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2020.02.11 05:26 thepowerofkn0wledge The Book of Psychedelics

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2023.06.01 21:05 adebrw12 What does being on a trip feel like?

????Also do yall really see stuff when on a trip.Im kinda scared tbh.I used cocaine once it made me feel euphoric but I didn't hallucinate tho.Its just the weed that made me like really "think" while being high.So yeah please explain in detail.💞
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2023.06.01 21:04 james_casy Efficient pickup for car camping under $20k

Hello, I’m looking for a used pickup truck and would like some advice narrowing down my options. My budget is $10-20k but I’d prefer to keep it closer to $15k and save some money for a camper conversion setup. This car would probably just be me and my gf 90% of the time but it would be nice to have passenger seats for the 10%. I don’t mind buying a car with 100-180k miles as long as it still has a another 100k or so in it.
My priority features are:
•Fuel efficiency
•At least 6’ bed length (planning to sleep in with a camper shell)
•Reliability and low cost to repair
•Off road capability. Don’t need anything too crazy but I’d like to be comfortable on remote dirt roads and occasional snow trips. Friends are telling me to definitely get 4x4 but I’m not totally convinced.
Things I don’t care about:
•Tech features. Just want something that drives and I can replace an old radio myself if it doesn’t have BT.
•Aesthetics. Not trying to impress anyone with a sick rig and I know I will be scratching and dinging the hell out of it myself.
•Heavy duty towing. I will occasionally tow a small trailer (<2k lbs) but all of the trucks I’m looking at should do this no problem.
Right now I’m looking at:
•Toyota Tacoma: most reliable and legendary but used ones seem overpriced and I’ve heard they’re not very comfortable.
•Ford F-150: Specifically looking at post 2015 ecoboost V6s as they have good mpg and still a lot of hp.
•Ford ranger: Since I don’t think I necessarily need the full size 150 and they seem to be reliable and powerful.
•Nissan Frontier: the cheapest option but potentially the least reliable? I’d be happy to save the $$$ as long as I don’t end up having to pay it later in repairs. Also less availability around me.
Would appreciate any input and advice on these trucks, what years or mileages to avoid, and any other options you think I should seriously consider. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 21:04 alexp9000 [USA-CA][H] PayPal, Local Cash [W] FormD T1 sandwich v2, PCIE 4.0 Riser

Hey all,
I ordered this FormD T1 kit from the website last week and didn’t realize that I might not receive it before my remote work trip starting July 7th. I’m hoping to find the sandwich case with 4.0 riser cable for my 7950x /4090 travel setup.
Happy to pay close to retail for this or above retail for a new kit as time is of the essence.
Please let me know if you or someone you know is selling :)
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2023.06.01 21:04 boobrown50 Tiff and Natasha should have their own show.

Me and my gf couldn't stop laughing about the idea of this pair travelling america on some kind of road trip. You can tell they have a great sense of humour together and it would be such a great buddy show. We're in Scotland and would defo watch them. 🤣🤣🤣
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2023.06.01 21:03 asratrt Selling my 1 year old high-end gaming PC ... RX 6800XT Gaming OC

Selling my 1 year old high-end gaming PC ... RX 6800XT Gaming OC
( My name is Ashish. )
All components are 1 year old. Have printed bills of all components.
1) SSUPD meshlicious itx case ( Amazon India ) ... Has space for 2 sata SSDs at bottom.
2) Gigabyte X570i Aorus Pro Wifi itx motherboard ( mumbai )
3) DDR4 4400Mhz CL19 XMP Crucial Ballistix max 8GB x 2 = 16GB ( mumbai )
4) Ryzen 7 3700X ( mumbai ) . Has stock cooler.
5) Noctua L9a-AM4 cpu cooler ( mumbai )
6) WD black SN850 nvme 500GB x 2 ... front and back side of motherboard ... ( mumbai)
7) Cooler Master V750 750Watt itx power supply ( kolkata )
8) ASUS TUF Gaming OC RX 6800XT 16GB VRAM graphics card. ( kolkata )
9) 24 inch LG IPS 4K UHD 3840x2160p 60Hz Freesync ( Display port 10 bit color at 4K + HDMI ... no hdr support ) ... model no. "24UD58" ( from Amazon India )
10) 90 degree angled Display-Port cable ( Amazon India ) ... 90 degree angled HDMI cable comes with ssupd meshlicious
11) Installed with Win10 Enterprise Updated to latest.
The Gfx card and mobo has very very less dust , only uppeer part of PSU and bottom part of case is having dust.
Why I am selling? I used the pc for 1 year and now I don't play games, hence I want to sell it.
If interested in buying or need more information then message/chat with me , if you want to talk to me over phone then message/chat me, I will give my mobile number.
Price --- > Case + Gfx card + Monitor -

( 5,000 + 15,000 + 4,000 + 15,000 + 2,000 + 5,000 + 5,000 ) + ( 35,000 ) + ( 15,000 )

( 51,000 ) + ( 35,000 ) + ( 15,000 )
In case someone wants single component from above , then message/chat with me.
I live in Mumbai.
( Please also share with your friends who live near Mumbai who are considering to build a high end gaming PC. )
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2023.06.01 21:03 ThrowRAasdfghjl Bored at home… NYC too expensive

I’m 22/F and graduated a year ago from college. I’ve been feeling a bit bored.
I’m commuting to work in NYC and living at home with my parents. All my friends have boyfriends and don’t really want to do fun things. I’m feeling like I need to do something fun and cool while I can, I don’t feel like there’s anything to miss here back home.
I know eventually I’ll want to come back here to be near family, but does anyone have any ideas of what they would do in this situation? I was thinking of moving to a new state but I have to be in NYC for work 2x a week. My company has offices in California and Florida I could try out for a year possibly. I’m planning a couple of trips but I’m limited on PTO and money.
I was thinking of taking a week here and there to work virtually in a new state. I’d have to do it alone which kind of scares me but seems like the only option. I’ve also been trying out new hobbies and went on Bumble BFF for new friends, but I feel like it’s hard to keep up my ideal lifestyle while living in my parents’ house. It’s too expensive in nyc to move out for me right now so I just feel stuck.
Anyone else in this situation?
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2023.06.01 21:03 Agreeable_Ad_8439 Trade Advice

