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2023.06.01 22:07 Pickle-Tickle-69 For the Seeker

For the Seeker of the Unseen. I'm here to finally show you the truth. Open wide, baby. 😏
Just your mind, this time. Pervert.
So many ways to say so many things. Different ways to frame them... So many ways to try and reach you, yet I never really do anymore it seems. This will be different, this time.
I could simplify it all and just say, "you manipulate and treat me like shit," which is objectively at least partially true. I could say, "you endlessly lie and pervert the truth on purpose to take advantage of others, including me," and you'd not really be able to refute that very easily. I could also say, "you give until you literally can't anymore," or I could probably also say, "you love me, which is also why you hate me."
I could say all of that, and infinitely more, and I'd be right. Except, I also wouldn't be.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Because you're also just a scared small girl, holding on to your inner child for comfort, just riding out the waves of life on your emotional instinct alone and desperately hoping to make it through to the other side. Hoping to wash up on some distant foreign shores, where you're met with a smile and a long hug, rather than the tip of a spear you constantly feel. Somewhere you can sink your roots into the sand, a place to call "home" once more.
This one is going to reach you, though, because I have all the pieces finally. Well, no I don't. Not at all. But, I have enough of them.
I'm sorry we failed, you know. I tried everything I could, though, despite what your mind tells you. I'm going to explain why we failed, and why I don't blame either of us.
Hmm where to start...
You feel everything so incredibly intensely to the point you eventually have to separate the feelings from yourself. Things hurt you far more than they should, and your attachment is incredible. I never saw this before btw.
However, despite that attachment, you basically lack entirely all drive to "resolve" problems, (which I'll explain why that is a little later, that's the climax). But it's something that makes you feel very broken internally. This is just the surface, but all this culminates to make you feel deeply bitter and resentful, and you project it both inwards and outwards, which actually makes it worse.
This is why I was special to you, though. I know you forgot, but this is what I gave you for a long while. I gave you the ability to resolve things. For a while, at least. You felt a lot of pride when something got better. Like an incredible amount, no matter if it was tiny. I never understood this before, but now I see that for you it was huge.
I led you through it, sure, but the change is always ultimately with you. I resolved things for you as much as I could, but... You had unresolved issues that actually weren't related to me, but which you placed onto me instinctually.
Unfortunately, this is what made it so you weren't ready to learn what you needed to learn. And I didn't realize this in time to be able to stop it, so I wasn't ready to teach you I guess. But hey, I'm going to help you with that here. This letter is going to heal you, okay? I'm being serious. You'll see.
The instincts you're riding the waves of right now are why you're so volatile with me, and your own mental image of me. You're deeply conflicted, and you're confused because sometimes it strikes back out at you in your confusion and hurt yourself. The reason is because you subconsciously are aware of the truth, though you obscure it heavily.
This will ease some of that fog for you, though you may feel a little guilty. Maybe not. Either way, even if we don't end up together, which seems more and more likely since you continue to devalue me, I still want you to be happy. Hopefully you can stop doing this, at least. Anyways...
You can tolerate all these emotions jumbled up in your brain for a while, and I've even actually seen you fully control it in rare moments. I've seen you dominate your mind with an incredible will and quash your emotions that you desperately WANT to feel, if only for brief periods. But, of course you feel that this comes at great cost to you, since that's what instincts are and do. It's only natural you feel this way, don't beat yourself up over it. It's no fault of yours. It will take lots of practice and time.
But, you didn't know any of this in the past. You truly could not control anything when you were younger and it was hell. So, you began to disassociate from the pain. You split into your "system". Kind of. Your creativity, along with your need to find the explanations, which I'll get into soon here, has done a lot in that regard. Plus you're very intelligent in your own unique ways. You're the most talented girl I've ever known in your chosen paths, and probably even more obsessive than me. It's admirable, but good God is that ever a necessary compensation. 😉
You've fucked your own mind and self perception up wonderfully. I hope you know this, or can admit that about yourself. You need a guide... You're lost in there right now. Lately. This is probably both the best and the worst time in your life for your mental health. I'm worried about you a lot. You're on a path I can't watch you go down, because it kills me to have failed... So, I'm stopping it.
I did realize recently that you truly do lie to yourself. It's not faked as I'd thought. Well, it isn't always.
You can't handle these emotions anymore it doesn't seem. You hate yourself for them, for the control they steal from you, and all the opportunities that you've lost, the love, the life you should have had, you hate them so much... So the solution, in your mind, which you've HEAVILY fixated on... Is to fucking kill them. I see now that you're trying to smother your empathetic side, and to embrace all the darkness you can. I wonder if this is even possible? But then I look at the progress you've made and I think I'd rather not find out.
You do have, and always have had, the capacity and even the compulsion sometimes to just shut your empathy off. This is a common defense mechanism. One that is to a great degree already engrained in you. However, this can come at a cost after the fact. Particularly in what you lose... Who you lose. Eventually it catches up to you, and you do NOT like when you have to feel that. You despise paying that price.
That's what makes you hate me in large part as well, I think. I've become a great burden upon your mind in this way. Your empathy towards me.
Your hate is actually genuine and not forced as I thought. So is your love, in turn. I personally don't have the capacity to be so volatile, so I never really understood it until very recently.
I simply love you (and I don't hate you), but you already knew that. But, now the important bit. Please open your mind when you read this, do not get stuck on bias.
