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2023.03.30 20:19 mayonnaisecarbon AliExpress Black Friday 2022

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2023.03.30 20:18 milmundos6 Left Mouse Button not recognizing every click I do.

Hi. Flagged as Software since i think i've ruled out hardware being the problem, at least mouse-wise. Been going on for a few weeks now, mouse will randomly stop recognizing every click, its inconsistent, out of 10 clicks 1 might fail, or out of 50 clicks none of them do anything, and it doesnt happen everyday. Mouse still moves and right click works fine, as does the touchpad.
Laptop is an Acer Swift 5 (Swift SF514-52T with i7-8550U CPU and 8gb RAM, running windows 10 Pro, and my drive storage isn't in the red), mouse is a wireless cheap mitsai mouse, but same problem happens with other mouses. When it gets bad I go to device manager and uninstall the USB port Drivers and restart the laptop, usually works but not every time, and it comes back eventually. Things I've tried but didn't work:
When I started writing this it was failing a bit and now seems to work fine out of nowhere, so you have an idea of how random it is. Woud appreciate any help before I go mad and throw the mouse at the wall :)
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2023.03.30 20:18 PrinceDizzy The Last of Us’ PC port bombs at launch, and PC gamers are fed up

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2023.03.30 20:17 yngjun ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F No Post After Enabling EXPO

TL;DR Motherboard isn't posting after trying an extensive amount of troubleshooting steps and essentially a complete rebuild. I can access the boot up splash screen when plugged into integrated graphics but keyboard inputs are not registering to allow me into the UEFI/BIOS.
Hi all,
I just purchased some parts for a new rig and I'm having trouble getting into the UEFI. I put the parts together outside of the case, validated that it would post and sure enough it worked just fine. When I entered into the UEFI I did enable EXPO and then proceeded to install everything into my case. I was able to wire everything up the same way I had it wired when doing the test boot, but when plugging my DisplayPort cable into my GPU I get nothing but a black screen. My DRAM LED turns orange and then my CPU light turns red but nothing else after that. My computer chassis fans and CPU fans are running but my GPU fans do not run.
What I've done so far:
Reseated RAM + CPU + GPU Loosened tightness on CPU cooler Tried all combinations of RAM placement and switching sticks Checked all connectors and reconnected again Flashed BIOS Researched for similar issues to no avail
I tried looking all over for answers and noticed a few things. Seems like EXPO being enabled may be the culprit, but clearing the CMOS I didn't have much luck. I also flashed a couple of different versions of BIOS for my MB, reseated my CPU, booted up my system with RAM moved around, or tried booting up with 1 RAM stick instead but no luck. I did try letting my PC run overnight to see if it's just memory training but no luck. I flashed my BIOS to 1003 which is the most recent build, but no success. I then tried flashing 805 as I read someone who was having a similar issue found more luck and stability with this particular build but again, no success.
I found that I could get to the ASUS ROG boot-up screen when my DP is plugged in directly to the MB instead of my GPU. Now it prompts me to press F2 or Delete to access the BIOS but my keyboard does not register inputs. It's a wired keyboard and I've tried to separate keyboards in different USB ports but had no success getting in. The fans on my GPU are not spinning either but I've reseated my GPU and plugged in the appropriate connectors several times.
I did not have a chance to go through any Windows install but I did create a bootable USB with Windows 11. I thought maybe it wasn't progressing past that start screen as it may be looking for a boot device but I wasn't too sure and will be trying that once I'm home from work but I'm not able to choose a boot device anyway since my keyboard inputs aren't working.
Parts List
I tried all the troubleshooting steps and researched as much as I could but didn't find anything useful besides people mentioning memory training to explain the longer-than-average boot times.
This is only the second PC I've ever built so any input would be much appreciated!
Happy to provide anymore necessary info that'll help this be resolved.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 20:16 war4gatch I've played this out 4 times and I always get squashed by my rebellions, get further and further into debt (15 loans rn), and slowly fall apart. I am a noob so any help is appreciated. Let me know if this doesn't properly show enough info to help. Thanks!

I've played this out 4 times and I always get squashed by my rebellions, get further and further into debt (15 loans rn), and slowly fall apart. I am a noob so any help is appreciated. Let me know if this doesn't properly show enough info to help. Thanks! submitted by war4gatch to eu4 [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:16 crackerscornbread Black Friday Home Depot 2022

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2023.03.30 20:16 Dog-Poker Summary of Nick Vertucci & Nik Airball podcast about Garrett Adelstein

Link to the podcast:

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2023.03.30 20:15 Visible_Sir9375 Şarkı önerileri?

