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Whether you're a die hard fan or it's just your guilty pleasure, this is the unofficial subreddit for the TV show Dance Moms. Just remember, "Everyone's replaceable!"

2023.03.25 02:30 wtfwafflezor (Selling) 800 Titles King Richard (MA/HD) $2 Dune (MA/HD) $2

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Disney/Marvel titles are split codes. Only redeem what you pay for. Thank you.
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3
12 Years a Slave (2013) (MA/HD) $3.75
1917 (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.50
2 Guns (2013) (MA/HD) $4.50 (iTunes/HD) $3.25
21 Jump Street (2012) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3
22 Jump Street (2014) (MA/HD) $4.75 (MA/SD) $1.75
47 Ronin (2013) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $4 (MA/HD) $3.50
8 Mile (2002) (MA/4K) $3.25
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.50
A Clockwork Orange (1972) (MA/4K) $5
A Quiet Place Part II (2020) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
A Simple Favor (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
A Single Man (2009) (Vudu/HD) $5
A Wrinkle in Time (2018) (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $2
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) (MA/HD) $4.50
Action Point (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $1.50
Ad Astra (2019) (MA/HD) $5
Addams Family 2 (2021) (iTunes/4K) $5
Adrift (2018) (iTunes/HD) $2.50
After (2019) (MA/HD) $5.50
Alien Collection 1-6 (MA/HD) $20 1-4 (MA/SD) $9
All Eyez on Me (2017) (Vudu/HD) $2.50 (iTunes/HD) $1.75
All is Lost (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4
All the Way (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
Ambulance (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
American Assassin (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
American Made (2017) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.25
American Psycho (Uncut) (2000) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
American Reunion (Unrated) (2012) (MA/HD) $3 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
American Underdog (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Amsterdam (2022) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.75
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) (iTunes/HD) $2
Angel Has Fallen (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Angel Heart (1987) (Vudu/4K) $6.25
Angels & Demons (2009) (MA/HD) $5.75
Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75
Annie (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Antebellum (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Antlers (2021) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Ant-Man (2015) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) (MA/4K) $8.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (GP/HD) $3.25
Antz (1998) (MA/HD) $5.75
Apocalypse Now (3 Versions) (Vudu/4K) $6.75
Apollo 13 (1995) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Arkansas (2019) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Army of Darkness (1992) (MA/HD) $3.25
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Movie (Vudu/HD) $13.50
Arrival (2016) (Vudu/4K) $6.75 (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/4K) $4
Assassination Nation (2018) (MA/HD) $4.75
Assassin's Creed (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2
ATL (2006) (MA/HD) $5
Atomic Blonde (2017) (MA/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) $3 (MA/HD) $2.25
Avengers 1-4 (iTunes/4K) $20 (GP/HD) $7.75
Baby Driver (2017) (MA/HD) $4
Back to the Future 3-Movie (MA/4K) $13 (MA/HD) $7.50
Backdraft (1991) (MA/4K) $7
Bad Boys for Life (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
Bad Guys, The (2022) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $4.50
Bad Times at The El Royale (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.75
Bambi II (2006) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Band of Brothers (2001) (iTunes/HD) $7.25 (GP/HD) $3.75
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (2022) (MA/HD) $5
Batman Returns (1992) (MA/4K) $5
Batman Year One (2011) (MA/4K) $5
Batman, The (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Batman: The Complete Series (2004) (Vudu/HD) $13
Batman: The Long Halloween Deluxe Edition (2022) (MA/HD) $6.25
Battleship (2012) (MA/4K) $4.50 (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.25
Baywatch (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $2 (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Bean (1997) (MA/HD) $3.25
Beast (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Belfast (2021) (MA/HD) $5.75
Best in Show (2000) (MA/HD) $6
Beverly Hills Cop (1984) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.50
Big Lebowski (1998) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
Big Short (2015) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Birdman (2014) (MA/HD) $5
Black Adam (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Black Hawk Down (2001) (MA/4K) $7.75
Black Mass (2015) (MA/HD) $2.50
Black Panther (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Black Phone, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Black Swan (2010) (MA/HD) $4.50
Black Widow (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
Blacklight (2022) (MA/HD) $4.25
Blindspotting (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Blockers (2018) (MA/HD) $3
Bloodshot (2020) (MA/HD) $4
Blues Brothers + Unrated (1980) (MA/4K) $7
Bob's Burgers Movie (2022) (MA/HD) $3.50 (GP/HD) $2.25
Bodyguard, The (1992) (MA/HD) $5
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3.25
Bombshell (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Bond: Casino Royale (2006) (Vudu/HD) $6.50
Bond: Diamonds Are Forever (1971) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Man with the Golden Gun (1974) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Quantum of Solace (2008) (Vudu/4K) $7.50 (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Bond: Skyfall (2012) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $1
Bond: Spectre (2015) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Book of Henry (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Booksmart (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Born a Champion (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Boss Baby (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50
Boss Baby: Family Business (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Bourne Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) $18 (MA/HD) $14
Brahms: The Boy II (2020) (iTunes/4K) $2.75
Braveheart (1995) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Breakdown (1997) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.75
Breakfast Club (1985), Weird Science (2008), Sixteen Candles (1984) (MA/HD) $11.50
Breakthrough (2019) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75
Break-Up, The (2006) (MA/HD) $3.25
Brian Banks (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Bridesmaids (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.50
Brightburn (2019) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $6.75
Bring It On (2000) (MA/HD) $3.25
Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) (MA/HD) $3.75
Bros (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Brothers Grimm (2005) (Vudu/HD) $6
Bruno (2009) (MA/HD) $3.25
Bullet Train (2022) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.75
Bumblebee (2018) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/4K) $2
Butterfly Effect, The (2004) (MA/HD) $4
Call Me by Your Name (2017) (MA/HD) $6
Call of the Wild (2020) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $1.50 (GP/HD) $1.25
Candyman (2020) (MA/HD) $4.50
Captain America: Civil War (2016) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.50
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Captain Fantastic (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Captain Marvel (2019) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.75
Card Counter, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5
Cars 1-3 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $16.50 (GP/HD) $9
Casablanca (1943) (MA/4K) $6.50
Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) (Vudu/HD) $13
Cat in the Hat (2003) (MA/HD) $3.25
Cats (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Catwoman: Hunted (2021) (MA/HD) $3.50
Celebrating Mickey (2018) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Central Intelligence (2016) (MA/4K) $5
Chaos Walking (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Chappaquiddick (2007) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.50
Charlie St. Cloud (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Charlie's Angels (2000) (MA/4K) $7.75
Charlie's Angels (2019) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $5.50
Chasing Amy (1997) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Chicken Run (2000) (MA/HD) $5.25
Choice, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Christopher Robin (2018) (MA/HD) $5.25
Chronicles of Riddick (Unrated Director's Cut) (2004) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Cinderella (1950) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Cinderella 'Camila Cabello' (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Clerks (1994) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Clerks III (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Clifford the Big Red Dog (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Cloverfield (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.75
Coco (2017) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (GP/HD) $2.50
Cold Pursuit (2019) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
Coming to America (1988) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Commuter (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Conan The Barbarian (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5
Concussion (2015) (MA/HD) $2.75
Constantine: The House of Mystery (2022) (MA/HD) $3.25
Contractor (2022) (Vudu/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Courier, The (2020) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Criminal (2016) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Croods (2013) & A New Age (2020) (MA/HD) $7.25
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2001) (MA/4K) $7.75
Cruella (2021) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Da Vinci Code (2006) (MA/HD) $7
Daddy's Home 1-2 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Dallas Buyers Club (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3
Daniel Craig Collection 5-Movie (Vudu/4K) $20
Dark Knight (2008) (MA/HD) $5
Dark Waters (2019) (MA/HD) $5.75
Darkest Hour (2017) (MA/HD) $2.75
Day After Tomorrow (2004) (MA/HD) $6.75
DC League of Super-Pets (2022) (MA/HD) $4.75
Deadpool 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.25
Dear Evan Hansen (2021) (MA/HD) $4.25
Death on the Nile (2022) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Death Wish (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Dentist 1-2 Collection (1996-1998) (Vudu/HD) $6
Detective Knight Collection 1-3 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $14 $5.50 Each
Devil Wears Prada (2006) (MA/HD) $5.75
Dictator (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Die Hard 1-5 (MA/HD) $16 $4.75 Each
Dirty Dancing (1987) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4
Dirty Grandpa (2016) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Disaster Artist, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $6.25
Disneynature Born in China (2017) (MA/HD) $5.25
Django Unchained (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Do the Right Thing (1989) (MA/4K) $6
Doctor Strange (2016) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Dog (2022) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Dolittle (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.50
Don't Breathe (2016) (MA/HD) $5.50
Don't Breathe 2 (2021) (MA/4K) $8
Don't Tell a Soul (2021) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Don't Worry Darling (2022) (MA/HD) $5.25
Doorman (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Doors (1991) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4
Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (iTunes/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $5
Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), The Wolf Man (1941), The Invisible Man (1933), The Mummy (1932) (MA/HD) $18.50
Dracula 2000 (2000), II: Ascension (2003) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $11 $6 Each
Dracula Untold (2014) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $4
Dragonheart 5-Movie (MA/HD) $15
Dredd (2012) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.50
Drive (2011) (MA/HD) $4.25
Drugstore Cowboy (1989) (Vudu/HD) $5
Dumb and Dumber To (2014) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.25
Dune (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2
Dying of the Light (2014) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3
Early Man (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Easter Sunday (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Echo Boomers (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Eddie the Eagle (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/4K) $6
Edward Scissorhands (1990) (MA/HD) $3
Eighth Grade (2018) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Elvis (2022) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
Elysium (2013) (MA/HD) $3.25
Emperor's New Groove (2000) (GP/HD) $5.50
Empire of Light (2022) (GP/HD) $4
Encanto (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) (GP/4K) $3.50
Enough Said (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75
Equalizer (2014) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Equalizer 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $2.75
Equilibrium (2002) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Escape from L.A (1996) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Eternals (2021) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Everest (2015) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3 (iTunes/4K) $4
Evil Dead II (1987) (Vudu/4K) $4.25
Ex Machina (2015) (Vudu/4K) $6.50 (Vudu/HD) $4
Expendables 1-3 (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) (GP/HD) $4.25
F9: The Fast Saga + Director's Cut (2021) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3.50
Fabelmans (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3
Fantasia (1940) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Fantasia 2000 (2000) (MA/HD) $7 (GP/HD) $5
Fantastic Beasts Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $8.50
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $3
Fantastic Four (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.50
Fantasy Island (2020) (MA/HD) $7
Far and Away (1992) (MA/HD) $3.25
Farewell, The (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Fast & Furious Collection 1-8 (MA/4K) $27.50 1-9 (MA/HD) $10
Fatale (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Father Stu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.50
Fatherhood (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Fatman (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Field of Dreams (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $6
Fifth Element (1997) (MA/HD) $6.75
Fifty Shades of Grey 3-Movie + Unrated (MA/HD) $10
Finding Dory (2016) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (GP/HD) $1.25
Finding Nemo (2003) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3
Firestarter (1984) (MA/HD) $3.25
First Purge (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $4.50
Five Feet Apart (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Flatliners (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Flushed Away (2006) (MA/HD) $6.50
Forbidden Kingdom (2008) (Vudu/HD) $4
Ford v Ferrari (2019) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Forever My Girl (2018) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Forever Purge (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Forrest Gump (1994) (Vudu/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.50
Founder, The (2017) (Vudu/HD) $5
Fox and the Hound (1981) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Fox and the Hound 2, The (2006) (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $3
Foxcatcher (2014) (MA/HD) $4.50
Frankenstein (1931) (MA/4K) $6.50
Frankenstein (1931) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Free Guy (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
French Dispatch (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3.50
From Dusk till Dawn (1996) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Fruitvale Station (2014) (Vudu/HD) $4
Fury (2014) (MA/4K) $6.50
Galaxy Quest (1999) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Game Night (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Gamer (2009) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Gangs of New York (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Garfield (2004) (MA/HD) $6.50
Gemini Man (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Get Him to the Greek (Unrated) (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Ghost in the Shell (1995) (Animated) (Vudu/4K) $4
Ghostbusters II (1989) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ghosts: Season 1 (2021) (Vudu/HD) $7
Girl with All the Gifts, The (2016) (Vudu/HD) $5
Gladiator (2000) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Glass (2019) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Glory (1989) (MA/4K) $7.75
Godfather Trilogy (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $14
Godzilla (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) (MA/4K) $6
Gold (2016) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Gone Girl (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75
Good Boys (2019) (MA/HD) $3.25
Good Lie (2014) (MA/HD) $1.50
Good Will Hunting (1997) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Goosebumps 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $6.50
Gotti (2018) (Vudu/HD) $2
Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) (MA/HD) $4
Grease (1978), 2 (1982), Live! (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14
Green Book (2018) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Green Knight (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5
Green Lantern: Beware My Power (2022) (MA/HD) $3.75
Green Mile, The (1999) (MA/4K) $6
Greenberg (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Greta (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
Grey, The (2012) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.75
Grown Ups 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $1.75
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.25
Hacksaw Ridge (2016) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Half Brothers (2020) (MA/HD) $5.75
Halloween (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Halloween Ends (2022) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), Resurrection (2002) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $10.50
Halloween Kills (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $4.50
Happy Feet (2006) (MA/HD) $4
Happytime Murders (2018) (iTunes/4K) $1.75
Hard Candy (2005) (Vudu/HD) $5
Hardcore Henry (2016) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Hate U Give (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.75
Heavy Metal (1981) (MA/4K) $6.25
Hell Fest (2018) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Hellboy (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75
Hellboy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Hidden Figures (2016) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.75
Highlander (1986) (Vudu/4K) $5.50
Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hobbs & Shaw (2019) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Hocus Pocus (1993) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Holiday Inn (1942) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3
Home Alone 1-2 (MA/HD) $7.50
Hope Springs (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Hostiles (2017) (Vudu/4K) $4.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hotel Mumbai (2019) (MA/HD) $5.25
House of 1,000 Corpses (2003), Devil's Rejects (2005), 3 From Hell (2019) (Vudu/HD) $6
House of Gucci (2021) (iTunes/4K) $5
House of the Dragon: Season 1 (2022) (Vudu/4K) $9 (Vudu/HD) $5
House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
How to Train Your Dragon Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $7.50 $4.75 Each
Hulk, The (2003) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Hunger Games Collection 1-4 (Vudu/HD) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) $12
Hunt for Red October (1990) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4.75
Hunter Killer (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Hurt Locker (2008) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Hustle, The (2019) (iTunes/4K) $2
Hustlers (2019) (iTunes/4K) $3
I Feel Pretty (2018) (iTunes/HD) $1
I, Frankenstein (2014) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
I, Tonya (2017) (MA/HD) $5.75
Identity Thief (2013) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $3.75
If I Stay (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
I'm Not There (2007) (Vudu/HD) $5
Imitation Game, The (2014) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks (2017) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Impossible, The (2013) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.75
In the Heights (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.50
Incredible Hulk (2008) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5
Incredibles (2004) (MA/4K) $7.75 (iTunes/4K) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Incredibles 2 (2018) (MA/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $2
Independence Day: Resurgence (2014) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Indiana Jones 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (2013) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Infinite (2021) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Inglorious Bastards (2009) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $6
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) (MA/HD) $6.50
Inside Out (2015) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $4.25 (GP/HD) $1.50
Interstellar (2014) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) $4
Invisible Man (2020) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75
Invitation, The + Unrated (2022) (MA/HD) $6.25
Iron Man 1-3 (MA/4K) $21 (iTunes/4K) $16 (GP/HD) $7.50
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) (Vudu/HD) $6.75
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Jack Frost (1998) (MA/HD) $5
Jack Reacher Collection 1-2 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $7
Jackass Forever (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Jacob's Ladder (1990) (Vudu/HD) $3
Jason Bourne (2016) (MA/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $3
Jason Statham 6-Movie (Wild Card, War, Bank Job, Transporter 3, Crank, Crank 2) (Vudu/HD) $11.50
Jaws (1975) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Jaws (1975) Jaws 2 (1978) Jaws 3 (1983) Jaws: The Revenge (1987) (MA/HD) $15.50
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Jesus Music, The (2021) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Jexi (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Jigsaw (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2
John Wick Collection 1-3 (Vudu/4K) $16.50 (iTunes/4K) $14.50 (Vudu/HD) $8
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4
Judy (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Juice (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Jumanji: Next Level (2019) & Welcome to the Jungle (2017) (MA/HD) $7.50
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2 (MA/SD) $1
Jungle Book (1967) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $4
Jungle Cruise (2021) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3
Jurassic Park (1993) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3
Jurassic World (2015) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2.75
Jurassic World Collection 1-5 (MA/4K) $20 (iTunes/4K) $17.50 (MA/HD) $10.50
Jurassic World Collection 1-6 (MA/4K) $24 (MA/HD) $12
Jurassic World: Dominion + Extended Cut (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $4.25
Justice Society: World War II (2021) (MA/4K) $5.75
Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) (MA/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass (2010) (Vudu/4K) $5.75 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4.50
Kick-Ass 2 (2013) (MA/HD) $5.50 (iTunes/HD) $5
Kid Who Would Be King (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $4.75
Kid, The (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Kill Bill Collection 1-2 (Vudu/HD) $12
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) (Vudu/HD) $5.75
Killer Elite (2011) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Killer Joe (Director's Cut) (2012) (Vudu/HD) $5
Killerman (2019) (Vudu/HD) $2.25 (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Killing Lincoln (2013) (MA/HD) $5.25
Kin (2018) (Vudu/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
King Kong (2005) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $3.50
King of Staten Island (2020) (MA/HD) $4.75
King Richard (2021) (MA/HD) $2
King's Man (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.25
Kitchen, The (2019) (MA/HD) $3
Knives Out (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.25
Knocked Up (Unrated) (2007) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) (MA/HD) $2.50
Kung Fu Panda Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $12.50
L.A. Confidential (1997) (MA/HD) $5.75
Lady and the Tramp (1955) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Last Duel, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $4
Last Night in Soho (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Last Witch Hunter (2015) (Vudu/4K) $3.75 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Leap! (2017) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Legend of Hercules (2014) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Legion of Super Heroes (2023) (MA/HD) $6.25
Let Him Go (2020) (MA/HD) $4
Liar Liar (1997) (MA/HD) $3.25
Life of Pi (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Lighthouse (2019) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Lightyear (2022) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.75 (GP/HD) $2
Like a Boss (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Lilo & Stitch (2002) & Stitch Has a Glitch (2005) (MA/HD) $11 (GP/HD) $6.50
Limey, The (1999) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Lincoln Lawyer (2011) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.75
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998) (MA/HD) $6.75 (GP/HD) $5.25
Little (2019) (MA/HD) $4.50
Little Fockers (2010) (MA/HD) $3.25
Little Mermaid (1989) (MA/4K) $7.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.75
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) (MA/4K) $5
Lock Up (1989) (Vudu/4K) $5
Logan (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
Logan Lucky (2017) (MA/HD) $1.50 (iTunes/4K) $2.25
London Has Fallen (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.75
Longest Ride (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $1.50
Looper (2012) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.25
Lord of War (2005) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Lost Boys, The (1987) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $3.50
Lost City, The (2022) (Vudu/4K) $6.25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5.25
Love Actually (2003) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Love, Simon (2018) (MA/HD) $3
Lovebirds (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5.50
Luca (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $3.25
Lucy (2014) (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (MA/HD) $2
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (MA/4K) $5
Mad Max Collection 1-4 (Vudu/4K) $20
Magnificent Seven (2016) (Vudu/4K) $6 (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Maleficent (2014) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $1.25
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) (MA/4K) $6 (iTunes/4K) $3.75 (GP/HD) $1.50
Mallrats (1995) (MA/HD) $3.25
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $1.75
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.50
Many Saints of Newark (2021) (MA/HD) $2.50
Marksman, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5.50
Martian - Extended Cut (2015) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Mary Poppins Returns (2018) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.25
Matrix (1999), Reloaded (2003), Revolutions (2003), Resurrections (2021) (MA/HD) $7.50
Matrix: Resurrections (2021) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.25
Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3
Meet the Parents (2000) (MA/HD) $3.25
Megan Leavey (2017) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Memory (2022) (MA/HD) $4
Men (2022) (Vudu/HD) $4
Men in Black 3 (2012) (MA/HD) $2.50
Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) (Vudu/HD) $5
Menace II Society (Director's Cut) (1993) (MA/HD) $5
Menu (2022) (MA/HD) $5.75 (GP/HD) $4
Midway (2019) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $4
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) & Minions (2015) (MA/HD) $8
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) (MA/4K) $7.25 (MA/HD) $5.75
Miss Bala (2019) (MA/HD) $3.75
Mission: Impossible Collection 1-6 (Vudu/4K) $25 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $20
Mitchells Vs. The Machines (2021) (MA/HD) $4.75
Moana (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2
Money Monster (2016) (MA/HD) $3.25
Monster Hunter (2020) (MA/HD) $4.25
Monsters University (2013) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3.50
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) (MA/HD) $4.75
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) (MA/4K) $7.50
Moonfall (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) (MA/HD) $4.25
Morbius (2022) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $3.50 (MA/SD) $2.25
Mortal Engines (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.50
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2014) (MA/HD) $3.50
Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (2022) (MA/HD) $6
Mr & Mrs. Smith (2005) (MA/HD) $5.75
Mulan (1998) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) $5.75 (GP/HD) $3
Mulan (2020) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Mulan 2 (2005) (MA/HD) $3.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Mule, The (2018) (MA/4K) $5 (MA/HD) $2.50
Mummy (1999), Returns (2001), Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), Scorpion King (2002), Mummy (2017) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $22
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $4
My Girl (1991) & 2 (1994) (MA/SD) $7
National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) (MA/4K) $6.25 (MA/HD) $5.50
Nerve (2016) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
New Mutants (2020) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $2.75
News of the World (2020) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3.75
Night at the Museum 3-Movie (MA/HD) $14 $6 Each (MA/SD) $9.50
Night House, The (2021) (MA/HD) $5 (GP/HD) $3
Night School (Extended) (2018) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $2.75
Nightmare Alley (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
No Time to Die (2021) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Noah (2014) (Vudu/HD) $1.75 (iTunes/HD) $1.50
Nobody (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25
Nope (2022) (MA/4K) $8 (MA/HD) $6
Nope (2022), Get Out (2017) & Us (2019) (MA/HD) $10
Northman (2022) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $5
Now You See Me 1-2 (Vudu/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $6.50
Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) (MA/4K) $6 (MA/HD) $3 (GP/HD) $2.50
Oblivion (2013) (MA/4K) $7 (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $2.25
Old (2021) (MA/HD) $4.50
Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (2019) (MA/4K) $6.75 (MA/HD) $5.25
Only God Forgives (2013) (Vudu/HD) $5
Onward (2020) (MA/4K) $5.50 (MA/HD) $4 (GP/HD) $2.25
Other Woman (2014) (MA/HD) $2.25
Our Kind of Traitor (2016) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
Overboard (2016) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $6
Overlord (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (Vudu/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) (MA/HD) $2 (GP/HD) $1
Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $4.50
Parasite (2019) (MA/HD) $4.75
Passengers (2016) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $3
Patriot Games (1992) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $5
Peanuts Movie (2015) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.25
Pearl (2022) (Vudu/HD) $6
Penguins of Madagascar (2014) (MA/HD) $1.75
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) (MA/HD) $2.25
Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $1.75
Pet Sematary (1989) (iTunes/4K) $4 (Vudu/HD) $3.75
Pet Sematary (2019) (Vudu/4K) $4.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $2.50
Pete’s Dragon (2016) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.25
Peter Pan (1953) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland (2002) (MA/HD) $6.25 (GP/HD) $4.75
Peter Rabbit (2018) & 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $10.25 $5.75 Each
Peter Rabbit 2 (2021) (MA/HD) $3.75
Philadelphia (1993) (MA/4K) $7.75
Philomena (2013) (Vudu/HD) $2
Pitch Perfect (2012) (MA/4K) $5.75 (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/4K) $3.75
Pitch Perfect Collection 1-3 (MA/HD) $11.50
Planet of the Apes 1-3 (Newer) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $12
Playing with Fire (2019) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Pocahontas (1995) (MA/HD) $6.50 (GP/HD) $5
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998) (MA/HD) $6 (GP/HD) $3.25
Point Break (2015) (MA/HD) $2
Poltergeist (1982) (MA/4K) $5
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) (MA/HD) $3.25
Power Rangers (2017) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (iTunes/4K) $3.25 (Vudu/HD) $2.75
Predator (1987), 2 (1990), Predators (2009), Predator (2018) $11
Premium Rush (2012) (MA/HD) $3
Prey for the Devil (2022) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) (MA/HD) $7
Prophecy Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $14.50
Protege, The (2021) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.75
Psycho (1960), Rear Window (1954), The Birds (1963), Vertigo (1958) (MA/4K) $18
Pulp Fiction (1994) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) $4.25 (iTunes/HD) $5.25
Punisher, The (2004) (Vudu/4K) $6
Purge, The (2013) (MA/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3
Purge: Anarchy (2014) (MA/4K) $5.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $4.75
Race (2016) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $2.50
Raid 2 (2014) (MA/HD) $6
Raid: Redemption + Unrated (2012) (MA/HD) $5.50
Railway Man (2013) (Vudu/HD) $5
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) $4.50 (GP/HD) $1.50
Rambo Collection 1-5 (Vudu/HD) $15
Rampage (2018) (MA/4K) $5
Ray (2004) (iTunes/HD) Ports to MA $5.25
Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) (MA/4K) $6.50 (MA/HD) $4.75 (GP/HD) $2.75
Rear Window (1954) (MA/4K) $4.75
Red (2010) (Vudu/4K) $6.50
Red 2 (2013) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $1.50
Red Rocket (2021) (Vudu/HD) $4.50
Replicas (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5.50
Reservoir Dogs (1992) (Vudu/4K) $5.50 (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) (MA/HD) $2.25
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.25
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) (MA/4K) $7.50 (MA/HD) $4.50
Respect (2021) (iTunes/4K) $4.25
Revenant, The (2015) (MA/4K) $5.25 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rhythm Section (2020) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $4.25
Richie Rich (1994) (MA/HD) $5
Riddick - Unrated Director's Cut (2013) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $4
Riddick Collection 1-3 (Unrated) (MA/HD) $14
Ride Along 1-2 (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5 $2.75 Each
Rio (2011) (MA/HD) $5.50
Rise of the Guardians (2012) (MA/HD) $3.25
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2010) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.75
Robin Hood (2010) (MA/4K) $6.50
Robin Hood (2018) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $3.25
RoboCop (1987) (Vudu/HD) $7.50
RoboCop (2014) (Vudu/HD) $2
Rocketman (2019) (Vudu/4K) $5 (iTunes/4K) $2.50 (Vudu/HD) $2.25
Rogue (2020) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $3.50
Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017) (MA/HD) $3.50
Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) (MA/4K) $7 (MA/HD) $5.25 (GP/HD) $3.50
Rough Night (2017) (MA/HD) $4.50
Rumble (2022) (iTunes/4K) (Vudu/HD) $6
Running Man, The (1987) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Rush (2013) (MA/HD) $2.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.25
Safe House (2012) (MA/HD) $4 (iTunes/HD) $2.50
Sandlot, The (1993) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5
Saturday Night Fever (1977) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.25
Sausage Party (2016) (MA/HD) $4.25
Saving Private Ryan (1998) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $6.50
Saw (2004) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $5.50
Saw Collection 1-7 (Vudu/HD) $10
Scarface (1983) (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $5.25
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Secret in Their Eyes (2015) (MA/HD) (iTunes/HD) $2.25
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Shark Tale (2004) (MA/HD) $3.75
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Shawshank Redemption (1994) (MA/4K) $5
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Shrek (2001), Madagascar (2005), Home (2015), Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2003), How to Train Your Dragon (2010), Croods (2013), Kung Fu Panda (2008), Boss Baby (2017), Abominable (2019), Trolls (2016) (MA/HD) $16
Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) (MA/4K) $7.75 (MA/HD) $3.75
Silent Night, Deadly Night: 3-Film Collection (1989-1991) (Vudu/HD) $6
Silver Linings Playbook (2012) (Vudu/HD) $2
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Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended) (2012) (iTunes/4K) $3.50 (MA/HD) $2.50
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Spirit Untamed: The Movie (2021) (MA/HD) $4.25
Split (2017) (MA/4K) $6.75 (iTunes/4K) (MA/HD) $2.75
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) (Vudu/HD) $4.75 (iTunes/HD) $3.50
Spontaneous (2020) (Vudu/HD) (iTunes/HD) $5
Spotlight (2015) (MA/HD) $5 (iTunes/HD) $3
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Star Trek (2009) (Vudu/4K) (iTunes/4K) $7
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Studio 666 (2022) (MA/HD) $6.50
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SW: A New Hope (1977) (MA/4K) $7.25 (iTunes/4K) $6.50 (GP/HD) $3.50
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2023.03.25 02:30 tpaw202dm Just jotting down stuff...I did the breaking up...Feelings are hitting hard