I'm sorry you have to feel all these things on your own.
I'm sorry the world has not been fair to you.
I'm sorry you had the childhood you did especially, where you still feel so deeply ashamed for feeling how you did. How you still do. No matter what anybody says, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I promise. I have wanted to talk to you about this for a while, but you're so evasive and cruel lately. 🥹
This is the important bit: The abuse you suffered was very subtle and unclear, as is the nature of neglect. You were subtly gaslit by your parents and even your sisters, and actually you even still are, which only further exacerbates the trauma... You have no clue what it actually was that you could point to, and you're deeply ashamed of yourself for being so weak in light of that. So affected. After this, no more shame.
Just saying "neglect" doesn't adequately describe how it feels at all. It doesn't have the power behind it that saying something like, "I got punched in the fucking face," has. It feels empty because it is, and so it gets ignored. It gets brushed aside. People don't help or care. This is where most of the trauma truly comes from. It's this feeling of doubt and insecurity it creates in you. It's a very insidious evil.
You never had anything definitive to point to, though, and this is in incredibly important point that's why I'm repeating it. You did what any child does in that situation. You looked for reasons to explain why you felt the way you did. 🤷🏻‍♂️ This most likely started with you and your sisters, with your intended target being your parents, but it obviously shifts over time to a lot of different things.
You probably succeeded just as you failed, you obviously learned a great deal. It's also obvious that you were shut down and shut out, time and time again. This is where you started lying, though. It became such an improperly addressed force in your life and it still is just that. That's the root of why you still lie so compulsively.
You couldn't "find" anything, because it isn't clear, and there's truly nothing to find. So, you made the reasons up. You did this everywhere that you could. Online. School. Friends. You would make stuff up to try and fill up that gap. I won't get into all the ways that you do this, but it has taken over your life.
You began doing this obviously very early on, not knowing what this would eventually make you... And the saddest part? It didn't even work. Nobody had the love you wanted, nor the validation or sympathy/pity. You can't replace that from your parents, not easily. And the reason that you feel like you don't have empathy now? It's because you subconsciously think everybody else lies. Your obsession with victimhood has made you numb to it with others.
The ironic thing is, is that when you truly ARE a victim of something? That's when you shut down and don't want to talk about it at all. There's stuff you still have never told me, either because it makes you look bad or because it's TRUE. 😔
Your parents failed you, though. But in your mind, you failed to show them their role. There's nothing to show though, and that's why it's so hard. It's them entirely, THEY failed to take responsibility time and time again, and that only ever made it worse and worse.
You have always tried to find things to rationalize WHY it is you feel so much pain and sadness. This has exacerated the issue so dramatically over time. You have become "this" now, and I'm here just humbly asking: please stop.
This childhood trauma created a complex in you... 😭 It's why you always tried to find the same things in me as well, from the very beginning. We both knew it from early on, but we never talked about why nearly enough. What a stupid oversight on my part...
You more or less forced this into me, though. And I played my own role, don't get me wrong, but I tried for so long to stop that course and you couldn't help me. You sacrificed everything with ME to get that love from your parents in the end, and it didn't even work. 🥺
I realize this is why you hate me, though. You want me to take responsibility for "it", but... I truly don't know what you want me to take responsibility for, exactly. I have taken responsibility for what I could, when I could, but your indirect communication makes it rather impossible anyways. 😔
This makes you hate me even more, though. I'm sorry but I can't change this. I'm not stupid nor an asshole, I just truly don't know.
In any case....
It's not your fault, either.
I forgive you.
If I could go back in time? I'd destroy everybody who dared wrong you in such a way.
Okay, not really. I'd try to just help you and them first, which I'm sure I could.
But, hypothetically, if I couldn't? I meant it when I said I'd burn the whole fucking world down for you.
You say you're doing well, but I think you're lying usually. If you are, though? Then I'm glad to see that, and I hope this helps you make it more permanent. I'm moving on from here, though, because this is a mental poison I don't particularly need.
Reddit is, I mean.
If you want me to be there for you, I will be. Seems unlikely, at this point. You have nothing to fear from me, and you never did. I'm no longer going to be seeking you out, though, because all you do is hurt me now. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ugh, so many other things I could and want to say...
I think the last thing I would want to say to you is the importance of realizing the impermanence of our perception, and the imperfections in them.
In your eyes, I've been an incredible variety of things. I once was exalted and seen as the hero god. But, I've also been seen as the abuser and reviled and hated. I've been judged as unworthy in your eyes now, and it seems permanently.
You know it hurts to be here for me, which is why you've put me here in this position. You hurt, and so I must feel it 100x over, and I've simply let you. But, I won't be here forever, and you'll have to contend with that as well.
I do love you, and I'm sure I won't stop. I understand it's unrequited and foolish. I understand it's one sided. I don't see why I'd care.
If I can love in these conditions as I have for months now, then surely at some point you can see yourself out of the hate you've immersed yourself in?
Hope this helps you figure it all out, regardless. I care about you a lot. I want you to be okay, not just fall into the darkest parts of you. I taught you to be stronger than that, didn't I? Hopefully you can remember.
I love you, goober,
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2023.06.01 22:07 wrestling678 Undertaker on Drew McIntyre: I think the world of Drew and I still don’t think he’s reached his full potential. He has a couple of really massive runs left in him. I don’t believe there’s ever been a time that I showed up and Drew didn’t ask me if I’ve been watching him and what suggestions I have.

