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2013.04.20 19:28 captinbophus Hypixel

The Hypixel Network is a Minecraft server containing a variety of mini-games, including Bed Wars, SkyBlock, SMP, SkyWars, Murder Mystery, and more! We support versions 1.8 through 1.19! Play today on Minecraft Java >

2015.04.20 16:46 Welcome!

This is the subreddit for players of the popular Roblox game known as Murder Mystery 2. Weekly there will be a trade thread where you can post your Roblox username, the item(s) you want, and what your willing to trade. You can also use this subreddit to meet with friends and create groups, or clans to play MM2.

2012.08.02 23:15 Syreniac For all cluedo lovers

Was it Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room with the Candlestick? Or maybe Professor Plum in the Games Room with the Revolver? Perhaps it was even Ms Scarlet in the Kitchen with the Rope! Who knows? Come here to discuss about everybody's favourite murder mystery game!

2023.06.01 21:20 Elijah_Baley_Earth Using ChatGPT to cockblock myself

So I matched with this girl on Bumble a couple weeks ago and I've been really enjoying talking to her. She's a PhD candidate in a subject that I'm extremely interested in (even though I'm not an expert on it or involved in any professional capacity with it) and I often try to make conversation with her about why she finds it interesting. This is my way of showing interest in her work but also learning more about something I'd like to learn more about but do not have time for.
I should also mention that I am quite geeky and usually spend my free time watching/listening to lectures on YouTube or podcasts about things I wish I could have studied in college to answer my existential questions about the mysteries of the universe and quench my insatiable thirst for knowledge. Recently, with the help of ChatGPT, I've been trying to read research papers outside my domain of expertise by asking it to simplify them for me. The way I communicate, I think she is aware of this.
Anyway, recently, in my attempt to flirt with her, I asked her for what her favorite research papers in her field were as I would love to more about it. I also worded it literally that way. Anyway, she said this made her very uncomfortable because it seemed as if I was trying to be like "look at how smart I am, I can learn about something I (she) have been studying for years just by reading a few papers" which was not my intention at all.
I apologized immediately, expressed my intention and said that I understand one can make someone uncomfortable even with the best of intentions, but also it seems like a dick-move from her and I'm not sure how to proceed.
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2023.06.01 21:20 Tricky_Personality67 Luna Games

I have a question about luna games and to clarify I am talking about the free Luma games that comes with a prime subscription. Yesterday I was playing Resident Evil 2 on luna and I beat Leon's campaign but then I was suddenly kicked off the game this morning at about 5am. I tried to restart the game to start my 2nd run but it says the game was now on luna+? I thought I had 8 more days to play?? They said they were removing it but I got a notice saying that was on June 9th? Wth do they commonly move bigger titles randomly to the luna+ category??? So now I have to pay more money just to finish the game I was already playing? That's kinda bs...
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2023.06.01 21:20 BroMandi [Amazon] Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Wooden Memory Game w/ 7 Double-Sided Game Cards $11 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $11.00, Actual: $19.00]

[Amazon] Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Wooden Memory Game w/ 7 Double-Sided Game Cards $11 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $11.00, Actual: $19.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:19 bigguynak [USA-CA][H] Wonderful 101, Puyo Puyo Tetris, PowerA Fusion Pro Controller & Dobe Grip for SWITCH, Terminator Resistance XB1/S, Horizon ZD PS4, Animal Crossing GC, Transformers 3DS, Oddworld PS1, Razer Kishi, NES Classic wireless controllers & wired extensions, AC amiibos, Rasp Pi Cases [W] Paypal

All games have been tested as best as I can, except where noted, and are working unless otherwise stated. Games vary in condition and completeness, so please take a look at the pictures I have included. If you would like more detailed pictures of a particular game, feel free to ask. Prices do not include shipping.
Prices are negotiable and feel free to make me an offer on multiple items as well. Looking for Paypal or Steam credit. If you would like to try and work a trade, see my list here.
Nintendo Games
All other Games
Hardware and accessories


NBA 2K21 Jumpstart bundle (no game, just dlc) - free just ask for the code
Horizon Zero Dawn - $5
Xbox One/Series:
Terminator Resistance (its a euro version but works on US consoles without issue) - $15
Dobe grip with red and blue sticks - $20
PowerA Fusion Pro controller - $60
Puyo Puyo Tetris - $10
Wonderful 101 - $15
Transformers Dark of the moon (loose) - $1
Animal Crossing (loose) - $30
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee (GH) - $7
Razer Kishi telescopic phone controller (usb-c) - $30
My Arcade NES Classic controllers - $2
Insignia NES/SNES Classic controller extension cables (pack of 2) (NIB) - $2
Amiibos - Cyrus, and Reese - $2 ea
NESPi4 Case w/ all accessories (no pi) $25
NESPi Case+ w/ power adapter (no pi) $20
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2023.06.01 21:19 jeffman2904 I have a question

After the free trial does the game uninstal itself?
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2023.06.01 21:18 JohnnyBuckskin I’m an on site electrician for an amusement park. We never get inspected. Im trying to do stuff up to code. Be as brutally honest as you can. Thanks!

