Chicago freestyle bpm

Jungle Footwork

2013.10.03 14:54 strangeflow Jungle Footwork

An elecronic musical fusion of jungle/dnb/breaks with chicago footwork/juke. Commonly around 160 bpm, 'jungle footwork' is one of the most exciting things to have happened in electronic music for years.

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2023.03.29 04:53 OneHundredForcer Is the grain in Toosie Slide/Chicago Freestyle a film grain effect or natural camera footage?

and do you know which camera might have been used
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2023.03.29 03:10 Huge_Assist7470 Amari Blaze Shines Bright in Chicago’s Music Scene with Hit Song “Mouskatool” and New Fire Escape Freestyle Video

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2023.03.28 01:57 Trippiemaxx What’s your favorite leak last year??

What’s your favorite leak last year?? submitted by Trippiemaxx to JuiceWRLD [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 15:09 Secret_of_Mana Question, why do Chicago gangbangers love the old school freestyle music?

Question, why do Chicago gangbangers love the old school freestyle music? submitted by Secret_of_Mana to GangBangCity [link] [comments]

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2023.03.24 11:58 Okomecloud It took me a really long time to do this

It took me a really long time to do this
All 4B charts S ranked. Onwards to the next button scheme.
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2023.03.23 19:44 xfoxhoundxx Chicago Freestyle (Feat. Giveon) (YE-I)

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2023.03.21 13:41 edgarvanburen Race Report: Shamrock Marathon (21min PR!)

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A 3:08 No
B 3:10 No (Ugh)
C PR (3:32) Yes


Mile Time
1 7:17
2 7:15
3 7:13
4 7:10
5 7:13
6 7:17
7 7:08
8 7:11
9 7:15
10 7:13
11 7:15
12 7:15
13 7:08
14 7:13
15 7:14
16 7:08
17 7:15
18 7:08
19 7:11
20 7:12
21 6:58
22 6:53
23 7:08
24 7:14
25 7:47
26 7:41
27 6:37 (pace)


In September 2021, I raced my first half marathon. Four days later my wife gave birth to our second child! I took a short break from running, then did some base building followed by Pfitz 12/70. It was my second time doing that plan but I suffered a stress fracture in my femoral shaft. My best guess is that I ramped up to 12/70 too quickly. This time last year, I had seen a sports medicine doctor and was waiting for an MRI. Doctor also said MRI showed a labral tear in my hip. Recovery took months: Rest, PT, Walk/running, followed by clearance to slowly build up my base again.
This time I followed Pfitz 18/55, starting in mid November. There were a couple times I had pain that reminded me of my injury, I think it was the labral tear flaring up. Continuing to do my PT exercises and being willing to skip a recovery run here and there seemed to keep serious reinjury at bay. Along the way I PR'd at the 5k, 8k, and 10k distances. Based on my PRs and MP runs I thought my goal of 3:10 was a good aggressive goal - achievable but far from guaranteed.
I first took up running in March 2020 as a pandemic hobby. On 3/23/20 I ran 2.34 miles at 11:14/mi (there were walk breaks) and stuck with it. So Shamrock basically fell on my 3rd "running anniversary". November of that first year I ran my first marathon in 3:32. That was my only prior marathon.


My wife also ran the marathon, but got strep from our son about 2 weeks ago and was wrapping up antibiotics. She felt awful the night before and even threw up at 3am. She barely got any sleep. Her only previous marathon was way back in 2014.
My first marathon in November 2020 was unusual. Due to covid concerns, there was a course open for registrants to run over a 10 day span. When I ran it there were others out running the course but we all started on our own. So this was my first time doing a large start and it was my first time running with a pace group. Temperature was honestly ideal for a marathon in the low 40s.


