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2017.03.23 09:43 staircasejapes The home of Cardano

Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. The development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers.

2012.09.17 05:49 Hesalite Seiko Watches

A pro-Seiko forum, for modern & vintage Seiko. Feel free to discuss Seiko watches, new releases, production, restoration input, wrist-checks, questions, everything. Daily Themes: Monday - Seiko Modifications; Wednesday - Divers; Friday - Vintage; Saturday - Sports; Sunday - Special

2008.03.14 20:08 /r/dogs: Woof

/dogs is a place for dog owners of all levels of knowledge, skill, and experience to discuss all topics related to dogs. This subreddit is a great starting point for a lot of information, but you should always verify and expand upon what you've read before putting it to use in your daily life. Advice on this forum is not a substitute for advice from a trained and credentialed professional.

2023.06.01 20:04 Pretzelicious About returning BP items.

About returning BP items.
Hello Crema and redditors.
I had a thought the other day and realized how close we are to 1 year anniversary of 1.0. (Time sure flies, doesn't it?)
Along with this, I remembered Crema's statement about returning BP items: "We are going to be including the content of the Tamer Pass in the rotation of the Premium Store a year after it has run its original course." So this means 1.5 we see "Launch Party" items in the store.. hmm.
And of course after this I remembered my suggestions in the old forums about returning BP items. So I wanted to revisit that and I now have different idea so I hope you can hear me out.
Let's get something out of the way first, I know there are strongs opinion on how the store and BP operate but I have no intentions of using this post to throw the words FOMO and greedy around. I know Crema can make good changes, just like the reduction in emote prices and removing the luma dyes from the shop instead to be placed in a play to adquire shop. So here's hoping for more of those positives.
Here's how I will present this post: I will revisit thoughts I posted in the forums to build an argument before detailing my suggestion.
My first argument in the old post is that: "For items that originally were not gonna make more money outside of their planned timeframe of 3 months, it makes no sense to bring them back at a disproportionate price." Meaning: a lot of players would be incredibly upset if the Mouflank steed went into the shop at 1600-2000 novas when players could obtain it in a bundle with a lot of other cool items for half that price. This is a "between a rock and a hard place" kind of situation, because integrating them into the shop at a fraction of the other cosmetics would also cause uproar directed at the other cosmetics' prices. It would blur the line of "These items take time and resources to make" in a very bad way. Which is an already disliked argument by the community.
People already dislike the massive pool that feeds the daily rotation for several different reasons that have been repeated enough. And second, there are a LOT of misc things that unless they are priced at something like 16 novas, they will become more expensive than the original bundle of 750 novas and I don't see that being recieved well.
Also it is not clarified in the post if the items in the free section of the pass will be added to the shop. It goes without saying that if these items went from "Free to Play" to the Rotating shop there would be a lot of backslash so I really hope this was not part of your solution. But until there are signs of happening otherwise I must plead: Do not do that, please.
So while randomly thinking about these things, I had a thought. What if the BP were brought back in a separate part of the shop as tracks you can purchase and progress. Exactly as we purchase them right now. So picture this, 1.5 rolls out and we have a new tab in the Shop or BP window that lists previous BP premium track(s).
I have considered that the items in the free track of each BP should be added to the Trainer's Paradise instead. My reasoning behind this is that you're still making the cosmetics accesible at all times while still rewarding the active players during the original lifespan BP. I guess it would come down to personal preference if someone would like to complete the 60 levels of the free pass for an item rather than spending feathers for it. I personally would like another Donut bag, but I don't wanna do another 60 levels just for it...What are your thoughts on the free track items added to TP instead? Since I don't believe both options would be possible.
Other specifics to consider:
-The purchase of the Legacy Pass (I don't have another name for them) would be permanent.
-Only one could be purchaseable at a time after the current season's BP was completed. I don't know how Crema stores or processes this information. But I can see bugs happening if someone tries to complete the current season BP + 2 others. Would EXP count for all? Just for one? Would it be split between the ones active?
It might be an incovenience for players to have to finish one before purchasing another but I feel this would give the least amount of space possible for messy situations. Thoughts?
-They would cost the same amount of novas as normal BP.
The one concern I have with this idea is what would happen with folks who bought a Premium Track and couldn't finish it during the respective season. I don't think that information is stored? I have no idea. Would they have to repurchase it? In the perfect scenario they would have their progress saved and able to finish it when the Legacy Pass is added.

Bottom line is, Crema please rethink how you will bring back BP items because I think just adding them to the shop is putting more pressure in a lot of pain points with the community and creating new ones.
My suggestion is not perfect by any means, and I know people will whine and complain regardless of what you do, but the most important question to answer is: "Will the return of these items will feel fair to those who missed out on them?" If Crema is adding this items to combat FOMO but doesn't view it from the player perspective, it will be futile.
I am sorry for sounding like a doomer, but the last thing I want is for Crema to get more flak for doing something in good faith.

Sample n00b interface. Mad Photoshop skillz
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2023.06.01 19:58 ganon855 S4 will give us Pride and Accomplishment :)

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2023.06.01 18:24 SmilingReaper [Offer] I will translate English into Spanish (any dialect) or viceversa for $0.01 per word (90% below market rate)

I have been working as a translator for over two years, and I have verifiable experience for translation jobs I have done in the past.
My English started off as self taught for the most part given that teaching in my country, particularly where other language are concerned, is very lacking. Most people do not speak it properly, if they speak it at all.
I have since worked on improving on a daily basis. Not because of an undying passion towards the English language (Though I have to say it is by far the easiest language to learn and more people should use it) but because everything I was exposed to from online communities, to series, movies, websites, discussion forums about things I enjoyed and even roleplaying back in the early days was done in english, and I had to learn and practice it in order to better understand most of it.
And so it became a part of my life, until now where most of my conversations through the day, from work to friends, are carried out in English, as is most of the content I consume whether they be movies, series, podcasts or different youtube channels (Lindybeige is one of my favorites, Professor Jackson Crawford from the University of Colorado is another, if you're interested in norse mythology and history do check him out, listening to him speak Old Norse is quite something.)
I have pursued a certification too, but it was a formality by then.
Currently I study Java, and I dabble in a few other languages I find interesting. However, my passion is writing and I have published some of my work.
"How would anyone profit from working at such a steep discount?"
As you may have guessed I am not from the U.S. nor Europe. Nor Asia. I am from Argentina. Our currency is so devalued that even working for low wages through the internet can be quite decent, if paid in currency worth anything.
So as an employer you get the chance to make use my talents at the best of rates, with as high a quality as it can get. On the other hand I still make profit from it and avoid starvation.
Feel free to inquire on anything you'd like to know, as well as contacting privately if you are interested and you'd like a sample of my work which I would happily provide.
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2023.06.01 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Thu, Jun 01 2023] TL;DR — This is the top investing content you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Advanced Auto Parts ($AAP) drops 35%, slashes dividend
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Brera Holdings are investing into a North Macedonian football team!!
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2023.06.01 16:58 PikesHair Economy Thread - How do Factories Work?