Trade Advice
I have received a trade where he wants to give me Sam Howell and Nick Chubb for picks. I truly don’t want Chubb as he’s getting older and my team is nowhere near good enough to take an older RB. Sam Howell also doesn’t draw any interest for me.
I am wanting to rebuttal with another trade involving Jordan Love and Etienne but I don’t know how fair the trade is only involving the two picks. Daniel Jones is also available instead of love or Howell, I’m looking to see what you guys recommend or a trade I could work with the people given above and here.
I desperately need to upgrade my QB, but I’m not willing to do it unless I get someone a little more reliable than Sam Howell. 12 Team, SF, IDP, Dynasty PPR.
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2023.06.01 21:03 Amanda2802 Looking for my person - Let’s chat and see if we could connect!

Hey All!
I'm a single lady with a tiny human, I'm short, a super fast and hardworking. I'm a good natured, matured, dark humored and a tinge sacrastic while also being a hopelessly romantic optimist for some reason.
I'm a business woman , that also love cooking and baking. I really love swimming,reading and shopping, huge movie nard, love all kinds of music, but mostly hip hop and jazz.
I really dig game nights, prefer road trips for traveling, always trying to explore new areas and museum, love to spend time outside and I really love camping.
if you are also single, around my age or more and looking for the same as me, feel free to send me a message and see where the future leads us to
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2023.06.01 21:02 Gurkenyoshi I lost interest in my nesting partner after going poly

I was in a mono relationship for eight years, always wanted a poly one but thought mono was the way to go. I dropped hints about opening up our relationship and one day I told him that I can't take it any longer and that I want a non mono relationship. I knew that this could have ruined my relationship with him but our realtionship was barely a relationship at all for the last three years. So yeah, I wanted to keep him if possible because I loved him. Long story short we talked it over and decided to give it a go. In the beginning it was quite good, my sex drive came back and we spent more time together. Then I met someone online and it suddenly shifted. My original partner went crazy and snapped every time we spent some time together. It really got ugly between us to the point where I didn't want him to come near me anymore. We talked it over and decided to try again but I feel like something broke and that I lost interest in him. I know that it is normal to feel the butterflys for someone new but I don't know. I really wish that the love for my nesting partner would come back. Did anyone feel the same or does anybody have some tips for me?
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2023.06.01 21:02 Sensitive_Way_7451 Mother-In-Law Using Coersion to get me to drop out of graduate school

