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Clayton, NC :: Reddit

2017.03.29 15:19 Clayton, NC :: Reddit

Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, and considered a satellite town of Raleigh

2017.09.26 20:51 Garner, NC :: Reddit

Garner is a town in Wake County, North Carolina, United States and a suburb of Raleigh

2023.03.31 20:42 dr5c House Bill 376 and You

If you're not already up to date with NC politics, modifying how officials are locally elected is a big push for the Republican party. Moore v Harper is up before the supreme court and the conservatives are already champing at the bit figuring out ways to dilute your vote. One proposed measure is House Bill 376, a bill that would overrule the idea the one person should have one vote in representation by the NC Senate and instead have each Senator represent 2 of NC's 100 counties.
How fucked could this look? Well, imagine an incomplete district map where we just have 8 of these districts defined as such:
Statistically speaking, half of you reading are in one of these Districts because half of NC's population is in one of these 16 counties. Imagine your Senate being split where 8 votes represents half of NC and 42 votes, a giant supermajority, represent the other half. I do not know who needs to hear this but land does not vote - people do. This type of fuckery is going to be more and more common if Moore v Harper goes through and we need to be vigilant. Call your reps and make sure you work to make sure NC stays democratic.
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2023.03.31 17:11 Thingstodo919 Things to do in Raleigh this Weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.03.30 23:05 SenorScoop [Live Setlist Thread] Thursday, 3/30/23 - 8:30pm ET - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

Poster: Max Wesoloski
Official Stream: goosestreams.com
Unofficial Stream:
Tickets: Cash or Trade
Scheduled Start Time: 8:30pm CT (Post title is INCORRECT. 8:30 Central, local Nashville time)
Set 1 ( 8:57 - 10:13 )

Atlas Dogs (6) > Atlas¹ (13)

Butterflies 🦋 (7)

Indian River (7) > Ryman Jam (10)

Everything Must Go 🔥 (11)

Rockdale (19)

Set 2 ( 10:47 - 12:00 )

Wysteria Lane (27) > The Way It Is² (9)

Creatures (13) > Pancakes (17)

White Lights (5)

Show Notes: ¹ The Wood Brothers ² Bruce Hornsby No encore was performed, they played right up to curfew.
[ ] Flapping them jacks
[ ] Tickling the ivories
[ ] Bouncing
[ ] Keyboard Warrior
[ ] CLAV
[ ] 2-Guitar Goose
[ ] Time-traveling to the 80s
[ ] Backstage bananas
[ ] Rocking
[ ] Arpeggiating
[ ] Floating
[ ] Hip swangin'
[ ] "Are you freaking kidding me right now?"
[ ] Straight Bird'n
[ ] Channeling evil Goose
[ ] Flipping switches
[ ] Razzle dazzle shoulders
[ ] Entering inter-dimensional travel
[❤️] Loving you guys
[ ] Summoning deep space aliens with a mating call
[ ] Crowd Participating
[ ] Wondering whose first Goose show it is
Venue Info: Click Here
Weather: 70°F, Mostly Sunny
Check-In: At the show! via Detroit Hometown Throwdown (Trev Side) via Raleigh, NC via Boston via Wilkes-Barre The Balcony via Knoxville, TN via Toronto 🇨🇦 Section 1, Pete Side Balcony via Leoma, TN Section 4 Section 8 Middle Back Floor
Couch Tourin' Oshkosh, WI Columbus, OH Knoxville, TN Work 👎 Phoenix, AZ ATL Burbz Los Gatos, CA Augusta, GA EPTX My Body Is Ready, NH Marina, CA Frederick, MD Williamsburg, VA LA Redwood City, CA Denver, CO Seneca, SC Bel Air, MD Tulsa, OK North Central MA N'awlins, LA And also New Orleans, LA Rochester, NY Chester, PA Long Island, NY NYC Dayton, OH Rochester, NY San Antonio, TX HTX Surprise surprise: Rochester, NY Charlevoix, MI Bay Area, CA ATL Fennario Madison, WI Milwaukee, WI St. Paul, MN Lancaster, PA Grand Prairie, TX Phoenix, AZ Indianapolis, IN Elizabethton, TN Chattanooga, TN Stamford, CT Chicago, IL Buffalo, NY Washington, DC Landaff, NH Can you believe? Rochester, NY Weathersfield, VT Rochester, NY 🌊 Milwaukee, WI Denver, CO Albertville, AL Bethesda, MD Lodi, NJ Knoxville, TN Atlanta, GA Minneapolis, MN Denver, CO Henderson, KY Albuquerque, NM Jonesboro, AR Cleveland, OH Memphis, TN Fairfield, CT Washington, DC ATL San Diego, CA New Orleans, LA Boston, MA SyraGoose, NY Philadelphia, PA SSI, GA New Brunswick, NJ Chicago, IL Asheville, NC Somerville MA Hackensack, NJ Raleigh, NC Delaware Seattle, WA Baltimore, MD Norwich, CT Palestine 🇵🇸 Alameda, CA Midlothian, VA Raleigh, NC Cranford, NJ Ft. Myers, FL Stevens Point, WI Richmond, VA Rochester, NY, damn Trenton, NJ Castle Rock, CO Dallas, TX Albany, NY Dallas, TX Mont Vernon, NH Atoka, OK Albany, NY Rochester, NY, because of course Kona, HI Conneaut Lake, PA Seattle, WA Westchester, NY Green Bay, WI Athens, OH Albany, NY KCMO Fredericksburg, TX Buffalo, NY Boonton, NJ
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2023.03.27 21:31 Captain_meat1984 My Sasquatch Encounter

