Height of the rockies provincial park


2019.08.02 04:25 TheOnlySpach TheGreatDivide

The Great Divide Trail (GDT) is a wilderness hiking trail in the Canadian Rockies. The GDT closely follows the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia, crossing the divide no fewer than 30 times. It begins in Waterton Lakes National Park at the Canada-US border (where it connects with the Continental Divide Trail) and ends 1,130 kilometres to the north in Kakwa Provincial Park.

2021.05.01 11:45 BhutilaKarpoche

The unofficial subreddit for Parkdale—High Park NDP MPP Bhutila Karpoche. The purpose of this sub is to be a gathering place for supporters of Bhutila Karpoche, and to host content, discussions, and events directly related to her role as provincial representative of Parkdale—High Park.

2012.12.29 05:22 mrihearvoices r/Whitefish - Montana's Outdoor Recreation Playground

The original unofficial subreddit for Whitefish, MT: Montana's outdoor recreation playground. Gateway to the peaks, lakes and glacier-carved valleys of the Northern Rockies and Glacier National Park.

2023.03.30 07:56 Your-Pal230 When you try to trust ChatGPT

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2023.03.30 07:53 -en- @AP: The county that encompasses Manhattan added more than 17,000 residents in the year ending last July after losing almost 111,000 during the height of urban population decline stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/NBZCzSfKsh

@AP: The county that encompasses Manhattan added more than 17,000 residents in the year ending last July after losing almost 111,000 during the height of urban population decline stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/NBZCzSfKsh submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:52 v9n1 I'm not that short but my race fucks me over along with my height

So I'm 5'7, like 171 cm. I was born in the US and in college atm. I'm South Asian.
You guys probably already know all the bad things men of my race are stereotyped as.
But my god man, it hurts seeing that shit so much. It's not just my height that wrecks me. I'm not even ugly by the way. I've been called handsome by girls, I've been told I'm too handsome for an Indian guy. Crazy right?
I don't think I'm that handsome but I have a good jawline and good features in general. Yet I still have no success. I have a decent physique too, nothing crazy but decent muscle mass, I've been going to the gym for a year now. It feels like girls find me attractive, but when they notice my height and race, they lose all interest.
I'm so done with the gaslighting man. I've never reached out to anyone because I know what they will say. You have a shitty personality, you're just not confident in yourself. Fuck this shit bro.
I genuinely hate the bad men of my race fucking things over for us. Before people on this sub invalidate me for my feelings just remember how everyone invalidates us for our feelings about height.
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2023.03.30 07:51 zigguy77 I think I have something worst than insomnia

I'm 20M For the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to fall asleep easily where I once could fall asleep in 2 minutes. I have mever felt the feeling of being tired and I do not take any medication of any kind. My usual sleep schedule is around 6 to 7 hours but nowadays it's 4 to 5. I literally cannot fall asleep without tossing and turning for hours on end. I take melatonin on rare cases where I need the sleep for the night but it doesn't work. I have had insomnia last February for a couple of weeks but my schedule fixed itself after just forcing myself to fall asleep earlier. I try to do as much activities to tire me out but after a full day of hiking than trampoline park last week I stayed up for 43 hours without any signs of fatigue. The times I take melatonin I take 10mg and I does nothing to me. I once took 20 and it pretty much didn't work. Any advice on what to do? I do not drink or smoke or have any addictions at all. I am perfectly healthy. I sometimes get migrains but I do not think they are related as I have them having them for a while before this. What should I do?
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2023.03.30 07:51 Folisonnd Spring time

Spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier! The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and the air feels fresh and invigorating. It's time to ditch the heavy winter coats and embrace the lighter, brighter colors of spring fashion. Here's to picnics in the park and enjoying the outdoors 🌷🌱🌞
#HelloSpring #NewBeginnings
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2023.03.30 07:50 BigBlueMountainStar Visiting a town you used to know very well after a long break, only to find they’ve changed all the road layouts and you end up sitting in traffic while doing a 2 mile detour.

The city in question is Bristol and the road change is in front of the hippodrome, there’s no longer a right turn in to Baldwin street after coming down Park street. Wish I’d know sooner.
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2023.03.30 07:50 iam3ak I would like to know the size of the bottom cloth used for parking. Motogp ?

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2023.03.30 07:49 DickDraper1926 32 [M4F] Co-Worker cum Co-Dinner

Hola peeps, just arrived today in QC and staying here for a period of time.
Taking the chances to meet like-minded individuals. I know it's a great way to stay motivated and focused, while also providing an opportunity to network.
Can you suggest a space with easy parking and good food around?
Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or just someone looking for a change of scenery, feel free to share a bit about yourself and your work. What kind of projects are you currently working on? What are your goals and aspirations?

Starting up a local company
Background in Bus Devt
Tall, medium complexion, fine-looking
Reserved but articulate
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2023.03.30 07:46 J0E_Blow Do many of the restaurants in the Denver area have their own parking?

