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2015.06.21 02:05 gorillagary For The Love of Pressure Washing

All things pressure washers. The best products and accessories and information related to them. Also a showcase of the power of high pressure water.

2023.03.25 03:00 Jade_armour I just got married and I ate dinner alone.

I (26F) just married my partner (32M) today. This is really weird for me because during the 6 years we were together he insisted he never wanted to get married. Sometimes I would cry because I didn’t want to leave him but I didn’t want to be a girlfriend forever, so eventually I just started calling him my partner.
recently my best friend and pet zuzu passed away, so I decided to start living my life. I went to the zoo one weekend, different parks, hiking, even a beach trip! I told my partner I wanted to move out of the state and he said he didn’t want too. I said I wanted to live my life and if he didn’t want to live it with me, we would need to talk. Not an hour after, he said he would marry me.
I didn’t even believe it till we were in the judges chambers saying our vows. After a few hectic events, he was overwhelmed and wanted to go home.
So I took him home, got him dinner then went out to eat red lobster alone.
It’s been a good day.
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2023.03.25 02:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.25 02:59 jadenwu39x Sonos Promo Code of 2023

Here is the Sonos Promo Code of 2023
Are you looking for ways to save on your next purchase of Sonos products? If so, you're in luck! There is a great resource available that can help you find the best Sonos promo codes and discounts.
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2023.03.25 02:58 CESBible How Matter Could Improve Health in the Smart Home

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2023.03.25 02:58 Ok-Preparation-45 Air con regas Rip off

Air con regas Rip off
Not sure where else to post this but, anyone think these charges are... excessive? I mean c'mon! BMW X5
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2023.03.25 02:58 StupidFLSquid Kitten season is about to start. Got a call today about this very pregnant mama. Luckily she’s very friendly and will be staying with us till the babies are adoptable age and we find her a home (OC)

Kitten season is about to start. Got a call today about this very pregnant mama. Luckily she’s very friendly and will be staying with us till the babies are adoptable age and we find her a home (OC) submitted by StupidFLSquid to aww [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:58 bludgeonedcurmudgeon How to setup a secondary vintage amp for music

I have a Denon AVRX4200W for our home theater setup and it works great for that, everything runs out of a dedicated HTPC into the receiver. But for music, if I want to send the signal thru a vintage amplifier how would that work? Does the Denon have a raw signal that could be sent to the vintage amp untouched/unmodified? I hope that is understandable, I've no experience with this kinda thing but would like to set it up, thanks!
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2023.03.25 02:58 SuperHotUKDeals Sonos Roam SL, £99 plus £4 shipping (UK Mainland) @ ao

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£103 - ao have the Roam SL on sale for £99, which seems a great price if you're not bothered about a voice assistant. Shipping is £4-6 depending on how quickly you want it.
Key Features
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2023.03.25 02:58 ExplorerFar1917 Driving and ADHD??

I’ve always had hard time with driving. I failed my road test 10 times before passing in 2018 after taking so many lessons and throwing a big amount of money on a teacher who was incredibly unsupportive before realizing that he was actually the main reason I couldn’t pass the test. Today 5 years after I got my license I’m still struggling. At the first two years I was terrified to drive alone so I didn’t drive too much. I guess my anxiety didn’t help either. last year after starting medication for my anxiety I started driving more and gained confidence but I’m doing all short of terrible mistakes primarily when I’m having a conversation with someone in the car. For example yesterday I was giving a ride home for both of my friends late night and we were talking. I took wrong turns, forgot stoping at stop signs and the worst probably is when I almost missed a traffic light. My friend was screaming at me to stop (although they were no cars around) I was just too focused on trying to make a turn like there was no traffic light right in front of me. I was so focused on waiting for the cars to pass that I completely missed the traffic light! And started driving!!! My poor friend had to scream like 3 time before I actually realized what was going on. I’m embarrassed but even worse I just don’t know if I can trust myself. I mean the worst thing is that if he wasn’t in the car and I was somehow distracted there is a good chance that I would’ve never even noticed that I’ve made such a mistake. I fear that one day I’ll hurt myself or others while becoming distracted somehow when driving. What do you guys think I should do?? Will this ever go away? Should I just stop driving?
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2023.03.25 02:58 summerjoe45 World Championships Free Dance Live Discussion Thread