In this thread I'll run some tests to see exactly how factories work. There are a few old threads on the topic on the Paradox forums but the details appear to be incorrect, at least for the latest version of the game.
These are the questions I want to answer (initially):
Playing as Japan in 1935, I take the Bonin Islands as my case study. There are only two factories: luxury goods and glass.
In the first test, there are no capitalists, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, and no social reforms. In this scenario the craftsmen and clerks earn 100% of paychecks paid by the factory but nobody earns the daily balance, i.e. the profit.
I suspect that the daily balance will fill the factory budget until it reaches the maximum, but if no capitalists exist that balance will simply disappear(!).
In the second test, there are capitalists in the same state as the factory, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, 22.62% effective tax on rich classes, and no social reforms. In this scenario the capitalists earn 50% of the factory paychecks plus the daily balance, i.e. profits. If you add those numbers then subtract 22.62%, it matches exactly the daily income for capitalists on the pop screen.
In the third test, there are capitalists in the same state as the factory, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, 22.62% effective tax on rich classes, and I passed the first minimum wage law. There was no noticeable change in incomes. Capitalists still earned 50% of paychecks plus the daily balance, minus the taxes they paid.
What I suspect (and this is also stated on the Vic2 wiki) is that the minimum wage laws only take effect if wages fall below a certain level. If the factory is profitable and workers are being paid above a certain limit - minimum wages will not have an effect on the distribution of factory incomes.
EDIT: Playing Vic2 Heart of Darkness v3.04 - no mods
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2023.06.01 16:53 Pristine-Sprinkles-2 Cash management best practices - running a restaurant remotely

Due to a few different circumstances I am going to need to run a couple of restaurants remotely for a couple of years. There's obviously going to be a number of challenges with this but one of the ones that I foresee having to deal with on a daily/weekly basis is how to deal with cash/receipts. We don't get a lot of cash these days from our guests but we currently use petty cash to pay for little things that we need to get on a weekly basis. I find myself having to top off our petty cash every few weeks and that's going to be a little difficult if I'm out of town. I've thought about different ways to handle this (corporate credit / debit card) but I'm a little unsure as to the best way to handle cash management and reimbursement on a weekly basis. I was wondering if anyone in this forum had any ideas or best practices that might be helpful for me to implement or look at as I think about how to solve this problem. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 16:41 Mildly-irritated- Red flags for women seeking potentials - opinions/support requested

I’ve already posted this on another forum but wanted to post here because this is a larger community and I’m curious if anyone has some Islamic ruling/advice on the situation. Options welcome, support encouraged.
So basically this story is a warning for girls seeking out potentials. I had a friend recently end an engagement with a Muslim man (pakistani 30m) from the Midwest. He lives in a big city in Kentucky and works for a big phone company in a high paying position and his mom and sister live in another state but only a couple of hours away around Indiana. Basically this guy and his family led her and her family on to book a venue and vendors for nikkah/baraat, and they put in thousands for the event. All the while the guys side were completely unreliable and didn’t book one thing for the Walima event. And every time my friend would ask about this or call him out, he would get defensive but tell her they’d figure it out and to just continue on her end. His mom would barely contact her parents and sometimes ignored them completely. They were very disrespectful to her family and would lie about small unimportant things. When she met the family in person, she said there was something off because the girls in the family weren’t even invited to eat with everyone and instead basically just acted as servers. And the mom was very inappropriate and lacked a lot of self awareness by asking personal probing questions. My friend actually went to see this guy a little while ago while traveling through the area and he met her family and was really touchy with her, so she assumed even though they were having issues he was going to move forward with the wedding. She hasn’t even held another guys hand before this. Well not even a week later he started to ghost her completely. And his mom who already didn’t communicate with her family stopped answering her phone too. She lives far away so she can’t just go over and ask what’s up. She actually thought he got into an accident because he just ghosted her so abruptly (they talked daily before this for hours). Then four days later he texts her using from copy pasted breakup line from the internet about how they had different goals and should end the relationship. He was so pathetic he couldn’t even own up to his mistake and call her to end things amicably. But by that point she was so relieved she didn’t try calling him or reaching out again. He ended things less than six week before they were supposed to get married. Basically her family is out over 10k but even they didn’t like the guy so they’re happy this happened before the nikkah. But the guys side lost nothing because they didn’t even plan anything at this point. Luckily my friend stopped booking vendors and didn’t tell anyone in our community or work she was getting married when the guy started to act strange, so she does not have to deal with any embarrassment from the fallout. She is a practicing Muslim and he wasn’t, but he wanted a traditional Muslim girl. She later told us he was very inappropriate and would ask for nudes (Alhumdulillah she never sent them) and he would make jokes about taking on multiple wives just to make her upset and would joke about how Islam allows men to hit women who get out of line. It makes me so angry that he misused Islam to defend his arrogance and selfishness. And she is such a patient and kind person, she didn’t even want to say anything to hurt him, so even though she was uncomfortable with everything she thought she didn’t have any choice in ending the marriage once she got engaged.
This is just a warning to other girls. Please stay away from men like this. People do not alway have your best intentions, and they will lie to you in the beginning to get engaged and then change their ways when they think they have secured you. He was a good candidate on paper. Good job, well educated. interesting hobbies, close to family, but within two months his real character was revealed. She initially said yes because he was so kind and sweet to her. He has vitiligo and was vulnerable about that which caused her to really like him and protect him when people would be critical of his appearance. But he changed so abruptly after they got engaged. And she thought she had to protect him as her future husband, so she never told me or anyone else something was wrong, even when he started to ask for nudes or try to have inappropriate sexual conversations with her. A Muslim man should not be doing this. Please get your families to vet these people out. And ask the men in your family to meet potential candidates multiple times before you agree to an engagement. And please girls, do not rush into anything. My friend wanted a long engagement period but was pressured by the guys family to keep it only four months. Please don’t underestimate the value of isthikara and trust Allah. He will protect you from misguidance and in sha Allah put good people in your path. My friend MashAllah got accepted to medical school. And instead of getting married in a month, she’s going to start her journey to become a doctor this fall. She is also getting much better proposals since a lot of people are looking out for her now since this incident. She is a very sweet girl and she has always gone above and beyond for me and my whole family even when it’s inconvenient for her. She truly deserves someone worthy of her who will treat her like a princess. And I hope any girls who this guy may potentially talk to in the future see this post and run the opposite direction. I would love to call this jerk out by name but I will hold my tongue.
I am curious to see other people’s opinions on this. Any advice or opinions are welcome. I’m also curious to know if anyone has any defense for this guys behavior. Does anyone know any Hadith or dua that she was recite during this time. Even though she’s very relieved, she is upset about how disrespectful he was at the end and especially towards her family.
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2023.06.01 15:59 Sordum The most important news on June 1

The most important news on June 1
Hello and welcome to our daily newsletter recap! Today, we've rounded up some of the most compelling stories from the world of tech and finance. From TRON blockchain setting a new record in daily transactions to the EU's formal signing of its crypto regulations, there's plenty of ground to cover. We'll also discuss how Kraken benefitted from the exodus of crypto exchanges in Canada, a chatbot modelled after Bitcoin's enigmatic creator, and a unique partnership between Ford and Uber to accelerate EV adoption. Let's dive in!

TRON Blockchain Reaches New Milestone with Record 10.9 Million Daily Transactions

The TRON (TRX) blockchain has registered an impressive new all-time high of 10.9 million daily transactions, despite the current crypto market downturn. This record-setting performance was announced by TRON's founder, Justin Sun, who credited the growing popularity and adoption of the TRON protocol for this achievement. With plans to double the transaction volume in the coming year, the team aims to showcase the network's efficiency and robustness even in challenging market conditions. Amid these developments, the TRX token moved up in the crypto rankings, currently positioned as the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

EU Officially Enacts Landmark Crypto Regulation MiCA, Bolstering Money Laundering Rules

The European Union (EU) has formally signed into law the comprehensive Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation, taking a significant step towards becoming the world's first major jurisdiction with bespoke cryptocurrency regulations. Alongside this, an anti-money laundering law was enacted that mandates crypto providers to verify the identities of customers transferring funds. The new rules, expected to come into force in June, will allow crypto exchanges and wallet providers to operate across the EU under a license and will require stablecoin issuers to hold adequate reserves. Future laws may further address aspects like staking, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized finance.