I’m an on site electrician for an amusement park. We never get inspected. Im trying to do stuff up to code. Be as brutally honest as you can. Thanks!
I was tasked with doing all the wire size calculation, overcurrent protection calculations, ordering parts, figuring out how to mount the enclosures and basically everything by myself. They just told me they wanted (4) 20A circuits in the middle of a meadow. So any grips about anything is free game!
I know I forgot a grounding bushing and normal threaded bushings they are on order.
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2023.06.01 21:18 Cl0udCh4ser Undertale TTRPG: Hellmode

Hey, I'm a Brazilian and I've been making a Tabletop RPG based on the Magic and Story of Undertale together with the use of Ordem Paranomal's (Paranormal Order) System made by the streamer Cellbit and his Team. I've been experimenting making new stuff with the use of the basics of Cellbit's system for a long while by now, such as making new classes and such and I've come into the conclusion of making it themed around Undertale, my favorite game together with Pokemon.
Here's kind of how it works, even though our Campaign has been going for 2~3 months already:
You choose a Soul as a Class and build your Stats between "Strength, Agility, Intelect, Presence and Vigor" based on the Soul's skillset (which I will explain soon), each stat represents how many dice you roll, such as 2 Strength being "2d20". You also have some skills similarly to DND, such as "Perception and Investigation", but since stats in Cellbit's RPG affect the dice and don't (usually) affect the rolls, skills tend to add a +5 or more to the roll based on its level of training (fun). So when you have the skill "Fighting" (Your character's martial expertise) at "Trained", you will roll two d20 with a +5 on each, and the highest is your result.
I know I know, what is more interesting to you all is the Undertale part, let me explain :)
I made a class with many different Abilities that represent each Soul. From "Love" (Monsters) and Patience to Double Traits and even a system for each based on quests in battle to make you get "Filled with Determination" or whatever other trait you have. Although, the reason why it's called "Hellmode" is because the values you can reach with combos are very high and the Bosses have more than 2k HP.
Here's an example of the Starting skills of "Desire" (How Determination is called in this Campaign):
Reminder: It's the Class with the lowest HP, Mana and Sanity in general. So you are basically a Combo Maniac that can go back in time but you have the HP of a Wizard.
•[SAVE] & [LOAD]: You can save any moment of a Scene as your [SAVE]. Once per scene, you can load your save point with a reaction using [LOAD], and you return to where you were. All of your HP (Health Points) and EP (Effort Points or Mana), along with any effects on you are restored to the time of your [SAVE]. 3rd Level: You gain +1 Standard Action, Movement Action, or Reaction when using [LOAD].
•[RESET]: The power to restore the values of the universe is in your hands... how big is your spirit to have so much presence in the world? You can spend EP to restore your or an ally's value, the cost of EP depends on the value. Position (2 EP/Reaction): After moving, return to the starting position. It counts as a Move Action. Skill (4 EP): A skill is activated a second time. (3 times per scene). HP (5 EP): Recovers HP equal to the HP lost in the last round (2 times per scene). EP (10 EP): Recovers EP equal to the EP used in the last 2 rounds (1 time per scene). SAN (Sanity) (20 EP): Restores all Sanity (1 time per mission).
3rd Level or Higher: You can recover 1 Use of [LOAD] when using 10 SAN (1 time per Scene). 5th Level or Higher: You can spend 25 HP to switch your EP and SAN, swapping their current values.
If anyone has any questions about the system, feel free to ask them. I'm not sure if I'll be always available to answer them though. <3 Just sharing the stuff I've been working on for fun.
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2023.06.01 21:17 KTitania Midnight Ghost Hunt - FREE Game

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2023.06.01 21:17 rubyruined Review The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons (A Chorus of Dragons, #2)

I write book reviews on Half Past Midnight, a blog dedicated to the surreal world of fantasy and science fiction. A few days ago, I posted a review for the first book in the series, The Ruin of Kings. While this review does not have spoilers about book 2, The Name of All Things, it does have spoilers for book 1.
After the explosive ending to The Ruin of Kings, it was too hard to resist finding out what happened next. It has been a while since a series had me hooked so deeply that I simply could not wait to start the next part!