Öncelikle, 2 kriterimiz var, 1) Ritmi veya melodisi hoş olsun 2) Sözleri anlamlı olsun ( En azından zırvalamasın aga )
TÜRKÇE; - Hayalin yeri yok ( Akustik ) - Allame - Eksik - Batu Akdeniz - Gökyüzünün rengi yok - Farazi, Kodes Sahra, Sinan Öktem - Yağmurlar - Anıl Piyancı, Perdenin ardındakiler - Koptu kayış - Sansar Salvo, Kaan Boşnak - Plüton - Şehinşah - Yine gel - Son dört - Kasmicam - Lust - Deli - Mor ve ötesi ( galiba ) - Karanlık - Dolu kadehi ters tut - Uzunlar - Evdeki saat - Ne için yaşıyorum - Sanışer - Temmuz şarkısı - Onur Can Özcan - Hatıralarım - Perdenin ardındakiler - Hatamı dansa kaldırdım - Kendimden Hallice - Zamanın dışında boşluğun içinde - Birileri - Trenler - Fikri Karayel - Zaman durmaz - Kendimden Hallice - Yürü - Birileri - İçi dolu her şeyim - Kaan Boşnak - [Adamlar şarkılarının çoğu] - Yürüyorum dikenlerin üstünde - Batuhan Yağız - Köleler ve kilitler - Peyk - Gidin - Peyk - Sakince yoruldum - Kendimden Hallice - Anla - Sehabe ( Aşk şarkılarını çoğunlukla koymadım, ne kadar ritimleri melodileri tınıları güzelse de içi boş )
İNGİLİZCE; - Float - Call me Karizma - The Search - NF - Cold cold cold ( Unpeeled ) - Cage the elephent - Take me out - Franz Ferdinand - 99 Problems - Hugo - End of it - Friday pilots club - Motive - Confetti
Ya daha var da üşendim sonra daha da yazarım
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2023.03.30 20:15 alxgldstn Bi-weekly hack to get 1 month ahead on paychecks

If you use get a bi-weekly paycheck, then you can get 1 month ahead if you allocate 2 paychecks per month. Because there are 52 weeks per year, this is 4.33 weeks per month. Four months of the year have an extra (5th) Friday, so after 1 year you will be receiving your January paycheck in December.
Visually, it looks like this:
I highlighted each paycheck every other Friday. You can see that March, June, September, and December have 5 Fridays, so these months shift the paycheck calendar 1 week earlier:
At the end of 1 year, you'll be budgeting for the upcoming month using $$ you already have, instead of budgeting for the current month. And if you don't have a safety net / emergency fund, this is one way to create it without allocating money from your monthly budget.
PS. Budget your monthly income using (ANNUAL INCOME / 13) instead of divide-by-12, and you'll get consistent 2-paycheck income each month for budgeting.
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2023.03.30 20:15 SB_Cheesecake25 How do I lay ground rules?

I provide tutoring services online. I have this one "regular" student who speaks English fairly well, but with difficulty. (which is what I'm tutoring her for) so I understand that sometimes there can be some confusion. The thing is, she's terrible when it comes to booking appointments.
For context:
Whenever this student wants to book a lesson, she will message me on the website a few days in advance to check what time works for me (even though my schedule is available online, but it’s not an issue), and then she’ll tell me what date and time works for her. She’ll then purchase a lesson, but she never books the appointment until the day of, often close to one hour before the time she wants. Sometimes, however, she either forgets to book the appointment, or she books it on a completely different date or time than she said she was going to. Then she’ll get upset when she has an assignment due soon and I’m not available to help her.
Over the weekend, this student told me she wanted to schedule an appointment on Sunday. I told her to pick a date and time she wanted, and that I would see her then. The date and time came and passed, but she never booked the appointment. As I’m getting ready for bed, I get a notification from this student asking me to help her with her homework. The messages read as follows:
(10:53 PM) "I will be free after 8 at night"
(10:53 PM) "because you're not free (during the) day"
(10:54 PM) "can you do (it) at night since you're at class in the day"
(10:54 PM) "please I have to submit my homework"
I remind the student that the next time I am available is on Thursday. from 5-9 PM. I then specified to her when my available hours were, and then I reminded her that she needed to book the appointment at least 1 hour before. If she wants to book an appointment, she has to look at my schedule and book it as soon as possible.
Today, she messaged me asking if I was available today at 4:30—even though my schedule says 5-9 PM on Thursdays—because she has class at 6 tonight. I would have said no since I get out of my last class at 4, and I like to have a good solid hour afterward to eat dinner and catch up on whatever work needs to be done, but it’s only an extra half-hour of my time, so just this once, I allowed it. However, I feel like she’s going to do this again even though I already laid the ground rules for scheduling appointments. Am I just not making myself clear enough to her? Do I need to make more of an effort to communicate with her? What steps should I take to keep this from continuing?
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2023.03.30 20:15 dpatsalos Two male Orcas believed to be members of a rare shark-eating morphotype have been actively hunting and killing Great White Sharks in South Africa

