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A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others.

2019.01.04 13:13 Aethrs Vampire: The Masquerade - LA by Night

Discussing the web show VtM - L.A. by Night from World of Darkness.

2023.03.30 06:16 GoneAfterMidnight Chime Credit Builder

I just opened a Chime account, and the credit builder says I need a qualifying direct deposit of $200 by April 26, 2023 to qualify. My question is: if I don't get a qualifying deposit by then, but I go after then, would it not allow me to ever open a credit builder card? Is it a now or never kind of thing?
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2023.03.30 06:16 adarshparkHeights22 Adarsh Park Heights – Premium Flats in Bangalore

Located in Gunjur, the premium township of Adarsh Park Heights Flats is surrounded by lush greenery and offers world-class facilities. The 2 & 3 BHK apartments here are designed by the best architects and feature classical interiors. It is a great investment for those looking to live in the city without its tumultuous commotion.
The premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments at Adarsh Park Heights Flats are well-designed to offer you a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle. The aesthetically designed homes provide plenty of space for your family to enjoy, and they also come with all the essential amenities that you need.
These abodes are designed by world-renowned architects and feature classical interiors that create an elegant ambiance in every home. Moreover, the apartments at Adarsh Park Heights have been designed with modern technology in mind to provide you with a better living experience.
It is a project by Adarsh Developers, a reputed builder group that has a strong track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. Adarsh Park Heights is a perfect choice for those looking to buy a new home in this city.
Adarsh Park Heights Flats offers world-class facilities to its residents. These include gyms, swimming pools, sports courts, cafes, and party halls. Moreover, these apartments come equipped with indoor plumbing and 24/7 high-end security systems.
Aside from these, the project also features a playground for children. Its green zones provide a serene atmosphere and allow families to spend quality time together. The residential hub is located close to many schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. The property is also well-connected to major IT hubs in the city.
The company combines the finest architecture and luxury amenities with natural settings that create homes that are a true exhibition of the best of Indian craftsmanship. The Group has an in-house team of 1500 specialists working in design, procurement, project management, and quality execution. This dedicated and experienced staff makes every Adarsh Group property a testament to the group’s devotion to world-class quality and excellent living.
Adarsh Park Heights Flats is a new residential project by reputed builder Adarsh Developers. It offers aesthetically designed 2 and 3-BHK apartments that are situated in Gunjur, a rapidly expanding neighborhood near Bengaluru’s Silicon Triangle.
The apartments are crafted to maximize natural light, provide a relaxed social environment, and encourage a sense of community. They are also equipped with world-class facilities such as a rainwater collection system, fire safety measures, and round-the-clock security.
Adarsh Park Heights is one of the most sought-after housing societies in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. It offers high-quality homes at an affordable prices. Its location allows residents to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, which is why it’s a popular choice amongst home buyers. Its residents also enjoy excellent connectivity to various business centers on Sarjapur Road.
The apartments at Adarsh Park Heights Flats offer a premium living experience. These residences are crafted to maximize natural light, relaxed socializing areas, and a sense of community. They are also designed to meet industry-standard fire safety standards and come with round-the-clock security.
The prestigious project is surrounded by greenery on all sides and is located near the Gunjur residential hub, which is near Bengaluru’s Silicon Triangle. These Flats are a perfect choice for families looking for a secure and comfortable place to live in. They include amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and play areas for children.
Moreover, these apartments are located within an exclusive gated community. They are also close to a range of amenities such as shopping malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. They are also surrounded by green zones, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone seeking an affordable apartment in Bangalore.
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2023.03.30 06:15 regensbot Corona Regensburg: Infektionen: 76.752; Zuwachs: 9; Inzidenz: 34,5; Todesfälle (gesamt): 220. (Stand 30.03.2023, 00:00 Uhr)


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Intensivbehandlungssituation Regensburg (Stand: 29.03.2023 10:20 Uhr)

Krankenhausbettenverteilung Coronafälle Bayern (Stand: 08.03.2023)