The Name of All Things starts a couple of days after the ending of the previous book. In the wake of the Hellmarch in Quur, Kihrin has a lot going on between his resurrection, the discovery of Miya's (or rather, Khaeriel's) betrayal, and the murder of almost the entire D'mon line. Urthaenriel has destroyed The Stone of Shackles, and demons roam the streets of the capital. Heading to Jorat with a fireblood, Kihrin soon encounters an interesting character in a tavern.
This person turns out to be Janel Therannon, the count of Tolamer - the intriguing woman who's been haunting Kihrin’s dreams ever since his encounter with Xaltorath. Not only does she claim to know him, but Janel also has a story of her own to tell... one that will help Kihrin understand the events that have been unfolding around them. Those events include a stray dragon, a city on the brink of rebellion, and more plotting, which, as always, include our favorite baddie, Relos Var.
Then starts the boring part.
Janel insists that for Kihrin to fully understand how they ended up here, he needs to know a huge chunk of her past. She takes turns narrating it with her friend, a priest named Qown, in a manner reminiscent of Kihrin and Talon's narration in the first book. The result, although easier to follow, is terribly slow and hard to get through.
Janel starts her story by going a few years back into the past. I thought we were done with being all confused by a brand new character narrating their history, but here we are. AGAIN. I almost felt like I was reading a completely different book. Let's read about completely new, one-dimensional characters and their tedious lives while waiting for something more exciting to happen, shall we? Something like this isn't a problem with the first book in a series, but I just couldn't get invested enough in those new side characters or figure out how they tied into the original story. I'll be honest - these chapters did not add much to the story and could have been easily shorter or more interesting. Instead of knowing what happens next with Kihrin, almost the entire book is about Janel's past.
Unfortunately, the only thing you must do is get through it (yes, I know I said the same thing last time - but bear with me!) Because things ramp up significantly after the 50% mark. After that, I was hooked... again. Janel is an interesting character when she moves past the local disputes in Jorat and into more powerful circles of kings, god-kings, god-queens, and witches and prophecies. We meet Darzin D'Mon again, and he remains just as psychopathic as ever. It is interesting to finally understand how Janel happens to end up in her current situation, but boy, does it take a while to get there.
“A prophecy.” I stared at him. “I don’t like prophecies.”
“They can be useful.”
Some of the most interesting parts of the plot were when the timeline finally catches up to the one in The Ruin of Kings - and we finally start seeing events that happened in the previous book from a different perspective. When she ends her story, we start to move again in real time. Unfortunately, the plot hops forward by only a few days, so don't get your hopes up.
The ending, though, more than makes up for it. Lyons is excellent at endings. The story ends with a certain degree of (literal) explosiveness that rivals even that of the previous book. For all the effort needed to drudge through the boring first half, the ending was fantastic - and I'm not complaining.



Janel Theranon, or the Count of Tolamer, is a fiery young woman. After briefly meeting her last book, we get to know her a lot better this time around. Janel is intelligent, resourceful, and determined. Jorat has a very different hierarchical structure than the one we're used to and she's clearly had some interesting experiences navigating it. She's soon embroiled in a dangerous game of manipulation and deceit, into a dance where Relos Var is pulling the strings (as usual). But you know what they say about the enemy of your enemy...


Kihrin is a secondary character for almost 80% of the book. For the most part, he is a listener to Janel's story, occasionally interjecting with his comments. However, he does play an important role in the story towards the end. His dynamics with Janel are interesting. I'm pretty excited to see how their relationship plays out next book, given his closeness to Teraeth.

Teraeth, Tyentso, Thurvishar, Therin, and Khaeriel

Don't expect to see most of these characters in this installment. This isn't Kihrin's story, and although he and Janel tend to know a lot of the same people, very few of them actually show up in this book. Which is a shame, since most of the side characters in Janel's story don't quite have the same charm. Nonetheless, now that everyone's on the same timeline, rest assured we'll see them in the next part.
“No nefarious tricks,” Thurvishar promised. “On occasion, I like talking to people whose primary interests don’t include new and interesting ways to conquer the world.”


A majority of this book is set in Jorat with its quite progressive culture. The Joratese have a lot of interesting ideas about power, identity, and sexuality. However - the dialogue just threw me off at times. They use extensive horse-based terminology to refer to people, and hardly a page goes by without someone being called a mare, stallion, colt, foal, or gelding. It was cool in the beginning, but having the same words repeated over and over was a bit much after a while.
In terms of exposition, this book makes a worthy successor. It clears up and reiterates quite a few points which assured me that I was following the book correctly. After that, it beautifully accomplishes the task of expanding on the lore of the world. A lot more things about the Eight, Relos Var, and S'arric are elaborated on, making it an engaging read. Plus, more dragons.
Demons run when gods take the field.