Scores are close enough for some movement! C/B are hoping to be the first US champs since 2011, to continue the US medal streak to 8 years in a row and make IAM home to 7 of the last 8 world champs.
G/F are hoping to win the first silver medal for Italy since their coach in 2000 and G/P are hoping for their best ever results. This is also setting up to be the oldest ever podium at any figure skating event!
Schedule (UTC +9)
Free Dance: 12:30
Men’s FS: 17:20
Starting Orders/Results
Time Zone Converter
Official Schedule
Master Post
[Post Event Discussion]
Streams (Click the flag!)
Official ISU YouTube you may need a VPN!
🇺🇸🦚 USA Network will also be showing portions of the event live and recorded. Replays remain unknown.
🇨🇦 CBC Sports will be streaming all events for free.
🇬🇧 BBC will be showing all free skates live.
🇫🇷 will have the whole event live
🇫🇮 YLE will have the whole event live
🇨🇿 Czech TV Sports will have the whole event live
🇮🇹 RaiSport will be airing select groups and the gala live.
🇯🇵 Fuji TV will be streaming live and broadcasting both live and delayed.
🇰🇷 SBS Sports will air delayed coverage.
🇨🇳 CCTV5 will be airing a delayed broadcast.
EuroSport will have live coverage. Depending on your location, it may also be on Discovery Plus.
As always, have fun and be respectful to everyone (fellow chat participants, skaters, judges, and tech panel included!)
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2023.03.25 02:58 Odd_Energy_6095 Does this make sense?

(Already posted in the Bloomington subreddit, but I thought I’d ask here too)
I’m helping an international student find an apartment for next semester. I recommended the apartment complex I’ll be staying at in the fall. She’s in the process of finding a place through them. They told her “Renters insurance is required to have on all the apartments and homes. The only requirement is at least 100,000 in personal liability coverage”.
The thing is, they never asked me or my roommate to get renter’s insurance. My sister lives at the same complex and I don’t think they asked her to get insurance either. Does this seem fishy to you? Is it because she’s an international student?
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2023.03.25 02:58 candytropicalsteel 20% Off Pets at Home Coupon & Promo Code

Use the link for 20% Off Pets at Home Coupon & Promo Code. The website features a wide selection of Pets at Home coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly for you to choose from and make your purchase more affordable.
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2023.03.25 02:58 BadTakeBrian Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential

Enterprise Group ($E.TO, $ETOLF.OTC): Cash Flow Machine, Deep Value, Squeeze Potential
I should start by saying that the search for a company like Enterprise began under the following pretense: I have a bearish view of where I think broad markets are going by the end of 2023 and wanted somewhere to hide out while still maintaining the potential to double my investment under any broad market scenario.
Enterprise Group fits that bill. The Company is a niche energy service company that provides site infrastructure services to remote western Canadian production sites for pipelines, construction and oil and gas sectors in western Canada. I believe Enterprise is a fantastic and deeply overlooked company fit for retail investors (like me) who have the ability to enter a position ahead of institutions catching hold of the name.
The core thesis on Enterprise is:
- Low correlation to broad markets
- High growth and 30% cash flow yield
- Healthy balance sheet providing ~$20M in dry powder for potential non-dilutive M&A
- Share buyback in place to support stock
- Unique low-emission fleet of equipment to grow market share
- Structural market expansion

Enterprise was founded in 2004, though as it stands today, is a much leaner and higher growth business compared to what it was in the last bull market for energy in 2008-2014. Where many competitors went out of business during the bear market between 2014-2021, Enterprise wisely divested from lower margin business units, preserved its balance sheet and due to its unique fleet of equipment – was able to maintain cash flow positive during this time. M&A is part of the corporate DNA of Enterprise and has had a successful track record on that front.
While others were still reeling from previous years downturn or still trying to repair their balance sheets in 2020/2021, Enterprise was able to utilize the strength of its balance sheet and positive cash flows to countercyclically invest into new business units to position themselves for the eventual return of energy markets we are now experiencing. A great example of this is the launch of Evolution Power in 2022, which offers a fleet of low-emission microgrids that power the entire production site with natural gas, replacing diesel generators. In doing so, EP reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, gives Enterprise higher margins, is safer and more efficient for the customer. As one of the few “green options” in the energy sector, they are becoming the first choice for larger oil and gas clients subject to Canada’s “heavy emitter” penalties.

