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2023.03.25 01:05 Fresh_Put_8784 Landlord

Thanks to a bookkeeper who has personal issues with me from highschool, and my failure to pay rent on time in the first place, I just got evicted. My credit is not great. Trying to rebuild after a failed business venture. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, and all of me things are now locked in the place I called home for 10 years. I’m locked out. I did have plans to move, I had the entire place painted, and carpets cleaned. I put new appliances in, did all repairs myself or paid someone to fix them. Never once called with a complaint. And was always on time until this month. I don’t know what to do. I currently am now out of work due to the last place I worked for closing. My partner is so upset, I don’t know what to do to make this better.
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2023.03.24 22:52 kcheves Concrete Block BBQ Island Project

Following up on a comment i made in a post by u/Hop1226, here are some details of a project I’m just wrapping up. I did the design and material selection and my very talented stone mason did the work.
This was the original concept.
Here are photos of the finished product. You’ll notice that the patio cover is missing. The original plan was to fabricate this from Corten steel, but the cost was going to be crazy and we deferred this until later.
Here’s the rough gas line, electrical, and drain work.
I ended up not putting in a sink because a) I had one in my old BBQ island and rarely used it. The outdoor kitchen is adjacent to our indoor kitchen, and I have a hose nearby if I need it.
We trenched and then placed the first course of block. The electrical was run under the block and then brought up to a central location in the back wall of the island. Where needed, he poured short concrete walls to achieve the final dimensions.
Here’s a view with most of the island built up. The slab that will support the smoker has already been poured, and he’s starting to build the forms for the countertop.
You can see two of the j-boxes on the back of the island. There are three outlets total on the outside walls (plus one by the BBQ for a rotisserie) and 4 that are accessible inside the island for appliances. I also ran conduit between the BBQ island and an adjacent fire pit area in case I want to run AC or low voltage wiring to that location. Photos of the fore pit are at the end of this post.
All of the conduit is hidden in the block or in the poured countertops. My mason used a propane torch to bend the conduit smoothly so we could pull wires later.
Here are some shots of the forms he created for the countertops.
There were several pours required to creat the openings for the appliances and storage drawers and doors.
Here’s a pic with the countertop poured. I really like the way the cantilever was constructed. We debated having two counter heights with a backsplash between them, but I think this looks cleaner.
It’s not shown, but the inside of the island is brown coated and the floor is poured concrete.
The outside was brown coated, and then covered with architectural stone.
We decided that we didn’t like the little shelf you can see poking out under the various openings, so it was removed.
Our original plan was to use granite for the countertops, but we couldn’t find any we loved. We ended up using large format porcelain tiles that a have a cool concrete look. We kept the grout lines as thin as possible to make it look more like a slab. We also used a 4” tall strip of tiles to cover the exposed edge of the slab, and coated the underide of the counter overhang with smooth concrete.
A few other details…
My daughter gave this to me, it’s from a local brewery and adds a nice touch.
The grill is a 32” natural gas Artisan, which is the budget brand from Alfresco. I was originally going to get a 36” DCS grill, but we didn’t need something that large, and I’ve got an XL egg for turkeys and other big cooks.
There are stainless access doors under the BBQ to get to the gas valves and outlets, and storage doors on the far side of the smoker for storing charcoal and accessories. There is also a unit with a double trash bin pullout and a storage drawer. I bought these directly from the company (Pacific Coast Manufacturing) that makes the house brand units for Barbecues Galore and BBQ guys.
The egg, side burner and fridge were reused from my previous BBQ island. The fridge is on the North Side of the house and does not get direct sun.
The stools are teak, also left over from our old BBQ island. I had to shorten the legs because the new countertop is thicker and the height from my knees to the bottom of the counter was tight.
There’s a cheap 55” TV hanging behind the island. It is on an articulating arm so that we can watch from the bar or from a sitting area we have next to the house. It’s under the eaves and covered. I’m not sure how much well use this, but it would have been harder to add after we repaired the stucco.
The pavers are pre-poured concrete from a company called Stepstone Pavers. They still need to be cleaned and sealed, which will make them a shade darker and more uniform in color. They are sand set and are 2” thick. We used these for all of the pool and patio decking, and for several walkways through the yard.
Finally, I mentioned that I ran electrical to an adjacent fire pit area. It’s not part of the kitchen, but we like the way it turned out. This area has a concrete border, and the fire bowl and chairs sit on polished pebble.
With the exception of the trees, the plants you can see are still in containers, they will get planted this week.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.24 22:00 KrishnaChick Advice for a residential renter

TL;DR: What can a good tenant say to a landlord to keep their rent from getting raised?
Apologies if this is not an appropriate forum to ask, but I didn't know where else to go. Been lurking here for years, from when I was considering becoming a landlord myself, but circumstances now force my husband and me to rent (NY state) for at least the next year. This is an attached 2-story, 2BR townhome. I've never rented with a lease until about four years ago, so I'm a little lost as to how to deal with my current situation.
When we signed to renew the last time, the PM told me that after this term was up, they wanted to go only month-to-month, and the rent would be increased $50. At the time, we didn't think we would stay, so no problem. Now, with one month left on the lease and a change in our employment situation, we want to stay. The PM, unprompted by us, says they want to renew the lease, and raise the rent by $70, because "inflation."
Inflation has hit us as well. The only reason we want to stay is that my husband is in the middle of a work project with a deadline, and moving would be a terrible hassle. Moreover, we have saved the landlord quite a bit by doing any necessary small repairs on the place at our own expense (recaulking the bathtub, fixing a minor problem on the garage door, minor repair on the washer). They have provided us with the cheapest appliances possible, which had to be replaced: a 20+-year-old washer and a 12-year-old fridge. They left us a filthy carpet (but replaced the upstairs flooring and vanity), walls that need painting, and general uncleanliness, which we remedied ourselves.
We have no pets/kids, and we don't even wear street shoes inside the house. We maintain the landscaping. We're not slobs.
My question is this: what can we say to not get our rent raised at all, while also not provoking the landlord to refuse to renew. I've seen landlords in this sub or others say that they will not raise rent on good tenants because they're worth more than the uncertainty of new tenants paying more.
Thanks for your time and advice.
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2023.03.24 20:52 DarthONeill How do I get better at electrical work?

