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2023.06.04 13:32 Acceptable_Ear_5122 Should GSG lessen the amount of cosmetics in future seasons?

Personally I don't feel like the amount of content we get in S4 is small. Probably because I still have a lot of overclocks to grind and a huge amount of cosmetics that awaits me in the shop and down there in caves. And I already have 400hrs in the game (I was kinda slow and only recently began going to DDs and EDDs - they actually easier than I had thought!)
But I still would love to see more mechanics, more weapons, more overclocks even. Every day I see cool new ideas posted on this subreddit. And IMO, the problem is in priority and allocation of resources. I understand that artists who make new cosmetics can't really write code, but...
What do you think?
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2023.06.04 13:32 behraoui77 Ai Songs OTO 1 to 5 OTOs’ Links Here +Hot Bonuses &Upsell>>>

Ai Songs OTO 1 to 5 OTOs’ Links Here +Hot Bonuses &Upsell>>>
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
in this video I'm going to do a review of AI songs this is a product by udha pramanik that's available on Warrior plus I'm going to take you guys inside the members area we're going to do a demo and walkthrough of AI songs then we're gonna go over the sales funnel and lastly we give you my personal opinion about AI song So if you're ready let's Dive Right In before we get started I've got a quick question for you guys what is the definition of insanity well the answer is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result well here you are buying another Warrior plus product expecting a different result
unfortunately we all know how that story ends listen if you want to discover how to build the foundation for your own 100 per day affiliate marketing business then I want you to follow these three simple Steps step number one click on the link in the description below step number two enter your name your best email address and then click on the button below and step number three watch the taking action Online Fast Track affiliate bootcamp this free boot camp will show you that building a sustainable and recurring income stream as an affiliate is far more straightforward than you think so oh stop the insanity stop chasing shiny object products and watch the free fast track affiliate boot camp
Ai Songs Local OTO
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
today alright guys so what is AI songs all about well according to the sales page say goodbye to 1980s AI tools witness the new sunrise and artificial intelligence Universe rolls first artificial intelligence powered Texas song creator that enables you to transform your text or lyrics into captivating musical compositions without any technical skills or marketing acumen all right guys so we are going to go inside AI songs we're going to do a demo of this product this software and I'm going to reveal to you the one missing thing that you need that will prevent you from making any money at all so let's go inside and I'll show
you around all right guys we're now inside the members area of my AI songs account as usual I've purchased a front-end version of this product review for you guys so you can make the best purchasing decision for yourselves now that being said should you decide to purchase this product even after you've watched this review please make sure you watch this video this is the only training video that they have and if you have any questions at all open up a support desk ticket and hopefully hopefully they'll get you squared away alright so what is this all about well it's about creating songs using
AI so we're gonna walk through some of the features here this is not a tutorial guys okay this is not a tutorial if you buy the product then you got to watch this one video right here and then you need to figure everything else out on your own and if you need any help again hopefully they'll be able to help you out when you open up a support desk ticket so let's do this first first of all AI generated songs this is where you can create a an AI generated song right so we're going to create a new one here and you can see right here you first of all step one you gotta select a beat so you can go down here you can select any type of beat that you want you can listen to them if you want just press this button right here [Music] so I like it it says Nike so we'll stick with
Ai Songs OTOs Linka
that so that's step number one so we're gonna save and continue then step number two is you need to generate the AI lyrics or you can use your own custom lyrics now in order to create your own custom lyrics you guys if you're familiar with chat GPT you just give it a command create lyrics for this type of song and it'll write write some lyrics for you really really cool but we're gonna test this out so generate AI lyrics and what you need to do is you need to give a detailed description of what you want your song to be about so let me come up with something real quick we'll just say warrior plus products waste we'll go waste time and money so we'll use that as our detailed description guys and then we're gonna generate the lyrics and this is where the AI is going to
generate a song for us all right so let's generate the lyrics and we'll let the AI do the work and if I got a pause the video and come back I'll pause the video and come back all right that was real quick and it says here are four bars Warrior plus products they're like a twisted game wasting time and money is just a crying shame these digital leeches they'll suck you dry and it's it's not even done yet it's missing something but let's go ahead and go and save and continue okay and so we click on that and then from here this is where you have to select a voice so you have to go through here and the one thing is they don't allow you to um sample the voices so you're gonna have to kind of just pick and see you know what works for you so I'm just going to go through here we'll take a look here um there's Chucky so we are gonna go with Chucky here oh they're Scrappy do so talk about 80s right they're talking about 80s on the sales page there's a lot of 80s voices here so Chucky so let's go select voice
and then from here we're going to generate the song and we'll let the AI songs app create a nice little ditty for us here and again if I got a pause the video we'll pause it and it'll come back okay so here's a song and it's going to be downloaded to um your computer so I'm going to download the song and then from here I'm going to um play this song here so I'm going to open it and that way you guys can listen to this song if you are the four bars four across products they're like a twisted game wasting time and money it's just a crying shame these digital leeches they'll suck you dry [Music] so it keeps playing keeps playing the music here I'll just quit that so it keeps playing the music you can see right here it ends up in in your area called my songs Okay so I look at this
Ai Songs OTO AIUpsell
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
and I see all these songs in here and I didn't generate any of these songs so the investigative side of me is asking well are am I sharing this app the API with other people I'm not sure I'm not sure I'm just hypothesizing that you're sharing this this API connection with everyone else who buys these this product all right that's neither here nor there but this is something that I just noticed okay so that was a song here's another one that I did I want to pop this up here and let's bring up this song right here this was another one that I did and we're gonna open it with uh QuickTime and we'll play this one right here this is another one I did for warrior plus I'm spitting bars no time to waste worry problems products a total disgrace money down the drain like a broken bass these
deals leave your wallet in a darkened space [Music] word so that's how you make the music that's how you make the songs okay that's that's the AI generated songs version of this product then let's take a look at the AI song video maker and this is where you can make videos all right so first of all you start off with a detailed description so let's do my favorite which is dogs playing poker on the beach sipping cocktails Alright and then the ratio you go Square portrait or landscape let's just go with square select the video effect so they've got no effect bubbles butterfly flame One Flame two they got all these different ones let's use Stars and then you select the resolution let's go with 720 by 720 and then you select the audio moves there's different types of mood
