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2023.06.01 21:40 Onoshi_the_Leper It's my 2nd Sobirthday today!

2 years ago I woke up in the afternoon, on the couch, to my landlord calling me. She needed me to send her rent, but I'd literally spent every cent on booze and coke. I didn't have any cigarettes left and I think I was a week or so away from my next paycheck. I was so tired of hustling up money. I didn't answer the phone when my landlord called.
Then I heard my boyfriend's phone ring upstairs. She was calling him. He's sober and didn't know about my two year long binge. I couldn't get up the courage to tell him or her that my portion of rent was going to be late again.
So I told him everything. I spilled my guts. He was really angry with me at first. He told me that I had to quit my job at the barestaurant. I had a shift scheduled for that afternoon and I told him I wanted to finish the week and he said "no". He drove me to work and waited outside for me. My employers completely understood and were very compassionate.
My boyfriend took me out to supper, bought me a video game because he thought it would help me with the detox period, and brought me to the bookstore and said I could buy whatever book I wanted. I kept bursting into tears because I couldn't understand why he was being so nice to me. I felt so ashamed of myself. I think I was still in shock, I thought for sure that he would leave me. I'd already gotten "sober" in 2018.
I went back to rehab for the second time to ensure my sobriety.
That was the best day of my life. I get cold shivers when I think about it. I avoided reaching out for help because I was so ashamed. But it all worked out and everyone was so loving and accepting. Now he's my fiance. I'm in my second year of college and have barely seen a mark below 90. I have a job where I get $20 an hour. I have an outstanding Pokemon card collection. I pay my rent and bills on time. I wake up at 6 am, in bed at 10:30. I'm never hungover and I can sleep when it's time to sleep. I have my drivers permit. I'm off the cigarettes. I don't constantly feel like I'm doing something "wrong". I'm not paranoid about my liquor breath or my coke nose. I don't wake up thinking about the baggie in my wallet and what's left in it. Or the money in my bank account.
I'm at ease. I've found peace. And you can do it too. The purpose of this post is for me to #1. celebrate my achievement and #2. Show you that recovery is worth it. Just don't quit trying to quit 🖤 I have unconditional positive regard for everyone of you. Despite what anyone else says, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You're worthy of kindness and compassion.
"Addiction is giving up everything for one thing. Recovery is giving up one thing for everything"
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2023.06.01 21:40 Necessary-Click-7918 Cat in cup drawing I made

Cat in cup drawing I made
my Subreddit where I share my art StarvingArtistArt
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2023.06.01 21:39 Intelligent-Can-8027 So real dumb question im sure, but can anyone help me understand how there are not buys or sells showing but the price is still moving all over?

So real dumb question im sure, but can anyone help me understand how there are not buys or sells showing but the price is still moving all over? submitted by Intelligent-Can-8027 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:39 juxst_eden This is vent I just need to get it out to something or someone

Woo-hoo happy birthday techno. Turning 24 today king. I think that I need to acknowledge the fact that he was a big part of my life and that because I wasn't close to him as a person doesn't mean that I don't miss him. Today is the 1st of June 2023 and 11 months after he passed. I remind myself every first of the month that he's gone and then it's the grief process all over again. The feeling that he won't be back but refusing to believe it. The way that I deal with his passing is forgetting it and when I remember I break down. Every month is hard but I think that 1st of June will always be more difficult than the others. In a month it will officially be a year. I'm so scared and tired and I want to cry about it. I can't cry and I just sob without tears a hand over my mouth at night. Around 1am when everyone is sleeping I let myself think of him. Remembering the fact that he made me happy is hard but the fact that he did prove that there were good things. I hope that some day it will be easier to acknowledge and finally remember him as the happy memories he made and not by only the grief that is hanging heavy above my head all the time. I hope never to forget him but to remember the happiness that him just existing brought me. In any case again a happy birthday to our king at pvp (and orphan slayer) technoblade this June 1st and everyone remember that he would want us to stay happy :) o7
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2023.06.01 21:39 Milo_Minderbinding Verified employment, showing at least 150 payments, but only giving me credit for a small portion.