So there are a lot of variables in play here and multiple sides of the story so I understand that I am only giving my perspective of things but here it goes (apologies for it being so long)...
A few years ago my wife and I BOTH came to the decision that I should leave my current career (which has been so stressful and time consuming that it was causing significant medical problems for me) and start grad school to change to a career which I would be happier with and allowed me to be more present with my family.
We jointly agreed for me to leave my high paying, 70+ hour a week job and start graduate school. Almost immediately from the start, I realized that people SAYING they would support my decision and ACTUALLY supporting my decision were two different things. I became very isolated and alienated from my family as my spouse never supported it and always complained that it took too much time and getting mad at me when I would confide that I had a stressful assignment or class coming up. My mother-in-law would actively snort or laugh whenever I mentioned that I had a big assignment due or something that I had to take care of for school.
It's at this point that I should say that the job I got while in grad school was a lot less hours (still full time) but didn't pay anywhere near what I was making but made me VERY happy. As a result, my spouse started keeping a ledger of what I wasn't able to pay and shared this constantly with my mother-in-law. I agree that I took too long staying at the low paying job, but once it clicked that my spouse was struggling more than I was aware, I quit that job and went back to my high-stress, 60+ hour work week so that I could regain the ability to fulfill my financial obligations. My spouse still said that I need to pay every penny back from what I wasn't able to pay and I started feeling financially doomed and started running behind on a lot of critical things (e.g. car payments, credit card bills, etc.) all the while the disdain for my schooling was becoming increasingly aggressive and mocked) I started feeling very lonely and even more isolated. We had our first son after the first year or so of grad school and everything fell apart.
It's at this point I should say that I have struggled with sex addiction for years. While I never physically cheated on anyone, I would engage in internet or chat based sexual experiences. This picked up even more while I was married and even more while I was in grad school. I'm not proud of it, and I understand how much it hurt my spouse when they found out. It's easy to say that I honestly thought in a weird way that it wasn't cheating because I wasn't physically with anybody or even somebody that I knew, but I realize now that's not the case. It may be pointless to say this but I was also a very lonely person and the gratification I felt helped me feel at least momentarily better about myself.
About a year ago my wife found out about this and, understandably, I was kicked out of the house for about 4 to 5 months and came extremely close to losing her and my family. Thankfully, with a lot of therapy and work on myself, we were able to get past my indiscretions and start rebuilding our relationship. As part of this, I agreed to take a year off from graduate school. I restarted this past fall (a semester early only because I was required to by my program or face expulsion) with only 1 class as I had to be a registered student to start the process of applying for a program required internship to complete my grad degree. During couple's therapy we talked about how internship would somewhat remove me from time spent with the family and that I would only do it if everyone agreed it was doable and ok. Everyone agreed. I brought up how alienated I felt by everyone laughing and sneering at something that was so important for me... Then I asked again, several times, making sure everyone was comfortable with this process. Everyone agreed I should do it.
During this time, my partner brought up the fact that they really wanted another baby (which I did too but felt it was still early on in the rebuilding phase of our relationship). We had gone through IVF and had several fertilized embryos just waiting. We decided to have another baby who is due at the end of June. "We" also decided that it was a good time to sell our house and move (keep in mind we didn't have the finances for it, something which I brought up vehemently time and time, "How can we do this? How will we pay for everything?")
Part of the agreement on another baby was moving closer to my in-laws so that they could help with the kiddos. My in-laws had several conversations with my spouse that I wasn't part of saying that they would help financially with a new house or rent until we could get our current house sold and get settled in a new place. Part of the reason for the move was also to be closer to them so that they could help with our two little boys. At this point I should say that we rely heavily on my in-laws because I don't have any family that could help or be responsible enough to be trusted (mom passed away after battles with substance use, bi-polar disorder, and suicide, and dad is on the autism spectrum and battles a substance use disorder which sees him in and out of addiction programs several times a year).
So fast forward another 9 months and we are ready to have another baby but out of nowhere 4 days ago, my partner tells me that they want me to take ANOTHER year off to be present with the family and help. I admit I was angry because, while to some it may not be a big deal, for me, it's one of the first things in my life that I have felt I have accomplished on my own as well as something that makes me happy and not constantly weighed down by stress, anxiety, and depression.
Against my wishes, because I care for my family, I agreed to ask for another year off. I met yesterday with a facilitator of the program and they said that pushing off internship another year would not be a big deal. Today I received an email from the department saying that I can take a year off, I just have to remain a registered student (because I can't take another leave without being kicked out of the program). This means finishing the 1 class I am in this semester, and taking 1 simple class next semester so that I can restart the internship process in January 2024 to obtain an internship by next year - July 2024. This is their process and I cannot change it.
After being devastated that I had to do this in the first place, but understanding why, I spoke with my spouse today and showed them the email. They immediately became inconsolable because they said this isn't a full year off and that I won't be present with the family and the new baby (which I WOULD be but also a reason why we were moving closer to in-laws to begin with). After a little bit of conversation, they also let slip that they talked with my mother-in-law today and, without even bringing up that I may have to take another class before internship starts, they said that if I take any classes AT ALL, they will NOT provide the significant financial support they agreed to so that we could move to an area closer to them (an area that they chose because they don't want to drive far and also an area that is VERY expensive). The kicker is, we just signed a 12 month lease for a house to rent while we sell OUR house and we move in to the new house in 2 days. More upsetting, is the fact that we will have to pay our mortgage AND rent until our house sells which we ONLY AGREED was a good plan BECAUSE our in-laws offered (we didn't ask) to provide significant financial support to make it possible...without it we are royally screwed and will probably lose the house.
So I am sitting here, understanding everybody's point of view, but feeling like like personal future has just been relegated to working in a career that will probably kill be by the age of 50, being forced into a situation which will make me quit my grad program AT THE VERY TAIL END OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS, as well as leave me about $70k more in debt than I started with for something that I won't even get all the while feeling as though I have no say in how my own life turns out...
Everybody literally called me crazy because I dared voice concern that I didn't feel like anyone supported my being in grad school even though they said they did and I am also being made to feel like I don't contribute to anything (which I am now back to working 60 hours a week with an hour commute each day 5 days a week while paying for a lot of stuff, now more than my half (which for the record I am totally ok with for that last part, still doing grad school AND still being a good parent to my son and helping with household chores (my partner doesn't clean, do laundry, or dishes AT ALL...It's all on me to get done and always has been).
If anyone bothered to read this whole thing, does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom on how to move forward?
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2023.06.01 21:02 Theflyingchappal Im (21m) scared that I might be becoming dependant on my gf (21f)

I have always been more of a introvert, prefering to be by myself and liking my alone time. However when me and my gf started dating we pratically became inseperable. In the sense that I would be over at her place everyday after university and only leave when I need to go back home to sleep. On the oppsite side of the spectrum however, my gf has alot of friends and a active social life (compared to mine at least) but she still tries to squeeze me into her day no matter how short of time she has me for because she wants to see me everyday. I don't believe im currently codependant on her because I still appreciate the days where I dont see her (usually work or school) and have time to myself or but I feel like Im solely relying on my gf for all social interaction (apart from family and talking to an occasional online friend). At the same time however I dont really feel the need to make new friends, although I would like having more in my life currently, Im far too burnt out mentally to go out and make new friends. My gf is just as reliable on me as I am for her, apart from the occasional night out, she wants to spend every moment with when she can and even went out of her way spend entire days just to sit with me while Im doing schoolwork at my campus (long train ride after work). So its clear that the attention is equally recipocated however I still fear that I might end up relying on her too much as the relationship is still very much new (nearly 5 months). Is this unhealthy?
tldr: Even though me and my gf are find with constantly being around each other, im scared I me be becoming dependant on her since I dont have any friends
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2023.06.01 21:01 Ericules Need Help Buying an Auto-CPAP without Insurance

I'm at my wits' end after fighting with insurance daily for the past month. I've decided to just purchase the device outright.
My sleep study recorded an AHI of 14 so mild apnea, and my provider prescribed an Auto CPAP. I called their office today to check which one to get and they couldn't provide much guidance, and said usually the DME company chooses but most of their clients use Resmed Airsense 10 or 11.
I called a DME company near me and they offered an Airsense 10 with modem, masks, tubing and 1 month worth of supplies for $1050. I'm waiting to hear back on their price for the Airsense 11 as they needed to contact the manager to see if they sell those without insurance.
My Pulmonologists office said it would be best to go through a DME company since their office can adjust the device. That said it looks like I can get the Airsense 11 for about the same price I am being offered the 10 with modem on and a few other sites.
That said I'm not sure what I would do if pressure settings need changed etc. Does anyone have any advice on what device to go with/where to go about procuring one?
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2023.06.01 21:01 GoodGuyGriffith Anyone know anywhere that does a cheap haircut/beard trim?