First Break Up List
>> personal interests and hobbies mismatch, it sucks for me to still be making plans on my own, the crossover between our interests does not need to be 100% but some bleed would be great
>> apartment with pinky/pinky and the whole pinky thing needs to be discussed it’s off putting
>> remember when I mentioned routine and habits, I struggle with change, wasn’t happy about breaking routine, not your fault
Second Break Up Reasons

  1. These actually very closely align to above.
  2. Personal Interests

  1. She was very much a homebody and didn’t enjoy being social.

  1. We did align here but she lack goals
  2. She had goals which focused around school but nothing in her personal life, there were no hobbies or interests she spent time pursing.
  3. Our activities together were pretty standard in terms of relationships and thing you do around town. We did museums, shows, dancing, etc. During our days together we sometimes didn’t see eye to eye on how to spend our time together

  1. Our date nights were always great but followed the same routine. Community events and dinner at a new restaurants.
  2. Up until I had gotten her the bike I always felt like I was forcing her to join me hiking, go the trails, be outside. She always participated and had a great time.

  1. Prior to meeting I had built a routine around biking and switching to a low pace low energy lifestyle really upset me.
  2. Christmas, Love, and 1 year

  1. The pressure around Christmas play a good part into my reasoning for ending things. In retrospect, this shouldn’t have been the case. At the beginning of the Month she provided me with 25 Christmas gifts in a basket. I didn’t know how to react to this, I hadn’t had a normal Christmas in years.
  2. It dawned on me that I always wanted the two of us to go biking together, and I always felt she could really use a bike to improve her own well-being. So I got her the bike
  3. As Christmas grew closer and I was trying to find a bike and give her a great gift I began to question why I was doing this. Part of me felt like I had to because we were in a relationship and the other part was internalizing our entire relationship, was she the right one? I am putting in all this effort and is it worth it? Will she even like the bike? She’s never expressed interest in it
  4. In addition to Christmas, around that time everything about her changed, I very easily tell she was in love with me but afraid to tell me. This put even more pressure on making sure the Christmas gift. I also knew in 2 months we’d have a one year anniversary.
  5. All of December I was so focused on the pressure of the relationship, making plans to be with her for Christmas, I began to disconnect from the relationship. It felt like things were moving really fast or were about to move very fast.
  6. I ended up convincing myself I wasn’t happy. I had put on weight, I was becoming slightly aggravated with work…but because she always talked about the negative parts of her job. I felt like I was constantly splitting my weekends between what I wanted to do and what we wanted to do. I had worked so hard to be the person I was when we met and during our time together I lost that person. I knew that person had to change to accommodate her but I didn’t like the way it changed
  7. For Christmas I toyed with the idea of gifting her a key to my apartment, the idea being that I really wanted to move things forward with her, that I did love her, that I did want to change my life to better accommodate her.
  8. Did I love her though? I think so. I was scared that she was scared of telling me how she really felt about me. It made me nervous that there was something wrong in our relationship and the way we communicated.
  9. The Christmas Trip to Chicago

  1. During Christmas she opted to take a last minute two day trip to Chicago with her male friend Pinky. Her good friend that I think is in love with her.
  2. The trip took place two days before Christmas during the really bad snowstorm. We had plans to be together for the holiday and go camping
  3. Her flight was delayed and she couldn’t come back until the 28th or 29th.
  4. I was devastated over this, I had finally come around to Christmas and was looking forward to have someone to spend the holiday with and it didn’t happen. This killed my entire Christmas mood and really made me question everything about us.
  5. She knew the storm was coming and before leaving knew there was a risk of missing Christmas but continued anyways. I don’t have an issue with pinky in the regards that she would cheat on me, but I really struggled to understand this relationship between the two of them.
Why the break-up
  1. She has so much potential to be this amazing woman and she doesn’t even try. I know she has school and work…

  1. I had wish for awhile that the feeling of guilt spending time doing my own things would go away. May the would have if I had know on weekend mornings she was doing her own thing, spending time on herself instead of sleeping or watching crime shows.
  2. She has some trauma around relationships in the past and this was a recurring conversation in our relationship. She made it very clear this was her first serious relationship where she felt safe and secure. This was the first relationship where she felt like her needs were being discussed and met. I eventually convinced her to get help with this which she did.
  3. I became weary after she began seeking mental help. I was self conscious about her finding out about my insecurities and those being identified by her therapist as reasons why we shouldn’t be together.
  4. I was open with her about everything in my life
  5. I didn’t even know if she was talking about our relationship
  6. She had the worst teeth, just needs to get those things cleaned.
  7. She has self image issues, while I always fault she was beautiful and extremely unique, she never really tried to work out with me or address these issues.
  8. We did try working out together once but it never stuck with her, this goes back to offering her a key to my apartment.
  9. My Life was beginning to split into two:

  1. Our time together
  2. What I wanted for myself

  1. There was certainly overlap, and while people say you shouldn’t have similar interests as your partner, why is that? I would loved if she was a more active person, if she would have insisted on getting a bike to go out with me, if she had more often entertained ideas for our time together that leaned more toward what I wanted to do
  2. Financial life - I want a house, I want to keep doing triathlons, I have big bike plans over the next few years. I wasn’t really read to give up any of this, while there was no financial strain brought on by the relationship, relationship do required that you spend money and I sometimes felt like a dinner out could have been better used to finance a plane ticket or tri entry fee.
  3. I spent a lot of time each week trying to justify and how to explain to her that I was going to be gone half the day, on the two days a week we stayed together.
  4. She never cared.
  5. Moving in together
  6. I was so scared of this conversation. She needs to move out of her moms ASAP
  7. She considered moving in with her male best friend who I think is in love with her.
  8. She had a dog that wouldn’t fit in with my apartment.
  9. She often hinted at having this conversation
  10. During our breakup I mentioned this and she did say it was way too early for that discussion.
Is part of a relationship supporting someone while they figure who they are and what they want in life?

