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2023.04.01 12:25 Inevitable-Shoe-8628 Telegram Hack Is it possible to hack a Snapchat account? How to Spy on Smartphone How to spy on your spouse samsung phone how to catch my cheating husband without his phone How to hire a hacker are they real?

According to recent reports, it is possible to hack an iPhone in UAE. This is due to a vulnerability in the operating system that can be exploited by hackers. While Apple regularly releases updates to fix these vulnerabilities, it is important for iPhone users in UAE to remain vigilant and take steps to protect their devices.
There are several ways to secure your iPhone and reduce the risk of hacking. These include:
If you want to contact reliable profesionals to any service, you can contact:
Website: PEXA[.]ME
Telegram: (@pexame)
By following these steps, you can reduce the risk of your iPhone being hacked in UAE or any other location.
If you suspect that your iPhone has been hacked, it is important to take immediate action. This may include resetting your device, changing your passwords, and contacting Apple support for assistance.
Remember, while the possibility of iPhone hacking in UAE may be concerning, there are steps you can take to protect your device and your personal information.
Stay safe and stay informed!
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing such an informative and interesting post. I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. Keep up the good work!
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2023.04.01 12:25 starvingweirdo Need a full guide! Always hesitated to put so many products on skin but now I guess it's needed. So starting from scratch and I need guides and advices and everything literally.

I (25F) have no skincare routine except for washing my face twice (with acnelac soap) and applying moisturizer (dermat suggested- acne oc) once a day. MY SKIN TYPE IS OILY TO COMBINATION TYPE, WITH BLACKHEADS ON NOSE ONLY
Reason - I had severe acne breakout during my puberty, used hell lot of products to control but all failed and finally underwent Isotretinoin (Acutane) treatment for it. This lead to some allergies in my body and had to discontinue the treatment midway. By then, my acnes stopped, skin was almost getting back to normal but as I stopped the medication my skin is now bumpy with uneven skin tone. I was very scared to use any more new products on my skin after this so stuck to minimal products and routine.
Now, I realise it's high time I take care of my skin with so many new products in market. But I am clueless and confused as to where to start.
I'd like to know the right products for my skin type, their order and frequency of usage as well, and should not be too expensive (for comparison- acne oc and acne uv come as affordable to me and would like to know products in these range) This post is like asking for help because I am such a dumb in this field.
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2023.04.01 12:25 Lizard_fricker The bed isn’t shaking but I don’t know how to tell if there is too much resistance. There is a bit but how should I judge this?

The bed isn’t shaking but I don’t know how to tell if there is too much resistance. There is a bit but how should I judge this?
These images may be too blurry as my phone can’t take pictures like it should, but I just don’t want to break the frame by bending the thing.
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2023.04.01 12:24 m4ng0loc0 vintage camera help

vintage camera help
I’m trying to set the iso on this old camera i bought but i’m confused as to what these numbers/letters mean. anybody that can help me? i didn’t take photos of all the numbers but there’s also 21, 17 and 13. it is an agfa silette from i think 1953.
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2023.04.01 12:23 amrit111222 Do you believe in black magic or the evil eye?

I've been an atheist for as long as I can remember. However, recently, I've been experiencing some strange occurrences that have me questioning my beliefs.
First, in December, I had a nightmare that someone was doing black magic on me. I brushed it off as just a bad dream, but then, a few months later, I had the same nightmare again, and this time it felt more real. I couldn't shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen to me.
At the same time, I've been going through a tough time in my personal and professional life. I'm not finding success in anything I do, and there are constant issues within my family.
I'm starting to wonder if these things are related to black magic or the evil eye. I know it sounds crazy, but I can't help but feel like there's something sinister at play here.
I'm reaching out to to ask if anyone has had similar experiences. Do you believe in black magic or the evil eye? And if so, how do you protect yourself from it?
I appreciate any advice or insight that you can offer. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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2023.04.01 12:23 bluefirecorp [Bard] Doomsday Glacier

The Doomsday Glacier, also known as the Thwaites Glacier, is a large glacier in West Antarctica. It is one of the most important glaciers in the world, as it is one of the largest contributors to sea level rise. The glacier is currently melting at an alarming rate, and there is a growing concern that it could collapse, causing a catastrophic meltwater pulse.
A meltwater pulse is a sudden release of large amounts of water from a glacier or ice sheet. These pulses can occur when a glacier or ice sheet becomes unstable and collapses, or when a large lake forms on the surface of a glacier or ice sheet. Meltwater pulses can have a significant impact on sea level rise, as they can cause the ocean to rise by several meters in a short period of time.
The Doomsday Glacier is located in a particularly vulnerable area, as it is bordered by several other glaciers that are also melting at an alarming rate. If these glaciers collapse, they could trigger the collapse of the Doomsday Glacier, which would cause a catastrophic meltwater pulse.
The chances of the Doomsday Glacier causing another meltwater pulse are difficult to predict, as they depend on a number of factors, including the rate of melting of the glacier, the stability of the glacier, and the presence of other glaciers in the area. However, there is a growing concern that the glacier could collapse in the near future, and that this could cause a catastrophic meltwater pulse.
The consequences of a meltwater pulse from the Doomsday Glacier would be significant. The pulse would cause sea level rise, which would inundate coastal areas and displace millions of people. The pulse would also disrupt marine ecosystems, and could lead to the extinction of some species.
The Doomsday Glacier is a major threat to the planet, and it is important to take steps to mitigate the risk of a meltwater pulse. These steps include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing the glaciers to melt, and monitoring the glaciers closely to identify any signs of instability.
It is difficult to predict the exact ramifications of the Doomsday Glacier collapse, as it depends on a number of factors, including the rate of melting of the glacier, the stability of the glacier, and the presence of other glaciers in the area. However, there is a growing concern that the glacier could collapse in the near future, and that this could have a significant impact on the planet.
The consequences of the Doomsday Glacier collapse would be felt immediately. The collapse would cause sea level rise, which would inundate coastal areas and displace millions of people. The collapse would also disrupt marine ecosystems, and could lead to the extinction of some species.
In the first year, the impact of the collapse would be felt most acutely in coastal areas. The sea level rise would inundate coastal towns and cities, displacing millions of people. The collapse would also disrupt the marine ecosystem, leading to the death of fish and other marine life.
In the next five years, the impact of the collapse would be felt more widely. The sea level rise would continue to inundate coastal areas, displacing millions more people. The collapse would also disrupt the global climate, leading to more extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, and hurricanes.
In the next ten years, the impact of the collapse would be felt globally. The sea level rise would inundate most coastal areas, displacing billions of people. The collapse would also disrupt the global economy, leading to food shortages and mass migrations.
The Doomsday Glacier collapse would be a catastrophic event, with far-reaching consequences. It is important to take steps to mitigate the risk of a collapse, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and monitoring the glaciers closely.
{This post's content was generated with Google's Bard from the results from the following two prompts: "What's the chances of the Doomsday Glacier causing another meltwater pulse?", "What would be the ramifications 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years from the ice sheet collapse?" }
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2023.04.01 12:22 danielkim21 Could late Eastern Conference matchups help determine MVP?