The large majority of Enterprise’s sales are derived from western Canadian energy producers, with a greater share of natural gas producers compared to oil producers within its book of clients. Though Enterprise profits have less commodity risk than their actual producing clients, the Company nevertheless is derivatively exposed to energy prices (though I believe there are some factors that reduce the correlation that I will get into later). After years of producers not investing into large exploration projects due to ESG mandates, regulations and low prices, the outlook on energy markets looks extremely promising for producers and has already begun to see a notable uptick in production levels that are expected to continue for a market that looks undersupplied in years ahead.
More specifically to Enterprise’s western Canadian market, there are some very visible demand drivers on the horizon based on new pipeline capacity that provide a near certain increase in demand for services like Enterprise. This demand is structured within tens of billions of dollars of sunk infrastructure capital to provide a roadmap of oil and gas (mostly gas) production expansion in western Canada. Beginning in 2023 with the completion of NGTL network expansion (gas) and TMX pipeline (oil), there will continue to be major new export capacity to come online nearly every year this decade, with recent first nations LNG projects advancing on the west coast.
For Canadian gas producers, the pipelines will allow them to access higher priced Asian markets, where prices are often multiples of those received in Canada or the US. You can bet there is going to be prompt increases to production to ship whatever they can to those markets, given the preferred economics.

Enterprise just recently released their full year 2022 financials March 20, 2023, where they posted fantastic results. Rather than do a deep dive into financials today, will simply share some important highlights and suggest reviewing their financials below: (
Additional items:
- Bought back 1.8M shares in 2022
- Secured US OTC listing to increase access to US investors
- Renewed buyback program
- Available tax losses of $0.17/share
- Purchased $5.6M of new equipment
- Subsequently signed one of largest contracts in company history in Jan 2023

Share Structure
Enterprise currently has 50.3M shares outstanding, with another 5M options exercisable at $0.45. Notably, management/board were buyers in the open market over the last few years and now hold over 40% of all shares outstanding.
This is where I think it gets uniquely attractive for us retail investors.
Since the last energy cycle, nearly all of the research analysts that covered the sector have moved on, meaning the few analysts left covering the space are focused on large-cap players and there are none covering companies the size of Enterprise. There is a window for retail to build a position in a hugely profitable company with a tight share structure subject to a potential squeeze before institutions begin to take notice.
Finally – and maybe most importantly – 2022 saw a unique trading dynamic occur due to a large shareholder selling down their position. This shareholder accidentally accumulated a >10% ownership position, unknowingly triggering a requirement to file any purchase/sale of stock (see sedi filings to confirm). That shareholder then spent the entire year reducing their position below 10% but because there was not a large float of shares trading hands, effectively put a ceiling on the stock the entire year and single-handedly compressed the multiple. This does not appear to have been done with ill intent but explains why the stock bounced between a floor of around $0.38 (supported by the buyback) and $0.42 (where the shareholder was selling) despite everything going right for the company operationally. In January, the company bought back the final tranche of shares needed to get that shareholder below the 10% threshold, thereby clearing the way for share price to better track the improving cash flow of the company.

