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2023.05.29 18:14 Whitepeppershaker Is lasting a long time in bed means something?

I (19 M) had my first sex around two years ago with a girl I really liked.. I lasted around 40 minutes and by the end she looked so bored and her expression stuck with me. We dated for around 1 year and every time we had sex I lasted 30-45 mins.
I stopped dating and having sex for a year but this week I wanted to try something different.. I found this guy (23 M)who I thought was handsome and just made him know that I was only just experiencing different things and I didn’t know if I was actually into guys. We had a little date but I guess its just a movie with a friend nothing romantic. At my place I invited him in and just talked about my desire and his desire.
I think I had the most amazing experience in my life.. I lasted around 10 mins which I thought it was something bad at first but the experience itself was soo good.
I don’t know I never thought I was attracted to guys and all my friends are guys.I will have another date with him this weekend.
Does lasting a long time in bed means I am not interested? Does this mean I am gay ?
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2023.05.29 18:13 chaitu25 Blind date , anyone?

M25 here. Wanted to go for a blind date for one day( night). Is there anyone to kill some time ??
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2023.05.29 18:13 Muted-Appeal-0025 Samsung photo editor inconsistency issues

I have faced two issues in the samsung gallery's default photo editor
1 - whenever i make any edits to photos, the photo gets converted to jpeg format from heic and the colours of the photo get completely changed and the image also gets desaturated....and this change happens after i save the photo and not when i go the's a huge issue that needs to be fixed asap...makes the experience very inconsistent. You can try this by making any slight change to the photo (let's say you dial up the contrast by 1 which is doesn't need to be major editing) and save the photo....just make sure that the image before edit was heic because this is not an issue if the format is set to jpeg
2- The second issue is with the object eraser. Whenever we use the object eraser and save the photo, the details and texture of the image get noticeably ruined and the entire image looks a bit pixelated.....if i use the object erasor again on the edited photo and save it again, it get even worse....and the same thing continues if we make more edits to edited photos. This also happens with editing heic images only. The format here too, gets changed to jpeg after edits.
I am attaching a few samples regarding the second issue here including the original photo and the zoomed in screenshots.....all i did was remove some people with object eraser and saved the photo. Then edited the edited one again and saved it.
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2023.05.29 18:12 Square_Wallaby_8033 Where do you meet people to date?

As an adult it’s hard. I work so much in a remote capacity. I go to Meetups and I prefer that to app dating. But all of my best introductions have been through friends.
How do you meet guys?
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2023.05.29 18:12 spudds1022 &Shine - GG4S1 #4 20% THC 1.9% Terpenes

&Shine - GG4S1 #4 20% THC 1.9% Terpenes
&Shine had a great deal of $66 for a half ounce so I grabbed this GG4S1 #4 having had the strain a handful of times before. I was really surprised by the size of the buds, most were comparable or bigger to the Good Green 1/4s which makes sense since it's a GTI grow. It had a nice mild earthy aroma and was dense and sticky when pressed. A slow burn with that sweet earth coming through with taste I really enjoyed the effects as they slowly crept in. This was great for a relaxing high body thats not head heavy but still had me giggling and smiling with long lasting effects. If they hadn't sold put I would definitely grab another 14g.
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2023.05.29 18:12 ecky--ptang-zooboing FlokiFi is short for "Floki Finance." It's part of the Floki ecosystem and serves as an umbrella name for a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products. The DeFi space is rapidly growing and might disrupt traditional finance. But what is DeFi? And why do tokens need to be locked?