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2023.03.30 20:15 Idrawbadthings I dont get paid biweekly

So I work at a fast food place that pays on the 5th of the month and the 20th. If either lf those days land on a weekend, we will be paid that Friday or the following Monday. For some odd reason that doesnt happen to me. For example : I will recieve a direct deposit on the 1st or 2nd. Sometimes i actually do get paid every two weeks and i track the days on the calendar and bankng app. It can be frustrating and stressful when im not paid on time when rent or utilities are due. Im thinking about quittng because of the instability. Is this normal? Has anyone else worked somehwere and something similar like this happened?
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2023.03.30 20:15 crackerscornbread Home Depot Black Friday Tools

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2023.03.30 20:13 Twoklawll Atlus is never gonna let P5 go are they?

Like, it's been out 7 years and it's been everywhere in that time. Crossovers, spin-offs, Joker even got into smash long before the ports where ever a thing. Even one of the Yakuza games has the P5 soundtrack in it. It's starting to feel like P5 is gonna be the JRPG version of Skyrim, where instead of actually continuing the series they just keep adding onto their cash cow. I know Persona 4 also got alot of additional content, but it wasn't this big. I'm especially starting to get worried since we're approaching the same amount of time between P5 and P6 as we had between P4 and P5, yet all we seem to have heard on P6 is that it might be development. I know games are taking longer and longer to develop, but the fact we haven't heard ANYTHING on P6, makes me worried that we're never gonna get a P6 and eventually all we're gonna get is Persona 5-2.
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2023.03.30 20:13 Gorbalob My crush seems to hate me

Last week my crush started texting me which we didn’t really do before, and it was so great. It was really great, he was asking me about myself and I was asking him about himself, we were chatting and even had some inside jokes, we texted all day for like 4 straight days and talked a little in class too, and then last Friday he just stopped answering. I tried to rationalize it because it was on Snapchat and I figured he just wasn’t using it, but the last 3 times I saw him at school I said hi and he completely ignored me. Like just looked my direction for a split second and then didn’t acknowledge me at all. I don’t get what happened.
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2023.03.30 20:12 Kharapos [LFM][D&D5e][Roll20][P2P-15$/session] Recruiting for Multiple Nights/Adventures (Mon/Thurs/Fri 8pm EST)

Hello, I am a DM who has been running 5e since the start, and who has been running P2P games as a full-time job for about 3 years. I have multiple campaigns using third-party Kobold Press adventures currently recruiting. Follow the link to the Roll20 post for more details on the specific campaign!


-8:00pm Eastern. Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Level 5-20. Classical Megadungeon full of different biomes, factions and mysteries to bring together an extremely well paced adventure! The party is currently level 6 and consists of a Hexblade, RangeRogue, Peace Cleric/Druid and a GOO Warlock. They are mostly newer players and currently are on floor 2/23 of the dungeon. Looking for two more to fill out the party!
-8:00pm Eastern. Scarlet Citadel. (By Kobold Press). Level 1-10. Classical Megadungeon. Currently at 4/6 players for the campaign! Session 0 3/30 @8:30pm EST
-8:00pm Eastern. Empire of the Ghouls (By Kobold Press). Epic Campaign for levels 1-13. Currently at 3/6 players for the campaign!

Basic Info

-We will hold a Session 0 to get to know each other, and work on character creation/party formation. Session 0 will be free.
-New Players are welcomed and will be assisted, whether you are new to Roll20 or 5e!
-Sessions will last 3-4 Hours.
-Discord for Voice Chat.
-15$ Per Player Per Session (Excluding Session 0), paid via Paypal in advance.
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2023.03.30 20:12 XSevenSins Cuddle Bugs (1/3)