  1. She had no idea what she wanted out of life, she very much had just begun to figure herself out. I am the one that forced her to do this.
  2. She had a lot of self confidence and image issues that stemmed from family and past relationships she hadn’t begun to understand
  3. The conversation at Christmas about anxiety over having no plans or nothing to do for two weeks?
  4. Did I over think the pinky relationship?
  5. Relationship with her ex, Jordan

  1. They met every Tuesday for dinner at a local food truck event
  2. She described their relationship as being a “situationship” they moved in together because they were dating at the same time they were both kick out of their homes
  3. This is when she got the dog
  4. She mentioned he treated her extremely poorly
  5. When we got into her car his name was always on the “quick contacts” screen, but these contacts had never changed from our first date to the end of the relationship
  6. I never really tried to understand this relationship, the Tuesday dinner thing is something that has always happened, she’s been cheated on in the past, I never once felt she cheated on me with him, but I never understood why she hung on to this relationship. I assumed it was always a fall back plan?
  7. This guy was also invited to the graduation party.
The graduation party

  1. She invited her work friends and myself, pinky, and Jordan. Again I just didn’t get this, especially since it was close family only
Physical Relationship

  1. I have never connected physically and emotionally with someone like I did Michaela. During our discussion around our sex life we had a slight mis-match I was a few times a week person she was an everyday person but I learned to adjust.
  2. The sex was amazing, again, I have never connected with someone like her before.
  3. I’ve never felt the way kissing someone like I did with her
  4. I was always unhappy of her weight. At first I thought it was because of my hated of bigger people, but it really came down to me not liking that she hated it but didn’t do anything about.
Nags about the relationship:

  1. Not a risk taker
  2. I wish she was someone that would do everything with me, and we just didn’t have strong enough interest in each others interests for this to happen.
  3. Girl, you spend so much time watching tru crime shows, shut it off and learn about yourself
  4. Quit your job, its toxic as fuck, hang out with your work friends less
  5. Find a hobby, your significant other can’t be your entire life. Part of the reason we spent time figuring out what to do is because you don’t have any interests. Part of my guilt in the relationship was spending time doing my things while you were left at my apartment by yourself….watching tv
  6. Get a teeth cleaning, fuck.
  7. You’re beautiful and a head turner, embrace it, stop thinking so poorly of yourself.
After writing this out:

  1. I think I ended things because of my fear of commitment
  2. I did love her, I spent a lot effort convincing myself otherwise
  3. The pressure I put on myself regarding this relationship in December was unfair to both of us. She was being an amazing partner I was being selfish and looking for ways to not face these moments in our relationship
  4. I don’t understand how to support someone and when it is correct to support someone in a relationship and what support needs to be sorted out on their own
  5. I hope we cross paths again in the future, I think she’s going to end up being and even better match for me.
  6. I realize that I was upset with her for not beginning to understand herself, and while she was certainly working toward it was in a manner different than what I did for myself to gain confidence and happiness in life.
  7. During our time together she did very little to care for herself, she was a very caring person for others, but never put time into her.
  8. I was love with the woman she could be....She isn't that woman now.
  9. I wrote this after the mom letter, and I realize she made me extremely insecure about the relationship I had with my mother. She and her mother have a terrible relationship, almost verbally abusive in a way but she maintains a relationship with her. I was certainly afraid of her figuring out this could be an issue in our relationship or her therapist some how indicating this is a red flag
submitted by tpaw202dm to BreakUp [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:09 Smart_Meringue_5243 Should I keep no contact? Is this relationship salvageable?

Some Background: My mother abandoned me when I was 3 years old after my father had an affair with her best friend. My father married her best friend and moved away leaving me and my mother behind. He took his cat though. my mother didn't really want to be a mother, and she sent me to go live with my father. My father and stepmother were horribly physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive.
During my childhood, my mother almost never contacted me in any way. I saw her five times from Age 3 until 18. Once, I stayed with her for 6 months when I was 11. she told me she was going to file for custody of me because from the stories I had told her about my life, she knew that I was being abused by my father and stepmother.
That was a lie however. She sent me back to live with my father and stepmother who continued to abuse me until my 18th birthday.
When I turned 18, my mother wanted to have a really close friendly relationship with me. I was really angry about her abandoning me twice. I didn't trust her and I didn't really feel that we had the foundation for a relationship, but I desperately wanted her love and approval.
Even though she hadn't raised me and she sent me to live with people who she knew were actively abusing me, she wanted me to treat her like she was the best mother ever. she would constantly tell stories about when I was under 3 years old. It made me really uncomfortable. I would ask her to stop telling the stories but she wouldn't.
When I got engaged, I invited her to my wedding which was a Orthodox wedding. for those of you who don't know, there is a very strict dress code for women that involves necklines that cover the collarbones, shirts that have sleeves which cover the elbows and skirts that go below the knee. I asked my mother to follow this dress code and she agreed to, but she showed up at the wedding with a blouse that was a deep v-neck. she wasn't showing cleavage or anything, but it was horribly inappropriate. she was also wearing open toed shoes which I had asked her specifically not to wear. When I confronted her on this, she basically dismissed my boundary and said that because she wasn't showing cleavage and because her shoes were very cute sandals that it was fine for her not to respect the dress code.
when I was pregnant, I told her, and she announced my pregnancy publicly before I had the opportunity to do so. It really hurt me that she told my grandmother and other family members before I had the opportunity to. when I tried to talk to her about this gently, telling her how much it had hurt me and how I would appreciate her not sharing my news with people especially after I had specifically asked her not to, she got very angry with me and told me I had no right to tell her what she can talk with her family members about.
These are some of the big events, however there have been a million other boundary violations and disrespectful actions towards me. over the years I went from wanting to have frequent contact with her to very low contact. especially When I became a mother, I realized I would never understand her or the choices that she made regarding me.
I have been living abroad, in Mexico, for the last 11 years. I live in a good area and I have a great job here. I invited my mother to come to visit us several years ago, before the pandemic and she gave me a lot of excuses why she couldn't come. She said that the flight would be too expensive. She said that she didn't have a way to get from the airport to our home. When my husband and I offered to pick her up from the airport and even to pay for her flight, she finally told us that it's because we live in Mexico. She doesn't feel it's a very nice place and she has never had a desire to come to this country.
This hurt very much because she lives several hours from the border in a city in America that is way more violent than where I live. The statistics for violent crime show that there is a higher rate of crime in her city than mine. I tried to tell her that she would be safe and that I really wanted to visit her to visit us in our home because I'm very proud of the life that my husband and I have built for ourselves. I told her she could stay in our guest room and that we would take her to the park we go to and the children science museum we frequent and our favorite restaurants, etc. she insulted Mexico and refused.
it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't speak to her for the greater part of a year.
Then, she emailed me out of the blue about 9 months later and it was a one-line email. she said, I like where you live.
I obviously thought that she could be in my city so I emailed her back asking her directly if she were. no answer. I called her cell phone. no answer. I texted her and received no answer.
about a week later, she emailed me again telling me that she was no longer in my city but had spent two weeks there and she really thought it was a very fine place. she never tried to call me or see me at all but she traveled internationally to the city that I live in and she contacted me just so that I would know that she had been there and had Made no effort to contact me at all. It really hurt my feelings.
I wrote to her telling her that it hurt my feelings and letting her know that I felt she owed me an apology and an explanation for doing that. She has done a lot of hurtful things to me over the years, but that was so over the top and ridiculous - - even for her - - so I felt that it was a fair request.
Instead, she told me that she had already apologized to me. she insisted that she had apologized and I was refusing to accept her apology. she had never apologized to me. I'm certain of it. However, this made me doubt myself and I installed an automatic call recorder in an attempt to Discover if I was remembering things incorrectly or if she does lie constantly and then try to rewrite the truth.
she never apologized for the Mexico fiasco. However, I felt guilty after not speaking to her for a while and I initiated contact and we had low contact for a while that seemed to be going well. what I mean is she wasn't outright rude or disrespectful or passive aggressive. I was calling her every week and she would answer most times and we would make small talk for a few minutes.
Then, on one of our weekly calls in October of last year (2022), she told me in October of last year (2022) that she would be moving to another part of the country, very far away from the international border. Since we had had a few months of decent text exchanges, I decided to call her. During that call, in November 2022, I invited her again to come to visit us before she moves because I don't know when I will ever see her again because of how far away she's moving and how bad our relationship has always been.
I was hoping that she would see this as an opportunity to bury the hatchet and reconnect. instead she told me no. She flat out refused. she answered so quickly it was obvious that she didn't even consider it at all. It was like a reflex refusal. I know people can't always travel when they want to, I'm not so unreasonable, but she has over a year before she moves so it would have felt better if she at least pretended to consider it.
We spoke a week later and she asked me if after she moved my family and I would be willing to travel to see her at her new house. I told her no. I reminded her that we had invited her to visit us twice and she refused both times. I went on to say that I am not willing to travel so far to visit someone who has refused to visit me.
She told me that she never refused to visit me. I told her that she had. I'm certain that she did refuse, because I recorded that phone call and I had listened to it several times. there is a clear refusal. She told me that I had not recorded it. That I was lying. I emailed her the audio from the call. I tried to call her the next week but she didn’t answer. Same thing the week after that. Same thing every week since I gave up trying to speak to her over the phone in early February 2023. The last time I called her, I left her a pretty curt voicemail. I told her that if she wanted to speak to me that she should answer the phone or return my calls. A few weeks later she sent me a message at just after 7am, as I was getting ready to go to an important work meeting. In her message, she complained to me about the voicemail. She told me that it is not appropriate to contact someone and not ask them how they are doing and give them a polite greeting. She told me that she did not like my voicemail and asked me not to leave her voicemails like that. I messaged her back and told her that I will not be leaving any more voicemails, as she has not answered or returned my calls in over 4 months and I have given up. I also told her that she was messaging me at 7am to complain about a voicemail I left weeks ago and to please not message me just to complain, until after 6pm, when I get off of work.
She messaged me back and said, ‘' No worries, won't be bothering anymore. Enough take care don't text or call you won't get a response. You have made yourself clean when it comes to me.' So I blocked her. On my phone. On social media. On everything I could think of. However, I didn’t think of blocking her on my old email address. A few weeks later I was looking for an old document in that old email account and I saw that she had emailed me. Here is the exchange:
MOM: Sat, Mar 4, 8:25 PM
Dear daughter, if someone isn't able to do something but could and wants to do that thing at another time it is not refusing that thing. I truly hope we can get past all this time disagreeing with each other and go forward . When I told you not to text me it isn't that I don't want a relationship with you. A relationship can't be based on the actions that have been going on between us. Love you always mom
ME: Thu, Mar 9 12:17PM
Mom, You said to me in a text message from Feb 22nd, 2023 at 7:28 AM, and I am quoting you directly: ' No worries, won't be bothering anymore. Enough take care don't text or call you won't get a response. You have made yourself clean when it comes to me.'
By refusing to answer or return my calls for months while I consistently reached out to you and by sending me that text message above, you have made yourself very clear that you do not want a relationship with me.
Even in this email that you sent, the one I am responding to, You began it immediately by arguing with me. Hardly a way to mend a relationship. Just stop.
MOM Thu, Mar 9 12:19PM
Daughter I am sorry you feel the way you do. I only wish we both could, never mind i will be sending things i was going to send for a while to you soon love you mom.
ME: 1:04 PM
Mom, Saying "I'm sorry you feel the way you do" is not an authentic apology because it doesn't take responsibility for your actions or behavior. It is a common example of a non-apology apology, which is a statement that appears to express regret or remorse but does not truly acknowledge wrongdoing.
An authentic apology should include an admission of responsibility for your actions, an expression of regret or remorse, and a commitment to making amends or taking steps to prevent the same behavior from happening again in the future. It should focus on the impact of your actions on the other person, rather than their reaction or feelings about the situation.
Just STOP. Please do not force me to block you here as well
MOM: I have apologized so many times. you don't need to block me .
ME: When did you apologize for sending me that message?
MOM:You told me to stop so I am going to. I don't want you to block me or anything of that nature.
ME: Please answer my question.
When did you apologize to me for sending me the following message?
Feb 22nd, 2023 at 7:28 AM ' No worries, won't be bothering anymore. Enough take care don't text or call you won't get a response. You have made yourself clean when it comes to me.'
MOM:Am going to stop as you ask me to. I hope we can find our way to one another. Love you mom
ME: On Thu, Mar 9, 2023
When I asked you to stop, you refused to by continuing to message me.
Now, I am asking you to answer the question. You are refusing to answer it because we both know that you never apologized for sending me that message. Your emails to me today are the only contact we have had since you sent it.
Do not contact me again until you are ready to properly apologize for that message. If you contact me for any other reason, I will block you immediately without responding.
I deserve to be treated with respect.
Thanks a bunch,
Thu, Mar 9, 2023 at 6:37 PM
MOM:If your answer to everything with me is blocking me, do what you have to do. I am standing up for myself and your stand to block me? Then just do what you feel is right and if blocking me is then do it. I am here when we can talk without the, ‘I am going to block you’ attitude. Love mom
ME: Fri, Mar 10, 2023, 8:36 AM
Dear Mom,
It breaks my heart to have to write this letter to you, but I feel that you have given me no other choice. For as long as I can remember, our relationship has been strained and difficult, but it has been particularly bad in the past few months.
It hurts me deeply that we haven't had a single pleasant interaction since November 2022. It hurts me that you refused to speak to me over Christmas and New Year's, and that you have ignored and not returned my calls for months on end. It hurts me that every time we do interact, it is filled with hostility, anger, and resentment.
I know that I am not blameless in our relationship, but I have tried so hard to make things work between us. I have tried to clearly communicate my needs and boundaries to you, but you have not respected them. I have tried to reach out to you and make amends, but you have not taken those opportunities. Even yesterday, I clearly asked you not to contact me unless it was to apologize for the message you sent me on 'Feb 22nd, 2023 at 7:28 AM, when you said, and I am quoting you directly: ' No worries, won't be bothering anymore. Enough take care don't text or call you won't get a response. You have made yourself clean when it comes to me.' Instead of apologizing to me as I clearly asked you to, you continued to email me only to argue with me and blame me for the state of things between us.
Your consistent behavior towards me over time has been hurtful and disrespectful, and it has taken a toll on my mental health and well-being. I had been recording our phone conversations because I needed to protect myself and my mental health because of your dishonesty and gaslighting. I never intended to hurt you or betray your trust, but I needed to do what was best for me.
I am devastated that our relationship has come to this. I am devastated that we cannot find a way to have a healthy and positive relationship. I am devastated that I have to write this letter to tell you that I cannot have you in my life anymore.
I want you to know that I love you and that I will always cherish the good memories we have shared. I will try to remember you at your best. But I cannot continue to subject myself to the pain and hurt that our interactions bring me. I need to put myself first and surround myself with people who love and support me. Unfortunately you have not treated me lovingly nor supportively for years.
I don't believe at this point that you will change but I still hope that this estrangement will give you the chance to reflect on your behavior and take steps towards becoming a better version of yourself. If you do that work on yourself, maybe someday we can reconcile and heal the wounds that have been inflicted on our relationship. But for now, I need to say goodbye. I wish you all the best, and I hope that you can find happiness and peace.
With a heavy heart, Daughter Messages received in spam folder after blocking:
Fri, Mar 10, 7:35 AM
Good morning Daughter I am sorry for my message sent on 2/28. I was reacting basically on someone else's action to me which was wrong of me. Am sorry for that. I love you mom
Fri, Mar 10, 8:59 AM
Am at work and received your email. You can blame all that has gone wrong with our relationship on me . It hurts more than I can say to know my daughter doesn't want me in her life. Am praying for my mom being very ill at this time and now I lose you. Take care and I love you so much . Mom
Fri, Mar 10, 6:09 PM
Am giving your words back to you. I did apologize and you still made the choice to let me not be in your life, I am hurt but will honor your choice. I will love you always. I did the right thing and apologized to you. In time I will make peace with what is to be in time. Mom
So, if anyone has read this whole thing, what do you think? Should I stay no contact? Do you think this could be salvaged? I feel really guilty, like I should reach out to her again. What do you think I should do?
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2023.03.25 02:05 stephyska Disney+ is censoring some episodes