Decentralized Finance is a generic term for financial services that run on the #blockchain. They typically use smart contracts.Ethereum, Avalanche and Cardano are blockchains that support smart contracts. The Bitcoin blockchain does NOT support smart contracts.
DeFi products run on the blockchain. They are permissionless, trustless, and decentralized. The products are similar to traditional financial products, except that they are not controlled by a centralized authority. Instead, they're controlled by self-executing smart contracts.
Permissionless simply means that anyone with an internet connection can use the products. Unlike bank services (that need permission from a centralized authority), anyone is allowed to use financial services on the blockchain. You do not need permission from anyone.
Trustless in the context of DeFi products means that there's no need to trust a centralized party (like a bank) to execute transactions or smart contracts. They're publicly available, and there's no central authority to control or change it. This allows greater transparency, security and speed.
A decentralized blockchain is a distributed network of computers (nodes) that all store the same database. The more nodes, the more decentralized. If a blockchain is properly decentralized, there's no single point of failure.
This means that the smart contracts that run DeFi services are not controlled by a central authority either. We can be sure that DeFi products can't be manipulated, that they don't require permission to be used, and we don't need to trust a middle-man.
So why do we need DeFi products? DeFi products allow us to use our crypto assets in meaningful ways, rather than letting them sit in a wallet.
Some examples:
A DEX is a common use case of DeFi. We need a decentralized exchange (DEX) to send crypto to other wallets. It's a DeFi service that allows you to send crypto without having to rely on a centralized authority. Popular DEX's are Uniswap (for the Ethereum blockchain) and Pancakeswap (for the Binance Smart Chain).
Another use case of DeFi is liquidity pools.Liquidity pools are a crucial part of decentralized exchanges. Unlike a centralized exchange (where a buyer and a seller are required in order to make a transaction), a DEX uses liquidity pools to trade against.
This means that if you want to buy tokens on a decentralized exchange, there's no need for a seller; you buy directly from the liquidity pool. The same applies the other way around. You can always sell, even without a buyer. The crypto you sell goes to the 'pool.'
That pool needs to be filled, though. That's where DeFi comes into play. You can sign a smart contract that allows you to provide liquidity to that pool, which in turn earns you rewards. If you plan to hold your crypto, it might be worth adding them to a liquidity pool.
A third DeFi use case is lending and borrowing funds. If you have no intention of using your crypto in the immediate future, you can lend out your crypto to others, which in turn will earn you interest. An example of a decentralized crypto lending platform is AAVE.
This brings us to FlokiFi, our last DeFi example. FlokiFi locker is a smart contract that gives projects the possibility to lock their tokens. Why would projects lock their tokens? Common use cases are staking, ICOs, vesting schedules, and prevention of rug pulls.
One use case for token locks is staking. Why do tokens need to be staked? In a PoS blockchain, staked tokens are required to validate transactions. By signing a smart contract that locks your tokens up for a predetermined period, you can earn significant rewards.
ICOs or initial coin offerings are another use case. Projects can raise funds to support the early stages of development. Investors typically send stable coins to support development. In exchange, they will receive the project's native token when the project launches. If those investors sold all their tokens immediately after launch, the price of the project's token would instantly dump.
That's why the tokens are locked on a platform like FlokiFi Locker. The smart contract automates the release of tokens at predefined dates.
DeFi has the potential to disrupt the world of traditional finance. A demand in the DeFi space arose for projects to lock their tokens. FlokiFi Locker tapped into this demand by offering the most innovative token locker on the market. Check it out at:!
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2023.05.29 18:12 VirgoEsti What’s your opinion on dating right after you found out your husband was cheating?

I know it’s not my decision and she can do what she wants but one of my friends she just found out shes pregnant and literally a week after she found out her husband was cheating on her since beginning of them dating! Now she kicked him out and is in the process of getting a divorce. She already been trying to ask guys to hangout and I know for a fact she’s been on like two dates already and they’ve been late at night too so you know what that means….
What are your guys opinions about dating after you found tour spouse cheating and haven’t yet finalized your divorce?
First of all she literally jumped into the marriage too fast got married and they didn’t even know each other for like a year. It’s been that quick I think that was mainly the problem she didn’t get to know him long enough first!
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2023.05.29 18:11 asoifnerd What would you expect? Is my expectation reasonable?

