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2023.03.30 06:48 KateBetsOnSports Residential Lease w/ purchase option

4.5 years ago I started renting a home in Michigan. I found it on CL as a rent to own lease w/option to purchase. It’s also a triple net bondable lease; and being as young and naive I was, I blindly signed the contract with a company named Orange REO in Florida. In the original lease with original property owners; there was a provision or clause (idk the difference lol) that stated I’m tenant is responsible for maintenance, taxes, and insurance. The title/deed was sold to a company called Nationwide community Revitalization in California December 2020 and Orange REO told me after the sale, I had no idea they were selling the title. I then received an email from the new company with a new lease and I just assumed, like a dumbass, I “had” to sign this new lease with said company to remain in my house, so I electronically signed the current lease in December 2020. This lease also read similarly as far as being responsible for maintenance, taxes, insurance… but they increased my rent from $350 to $550/mo and changed the duration of my lease from 25 years to 5 years. This lease also states I waive my right to a jury trial. The lease is not in the name of the company (NCR); instead it says “5555 2nd Street Michigan Trust” as the Lessor and myself as the Lessee. I also paid a deposit of $3,500 for the option to purchase, which exceeds 1.5 my rent. Unfortunately, I lost my job in 2021 after signing this lease and my husband is a special needs teacher that earns not nearly as much as he should and also pays child support… I don’t receive child support, either, so the math on our budget just did not work at that time… I immediately applied for the CERA app for rent assistance. They agreed to accept the cera payment and to fill out their portion of the application and submitted it… they ended up getting impatient and filed for eviction as we had to jump through many a hoops to get approved for rental assistance as community action agency repeatedly denied them because they said my lease is actually a land contract; despite not saying land contract ANYWHERE, instead it says “residential lease w/ option to purchase triple net bondable lease”…. I got served an eviction and luckily the day before the sheriff was going to remove me from the property, I was able to gather enough money to cover what I needed to for rent and finally the CERA app was processed. I got another CERA payment in December of 2022 and it just expired February 1st. I was not able to pay rent so they filed for another eviction, this time to terminate my tenancy due to habitually late rent payments (when they were well aware I was waiting for the cera app to process) and also states “breach of contract- failed to maintain property” because I missed a housing inspection that is required in city ordinance for non owner occupied rentals; an inspection every other year. When I moved in there were 20 or so blight violations and I’ve been fined many times because I’ve not completely all repairs, such as painting trim and outside of house (chipping paint) the list is down to 5 blight violations and the inspectors are always very understanding and waive a lot of fines so long as I keep making an effort; it’s only when they stepped into the picture and started handling these communications with the city; from California, that I started getting fined heavily… and missing the appointment for inspection in January, I assume, is what they initially planned to end my tenancy. I have legal aid attorney that has not helped much as he’s the only attorney handling landlord tenant cases currently and legal aid. I went to the pre trial last week and the hearing is April 6th. They have a lawyer representing them in Michigan and one of the asset managers from NCR will be zooming in as well. My original defense was that the eviction, lease, and even the title is in the name of a trust, not an actual landlord. They agreed when they signed the CERA app agreement that they wouldn’t not evict me for at least one month after the last payment was paid by the cera app, which was February 1st. They filed February 14th, so not a month… also they lied to me when they got the first check from cera that I had to pay their legal fees of $550 before they could deposit accept the rental assistance check. So I paid the $550. They also signed on the cera app that they would waive any legal fees that exceed $150. So that sucked. I have a beautiful blended family, 3 amazing kids, a pitbull , 3 cats and lots of cool cichlids lol… so to be threatened with eviction/ homelessness not just once but twice while waiting for my cera app to process…. I ended up admitting myself because I had suicidal ideations; I felt hopeless and defeated when I woke up everyday knowing I was on the brink of losing everything that I’ve worked so hard for… I did the repairs myself even…. To save money. My husband has a bad back and couldn’t help much… so I felt just so scared. I’m in intense therapy now thankfully, but seems every system has failed myself and my family in the midsts of a pandemic and all around hard times being below poverty line. I feel this company is predatory and I’m scared, again. April 6th is coming and although my husband and kids are home for spring break, I’m building my defense all day everyday so the 9 of us don’t lose our family home 😭 I know I left tons of information out but I’m hoping maybe someone has some advice here 🙏 I have not returned to work due to ptsd and the evictions have truly made me spiral. There’s a company called vision properties that the legal aid lawyer told me is getting sued currently in Detroit and they sound a lot like the company that owns my houses title now. I appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 06:33 literallygnomed Wrongfully Permanently Banned