Ai Songs OTO Bonuses
here and we'll go with happy and then select audio so from right here you can select different types of songs I don't particularly care for any of them because these all seem like Christmas songs all this hair is one right here it says ticklish let's choose that one and then now we're going to generate the video oh you can see it's playing for us let's generate the video so that way you guys don't have to be subjected to that torture so we'll let it generate the video and again if I gotta pause it I'll pause it um and then come back so we'll just let this run for a second or two all right so we're back that took a couple of minutes to generate and here is the video result right here we can download the video so we'll download that to our folder and then we're going to play this so you can see what it looks like [Music] foreign [Music] the dogs looked a little strange but that's how AI does these photos okay and it's not perfect but this is what it comes out looking like all right and then the last feature here we have this AI music generator so this is where you can type in a keyword or
you can use a voice command and it's going to generate some songs for you so we'll just put in let's put in dog since we just had that so we're going to use that as a keyword generate see what kind of music it comes with comes up with here so it comes up with everything that shows the word dog or has something to do with dogs all right so there's different types of sound files here and that's that that's the AI music generator did it generate these my my opinion is it probably pulled from a database of files so not necessarily generating the music but locating it for you okay so now that you've seen all of these features here what are you supposed to do with the songs that you create well they have something here called the AI music Marketplace so let me click on this visit my site and
Ai Songs OTO Product Overview
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
this is where you're able to put all your songs in here and you're able to charge for some of those songs and you heard some of those songs I don't know if I'd be charging 22.43 for a song that I created but you know your business your choice and you can create songs and add them to your website all right and if you come back here you can see all the settings you can change the logo and fave icon extensions language there's even an SEO manager there's an email manager here okay and so when we talk about email marketing if you're a beginner where are your emails you don't have a list right so you don't have any lists okay but maybe something later on that you can you can utilize when you do have a list and even with SMS messages guys who are you going to send text messages to okay they've got a gdpr cookie I'm glad they're thinking about that kind of stuff and you can manage things like advertisers coupons categories even payment gateways so you can accept payments so
that's all fine and good that's all fine and good but but here's the question how are you gonna get people over to this site think about it how are you going to get people over to this site you need traffic okay that's the main thing that's missing that's the main thing that's missing and most if not all of the warrior plus products I review I always talk about is traffic you need people you need qualified people people are looking for AI generated songs you need those people to come to your website in order to buy those songs so how are you going to do it how are you going to do that they don't talk about that right so that's going to be the challenge and that's a challenge with most if not all of the warrior plus products our reviews is generating traffic this is what everybody needs even myself I need traffic too so what do I do I create YouTube videos I create YouTube videos that attract people like you you guys out there in YouTube Land watching my video you guys are my ideal target audience peo
Ai Songs OTO Review
ple looking for shiny object products people who think that they can buy one product for 17 bucks and get rich overnight you guys are my audience because my goal is to build up my list to build up my following with honest no BS reviews to get you guys to see the the truth about making money online is that that is you have to work for it okay so in order to generate traffic you got to produce value you got to give value to people are you going to do that producing content that people like people that are looking for this kind of music you need to put that kind of content out if you're going to do it the freeway now if you want to use paid traffic then well you're going to have to spend money you're gonna have to learn how to run ads you're gonna have to go through that whole process of learning this is how online entrepreneurs operate all right I know everybody tries to make it seem like it's so easy and fast and they sell you a 17 product with you know you're going to find out with Nine upsells and Nine down sales right but guys the truth of the matter is is that you don't need all these fancy Tools in order to build a business
okay and that's the reason why I'm going to urge you guys to click on the link below check out the fast track affiliate bootcamp all right it's going to set you guys straight put you on the path or it's building a real online business traffic guys traffic how are you gonna get traffic that's the main issue here okay you can create all these songs and some of them were kind of clunky and the videos were kind of weird but you know that's my opinion my video my opinion guys but you know can you see yourself selling those songs that's the thing right and how are you going to get people over to your site so they buy the songs okay so traffic is always going to be the main issue that you guys face and unless you guys are willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the work you're not going to make any money all right this looks cool looks like you've got a website and all that kind of stuff you can customize it to your heart's content but who's going to visit it right so guys traffic that is the main issue with this product and now let you guys know how AI songs Works let's go ahead and talk about the sales funnel all right guys the front end offe
Ai Songs OTO Reviews
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
r AI songs retails for 16.75 when you exit intent off the sales page they're gonna offer up a three dollar off coupon code which will drop the price down to 13.75 there are 10.
I repeat 10 upsells and 10 down sales I'm not going to go through all of them you can pause the video check them out for yourself as usual guys pricing and otos are subject to change so let me give you my final thoughts on AI songs all right guys so what's my final opinion about AI songs well let me play this song for you so you can understand how I feel spitting bars no time to waste Warrior problems products a total disgrace money down the drain like a broken base these deals leave your wallet in a darkened space [Music] yeah these deals will leave your wallet in a darkened space I couldn't have said it better myself so based off of what I've shown you guys you probably already know what I'm going to say I would stay away from AI songs guys please please please I am begging you learn how to generate highly targeted traffic by producing
Ai Songs OTOs - All 5 Upsell Links Here:
valuable content for your audience if you want to have a long-term business you gotta do it the more you search for these push button apps the longer it's gonna take for you to start earning affiliate commissions so stop wasting time and money guys so I hope you guys found this video to be helpful if you did please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel I would greatly appreciate it this is Ken Furukawa from ken4u kyle.
com and I'll see you in my next video
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2023.06.04 13:29 Zeplight [H] 500+ Games, Absolver, Zombie Army 4, Deathloop, Crusader King 3, Dark Wood etc. [W] Paypal Only.