Writing Style

Unfortunately, the writing felt weaker this time. I wish that this and the previous book had found a way to combine in a way that switched between Kihrin's story and Janel's. A lot of things unclear in his story would have been explained in hers. Since we're stuck with the alternative, the starting is pretty hard to get through. Additionally, the footnotes are a pain. While Thurvishar's footnotes added extra exposition in The Ruin of Kings, the person who writes them this time is just... annoying.
Although the narrative structure is similar to the previous book, none of the narrations really gripped me the way Talon's or Kihrin's did. One advantage this time around is that the story is much easier to follow than its predecessor. While it does remain non-linear, the timelines in the past remain chronological and shift only in location. This makes it much more accessible and I didn't end up feeling so confused all the time.

In Conclusion

The Name of All Things has a slow start that explores the themes of family, power, and identity to build into an engaging climax. Although marred by a tedious and flat beginning, it soon picks up its pace. However, you'll need some patience and an open mind to get there. Unfortunately, while this does bring it a step down from its predecessor, it remains a strong novel with complex characters, magic systems, and political intrigue. Lyons’s book wove together a lot of threads into an immersive ending that hooked me. I, for one, knew I'll be starting the next part soon.
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2023.06.01 21:17 International_Job471 GMT+1 / 19 Looking for regular people to play coop, fps and party games with :D

Hi, me and a couple of friends are looking for someone to play coop, fps and party games with. We're between 19 - 25 years of age and fairly active most days of the week. Also want someone who has a few of the games listed, and possibly if we click are willing to expand their library in the future :D
Most are UK/IR and Scandinavian.
  • ArmA 3
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Payday 2
  • Among Us
  • Raft
  • Valheim
  • The Forest
  • Ark
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Overwatch
  • Phasmophobia
  • Jackbox
& Xbox Gamepass for the added games is a plus!
We generally switch between these, so not having a main in particular is good, we also enjoy watching shows together and just chatting in general.
Feel free to check out my library:
My Discord: Sches#2288
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2023.06.01 21:17 RunnerJimbob2 [Recruiting] UnknownTryhards CWL Master 2 Recruiting Th14 and TH15 for CWL English Speaking Clan Level 16 Capital Peak Level 9 #29VRV8GPL

Hey everyone. Currently recruiting for Clan War League.
Welcome to UnknownTryhards! We come with the perks you'd expect including maxing clan games, donations, etc. In wars, we expect that you use both attacks. We are warring pretty much always, though participation is not required if your heroes are upgrading. Participation in CWL is required however. Stay active and you're welcome to join us!
Feel free to swing by and check us out. Message me if you like, I'm not a bot, I'll respond as soon as I can!
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2023.06.01 21:17 BasicSith2 [RF] Journey to the Treetop