I took basic electricity like we all did but I haven't really used any of it until the last year and I've forgotten a good bit of it. I worked A-Checks and C-checks before this and was basically a parts changeluber so I didn't really get a chance to troubleshoot anything.
I'd also like to get into small appliance repair on the side which requires understanding of electronics, but that's a different conversation.
Is there somewhere I can better my electrical skills without switching companies or having to go back to school? Looking for any suggestions.
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2023.03.24 19:36 aiaor Can school shootings be used as a defense against truancy laws?

If a student who is not yet old enough to drop out, gets a full time job working in his uncle's appliance repair company, and gets charged with truancy, can fear of school shootings be used as a defense? And/or other school violence, if the local public school has a history of violence?
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2023.03.24 19:24 Tiny_Situation8186 Anyone with experience with Royal Green in WP?

I purchased all of my kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator, from Royal Green in downtown WP in 2019. I also purchased an extended warranty for these major appliances, which is valid for 5 years. As per Royal Green's policy, they will replace any appliance that they cannot repair. Unfortunately, my refrigerator broke down in February 2022 and was "fixed" by Royal Green in January 2023, but it broke down again after less than only two months. The repair took almost a year and the appliance still does not work properly. Given this situation, I don't see the point in having it repaired again. I would like to understand how to proceed with Royal Green's replacement policy. Has anyone else faced a similar issue and can offer some advice? Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.24 19:06 popsathome Appliance Repair Person?

Fridge needs repair. TYIA
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2023.03.24 18:22 LakeBoss97425592702 Guy Fiero's Cooking Troupe Missions Again

  1. Tracey Shepos Cenami: Can you help feed audiologists and optometrists/eye doctors?
  2. Carlos Anthony: Can you help feed the geriatrics/gerontology conferences please?
  3. Antonia Lofaso: Can you help the Prestige series of nursing homes with their cuisine?
  4. Tiffany Derry: Can you help with food availability for passengers and staff at the Amtrak Stations?
  5. Mei Lin: Can you help Cintas/Mission and similar companies with food access?
  6. Joe Sasto: Can you help daycare centers get food access for staff + clients and families (like emergency, even maybe with a fee)?
  7. Elizabeth Falkner: Can you help BestBuy software vendors to access healthy foods? Not just yellowish pretzels, no offense - I still love them. Thanks.
  8. Crista Luedtke: Can you help pet shelter attendants get nourished too, not just the rabbits which might be obese and in vegetative state?
  9. Viet Pham: Can you help podiatrists access meals? How about Doordash/UberEats/GrubHub/Wish/Postmates/Instacart drivers or delivery staff themselves?
  10. Shota Nakajima: Can you help car wash staff with food access? There's an app for that. Can you help laundromat owners with food access too?
  11. Tiffani Faison: Can you help graduate students with accessing food? Thanks.
  12. Jose Garces: Can you help those homecoming from the PeaceCorps or Maryknoll or Food for the Poor or Doctors without Borders or Smile Train or (eg like Push the Hyperion Book, nonprofit mentioned) or Red Cross or FEMA to access food? eg even if they're paid, the compensation might come after the weekend - what if they are diabetic or have a concert tomorrow where they will perform?
  13. Graham Elliot: Have the instructors on Teachable, Amazon Lessons, Kajabi, Mighty Networks, Udemy, Udacity received their earnings according to the number of students they have, whether with coupons or not? Do they need help with food access too?
  14. Darnell Ferguson: Do the Fiverr and Etsy vendors need help with Food Access?
  15. Ilan Hall: Anybody on catchafire, SCORE, and MicroMentor needing help with food access? (Hello to my mentor(s) on MicroMentor!)
  16. Eric Adjepong: Any B-Labbers needing help with food access themselves? Even not for a party or their roommates?
  17. Kelsey Barnard Clark: Anybody hungry on if the meeting is at least 2 hours? Any special needs?
  18. Britt Rescigno: How about Kaplan/Princeton tutorial camps? Similar for NCLEX? Do they get hungry?
  19. Tobias Dorzon: Can you help feed the staff of oil rigs and refineries?
  20. Maneet Chauhan: Can you help feed the Christmas parades? How about the New Year outdoor celebrations en masse? What do you think about Mass Weddings? (kissing contests eg at "county fairs"?) (sorry if I offended)
  21. Stephanie Izard: Are apron makers hungry? How about kitchen appliance makers?
  22. Karen Akunowicz: Are tattoo artists hungry? Are sockmakers/socks distributors hungry? Are leggings and nylons makers hungry?
  23. Christian Petroni: Are watchmakers (smartwatch or not) and watch repair guys and clockmakers hungry? Are saddle makers/decorators/vendors hungry? Wanna sell at trade shows? I went to one - main feature: hotdog package, could have been affordable - looked like my godmother. But there are options at Vintage Days of Fresno State. Food was available at least from certain tents. Are we used to Pieology?
  24. Madison Cowan: Are the NYT/WSJ/USA Today/Amazon bestselling authors hungry or needing help with their book launches or book tours? How about their families/households? Is the TED(X) Conference still going on - how's the hunger level eg also if the speaker has props, pics, or topics related to food? Are the TED Fellows/Speakers hungry?
  25. Jonathon Sawyer: How are the participants of the 1000+ River Cleanup? How are their families, also if they are single moms/dad or widows? How are mural painters and window painters (eg ads)?
  26. Leah Cohen: How are playground installation workers? How are the artists in residence at NPS? The writers in residence at universities/museums? How are transporters/creators of museum items? I once said they could be with wheelchairs.
Merci beaucoup.
(c) Admiral Doctor Justice (R) WIPO, USPTO ICJ SC
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2023.03.24 18:05 Unusual_Ad_8364 1945 "Notice of incorporation" for Bob's family's appliance store, Zimmerman Electric. His first job was sweeping the floors there.