Everyone was on Embiid’s head for ducking Jokic in Denver, but Jokic has sat out the past couple games. With that being said, Denver is awful without him, showing how much of an impact he has on the team. He is obviously a unicorn and has a good shot at taking the award again, but I just get the feeling voters don’t want to see him win another MVP. Maybe I’m wrong and will eat my words… but let’s go over the current Eastern Conference contenders in case I’m right.
Giannis had a “rough” game against Boston but I feel like if he outplays Embiid and gets the win against Philly on Saturday then he could narrow the gap on the MVP race. Light 40+ Triple Double against Indiana earlier this week, and will get the chance to play against Embiid, an arguable favorite to win MVP and also on national TV against a solid Grizzlies team on the road. He’ll have to take care of some tougher teams, but if they manage to win out Bucks should hang on to the 1 seed. No doubt the best player in the league and has great numbers to go with it, I think you can make the argument for him to take MVP virtually any year. Similar deal, however, to Lebron in the past in my opinion… will remain the best player in the league while not winning MVP every year.
Embiid gets to go to Milwaukee with the chance to keep 76ers in contention for taking the 2 seed from Boston. Even if they lose, he has been a consistent 30pt+ double double and will also get another chance to play the Celtics in Philly. However, if the 76ers lose both of these games, would Embiid’s MVP chances take a hit even if he goes for 30-40 points with 10+ rbs in these games? Would go 0-4 against Boston/2-2 against Bucks in the year. Still, you don’t ever see bigs winning the scoring title, and Embiid’s offensive game has continued to improve through the years. Also, while Embiid may not be dropping consistent triple doubles, it is clear to see that he has been the most dominant player this year. (Even though he lives on the free throw line, you can’t deny Giannis and Jokic get the whistle more often than they should).
*Brings me to a pointer for Tatum…. 79 points in past 7 quarters to go 2-1 against Milwaukee, no turnovers and insane efficiency. Just a thought, is there any situation where Tatum jumps back into the MVP discussion this late in the season? While it would be a wild scenario, what if Tatum somehow maintains his restored offensive scoring while winning out and taking back the 1 seed? Call me stupid, but I’d say there is a slim (really slim) chance he could get back in the discussion, but it would take an insane run on both his part and Boston. I feel like 35+ pts/10 rbs would have to be the minimum. Regardless, Tatum’s growth has been remarkable and even though he probably won’t be a top 3 MVP finalist, it would say a lot if he continues to pour it on and help Boston take back the 1 seed. (Would also go 4-0 against Philly in regular season).
Looking for unbiased feedback on my thoughts!
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2023.04.01 12:22 The_weird_human_123 UMass vs Northeastern for MS in CS

I got admits from both UMass and Northeastern for MS in CS for Fall 2023 term. Both the schools seem great and I am confused to choose one. Here are some things that I found out for both these - UMass - 1. Is well reputed for traditional CS. 2. Is considered extremely well for ML/ AI/ Data Science. 3. Batch size is smaller and the program is highly selective. 4. Strong alumni network. 5. Strong curriculum. 6. Limited part-time opportunities.
NEU - 1. Has COOP program which is considered one of the best. 2. Based in boston - so location advantage. 3. Curriculum is not very hard. 4. Is taking a lot of admits from the past few years. 5. More part-time options. 6. Higher living cost.
The tuition fee difference between both is around 11k $ (Umass > NEU) which is bearable. In terms of brand, UMass seems to be more liked. However, considering the current job market, COOP seems to be a lot more helpful.
Which of these schools would you suggest? And please mention the prominent reasons in comment.
View Poll
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2023.04.01 12:21 ThrowRArigateau I (25M) was falling for a friend with benefits (25F) but her messed up night out has me conflicted and questioning what to do.