I'm thinking about trying to work as a waiter in Denver but don't want to vie for parking or pay extra for a gated lot.
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2023.03.30 07:46 zigguy77 I think I gave something worst than insomnia

I'm 20M For the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to fall asleep easily where I once could fall asleep in 2 minutes. I have mever felt the feeling of being tired and I do not take any medication of any kind. My usual sleep schedule is around 6 to 7 hours but nowadays it's 4 to 5. I literally cannot fall asleep without tossing and turning for hours on end. I take melatonin on rare cases where I need the sleep for the night but it doesn't work. I have had insomnia last February for a couple of weeks but my schedule fixed itself after just forcing myself to fall asleep earlier. I try to do as much activities to tire me out but after a full day of hiking than trampoline park last week I stayed up for 43 hours without any signs of fatigue. The times I take melatonin I take 10mg and I does nothing to me. I once took 20 and it pretty much didn't work. Any advice on what to do? I do not drink or smoke or have any addictions at all. I am perfectly healthy. I sometimes get migrains but I do not think they are related as I have them having them for a while before this. What should I do?
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2023.03.30 07:46 SmurfSniffer2 Hampden Heights

Have any of you lived at that any of these apartment complex's?
Hampden Heights Ivy Crossing Forest Cove
I'm curious to hear what your experience has been like and whether or not you'd recommend any of these complexes. I stopped by each for a tour and they all seemed decent, and the Google reviews aren't terrible, but I'm interested in yalls experience.
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2023.03.30 07:46 floweryfriend Rob, the happiest Universal employee

If you ever go to the park and see an employee in a red shirt and a kind of cowboy hat with a booming voice saying things like “Hey everybody! Have a good day! Now we’re talking! HAVE FUN!,” go say hello to him.
His name is Rob. I believe he’s the park’s longest serving employee. He started at the age of 17 in 1973 (making 2023 his 50th anniversary year). Keep in mind that the first rides weren’t built in the park until 1991… so Rob predates ET, Back to the Future, and even Jaws on the Studio Tour. (I don’t even know what was around when he started… the studio tour and Backdraft? Would love to know if anyone remembers the park from back then.)
He seems like the happiest guy in the world. And I’m sure it would make him even happier if people were as excited to see him as he always seems to see all the guests.
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2023.03.30 07:45 que_he_hecho Don't want to tell me what that parking ticket is for? OK. I'll get that ticket thrown out in court... along with jeopardizing any ticket the city wrote on that same form.

TLDR; Way too long way of saying I got a parking ticket. Wasn't satisfied with an answer to a basic question about the violation. Fought it in court and won, with the judge ruling that every ticket the city had written on that form was suspect.
The ticket
This was mid to late 90s in a northern Midwest, mid-sized city. Parking near my apartment near a university was only on-street parking. Bad in the best of times, it got miserable in winter with alternate side parking eliminating half the parking on major streets such as where my apartment was.
Failing to find any parking, some nights I would risk it. Sometimes I got a ticket. Sometimes not. But at least I typically knew why I got the ticket, until one morning.
I was cited for violation number 27. I had no idea what that was all about. It wasn't an alternate side violation. Not an expired meter issue. Not a loading zone thing. I just didn't know what it was.
What did I do wrong?
I went by the office to pay the ticket and I asked the clerk, "BTW, what is violation number 27? I don't know and don't want to get ticketed for whatever it is again."
Her reply set me off, "We don't have to tell you."
Uh, excuse me!? I took my check* out of her hand and picked up my ticket. *(It was the 90s. I told you it was a long time ago! We used to write out little slips of paper called checks that the recipient could take it to the bank and deposit. Half you kids reading Reddit have probably never written a check. I'm old. Sue me. Now get off my lawn!)
I asked her who could tell me. She shrugged, "Maybe the prosecutor's office?" she replied. I left, ticket unpaid.
I stopped by the prosecutor's office, ticket in hand, to ask. I apologized to the receptionist for such a ridiculous waste of time. I just wanted to know. And she rolled her eyes at me. I got nowhere there.
Digging in my heels, doing legal research
For a poor recent college grad I certainly wasn't going to waste my money with a lawyer but was hard headed enough to want to know what violation number 27 was before I paid it. I resolved to go to the public library* and pull out the law books with the city ordinances and state statutes. *(Library, a physical building with actual printed books where people used to have to go to look up information before everything was online. I'm old. I told you. And stay off my lawn!)
I settled in , flipped through pages, cross referenced ordinances and statutes, and found something interesting. Possibly it was very interesting. I checked the court date on the ticket and made up my mind. I would damn well fight City Hall.
Court time
I showed up in court. Some paperwork was handed out to those of us who were present. Just before it was to be my turn the prosecutor graciously offered to let me pay the ticket plus court costs to make this go away. Uh, it is a damn parking ticket. I'm already here. Why bother?
After waiting my turn I stepped before the judge. The judge said a few things. The prosecutor said a few things. And then it was my turn. "Your honor, I move to dismiss the ticket based upon a Due Process violation on the 14th Amendment." I think that prosecutor might have gotten whiplash, her neck snapped so fast.
I told my story. I just want to know what violation number 27 is. I looked. It's not in the law books. Not in the city ordinances. I am being charged with something without being told what it is.
And the judge smiled a bit, turned to the prosecutor, and said, "I've been waiting for someone to bring this up." The prosecutor's jaw dropped.
"Your honor", I went on, "state statute requires certain elements to be on any citation for it to be valid. Among those things is a citation to statute or ordinance. And there are a couple other issues with the ticket. It does not conform to the statutory requirements for a citation. "
The judge turned to me and asked if I had the ticket. "Yes ma'am, I do". And she asked if I had the paperwork that was handed out when I arrived in court. I did. And then the good judge took a few moments to walk us through that paperwork to show that neither the parking ticket nor the paperwork contained the requisite statutory elements for a citation or summons.
Then the judge advised she would take the matter under advisement.
The verdict
A few weeks later I got a big manila envelope in the mail with the judge's order. In clearly written legalese she went step-by-step through my argument, the requirements in statute and ordinance, and the utter failure of the city to write* a single valid parking ticket on their standard form in many years. *(Years ago parking enforcement officers actually took a pen and physically wrote in ink on a three-part pre-printed parking ticket form. Barbaric, I know. They didn't have hand-held computers to print them out. This was just a few years after we figured out that banging two rocks can make a spark to start a fire. I told you I'm old. And what did I tell you about staying off my lawn?)
She detailed that the city, to allow their parking enforcement officers to write tickets faster, used their own list of violation numbers (Expired meter is #1, No Parking zone is #2...) that did not correspond to any section numbers of the statute or ordinance. If you didn't have the list you just might not know.
And the judge threw out my parking ticket as a Due Process violation of the 14th Amendment.
Oh, and that violation number 27 was parking too close to a handicapped ramp. I didn't see it under the snow. My bad. Didn't matter. I had moved out of town by then.
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2023.03.30 07:44 Bubbly-Loquat-3504 Come see Ride the Cyclone at Roxy's Downtown!