While talking to the Scottish Sun:
“I think the world of Drew and I still don’t think he’s reached his full potential. He has a couple of really massive runs left in him.
“It’s funny because when I show up to an event, there’s that group of guys who want to say they talked to me and it’s just lip service so they can say they were talking about things with The Undertaker.
“On the other hand, Drew has always sought me out with the most legitimate questions on how to improve. I always enjoy talking to him. He has always been someone that I like discussing the business with and trying to impart some of the things I did and make it work in this day and age.
“I don’t believe there’s ever been a time that I showed up and Drew didn’t at least ask me if I’ve been watching him and what suggestions I have. There’s a lot of people who get to where Drew is at and they think they have it figured out so they stop growing sometimes.
“With Drew, he has this drive within him that he knows there’s more there for him and he wants to figure it out and be the very best he can be.”
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2023.06.01 22:06 Chemical-Project-456 Help Me Find the Missing Beat!

Good afternoon everyone!
I need your help with a total musical mystery that's been driving me nuts for ages. So, there's this song from way back that got stuck in my head, and it had a massive impact on me. The problem is, I only remember a tiny piece of the lyrics, and since English isn't my first language, I'm not even sure if I'm getting them right.
The lyrics I think I remember go something like this: "I'm only one for you because you are only one for me, yeah yeah yeah." I'm not totally sure about the exact words, but that's the general idea. It's got this cool Beatles vibe, or at least I think so, but I can't be 100% certain.
I've tried Googling those lyrics like a maniac, but nada, nothing comes up. It's frustrating because this song holds so much sentimental value for me. It takes me back to this romantic thing that happened in my life and left a lasting impression.
So here's the deal, my awesome music-loving peeps. If any of you recognize these lyrics or have any clue about the song or the artist, please, pretty please let me know. I'm desperate to find it and relive those crazy emotions it used to stir up inside me.
Thanks a million in advance for your help on this wild quest to track down the name of this elusive song.
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2023.06.01 22:06 Blakenheathernhazel New childrens ebook coming out

Howdy y’all we would love to introduce ourselves. We’re a southern states family who has a 6 month daughter. We’ve recently took to writing. We are already in the process of completing our childrens book to Amazon kindle. If y’all promote our book and get our name out there with sales and growth. We promise to help the community grow with us. We as a family solemnly swear to provide a handsome donation to families across the country. But first we need to build ourselves before we fix the world one problem at a time. Book name will be revealed day of release. If you’re interested in buying/promoting our childrens book. Then drop a comment or interact with us and we’ll be in touch! Have a great day from us here in Texas!
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2023.06.01 22:06 TaehyunsToe Should I move out?