Kraken Sees Surge in Canada User Deposits Following Rivals' Departure

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has seen a significant increase in user activity in Canada after competitors such as Binance and OKX announced plans to leave the country due to tightened regulatory measures. Following Binance's departure announcement in early May, Kraken's customer deposits rose by 25%. App downloads for Canadian clients increased fivefold within a week of OKX's withdrawal statement in March. Despite the regulatory overhaul, Kraken remains committed to the Canadian market, emphasizing its long-standing presence and positive experience with local regulations. The exchange has been operating in Canada for over a decade and boasts more than 250 local employees.

AI Chatbot 'Talk2Satoshi' Emulates Bitcoin Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

In an intriguing experiment with AI, Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer, co-organizers of the Bitcoin FilmFest, have developed an AI chatbot modeled after Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's enigmatic creator. The chatbot, called "Talk2Satoshi," uses OpenAI's ChatGPT model, trained on a limited dataset comprising Nakamoto's public emails, forum posts, and select Bitcoin-related materials. The bot aims to answer Bitcoin and economics-related questions in a manner reminiscent of Nakamoto. Although the model doesn't cover recent Bitcoin developments, it can competently answer questions about Bitcoin's operations, mining, and network aspects. In keeping with Nakamoto's anonymity, the bot maintains a similar mysterious persona.

Ford Partners with Uber to Offer Flexible EV Leases to Drivers

In a move to bolster electric vehicle (EV) adoption, Ford has teamed up with Uber to offer flexible leases on its Mustang Mach-E model to Uber drivers. The program, Ford Drive, will initially be rolled out in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, allowing drivers to lease the EVs for one or four months. Ford Drive will also ensure that the leased vehicles are delivered within two weeks and handled for service and maintenance through local dealers. This partnership aligns with Uber's global push for more EVs in its fleet and Ford's commitment to boosting its EV presence.
And that's a wrap for today's newsletter recap! We've witnessed significant strides in blockchain and crypto regulation, surprising gains in the wake of regulatory shake-ups, interesting innovations in AI, and major collaborations driving the future of sustainable transport. As the world of tech and finance continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, we will continue to keep you updated with the latest and most impactful developments. Stay tuned for more!
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2023.06.01 15:58 sareuhbelle How do we rollover tasks?

I'm sorry if this has been asked; I've searched Reddit, Google, and many smaller forums but cannot figure it out.
I use Google Calendar to track my events, but I also want to use it to track my tasks.
My tasks tend to be weekly rather than daily. So, for example, "Pet the cat," may start June 1 but as long as I get it done by June 7, we're good. I want it to show on the calendar everyday from June 1 to June 7 until I mark it as completed. How do I do that?
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2023.06.01 15:26 Turbulent_Figure_187 SaferYou (not a real brand, will never be real, this is just for my English assignment)

Hello everyone,
I hope you're all doing well! I am working on an English assignment inspired by a "Dragons Den" style concept (or Shark Tank if you are in America) , where I have developed an idea called SaferYou. SaferYou is not associated with any brand or company and will never be an actual product in the market. It is purely a concept created for my assignment, and part of the project requires gathering diverse perspectives and opinions on the idea.
App Name: SaferYou
Overview: SaferYou is a mobile application designed to provide support and resources for individuals who have experienced trauma, abuse, or are in need of mental health support. The app aims to create a safe and anonymous space for users to share their experiences, find solace, and access professional guidance.
Key Features:
  1. Anonymous Support Forum: A dedicated forum within the app where users can connect with others who have gone through similar experiences, share their stories, and offer support and advice to one another. The forum promotes a sense of community and empathy.
  2. Diary and Reflections: A personal diary feature that allows users to document their thoughts, emotions, and progress throughout their healing journey. It serves as a tool for self-reflection and tracking personal growth.
  3. Healing Garden: An interactive feature where users can grow virtual plants as they engage in activities, contribute to the forum, or receive positive feedback from others. The growing garden symbolizes progress, resilience, and serves as a visual representation of healing.
  4. Mindful Activities and Games: A collection of mindful and therapeutic activities/games within the app to help users relax, reduce stress, and engage in self-care practices. These activities are designed to be enjoyable while promoting mental health and emotional well-being.
  5. Professional Support: Access to professional counselors and therapists who are available 24/7 through voice calls or messaging. Users can seek confidential guidance, advice, and counseling support directly within the app.
  6. Parental Involvement: An option for users to invite their parents to have limited access to their account, ensuring their involvement in their child's healing process. Parents can support their child's well-being while respecting their privacy and boundaries.
  7. Self-Defense Tools: SaferYou offers a unique feature where users can opt to receive a self-defense keychain upon signing up. This physical tool promotes personal safety and empowerment.
  8. Resource Library: A comprehensive library of educational materials, articles, and resources related to trauma, healing, self-care, and coping strategies. It provides users with information and guidance to support their healing journey.
  9. Verification Process: SaferYou implements a verification process to ensure the authenticity and safety of its users. Daily verification tasks are required to maintain active participation on the app, fostering a secure and trustworthy community.
  10. Non-Profit and Free: SaferYou is a non-profit initiative, with the app being completely free for users. The goal is to make mental health support and resources accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints.

I would greatly appreciate your anonymous feedback and valuable insights, as it will greatly contribute to the development and presentation of my assignment.
I kindly request your thoughts on the following questions:
In your experience, what do individuals seeking mental health and well-being support truly want and need in this sector? Are there any specific challenges or gaps you have come across?
Considering the concept of SaferYou, do you believe it has the potential to appeal to individuals who have experienced trauma?
What aspects of SaferYou, as an idea for my assignment, resonate with you the most? Is there a particular feature or characteristic that stands out to you?
How likely would you be to recommend an idea like SaferYou, as described above, to someone you know who could benefit from this type of platform?
Have you encountered individuals for whom the concept of SaferYou may not be appealing? If so, I am interested to understand their perspective and reasons for this.
What aspects of SaferYou, as an idea for my assignment, do you think could be improved? Is there anything you find lacking or believe could be enhanced to better meet the needs of its hypothetical users?
In your opinion, how well does the concept of SaferYou address the needs of individuals seeking support after trauma? What specific problems do you think it could potentially help solve?
From your perspective, does the concept of SaferYou offer a unique proposition in this space? If not, what would you say distinguishes it from other hypothetical platforms or resources?
What improvements or additions could be made to the concept of SaferYou to make it more appealing and useful to a broader range of individuals?
What factors do you believe would influence your preference for an idea like SaferYou over other similar concepts or platforms? What sets SaferYou apart in your eyes?
In the context of my assignment, how much value do you think a product or platform like SaferYou could have? Are there any pricing considerations or models that you believe would resonate well with its hypothetical target audience?
Additionally, I would like to understand if SaferYou, as a concept for my assignment, appeals to the parents or caregivers of its hypothetical users. If so, in what ways? If not, what could be done to make it more appealing and beneficial for parents or caregivers?
Lastly, for those who are parents or caregivers, what features or support do you think SaferYou should incorporate to address the needs of children more effectively, considering the hypothetical nature of the idea?
I genuinely value your feedback, and your responses will remain completely anonymous. Your participation will significantly contribute to the completion of my English assignment.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts! Please feel free to respond to this thread or send me a private message if you prefer.
Best regards, Aleena
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2023.06.01 14:01 AutoModerator VeChain Daily Discussion - June 01, 2023

Welcome to the Daily VeChain Discussion!