The keys on the list are global unless otherwise stated. Paypal fees if any is on the buyer side. Prices are in USD and included of Paypal Fees. Not open for game trade.
My IGS Rep Page:
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2023.06.04 13:26 adhesiveretard Wordington advertising

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2023.06.04 13:23 mwrego Royal Lytham St Anne’s - the hardest course I’ve ever played

Royal Lytham St Anne’s - the hardest course I’ve ever played
Played Royal Lytham yesterday after playing 18 at Formby golf club in the morning, so it was our second (walking) 18 of the day. Weather was hot, course was extremely dry and fast, as was Royal Liverpool, which we played the previous day. Initial impression was very good, club house is a magnificent old listed building. We weren’t allowed upstairs as we had shorts on but they kindly brought us some food and beer from the kitchen. Tee time was 3:10 pm.
Opening hole is a straight forward longish par 3, the green, as is every hole at Lytham, is surrounded by deep pot bunkers. There is no collaring around Lytham’s 174 bunkers so anything not the the exact right line or that takes an unfortunate bounce is destined to find one. I hit a beauty 7 iron to 2 feet for a tap in birdie, the first and only of the day. From there the course gets very hard - fairway bunkers placed perfectly to gobble up an errant shot or even a solid drive that happen to catch the wrong swale or mound.
The greens were hard due to the dry weather, so typical for summer links golf, a shot that lands softy 15 to 20 yards short of the pin is often perfect. I don’t think I fixed a pitch mark all day…
We all really struggled between holes 4 and 8. After that the temperatures cooled a bit and we started to find some better shots. Pars were at a premium, but this course challenged us to pick perfect lines then hit two excellent shots. I didn’t find the putting difficult but everything before that was the hardest test of golf I’ve ever experienced.
Just to finish with how much fun we had. Lytham is an amazing layout, manicured perfectly. The rolling hills and fescue blowing the wind was stunning. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the area. Just make sure your game is in tip top shape!
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2023.06.04 13:23 TalCel [H] Humble games [W] Paypal or wishlist games

Looking to trade or sell for these games. Feel free to make an offer either for pricing or for trades.
911 Operator
911 Operator - Special Resources DLC
Batman - The Telltale Series
Devil Daggers
Fidel - Dungeon Rescue
Geometry Dash
hack_me 2
Hyper Light Drifter
Jurassic Park: The Game
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Monster Prom
Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
Orwell: Keeping and Eye on You
Pony Island
Puzzle Agent
Puzzle Agent 2
Rapture Rejects
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse
Seven: The Days Long Gone
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite 3
Sniper Elite V2
Space Pilgrim Episode 1: Alpha Centauri
Space Pilgrim Episode 2: Epsilon Indi
Space Pilgrim Episode 3: Delta Pavonis
Space Pilgrim Episode 4: Sol
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
The Walking Dead: Season 1
The Walking Dead: Season 2
The Wolf Among Us
Tiny Echo
Tomb Raider
Uurnog Uurnlimited
Yakuza Kiwami
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2023.06.04 13:17 Shirolianns One Sim For All - How to justify?

Hi fellow simmers! I have come to fish your opinions on my issue with gameplay.
I have this idea of playing one super-sim. I want to do EVERYTHING in game with this one sim. But I can not come up with motivation or background behind this goal. I also have same problem with furnishing a house. I want it to be modern and vintage at the same time but I can't stand to see the two mixing as I'm perfectionist.
Rotational gameplay also is not answer as I wish to focus on only one sim. Due to this I usualy just boot the game, create sim and then... quit. Because I don't even know where to begin, where to place the sim, what backstory to give it...
Please, tell me what you think!
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2023.06.04 13:17 Lobit3 [REQUEST][SWITCH]Don't Starve Together ($15.99)(4th attempt)

