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2023.03.30 06:02 Level_Basket_6543 Does anyone else feel randomly sick?

I woke up today feeling sick, not nausea because I don't feel like vomiting. Just a feeling of sickness that seems to be coming from the center of my chest and maybe throat. Maybe this is what they call malaise, but it happens even though I don't do exercise, and I read that malaise tends to happen after exertion for those with long covid.
I'm wondering if this sick feeling is caused by GERD, the after-effects of the Myocarditis with rLVEF I had a year ago or whether it is caused by long covid. I think my LVEF is back within normal range now.
In January I was diagnosed with H. Pylori and I don't think the antibiotics I was given was enough so I may still have it. For the past two weeks I've been on a strict diet of fruit (bananas, kiwis, apples, strawberries, blueberries) smoothies and nuts.
Does anyone get this terrible sick feeling?
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2023.03.30 06:01 Pristine-Drama-1067 Video of Yeri Mua with Naim and his pack leaked on twitter and reddit, what really happened

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2023.03.30 06:01 CardiologistMean7390 Little bumps around my under eye area

I get these weird bumps under my eyes mainly around the outer part of my eyes up to my temples but it’s not milia. I recently shaved my face with a razor and I’m thinking that caused it but it happens very often.
Does anyone know what it could be and how to treat it?
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2023.03.30 06:01 Repulsive_Dust_9228 Does Ben 10 Omniverse Get Good?

I’ve done a little research, for episode count, voice actors, etc. and am almost finished with the first story arc, but it hasn’t appealed to me. I knew of the art redesign beforehand, but I still don’t like it. I didn’t recognize Psyphon until Ben said his name, Animo looks odd, Ben looks younger (and didn’t have his iconic jacket, which is bothersome and a character change), Grandpa Max has no eyes (I know the redesign was an homage to Golden Age Captain Marvel/Shazam, but just in universe, he looks creepy), and every time he tells Rook don’t help, two seconds later, he wants help. It would be more fitting if it began with the old design, then omniverse occurs where story takes place on a different Earth with a different Ben like a multiverse, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, there are random flashbacks to him as an eleven year old (assuming from the five years later in first episode) without any explanation why nor is there a season just filling in gap from 11-16 or having the 16 year old and 11 year old meet again.Also, Kevin looks like a villain with the redesign and not like he looked. The theme isn’t catchy like the OS and an instrumental seems better. There are other aspects that i can’t put my finger on yet that leave a sour taste in my mouth, but I really miss the AF/UA style, contrary to most opinion (although they did Four-Arms bad then). With that, what did you like about the show and when did it get good for you?
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2023.03.30 06:01 Addingtrouble4u Am I in the Wrong for wanting to cut my Sister In Law out of my Wife, mine and baby (coming soon) lives?