Come see Ride the Cyclone at Roxy's Downtown!
My name is Dex, and I am currently playing Jane Doe in a Regional Premiere of Ride the Cyclone at Roxy's Downtown in Wichita! I know it can be an absolute pain to see some of your favorite niche shows, especially in the Midwest. Sometimes you might not even know they are going on!
We are performing from April 6-29th. Here is a link to the theatre's website where tickets can be bought! https://www.roxysdowntown.com/ You can also call at (316) 265 4400.
Your support would mean the world to us. If you are interested in coming on opening weekend in particular, when you call mention Dex! It gives me a little extra support as well. :)
Here's a synopsis for those who want to know more!: In a dilapidated warehouse at an abandoned amusement park, an aging mechanical fortune-teller called The Amazing Karnak comes to life, and brings with him a ghostly choir of five deceased high-schoolers - all members of the Saint Cassian Chamber Choir, who were tragically killed on the park’s Cyclone roller coaster. Now, Karnak has the power to return one of these youths to life - but they must all decide among themselves who is the most worthy of a second chance to “ride the cyclone” that is life.
Here's a preview of this creepy crawly doll character. :)
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2023.03.30 07:44 zagerguitarsofficial Zager Guitars

Explore the world of music with beautiful and accessible guitars crafted by Denny! At this online shop, you'll find a wide selection of Zager Guitars that combine quality materials, such as wood, to produce an unparalleled sound. These instruments are affordable and have a unique playability guarantee, thanks to their carefully-devised bracing system, which reduces string height and offers improved resonance and sustain. Unleash your inner musician today and browse the website for the perfect guitar!
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2023.03.30 07:43 Jacques_Ellul "In the coming five years, we will very likely see a transition in the focus of AI/ML from assistance to decision-making. …that point is approaching where the volume (and complexity) of final decision making will be so difficult that they must also decide what to do with it."