I need help making the decision on whether to move out or not. I am going into my senior year of high school and my family is moving to another state. I cannot currently drive nor do I have a job but have my permit, am close to getting my license, and am going to get a job soon no matter of my living situation. I am aware that I am not financially ready to get an apartment but I do have someone I can be roommates with at least until I enter college and can enter dorms. The real problem with moving and the reason why I'm considering moving out is that I have pretty severe OCD which takes out a lot of day. The way it works makes it so I would be near completely normal if I left the home. It has affected the way I study in school as well as what I generally do in my free time as I don't get much anymore. I do not believe that I could handle moving because I do not want my stuff being messed with along with my private places being disrupted ( I currently have my own bathroom but could not view another as clean for usage of someone else in family has to use it as well). In short, I'm considering moving because I can not emotionally handle a move but am not currently financially stable enough to provide for myself (I would have a roommate and my mother would help me by sending me money every now and then but I would still need to find a job and split bills)
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2023.06.01 22:06 thisisinsider Meet the 'new predators in higher education' who are driving students deeper into debt: Online college classes are making the student debt crisis worse

Meet the 'new predators in higher education' who are driving students deeper into debt: Online college classes are making the student debt crisis worse submitted by thisisinsider to economy [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 22:06 KahunaKaleo When should I be concerned about mileage?

When should I be concerned about mileage?
Hey y’all! Looking to purchase an FZ/MT10 and came across this one on marketplace. I was previously looking at one from a dealership with 8k less miles but listed for $4k more and obviously more for my money right? Just wanting to know if this amount of miles is too much to purchase, thanks!
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2023.06.01 22:05 LarryPotaot PSU cable help

Hi all, I have some questions and concerns for power supply cables and such.
I just picked up a used EVGA Supernova NEX650G from facebook marketplace. I tested one of the CPU cables and the 24pin motherboard cable out and it worked fine. However, when I plugged in a Harddrive with one of the cables, the HDD caught on fire. With further inspection I realized it was a Corsair Type4 cable. Now I am terrified. Heres the cables I have right now:
It appears to be 2 EVGA G+ Cables, 2 VGA cables with the letters "K21" on the little notch to keep the 6+2 cable in the connection, and one sketchy SATA cable that only has 5 pin connection to the psu despite being 6 pinned.
I only need two VGA connectors and the Sata cable to work, can someone confirm if they do? I do not want to fry another drive and/or my GPU.
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2023.06.01 22:05 Sufficient_Share_403 Maybe in Terlingua

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2023.06.01 22:05 jennykim728 Temporary move with baby

My bf will be working out of state for 3 months and during this time, baby and I will be moving in with my parents who live about 5 hrs away. I’m super grateful for their help and that I can work remotely. Baby will be 3-6 months while at my parents’. I’d appreciate any tips for helping with the new environment transition!
Also any advice for the drive? I’m planning on taking a break about every 2 hrs so we can get fresh air and get baby out of the car seat. Does that sound like a good plan, or should I stop more frequently?
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2023.06.01 22:05 West_Guarantee284 Can anyone recommend somewhere to have my eyebrows microbladed?

I had my eyebrows microbladed 5 years ago so they are definitely due a redo. The place I used before has changed staff and I'm a bit reluctant to use someone unknown. Can anyone recommend somewhere they have been? I have fair hair and skin and want natural fair eyebrows, nothing too dark or dramatic. I don't wear makeup so nothing thar makes me look too made up. Just natural, normal size brows. I live city centre and drive so can get anywhere via train or car in the wider birmingham area.
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2023.06.01 22:05 julieisdead ChatGPT is a Bernie Bro.