Please check out the sidebar for important information and resources, including wallets, developer information and official news & media channels.
Please use the daily discussion to introduce yourself, ask questions and share your thoughts on the latest developments. We're an open forum, but please remember to be respectful and considerate of others. If you have any problems, please send a DM via Modmail, or PM u/SolomonGrundle directly.
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And check out to read the latest news and releases directly from the VeChain Foundation!

About VeChainThor

VeChainThor is the leading global public blockchain for real world adoption of distributed ledger technology, with 300+ enterprise partners and over 3000 enterprise users. The VeChainThor blockchain is used for a diverse array of use cases, from medicine to energy, authenticity and provenance to hobby developers, NFTs, GameFi & more. VeChainThor is versatile, scalable and cost-effective, having solved many of the issues facing the adoption of the majority of public blockchains.
VeChainThor connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust infrastructure combined with IOT integration, cloud technology and in-house developed NFC/QR technologies. The launch of VeChain ToolChain, VeChain's off-the-shelf blockchain platform, has allowed the protocol to rapidly accelerate adoption by leveraging the client networks of key channel partners such as DNV and PwC, through white labelled applications of the technology and innovative products such as PwC's 'AirTrace', and DNV's 'MyStory, Tag.Trace.Trust, MyCare and more
In the now-live PoA2.0 upgrade, VeChainThor becomes the first blockchain to combine the power of Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Nakamoto Consensus, eliminating the weaknesses of the two most common blockchain consensus types while harnessing their strengths - VeChainThor will be fast, scalable and secure while offering instant finality - a first in the space and an important factor for real world adoption. VeChainThor is undergoing a re-brand with a focus on delivering sustainability and carbon management-focused tools and services, enabling digital transformation for the economy and the environment.
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2023.06.01 14:01 AutoModerator CredibleDefense Daily MegaThread June 01, 2023

The CredibleDefense daily megathread is for asking questions and posting submissions that would not fit the criteria of our post submissions. As such, submissions are less stringently moderated, but we still do keep an elevated guideline for comments.
Comment guidelines:

Please do:

* Be curious not judgmental,
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2023.06.01 13:47 MagicThePuff Spell Token Daily - June 1, 2023 (GMT-4) 📖🧙‍♂️🧙🧙‍♀️🔮

Welcome to Spell Token Daily!!!!!! 🔮 📖🧙‍♂️🪄💫✨⭐️🌟🌕
(VPN/Workaround required for US based IP addresses!! Geoblocking has been activated by the abracadabra team to avoid any SEC backlash!!)Helpful LINKS and INFORMATION can be found underneath the disclaimer!!! 🐸🦍
Consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read in this chat with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open chat may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.
\*\*Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take.\*\* Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams. Credit: CryptoCurrency
—> Always DYOR!! (Do Your Own Research) <—
Promoted blog post —> Check out the power of Magic GLP!!
FOR SPELLCASTERS IN GEO-BLOCKED TERRITORIES - USE A VPN! (Proton VPN, Surfshark VPN) and change IP location to one outside of the blocked region. (If still shows as being unavailable when connected to an accepted IP, open the menu in the top right corner of the page and hit the first option that says “App” and the page should load correctly)
It is possible to fork the abracadabra UI as well!! For more information on forking a UI —>
FOR SPELLCASTERS HAVING AN ISSUE SWAPPING MIM - Write down your wallet recovery key!!! Uninstall and Reinstall the wallet, enter your recovery key, then retry the swap.
FOR SPELLCASTERS INTERESTED IN BURNING SPELL TOKEN - Send $SPELL to “0x090185f2135308BaD17527004364eBcC2D37e5F6” (Token Contract Address) —>
Staking: (Check for each “buyback” and “collection”)
(Interest bearing assets can be utilized for loans/leveraging on, or utilized using different protocols.)
KEEP IN MIND!! $MIM has an intrinsic value of $1 no matter what the market prices it thanks to the collateral backing it. Interest rates CAN BE increased to incentivise repayments until the $1 (or in this case 1 USDT) parity is reached in the main pool!!
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2023.06.01 13:01 osianharding Working Glitches List + FAQ [Mod Post]

Working Glitches

This is the Working Glitches Section! This is always being improved, and if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments or send me a direct message. If you know a glitch is working on any other platform I haven't included or doesn't work anymore, also let us know. If a glitch is patched then it will be stricken through. If a platform is in italics, it means it is unsure. If a platform is just "Xbox" or "PlayStation", that means that it works with both old gen and new gen versions of the game.
Money and RP Glitches:
Semi Frozen Money (No Bird, No Save Wizard, No Save) - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo Facility Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Gold Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Arena RP Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Cayo Double Secondary Loot - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
No Save AHK - PC - Solo Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo LS Car Meet Rep Glitch - PS4 - Solo
Arena Car Dupe - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Semi Frozen Money (Save Wizard) - PS4 - Solo Gold Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Semi Frozen Money (Fresh Meat) - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo BEFF - Xbox, Playstation - Solo 5k RP Every 30 Secs - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Dr Dre Linux Replay Glitch - PC - Solo 100k Every 10 Minutes - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Semi Frozen Money - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo

Player Based Glitches:
Checkerboard Outfit in Lobby - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Agency God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Account Duplication - Xbox - Solo
OTR God Mode Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Cashmere Coat with Vest - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Taxi God Mode - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo
No Ragdoll - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Agency God Mode Xbox, Playstation - Solo Orange/Purple Joggers and Bulletproof - Xbox Series, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Modded Outfit Transfer - Playstation - Solo Unlock Checkerboard Cargo - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Freakshop OTR - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Play as Big Rabbit - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Arena God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Apartment God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Candy Cane Weapon - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Jet Black Duffle - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Bigfoot Beard - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Migration Keep Progress - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Halloween Biker Jacket - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo 20 Max Armor - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Black Joggers - PS4 - Solo No Ankles - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Casino God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Female Joggers - Playstation - Solo OTR Party Bus - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo KD Farm - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Easy God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Outfit Transfer - Xbox Series, PS5 - Non-Solo Joggers and Bulletproof Helmets - PC - Solo
Remove Bodysuit Logo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo IAA Badge - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Gender Swap - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Transfer Duffle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Tan Joggers - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Motorcycle Texture Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Invisible Arms on Cop Outfit - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Any Shoes with Gorka Pants - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Casino OTR for GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Casino OTR for GCTF - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Cop Outfit - PS4 - Semi-Solo Yellow Rebreather - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Transfer Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Semi-Solo Perma Stun Lock - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo Modded Outfits (No Checkerboard) - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Kill God Mode Players - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Invisible Stomach - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Thermals in Aircraft - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Play as Franklin - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Ballistic Health Boost and Minigun - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo FIB Necklace - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Gorka Joggers with IAA Belt and Invisible Torso - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Duffle Bags - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Machine Revolver - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Frontier Outfit in 1 Day - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Save CEO Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo SP-MP Outfit Transfer - PS4 - Semi-Solo
Female No Bra - Xbox One - Solo Cayo Perico Pouches - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Invisible Torso - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
White Duffle - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Grey Snapback Half Hat - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Merge Special Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Juggernaut Suit - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Racing Suit Shoulder Pads - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Gruppe, Prison and Paramedic Belts - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Overcoat and Suit Vest - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo No Kick Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Chemical Mask on All Outfits - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Alien Outfit Without Mask - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Topless Female - Xbox, Playstation - Solo NOOSE Outfit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Invisible Arms - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Unlock Railgun - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo OTR using Double Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo
Double Garage God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Wear Any Blacklisted Outfit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Transfer Coloured Chutes Duffle Bags - Xbox, Playstation - Solo