I 25M have been with my Wife 27F for the last five years. She comes from a very old school conservative Hispanic family we’re her feeling would never be validated and if her views went against her family they would outcast and make her feel like shit. Over the years she has had to deal with putting her feeling aside for the benefit of her family but they would never do the same for her. The five years I’ve been with my wife I’ve gotten to know her Sister 25F(SIL). From day one I’ve know the type of person my SIL is. My Wife would drop everything to help and be there for my SIL but she would never do the same for my wife. Whenever we would call her out on it or tell my MIL (56F)about it my wife would get called selfish, emotional, and just trying to cause a problem.
Quick side example of what I mean. My wife went off on her Mom and sister one day cause they kept on blowing up her phone during a busy day at work. After blowing up on them her mom and sister tagged teamed my wife and called her emotional, crazy and dramatic. A few days later my wife texted her sister during work hours and my SIL bitched at my wife saying that she should know not to text her when she is at work. #Doublestandards
So through the five years of being together there have been hundreds of similar stories at different severities. But what happened today pushed us to a point of possibly no return.
We are currently pregnant with our first child. My family live 6 hours away but my wife’s family lives only 20 minutes from us. We have made it a point over the last year to invite my SIL and her new boyfriend to intimate and family events and dates, but they never do the same for us. We understand everyone has busy schedule but my wife and I believe you make time for what is important to you. Since my SIL will be the Aunt our child lives nearest to we wanted to make sure we build a better relationship.
My wife decided to have a conversation with my SIL about this. My wife decided to tell her sister in a calm manner “hey I know we have busy schedules, but me and my husband feel that we have made a effort to invite and connect with you and your boyfriend, but you haven’t done the same for us. With the baby on the way we just want to make sure our relationship is strong and that we hang out whenever possible that works with all our schedules.”
After saying that my SIL begins to yell saying that we aren’t understanding of her and her boyfriend busy schedule. That we don’t ever empathize with her. Mind you my wife work 6 days a week and with my job depending on the week I can work a regular 9-5 5 days a week to at times 12-15Hrs days 7 days a week. We have busy schedules as well but still make the time for family when we can.
My SIL said that we had to be understanding of her life and that we are making a big deal out of nothing. We never went into the discusión wanting to fight we went in wanting to establish a better relationship. But from the way she was talking it seemed not only that she didn’t care to build a better relationship with my wife and I, but also didn’t care to build one with our child once she comes into this world.
My wife hurt from her sisters words walked out. To my wife she has made time to help her sisterwhenever she needed cash, take care of her dogs, support her through illness and heart ship and never got the same from her sister.
For my wife this was the last stray. She now doesn’t want to put the effort into her sister anymore and doesn’t want to invite her sister or her boyfriend to any more family event we host, she pretty much want to cut off my SIL.
As my wife said “I tired of putting effort In to people that aren’t willing to put that same effort back into me. I’m not gonna bring people into my child’s life who don’t care for them even if they are blood”.
Now we are nervous because we don’t know how her mother will react to our decision to pretty much cut my SIL out of our lives. Her mother has always taken my SIL side whenever we have spoken to her in the past, right or wrong my MIL will take my SIL side. Her reasoning is always the same. My SIL tried unaliving herself in middle school so now MIL think if she doesn’t take my SIL side and allow her to do what she wants to other family members then my SIL might try to do it again.
Family is important to my wife and I. We just wanted to make sure that the people we surround of child with are people who are as invested to her life as we are into theirs. We just ask for mutual respect and effort but feel we will never get it from the SIL so our only option is to cut the cord away from her and possibly the MIL depending on how she reacts or what side she takes.
Are we in the wrong here? 😓
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2023.03.30 06:01 Oprost A Beautiful Monster