This is fun little short story that I've been thinking about for a while. I hope that it is entertaining for everyone and do feel free to leave a comment down below with your thoughts. I like hearing from you, and any bit of feedback can help me improve. Enjoy!
Ask anyone in the academy and they will tell you that deep space explorer is the job everyone dreams about, but anyone who does get the job will tell you just how bad it is. Endless cycles of flying, scanning and then flying some more, all while being locked inside of a ship the size of a small apartment building. To say cabin fever sets in quickly would be an understatement.
Still, the young and naïve will shoot for the position. Some might say that it is simply human nature to want to explore and find something that no one else has ever laid eyes upon. Whatever the reason was, it was this naïve hope of finding something new that landed Lisa in this pickle.
She was a healthy twenty-five-year-old fresh out of the academy, proud graduate of the class of 2247. Her skin was fair, her hair was fiery red, and she possessed a well-toned body as a result of all the training she went through. For the last several years she had been training to be a deep space explorer, and now that she had got her wish, she just wanted to be anywhere else.
That wasn’t to say that she didn’t occasionally enjoy her job, particularly when she is able to record the discovery of a new planet or asteroid cluster, but those long periods of time between these places were killer on her psyche. The only thing that was able to keep her even remotely sane was also a necessary part of being an explorer. Her partner.
Ships always went out with people working in pairs or trios. Daniel was great. They got along well even in their academy days, having a similar sense of humor and shared some hobbies with one another. They both put in to be partners with each other because you had to be able to get along when you are locked in a metal box for months with someone.
Lisa was sitting in the pilot seat of their ship, checking the different status screens to make sure that nothing was going wrong while they were in transit. The door to the cockpit opened and Lisa glanced over her shoulder to see Daniel stagger in and flop down into the co-pilot seat with a yawn. His black hair was rather messy right now, and he had definitely gotten a lot paler since they started this journey due to the lack of direct sunlight they received.
“Morning sleeping beauty, looks like you enjoyed your little nap.” Lisa said with a slightly teasing voice.
“Yeah, well after that double shift I had to pull when the plumbing line cracked, I’ve been whipped. I appreciate you taking over my shift at the helm.”
“No big deal, basically just watching a bunch of blinking lights. Honestly might have fallen asleep myself a few times. Promise not to rat me out?”
He chuckled a bit. “Sure, so long as my unscheduled nap doesn’t make it into the logs.”
With that bit of lighthearted banter, they both went back to their jobs, which for now was directing the last stages of exiting from slip space. When they exited traveling speed and coasted to a much more reasonable pace, the first of the scans for the new system they entered were sent out. Lots of stray gasses and rocks. There was a small moon sized celestial body that was high in metal content though.
“Well, that might make a good mark for a mining colony to set up around for a few years. I think that’s worth a bonus at least.” Lisa comments.
“Yeah, not the most interesting system we’ve ever been to, but it has potential. Making note of it in the log.”
Everything seemed to be going rather by the book. Lisa was interested in the possibility of the small moon growing into something else, maybe a gas planet given another few tens of thousands of years. Still, nothing much left to do here, so she... A light started blinking on the console, one that shouldn’t have been blinking this far out in the middle of nowhere.
“Huh.” She idly sounded out while reaching out to change the screen’s projection.
“What’s up?” Daniel asked.
“Oh, I'm not sure yet. The sensors are picking up a signal, but it's probably just stray background radiation tricking the system. Let me clear it up.”
Daniel nodded and let her do just that while he focused on taking a detailed recording of the moon for those back home. Meanwhile, Lisa was still trying to find the cause of the signal and filter it out. The only problem with that she found that the signal was locally generated, not just a strong interstellar pulse.
Her brow dropped in clear confusion as she started to set the scanner to track the source of the signal. It pinged several times and it came back that it was moving. “Hey, Daniel.”
“What’s up?”
“Do you know if there are any deep space probes in the area?”
“Uhm, let me check. Why?”
“That signal that we found, it is locally generated, and it’s moving.”
“Oh, damn, are we trespassing on a corporate claimed system?”
“That’s what I want to find out. Pull up the probe list for this area.”
“Already on it. Let’s see...” He scanned through the list that appeared on the screen in front for a minute, reading over various probe identifiers and posting notices. “Hmmm, this might be a problem. There are no active probes in the area, at least none that are registered. Illegal operations?”
“It’s possible. We should snap a few pictures and then report this.”
“Alright. I’ll keep an eye out for additional signals. If this turns out to be pirates, we need to gun it out of here.”
