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This is a sub to help NOVA-ians meet and shoot. Geographically local to NOVA (the counties in red per the icon) and focused on shooting events, meetups, range info, gunshop info, etc

2023.03.22 07:11 Jomskylark Northwest Challenge, College Westerns, Rodeo, Juniors Terminus, and more – Weekend Discussion [March 24-26]

Predict, Discuss and Follow the Weekend's Events

Use these discussion threads to talk about matchups, share predictions, find stream info, react to results and more. You can also chat live in our discord channel. Feel free to discuss any event, not just the featured events!
Lots of interesting tournaments this weekend, let's dive in!

Northwest Challenge

March 24-26 in partly cloudy Seattle, WA
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
#4 British Columbia #6 Carleton #2 Vermont #3 Colorado
#16 Pittsburgh #7 Washington #10 Oregon #8 Stanford
UCLA #19 Western Washington Texas Utah
After some backlash about the previous predetermined-matchup format, NWC is now using a more traditional pool play and bracket format. There are still some quirks, as noted below:
  • UW and WWU won't play each other in Pool B. Instead, UW will play BYU, and WWU will play Victoria and BYU.
  • #9 BYU and #14 Victoria are each only playing Friday and Saturday games and won't be part of the bracket.
  • The top seeds in each pool will play BYU and Victoria: UBC plays BYU, while Carleton, Vermont, and Colorado play Victoria. If each of these teams also finishes atop their respective pools, this should provide some symmetry in number of games played, as the 2nd and 3rd finishers in each pool play a pre-quarter while the 1st finisher receives a bye to quarters.
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College Westerns

March 25-26 in sunny Los Angeles, CA
I can't find a schedule for College Westerns. If you have one, please comment it below.
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March 25-26 in both rainy and sunny Martinsville, VA
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B
NC State #24 South Carolina
Penn State Ohio
#4 D-III Williams Massachusetts
Liberty Duke
North Carolina-B Georgetown-B
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Juniors Terminus

March 25-26 in rainy Conyers, GA
Schedule (Boys, Girls) isn't up on USAU as of posting. If anyone has another schedule please comment it below, otherwise I'll check back later.
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New England Open

March 25-26 in partly cloudy Rehoboth, MA
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B
#21 SUNY-Binghamton #2 D-III Wellesley
Connecticut #15 D-III Mount Holyoke
Boston University Harvard
#13 D-III Brandeis Rhode Island
Bowdoin Boston University-B
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B
Bryant Bates
Northeastern-B Massachusetts-Lowell
Amherst WPI
Clark Connecticut-B
Harvard-B Northeastern-C
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Carousel City Classic

March 25-26 in snowy Binghamton, NY
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C
Ottawa Case Western McGill
Rutgers Cornell Lehigh
SUNY-Binghamton Columbia #17 D-III Rochester
Syracuse Carnegie Mellon Harvard
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Needle in a Ho-Stack

March 25-26 in partly cloudy Charlotte, NC
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B
#3 D-III Middlebury Tennessee
App State Boston College
#21 D-III Cedarville #11 D-III St Olaf
Tennessee-Chattanooga #18 D-III Union
Alabama-Huntsville Richmond
Berry Wake Forest
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
UNC-Charlotte #4 D-III Middlebury App State Tennessee
Kennesaw State Charleston Union #24 D-III Berry
Clemson Cedarville Christopher Newport Davidson
Georgia College High Point South Carolina-B Wake Forest
North Carolina-B NC State-B UNC-Asheville Embry-Riddle
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Garden State

March 25-26 in windy Trenton, NJ
Women's Pools – Schedule and Results
Power Pool A Pool B Pool C
#6 D-III Haverford-Bryn Mawr #25 D-III Skidmore Swarthmore
Columbia New Jersey Rochester
#8 D-III Lehigh Vermont-B SUNY-Albany
#9 D-III Ithaca Messiah Princeton
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Power Pool A Pool B
Penn State-B West Chester
New Jersey West Virginia
Rowan Swarthmore
#18 D-III Ithaca Skidmore
Army Siena
Not certain the men's division is actually a power pool, might just be unconventional use of USAU's scheduler.
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Layout Pigout

March 25-26 in both rainy and sunny Haverford, PA
Men's Pools – Schedule and Results
Pool A Pool B
#12 D-III Williams #7 D-III Oberlin
#11 D-III Kenyon Bowdoin
#23 D-III Brandeis Bentley
Haverford Shippensburg
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Top 25 Rankings from Ultiworld Top 25, but not yet updated for this week.
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2023.03.22 06:38 Kyrie_Acrel 安科瑞医疗IT系统 在安哥拉罗安达总医院的应用 Application of Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola

摘要: 现代医院的诊断和治疗,离不开各种先进的医疗设备,而各种设备都离不开安全可靠的供电。很多手术往往长达数小时,手术过程中突然断电的话后果不可想象;同时很多医疗器械都直接接触或深入人体脏器,此时极小的漏电流都会威胁病人的生命安全。因此,针对医院配电系统供电的连续性和安全性,国家相关标准作了明确要求,医疗2类场所重要设备必须用IT系统供电,同时IT系统需要配置绝缘监测装置。本文介绍了安科瑞医疗IT系统在安哥拉罗安达总医院的应用。
Abstract: Diagnosis and treatment in modern hospitals are inseparable from advanced medical equipment, which are inseparable from safe and reliable power supply. Many operations often last for several hours, and the consequences of a sudden power failure during the operation are unimaginable. At the same time, many medical devices directly touch or penetrate into the human organs. At this time, the very small leakage current will threaten the life of the patient. Therefore, the national standards have made clear requirements, medical group 2 locations must be powered by IT system. This article introduces the application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola.
关键词: 医疗IT,绝缘监测装置,报警显示仪。
Keywords: Medical IT system, Insulation monitoring device, Alarm indicators.
1. Project Overview项目概述
Luanda General Hospital in Angola is a China-aided reconstruction and expansion project of Luanda General Hospital in Angola undertaken by China Railway Fourth Bureau. The project uses 8 sets of Acrel medical IT system products. They are AITR series isolation transformer, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, AIM-M series insulation monitoring device, AID series remote alarm indicator and DC power supply unit.
2. Introduction of Medical Isolated Power Supply System 医疗IT系统介绍
The medical isolated power supply system is to switch the grounding system (TN-S system) into ungrounded system (IT system) through a medical isolation transformer to supply power for important medical equipment. The insulation monitoring device has the function of insulation monitoring and fault locator has the function of fault circuit locating.
3. Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System Solutions 安科瑞医疗IT解决方案
Acrel medical isolated power supply system is suitable for operating room, ICU, CCU and other medical group 2 locations providing safe and uninterruptible power supply. It mainly includes AITR series isolation transformer, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, AIM-M series insulation monitoring device, AID series remote alarm indicator, DC power supply, ASG series test signal generator and AIL series insulation fault locator.
3.1 Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System for Operating Room 手术室配电解决方案
方案一 不带绝缘故障定位功能
Option I without insulation fault location function
方案二 带绝缘故障定位功能
Option II with insulation fault location function
Note: 1. For operating room, AID series alarm indicator should be installed on the intelligence panel inside the operating room, or next to the intelligence panel (wall mounted installation) so that medical personnel can immediately receive a notification when there is power supply failure.
  1. In Option II,if the number of located channels is more than eight,two sets of AIL150 can be used. The combination can be AIL150-8 and AIL150-4 (up to 12 channels), or AIL150 -8 and AIL150-8 (up to 16 channels).
3.2 Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System for ICU and CCU ICU,CCU配电解决方案
方案一 不带绝缘故障定位功能
Option I without insulation fault location function
方案二 带绝缘故障定位功能
Option II with insulation fault location function
Note: For intensive care unit , AID series alarm indicator should be installed in the nurses 'station so that medical personnel can monitor the operating status of isolated power supply system.
3.3 Product Selection产品选型
AITR series isolation transformer
a. H class insulation meterial, which permits more higher temperature rise so as to extend the using time. b. PT temperature sensors
c. inrush current (IE): <12In d. capacity: 3.15kVA, 5kVA, 6.3kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA
e. low noise
f. CE approval
AIM-M series medical insulation monitoring device
a. insulation monitoring, overload monitoring, over-temperature monitoring
b. fault alarm output
c. RS485 and CAN communication
d. IEC and CE approval
AKH-0.66P26 current transformer
a. protective current transformer
b. maximum measurement current: 60A
c. ratio is 2000:1
d. installation: fixed inside cabinet by screwing
e. CE approval
DC power supply
a. output voltage: DC 24V
b. 35mm DIN rail installation
c. provide power for AID series alarm indicator
AID series alarm indicator
a. display the data of insulation monitoring device
b. panel or wall-mounted installtion
c. eqipped with DC power supply
d. CE approval
4. Connection Diagram接线图
5. Installation Photos 安装图片
6. Conclusion 总结
After expansion and reconstruction, Luanda General Hospital has become the largest hospital in Angola. The Acrel medical IT system provides safe and realible power supply for hospitals, effectively improving the local medical conditions and benefiting the local people.
  1. IT System Insulation Monitoring Device and Fault Location System of Acrel. 2020
  2. IEC 60354-7-710: 2002 Electrical installations of buildings-Part 7-710:Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations. 2002
  3. IEC 61558-1-15:2011 Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof-Part 2-15: particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers for the supply of medical locations. 2011
submitted by Kyrie_Acrel to u/Kyrie_Acrel [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 04:11 User_3971 PSE/RCA/CCA/MHA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 3-21 rollup.