When we think of monsters we often think of scary, gruesome, terrifying sights that strike fear into our hearts with even a glance in their direction.
This monster wasn't like that. This monster was beautiful, incredibly beautiful in fact. But this beauty was only external, for beneath the surface lurked a monster as terrifying as any.
All monsters feed on different things. Zombies eat people, vampires need blood, other monsters feed on dreams or emotions. This monster required constant money, gifts, attention, awe & admiration to thrive. The monster knew it was better than anyone else but it still needed these things to survive, without them the monster would perish.
So how did the Monster get all of these things? The Monster was beautiful, so attracting victims was easy, much like an anglerfish uses its lure the Monster used its beauty. As the Monster's appetite grew it realized it had to be more careful and selective while hunting, previous impetuous attempts sometimes yielded no luck or not enough to tide it over for a fair length of time.
The Monster learned it needed to be patient, and that it couldn't rely on its beauty alone if it expected to have more success. The Monster finally realized that just because it knew it was better didn't mean it couldn't pretend to be like its prey, at least for a while. Over time the Monster became an expert at hunting using this method. It lost track of its victims, but they all came into the Monster's claws on their own free will, cheerfully smiling as they approached their demise.
Sometimes the Monster didn't understand its prey. During its last hunt it had an experience that left it slightly confused. The monster repeated the same routine it had done countless times before and like every other time the prey came into the monsters clutches happy and overjoyed.
The Prey was thrilled to have met someone that had so much in common with it, the Monster seemed so perfect. The Monster was loving, kind, caring and thoughtful. It felt like the Prey had known the Monster forever. Life with the Monster was great, there was nothing the Monster did to make the Prey wary. During this period the Monster abstained from feeding as long as it could, trying to feed this early meant the Prey had a good chance of escaping so it had to wait.
The time came when the Monster wasn't able to go without feeding anymore, so it dropped the mask and started to feed on the Prey. The Prey was surprised, it hadn't been expecting this at all but the Monster assured it that this was normal and happens to everyone. The Monster promised the Prey that this was only temporary and that it would do the same for the Prey. The Prey wasn't too thrilled but it believed the Monster and let it be, things will go back to normal soon the Prey told itself.
Nothing seemed to change for a while, until one day the Monster became incredibly sick. It panicked and realized it was doomed if it didn't get better. It couldn't even feed anymore. The Monster's life had never actually been in danger like this. The Monster didn't know what to do so it put on the act that the Prey seemed to love so much in an act of desperation. It worked. The Prey worked tirelessly day and night doing everything it could for the monster. After months and months of hard work the Prey was finally able to help the Monster recover fully.
The Monster was excited to be well again, it thanked the prey profusely. It was frustrated it couldn't immediately resume feeding because it was still weak so it kept the act up for a little while longer, not too long but just enough that the Prey would be hooked again. The Monster slowly started to feed on the Prey again. Much like last time the Prey wasn't too happy but the Monster said the right things to prevent it from trying to escape.
Over time the Monster could tell it wouldn't be able to extract much more from the Prey. The Prey looked weak and feeble, it resembled a shell of its former self. The Monster knew the Prey couldn't escape so it sped up the feeding process now that escape wasn't a concern. The faster rate of feeding was incredibly painful for the Prey. It protested and begged. It pleaded and tried to reason. But the Monster didn't care, it never cared about the Prey. It was the Prey's fault it was in this situation not the Monster's, if the Prey wasn't such an inferior creature maybe it would have been smart enough to see that. The Monster didn't bother talking to the Prey anymore, it was almost finished and then it would move onto the next one.
Eventually the Monster was finished. It gave the Prey one last disdainful look and pushed it into the dark abyss below. As the Prey's desiccated husk sank through the waters it wondered what it had done wrong to make the Monster treat it like that? Was it not good enough for the Monster? It wasn't sure, everything seemed to be confusing, it didn't understand any of it. All it knew was the Monster had loved it so much and something had to have went wrong at one point. It had to be a misunderstanding.
As the waters got darker the Prey glanced up one last time, thinking it would maybe see the Monster looking back. Maybe the Monster's eyes would show some regret or sadness or guilt. Maybe the Monster was already swimming down to save it after realizing how much the Prey cared for it. But the Monster was nowhere to be seen.
After a while the Prey finally sank down to the bottom of the ocean floor. It was too broken and tired to move much. It spent months struggling to regain its strength to get back to the surface, it wasn't sure what went wrong with the Monster but the Monster had once been so kind and the Prey desperately missed those days. The Prey would do everything it could to get back to the Monster and see if they could talk and resolve whatever the problems between them had been. It missed the Monster's love more than anything, even if it did seem a lifetime ago at this point.
It took a long time but one day the Prey finally had the strength, it swam back to the surface using all of its strength. It would finally be with the Monster again and things would be better now. The Prey missed the Monster a lot and it was sure the Monster had missed it too. Everything was going to be alright and things would be just like they were when they first met.
The Prey finally made its way back to the Monster's lair. Before it could say anything it saw the Monster with someone else. The Prey stopped for a few minutes and listened. The Monster was repeating all of the things it had once said to the Prey. Everything sounded like a script.
The Prey turned around and went home, heartbroken and defeated. It took a lot of time but the Prey finally realized what the Monster's true nature had been.
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2023.03.30 06:00 Cool_Map_6718 Help, what happened

Heyo y’all, I’m here to ask about y’all’s experiences because I am confused. I have been questioning my gender for about 5 months now (if you don’t count the years of signs) and I’m pretty much cracked at this point. But once I accepted im trans, now I just feel, weird. Idk what it is… what did y’all’s processes look like once you accepted?
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2023.03.30 06:00 bwinders001 33F Right hip pain for weeks