“Diverting power to engines, adjusting heading, and here we go.” With a few simple commands she pushed the ship into motion towards the mysterious signal. It was about thirty minutes of sub-slip flight to reach the general area. The tension was building in the cockpit as the two continued to be on the edge of their seats just in case this turned out to be a trap.
They entered the zone of the signal’s source, and it was projected to be within twenty miles of their current position and closing fast. “Can we get a visual on this thing yet?” Lisa asked.
“Hold on, locking in on the source, external cameras are active and searching.” It was a few minutes later that a ping sounded from his console. “Got it, putting it on the main screen.”
They both looked over to see that the source of the signal was a ship, although it wasn’t of any design or make that they were familiar with. “Daniel, any ideas of what to do? They seem to have power, but are they stranded?”
“I’m not picking up an SOS, it just seems like they are transmitting a stream of data somewhere. Should we try hailing them?”
Lisa contemplated that for a moment. “We should, just in case they need help. I’ve got the engines hot and ready to go if things get pear shaped.”
“Opening up a channel now.” Daniel flipped a few switches, and the mic was hot. “Unidentified vessel, this is the Chariot of Helios. We were passing through the area when we picked up your data stream. Are you in need of assistance?” There was a minute where nothing came back on the radio. “Unidentified vessel, please respond.” A second later Daniel’s eyebrows went up. “Uhm...”
The way he sounded had Lisa worried. “What? What’s wrong?”
“Their signal stopped.” He replied tersely, keeping his focus on the panel in front of him.
“Good or bad?”
“Don’t know. There are a lot of things this could mean. They might be doing something illegal, in which case they think we busted them, the stop of the signal could be a signal for someone, in which case this is a trap, or they are just trying to redirect their focus onto us.”
“Here’s hoping it’s the last one. I’m ready to blow this joint at a moment’s notice”
“Hold on, they’re sending something back. I’ll put in on speaker.” What came through was a series of clicking, screeching, and whistling sounds that made the two of them flinch.
“The hell was that?” Lisa asked.
“Maybe they are having some technical problems? Let me try again.” He started to transmit again. “Unidentified vessel, please repeat your last message, we did not understand you.”
This time there was a long pause in the back and forth that lasted several minutes before the ship started to send them something. “They’re sending us a data package.” Daniel said as the information came in through the screening process.
“What’s on it?”
“Hold on, it’s a pretty big file size.” There was a pause for a moment before he quirked his brow questioningly. “This is... is this a lexicon?”
“What? Let me see that.” She leaned over to get a view of the stream of symbols and occasional accompanying pictures. It had a similar layout to the lexicons that they were familiar with and were taught about in the academy but there were some minor differences that made it unique. “Daniel, do you recognize any of this?”
“The format, sort of, but not the characters or the language used here. Lisa, I'm thinking we might be involved in something big here.”
“Wait, you don’t mean that this is...”
He nodded. “Yeah, this might be a first contact.”
That was hard to grasp for the two of them. In over fifty years of human deep space travel there hadn’t been a single sign of alien life. To think that they would be the ones to discover another civilization was difficult to process. Still, there were procedures in place for such a happening if ever it did occur.
“Uhm, okay, so, erm.” She fumbled around the console a little bit while trying desperately to remember the steps as her mind was thrown into chaotic panic. “Fuck! I mean... Aliens!”
“I know, I know, just... try to keep calm and let's give them our own lexicon. We have it around here... somewhere.” He might have not have been as visibly panicked as she was, but he was still floundering a bit with the ship controls.
“Okay, alright, I’m calm, I’m good. I’ll just, uhm, put their lexicon through the learning program.” The simple VI program could parse an insane amount of data and find common patterns that it would use to devise a logical conclusion. In this case, it would decipher their language, at least in written form.
“You do that, I just found our lexicon file and am now sending the packet to them. Oh damn, almost forgot, we need to record all of this, so we have it on file.”
“Really? Shit, as if I wasn’t already under enough pressure. Can’t we send out a request for help?”
“Take a deep breath, we’re months out into wild space and any message will take weeks to travel. I'm going to start the recording.”
While Lisa watched the learning program slowly decipher the alien lexicon, Daniel started the recording with a brief description of their names, the name of their ship, and the situation that they had found themselves in. Once the basics were covered it was now just a waiting game. Either they would figure out the alien language first, or the aliens would decipher theirs. Whatever the outcome, the tension from waiting was terrible.
It felt like the progress bar on the translations was taking forever, and eventually Lisa just got up to go and prepare something to eat so she had something to distract herself with. While cooking on the shuttle was rather limited given the nature of their job, there was a certain art in preparing the dehydrated foods in a way that would make them palatable. The process of making their favorite combination of dried foods. That was able to distract her for a while, and the meal helped return the mood around the ship to at least a relative normal.