CAREER EMPLOYEES! Tired of seeing all these jobs go to the street? Your chance to join the gravy train ranks is here! Apply yourself, you can do it! MSS Coordinator varies by District. Find an APWU steward and ask for more information if the Exam Open Season blurb is not posted at your facility.

Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from for your convenience.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a testimonial from a recent convert, prima1981.
NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
MELVILLE NY NC11291730 03/20/2023
CLAREMORE OK NC11291776 03/17/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11272282 03/16/2023
REDMOND WA NC11290022 03/15/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11277594 03/13/2023
SAN RAFAEL CA NC11285765 03/13/2023
FAIRFIELD IA NC11296093 03/20/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11285816 03/20/2023
BROOKLYN NY NC11292944 03/20/2023
LEESBURG VA NC11294817 03/19/2023
TRAVERSE CITY MI NC11293101 03/18/2023
MAMMOTH LAKES CA NC11290446 03/18/2023
MONROE TOWNSHIP NJ NC11293078 03/17/2023
MUSCATINE IA NC11292212 03/17/2023
MOUNT VERNON NY NC11291637 03/17/2023
NEWTON CENTER MA NC11291721 03/17/2023
SANDSTON VA NC11291556 03/16/2023
ROANOKE VA NC11290490 03/16/2023
ARLINGTON VA NC11290479 03/16/2023
MC LEAN VA NC11290442 03/16/2023
HARRISBURG NC NC11290191 03/16/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11271997 03/13/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11271924 03/11/2023
PALATINE IL NC11280862 03/08/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
SEATTLE WA NC11286273 03/11/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11289187 03/21/2023
RALEIGH NC NC11293249 03/18/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11294808 03/20/2023
MERRIFIELD VA NC11294815 03/19/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288732 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11293304 03/18/2023
GARDEN CITY NY NC11293312 03/18/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11284476 03/11/2023
BROCKTON MA NC11288736 03/15/2023
BOSTON MA NC11291646 03/17/2023
ALBUQUERQUE NM NC11291724 03/17/2023
MILAN IL NC11282668 03/09/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293083 03/18/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288711 03/20/2023
CHICAGO IL NC11292143 03/17/2023
AUGUSTA GA NC11292936 03/17/2023
ATLANTA GA NC11281021 03/08/2023
ATLANTA GA NC11281019 03/08/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289177 03/21/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288728 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11294638 03/19/2023
GREEN BAY WI NC11293192 03/18/2023
DULUTH GA NC11281020 03/08/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11292109 03/17/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11287388 03/12/2023
SANDSTON VA NC11290579 03/16/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11271987 03/11/2023
OMAHA NE NC11293020 03/18/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11288811 03/20/2023
MACON GA NC11292871 03/17/2023
KEARNY NJ NC11288707 03/17/2023
JERSEY CITY NJ NC11288716 03/18/2023
JAMAICA NY NC11288928 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11289212 03/15/2023
BELL GARDENS CA NC11287325 03/21/2023
FARMINGTON NM NC11294794 03/20/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
MELVILLE NY NC11288836 03/20/2023
DULLES VA NC11294816 03/19/2023
REDMOND WA NC11288605 03/12/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11288705 03/13/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284259 03/09/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284258 03/09/2023
GRAND RAPIDS MI NC11290165 03/16/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289175 03/21/2023
WASHINGTON DC NC11285943 03/11/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293003 03/18/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288712 03/20/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284231 03/09/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284228 03/09/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11288609 03/13/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11291734 03/17/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
HEIGHTS MD NC11290064 03/16/2023
PROVIDENCE RI NC11285939 03/11/2023
SPRINGFIELD MA NC11287631 03/12/2023
SEATTLE WA NC11294603 03/18/2023

Garage Assistant:
MCALLEN TX NC11291630 03/16/2023

Electronic Technician:
CHICAGO IL NC11292188 03/17/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293110 03/18/2023
MILAN IL NC11282633 03/09/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11294867 03/19/2023
MANKATO MN NC11288581 03/13/2023
MANKATO MN NC11288608 03/13/2023
RALEIGH NC NC11293202 03/18/2023
RAPID CITY SD NC11293181 03/18/2023
ROCKY MOUNT NC NC11294669 03/19/2023
BROCKTON MA NC11288735 03/15/2023
LUBBOCK TX NC11294802 03/19/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

IDAHO SPRINGS CO NC11290443 03/16/2023
MOSS LANDING CA NC11289973 03/15/2023
GLASGOW MT NC11296091 03/21/2023
MACCLENNY FL NC11293116 03/18/2023
TIMBER LAKE SD NC11292942 03/17/2023
MOSS BEACH CA NC11295113 03/19/2023
MAPLE FALLS WA NC11296082 03/19/2023
LAKE CITY CO NC11290061 03/15/2023
EASTSOUND WA NC11295971 03/20/2023
CULLEOKA TN NC11294523 03/18/2023
WORDEN IL NC11292989 03/17/2023
PIEDMONT SD NC11287291 03/11/2023
GYPSUM CO NC11290318 03/16/2023
BASSETT NE NC11294668 03/18/2023
SPRINGDALE WA NC11296087 03/20/2023
SURING WI NC11280556 03/06/2023
CEDAR MI NC11284195 03/09/2023
BIG SUR CA NC11296150 03/21/2023
ASPEN CO NC11290054 03/15/2023
ANZA CA NC11291564 03/16/2023
VAN HORN TX NC11284178 03/09/2023
OAK GROVE MO NC11292947 03/17/2023
SLOUGHHOUSE CA NC11296098 03/20/2023
KINGS BEACH CA NC11296096 03/20/2023
EL GRANADA CA NC11295117 03/19/2023
SEAFORD VA NC11288801 03/15/2023
ROY WA NC11296081 03/20/2023
QUILCENE WA NC11296078 03/20/2023
OLIVET MI NC11291746 03/17/2023
DEXTER OR NC11296094 03/21/2023
CLARKSTON WA NC11295974 03/20/2023
CLANTON AL NC11294399 03/18/2023
BREMEN OH NC11293002 03/18/2023
BETHPAGE TN NC11294606 03/18/2023
CRESTED BUTTE CO NC11288703 03/13/2023
CAVE JUNCTION OR NC11296085 03/21/2023
JACKSON WY NC11285851 03/17/2023
BELTON SC NC11291709 03/17/2023
HICO TX NC11293402 03/18/2023
WAIMANALO HI NC11294630 03/18/2023
STURTEVANT WI NC11291641 03/17/2023
SOMERVILLE AL NC11294490 03/18/2023
ROSS CA NC11295061 03/19/2023
NORTH LIBERTY IN NC11294813 03/19/2023
MONTROSE CA NC11294635 03/18/2023
FELTON CA NC11289302 03/15/2023
CENTURY FL NC11294548 03/21/2023
GORDON NE NC11294636 03/18/2023
MAMMOTH LAKES CA NC11294924 03/21/2023
BIG BEAR CITY CA NC11291563 03/16/2023
BLOOMING PRAIRIE MN NC11296095 03/20/2023

