show-more-button .yt-spec-button-shape-next--mono.yt-spec-button-shape-next--text www.youtube.com##[style="--ytd-rich-shelf-items-count: 5;"]:has(#video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media) #show-more-button .yt-spec-button-shape-next--mono.yt-spec-button-shape-next--text www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer:nth-child(4):has(#video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media)[hidden], ytd-rich-item-renderer:nth-child(5):has(#video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media)[hidden], .ytp-inline-preview-ui .ytp-subtitles-button, .ytp-inline-preview-ui .ytp-mute-button:style(display: block !important) www.youtube.com##.ytp-inline-preview-mode button.ytp-subtitles-button.ytp-button::after:style(margin: 0 8px !important) www.youtube.com###video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media:style(font-size: 1.4rem !important) www.youtube.com##.ytd-rich-grid-media ytd-video-meta-block[rich-meta] #byline-container.ytd-video-meta-block, .ytd-rich-grid-media ytd-video-meta-block[rich-meta] #metadata-line.ytd-video-meta-block:style(font-size: 1.2rem !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="home"] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer > *.ytd-rich-section-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer > *.ytd-rich-section-renderer:style(order: -1 !important; margin-top: -40px !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="home"] .yt-core-image--content-mode-scale-aspect-fill:style(object-fit: fill !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-notification-multi-action-renderer[shelf-dismissal]:style(margin-top: 12px !important) www.youtube.com###home-page-skeleton .rich-grid-media-skeleton:style(max-width: calc(100%/5 - 8px) !important; min-width: 0px !important; margin: 0 4px 0 4px !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer:style(margin-bottom: 24px !important) www.youtube.com###contents > ytd-rich-grid-row, #contents > ytd-rich-grid-row > #contents, [page-subtype="home"] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer, [page-subtype="home"] ytd-rich-section-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] ytd-rich-section-renderer:style(display: contents !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="subscriptions"] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer:style(margin: 0 8px !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer[is-slim-grid]:last-of-type:style(margin-right: calc(var(--ytd-rich-grid-item-margin)/2) !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer[is-slim-grid]:first-of-type:style(margin-left: calc(var(--ytd-rich-grid-item-margin)/2) !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="home"] #contents.ytd-rich-grid-renderer, [page-subtype="subscriptions"] #contents.ytd-rich-grid-renderer, [page-subtype="hashtag-landing-page"] #contents.ytd-rich-grid-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] #contents.ytd-rich-grid-renderer:style(width: calc(100% - 3 * 1vw) !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="home"] #dismissible.ytd-rich-shelf-renderer, [page-subtype="home"] #dismissed.ytd-rich-shelf-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] #dismissible.ytd-rich-shelf-renderer:style(width: calc(100% - 0.2 * 1vw) !important) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="home"] ytd-rich-shelf-renderer, [page-subtype="sports"] ytd-rich-shelf-renderer:style(border: none !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-grid-media[mini-mode], ytd-rich-section-renderer[mini-mode] #content.ytd-rich-section-renderer:style(max-width: none !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-grid-row:style(--ytd-rich-grid-item-margin: 4px; !important) www.youtube.com###contents.ytd-rich-shelf-renderer:has(#video-title.ytd-rich-grid-media):style(--ytd-rich-grid-item-margin: 4px; !important) www.youtube.com##ytd-thumbnail.ytd-rich-grid-media::before, ytd-playlist-thumbnail.ytd-rich-grid-media::before:style(background: none !important) // Shorts blocker (use these with the "More videos per row" filters, so they don't leave gaps) www.youtube.com###items.ytd-grid-renderer > ytd-grid-video-renderer.ytd-grid-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com###items.yt-horizontal-list-renderer > *.yt-horizontal-list-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-shelf-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com##ytd-rich-item-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]):not([is-slim-media]) www.youtube.com##ytd-video-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com##ytd-notification-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com##ytd-reel-shelf-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) www.youtube.com##[page-subtype="subscriptions"] ytd-item-section-renderer:has([href*="/shorts/"]) // Hides irrelevants search results www.youtube.com##[is-search] ytd-shelf-renderer.ytd-item-section-renderer:not(ytd-channel-renderer + ytd-shelf-renderer) www.youtube.com##[is-search] ytd-horizontal-card-list-renderer.ytd-item-section-renderer:not(:first-child) www.youtube.com##[is-search] ytd-exploratory-results-renderer.ytd-item-section-renderer // Hides YouTube mixes (use these with the "More videos per row" filters, so they don't leave gaps) www.youtube.com##.ytd-rich-item-renderer:has([href*="start_radio=1"]) www.youtube.com##ytd-compact-radio-renderer www.youtube.com##ytd-radio-renderer // Dark search suggestion box in dark mode www.youtube.com##.sbdd_b:style(border: none !important; background: var(--yt-spec-menu-background) !important; box-shadow: 0px 4px 32px 0px var(--yt-spec-static-overlay-background-light) !important) www.youtube.com##.sbsb_a, .sbfl_b:style(background: none !important) www.youtube.com##.gsfs, .sbpqs_a b, .sbpqs_a, .sbfl_a:hover:style(color: var(--yt-spec-text-primary) !important) www.youtube.com##.sbsb_i:style(color: var(--yt-spec-call-to-action) !important) www.youtube.com##[dark] .sbqs_c::before, [dark] .sbpqs_a::before:style(filter: invert(100%) !important) www.youtube.com##.sbfl_a:style(color: var(--yt-spec-text-secondary) !important) www.youtube.com##.sbsb_c.gsfs.sbsb_d:style(background: var(--yt-spec-button-chip-background-hover) !important) 
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2023.06.09 23:51 Training_Grab7018 Ontario Undergraduate Seeking OT Program Advice