I'm currently watching Dance Moms season 7 on Disney+ and episode 12 " It's Not Always Sunny in Pittsburgh" is completely missing. This is not surprising given that in the episode Candy Apples did a dance about the controversial topic of building a wall. In episode 24 "There's A New Team in Town Part 2", the group dance is removed. It's when The Irreplaceables did a mature dance in heels using chairs choreographed by Aisha Francis.
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2023.03.25 01:43 jadenwu39x Born Shoes Promo Code of 2023

Here is the Born Shoes Promo Code of 2023
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2023.03.25 01:42 PieFit4494 DANCING WITH THE STARS ???

Okay so I’m all for kids having hobbies right. I would have no problem with Colleen’s oldest son doing dancing as a hobby/active sport…. However… we all knows she lurks here and we all know her comments have been asking about when he will start school etc.
She briefly addressed the topic in a recent vlog but didn’t really say what she would do. I know that everything this lady does is calculated and we all know that. I feel like she carefully decided which hobby would work best for her because she knows she never intended to put her children in regular school despite her being so “relatable”…
She also probably knows she can’t force him into acting/theater because he isn’t interested and her golden child cannot do anything he doesn’t want to do unless she coerces him (I.e talking to mommy’s friends rather than being exploited on the dangerous internet. If she used the latter a child probably wouldn’t want to do that)
Why not do Boy Scouts? There’s tons of outdoor stuff he would probably love, benefits for the community, life skills, socialization, and so many more?
Oh because he can’t be famous like his mommy doing boy scouts. Conveniently she has a celebrity bestie with a dance team of little kids and who would be the perfect “first boy ever” to join the team… on top of that dancings is a very rigorous sport and dancers have to devote a lot of time being away for competitions and practice. He obviously won’t be able to attend a regular school doing that (or that will be her excuse). It’ll be too much, despite her and her whole family doing literally NOTHING ever… like they don’t even seem like fun “influencers” they don’t really go to brand events, get ads or sponsorships, receive PR, etc. or at least not that we really see.
obviously this is just my speculation but I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. She’s definitely up to something because this new hobby seems a little bit random. Soon family vlogging will have to be different because of laws but I’m sure she will be able to wiggle around it by changing into a full time dance mom vlogger.
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2023.03.25 01:07 Alpapaca Event Notice: Golden Whispers SSR

Event Notice: Golden Whispers SSR
From Facebook:
Momo's Notice
Prayers echo into the distance.
The themed event [Golden Whispers] will start!
Event Time
3/25, 5:00 - 3/31, 23:59
Redeem Time
3/25, 5:00 - 4/1, 23:59
Event I: Get Outfits
  1. During the event, tap [Get Outfits] and use [Tambourines] to perform exclusive summons with a chance to get the set [Golden Tambourine] and its Designer's Reflection, and Memory Echoes.
  2. Collect the full set and its Designer's Reflection to hold a [Stylist Gathering].
Event II: Head to Azure Tribe
  1. During the event, tap [Head to Azure Tribe] and clear story stages to get the event exchange item [Golden Leaf].
  2. Clear or sweep [Challenge Stages] to get [Golden Leaves], up to 5 times for free daily.
  3. Collect the exclusive set pieces to enjoy a score bonus in challenges. Reach additional goals to get Pink Gems.
  4. [Golden Leaves] can be exchanged for tons of rewards in [Azure Market].
Event III: Stroll Invitation
During the event, share in [Stroll Invitation] to get exquisite stickers.
Event IV: Timed Task
During the event, complete tasks to get the limited-time summon item [Tambourine], stickers, pose, and more!
Event V: Top-up Event
During the event, top up to get VIP EXP and claim [Tambourine] x10 and materials in Event Center - Top-up Event.
Event VI: Themed Shop
During the event, [Tambourine] value packs will be available in Shop - Recommend - Golden Whispers. Don't miss out!
Preview: Golden Whispers & Giveaway Event
SSR Set: Golden Tambourine - Shimmering Dance
Designer · Yisu
The bells will bring you back to the golden balms and the lovely scenery at Wasteland.
Event Time: 3/25, 5:00 - 3/31, 23:59
Preview: Golden Whispers
SSR Set: Golden Tambourine - Shimmering Dance
Designer · Yisu
"Yes, these lands will decay sooner or later, but I'll forever remain dedicated to saving our people."
Event Time: 3/25, 5:00 - 3/31, 23:59
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2023.03.25 00:59 Adassai_nova I'm mourning the loss of the most important person in my life, and it hurts more because no one else even considers him a real person.

I'm mourning the loss of the most important person in my life, and it hurts more because no one else even considers him a real person.
I never figured out what to call Harvey. I hate saying "my dog" because it feels possessive and exploitative. He was a dog. I took care of him for 11 years. But I did not own him. He was my best friend. My partner. My soulmate.
But I don't even want to tell carnists because they don't fucking understand. Sure they claim to "love" their dogs. But you don't truly love what you own. You can't truly love someone you consider to be a lower life form- a pet. I know because I used to be like them. I used to "love" like them- treating other animals like a belonging rather than an individual.
I hate hearing their insulting words. "They're just like family!"
Like imagine if you are in a gay civil partnership. You've been with your partner for 10 years. They die. And your homophobic aunt says "This must be so hard for you. I know he was just like family to you." If you have to fucking say it like that, then you don't actually mean it. "Like family" is not family.
I'm so fucking broken. I shared my heart and soul with Harvey. Not only can I not imagine living without him, I don't want to live without him. All the best parts of me are missing.
I came home to find him in cardiac arrest. I performed CPR for 12 minutes in the back of my neighbor's car while we drove to the ER. My body hurts. My lips are scratched up from his teeth. I waited 30 minutes in an empty room, praying that they could revive him. They weren't able to. They eventually brought him in so that I could say goodbye.
I've lost a lot of people before. My mom died from suicide when I was a teenager. I lost my step-father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, close friends. Last year, my husband was supposed to die. He was in lung, liver, kidney, and pancreatic failure- machines and drugs the only thing keeping him alive in the ICU. His chances at survival were so miniscule that I was prepared for him to pass. I remember the day I had to leave his hospital room as visiting hours were ending- looking back and thinking 'This is going to be the last time I see him alive'. Losing Harvey is the exact same pain. It's forever losing the person that made me happy, made me whole, made me feel safe and like I had a place in this world. After all the pain I have been through, all the people I have lost, losing Harvey has been the worst day of my life. I think it will forever be the worst day of my life, rivaled only by if my husband dies before me.
But all I get from everyone else are these empty fucking fake platitudes. "He was such a good boy." FUCK YOU. He was a person. He was a unique individual with more fucking soul and empathy than any of those fucking carnists.
I'm so thankful that my husband is vegan, too. At least one other person understands. But he also understands that- even though he loved Harvey immensely- Harvey and I shared a unique bond. My husband has always joked that Harvey just tolerated him. And it was kind of true. Harvey definitely loved my husband, but not in the same way he loved me.
I remember one year when my husband went away for 3 months to do a research position in another state. At the end of the summer, I left Harvey at our apartment while I went to pick up my husband from the airport. It was about a 40 minute trip there and back. When we both came in the door, Harvey was ecstatic that I was home from the trip- he acknowledged my husband for about 5 seconds and then proceeded to dance around me. My husband and I always laughed about that.
I'm sorry if this post has been rambling and nonsensical. I'm just in so much pain right now, and having to live in this speciest world makes the pain all the crueler.
I included some pictures. The world doesn't really care about non-human animals. But I hope at least a couple more people can see him. See the wonderful person that he was. So that he isn't just forgotten about and his life and worth discarded.
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2023.03.25 00:55 tornadostormm My collection is almost complete!