My Sasquatch Encounter
I'll mention this first... I've never posted to reddit before. Never really had an interest. Now and then I'll check out some d&d threads for maps or something but that's about it. It's been a few years since has happened and I'll be honest out the gate, sharing it scares the hell out of me. Terrified of ridicule, of being insulted and the like. But I really like this podcast, the people involved in it are great and I'm hoping that their community will be less... vile than I'm afraid of people being elsewhere.
You don't have to believe me, and in fact a good number of you wont. That's fine! It's good to be skeptical! There's a lot of things out there that can be explained, and people just don't take the time to do so! But try as I might I can't explain this. What follows is an account of the most terrifying night of my entire life.
A few years back I was taking a family vacation out to a cabin at the top of a mountain somewhere around Cherokee, NC. There were six of us; My mother, sister, my sisters husband, my niece and nephew and myself. First off... the road up that mountain was a nightmare. It was narrow, like only one car up or down at a time, and if I looked out the window I could see the tires were mere inches away from the cliff, of which there was no guardrail, nor any lights other than our headlights. It had multiple cabins at various points up the mountain so if at any point anyone came back the opposite way, someone was going to be going in reverse up or down this thing. I say again, terrifying.
We were there a few nights in a row and the majority of the time was pretty peaceful and it had one hell of a beautiful view. Out in the middle of nowhere, and our view was such that once we were out on the balcony we could see nothing but trees for miles. I'll include a photo below so you have a general idea. The house was actually pretty dang big, bigger than I expected. There was a huge balcony overlooking the cliff, with the wall facing it being comprised entirely of windows so you could always have the best view. There was a small bit of ground under the balcony that you couldn't really see, but could get too if you walked entirely around the house, though we never did.
This encounter started on the final night we were there. It started normal enough, and I had actually gone to bed with everything being very quiet and peaceful. Then I woke up suddenly to my sister, whom I'll call Maggie, freaking out and yelling "What the &*%$ was that?!" Just repeating the same thing over and over again. I ran downstairs to see what was wrong, and saw Maggie with wide, terrified eyes, my mother had her hand tight on her shoulder.
I asked what was wrong, and was told that Maggie heard something outside, so opened the door and saw something huge standing 10' away from her. Again, there wasn't any lights out there so she couldn't see anything more than a silhouette. Mom said she heard her freaking out as she opened the door and yanked her back inside before slamming the door. After a few minutes the pair told me not to worry about it, it had to have just been a bear. They both seemed to accept this as fact and went to bed, and I soon followed.
I'm not sure how much later, a few hours maybe I woke up to what sounded to a small rock banging against my window. "...That's weird." I thought, and tried to go back to bed. But then another rock hit the side of the house, I could hear it rolling down the siding. Now... at first I thought, well we're on a mountain. But here's the thing I remembered soon after... the side of the house my room was on, and this was literally right on the other side of my bed, was facing away from the mountain it was facing the cliff we had driven up. Well I'm wide awake now, and get out of bed to look out the window. It was pitch black out there, but I could just see what looked like two figures moving around right by our SUV.
I had my phone, and it could act as a flashlight but I didn't dare use it. I already had a thought in my head of what it could be, though I didn't want to believe it. What was my main motivation here was that my nephew and niece whom were 3, and 6 respectfully were downstairs below me, with a window facing out where those figures were. Despite my curiosity I didn't dare turn on any light, I couldn't risk them.
I got up and decided that "Nope this wasn't happening, I'm seeing shit." I got up and walked around, wanted to clear my head. I stood out over the balcony of the second floor, leaning against the railing and looking out the glass window wall that looked out over the balcony and the wilderness... to then see the biggest figure on two legs I've ever seen in my life stroll past the outside window, from one side of the balcony to the other. Again, it was dark, though there was enough light in the living room downstairs that I could just make out it's silhouette. It looked humanoid, and had huge thick arms. It had a huge gait when it walked and it's arms swung heavily with every step.
Eyes wide I just stared in dumbfounded shock as it stopped at the end of the glass and stared into the house.That's when I realized something. Maybe 15' from that window wall was a big comfy couch that my mother had claimed, and was currently sleeping on. Where this thing was looking. Shit. At least the kids had a blind and curtains covering their window so nothing could look in or out. That wasn't here whatsoever.
As silently, and as low as I dared I started down the stairs. Most of the way down, there was a small landing where the stairs turned and continued down. This landing had a window that had the curtains open. I stopped at this landing a moment to figure out how I was going to do this when something told me to look to my left. I swear to God this was my very first thought when I looked out. "Holy shit, Bigfoot looks like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons." To this day I will swear by those words... there were differences of course, but the similarity still blows my mind.
That's not what I said out loud though. My first actual reaction was to say out loud "You're right, I'm sorry for staring at you. I'm going to go away now." Then went right back upstairs to stare at the top of the balcony at my mother. For a few minutes I stayed there before I gathered up my courage and went down as fast as I could to wake her up. It took some doing but I woke her up and told her there was something huge walking by the house, and looking inside at her. She had to get the fuck out of there, to come upstairs with me. I got her to come up, and we shared the bed the rest of the night... though I for one didn't sleep a wink as I kept a silent watch.
Nothing else happened that night, though the following day when I told everyone (except the little ones) what happened no one believed me. Even Maggie who straight up saw the thing outside didn't really know what to say... I guess i can't blame them. It's a lot to take in, and... yeah pretty unbelievable I'll admit.
As I was explaining this encounter to my brother in law, my niece told us she was going to go outside to look out on the balcony. We could see her just on the other side of the glass so off she went. I will never forget the look of absolute terror that crossed her face as she stood there, clutching both of her arms to her chest. She went back inside on the verge of tears. "Something below the balcony growled at me!"
Swallowing my own terror I smiled at her. "Probably just a raccoon, or something sweetheart." She accepted this. She did not go back outside on her own.
The final thing I had to share about all of this was that before we left to go home I had to bring the trash to the bottom of the driveway to the edge of that narrow cliff so it could be picked up... whomever dared to come up that road up and down to get the trash had far more balls than I would ever have.
At the edge of the road I saw footprints. They looked like they came from the edge of the cliff, and they walked up the road to the cabin. I took pictures, though I didn't have the clarity of mind to put a comparison to it's foot to my own, I was freaking out too much. By shear chance I did get the edge of my foot in one of the pics though so you can use that for comparison.
That's my story, and it's a night I'll never forget as long as I live. That face just 2 feet away from mine, separated only by glass, glaring at me, brow furrowed... it haunts my damn nightmares.
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2023.03.27 02:27 nomorelandfills It takes a village to support a child-killer's pit bull rescue hobby - the continuing rescue/foster career of Joseph Warner White and Amanda "Mandi" White (Jayden Henderson killing in 2021) - Furever Bully Love Rescue and other rescuers