Hello everyone! I'm not familiar with this group's rules but upon my brief search, I think this post is within them. Apologies if not but I am in desperate need of advice.
I am a student entering my fourth year of kinesiology at McMaster, and I am conducting research on OT grad program requirements. I did poorly in my second year (3.0 GPA), but much better in my third. Assuming/hoping I do well in the fall semester of my fourth year, I will most likely finish with a subGPA of 3.65, which is lower than the competitive average cut-off. I know some people emphasize how important experience is over GPA in these programs, and while I have some experience shadowing an OT and volunteering at physio clinics, I'm not sure this is enough to compensate for my low GPA. Especially given I'd like to get into UofT (I'm open to other programs such as Western, Queens, and Mac, and I'll still apply there, but UofT is a financially better option for me because I have family downtown I can live with, so I'll save money on rent, groceries, and so on). Is it still worthwhile to apply for the upcoming 2023-2024 cycle, or should I finish my fourth year and apply for the 2024-2025 cycle? Or maybe even do a 5th year altogether? I'd appreciate any advice.
Thanks x

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2023.06.09 23:50 Phebecoin Good morning #PHEBIANS $PHEBE coin Pre-Sale starting soon our NFT is live on open sea write PHEBECOIN and search our NFT's and share we will choose first 50 people to give away $PHEBE coins worth 100 $USD before launch. So hurry up 🔥🔥🔥

Good morning #PHEBIANS $PHEBE coin Pre-Sale starting soon our NFT is live on open sea write PHEBECOIN and search our NFT's and share we will choose first 50 people to give away $PHEBE coins worth 100 $USD before launch. So hurry up 🔥🔥🔥 submitted by Phebecoin to u/Phebecoin [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:46 Crishien What specific term do you guys search for when looking for job opportunities?

For the longest time now I've been trying to find myself an industrial/product design position, in like actual physical product space.
I feel like it's only getting harder and harder day by day.
Maybe it's just country specific (Czechia) but all the availabile jobs that use any of the terms such as product, industrial, design, creative are always refering to UX, building construction, software, electronics or even car seat stitching, out of all things. And none of those positions look for people who operate with rhino, inventor or blender.
I'm just frustrated at this point. Either design positions no longer exist or HR departments completely changed the naming and I'm just searching for an outdated term.
Like it can't be applied arts, can it?
BTW, if a position involves "furniture design" it's the "helping customers choose the correct overpriced kitchen cabinets from our catalog, but we actually never reply to any applicants whatsoever" type of gig.
Even the site which is hugely prominent in Czech design space (litteraly named CzechDesign.cz) has 0 positions in jobs section.
Am I out of luck here? Should I move to China or US? I don't even know where they design things anymore...
Anyway, sorry for the rant. I'm I dire need of help here :)
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2023.06.09 23:45 FightingUrukHai North and South

Aluwa society, at its heart, was born out of the trade between the people of the coast and the people of the river. It is no surprise, then, that the ani’Aluwa are a mercantile people, with goods being traded between villages and beyond their cultural borders, to neighboring peoples of the western prairies and eastern forests. On short trips, they would trade masa and cassava flour, beans and squash, nuts and fruits, and all kinds of smoked fish and shellfish. These perishable foods would not last on longer journeys, though, so for foreign trade they instead bartered with intricately carved harpoons, mother-of-pearl jewelry, elderberry wine, buckskin, and Aluwa oranges.
The furthest overland journey Aluwa traders dared was to the north: up the Plombalo, through a valley in the low mountain range that separates Gorgonea from Tritonea, then downhill through the unfamiliar northern woodland, following the many rivers of that country down to the lakes of Zonowodjon, which the ani’Aluwa called Zonowóyon. Gradually, Aluwa trade began to stretch even further, cutting northwest to the land of Arhada, which the ani’Aluwa called Lahada. There was no organized trade route between Aluwa and these northern civilizations, but people in search of wealth would travel from one to the other year after year. The most profitable trade tended to be in seashells and corals, which were easy to obtain in Aluwa but exotic luxuries in inland Tritonea.
Most of Aluwa’s trade, however, was not overland, but on the Sea of Itiah (or Iteha in the gla’Aluwa tongue). Merchants would load baskets and wineskins full of goods onto their plank boats and circle the sea, trading with every village they came across, aided by their knowledge of celestial navigation. At the other end of the sea lay the rich and populous lands of Sasnak and Sasnak-ra, which the ani’Aluwa called Zandaka and Zandakla. Although the Sasnak were much farther away than the Zonowodjon, the ease of ship travel meant that the journey south took less time than the journey north. Here, as in the north, the Aluwa found the most profit in trading away goods common in Aluwa but unheard of in the south – in this case, antlers, deerskin, and aromatic cedar.
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