City Carrier:
SAN MATEO CA NC11290796 03/16/2023
MOUNTAIN VIEW CA NC11291999 03/17/2023
MOORHEAD MN NC11292895 03/17/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11294447 03/20/2023
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND WA NC11290758 03/19/2023
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS IL NC11294487 03/18/2023
NORTH SHORE - BOSTON MA NC11290276 03/19/2023
VILLA PARK IL NC11291816 03/20/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11290773 03/17/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11290763 03/16/2023
NORTHBROOK IL NC11293598 03/19/2023
MOUNT PROSPECT IL NC11293606 03/19/2023
MICHIGAN CITY IN NC11282385 03/11/2023
MANCHESTER NH NC11294861 03/19/2023
LOS ALTOS CA NC11291568 03/17/2023
LEWISTON ME NC11294546 03/18/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11290351 03/19/2023
HANOVER PARK IL NC11291648 03/20/2023
GRAND FORKS ND NC11292104 03/17/2023
FRANKLIN PARK IL NC11291801 03/20/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11291995 03/17/2023
DES MOINES WA NC11290715 03/19/2023
CORALVILLE IA NC11291547 03/18/2023
CONCORD MA NC11295012 03/20/2023
CAPITOLA CA NC11291518 03/17/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11294394 03/18/2023
WHEELING IL NC11293699 03/20/2023
WAYNESBORO VA NC11291790 03/17/2023
WATSONVILLE CA NC11291560 03/17/2023
SANTA CRUZ CA NC11291516 03/17/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11291570 03/18/2023
OAK PARK IL NC11291778 03/20/2023
NASHUA NH NC11294872 03/19/2023
MOUNTLAKE TERRACE WA NC11290708 03/19/2023
MORGAN HILL CA NC11292039 03/17/2023
MINOT ND NC11292939 03/17/2023
MILPITAS CA NC11291559 03/16/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11290721 03/16/2023
MADAWASKA ME NC11294513 03/18/2023
GRAND ISLAND NE NC11294510 03/20/2023
ENGLEWOOD CO NC11292941 03/17/2023
DES PLAINES IL NC11294525 03/18/2023
CAMPBELL CA NC11290779 03/17/2023
BURLINGTON VT NC11294626 03/18/2023
BOZEMAN MT NC11291789 03/17/2023
GREATER BOSTON - BOSTON MA NC11290459 03/19/2023
SOUTH SAINT PAUL MN NC11292899 03/17/2023
GLENVIEW IL NC11294530 03/19/2023
WILMETTE IL NC11294374 03/19/2023
WAUKEGAN IL NC11293516 03/20/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11291849 03/17/2023
SEATTLE WA NC11290724 03/19/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11290716 03/16/2023
SACO ME NC11294503 03/18/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11290799 03/16/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11290711 03/19/2023
NORTHBOROUGH MA NC11294971 03/20/2023
MUNDELEIN IL NC11293524 03/20/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11290788 03/16/2023
MEDINA OH NC11291825 03/17/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11290806 03/17/2023
LAKE FOREST IL NC11294393 03/18/2023
IOWA CITY IA NC11291510 03/18/2023
HOPKINS MN NC11292070 03/17/2023
GREAT FALLS MT NC11291827 03/17/2023
GRAFTON ND NC11292874 03/17/2023
FARGO ND NC11292873 03/17/2023
ELGIN IL NC11291739 03/20/2023
DULUTH MN NC11292872 03/17/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11291517 03/17/2023
APTOS CA NC11291604 03/17/2023

Rural Carrier:
PARK RIVER ND NC11290591 03/16/2023
MIDDLETON WI NC11294805 03/19/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294698 03/19/2023
MANITOWOC WI NC11294770 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294682 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294641 03/19/2023
FORKS WA NC11284401 03/15/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294679 03/19/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294677 03/19/2023
AMERY WI NC11294788 03/19/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294782 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294795 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294647 03/19/2023
LEBANON NH NC11290073 03/16/2023
EAST DUBUQUE IL NC11294850 03/19/2023
CLINTONVILLE WI NC11294692 03/19/2023
BASALT CO NC11288701 03/13/2023
SALIDA CO NC11296151 03/20/2023
GLENWOOD SPRINGS CO NC11289738 03/15/2023
ENFIELD NH NC11289739 03/16/2023
CARBONDALE CO NC11289737 03/15/2023
MADISON WI NC11294777 03/19/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
PORTLAND OR NC11294928 03/18/2023
KCMO MO P&DC NC11294600 03/18/2023
MIAMI FL P&DC NC11294605 03/18/2023
NASHVILLE TN P&DC NC11296342 03/20/2023
BOSTON MA P&DC NC11294706 03/18/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11294711 03/18/2023
ROCHESTER NY P&DC NC11294707 03/18/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11294941 03/18/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11294945 03/18/2023
SOUTHERN ME P&DC NC11294709 03/18/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11294933 03/18/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
ALBANY NY P&DC NC11294618 03/18/2023
DULLES VA P&DC NC11296403 03/20/2023
MILWAUKEE WI P&DC NC11296348 03/20/2023
MIDDLESEX-ESSEX MA P&DC NC11294700 03/18/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11294723 03/18/2023
BALTIMORE MD P&DC NC11294712 03/18/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11294703 03/18/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11294704 03/18/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11294713 03/18/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11294716 03/18/2023
ROCHESTER NY P&DC NC11294702 03/18/2023
SEATTLE NDC NC11294876 03/18/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11294879 03/18/2023
TACOMA WA NC11294898 03/18/2023
SACRAMENTO CA P&DC NC11294719 03/18/2023
ATLANTA GA P&DC NC11294705 03/18/2023
GRAND RAPIDS P&DF NC11294708 03/18/2023
MIAMI FL P&DC NC11294619 03/18/2023
ROYAL PALM FL P&DC NC11294623 03/18/2023
ST LOUIS MO P&DC NC11294710 03/18/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
submitted by User_3971 to USPS [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:23 venividivintage Advice on a 2k 30"+ curved sub $300 monitor?

I'll be real...i don't know much about monitors. I know higher hertz is better but don't know shit about different panels etc
I'm looking for a 1440p curved monitor that is at least 30", curved and under $300....anyone have a go to that fits the criteria?
Here are some i've found but have no idea which is best or if any of these are even decent. Any help would be appreciated. My new build is AMD (Gpu and Cpu)
Acer 31.5" ED320Q Xbmiipx 240 Hz Curved Gaming UM.JE0AA.X02 B&H
Acer Nitro ED323QU Pbmiippx 31.5" WQHD 2560 x 1440 VA 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor AMD FreeSync Premium Up to 165Hz 1ms (VRB) DisplayHDR400 DCI-P3 92% 2 x Display Port 1.2 & 2 x HDMI 2.0
GIGABYTE M32QC 32" (31.5" Viewable) QHD 2560 x 1440 (2K) 165Hz / OC 170Hz HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, Audio FreeSync Premium (AMD Adaptive Sync) Curved Gaming Monitor -
GIGABYTE G32QC A 32" 165Hz 2K Curved Gaming Monitor -
Lenovo G32qc-10 WLED QHD 31.5" QHD Curved Gaming Monitor 1440p AMD FreeSync Premium,DisplayPort HDMI Narrow Bezels Adjustable VESA Mount Curved Gaming Monitor -
MSI OPTIX G321CQP 32" (31.5" Actual Screen Size) QHD 2560 x 1440 (2K) 165 Hz HDMI, DisplayPort, Audio FreeSync Premium (AMD Adaptive Sync) 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor -
VIOTEK GNV32DBE 32-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor 2560x1440p QHD 165Hz 120% sRGB FreeSync/G-Sync 2X DP, 1x HDMI 2.0 3 Years Zero Dead Pixels -
Westinghouse 32" FHD 144HZ Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor
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2023.03.22 02:41 mks01089 ELI5: calculating how much power I need