It takes a village to support a child-killer's pit bull rescue hobby - the continuing rescue/foster career of Joseph Warner White and Amanda

Jayden Henderson, 7
First the incomplete list of groups involved with supplying the Whites with pit bulls.
Charley's K-9 Rescue (NC) - sold 2 rescue pit bulls to the Whites Mutts & Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue - trapped Chloe as a stray in Texas Collin County Animal Services ( McKinney, TX) - housed Chloe and released her to Furever Bully Love Rescue Furever Bully Love Rescue - pulled Chloe from the shelter, sent her to trainer and ultimately to foster Mandi White, fostered other pit bulls with her. Paws Transport - drove Chloe from Texas to Florida for Furever Bully Love Rescue Natural Instinct Dog Training (FL) - trained Chloe for Furever Bully Love Rescue No Paw Left Behind rescue (Ohio) Against All Oddz rescue and sanctuary (NY)
Is it unreasonable to hold everyone who touched one of these dogs responsible for one rescue's decisions where to place these dogs? No. Every one of these actors knows the recklessness and carelessness raging through the rescue industry, knows the high risk that any other 'rescue partner' is making bad decisions. The trapping company alone might be said to be genuinely innocent - they trapped two very large, muscular loose pit bulls and transported them to the local shelter, exactly what should have happened. The problem is what happened after that.
Two pit bulls maul a child to death in a pleasant suburban yard
In April 2021, 7yo Jayden Henderson was helping her mom dogsit 2 rescue pit bulls belonging to their neighbors, Joseph and Amanda White. The dogs attacked and killed Jayden, and mauled her mother when she tried to save her. The Whites blamed the child and her mother for the killing, requested that the town allow them to keep the dogs and, when that failed, forced the issue to court. The judge ruled against them, and the 2 dogs, Blitz and Athena, were euthanized by the town. At every stage of the tragedy, the Whites expressed no regret over what their dogs had done, no remorse or guilt over their role in a child's brutal death, and repeatedly expressed anger and impatience at being denied ownership of their dangerous dogs. They continue to publicly express, via social media, the same anger and self-centered pain at being deprived of their pets.
For example Mandi on instagram in 2022
September 2022
Notice the sympathetic comment by mikeruizone - he's extremely active in pit bull rescue in the NY area.
and Joseph on instagram in 2022, posing with his 2 new pit bulls and reflecting on Father's Day.
After the fatal attack in 2021, the Whites relocated in hopes of being permitted to keep the dogs if they'd left the neighborhood; once the dogs were dead, they acquired 2 more rescue pit bulls, Luna and Harley. What sort of shelter or rescue would adopt out to these people?