So, MOHELA has my eligible payment number in excess of 150 payments. They also have my employment verification for the last 14 years. I've worked for two employers, both eligible. So far they have only given me credit for ~ 25% of eligible payments, they give me credit for all payments made to one employer but only a few from my second employer. Payment verification has been stuck for two months.
Anyone have any advice? I called them and they had me resubmit some verification. Seems redundant. It should be done by now.
My wife's PSLF was forgiven months ago and she worked for different 5 employers during the same time frame. We submitted our documents at the same time.
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2023.06.01 21:39 Busy_Sock Question, does anyone know if any team in NBA history has won a Game 1 in all 4 series on the road?

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2023.06.01 21:39 Icy-Ad-4936 Need Advice

I (34F) have been dating my boyfriend (30M) for 3 years. We took things slow and I always trusted him. We had conversations about our past relationships and I've always been big on being honest and open. He told me about is last girlfriend. They dated for about 3 years and officially broke things off a few months before we met. They were toxic. He cheated on his previous girlfriend with this one and he would post her on his socials constantly as an ego boost to show the world he was with her since she was considered the hot chick at the job they both worked (his words). Long story short, she cheated on him the entire relationship, lied, hid things, punched in in the face multiple times, held her issued gun to his head threatening to shoot him if he didn't delete texts that showed she was cheating with a married coworker. They had a terrible ending when he ran into her with another guy while she was out after they were fixing things after another blow up. I entered the picture a few months later.
We've talked about this ex. I always asked how he thought he would handle it if they ran into each other and he told me he would always be honest with me if she ever reached out. About 8 months ago, we were out with friends and he was on the phone texting a friend about their vehicle being broken into. This person had the same initials as his ex. I've seen him text this person before while we were curled up or watching a movie and he once made a comment about how weird it was this person had the same initials as his ex. I still don't think anything of it until we were out with friends. The way this person was writing was very feminine and my gut feeling kicked in. I'm not proud of it, but that night I looked and it's the same number as his ex girlfriend's that's still on his dog's tag on his collar. My heart dropped. This person has been his ex girlfriend the entire time. I ask him and he tells me I'm crazy and that he hasn't spoken to his ex. I show him the dog collar and tell him I know it's her. He gets super upset and tells me I invaded his privacy. We sleep on it and he tells me he was just giving her advice about her vehicle being broken into.. She's a cop. She knows what to do, but I believe him and ask him to just be honest from now on.
Long story short, after dozens of chances, they still text constantly. I was pretty much living with him but on a different shift so wasn't there all the time. I left after he told her she could come to his place anytime to help out with house projects and I found out she went to his place before while we were together to drop off his dog's old toys and soup because he was sick. He hid her number under multiple names, deleted messages, and lied to me every time I asked if they've talked and he told me I was being insecure and crazy. He swore once again he would stop talking to her and he wanted to be better to me bc I was the love of his life. We give things another go and things have been great.. Until last weekend. I was at work so he went out by himself. She was at the same place. I found out about it and asked if he had anything he needed to tell me. He said no. I get home and pry a little and he finally tells me he happen to run into her. I asked if they're still texting, he said no. I asked to look and sure enough, they were texting that night until midnight and were talking a few days before that, also. I told him I needed him to leave my place, we were moving in together slowly at my new house, and he went back to his. We're still talking and now he's mad at me for invading his privacy again and needs space to decide if he wants to be with me. I just don't know what to do. I love this person and stupidly still have hope. I don't know if I'm being unreasonable about zero contact with his ex or I should accept this friendship. In my past relationship, I knew my person's exes and they were in the same circle. I'm still friends with one of them. Just bc they didn't work out didn't mean they were bad people. I would have been okay if my guy and his ex were still friends, but it's the lying, hiding, deleting, deflecting, and their toxic past that I'm having a hard time with.
Idk, am I being unreasonable?
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2023.06.01 21:39 Delta-Chinx Mods that buff core worlds and vanilla factions to make them able survive modded factions