Hi all! Brand new to thinking about solar, as I came to this from a problem solving standpoint.
Background: My toddler is transitioning to a big kid bed, which means he will have freedom to move about the room. This kid gets into EVERYTHING so I’m babyproofing anything I could possibly imagine him getting into. Unfortunately the electrical outlets are in very inconvenient spots in his room and to plug in his baby monitor camera requires quite a lot of exposed cord. We looked into getting a cover for the cord but it would be quite a lot of length for this one item. Right now the camera is mounted next to the window which gets bright direct and indirect sunlight all day, every day. So I thought, why not look into a solar set up to power the camera - where cords would be much closer to the ceiling and not reachable by our lil curious monkey.
The camera has no battery capacity on its own and relies on constant access to power to run. We need it to be on continuously for about 13 hours overnight. How do I determine what the total amh I need from my solar panel to run this one device? I assume there is a formula I just don’t know…
Camera specs:
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2023.03.22 01:27 darth1211 What this C-130J, livery?

What this C-130J, livery? submitted by darth1211 to ADSB [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 15:40 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Wallburg Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian Winston Salem
Roehl Transport CDL A Driver Charlotte
Year Up Entry - Level IT Role Charlotte
Year Up Internship in Business Charlotte
FSR Clinical Psychologist - TBI Elizabeth City
HealthCare Travelers Pediatric RN Fayetteville
America's Best General Manager - Optical Greensboro
Rice Toyota Collision Estimator Greensboro
AFP CDL A Driver Indian Trail
Paschall Truck Lines Freight Receiver Newton
ATI [Hot Die Forging Technician (third shift)] - [Irvine, CA] - [22 - 2519] Raleigh
Cargo Transporters CDL A Driver Rocky Mount
Eliada Homes Inc Preschool Lead Teacher ($1,000 Sign-On Bonus) Alexander
Eliada Homes Inc Elementary School Teacher Asheville
Eliada Homes Inc Elementary Grade Teacher Asheville
Eliada Homes Inc Preschool Lead Teacher ($1,000 Sign-On Bonus) Asheville
Breeze Thru Markets LLC Team Member Cary
Croasdaile Village Retirement Community Medical Billing Clerk Durham
Eckerd Connects Registered School Nurse Fayetteville
Kintegra Health Senior Total Life Center - Driver Gastonia
Kintegra Health Senior Total Life Center - RN Home Care Coordinator Gastonia
Hospice of the Piedmont Hospice Nurse (RN) Case Manager High Point
SCHUNK Intec Inc Supply Management Analyst Morrisville
Freyssinet, Inc Manager of Operations Raleigh
Freyssinet, Inc Operations Manager Raleigh
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 15:27 WhipsAndMarkovChains Have loyalist Astartes ever chosen to attack the Inquisition?

I'm currently reading War for Armageddon: The Omnibus and one of the novellas inside has me wondering if any loyalist forces have decided to fight the Inquisition.
In Blood and Fire it's revealed that the Celestial Lions chapter has been nearly wiped out because they dared complain when the Inquisition wiped out billions from a planet that the Celestial Lions had just pacified.
The Inquisition sabotages their communications, helps the Orks attack the chapter, and send snipers to take out Marines. I have to imagine other Space Marines chapters would be pissed hearing about that.
Have any loyalist Astartes decided to ignore the authority of the Inquisition and attack them? Or if not Space Marines, have loyalist forces in general decided they'd rather right the Inquisition?
Below is most of the except that describes what the Inquisition did to the Celestial Lions.
Their entire Chapter had landed here, but for the most remote uninitiated training forces, spread across the segmentum.
Before dawn over the Mannheim Gap, they had been on the surface for three months and sixteen days, defending Hive Volcanus on the west coast of Armageddon Prime.
In that span of time, all of which was spent bolter-to-blade in the city’s burning streets, they suffered casualties far, far in advance of any other Chapter. Everywhere they fought, the enemy struck back in overwhelming numbers. Countless times they were deployed to reinforce elements of the Imperial Guard that were already long dead by the time the Lions arrived, leaving the Space Marines deep in enemy territory without easy withdrawal.
On at least fifteen catalogued occasions, they were ordered to advance on specific critical objectives, only to find themselves alone without the planned support forces or the promised reinforcements.
Casualties mounted, operation after operation, day by day. Ambushes were common, even on routine patrols through pacified territory. The Lions were assigned to hold crucial districts and sectors, and accordingly moved in force to cover all necessary ground. Yet they found their patrols being hit harder than any orbital intelligence had predicted possible. The enemy would appear in numbers undreamed, rising from ambushes in sectors that were recorded as being most viciously cleansed beforehand.
They were granted orbital picts and auspex-scrye readouts from Hive Command, only to find their intelligence scarcely matched the embattled realities of their deployment zones. Time and again, the Lions jumped into the fire. What choice was there? They would not allow the city to fall. They could not allow the enemy to live.
It did not take long for them to rely first and foremost on their own scanners and Scouts, but their equipment suffered unexpected deteriorations and frequent jamming; their Scouts often fell silent while out in the city alone. Sometimes, the Lions would find their Scouts’ bodies. Usually, they would not.
Pict-feeds from their vessels in orbit were distorted from the void war playing out above, but those rare, wrecked visual clues were the most reliable intelligence they could muster. The Lions swore by them, thanking the thrall-captains of their warships for any and all devoted efforts. But these also grew more infrequent as their fleet was massacred in the sky. Less than a month into the campaign, rearming runs from orbit began to grow as rare as reliable intelligence. Celestial Lions drop-ships were destroyed high in the atmosphere on two occasions, and on another, Volcanus’s own wall-guns malfunctioned and destroyed an incoming shipment, blowing seven loaded Thunderhawks out of the sky.
The Celestial Lions are ordered to attack an Ork gargant factory at a place called the Mannheim Gap. They attack with their remaining force of 500 Space Marines.
Five hundred Space Marines. I have taken whole worlds with a quarter of that number. Even though human resistance and greenskin forces are impossible to compare, five hundred Adeptus Astartes warriors is an overwhelming weapon in any imaginable reckoning. The Lions commanders were right to commit their full fury. Any Chapter Master would do the same. There was no possible way the enemy could have known such a force was coming to destroy them, and there is simply no way to prepare for five hundred Space Marine warriors.
‘When did you realize you had been betrayed?’ I asked.
Ekene took a breath before replying. ‘It did not take long.’
‘The Gargants,’ Cyneric interjected. ‘They were active.’
Ekene gave a bitter laugh, sharp as a gunshot. ‘If that was all we had to deal with, we might still have fought our way clear without being slaughtered. We might even have won, despite dying to the last man.’
He was more solemn as he continued, letting the tale reach its inevitable conclusion. The Gargants were not sleeping, they were waiting. Searing heat spread through the canyon from the solid fuel burners deep in the alien Titans’ bellies – beneath the crash of bolters and the cracking rattle of alien rifles, came the clank of gears, with the landslide grind of coal and scrap being fed into the Gargants’ heartfires. Great guns whined downward on protesting joints, while the ground shook with each newborn Gargant’s first steps.
The Lions gold battle tanks raged skywards, streams of lascannon fire bursting thin shields and scoring holes in the hulls of towering enemy war machines. Warleaders shouted orders, in control of their warriors even in the heat of the battle, establishing where to strike, where to push through the orks’ lines, where to move in defence of tank battalions threatened by enemy infantry.
My heart soared at his words. Even when the Gargants awoke, Ekene and his brothers – the last half of a noble Chapter – were still fighting to win. They would purge the canyon at the cost of their own lives. Dorn himself would have stood with them that day.
But the tide truly turned. As Ekene described this latest twist of fate, Cyneric leaned forward in his restraint throne, scarcely believing what he was hearing.
The enemy ambush unfolded further. Greenskins spilled from the earth, pouring in hordes from warrens within the canyon sides and the rocky ground. Thousands of them, roaring beneath fanged war banners and standards made from crucified Lions taken in other battles. This fresh army surged into the ravine, filling it like sand in an hourglass, blocking all hope of withdrawal and eliminating any chance of victory.
‘They knew we were coming,’ said Ekene. ‘What other reason could there be to bury whole war-clans under the rock, waiting for such an assault? They knew we were coming. Their overlord was a beast clad in scrapwork armour – the biggest greenskin we had ever seen. He ate the dead: his own, and ours. Captain Vularakh buried the war-sword Je’hara in the beast’s belly and carved three metres of stinking alien guts free. It did nothing. We fought as we fell back, but we knew we were betrayed.’
‘That is not all.’ Ekene gave a grim smile. ‘Sniper fire, brutally accurate, rained down from the canyon walls. I am not speaking of the solid shell rattle of greenskin projectile throwers. I know how these aliens fight, Reclusiarch. This was viciously precise laser weaponry, knifing through our officers’ helms from above. Warleader Dakembe, shot through the throat. Spiritwalker Azadah, taken before he could unleash his powers, his skull blown open by two crossing las-shots an arm’s length away from me. Deathspeakers, Warleaders, Spiritwalkers… even Pride Leaders, cut down with fire too precise, too clinical, to be the enemy.’
Some of the Lions survive and regroup.
Ekene smiled. ‘Our territory inside the city walls was a cold foundry, nearly lightless, with a perimeter of rockcrete patrolled by our remaining warriors. Kei-Tukh did not survive the first night. We found him at dawn, slouched against our last Land Raider, shot through the eye-lens. The gene-seed he had carried was gone, and he would harvest no more. So now you see the depths of our plight, Reclusiarch. We have lost our fleet, our armoury, our officers and almost all hope of rebuilding our Chapter. We cannot even cling to pride, after the shame of retreat. All that remains to us is the truth. We must survive long enough to speak it. The Imperium must know what happened here.’
submitted by WhipsAndMarkovChains to 40kLore [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 07:20 Lornalt Battle for Cygnus A a Fiction Story