I'm (25M) in a complicated new friend with benefits (25F) and have been having sex, and hanging out a lot since the start of March.
For some context, we have both come out of serious relationships in February and she was planning on moving from the UK to her home country at the end of April. We've not hashed out every detail of our situation but we've each expressed how we wanted to be exclusive until she left.
We've gotten quite close and now she is reconsidering her move and may stay in the UK long-term (I am slightly related to that change of heart). I like her so much that I'd strongly consider dating her as we've been really honest and open, and we both know how much we like each other. Even though at the start of my breakup in Feb I was resolute in staying single for a long time, she is worth reconsidering.
Now the problem. She recently retired from a very prestigious dance company and had a big going away celebration after a show which I was not a part of as I was busy. I very nearly joined them as she was desperate for me to join and it was only 10 minutes away from my house but because she was planning on clubbing and I had work the next morning I declined. She was drunk and I let her know before I slept that if she ever needed anything she could call me and I will be there for her.
By the end of the morning, I knew something happened. We already had plans for Friday but she was conspicuously absent and didn't reply to my messages until late in the afternoon when the time to meet was approaching. She eventually came to my house and, even though she initially did not plan on telling me, she felt she had to be honest with me. She was partying with a large group of friends but eventually tagged along with a group of 2 guys and 1 girl. I'll call them Kevin, John, and Kate. They all went to various clubs and eventually arrived at Kate's house. She prefaced this part that she did not have a good time.
For additional context, she had spoken to me about Kevin previously and they hooked up twice but that was around 7ish months ago. She did not have a great experience with him but was still considered a nice guy and has some standing in their industry.
At this point she had sobered up some but was clearly tipsy. The guys had offered her drinks at every opportunity. Then John and Kate inexplicably start having sex right next to her and Kevin. Then Kevin tries to start on her and initially she refuses but at the suggestion that they all have a foursome she decides to go for it. She made it a point to tell me that when with me she gets incredibly wet and it is very true. With the foursome, she refused to give the guys blowjobs and was completely dry and no matter what they tried no penetration was possible even though both Kevin and John tried to force themselves in. At this point, she quit and went to sleep on the sofa while the other three had sex in Kate's bedroom. After sleeping for a couple of hours, she left without saying bye.
At this point in the story, she tells me of the times Kevin and John kept getting her drinks throughout the evening. She also recalled how in a goodbye/closure type meeting with her ex (who works with her) just before the night out, Kevin interrupted them and tried to force his way into their conversation. As well as this, during the night out, she was talking to some guys and they asked for her instagram at which point Kevin stepped in and was trying to stop her from giving it. She then tells me an additional part of her previous hook-up with Kevin. They had unprotected sex and he came inside her without her consent and did not take steps to help her afterwards in terms of emergency contraception or comfort.
As they get to Kate's house, Kevin and John go into the bathroom together for a 'meeting' and are talking for some minutes. She then tells me how she discovered Friday morning that apparently these three regularly have group sex and invite friends. She was completely unaware the whole evening.
It is clear this situation is so fucked up and positively disgusting from the overt predatory behaviour and I am so genuinely upset and angry for her that this has happened. There was so much apologising from her and she felt so incredibly guilty and vowed to never do anything like this while we continue. She is so sorry because, while she knows she was drunk and being taken advantage of, she still feels she made the express decision to stay and involve herself when the situation was turning very weird at Kate's house.
I cannot speak to anybody I know about this. I can't break her confidence and I do not want anyone to think differently of her. But I cannot deny that I do now. I completely understand that it is such a fucked up situation but what we had is in jeopardy. The images of what she told me have really hit me hard and I do not know how I can get over this. Some part of me feels guilty about this but I cannot help but not truly trust her judgement. She has told me a few stories of her doing quite risky things (getting in a cab at 3 am to go have sex with a musician at his hotel and she had never personally met him before - stories of this ilk), generally involving herself with unsavoury people, and not to mention even considering going near that bastard Kevin.
On one hand, I am so upset that this happened to someone I care for, but on the other, I am angry and feel like I'm being taken for a mug and my feelings have been misplaced in someone I cannot trust.
My questions are:
Will I ever be able to get over this and how?
How can I best address my feelings to her in an appropriate way?
Can I or should I actually trust her?

TLDR: FwB that I am falling for got very drunk, had a foursome, and I'm struggling to reconcile my feelings and do not know if I can trust her or progress this to a relationship anymore.
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2023.04.01 12:20 ABlueEagle11 Rules for the Sterling Void: The Valley of Gods and Monsters Part 1