Enterprise is currently trading at a deeply discounted valuation and historically low multiple, which is ironic considering this may be the best market they've ever operated in. As a particular point of reference, a comparison below for the 2020-2022 periods for EV/EBITDA and some other metrics that could influence the deserved multiple such as growth, profitability, and credit risk. I’ve also already listed a few reasons to be bullish on their future market (pipelines coming online beginning this year), which is consistent with management’s outlook from their MD&A that “…customers have indicated they will continue to operate at increased activities through the remainder of the year”. Though a 10-11x multiple shouldn't be expected moving forward, you can see the impact of having a large shareholder exiting with a small float and how a lack of share price movement can lose investor attention. Over the course of a year, Enterprise added over $5M in EBITDA (+175%) and barely saw its valuation change at all!
*2022 year using current share price
At a current 4.2x EV/EBITDA, Enterprise is trading far below the 6x it has traded in previous cycles and which seems very reasonable as a base case scenario. It would take very little notional buying for that re-rate to occur and for those able to establish a position at these prices, it would represent a 74% return.
Finally, if Enterprise is seen through a different valuation lens**, the company just released in their earnings that equity holders would be due $0.68/share ($0.39 current share price) if the company simply sold all of their equipment at book value.** Multiple arguments to show that Enterprise is undervalued.

Enterprise has a strong outlook on market fundamentals to support top line growth, increasing pricing power to maintain/increase margins and new revenue potential coming online with equipment additions.
Given history of M&A activity, balance sheet flexibility and the fact some targets are still not fully recovered from 2014-2021 period, it would be very surprising if the company did not make one or more acquisitions in the near-future. Management has said as much on their recent twitter spaces interview.
Fortunately for equity holders, management does not have to dilute shareholders while its equity remains undervalued. With $20M in unused credit at their disposal (their current market cap), they would have the ability to make a material acquisition without needing any equity at all. Even if they were to make an even larger acquisition, their debt providers are Ninepoint Partners (via Waygar Capital), who are home to none other than Eric Nuttall, who is the largest and most bullish energy fund manager on earth. You can bet that if the right target came along with the right assets/cash flow, Ninepoint would be more than happy to increase the size of that facility if they aren’t able to secure some seller's financing. If we assume a slight liquidity discount on a PrivateCo acquisition, $20M at 3x EV/EBITDA could buy around $6-7M of incremental EBITDA, effectively doubling the “cash flow” of the company before considering any synergies. Prospect of cross-selling new rental equipment would be high.
If something like this came to pass and they grew to a $15M EBITDA business, there would undoubtedly be a whole new supply of small institutions that would be interested and could be an attractive buyout candidate for private equity, who they’re currently competing with for acquisitions.

Commodity Risk:
This being the most obvious risk to the company. If we were to go back to the dark ages (2014-2021), there would be a material impact on Enterprise financials. I believe commodity risk for Enterprise is mitigated for 3 reasons:
  1. A decade of underinvestment in global energy supplies has the entire spectrum of energy prognosticators projecting supply deficits for oil and continued growth in global natural gas demand. Continued regulatory hurdles, ESG capital restrictions, end of US shale hypergrowth, and return-of-capital mandates by EnergyCo shareholders make it less likely we see reckless supply additions. Adding to that, we’ve now got China reopening, OPEC defending prices, and US supposedly refilling the SPR at some point (we’ll see).
  2. Infrastructure Developments: Canada has abundant reserves, with some of the cleanest and lowest-cost natural gas in the world with a painful lack of export capacity. A number of pipeline and LNG export facilities are set to come online, incentivizing a production increase to fill that pipeline. To me, this is the most powerful reason why I believe Enterprise has much lower commodity risk and has been repeated by recent research put out by RBC on the prospects of NE BC natural gas outlook.
  3. Tier 1 Client Book: Enterprise’s clients are some of the largest energy producers in North America, meaning they plan their development programs with a multi-year outlook that is less sensitive to short term price action. Further, many of its clients are actual providing the supply for LNG Canada (Sinopec, Petronas,
Market Downturn:
No doubt we are entering a period of uncertainty, with global liquidity being reduced and the risk of recession on the horizon. I think this should be viewed in two ways:
  1. Operations: Looking back, more often than not a significant global recession is more likely to reduce the rate of growth in oil demand rather than actually reducing demand. Natural gas is mostly used for heating and electricity generation, making it relatively inelastic as well. Global GDP is also more evenly spread between OECD and non-OECD, meaning growing countries like India will be less responsive to tightening financial conditions.
  2. Share Price: Enterprise is tracking towards a trailing 4x EV/EBITDA, with structural growth catalysts on the horizon (ie. pipelines) and excess cash flow available for buybacks. Even in a market panic, it is likely cash flows can continue to grow, providing continued support to the share price via buybacks.
  3. Recent meltdown in energy markets had almost no impact on Enterprise share price and would suspect that increased buybacks would be there for support if share price were to slide further.
It is the risk-adjusted return with fundamentals to back it up that make Enterprise special within the micro-cap space.