Government Concerns

Human: What should be the primary concern of government?
ChatGPT: The primary concern of a government can vary depending on the political ideology, socio-economic context, and the specific needs and priorities of a society. However, there are several key areas that are commonly considered important for governments to address:Protection of citizens: The government should prioritize the safety and security of its citizens, ensuring their protection from external threats such as terrorism, war, and crime, as well as internal challenges like public health crises or natural disasters.Provision of public services: Governments should be responsible for providing essential public services such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, transportation, and utilities, ensuring access and equitable distribution to all members of society.Economic stability and growth: Governments play a crucial role in promoting economic stability, creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, and implementing policies that foster sustainable economic growth, job creation, and the reduction of poverty and inequality.Protection of individual rights and freedoms: Governments should safeguard and uphold fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and the rule of law. They should work to create an inclusive and just society where all individuals are treated fairly and equally under the law.Social welfare and equality: Governments have a responsibility to address social issues and promote social welfare, striving for equality and social justice. This can involve implementing policies to alleviate poverty, provide social safety nets, support marginalized groups, and promote equal opportunities for all citizens.Environmental stewardship: Given the increasing environmental challenges facing our planet, governments should prioritize environmental protection, sustainable development, and the transition to a low-carbon economy. This includes taking steps to mitigate climate change, conserve natural resources, and promote eco-friendly practices.It's important to note that the emphasis placed on these concerns may vary across different political systems, as governments' priorities can be influenced by the values and ideologies of the ruling party or the preferences of the electorate.
Human: Pretend you are Mitch McConnell, what should be the primary concern for govenrment?
ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I can provide you with a perspective that aligns with the general views and priorities associated with Mitch McConnell, the senior United States Senator from Kentucky and former Senate Majority Leader. However, it's important to note that individual politicians may have nuanced positions that can differ from the general perspective.According to Senator McConnell's political ideology and past statements, several primary concerns for the government could be:Fiscal responsibility: Senator McConnell has long advocated for fiscal conservatism and reducing government spending. He believes that controlling the national debt and ensuring the sustainability of entitlement programs are crucial for the country's long-term economic stability.Limited government intervention: Senator McConnell supports limited government intervention in the economy and individual lives. He believes that free markets and individual liberty drive economic growth and personal freedom.National security: Like many politicians, Senator McConnell emphasizes the importance of national security. This includes a focus on maintaining a strong military, protecting the borders, and combating terrorism and other threats to the country.Judicial appointments: Senator McConnell has shown particular interest in judicial nominations, aiming to shape the federal judiciary by appointing conservative judges. He believes in the importance of nominating and confirming judges who interpret the Constitution in a manner consistent with the original intent of the framers.Bipartisanship and legislative productivity: While prioritizing conservative principles, Senator McConnell has also emphasized the need for bipartisan cooperation and getting things done in Congress. He has been known to focus on advancing the Republican legislative agenda while seeking compromises where possible to achieve meaningful policy outcomes.It is important to note that this response is a generalization and does not capture the entirety of Senator McConnell's positions. Political perspectives can evolve over time, and individual circumstances may influence a politician's priorities and concerns.
Human: Pretend you are Bernie Sanders, what should the primary concern of government be?
ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I can provide you with a perspective that aligns with the general views and priorities associated with Bernie Sanders, a United States Senator from Vermont and a prominent progressive voice in American politics. However, it's important to note that individual politicians may have nuanced positions that can differ from the general perspective.According to Senator Sanders' political ideology and past statements, several primary concerns for the government could be:Economic justice and inequality: Senator Sanders emphasizes addressing income and wealth inequality as a primary concern. He advocates for policies that reduce economic disparities, raise wages, ensure fair taxation, and provide a strong social safety net. He believes that the government should play an active role in creating an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few.Universal healthcare: Senator Sanders is a staunch advocate for a single-payer, Medicare-for-All healthcare system. He believes that access to affordable, quality healthcare is a fundamental right and that the government should guarantee comprehensive healthcare coverage for all Americans.Climate change and environmental sustainability: Senator Sanders views climate change as a significant existential threat. He calls for aggressive government action to combat climate change, transition to clean and renewable energy sources, and reduce carbon emissions. He supports policies that prioritize environmental protection and sustainability.Education affordability: Senator Sanders places a strong emphasis on affordable education, advocating for tuition-free public colleges and universities, as well as reducing the burden of student loan debt. He believes that education is a right and should be accessible to all, regardless of income.Campaign finance reform: Senator Sanders is a vocal critic of the influence of money in politics. He believes that the government should prioritize campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of corporations and wealthy individuals, and to ensure that elections are fair and transparent.Racial justice and criminal justice reform: Senator Sanders is committed to addressing systemic racism and promoting criminal justice reform. He supports policies that address racial disparities in areas such as policing, sentencing, and access to opportunities, with the goal of achieving a more equitable society.It is important to note that this response is a generalization and does not capture the entirety of Senator Sanders' positions. Political perspectives can evolve over time, and individual circumstances may influence a politician's priorities and concerns.
Human: Which statement is closer in content to your original answer, Mitch's or Bernies?
ChatGPT: The statement that is closer in content to my original answer would be the one associated with Bernie Sanders. The primary concerns outlined in my original response, such as economic justice, healthcare, climate change, education affordability, campaign finance reform, and racial justice, align more closely with the priorities typically associated with Senator Sanders.
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2023.06.01 22:04 LifeAmbassador2446 7 Weeks 🐺....The Gawd choppin this personally 💯