Rules for the Sterling Void: The Valley of Gods and Monsters
You need a change. You need some excitement. Your life feels like it’s been mis-sold to you. Damaged goods that you’re desperate to return, but sadly, you were born out of warranty. You hate your job. You hate your home. You don’t have any family or friends that you feel you can connect to. Student loans, mortgages, bills overdue. You left your dreams to gather dust and crumble like some ancient artifacts in a museum’s stock room. When did it all go so wrong? Nothing has turned out the way you hoped it would when you were a kid. It’s all just been a series of compounding mistakes. Why did nobody tell you that, after a certain point life just seems to get worse and worse? It’s not that you want to die. No, that isn’t it at all. You want another throw of the dice. You want to start again, at a different place, in a different time. You want to go somewhere where you can begin anew, with a completely clean slate. That’s when you first hear about the Sterling Void: The Valley of Gods and Monsters.
A mysterious valley that was said to be home to powerful gods and terrifying monsters. Despite the warnings of the locals, you just cannot resist the allure of the unknown and decided to seek out the valley. After many days of arduous travel through rugged terrain, you finally find yourself at the entrance to the valley. There, you see a sign with a seemingly otherworldly language that makes you uneasy and a lectern with a blue scroll on top of it, a sense of dread washes over you and, just as you take a step forward, it hits you, literally, a note hits you in the face, it contains a set of petrifying rules, but your curiosity gets the better of you. You take a deep breath and step into the valley, fully unaware of the horrors that await you. As you walk further into the valley, the you begin to notice strange things. The colours of the plants and rocks seem to shift and change, and the sky above you is a deep shade of purple. You hear whispers in your ear, but when you turn around, no one’s there. Suddenly, you feel a tug at your feet and look down to see tendrils of mist wrapping around your ankles, pulling you down.
You tried to fight it, but it’s no use. You are dragged down into the mist, and when you finally emerge, you find yourself in a completely different world. The sky is a shade of silver, and the ground beneath you is made of shimmering white crystals. The air is thick with the scent of burning incense and the sense of unbelievable petrifying dread, and you can hear chanting in the distance. This is the Sterling Void, explorer and the you are now trapped there, but you wanted this and you are to blame. You knew that you had to follow the rules if they wanted to survive in this strange and dangerous place. And so, begins your journey through the Valley of Gods and Monsters, where you might face unimaginable horrors yet discover incredible secrets that may change your life forever.
Take a deep breath, adventurer, and savor the scents of burning incense and warm air. Listen closely to the wyverns chirping, inviting you to join them in eternal flight. But beware the staring imps, giants, ogres and griffins, ready to pounce at any moment. An insolent stare and you’ll be in their grasp, a glob of flesh. Remember the note you found, its warning ringing in your mind: 'Follow the rules or perish.' You shudder at the thought, but you're determined to make it through the Valley alive. You pull out the crumpled note as a reminder and steel yourself for the journey ahead. It reads the following -
Rule #1: Do not look at the gods or monsters, some of them are incomprehensible to humans in their "natural form" and, their mere presence can drive a person insane. Although it's not the case for all of them, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Rule #2: Make as little noise as possible. The gods and monsters can hear even the slightest sound and, if you're too obnoxious or noisy, you might be stripped of your soul.
Rule #3: Do not touch or disturb any objects that appear out of place, as they may be cursed or possessed by malevolent entities. These objects may include ancient artifacts, unusual stones, or unusual markings on the ground. If you encounter such objects, it is best to avoid them altogether and move on. Attempting to interact with them or take them may lead to disastrous consequences, such as being possessed by a vengeful spirit or cursed with a never-ending torment. Always exercise caution and respect for the supernatural forces that inhabit the Sterling Void. The objects in the valley can bring forth unspeakable horrors.
Rule #4: Only eat fruits and vegetables, as they are provided abundantly by the plants. Do not harm any animals unless they attack you first, as they are protected by divine grace. However, if the elementals or gods provide you with meat, you may eat it. It is important to follow the rules of supernatural hospitality and show gratitude for their generosity. Breaking this rule will result in severe consequences and you will forfeit the right to your soul and flesh, as it is a sign of disrespect towards the beings that have granted you protection and shelter. Remember, survival is possible without meat, but it is impossible without the protection of the elementals and gods.
Rule #5: Do not breathe in the mist. The mist in the valley can cause hallucinations and distort your perception of reality, making it dangerous to navigate. Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth if you must pass through it.
Rule #6: Do not touch the water unless it is orange in color. The water in the valley is cursed, and those who drink from it will suffer a fate worse than death. If you must drink, only drink from the "gilded water" that is orange in color and has regenerative properties.
Rule #7: Do not make eye contact with the statues. The statues in the valley are cursed, and those who look into their eyes will be trapped in a never-ending nightmare.
Rule #8: Do not trust your senses entirely. The valley can play tricks on your mind, and what you perceive may not always be real. Always verify your surroundings before making decisions.
Rule #9: Do not speak to anyone or anything that could possibly be a malevolent creature. The valley is home to creatures that can mimic human voices, and their intentions are often malevolent. Be cautious and discerning in your interactions .
Rule #10: Do not attempt to leave the valley without proper preparation. The gods and monsters that reside within the valley will make it difficult to leave.
Rule #11: Try to minimize use of light especially if you're out in the open. The creatures in the valley hate it and, and may hunt those who use it.
Rule #12: Do not disrupt the natural order of the valley. The curse that plagues the valley is delicate and easily disrupted. Avoid stepping on any cracks or disturbing the natural environment. Those who break the natural order will suffer dire consequences.
Rule #13: Do not open any doors unless you know where they lead. Some doors in the valley lead to places best left unexplored. If you do not know where a door leads, do not open it.
Rule #14: Do not climb any trees unless it is necessary. The trees in the valley are alive and may trap you if you climb them. Only climb if it is necessary for your survival.
Rule #15: Do not use any technology unless it is absolutely necessary. The valley is a place of ancient magic, and technology may anger the gods and monsters that reside within it. Use technology sparingly and only when it is necessary for your survival.
Rule #16: Do not pick any flowers unless they're orange, pink or red. Most flowers in the valley are cursed, and those who touch them will suffer a fate worse than death.
Rule #17: Do not enter any caves. The caves in the valley are home to creatures best left undiscovered.
Rule #18: Do not follow any "weird" sounds. The sounds in the valley are often a trap set by the creatures that inhabit it.
Rule #19: Should you spot an Inn with a sign or a placard reads "The Guardian's Grin" on the road-side, you’re in luck! You’ve found a traveller’s haven. Feel free to spend as much time as you want here and even stock up on supplies and, if you have need something, feel free to ask the staff for help. However, try not to be a nuisance and, don't overstay your welcome if you turn out to be a nuisance, the owner doesn't take kindly to those who abuse his hospitality. If you make a mess or, are a nuisance, don't stay for more than a day. And, in case you're wondering, none of the inhabitants of the inn are human no matter how human they look or, act.
Rule #20: Do not stay in one place for too long. This makes you an easier target for the creatures in the valley. Always be on the move, and do not linger in any one place for too long.
Rule #21: Do not attempt to communicate with the gods or monsters unless you have a concrete reason to or you really think you need to. They do not like pointless chatter, and attempting to communicate with them without any concrete reason so will only anger them.
Rule #22: Do not walk in predictable patterns. This can draw unwanted attention from the creatures in the valley. Vary your movements and be unpredictable.
Rule #23: Do not look at the sky, the sky looks like it’s made of silver alloys and, it is utterly incomprehensible to humans because of how “perfect” it is. And, can drive them insane, it is called the “sterling void” for a reason
Rule #24: If you see wooden signs or, milestones, do not read them or look at them for too long, they are memetic hazards.
Rule #25: If you hear screams of help, don't answer them. Don't move, you can't run or hide. Simply pray for salvation for heaven's divine grace. Only move when help comes, you'll know when help comes.
Rule #26: If you see an animal that has gone extinct in your universe, don't fret. It's neutral. It won't attack you unless you attack it.
Rule #27: If you see a loved one or, an object that you cherished but, lost, you are in a different plane of reality. The beings in this reality will try to convince you that you are home, and that everything is back to normal. They will try to keep you there, so be careful not to let your guard down. If you stay too long, you may forget who you really are and become trapped in this false reality forever. Keep in mind that even though the beings in this reality may look like your loved ones or your cherished objects, they are not the same entities and cannot be trusted. Stay alert and focused on finding a way back to your own reality. Look for blue-colored entrances and, exits for they are the only way out.
Rule #28: If you find scrolls, pick them up, they're going to be useful. Unless they're black in which case, they're best avoided as they're memetic hazards.
And just as you put the note back in your pocket, you remember the blue scroll, you take it out. It reads "The Nameless One is a fearsome creature that roams the deepest and darkest corners of the Valley of Gods and Monsters. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, and its true name is lost to the ages, but one thing is certain: it is a force to be reckoned with. Towering over its prey, the Nameless One is covered in an impenetrable layer of obsidian armor, and wields a massive hammer that can crush even the strongest of warriors. Its eyes glow with an otherworldly light, and its roar can shatter the very ground beneath your feet. Few have dared to face the Nameless One and lived to tell the tale, but those who have speak of a creature that is relentless, cunning, and utterly without mercy. If you ever find yourself face to face with the Nameless One, pray that you have the strength, the skill, and the luck to survive its wrath. If you see any of his minions, you will know. Stay away from them, if you harm them, you will anger the Nameless one. And don't fall asleep out in the open unless you want to become food for his minions
Remember, these rules are not to be taken lightly. They're more than just words on a piece of paper. They're like the Nameless One's eldritch serpentine minions, crawling underneath your skin, snaking through your blood and flesh, like a caterpillar playing host to thousands of wasp larvae. Although you may feel weakened, tired and disoriented, it's crucial to push through. Shake off the feeling and continue with unwavering determination. Your survival hinges on your ability to persevere. And, do keep in mind that sometimes you might have to violate these rules but, do not break any of these rules unless explicitly told to ignore a given rule. Only trust notes from me( You'll know if a note is from me) and, non-black scrolls. Do not trust any other source of information though you can try your luck with certain gods, fairies and elementals . But, not all rules necessarily have to be correct. And, do not forget the rules. Forgetting even one of the rules can lead to disastrous consequences.
As you’re about to roll the scroll, you notice a poem at the bottom that reads -
I am a set of rules, both true and false,
Some may lead you right, others may convulse.
Secrets I hold, mysteries I hide,
But beware, dear explorer, for I may misguide.