Charley's K-9 Rescue in Butner, NC. 43 miles from Garner, NC.

The Whites used their larger, more rural property to begin fostering more pit bulls.

Despite having been responsible for the violent mauling death of a child with their own dogs, in a case which was widely covered by media outlets, multiple shelters and rescues in the same state are only too happy to welcome the Whites as donors and fosters. What sort of rescuers would do business with a couple who'd gotten a child mauled to death?

Well, Charley's K-9 Rescue in NC, of course.


And also Lenoir County SPCA
- 8 months after the killing of Jayden, this shelter in the same state, about 75 miles away, happily posts to FB their appreciation for Mandi, donor and pit bull foster.
and Furever Bully Love Rescue in Florida - multiple dogs, including Dutchess and Blue (January 2022) and

Joseph White with 2 foster pit bulls from FLBR in January, 2022 - less than 1 year after his own pet pit bulls mauled a child to death


Really? She didn't assess her own pit bulls as potentially deadly.



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2023.03.27 01:06 Nickname-CJ My 2023 Big Board 3.0(post March Madness)

The Final 4 is next week but most of the top prospects have finished their seasons. Overall this season we’ve seen this class somewhat drop off in terms of hype and production. But as per usual, we’ve seen some new faces rise up the boards.
Once again, these are just my thoughts and opinions. Gonna add a grade as well.
  1. Victor Wembanyama, F Metro92
Not much else to say. Likely the French league MVP and DPOY, 21/9/2 and 3blk on 47/30/83 splits. I have very high expectations for his rookie season.
Grade: 100
  1. Scoot Henderson, PG G-League Ignite
Seems that the media and talking heads are starting to turn on Scoot. He’s missed about half the season with a bunch of head injuries. But nonetheless, he is the goods. Nothing changed the fact that he’s elite and projects to be amazing going forward. But the gap between him and Vic has widened by quite a bit.
Grade: 96
  1. Brandon Miller, F Alabama
Miller has cemented himself in my top 3. His march performance hasn’t really deterred me much, considering he’s been playing through a groin injury. But over the season he’s improved on all his weaknesses, and during the SEC tournament shown a whole new dimension to his game with his passing. He has a legit nba skill with his shooting, and as he gets stronger should be more of a presence around the rim.
Grade: 94
  1. Amen Thompson, G OTE
I’ve talked myself back into the Thompson twin hype. I think there’s enough translatable skill that he can stick in the league whether the jumper really develops or not. But I trust the work ethic and character as well.
Grade: 93
  1. Ausar Thompson, G OTE
Him and Amen are essentially the same player to me. The differences are almost negligible. Amen has more hype around his name tho so he’ll get drafted earlier.
  1. Jarace Walker, F Houston
Walker stock is charting high right now. His versatility has been great all throughout the season. You can play him in a minimal role and he will excel, you can put the ball in his hands and he’ll be very effective as well. A lot to like. I could see him being a legit star caliber player in the right situation.
Grade: 92
  1. Nick Smith Jr, G Arkansas
Season went pretty poorly in almost every way. Got injured during training camp. Late debut and only got about 3 games to get in rhythm before going out with injury again. By the time he finally came back, it was the middle of SEC play and he was still battling a lingering knee problem. Regardless, he's shown enough for me to believe he still has all-star upside. His activity off the ball is really good, he moves into space well. His early games he controlled pace really well and always got to his spots with and without the ball. He's also active defensively which is great. I think the lack of production can really be put on his knee injury and his stock will rise during workouts.
Grade: 91
  1. Cam Whitmore, W/F Villanova
I think Cam has a pretty wide range of outcomes as a player. If a team believes he can be a star, they can put the ball in his hands and he might look similar to Jaylen Brown. If he plays with a really good PG, he can be a great cutter and spot up guy. He has good defensive potential on ball as well as a weakside shot-blocker.
Grade: 90
  1. Cason Wallace, G Kentucky
About as solid as it gets from a guard prospect. Elite defender with amazing instints. Plays within himself and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. He's shown that he's a good shooter, which was a big swing skill for him. If he can add more creativity to his handle and shot creation, we could see him as high as 4 in a redraft.
Grade: 89
  1. Anthony Black, G Arkansas
Black has been great for a really poorly constructed Arkansas team. He kept the team going when Brazile and Nick went down. Shown he's capable as a driver and finisher, and I still don't think I've seen him miss a read all season. Excellent passer and a good defender. Will slot nicely as the future PG of a team.
Grade. 89
  1. Taylor Hendricks, F UCF
The ideal mold for the modern PF. 6'9 with long arms, pretty athletic and a good lob threat and shooter. Also a great shot blocker at the college level. Could be a great starter for a long time.
Grade: 87
  1. Keyonte George, G Baylor
About as inconsistent of a player as I've seen this year, Keyonte still has a great chance to a starting level scoring guard. But him being 6'3 and just a decent level athlete with his playstyle isn't ideal. He's a tough shot taker without the full shooting ability to be a tough shot maker. He still does other things pretty well. I think he'll find minutes early as a rookie.
Grade: 88
  1. Gradey Dick, W Kansas
It'll very interesting to see Gradey in Summer League. At Kansas he's been more than a pure shooter, but that was his main role. He finishes with creativity, great of ball mover, and a decent athlete. Looks like he's shaken off the " White Boy Shooter" label.
Grade: 87
  1. Jordan Hawkins, G UCONN
His team is still making a fun for the National Title as we speak. Jordan Hawkins might be the best off-ball guard prospect I've ever seen. He's got the prettiest shooting stroke, it's very quick and he also gets a lot of lift for a one-motion shot. It's borderline unguardable. He sprints off of screens like there's no tomorrow. He's also very good at attacking closeouts to get to the midrange area. Right now his finishing is average at best, but he's a surprisingly good athlete. I think we might legitimately be looking at another Klay Thompson level shooter. 14 might be way too low for him in hindsight.