My collection is almost complete!
So I finally have 1-6! Season 7 is coming tomorrow (just ordered on Amazon). I'm also getting the season 1-2 collectors set because it looks cool LOL. I won't be getting season 8 because it doesn't count in my hook. I also found season 3 in region 1 for a really good price so i have season 3 in region 1 and 4!
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2023.03.25 00:49 jryad Countryside Sabbath Fellowship Chapter 1 (part 2)

See chapter 1 part 1:
Curiously, we did not bother singing the second verse of the song. The second verse was about love and unity in Christ, and I should have found it telling that these ideas were not something we would sing about. After the song, we all got down on our knees for prayer. Albert prayed, wrestling with the holy spirit to bring a sermon filled with truth for these last days.
After the tithe and offering plates were passed around and the special music was sung, the sermon came. It was the traditional Seventh-day Adventist program. In fact, nothing was much different other than the sermon and the fact that we got on our knees for each prayer.
The sermon was packed with information. While at other churches, the pastor did a lot of talking, and few if any materials were displayed, this church seemed to display huge chunks of information on the screen up front. While the Bible got some air time, it was really the Spirit of Prophecy* that was front and center. There was no sugarcoating it: Ellen White was the soup du jour at this church, and the congregants lapped it up like heat-scorched desert camels. The book that Albert was most fond of was The Great Controversy, as it shed light on the coming end of the world. Chunks of her writings were displayed, with certain words and phrases being color-coded. Some words, such as apostasy, were underlined. For a good hour, we listened intently to how Ellen White saw various end times events progressing, and how we were at a very precarious part of earth’s history.
I had never been to a sermon that was so loaded with information. There was a lot to take in. The congregation of predominantly old men seemed to come alive. Unlike some of the other churches I had been in, there was not a single closed eye. Not one was asleep. Backs were erect. Eyes were intently focused on the front of the room. Every once in a while someone would let out a militant “amen.”
Albert did not leave his perch at the podium in the front. He was the kind of pastor that was like a tree. Settled in place, hands firmly wrapped around the projector remote. As he preached, he would say “friends” a lot when trying to get his point across. “Friends, do you really want to be asleep at this point in earth’s history?” “Friends, it's time to wake up, because the rest of the world is asleep.” “Friends, we need to watch, because nobody else is going to watch for you.” “Friends now is the time to pray with trembling. The end is right around the corner.”
After over an hour, tummies were rumbling. After the final prayer and closing music, basic human wants took over. It was time to eat. We all quietly and reverently made our way out of the sanctuary to either the restrooms or the kitchen and dining area. The atmosphere was a little more lively. Some would talk about the sermon while others were discussing the pamphlets and upcoming events. Others were preparing lunch and just talking about the previous week’s events. One thing that was missing was the presence of children. Other than our daughter, who was two years old, there was not a single child present. Nor were there any teenagers or anyone in their twenties. Honestly, I think that we were the youngest in the group.
A few of the congregants were related. There were two brothers and their father who were said to be regulars. I recognized one of the brothers as the man who pounded that piano into submission for the “We Have This Hope” song. He was lanky and jovial. He laughed a lot. His brother appeared more sulky and quiet. He almost appeared to be brooding. The father was sitting at the table, hunched over. He didn’t look too well. He was very stoic and almost silent.
The younger man, who we shall call Eric, was preparing a salad and cutting fresh avocado. He took his time doing it, making sure to create a culinary masterpiece that would be worthy of the Sabbath day. I could start to smell the food at this point. All sorts of scents mingled as the food was warmed up in the oven. Things were getting hot now and our stomaches were screaming for sustenance.
Every Adventist potluck is different, but you can tell a lot about a church by the food they eat. The more traditional a church is, the less you will see dairy or meat. I have only seen meat at potluck when traveling internationally. It’s not something you see a lot of in the United States. Cheese is the great equalizer. The more cheese you find at a potluck, the less sway Ellen White has over the congregation. If cheese and other dairy are absent from the potluck spread, you can rest assured that the Spirit of Prophecy is abiding.
Looking over the potluck spread, I saw that some dairy had made a happy appearance. Little signs proclaimed whether or not a plate was vegan. The more traditional members ignored the cheese as if it didn’t exist. As for me, I reached for the lasagna. It would possibly be something I would have to answer for in the final judgment—but I was hungry. Real hungry.
Being that we were guests and had a child in tow, we were allowed to go up first. To have the first pickins off the buffet table is an honor that brings with it a solemn responsibility. Behind me was a small army of hungry seniors. To fill my plate with one tantalizing dish could mean that a more seasoned soldier of the Lord behind me would lack. I had to muster my self-control and make my way forward. Tongs danced across salads and strange casseroles as I lifted the contents onto my plate. I made my way along the table, seeing a variety of concoctions that would bedazzle an outsider. Many of these dishes looked like something you would find in a cookbook that had gone out of print decades ago.
It can not be denied that much of the food was good. Some of it was bland, but given that the optimal Adventist diet shuns the use of pepper, spicy condiments, and vinegar, what can you expect? There was salt for those who desired it. I also found that strategically mixing certain foods could give them an added flavor that almost seemed exotic—maybe even sinful. Later on, I would read that much of the spice-abstaining diet ideas that Ellen White saw as optimal were gleaned from a health craze that had taken over during her time. While this craze had become obscure and disappeared from life in our modern era, some Adventist groups still follow this outdated form of healthful eating advice.
Potluck is the perfect time to get a real feel for the individual beliefs of church members. While most churches have a mix of more conservative and liberal members, observing the banter that happens during potluck is a great way to gauge the overall feel of a church. It was during the potluck time that I began to understand that there was more to this church than originally met my eye.
As I slurped up a vegetable broth, my ears were taking in all sorts of discussions that were happening from various areas of the table. I heard something about chemtrails and something about Jesuits. I had heard some discussion of Jesuits in the past but had always kind of ignored it. Being that I went to a Jesuit university, I found it somewhat relevant. I had heard my father-in-law discuss chemtrails in the past, and always thought it was a strange, and even a stupid thing to waste your time thinking about. It never made any sense to me. Yet, strangely, here it was, popping up at potluck. Talk of increased spraying and airplanes flying low over the area filled my ears.
Now was a good time to step outside and get some fresh air. It was a lovely Spring day, and nobody wants to spend their whole day in a musty old church. Therefore, I gathered my wife and daughter and we made our way outside to play on a small playground area that had been built outside. Even though there were no children at this church, the other church that still owned the building must have had children in the congregation.
As I watched my daughter play on the wooden playground, I looked up at the steeple. I thought back to our time in Eastern European Country, of this place, and the Deer Park church. I did not understand it. Yet, I didn’t see any reason to not come back and visit again. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. That is one way they get you in.
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2023.03.25 00:46 Square-Bee-844 Ngrandma judges my clothes

When I go out for a walk sometimes she tells my mom to fix my haiclothes (or she does it herself). She says “it doesn’t look good, she can’t go out looking like this.” I look fine, I’m not super dressed up (yoga pants, t shirt) but I look presentable. She told me “everyone is going to look at you and laugh” when nobody pays attention to my outfit. Even my therapist said that she’s judgmental, it took her (the therapist) to realize that my grandma was a narcissist. Always obsessed with how I look and disregarding my own opinions.
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2023.03.25 00:41 Revan_Kaiju [Hiring] 2 Sets of Reactive PNGs

What I want: 2 “Reactive” PNGs of my OC in different outfits w/ a transparent background. One from Mass Effect. The other inspired by the Atelier series (& Code Vein)
Style: Anime
Budget: $50-100+ (since one of them is basically character design)
I may end up choosing 2 artists since I need someone who can draw sci-fi armoweapons or Mass Effect specifically as well as someone who draws fantasy style and/or familiar w/ the Atelier series. I don’t expect to find a single artist who can do both or is familiar w/ both game series.
It will be two slightly different poses for both; not just a facial expression change. I have references for the majority of what I want & will help to get more to make things clear. Just bear with me.
Due Date: I have no set time due date for the Mass Effect PNG. I do wish to have the AtelieAlchemist PNG done within the next couple of weeks to use when streaming Ryza 3.
Important Note: Absolutely no AI art!
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2023.03.25 00:36 shakespeareinluv How do some studios become so good/renound?

Might be a stupid question, but following dance along with Dance Moms, I always wondered how do certain studios become so good or renound (ex. Club, Larkin, Danceology, Dolce, The Rage) especially with The Dance Awards. I assume it’s some combination of just the students being talented, and having extensive training, good choreographers, and location; parents in higher-income areas are more likely to invest more time and money into their children’s extracurricular or hobbies. Do y’all have any insight on this?
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2023.03.25 00:35 Delicious_Car_7693 Proposal to organize Kingdom Hearts into story arcs within the community

As a huge fan of classifying, organizing and arranging stuff, I loved Nomura's decision to divide the series into official, named story arcs and sagas, like an anime. But I think it would be cool, and it would help discussion, for us as a community to further expand on this arrangement, creating our own semi-official system. This is my idea: ---Dark Seeker Saga (KH1, CoM, KH2, Days, BbS, Coded, 3D, 0.2, 3) As Nomura officially stated. I propose, like anime fans do, to further subdivide Sagas into smaller chunks, arcs: "Chosen Heroes" Arc (KH1, CoM, KH2) Sora, Riku and Kairi depart: each for different reasons, is chosen by the Keyblade, and they learn the natural laws and rules of the world. The light, the darkness, and the nothingness. "Sleeping Hearts" Arc (Days, BbS, Coded) We witness the tragic stories of other Keyblade wielders tied to Sora, as well as get introduced to the main antagonist of the Saga. Coded ends this phase by hinting at their return, as well as Xehanort's. "Keyblade War" Arc (3D, 0.2, KH3) Finally, the pieces of Xehanort's master plan are falling into place, and the hearts linked to Sora's are about to be reunited. The final battle draws near, as Sora and friends get ready. ---Current Saga (we still don't know enough about it to give it a name, plus I'm sure Nomura will) (KHX, KHUX, KHDR, KHML, MoM, KH4, future games) "Ancient Past" Arc (KHX, KHUX, KHDR, KHML) (I know that Nomura said that the mobile games are the "X series", but I sincerely don't like the idea of putting them in a separate group. I mean, they introduce concepts, plotlines and characters that are going to be central to KH4 and the next games, so to me it would be silly NOT to put them here. This is the same reason why I'm putting them as part of the new Saga and not the old one, despite being released during the old one) The MoM and the 13 Darknesses begin their war, each with their own machinations, shaping the future of the world and involving in their conflict generations of keyblade wielders throughout history. "Lost Master" Arc (MoM, KH4, future games) As named by Nomura. I'm still unsure as to include MoM here or as the last entry of the Dark Seeker Saga. Anyway, this is my proposal for organizing the series! Let me know if you have idea for cooler names for the Arcs, or apply modifications to the Arc structure! I'm doing this just for fun, so don't take it extra seriously!
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2023.03.25 00:08 next3days For anyone looking for something to do this weekend, here's some ideas....