The first 13 miles were easy and honestly everything through 20 miles was pretty uneventful. I remember looking down at my watch early on and feeling like my HR was alarmingly high. Looking back on Strava, my HR was indeed at 173 bpm for miles 3+4. But it settled down between 161-166 for miles 7-15. I really enjoyed running with a pace group. I can be an obsessive checking my watch but I was able to just trust in the pace of the group. We were a pretty big pack from the start, and even after we lost the half marathoners at mile 12 we were still probably 15-20 runners strong. I took a gu gel at roughly 1:00, 1:45, and 2:30. Alternated water and nuun at the aid stations.
Based on GPS watch we seemed right on pace, but according to the official race splits online we were just barely behind. 10K and halfway splits were 7:16 pace and 20mi split was at 7:15 overall. I would have preferred to be a little bit ahead of goal pace, not a little bit behind. Which leads us to leaving the pace group….
My race strategy was to run with the 3:10 pace group through 20 miles and if I felt good, accelerate with the goal of pushing to my stretch goal 3:08. At mile 20 I heard the 2 pacers talking to each other and realize we were probably a titch behind pace. Hearing this plus feeling fine, I let myself accelerate. You will see that I ran miles 21 and 22 at 6:58 and 6:53. At the time this felt relatively comfortable but it is possible this was a mistake that cost me.
Mile 23 was a return of the only hill on this flat course. I tried to push even harder, to keep up my pace against the resistance, and felt my hamstring almost seize up on me. So I eased up a bit for a 7:08 mile.
Mile 24 I hit the boardwalk and OH MOTHER OF GOD that's a 20mph headwind bearing down on me. Oh no, oh fuck, I should have stayed with the pace group for wind coverage. What an idiot I am. Well maybe I will fall back into the pace group, swallow my pride, but still finish before 3:10. Run miles 24 and 25 at 7:14 and 7:45 into this brutal headwind.
Mile 26: Back onto Atlantic Ave and finally out of the headwind. BAM. My right hamstring totally seizes up on me and I can't run. Walking now. I did not think this would happen to me. Already feeling like I lost important time on the boardwalk. Someone on the sidewalk gave me a stern, supportive shout (something like “you are almost there, walk it out and run”) and I will always be grateful to whoever that was. After a couple strides walking it out, I get jogging again. Jogging jogging jogging BAM. Left hamstring seizes up now. Borderline panic mode. Man where the hell is the pace group? Walk it out, get jogging again.
Turn back onto the boardwalk southbound for the finish. Right hamstring cramps up again. Ugh. Stride stride stride, now running again. Run it in, finishing less than a minute slower than my goal.
I’m not going to lie, I expected my wife to veer off and finish with the half marathoners given she was running totally depleted from her illness. But she wasn’t at either of the spots we discussed meeting up, so I returned to the finish line stretch and watched for her. I did not have my phone on me to look online and check her splits. With a couple minutes to go before the 4 hour mark she appeared! I shouted encouraging words, high fived her, and snapped a couple photos. She finished in 3:54:09. I don’t know how she ran a whole marathon in that condition, I am so proud of her!


The good news: This was a 21 minute PR for me! Every mile split was well below my previous overall pace of 8:05/mi. I had an aggressive goal and was this close to it! I ran a marathon, I don't have a stress fracture in my femur! These are all great things.
The bad: Obviously, not hitting my goal. I really wanted this for Chicago 2024 qualification. But, I think if I do another training cycle + marathon, I can still get it in time for 2024.
The ugly: I would love to figure out why I experienced the hamstring cramps and what I should work on. Was it my nutrition? Am I paying the consequences of neglecting weightlifting? Did I push too hard in miles 21+22?
About that pace group: The pacer I ran with, his final time was 3:30! I wonder what happened! I'm dying to know how the race went for the rest of the pack. So even if my decision to speed up alone at 20 didn't work out perfectly, I'm not sure staying back would have been the right decision either. Checking out Strava activities from the race, I think lots of people encountered similar issues with their goals after running in that headwind.
In retrospect, I wish that when I made my move I had asked around the pace group if anyone wanted to go with me. I bet I would have had at least 1 or 2 take me up on it. It may have helped to push through the brutal headwinds as a small team.

Looking forward

I will take a week off from running then follow Pfitz's suggested 5 week recovery plan.
I will hopefully race the Richmond marathon and I'm not sure what training plan I will follow. I would like to jump up from 55mpw to 70mpw, but suffering a stress fracture last time I tried 12/70 has me concerned. In the meantime, I will do some base building and probably run some 5-10k races.
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2023.03.20 18:03 ramdytis3c Blu 9 - A Girl From Chicago [BLOK]

Blu 9 - A Girl From Chicago / Key Am, BPM 135, 6:34, MP3 15.84 Mb, AIFF 69.62 Mb
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Blu 9 - The Villain [Revenge] / Key E, BPM 135, 5:51, MP3 14.12 Mb, AIFF 62.06 Mb

DOWNLOAD - progonlymusic com
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2023.03.17 23:39 Connect_Pen_3787 HARVARD is my dream school, but I might get rejected by all...???