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2023.03.24 17:53 leon27607 Home builder won't take responsibility for an issue they caused. (NC)

So essentially I bought a new home around 2021 and everything at the time seemed fine. One issue was we noticed a gap in between the stove hood+hood vent. During closing, we were told this was fixed and it looked "fixed"(the gap was closed). Even during the 1 year warranty check-up it looked fine. 2 home inspectors didn't even notice any issues because the appliance was working fine. However, recently I noticed the gap came back and when I went to look at it, it got even worse.
I opened up the air filters to look inside and realized one of the screws wasn't even screwed into my wall. There are a total of 4 screws, the bottom 2 are screwed in correctly but the top 2 are not. 1 isn't even screwed in, and the other 1 was poorly screwed into my wall. The poorly screwed one had been loosening over time and essentially that's what happened just now.
I tried contacting customer care but they basically told me since I was past the 1 year warranty they wouldn't cover it at all. They told me there was no prior documentation about issues with the hood vent(when there was). I've forwarded an email showing that it wasn't right the first time and I was told it was "fixed" and it even looked "fixed".
Technically I am still on a 2 year "services" warranty(basically HVAC coverage), and a 10 year "structural" warranty. I told them if my wall rips apart due to the hood falling over because the builder did not install it correctly, doesn't that count as a "structural" issue? Waiting to hear back from them now.
Is there anything I could do or do I really have to contact GE for repairs(they charge ~$111 just to come to my house, with no service/parts included).
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2023.03.24 16:12 arscoolingsystem ARS Cooling System Best AC Service in Chennai Chromepet

ARS Cooling System Best AC Service in Chennai Chromepet
Cool off this summer with ARS Cooling System Best AC Service in Chromepet Chennai! Our expert technicians are available 24/7 for all your air conditioning repair needs. Get fast and reliable repair service to beat the heat now!


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2023.03.24 15:13 ReadsHereAllot LG burner remains on Hi after turning off.

Model LRE30453ST electric range has a burner that now stays burning after turning it off. It did this once a few months ago. I turned off the circuit breaker twice to disable it and then it was ok. This time it seems to be coming back onto HI power immediately after putting the circuit breaker on.
It feels like a fire hazard since I also can’t plug it in to use the oven without the burner going on the HI setting the entire time. Any suggestions to repair this or is it time to replace this appliance? It could be the control panel but I’m not sure if that’s something I could do myself. The control panel shows the normal “HS” which is what it shows when you turn it off, even while the burner is running high.
Edit. Just saw this and wonder if it is the same unit since no ST on the end.
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2023.03.24 10:31 Primary-Effect-3691 Landlord wont pay for appliance repairs

I rent an apartment in Berlin that comes with a kitchen and appliances. Recently the dishwasher broke down so we got someone out to look at it, they said it would cost x amount to fix. We sent the invoice to the landlord and they said that it's in our contract that they do not have to pay for the repair or replacement of appliances. Is this normal in Berlin or do you think our landlord is trying to swindle us out of the repair fee?

Edit: The appliances were new when we moved in here. We're the first people in this flat, i.e. we didn't pay for them or acquire them from pervious tenants.
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2023.03.24 05:11 New-End780 Now will be start air conditioning installation