Where memories fade, love's essence ignites.
A car crash into a pine tree shatters the facade of a once seemingly blissful marriage. Jack's desperate attempts to bring down the tree with a chainsaw leave his wife, Hazel, wondering what has become of their bond. Is he still the same man she fell in love with three decades ago? As Hazel battles her fears, "Journey to the Treetop" invites readers on an emotional ride through the tumultuous landscape of a mind affected by memory loss.
CABIN ROAD is the gateway to paradise.
But why does this feel like a path to hell?
I smash into a tall pine tree that stands in the middle of the otherwise straight gravel road. I've gone around it hundreds of times before. But now, my fingers are firmly gripped on the steering wheel, disregarding all my commands. Have I become paralyzed?
A potato is wobbling on the dashboard, having obviously leaped out of the potato crates in the back seat. Jack gets out and strides to the front bumper. His lips press into a thin line as he appraises the destruction and cost of fixing it. Nothing should hold him back from swearing. But he maintains his composure, anger simmering just beneath the surface.
The memory of thirty years of marriage fills my mind. I question whether this man has drugged me. A fleeting thought that he might have crashed the car surfaces, but it seems too much of a stretch. I take a deep breath and try to clear my head.In the rear-view mirror, Jack gets an axe from the trunk. He comes and gazes at me from my window, his eyes looking heavy and weary—like two precious pearls inside their oyster-like shells. I straighten and open the window:
“Thank goodness it wasn't worse.”
“I'll chop it down.”
“That’s a pretty big tree, Jack.”
Jack blinks several times.
“I do have a chainsaw...”
“Yes.” I wonder what stories this tree has witnessed during its lifetime. Will we see the marks of our journey on its rings? There’s always something that gets squeezed in tighter, begging to be unraveled.
“I'll drive you to the cabin and grab the chainsaw,” Jack says. “Prepare some coffee while I'm gone.”
Our short passage to the cabin around the bend is like shifting through the fog of memory. I'm in the kitchen. My fingers clench around the coffee tin can and spoon. Bewilderment engulfs my brain. I spot Jack with his saw. He slips around the corner, the curve of his bottom visible through his tight work trousers. I feel anxious about the crash. Did I deliberately hit the tree?
The measuring spoon slips from my hand. It drops onto the floor along with the tin can. I clean up the mess. Could someone drive into a tree on purpose? Accidents do happen after all. It's fascinating to see him take on this role of being so chivalrous. Far away from his academic duties.
As the chainsaw outside whines, I scroll through social media on my phone. People arguing about something or other makes me tired. I pick up a copy of Science magazine from the coffee table and scan through an article titled “Quantum Communication Across Interstellar Space,” authored by Jack. As usual, the details go right over my head. I like to amuse myself with the idea that it speaks about communicating with individuals who have passed away.
Billy's message pops up. He asks for money for a fishing trip with his buddies somewhere in Lapland. I am more than happy to support him since he’s enlisting in the army soon in July. My big boy.
I tell him about the car crash, and he gives me advice about a car repair store. Jack comes back earlier than expected. He plops into his seat, sweat beading on his forehead and the smell of resin emanating from him. He seems disappointed.I pour coffee to the brim.
“Did the saw get stuck?”
Jack shakes his head and adds sugar to his mug.
“It got shattered under the tree. I stumbled...”
Silence descends slowly, like dust.
“My helmet cracked.”
“Do you want me to buy new parts when I go to the store?”
“No need.”
“But there's pruning and cutting to do first.”
Jack takes a bite out of a cinnamon bun.
“I can sharpen the axe.”
“Ask the neighbors for help, that's what they're for. You can also mow the lawn while I'm away.”
“The grass is already short— it'll die off.”
“You don't want ticks taking over! Think about your mother's joint pain. She would roll in her grave if—”
“Yes!” My answer is like a flyswatter, leaving no room for further discussion or quantum physics.
Jack is busy chewing on the bun. His regular coffee breaks, which have become part of his daily routine in his sixties, have honed impressive jowls.
We enjoy our coffee and stare at the lake. Calm as a mirror. I have a feeling Jack will soon suggest fishing. As I gather my things to leave, I call to him:
“Don't hurt yourself. Should I bring more buns?”
“I was thinking of skipping the sugar and wheat...”
I simply smile in reply.
“Can you refuel the car?” Jack asks.
I'm already off. The door slams shut in the middle of his sentence, but Jack knows better than to expect a response.
I jump into the driver's seat and immediately notice forgotten potato baskets in the back seat, but my mind drifts away before I can do anything about it. As I pass by our old well, I remember that we need to discuss connecting the cabin to a new water source. No matter what it costs, it needs to be done. Why should I agree to be responsible for our running water anymore?
I collide with something hard. Airbags abruptly inflate around me, disorienting me as my vision blurs. Struggling to escape from the tangled mess of seatbelts and inflatable bags, it feels like I'm an old person trying to climb out of a bouncy castle.
My gaze rests on the scene before me, but my thoughts can't understand it. I have plowed into a tree stump. The tree stretches over the ditch. Nearby the chainsaw lies crushed. The cutting chain is nowhere to be found.
I get back in the car. Should I phone Jack for an urgent call? Inhaling slowly helps me stay calm. Why didn’t he mention the tree stump?
Someone taps on my window.
I jump and my neck stiffens up. I reach for the window switch.
“I should have told you about...” Jack says.
“The stump?”
“Didn't you see the tree on the ground?”
“I'm sorry. I was daydreaming.”
“Great galaxy, Hazel! You're burning through our last savings as if money grew on trees!”
Jack is being truly authentic with me. I stare back at him like some big-eyed exotic species from Madagascar that I can't identify in all this chaos. Jack opens the door and starts to put the cushion back in its place. We turn on the engine, giving the accelerator a test ride.
“Let's go to a repair shop. I'm sure our insurance will cover this,” Jack suggests. “We can say that we had an accident with a reindeer.”
“You're supposed to report it to the police or game warden if you hit an animal,” I reply.
Jack pauses for a moment. He then reverses and drives forward again, but when he looks into the rear-view mirror, he slams on the brakes.
“I have a better plan.”
He retrieves an orange towing strap from the trunk, a burst of determination on his face. He connects the stump and the tow hook.
“Get ready. We’re going to take a quantum leap here.”
We buckle our seat belts with a single click as we prepare for the inevitable disaster. We had already made so many mistakes together, starting with raising our children—though sometimes failing was just part of parenting.
Jack revs up the engine. A sudden lurch forward, then Jack howls in pain as the stump smashes through the rear window, clambering through the seats and lodging itself onto the gearbox, trapping Jack's hand. He veers off toward the ditch. The Milky Way spins around us, potatoes fly in the air and suddenly, all is quiet. We find ourselves upside down—surrounded by earthy potatoes and broken glass.
I try to break the silence:
“I just remembered: Billy's friend can repair cars at the vocational school much cheaper.”
Jack looks so pale, his face almost white. I guess he’s contemplating the next step.
Through the cracked windshield, I see the chainsaw chain lying in the ditch. How did it come to be rusting away? Maybe everything will go back to normal if we sit here and wait.
It feels almost as if we are flying in outer space, my nerves slowly calming down. But then a sudden stillness strikes that is anything but soothing.
“Jack, I’m feeling a bit dizzy…”
No answer.
I snap open my eyes and the scene in front of me has changed drastically. It’s like I’ve been sucked into some kind of surreal void.
I hear a tapping noise on the window. An apology and then a loud thud; a huge rock has been hurled through the glass. A stench of strong aftershave ferments around me. A burly arm reaches across to release the seatbelt. An elderly man growls something crude, nothing like Jack's usual scout-like words.
My eyes close as I'm being cradled away, and visions of Jack's mathematics and symbols flicker around in my mind. Is the soul truly free when there is no force of gravity to pull us down?
I don't know who my savior is, but I can sense his worry as his face reddens. He is in military garb.
I come to as I feel my head thudding against the rubble. Instantly, I yearn to run away, contemplating that perhaps this experience is only a dream, and I'm back in the cabin chamber, tucked securely underneath a cosy blanket. A blanket that grants me the power to perform heroic acts like disappearing in a puff of smoke.
“Are you okay?” he speaks in a familiar voice.
Fingers brush over my clothes, picking out pieces of glass. My pocket contains an odd bulge—a potato? Suddenly, everything clicks: an aged Billy, wearing a major's rank insignia. How could he have achieved that rank so fast?
“Son, what are you doing on this tree ring?”
Billy peers at me from across the way, accompanied by a mysterious female figure. “We came to check on how you're doing,” Billy says. “Do you remember what happened?”
I raise my head and look around. There's nobody in the driver's seat of the car.
“Where is Jack?” I manage.
Billy furrows his brows like a detective would when weighing evidence. An image of the classic TV show Columbo flashes through my mind—he could lull suspects into a false sense of security before dropping the hammer of his sharp intellect on their inconsistencies. But I'm not hiding anything here. Though why are modern shows so bad? That's another mystery entirely.
“Mom, what were you doing out here? The road is an absolute disaster zone, with the car smashed up in the ditch.”
My thoughts swim haphazardly as Billy reads something from my expression, then casts his eyes towards his new girlfriend for assistance.
I try to get up but it hurts too much. Instead, I reach into my pocket and feel a sandy-sharp potato there. Maybe I can still wash it off.
“I’m fine,” I reply. “I need to get back to plowing the field... baking buns for Jack... buying a chainsaw...”
The darkness returns and I feel my body shiver. I'm in the car, traveling down bumps I've known for quite some time. Soon, I’m settled inside the cabin's living room on the couch. The coffee maker is gurgling in the corner of the room. Billy is on a call with a doctor about how to deal with grief and coping alone; it seems someone had died while cutting down a tree last year. He gets furious and threatens to take away the keys from the person he's talking to. It might be a good idea; many people have too many keys that they don't use anyway.
My head is spinning with thoughts about Jack's absence. Where did he go?Someone runs water over potatoes while a pot clatters on the stovetop. My temper rises as I wait for Jack's return. I won't stay here by myself without an explanation from him. I call out for Jack until there's no sound left but my coughing voice.
I crave sausage soup, and I know I must go to the store. As I try to move forward, I am wading through tar. They guide me to the coffee table. According to Jack, time runs faster the more hunched your back becomes. Let it be and let us sit here, motionless, gazing at the tips of our shoes. Surely, time has slowed down in this moment.
Billy reaches out and takes my hand. A handsome, greying gentleman. His girlfriend also places her hand on top of the pile. Her name is Ewa. A beautiful name, something familiar about her.
But did I hear her calling me mother?
In the yard, a squirrel hops with a cone in its mouth. It freezes and stares at me. I avert my gaze. My hands suddenly look wrinkled. I summon the inner strength that I've been striving to find for an eternity:
“Do we have to leave now?”
Billy exchanges glances with Ewa and then looks outside.
“You don't have to walk this path alone, Mother.”
We finish our coffee without saying another word. The wind sweeps across the lake. A pair of swans take flight, and a duet of gentle honks echo across the water. A shivering cold envelops me. Billy and Ewa take me to the car. The potatoes can wait.
The sun blazes brightly above us as we travel the cabin road; shapeless clouds dot the horizon and suddenly I sense a presence—as if someone is waving to me.
I surrender.
I believe I will be warmly welcomed.
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2023.06.01 21:16 widdlers 28 [M4F] England - Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