United Aurora Federation-UAF Iron Shell-IS Legion Infornalis-LI
To start off, i love UAF, IS, LI mods and many other mods. Modders whom created these custom factions, made life improvements features, added custom ships, weapons and variety content, you people are talented. It's like being served delicious first couse meal while Alex works on the second course meal delicately. I would name everyone involved in the creation of these mods and more but that would take long and offtopic so for now i say thank you for the modders.
But one major problem with modded factions is that most of them tend to be overpowered, not in a ship-balance department in my opinion but in the owned-planets department. For example Aurora is too perfect of a system and Aurora is too perfect of a planet and having one barren pirate world won't gonna balance that out, plus drugs and organs being legal in UAF is in my opinion ... dumb... Most discussions relating to modded faction is fun comes second to balance and immersion. But for me personally i hate to see proud Hegemony being bullied by UAF and LI. As much as i expressed my love for UAF and IS i still believe vanilla factions are hearth and sould of the game.
So am i saying nerf Aurora the planet and other modded homewods into the ground ? No instead i propose a mod that modifies vanilla factions aka core worlds market condition to be in par with relatively overpowered modded faction worlds and market. For example why not give Culann Star forge Prestine nanoforge, to give Kazeron syncretic fuel production, to give everyone S-modded patrols and so on. Sindrian Diktat has cutom industry building called Lions Guard and UAF has bakery so why not give everyone a custom industry building that buffs each factions unique aspect. For example "AI inspection HQ" to Chicomoztoc that gives Hegemony a bonus fleet, or "Knights of Ludd" to Giliad that gives the same bonus.
TL:DR Discussions to buff coreworlds so vanilla factions don't get sidelined by modded faction.
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2023.06.01 21:39 Interesting-Elk-7656 Trying to power through

Hi guys, about a week and half post opp here, this is the first photo I'm sharing with my new teeth, I still really don't like them and don't feel like myself. I'll be honest I haven't worn them much the past couple weeks and I've probably made things harder on myself, today is the first day I've worn them for the whole day. Doing okay all things considered but very much struggling with the pallet, I'm gagging occasionally which I hope will get better with time, but mostly it's just a lot having something resting in my mouth all the time, does this get better? I'm highly considering trying to get implants so I don't have to have the pallet but I don't know if it's worth my money for discomfort if all I have to do is try to be strong. 30 days seems like such a long time to be uncomfortable and I'm so afraid it won't get better
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2023.06.01 21:39 FrozzenAxe "Add to Steam" button in Windows 10/11??

So as many of us already know, there's that super helpful "add to steam" button when we right click something in desktop mode on the deck. Does anyone know of a way to add that same exact thing into the right click menu on windows for apps? instead of having to go into add non steam game and sift through everything to find the game or app you want.
I have about 40 desktop icons i'd love to add to my steam library so i can use them/play them on the deck using remote play. And i'd rather not try and find every single one of them in "add non steam game" because most of them wont even appear, i'd have to "browse" and that will take forever.
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2023.06.01 21:39 backtotheabyssgames Hello everyone. I'm showing you the render of Level 6 of Luciferian, created by Mike Lorenzo. As I mentioned before, it's set in an ancient library. This video is not gameplay footage of the game; it's simply horizontal/vertical scroll over the render of the level.

Hello everyone. I'm showing you the render of Level 6 of Luciferian, created by Mike Lorenzo. As I mentioned before, it's set in an ancient library. This video is not gameplay footage of the game; it's simply horizontal/vertical scroll over the render of the level. submitted by backtotheabyssgames to devblogs [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:38 holylink718 Nostalgia filters are insane with these games

These used to be some of my favorite games ever, especially Jak 2. But man, replaying them now shows me that I had no idea what good video games were when I was a kid. The mechanics, the controls, the camera, the hitboxes, the platforming, everything is so terrible.
I remember these games fondly, but that must just be because of nostalgia glasses, because it surely is not based on the merits of the games themselves.
Tell me how Mario 64 has a better camera. I know for a fact that my camera in Mario 64 did not get stuck on environmental textures, and it just happened to me like 10 times during the Krew fight.
Bro, it is bad when Mario 64 does a better job.
I'm sure I'm going to make some fans mad with this, and that's okay because you are entitled to your opinion just like I am.
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2023.06.01 21:38 DuckPlays750 [MP Dedicated - RP Optional - US West - PvE] - Duckie's Shambleworld