The thing I like about this game is its atmospheric feel, hunger system, exploration and more. The reason I got to know about this game is actually through Terraria, which received a crossover update along with Don't starve together who got some terraria content. I really want this game as I would love to play it and try out the new terraria content and its a greatly positively reviewed game in general. The don't starve content added to terraria seems very cool too.
Don't starve has everything, building, unique npcs, monsters, bosses, an expansive map. The best part is that you can modify the difficulty very easily and can change the game from a hard game to something relaxing or to torture.I have visited their reddit and discord and the community seems very nice too. Many of my terraria friends also recommended me this game and told me its very good.
Some of my irl friends play it too so that's why I want the multiplayer version. (DS Together as opposed to Don't starve). Even if you don't gift this to me, I appreciate you reading this through.
There isn't much more I want to say but my post got removed due to it being too short so I will paste what they say about their game: Fight, Farm, Build and Explore Together in the standalone multiplayer expansion to the uncompromising wilderness survival game, Don't Starve. Discover and explore a massive procedurally generated and biome-rich world with countless resources and threats. Whether you stick to the surface world, go spelunking in the caves, dive deeper into the Ancient Archive, or set sail for the Lunar islands, it will be a long time before you run out of things to do. Seasonal bosses, wandering menaces, lurking shadow creatures, and plenty of flora and fauna ready to turn you into a spooky ghost. Plow fields and sow seeds to grow the farm of your dreams. Tend to your crops to help your fellow survivors stay fed and ready for the challenges to come. Protect yourself, your friends, and everything you have managed to gather, because you can be sure, somebody or something is going to want it back.
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2023.06.04 13:17 frogwoman_yt Asked Chat GPT to summarise a weird long thread from the perspective of Shane. Results were not disapointing

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2023.06.04 13:16 PumDux LEGO Breaking Bad game?

I know it's probably not be for kids but It would be pretty cool if they made a game similar to what they did in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, where u get to play through each movie as an episode. But with LEGO Breaking Bad u could play through each season instead.
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2023.06.04 13:13 YourCharacterHere I have undiagnosed chest pain that a few people have said might be stress or anxiety induced. Is this common?

Hello all! I know yall arent doctors, but my pain is keeping me awake (again) and Im ready to explore the potential psychological explinations and figured I might throw a line and see if anyone else deals with similar symptoms. Sorry its a bit (super duper) long! I wanted to be as specific as possible.
It started about a year and a half ago, when I would go to bed and would be almost asleep when suddenly my heart would start to race. Then I started to wake up at night with my heart racing. After some googling I decided to stop eating sugar before bed, because my sweet tooth for dessert might be causing it. This went on for a few months.
Then I started having small occasional sharp little pains in my chest and sometimes Id feel out of breath for no reason. Odd. Then a few months later I went on a trip and felt like I was struggling to breath, like a fish out of water, and my chest felt tight. I went to urgent care and they said my vitals are fine and no assistance was needed.
These occasional sharp pains and lack of breath continued through summer and were annoying but I didnt really have the time, money, or energy to see the doctor about it. Then last December, I ended up in the emergency room thinking I had a heart attack- I was lying in bed talking about my day when BAM. It felt like my heart hiccuped three times, followed by a needle sensation going up my neck and head, and immediate need to use the bathroom. I was shaking hard and walking was difficult. My gf drove me to the hospital and after a 10hr wait I was inforned that I was perfectly fine and whatever it was, wasnt a heart attack.
From then on, my chest pain increased drastically. I recorded it for a couple of weeks and couldnt find any pattern to it- sometimes it would feel like a chest palpitation, a sharp stabbing pain, a dull throbbing pain, tightness, lack of breath, a combination of them- it could be left chest, right chest, center chest, sometimes in my arms. Time of day seemed to have little affect, though it happened the least in the mornings.
Doctor gave me a referral to a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, and mental health counceling. Cardiologist had me on a heart monitor and saw nothing wrong, so I checked heart off the list. Pulmonologist I procrastinated on and they book too far out (closest app is like 3 months from now). Insurance denied councelling, but I expected that.
For a while the pain faded and went back to being just occasional. Now its evolved into something I consiter worse. Instead of occasional sharp pains, its now a constant, neverending tightness in my chest, like Im being constricted. I feel like I cant breath. Fish out of water. But ask my partner and she'll say Im breathing normally. The only time I dont notice it is when Im very focused on something (usually working on a project that demands my full attention).
Sleeping is hard- any position is terrible, but on my belly helps a tiny bit, and if I put on headphones and listen to music it might distract me long enough to doze off. But if I try to take off the headphones, or if my gf shifts in bed, or I get an itch or literally anything happens, Im awake and its like my chest is running a marathon or seizing while the rest of my body is entirely relaxed. Worst part is, I started checking my pulse when I wake up like that, and only half the time is my heart beating quick. How can I feel like my chest is racing when my pulse feels normal? The tightness is in my throat now too, thats new in the last few days.
A few people have told me it might be stress-induced. My gf gets undiagnosed chest pain that was real bad in college and occasionally still acts up. I get anxiety sometimes (but I dont have an anxiety disorder) and Ive had depressive patches (not chronic), which doesnt help in my confusion as to whether or not its a physical or mental problem.
Its worth acknowledging for the mental health side of things, its been a really rough year and a half. I started optimistically, ready to level up and work a career job and upgrade from a studio.
To put it in its most summarized form without going into a million paragraphs of detail, heres my stress timeline:
-Moved into a larger place with friends, turns out everyone has chronic depression/anxiety and lots of pressure is on me to baby their brains and do most of the cleaning. Everyones miserable no matter what I do anyways. This is roughly when the occasional pains started.
-One of my coworkers passed away. We were all as close as coworkers could be, and I think they thought I was heartless for not attending memorial stuff, but I am not good with death.
-Put myself out there career-wise, ended up losing 2 jobs before spring. Lots of debt accrued. This is when I went on the trip and ended up in urgent care.
-Parents announced theyre selling the family home I grew up in and my dad built himself. I leave my gf, whose my pillar of love and support, to assist with the process and work a couple decent jobs while Im there. Somehow its not enough and debt slowly creeps ever upwards. I am cut off from my gfs physical support. Stripping down my home was hard.
-Lost one of the two jobs. This is a new record for me.
-I had to put my cat down. She was 19 and I had her since she was less then a year old. Im not good with death.
-Quit job to fly back home. My family house is now gone forever. Im coming home with more debt then I left with, the opposite of my goal. Pains started to get more common.
-Get new job (#5 in less then a year). Pay wouldve been decent if I didnt have credit card bills to pay. Struggle to afford gas and groceries. Debt creeps further upward. Love my new coworkers, but lots of drama there as well.
-Emergency room incident happens. Find out my job doesnt give a rats ass about me as a human being. I am repremanded for not coming into work. "We dont accept doctors notes for same day call-outs."
-Chest pain gets significantly worse. I am still feeling the pressure of caring for my household's horrible mental states. I do most of the cleaning. I work constantly but am still further in debt. I feel like a child, useless. Nothing I do helps. One of my past employers still has not given me my W2, so my taxes still arent done, a huge source of anxiety for me
-One roommate leaves. We now have to pay more to cover the lost portion of rent. Have to ask my parents for financial aide. Significant hit to my pride and mental health. This is when the chest tightness starts to dominate and I started finding it impossible to relax.
And that about sums it up! I didnt mean for this to turn be so long, so I guess TLDR; my chest makes me feel like Im gonna die for no obvious reason, is this a known issue caused by stress? What are y'alls experiences with mental health affecting your physical health? What kind of things have you done to relieve pent-up stress that doesnt want to leave your body?
Thx for your time! Signed, a very tired redditor in pain who has work in the morning.
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2023.06.04 13:11 SingleAlmond What was the vibe like in Boston when Fallout 4 released?