Beware of sneaky contradictions,
And secrets lost in the Void's evictions.
Can you spot the lies, can you see?
Or will they trip you up and deceive?

I am a list of rules, some true and some fake,
Read me closely, your life is at stake.
The truth is hidden, the lies intertwined,
Can you spot the deception and leave it behind?

But beware, dear reader, for beyond these words,
A darkness looms, like flocks of ominous birds.
The raven is watching, its eyes full of dread,
A symbol of death, of melancholy, and of what lies ahead.

You keep exploring.
A voice in the back of your brain keeps chanting "Don’t fall asleep" as you walk.
You keep exploring.
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2023.04.01 12:20 Josephballin69420 First Campaign Writing Help

Hello! This is a little bit of a long one, and I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it through. I want to make sure i can provide a fun experience for my players for many sessions and hope you guys can help me make sure I’m able to do this :)
After our Icewind dale campaign died out, me and my friends wanted to try something new. I came with the idea of running a homebrew campaign for them, something they thought would be fun due to tie ins with backstories and what not. Here is my idea for the campaign:
The campaign starts as a DCC (dungeon crawl classics) game, which means the players will have 4 randomly generated lvl 0 characters but will transition into a 5e campaign withing the first session or two. The players start as helpers on a large merchant ship. Sometime during the start of the first session the ship is attacked by tentacles, and the players get to fight one or two of these before the ship gets destroyed, preferably the players are helped off the ship on a lifeboat by an NPC I introduce at the start of the game as their boss, and pretty much only friend on the ship. They then make it to a nearby island which happens to be the home of their boss`s old adventuring companion, an old druid. Their boss, either left on the sinking ship or dead of injuries when the players arrive at the island is explained to have been an adventurer in his past along with the druid, who says some half cryptic stuff about the players future or something. The druid will offer the players to use a modified Pipe of remembrance to vaguely show events from their past. Here the players will be given a secret and get to choose their dnd class and race. I think this is a good way to do it as most of the players are quite new to dnd and this gives them something to roleplay and base a backstory off of, alternatively they can skip getting a secret and just explain their backstory. The druid will then tell the players about an old, beached ship on the island which the players could loot to acquire weapons and other gear. I have made tables for what players can find at this shipwreck based on the starting equipment for each class, and I`ve added common magic items for investigation checks of 20 or higher, I hope this is a good way of showcasing skills in dnd and how different rolls result in different outcomes. The ship is home to a monster called a treasure chest golem, made up of a treasure chest and surrounding corpses. This should serve as a dynamic first fight as the players in their classes.
I`m sure there are thing about this first session i could do better and I look forward to hearing your ideas. I want the players to start on the ship, but anything else you would change i am all ears for. As for the general flow of the campaign going forward i have thought of this:
The campaign takes place on a large archipelago, more accurately just a large area of sea covered in possibly hundreds of islands, each with its own climate, people and monsters. I want for the players to be able to take advantage of this open world, but still make sure every session seems interesting and somewhat planned.
Here is a list of ideas i have for the campaign, although I don`t know exactly how to implement them, so any help here would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Navigation in the archipelago is impossible without the use of magic items known as coral reef compasses. These are made with the chaotic magic that flows through the archipelago and so grant every ship that uses one a random magical ability, like short range teleportation, invisibility for some hours, or other things like summoning whirlpools or gusts of wind. The second session is going to give the players a way to acquire one of these by stealing it of a nearby pirate ship, but if you have other ideas on how the players could get one i would be delighted to hear them.
  2. The magic rock the players see in the first session is the McGuffin of the campaign, my idea roughly equating to it being the heart of the archipelago, split into many different pieces, with only a few secretive factions knowing of its power.
  3. I have an idea for a mid-late game boss, a mimic the size of an island. This mimic would be like the first mimic in this world, a highly intelligent aberration and I want him to have mimics turn into humans (using doppelganger stats) and is secretly trying to take over political structures in the archipelago.
  4. There is a cabal of mind flayers who recently suffered a major defeat of some kind. Their leader was killed, but his consciousness was transported into a tadpole which has now infected some dude he uses to make sure he is more powerful when he gets back. I want this mind flayer to kill a friendly NPC like the druid or someone early in the game. Maybe the players boss doesn’t die immediately, but when the players return after acquiring a coral reef compass, they find both him and the druid dead with their brains removed or something. Either way I want the player to fight this tadpole infected person, wit him fleeing if the battle goes south. If he gets away and the players start pursuing him, they will eventually find him as the mind flayer within takes over his body and he turns into the mind flayer.
  5. I have an idea for the villain of the story, a sorcerer with the ability to absorb all magic around him, kind of like a magic sponge. He would be responsible for the attack on the ship in the beginning and I would want the players to get information about him at some point around tier two. I think them meeting him early and the villain absolutely obliterating them could be interesting and give the players more motivation to hate him other than destroying a ship the players probably won`t remember after a few sessions. This could also be cool because the villain could destroy the player`s ship. This would give the players a reason to switch ships as well as to further create motivation for the players to be against the villain.
Anyways, thanks you so much for taking the time to read, I`m open to pretty much all ideas and would really like some constructive criticism as I`m sure I`ve done some things wrong in preparing the world and this campaign.
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2023.04.01 12:20 mahindraluminare05 4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59

4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59
Mahindra Luminare, located in Sector 59, Gurgaon, offers luxurious living with its 4BHK+SQ apartments on sale. The apartments are spacious and equipped with modern amenities, providing residents with the ultimate comfort and convenience. And now, you can take advantage of a fantastic sale offer - these beautiful apartments are available for just 7.25 Crore! The apartments are designed with a contemporary style, and the interiors are crafted to perfection, making them a sight to behold. Additionally, the complex has several amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and clubhouse, providing a comfortable and healthy lifestyle to its residents. So, if you are looking for a luxurious living experience in a prime location, Mahindra Luminare is definitely worth considering. visit: https://www.familyandflats.com/residential/4bhk-sq-mahindra-luminare-sector-59-2/