  1. Operating conditions look very strong for the company based on energy cycle and the foundation of new pipeline-related production increases in western Canada.
  2. Enterprise is a pure-play on western Canada with major well-capitalized nat gas clients poised for growth.
  3. Small size and cap structure provide potential for significant torque in share price.
  4. Enterprise has debt flexibility such that they don’t need to dilute equity at these valuations if M&A opportunities arise.
  5. Extremely profitable with 30%+ cash flow yield and optionality for buybacks or further investment in expanding equipment fleet for evolution power.
  6. Significant selling pressure from large shareholder has now ended after tendering shares to treasury in January 2023.
  7. A single large new shareholder has potential to re-rate the stock to base case of 6x EV/EBITDA multiple.
  8. Equity re-rate and M&A could see this company become very large, very quickly – drawing further flows of capital to the name at sufficient scale or be a prime takeout candidate for PE.
I own shares in Enterprise. This is not financial advise. Please do your own due diligence.
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2023.03.25 02:57 lotrandwho My adult cat is hissing and growling at my kitten, who she was great friends with, after she was spayed

My cat and my kitten were best buds, they played together and cuddled. When I brought my kitten home today after getting spayed, my cat sniffed her and hissed and growled as if she didn’t recognize her. It’s been 4 hours now and she is still hissing and growling severely every time she sees her and smells her. I read online that this can happen, but I am worried that they will never go back to being the best friends they were before. I am keeping my kitten in a safe space away from her for now while she heals, but like I said, I am very worried for their friendship. Will this resolve itself?
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2023.03.25 02:57 luluthedogg CL in our new construction home? Tired of Cox

My bf and I closed on a new construction home last year and it came with Cox ONT mounted in our utility closet, so we went with Cox since they were the only provider in our area offering decent speeds last year.
Currently we have Cox fiber (up to 1gbps download) in Vegas, but it's been so awful - we've only have had signal for a couple hours in the last 3 days. It's not just our home because we've talked to our neighbors and they've been experiencing this too!
What makes my boil is not that they charged us for $200 "mandatory fiber equipment" that we even never received (refunded after talking to 4-5 reps), but it is when we reach out to customer service regarding the outage and, they keep telling us there is no outage! Getting flashbacks of there is no war in Ba Sing Se... I had to create a Twitter account and tweet at their support to get them even acknowledge that there is indeed an outage and yet still no fix!!!
Is it at all possible to get CL in our new home? We're so tired of the regular outages
Tried to look up our house on and it shows "Address not in Broadband Serviceable Location". Not sure if this helps our situation, but I also submitted a location challenge.
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2023.03.25 02:57 BikerJedi Dear Russia, get the fuck out of Ukraine.

I've been watching videos of the war in Ukraine. Drones killing soldiers. Artillery strikes. Stinger missiles and other ADA wrecking shit. Javelins tearing shit up.
That is a drop in the bucket.
I watched what an entire MLRS battery can do. They wipe out entire grid squares. You don't hide from that shit. And we have tons of it. Combined with our armored formations, air support, intelligence, special cannot win a conventional stand up war against the US, let alone all of NATO. If you keep fucking around and manage to get NATO and the US in this, we will be to Moscow in a week. You are pulling T-55's out of storage. Did you not see what Western armor did to everything in Desert Storm? You are a joke. You aren't even the second strongest army in Ukraine now. The farmers are. As it is, the armor we are sending is going to lead a deep counter-offensive. You guys are toast now.
I sincerely hope the Russian people overthrow their shitty, imperialist, Soviet-wanna be rulers. I hope Putin dies painfully and over a long enough period of time that he feels all there is.
Go home Orc invaders. Glory to heroes. Glory to Ukraine.
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2023.03.25 02:57 shakabakaaa Why do I want to smoke as a substitute for sh