Last year in November I was permanently suspended for "suspicious activity" which i believe to be due to trying to change my login username but provided insufficient/incorrect information. I have submitted multiple tickets but every time they ask for the same list of questions which I am unable to answer, including payment information which belonged to my friends and my first email that i used. Ive spent quite a bit of money on the game and losing it all to a mistake would suck pretty bad. Is there any other way i can get my account back? To be clear: the account belongs to me and no one else.
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2023.03.30 06:14 Live_Distance9612 Herbal Cough Syrup

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2023.03.30 06:06 Liquidennis Negative Balance Due To Refund?

So this is an odd situation and I'm not sure if anyone has seen this before. I made a payment of $87 for something and hit send. Just after I sent it out, I realized I had mistyped the email address and no account existed for that email (dopey mistake). I then canceled that transaction and made a payment to the correct email address for the $87. A few days later I went to use my PayPal account and it is saying there is a balance of -$87. It looks like PayPal refunded the initial $87 payment without it ever being withdrawn, so I ended up a net of +$87. I don't have the PayPal debit card or anything linked to it other than personal accounts. If I did make the $87 payment, who would it even go to? I have been trying to get ahold of any kind of technical support, but it appears that is not happening. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Very odd. I'm not super surprised, strange things happen to me all the time.
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2023.03.30 05:56 ReadingCompHero Tip: Schedule Before the Mad Rush

Before each LSAT administration, LSAC sends out a message telling you when the scheduling email will go out. But you can actually log into Proctor U a few hours before that and schedule your test before the mad rush. Sometimes you’re even able to schedule the night before. That makes it easier for you to get the day/ time that you want.
If you’ve already taken the LSAT, then you should already have login credentials with Proctor U.
If this is your first LSAT, you may have to use the “forgot password” feature and input the email that LSAC has on file for you.
Use your Proctor U username and password to login and schedule your test.
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2023.03.30 05:49 Herebutimalreadygone Removing twitter account/profile pic from the internet with no email or password

Hello, I thought that someone in this thread may be able to answer a question I have. When I was very young I somehow managed to get my parents to let me use the internet and I went straight to twitter and made an account, uploaded a picture and tweeted a few times before logging out and then losing all the info/email I used to make it. Now I am almost 30 and about to begin a career that puts me in the public eye. I did some preparing and searched my name via google and found this old profile picture that is extremely embarrassing for me. It is so embarrassing I believe that it will negatively affect my career. I have no idea what the login email or password would be. I made this account in 2008-2009 and the email I use daily I did not make until 2010. I reached out to twitter on my twitter account that currently belongs to me explaining the situation and asking for either the profile, or the profile picture to be taken down. I would get an automated response email but have never heard anything back from twitter. I have reached out via email, my current twitter account but have had not heard back from them with any information. I am running out of time to get this picture removed from twitter before it is spread to other places on the internet. Let me finish by saying that this picture isn't against any of the rules on twitter. I really just want the peace of mind knowing that the picture is down and I am free from the embarrassment. Is there anything I can do to contact Twitter support in a different fashion so they have to respond? What should I do? Its my name on the account, the profile picture is me. Could I show them my license and prove my identity? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.30 05:35 aikasa_ HSL POP Up Store Online Is Live on Medicos!! How to buy these JPN exclusive merchandise from overseas. [tutorial]

HSL POP Up Store Online Is Live on Medicos!! How to buy these JPN exclusive merchandise from overseas. [tutorial]
Hello, and welcome to the tutorial of how to order HSL merch sold on Medicos Online Shop. This tutorial will tell you how to use a proxy shopping service to make a purchase of Japan exclusive HSL merch. This is my first time posting a tutorial on reddit so please let me know if you find any points of confusion. English is not my first language so you may find some grammar errors. I apologize in advance for my poor English. All links in this post are not affiliate links.

Do i need to know Japanese??


List of items
Note: US$ price shown on this table is calculated as ¥100 = US$ 0.75 -Rate will differ.