Hours ended up passing. The progress that the learning program made on the lexicon was significant. It was almost a full day of waiting and they had just reached the three-fourths mark on the program before the console pinged with an incoming message. Both of them were dozing in the cockpit when the console came alive again, and they jumped in their seats while scrambling to their stations again.
“What just came in.” Lisa asked with a slightly frantic tone.
“Hold on, checking now. We appear to be receiving a message, text only. It just says, ‘Hello’.”
“They sent that? Does that mean they figured out our language?” She sounded a bit more excited. The first successful communication between different species.
“That’s what it seems like. I guess their programs were more advanced than ours. I wonder what else they have that might be better?” Daniel contemplated all the possibilities before shaking his head. “Let’s save the speculations for later. We should return a message.”
She shot him a grin. “Will it be the stereotypical message that we always see?”
He gave a grin himself. “What better message is there? I’ve always wanted to say this.” He began typing out the message they would send to the aliens in reply, and Lisa watched as the words appeared on the screen.
‘Greetings from humanity, we come in peace and wish for cooperation.’
The cockpit went still for a few minutes, and you could barely even hear the two breathe as they waited for the reply.
‘Hello humanity, we of the Ursul Collective are gladdened to hear of your peaceful intentions.’
“Yes!” Lisa shouted out and threw her hands into the air. “Aliens! Peaceful aliens! Fuck yeah! I wonder what kind of music they have. Maybe they’re fuzzy.” She gasped at the realization. “Oh my god, if they’re furry little guys I'm going to lose it.”
“Please do not scare away the aliens before we have a chance to establish diplomatic relations.”
“That depends on them and how cute they are.”
“I will kick you out of this cockpit if you do anything crazy.”
She huffed. “Fine, I'll try to contain myself.”
“Good.” With that he got back to the conversation with the aliens known as the Ursul.
‘We are very far from our home on a scouting mission, but we hope that you would be willing to set up a meeting between our leaders.’
After a pause for apparent deliberation was had, they replied. ‘We do not have much authority as we are similar to you in occupation. However, news of meeting people from the stars will be heeded by all, so we need to return to our world to establish such a meeting. We invite you to follow but would need access to your computers to relay navigation data to avoid stellar obstacles.’
“That might be a problem.” Lisa idly states. “The security on the navigation controls wouldn’t recognize any of their computers and lock them out. They would need to give them to us in person, which means they would have to come aboard, and we don’t yet know if our atmospheres are compatible.”
“Well, we can ask them about that at the very least.” He gets to work typing again.
‘We are honored that you would invite us to your home, but our ship lacks the means of receiving that data unless it’s in person. If you would tell us the composition of your atmosphere and the weight of your gravity it would help us figure out if it is possible for a visit between our ships to take place.’
There was another brief pause before the reply. ‘Our atmosphere is mostly a nitrogen oxygen composite of seventy-five and twenty-three percent respectively with gravity set at nine point five three meters a second.’
‘Okay, that is relatively comparable to our own conditions. It should be safe for you to come aboard for the transfer, at least for a little while until further tests can be made. If you are willing to come aboard, we would be happy to host you for as long as you need’
‘We are very excited for the prospect of being the first to meet with a new species face to face. How would we connect our ships?’
‘Our dock has a flexible tube attachment that can seal around a variety of ports. You will have to make a short jump through zero gravity, but you can make it across safely. Do you have any concerns about this?’
‘We do not. Two of us will make the trip across. You may approach us slowly, our port is extended and waiting for your umbilical.’
With the permission received, they began their cautious approach as to not spook the aliens or cause an accident. The strange oblong vehicle they piloted had a flat bottom, was gunmetal grey, and currently had a tube extended from its port side. Lisa and Daniel piloted their ship to match the speed of the alien vessel was drifting at. Once they were synchronized, the umbilical tube was extended out from their ship and carefully wrapped around the extended port where it was vacuum sealed and then atmospherically pressurized.
‘The umbilical is secure; you may cross when ready.’
‘Acknowledged, we will begin the boarding process for your ship’
Lisa jumped out of her seat and rushed to the airlock, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. She couldn’t even stand still as she rocked on the balls of her feet while waiting. Daniel was much more reserved but still held a fixed grin that showed he was eager to see the aliens as well.