We take precautions to make sure you obtain the best HVAC unit for your home when you engage Sears HVAC specialists to install* a whole house air conditioner, furnace, or other HVAC device.
Have you ever gone through a summer without an AC unit? Have you ever attempted to endure the lengthy, humid months of June, July, and August while using a broken central air conditioner? We offer efficient centralair conditioning unit replacement and installation, providing you with the security that comes with a dependable new air conditioning system. Consider installing a new air conditioning system from Sears Home Services rather than continuing with costly repairs on an old HVAC system and the anxiety of not knowing when it could break down again.
We don't just replace it with the same size unit you now have; instead, the Sears HVAC specialist performs an electronic load calculation estimate to identify the precise sort of heat and air conditioning system that's just appropriate for your home. These calculations evaluate a variety of elements, including the size of your home, how exposed it is to the sun and wind, how many and how big your windows are, how well insulated your home is, and more. This step is crucial to prevent energy waste from units that are either too tiny or too large.
Pollutants like pollen, germs, dander, dust, and more can be reduced in your house with the help of an air filtration system that is installed to your heating and air conditioning system. Up to 95% of the particles that enter your HVAC system can be removed by an electronic air cleaner.
During the dry winter months, a furnace humidifier raises the humidity in your home. It's healthy for your skin and respiratory system when there is more humidity. Moreover, it prevents the house's inside wood from contracting. Also, you can lower the thermostat to conserve electricity because humidified air feels warmer.
You may configure a programmable thermostat to set various temperatures for various times of day and days of the week. After established, the thermostat maintains the house atPollutants like pollen, germs, dander, dust, and more can be reduced in your house with the help of an air filtration system that is installed to your heating and air conditioning system. Up to 95% of the particles that enter your HVAC system can be removed by an electronic air cleaner.
During the dry winter months, a furnace humidifier raises the humidity in your home. It's healthy for your skin and respiratory system when there is more humidity. Moreover, it prevents the house's inside wood from contracting. Also, you can lower the thermostat to conserve electricity because humidified air feels warmer.
You may configure a programmable thermostat to set various temperatures for various times of day and days of the week. After established, the thermostat maintains the house at
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2023.03.24 04:50 Wendywen312 Why is the LED light always flashing? What is the problem with the LED light flashing all the time?

Why is the LED light always flashing? What is the problem with the LED light flashing all the time?
Nowadays, every home is equipped with LED lights. When the LED lights are turned on, they emit various colors of light, which are very beautiful. Many people like to use LED lights. LED lights have the advantages of energy saving, longevity, environmental protection, shockproof, etc., and can directly emit light in seven colors. They are usually used in traffic lights, display screens, car lights and other fields. But sometimes after we turn off the led light, we will find that the led light flickers, so why is the led light always flashing? How to fix it?
  1. The neutral wire and live wire are reversed
Under normal circumstances, the neutral wire is connected to the light junction box, and the live wire is connected to the switch junction box, so that the switch can better control the light. If the wiring is reversed, the switch disconnects the neutral wire, but the light is connected to the live wire, so there will still be a voltage difference between the two sides of the light, which will cause the light to flicker after the light is turned off.
Repair method: The direction of the neutral wire must be changed in time. The reverse connection of the zero and live wires will not only cause the lights to flicker, but also cause harm to the maintenance personnel during the maintenance of the lamps.
  1. Induction current
Such a situation mainly occurs in places where the wires are relatively dense. Because the distance between the wires is relatively close, especially when using high-power electrical appliances, a certain amount of induced current will be generated. After the induced current occurs, the lights will flicker, especially the LED lights, which will be more obvious.
Repair method: A contactor coil can be connected in series at the position of the lamp to eliminate the weak current in the line.
  1. There is an indicator light on the switch
Now there are many switches with an indicator light on them. But such a switch is not very good, because even after turning off the light, the indicator light is still on, which means that the switch is still on. At this time, a small current will flow through the lamp, causing flickering.
Repair method: Remove the indicator light inside the switch or replace the switch.
  1. The wiring is not firm
There are two main reasons for this situation. The first is the soft wire used. After a long time, there are many burrs on it, which leads to wire contact at the position of the terminal post, causing flickering. Secondly, the screws of the binding posts are loose, causing the binding posts to make contact, which will also cause flickering.
Repair method: Check the wiring. If the screw is loose, just tighten it. If there is a burr on the soft wire, you can remove the burr or directly replace it with a hard wire.
  1. Poor contact with the power supply
This is a problem with aging lines, or the lines have been bitten by mice.
  1. The lifespan has expired or broken
You can just replace it with a new one. When you replace it, check how much gas it is. It is best to replace it with a bigger one.
The above are the reasons and maintenance methods of LED lights that keep flashing. When you buy LED lights, you must not buy low-quality light sources or power supplies because of small losses. Only by choosing good quality products can we get twice the result with half the effort. If it is necessary to repair, you can troubleshoot and repair according to the above methods.
If you have requirements please contact :[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.23 21:57 foreverinfinate A Partner’s Guide to Understanding Sex Addiction, Recovery and Healing