Name -Translate Name -Japanese Price -Sales Tax included note Does this product use new artwork? URL
BIG acrylic stand ① Matsuzaka Sato 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしBIGアクリルスタンド①松坂さとう ¥1,650 (US$12.38) Yes
BIG acrylic stand ② Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしBIGアクリルスタンド②神戸しお ¥1,650 (US$12.38) Yes
Acrylic key holder ① Matsuzaka Sato 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」アクリルキーホルダー①松坂さとう ¥880 (US$6.60) No
Acrylic key holder ② Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」アクリルキーホルダー②神戸しお ¥880 (US$6.60) No
Tin badge bundle 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」缶バッジセット ¥1,100 (US$8.25) A bundle of two badges with a glitter finish. No
Clear plastic file folder bundle 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」クリアファイルセット ¥990 (US$8.25) A bundle of two A4 size file folders. No
B2 Sized tapestry 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしB2タペストリー ¥3850 (US$28.88) Yes
Diorama style acrylic stand 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしアクリルジオラマ ¥3850 (US$28.88) Yes
T-shirt 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」Tシャツ ¥2,750 (US$20.62) Made out of cotton. Japanese L size. No
Life to size tapestry ① Matsuzaka Sato ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろし等身大タペストリー①松坂さとう ¥7,700 (US$57.75) Yes
Life to size tapestry Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろし等身大タペストリー②神戸しお ¥7,700 (US$57.75) Yes

100 Yen = 0.75USD (2023/03/29 11:50 UTC)

#1 Make an account on OneMap (a.k.a. FromJapan)

Medicos Online store does not handle sell products to foreign customers. Therefore, proxy shopping websites has to be used. Proxy websites will buy the item and ship to your oversea address in exchange of a handling fee.
I use OneMap out of many proxy services because they are what medicos online recommends you to use. Also, many proxy websites do not have medicos online in there coverage.
  1. Go to SIGN UP PAGE and make an account. OneMap's website is in English so shouldn't be hard.
  2. Once your account is set up, go to OneMap website. Click the Hamburger Icon on the top right. Then open the "Change account information" drawer.
  3. Choose "Change Account Details".
  4. Make sure your personal information is correct, the address tied to your account will be where your item is getting shipped.

#2 Payment Settings

  1. Go to Peyment Settings. Add your credit card or debit card number. You can alternatively use Paypal if your credit card is not compatible.

#3 Buy

  1. Go to [LINK] and choose the product you want. Or open the URL listed in the table at the top of this post.
  1. Click "ORDER from overseas PURCHASE through FJ!" Banner.
  1. Chose "Order Now!".
  1. Make sure that the URL is correct then click "Go to Order Page". The textbox may become empty if you use a internet browser like Firefox.
  1. Enter the Item name in English. Filling out the size, color, Model Number, and picture is optional but I always do it to make easier to manage my orders.
I added the following comment for receiving the purchase bonus. There is no guarantee to receive the bonus however. Feel free to use it as an template.
もし可能なら、メディコスオンラインストアのご注文手続き画面の「お問い合せ」欄以下の文章を入力して下さい。ありがとうございます。(購入特典カードの為です。) ①1枚 ④1枚 ⑤1枚t
Can you please enter the following text at the Purchase Procedure section if possible? Thank you. (It is for the purchase bonus card.)
①1枚 ④1枚 ⑤1枚
Also here are the rules for the purchase bonus.
  1. Click Request a price quote after filling out the forum.
  2. Complete!! You will get an price quote email in 1-2 days.

Repeat #3 if you are going to buy multiple items.

Optional: I recommend you to proceed to Order list then bookmark your shopping Service List.

#4 Charge #1 Payment

  1. You'll get a price quote within 2 business days. (3 hours for myself.) Access your Order List. Click "Change 1 payment is pending >" .
  1. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  1. Click Place Order.
That's all for now! You will later receive a email for international shipping. I hope this guide helped you get

HSL merch will be shipped to the distribution center in May. Once arrived, you will receive a email for the international shipping options. You can combine orders that arrived to the distribution center.

Optional: I recommend you to proceed to Order list then bookmark your shopping Service List.
↓This is what your order page will look like.↓

Image of the product won't be present if you didn't upload a picture at #3 step 5.


Q. Can I order multiple items? What happens to shipping?

A. Repeat #3 for each items. Items will be combined at the Japan distribution center before international shipping.

Q. Am I getting charged extra cost?

A. Yes. 300 yen service fee + international shipping +custom fee depends on where you live. International shipping has got expensive since December of last year. Be careful with your spending. [Service Fees] [International Shipping Fee Calculator]
You do not pay custom fees unless you go sicko mode and make a $1600 purchase.(if you live in USA)

Q. When am I getting charged?

A. Charge1 happens after the price quote. Charge1 is the price of the product. Charge 2 happens before international shipping. Charge2 is the international shipping fee, handling fee, and custom.