So over the years, I've posted 1 story AAR and 2 life stories of characters in the game in Reddit. Today, as I played it I got inspired-ish.
So this is an entirely fictional account of a Battle using ships I designed in a system I imagined.

Battle for Cygnus A a Fiction Story
YXX13, 1 jump from Cygnus A onboard HOS Burgundy, Flagship of the 2nd Fleet Zulu Combat Command
Master Arabella Paidar sat on her command chair and faced the 6 projections in front of her. She took note of their stoic faces and wondered if they were really as impassive as they looked.
Thinking that she started. “So Paladins any updates?”
The two Paladins of both fleets and the four Paladin Squires commanders of the four flotilla looked at one another and soon looked towards Paladin Isador, commander of the 1st Battle Fleet. She composed herself and looked towards a point off center before looking back towards her superior and started her briefing.
“Master, our Battle Group is currently 2 hours from the Jump point towards Cygnus A. As you know raiders have been harassing shipping in the system and the planetary governor has been raising hell with High command.”
“Fleet intelligence has indicated 11 contacts, 4 of sizes estimated around 9k tons and 6 at 12k tons. The final contact while still being confirmed has been identified to be around 20k tons.”
“We don’t know their full capabilities yet but Quincy, our diplomatic ship that encountered them reported nearly 200 missiles were launched at them over 2 hours of contact she had with the enemy fleet as she ran for safety.” She looked sad as she said the next moment “Quincy reported they took down nearly 160 missiles before she was struck by a salvo that came too close with another salvo and wasn’t able to shoot those down. Knight Captain Orion died with with his ship”
There was a sudden intake of air from all the paladins present as everyone remembered that the commander of the Holy Order’s name was Mersadie Orion.
“Elder Mersadie was very clear with her orders. We are to hunt and sink all enemy ships in the Cygnus A System.”
As she said that, Paladin Meng the commander of the 2nd Battle Fleet looked up from a panel he was looking at and reported. “That does tell us something of their missile capabilities though, Quincy reported initial passive contact with their fleet at 20 million klicks. Their active sensors then picked up the missiles entering their active ranges soon after.” He looked around the holo displays again and said “Say they opened fire at 20 million klicks and the Qunicy was able to shoot down 160 missiles. Granted the ship mounted 5 CIWS defense systems more than any of our current warships, but we got 40 ships. Better armor, better sensors if anything we should be able to hammer the aliens easily!”
Paladin Squire Indrick his 3rd flotilla commander spoke up next “Quincy was a not a warship, the CIWS systems on her was also outdated. We on the other hand have the most advanced systems available to us” He smiled as he looked towards Arabella, “Sir, I recommend we go in hard, let the frigate squadrons cover our advance and once we are close enough, our heavy lasers should make short work of their ships.”
As he closed with that, the other paladins nodded their heads and turned towards Arabella. She took in their determination and gave a smile of her own. “Indrick, your plan seems simple enough. While we do have to devise a more suitable plan of action, the idea is there. We are here to follow the orders of the Elder! All of you should gather your staff and make an attack plan. Report back in 2 hours, we will hold at the Jump Point and once we select the best course of action. We shall purge the xeno-scum from our space!”
She stood up and drew her sword and yelled out. “For Holy Terra and the Order!” and watch with satisfaction as the other paladins did the same.
YXX13, in Cygnus A, Outside Jump point charlie.
The 2nd Fleet jumped into Cygnus A a day later, upon which the fleet started a full burn towards Cygnus B1, a small rocky planet just 2 billion km from the sole colony in the system.
As Arabella received reports from the colony and their garrison commander, she frowned and turned towards Knight Captain Eun-Young's display showing the ship bridge and the organized chaos that was playing out behind him. “Is this right? Captain?” and looked up at the display. “They did nothing? The aliens did not push in to raid the colony?”
Captain Eun-Young also turned to face Arabella and reported back. “Master we have received the most up to date reports and our sensors report the same thing. The aliens are holding at their last reported location and we are sure that they did not move, our passive sensors are already picking them out at the maximum range.” Arabella looked towards her own sensor officer and saw the nod he gave her and turned back to Eun-Young. “Ok then it looks like a slug fight is on the table. Give the order to the fleet and let them know to proceed with Plan Gamma”
Captain Eun-Young saluted and spoke “For the Order!, Sir” She watched her flag captain and her communications officer on her own flag bridge start distributing orders and sat back while watching the monitors. “What next?” she muttered watching the unmoving contacts on her sensor displays and wondered what was to come. She suddenly felt something in her guts but waved it off.
History, it seems, loves to repeat itself. The battle would be a very long one for Arabella and she would never forgive herself for what would come next.
YXX13 in Cygnus A 4 hours from Raider Fleet, 30 million klicks.
Everything seemed fine and they were 2 hours from the raiders expected launch range when the sensors on all 4 of the Destroyer Leaders saw the same thing.
Arabella was in her stateroom when the klaxons started blaring the same message over and over again. “Battle Stations! Battle Stations!” as Knight Captain Eun-Young's voice came over the alarms.
She ran out and into the elevators waiting to bring her towards the flag deck. She entered the room and glanced at the holo projectors showing her paladins and their flag decks as well as the bridge deck of the HOS Burgundy. She did not like what she saw.
The organized chaos that was there was still visible but when you see multiple combat decks and all their crews speaking with more urgency and in her mind signs of panic in their voice. Even she could not help but be affected.
She turned towards Eun-Young and he spoke with haste as he met her eyes. “Sir! Primary sensors are now picking up multiple incoming, We believe them to be missiles. They crossed the 4 million klick inner detection ring just seconds ago!”
“If this is correct, their launch range is significantly larger than expected and we just waltz into their kill zone.” She frowned and stared at the plot showing the missiles coming in at 20k km/s almost twice the rated speed for tracking on their CIWS and Gauss turrets.
She then noticed the numbers. Spinning back to the communication displays she spoke to no one in particular “200 a salvo!? How many salvos have we detected!” Paladin Squire Romulus, her 4th flotilla commander, replied with a heavy tone. “Sir we have just seen the 8th salvo crossing into our detection zone, I recommend we start defensive action!”
She looked at the plot again and saw the 9th salvo coming in and said nothing for a minute watching even more salvos come into range. “Defensive fire is authorized, Laser and Gauss batteries are to start area defensive fire. Pull all ships in tighter for better anti missile coordination” She then looked towards the flotilla commanders. “Push the frigates forward, they were designed for this work.” All of her commanders tightened their eyes and nodded, they knew that it was the best chance for their destroyers to survive and close into the alien fleet.
She then watched as orders were given and the men and women of her fleet brought their guns to bare. She knew it wasn't enough. 200 missiles and salvos around 20 seconds apart. It would break them. She prayed it would not.
Break them, it tried, the salvos stopped after the 20th one came into range. The defensive fire of the River class frigates tore into the salvos, each River class ship came with 3 batteries of Quad Gauss turrets and they fired non-stop. Even the jump and leader class frigates mounted at least 1 battery of turrets.
By the end of the 20 salvos, 40 ships became 31. 6 Rivers 1 Counties (Leader) and 2 Minbari (Jump) frigates lay stricken as the fleet pushed forward and left their wrecks behind.
The damage to the fleet was just as significant, all the remaining frigates were damaged to a degree and some of the destroyers took heavy armor damage. Some 2500 crew died in a span of 10 minutes of desperate fire and explosions, The Holy Order lost ¼ of its Heavy elements in 10 minutes and they were still needed to close to gun range of the alien fleet.
YXX13 in Cygnus A 3 hours from Raider Fleet, 22 million klicks.
Master Arabella Paidar knew her career was over as she watched screens of damage reports, one screen showing the flag deck of the 1st Battle Strike Flotilla showing artifacts and when it was working a damaged and burning deck.
She knew Paladin Squire Boreas was dead, Paladin Isador who also had her flag bridge on the same ship was still out of contact. She prayed Isador was still alive and in the meantime Paladin Squire Zhang Soo-Kyung would have to command both flotilla of the 1st Battle Group.
Her flag deck was still calm but as she glanced up towards the bridge deck display she saw her Flag Captain standing at his command console and directing damage control teams, His XO who should have been doing that Knight-Lieutenant Tycho died when the Auxiliary control bridge was blown up from a missile strike.
Even now she prayed for the souls of those who were lost and blamed herself for underestimating the enemies. She turned towards the remaining flag offices and gave her next orders. “Transfer the wounded to the ships most heavily damaged and direct them back to Jump point, the Rescue squadron and logistic fleets have already jumped and will know the results of this battle soon.” She sighed and looked towards the plot and the 11 red glowing dots. “We got hammered badly and they still aren’t damaged. They may have fired all their offensive missiles but we can’t be sure. Tighten the formation and rotate the ships to ensure we have full fields of fire for anything else”
She turned back to the displays and narrowed her eyes. “We still aren’t out of the fight and we still got our main batteries! I want constant reports on anything that happens with the alien fleet from now on and our sensor watch is to be kept on high rotation to ensure we don’t get caught flat footed again!”
Hearing the assembled paladins reply back in the affirmative, she turned back to the plot and sat impassively, watching and waiting for the next phase of the battle to start.
YXX13 in Cygnus A 10 minutes from Raider Fleet, 1.2 million klicks.
The two fleets came within 1.2 million klicks and…
To be continued ;D