Infinite Toreador Boost - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skip Original Heist' Setups - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Creator Mode Online - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Public Solo Session - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Car to Car Merge (No Arena) - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Modded Acid Lab - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Vehicle God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Solo UDC Finale B2B - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo AFK Modded Jobs - PS4 - Solo
DMO Lite - Playstation - Solo Casino Online GCTF - PS5 - Non-Solo Weapons in Facility - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
TP Mugshoot Room - Playstation - Solo Infinitely Spawn Vehicles - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Clean Your Plates - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Sandy Shores GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Sell 27 Cars/Day - Xbox One, PS4 - Solo Oppressor Mk2 Unlimited Missiles - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Arena War AFK - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Vehicle Magic Slot - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Skip Dax Cooldown - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Autoshop Car to Service Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Facility Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Orb Spam - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Glitch Through Walls - PS5 - Solo
TP 50 Car Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Undermap for Acid Lab/Freak Shop - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Cheap Acid Lab Supply - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Brickade Fooliganz Livery Flip - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Give Terrorbyte to Friend - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Car to Car Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Brickade Merge - Playstation - Solo Bandito Teleport Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Beach Door Launch - PC - Semi-Solo
GATF - Xbox, Playstation - Non- Solo BF Wevil Speed Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Shooting Range Glitch - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Thermal in Story Mode - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Savage God Mode - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo 2 Sparrow at Same Time - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Quickly Fill Nightclub - Xbox, Playstation - Solo No Cops - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo No AFK Kick - Xbox - Solo
Infinite Company SUV's - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Endless Simeon Test Drive - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Double Damage - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Teleport in LSCM - Playstation - Solo Get Inside Luxury Autos - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo CoPilot Weapons as Pilot - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Cayo Prep Job TP - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skywalker - Playstation - Solo Cop Car Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Colored Stock Wheels - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Never Fall Off Bike - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Director Mode Trailer Online - Playstation - Solo
Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo Car on Cerberus Slot - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo Casino No Timer - Xbox Series, PS5, PC - Non-Solo
No Wanted Level - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Drive Invisible Vehicle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo
Sultan Classic Speed Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Non-Solo Yellow Car Freak Out - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Non-Solo BMX Launch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Special/Person Vehicle in Sumo - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Unlock Trevor at Beginning of Game -PS4 - Solo Wheel Merge/Transfer - PC - Non-Solo
Chameleon Pearlescent Glitch - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo No Cops - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Magic Slot Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Bushole Launch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Extra Consumables - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Out of Bounds - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo
Under the Map Anywhere - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Invisible Aircraft - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Facility GCTF - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo
Double Sell Customers Cars - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Merge/Teleport Jobs - Xbox 2 Boys, 1 Hole - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
RC Bandito C4 Throw - PS4 - Solo Pick Your Bunker Research - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Replay Dr Dre Finale - PC - Solo
Custom BMX Color - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Repeat HSW Time Trials - Xbox Series, PS5 - Solo Choose Primary Target Cayo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Autoclub Podium Vehicle - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Launch Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Semi-Solo Low Grip Tires on Any Car - PC - Solo
High Speed Jet Donuts - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo OOB Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Toreador God Mode - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Wall Breach - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Teleport with Akula - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Hydra with MOC Health - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Walk in the Sky - Xbox, Playstation - Semi-Solo Freeze Time - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Transparent Jet - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Trevors Car - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Kosatka Speed Glitch - PS4 - Solo Change Org Name (Free) - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Matte Pearlescent Respray - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Job TP - PC - Solo God Mode Speedo Van - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Hide Cargo - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Skip Doomsday Setups - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo Hydra Speed Glitch - Xbox, Playstation, PC - Solo
Car to RC Merge - Xbox, Playstation - Solo Weapons Inside Arena - Xbox, Playstation - Non-Solo BEFF Double Garage - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Bypass Daily Sell Limit - Xbox, Playstation - Solo
Some Helpful Tips About This Subreddit:
• Please read the rules before you post.
• Please stay civilised, and do not be rude towards others.
• Please do not comment stupid things such as “I didn’t use this glitch”. Seriously, what’s the point?
• Please do NOT post gamer tags anywhere on this subreddit. If you need to tell someone, just PM the person.
• If you see anyone breaking rules, make sure to report the post so we can get on it ASAP!
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Best money glitch out right now?
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Merge Glitches?

External Resources:

Looking for a partner in crime?
  1. Need People for Duping/Trading - Refer to GTADupe
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Happy glitching! 😉
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2023.06.01 11:51 BigCrumb17 Daily Directory Questions, Unboxing strategies, Tips, and Insights

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread for CURRENCY Trading Cards!
This thread is the perfect place to engage in daily discussions about these captivating trading cards. Share your experiences, strategies, and insights about collecting and trading CURRENCY Series 1 cards and BEYOND ;)
Feel free to ask and questions that you may have here and discuss the different types of cards available, such as base cards, holofoils, crystal sparkles, gemstone refractors, meta rares, and cold foils. Share your thoughts on their designs, rarity, and unique features.
Exchange tips and tricks for building your collection, finding rare cards, and identifying valuable variations. Discuss your favorite artists involved in creating the artwork for these cards such as our community local
Cardsmith currency main forum:
Cardsmith currency trading forum:
Let's keep the discussions respectful, insightful, and engaging. Remember to follow the subreddit's rules and guidelines.
Happy hunting!
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2023.06.01 09:38 Batwaffel JRRShop 25th Anniversary Sale - $25 deals throughout the site which will change and have deals added daily through 30 June Remember to try codes GROUP and FORUM
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2023.06.01 09:17 Foreign_Examination1 Possible corporal fibrosis, looking for hope