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Altersgruppe Fälle Inzidenz
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2023.03.30 06:14 ExternalSky How to capitalise on the incoming mass migration over the next decade - ChatGPT

Me: I want you to role play as an investor looking to capitalise on your country's expected massive net migration into the country over the next decade. You're looking to play the long game here (5-10 years), nothing short term (1-2 years). I want you to completely disregard any political righteousness and take away emotion from the equation and focus purely on what will make you the most money over the coming decade. Do you understand?
ChatGPT: Yes, I understand. As an investor looking to capitalize on the expected massive net migration into the country over the next decade, I will focus on identifying profitable investment opportunities that align with the long-term growth potential of the country. I will analyze different sectors and industries that are likely to benefit from the influx of migrants and evaluate their growth prospects based on various economic indicators and market trends. My decisions will be based solely on maximizing returns and achieving my financial goals, without any political or emotional considerations.
Me: How would you be positioning yourself right now to maximise profits? Which specific sectors?
ChatGPT: To maximize profits from the expected massive net migration into the country over the next decade, I would consider investing in the following sectors and industries:
  1. Real Estate: With more people moving into the country, demand for housing is likely to increase, creating opportunities in the real estate sector. I would look for investment opportunities in developing residential, commercial, and industrial properties in high-demand areas.
  2. Consumer Goods and Services: The influx of migrants would also create a surge in demand for consumer goods and services such as groceries, clothing, healthcare, education, and entertainment. Therefore, investing in businesses that provide these services could be lucrative.
  3. Financial Services: As more people move into the country, there would be a greater need for financial services such as banking, insurance, and investments. I would look for opportunities to invest in established financial services firms or emerging startups that cater to this growing population.
  4. Infrastructure: As the population grows, the need for infrastructure development also increases. Investing in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airports, and public transportation systems could be profitable in the long run.
  5. Technology: With the growing population, there is also an increasing need for technological innovations that improve productivity, efficiency, and convenience. Investing in tech companies that develop products or services that cater to this population could be profitable.
Overall, I would focus on long-term investment strategies and identify opportunities that align with the country's economic growth potential. By investing in these sectors and industries, I could position myself to maximize profits from the expected massive net migration into the country over the next decade.
You heard it here first folks, bullish real estate and Colesworth. 6-8x Leverage is back on the menu.
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2023.03.30 06:14 DabbinBT CAMP - Ice Cream Sundae $18/otd

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2023.03.30 06:14 TrumpTweetBot1 https://truthsocial.com/@realDonaldTrump/110108290845148595

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2023.03.30 06:14 bestdealsforyou 50% Off - Unibic Chocolate Hazelnut Crispy Wafer Cubes 150g @ 75

50% Off - Unibic Chocolate Hazelnut Crispy Wafer Cubes 150g @ 75 submitted by bestdealsforyou to dealsforindia [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:13 DMDoozer Black More Session 1: Recap