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2023.03.21 05:44 wage92 [WTS] Optic Cuts are Back!

Finally got the shop together enough to start offering these cuts again. While we are still getting used to the new shop and reopening the lead times may be a few days longer than the 3 days I was doing before. I hope to get back to the 3 days within a few weeks.
As thank you for everyone who has been waiting for me to get back up and going, I will take $10 off all the states prices below until Friday 👍
I am offering optic cuts on your pistol slides. They will be CNC machined on a Haas Milling Machine by me. I can also finish them with bluing on the cut area (as long as the slide isn't stainless) or I can cerakote the entire slide. My standard turnaround is 3 business days from when I receive it. Here are the slides and optic cuts I can currently do:


Double stack models- RMR (fits rmr, sro, holosun 407c/507c/508t, and several other optics), holosun 509t, holosun 507k, RMRcc, ACRO, DPP, 509 ACSS
G43, 43x and 48- holosun 507k, RMRcc
G43/43x/48 MOS - convert to 507k direct mount


P320 - RMR Cut, Holosun 509t
P365 - 507k Cut


75 - 507k cut
P07/P09 - RMR Cut (Irons Must be Moved in Front)
P10 - RMR and 509t Cut (509T uses factory iron location, RMR requires Glock rear dovetail to be cut)

Smith and Wesson

M&P 2.0 - RMR cut (Glock rear dovetail)


Graphite Black, OD Green, FDE, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze


Glock: $75 for just a cut, $85 for cut and blue, $110 for cut and full slide cerakote
Sig: $90 for just a cut, $125 for cut and full slide cerakote
CZ: $95 for just a cut, $130 for cut and full slide cerakote (+$25 for iron sight cuts if required)
S&W: $85 for cut (extra $25 if you want a Glock rear dovetail) and $120 for cut and full slide cerakote
Add-ons* (Glocks only for now, other than the sight installs):
Front Side serrations ( I can do factory straight or interrupted around the text): +$30
Iron Sights moved in front of optic: +$25
Iron sight install: +$10
Add a set of Angry Bear Arms Ironsights and get free install : +$40
Payment must be by Venmo, cashapp or zelle.
More Glock pictures
CZ P07/P09
CZ P10

Glock 19x Color Comparison (Burnt Bronze left, 19x Center, FDE Right)

509T Cut over a Previous RMR Cut
All the cerakote colors (left to right - FDE, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, ODG, Graphite Black)
M&P 2.0
Sig P365
P320 509T
Single stack MOS conversion
Angry Bear Arms Ironsights
Thanks so much everyone!
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2023.03.21 02:30 NeverTrustAtoms 4.0/522 Traditional Applicant WAMC

Sorry, another one of these. I think my application is strong, mainly wanting to run my school list by others to see what I can add/subtract (want to keep it around 30-35).
GPA/MCAT: 4.0 522 (VA resident)
I am Asian.
Clinical: 800 hrs scribing (+ some clinical research coordination), 250 hrs shadowing
Research: 1500+ hours, 1 first-author publication (in a non-indexed undergrad journal, but peer-reviewed), 1 mid-author publication (decent IF journal), 1 first-author manuscript under review, 1 second-author manuscript under review, 5 poster presentations
Volunteering: 250 hrs online chat service w/ leadership role, 150 hrs direct education/sponsor work with underserved populations
Leadership: President of 3 clubs at school
Other ECs: did internship at a T10 hospital system one summer, got a premed-targeted research fellowship at a T20 academic center for my gap year. Past fellows say it should result in 3-4 first author publications + several co-author publications but this will all be after AMCAS submission.
1) physician for whom I scribe (great relationship)
2) chemistry professor (2 classes + major advisor, love him, I've gotten multiple awards/internships with his LOR)
3) research PI (known for 2 years, I've gotten multiple awards/internships with her LOR)
4) surgeon with whom I did research & shadowed during a summer (he's delightful :D)
5) creative writing professor (probably my weakest rec but it'll be ok)

Note: Graduating college early, will matriculate at age 22 with 1 gap year.
School List (please suggest additions or pruning): VCU, University of Virginia, Sidney Kimmel, Saint Louis University, Western Michigan, Stony Brook, Emory, Albert Einstein, Cincinnati, USF Morsani, Tufts, Brown, Dartmouth, Rochester, Case Western, Boston, Zucker (Hofstra), Kaiser, CCLCM, University of Pittsburgh, Mount Sinai, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, Mayo Clinic, Weill Cornell, Harvard (lolz), Vanderbilt, Washington University, Yale, Johns Hopkins, NYU Grossman, UPenn
submitted by NeverTrustAtoms to premed [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 02:13 dirac_delta_f PAM updates for mounting an encrypted user's home at login