Been to a few barbers near me n it’s been costing me an arm and a leg. Any suggestions would be class, cheers folks.
Edit: (Central/West End preferred)
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2023.06.01 21:01 suhhhii My boyfriend made a colourist comment and idk how to feel

Okay so for context my (20F) boyfriend (20M) and I have been together since we were 18. Ethnically my boyfriend is south Asian and I’m African. We’ve always dreamt and planned our future together and we truly look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
Last week, when we went on a trip together, we were talking about kids and I made a comment that it would be so cute if our kids looked like him, we laughed and he said he hoped they looked like me and has my features. I thought that was adorable but then he said he hopes that they’re lighter skin toned and in the moment I brushed it off but the more I think about it the more it doesn’t sit right with me. Am I over exaggerating? He has always said he loves my skin tone and that I’m beautiful but me being darker skinned and him hoping that our kids are light skin just feels like a contradiction. So now I’m conflicted. Any advice?
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2023.06.01 21:01 lovelyyandereaddict Prized Patient Zero [Yandere Asylum Patient Defeats You][AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay [Successful Doctor Listener] [Betrayal] [Collab-Worthy] [Unspoken Competition] [Part 1?] [Mentioned Cannibalism] [Mentioned Death]

Description: You (The listener) are a successful practitioner of mental health, traveling world wide to solve the most untreatable cases of insanity. Somehow directing all their violent and sadistic tendencies towards something else or someone else ; whatever it is its working and you've received another call. Its your first asylum the one that kicked off your career and the star patient you 'fixed' has been having some trouble lately. You can't let this one patient of yours unravel your reputation, best to see what they've done now.
Alternate Description: You (The Speaker) are the biggest threat this asylum has to offer and naturally they cater to your every whim for their safety. They've done as you asked, luring your precious doctor back to you. How disgusting! For the world to think it deserved your doctor's treatment! But no worries you just have to buy time. Get them distracted. Keep them distracted. While your friends prepare for the plan...
A/N: This is up for monetization, just credit me please! This does get a little dark ⚠️ as there are mentions of death, cannibalism, and drugging⚠️.
*[These] are suggested sound effects
Yandere Asylum Patient [AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay
[Swiping Key Card]
[Automated Voice] Welcome to the Elite Rehabilitation Center and Asylum, Doctor we’re pleased to have you temporarily on our roster.
[Locked Doors Hissing and Unlocking]
[Nurse] Doctor, we’re so happy you could come! Thank you so much! I’m sure with your notoriety you wouldn’t want to come back to this place but we really need your help. He’s recently had an incident with our best doctor...after going in to administer the proper medication she was attacked.
[Nurse] The director suggested I keep her wounds confidential but considering you’re doing us such a huge favor I can probably tell you. But you probably don’t want the specifics but basically ... the doctor is in a fatal condition after leaving with gaping wounds in their shoulders, their thighs, their calves...yikes the list goes on but I don’t want to hold you any longer.
[Footsteps Stop, Keycard Bleeps]
[Nurse] And Doctor if anything happens–use the syringe it’s enough to knock him out. If you need it. Good Luck.
[Vault Doors Unlock and Lock]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, it's my favorite doctor. They’ve finally brought you back to me! It's been years my love since you were turned into the world’s favorite doctor. ‘Changing the hearts and minds of the most mentally unstable starting with the most twisted villain.’ Patient zero to your mysterious cure. Of course, you’d come back for me! Wouldn’t want to unravel your carefully woven thread.
[Asylum Patient] Now don’t be deceived I’m so so so so happy you’ve come back to see me! I’ve wanted nothing more than to see you again, smell you again, touch you again.
[Asylum Patient] Ah yes. I’ve gotten the straight-jacket with chains treatment. But hey isn’t that a step up from the muzzle? I’m rambling aren’t I? Sorry sorry my love. This is the therapy tell-all time, right? So go ahead and ask whatever you want from me, baby I’m ready.
[Asylum Patient] Oh going for my art, first eh? That’s fine with me! Ah, that one was you, of course, it looks a little off. And the other one is you too. And the next one—you know what I’ll save you the time all 20 canvas drawings are of you. Yeah, can you tell I missed you yet?
[Asylum Patient] Ah, now we get into the good stuff! So that horrified-looking lady is my...creative retelling of her last moments as a nurse. Before you bend me over the knee (I’d really like that) it's been ruled an accident that she ended up all curled up in that air vent. Rumors say it was starvation but I like to think it was the fear itself.
[Asylum Patient] Yes! I’ll tell you all about him! He was a weirdo I don’t think anyone really wanted him around so it’s not absolutely horrible he’s an absolute vegetable now. Me? I had no such thing to do with this one either. Don’t give me that look, it was a matter of a good old-fashioned asylum culling. You know, how all the nearly crazy go for the most hated inmate–excuse me, patient.
[Asylum Patient] Let’s just go to the next one ah yes, I know they keep the “incident” details confidential but I guess you could say she was the leading lady. Well, baby all I can say is that I was a key witness in it all. Yup, just an inspired witness.
[Asylum Patient] Oh, you want to know about the most recent incident, huh? Well as I’m sure you’ve been told that bossy doctor lady got a few pieces bitten out of her. In my opinion, she deserved it for all the whining she was doing, for someone who spoke about admiring you so much she sure knew how to complain. Day in, day out keeping your lovely name on her disgusting mouth. Speaking as if she was your special patient as if she knew how deeply our souls are intertwined. It was obvious she just wanted to know you as intimately as I do. But I bet if she did she’d just gossip about you. Brag to all those sheep about my favorite flaws. So jealous she would always laugh at me when I told her to stop. So disrespectful.
[Asylum Patient] She had it coming. Getting eaten to pieces. I mean it is a feat in the first place that she survived for as long as she did without the proper care.
[Asylum Patient] Wait. Did they tell you differently? Oh baby, no it's–you don’t understand. She will be by now. I wasn’t going to let her live after what she said. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have let any of those forsaken doctors live but a deal’s a deal.
[Straight Jacket and Chains Falling]
[Asylum Patient] And the jig is up
[Vault Door Unlocking]
[Nurse] Uhm the ones you wanted are all in the lounge and the patients–er friends you have been armed.
[Alarm Blares in the Distance]
[Asylum Patient] Good, I’ll just need a moment with my love. Shoo now.
[Nurse] Right. Sorry Doctor.
[Fading Running Footsteps]
[Asylum Patient] I wonder do you have it in you to wrestle with me? I’m sure you do! Just like old times!
[Wrestling Ensues]
[Asylum Patient] So strong, I can barely keep up...if it wasn’t for the ace up my sleeve.
[Syringe Injecting Skin]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, your sleepy face is so cute. But you’re not the only one with a lovely little syringe. There, my love, you can rest your precious head on my lap. When you finally doze off I’ll put an end to this dreaded place and I’ll return to carry my sweet darling off into the sunset. Just wait for me, my precious doctor, your favorite patient is making all my dreams come true.
[Asylum Patient] You had your turn to shine for the rest of the world now it's time to make that light mine.
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2023.06.01 21:01 DependantIndependant How do I get to sleep without melatonin?