Is my expectations reasonable?
First time posting on this sub. And there is so much backstory. Because of long term on going problems with my husband I filed for divorce in August. But soon after we decided to reconcile.
My counselor suggested I read the book this is how my marriage ends. And it was extremely validating for me. To see that at least one husband in the world learned that he is not am endless victim.
Anyways I asked my spouse to read it. In January. He is a reader. The book is 10 chapters 150 pages. I read the entire thing in 4 hours or less.
And at first I asked if we could read it together. Because my spouse oesnt follow through with things. I already know if I say hey read this. He won't. SO I set a date and time and we started on chapter 1. Then set another daye/time for chapter 2.
At that point he tells me he doesn't want to read it together. He feels controlled and forced into it. And he wants to read it when he wants. At first I was upset and angry (because I know this song and dance). This is just the nice way of saying he won't do it. And I got pushy and finally I said fine. But I want to read two specific chapters together.
Well January and February I ask/remind and he is barely reading. Well finally he shifted into gear in February/March and starts reading some here and there. A few pages at a time. Well in April he came home and talks about a section and I realize he has started reading into the chapters I want to read together. So he says he forgot.
Okay, my expectation (and I realize I didn't clearly define this so maybe this really is my bad) is that at this point he should take the initiative and say hey I know you want to read these parts together. I'm ready to get the book done when do you want to read? My expectation was for him to take the initiative. He can with things he wants to do. Or things he wants done.
But it's been 6 weeks. And we got into an argument 2 nights ago. And he was trying to point out I'm not "doing things to work on this marriage" because I'm now at a point I'm refusing to talk. Let me note that I've gone to counseling. Marriage counseling (that he didnt want to go to, didnt put effort into, and when scheduling became up to him he stopped) and read tons of books. Anyways when I brought up him not taking the initiative to make time for us to read that book, he states that is not on him. That if I want to do that together I should make time and set it up with him.
And strictly from my perspective here thats a large portion of problems. Is I do so much of the work load. He goes to work and comes home and does his "man stuff" and spends time with our kiddo. But it's up to me to do scheduling and all the behind the scenes things. That I'm tired of basically being his mom and telling/scheduling/reminding him of things he should be responsible for. And now this is just more on my list.
So was this on me or on him?
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2023.05.29 18:11 h3lloTh3r3You AITA for telling off a sick teammate?

I'm a Freshgrad and started work this Feb, project is complicated and there's not just one task to do, I was trained and was expecting that my project only involves me in coding but that's not all that is.
There are random tasks and the procedures are quite a nuance for the beginners. Everyone except for me has an experience of atleast 5 years in this project. There's ton of applications to deal with and I'm not provided a proper KT because they want me as a back up for those rather than being completely actively involved, that leaves me having to learn them but with no proper guidance.
I actively involve more in this one task(a mutual task for us) because of teammate's health issues and I might have to take it up completely going further. Last month, two of my teammates took leave on the same day leaving me cover up for them. Being stuck with those, I made a mistake with dates, seems simple but this can cause escalation which I wasn't aware of, I assume my teammate who's actually responsible to keep this on track didn't look into it, but turns out they didn't and they called me last friday being passive aggressive and telling that I've been screwing things up and all that stuff, saying they're busy with other things. I replied back with the same energy saying it's mainly their responsibility but looking back I feel like an asshole since their health condition isn't at the best.
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2023.05.29 18:11 goddlessanarchist Acceptance