I am a 33 yr old female. Moderately active, history of back pain, but never hip pain before. A couple weeks ago my right hip started to feel pain when getting up from sitting or in the morning. I could feel it hurt when I walked for a while too. It almost feels tender to the touch as well when it’s hurting, like a bruise? The last few days it’s hurts most of the time. I sit crossed legged on the couch sometimes. I got up from sitting like that for a long period of time last night and I could barely walk for a second. Once I moved a bit more it was ok, but that happened again tonight. Not sure what’s going on with it. I haven’t fallen recently that I can remember.
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2023.03.30 06:00 stephlee07 Plum distillation

Hello to the whole community,
I made my second plum distillation.
For a 50L jar I received about 7L of alcohol. The first 3 liters are very clear. But after from the fourth there is one a cloudy white that appears.
The first liters is around 55 ABV and the last one is around 25 ABV.
I see that the cloudy white fades with the hours.
1) What is the source of this cloudy white ? ( Because it's happened also in my first distillation of plum)
2) Why it's fades with the time ?
3) Wich ABV tell you that's the time to stop the distillation?
4) Do you put the tails in the next batch ?
Thank you very much for your help.
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2023.03.30 06:00 run0way M 23 asked her out f 23 help

Shes never had a boyfriend, ive never had a girlfriend. we get along good people at work said it seems she likes me i should ask her out so i did,
I asked if she'd go to a place she mentioned to me and all she said was that its also at another location then our supervisor told me to get back to work and stop talking..
She never mentioned anything after, we've talked since and nothing about it its like it didnt even happen, ive been distant but she still seems interested but im not degrading myself chasing another female just for it to be a fuck around, i dont know what to do because she should be the one to say something not me again ive already asked her out?
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2023.03.30 06:00 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbM is it a red flag for sdr jobs if all the reps are 21 years old and the boss is a huge grant cardone fan

recently applied to this Sdr position. I can see they have a janky instagram where they post themselves visiting grant cardone conferences in luxury vehicles. The inside of their office looks like a mathnasium. Everybody working there is born yesterday and it also happens to be a relatively small company that emphasizes team outings. They also had typos in their email lol
Not only that but they are also not very transparent about what they do or sell exactly. It seems like it’s solar but it might also be Hvac??
Am I wrong for thinking these are workplace red flags lol
I thought grant cardone was like a podcaster intentionally leaning into a joke parody of businessmen for clicks
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2023.03.30 06:00 Syubs Why do I shut down and feel shame about improving myself?

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right sub to post this in, but here we go
I'm [29F], and let's just say for someone my age, I'm pretty behind on life. It was only in the past 8 months that, in my opinion, I've made quite a few (big) changes in my life, like getting my g2 driver's license and going to a public college for the first time to enroll in an autistic professional training program. However, the training part of it ended a couple of months ago, and since my paid work student placement doesn't start until next month, I found myself spiraling negatively again like I did when I was mostly at home for like 7 years--with 2 of them taken up by the Covid pandemic.
To sum it up quickly, in those past 7 years after graduating from a different (but private) college, I either had a lot of leisure time, spent a huge chunk of that time researching what my purpose/identity/career path should be, did very temporary contract jobs (I've never had a full time salary job before), got work anxiety, was on the waitlist for cbt therapy for anxiety and depression for almost a year (though the therapy program only lasted for like a couple of months), volunteered a little bit, did my best to get more involved with my birth religion but it mostly still hasn't worked out for me, tried Christian counseling (which is also free, my counselor was nice but I don't think this helped my issues), couldn't work for almost a year 'cause of weird on and off side effects after trying out antidepressants for a very short amount of time...
I understand and blame myself for putting myself in my current situation. There was a lot I could've done to improve myself and become a proper adult by now. I also have this habit of looking for advice for people similar to me, but I find some of it, in my opinion, quiet... hostile? Tough love really doesn't work for me, and as much as I understand the advice, instead of it being motivating, for some reason, why does it make me do the complete opposite? As in, as soon as I look forward to something like cleaning or learning how to cook or making a plan to move out, I internalize all those negative voices and feel guilty and afraid of doing those things? Feeling as if I'm not allowed to take better care of my hygiene? Would this be some sort of performance anxiety? 'Cause I feel shut down, a bit weak in the arms, and maybe space out for a bit. I guess this also feeds onto my hesitation of directly, actively seeking help because I've internalized thoughts from other people telling me to "stop being soft and making excuses" and feel guilty/victimizing if I ever mention me being autistic (which is barely imo).
And as I mentioned before, I tried taking antidepressants because I felt guilty and shameful that I wasn't trying hard enough enough to improve myself, but for some reason those antidepressants made me feel worse than before I took them, as in, I only took first time 50mg (?) zoloft for like 2 days (felt like my brain was being fried tbh and was getting chills) but I was still feeling these were effects 2 months later like feeling my head is shakey/nauseous while I'm eating. And then I took a very small dosage of aventyl to get rid of that head problem but for some reason, the 3rd refill gave me chest tightness for a few hours, which made me panic since I really thought I got an earlier version of covid. But regardless, all this made it hard for me to even be sitting in front of computer.
Also for reference, in addition to being autistic and being born/raised in a Baptist Christian household, I still live with my parents and come from a culture where my parents/uncle/aunt make me and my male cousins feel guilty about moving out their own unless married--which is like the complete opposite in western culture where people want you to move out asap when you're of age
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2023.03.30 06:00 AutoModerator Weekly Support Thread - Submit your beginner questions, minimalist venting, and subreddit requests here!