Our little PvE server was born about four weeks ago-- but we've already advanced almost a full year in game! Server does not wipe until August 1st of this year.
Come on in and play! Please join the discord to get at the server IP/port info: :D
There's a few folks doing fun roleplay things currently, come meet them in the discord!:
-Join the in-progress township of Gump! A few people have banded together to build a tight-knit community from nothing in the middle of Louisville's giant forest park. They're currently looking for new members!
-The Merchants/Bandit Camp on the outskirts of Louisville will buy or sell most anything. Cigarettes and Money are the default currency.
-Chimera is closed to new members at this time, but is fully operational and combat ready. They will be on the frontlines of Saturday Raids at select locations. Everyone is welcome to come along to enjoy fighting, looting, and the spirit of jolly cooperation!
A Few Technical Details:
Dedicated Server from Seattle, WA / US West.
Rare Loot/Respawn once per in-game month.
Zombies respawn in areas unseen after about an in-game month.
Zombies are fast shamblers, and will infect you with the plague only a bite.
Safehouses can be used as spawn points. Any building can be claimed. Safehouse is Fireproof! Safehouses cannot be trespassed by outsiders.
Server pauses time when nobody is online.
Player cap currently set to 8.
20+ People currently in the discord.
Consider trying the 'Insurgent' Occupation to have an easier start, with a gun in your pocket and some good gear.
Strange and unusual (mostly helpful) helicopter events!
Lots of vehicles from mods. Build armor for your muscle car or humvee and be safer while driving!
Firearms B41-- collect lots more guns and ammo types than the base game!
Authentic Z - upgrade your backpack, and find all sorts of cool new outfits!
Craftable swords! Look for 'the swordsmanship textbook' to get started!
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2023.06.01 21:38 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Monitor In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Monitor In USA Available on Amazon
A gaming monitor is a specialized display designed specifically for gaming purposes. They typically have features that are optimized for gaming such as fast refresh rates, low input lag, and high resolutions, which can provide a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.
Gaming monitors come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, ranging from smaller 24-inch monitors with a resolution of 1080p to larger 32-inch monitors with a resolution of 4K. Some gaming monitors also feature curved screens for a more immersive experience, while others are flat.
When choosing a gaming monitor, some important factors to consider include the size and resolution, the refresh rate, the response time, the input lag, and any additional features such as adaptive sync technology or built-in speakers.

Best Gaming Monitor

Alienware 34 QD-OLED Review
Alienware 34 QD-OLED is a new high-end gaming monitor from Dell's Alienware division that features an innovative Quantum Dot OLED display. This monitor is aimed at serious gamers who want the best possible image quality, performance, and design. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Alienware 34 QD-OLED and see how it performs in various aspects.
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LG Ultragear 27GN950-B Review: A High-Performance Gaming Monitor
The LG Ultragear 27GN950-B is a high-performance gaming monitor that promises to deliver stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, display performance, features, price, and overall conclusion of this impressive monitor.
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Gigabyte M32UC Review
Gigabyte is a well-known brand in the world of computer hardware, and their M32UC monitor is one of their latest offerings. This monitor boasts a sleek design, impressive features, and solid performance, making it a great choice for gamers and professionals alike.
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Pixio PXC277 Advanced Review
Pixio PXC277 Advanced is a gaming monitor that has been designed with the modern-day gamer in mind. It boasts of a 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync technology, and an impressive 27-inch display. In this review, we shall take an in-depth look at the design and build quality, display, performance, features, price, and conclusion.
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SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED

Samsung 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED is a premium gaming monitor that boasts advanced features, excellent build quality, and top-notch performance. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, display, performance, features, price, and overall appeal of the Samsung 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED.
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Nitro by Acer 27" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1500R Curved PC Gaming Monitor
Acer has been in the monitor market for quite some time, and they have always provided quality products to consumers. The Nitro by Acer 27" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1500R Curve PC Monitor is one of the latest additions to their lineup. This monitor promises a lot with its curved design, full HD resolution, and various features. In this review, we'll take a closer look at this product's design and build quality, display performance, features, price, and our overall conclusion.
Read More Below
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2023.06.01 21:38 PhantomNixy Anyone else’s game crashing on ashika quads?

Every time I die (get good I know) on Ashika quads my game will freeze then it’ll just send my back to the Xbox dashboard. It’s happened 3 times in a row now so I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. On the Series X.
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2023.06.01 21:37 OrcusFalus Help with map names

I got a map named "Kosher", but it is shown in the game as the last name it had ("Kashrut"). If I compile before starting the game the name shown is Kashrut, but if once I've started the game, I go to debug > other options > compile data, the name updates to "Kosher". The problem is if I save, exit the game, and start it again, the name is again "Kashrut". I checked the mapmetadata.txt and the ID corresponding to that map (10) is named "Kosher". I don't know what to do, does anybody know?
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2023.06.01 21:37 Nexod1 Modern Reddit User Experience Starter Pack

Modern Reddit User Experience Starter Pack submitted by Nexod1 to starterpacks [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:37 liltechnomancer [FOR HIRE][REMOTE] Seasoned JavaScript expert with flat rate prices and no long term commitments. Over 7 years experience with React.