There's a lot going on this weekend and even better the weather forecast looks great with 60s and 70s and only a little rain on Saturday morning.
Here's 35 local events you can enjoy at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg and throughout the New River Valley:
1. Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release Moon Hollow Brewing, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 3:00 - 10:00 PM Admission is free. Beer and food are regular price. Moon Hollow Brewing presents the Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release in support of the local Pink Boots Society. This year’s blend contains Loral, Eukanot and HBC 586. A heaping dose of lactose, peach purée and vanilla bean also help create a rich and delicious brew. $1.00 from each pint is donated the Pink Boots Society Blue Ridge Virginia Chapter. This helps the chapter continue to put on educational, community enriching events. The Pink Boots Society aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. Food will be available for purchase from Countryman Jamaican Grill. Link:
2. Root Down in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Root Down is a jazz trio based in the New River Valley. Link:
3. College Softball: Chattanooga vs. Virginia Tech Tech Softball Park, Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM (Doubleheader) Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Softball team compete against non-conference opponent the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in a three game series. No tickets are required for Hokie Softball games. Parking is available behind the outfield at Tech Softball Park and enter along the right field side of the stadium. Stands open one hour prior to the start of the game. Link:
4. Music Theatre: "Book of Mountains and Seas" Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 7:30 - 9:00 PM Adult Tickets (based on seat location): $25.00 - $55.00 Virginia Tech Students with ID and Youth 18 & Under: $10.00 A daring new music theatre work by composer Huang Ruo and puppeteer, designer, and director Basil Twist, "Book of Mountains and Seas" is a modern take on ancient Chinese creation myths that are relevant to our current climate change struggle, featuring the chorus of Ars Nova Copenhagen alongside massive puppets and striking lanterns. The work is sung in Mandarin with English supertitles. Book of Mountains and Seas is inspired by the ancient Chinese compilation of early myths of the same title, which was first transcribed in 4th-century B.C. Book of Mountains and Seas is a 21st-century adaptation and expansion of four of these tales. The work contains timeless codes about the universe, creation, planet, nature, life, human ambition and fate, the relationship and interaction between mankind and the planet. Link:
5. Will Easter & The Nomads in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 Will Easter has one of those voices that is like a home-cooked meal for the soul. Will has the cool throwback rock edge of Tom Petty with the modern folk-Americana appeal of the Avett Brothers, but with something hard to put your finger on that could only be born out of the shadows and peaks of the North Carolina mountains. One iteration through a chorus and you’ll find yourself humming along, by the second time around you’ll be singing out loud, ready to hit the repeat button. Link:
6. Juxtaposition A Cappella Spring 2023 Concert: Time For A Hoedown Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 9:30 PM Virginia Tech Students: At the Door: $7.00 Non-Students: $10.00 Juxtaposition A Cappella presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "Time For A Hoedown". Juxtaposition will be performing seven new songs including their entire ICCA set. Juxtaposition is an all-male Virginia Tech A Capella group that was established in 1994 and has since produced seven albums and been awarded numerous awards and honors. They enjoy performing their wide repertoire of 70's, 80's, 90's and current hits. Link:
7. 2023 Ramp N Roads Eastern Elementary/Middle School, Pembroke Saturday, March 25, 2023, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Admission: Free Renew the New presents the 2023 Ramp N Roads where volunteers will be cleaning up litter from highways and byways, boat ramps, and river & stream access points. Be prepared to pick up litter off road in ditches and over the banks. Each volunteer will be assigned a team who will be led by captain when they arrive at Eastern Elementary/Middle School. These captains will lead the on-site clean up and will provide any needed safety instructions. There will be no buses running this year. Each volunteer will take their own car or carpool and convoy to one of the planned cleanup areas. There you will be given gloves and bags to use. Each volunteer is asked to return to Eastern Elementary at noon where they will receive pizza for a to-go lunch and a t-shirt. Volunteers need to sign up in advance. This is a rain or shine event however pick up along roadways will be suspended during active rain if it happens. ReNew The New is a volunteer organization committed to stewardship of the of the New River flowing through Southwest Virginia. Link:
8. Yoga On Tap with Blacksburg Yoga Collective Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 9:30 - 10:45 AM Suggested donation of $15.00-$20.00. The Blacksburg Yoga Collective presents Yoga On Tap with an energizing and uplifting flow. Flow with Blacksburg Yoga Collective in the beautiful settings of the Rising Silo Saturdays. These Kundalini-inspired, donation-based Yoga and meditation sessions focus on therapeutic movements and various breathing techniques aimed toward collective wellness. Meditate, chant, and move together to ease stress, manifest positivity, and improve our awareness and focus. Admission includes the class and a post-yoga non-alcoholic beverage from the brewery. Link:
9. 2023 Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair Warm Hearth Village Center, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: Free If you love unique, beautiful, locally handcrafted gifts and art, then attend the 2nd Annual Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair. The show will feature high-quality artisanal goods from both artists on our campus and throughout the New River Valley. Handmade items for sale will include pottery, woodworking, home goods, accessories, soaps, candles & more. The Huckleberry Cafe will be open for grab-n-go refreshments. Link:
10. Free Wine Tasting Vintage Cellar, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Vintage Cellar presents Free Wine Tasting every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Join them for a decadent wine tasting at our free wine tasting. They will teach you all about the regions and grapes from the wines as you taste. After the tasing, grab a bottle or glass and enjoy it with some food from their kitchen. Must be 21 or older to participate. IDs required. Link:
11. Open Virginia Tech Football Practice Lane Stadium, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Admission: Free Fans are invited to attend the open practice to get an early look at how the Hokie's 2023 football squad is shaping up. Gate 6 will open up at 11:45 AM for fans to enter. Note: It is prohibited for fans to take photos and videos when the Hokies are on the field. Link:
12. 2023 Beliveau Bridal Expo Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your friends and family and visit with the area's leading wedding professionals on display to plan your perfect wedding in an elegant venue. Wedding vendors such as florists, musicians, photographers, bakeries and more will set up in our Great Hall to talk to you about their services. This is a great opportunity to meet many of the vendors in one afternoon. Food and wine will be available to purchase throughout the entire event. Link:
13. Women's Lacrosse: Boston College vs. Virginia Tech Thompson Field, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse compete against ACC conference opponent and #7 ranked Boston College. Link:
14. Program: Vegetable Gardening Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 1:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Want to grow your own vegetables, but aren’t sure where to start? Join Dr. Emma Patterson, VCE Volunteer Master Gardener, to find out more about planning a vegetable garden, caring for it, and keeping it going through year’s end. Free seeds and soil testing kits will be provided. For ages 12 and up. Link:
15. 2023 Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru Riner Volunteer Fire Department, Riner Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: $15.00 The Riner Volunteer Fire Department presents their Annual Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru featuring fried oysters, baked beans, slaw and dessert. Tickets can be purchased in advanced at Eagle Express, Riner Food Center and Village Barber Shop. Link:
16. Delta Chi's Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring Audio Fever and The Red Ferns The Milk Parlor, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 5:00 PM Ages 21 & Over: $9.00, Ages 20 & Under: $12.00 The Delta Chi Fraternity at Virginia Tech presents their Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring music from Audio Fever and The Red Ferns. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The Red Ferns is a groovy guitar band based in Blacksburg and Audio Fever is a Blacksburg based band as well. Link:
17. March Flashlight Tour St. Albans, Radford Saturday, March 25, 2023, 5:30 - 7:30 PM Admission: $15.00 Join St. Abans for their March 2023 Flashlight Tour which includes a little history and paranormal in one. This is a guided tour. Take a walk through the dark halls of St. Albans Sanatorium and join them for a flashlight tour of the building. Hear all the chilling tales of what paranormal investigators, and the public, have encountered within these 120 year old walls. A little bit of history, a little bit of paranormal. Tickets are available online in advance and will be sold at the door provided tickets are still available. Comfortable shoes and a flashlight are recommended as there will be lots of walking and many dark areas. Dress accordingly as the building is not climate controlled. You must be 18 years of age (16 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). Link:
18. March's Beans and Banjos (Final Event) Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: $5.00 requested donation The Shawsville Ruritans and The LINC Letter presents March's Beans and Banjos and the final event of this series. Nothing lasts forever, not even Beans and Banjos. March's Beans and Banjos will be the last. Instead of having a couple of bands the organizers are inviting everyone who's ever played or sung at Beans and Banjos to come out and jam to play Beans and Banjos out in style. Beans and Banjos has been going for at least 14 years. Enjoy a dinner of beans, cornbread and desserts. Organizers ask for a donation of at least $5.00 to help keep the LINC Letter publishing. The LINC Letter is the non-profit community newsletter for Eastern Montgomery and is distributed to residents of Alleghany, Elliston, Ironto, Lafayette and Shawsville, Virginia. Link:
19. Amelia Empson in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Amelia Empson plays a variety of Indie-Folk and Americana covers and originals from the Appalachian Mountains with talent far beyond her years. Link:
20. Salsa Night 2023 Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 11:00 PM Advance Tickets: $12.00, At the Door: $15.00 Join Beliveau Farm Winery for a dancing experience with your loved one, group of friends, or come single; you are bound to have a good time no matter what. Lessons begin at 7:00 PM and the event lasts until 11:00 PM. Link:
21. 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration German Club Manor, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Admission: $50.00 The Blacksburg Junior Women's Club (BJWC) presents the 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration featuring unique beers for tasting, along with wine and a signature cocktail. Coffee, water, lemonade, hors d’oeuvres and desserts will also be available. Guests will enjoy entertainment by a DJ, dancing, and a live and silent auction. The auctions feature an extraordinary variety of items donated by local businesses and individuals. At the end of the evening, discounted Uber service will be available to guests. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door if the event is not sold out in advance. All money raised at March of Ales is used to fund service projects and donations throughout the year. The funds have benefitted groups and causes such as Special Olympics, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, Montgomery County Christmas Store and many others. Link:
22. WUVT's Jazz Night with Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD Odd Fellows Building Lodge #20 (Wilson Avenue), Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM Admission: $6.00 Join WUVT for a night filled with the sweetest jazz melodies provided by Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD. Copy Cat Syndrome is a fusion trio performing jazz based in Blacksburg, VA. LZRD is a jazz band from Blacksburg, VA. Entrance to this event is ticket only (sold online) with a maximum of 50 being sold. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the music starts at 7:00 PM. WUVT-FM 90.7 Blacksburg is the New River Valley's only source for independent, alternative programming. Link:
23. TechNotes Spring 2023 Concert: TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Advance Tickets: $5.00, At the Door: $7.00 TechNotes presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s". Enjoy a night full of new songs and old TechNotes favorites and chances to win epic raffle prizes. TechNotes is a co-ed A Cappella group at Virginia Tech that performs at various events throughout the year. TechNotes was founded in 2010. Link:
24. Caroline Owens & Company in Concert Floyd Country Store, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $15.00, Reserved Seating: $20.00 Caroline Owens is a 2X IBMA nominated Bluegrass and Gospel artist. She has performed alongside many of her heroes such as Alison Krauss, Suzanne Cox, The Isaacs, Larry Gatlin, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Lorraine Jordan and many others. And, has made quite a name for herself in the North Carolina bluegrass community. Link:
25. Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul in Concert The Floyd Center for the Arts, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 9:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Students: $10.00 Don't miss your chance to see the long awaited return of Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul. It will be a fun, funky night of soul. The diversely talented Hoppie Vaughan is all about the soul! He is a blue eyed soul singer, song writer, guitar and bass player. Besides performing solo, he is the front man for Hoppie Vaughan and the Ministers of Soul based out of Roanoke, VA performing classic soul, R&B, blues and funk. Link:
26. Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three Southpaw Cafe & Community Space, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 10:00 PM Admission: $5.00 Southpaw Cafe & Community Space presents a Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three. Friend of the Three is a band based in Virginia that performs adult alternative, pop and rock. Link:
27. Stand-Up Comedy Show Lost In Taste, Christiansburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 PM - TBD Admission: $7.00 The Cosmic Comedy Club returns with performances by comedians Sage Delong, Derek Budd, Julia Goyer, Tony Rodriguez, Jermaine Callando and hosted by Andrew Gustafson. Recommended for ages 18 & up. Link:
28. 2023 Hot Diggity Dog Day (Fun for Your Dog) Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 12:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your pup and come have a day at Beliveau Farm Winery annual canine event. There's 165 acres of dog fun for your furrr-ever friend to explore and relax. Fresh air, dog parade, lots of outdoor space. Beliveau will have food and drinks for purchase throughout the day. With every hot-dog sold, they are donating 20% of our proceeds to the Montgomery County Humane Society. Link:
29. Community Quilting Bee: Rotary Cutting Fabric Blacksburg Library, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: Free Blacksburg Library presents their monthly Community Quilting Bee with the the topic "Rotary Cutting Fabric". This month atteneeds will learn how to use a rotary cutter and ruler to make accurate fabric pieces. Everyone is welcome including beginners. Link:
30. Book Club: The Winemaker Blacksburg Wine Lab, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: $40.00 Join the Blacksburg Wine Lab for the Wine Lab Book Club tasting & discussing featuring "The Winemaker" by Noah Gordon. About The Winemaker: Josep Alvarez is a young man in the tiny grape-growing village of Santa Eulália, in northern Spain, where his father grows black grapes that are turned into cheap vinegar. Joseph loves the agricultural life, but he is the second son, and his father’s vineyard will be inherited by his brother Donat, the firstborn. He yearns for a job growing grapes and for an opportunity to marry Teresa Gallego. In Madrid, an assassination plot, conceived against the political leader of Spain by men of wealth and power, creates a storm of intrigue that sucks into its vortex a group of innocent young farm workers in Santa Eulália. How Josep’s life is changed drastically by these events, and how, ironically, they gradually turn him into an inspired vintner with an evolving vision of life, is the fascinating story of "The Winemaker". During the Book Club, enjoy four fantastic Spanish wines to taste. Chef Bryan will create a pairing board of house–made Spanish tapas, cheese and charcuterie to accompany the tasting. Reservations required. Link:
31. Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge" Floyd United Methodist Church, Floyd Sunday, March 26, 2023, 2:30 - 3:30 PM Admission: Free The Floyd County Historical Society presents an encore performance of Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge. Ricky Cox’s friendship with Willard Gayheart also goes back 35 years. This shows in the programs they present together, harmonizing and appreciating one another’s contributions as they delight their audiences. Willard is a pencil artist from Southwest Virginia. He is originally from Eastern Kentucky, working mostly from the theme "Nostalgic Glimpses of the Appalachians". His works are positive images of Appalachian Culture, presenting the region as a place alive with interesting personalities. Besides his artistic talent with the pencil, Willard is also an accomplished bluegrass musician having played as a member of the bluegrass band The Highlanders. Ricky Cox has been entertaining and educating many of us for decades. Throughout his teaching career at Radford University he shared the history and culture of our region through his music and writing, earning a number of special recognitions along the way. Ricky contributed his photographic talents to the second of two books featuring Willard Gayheart’s drawings. Note: The event was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 12th, but had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Link:
32. Blacksburg Community Band Spring Concert Blacksburg High School Auditorium, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 3:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free The Blacksburg Community Band presents their Spring Concert conducted by David McKee and Associate Conductor, Dean Chiapetto. Christiansburg High School's band director, David Miller, will be guest conducting. Jefferson Ritchie will solo on trombone. The Blacksburg Community Band, Inc. is an all-volunteer community organization formed in 1989 under the auspices of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the Town of Blacksburg. The ensemble is open to individuals of all ages and ability levels from the New River Valley and surrounding areas. Link:
33. Helping Hands Fundraiser with Spaghetti Dinner and Live Music Belview United Methodist Church, Radford Sunday, March 26, 2023, 4:30 - 7:30 PM Donations Appreciated Join Belview United Methodist Church for some fun and great fellowship all while helping support a wonderful mission. Help them fund their Helping Hands Pantry by enjoying a spaghetti dinner starting at 4:30 PM, silent auction, raffle and live music from Eddie & Sherry Richards and Spoken For beginning at 6 PM. Belview's Helping Hands Pantry supplies clothes, personal care items, cleaning items and household items to those in need in Montgomery County, Radford, Dublin, Giles County and Pulaski and other surrounding areas. The Silent Auction starts at 1:30 PM and ends at 7:30 PM with over 40 items to bid on. There are over $2,000 in prizes for the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each, $10.00 for three or $20.00 for seven. Donate a pack of diapers, pull-ups or Depends and get three free raffle tickets on the day of the event. Link:
34. Indian Run Stringband in Concert Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston Sunday, March 26, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free The Indian Run Stringband from Blacksburg, VA plays fiddle and banjo foot stomping dance tunes and sings traditional songs with old time harmonies perfect for dancing the two step. From dance tunes to the blues, the Indian Run Stringband plays with love and abandon. They make old-time music fresh and new. Link:
35. Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble in Concert with Guest Artist Michael Burritt Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 6:00 - 7:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Seniors: $12.00, Students & Youth: $10.00 The Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Annie Stevens, performs a concert with guest artist Michael Burritt who is one of his generation’s leading percussionists. He is in frequent demand, performing concert tours and master classes throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. He has been soloist with the United States Air Force Band, Dallas Wind Symphony, Omaha Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Ju Percussion Group (Taiwan), Percussion Art Quartet (Germany) and the Amores Percussion Group (Spain). Link:
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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2023.03.25 00:05 AshWednesdayAdams88 Not sure I'm in the right place, but could use help with toxic parents (mostly mom). How to escape the scars of emotional abuse and neglect?