I have been seeking help for other things when this subject was brought up. If I am being honest I rejected it at first because it felt like a weakness. I also despise having a label which was also causing negative feelings about this topic. and myself.
With my experience as a male I never fully felt like the other boys and men around me. Especially as society standards are now as current. I can be that go getter, hyper aggressive and slightly ruthless. While also being extremely empathetic, compassionate, and caring. It depends on the situation, but none of these describing factors that I just listed are always present. They seem to appear as needed. I correlate this to my fight or flight response just being hyper active and sensitive.
That word sensitive, really bothered me honestly up until two days ago. I have been aware of the term HSP for a few months now but have had such a bias towards the word sensitive, it was stopping me from learning more about HSP and myself. After taking the time researching what a HSP is I can certainly see how I fit into this category of a person.
I want to talk about feelings or emotions first because I feel like I relate the most to the rest of this community in this way. Most my life I have always felt more connected to the people/ environment around me. When someone is in pain, whether that be emotional or physical I almost feel their pain as well and become somewhat distressed. I want to just help this person feel better, one because I do genuinely care and because I think subconsciously if I help them resolve the issue I will feel like myself again or begin to start to feel better. Anger is a BIG one for me. I know, I just know when someone is angry, frustrated, and sometimes I can feel the intention of the other person to do harm whether that is physically, emotional, or psychological harm. I don't even have to be interacting with the person to sense this or feels this. Could be two random people I just happened to be around.
My mind can feel like a door wide open sometimes. As I have learned, I can get over stimulated and just start to react or shut down. I feel as though this is a obvious response for most people but it is always SO intense. Simple situations sometimes feel like life or death. An example of when I become overstimulated and have to react is mainly at work. I work in an environment that goes from steady and mellow to within seconds 50 plus people need something from me. It comes at me from my work phone ringing nonstop, patients, therapist and management all deciding to be needy at that exact time, it happens every time. In these instances rather than shutting down all the information just continuously comes in nonstop and I react to this information as it comes in. I actually make it work very well am very successful with converting my nervous energy and stress into efficiency. I am usually a little tired once the craziness ends but I don't have much time to think or reflect on it because I have my administrative work to keep doing.
I can also recall times when I was younger and my little brother would wonder off or get lost in public and everyone was showing panic and freaking out. I had my mind wide open just accepting every bit of information trying to catch a glimpse of my brother or to hear him call out. A funny connection to me would be like when a cat gets startled and their pupils go from tiny dots to their whole eyes. I always found my brother or whatever we are looking for. You bet I was the one that lead us back through cities to where we parked. Again generally after these experiences I feel exhausted.
Now if I continuously am surrounded in any type of environment my mood really starts to shift and adapt to those around me. Last week at work, EVERYONE was in a bad mood the entire day/ Week. Well guess what, it started to affect me, and I know it did because I started to care less about things. My quality of work, my appearance and how I communicated. Everything about me was screaming negativity which is what I was surrounded by for the largest portion of my day. Home is not to good either, rarely is anyone in the best of moods and it feels as though I'm walking around on Legos. Legos because they hurt more than stepping on glass... A joke lol.
With all my thoughts now out on the table I am trying to learn to navigate the world in a way where I am not just going to shelter myself but be successful while still having healthy boundaries. I really feel as though being this way feels like either being a super hero or super villain. The hero aspect is I connect with people more easily and can find common ground regardless of the demographics of the person. For the first time the other day I used my I guess knowledge for something not so good? I don't know, but the person I was talking with I could sense weakness, I don't mean weak in the mind or body but what we were talking about I could sense they were uncomortable and not very well informed on the subject. I could tell they wanted to stop talking about it but they made no move to stop the conversation or change subjects... So I pushed a bit and what I found was interesting. I felt like I really understood the person and from there started to slowly understand some of their flaws or insecurities they saw in themselves. I felt as though I had immense power over them and the conversation. I did enjoy this feeling but them found myself sick to the stomach, I was able to understand someones feelings and not act on it with a good intent. Now this may sound dramatic but the conversation was just about a "controversial" subject that I feel is stupid and blown out of proportion so I played ignorant asking her to explain herself and her view. I could slowly see the realization on her face that she was realizing how stupid she sounded and that she wasn't fully invested in what she was saying. I allowed the conversation to end and shared my appreciation to her for sharing her views or points on the subject at hand. But I did not feel right about what I did.
A lot of rambling here, so if you made it this far comment your favorite type of ice cream! Thank you for tagging along my rant/ discussion.
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2023.05.29 18:11 Tech_guy_0010 How can I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in software engineering?

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, software engineers should actively engage in continuous learning. This can involve reading technical blogs, following industry influencers on social media, attending conferences or webinars, participating in online forums or coding communities, and exploring online learning platforms like Coursera, geekster's full stack development course or Udemy.
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2023.05.29 18:11 fualalalash49 Extended Storage 1 Expiration

Extended Storage 1 Expiration
I bought a 90-days extended storage coupon from the SG shop and today was, apparently, the due date. No, it has already expired. I heard that you can still have access to the extra storages even after the expiration, so I tried with a 30-days coupon and it worked so I went for 90-days. And now, its showing me this??? The weapons aren't the problem but the food and minerals I farmed for the past 2 years are the problem. Is there a solution to this?
p.s: I'm literally panicking right now. Please do help.
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2023.05.29 18:11 Fast_Significance_31 Do I move on?

Hey everyone!
I need your advice on if I should move on or not, please note that I am new with dating and the us culture.
I met this guy about two months ago. We went on our first date about a month and an half ago. Since we've seen each other times. The first three dates were out and he didn't kiss me. The fourth date was at my place and he kissed me after hours of long conversations. Where we realized we were on the same page and all.
On the fifth date we had sex for the first time. We truly get along. We text every single day. The only thing is that he is still on dating app, so at the seventh date I asked him to tell me if he was seeing other people, just because we have sex and all. Because he is still on dating apps. He said he would tell me. About being exclusive he said that he wants to see where things are going, and he doesn't like to put label on things to soon. So I asked him he if he wanted a long term relationship (not with me just in general) and he said he was still figuring what he wants. But when we talked for hours he said he hated dating multiples person at the time and all, so why are we not exclusive? You know?
I didn't date anyone else because I just hate to do that. But I do want a serious relationship at the end. Should I wait to see where things are going or should I just move on?
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2023.05.29 18:11 omelettecat Time zone conversion formula giving incorrect results