Q. When is the deadline for buying these items?

A. The pre-order ends on April 11th, Tuesday. Limited stocks will be available after the 11th.

Q. Should I wait for an western release or a re-print?

A. Western localization and re-prints of the entire roaster will likely not happen. Buy it while you can!! I advise you to not buy re-sales on ebay/ mercari because they are either overpriced or fake.

Q. Am I getting the purchase bonus?

A. We don't know... Proxy services do not guarantee pre-order / purchase bonuses.

Q. Okay, I just bought it!! When will my loot arrive on my porch?

A. Planned to be shipped out to the OneMap distribution center on May. Then it'll go on international shipping.

Q. Should I buy this?

A. Yes.
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2023.03.30 05:11 Q_UP_NEXT2 so recently i have been getting a issue where i havnt been getting a email from captcha

so recently i have been getting a issue where i havnt been getting a email from captcha, and i have been entering my username and password in right then i have to click the captcha and it tells me to get a auth token to login to the account, but when i check the the email i dont get the key. any help?
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2023.03.30 05:08 IndependenceZone The Profitable Playground – Elizabeth Goddard

Here’s what you’ll get in The Profitable Playground

Who is The Profitable Playground course for?

Source By: The Profitable Playground – Elizabeth Goddard
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2023.03.30 05:01 LocationOk1668 Everything You Need to Know About cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting is a popular choice for many website owners due to its ease of use and powerful features. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about cPanel hosting, including its benefits, how it works, and why it's a great choice for your website.
Benefits of cPanel Hosting
One of the biggest benefits of cPanel hosting is its user-friendly interface. With its intuitive dashboard, you can easily manage your website, create email accounts, install applications, and more. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who are just getting started with website management.
In addition, cPanel hosting also offers a range of powerful features that can help you optimize your website's performance. For example, you can use the built-in caching system to speed up your website, or use the SEO tools to improve your website's search engine rankings.
How cPanel Hosting Works
cPanel hosting works by providing you with a control panel that allows you to manage all aspects of your website. This includes things like creating email accounts, installing applications, managing files, and more.
To use cPanel hosting, you'll need to sign up with a web hosting provider that offers cPanel as part of their hosting package. Once you've signed up, you'll be provided with login credentials that you can use to access your cPanel dashboard.
From there, you can start managing your website using the various tools and features available in cPanel. These tools are designed to be easy to use, so you don't need to have any technical knowledge to get started.
Why cPanel Hosting is a Great Choice for Your Website
cPanel hosting is a great choice for your website for several reasons. First, it's user-friendly and easy to use, even if you have no technical experience. This means you can focus on building your website without worrying about the technical details.
In addition, cPanel hosting is also very reliable and secure. With its built-in security features and regular updates, you can rest assured that your website is protected from hackers and other online threats.
Finally, cPanel hosting is also very affordable, making it a great choice for small businesses and individuals who are on a budget.
Raksmart and cPanel Hosting
If you're looking for a reliable web hosting provider that offers cPanel hosting, look no further than Raksmart. Raksmart is a leading web hosting provider that offers a range of hosting packages, including cPanel hosting.
With Raksmart, you'll get access to a powerful cPanel dashboard that allows you to manage your website with ease. You'll also benefit from their excellent customer support, reliable servers, and affordable pricing.
To learn more about Raksmart and their hosting packages, visit their website at
In conclusion, cPanel hosting is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable web hosting solution. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, cPanel hosting can help you build and manage your website with ease.
And if you're looking for a web hosting provider that offers cPanel hosting, be sure to check out Raksmart. With their excellent hosting packages and top-notch customer support, Raksmart is the perfect choice for your website hosting needs.
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2023.03.30 04:46 thawingSumTendies Great Canadian Rebates Referral Reddit - $3 Sign-up Bonus & Cashback for Shopping 🍁🇨🇦 :D