Reading through various white papers on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the like reveals the strange and terrifying totalitarian system that's rapidly evolving towards human imperceptibility.
The intelligence environment has been significantly changed over recent years by many factors, including tech-savvy threat actors, the rapid spread of online communications, increased societal unrest and changing geopolitical dynamics. Government and corporate sectors alike are facing an increasing volume and diversity of threats to their communities and businesses.
These threats, combined with masses of data from exploding numbers of online platforms, create a perfect storm of challenges for intelligence teams. As the threat landscape evolves, the technology used to uncover these threats must also evolve - that is where advanced open-source intelligence (OSINT) solutions play an increasingly critical role. Open-source intelligence, often referred to as a subset of digital intelligence, is the process of collecting, analyzing, and extracting meaningful insights from publicly available data sources, including social media, news feeds, blog sites, discussion forums, and more. Terrorist groups, human trafficking networks, politically motivated extremist groups, and other criminals and threat actors are radicalizing, advertising, recruiting, and planning across a constantly evolving range of websites and social media platforms across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web, often communicating in ways that make it difficult for intelligence and law enforcement organizations to monitor their activities and understand the nature of these threats at any given moment.
The sheer volume and complexity of data presents significant challenges - monitoring online platforms and uncovering critical insights is beyond human scale and any attempt to simplify masses of data looking for anything interesting will inevitably lead to false positives and (worse still) operator burnout. This is driving a need for the advanced, AI-enabled insights into masses of online data that open-source intelligence technology delivers.
OSINT is emerging as an invaluable primary intelligence source across law enforcement, intelligence, defense, security vetting, and corporate agencies worldwide. To showcase best practices for applying OSINT to some of the world’s biggest challenges, this section explores several key use cases: — violent extremist threat monitoring, — security vetting/insider threat, — assistance to law enforcement and — corporate supply chain protection
…meme culture is where AI-enabled risk analytics prove to be invaluable in interpreting threats that appear in the form of images, videos, written text, or digital network connections. For example, Fivecast OSINT solutions have been proven to save analyst teams hours and days of manual data manipulation with ongoing, repeatable, and automated collection and assessment of these diverse data mediums, presented in a way that makes assessment efficient. The customizable risk detection framework rapidly surfaces content of interest, including user-defined keywords, phrases, and quotes in posts, while automatically assessing images and videos for objects, memes, concepts, logos, and text (extracted through optical character recognition) of interest.
…as specialist OSINT companies move into this space, with tailored products to keep pace with the vetting, revalidation, and now continuous vetting requirements of governments and corporates, the interest in online data for vetting and insider threat use cases is steadily growing.
Continuous vetting is the ongoing, “light-touch” monitoring of security clearance holders, a considered move away from the flawed paradigm of assessing a security clearance at intervals of five and ten years. Although still in its conceptual phase in Australia, the United States is moving ahead at pace.
In October 2021, William Lietzau, the Director of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, said approximately 4 million defense personnel, including military, civilians and contractors, are subject to their continuous vetting program, which is part of the agency’s Trusted Workforce 2.0 initiative and security clearance process.
…If Alshamrani’s (a person accused of terrorism) account had been continuously monitored, it is likely his online activity would have alerted defense vetting agencies well before the attack took place.
OSINT is well established as a source of intelligence in law enforcement, both within Australian and partner agencies overseas. In part, this early formalization of OSINT as a primary intelligence source was necessary due to the “Going Dark” phenomenon. Going Dark was a term first coined in 2015 by then Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey to describe the effect of major telecommunications providers – device manufacturers and app developers alike – enabling end-toend encryption by default across their product ranges. The effect was to freeze out (almost totally) telecommunications intercept, the ‘wiretap’ capability, and digital forensics, the capability to ‘crack’ devices in use by criminals.
Without this baseload data collection, law enforcement rapidly pivoted to alternatives, implementing strong collection and assessment of publicly available online data to provide that broad awareness of the criminal milieu so critical to effective investigations …: OSINT directly assists surveillance by building out a target’s pattern of life prior to a team deploying in the field offering critical insights such as networks of likely social interactions, frequented locations, propensity for violence, or access to weapons. The same can be said in support of human source recruitment and management, where OSINT can be used to passively observe any changes in the interactions, motivations, and activities of an individual that may be of concern to their case officehandler.
…The ANOM app: instead of providing secure communication, it was actually a trojan horse covertly distributed by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), enabling them to monitor all communications.
Fivecast was tasked to seek out supply chain risk for a global corporate in vehicle manufacturing.
By examining the company’s various subsidiaries’ official presence across three key social media platforms, analysts were able to quickly establish that protest activity was occurring against one of their manufacturing plants in Germany. Although, at the surface level, this protest activity appeared to be organized by a local trade union, Fivecast was able to establish a deeper underlying motivation by exploring the online activity of the key news agency promoting this protest activity – Rote Fahne News, the news arm of the Marxist-Leninist party of Germany. From a broad brief to discover supply chain risk across a broad portfolio, OSINT was able to establish the threat, its location, and its underlying motivation
Previously the domain of well-managed telecommunications intercept, which has all but “gone dark”, enterprise-level OSINT systems are the obvious replacement to fill that data collection gap. OSINT will become the backbone for data collection on which investigations are built. Rapidly scalable, automated, high reliability, cloud-hosted OSINT systems able to reach online data anywhere (from anywhere) will capture the digital patterns of life of an individual out to 1000s of persons of interest at once.
Machine Learning is a current application of AI-based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves. A simple way that Fivecast defines AI/ML in OSINT is any capability informed by a model that is “trained”. In this regard, there are a range of capabilities available in advanced OSINT tools now:
— Image detection and classification (including facial recognition) – searches of complete and partial images against mass datasets to return high accuracy matches. — Automated person of interest resolution – taking basic biodata of an entity/entities, finding new data and resolving it to those entities with high accuracy. — Logo detection – recognizing simple and complex (e.g. on clothing) logos in images. — Sentiment and emotion – detection and assessment of sentiment (positive/negative) and key emotions (anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness) in text. — Text similarity – understanding the content and context of passages of text and finding similar meanings in other text (e.g. identifying threats of violence).
These capabilities are all loosely clustered around sifting and sorting functions – how to make the data haystack as manageable as possible for analysts and investigators. In the coming five years, we will very likely see a transition in the focus of the AI/ML from assistance to decision-making. The size of the data haystack is already well beyond human scale, regardless of your intelligence mission. Perhaps discomforting for some, but that point is approaching where the volume (and complexity) of final decision making will be too much - OSINT tools become so good at finding what the intelligence user demands that the tool must also make increasingly complex decisions on what to do with that data output.
Game-Changing, Actionable Intelligence with AI-Driven Computer Vision
Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Using digital images from cameras and videos and deep learning models, machines can accurately identify and classify objects — and then react to what they “see.”
Data-driven organizations across all industries are unlocking actionable intelligence from real-time video data coupled with other edge sensor data like audio and biometrics, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance edge computing. Adding stored historical data enables a powerful method of using deep learning techniques on videos and digital images known as computer vision, and it’s not only transforming organizations, but more importantly, it’s changing how they build or deliver a product or service. According to IDC, forward-looking organizations that maximize their data to generate insights are two times more profitable and see eight times more growth than their peers.