4BHK + SQ, Mahindra Luminare, Sector 59
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2023.04.01 12:20 ajain30 The Art of Moving On: Strategies for Healing and Growth

Moving on from a difficult situation can be challenging, but it's important for your personal growth and well-being. Here are some strategies for healing and growth:
Acknowledge your emotions: It's okay to feel sad, angry, or hurt after a difficult experience. Don't suppress your emotions, acknowledge and validate them.
Practice self-care: Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and engage in activities that bring you joy.
Seek support: Reach out to family and friends for emotional support. Consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor.
Practice forgiveness: Forgiveness can be a powerful tool for healing. Forgiving others can help release negative emotions and allow you to move forward.
Let go of grudges: Holding onto grudges only prolongs pain and prevents growth. Let go of resentments and negative thoughts, and focus on positive experiences.
Learn from the experience: Reflect on what you have learned from the experience, and use it as an opportunity for personal growth.
Set goals: Identify what you want to achieve in life, and set goals to help you get there. Focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past.
Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with positive people and experiences that uplift and inspire you.
Remember that healing is a process, and it takes time. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to grieve and heal at your own pace. With these strategies, you can move on from a difficult experience and grow as a person.
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2023.04.01 12:20 AutoModerator [Get] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University

[Get] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University



Are you ready to make more sales, land more clients, and become one of the most stress-free people on the planet? If so, then you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to reveal the exact steps you need to take to make all of that happen.First, let’s talk about setting up your email accounts the right way. You don’t want to risk losing your emails due to a faulty setup, right? We’ll cover the most important aspects of setting up your email accounts, so you can make sure everything is in order. Once you have your email accounts set up, it’s time to find laser-targeted leads for your campaigns. We’ll discuss the best ways to find qualified prospects, so you can maximize your outreach efforts and maximize your ROI. Next, we’ll discuss our “3-Step Email Copywriting Structure.” This simple yet effective structure will help you get a +10% reply rate on your cold emails in as little as 4 days. We’ll show you how to craft compelling emails that draw prospects in and compel them to take action. Last but not least, we’ll discuss how to close your dream clients using a simple 6-step process. This process will make you one of the most stress free people on the planet, no matter what field you’re in. We’ll walk you through all the steps, so you can get the results you want in no time. By following our advice, you’ll be able to make more sales and land more clients. You’ll also be able to relieve yourself of stress and become one of the most stress-free people on the planet. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
What You’ll Get When You Join
1. The Foundations ($997 Value) QUICKLY BUILD A PROFITABLE LEAD GEN AGENCY Most SMMA programs are just marketing ‘new tricks’ or ‘secret hacks’ to close big deals. Based on building a real profitable agency, we can tell you that these never work. What you need is a deep understanding of the fundamentals of an agency and how to create an offer and pick a niche so you can actually get insane client results (and get paid $$$).
2. A-Z Cold Email Guide ($1,997 Value) LEARN HOW TO WRITE EFFECTIVE COLD EMAILS Most agency programs don’t teach you anything on high-value skills or how to get results for clients. In the Lead Gen 2.0 University, the cold email module is the longest. Leevi and his team combined everything there is to know about cold emails, from technical setup to writing effective copy. Being able to write simple 140 word emails to get CEOs of billion dollar companies on the phone is one of the highest value skills you can learn.
3. SERVICE DELIVERY TEMPLATES ($597 Value) EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO OFFER A WHITE GLOVE SERVICE The #1 reason why most agencies fail is simply offering a bad experience to their clients. They sign a client, onboard them unprofessionally and fail to get great results. And then the clients either fire you or ask for a refund. We’ve combined everything you need to offer a professional experience for your clients, from onboarding to weekly reporting to using cold emails to get them insane results. This way you’ll keep your clients for longer and in turn, make more money.
YOUR FREE BONUSES Join Now And You’ll Also Get…
BONUS #1: Creating A Landing Page & A Video Sales Letter ($997 Value) EARN HOW TO CREATE HIGH CONVERTING AGENCY LANDING PAGES Most agencies have useless websites that prospects leave in a couple of seconds. You’ll learn exactly how to design and write a landing page for your agency that captures your ideal clients’ attention. You’ll also get access to the exact Video Sales Letter template that convinces your prospects to invest in your service even before jumping on a sales call.
BONUS #2: 2-Step Sales System ($2,000 Value) LEARN HOW TO CLOSE HIGH TICKET DEALS Pitching and closing clients on $3,000+ deals requires specific sales training. You’ll learn the exact 2-Step Sales System that let us close deals as high as $8,000 and leaves prospects begging to work with you. While we use this system mainly to close lead generation deals, you’ll be able to replicate this skill for any deal.
BONUS #3: Hiring & Automating Your Agency (Priceless) LEARN HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND AUTOMATE YOUR AGENCY As long as you’re working on your agency every day, you’re not a real business owner. You need to hire the right people and automate the right tasks so your agency is generating cash flow whether you’re sleeping, travelling or taking a day off.
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2023.04.01 12:20 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

[Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-digital-economics-masters-degree/ Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
What You Get Phase 0) Digital Economics 101 The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.
  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.
Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with *what will sell.*You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).
Phase 2) Content Strategy There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. **That they are congruent with and trust.**It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
  • Become an expert-level speaker or writer on the topics you care about.
  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
  • Create posts, blogs, tweets, images, and videos that resonate with other’s on a deep level. People will actually ask you how you got so good at what you do.
  • Separate yourself from the ocean of B-tier creators that struggle to sell their products, services, andhave their ideas stick in the head of their audience.
  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.
Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.
  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.
Phase 4) Marketing Strategy You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).
  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.
Bonus) The Creator Command Center The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales. Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.***And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.***That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.04.01 12:18 dubbelep HDR Video, how to remove the HDR