Hello all. I originally had a screenshot included, but my post kept getting deleted, so I’ll summarize the issue the best I can without it. I am using the formula “=I2+(1/24)” to convert cell I2 from CST to EST. Cell I2 contains: “May 25, 2023 12:32 PM”. The desired output from the formula would be “May 25, 2023 1:32 PM” however what I am getting is “1/23/00 12:16 AM.” What am I doing wrong?
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2023.05.29 18:11 Comfortable_Treat431 I think I may have ruined a potential friendship by oversharing

I (F23) have been hanging out with a new friend (F23) last week. I just had a bit of a bad mental breakdown over a lack of a response from a text I sent last night. I lost my credit card and I reached out to this girl to see if she had seen in anywhere. I canceled it last night but I still want the original back to get rid of it properly. I wish that I was someone different who was able to read social cues. However, I guess that is something I really need to work on. I was out with a new friend the other day and we hunt out at her place for a couple of hours. I was telling her about an old ex of mind and how I wasn't sure if I had done something offensive or not. I have been trying to be as socially aware as possible and never want to do anything that would be someone uncomfortable. My ex-bf is mixed, being half-Mexican and half-Black. For example, when we were talking about family, he mentioned how his mother is from Mexico. I had asked whether he had learned to speak Spanish when growing up. In that same discussion, I had asked about his dad. I asked to see a photo, and he seemed hesitant before showing me his dad. I now think I should not have asked those questions when we first started dating. When we were physical, I paused and asked if it was okay to touch his hair and he said that it was okay. However, I still felt a bit hesitant to. I know he said it was okay however I just didn't want to offend him or make him upset. I think I made things super weird and that she hates me. She has been acting very distance the past couple of days after we hunt out. Did i mess everything up? Any advice?
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2023.05.29 18:11 Sad_Perspective_2038 I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed

So you mean to tell me that after over a year of talking every day, going out on dates, having sex every time we’d hang out, saying that you had feelings for me, telling me you were in love with me and that you could see yourself growing old with me, you really just thought of me as a friend and only like me as a person? How could you string me along for so long? How could you fake the smiles, the forehead kisses and the soft rubs with your thumb whenever we’d hold hands. I’m glad I finally had the courage to ask you were we stood and I’m glad you reached out first to reassure you really had no feelings for me. I feel heartbroken, betrayed and blindsided. I hope you never get to feel what I feel. I hope you grow up and take responsibility from the way you hurt others. I hope you never come back and I also hope I don’t miss you for too long.
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2023.05.29 18:11 Proud_Put_4037 Serviceability ticket…been waiting for 7 months

I bought a new home last year in November, my next door neighbor has xfinity but I don’t. So I called xfinity and asked them if they could look at it, they said it would be 90-120 days and I would have services.
Here we are in June and I still don’t have good internet, it’s infuriating every time I talk to xfinity customer care they put me off another month. I literally just need cable ran from my next door Neigbor’s house.
When I do ask for updates they have to send in a request? One time they asked me if I’d seen any work being done?!?!? How do they not know what the contractors they are paying are doing???
The latest I heard was June 2nd for a completion date. I’m quite sure that will be another let down. I just don’t understand the communication breakdown.
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2023.05.29 18:11 Mundane-Inspection71 Should i be making an effort to convert infidels?

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2023.05.29 18:10 Lightningmchell When do you think Ben Stillers Stephen King movie Rat will come out?

It was announced in 2020 that Stiller planned to direct, produce, and star in an adaptation of Stephen Kings Rat from his If It Bleeds novella. Given that it was back in 2020, I’m assuming the script has been written before the writers strike. What do you think the release date will be?
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2023.05.29 18:10 Ashbin Virginia COVID Report for May 29, 2023