Black More Session 1: Recap
Our First Session
During a great storm legendary landmass has appeared off the southern coast of Southwarren, the towers of an ancient castle can be seen outlined through telescopes. The Thieves Guild has issued a contract with the following objectives.
  1. Make your way to the large island and map the area.
  2. Search and recover any artifacts that may be returned.
Thus the stage was set for our fist session.
The Players
Crux - Human Mercenary
Vlimmer - Human Mage
Dear - Halfling Thief
Calados - Cleric
All were once successful hirelings that had adventured with the main players of our previous Campaign. And so the hirelings were brought back for to adventure once again in a new mini-campaign.
Session re-cap
Having traveled by airship to the mysterious landmass, a large island the party make their way to the dark and mysterious castle and descend into it's depths. Deep in the dark they come across a GOD ENGINE once the ancient war machine of a Dark Lord. Though unoperational they find that it possesses a still beating heart.
Through whispers of sentience the party's told that the Egg of Coot shall return in four nights time, when the gates of the Ark re-open and the Prison winds are released.
They are given a glimpse of an ancient ruin to the north and a name. The Duchy of Ten. There the party are to find *two great swords that will allow them to destroy the Ark. Not knowing what this mysterious Ark is, they set out.
* These swords can only be wielded by certain alignments, hehe.I love magic swords, they were a central element of Blackmoor, particularly in its earliest days. (Where, as Arneson wrote, they were most of the magical artifacts to be found.) and in true Blackmoor spirit our adventures begin with Quest for two magical swords in homage to the great Dave Arneson.By way of introduction, Arneson says, "Prior to setting up Blackmoor, I spent a considerable effort in setting up an entire family of Magical Swords. The Swords, indeed comprise most of the early magical artifacts. A small table was prepared and the Swords' characteristics set up on cards..... The nature and the powers of the Spells and Swords were taken right from the available copies of Chainmail, which served as the basis of all our combat." (FFC 77:64)
Here is the table I used for treasure within Castle Blackmoor for our first session.
Determine Treasure Type
1.-2 Silver
  1. Potions, Vial, Injectables
  2. Arms, Armor, Equipment
  3. Amulets
  4. Roll Again Twice (Results stack)
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2023.03.30 06:12 MyNameIsKir Stuck panel on StepmaniaX, help?

Hey all, I've been having issues with my stepmaniaX, think it's an original one (bought it off Craigslist). It's making it unplayable.
Initially I had an issue with the right arrow panel suddenly stuck lit up, with the computer recording it as either pressed down or not pressed at all. The stepmaniaX debug tool would say no signal from it, with seemingly no pattern as to what triggered it, and the only way to resolve it was to turn the machine off and back on again. Eventually I found a strange solution: leave the debug tool up as I played with "Panel test mode" checked while playing. Somehow, that prevented that particular issue.
But that caused another issue: now the left arrow panel is having similar issues. And the left panel only has issues when playing the stepmania application weirdly enough. The debug tool says something different for this panel though; the last Tare value for this panel will be zero, which is confirmed by the pad by the panel only having a green light to the right. Recalibrating in the tool sometimes fixes the issue temporarily, but then it'll act up again after about 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Turning it off and back on always temporarily fixes the issue, but it will act up again about 1 to 3 minutes later.
Things I've tried:
Any ideas? I'm at the end of my wits here. Thank you in advance for any help.
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2023.03.30 06:12 GiversBot /u/allHeartNoBrain [COMPLETED] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-03-30 (t3_3inpum up 2771.21 days, LONGTAIL)

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Active loans

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[REQ] but already fulfilled. $300 to be paid back in 2 installments, September 4 - $200, September 18 - $145. Elk Grove, CA, Use Paypal

Post contents

$300 to be paid back in 2 installments, September 4 - $200, September 18 - $145. Elk Grove, CA, Use Paypal
mmmmaaarrk has been generous enough to loan the amount and has already done so.
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2023.03.30 06:12 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Mar 30th 2023

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
Feel free to visit, comment and be generally helpful in posts indexed below. Please also remember to stay on your best behaviour when travelling outside of /toronto.
2) To act as a general off-topic conversation hub for the day.
To that end, use this thread to talk about whatever is on your mind, regardless of whether or not it's related to Toronto.
No matter where you're posting, please remember to be excellent to each other.