For Canadians only 🇨🇦
This website offers cashback when shopping at specific stores/institutions (% varies by store). You can also get cashback for signing up to certain banks and financial institutions.
In my experience, it has higher cashback % on at least on some stores, than other rebate websites, at least for Canadians.
Basically you disable adblock (both on GCR and the store you’re shopping from) and click the affiliate store link. From there when you make a purchase, GCR gets a small amount and they essentially split it with you.
Once you hit the minimum threshold, they deposit based on your preference of PayPal, redeeming an e-Gift card, or direct deposit.
You can also get a $3 sign up bonus by signing up to their newsletter.
If interested, you can get started with the links below.
Link to Sign Up Page :
Link to Home Page :
**In case my email is required for the referral, please message me :D
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2023.03.30 04:42 Far_Finding9749 Invalid authorization code Netlify

So i didn't where else to create this post so im today I woke up to find that the site i was hosting on netlify is no longer available. I tried to login to my account using github but then it was my the following response Invalid authorization code This login link is no longer valid. To request a new link, enter the email you used to sign up
Upon entering the email it would provide me with another link to reset my password however attempting to reset the password it says token expired i have contacted support and no response in the last 24hrs and my site still remains down PLEASE HELP
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2023.03.30 04:14 Wordpress_newbie77 Need Some Direction/Advice

Good Morning Reditors. I am 42 years old, and although I did some preliminary coding 20 years ago, I am rightfully, a "newbie". I am planning to create an application and need some advice. Please do not hate. (Probably you can laugh).
I need some advice.
The functionality of my application is simple.
While I do not wish to provide much detail, in essence, its a website where a visitor to the website, on login, will be presented with a form (with a Submit button) where he will input a string, lets say "Apple", and then click 'Submit'.
At the backend, there is a View (formed by joining 2-3 custom lookup tables). The application is supposed to take the word Apple, search the 1st column of the 'View' for the word Apple, and if a match, returns the second column of the View, which is lets say is "Apple is a fruit".
Thats, pretty. much. it. (The actual application looks up on more than one column).
The main constraint is while I have coded using Oracle, Java & JSP in the past, I would very much prefer NOT to code again, especially given the advances the industry has gone through in the past decade.
I need some advice on the direction I was thinking to take:
I have a Wordpress site, and My idea is to make use of Wordpress plugins for getting the above scenario -
  1. I subscribe to two Wordpress plugins - WPData Access and Formidable forms
  2. I use the WPDataAccess plugin to create my Custom Data Tables and Views
  3. I use Formidable forms to allow the user to enter the string, and then in the successive form, do the lookup and show the lookup Value.
Qn: Yes, it is laughable. Something like this should be done with a Developer, MySQL and PHP. But will it work?
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2023.03.30 04:11 deanwheelz Is that ID and selfie going to be asked for every time you sign on like Uber? Anybody that shares an account with significant other is screwed?

Just got the email saying that next login they will want ID and selfie. Me and my wife do part time but share an account. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember who we signed up under. We changed the profile name and use a google voice so we not sure who Id to use and selfie… are we not going to be able to share anymore?
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2023.03.30 04:05 the_far_yard FTX Users receiving "Scheduled Claim Information" email on the update - possibly being able to withdraw their coins. I'm posting this from first hand experience of receiving the email. A bit of hope!

I'm one of the unfortunate users who had their account locked out, and this is the latest email I have received from FTX @ noticing.ra.kroll dot com. I have left out my small amount of settlement, and other details.
The text are as follows;

On March 14 and 15, 2023, the FTX Trading Ltd. and certain of its affiliated debtors and debtors-in-possession (collectively, the “Debtors”) filed their schedules of assets and liabilities and statements of financial affairs (the “Schedules and Statements”).
Pursuant to the Final Order (I) Authorizing the Debtors to Maintain a Consolidated List of Creditors in Lieu of Submitting a Separate Matrix for Each Debtor, (II) Authorizing the Debtors to Redact or Withhold Certain Confidential Information of Customers and Personal Information of Individuals on a Final Basis and (III) Granting Certain Related Relief [D.I. 545], customer names and addresses in the Schedules and Statements are redacted.
With respect to Schedules E/F – which identify creditors of the Debtors with non-priority unsecured claims (including customers with a net positive account balance as of November 11, 2022) – in an effort to redact customer names and addresses, the Debtors have identified each customer with a net positive account balance as of November 11, 2022 by a unique customer code (a “Unique Customer Code”). Your Unique Customer Code and an excerpt of your scheduled claim(s) are at the bottom of this email.
To view all of the Debtors’ Schedules and Statements, as well as the Global Notes, please visit [Kroll's website] and navigate to the “Schedules & SOFA” page under “Quick Links.” Standalone excerpts of the customer data can be found under “Customer Schedules.”
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2023.03.30 04:03 atkinson1224 30 Team AA-Themed Contract Dynasty League (2 Orphans Available)

Welcome to the Moneyball Dynasty. The concept was founded in 2022 with our MLB league. We expanded to AA and AAA this offseason. The league comprises 30 teams based on real life AA franchises.