Intended Major(s): Clinical Psychology (Doctorate) & NEC Music Dual Degree & Special Concentration Entrepreneurship Major
  1. CaretakeCaregiver (Part-Time)
2. Published Author, Book Writing (Self-Help)
  1. Founder & President, Nonprofit Organization
  1. Artist (Violinist), International Charity Project & International Charity Concert
  1. Strings: Selected Violinist, Interlochen & Juilliard & Orpheus Summer Performing Arts Program/Camp/Lesson
  1. Concertmaster & Leader, School: Advanced Orchestra & Advanced Band
  1. Tennis, Captain & Adviser, School: Varsity Tennis Sports
  1. Entrepreneur & Investor, Business: Dropshipping/Affiliate Marketing/Blogging + Stock/Crypto
  1. Meme Creator & Energetic Dancer, Friend Maker
  1. Spiritual Christian, God's House (Church)
Letters of Recommendation
9/10 Counselor & 7/10 Science & 8/10 English & 100/10 Music & ?/10 Family Brother
COMMON APP: Funeral Request Music Performance + Arlington National Cemetery… Basically explained all my passions in psychology, music, and entrepreneurship, and doing them to create a legacy for humanity and make our world better. (Sad!)
CREATIVE WRITING: American Dream. I think it’s like really pretty gud. Idk lmao.
SUPPLEMENTARY: Letter to Future Roommate (Happy!) & Passion Projects (Miracle!) & Additional Academic Experiences: Psychology Research/Brain Exercise Meditation/Military + Fortune 500 Internship/Tutoring Jobs
Additional Info
Sesame Street content assistance & Taps Across USA contribution & Japan/Europe tour program
Nominations (National/International): UN SDG Award, Pangaea Global Humanitarian, Congressional Society Citizens Honors Medal Finalist, 3 Star Military Commendation (heroism/merit)
Academic Competitions/Psychology Projects (Local/Regional/State/National/International): Psychology Competition Olympiad Qualifier & $2,000 Military Scholarship 1st place winner & $350 Talent Hunt 2nd place & Metropolitan Government/School department present/award & Learning camp program & Educational board games
Arts Supplement Submitted…
Community Disruptions
I moved 9 times… I got into 4 car accidents… I got bullied 3 times… My parents have been absent from my life for over 10 years…
Changed school due to family problems… Mom developed a tumor…
Injured tendons and virus infections… Affected arts supplement…
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
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2023.03.16 21:49 ramdytis3c Active Phaze, Alessandro Spaiani - UK City Nights - The Club Series [Dark Gadgets Recordings]