Did they do anything cool to market the game, since it's set in Boston?
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2023.06.04 13:11 iridael 3 wishes: Gatecrash

First Previous [Next]()
Two days later Nathan Sophie and Jim were standing on the bridge, all three had chosen their outfits properly. Sophie and Nathan were dressed as opulently as possible, Nathan in his armoured empire battle suit shining white and gold, his helmet tucked under one arm and a rusty Kettle held in the nook of his other. His hand white knuckle gripping the thing from inside his suit.
Sophie was dressed in her own imperial regalia, a large ornate headdress was bedazzled with jewels, her face was painted white with silver and sapphire paint across her cheeks, a single line of gold going down her black lips. She’d chosen a jade dress embroidered in silver which billowed with smoke around her feet.
Jim was dressed the same way he was the day Nathan found the kettle, ripped and worn clothing that bore the weight of years hung off him but his hair was neatly trimmed and freshly combed, a few days of beard growth was evident on his face and his eyes were tired, red around the edges and he had bags underneath them.
They all stood in a triangle alone on the bridge in silence, the soldiers all standing guard at each end giving them distance, they had already said their goodbyes. And Nathan had spent all of the previous day reading and re-reading the wish he was going to make.
Sophie reached out and gently took Nathan's helmet from him and nodded at him. He took a shaky breath and began.
“I Lord Nathan…” he starts but fails to complete the sentence as a lump forms in his throat.
He takes another breath and starts again. “I. Lord Nnnn” athan wish that my friend and Djinn, Jim, be reborn. Come on and say it! He screams in his head but the lump is there like an anchor on his tongue preventing the words from forming.
Jim looks at him and smiles. “Its alright kid.”
“No it's not.” Nathan complains. “I'm losing you and I accept that Jim, and it makes sense that it's here but.”
“But what?”
“The guy who comes afterwards…what’ll he think when he’s born on the wrong planet.”
The two Djinn look at Nathan for a few seconds and then Jim nods. “Yea. I suppose you’re right, it's not about me anymore it's about him.” he says, taking a look around before sighing. “Well it was good to spend some time here anyway. What are we going to do with the rest of the day then?”
“I have an idea…my lord ” one of the soldiers says moving closer.
“Go ahead,” Nathan replies as the man stops a few feet away from the group.
“Back to the ship. Fly it over Buckingham and let the world know who you are.” the soldier says.
Jim looks at the man and then to Nathan. “You were going to do something similar anyway. Did you figure out a nonlethal method yet?”
“Yea, one of the lads borrowed a SA80, fired a mag at one of us a few fields over. Didn't drain the shield so a dozen of us will be a lot harder to stop…that's provided the royal guard shoot on sight. If we drop from a big ass plane hovering over and ask to meet the queen we’ll probably get a meeting.” the soldier says.
“Did you run this by Cave?”
“Not yet Sir.”
“Get on it. Have the others pack up, leave anything we don't need for the security team. We’re heading back to the ship.” Nathan orders.
Four hours later the sun is at its peak as the Hello Kitty’s Revenge drifted as slowly as it could down across London. Attack helicopters flanked it, guns pointed as jets flew overhead, on the ships speaker as quiet as they could make it and still hear the voices of several pilots were demanding the ship alter course, Fly higher, surrender or be destroyed. As if the first or second volley of missiles had done anything to them so far. They hadn't shot at them since the ship entered London's airspace but that might change. As Trafalgar square drifted out of view, hidden by the belly of his ship.
“Lower the landing gear and stop us just over the gates. Keep her about 30 metres in the air at least.” Nathan tells Jim who was in the pilots chair, before marching out of the cockpit accompanied by Sophie, Cave and the 10 soldiers all wearing their full suits, sabres at the ready, guns on their backs. The plan was to go in, let their shields take the brunt of anything coming their way and cut through anything put in the way.
He walked with his helmet under one arm to the forward landing strut and stood at the end as it juddered down an inch before lowering smoothly revealing a crowd of civilians, a number of armed police outside the gate and a small squad of royal guards gathering inside the courtyard. Sophie waited at the top of the stairs whilst his own soldiers formed two lines behind him. One of the helicopters, a gunship, bravely flew in front of the ship and he stared at the pilot for a few seconds before looking away. The gunship pilot seemed to take the hint because it slid backwards before rising up and flying away leaving them a clear path to the palace.
He watched for over a minute as Jim carefully piloted his cruiser until it was hovering nose first over the courtyard.
“Everyone ready?” he asked not looking behind him.
“Yes sir! We drop on go, you drop after us.” Cave replied. He put his helmet on and heard Cave through the helmet speaker count down from 3.
On ‘go’ the soldiers all step off to the left and right, plummeting briefly before using their suits' flight packs to drop slowly and in formation. Nathan waits for them to land and form a wedge before stepping forwards and plummeting himself. Instead of controlling his fall from the get go however Nathan waits until he’s about a second from becoming paste before full powering his flight system, jets of flame coming from his back and feet whilst tiny bursts of gas come from the front of his suit keeping him stable as he slams into the ground right in the middle of his guards.
“Surrender! Drop the weapon or be fired upon!” one of the royal guard shouts. As he and the rest of his squad take aim at Nathan's group.
In response Cave, who was at the tip of the wedge formation, steps forwards. “Lord Nathan has a meeting with the queen,” he announces.
There's silence for a few seconds. “Drop your weapons final warning!” the Guard shouts again.
“No.” Cave replies. “Let us pass or start shooting.”
The guard hesitates, apparently listening to someone before closing one eye and shooting a single round at Cave. The bullet sparks against his shield before the rest of his squad open fire, shooting single rounds into Cave and the soldiers who stand there blades ready.