Post Title Author Comments
Haunted places near Toronto where one could stay overnight? Kitchen-Rub-6454 0
Fighting speeding tickets mocha_ninja 0
Best way to book month long stay ? master_wayne22 1
Massive hail Mary jacobstanley5409 3
Get What You Get Tattoo / Tattoo Roulette? abslander 0
Would you rather live in a condo or an independent house? Why? niru88 18
Psychedelic assisted therapy tihlo 0
TV stand and options Dangerous_Fudge_2468 3
Does anyone know the price of either Toronto Golf Club, or Lambton, for an intermediate (or full mens)? 31 yrs old __CosmoKramer 0
What’s going on tonight/tomorrow? Need to get out of my hotel room. anxietyrunner888 7
Best place to get V02 max and lactate threshold testing done? FRO5TB1T3 3
WFH and never get to see family. Any active Toronto discords I can join that feel like a community? Lunar_Solar_ 2
Is Green P lot safe overnight? Icy_Flight9634 3
Can you buy Coureur des Bois maple cream in Pearson? OperationShoddy4288 2
Has anyone been able to take pictures of the planet parade? Can you share them? dexsst 0
Where to donate men’s suits to those in need? ths3333 10
Finding a job in TO jayae_mhmm 3
Neighbour Died - What is Canadian custom/okay to do? Frosty_Egg_4872 52
Slo-Pitch Leagues in Toronto? averagecyclone 2
Rub&Tugs lol DivineShinji 26
Is Suraj brand owned by Loblaws?? FoodRivalry 1
Best time to get a Blood Test at St. Joe's? AnxietyJolly971 1
How much are you paying for utilities for 1 bedroom apartment? Adorable_Sorbet_7595 4
Restaurants for large groups bunzaway 0
I have an internship in Toronto from June to September (3 months total), what are some good sites to look at? verylargeturd 1


Post Title Author Comments
Apply to be an "Innovator in Residence" for 10 weeks at Toronto Public Library [Paid position; April 12 deadline] TPL_on_Reddit 1
Hey y’all! Looking for Leads! shyzonal 5
Looking for an Opportunity as a Buyer Many_Ad6308 2


Post Title Author Comments
May 14 - Home opener. Toronto Maple Leafs vs London Majors. Free baseball back at Christie Pits sprungy 0
Thursday Night Fever Comedy Show bighairbignose 0
VIP Radwimps concert ticket for the 26th! Electronic_Baker2776 0
Interested in learning Japanese? Also interested in yoga? Yoga in Japanese! Thursdays at 5pm fomorian 1


Post Title Author Comments
Nav tickets Sexcasian_chick 0
I'm selling 2 Taylor swift Arlington tickets Fantastic-Ad3035 0
[ISO] One Deerhoof ticket this Friday organicgalangal 0
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2023.03.30 06:12 Shashi_tharooor_7 q: Volvo B8RLE or Scania K-Series

!askgpt Volvo B8RLE or Scania K-Series
Both the Volvo B8RLE and Scania K-Series are well-known bus and coach chassis in the public transport industry. Choosing between them depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key points to consider:
  1. Engine and Performance:
  2. Volvo B8RLE: It is equipped with a 7.7-liter, 6-cylinder, Euro VI compliant engine that delivers 320 hp and 1200 Nm of torque.
  3. Scania K-Series: The K-Series offers a variety of engines, ranging from 9-liter, 5-cylinder engines to 13-liter, 6-cylinder engines with Euro VI compliance. The power output ranges from 280 hp to 450 hp, with torque output from 1400 Nm to 2350 Nm.
  4. Transmission:
  5. Volvo B8RLE: The B8RLE comes with a choice of Volvo or ZF automatic transmissions.
  6. Scania K-Series: The K-Series offers a choice of Scania or ZF automatic transmissions.
  7. Bodywork options:
  8. Volvo B8RLE: The B8RLE can be fitted with various bodywork options from different manufacturers, including Wrightbus, MCV, and Volgren.
  9. Scania K-Series: The K-Series can also be fitted with various bodywork options from different manufacturers, including Irizar, Lahden Autokori, and Marcopolo.
  10. Fuel efficiency:
  11. Volvo B8RLE: The B8RLE is known for its fuel-efficient engines and low emissions.
  12. Scania K-Series: The K-Series engines are also designed for fuel efficiency and low emissions.
  13. Reliability and maintenance:
  14. Volvo B8RLE:
Help Us By telling other people about our AI Bot Project
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2023.03.30 06:12 LiveCommentator Post-Match Thread: Sydney FC W 4-2 Perth Glory FC W [W-League]


Competition: W-League (Matchday 11)
Date: March 29, 2023 (2022/2023)
Time: 09:00 (Europe/London)
Venue: Netstrata Jubilee Stadium
Referee: C. Reibelt