What’s the purpose of this? If you are reading this, you are probably in a lot of pain. You feel confused, angry, hurt, and alone. You may be saying to yourself, “How did I get here?” and “This isn’t what I signed up for.” If your partner has a problem with his/her sexual behavior, reading this booklet may answer some of the many questions that you have about what sex addiction is. Our Intention is to provide guidance on how you and your partner can get help.
How could I not know what was going on? Your world has just turned upside down. We are taught that trust is essential to an intimate relationship. So when you began to suspect that something wasn’t right, you probably gave your partner the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you confronted him/her and were told not to worry, or worse—not to act crazy. Addiction thrives in secrecy, and addicts will go to great lengths to conceal their behaviors and shame. Part of your journey will include regaining your sense of trust in the world and in your own intuition.
I feel like I’m going out of mind. Is that normal? You probably feel traumatized, devastated, and confused by your partner’s cheating. Partners often report anger, confusion, feeling isolated, and feeling unloved. Some common ways in which partners or spouses may react or cope with the disclosure or discovery process are: • Shock: initial paralysis; inability to identify feelings • Traumatized: extreme distress and inability to regulate your emotions, sleep disturbances, or panic attacks • Anger: understandable emotion fueled by hurt, sadness and fear • Depression: sadness and immobility • Isolation: not seeking help or trying to cope alone • Stress: feeling overwhelmed or overloaded emotionally and physically • Denial: trying to avoid or minimize the problem • Preoccupation/obsession: ruminating thoughts and behaviors • Fear: mistrust of others, feeling unsafe • Repeatedly checking: hunting for information to “prove” you’re right • Physical Symptoms: loss of sexual desire, difficulty concentrating, dissociation, or physical pain • Acceptance: desiring and seeking a way to move forward
Where do I go from here? Deep betrayal can be immobilizing and you may question your ability to move forward. Many partners self-blame or feel shame about the sex addict’s behavior and may try to manage on their own instead of finding healthy ways of sharing and expressing their feelings with others. The importance of not isolating and seeking emotional support during this time period cannot be emphasized enough. Human beings need one another in order to flourish, function and heal. The first step in reclaiming yourself is to reach out for help; this can sometimes feel painful or even humiliating. However, once you do you will probably feel better, particularly if you reach out to others who know what you’re going through because they’ve gone through it themselves.
Should I get tested for STIs? Yes. It is important to tend to your health immediately and rule out any sexually transmitted infections (STI). You may also want to insist your partner get tested as a condition of recovery.
Do we tell the children? While you may be tempted to tell your children because you are hurt, remember it is not in their best interest to know. You should consult with a qualified mental health professional before disclosing potentially distressing information to children. In general, however, disclosure to children is not made if the child knows nothing about the parent’s sex addiction, is not at risk for discovering it, and is under 16 years old. Parents must recognize boundaries for children and respect their innocence. The majority of children do not want to know about their parents’ sexuality, let alone their sexual acting-out behavior.
Should I separate from my partner? For partners who are uncertain about whether to end the relationship or not, we generally recommend any major decision like divorce is best postponed until the feelings have been processed, some healing has taken place, and the addict has some sober time. Sometimes separation can be a useful short-term intervention, referred to as a therapeutic separation. If done in the right way, therapeutic separations with structure, agreements, and healthy boundaries can ultimately strengthen a marriage. Planning a therapeutic separation can happen at any time, but may be best after your disclosure session. If you have already asked your partner to leave the house, you should try to agree upon a time frame with them. If you are currently considering a separation, you can arrange to have your therapist present to support you.
Prior to the separation, decide what type and amount of contact you want during the separation and what your specific parenting and financial obligations will be. One of the purposes of separation is to spend time discussing your various issues in a therapeutic setting in order to get clear about your boundaries. At the end of separation, you and your partner can come together to renegotiate the terms of the relationship.

Treatment And Recovery From Betrayal:

Why am I feeling physical pain in addition to emotional pain? One of the primary purposes of a monogamous, committed relationship is safety and security. Human beings bond for many purposes but a secure relationship keeps all parties in the system, meaning both partners and children, safe. Betrayal by a significant other is a direct threat to safety and when discovered, there’s a physical attack on the attachment system by the fear system. This explains your physical pain; the pain of betrayal can feel searing or like you’ve literally been wounded.
Make no mistake, you’ve experienced a horrendous trauma, which may have you engaging in uncharacteristic behaviors in service of trying to restore safety to your world. This is natural survival behavior. Be careful about further traumatizing yourself when you start to go through email accounts, cell phone records, or consider calling his/her affair partner. It’s unlikely that these behaviors will give you the relief, peace, or explanations you’re seeking. Get help. Call a therapist and go to a 12-step meeting for family members. Consult with others who have gone through this so you don’t have to make decisions on your own. If you’re in crisis, you need a trusted other who can guide you to make sound decisions for yourself and for your family.
As the partner of a sex addict, do I need to be in recovery, too? Many partners of sex addicts feel that the problem is with the addict and it is the addict’s responsibility to “clean up their own mess.” This is a very common and understandable point-of-view among partners. While on the surface this may appear to be true, the reality is that there are no easy fixes to repair the damage that the addict has inflicted on the system of trust within the relationship and within the psychology of the partner. Without the participation of the partner in the process of understanding and healing his or her own betrayal trauma, the relationship certainly has less of a chance of surviving, and the possibility for healthy, trustworthy relationships in the future may have been contaminated for the partner. All this points the way towards engaging in your own journey of personal healing.
There are many ways in which you can get help for yourself and your relationship. Many partners find that individual therapy is an important part of their healing where they can create a safe space to process their thoughts and feelings and focus on their own needs. Couple therapy is an important intervention to work through the crisis and towards a plan for the future. As a spouse, participating in your partner’s therapeutic process can be beneficial for you both. It is normal to feel torn about promoting your relationship when your immediate pain and suffering have not been acknowledged or processed fully. You may wonder how you can possibly move forward after so many lies, so much betrayal. How can you begin to heal? Finally, treatment in the form of group therapy to help address issues unique to your own and your partner’s challenges would encourage you from not isolating and allow you to find support and connect with others who are facing similar challenges. Research has shown that couples have the greatest chance of recovering from sexual addiction when both partners are engaged in a program of recovery.
Does recovery mean celibacy? Recovery from sexual addiction, unlike recovery from substance addictions, does not necessarily require the addict to become completely celibate from all sexual behavior. Sex alone is not the problem; rather it is the harmful ways that sex is used that is problematic. Put another way, sex is a problem if it causes problems.
However, it is often recommended that the sex addict agree to a thirty to ninety-day celibacy period in early recovery. In recovery, the addict will create a sexual sobriety plan, which details the specific addictive behaviors to abstain from. It also includes dangerous behaviors, places, and states of mind that might lead to acting out. In couple’s therapy, you and your partner can establish what kind of intimate contact will be allowed during recovery. It will probably start off limited and expand as you and your partner recover. You must be very clear about your boundaries and state only what contact you are willing and comfortable to engage in.
How can a 12-step program help me? A 12-Step Program consists of a support group of people who are family members of addicts, people who are seeking to recover from a similar addiction, compulsion or behavioral problem, and is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step model. There are no dues or fees and the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop the problem behavior. The programs are not allied with any religion, sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; and they do not engage in controversy.
Many people shy away from the idea of sharing their secrets with a group of strangers. First, you don’t have to share; you are free to sit quietly and listen. Second, scary as it may seem, it is the very experience of joining with supportive others who have shared struggles similar to yours hat will bolster you in this rocky road to recovery. In recovery, support is essential.
Is finding spirituality necessary for me? You may ask yourself what spirituality has to do with recovery. If so, you wouldn’t be the first! 12-step groups are full of atheists and agnostics who will testify to the importance of finding a higher power. While you may or may not believe in God, it’s useful to find something to believe in that can help you – spirituality has to do with your spirit. Spirituality means finding all the ways you help your spirit feel alive and happy.
Which 12-step program would be appropriate for me? There are several 12-step programs that could be appropriate for partners of sex addicts; those where partners feel most “at home” would be any of the following: • POSA: Partners of Sex Addicts • COSA: the partners program for Sex Addicts Anonymous • S-Anon: the partners program for Sexaholics Anonymous • CODA: Codependents Anonymous • Al-Anon: family groups for alcoholics/addicts • RCA: Recovering Couples Anonymous