When the magazines run empty the royal guards start falling back and reloading. “Advance.” Cave orders and as one his squad move forwards swords at the ready. Nathan follows after them, remaining inside the formation as they walk towards the main entrance of the palace.
Nearly twenty seconds later we’re close to the main door of the palace when shouts of “Hold fire!” ring out and the Royal guard to their credit immediately stop firing, which was lucky since some of the shield readouts on Nathan's HUD were running very low. Cave’s in particular was in the red, not that losing his shield would even slow the man down at this point.
The Guard wait as a man comes out in an odd uniform and speaks to them. “We are to escort you to her majesty.” the Guard captain shouts, the gunfire probably deafened him slightly.
Cave nods and once the door is hastily opened by the guard we head inside. “Sheathe blades” Nathan orders quietly and everyone's silver blades vanish.
The royal guard stands back and their leader moves into the palace entry hall followed by Nathan and his men. Once inside the guard turns around. “I need to know. Are you here to harm the royal family.”
“No, there are simply matters that need discussing with the Monarchy.” Cave replies using his suits' speakers.
The guard captain seems to accept this because he leads the way up the staircase past groups of armed guards. There are no house staff visible as we’re led through the public spaces and into the private areas of the Royal palace.
We pass through several hastily vacated offices until we come to a pair of wide open doors with a quartet of guards outside. One of them steps forwards. “Your guards wait outside.” he says.
Nathan thinks about forcing his way inside for a moment but then nods. “Cave with me.” he says, walking into the study.
Inside sitting at a squat, ornate, tea table on an old richly embroidered two person sofa is the queen, sipping at a porcelain teacup. Standing behind her to her left and right are prince Charles and prince William.
Nathan takes two steps inside before reaching up and taking off his helmet and then moving to sit at the sofa opposite the queen. Cave taking up positing behind him to his left.
The queen sips her tea one last time before setting her cup down “So you’re the little shit that stole my favourite tea pot.” she says startling Nathan.
“Suddenly a lot of things make sense,” he notes.
“Suddenly things make sense. Great, we have a genius. Let me guess your first wish was for something fucking stupid. What was it, a million pounds?”
Nathan doesn't reply for a moment. Considering his responses. He could tell the truth but why play her game. “Does it matter?” he asks.
“I Suppose it doesn't. Fuck sake. Well are going to tell me how the fuck you did it?”
“I wished very specifically that all the Djinn Phylacteries be relocated to my home.” Nathan replies. “On the advice of a friend.”
“A friend…they’re not friends, they’re tools…I did feel for the one those Japanese had, poor thing.”
“You mean Dorei?” Nathan asks.
“Slave yes. That cunt of a woman treated her most valuable asset like a trash tool only fit to mop floors.”
“We at least had ours as a butler.” Prince Charles says offhandedly
“Shut the fuck up Charles did I say you can talk?” “No Mommy.” he replies, bowing his head.
“Then shut the fuck up. Useless child, at least Harry had the balls to leave the family…now back to the subject at hand. What the fuck do you want?” the Queen says reaching for her tea. “And someone pour him some tea, we’re royalty not common businessmen.”
A soldier moves towards the table and pours Nathan a cup of tea.
“Official acknowledgement as an independent state by your self, your government and endorsement going forwards to facilitate the transfer of individuals from being members of earthbound states to citizens of my own state.”
“And what state would that be. The state of chaos?”
“Give it a few years and it will be the start of a stellar empire, for now, I have a small city on a planet some 3000 lightyears distant. It's a terrain like world, roughly 60% water covered. Completely untapped for resources…but when you’re skimming stars for fuel and cracking asteroids for metal. Mining iron from a planets crust seems a little redundant.”
“And what do I get out of this?”
“I don't fuck off and leave, permanently. I have no reason to stay on earth. No family to care for, no friends worth a damn that I haven't already gathered. I already have an alliance with an interstellar conglomerate of species. You want the scraps of that. You do what I ask, and in 10 years, there might be humans out there in the asteroid belt mining for resources. People farming on Europa, fishing under titan. I leave, that leap vanishes.” Nathan replies somehow finding the queen's crass nature easier to navigate than some shrewd negotiator.
“How sure are you that achieving long range space travel is possible in 10 years?” Prince Phillip asks.
“I could drop off a ship for you to study and you could have a working prototype inside a year probably.” Nathan admits.
“And you’re asking for us to recognise you as a nation separate from our selves, and to allow immigration.”
“Yes. 8 billion people on the planet. Why not let a few million go somewhere else and start up a new life? Get unemployment down at least.” Nathan notes.
Prince William nods and Prince Charles opens his mouth to say something before looking at the Queen and bowing his head again.
“Fuck it, why not.” the queen says finally.
“Good, we’re going to need a method of communication, shall I just use your email?” Nathan asks.
“You really are an ignorant little shit. But considering the distances involved. Digital communication is favourable.” the queen says waving to one of the soldiers who grabs an envelope and hands it to Nathan, Cave deftly reaches over and takes it for him.
“I think that's it.” Nathan says standing up. “It was a pleasure to meet you.” he says getting ready to walk out.
“By the way, what did you do with the Djinn? I find it hard to believe they’re all in a cupboard somewhere.”
Nathan turns around and looks at the queen again before flexing his presence for the first time, letting it settle around everyone, the soldiers shudder and look for the threat whilst prince philip and Charles stare at Nathan in shock. The queen simply glares at him. “I set them free.”
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2023.06.04 13:11 __kabira__ And everyone clapped