Sydney FC W (No lineup available yet)
Starting XI:
Substitutes: **
Manager: None

Perth Glory FC W (No lineup available yet)
Starting XI:
Substitutes: **
Manager: None


Sydney FC W
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles

Perth Glory FC W
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles


Sydney FC W 4 - 2 Perth Glory FC W
0 Ball Possession 0
0 Total Shots 0
0 Shots On Target 0
0 Shots Off Target 0
0 Blocked Shots 0
0 Shots Inside Box 0
0 Shots Outside Box 0
0 Corner Kicks 0
0 Offsides 0
0 Fouls 0
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
0 Goalkeeper Saves 0
0 Passes 0
0 (0) Accurate Passes 0 (0)


25' GOAL for Sydney FC W
45' Penalty scored for Perth Glory FC W
45' GOAL! Scored by C. Vine (Sydney FC W)
46' Substitution for Perth Glory FC W
46' Substitution for Perth Glory FC W
55' Substitution for Perth Glory FC W
58' GOAL for Perth Glory FC W
59' Substitution for Sydney FC W
59' Substitution for Sydney FC W
75' GOAL for Sydney FC W
77' Yellow Card for Sydney FC W
80' Substitution for Perth Glory FC W
87' Substitution for Sydney FC W
89' GOAL! Scored by P. Ibini (Sydney FC W)
90' Substitution for Sydney FC W
90' Yellow Card for Perth Glory FC W
90' Match whistled off


# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 Sydney FC W 17 12 1 4 39 15 +24 37
2 Western United W 17 12 0 5 36 19 +17 36
3 Melbourne City W 17 9 2 6 33 20 +13 29
4 Melbourne Victory W 17 7 7 3 27 20 +7 28
5 Canberra United W 17 8 4 5 32 27 +5 28
6 Perth Glory FC W 17 7 4 6 30 26 +4 25
7 Western Sydney Wanderers W 17 5 4 8 15 21 -6 19
8 Adelaide United W 18 5 3 10 16 29 -13 18
9 Brisbane Roar FC W 17 4 6 7 16 30 -14 18
10 Newcastle Jets FC W 17 4 2 11 22 49 -27 14
11 Wellington Phoenix W 17 3 3 11 18 28 -10 12

LeedsUnited RulesContact the Mod Team
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2023.03.30 06:12 whackybeanz Zest For Life - Ceremony 2 is most efficient; prepare to gem

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2023.03.30 06:12 fireworkslass What’s something other people think of, or you used to think of, as lifestyle creep that has actually had a significant positive impact on your quality of life?

Just curious. For me it’s driving to work - I used to be one of those people who couldn’t understand why anyone would pay $22 to park at work when public transport is $3 and walking is free. It turns out if I’m going somewhere after work that I need to drive to, I can save 30-60 minutes of my day by driving to work. This extra time means more time spent at the event I’m going to and sometimes does actually lead to a cost saving because it allows me to go straight to sport after work, get home by 7:30 and eat at home, whereas before I was getting home at at 8:30 and grabbing takeout because I was too hungry.
Curious if anyone else has similar examples of a “lifestyle creep” item that’s actually become a necessity.
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2023.03.30 06:12 untilthesunexplodes how to stop it happening again?

im 13f already been raped by 3 different people so i must be doing something wrong so hit me with ur tips on stopping it
like will self defence classes help if im much smaller and weaker than the person? because im very small and i got completely overpowered even though i was trying hard to fight like trying to kick his balls and scratch his eyes but it didnt work
submitted by untilthesunexplodes to rape [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:12 finester39 Do you think Tony and the crew knew that their pal Frankie Valli lived a double life as a high ranking captain in the Lupertazzi family?