Grade: 86
  1. Brice Sensabaugh, W Ohio State
Brice has one of the best scoring bags in this draft, if not the best. Elite production and efficiency as a freshman. His game resembles a guy like DeRozen, but with a really good 3pt shot. I think his defense isn't as awful as people think. He probably guards 3's in the nba. He's very sturdy and if he puts in more effort he can be at least passable on that end. But his ability to get buckets is really impressive.
Grade: 85
  1. Dereck Lively II, C Duke
Box score doesn't look very good, but his end of season for a Duke team that had won I believe 10 games in a row was awesome. He anchored the defense so well as a rim protector and shot blocker. He also does a good job keeping up when he has to guard on the perimeter and recovering at the rim. His offensive game never got put on display this season, as he had a pretty lackluster PG group. But he's a great vertical lob threat, and his jumper looks pretty comfortable and he might be able to stretch it out consistently in the nba. The success of Walker Kessler bodes well for guys like Lively.
Grade: 85
  1. GG Jackson, F South Carolina
Youngest player in college basketball, he was operating this season off pure talent alone. Because of how bad the team around him was, he ended up having the freedom to do whatever he wanted. He showed a lot of really good shot creating skills, but poor shot selection. I wonder how much he'll get the ball in his hands as a rookie. He can be good without the ball as well, but we just didn't see a whole lot of that.
Grade: 85
  1. Max Lewis, W Pepperdine
Max is another guy who slots in as a pretty versatile scoring wing. He started the season off blazing hot, but cooled off as the season went on as expected. His defense was pretty bad, but he has the tools to be very good, so it's more an effort thing than ability. I think he can still be picked in the lottery, preferably to a team with a real identity.
Grade: 84
  1. Jalen Hood-Schafino, G Indiana
I have mixed feelings about JHS. In HS I thought he looked like a top 3 PG in the country. He has great passing vision and had good delivery as well. In college he's taken on more of a scoring role. He's an average finisher and an okay 3pt shooter, and makes a lot of his money in the midrange. But that's not the most ideal skillset for a lead guard. He's 6'6 so he's got great positional size and it would be fine to play him as a 2 guard.
Grade. 84
  1. Kobe Buffkin, G Michigan
Former McDonald's All American, he's had a pretty good sophomore campaign. Very productive player. He scores really well on and off ball. Looks pretty solid as a combo guard. One thing I like is that he rebounds pretty well. We could see him as high as 12 on draft night.
Grade: 84
  1. Jett Howard, W Michigan
I'm curious how he's gonna measure out at the combine. He doesn't look like the 6'8 he's listed as. His shot creating skill looks really nice and so does his jumper. He looks like what I imagined Cam Reddish was going to look like a duke. But he doesn't really guard or rebound. He does to a good job playmaking sometimes.
Grade: 84
  1. Rayan Rupert, W NZ Breakers
Pretty much looks like Ousmane Dieng with longer arms. Project wing who can guard and ocasionally make plays. Probably spends most of his time in the G-League.
Grade: 83
  1. Sidy Cisoko, G/W G-League Ignite
The French goin crazy this draft cycle lol. Seems pretty similar to Anthony Black IMO. Probably not as skilled as a passer but more athletic. Could end up going a lot higher or lower.
  1. Dariq Whitehead, G/W Duke
I actually think there's a real chance Dariq stays another year. He's among the youngest players in college, and had a very injury riddled season, so he didn't really get to show us much of anything. If he puts his name in the draft, I think he'll go back to school unless he gets a top 15 promise. I think he's much much better than what we saw at Duke, but I do wonder if at best he's a jack of all trades, master of none.
Grade: 87
  1. Julian Strawther, W Gonzaga
Strawther has been great for the Zags in his 3 years. He provides great floor spacing and a good off ball scorer. A contender who needs a floor spacer would like him a lot.
Grade: 82
  1. Kris Murray, F Iowa
He's just Keegan but slightly worse at everything. Not as much of a creator either. Still good quality forward who can play on any team.
Grade: 82
  1. Trayce Jackson-Davis, F/C Indiana
Bigger Brandon Clarke? TJD is also a pretty good passer. If he had a legit jumper dude probably flies all the way into the top 10. Also maybe similar to Robert Williams?
Grade: 82
  1. Terquavion Smith, G NC State
Dude is a flamethrower. Definition of a microwave scorer. He's super similar to Bones Hyland in terms of build, skillset, and playstyle. Maybe more athletic tho. Would be higher if he didn't shoot 37% from the field.
Grade: 82
  1. Leonard Miller, F G-League Ignite
Tall dude with real ball skills. Need I say more? He's been GLI's most consistent player. Might be worth a pick higher than a late first.
Grade: 82
  1. Noah Clowney, F/C Alabama
I'm not sure what to make of Clowney. There's a lot that looks good at the college level, but I'm not sure how he translates to the nba. The way he plays, he should add a good 20lbs to be effective. If he can be a better ball handler and finisher that totally changes his outlook.
Grade: 80
Other interesting prospects
Marcus Sasser- probably gets a guarunteed contract
Colby Jones- Good role player who does a lot of everything
Andre Jackson(!!)- Love this dude and I think he has great value as an EverythingExceptScore guy. Plus he has some wild throwdowns
James Nnaji- African Jalen Duren
Keyontae Johnson- Honestly could start as a rookie
Ryan Kalkbrenner- Big dude, block shot, move good, finish good
Kyle Filipowski- good rebounder and passer. Scores like he has no range of motion
Emoni Bates- It's Emoni Bates
Oso Ighodaro- Smaller and not as good TJD
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2023.03.26 17:59 rolliejoe Not Wanting to Waste a Realtor's Time and do you still use a Realtor for a custom build?