Ever since i was little i’ve been strongly against smoking. I used to get angry at my father when i saw him smoke (wasnt often, he’d smoke with friends and rarely at home) i used to ruin and throw away his cigarettes.
I dont get subjected to it often, and honestly i forget smoking is even a thing because 90 to 95% of the people around me do not smoke.
So why do i want to impulsively buy a vape now? I’m 6 months clean of sh. I’ve smoked 3 cigarettes in my life, 2 were “sh substitutes”. But a part of me really wants to do this thing i know i will deeply regret. It’s not because i like it or i think it’s cool. It’s just because it’s bad. I want to do it cause it’s bad for my health. I want to do it to feel like a “struggling soul” and thus feel validated. Because i deserve it. Because i have this urge to do something self destructive. To be in control of something. These are the same reasons i started sh.
I guess smoking is better than sh, but in a sense the ease of smoking and how it’s accepted in society makes that somewhat worse.
I really dont want to give in to this urge. I want all of the self destructive urges to go away.
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2023.03.25 02:57 BrokenMothLamp What kind of headache is this? Should I be concerned

Sorry for typos. US resident/22F/114lbs/mixed race/5’2”/diagnosed with MS. I’ve had plenty of headaches and migraines before but this is a new kind of headache. I’ll feel nothing for like 30sec - 1 min , and then suddenly a very intense high pressure pulse occurs on the right side of my head that’s of course very painful. It makes me physically cringe and sometimes it makes me so winded I just have to groan out loud.
This is the second time this kind of headache has occurred. The previous time it last for about two weeks, and I went to the ER at one point because I couldn’t sleep with it and I could take it anymore. They gave me a migraine cocktail that make me extremely restless but helped, but in six hrs after being back home the cocktail had worn off and the pain returned. The thought of spending 5hrs in an ER for relief so temporary is worthless to me
500mg Tylenol relieves the pain but since I spread out my max daily dose so that I can take 2 before bedtime, I’m left with hours during the day with this pain and it’s exhausting and unbearable. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle this if it last as long as it did previously. I’m worried about the cause. I’m under high stress, not sure if that is contributing to it. What kind of headache is this? What could it mean and what can I do? This is driving me insane.
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2023.03.25 02:57 ThrowRAdjeowoaks My (M19) girlfriend's (F19) family really hates me and I don't know how to fix it.

So my girlfriend's family really hates me and I don't know how to change their opinions. They've been iffy on me since the beginning they're not incredibly traditional but I'm what you might consider a guy who on the outside looks kind of "fruity" war piercings beanie I wear skinny jeans. They kind of liked me while we were in highschool but once my girlfriend and I graduated it just kinda went downhill.
Context I've been employed consistently since I was 16 but I don't have a car. I'm ridiculously bad with money and dump all of what I have into food delivery apps because I use food as a coping mechanism. But I am trying to save up for one. I do treat my girlfriend well at least I try too. I love my girlfriend and I try to show her that every day I write love letters I plan out gifts I surprise her I pay for most of our dates and when we hang out I pay for whatever we do. She does drive everywhere her parents gave her the first car she had and right now she got a car loan for a nicer car and is paying that off.
More context I've recently moved in with some different family but beforehand I was living with my dad who was pretty strict on me leaving the house without taking my Labrador with me so we would hang out pretty exclusively at my house instead of hers.
Her family really hates that I don't drive and I don't go out to her house to pick her up or hang out and that's their only basis on why they don't like me. They've tried telling her I'm holding her down and encouraging her to waste her life when it's consistently the opposite. I'm currently in college and working full-time. She graduated high school with her associates and thought about continuing school but didn't want too and I supported her either way. All I want is for her to be happy and fulfilled in life if that means her being a career woman that's wonderful if it ends in her being a stay at home wife that's also wonderful. They constantly have talks with her and try to convince her that I'm just some giant man baby taking advantage of her. Her distant relatives who she barely talks too have even started chiming in and ambushing her in person and over text.
I've tried going over to her house and spending time with her family and they just treat me coldly. They won't accept anything my girlfriend tells them about me because they're too stuck in their head canon. I feel like once I get a car it still won't be fixed and they'll still just find more reasons to hate me. I'm absolutely looking for any advice I have no idea what to do and they mean a lot to her and I want them to like me.
*Sorry for the weird writing I know it's hard to follow I don't really know how to form my own thoughts into a post
TLDR: my girlfriend's family hates me because I don't drive and it doesn't feel like it'll be fixed even when I have a car and I'm looking for any advice.
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2023.03.25 02:57 Thegingersystem Nowhere to Turn - A Semi-Lit Zombie RP! (18+)