Hi guys
Its gonna be a longer post.
Some background:Im 27 years old healthy and active guy. My symptoms started 2 months ago. i havent had sexual relationship in 2 years due to my anxiety and depression because of things that happened and happening in my life. So in early january this year i finally got into a relationship but that time i completly lost my sex drive and thus my erection quality suffered. Before i first slept with my new girlfriend i went to a uro to rule out phyisical causes of this Erectile Dysfunction. Everything was good and concluded its just my mental state so he prescribed cialis and viagra and said try each one to regain my confidence. Tried both on seperate occasions and found that cialis is much better, but more importantly it turned out it really was in my head. My penis worked really well from this point in early january till end of march and i got my sex drive back. I still kept using cialis sometimes when stress was really high in my life.
So One morning in the end of march i woke up and wanted to do a quick morning session with my girlfriend but while i was getting an erection it was painful and in semi erect state it had a curvature of like 60 degree to the left. When i reached full erection it got straight and after like a minute the pain subsided. I also noticed a harder more dense part on the left side of my flaccid penis shaft.
Before all of this me and my girlfirend were on vacation for two weeks. Because its a fairly new relationship we had a lot of sex in this two weeks like 5-6 times a day at least. So i thought maybe i just used it too much amd it will get better.
Regardless i went to see a uro just in case on the third day. He didnt really know what it was said maybe the beggining of peyronies maybe just a mild injury. So prescribed me NSAID and told me to get back in two weeks if its not imrpoving. Immediately started reading this forum and started supplementing L-arganine, l-citruline, q10, e vitamine, paba, and daily 5 mg cialis. Pain almost fully dissapeared in 1 week and my erections were as good as ever but at the end of week two the hardness of the left part of my penile shaft and the semi erect curve remained so i went back. He concluded that the firmer part of my penis is smaller but lets do an MRI.
MRI was done in May 11th. Around this time i still could get an erection for penetration and keep it but noticed that i cant "flex" it as hard as before. (The feeling when you kegel during erection). Curve wasnt really worse during erection so all was kinda good still.
This is when the worst part started. MRI results were sent to my uro who said some scarring can be seen on the left side but he said it probably will get better so just wait it out. I asked for a contact to a peyronie specialist which he did gave me. I asked for an appointment just a few days later. In the meanwhile i read the MRI results and it stated i have a part in my penis in the left corpus cavernosum (2,8cm x 0,7 cm) which looked different and could be fibrosis which was devastateing news because by that time i read a lot in this forum and on other sites and knew corporal fibrosis is much worse than peyronies. I went to the specialist two weeks ago he read the MRI told me that it must be a mistake because fibrosis is very rare so he did a doppler ultrasound and regardless found the harder spot where he concluded my tunica is in good contition but deeper inside my left side of my penis there is some scarring but said otherwise the blood flow in this area is good which is good. (He did doppler in flaccid state). After he prescribed me vitamin e and cialis daily (these two i already took for almost 2 months) and he also prescribed Potaba which i know didnt really worked for most of you. But it doesnt matter cause this treatment is for peyronies not corporal fibrosis but i give it a try. Told me to take these for 3 months and get back. He also reassured me that he is sure it will heal over time so i should not worry and the Erectile Dysfunction im experiencing is in my head.
Im still going to get a 3rd opinion in a few days but im just devasteted because in the last 2 weeks my erection quality is really bad. Like i can get and erection while my penis laying on my stomach but as soon as i lift it or stand up it starts to deflate like a ballon. And im sure theres a mental part to this cause im stressing on this so so much all day everyday but i think something is not right.
So im asking for some advice or hope or similar stories if any of you had any experience like this.
Also what could be the cause. I read that priapism can cause this at my age and as i sated i tried viagra and cialis as well in the past months but never full dosage. Like max 40-50mg viagra or 10mg cialis. I cant remember having priapism. Is it possible to have priapism in my sleep and i didnt noticed it? Like for 4-5 hours which caused fibrosis then i woke up and by that time the erection subsided?
Also if i had priapism which caused corporal fibrosis shouldnt it be causing Erectile Dysfunction immediately after? Because after the onset of the symptoms i had an excelent erection quality for a month and a half. Like some of the best i ever had. And it started to deteriorate a month ago but got really bad in the last two weeks.
Im really devasteted and dont know what to do or where to ask for help because its not peyronies in my understanding but guessed i give it a try on this forum. Thank you for your time and for you answers advance.
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2023.06.01 09:02 AutoModerator $GME Daily Directory New? Start Here! Discussion, DRS Guide, DD Library, Monthly Forum, and FAQs Shop Internationally NFT Marketplace
GameStop Investor Relations

Read the Rules & Wiki MOASS FAQ Join our Discord
How do I feed DRSBOT? Get a user flair? Hide post flairs and find old posts?
Reddit & Superstonk Moderation FAQ
Other GME Subreddits

🙋 ​What's GME & should I consider investing?

📚 Library of Due Diligence

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🟣 Computershare Megathread

Wondering what DRS is? Want to know how and why people are Direct Registering their shares? Here you'll find our guide and additional resources, as well as a welcoming community answering questions in the comments!

🍌 Monthly Open Forum

Each month, we will host a Monthly Open Forum (our monthly meta post) where you can ask questions relating to the sub, share your rants, raves, suggestions for improvement, etc.