Hello, I'm hoping to get some feedback from Realtors here before trying to find one to work with myself, because I'm concerned I may be wasting their time by either asking them to help me find something that doesn't exist, or getting them involved in a type of home purchase that they don't need to be. Here is my general situation:
Live in a recently built ~$400k home, paid off/no mortgage, but for various reasons I'd like to move elsewhere but still stay in the same general area (central NC). In addition to the home value, I have ~$200k+ cash that could be used for the move.
The issue is that I don't want to move unless the new place meets a number of "must have" criteria, some of which seem to me (as a non-expert just browsing Zillow) extremely hard to find in NC, especially all together, and I'd feel bad about wasting both a realtor's time as well as my own if what I'm looking for simply doesn't exist in this state at all.
The "must haves" are 1) single family home (no townhomes, etc.), 2) 1750+ sq.ft. or more (price-dependent), 3) public watesewer (no wells or septic), and here's the show-stopper: 4) no HoA (none at all, not even one with very low quarterly fees).
My 2nd related question is: assuming what I'm looking for doesn't exist, I'd considered buying some land and having a home built instead. If I go this route, is using a realtor to buy the land and/or find/work with a home building company advisable? How does one go about finding a realtor for such specific requests - just search on realtor.com and start calling/emailing people until you find one?
Any other general tips or input relevant to the above would be appreciated, thanks!
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2023.03.26 03:26 RockeTim Accidentally bought the evangelical... pork rinds? What?!

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2023.03.25 22:44 ScheduleAbject4173 Roommates For Off-Campus Living

I (M 23) am looking for roommates for a house off-campus, I do currently live in a house off-campus, but my roommates are moving out. I'm open to renewing the lease here, but I'm also open to looking for other houses. If you want to rent a place off-campus, please let me know! (This house I'm currently renting) https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/4500-Hezekiah-Pl-Charlotte-NC-28215/6200647_zpid/
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2023.03.22 01:35 yazzy1235 Entry list for arca East opener at 5 Flags

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2023.03.22 01:33 yazzy1235 16 for Five flags

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2023.03.19 15:12 Vegetable_Shopping57 Well the house is pending sale, I can not imagine they could afford the down payment, mortgage payment, and maintenance. Content contract!? What are your thoughts my fellow snarks?