hello - I really dislike writing these posts but here we go. I'm a guy living in England, on my own, working as a software engineer and i'm looking to change the 'on my own' bit. I will keep this short because honestly reading these must get tiring?
here are some things I'm good at, you could call these hobbies I guess?
- forgetting to put the bins out
- standing in water with socks on
- back rubs
- forgetting people's birthdays
- eating pizza
- driving the speed limit
- not being a murderer
- losing jigsaw pieces
I would say they're the headlines if I'm honest, but some more normal hobbies would be video games, running, programming, swimming, reading and gardening or whatever you call watering plants and eating the produce.
the games I mainly play are WoW, Borderlands, Satisfactory, Rimworld, No Mans Sky .. those sorts of games.. but I'd be happy to buy something. I like listening to a wide range of music all the way from electronic to rock so if you fancy a listening party we can do that too. Mainly looking for that player two though! It's lonely gaming on your own!
structurally I am a tall guy with brown hair, brown eyes and a dumb English accent. mentally I am about 9. I will say I am not super thin/athletic, think a slightly more toned dad bod.
If you're still here then I'm proud of you, come and collect your sticker. I'm happy to exchange photos, blood samples, etc once we get to know each other.
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2023.06.01 21:16 Darrkfyyre [INT][PC][CLAN] Rank 11 Moon Clan Serpent Dynasty is looking for new members!