📜 Petition against FTDs Europe

Failure to delivers are undeniably the most destructive market practice, so here's a petition to force european governments and representatives stop it! Everyone can sign it, not just EU residents. For more details, please check this post:
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2023.06.01 08:01 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown June 01, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Lace is now open source!
  2. Binance is back and apparently they don’t care if someone had that ticker first.
  3. Summon is now allowing for multichain swaps of ADA & ERG.
  4. Charles did a Twitter Space with World Mobile.
  5. Here’s an easy infographic on CIP-1694 Voltaire governance from IOG.
  6. Apparently, Cardano sushi is a thing!
  7. This kind of sums up the problems with central bank behavior over the last 20 years.
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. IOG wants you to know about the advantages of native tokens on Cardano.
  2. Cardano Movies!
  3. We really need to primary some members of the U.S. Congress.
  4. Wow! Not surprised at what’s being said here back in November. Just surprised it’s being said publicly.
  5. Here’s the longer video of that FDIC meeting for context.
  6. Looks like Western Alliance is up next.
  7. The weekly development update from IOG is out.
  8. It’s not hard to make a meme coin on Cardano.
  9. Still a crazy amount of mark-to-market losses that haven’t been absorbed by the system.
  10. Warren Buffet gives a not too comforting answer to a question about the status of the dollar: “America…we’ve got everything going for us…but…you can’t print money indefinitely as debt.”
  11. …and then everyone remembered what fee markets look like in busy times.
  12. …same for Bitcoin.
  13. Cardano hit 94% load.
  14. he MEV game is getting out of control over on Cardano’s biggest competitor chain. Convince me this shouldn’t just be called “theft” or “fraud”.
  15. Cardano Native Assets are vastly superior to BRC20 and ERC20 tokens.
  16. Rumor: SEC is going to make a move against Binance. Will the DOJ also?
  17. At the end of Q3 of last year, 722 banks reported unrealized losses greater than 50% of capital.
  18. Wyoming is inching closer to a state stablecoin. IOG’s significant presence there may turn out to be a huge advantage.
  19. Paypal disclosed almost $1 billion in customer crypto in its latest 10-Q.
  20. MiCA is shifting the balance of crypto investment to Europe.
  21. Today (May 10) will be a joint hearing of the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees on Crypto. The CLO of Kraken will testify.
  22. This is a legit point about centralized L2s: the best ones are called Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance.
  23. There’s already a new version of Lace Wallet out.
  24. A nice thread on the many strengths of Cardano.
  25. Remember, lobster traps are a thing.
  26. Today (May 11 at 1pm EST) there will be a Messari Cardano Analyst call with Charles & Frederik.
  27. I think we all love it when they start making our case for us.
  28. Ethereum is lamenting many of its poor design choices that Cardano already fixed.
  29. Drunkenmiller says this is the broadest asset bubble he’s ever even studied let alone seen firsthand and we’ve only had a few soft landings since 1950.
  30. Live footage of meme coin investors accepting their ROI.
  31. Here’s the Messari call from today with both Fred & Chaz.
  32. People really seem to be enjoying the CF’s Blockchain Education Alpha Program.
  33. The US Chamber of Commerce brief in the Coinbase case is calling out the SEC for acting “unlawfully”.
  34. About that whole self-custody thing we’ve discussed…
  35. The SPO poll on K and minFee starts today (May 15)! You should redelegate if your stake pool doesn’t vote the way you would vote!
  36. There are also a series of forum topics for discussion of the various options in the forums.
  37. Coinbase spotlights Empowa! May be the first time they’ve ever given such a spotlight to a Cardano project. Tides are turning.
  38. Wow. Leaked “Key Messages” document for the joint committee meeting in the US House last week. Best part: they basically complain about separation of powers in point three.
  39. Dr. Vanishree Rao on ZK-Rollups.
  40. Here’s a new Decentralized Identity article from IOG.
  41. There are reasons we’re in a hard capped cryptocurrency like Cardano.
  42. What is a dRep? This video is for you. There will be additional categories of default dReps that vote abstain or no confidence on every vote.
  43. The US Dept. of Justice is officially saying they are targeting exchanges. Great. Great.
  44. Wow! Ledger just made what is possibly the greatest PR blunder in the history of crypto. Trezor will be poppin’ bottles tonight.
  45. People are claiming that the hysteria is a misunderstanding of cryptography. But, that’s not what’s going on here if Ledger plus one of the other two shard custodians can reconstruct your private key without having to use your private key.
  46. The Ledger Recover FAQ seems to support this understanding as it suggests you use a brand new device for recovery.
  47. Wow. Unfortunate timing for this.
  48. Ken Kodama will be doing a Japanese language interview on CardanoSpot on May 18.
  49. The stake pool operator poll on network parameters of K and minPoolCost is live. See the results here. The re-delegation phase will begin on May 25th.
  50. Cornucopias dropped some new in-game footage. As expected, Solace is beautiful.
  51. Wow….the Ledger shards are encrypted with “a master key that is contained in all devices”. Wut?
  52. Sadly, the Ledger CEO seemed to be denying exactly the above just a day ago.
  53. Here’s why 340 ADA minPoolCost promotes multi-pools.
  54. Numbers are emerging on the benefits of K=1000 over K=500.
  55. Here’s the latest on the Stake Pool Operator poll.
  56. Rep. Tom Emmer is trying to help crypto by cutting crypto assets out of the definition of a “security”. He creates a new non-security asset category called “investment contract asset”.
  57. Prof. Wadler (co-inventor of Cardano’s Plutus) has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society joining the likes of Einstein, Darwin, Hawking, and Isaac Newton.
  58. Huge amount of voting for economic self-interest by multi-poolers in the SPO poll. Earlier today (May 21), 84.73% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 340 ₳ was multi-poolers. Only 15.6% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was multi-poolers.
  59. Large pools also voted heavily for economic self-interest with the K parameter. 70.02% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools with delegation over 35 million. Only 30.57% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools over 35 million.
  60. Apparently Cardano has its own wiki now! Probably better given our previous treatment by the big wiki group.
  61. Rep. Tom Emmer is getting some reactions on the bill he sponsored with Rep. Soto.
  62. You’re really gonna hold up a debt ceiling deal because you hate crypto so bad?
  63. Looks like a few big multi-poolers have voted in the poll since yesterday. Pretty easy to predict what they didn’t vote for.
  64. Reports coming in that DCG has defaulted on the payment owed to Genesis.
  65. Ledger Recover would allow governments to confiscate crypto assets by subpoena? Called “not a real concern in the end.” Really?
  66. Frederik Gregaard on DeFi and regulation.
  67. Don’t Forget, the May Cardano 360 will be on May 25th.
  68. Here’s the daily check-in on the status of the SPO Poll. We have surpassed 590 pools voting (as of May 23).
  69. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has decided to get our hopes up with a proposed regulatory framework for crypto exchanges that could mean more trading for coins like Cardano.
  70. Here’s an IOG thread on the latest out of Atala Prism and Self-Sovereign Identity.
  71. Here’s an IOG article on Cardano native tokens.
  72. The difference in decentralization between Cardano and Bitcoin is still…laughable.
  73. Ledger is finally caving (a little) to the backlash. It’s reported that they will focus on open sourcing parts of their code and only release the “Recover” firmware after that open sourcing is finished.
  74. Looks like the Hong Kong announcement yesterday might have been a hint of what’s coming.
  75. The Cardano Layerverse is coming to life.
  76. Wow! Incredible! Thank you for voting in favor of decentralization, 1PCT!
  77. Federal Reserve report debunks claim that crypto is not useful to people in the US.
  78. The SPO phase of the poll is over. Nearly 800 pools voted. Now it’s your turn to see how your pool voted and re-delegate if you think they voted against decentralization and for their own pocketbook.
  79. The May Cardano 360 is out!
  80. Charles dropped an update today.
  81. Sen. Cynthia Lummis declares her opposition to the 30% tax on bitcoin mining.
  82. Lots of volume being transacted on Cardano recently!
  83. Recent subpoenas to the Python Package Index don’t bode well for those hoping to store seed phrases with third-party custodians.
  84. Transaction volume is looking very interesting right now.
  85. JPG Store has now launched Android and IOS apps.
  86. It’s true. Cardano is straight killing it on the security leg of the trilemma.
  87. Just checked. Yep. The centralization in ETH is still staggering.
  88. There’s a documentary about a 2022 Plutus hackathon in Argentina.
  89. Pavia is testing NFT gating. This could get very interesting.
  90. Marlowe is on mainnet! You can now code Cardano smart contracts in javascript or blockly via Marlowe! This is an amazing leap forward.
  91. Don’t forget! We are still in the re-delegation phase of the CF Poll. See how your stake pool voted! If they were voting for their pocketbook instead of decentralization, you should re-delegate!
  92. Wow! Cardano projects are doing big things these days!
  93. The CCP has dropped a white paper on how it will develop Web 3 including NFTs and the metaverse.
~Army of Spies
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Hey everyone! Welcome to the official sign-up thread for StopGaming’s June 2023!
Use this thread to share your commitment to abstain from playing video games for the entire month of June 2023.
New to StopGaming?
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2023.06.01 05:25 shortuguese (Finally) telling my story after lurking for over a year