Computer vision capabilities are fast becoming a significant contributor to that end. Analysts at Omdia expect the global computer vision software market to reach $33.5 billion by 2025 (growing at 42.1 percent year over year). Connecting computer vision to the edge directly impacts what customers do to drive revenue in their organizations. Whether it’s gaining a greater knowledge of customer behavior within a retail space, predicting failures in oil and gas pipelines, controlling autonomous vehicles in a smart city, or managing traveler flow in an airport, private and public organizations of all sizes are capitalizing on the petabytes of audio-visual data captured daily
Historical data can be used as a training archive to develop increasingly accurate models for compelling insights.
government agencies need real-time monitoring at public events or for agriculture, construction, or mining organizations requiring immediate response to system failures in the field
An agile edge-to-core computer vision platform and framework allow cognitive insights to be generated close to the data sources and saved for later use The addition of new systems designed to enhance protection can actually add security gaps and holes if they are not well integrated.
…an environment susceptible to ‘monitoring fatigue’.
Monitoring behaviors - from vehicles to people
Information technology and telecom, energy, banking and finance, transportation and border security, water, and emergency services. These critical infrastructures share a common threat of vandalism, theft and attack coupled with concerns for regulatory compliance and the liability associated with trespassing. By adding advanced perimeter security solutions, these sites can detect intruders before they breach the perimeter.
Radar detection solutions that warn of fast-approaching vehicles coupled with license plate recognition solutions can provide both advanced warning of an imminent threat and the analytics to quickly react to and mitigate potentially dangerous situations. AI-powered heat mapping and behavior analysis tools can also amplify a security team’s ability to proactively assess threats through crowd-gather alerts, wrong-way travel, and other data-driven information.
Milestone revolutionized the industry by leading the transformation from analog to IP cameras. The transformation set the stage for modern video surveillance technology. In 2014, Canon acquired Milestone…By 2019, our net revenue reached just over 143 million USD…by 2022, 215 million USD. …Today, we are present in 25 countries and with partners and customers in nearly every corner of the world.
Data-driven video technology increases the value of video streams—traditionally utilized for safety and security purposes—by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with video technology. For example, by adding Artificial Intelligence to the mix, we are getting things like Adaptive Video Analytics, which allow users to calibrate the AI model deployed at various sites. In practice, this means that the industry will continue to move towards embedding self-learning, self-calibrating video analytic technology into cameras and other devices, allowing them to self-adjust to changing scene conditions. All that data will be captured by the Video Management Software (VMS). In the future, this data will improve the accuracy of Video Analytics and make the value of the video streams captured, organized, and archived by the VMS incredibly important. Data-driven video technology will truly “make the world see.”
Threats, unlike any previously imagined have become real and commonplace
Preventing access to physical machines and networking using biometric credentials is in keeping with a broader industry trend to phase out easily compromised techniques such as passwords and pins.
Security no longer involves simply physical access; it now must embrace digital access and the authorization to execute transactions and services using personal devices. Examples include leveraging biometrics built into mobile devices such as mobile phones and electronic wearables to provide real-time requests for authorization to complete transactions, access systems, or to move data. Electronic objects and networks which may be connected and accessed using personal electronics include:
-The onboard computer system in vehicles, such as automobiles and scooters
-Medical devices, both external and inside the body
-Financial accounts, payment systems, and healthcare systems
-Entertainment platforms, such as video games and television
-Exercise equipment
-Luggage tracking
-Home appliances and HVAC Systems
-Access control door readers with Bluetooth technology
In the world of digital security these are all considered “connected objects.” Biometric solutions play a mission critical role in the new world of “connected objects” to provide verification and trust (certainty) of an individual’s identity for frictionless, secure physical and digital access. Biometrics provides assurance that only an authorized individual can access their “connected objects.”
Security trends to watch for in 2023
2023 will see significant adoption of AI-based analytics in cameras and video management systems (VMS) as more manufacturers provide this feature within their standard camera lines. There are simply too many camera streams for humans to monitor effectively, so AI-based analytics will be a catalyst that enables security departments to do more with less.
Video surveillance for education must integrate easily with other security applications to extend the power of the system.
...ditching manual methods once and for all.
Successful businesses are preparing their operations for the future and want a video surveillance system that is AI capable and has the flexibility to run advanced analytics. Dynamic shifts over the past few years in the way the world does business forced companies to use technology in new ways. Video surveillance systems, once only used for security, are now a tool to help optimize business operations. Businesses want an AI-ready video surveillance system that will generate useful insights from gathered data.
Over 50% of businesses are using AI in some way, with more than 25% reporting widespread AI adoption within their company, according to a 2022 AI business survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The survey shows that businesses that are not already using AI know that new, modern technologies will automate their systems and processes in the future and are budgeting for the infrastructure now.
Video surveillance systems capable of running AI help businesses scale their ability to analyze and act on data. Advanced uses include systems that can automatically detect and send real-time alerts of security threats and gather data to provide useful information like peak foot traffic or customer wait times.
In 2022 inflation broke a 40-year high. There are few indications that consumers or businesses can expect inflation relief in the cost of goods and services in the near future. Security companies must find ways to increase revenue to compensate for the higher prices in materials, overhead increases, wage inflation, and the possible attrition of customers who need to “tighten the belt.”
According to the National Apartment Association (NAA), demand for apartments is at an all-time high. The demand is driven by a number of young adults aged 18 to 24 who are delaying home ownership and an aging population sometimes choosing to live in apartments.
Parks Associates research finds that 80% of property managers plan to implement smart home devices within the next 12 months, demonstrating a strong demand for automation and operational efficiency in the MDU space (living in an apartment with a roommate, basically).
Whether for a video doorbell or freestanding camera, manufacturers are improving pixel quality, night vision, thermal vision, camera view, camera durability, battery life, and A.I. detecting capabilities.
adoption of vehicle monitoring services is on the rise
almost 50% of apartment or townhome residents report having a package theft, while over 60% of condominium residents report having a package stolen.
Overall, Swiftlane estimates $6 billion worth of packages were stolen in 2020.
Frictionless Technology Keeps Gaining Momentum
Before the pandemic, the market was moving toward frictionless options, but COVID accelerated the need for touch-free technology. Today, the frictionless user experience is here to stay, the company says, because it delivers highly secure access using biometric identifiers that are unique to each individual, have greater ease of use, and can reduce the spread of germs.
The three primary technologies used to create a frictionless experience are iris scans, facial recognition and facial authentication. Iris scans have proven to help boost security, but adoption has lagged, given the disruption it creates for movement into secure areas. Facial recognition, primarily used in mass surveillance, has shown promise, but privacy concerns have slowed adoption.
And, with the introduction of facial authentication in everyday consumer products such as the iPhone, it is becoming the go-to technology to create a frictionless environment
When facial authentication is coupled with intelligent systems, not only can someone receive real-time security alerts when unauthorized access to restricted entrances occurs, but they also get actionable data to modify user behavior.
The security industry is innovating rapidly to provide new solutions that drive revenue and customer loyalty. Product features that are cutting edge today will be expected features in base model products. Dealers need to keep abreast of the latest innovations to source products that customers will start to demand
The impact on security dealers looks to be a net positive, as the major players in the home security space are currently seeing record highs in revenue despite slowed growth and times of economic uncertainty.
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2023.03.30 07:42 Cristinky420 My 4 month old has delayed reaction time when responding to me and I almost want to say selective hearing. Any tips to have her more responsive?