Rebuilding Trust:

How do I know he/she told me everything? Being told everything is referred to as disclosure. Addicts often disclose information about their sexual behavior to their partners either from being caught or from their own feelings of shame and guilt. Usually, this disclosure is done in an impromptu manner without any professional or recovery guidance.
Unfortunately, in most cases, addicts do not completely reveal their behavior. If an addict is not in recovery, then his/her thinking is most likely informed by the addiction. It is important to consider that you may not be able to trust a person who has been lying and now asks for your trust. In recovery, however, trust can gradually be rebuilt through a process of healing, which can include a formal disclosure.
Do I need to know everything he/she has done? No, you do not. You are, however, entitled to know the truth about your relationship and the person with whom you have chosen to share your life. A therapist can help you prepare a formal disclosure. This is an important step, even when your partner has “told you everything,” because information previously revealed can often be incomplete. The decision to participate in a formal disclosure is entirely yours. It is recommended that the disclosure process be facilitated with the help of a mental health professional.
A formal disclosure is a therapy session during which the addict reveals to his/her partner information about their addictive behavior. It includes such factual details as types of sexual behaviors, frequency, locations, money spent, people at risk, lies told, and secrets kept. There is a protocol to guide this process, and therapists work diligently with recovering addicts to ensure the most complete and accurate disclosure possible. If you decide to participate in a formal disclosure, you will be asked to attend several individual “prep” sessions both before and after the disclosure. The formal disclosure can be very powerful in rebuilding trust and healing in the relationship.
What if I still can’t believe what he/she says? When deception has been profound, you may have little faith in the truthfulness of the information provided in the formal disclosure. In these circumstances, a polygraph can be incorporated into this process. Polygraphs are sometimes integrated as part of the formal disclosure and can be helpful in rebuilding trust for partners of sexual addicts. How do I decide to stay in this relationship?
This can be an agonizing decision, and no one can make it for you. Only you know whether or not staying or leaving is the right choice. Difficult though it may seem, you should consider postponing major decisions about the status of your relationship, namely whether to stay or not, until after you and your partner have had a chance to engage in recovery. This would include going to individual therapy, attending a partners group, and attending recovery meetings. Working through the initial shock, grief, and anger can set you up to make an informed decision when the time is right.
If there is a slip or relapse, does that mean recovery isn’t working? Slips are a part of recovery and generally considered a “stumble on the path of recovery.” There is no such thing as a perfect sobriety or recovery. The important thing is that you and your partner communicate and are clear about what you do and do not want to hear. This includes agreeing on what your time frame is for hearing about slips, how much detail you want to hear and an action plan for addressing the slip.
Relapses are considered more severe than a slip and require that the addict put more effort into their recovery. If your partner relapses, meaning he/she does not tell you or anyone in their program about acting out and continues to do so over time, then you have to be clear about your boundaries and consequences. Boundaries and consequences are developed with your therapist and your program of recovery. Often a relapse requires a higher level of care like an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or inpatient treatment. Like a slip, it is important that you and your partner communicate and are clear about what the action plan is for addressing the relapse.
When is it time to have sex again? A better way to look at this question is, “When can I trust myself again?” When can you trust that you are being true to yourself and not wanting to have sex out of fear or a need to take care of your partner? Have you really done the work to forgive yourself first, for not having known your partner was acting out, for not thinking you were good enough or for not asking to get your needs met?
First, take loving care of yourself; then consider whether your desire to have sex with your partner is really a desire for him/her or for your need to try and put things back together again. Do take the time you need to make decisions to ensure that you are safe, loved, and wanted by your partner and that you really want your partner. Don’t compromise yourself or your integrity by jumping the gun and returning to sex before you are ready.
The main point is to slow things down. Imagine how you would feel if you jumped into sex with your partner, only later to decide it was the wrong thing to do. Give yourself the dignity of your own process and wait until your intuition tells you it’s the right time.
The period following a disclosure can be confusing and disorienting. Take this time for celibacy as a time-out for yourself, your partner, and your coupleship. Use this opportunity to begin to heal from the pain and destruction of the past in your own therapy and 12-step fellowship. When you are both ready, couple’s therapy will be essential for your healing, too.
How do I know if our sex is healthy and intimate? Healthy, intimate sex comes from restoring trust and is a main goal of your recovery. This means you must take time to define what healthy and pleasurable sex means to you. Most addicts associate sex with intensity—the higher the better. Healthy sex is intense and connected through honest and tender experiences with your partner, sex can be arousing and fun in a way you may never have known before. Guidelines to remember when you reengage in sex are: • Healthy sex is not secretive or shameful to yourself or the other person. • Healthy sex is not abusive in any way. • Healthy sex is not used to ignore or escape your feelings. • Healthy sex requires an emotional connection of some sort with the other person. • Healthy sex is about love, respect, mutual caring, giving and receiving pleasure, and a desire to know yourself and your partner in a deeper way. • Healthy sex should serve to connect you over time.
How can I forgive this behavior? For a couple to heal broken trust and fractured bonds, the forgiveness process needs room to breathe. It requires mutual support, attendance in therapy, and patience while you work through the steps of recovery. Recovery takes time, especially for a couple. So hold steadfast to your commitments to support each other’s processes as you work through your own program. Forgiveness is not something you “should” do, but something that comes to you when you’re ready. Forgiveness arrives in stages, shows up differently for different people, and may never be complete. For example, glimmers of forgiveness may emerge after your disclosure discussion when both of you have begun to move through the grieving process. Forgiveness can be seen as a personal choice and an opportunity for healing.