Come celebrate a year with us!!
In the year 2021, A deadly infectious disease escaped from its creators clutches. Sending the small county of Copeaka into chaos as they became ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. Survivors would soon find themselves shit out of luck of any help from military. Having to leave the safety of their homes for the threatening world outside in hopes of making it to the “safe locations” that had been promised by the government.
That was almost two years ago. Now, those who are left wonder the county looking for food or anything that could pass as. Raider groups terrorize those who are caught alone. While wondering survivors whisper of groups forming in different cities. Make shift signs along the roadways for a safe haven give the starving and lonely hope of finding their home.
Hey y’all!! We are an adult, semi lit, zombie apocalypse group! We have a loving staff! Amazing community! Great lore! And so many things to make your story stand out!
With locations ranging from city, to small town, to wilderness! Your story could start anywhere! If you’re lucky enough maybe Euphoria will have a bed open! That’s if the raider groups don’t get you first!!
We are excited to meet you!
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2023.03.25 02:57 birdontophat Friday free chat!!

London was pretty good in the end. I was able to talk to a few people, though mostly they started the conversation. I was too shy to try and talk to someone unprompted. There were just a couple of interactions that gave me some anxiety.
The conference was interesting and I did a couple of touristy things too.
I carried on working on stuff after I got home, so I guess I'm going to try and relax this weekend as much as I can. I'm still awake in the day so maybe I'll go for a walk somewhere..
Let me know how you all are.
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2023.03.25 02:57 seiji_hiwatari LAPAS: The story of how I made a distribution for LanPartyServers

Hey guys!
It's now been roughly one year since my initial post about LAPAS, our LanPartyServer setup.
The originally published version of LAPAS was just a Markdown document with instructions for how to set up LAPAS. Due to the complexity of the entire setup, however, reproducibility was admittedly rather limited and involved a lot of effort and domain knowledge. Since our own instance was already getting on in years and the base was starting to cause problems here and there, I had to reinstall it anyway. So I took this opportunity to directly create a small installation script able to replicate this new installation, which is now based on Debian 11. I know, calling it a "distribution" probably is a bit of a stretch, since it's only an installer script, but I think it's a lot closer to one than before.
Due out this process of writing this installer script for LAPAS, I reinstalled the entire thing in a VM while also testing everything over and over again, which showed me some problems and limitations of the original design. And while the initial installer script was finished rather quickly (about 1 week of working on it in my freetime), from there ... it somehow escalated ... entirely. The anticipated cost of this endeavor was calculated, but man... am I bad at maths. Every time I thought "now I'm finally done", I somehow had a new list of ideas one could implement in the project, or a quirk I wanted to fix. All while slowly shifting from "This has to work for us", to: "How could this be done right?", "What would be useful for others using this system?", ....
In the process of making this installer, I somehow bit-by-bit refactored the entire configuration/setup to be more resilient.
That way, I got rid of a couple of quirks the original design had:
An unexhaustive list of new/shiny things LAPAS now has:
And during the first day of writing the installer, I somehow developed the idea that I would need to make a small build-system for bash files... (If it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!)

In case you're interested, you can find the repository with a small writeup of its current architecture here. The actually built single-file installer scripts can be found on the releases page.
I also made a small "tutorial-like" video showing how to get up and running (with an older version, but still mostly accurate):
Processing video hom9sp2nispa1...
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