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2023.01.05 23:09 An0ther_RedditAcc [Fully Lost] Blue's Clues Ray Charles Memorial Screen

Reposting this on behalf of Zeenobae on the Lost Media forums, with their permission:
This is a piece of lost media I've thought about ever since I was a kid, and done quite a bit of searching for over the past couple year. If you've seen "Blue's Big Musical Movie" released in 2000 direct to video on VHS and DVD, you likely know that Ray Charles voices the character G-Clef in the movie, singing the main song of the movie and helping Steve and Blue. Ray Charles was a legendary musician and died on June 10th, 2004.
When I was around 4 or 5 (2004-2005) I watched Blue's Clues around this time and saw a graphic that explained Ray Charles' death, his accomplishments/the character he voiced and a picture of G-Clef and of himself. I remember it spooking me as a kid since it was a complete 180 from the cheerful song before/after it. I'm unsure if I watched it on DVD or if they aired it live on Nick Jr. Either way, early VHS releases that I've come across couldn't have had it due to the time of his death. Here's the song I believe it came after or before: (version that you would see on the VHS/DVD special features:
I've looked all over the internet for any mentions or recordings of this screen, and even looked for newer DVD copies in local libraries. I did some digging into recordings of Nick Jr in June of 2004, but no recordings of Blue's Clues that I could find. Here's the programming for the week of June 14th: And here's the programming for June 10th, the day Charles passed (can't find an archive of the nickjr website):,_2004 (paste in browser) Likely aired starting on the 11th. From these programming schedules, Blue's Clues was definitely being aired at the time. I'm thinking the song Ray Charles sings was played, and then his memorial screen was shown after.
Versions of this movie I've searched so far:
I'm not sure if there are other versions of the movie on VHS or DVD that I'm missing, but will update if there are any more. Because of the 2013 DVD not having the memorial screen, it's likely only been shown on air when it was played on Nick Jr. or Noggin. If anyone else has any memories of this screen, or any footage of it, please post in the thread. I've only ever heard of a couple other people seeing this memorial, would love to hear if anyone else has as well.

Anyone familiar with this?
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