Recommended Reading:

What can I read to help me through this process?
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2023.03.23 21:16 doodofe Water pressure check?

Water pressure check?
Hello community,
I have zero knowledge in plumbing and I have a question please.
My partner and I moved to a new build place and we are a bit concerned with the water pressure in our shower. We have been told it's " normal " but I have taken a few showers in my life to be able to tell when it's kinda low ( It doesn't make me a plumber though ).
The tap water seems alright ( even though my partner tells me to not be tricked by the bubbly water pressure ... ).
We have a " GSW water heater " in the garage and when I was reading the manual, there is a water pressure page but there is not much about it. They say " Locate your home's pressure reducing valve ".
And I could measure my water pressure but not sure where is the valve. It should apparently no more than 80 PSI and recommended 50-60 PSI max, 30 PSI minimum.
You can see in my pictures a gauge from a pipe showing 125 ash PSI, no idea what it is as it's way higher what's recommended, or maybe the pressure is high and then it's regulated through something else?
Under our sinks, everything is open normally, at the max.
So basically, I would like to be sure we get the right PSI amount and maybe the issue comes from our shower appliances ? wrong shower head or else?
Thank you for reading me.
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2023.03.23 21:04 tyler86tn Whirlpool dishwasher leaks one minute into cycle

Photo for reference:
Video for reference: (leak starts at about 1:02):
My Whirlpool dishwasher leaks about one minute into the cycle for about 10 seconds then stops. The leak appears to be coming from the front of the machine, as you can see in the photo. It's not a ton of water, but it sure is annoying.
This doesn't happen every time I run the machine, but about 50% of the time. I've considered different variables and I'm not recognizing any patterns. It's likely not due to : amount of dishes loaded, type of detergent used, or use of a rinse aid. Before I run the machine I make sure there is no existing water on the bottom of the inside. There are no obstructions.
Has anyone had a similar problem or ideas on a possible solution? The machine is not under warranty anymore and I'd prefer not to call an appliance repair or handy-person quite yet. Thank you!
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2023.03.23 19:55 yrakesh1996 The Unbelievable History Of Woven Dental Floss !!!!

Despite its ubiquity today, dental floss is a relatively new invention. The first patent for “gum elastic toothpick threads” was issued in 1874 to Dr. Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist from New Orleans. However, it wasn’t until 1882 that the first mass-produced dental floss was introduced by the Codman and Shurtleff Company under the brand name “Sanitary Toothpick”. The oral care industry has come a long way since then! Today, there are a wide variety of dental flosses available on the market, each with its own unique benefits. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at one type of dental floss in particular: woven dental floss.

The Early Days: The material

In the early days of dental floss, it was typically constructed from natural fibers such as silk. This woven thread was created by interlacing strands of silk or other materials and was intended for cleaning between teeth where toothbrushes could not reach. While its usage was not as widespread as it is today, dental professionals recognized its importance in maintaining oral hygiene and recommended it as part of a regular routine.
As time passed, the material used in dental floss has evolved and expanded to include synthetic materials like nylon, which is more durable and cost-effective to produce than silk. These days, there are various types of dental floss on the market, including waxed and unwaxed options, flavored and unflavored, and even floss picks that make it more convenient for users.

The Dental Floss We Know And Love Today

Dental floss, constructed from nylon or other materials, is a slender, flexible cord used to remove food particles and plaque from between teeth, contributing significantly to oral hygiene and helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
Woven dental floss is one of the most popular types of dental floss available in multiple forms. This variation is made from intertwined strands of nylon or other materials, making it a more robust option that can remove plaque and particles more efficiently.
To facilitate easy movement between teeth yet prevent entanglement and wear and tear, a light coat of wax or comparable material is often applied to woven dental floss. The wax enhances the cleaning capabilities of the floss and stimulates the removal and prevention of plaque and debris from the gum line and teeth.
Woven dental floss can be personalized to suit individual requirements based on the spaces between teeth, as it is accessible in various thicknesses and sizes. It is advised that one flosses at least once daily to attain optimal oral health, and using a woven dental floss is an excellent option to achieve this.