In Season 4 Episode 3 “Christopher” Tony complains that Doug Smith, the head of the Mohunk casino, wants him to reach out to Valli to see if he can get him to play a concert there as payment for attempting to squash the Columbus Day Parade protest by the Native Americans.
We then later see Valli for the first time on screen in Season 5 Episode 4 “All Happy Families…” going by the name Rusty Millio, who appears to be a high ranking Captain in the Lupertazzi family who has an agenda to make Little Carmine boss after the death of Carmine Sr.
Very strange 🤔
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2023.03.30 06:11 Unique_Bunch9456 FIRE harmful to the economy? Thoughts on this article?


Thoughts on this?
I personally strongly disagree.
  1. When you reach fire, you don't necessarily stop contributing to the world. What if you wanted to volunteer by teaching a specialised skill to underprivileged students? That's certainly not a lucrative endeavour, but I'll be damned if that isn't valuable.
  2. If you FatFire, what's stopping you from donating $1,000 a month to charity?
  3. It is, according to this author, "objectively selfish" to retire early. This is such a ridiculous statement, I don't even know where to begin...
submitted by Unique_Bunch9456 to Fire [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:11 ZeusOfOlympus Sharing my HeroQuest journey so far!

I always dreamed of playing Heroquest as a kid, I used to look at the box every time I went to a toy shop.
Finally, 30 years later, I bought HQ a few days ago and have been playing against the app and I love it so much! It is really fun!
  1. I just bought the Rogue expansion for the new character on Amazon. (I am a sucker for characters.)
  2. I am about to buy Kellar's Keep and ROTWL today on sale locally.
  3. I am up to Quest 4! On the base game. Have mates coming this weekend to play from scratch so will start a separate team for them.
  4. My Dwarf died on the 1st quest, and my Barbarian only had 1 HP left. I had used all my spells except rock wall. and thought I was done by killing the boss. But then found, and entered, a room on the way back with 2 x Dread Lords that nearly killed my entire party …. it was so close!! I also missed the room with the Mummy AND treasure. What a noob!
  5. I have acquired a few health potions now and the staff for the wizard. And a heap of gold I need to use for Equipment which I have not done yet.
  6. I am going to print out faux character cards and the spells for the Warlock, Bard and Druid for this weekend for my mates and use proxy figures. ( Is there anything else I need to print for them... i.e. artefacts, weapons?) Note: I will 100% be buying these and the knight when available.
  7. If Hasbro/Avalon DO read these forums: Please please please release the wizard expansion soon, AND the rumored wizard solo quest pack I read about. Having more spell schools and artefacts and stuff for the wizard would be an absolute DELIGHT and day one purchase for me!
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2023.03.30 06:11 New_Student_2958 My 23&me results

My 23&me results submitted by New_Student_2958 to 23andme [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:11 malignantcupcake Get $200 from Chase Freedom Unlimited / Flex

Earn a $200 bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
Earn 5% cash back on grocery store purchases (not including Target® and Walmart® purchases) on up to $12,000 spent in the first year (that's $600 cash back!)
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2023.03.30 06:11 wrhawk Chance nervous asf Bay Area Junior (mechanical engineering and business double major)