Active Phaze - Swamp / Key Bbm, BPM 125, 4:23, MP3 10.52 Mb, AIFF 46.33 Mb
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Chemical Modulation - Cellulosemolekül / Key Fm, BPM 125, 7:10, MP3 17.23 Mb, AIFF 75.89 Mb
Chicagoboy - Annihilating Rythm / Key Am, BPM 140, 3:37, MP3 8.70 Mb, AIFF 38.26 Mb
Chicagoboy - Anyway / Key Am, BPM 139, 3:17, MP3 7.90 Mb, AIFF 34.75 Mb
Chicagoboy - Freedom (Airplay Version) / Key Am, BPM 136, 3:46, MP3 9.06 Mb, AIFF 39.87 Mb
Chicagoboy - Only One Way Out / Key Bbm, BPM 142, 2:17, MP3 5.50 Mb, AIFF 24.17 Mb
Gordon Raddei - Ce Chicago / Key Am, BPM 128, 5:15, MP3 12.62 Mb, AIFF 55.59 Mb
Groel Lima - Backdoor (Crack and Crunch Remix) / Key Gm, BPM 120, 7:30, MP3 18.02 Mb, AIFF 79.40 Mb
Hey Joe - Circe / Key Fm, BPM 110, 5:53, MP3 14.14 Mb, AIFF 62.27 Mb
Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah - Prophet Horn (Sebastian Beus a.k.a. Echorama Remix) / Key F#m, BPM 125, 9:27, MP3 22.69 Mb
Juanma Delgado - You Connect / Key Fm, BPM 125, 4:19, MP3 10.38 Mb, AIFF 45.70 Mb
Larsen Factory - Boat to Heaven / Key Am, BPM 123, 7:02, MP3 16.92 Mb, AIFF 74.54 Mb
Patrick P. - Pleasure / Key Fm, BPM 125, 5:00, MP3 12.02 Mb, AIFF 52.94 Mb
Peter Strom - Bilateral / Key Em, BPM 123, 7:54, MP3 18.99 Mb, AIFF 83.66 Mb
Q-Walker - Siren (ReMaMix) / Key G, BPM 128, 6:47, MP3 16.30 Mb, AIFF 71.79 Mb
Schreisalz - Stay (Brodesser Remix) / Key Cm, BPM 124, 7:24, MP3 17.78 Mb, AIFF 78.33 Mb
Schreisalz - Stay / Key Cm, BPM 124, 4:24, MP3 10.60 Mb, AIFF 46.64 Mb
Sodara (CH) - Brainless (Radio Edit) / Key Bm, BPM 124, 2:59, MP3 7.19 Mb, AIFF 31.60 Mb
Sodara (CH) - I Don't (Radio Edit) / Key Ebm, BPM 124, 2:57, MP3 7.11 Mb, AIFF 31.26 Mb
Sun Vegas - Colorful Life (feat. Karo) [Flo Circus & His Brother Remix] / Key Am, BPM 122, 4:35, MP3 11.01 Mb, AIFF 48.45 Mb
Sun Vegas - Colorful Life (feat. Karo) [Greg Welsh Remix] / Key Am, BPM 124, 6:15, MP3 15.00 Mb, AIFF 66.08 Mb
Thomas Marko - Mad / Key Cm, BPM 130, 5:18, MP3 12.73 Mb, AIFF 56.04 Mb
Typ - Anonym (Skhn Remix) / Key C, BPM 127, 5:52, MP3 14.08 Mb, AIFF 62.03 Mb
Typ - Anonym / Key Abm, BPM 127, 5:51, MP3 14.05 Mb, AIFF 61.86 Mb
Wedaves - Aguasdulces / Key Gm, BPM 126, 3:07, MP3 7.49 Mb, AIFF 32.95 Mb
Xriz Garzziak - Duro / Key Bbm, BPM 125, 3:29, MP3 8.40 Mb, AIFF 36.94 Mb

DOWNLOAD - progonlymusic com
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2023.03.11 07:18 jensyao The type of beats Nas likes to rap on