I brought Millie home about a month ago. She was rescued by angels at a shelter and has adjusted really well to her home and life here with me and her older brother Rocky (GSD mix, 7/M/neutered). She had a tough start to life and was beaten up somehow at about 6 weeks... Poor girl. She's doing great though and is not showing any signs of trauma... except maybe this?
Rocky is all ears. My dog who recently passed, Olive, was always tuned in. If I call their name they turned their head, they move their eyes, say a word... They're always listening to what mum is saying to them.
Now my new pup Millie... she's different. No head tilts. If I call her she'll sit and like think about it for a minute. She's like spaced out. If she's laying down and I say her name she barely looks at me and never lifts her head. She's responding fine to corrections, praise and commands but she's like not tuned into me.
I haven't had a puppy around for years so maybe I'm just not used to how much time it take before the grasp that human is always worth listening to or maybe it's some brain damage from her injuries?
Any tips on how to get her to register quicker?
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2023.03.30 07:40 RinSakami Something I came up with after remembering a fic I liked

There is a notebook deep in the back of my closet that I have kept hidden for 5 years now. A notebook I only take out to write in at night. When the darkness feels like warmth and safety. It's filled with Names. Names of my sisters, brothers, and siblings. Some older, some younger than me. A-a lot, who are younger than me now. Names of all those lost over the years. Of those who couldn't bear the pain anymore or were forced to leave this world. I wrote them all down.
I started it after I met another quirkless person for the first time. After I hold her hand while she died. I was ten. I left the apartment one evening. I don't remember why. But, on my way, I saw a girl only a year or two older than me walking toward the park. Her red shoes with white laces were clear in the street lamps. She saw mine. And I followed her to the lake.
Her name was Suzuki Mei. Mei told me about her life. How she sat at that lake with her mother when she was little. How her father always brought her a flower when he got home from work. How angry her parents became when she wasn't what they wanted her to be. She told me what her life became after that fateful day. The fear, pain, shame, and the seemingly endless pit of hopelessness. Mei had wanted to be the owner of her own little flower shop. She told me that she never will because you need to have proof of a higher education and that is something near impossible for the Quirkless. No school would accept her. Mei told me about the flower language and how flowers and herbs were used in history, as medicine, and as poison.
Aconitum, also known as monkshood, wolf's-bane, or devil's helmet. One of the most poisonous plants there are. Depending on how much you digest death can follow within the hour or nearly instantaneous. Mei took three whole bites of the root. I took her hand as we hold our breaths. And I didn't let go as I watched her face twist in pain. I didn't let go as her body convulsed beside me. I didn't let go as she became still. I didn't let go as her body grew cold. I only let go as I saw the first sunlight over the horizon shine. I let go and went home and opened the first page of this notebook. I wrote down everything Mei told me. Her pain, her love, her ambitions that will never be. Even if she hadn't died that night.
After that, I read every paper, website, and forum in search of others like Mei. I would write down everything I could. Their names, ages, dates of birth and death, jobs, or schools.
Misaraki Ai. 11, a student, killed by 2 classmates in a 'Quirk accident'. Inugawa Tenshi, 34, jobless, overdosing on heroin. Tama Haruta, 5, killed by his own mother shortly after his quirkless diagnosis. Miyamoto Kaeru, 14, was abused by his parents for years but only committed suicide after being forced to see them kill his dog.
I made a vow that night, to myself, and every other quirkless person. I would never kill myself. No. I promised to be the one who would bring change to this society. I-I promised Mei I would open a flower shop in her name one day. I promised Hayate to build the shield he mailed me the blueprints to before he said goodbye. I promised Chiyo that I would take in her dog when she finally lost her fight. I promised, that one day, I wouldn't have to make any more such promises.
But in the meantime, I would be the one to remember them. I always try to find people who knew them. Either online or, whenever I could, even take a ride and talk to whoever they left behind. I would be the one to tell their story. However short or painful it may hat been.
Because they Lived, they were Here and they laughed, cried, feared, and loved. They had dreams, ambitions, hobbies, and passions. And they deserve to be remembered. Even if the whole world wanted to erase their very existence.
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2023.03.30 07:40 knopeleslie21 I (23F) left guy’s (30M) apartment for being on the phone with his boss for too long. Reasonable/unreasonable for not giving him another chance?