T.W: Kind of descriptive writings about nightmares.
Basically the title. I can't sleep without melatonin gummies. Those purple gumdrop things.
I can't sleep because I dread sleeping. I dread sleeping because I take those damned gummies. Even one gummy gives me vivid dreams consisting of me staring in the mirror, sobbing as I claw out my teeth over and over again. (Yes, I have the same exact dream almost every night).
I swear, those dreams seem so real. And I know I am in a dream when I am dreaming, but I just can't wake up. Not until my sister splashes water on my face because I am crying or yelling in my sleep. I feel so bad for her because of how she has to witness me sobbing in my sleep every single day.
I also can't sleep without the gummies. If I don't take one before bed, I just can't sleep. No matter how long I stare at the ceiling or listen to calm music or wear a sleeping mask. I've tried to stop taking the gummies before, but I ended up pulling all nighters.
I think I'm addicted? Is this what an addiction is? I don't know. I can't be addicted, I'm only a teenager. I need help.
I can't go to a professional or whatever to help me because my family can't afford it. My parents are abroad and I am staying alone with my little sister and my aunt, who is always at her job.
I'm tired. I don't know what to do. It's nearing 4AM. I can't sleep. I'm tempted to just get a gummy and get this over with. But I'll have the horrible nightmares, and my sister will have to wake up to me crying and screaming in my sleep. My aunt can't help me, she's too busy trying to support us and our grandparents.
I don't know what to do. I think I'm addicted. I don't know what to do, please help me.
I can't stand another night either not being able to sleep or having horrid nightmares.
Please. I need help. What do I do?
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2023.06.01 21:00 GalaxiGazer You never existed