Soon the sound of the outer airlock closing was heard inside the ship, and the two humans straightened themselves out as much as possible. Lisa bit her lip in anticipation, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself to a respectable level. The inner door started to open, and Lisa stepped forward to speak first only to freeze in place at the sight of the beings standing in the entrance.
Standing in the entrance to the airlock were two aliens over six feet tall that looked like upright arthropods. Their black shells were reminiscent of ancient earth trilobites, eight limbs consisting of four legs and four arms, with heads similar to that of vespids, clacking mandibles and antennae included.
Lisa went stiff as a board and pale as a ghost, frozen in abject horror. The two alien arthropods also stopped all bodily movement at the sight of the humans before the one on the left let out a screech and charge at Lisa.
HolyfuckingshitthisishowIdie! Was the only thought that went through her head before her arms were seized by the alien with two of its graspers holding her by the elbows and the other two by the shoulders. Its mandibles clacked rapidly as it let out a series of whistling, humming, and trilling sounds while prodding along her head with its antennae.
Lisa was so paralyzed that she couldn’t even find it in her to scream. Her heart was racing so fast in her chest that she thought it might explode as she was on the verge of tears. In a single act of desperation, she managed to look towards where Daniel was, hoping that he would come to her rescue, but only seeing him backing away from the other alien that was moving towards him as well.
“Hey! I’m warning you dude, stay away from me, I'll rock you upside the head!” He threatened the alien that paid no mind as it still slowly closed distance with him.
“D-D-D-Daniel! Help!” She managed to stammer out.
He looked over at his partner in the grasp of the large alien and then back at the one trying to corner him. With a curse on his lips, he swung a haymaker and struck the alien approaching him on the side of its head. Immediately pain shot up through him as it felt like he had just punched a rock, but the alien was sent staggering from the blow.
Wasting no time, he rushed to the aid of his partner, and learning his lesson, he opted to grab her while shoving as hard as he could against her captor. The alien’s grip wasn’t all that strong, and she slid out of its grasp while it stumbled backwards. Immediately he pulled Lisa behind him and started to back away from them towards the cockpit.
The aliens had recovered from the blows, though still appeared to be somewhat disoriented. The one that Daniel had pushed had moved to assist the staggering alien that was punched before trying to approach the two humans again with raised graspers. Daniel put up his fists for a fight, but the punch-drunk alien reached out and grabbed its comrade, stopping them from approaching.
This alien took the lead over its comrade, approaching extremely slowly in a half-bowed manner. Daniel did not drop his guard, but he took notice as the alien reached towards one of its arms which had a device attached to it. Their nimble four fingered hands started to tap away at the device for a moment.
After they stopped fiddling with the device, the console in the cockpit pinged with a notification for a received message. Daniel cast a quick glance in that direction before returning an iron clad gaze onto the aliens who were standing completely still.
“Lisa, go check what that message says. I’ll watch them.”
She was more than okay with that as it gave her an excuse to get as far away from the freaky aliens as possible. Now in the other room she felt significantly better and was able to focus a little more. Checking the screen, she found the message somewhat odd, and yelled out at Daniel what it said.
“The message says: ‘I am sorry, we appear to have breached some sort of social barrier and apologize. We hope that we have not damaged our chances at relations.’”
Daniel’s brow dropped in contemplation. Was this just a misunderstanding? He started to feel a little bad for punching the one alien.
“Lisa, can you link my tablet to the ship systems and bring it to me?”
“Yeah, right, one second.” She was a little bit unsure about going back into that room, but so long as she kept Daniel between herself and the aliens, she could manage. After syncing the devices, she returned to Daniel and handed him the tablet, not so subtly hiding behind him as just looking at the two aliens made her break out in a cold sweat.
Daniel started to type out a question to help clarify the situation. ‘Why did you grab my partner like that?’
After reading the message, the alien frantically started typing on their device. ‘I apologize profusely for any offense that this might have cause. My own partner was simply overcome with surprise and failed to control themselves. There was no harm intended.’
‘And what was intended? You still haven’t said why you reacted that way or laid hands on my partner.’ Daniel fixed them with a glare, and despite them being significantly more terrifying than him, they seemed to shrink a little under his gaze. When they started typing again, it was with some hesitance before they sent it.
‘We do not wish to offend you, but you are very appealing to our senses, especially the smaller human with the bright fur. My companion simply could not resist touching and I apologize for his and my own actions.’
Daniel and Lucy were shocked when they read that, and it took them a solid minute to fully process it. ‘So... You’re saying that you find us cute?’
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2023.03.30 20:12 TalkOk3370 template request, clear the the right bottom square