I think to get the full picture of my experience, you have to start at the beginning of my life.
I was born with pretty severe glaucoma, and would have been blind if not for emergency surgery when I was only three weeks old. The situation with my eyes was sort of like a hydra though, we resolved one condition, and three new conditions would pop up because many eye conditions lend to others. So needless to say, I was always in and out of ophthalmologists’ offices and was very used to being poked and prodded.
I’d swell with pride every time a nurse or doctor said something to the effect of “Wow, you’re doing so good! Most kids cry for XYZ!” Whether that be eyedrops, getting my pressures checked, etc. I knew these remarks were compliments to me, but also to my parents. Making my parents look good made me feel good too. So I’d always respond with some comment to the effect of “What, like it’s hard?” a la Elle Woods. I was hungry for validation from adults.
I was absolutely fascinated by medicine. I was always paying attention when the doctors were talking to my parents, learned about my own conditions as well as others I didn’t have, and I knew all major eye anatomy by age 10. There weren’t many 10-year-olds asking their doctor how their optic nerve looks.
It extended outside of ophthalmology too, I would always watch when I was getting shots, even though my mom told me not to. And when I broke my arm shortly after turning 7, I was so excited about the x-rays. I wanted to be a pediatric ophthalmologist from a young age, to help kids and parents in similar situations to mine.
I’m not sure exactly what age the UTIs started, all I know is that I was constantly on antibiotics to combat the latest infection. I’d get ultrasounds of my abdomen (I was also fascinated by those) and doctors would feel around externally, always with clothes on if my memory is correct. My records show that I had a VCUG at age 4, but I don’t remember it at all.
So at age 7, being told we were going to go to the hospital and have my stomach x-rayed, I was pumped. The testing was on a weekend, so my dad, mom, and older sister all came along.
I remember being in a great mood that day. What was there to be anxious about, right? It was the weekend, and I was going to see inside my stomach—that’s all fun stuff. My mom came in the room with me, and my dad and sister stayed out in the waiting area.
I remember my mom’s mood not matching mine. When they sent us into the adjoining bathroom with instructions for me to pee and change into a gown, my mom seemed anxious, maybe a little agitated. I was in a goofy mood though, not really deterred by hers.
We came out and I laid on the exam table, still in a good mood. That good mood was gone pretty quickly.
My understanding now is that my VUR was a fairly severe case, so it is likely that I had an active UTI while this was all done. Even just them cleaning me was painful. I remember the nurse who cleaned me looked at me incredulously and brushed it off when I told her that it hurt.
But things hit the fan when they started to catheterize me.
I was immediately in fight or flight (and I chose fight). Nurses struggled to hold my legs down and apart on the table. I was crying, kicking, and begging them to stop. They didn’t.
So I looked to my mom for help. Her expression wasn’t just disappointment, it was disgust. Disgust at my behavior, I realized. I was normally such a cooperative kid. She didn’t want to be seen as a permissive parent, and so expressing her disapproval of my behavior was necessary. She didn’t humor my distress, only exasperatingly telling me to get it over with so we could go home.
Once I realized my mom wasn’t going to help me, I remembered my dad and sister were out in the waiting room. If I scream loud enough, I thought to myself, they’ll hear me. And then they’ll barge into the room and demand that these people stop. They’ll help.
So I screamed. And screamed. No one came. No one stopped. And eventually I was tired out enough that they were able to catheterize me.
The VCUG confirmed that my VUR was operable. And so in the summer, about a week before I turned 8, I had the surgery.
Even though I knew I’d be under anesthesia for it, I was still terrified because I knew what they’d be doing while I was under was similar to what they did in the VCUG.
The morning of my surgery, I considered finding a hiding spot. My almost-8-year-old logic was that if we missed the surgery appointment, I wouldn’t have surgery at all. What kept me from actually trying that plan was knowing my parents would be furious with me. So I didn’t.
I had one more VCUG post-operation, probably to confirm the surgery worked. This time, I knew what was going to happen and I was extremely anxious.
The only thing that was different that time was that there was one, younger nurse with a modicum of empathy. She explained that when I was tense, my urethra was like a closed fist, showing how she couldn’t get a finger from her other hand through her fist. She loosened up the fist to show that relaxing would help me be more open and it wouldn’t hurt.
I nodded in understanding, but realistically I came from a family full of people with undiagnosed, untreated anxiety and absolutely no skills in emotional regulation. I didn’t know anything about deep breaths to relax. And I certainly didn’t have any kind of specialized knowledge in relaxing my pelvic floor muscles. They gave me a plastic straw and told me to breathe through it and focus on that. I remember cringing and thinking it was like having a catheter in my mouth too.
And so that VCUG ended up like the last one. Me fighting and crying and screaming, and none of the adults in the room considering that my distress might be justified.
No one ever told me that that was it. I was done. I wouldn’t ever need another VCUG. So I lived in perpetual fear that there’d be follow ups and my parents wouldn’t tell me in advance, just drive me to the hospital and spring it on me. Would I need to go back every year? Every 5 years? In 10 years? I had no idea, and I never asked. Because what if I did need follow ups, and my parents had just forgotten about scheduling them? I wouldn’t want to remind them.
When the next school year started that fall, I was different. Previously a social butterfly who easily made friends, I now was having a hard time finding a place I belonged.
I stumbled on trichotillomania to self-soothe, compulsively pulling out my eyebrows and eyelashes. Having light skin and very dark hair, thick eyebrows, and thick eyelashes (thanks, Southern European genes), any time I pulled a significant amount of hairs out, it was very noticeable, and I spent much of that school year with hardly any eyebrows and eyelashes. Looking like a freak didn’t really help in making friends, and it became a vicious circle. I pulled because I was anxious, was anxious because I didn’t have strong friendships, and didn’t have strong friends because I pulled.
I’ve overcome the eyebrow portion, but I still struggle with compulsive eyelash pulling to this day.
I was terrified of my own body. A lot of kids explore, even if only for the sake of cleaning themselves. But me? No. As soon as I was bathing unsupervised, I stopped cleaning between my legs. And when I’d use the bathroom, I’d wad up a thick cushion of toilet paper so that I wouldn’t be able to feel myself when I wiped.
The onset of puberty changed nothing. While girls my age were talking like graduating from pads to tampons was the only way to ascend to womanhood, I couldn’t bear the thought of sticking anything up there. Just thinking about even attempting to use a tampon made me sweaty. My 14th birthday party was a pool party, but I ended up getting my period the day before and couldn’t swim with my friends that day.
When I got my first period at age 13, I remember crying. I thought about how now, if I was raped, I could get pregnant. And I really did not want to get pregnant. I got my period at school, and on the walk to the nurse’s office to call my mom, I eyed every man and boy I passed suspiciously. I knew enough about pregnancy and childbirth to know it was something I never wanted to happen to me, because it meant 9 months of having strangers stick their hands and various medical devices inside my body, and ending with unimaginable pain.
The hilarious thing is that I never drew the connection between all of this and my VCUG experience. And I wouldn’t realize it for well over a decade.
I met the love of my life in college when I was 21. He was kind and compassionate, and pretty instantly we just seemed to be on the same page. He became my best friend.
I had finally discovered masturbation (albeit, external only and through layers) at age 19, but hadn’t ever tried penetrative sex. He was understanding of my anxiety around penetration, and we had fun doing things within my comfort zone for a while. Then, at age 24, after living with him for a few months, I had decided I was ready to try and got on birth control.
Every attempt was unsuccessful. It was like I was a brick wall down there, and I always called it off. Different positions, different lubes, lots of lube, ridiculous amounts of lube, lights on, lights off, spending the whole day getting horny in advance of trying—we tried basically everything except alcohol. Alcohol was my mom’s suggestion when I asked her if I had any medical issues she knew about that would interfere with intimacy (I was thinking maybe I was intersex or something of that sort). A glass or two of wine to relax, just for the first time so I can get it over with, she said. I thought that sounded like a great way to become dependent on alcohol and said no thanks.
So I looked into sex therapy, found someone I liked, and filled out her preliminary paperwork. One of the questions asked about medical history, especially that which involved genitalia. So I looked up the name of my condition, VUR, and mentioned the VCUGs without really thinking about it. After all, that involved my urethra, not my vagina. It couldn’t possibly be related to the vaginismus I was struggling with.
She asked about it in our initial sessions going over history. And we quickly confirmed it was very much related. That led me to do more research, which led me to Reddit forums! I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and PTSD.
I learned that no, I wasn’t being dramatic about the pain I was in. The time I spent since gaslighting myself, saying I was probably just overreacting… it doesn’t add up given the facts and the context of my medical history. All of the adults in the room both times failed me. Unfortunately, this procedure is still performed to this day, on tens of thousands of children each year.
I feel a lot of guilt. I’ve spent many sleepless nights crying for all of the kids who have been traumatized in the 20 years since this happened to me, thinking that I should be doing more, speaking up, writing letters. I’m still trying to figure out my place in all this. I feel like I may not be able to “heal” or “move on” while this is still happening daily.
I’m now 27 and still working on learning the body I’ve spent at least two decades tuned out of. Therapy has been great, but progress is slow—there is much to unpack and work on. I’ll be trying EMDR in the next month or so. My partner, now my husband, has been supportive and patient along the way, and I am so grateful for him.
With the clarity I have now, I know that I’m most uncomfortable lying on my back. Even for things like going to see my esthetician for facials and brow waxing, I can’t fully relax on my back. Additionally, the thought of any kind of medical penetration makes me ridiculously anxious. Initial COVID testing methods where they swabbed deep into the nose were something I avoided like the plague itself. I jumped on the rapid self-tests that didn’t require you to swab as deep. I also want to see an ENT for allergy and breathing issues, but am terrified that they’ll want to stick something up my nose or down my throat. I also have not seen a gynecologist—getting a pap smear is completely off the table if I can’t even be penetrated by someone I trust. Isn't it ironic how I’ve changed from wanting to be a doctor, to now being terrified of them?
It does feel eerily poetic though, that I had no say over what happened to my body on that exam table then, and even though I’m now in the pilot seat, I still don’t have a conscious say over my body. My body remembers being violated, and it’s been on high alert ever since, ignoring my conscious brain. Still working on finding my peace.
submitted by shortuguese to VCUG_Unsilenced [link] [comments]