Well the house is pending sale, I can not imagine they could afford the down payment, mortgage payment, and maintenance. Content contract!? What are your thoughts my fellow snarks? submitted by Vegetable_Shopping57 to thebeverlyhallssnarks [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 18:22 LetsGoRedDevils Looking for general advice on moving to OBX or Coastal NC

Hi, I'm thinking of moving to OBX or somewhere on the coast of NC within the next year- maybe after the summer, and I am looking for general advice.
I have a wife and a baby and a 2 year old. We are both currently working for ourselves and working online making decent money. 300k in savings we could put towards a house.
My family has more than enough room for us to summer in New England. So my thinking is that I could buy a place with the goal to rent it out over the summers to bring in extra income.
I grew up in a new england beach town so I'm familiar with how dead things get in the off-season. I kind of prefer that to waiting in lines for things in the summer.
I'm confident I could get a loan if I decide on a place that costs more than I have now.
Looking on Zillow it seems there are some nice places I could afford outright already. And hopefully prices will continue to drop in the next year.
But I'm wondering when you consider renting a place out in the summer if it might make financial sense to buy a more expensive place as it could rent for more- and then I'd have a nicer place to live in during the off-season.
I'm not looking for a super busy place but I'd like to be in somewhat of a community- ie able to ride my bike to a store. I grew up super rural - a 30 minute bike ride to the next kids house, so I don't want quite that rural for my kids, but I want rural enough where you can know your neighbors and don't feel like you need to lock your car in your driveway.
I'm not sure what other info would be helpful. I'm just starting my search and figured maybe some kind folks on reddit would give me some things to think about.
edit: 300k in savings not $300 lol
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2023.03.17 02:00 aged_monkey Finally.

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2023.03.15 23:00 ChrisBDroid The Schwartz Mansion 160 Acres 6 million 16+br /ba

The Schwartz Mansion 160 Acres 6 million 16+br /ba
Took a drive today to go see the home and property! Amazing, on top of a mini mountain !
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2023.03.15 04:01 alwayswandering305 Base recs?

Putting this out to the largest amount of experience I know of.
Best base recommendations for a career counselor with 2 teens? Good high schools are a must.
We’ve done Ft Myer-Henderson Hall (DC), Bragg (NC), and Wainwright (AK). Loved all 3 for different reasons but Wainwright will not be a repeat - we loved Fairbanks but the base was the worse decision for me in my entire career.
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2023.03.13 17:46 DustinNielsen Whats the catch here? Home sold for 975K a year ago and is now listed for 700K

In the market for a home. This house is outside my price range, but I can't help but wonder why a house that sold for 975K a year ago had a huge price drop. Also looks like super nice house so the price drop doesn't seem warranted.
Also, what does it mean when it says "OFF THE MARKET" right in the listing, but then looks like it is for sale?
Just wanting to learn more about the market
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2023.03.12 15:11 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BAXTER PM Technician Hickory
Asheville Specialty Hospital Respiratory Therapist Critical Care Brevard
Asheville Specialty Hospital Respiratory Therapist Brevard
Asheville Pulmonary & CCU Respiratory Specialist Brevard
Asheville Pulmonary & CCU Respiratory Therapist Candler
Asheville Specialty Hospital Respiratory Therapist RRT Cherokee
Asheville Pulmonary & CCU Respiratory Specialist Hendersonville
Asheville Pulmonary & CCU Respiratory Therapist Waynesville
Asheville Specialty Hospital Respiratory Therapist RRT Waynesville
Asheville Specialty Hospital Respiratory Therapist Waynesville
Mission Hospital Registered Nurse (RN) - Hiring Now! Alexander
Mission Hospital CNA Training Program at Mission Health Asheville
Spectrum Market Development Specialist Asheville
Takeda Pharmaceutical Head of Cloud Transformation Camp Lejeune
Spectrum BI Analyst II Charlotte
KFC KFC Team Member / Shift Manager Henderson
Mission Hospital New Grad RN Hendersonville
Mission Hospital Patient Care Technician Cardiovascular Hendersonville
Mission Hospital New Grad RN Morganton
Mission Hospital New Grad RN Rutherfordton
Teijiin Launch Engineer - 1st Shift - Teijin Automotive - North Baltimore, Ohio - 22000058 Wilmington
Southern Veterinary Partners Lead Veterinarian Arden
Southern Veterinary Partners Veterinarian Belmont
Dell Senior Principal Software Engineer Bynum
Duke Health Experienced Registered Nurse Chapel Hill
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.12 00:49 Vegetable_Shopping57 The Beverly Halls Plot twist…full time content housekeepers

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2023.03.12 00:01 SDFriarsFan619 Fundraising. Not in a huge rush to let the Julio’s go but if the price is right.

Fundraising. Not in a huge rush to let the Julio’s go but if the price is right. submitted by SDFriarsFan619 to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 02:56 jinuwin Got my SGC grading order in. Finally got a 10 on a foilboard card.