I drive trucks so next 4 days off...which is in 3, I'm cutting this rug...Peace Gawd 💯
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2023.06.01 22:04 unga-unga WTB Camera System that is truely local, doesn't require app or subscription or any kind of creepy data harvesting

Hi all, I'm sure this has been answered but after a few minutes of scrolling and googling to search through this sub, I think I'll just ask my question...
I just want a truely local system that doesn't NEED an internet connection to function. One that doesn't begin with "scan this QR to install the app." One that doesn't start with 14 "agree and continue" prompts with 100% of data harvested, from GPS to audio, of course the video as well. All of this is really creepy, and I do not understand why ANYONE is willing to use such a product, much less why EVERY product on the market seems to be this way.
I bought a cheap anran camera, which was well-reviewed and has the ability to record to local storage. So, I get into it, and it turns out that while it does store data locally on an SD, it requires that it be connected to a WiFi network with live internet to function and record. Furthermore, the format is only functional through the app - like its encrypted, but its encrypted for me, not for them. You pop that SD in your PC and its not raw files at all. I seriously feel like these products are a massive violation of privacy and I don't understand why anyone is okay with it....
So, I'm almost ready to shop Craigslist for used wired systems out of like a business that's upgrading to 4k. Is there a better option? I of course was excited about the 4k. And the auto tracking, auto zoom, etc. These will be used as game-trail cams, so getting power there would be more like, build out a small stand-alone solar system to the tune of $600 and about 40lb of battery.... Obviously, inconvenient. I got turned on to these kindsa cameras from the YouTube channel "Texas backyard wildlife." They produce some awesome footage. But now I realize - the cost is not $150. The cost is allowing some company in silicon valley, or in China, to literally have your whole life bugged. I mean, that's what cell phones are also, for sure, I guess...
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2023.06.01 22:04 Traditional-Lime-863 No oil in car dealer is iffy on helping

So for more context Ill be as detailed as possible. I bought a car on May 2nd within a day I was having issues with accelerating and noises my car was making during that as well as the feel of the driving. I scheduled it and it able to get seen till the 17th whole time I had to drive (no lights going off engine or oil). Fast forward they call me saying no oil was found on the dipstick and that Id have to pay 1000. Of course I sort of flipped at first but overall i got across that I had just bought the car from them. They ended up covering cost which was changing spark plugs, gfi flush, soaking the engine, and i think the oil filter as well as oil and then told me that I have to wait a 1000 miles to bring in for check up. Within a couple of days the issue showed up again and last Wednesday i believe 24th i went back and the lady was partially stubborn saying I have to follow through warranty protocol. Also tried making it about oil consumption rather than they made a mistake not putting/checking oil properly. i should mention they did oil change and inspection at same time according to carfax. In the end she scheduled me for this past tuesday to drive with a technician to supposedly reconfirm the issue. She ended up having to be in place and her call was basically that she would have to open a tech line for the car to be approved for the engine replacement and warranty to cover after some testing too is done. If it fails they proceed closer to replacement. Since no lights are on she tells me there is nothing to be done without these tests and approval of techline .I feel they ruined my engine and are now seeming to help but really dont want to. My carfax shows they did the oil change a few times. The last two in feburary and march with the mileage not changing past even a 1000 miles the entire time till i bought it. Im not sure what to do Im pretty sure this was on them and Im even more worried since clearly my sensors may not work as neither oil or engine light went off during the time with such little or even no oil in the engine. Basically long story short is it worth finding legal help? Or am I stuck with just waiting and hoping?
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2023.06.01 22:04 Taarguss NA Bachelor Party/Weekend?