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2023.03.30 20:11 DeathEnducer Second Gen QD-OLED monitors

My current decision is to wait for second gen QD-OLED just released by Samsung at CES2023. Comparing last year releases to this year:

Samsung S95B TV Released: 21 April 2022
AW3423DW monitor Released: 29 March 2022

Samsung S95C TV Released: 15 February 2023
Next gen monitor: ??? no word in 30 April 2023

The main reason I choose to wait is because the connectivity is a bottleneck. First gen only has Display Port 1.4, so max HDR 10bit framerate is 157 Hz (Unless display stream compression works on DP 1.4?) .
Otherwise, second gen seems like we can expect much higher brightness and slightly higher refresh rate. I wouldn't expect it far behind the TV release... but these seem like very different panels?
Fingers crossed for higher pixel density (110 Pixels Per Inch is not great) and improved screen coating
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2023.03.30 20:11 moderntechguy Worst Job Interview Experience I've Ever Had. Incredibly Unprofessional.

So a recruiter reached out to me to be the lead technical point person at a company at Levee.
The interview process at Levee was the worst, most unprofessional nightmare I've ever had in my 20 years of working in startups. I was lied to numerous times by the CEO who treated me with utter disrespect throughout the process, especially considering I was going to be the most senior technical position at the company. In the end, they rescinded my offer with no rhyme or reason given after initially lying about the reason. I cannot stress enough that I would never work at Levee or would ever recommend anyone else work there.
The recruiters told me that this had been a very difficult role for them to fill at Levee. I soon learned it wasn't a difficult role to fill, but a difficult company.
I first met twice with Jacob, the CEO. We hit it off very well and things went smoothly in both interviews. Since I am very senior, the 2nd interview was barely an interview at all. We discussed what I'd be doing, what my comp would be, and my start date, which was only just over a week away. He wanted me to talk to two other employees and check my references, most of which were other CEOs I had been CTO for who would sing my praises.
The 2nd interview was on a Friday and we scheduled my first interview with their Chief of Staff on Monday afternoon. I got in the Google Meet.......and she never showed up. After about 15 minutes, I sent an email kindly asking Jacob if I should stay or go. He got back to me rather quickly saying their COS person had cancelled the interview and sent me a note and asked if I had received either. I triple checked my email and I had not received any note. Furthermore, the calendar invite was still on my calendar. I later learned she had cancelled the interview to go on her vacation early.
I gently responded to Jacob that I had not received a note with a screenshot of the meeting still on my calendar, but said no big deal, let's reschedule. I even figured out about half an hour later that it was a technical glitch common with their scheduling software and explained that to him and that it was not her fault and that there were no hard feelings: let's press on.
That's when things got weird. I heard nothing from Jacob until mid-Wednesday (2 days later) when he sent an odd email to the CEO of the recruiting firm saying they were going in a different direction despite my being an "excellent" candidate since they "could not meet my timeline." Taking two days to respond had already set off major red flags for me and as a former CEO myself, I was starting to look at Jacob's behavior as extremely unprofessional. In fact, the most unprofessional I had ever experienced in interviewing at a technology company in decades. I was already heavily considering how I would be treated as an employee if this was how they treated one of their most important hires.
The recruiter and I were both very confused. We quickly both fired off emails to Jacob letting him know that of course my timeline was flexible. But for me red flags were going off everywhere.
I also kept in touch with the six references I had given them who said at no time were they contacted by Levee.
Since I get read receipts I saw that Jacob read my email regarding my flexible timeline a minute after I sent it. Another 24 hours went by with no response from Jacob. The recruiter was extremely confused.
The recruiter finally heard that they were passing on me, with no explanation.
I reached out to the CEO, rather forcefully asking why they were passing on me. His response was again that he couldn't meet the timeline, which was a bold faced lie considering we had made it clear that the timeline was flexible.
Clearly, the CEO was lying about his real reason for not wanting to hire me and did not want to divulge it because it was either illegal or unethical.
Ultimately, rather early I decided this was a company I would never work for as they treated me entirely unprofessionally, with complete disrespect, lied to me, and wasted a huge amount of my time.
I cannot recommend anyone interview with or work for Levee.
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2023.03.30 20:11 transdimensionalmeme Is there an easy way to IP block via firewall, any address that runs nmap -sS against my router and notify me by email ?

So I guess I need
Something that can detect a nmap -sS port scan and output IP / IPs to somewhere
Run that as a service
Take those IPs and create new firewall IP block list
Send an email when the block list is created
So question is now, how do I detect a nmap -sS in a way that won't kill my Archer C7's performance on gigabit internet ?
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2023.03.30 20:10 PureWafer3 NAT issues going from Inside Global to Outside Global

Hey everyone,
I'm attempting to NAT an inside global address to an outside global address over two subinterfaces on a Cisco ASR-1000x. Currently, we are using an inside global hrsp address to hit our cisco edge routers so perhaps the single MAC over multiple inside globals is causing an issue, I'm not sure. Anyways, these are the two config variations I've attempted:
conf t ip nat inside source static [inside global] [outside global] interface po3.999 ip nat inside
interface po3.997 ip nat outside
This is the show ip nat statistics:
office-rtr-edge-01#show ip nat stat Total active translations: 1 (1 static, 0 dynamic; 1 extended) Outside interfaces: Port-channel3.997 Inside interfaces: Port-channel3.999 Hits: 0 Misses: 0 Expired translations: 0 Dynamic mappings: nat-limit statistics: max entry: max allowed 0, used 0, missed 0 In-to-out drops: 0 Out-to-in drops: 0 Pool stats drop: 0 Mapping stats drop: 0' Port block alloc fail: 0 IP alias add fail: 0 Limit entry add fail: 0 Outside global interfaces count: 1
This is the second variant I attempted:
conf t
ip nat inside source static [inside global] [outside global]
int po3.997 ip nat outside int po3.999 ip nat inside ip access-list standard 1 10 permit [inside global] ip nat inside source list 1 interface Port-channel3.999 overload
We also attempted without the overload command however that produced an input error.
This is the show output for attempt at ACL NAT office-rtr-edge-01#show ip nat stat Total active translations: 0 (0 static, 0 dynamic; 0 extended) Outside interfaces: Port-channel3.997 Inside interfaces: Port-channel3.999 Hits: 0 Misses: 0 Expired translations: 0 Dynamic mappings: -- Inside Source [Id: 1] access-list 1 interface Port-channel3.999 refcount 0 nat-limit statistics: max entry: max allowed 0, used 0, missed 0 In-to-out drops: 0 Out-to-in drops: 0 Pool stats drop: 0 Mapping stats drop: 0 Port block alloc fail: 0 IP alias add fail: 0 Limit entry add fail: 0 Outside global interfaces count: 1
Anyone have any ideas we can attempt? The main issue here is, the inside global for some reason isn't matching on the nat logic of our ASR-1000x. We even went so far as to try a protocol/port specific static NAT but that was to no avail [ip nat inside source static tcp [inside global IP] [outside global IP] 443 extendable]
Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated before going through that rigamarole!
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