i'll say this but it's probably really obvious but nas likes warm notes and melodies to rap on. when you break down all the major songs that he spazzed out on, it's always some chopped up sample with someone singing their heart out of what the melody or beat resembles some 70s r&b, full of hope and wonder and prosper on some you can do anything mentality and 'the children are our future' type shit, like on 'revolutionary warfare' where the chipmunk soul sounded like children singing making you feel lighter or nostalgic grooves where the singer wasn't talking about some heartbreak or troubled relationship past but some carefree 2nd childhood sense of being safe and free without a care in the world to complain about but this secure safe haven to just create and be creative....some michael jackson flips if he allowed it, but basically that's what the essence of the captured feeling must entail with a tinge of minor notes in a complex melodic loop to reflect the harshness trappings of life just to have Nas rap his ass off about the catch-22 storied conditions like he did on 'Film' or these loosies end up on lost tapes, which is why we still need to campaign that Nas release Lost Tapes 3 and 4, like Nas would have killed this beat but then because of sample clearances, the producer has to scramble and make a sample-less version of the same beat like on 'queens wolf' where it just sounds like some cheap childern's accordion carnival fair music and not reminiscent of what the beat could have been. we can never capture rare nas loosies on albums because it doesn't fit a theme but if someone were to break the code and not just sample singing for singing's sake, or find all the movies with soundtracks that nas referred to like when he said "i'm trying to make hood movies like Posse and Five Heartbeats" on 'esco let's go', why did it take a producer so long to sample that movie until hit boy came along and finally did it on 'Legit'? find all the times where Nas namedropped stacy lattisaw and teena marie, recited shan/rakim/slick rick, or used new jack swing songs for his birthday parties, producers should be taking notes about the playlist and making a 70s centric sample flip album full of high pitch gotta be a super r&b head just to find samples that fit nas and not just a hot beat for the sake of a hot beat that anyone can get carried and rap on. the beat has to inspire meaning from within and the words just come out sporadically from a freestyle or a conversation not on some premeditated pre-written verse that the producer has to wrangle and reverse engineer the beat to fit whatever BPM or drum pattern that nas is comfortable towards rapping to, like that forced Dr Dre 2020 snippet that will probably never come out. alchemist under prodigy's tutelage just made the beat as simple to rap to so there can be other cadences and other flows that nas can try out and doesn't get trapped in this dr seuss flow where everything has to fit a certain iambic pentameter, syllable flow, or rhyme pattern and Nas can freak the beat in other ways like on 'Echo' without the beat being overwhelming where it's just instrumental and the lyrics don't matter. it's skill to make a point that rises above the beat but the beat can also carry the conversation forward. when you listen to a nas acapella, sometimes, you catch phrases or double meaning that wasn't caught because the beat was distracting or rapgenius missed (i always like the subtle double entendre on 'gangsta tears' where Nas asks why people have to die? and he answers it with overpopulation but then he transitions into talking about how there's too many people overcrowded at the funeral for the preacher and pastor to pass thru, etc). there has to be a balance that the message has to be heard more than the song and if the lyrics are tough enough, the fans will memorize and recite it without the songs sounding like a stream of consciousness on liquor. the layering of thoughts has to weigh heavy and the insight has to be thick like gravy, not some watered down, no tempo nonsense. producers who can rap on their own beats have an advantage because they can tell if the beats need to be tweaked for more complexity of lyrics in different rhyme schemes can fit into the same pocket like on 'it ain't hard to tell' where the loop on where to land the rhyming word is open-ended and the beat just flows and goes onward like jazz. if you can get nas to do run-on sentences for his rhymes encouraged by the beat, that is when Nas is at his most dangerous because then he can go past the 16 bar limit and we can even get some of his leftover cutting room thoughts that never would have made it on other beats.
nas gets his inspiration and ideas from old school jazz musicians, random records from the 70s, and movies...nas based his life is good album off marvin gaye's here my dear but because it's before hip hop and people aren't really checking for it, nobody made a life is good/here my dear marvin gaye blend tape mix....or when rewind was inspired from christopher nolan's momento, etc so rewind could be mixed with the momento film soundtrack...idk...because it's not recognizable or not hip hop, mixtapes and producers don't risk to venture out into other genres or the people only demand recognizable hip hop for that immediate reaction to play that 'safe card' for streaming numbers, like when dj khaled/new generation rappers remake rap songs that were already hits, not something embedded that dawns on the audience much later for aspirational stuff that is uniquely from the artist that very few musicians can pull off, not for the award, publicity of getting praise, or accolades but the purity of the craft or standing up to air out a message that has to be said and its replay-ability of learning something embedded makes it your source of entertainment, where it's not just for superficial ears wanting to hear some catchy beat where rappers overlay their usual cadence or BS lyrics, i feel like i wrote this before
if people pay attention to Nas' playlist for his birthdays, these are easy sample chorus layup flips to fulfill (if it wasn't for the expensive sample clearances, but just go on pandora to find similar tracks from this era or find new drum patterns to sample from new jack swing tracks)...if anything, broaden your own music horizon listening to samples and going down rabbit holes, especially the new jack swing era christmas albums and untapped movie OSTs, not to mention hit-boy's uncle was in Troop (i.e.
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2023.03.10 19:25 Professional-Ad3101 My entire process to significantly improve aim + map awareness 'hack'