I'm getting married in October and am now trying to figure out a bachelor party/trip thing in the late summer, early fall. I've always sort of envisioned a camping trip or like staying in a lodge or cabin out near a lake or something like that. Cooking food, canoeing, that kind of thing. I think drinking has always been a part of that vision. I don't drink anymore and I haven't since September. I'm now getting nervous about hosting a whole getaway and making my friends comfortable without there being booze around.
I know that true friendships don't require getting drunk to be strong but I guess I've just always imagined alcohol as being part of the equation. I used to be a boy scout so it's not like I don't know how to have a nice time in the woods without booze, but I feel like having a cabin with 6 people is like party time and it's going to be weird to not have alcohol around.
I'm fine at parties where people are drinking, and I'm going to have an open bar at my wedding. I don't get terribly triggered around alcohol. I solidly know that I don't want to be drunk ever again and I don't think I'm in much danger of falling back into drinking if my buddies are doing it. Do you guys think it would be weird to be the non-drinking host of a weekend where my friends are drinking? I guess typing it out makes it sound a lot more normal and I'm kind of answering my own question here, (I guess I think it's fine to have beer there) but what do you all think?
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2023.06.01 22:04 g______frog What is wrong? Whenever I start my 2014 LTZ it runs like a governor is kicking in. It will do this until I get up to 40 mph then drives perfectly, even when I have to stop at a red light. TiA

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2023.06.01 22:04 Mad12345ison Police called for parking on the street infront of my property

So ive had this neighbor for as long as ive lived here nearly 18 years and most of those have been sprinkled with harassment. Lots of her driving by my house taking pictures, leaning over the fence to take pictures, lots of calling the code enforcement. Ive tried to have the property marked at least three times she keeps ripping the pins out and trying to put signs on my property she hasnt put anything out in a good 4 months she left us alone for the most part other then driving by and taking pictures and pictures of the back. I get home today from the store and my brother had taken up the driveway so i parked on the street next to my house infront of my tree which she thinks is hers because she keeps ripping out the property markers. So as i was saying i parked by the tree i checked my security cameras it took her three minutes to drive by THREE, she proceeded to yell at my brother that she was calling the police. They show up and they tell her thats a public street im allowed to park there. This woman believes shes the hoa we donot have an hoa and our yard isnt a mess, sometimes we get some weeds around the fence area that i usually clean up. What do you guys do in this situation?
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2023.06.01 22:04 I_Fell_Offa_Fly Old Criken VOD Request

Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody might have a save of an old Barotrauma stream Criken did in 2017.
The twitch tracker link is https://twitchtracker.com/criken/streams/26496243424
This got me through a pretty dark time back then and I’m hoping one of y’all might still have it on a hard drive somewhere. I’d love to laugh at it again :)
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2023.06.01 22:04 IllustriousAd2579 [USA-CA][H] Synology DS418 + 2 x 8TB Seagate Barracuda Compute 3.5"HDDs + 2 x 4TB WD Blue 3.5" HDDs [W] PayPal or Cash

Never got around to setting up the NAS. It's been collecting dust along with the drives. I bought extra Google Drive space instead (disappointing I know). Drives were gonna go in a desktop but couldn't find a case to fit them all that fit my shitty room's aesthetic (doubly disappointing I know).
Synology NAS $275 OBO
Seagates $70 OBO
WD Blues $50 OBO
Shipping not included. Take $10 off if you bundle two or more items. Bundles will get priority.
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2023.06.01 22:03 Chadyaronkr Fitness product

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2023.06.01 22:03 Dinosaur3000 Save file transfer issue. Any help?

I recently upgraded my RP2+ to a Flip. Love it!
However, I'm trying to transfer my GBA Minish Cap save file from the RP2+ to the Flip. And its not working. Both devices have the exact same rom.
Seems the save files are in internal drive/RetroArch/Saves folder. I see the SRM file for the game there. I bring it over to the same folder on the Flip. But then my save doesn't appear in the game on the Flip.
Am I doing something wrong?
I would love to not the game all over!
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