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2023.06.04 13:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

[Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

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  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 13:10 Gozva The curent state of the game...

I have considered many times making this post both on reddit and on the SoT forums but i couldn't bring myself to do it. However with the current state of the game i wanted to voice my opinion on certain things so get ready for a long post and somewhat of rant.
To give a bit of background i started playing SoT last year and ever since i have been addicted. I have put around 1k hours and have participated in everything the game has to offer whether that is PvP, PvE, tall talles, HG, fishing, RP you name it. That being said i think i mostly play because of what i hope SoT can be one day rather than what it is.
Let's start with some basics. SoT is a PvPvE pirate sandbox adventure with cosmetic only progression. Due to how Rare advertises their game though a lot of people , rightfully so, think it's a PvE game and get really frustrated when they find out PvP is a major part of experience. Furthermore this has resulted in a divided community that fails to agree even on the most basic things.
Now that we got that out of the way let's talk about content or put in better words the lack of it. Since the addition of Sea Forts we haven't gotten any new content in the span of a year. The closest thing to a big update is HG and we all know how that turned out. Even HG wasn't something new but rather a simple matchmaking option for on demand PvP. Don't get me wrong QoL updates and patches are definately welcome but they aren't deemed content that will keep you playing for months.
The thing that pisses me off is that there is so much potential yet we see nothing being implemented. I refuse to believe that tweaking the loot value of shrines in order to buff them and make them relevant again is so hard. Or that we can't get a hunter's call update, or a devil's roar rework. Even cosmetics are suffering from this problem. Very few new models, many time limited stuff, incomplete sets, and very few actual pirate cosmetics. But of course the emporium gets new gimmicky cosmetics all the time with no problem...
Last but certainly not least, as if the above weren't enough, the existence of bugs and the rampant rise of cheaters recently, really make for an unfun experience. And before you say cheaters aren't that many i would urge you to grind HG for a week and then make that comment again.On top of that the current report system is absolute trash. I have never played a game in my life where i have to constantly record my game otherwise any report is considered invalid. As of now it seems SoT has no interest in keeping it's playerbase or at least i view it this way. I really hope Season 10 will bring a big update cause as someone pointed out in another post things are really going downhill.
If you made it this far i want to sincerely thank you and let me know your thoughts!
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2023.06.04 13:09 BaronVonLark TIFU by having one of the best nights of my life

Hey everyone, just wanted to share one of the most stupid thing that has ever happened to me.
A week or two ago I(F30) went on a trip to Norway with my BF and some friends to visit my BF's family who live there. It was my first time in Norway and I was super excited when I first saw the snowy mountaintops with crazy waterfalls as we were nearing the fjord our vacation was taking place at. The place was absolutely breathtaking and on top of that, it was the World Ice Hockey Championship weekend, and we watched our team win a medal for the first time in history (GO LATVIA!). So, to say the least, the tide was high in our little camp.
We were enjoying ourselves with great company, watching the game, celebrating, drinking beers (and some stronger beverages), going out on the fjord in a fishing boat, and generally having the best time of our lives, at least I was. I even discovered I can talk to seagulls, but that's just bragging at this point.
The next day I woke up fairly sober and with a headache (at first), but as I was heading toward the bathrooms, the first wave of dizziness hit - it was like I was on a ship in a storm. I steadied myself by sitting on the ground and letting it pass. That should have been my first and last signal to go back to bed, but no, we had a hiking trip to go to in an hour.
An hour later a dizzy and cold me sat in my BF's brother's Tesla and we headed off toward a popular hiking trail up a mountain. The day was suuuuper cold, windy and rainy, and I figured out quite soon my autumn jacket and thermo clothes were not up to the task; it was even hailing at one point. But I figured I will sober up spending time in the fresh mountain air and doing some exercising.
As we were hiking up the mountain and the trail became steeper and steeper, I realized I was getting dizzier and dizzier with every step. One and probably only good idea I had that day was saying I need to turn back and just go sleep in the car, so I got the car keys and started my slow way downwards. The dizziness got so bad at one point, I stumbled on a rock and fell down. Luckily a couple were going upwards, saw me and came to help. The smart girl that I am, I later decided to go fill up my water bottle with the fresh mountain-stream water, went up to a spot with a small waterfall, and almost lunged head-first into the river.
Almost an hour later I was crawling through the car park as the wind was so crazy and cold I was afraid it will tip my dizzy ass over. Another hour or so later the rest of the group returned to find me shivering in the back of the car to the point I could barely speak and they were starting to look up the nearest hospitals just in case. As we started to drive back to the camp and the car was heating up, I luckily got better, but at the same time, I started feeling sick. I guess my body was focusing on maintaining some warmth before. And as we went into a 3km tunnel, I realized I was going to be sick - I quietly asked my BF to find me a plastic bag or smth, but yea..... Ended up puking in the backseat of a Tesla... But at least I didn't injure myself.
TL;DR: TIFU by enjoying my evening at a beautiful Norwegian fjord a bit too much and ending up super hungover the next day and almost falling off a mountain, freezing my butt off to the point of almost being brought to a hospital and puking in a Tesla.
submitted by BaronVonLark to tifu [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 13:05 -Emergency-Mood- Home Realm Player Size