[INT][PC][CLAN] Rank 11 Moon Clan Serpent Dynasty is looking for new members!

Serpent Dynasty

Serpent Dynasty
Serpent Dynasty is a Rank 11 Moon PC clan looking for new members to join our growing community!
We are an international clan, looking for players of all types to join our community and help us grow into a flourishing space.
What We Offer:
  • We are a clan of veteran and new players looking for new members to join our community.
  • 100% research on all dojo blueprints, dry dock, crimson branch, and a large dojo filled with interesting rooms to explore.
  • Our discord is filled with lots of helpful content to help you progress in-game.
  • Our community is based on Discord, and within our server you can find a variety of fun channels to get involved in the clan!
  • We carry out a variety of month and week-long events and frequent giveaways to members.
Our Community:
  • We are a community of 550+ that prides itself on being a friendly and safe place for all.
  • The discord is a great place to meet new friends and get help in-game, with our text and voice channels active with regular members.
  • Dedicated staff role and channels for help, so you will never feel lost in-game! Just ask for a hand in our discord and if someone is free they'll be able to help you out.
  • Within our discord, we have a hub for games aside from discord, so you can take a break from warframe and have fun with clanmates in different games.
Our Requirements:
  • English speaking.
  • 30 day inactivity kick (you remain in disc and can re-join after your break).
  • No MR requirement.
  • Being in the clan discord.
If you think you'd be a great fit for our community, please join and apply using our Discord link below:
Click on this link to apply to Serpent Dynasty!
Thank you and have a nice day!
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2023.06.01 21:15 Hank_the_Tank_LDP3 HOT TAKES PRIDE EDITION #1

HAPPY PRIDE Y'ALL! 🌈 That's right, The Tank is an ally despite everything I said prior to 2013 when I accepted that Telly was a gay. I've changed a lot on the past decade. I mean, I was at Stonewall and I've seen Paris is Burning, so you know I'm a good guy! Plus, I'll be officiating my 2nd and a half gay wedding for the newest member of my friend group! 🤫😉🐍
Now, before I get to Hot Takes, I want to address the elephant in the room. No, I have not forgiven my ex-friends yet. Auditions will be held for the remaining slots in my friend group on Friday at 10am at O'Malley's. We will need to be done by 3pm so I can make it to the station in time for the nightly news. I know what some of you will day "Hank, you were wrong. Tank, you should apologize." Well, I took those comments to heart and did what my youngest kids do when they have a problem with friends. I put all my friends into a Hunger Games simulator and came out on top. Some of you all were BRUTAL to each other, but I one with only the final kill, so...obviously I'm right and you all are wrong.
Now that that is settled.
Remember to get to O'Malley's early to audition for my friend group! There is sure to be a long line!
Until next time, I'm Hank 'The Tank' Jefferson. You stay classy, LDP!
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2023.06.01 21:14 Ok_Feature9848 I just got fnv for free off of the epic games store. Any pro tips? (Also yes it's the ultimate edition)

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2023.06.01 21:13 Screenboy26 Looking for Players for my friends Monster of the Week game!