Hey everyone!
So, I've been going through a bit of a makeover recently - not me, exactly, but my pricing structure. I've been doing some serious number crunching and have decided that a transparent, flat rate pricing structure would be best.
This idea was heavily influenced by Brett from DesignJoy, but I've also made some significant changes to suit my own circumstances.
It's a challenge to set prices for custom software development; there are just so many variables at play. Some clients want me to be a part of their team, attend meetings, rework old documentation, and the like. Others just need a top-notch UI, no questions asked.
So, I've come up with three pricing tiers that I think will accommodate most of you. Here's a little about each of them:
Foundation - For $2,500 a month, you get unlimited asynchronous consulting, 2 feature requests or bug fixes per month, and biweekly updates. This tier is perfect for those who run marketing sites or need an expert in React for consulting, PR reviews, or other asynchronous tasks. However, if you're looking to build something from scratch rapidly, you might want to consider the next tier.
Elevate - For $8,000 a month, you get unlimited asynchronous consulting, unlimited feature requests or bug fixes, weekly updates, a guaranteed 30 hours of work per week, biweekly meetings, and can request documentation or articles. I believe this tier will be a good fit for most, especially startups and SaaS companies aiming to launch an MVP, add unique features, or rewrite in React.
Amplify - For $10,000 per month, you get all the benefits of Elevate, plus daily standup reports, internal team collaboration, and weekly meetings. The 30-hour cap remains in place. This tier is for companies that need close collaboration with an existing engineering team, whether for task discussions, stakeholder consultations, or React training for your team.
In each of these tiers, you get me, a seasoned software architect with over 7 years of React experience, as your personal service provider. However, bear in mind that once my schedule is full, I won't be able to take on more clients!
If you're interested, please check out my pricing structure here and sign up before the slots run out!
Looking forward to working with you!
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2023.06.01 21:37 psnugbootybug Venting

Hi. Spouse (mtf) came out over the summer and we are currently separated and ending our marriage, but not due to trans stuff.
I just need to scream into the void without also having to play defense against transphobia: she’s being a huge, selfish shithead. She’s moved into her apartment and is in full swing “hot girl summer” mode, leaving me to care for our young child all by myself and handle all the hard parts of parenting a child through divorce solo. We’re also in the process of prepping our house to sell and she isn’t helping, and the parts that I have explicitly asked for help with she has done so horribly she essentially made things more complicated (fail to follow up with a contractor, fail to move all her stuff out when the moving truck was here, ect). She spent $2,700 last month on incidentals like cigarettes and eating out knowing my car needs about that same dollar amount of work done. She misses calls with our child and doesn’t take advantage of spending time with her. When they are together, she’s either reprimanding her or ignoring her. I’ve caught her lying to both me and our kid. She’s going out with her new friends most nights, which would be ok if HER CHILD DIDN’T CRY FOR DADDY AT BEDTIME.
Who Tf is this person???? It’s like she’s throwing a grenade over her shoulder on the way out the door. She’s sabotaging all of her lifelong relationships and spending all her time with a new group of friends she’s known for like six months. I thought we had a great marriage until we entered the transition period of our life. But then she came out on Twitter and told all of our mutual friends BEFORE telling me and things have been downhill since then.
Sigh. Thanks for listening. It’s hard to bluntly vent to my IRL peeps without feeling like I’m contributing to the awful narrative of “all trans folks are terrible,” that’s in some circles when really, it’s just my trans person that’s being a shit.
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2023.06.01 21:37 Dramatic-Mongoose-95 New Reddit - /r/ChatGPTGaming -- for games you can play in ChatGPT

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2023.06.01 21:37 dallas808 After two months, when do earnings show up in payment history?

I am new to program but I have been onsite for just about three months. I have definitely made enough for a payout some time in June. Its not a big amount BUT I think its awesome I can earn commissions by making short videos of all the stuff my wife and kids bough on amazon LOL
Does anyone know, approximately, when the amount owed to you will show up in the payment history? Also, when does the payment normally show up in the bank?
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