How Dental Floss is Made

Dental floss is a thin, flexible thread or cord that is used to clean between teeth and remove plaque and food particles. Woven dental floss is a type of floss that is made by weaving together multiple strands of nylon or other synthetic fibers.
Here is a general overview of the process for making woven dental floss:
  1. Selection of Materials: Initially, the selection of raw materials takes place, commonly comprising synthetic fibers such as nylon. The criteria for choosing fibers are their durability, suppleness, and capability to withstand tearing.
  2. Yarn Spinning: The process of yarn spinning follows with the fibers being transformed into yarns that are subsequently loaded onto spools or bobbins.
  3. Warping: The yarns are then arranged onto a warping machine, which pulls the yarns under tension and creates a long, parallel section of yarns. This section of yarns is then wound onto a beam.
  4. Weaving: The yarn beam is then transported to a weaving apparatus where it is interlaced to produce a woven design. For dental floss, this typically results in a flat, strip-like tape measuring around 1-2 mm in width.
  5. Waxing: After weaving, the floss is typically coated with a wax or other lubricant to make it easier to slide between teeth. The wax also helps to prevent the floss from breaking or shredding during use.
  6. Cutting and Packaging: The floss is then cut into individual lengths and packaged for distribution to consumers.
Overall, the process of making woven dental floss involves spinning and weaving synthetic fibers, coating the floss with wax or other lubricants, and cutting and packaging the floss into individual lengths.

The Many Uses of Dental Floss

Dental floss is a slender string composed of nylon or polyethylene; it serves the purpose of extracting food debris and plaque from the interdental spaces. There are multiple variations of dental flosses that one can purchase: waxed, unwaxed, flavored, and woven. Woven floss, in particular, is formed by intertwining numerous nylon or other fibers to generate a robust and resilient floss.
There are many uses for dental floss beyond just cleaning between teeth. Here are some examples:
  1. Removing food particles: This is the most common use of dental floss. By running a length of floss between your teeth, you can dislodge any food particles that may be stuck there.
  2. Cleaning orthodontic appliances: If you wear braces or other orthodontic appliances, it can be difficult to clean around the wires and brackets. Dental floss can be used to remove food particles and plaque from these areas.
  3. Removing plaque: Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing can help remove plaque from between teeth and along the gumline.
  4. Thread for sewing: In a pinch, dental floss can be used as thread for sewing buttons, repairing tears, or stitching up small wounds.
  5. Fishing line: Because dental floss is strong and durable, it can be used as fishing line in a survival situation.
  6. Cutting cheese: Some types of dental floss, such as unwaxed or flavored floss, can be used to cut soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert.
  7. Tying up plants: In gardening, dental floss can be used to tie up plants that need support.

Which Type of Dental Floss is Right For Me?

The dental floss market offers a diverse range of products, and selecting the appropriate one for you is contingent upon your dental requisites and individual preference. Woven dental floss is an example of floss that could be an excellent option for a particular group of individuals.
Woven dental floss is made of multiple nylon strands that are woven together to form a thick, string-like floss. This type of floss is strong and durable, making it suitable for people with tightly spaced teeth or those with dental restorations such as bridges or braces.
If you have tight spaces between your teeth or find that other types of floss tend to shred or break during use, woven dental floss may be a good choice for you. It can effectively remove plaque and food particles from between your teeth and along the gum line.
However, some people may find woven dental floss to be too thick or bulky, making it difficult to use. It may also be less comfortable for those with sensitive gums or teeth. In such cases, you may want to consider other types of floss, such as waxed floss or dental tape, which are thinner and smoother.
Ultimately, the best type of dental floss for you is one that you feel comfortable using regularly and that effectively removes plaque and debris from your teeth and gums. Consult with your dentist or dental hygienist for recommendations based on your individual dental needs.

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2023.03.23 19:29 bmtri Appliance repair recommendation?

Need a Kenmore gas range/oven fixed (keeps throwing error codes and a glitching display) - any recommendations on someone reasonable? Preferably someone with the south Metro as their service area. I know the boards are expensive (I'm expecting us requiring a new one) but I don't think that is something I can conquer.
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2023.03.23 15:56 MachineVision Do I really need a US address for an intermediate stop?

I am a b2b dropshipper. I purchase which purchases a large number of small appliances from liquidation companies and export them to various companies in the Middle East which are able to repair them or sell the broken appliances wholesale.
One key issue I keep running into is that most companies in the USA don't allow me to ship internationally directly i.e. UPS/FedEx can't pick up my shipment from their premises for the purposes of export. They can only ship domestically.
One solution is to use freight forwarding services such as or, but these have terrible reviews so I'm reluctant to go with this solution. Does UPS or FedEx provide an intermediate warehouse where I can ship to and they can subsequently export it?
Is there some other solution that I'm not familiar with?
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2023.03.23 14:51 Sir-Toppemhat What appliances can you buy for life

Yesterday we had an appliance guy come out to repair our 2 year old GE freezer. The compressor died. I was complaining to him about it quitting after 2 years. He told me that the Bosch repair trainer told him and the others in his group that any/all appliances currently made for the US marked have a three year span before repair work needs to happen.
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