I would like to decrypt my LUKS encrypted /home directory at login on Rocky Linux 9.1. I have been trying to adapt this Arch Linux guide (; and this GitHub repo ( for Rocky 9.1. /etc/pam.d/system-login does not exist for Rocky, so I have update /etc/postlogin and /etc/system-auth with calls to a custom script (/uslocal/sbin/ that will decrypt and mount my encrypted /home directory. The updates I made to postlogin and system-auth allow me to ssh into my machine but login from the GNOME login screen fails. If I am already logged in from ssh and then login from the GNOME login screen, that will work. Does anyone know how to update the scripts in /etc/pam.d/ to enable GNOME screen login or have any bright ideas?
# cat /etc/pam.d/postlogin session optional silent session [success=1 default=ignore] service !~ gdm* service !~ su* quiet session [default=1] nowtmp silent session optional silent noupdate showfailed auth optional debug expose_authtok log=/tmp/pam_cryptsetup.log /uslocal/sbin/ session optional /uslocal/sbin/ # cat /etc/pam.d/system-auth auth optional debug expose_authtok log=/tmp/pam_cryptsetup.log /uslocal/sbin/ auth required auth required delay=2000000 auth sufficient auth [default=1 ignore=ignore success=ok] isregular auth [default=1 ignore=ignore success=ok] auth sufficient nullok auth [default=1 ignore=ignore success=ok] isregular auth sufficient forward_pass auth required auth optional account required account sufficient account sufficient issystem account [default=bad success=ok user_unknown=ignore] account required password requisite local_users_only password sufficient sha512 shadow nullok use_authtok password sufficient use_authtok password required password optional session optional debug /uslocal/sbin/ session optional revoke session required -session optional session [success=1 default=ignore] service in crond quiet use_uid session required session optional session optional # cat /uslocal/sbin/ #!/bin/sh CRYPT_USER="user" PARTITION="/dev/vg_alnaicrypthome.$CRYPT_USER" NAME="decrypthome.$CRYPT_USER" # PW=$(cat /dev/stdin) # echo $PW > /tmp/pw.$PAM_USER if [ "$PAM_USER" = "$CRYPT_USER" ] && [ ! -e "/dev/mappe$NAME" ]; then logger "$(basename $0): $PAM_USER: decrypting /dev/mappe$NAME" /ussbin/cryptsetup open "$PARTITION" "$NAME" status=$? if [ $status -eq 0 ]; then logger "$(basename $0): cryptsetup success for $PAM_USER!: $status" else logger "$(basename $0): cryptsetup failed for $PAM_USER!: $status" fi else logger "$(basename $0): $PAM_USER: not decrypting anything!" fi 
Here are some outputs from journalctl after failing to login from the GNOME login screen:
# journalctl -r -t gdm-password] Mar 20 17:46:59 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_unix(gdm-password:session): session closed for user user Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_exec(gdm-password:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1894]: pam_exec(gdm-password:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: gkr-pam: gnome-keyring-daemon started properly Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_unix(gdm-password:session): session opened for user user(uid=1000) by (uid=0) Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_systemd(gdm-password:session): Failed to create session: Job 2126 for unit 'session-4.scope' failed with 'dependency' Mar 20 17:45:26 alnair gdm-password][1860]: pam_exec(gdm-password:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:26 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_exec(gdm-password:auth): send password to child # journalctl -r -t sshd Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1781]: pam_exec(sshd:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1814]: pam_exec(sshd:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1781]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root(uid=0) by (uid=0) Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1781]: Accepted password for root from port 60590 ssh2 Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1784]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1781]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): send password to child Mar 20 17:44:49 alnair sshd[875]: Server listening on :: port 22. Mar 20 17:44:49 alnair sshd[875]: Server listening on port 22. # journalctl -r grep Mar 20 17:47:01 alnair root[1945]: cryptsetup failed for user!: 4 Mar 20 17:46:59 alnair root[1942]: user: decrypting /dev/mappedecrypthome.user Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1851]: pam_exec(gdm-password:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:46:56 alnair gdm-password][1894]: pam_exec(gdm-password:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:45:26 alnair root[1865]: cryptsetup failed for user!: 4 Mar 20 17:45:26 alnair root[1862]: user: decrypting /dev/mappedecrypthome.user Mar 20 17:45:26 alnair gdm-password][1860]: pam_exec(gdm-password:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1781]: pam_exec(sshd:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1814]: pam_exec(sshd:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair systemd[1791]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair systemd[1799]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair systemd[1799]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair root[1786]: root: not decrypting anything! Mar 20 17:45:18 alnair sshd[1784]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:02 alnair root[1371]: gdm: not decrypting anything! Mar 20 17:45:01 alnair systemd[1358]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:45:01 alnair systemd[1360]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:45:01 alnair systemd[1360]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:45:01 alnair root[1356]: gdm: not decrypting anything! Mar 20 17:45:01 alnair gdm-launch-environment][1354]: pam_exec(gdm-launch-environment:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... 
After a successful ssh login as 'user':
$ journalctl -r -t sshd Mar 20 17:51:01 alnair sshd[1990]: pam_exec(sshd:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:51:01 alnair sshd[2074]: pam_exec(sshd:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:51:00 alnair sshd[1990]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user user(uid=1000) by (uid=0) Mar 20 17:51:00 alnair sshd[1990]: Accepted password for user from port 55326 ssh2 Mar 20 17:50:56 alnair sshd[1993]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:50:56 alnair sshd[1990]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): send password to child Mar 20 17:50:31 alnair sshd[869]: Server listening on :: port 22. Mar 20 17:50:31 alnair sshd[869]: Server listening on port 22. $ journalctl -r grep Mar 20 17:51:01 alnair sshd[1990]: pam_exec(sshd:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:51:01 alnair sshd[2074]: pam_exec(sshd:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:50:59 alnair systemd[2060]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:50:59 alnair systemd[2062]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:50:59 alnair systemd[2062]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:50:58 alnair root[2052]: cryptsetup success for user!: 0 Mar 20 17:50:56 alnair root[1995]: user: decrypting /dev/mappedecrypthome.user Mar 20 17:50:56 alnair sshd[1993]: pam_exec(sshd:auth): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:50:44 alnair root[1573]: gdm: not decrypting anything! Mar 20 17:50:43 alnair systemd[1560]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): /uslocal/sbin/ failed: exit code 13 Mar 20 17:50:43 alnair systemd[1562]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): execve(/uslocal/sbin/,...) failed: Permission denied Mar 20 17:50:43 alnair systemd[1562]: pam_exec(systemd-user:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... Mar 20 17:50:43 alnair root[1558]: gdm: not decrypting anything! Mar 20 17:50:43 alnair gdm-launch-environment][1556]: pam_exec(gdm-launch-environment:session): Calling /uslocal/sbin/ ... 
I feel like the 'session' lines added to the pam scripts aren't really necessary as the login password isn't even passed to
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2023.03.20 23:45 RapNerdSteve My current rotation/ What’s in your rotation?

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2023.03.20 22:53 ThePsychedelicSeal [PCB Review Request] STM32F072 Macropad

[PCB Review Request] STM32F072 Macropad
Hey y'all,
I'm trying to make my first build around an STM32 chip and would appreciate some extra eyes on it to verify everything is correct. Any feedback is extremely helpful!

Whole PCB w/ Ground Fill
No Ground Fill
USB Area
MCU with Boot & Reset Buttons
Zoomed In MCU Area
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2023.03.20 21:37 StreetwiseHercules0 41 [M4F] #Jacksonville, NC. Looking for a young (18-35), petite woman (AFAB) who wants to be forcedly used by an older man.