AA team names, league names, and structure are the only things being used. We still play with MLB players, it's not a prospect only league!

Buy-in: Flexible, dependent on franchise salary. Luxury tax threshold with life-like penalties. Luxury tax line also keeps league parity in check, as it makes it very difficult for a bottom feeder team to remain irrelevant for long, since top contending teams need to pay a hefty fee to remain where they are with their salary spent.

Payouts: Set percentages of the league pot (dependent on pot size going into the season). Percentages are shown in the CBA.

Rosters: 20 min, 26 max. 40 man roster as well as 7, 10, 15, and 60 day IL. We use starting pitching rotations and bullpen games throughout the week. Daily matchups.

No minors roster limits.

Other league settings of note: 138 game regular season schedule, AA playoff concept, 3 overall champions (each league crowns one), H2H Points, Unrestricted Free Agency, FYPD w/ signing bonus pool allotments. ISBP Spending allotments.

Last year our MLB prize pool was $2104.46. 7 teams received payouts. Three teams went above the luxury tax line; however; Oakland won the league with a payroll of about $100m. It's totally up to you on how you build your team!

If you want to check out the MLB league to get a feel of what to expect:

AA Rules:

Available Franchises:
Rocket City Trash Pandas $36.49 2023 fee
San Antonio Missions $9.82 2023 fee

To sign up, please go here:

The idea is to one day have MLB, AAA, AA, High A, and Low A under this concept. MLB being the most expensive price point to join, Low A the lowest. Each league operates independent of each other (but there is a sheet to email other owners if you wish to work as an "organization" for advice or trade ideas).
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2023.03.30 03:45 videotubes007 مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة تحميل ومشاهدة مجانية بجودة عالية يعد مسلسل الهرشة السابعة من بين المسلسلات الدرامية الأكثر إثارة في عام 2023، ويتمتع بشعبية كبيرة بين عشاق المسلسلات في الوطن العربي. وهناك العديد من المتابعين الذين يبحثون عن طرق لمشاهدة الحلقة الثامنة من المسلسل بجودة عالية، مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023 وبدون تحميل أو إعلانات مزعجة.

قصة مسلسل الهرشة السابعة:

تدور أحداث مسلسل الهرشة السابعة حول المشاكل التي تواجهها زوجان بعد سبع سنوات من الزواج،مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023 حيث يتم تقديم القصة بشكل مشوق ومثير حول أحد المرضى النفسيين. ويعتبر هذا المسلسل فرصة لمشاهدة بطولة نخبة من أشهر الممثلين العرب، بما في ذلك أمينة خليل، ومحمد شاهين، وعلي قاسم، وأسماء جلال، وعايدة رياض، ومحمد محمود مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023.

تحميل ومشاهدة مجانية لمسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8:

مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة
إذا كنت من متابعي مسلسل الهرشة السابعة، فأنت بالتأكيد تبحث عن طريقة لمشاهدة الحلقة الثامنة بأفضل جودة، وبدون أية إعلانات مزعجة أو تقطيع. ومن الجدير بالذكر أنه يمكنك مشاهدة وتحميل الحلقة 8 بجودة عالية ونسخة أصلية HD،مسلسل الهرشة السابعة الحلقة 8 الثامنة مسلسلات رمضان 2023 وذلك بشكل مجاني وبدون تنزيل على مواقع الفيديو الشهيرة مثل يوتيوب و Dailymotion. كما يتيح لك هذا الخيار مشاهدة المسلسل بدون أية إعلانات مزعجة أو تقطيع حصري على موقع فيديو تيوبس.
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2023.03.30 03:40 idk-what-to-put-1 google does not work in this environment. undefined

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2023.03.30 03:13 videotubes007 مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة شاهد الحلقة كاملة بدون إعلانات يتحدث مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 عن الحياة الاجتماعية في الأحياء الشعبية خلال شهر رمضان الكريم،مسلسلات رمضان 2023 ويقدم العديد من المواقف الكوميدية التي تجعل المشاهدين يندهشون ويضحكون في آن واحد.مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 في هذا المسلسل الرائع، يتم إبراز عادات الأسر المصرية الشعبية ويعرض كيف يتعاملون مع بعضهم البعض في المجتمع.