Here is my entire process for SIGNIFICANTLY improving my aim (with a map-awareness hack additionally)
  • - check your aim (before and after comparison!!)
  • Marks Mouse Fix regedit
  • Wndows mouse settings
  • Mousepad check
  • Mouse software (shitty mice don't have this)
  • Aimbooster again, and practice tool
  • Rinse Repeat , just hit Default mode and play... Your friend can use this tool every day before his first game to warm up his aim... This thing works awesome! (I was doing 20 seconds before getting up to 1-2 minutes, drastically increased my aiming)
Also Aimbooster has another setting for 'Twitch' , which helps with fast skill shot aiming
((also with aim booster I noticed I had to learn to use my eyeballs to focus on targets instead of having a glazed-out sort of visual perception, and the game taught me to keep that precise targeting with my eyeballs staying longer and steady,. It's actually really hard to watch every single click you actually make))
go to Mark's Mouse Fix , do this registry edit for screen size/windows OS version
Go to Paint, see if you can freestyle draw a smooth circle (without the regedit, your circles may have a constant jaggededness instead of smooth)
Make sure his Mouse Sensitivity is set to 5 (default) and turn OFF Mouse Acceleration.
(Also download necessary mouse software , and his mouse might just suck, also he might need a mouse pad... If you are using a shitty mousepad, that alone will fuck your aim up)
If I recall Faker uses lower DPI on his mouse settings, what worked for me was lowering it, and calibrating it for Twitching my mouse like on aimbooster , or kiting/orb-walking , so that my mouse didn't felt natural , like not overshooting/undershooting and having to correct it, with a lean towards undershooting , to allow for better precision of clicks.
  • Disable Bot
  • Disable Minions
  • Disable FoW
  • 0 CD
  • Drop multiple practice dummies in jungle in random places.
Now your friend needs to go around the targets , flashing to different spots, and hitting intended target. Challenge Yourself!
Rinse+repeat for 5 minutes.
  • Make sure in practice tool you check you can fully execute your entire combo fast
  • Check the damage output of various items for reference
Also Also Map Awareness Hack go to YouTube and look up a Metronome with a clicking sound ( look for something like 20 BPM, or so it clicks every 4-6 seconds) everytime it makes a click sound LOOK AT THE MINIMAP
(Encourage you all to share your tips/strats as well)
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2023.03.09 19:58 Mezque New to this subreddit, posting both my finished and produced beats, any opinions or suggestions are welcome!

Hello, I am new to this subreddit, just got invited today I am posting below both of my finished beats I have made in the last 3 months (all hallow eve is from 3 months ago) and the other is from this week. I started messing around with producing in fl around 3 or 4 months ago then stopped and decided to pick it back up and made another beat just 2 days ago, any opinions, tips, or criticism is welcome, or anyone wanting to reach out about anything else as well!

This is the newest beat: Micah2crazzy - Thousand Star Sky
This is my second released beat, taking inspiration from earlier shoegaze sampled Sematary tracks like Flowers. It is sampling for the background loop: Pale Saints - A Thousand Stars Burst Open and is at 95 BPM; ending 75 BPM.

This was my first beat and first released one as well: Micah2crazzy - AllHallowsEve ( beat )
110BPM with a cloud rap "Halloween" aesthetic going on, the melody is created with Nexus, I also did a freestyle to that same beat myself (could have done better if I was to remake it now, but we all learn somewhere hah, that is Micah2crazzy - Smoked Freestyle here if you're curious!)

Really looking forward to continuing messing around with producing and seeing how that goes! :)
If you guys like them please let me know and please share as well if you do it would help a lot and I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
(also if you like the beats and want to collab or rap over them or something please reach out as well!)
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2023.03.09 19:55 Mezque New to this subreddit, posting both my finished and produced beats, any opinions or suggestions are welcome!

Hello, I am new to this subreddit, just got invited today I am posting below both of my finished beats I have made in the last 3 months (all hallow eve is from 3 months ago) and the other is from this week. I started messing around with producing in fl around 3 or 4 months ago then stopped and decided to pick it back up and made another beat just 2 days ago, any opinions, tips, or criticism is welcome, or anyone wanting to reach out about anything else as well!

This is the newest beat: Micah2crazzy - Thousand Star Sky
This is my second released beat, taking inspiration from earlier shoegaze sampled Sematary tracks like Flowers. It is sampling for the background loop: Pale Saints - A Thousand Stars Burst Open and is at 95 BPM; ending 75 BPM.