So I found out that whatsapp (and I believe Facebook too) doesn't work (it gets extremely over-exposed) with the HDR video my Pixel7Pro takes. However, I have a whole bunch of HDR videos that I would like to be able to share.
Is there a way to downgrade these videos to be able to share them with normal colors?
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2023.04.01 12:18 Dry_Presence_4155 AITA for not liking my brother and mom

i 17f and my mom 48f relationship is hanging on by a thread and is slowly becoming nothing at all we are always fighting and arguing but i feel like the arguments are not my fault. recently we have been fighting about chores and responsablity. i am still in school and that is where most of my time is spent i aslo have after school activites and work i am usally not home from 6 am-7 pm on weekdays and when i get home i am usally doing chores and taking care of other things like my laundry and my 2 pets and my half of the chores. before anyone ask i am responsable for all my things including my pets neccsitys like toothpaste hair products laundry detergent and anythinhg pertaing to my animals i also handle my own laundry and things like that i am totally responsable for my self in all ways except paying rent and things like that. the chores that i am assigned are the bathroom, vaccuming the stairs, loading and unloading the dishwasher,cleaning the basement and cleaning off the table. my brother9m also has chores he cleans the hallway cleans the living room takes garbage and recycling out the problem is my brother never does these chores and when they are not done my mom usally calls me to cover for him which i am sick of. i have had a alot on my plate for the last 5 years i started seeing a therpist 9th grade and learned that i had very bad anxitey from all my mothers yelling and berading( my older sister 21f has anxitey for this same reason) and also some childhood truma that i had burried i also learned not even a month ago that i have adhd and autisum and it explains so much my mom doenst belive that these diagnosis are real but they affect me and i live with them every day and they are exhuasting nut im learning to help my self but back to mu brother. he does absoulty nothing all day besides go to school but even when he is at school my moms constantly getting calls to pick him up for his behavior my brother is extreamly distructive he has broken 2 doors in out house 2 window screens has set his room carpet and my moms bathroom on fire and has cloged the toilet with a chick fil a sanwich that we cant get out. he is very slopy and doenst take care of himself he doenst brush his hair or his teeth and doenst wash his ass in the shower he throws his trash and food scraps on the floor even when there is a trash bag or bin right next to him and he always leaves his messes for others to pick up while he sit on the video games and tv. this where i might be the asshole well im done i stopped covering for him i started leaving his mess and his chores undone my mom gets angry but i still refuse to do them she says that it is messing with her mental heath but i honestly could care less i have been scarficing my mental heath and energy for years and now im done im in my juniour year year of highschool and i need to focus and work on myself so aita?
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2023.04.01 12:17 Alliejam1 ACIM WORKBOOK LESSON 91

LESSON 91. Miracles are seen in light.
It is important to remember that miracles and vision necessarily go together. This needs repeating, and frequent repeating. It is a central idea in your new thought system, and the perception that it produces. The miracle is always there. Its presence is not caused by your vision; its absence is not the result of your failure to see. It is only your awareness of miracles that is affected. You will see them in the light; you will not see them in the dark.
To you, then, light is crucial. While you remain in darkness, the miracle remains unseen. Thus you are convinced it is not there. This follows from the premises from which the darkness comes. Denial of light leads to failure to perceive it. Failure to perceive light is to perceive darkness. The light is useless to you then, even though it is there. You cannot use it because its presence is unknown to you. And the seeming reality of the darkness makes the idea of light meaningless.
To be told that what you do not see is there sounds like insanity. It is very difficult to become convinced that it is insanity not to see what is there, and to see what is not there instead. You do not doubt that the body’s eyes can see. You do not doubt the images they show you are reality. Your faith lies in the darkness, not the light. How can this be reversed? For you it is impossible, but you are not alone in this.
Your efforts, however little they may be, have strong support. Did you but realize how great this strength, your doubts would vanish. Today we will devote ourselves to the attempt to let you feel this strength. When you have felt the strength in you, which makes all miracles within your easy reach, you will not doubt. The miracles your sense of weakness hides will leap into awareness as you feel the strength in you.
Three times today, set aside about ten minutes for a quiet time in which you try to leave your weakness behind. This is accomplished very simply, as you instruct yourself that you are not a body. Faith goes to what you want, and you instruct your mind accordingly. Your will remains your teacher, and your will has all the strength to do what it desires. You can escape the body if you choose. You can experience the strength in you.
Begin the longer practice periods with this statement of true cause and effect relationships:
Miracles are seen in light. The body’s eyes do not perceive the light. But I am not a body. What am I?
The question with which this statement ends is needed for our exercises today. What you think you are is a belief to be undone. But what you really are must be revealed to you. The belief you are a body calls for correction, being a mistake. The truth of what you are calls on the strength in you to bring to your awareness what the mistake conceals. If you are not a body, what are you? You need to be aware of what the Holy Spirit uses to replace the image of a body in your mind. You need to feel something to put your faith in, as you lift it from the body. You need a real experience of something else, something more solid and more sure; more worthy of your faith, and really there.
If you are not a body, what are you? Ask this in honesty, and then devote several minutes to allowing your mistaken thoughts about your attributes to be corrected, and their opposites to take their place. Say, for example:
I am not weak, but strong. I am not helpless, but all powerful. I am not limited, but unlimited. I am not doubtful, but certain. I am not an illusion, but a reality. I cannot see in darkness, but in light.
In the second phase of the exercise period, try to experience these truths about yourself. Concentrate particularly on the experience of strength. Remember that all sense of weakness is associated with the belief you are a body, a belief that is mistaken and deserves no faith. Try to remove your faith from it, if only for a moment. You will be accustomed to keeping faith with the more worthy in you as we go along.
Relax for the rest of the practice period, confident that your efforts, however meager, are fully supported by the strength of God and all His Thoughts. It is from Them that your strength will come. It is through Their strong support that you will feel the strength in you. They are united with you in this practice period, in which you share a purpose like Their Own. Theirs is the light in which you will see miracles, because Their strength is yours. Their strength becomes your eyes, that you may see.
Five or six times an hour, at reasonably regular intervals, remind yourself that miracles are seen in light. Also, be sure to meet temptation with today’s idea. This form would be helpful for this special purpose:
Miracles are seen in light. Let me not close my eyes because of this.
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2023.04.01 12:17 valory_vine Found these amazing ice crystals and just had to take a picture❄️😍

Found these amazing ice crystals and just had to take a picture❄️😍 submitted by valory_vine to winterporn [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:16 noonemax For reading and taking notes on PDFs, should I get a Remarkable 2?