To my dear and loving Prince Charming,
Oh, my future love of my life! Where are you? Could you be the man who takes his daily walk by my office, listening intently to Howard Stern podcasts while tuning out the rest of the world? Were you that cashier who greeted me at the self-checkout at my neighborhood Safeway, internally battling your desire to stare deeply into my eyes as you stacked the plastic bags onto the racks and locked up the cash drawer? Or perhaps you came to me as someone who wanted a quote for his new Chevy Silverado 2500 4WD, and wanted to discuss the differences between having full coverage versus just basic liability? Did I pass by you when I was at the gym the other day, as you headed outside to the pool while I made a beeline for the hot tub? Oh, my, you could by anyone, anywhere! I curse the universe everyday for placing you in my path and yet I'm so busy wrapped up in my own little world that I don't notice you!
You've been on my mind since I was young, the very first time that Ariel was able to get back her human legs and finally marry her prince. Oh, how wonderful true love must be, being willing to conquer all! After they unlocked from their kiss, they sailed on and lived happily ever after. Where were you? I looked for you in each school I had attended, during church nearly every Sunday morning, as well as during youth group on Friday nights. I had written you letters expressing my desire for you, dreaming about the way you would look at me at the very blessed moment when we would meet for the very first time. As I got older, I dreamt about our wedding day, the picture perfect life that you and I would have together, and how much happier I would be being with you than without you.
Surely, the universe must want me to keep looking for you! You can only find me if I make sure that I write that perfect bio, otherwise you will not recognize me. You are worth my taking 4,228,355 selfies for that perfect picture or you will just pass me by. Yes, you may have ghosted me and blocked me as you gave your ex another chance, but I know that you'll be back for me someday. I just need to try harder to get your attention. Maybe after losing some weight, you might see me as more than a friend to you. Or I just need to make sure that your divorce is final before we can start our new life together. Please forgive me, maybe I'm being too impatient as I should remain on the sidelines, trusting you that one day when you get over the one who got away, then you'll be ready to see how things go with me. Maybe I shouldn't be so selfish but instead allow you to cry on my shoulder as you grieve over the one woman you loved so much; once you finish drying your tears, then you'll see that the right woman was literally in front of you this whole time.
Please forgive me, as my efforts towards finding you have amounted to nothing but a history of failure. If you want to know where I am, I'm currently in hiding in my own crafted war room, trying to devise another tactic that will FOR SURE get you to notice me this time. I mean, you are out there, but the responsibility of locating you, selling myself to you and eventually winning you over to me falls exclusively on me. There's nothing that you need to do. Yes, keep longing for the one who got away. I want you to make every effort you can towards shielding your heart away from me, because you know how much I love a challenge. Provide for me 3,221,986 different versions of "I'm not just ready for a relationship" so that way I can keep biting your ankles, doing everything I can on my end to fully crack your code. I want your life to remain busy and dysfunctional so you can be somewhat truthful as you cancel yet another date with me because you really were too busy. How else would I learn to reschedule things with you and truly value our time together unless I know that spending time with you is not guaranteed? I also need to make sure that you're on the right app. Who knows ... maybe THAT is what is keeping us apart!! Could it be that maybe the secret to unlocking you entering my life is simply deciding between Bumble and Tinder, but ultimately switching to Hinge? Of course, you're already there waiting for me! It's just me, your obvious Dimwitted Damsel in Distress, who just needs to download that app to my phone and surely ... SURELY ... we'll both be one step closer to discovering our own happily ever after.
Yeah, do you really think that I'm talking to you, Prince Charming? The answer is no. I'm not talking to a real person, a real man who exists in this world, whose heart has GalaxiGazer boldly tattooed on it. I'm actually talking to a fantasy, a dream, an idea that someone else had cooked up in their mind and served it to me on a silver platter with a smile. I'm talking to a concept that many people have spent money, time, and talent crafting and developing. I'm talking to the source behind many successful marketing schemes that the C-Suite executives from Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Zoosk, Match, E-harmony, Coffee Meets Bagel, Disney, Hollywood, and Hallmark have already discovered.
You don't exist.
You never did.
You never will.
There are those out there who hold out hope on your behalf, telling me not to give up on love and that "Mr. Right is just right around the corner". They will waste no time giving me fashion, beauty, health, and sex tips trying to turn the many villains out there into my hero in order to keep your legend alive. While I appreciate their efforts, they have yet to understand that telling me to keep chasing you is like seeing a rainbow during a rainstorm and believing that there's a pot o' gold at the end. Well, you don't see me getting into my car, driving towards this rainbow, and actually expecting to see it, do you? No. I've seen many rainbows (even multiples) with no pot o' gold at the end. Just goes to show.
While I'm not discouraging anyone from chasing after you, believing in you, and eventually finding you, I have chosen to confront you and see through you to understand that you don't exist. You're not real. And you know what? It's okay. I liken this to finally outgrowing those fairy tales that suited me well in childhood, but I'm grown up enough to know that's not real. Neither is Santa. Neither is the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. But that's what life is about. Living and learning.
So I bid you farewell, O Prince.
~ Me
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2023.06.01 21:00 DukeTurnipz Any local nurseries selling honeysuckle?

Anybody aware of any local nurseries selling honeysuckle bulbs? Checked a few near me on the north side of town and haven't had any luck.
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2023.06.01 21:00 filip_00 Is TRT Worth it? (400 ng/dl) (not medical advice)

Im in my early 20s and my test levels were always in the low 400s on bloodwork, regardless of my efficient supplementation, sleep, exercise…
Some experts told me thats normal levels, some say TRT will be beneficial.
Regarding symptoms, I feel like the level itself, “low normal”, have some energy and libido but not nearly enough as I believe I should especially for my age, also recovery from workouts and stuff are low.
I also have some small gyno and my boobs are very sensitive, I believe because of the lack of sufficient androgens.
I spoke with Dr. Jay some might know from Estrogeneration, he says my levels are like this because of a low T gene and evnironmental factors, endocrine disruptors (hes among the experts who recommended me trt at these levels).
Ill add some pictures of my bloodwork (and titties) for referrence.
Any opinions are welcome, thanks!
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2023.06.01 21:00 Waifu_4 Stay with one SARM? or experiment more…

I finished my Ostarine cycle last month and it went amazing put on 10lb of muscle and lost 5lb of fat. I’ve been looking into trying lgd4 next but since it’s a different sarm compared to ostarine. I would have the run the risks of possible sides or damage like when I ran ostarine.
(Luckily I had no bad sides whatsoever except the common ball shrinkage and low libido and mood near the end)
I did run pre-bloods and my post-bloods appointment is next week. I responded well to ostarine should I run it again at 20-25mgs compared to the 10-12.5mgs I ran? Should I just take lgd4? I know lgd4 is 3x more potent the ost and is “supposedly equivalent to test and rad140”. I have recently been taking advice from everyone in my last posts. I’m trying to better myself since I’m relatively new in the gym working out for 1.5 years. I assume I have average genetics since I put on a good amount on ost from a very mild sarm.
Advice I have taken from everyone:

I now only eat home cooked meals my diet is fucking amazing now.

(Expensive gourmet shit everyday. Ex; steak, chicken, chuckeye, shrimp and rice.)

I have implemented squats, deadlifts and bench in my regime which is “rad”

(pun intended) I gained 10lbs not running compound lifts. I’ve always liked isolation exercises way better but I feel amazing after implementing these new lifts.

I received some input saying the enclo dosage from my last cycle was to low.