So this was my third date with this guy. The first date I didn’t really know how to feel about him but I knew I wanted to get to know him more. By the second date, which was the other night, he showed me a wonderful gentleman side to him and I felt we had a genuine connection. Long story but I was swooning over him. We went back and forth and texted how we wanted to see each other again. We went on our third date tonight and something felt off with him. He was being pretty quiet, thought he acknowledged me when I spoke. So I decided to ask him if everything was okay. He said he had a stressful day. I told him about how I’ve been going to this Buddhist temple and how going there has brought me so much peace and solace. He asked me questions to which I answered and then I asked him if he’d like to come with me. He said he’d actually really like to. I know he had a lot on his mind so I wasn’t going to hold anything against him. We were on our way out. I had parked in his parking garage and as we were approaching his apartment he invited me in. I was happy. I knew he wasn’t going to try anything because I had crashed at his place the last time from being a little too wine drunk (two glasses of wine and a free shot given by the bartender on an empty stomach no bueno) and he was respectful. He’s a traditional guy. But this time as soon as we walked into his apartment he got a call from his boss. He asked if he could answer. Regardless of the case he should answer but it’s midnight so it must be even more important, so I tell him of course it’s no problem. They don’t even talk about work. He’s on the phone shit talking for the next 10 minutes while I’m sitting on the couch. I find that disrespectful and decide I’m giving him a few more minutes or I’m walking out. Few minutes go by and I’m over it. He’s laughing on the phone and ignoring my existence, so I get up and politely motion that I’m going to leave. His demeanor quickly changes and he tells his boss he’s going to call him back. He asks if I’m leaving to which I say yes no problem, I know you’re on the phone with your boss no worries I’ll see you another day. To which he’s like really?? But I approach the door and open it for myself so at that point he’s like …okay I’ll see you. Right after I leave I start getting texts asking if I can come back so we can talk through this and that he feels like an idiot. Here’s the convo:
Him: I can’t convince you to stay? I apologize for being on the phone for so long
Me: I just feel like you probably don’t like me enough if you’re on the phone talking shit with your boss while I’m there sitting on the couch
I’m doing us both a favor by saving us time
Him: I’m sorry
I really am give me another chance
I agree
Please come back
I get tunnel vision. I am sorry I do really like you Like I said I’m new to this and I really like you.
I’m really sorry I’m an idiot. I hope you do give me a chance.
Me: Just had an experience like that before and know what that means. I know you might not believe it, you probably do think you like me but trust me you don’t. Again saving us both time no hard feelings
Him: I do like you. I actually want something with you and genuinely do. I can’t read people’s minds this is all I’m used to and do.
What do I have to do to make you believe me?
Can you please come back so I can explain to you? Open book
I’ll do anything. I knew that from the moment I saw you to be honest.
Me: I’m sorry it’s just a boundary I have I have to stick to my feelings and what feels right and doesn’t, esp when I made the mistake of ignoring things and I ended up spending 5 years with someone who didn’t value me as much as I conned myself into believing. I know there’s no comparison I’m just putting things into context for you
I’m trying to be smart this time around
Him: Based off of one night? At least give me a chance to fix things
Me: You seem like a great guy though I just don’t know if you’re ready for what you’re looking for, at least not with me
Him: You are valued and I’m sorry for making you feel that way. Maybe I am no good for you. Have a good night and I hope you get home safely.
Me: No you could very well be a good guy who made a simple mistake. I’m just not in a space where I can give the benefit of the doubt, still a lot of trauma to sort through clearly lol. Thank you
Him: I wish you the best love. Have a good one
Me: you too :)
TLDR; after date, guy starts shit talking with his boss while I sat on his couch. felt disrespected so I left. don’t know if I’m being reasonable or unreasonable for leaving in this case
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2023.03.30 07:39 ff_sleepy LT Madden secondary chems