قصة مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة

يحكي مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 قصة الحارة الشعبية في مصر وكيف تتعامل الأسرة الواحدة مع الأخرى، حيث يتم تقديم مواقف كوميدية ممتعة تجعل المشاهدين يضحكون ويشعرون بالسعادة. يتناول المسلسل أيضًا القيم الاجتماعية والأخلاقية التي تتبعها الأسر في المجتمع مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023.

ابطال مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة
يحكي مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 قصة الحارة الشعبية في مصر وكيف تتعامل الأسرة الواحدة مع الأخرى،مسلسل رمضان كريم 2 الحلقة 9 التاسعة حيث يتم تقديم مواقف كوميدية ممتعة تجعل المشاهدين يضحكون ويشعرون بالسعادة. يتناول المسلسل أيضًا القيم الاجتماعية والأخلاقية التي تتبعها الأسر في المجتمع مسلسلات رمضان 2023.

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2023.03.30 03:05 dashlane [Feature Update] Turn off Autofill for all logins, all forms, or specific types of vault items

[Feature Update] Turn off Autofill for all logins, all forms, or specific types of vault items
Hey Dashlaners! We're happy to announce a long-requested feature is officially out, the ability to turn autofill off/on everywhere for all logins and forms!
Extension version 6.2313 has begun progressively rolling out for Chrome and Edge, but anyone can uninstall and reinstall the extension to force the update. At the time of this post, Firefox is still pending, but we'll update the thread when it's ready.
To access the new settings:
  1. In the extension pop-up, select Autofill in the top menu and then Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences section, you can turn off Autofill for all logins and forms or specific data types on all the websites you visit.
As always, we at Dashlane appreciate comments and feedback on this feature. Thank you as well for all the requests we've received.
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2023.03.30 02:59 videotubes007 مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023

تتميز الدراما المصرية بأعمالها المتميزة، مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة ويعتبر مسلسل سره الباتع واحدًا من أهم الأعمال الدرامية الجديدة التي تم عرضها في رمضان 2023. تدور أحداث المسلسل حول شاب يبحث عن سر مقام “السلطان حامد” في إحدى قرى الريف المصري، مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023 ويتعرض للعديد من المغامرات خلال رحلته.

قصة مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة

تبدأ القصة عندما يبحث الشاب عن سر مقام السلطان حامد، ويواجه الكثير من الصعوبات والمخاطر في سبيل الوصول إلى هذا السر. يتعرض لمشاكل مع بعض الأشخاص المحليين، ويتعرف على عدد من الأشخاص الجدد، الذين يساعدونه في رحلته.مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة وتتطور الأحداث لتشمل مشاكل أكبر، ويتواجه الشاب مع السادسة العديد من المخاطر والتحديات التي تهدد حياته وأصدقائه.

أبطال مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة

يضم المسلسل فريق عمل مميز، مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة حيث يقوم أحمد فهمي بدور البطل الذي يبحث عن سر مقام السلطان حامد، ويعمل مع أحمد صلاح السعدني وريم مصطفى وحسين فهمي وأحمد عبدالعزيز وحنان مطاوع وهالة صدقي وألحان المهدي وأحمد وفيق ومنة فضالي وخالد أنور ونجلاء بدر، الذين يقدمون أدوارًا متميزة ومشوقة مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة.

صور بوستر مسلسل سره الباتع

مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة
يضم مسلسل سره الباتع مجموعة من الصور الجميلة والمثيرة التي تعبر عن أجواء المسلسل، حيث يمكنك الاطلاع على مسلسل سره الباتع الحلقة 9 التاسعة مسلسلات رمضان 2023.

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2023.03.30 02:53 jams5795 No data getting saved on Chrome - corrupt profile maybe?

So none of the email addresses, usernames, first name, last name, or any frequently input data is being remembered by Chrome like Microsoft Edge does. I'm having to manually type every letter on every login-based website like a neanderthal. Why is this?
Searched it up and found that it could be case of corrupt profile, how can I be sure and how to fix this?
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