“3 weeks at 6.25mgs”. I’m going to bump it to “4 weeks at 12.5mgs”. Let me know if this needs tweaking. (I still have about 2/3 of my enclomiphene left from last cycle)
I appreciate everyone for the advice and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the sarms community. I will continue to grow, become better and reach my goals.
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2023.06.01 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 38 - Closing shop

First / Previous / Next
“So, how’s everyone at home been?” Milla asked Celenamartra as she began to stretch her legs out, preparing to stand up.
“I’d be lying if I said they weren’t worried after they heard what happened to the Ridgerider, and then that you were being sent out of UPC space,” the Goddess admitted.
“I thought so. They’re ok though, right?”
“Yes, though your parents are eager to see you as soon as possible.”
“Hopefully I’ll be home before too long. We just need to get the Langan settled in, and then they should at least put the Ridgerider’s crew on leave.”
“Don’t spread this around as it’s not official yet, but the whole crew of the ship will be going on leave so those that wish to partake in first contact celebrations can do so.”
“That’s good then,” Milla replied, cautiously standing up, using the bed frame to balance herself for a moment, before turning to Hannah’rah and Daniel. “Hey, I imagine you’re going to celebrate with your friends, mind if I tag along?”
“Sure, but one of your little brothers will be there as well,” Hannah’rah warned her.
“Xailin isn’t so bad that he requires a warning,” Milla chuckled.
“It’s good to see you’re already mostly recovered, Milla,” Celenamartra told her, turning her attention to Daniel. “May I speak to you in private for a moment, please?”
“Uh, sure…” Daniel replied, following the Goddess to the other side of the room, finding that the sound around them became muffled as Milla and Hannah’rah conversed on the other side of the room.
“I’m sure you have many questions about the past few weeks, and I feel like answering a few,” the Goddess explained. “Not everything, there are some things I don’t wish to talk about, and others that I am not allowed to at the request of others, but feel free to ask away.”
“Uhh…” he mumbled.
“It’s alright, take a moment to think.”
Daniel’s mind began to frantically process what was going on, realising he had a fully private audience with a Deity; a being far beyond his comprehension, who had near infinite knowledge and wisdom, and she was willing to take questions from him. His mind ground to a halt as it tried to make sense of what was happening in the moment, as his mind still hadn’t fully processed the fact that she requested him by name to follow her into the room, let alone the current situation. All he could think about was Deities, and a single question he had been wondering for a while stuck in his mind.
“Ordos. Who is he, and can I trust him?” Daniel asked.
“I don’t wish to reveal his identity; that is for him to do. I will say that he can be trusted as much as any Deity. He follows the Divine Contract, just like the rest of us. You shouldn’t worry about being aligned with him any more than any other Deity.”
“Ok, but if Ordos isn’t known to anyone else, then other Deities could exist…. How many Deities are there really?”
“At least seven,” the Goddess replied, the corners of her mouth forming a faint smirk.
“I see…” he mumbled, realising she wasn’t going to give him clear answers given the chance. “... Did we leave any living Langan behind?”
“No, you rescued all the survivors,” she confirmed.
“That’s good to hear,” Daniel replied, feeling a weight on his mind lifting that he wasn’t aware of. “The attack on the Ridgerider, what really happened?”
“You have the report with all the details available to you.”
“Well, why did Haemish defect then? It’s not like he was raised in that environment.”
“Not everyone likes the UPC or us Deities being around, and they sometimes act irrationally, thinking that fighting is the only way, when leaving the UPC and is an option, and us Deities will respect anyone’s wishes for us to not intervene in their lives. Sometimes it’s as simple as they were raised under an older Human religion that doesn’t allow for the existence of us Deities, and they feel their way of life is threatened by us.”
“If they were to leave, where would they go when all the planets and stations are part of the UPC?”
“It’s not hard to get the necessary equipment to terraform a good candidate over the course of a few years at this point, especially as part of a larger group, and the UPC has said that they will recognise any group that does this as independent. But that’s not what happened here. He came into contact with a group of people that had no qualms with doing unspeakable acts because they can, and he joined them because he also felt that it was fine to commit such atrocities to get his way, even if the safer paths were easier and more likely to be successful. That’s just the way some people are.”
“Thank you for being honest with me.”
“Honest? Well, I didn’t lie, but I didn’t answer half your questions either,” she chuckled.
“Well, thank you for answering those questions.”
“No problem. I’m just surprised you didn’t ask about the other thing,” she replied, tapping the hidden compartment in his arm with the tip of her tail before walking back towards Milla and Hannah’rah.
He furrowed his brow as he tried to work out what she was hinting at, almost kicking himself when he overcame his mental block and remembered exactly what was hidden there, and that he had potentially just missed his only chance to gain some much needed information. He almost called back out, but he didn’t dare bring it up in front of anyone else, even if he felt like he could trust Hannah’rah and Milla more than most people, nor would he want them getting involved if he did. He knew it was his mess to deal with, and no-one else’s.
"How are you feeling now, Milla?" the Goddess asked.
"Better, thank you, though I won't be jumping the ship anywhere for a while," she admitted.
"That's not a problem. It shouldn't be necessary for the time being. Let's carry on with the task at hand, shall we?"
Daniel sat at his console, watching the large station dominate more and more of his view as the ship drew closer to the large torus that housed the docking beams to the Langan's temporary home, with the large central spire blocking out the light of the system's star from their angle. He fought the urge to look back at Celenamartra and Oprin, who were engaged in deep conversation about philosophy and religion, the former more eager, and the latter still put off by the dominating presence the Goddess exuded. He did glance back at Milla however, and while she was obviously uncomfortable, she sat in her seat, ready for her duty, but desperately hoping a portal wasn’t needed anytime soon.
The Trailamker slipped through the small fleet acting as a defensive force, ready in case one of the few civilian ships that had arrived in the system entered the broadcast restricted perimeter. It did afford the crew a sense of ease however, as while they still had jobs to do, it meant that they didn’t always have to be almost combat ready for the first time in about a month. The ship continued onwards, sliding into an open docking arm’s grasp, sending reverberations down the length of the ship as it clamped down onto various sections, and attached docking ports to the ship's airlocks.