Looking for someone who wants to be used as a sex object / Toy / Victim, preferably on a regular basis.
Me: Dominant/Top, White, Straight, DDF, Veteran, 6' Tall, and much stronger than you. I'm single, live alone, and my kids are grown.
Chat me if you are enthusiastically curious. Please include your age and location in your first message if it's not obvious from your profile. If you send a pic, send one with clothes on. If I want to see you naked, I'll undress you myself.
Kinks: ● 1950s Household ● Abduction ● Accomplice ● AgePlay ● Anonymous Sex ● Asphyxia Play ● BDSM ● Being Your Father's Age ● Bondage ● Breath Play ● Bruises ● CNC ● Coercion ● Creampie ● Crying ● Daddy/Daughter Roleplay ● DD/LG ● Degradation ● Domestic Abuse ● DubCon ● Exhibitionism ● Face Slapping ● Forced Orgasms ● Free Use ● Groping ●Orgasm Control ● Pain ●PainKink ● Physical Abuse ● Public Play ● Public Orgasms ● Race Play (Asian, "You dirty little chink.") ● Rape Play ● RapeKink ● Rape Kink ● Remote Control Vibrators In Public ● Sexual Slavery ●
Cities In/Near Eastern North Carolina: ■ Albertson ■ Atlantic Beach ■ Beaufort ■ Bell Fork ■ Beulaville ■ Bogue ■ Bridgeton ■ Calypso ■ Camp Lejeune ■ Cape Carteret ■ Charlotte ■ Cherry Point ■ Clayton ■ Coastal Carolina Community College ■ Dover ■ Dunn ■ Durham ■ Emerald Isle ■ Fayetteville ■ Garner ■ Georgetown ■ Goldsboro ■ Greensboro ■ Greenville ■ Hampstead ■ Havelock ■ Holly Ridge ■ Hope Mills ■ Hubert ■ Jacksonville ■ Kenansville ■ Kings Grant ■ Kinston ■ Knightdale ■ Leland ■ Lumberton ■ Magnolia ■ Maysville ■ Midway Park ■ Morehead City ■ Murrysville ■ New Bern ■ New River ■ Newport ■ North Topsail Beach ■ Ocean View ■ Pelletier ■ Piney Green ■ Pink Hill ■ Pollocksville ■ Raleigh ■ Richlands ■ Rocky Mount ■ Rocky Point ■ Rose Hill ■ Salter Path ■ Smithfield ■ Snead's Ferry ■ Spring Lake ■ Stella ■ Surf City ■Swansboro ■ Tarboro ■ Trenton ■ University Of North Carolina at Wilmington ■ Vanceboro ■ Wallace ■ Warsaw ■ Washington ■ Watha ■ Whitakers ■ Wilmington ■ Wilson ■ Winston-Salem ■
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2023.03.20 20:37 TheMightyBox72 Respect the Gorillaz (Gorillaz)


♪ Feel Good Inc. ♪
In 1999 a greasy cartoon character from Stoke-on-Trent, England had a dream: To become the most wealthy and famous musician in the world. His method of doing so, simple: make a deal with Beelzebub for his immortal soul. Doing so would set off a series of events which result in the formation of The Gorillaz, a defining staple of British pop, British punk, alternative, scene, and the music landscape in general, their misadventures spanning just about every medium and platform you could imagine.

Group Feats


Vocals and Keyboard
♪ Skinny Ape ♪
The pretty boy singer, Stuart "Stu-Pot" Pot (original family name Tusspot) had few ambitions in life and even fewer thoughts in his head. He had a knack for music, having worked in his family's music shop, but mostly he occupied his time with zombie movies. That is, until Murdoc Niccals crashed into his life. Literally, crashed a car through the music shop's window and smacked Stu with his front fender. Stu went into a coma, and Murdoc's punishment for the crime was community service, namely taking care of Stu's comatose body until he woke up. Murdoc proceeded exactly the way he'd been before his sentencing and a second car accident knocked Stu up out of his coma. After waking up, Murdoc found out the kid could sing, and so conscripted him into the band. He got the nickname 2-D from the 2 Dents in his head that Murdoc had left, and each accident had "fractured" an eye, leaving them both completely black, giving him a very characteristic inky gaze, even if there's nothing much going on behind it.

Murdoc Niccals

Bass Guitar
♪ Clint Eastwood ♪
The bass player, frontman, and self-proclaimed band leader, Murdoc is a rockstar's rockstar. A greasy, slimy, sleazy, grimy, foul-smelling, foul-tempered, hedonistic, narcissistic, hard-drinking, chain-smoking, womanizing, hip-thrusting, bass licking, Satan-worshipping dirty rag of a human being. Murdoc was the one who came up with the idea of Gorillaz, the one who sold his soul to Satan to make the band a success, and the one who got them their first headquarters, Kong Studios. Despite his near non-stop abuse (only tempered very recently by a stunt involving a demon mobster, the snowy mountains of Patagonia, and a prison break that nearly killed him), Murdoc always contributes to the band's image, their finances, their resources, their security, and sometimes he helps them make music too.


Guitar and Misc.
♪ DARE ♪
The girl who would come to be named Noodle was raised in a secretive Japanese military division, one which sought to use child soldiers as the perfect infiltration and assassination operatives. Noodle, while trained broadly in the ways of combat, was specialized in the use of audio warfare. Her teacher, however, upon learning that the project was to be scrapped and the trainees to be eliminated, couldn't stand to see her killed, so he wiped her memories with a codephrase so they could be reactivated later and shipped her out in a FedEx box. She wound up on the doorstep of the Kong Studio the very day the band put out an ad for a guitar player after their last one quit (after Murdoc shagged her in one of the studio's bathroom stalls (while she was dating 2-D)), and she immediately passed the audition with flying colors and was added to the lineup. She was named after the only English word she knew at the time, and even after regaining her memories it's stuck. Since then she's become the most compassionate, thoughtful, and consciously concerned member of the band, seeking to use their fame and platform to help better the world.

Russel Hobbs

Drummer and Mixer
♪ Saturnz Barz ♪
Russel Hobbs was a hip-hop head growing up in New York, who, by strange happenstance, has been dogged by the legions of hell for most of his life. During one particularly tragic incident, he and his friends got caught up in a drive-by shooting, one which left Russel as the only survivor. However, the spirits of his dead friends were nearly immediately sucked into his skull, allowing them to live on through him, and also giving him their combined musical knowledge to make him a veritable encyclopedia on hip-hop and musical composition. Sent to live with his uncle to try and recover from the trauma in the English countryside, Russel was found and then literally gagged and bagged by Murdoc and taken to Kong Studios. And after listening to their demos, he was impressed, and agreed to join the band.


Guest Rapper
♪ Rock the House ♪
Russel's closest friend both before and after his tragic death, Del would stick around as a spirit possessing Russel's body, summoned from inside Russel's skull and returns just as easily, his effects disappearing with him. He was used frequently in their first album as a guest rapper. You can see from these examples that Russ spaces out whenever Del is summoned, as Del seemingly can't exist physically while Russel is conscious. In between Gorillaz and Demon Days, the Grim Reaper caught up with Russel and took Del into the afterlife.

Cyborg Noodle

Backup Guitarist and Bodyguard
♪ Stylo ♪
After Noodle went missing and was presumed dead following a conspiracy surrounding the El Mañana video, a means to off one of the band's assailants after which she disappeared, Murdoc had an idea for a new album and, short of anyone to help him write or record, created a new guitarist and songwriter to play with him, especially on tour. So, using some remaining piece of Noodle's DNA in an unspecified capacity, he created a robotic duplicate, and decked her out with guns cause that'd be cool.


Backup Bassist
♪ Tranz ♪
Leader of the notorious criminal organization the Gangreen Gang, Ace was brought in to play bass for the band while Murdoc was incarcerated for unpaid parking tickets and attempting to bribe a judge to get out of it.


♪ 19-2000 ♪
The band have employed and spent millions on a number of different vehicles over their long career. As each has shown to be skilled drivers, any of them can effectively utilize the following.
♪ Tomorrow Comes Today ♪
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