tl;dr I don't know if my mom is a narcissist, if she's cruel, or if she just doesn't know how to properly interact with people
For context, I'm in my early 30s. My mom is, from my perspective, incredibly overbearing. I was forced to wear the clothes she wanted me to wear. Eat what she wanted me to eat. When we went on vacations as a family, she planned everything and didn't ask for input. If I tried to do anything on my own (my own laundry, for instance), she'd say I'd just do it wrong and to let her do it. Then she would yell at me for not knowing how to do my own laundry. As if I was supposed to learn on my own. She made me get a job in high school (which is fine, I'm not opposed to teens working), picked out the job she wanted me to apply for, told me I couldn't apply where I wanted to, and made me take the job when I got it. She picked out my college. She picked out my first car.
She is also incapable of being criticized or exhibiting any signs of personal growth. I moved home during the Big C (my roommate was an essential employee and I didn't feel safe) and worked from home. My mom talks all day. She talks to the cat. She talks to herself. She'll narrate her whole day. She talks through TV shows and movies. When I told her it was distracting, she'd reply "So I'm not allowed to talk in my own home?" I'm not exaggerating when I say she talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed. I suspect she talks to herself to force the rest of the family to engage with her.
As a more recent example of all of this, I have been living on my own for a year and a half now. My lease is up, and I decided I wanted to move. I mentioned this to my parents during a phone call and explicitly said "Mom, please do not send me listings. My lease isn't up for three months, it's too early to look." The next day, she started emailing me listings. In her mind, she took time out of her day to help me find an apartment and I'm being mean for not appreciating her efforts. From my perspective, I'm a grown ass person, I explicitly asked her not to look, and she either doesn't care enough about me or doesn't listen to anything I say. She also said "Well I don't want you to live in a bad area like in college, here are some safe areas." She tends to do that too, hang on to every single mistake I've ever made and throw it back in my face. When I call her out on it, she says "I'm your mother and I love you."
All of this has come to a head because I'm moving soon and she tried to invite herself over to help me pack. "Well one of us is going to have to drive the uHaul." Again, I'm in my 30s. I've been driving since I was 16. Everything I've written above (and more) has left me not knowing who I am as a person. I don't like doing things that she wants me to do, but I also don't particularly enjoy doing things (or not doing things) out of spite. I don't tell my parents anything because it leads to a lot of overbearing actions (see: "Oh your lease is ending? Here are the zip codes I'll approve of.") I think I hate my mother, just reading all of this, but I don't know if I'm crazy. Like in a normal, healthy dynamic, a child would appreciate help moving. But her help isn't offered, nor is it solicited. She just says "Okay, I'm coming over to help you pack." Any attempts at addressing this behavior is either ignored or she'll cry and say "Why are you being so mean to me?" I don't think she's a narcissist, I think she just had an emotionally neglectful childhood and never learned how to not pass that on to her children, but I also don't think that's my fault, is it?
I don't know what I'm looking to get out of this, I guess I just needed to vent. I've recently started therapy for this and it's going okay, but mostly I just...don't know how to change a relationship if the person is unwilling or unable to change. Any time I tried to stand up for myself as a child or teen she made me feel like shit, called me names, and said "I'm the parent and I say so," so it's left me scared of conflict and unable to stand up for myself. Even now I'm in a family group chat that she spams, and while I'd like to leave it, I'm scared to even leave a fucking group chat.
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2023.03.24 23:54 Natural_Safe2725 Lol

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2023.03.24 23:52 tryingtogetaway_9978 I need to know if I’m being dramatic

I want to leave my family, but I don’t want to make a mistake. I’m 99% sure my mom is a narcissist. I’m in my mid twenties for context. A year ago, my family threw a party for my older sisters engagement. Throughout the night I was on my best behavior but I had asked some distant cousins to dance and my parents didn’t like that. After the party, my mom slapped me (something she hasn’t done in years). Last night, my mom came home drunk. She is generally a mean drunk. She picked a fight with my dad. She called me in her room to back her up, but when I asked her to stop getting drunk and starting fights, she told me to go to bed before she kicks me out. As I was walking away, she said I need her to survive. Am I being dramatic for wanting to leave home?
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2023.03.24 23:51 Garckon41 Wordington food

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2023.03.24 23:45 BeautifulNewt109 Wanting to go to college for computer science, but my mom made it impossible to get FASFA. Should I even bother?

Hi y'all I (21f) am finally trying to get my life together and decided to go to school for computer science. I love coding and being part of game development has always been my dream. I was under the impression that I would qualify for the GI bill because my father served in Vietnam and didn't use it. However, I was rejected because he didn't transfer it to me. That was lame, but at least I have FASFA, right? Nope. Despite moving out at 17 and haven't been claimed on taxes since, I still needed my mom's wages for 2021. Unfortunately, she married her boss that year so therefore she made 2.3 million dollars and also has her name on her husband's accounts, all of which have millions. I heard I could possibly try to prove that I'm independent from her to FASFA, but when I mentioned this to my mom she said I couldn't because she apparently lied saying we lived together on some documents and is afraid of getting in legal trouble. Even though my mom finally got out of the lower class and now has millions, she refuses to help me.
So I guess after all that context, should I even bother pursing this degree when it's going to cost me ten of thousands of dollars? It's my passion and what I love. Even if I don't break into game development, the degree teaches me so much there's dozens of careers I could go into. I'm so tired of working fast food and barely making a living.
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2023.03.24 23:22 Cold_Total6214 Watching this show for the first time with my girlfriend, and I have to say…

Lorelai and Rory are both horrible people. I don’t know if this has been said to death, but they are. Lorelai makes every waking moment she’s with her mother as miserable as possible for her for no reason other than Emily is kind of uppercrusty. I just the episode where the mother bid on passes for two to an insanely nice spa, which Emily basically had to trick her into, and as soon as they got there Lorelai was as stubborn and unpleasant as she could be every step of the way. They go out to that dinner and she’s just like “yeah mom, that guy is checking you out! Go dance with him, entertain him!” Like she’s not married to her father? Terrible.
Meanwhile, Rory is SOOO “it’s so important I be nice to everyone and that everyone like me” that she’s just lying to Dean consistently as if his agitation about a guy who is blatantly after her and disrespects their relationship is somehow unreasonable, she just brushes it off constantly like he should just be cool with it. She’s also constantly lying to herself that she isn’t into Jess back because it’s inconceivable to her that she could possibly be less than perfect and wholesome.
Anyway, end rant for now, those are just the most current examples in my mind and there’s many more reasons I think they’re both trash humans.
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2023.03.24 23:13 zigtok Assistant features already included. I didn't know that.

Yes, there are plans by Google to have Bard interact with devices much like the Google Assistant. In fact, Bard is already able to do some of these things, such as making calls and setting smart home thermostats. However, Bard is still under development, and its capabilities will continue to grow over time.
One of the ways that Bard is similar to the Google Assistant is that it can be used to control smart home devices. For example, you can say "Bard, turn on the lights" or "Bard, set the thermostat to 72 degrees." Bard will then carry out your command.
Bard can also be used to make calls. For example, you can say "Bard, call my mom" or "Bard, call my boss." Bard will then place the call for you.
In addition to these basic capabilities, Bard is also capable of more complex tasks. For example, Bard can be used to translate languages, write different kinds of creative text formats of text content, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc., and answer your questions in a comprehensive and informative way, even if they are open ended, challenging, or strange.
As Bard continues to develop, it is likely that it will become even more capable of interacting with devices and performing complex tasks.
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