Hey guys!
Im fairly new to this game but i saw so many damn cool features and i was wondering whats the limit of players that can play in the home realm with you?
Would I be able to build a clan of like 20 people and populate my island and trade with other groups of people?
submitted by -Emergency-Mood- to nightingale [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 13:03 gundog48 Looking for a CNC to Cut Cardboard (but if it's going to be big, I want it to do more!)

I run a small business which involves shipping kits of metal plates and tubes. I am looking for suggestions to optimize my packing process using reusable cardboard.
Current Situation:
My limitations:
My Current Capabilities:
Thanks for reading my brain-dump. If you have any suggestions on how I could proceed, or experience cutting material like this, it would be awesome! I genuinely love packaging in general, and it bums me out how shitty my current solution is. I'd like to be able to take more pride in my product, get more satisfaction from packing it, and make the user experience better.
submitted by gundog48 to CNC [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 13:03 -Click-Bait Dear devs & balance team. Where did the information / decision come from about the tank changes?

Dear devs & balance team. Where did the information / decision come from about the tank changes?
It could been years ago these changes could have been made, why now? I’ve been having fun in the game as a tanker & it’s been nearly nonchalant about how people who spent hours of their time creating & prepping the tank in general chat. No argument was going about this, we literally wow barrens chat in general before this revealed.
  1. Was it server analytics or information?gathered from other service side information?
  2. Was it a earlier decision, and there was not a good time to already have done it?
  3. Was it peoples feedback in discord?
  4. Was it peoples feedback in Reddit?
  5. Was it people making support tickets in game about tanks?
  6. Infantry making support tickets or going to discord, Reddit about tanks?
  7. Logi making support tickets or going to discord Reddit about tanks?
  8. Reading general / logi chat?
  9. Are you playing the game/ wars along with us anonymously or certain team members?
  10. If not nine is there a skewed view in the developer sandbox that the magic boxes create infinite resources that could be making things as not is?
  11. Was the tank having an unintended mechanic that is now being addressed?
  12. Infantry has the start of the game including tools to combat tanks with emplacements to combat tanks to giant gun emplacements. Thry have tools like a shovel to crate cover, at pillboxes, at bunkers. Infantry has the longest play in the game from day zero with mammons and beyond we tankers get what’s left over in he war & had already at times not even teched certain tanks at war end. Battle tanks never got teched in those instances that was beyond previous tanks fault, people just wanted the war to end so they quit.
  13. We’re players creating report tickets about the tank ammo drop when it destroyed, we’re they going to discord about this, or even here in reddit? Compromise it drops nothing & then we are cool?
  14. Please add in , the one time feedback would be appreciated.
submitted by -Click-Bait to foxholegame [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 13:03 gundog48 Cardboard Cutting - Laser Cutting, Die Cutting, Not Cutting?

I run a small business which involves shipping kits of metal plates and tubes. I am looking for suggestions to optimize my packing process using reusable cardboard.
Current Situation:
My limitations:
My Current Capabilities:
Thanks for reading my brain-dump. If you have any suggestions on how I could proceed, or experience cutting material like this, it would be awesome! I genuinely love packaging in general, and it bums me out how shitty my current solution is. I'd like to be able to take more pride in my product, get more satisfaction from packing it, and make the user experience better.
submitted by gundog48 to lasercutting [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 13:02 Daisyies_slave Hello, one Switch-gaming buddy for take away please. 18/EU/GERMANY/SWITCH♡

Well hello there ! Im looking for a gaming-bestie too play these games with :)
-Splatoon 3 -MK8 -Stardew Valley -Mario 3D world -Pokemon violet -Animal crossing -Minecraft (PC) -Roblox (PC)
Im pretty obsessed with splatoon right now so it would be pretty cool if you share this ''obssesiveness'' xD How about creating a Splatoon gaming group? Just having a constant team seems kinda fun too play with :)
We could play also the other games mentioned and try everything out :)) I would love too create a close friendship along the way! I have discord so we could chat there or even do VC :). Im pretty talkative when needed so I try too make you feel more comfortable! Lets create a good friendship! Just please be near my age. Everything else doesn't matter.
See you soon♡
submitted by Daisyies_slave to GamerPals [link] [comments]