Welcome to the Weekly Support Thread!

Have a beginner question? Submit it here!
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Happy posting!
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2023.03.30 06:00 throweeeyyyy_way (28m) Was sexually assaulted by a uni roommate years ago, then i repeatedly slept with him after - and the repressed memories are all flooding out

So important context for myself here - i’ve recently been diagnosed with BPD, C-PTSD and anxiety. This is all worth remembering as my behavior was partly influenced by behavioral patterns I developed growing up in a very dysfunctional home.
So in my first summer in university, I was sexually assaulted. I was very, very high (3 edibles + a bong hit, first time high in fact), and a new ‘friend’ of mine, started playing porn and stuck his hand in my pants. I should state, I was freaking out and practically curled up in a ball in the bed before this, he said he’d try to calm me down and did this.
Anyway, for some reason - i’m not sure why, he apologized after and said “sorry it’s cause we were high”, i forgave him, stupidly. He then asked me to be my roommate the next semester in the dorm, I stupidly accepted - now realizing that I didn’t want to disrupt the status quo with this new group I was in. I should also state that I was still dating a girl at the time, and didn’t tell her - in hindsight I can see why I got much worse with her than i already was at that point on.
When my roommate and I lived together, he began doing this again, playing porn, and basically cohering me into touching him. At this point we had already lived together, and we were intertwined with the same people. I, again, didn’t want to accept the status quo. I was also in this self destructive loop of guilt as I was still dating my ex as we kept doing sexual… stuff, again and again. Now, at first I didn’t explicitly consent when we were living together, in fact, I don’t think there was anything ever consent related. He would just start, and I would play along with it.
At first it was partly not to disrupt the status quo, primarily because I feared being scapegoated and I didnt want to be outed as a man who engaged with other men (we hung around some homophobic muslim circles) - on top of this, the overall guilt of what I was doing to my ex, combined with the fact that I settled this guy out of all people kept me in a very, very low state of mind.
Now, this person was a grade A creep - not just towards me, but he also would find ways to hack into girls’ social media accounts to steal their pictures, and at the time he had taken photos from underaged women (all unknown to them, it seems) - on top of this, my ex had broken up with me and I was deep in my depressive slump, gaining weight rapidly and fully embracing the self hate. I didn’t like that I was engaged with this guy, what’s worse is that I felt trapped since I didn’t trust him already, and if i were to out him he already would’ve had dirt on me against not only my friends, but the saudi government (who were fully funding my education at the time, i am a former saudi citizen) - I was afraid, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. My self esteem was also at an all time low so feeling “wanted” by someone, even if meant a creep who literally came over for 20 minutes to pump and dump when we stopped living together then leaving after he got off. I had always felt horrible after, but I kept on suppressing it.
When he had left to his home country around 4 years after we started, we still kept in touch for a bit as with my low self esteem, I was frankly very easy to take advantage of. I also didn’t have the courage to say no. I also felt so bad about it that it almost felt like a form of self punishment, that I didn’t deserve any better because I let it happen.
Years later, and I am finally opening up about it as this situation has added to my low self esteem, added to my chronic guilt, abandonment issues, fear of changing the status quo and it has caused me to repress my bisexuality for years after.
i’ve been afraid to date men, and because of my experiences i empathized heavily with what many women went through, which also weirdly prevented me from trying to get intimate or initiate anything consensual, because of the guilt I have associated with my experiences - I aim to tell my therapist all of this in our next appointment (early next week), but the repressed memory came out yesterday and i’ve been stuck, dwelling on it since.
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2023.03.30 06:00 DokCyber What's the best thing that happened to you today? #BestThingOfTheDay