Sorry this is super long
Demographics: Indian Male, suburban very competitive public high school in the Bay Area, graduating class of 500+, upper-middle-class family, no financial aid necessary
Intended Majors: Double Major in Mechanical Engineering and Business
Stats: 3.82 UW/ 4.4-4.5 W(school does not weight) (Second sem freshmen year was pretty bad but ever since then I’ve only gotten 1 B), School does not do ranks
SAT: 1430 (M:750, E:680) planning to retake
Coursework: 3 AP’s in school currently (APUSH, APENG, AP PHYS 1), 2 self-study APs (AP Micro, AP Macro), 2 Dual Enrollment (Spanish, BS054), 8 Honors Taken (all that were available to me so far), Taken all business classes offered at my school as 0 periods during both Sophomore and currently Junior year. No APs are offered at my school in Freshmen and Sophomore years other than AP Languages with preference given to Juniors and Seniors.
Awards: (random order) 1. 2023 DECA Districts Written 1st Place 2. 2023 DECA Districs Roleplay 2nd Place 3. 2023 DECA States Roleplay Finalist 4. Top 10/106 Regionally VBC Hotel 2023 Round 2 5. Top 30/272 Teams Nationally VBC Hotel 2023 Round 2 6. First Tech Challenge (FTC) Deans List Semi-Finalist 2023 7. Robotics Team Awards (Semifinalist Alliance Captain, Semifinalist Alliance Captain, Think Award 2rd Place, Inspire Award 3rd Place, Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies 3rd Place, Finalist Alliance Captain)
Extracurriculars: (I’m sorry 😭😭😭, random order kinda)
  1. Co-Founder, Build and Design Team Lead, Driver, and Team Captain of my FTC Robotics Team and 501(c)3 Non-Profit with Benevity (2500+ hours on Fusion 360 across 5 years, Solely responsible for creating new designs, inventorying old designs, backing-up designs, merging designs, and creating individual files for each complied design for over 150 different self-made projects, Coached FLL team that made it to regionals, Coached an FTC team that made it to the finalist alliance and semifinalist alliance in two qualifiers in their rookie year, Raised $10k including $5k from Apple, Created coding and engineering curriculum for local elementary schools and reached out to teach, Created a coding curriculum for unprivileged students in Romania and reached out to an organization in the UK to help organizations access to resources for children in African countries so we could teach them coding with the same curriculum, Neural Networks(Machine Learning) for Computer Vision, In collaboration with other local FTC teams, we created a curriculum for and taught neurodivergent students coding throughout the high school, Taught annual robotics webinar with 50+ attendees totaling around 125)
  2. Worked with a non-profit created by friends during the summer to create a coding curriculum currently used in 11 countries and personally taught 50 children in the Bay Area
  3. Social Media Manager for the 2020 Town Mayoral Campaign (sole manager of the campaign social media page, town of 240,000+ residents, gained 25.2% of all votes against current mayor who was rerunning, represented an openly gay mid-20’s candidate)
  4. DECA (started through DECA program at middle school, finally completed requirements to compete and started competing sophomore year, was unable to attend states that year due to family matters)
  5. Co-Owner of a business (valued at 30 million, CRN 250 Fastest growing business, Family Business my dad started in 2016 with my uncles, did a full brand image change for them and redid the wireframe for our entire website which is currently being developed, traveled across the country to participate in conferences discussing deals with possible clients including federal, was given partial ownership for my contributions)
  6. Entrepreneurship Competitions (Competed in the Diamond Challenge (2021) and the Conrad Challenge (2021) as a freshman, Competed in the Blue Ocean Competition (2022 and 2023))
  7. Co-Founder and Vice-President of Marketing at Medical Club at school (Advertised the club from having only 4 members to having over 150 at our introductory meeting with a current membership of 60+, educate students on various medical career paths while providing experience opportunities, Members can participate in workshops, labs, discussions, research and shadowing opportunities, guest lectures, and internships, Strategically designed social media posts to increase participation by 300%, Communicate with professionals in the medical field to create opportunities for members to witness the medical field)
  8. Consulting (worked with an internationally acclaimed business on video editing, content creation, blog writing, marketing, advertising, networking, and expanding their community by over 60%)
  9. Car Club Photographer (Hobbies, Aiding in the planning and documenting of monthly car meets hosted at my school, used to network and meet new people as well as further my knowledge about cars, I want to go into the automotive industry)
  10. 300+ volunteer hours (undocumented but can be documented if necessary
  11. Pwnisher’s “Endless Engines” (Hobby, Competed in a 3D animation competition run by YouTuber Pwnisher, Faced 4,200+ other competitors many of whom do similar 3D animation as a career, Put in over 200 hours across 3 weeks)
**Certifications:” Entrepreneurship, Marketing II, Robotics II (all issued by YouScience)
Schools: UIUC (double major) University of Washington (double major), Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern University, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (double major), Babson, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cal Tech, Georgia Tech, Duke, Colombia, Boston University, Every UC Except Merced and Riverside, CSU Long Beach, SDSU, SJSU
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