Got my SGC grading order in. Finally got a 10 on a foilboard card.
I've never been able to get a 10 from SGC on a foilboard card. I finally got a 10.
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2023.03.10 18:31 pointbrink SSR Table

**Location** **2023 Locality %** **TBD Designation** **Proposed Supplemental % (SSR)**
**5,7,9,11** **12** **13** **14** **15**
**SAN JOSE-SAN FRANCISCO-OAKLAND, CA** 44.15% TBD1 69% 68% 66% 57% 48%
**NEW YORK-NEWARK, NY-NJ-CT-PA** 36.16% TBD2 68% 59% 55% 47% 39%
**LOS ANGELES-LONG BEACH, CA** 34.89% TBD2 68% 59% 55% 47% 39%
**HOUSTON-THE WOODLANDS, TX** 34.47% TBD2 68% 59% 55% 47% 39%
**WASHINGTON-BALTIMORE-ARLINGTON, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA** 32.49% TBD3 68% 57% 53% 45% 37%
**SAN DIEGO-CARLSBAD, CA** 32.00% TBD4 67% 55% 51% 43% 35%
**STATE OF ALASKA** 31.32% - - - - - -
**BOSTON-WORCESTER-PROVIDENCE, MA-RI-NH-ME** 31.05% TBD4 67% 55% 51% 43% 35%
**HARTFORD-WEST HARTFORD, CT-MA** 30.91% TBD4 67% 55% 51% 43% 35%
**CHICAGO-NAPERVILLE, IL-IN-WI** 29.79% TBD5 64% - - - -
**SEATTLE-TACOMA, WA** 29.57% - - - - - -
**DENVER-AURORA, CO** 29.05% TBD6 63% 51% 47% 40% 32%
**DETROIT-WARREN-ANN ARBOR, MI** 28.37% TBD7 61% 49% 46% 38% 31%
**SACRAMENTO-ROSEVILLE, CA-NV** 28.30% TBD7 61% 49% 46% 38% 31%
**PHILADELPHIA-READING-CAMDEN, PA-NJ-DE-MD** 27.84% TBD7 61% 49% 46% 38% 31%
**MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MN-WI** 26.39% TBD8 59% 47% 44% 36% 29%
**DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX-OK** 26.37% TBD8 59% 47% 44% 36% 29%
**MILWAUKEE-RACINE-WAUKESHA, WI** 21.74% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**CLEVELAND-AKRON-CANTON, OH** 21.69% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**PHOENIX-MESA-SCOTTSDALE, AZ** 21.44% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**RICHMOND, VA** 21.38% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**RALEIGH-DURHAM-CHAPEL HILL, NC** 21.37% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**BUFFALO-CHEEKTOWAGA, NY** 21.35% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**CINCINNATI-WILMINGTON-MAYSVILLE, OH-KY-IN** 21.35% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**COLUMBUS-MARION-ZANESVILLE, OH** 21.27% TBD10 54% 43% 39% 32% 25%
**STATE OF HAWAII** 21.17% TBD15 54% 43% 40% 32% 25%
**HUNTSVILLE-DECATUR-ALBERTVILLE, AL** 20.96% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**LAREDO, TX** 20.64% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**DAYTON-SPRINGFIELD-SIDNEY, OH** 20.59% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**PITTSBURGH-NEW CASTLE-WEIRTON, PA-OH-WV** 20.37% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**ALBANY-SCHENECTADY, NY-MA** 19.45% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**AUSTIN-ROUND ROCK, TX** 19.40% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**COLORADO SPRINGS, CO** 19.11% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**ST. LOUIS-ST. CHARLES-FARMINGTON, MO-IL** 19.10% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**LAS VEGAS-HENDERSON, NV-AZ** 18.76% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**CHARLOTTE-CONCORD, NC-SC** 18.63% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**HARRISBURG-LEBANON, PA** 18.59% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**TUCSON-NOGALES, AZ** 18.40% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**BURLINGTON-SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT** 18.31% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**DAVENPORT-MOLINE, IA-IL** 18.21% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**KANSAS CITY-OVERLAND PARK-KANSAS CITY, MO-KS** 18.18% TBD11 51% 40% 37% 29% 22%
**SAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS-PEARSALL, TX** 18.00% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**VIRGINIA BEACH-NORFOLK, VA-NC** 17.94% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**ALBUQUERQUE-SANTA FE-LAS VEGAS, NM** 17.63% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**INDIANAPOLIS-CARMEL-MUNCIE, IN** 17.57% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**OMAHA-COUNCIL BLUFFS-FREMONT, NE-IA** 17.52% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**BIRMINGHAM-HOOVER-TALLADEGA, AL** 17.41% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**PALM BAY-MELBOURNE-TITUSVILLE, FL** 17.30% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**DES MOINES-AMES-WEST DES MOINES, IA** 17.13% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**CORPUS CHRISTI-KINGSVILLE-ALICE, TX** 17.10% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
**REST OF UNITED STATES (Consisting of those portions of the United States and its territories and possessions as listed in 5 CFR 591.205 not located within another locality pay area.)** 16.50% TBD12 49% 39% 35% 28% 21%
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