NEW COVID CASES STATEWIDE REPORT COVERING MAY 26 to MAY 28 Case numbers are from Friday to Sunday unless indicated otherwise
Total new cases reported: 380 Fri-Sun (average of 126 cases per day) Breakout of cases per day on weekends not available until Tuesday's VDH graph
7-day average of new cases: 162.00 (reported 176.13 Friday, -8.03%) Cases per 100,000 Population: 1.886 (was 2.051 Friday) Figures and Percentages may be slightly rounded as needed
INTERPRETATION: This weekend we had 380 cases, better than the previous weekend (Fri-Sun) of 479 cases. So the weekend numbers this past weekend must not be bad with an average of about 126 cases per day. Breakout in tomorrow's VDH graph (fingers crossed).
The 7-day case average (and case curve) fell over eight percent for the weekend. This is a bit of a mirage though as that weird 102 case day we had last Monday - well, that is still in the mix for computing the 7-day case average but drops out tomorrow. Depending on cases tomorrow will determine how far the curve moves. I expect an increase (but could be surprised).
VDH reported 22 people entered the hospitals this weekend (about 7 per day), not really out of line.
Tomorrow VDH should sort things out. Posting times tomorrow are hard to say. Odds are I will be able to get the daily post out OK, but per the weekly info, VDH seems to be taking longer and longer to get it done. It took till late Tuesday last week.
Side Notes NYT is still paused in their updates due to the recent CDC changes.
The CDC has altered Positivity Rates to cover regions of the country (several states lumped together). Region 3 (which includes Virginia) is posted at 2.2% as of May 20th. CDC runs over a week behind. I am hopeful NYT, when they get things running again, may be able to break out Virginia by itself.
Being a holiday, there is not a lot to report, but I scraped a few non-Virginia stories together.
VDH was late with the OEP Weekly Situation Update on Friday. It has usually been out by 1 pm. By 3 pm or so I inquired if one was going to be posted. I got a terse response that they have till 5 pm to release it. So it may be later on Fridays from now on ... hard to say.
My VDH email blast to my contacts there had a couple returned with an auto message that they no longer work there. I am guessing VDH is trying to do the work they did before with less employees. Thus, longer wait times for reports to post.
Total new cases: New confirmed COVID cases for dates listed
7-day average of new cases: movement of cases curve over last 7-days
Cases per 100,000 population 7-day average (if known): within 100,000 people, how many were positive for COVID on a rolling 7-day cycle.
Current State 7-Day Positivity Rate (if included): The state average percentage of PCR coronavirus tests performed that are positive. The lower the better.
Data from VDH, CDC
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2023.05.29 18:10 tallycalorie UK visa in USA - process after biometrics

Hello, I reside in US but I am not a US citizen. I am applying for a UK visitor visa. Since my travel dates are coming up soon, I am trying my best to minimize delays from my end.
I have submitted my application in and scheduled my biometrics at an USCIS location. I will take my passport and requested additional documents to my biometrics appointment. But it is unclear to me what the next steps are after biometrics. So here are some questions.
  1. The document checklist only asks for passport, funds proof, US Visa/GreenCard. My question is should I also bring/upload flight reservations and hotel reservations ? Or is this not required ?
  2. What is the process after biometrics ? The last time I applied for a UK visa, after biometrics I had to mail all documents and wait for the passport to be returned to me. But I don’t see any mention of this process on the website or vfsglobal website.
  3. What timeline can I expect to get my passport back with UK visa after my biometrics appointment.
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2023.05.29 18:09 HungriestGhost Advice on what next?

Where do I start looking for Help?
I dated a woman in my past who was a therapist, and she informed me I showed clear signs of ADHD.
I'm not sure what my life is now, I can focus on work when it's on complicated and challenging tasks but mundane shit kills my soul. Luckily my company has recognized my strengths and I have a job that challenges me
I feel like I annoy every single person in my life when I have social interactions. Yet people love me I think, they invite me to events, they seem to want me to be around. But every time I'm done hanging with them, I can't help but feel majorly inadequate. Came back from a weekend trip with friends, and all I could think was "Why am I so different?, how come I can't pickup the cues and make the same connections they do". I feel like they keep me around because I've been one of their day ones like they've been mine
Keeping routines is excruciating, daily habits that don't excite me get lost until my next depression/motivation hit.
Ive dated beautiful and lovely women in my life, but even when I was at the peak of those relationships I felt empty. Why?
I realized later in life I was bad at college because of how my adhd had developed. Wish I'd knew sooner. I love learning know, I'd love to go back words to get my degree for pride. But my responsibilities out weight my wants
Substances helped me focus, but I do not want to abuse them any longer.
I have a great job for my age, I have friends and family that love me, I am not horrible with women. I should be grateful for what I have, yet here I am...
Usually I don't reach out for help because of my own pride, but I have to try. How can I verify if I have ADHD? What do I do next?
I read a book about symptoms of ADHD and I clearly show many of the signs.
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