What's the best thing that happened to you today? #BestThingOfTheDay
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2023.03.30 06:00 ttc30mod The Daily Chat for March 30, 2023

Welcome to our daily open chat thread! What's on your mind? What's happening in your life? Let's chat.
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2023.03.30 06:00 ThrowRAidkwnsms 22 [F4MM] Arlington looking for 2 nice, respectful and considerate men

This is a burner account and honestly I'm not sure if anything will come from this post, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. One of my biggest fantasies is to be in a threesome with two men. Just the thought of being their center of attention makes me all hot and bothered. I just don't know if it's something I'll be able to actually experience. I do suffer from social anxiety so it's a bit daunting to entrust myself to two strangers I've met off the internet. Safety is also a big concern of mine as many bad things could happen.
What I'm looking for is two men that I can form a connection with and have mutual attraction. If everyone get along and I feel safe we could have the time of our lives ;)
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2023.03.30 06:00 Icy-Trust2825 Does anyone know what happened to Msb I don’t see him in the ranks anymore

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2023.03.30 06:00 Pristine-Drama-1067 Video of Yeri Mua with Naim and his pack leaked on twitter and reddit, what really happened

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2023.03.30 05:59 zathalen100 I found out what happened to officer Williams

I was super curious about the fate of that horrible officer Pricilla Williams, and I found a gold mine! I stumbled upon the Facebook group, " Who Have You Seen On 60 Days In " a group from the Etowah county community discussing the show. Our favorite Officer Pricilla Williams both happens to be a member and constantly posts there. Doing a little digging by searching her name, it seems she works in a factory now, and has a lot to say about the show, as do former inmates of the institution! You all should go check it out and your welcome!
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2023.03.30 05:59 dathislayer I don't care about the money. I care that we were right

And we have the receipts. Peruvian Bull was right. DFV was right. RC was right. OG apes were right. DRS was right. And most importantly, what we've felt this whole time has been right. That combination of clarity, excitement, and righteous fury as we connected the dots. The knowledge that we, not the banks or the hedgies, are too big to fucking fail. It was true. All of it.
The headlines today are the "crazy conspiracy theories" of yesterday. High inflation, shrinking money supply, failing banks, failing petrodollar, the list goes on. And GameStop is profitable, baby. No matter what happens with the ticker, we will shape the future of this world. We fucking knew, and it's preserved forever for all to see. MOASS is real. We can't know how our adversaries will fight that battle. But every single ape should feel sure in their knowledge that we win it all. And there is no going back once we do. As it is written in the sacred texts, so shall we write our legacy upon the world. I'd trade every $ in the world for a better future.
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2023.03.30 05:59 juliusart One of the strangest experiences.

I have been going through a premature kundalini Awakening for 4 years now. You can read my profile for more details.
I was having one of my large kundalini movements I get once every 1-2 months. This one has been going on for a longer period of time. It was stuck in my head causing a terrible headache for the past 3 days.
This is pretty normal stuff. However, the movement was coming to a climatic surge. My stomach started to feel like a ball of electricity. My palms and feet were very sweaty. My wife was starting to comfort me because I was starting to get really strong shivers. She started to rub my arm and moved down to rub my hand. Instantly, my wife dropped my hand and said, “that’s creepy, you’re dangerous “
She pointed to her stomach, the exact same area as mine and said she felt the weirdest sensation that she had to drop my hand.
I never told my wife where I was having my kundalini surge. I only said I have a bad headache. I have no idea how this happened or what this means but this goes against all logic and reasoning.
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