LT Madden secondary chems
Not sure if this has been pointed out already but looks like 99 LT Madden got upgraded to get all OL secondary position chems. Huge W for all the new TT linemen
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2023.03.30 07:39 meowchel22 advice?

f(27) moved to NZ from India to live with my husband M(28) in December 2022. My husband rented an apartment before I reached NZ. The day we moved in, our upstairs neighbor started yelling and calling names for parking the car close to the clothing line. We got into the house and had no clue about anything . We called him up and he said figure it out yourself. The next week I was alone cooking and he was banging on my door. I opened the door and this guy started calling me names for cooking. We called the landlord and he asked us to call cops. I let it go. The week after that My husband was cooking and this guy came in banging on the door. My husband opened the door and the other guy started yelling. My husband asked him to go back but he wouldn't stop. So my husband yelled back that he'll call the cops and shut the door. We reported the incident. Cops came the next day and we explained everything. They told me we need to talk to the landlord. Landlord then visited us for the first time. He wasn't very convincing. he was blaming us. He then mailed us saying both tenants should keep away from each other and if something happens again either one of us will be evicted. I called up the landlord and asked him if we can move out since it has been a nightmare for us. But he said he can't let us out of the contract. The shouting stopped for a while. But everytime the upstairs guy hear us talk, he started stomping on our ceiling. Especially when we go to bed. On one particular night we were watching a movie on the laptop. The next morning we had cops come in to ask if we're okay and if we had an argument. I told them we were only watching a movie. And it was in a regional language we spoke at home. So probably someone thought we were arguing. I explained the whole situation to the cops and they felt it's a racist issue. They asked me to mail the landlord about everything that happens. I mailed the Landlord saying all that happened and how this guy keeps stomping on the ceiling. When we called the Landlord he told me he has better things to do than talk to me. Landlord visited the next day. however his explanation was "your people are quite loud" "try speaking English at home" "don't take shower at 10 pm" etc. I was shocked to hear this. I felt like he's held us prisoners as he said he won't let us out. Yesterday at 6.30 pm, we turned on the blender and the guy stared stomping so loudly and shouting as*****s. We took the video and immediately sent a mail to the Landlord. We sent it before 7.30 pm. We also let him know to reply by mail because our landlord has a way of putting the blame back on us. And the Landlord called my husband back at 9.30pm asking why he sent a mail late at night instead of calling him up. My husband answered that last time we were told that he's got better things to do so we didn't want to disturb him. Hence, the mail. He got quite angry and told my husband "don't you talk to me like that".
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2023.03.30 07:38 ActualLab4517 Does anybody know about the Osprey Flyby

Does anybody know about the Osprey Flyby
I’ve seen Osprey helicopters going around one in the afternoon and other at night. Does anybody knows anything about?
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