This was my first beat and first released one as well: Micah2crazzy - AllHallowsEve ( beat )
110BPM with a cloud rap "Halloween" aesthetic going on, the melody is created with Nexus, I also did a freestyle to that same beat myself (could have done better if I was to remake it now, but we all learn somewhere hah, that is Micah2crazzy - Smoked Freestyle here if you're curious!)

Really looking forward to continuing messing around with producing and seeing how that goes! :)
If you guys like them please let me know and please share as well if you do it would help a lot and I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
(also if you like the beats and want to collab or rap over them or something please reach out as well!)
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2023.03.09 13:50 DangerousDancingDan8 More music genres

More Music Genre:
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2023.03.06 00:16 nonameoprod How to start rapping as a producer?

Hey everyone I am a nearly producer from Europe. Making music and hanging out in studios makes out a lot of time in my life, I also have almost 2 million streams on the songs that I've produced. The reason that I'm telling this to you is that I am really involved into making music and i see ppl rap on beats almost every day, also I have every gear and opportunity to work on this.
My problem is that I can't catch a flow on beats, or when i feel it, it starts being boring or it sounds nothing like in my head when I start an actual beat with the same BPM i imagined.
Im way too influenced by the structure of the beat with an eye of a producer and i just cant flow on a beat, I always try to make it perfect and be in time.
I can count bars, I can freestyle, everything, but when its abt fitting the lyrics to the beat, it looks like im trying to be too picky and always have the same lines with the same amount of words.
Is there any way to break out from this "box"? I really want to have a free run on beats since my beats are pretty cool and the greatest artists in my country are telling me that I have the ears for that.
Also these artist friends of mine keep telling me to start rap because when i freestyle, I can catch a really great flow, even with beats.
I hope I can get some help because i dont want to waste my time between lines when i have every chance to become a rapper.
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2023.03.05 18:13 EroseMusic The Making of Fortress of Soul

The year was 2010, I started chopping up a soul track and making a beat, it wasn’t working. The song was a 108 bpm. I kept tinkering with it, long story short I slowed the samples down to an 88 tempo and started adding kicks and snares, the groove sounded hella soulful and almost poetic now. The beat started to just fall into place! I drove around listening to the instrumental, to and from work for awhile just vibing to it, and one day I just started free styling to it, the first 8 bars of this song is exactly what I freestyled, I drove around and wrote the rest of the song that day. I didn’t record it until 2013 (10 years ago), I can’t believe it’s been a decade! Fortress of Soul would be the first song of mine that Pandora would pick up and curate my music too, back then you couldn’t just pay and have your music published on all streaming platforms, you had to be accepted and they took a month or more to finely curate the genomes of your music to alike sounding artists. I took note of who was a “like sounding” artist to me and contacted them for a 2014 national tour after the release of my sophomore LP “awkwardly gnawed”. I recorded my vocals to this track, which now I can hear, needed work. The vox and opening skit was recorded in my own garage studio “The Pied Billed Grebe Studio”, Tina and I did the opening skit randomly one mid-afternoon day over laughs and nonsensical jargon. The title was simply just taken from the lyrics, it’s a homage to Superman’s home on Earth “The fortress of solitude”. It reminded me of a throw-back hip hop track with its lyrical stylings, so I also, the day of recording dropped in some Biz-Markie & LL Cool J samples. The entire opening monologue is taken from an in between track off of Steady B’s “what’s my name” album .. circa 1988, we resighted it with a few of our own ad-libs thrown in, we laid it down to a bed of Funkadelics “Nappy Dugout”and paid tribute to Fresnos hip hop past by lacing the entire choruses and beat breaks with KOOL ROCK JAY Samples. Enjoy, Fortress of Solitude.
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2023.03.04 12:24 ramdytis3c Dami DC - Chicago [Nervous Records]

Dami DC - Chicago / Key Am, BPM 128, 5:33, MP3 13.39 Mb, AIFF 58.78 Mb

DOWNLOAD - progonlymusic com
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2023.03.01 22:30 Comefeelme623 3 years ago today Drake released “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle”.

3 years ago today Drake released “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle”. submitted by Comefeelme623 to Drizzy [link] [comments]