I am a grad student that required to read lots of articles regularly. For the sake of my eyes, I am considering getting an E-ink tablet. My current debate is between Remarkable 2 and Supernote.
My main usage for an E-ink tablet is simple:
Currently, I am leaning toward reMarkable 2, but still have several concerts:
Why do I also consider Supernote as an option:
Supernote seems to offer more features BUT at a much higher cost; reMarkable 2 looks nice and simple which I really like, so if reMarkable 2 is able to fulfill my using purpose, I will choose the latter.
Feel free to drop suggestions or experiences. I would be glad to hear any honest opinions. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 12:16 RobinWuzz “I truly believe that Rakuten Mobile can surpass the big three mobile carriers in Japan and I believe that its success is the most effective way to dramatically grow your business”

A mobile future for e-commerce: Mikitani at New Year Conference
18 hours ago
t the Rakuten New Year Conference each January, Rakuten chairman and CEO Mickey Mikitani takes to the stage to share his vision for the future of the e-commerce and tech industries.
This year, Mikitani had one core message for the 30,000 Rakuten Ichiba marketplace merchants and stakeholders tuning in: Mobile!
Mobile matters more than ever
“In 2006, back when we were still using flip phones,” Mikitani reminisced, “I spoke at this very conference about how we needed to focus on Mobile! Mobile! Mobile! At a time when mobile sales made up basically 0% of our GMS (gross merchandise sales), I predicted that it would reach as high as 70% in the future.”
This prediction was fulfilled – and quickly surpassed.
“On this past New Year’s Day, 89.3% of total GMS came through mobile. What this means is that mobile is no longer just our main source of revenue: It’s becoming nearly all of our revenue.”
For the 2023 conference, Mikitani deployed a new but familiar rallying cry: Mobile! Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!
“As you have no doubt read in the news, we are currently undertaking a new challenge in the form of Rakuten Mobile,” he reminded the conference. “But we are not trying to create just another mobile carrier like Softbank, au or Docomo. We are creating another enormous new platform to add to the Rakuten Ecosystem.”
Trailblazing, software-centric telecommunications
Powering its ambitious journey to become Japan’s fourth major mobile carrier is Rakuten Mobile’s adoption of a strong focus on cutting-edge software-based solutions – a pioneering approach that is sparking a transformation in the hardware-heavy telecom industry.
“The technology we have developed is simply unparalleled,” Mikitani explained with both pride and excitement. “Traditionally, mobile networks have always needed giant network hardware equipment from the likes of Huawei and Nokia. We’ve actually changed all of that to operate solely with software.”
The ambitious plan attracted its fair share of skeptics, but Mikitani believes the results speak for themselves, “The whole world called this a pipe dream, but we did it. And our software is becoming increasingly open source – something unheard of in the telecom space.”
This trailblazing network architecture has allowed Rakuten to provide a truly unlimited service at just a fraction of the cost of other networks. Mikitani revealed that subscribers of other carriers averaged just 9.3GB of data usage per month, compared to Rakuten Mobile’s 18.4GB.
“That is how we’ve achieved this extraordinarily fair and accessible plan – 2,980 yen no matter how much data you use. A mobile plan for the 100-gigabyte age,” he declared. “By freeing consumers from these extremely expensive, ludicrous mobile plans, we hope they’ll become fans of Rakuten Group and Rakuten Ichiba and choose to use our services.”
Rakuten Mobile empowering growth on Rakuten Ichiba and beyond
“The Rakuten Ecosystem consists of Rakuten Ichiba in the center, with services like Rakuten Card, Rakuten Securities and Rakuten Bank surrounding it as supporting pillars. And the strongest of these pillars will be Rakuten Mobile.”
Mikitani cautioned the merchants and stakeholders at the conference not to dismiss Rakuten Mobile as a separate undertaking, unrelated to Rakuten’s other businesses.
“This is all part of a plan to build an ecosystem that’s stronger than anything that has existed before,” he explained. “This is our strategy to boost GMS growth for everyone here and the biggest takeaway should be that this growth is closely intertwined with the success of Rakuten Mobile.”
Mikitani laid out his vision to grow Rakuten’s domestic e-commerce revenue to 10 trillion yen by 2030. Rakuten Mobile, he told the conference, would serve as a major pillar in this plan.
“Right now, domestic e-commerce GMS for Rakuten Group has reached 5.6 trillion yen,” he reported. “I believe that Rakuten Mobile will contribute around 2 trillion to this goal.”
Mikitani’s reasoning is simple: “Rakuten Mobile customers are buying more and more on Rakuten Ichiba. That means that as Rakuten Mobile subscriber numbers grow, so will your GMS.”
It’s more than just a hunch: Mikitani demonstrated the magnitude of this effect with hard data.
“Subscribers purchase an average of 49% more – nearly 50% – annually compared to before joining Rakuten Mobile,” he revealed. “86% of Rakuten Mobile users shop at Rakuten Ichiba… If Rakuten Mobile reaches 15 or 20 million users, everyone’s total GMS will naturally increase by at least 50%.”
There are several factors that could be driving this phenomenon, Mikitani thinks. These include the considerable savings Rakuten Mobile subscribers enjoy, freeing up household budgets and effectively boosting disposable income.
Rakuten’s highly popular loyalty point program is also likely playing a role: Mobile subscribers enjoy a higher rate of return when shopping on Rakuten Ichiba. A similar program was implemented for users of Rakuten Card, which now handles over 70% of all transactions on the platform and has seen almost 30 million cards issued in Japan.
“We want to do the same thing with Rakuten Mobile – but on a scale several times larger.”
Rakuten Mobile is also having an exciting effect on the wider ecosystem – namely, on user engagement with multiple Rakuten services.
“When users sign up for Rakuten Mobile, on average they’re using 4.5 Rakuten services. One year later, they’re using seven services on average. That’s pretty amazing.”
Growing Rakuten’s core and the ecosystem
“Rakuten is the only company in the world that can do this because we’re not just Rakuten Ichiba, but also Rakuten Travel, Rakuten Card, Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Securities and more – all working in tandem,” Mikitani argued. “Last year, almost all major e-commerce companies in the U.S. saw decreases in market share. The same probably happened in the Japan market, but Rakuten is the one platform that continues to grow. The main reason for this is our ecosystem, and the strongest pillar of this ecosystem is Rakuten Mobile.”
Mikitani touched on the skepticism directed towards the mobile business, comparing it to that received by Rakuten’s credit card, banking and travel businesses before each turned their respective industries on their heads.
“I truly believe that Rakuten Mobile can surpass the big three mobile carriers in Japan and I believe that its success is the most effective way to dramatically grow your business,” he told the conference attendees. “Everything revolves around a core. That core is Rakuten Ichiba. It’s our heart, and it makes it possible for us to continue to grow.”
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