Looking for Players for my friends Monster of the Week game!
Hey everyone! I’m looking to try and find a player for my friends Monster of the Week game, ran on tabletop sim!
He put a lot of work into the campaign so I don’t wanna see it just sit around. So please join if you’re free on Fridays at 6 pm EST!
Note: this is a game on, a website for paid campaigns. It’s just 10 dollars so it’s not that bad, but if you can’t do that or don’t like paid tabletops, then it’s fine!
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2023.06.01 21:13 Blud_elf Curse of Strahd! Session 0 - TOMORROW! [5e] [paid] [15$] [fridays]

New Campaign
Curse of Strahd
Friday - 8:00 pm est
Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. Far below, yet not beyond his keen eyesight, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd’s face forms the barest hint of a smile as his dark plan unfolds. He knew they were coming, and he knows why they came—all according to his plan. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner. And you are invited.
Greetings adventurer and welcome to the lands of Barovia! In this module you'll explore the domains of dread, a dark realm of the Shadowfell as you're plunged into the misty lands of Count Strahd Von Zarovich. A Vampire lord who rules over the lands with as a dark tyrant and devil to the people. You will find many themes of gothic horror, gore, death, abuse, and other graphic events that could leave some feeling uneasy. At my tables I ensure everyone is having a good time with the implementation of modules to assist in safety tools and thorough individual discussions with players to setup their character, backstory, and ask what you want out of the game. I tackle all three pillars of play and bring tons of voice acting, tons of roleplay, art, music, and modules to the table. Come enjoy a vivid in depth experience of the lands of Barovia. I do take the liberty of homebrewing the module to meet a party of 6's difficulty level and adding in backstory elements and story development elements as the story goes along. Otherwise the module is mostly experienced as intended!
Party Size: 3/6 (3 seats available)
Price: 15$ per session
System: 5e on Foundry
Style: Discord voice/video & foundryvtt
Session Duration: Fridays 8pm est weekly, 4hrs with a 20min break
Requirements: Quality microphone, quiet setting for others enjoyment, video optional. (Forge foundry/discord account are free.)
Contacts: Bludelf#2186
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2023.06.01 21:12 soakzi Need new friends!

I am a 21y/o ftm from Canada looking to play games with other trans peeps. I mainly play apex, valorant, overwatch 2, dead by daylight, minecraft, cod and many more and im open to new games as well! Please feel free to add my discord shark#2699 lets game and hang out :)
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2023.06.01 21:12 AmaznAznthrowaway 35 [M] California -Looking for a petite girl into kinky things!

Hey there :)
I've had great experiences on here before, so I'm back again to try my luck. I'm 35, male, 5'7(exactly, no lying here), Asian-American, decently fit. Think a cross between a powerlifter and body builder. I am single and have my own place! I'm really looking for in-person sessions and connections, but if you're online only I'm not opposed to chatting and seeing how we click.
I'm a very gentle daddy type, but I do enjoy being rough mean and nasty ONLY if that is a kink that gets you extra turned on. A few of my kinks are: Spanking, making u beg and call me daddy, humiliation, deep-throating, bondage, spitting, cnc and more. I also enjoy pleasuring my sub, so that could include body worship, fingering/eating you out, using toys on you, fucking, etc. I'm huge into verbal expression, so you'll be hearing a lot of "good girl", etc, throughout our conversations and sessions. My ideal mate is a girl who gets off being pleasuring me. But also can be the focus of my attention too.
Vanilla me: Currently employed, but about to switch jobs/careers. I am probably most available to talk later in the evening. I don't mind a little travel, but I have my own apartment, so it is most cost effective if we play at my place. But I do prefer to meet in public first, for your safety and mine. I also love daytime dates, so brunch, coffee, or shopping is always on the table. My hobbies include playing video games(League of Legends is my main), going to the gym, and working out. I'm looking for someone that wants to build a connection inside and outside of kink.
If you don't live near me we can still chat too! I am super into sexting, specifically video or voice chat. I love showing off and having girls watch me jerk off and cum, but of course you have to earn it ;)
Shoot me a message or a chat with a little about you and what you're looking for! Feel free to ask me any questions as well.
Thanks and hope to talk soon!
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2023.06.01 21:11 Independent-Level839 30 F looking for a genuine connection [Relationship]

Hey everyone here, I’m just here looking for something serious in term of relationship, being with that special person seems impossible these days but here I am trying my best as I believe that there’s always someone out there for me. I want to be with someone who want to grow with their partner, someone we can both build each other up, someone who’s caring, honest
My hobbies are long distance road trips, music, watching YouTube videos, taking long walk, I like to working out to keep my body in a good shape and I’m down to try new things with that special person.
Feel free to chat me up if you think we’re in the same boat. Not here for some game
Put a face to your chat to get a reply because looks are important. USA/Canada
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2023.06.01 21:11 No_Possibility_738 Recruiting Team

Hello people,
As the title says, I am in search of people to create a Pokémon game with.
I've worked a long time on my own and noticed that you can't do anything on your own.
So for anyone who wants to create a Pokémon game and needs help, feel free to dm me. I worked 1 year or longer with Pokémon essentials, so you could say that I have a bit of experience.
So for anyone who is reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day.
Stay safe people!
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