“And there we have it,” Captain Harris announced as a silent but collective sigh of relief washed over the bridge. “We’re officially docked with the recently named ‘Olinath Orbital’, and our mission is now officially complete. Operations will take over from here, so wrap up your business, and those of you not involved with the next tasks, go get some well earned rest. Inform your teams that access to the station is available upon request, and we now have an active uplink to the internet if they wish to use it.”
Daniel began to close most of the running programs on his console to make sure none of them got in the way if anyone came along to perform maintenance, and then logged himself out. As he stood up, Hannah’rah did the same, and they began to leave the bridge, checking if Milla was leaving as well, but she remained where she was, seemingly waiting for the Goddess to conclude her conversation, and waved to Daniel and Hannah’rah to go on their way. They both headed to their team rooms, splitting up as they reached the server room, which Daniel headed inside, pleased to find all four members of his team, though Corporal Kreklan was half asleep and Corporal Seling’ten looked like he had only just woken up.
“Hey all,” Daniel began. “Just a quick one. We’ve finally docked. Station access is under light restriction, so make a proper request if you want to go aboard. It should get approved if nothing is going on at the time. Bridge duties are over until the time comes for us to undock, and internet access has been established. You’re all free to use it, but we just need to keep an eye on the monitoring tools. Operations should be the first port of call for any issues, but anything severe will likely fall to us. That’s all I have to say. Any questions?”
“Thank you, Sir,” Sergeant Zent replied. “... I don’t think we do.”
“Good. Take things easy now. Also, Corporal Kreklan, Corporal Seling’ten, is there any reason why you’re both up?” Daniel asked.
“We both got pulled out of bed. ‘No one slacks off while we have a Deity on board,’” Corporal Kreklan replied, his voice slightly slurred. “So we’re waiting in here until the Goddess departs.”
“Who said that?” Daniel asked.
“Just some Sergeant that sleeps in the same room as us,” the Centaur explained. “Don’t know their name.”
“Ok, I’m ordering you both to rest until your next shift starts. If he gives you shit, send him to me. I’ll be right here for a few more hours. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir,” they both replied, faintly smiling as they left.
Daniel shook his head and sat down at his desk, bringing up a half-complete report he'd been working on. He continued on from the section on system performance, finishing it with a recommendation for someone to look into installing a background radiation filtering tool, as one really should have been added for sake of convenience, even if there was a risk of a faint signal being lost. He also made sure he mentioned the signal spike before departure, recommending that the EM sensors be checked out, and the signal analysed, just in case. He then began to write up about the performance of his subordinates, making sure to credit the actions he had noticed or been made aware of, though pointed out that due to his time on the Langan's home world, he had not been around constantly to properly monitor the team for a short period of time, mentioning how Sergeant Zent had stepped up instead.
Daniel's attention was pulled away by someone knocking on the server room's door, and he began to wonder if the two Corporals had returned, or if he was about to set someone straight.
"Enter," Daniel called out.
A large Human man entered the room, who quickly stood to attention when he saw Daniel.
"... Well, why are you here, Sergeant?" Daniel asked, standing to his feet noticing the rank on the man's slides.
"Sir, I came to you to report that two of your Corporals are slacking off, Sir," the Sergeant replied, wearing a very faint smug grin.
"What do you mean, 'slacking off?'"
"They're sleeping in the middle of the day, Sir."
"Do you sleep in the same room as them, Sergeant?" Daniel asked calmly.
"Yes, Sir."
"Then why the fuck haven't you noticed they're late shifts!?" Daniel shouted. "They've been doing this for a month! Did you not see them sleeping when you finished for the day, or got up in the morning!?"
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant responded, losing his faint smirk immediately.
"So why do you think now is any different to then!?"
"Because we have a Deity on board, Sir."
"There are no rules or regulations stating everyone must be awake and working 24/7, and I can personally assure you that Celenamartra doesn't care if they're awake or not. In fact, I think she'd prefer it if they were asleep, as that way our ship's security is at less risk of being compromised by half-asleep crew!"
"But, Sir, isn't it disrespectful?" the Sergeant tried to argue. "Everyone should be at full alert."
"What's your job, Sergeant?"
"I asked, what's your job?"
"I work in engineering, Sir."
"If you're meant to be at full alert, why are you in the crew quarters and not engineering?"
The Sergeant opened his mouth, but no words came out, so he closed it again.
"I don't know, Sir."
"You don't know? Then why are you harassing people who do know why they're where they are!? … Apologise to the people you disturbed if they're awake, but leave them alone if they aren't, and apologise later instead. I will be asking them to see if you have done so."
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant replied, turning to leave.
"You are not dismissed, get back here."
The Sergeant turned back around to face Daniel, regret clear on his face.
"If you have done the same to the members of other teams, I suggest you apologise to them and their superior officers very quickly before they blow up on you as well."
"Yes, Sir. I will do that, Sir," the Sergeant promised.
"Good. Dismissed," Daniel told the Sergeant, watching him leave.
"... Remind me not to give bad orders to anyone under you, Sir," Sergeant Zent commented.
"Eh, you'll probably be fine. You aren't terminally stupid after all," Daniel chuckled, sitting back down.
"Why did you go so hard on him?" Sergeant Zent asked. "Yeah, he was wrong, but he was trying to do the right thing."
"Don't reward dumb, even when it comes from a good place, else people will never learn to think and do things right. Also, us techs get pushed around a lot. I'm just making it clear we shouldn't be. I advise you to do that as well if you're in a position like that. The last thing you want is people walking all over you and the people that depend on you."
First / Previous / Next
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2023.06.01 20:59 SeaworthinessNo6781 Pharmacies with 10mg Ritalin in NYC?

Hi! I live in Downtown Brooklyn in NYC and have been unable to fill my 10 mg Ritalin prescription at the CVS near me. They informed me that all CVS’s in the area (Brooklyn, possibly specifically downtown) use the same supplier so if they don’t have it, most won’t.
Has anyone been able to pick up their’s recently at other pharmacies and/or neighborhoods? If so, please let me know the name & address of pharmacy. I only have enough to get me through the weekend so I’m kind of freaking out.
Thanks in advance!
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