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All the food courier ubedoordash/skip in Vancouver, Richmond,Surrey,NewWest, Langley and Tri-cities. Have bad or awesome experience from Merchant/Restaurant or Customer pls share here. Drive safe out there couriers!

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Private subreddit for the West Marches game.

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My collection of favorite novels

2023.05.29 18:33 Strangeluxe Housecleaners damaged my floor - not what to do

Hi all,
Recently my roommate suggested we have some housecleaners come and do a deep clean. Not the sort of thing I normally go for, but I figured why not? After the cleaners left I noticed that the plank flooring in my bedroom has become squishy (totally water logged) has bubbled up and lifted, and the grain has come off in some areas exposing the particle board underneath. Only one corner of my room's floor was damaged.

Now this flooring was put down at least 10 years ago, and I'm not sure I will be able to find a plank match at my local big box flooring store. I REALLY dont want to rip up all my bedroom flooring and pay several thousand to have it replaced, but I'm pretty sure I wont find my match in store - especially if this is a 10+ year old style vynil plank. I really dont know what to do. The cleaners were just hired off of Marketplace, super nice women, who did wonderfully otherwise. I don't blame them exactly...perhaps my floor wasn't sealed right. However I want to fix this while spending the least amount possible, I've already had a few major repairs this year.

Any advice?
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2023.05.29 18:33 lommaz 130 year old reno, do I need to do anything to logs before insulation and drywall?

130 year old reno, do I need to do anything to logs before insulation and drywall?
I'm fixing up an old home, ripped down the old plaster walls, and found the origional walls, made of logs, do I need to do anything to them? or can I just slap my insulation in, moiusture barrier, and drywall over them? It's aluminum/vinyl siding on the outside. when I ripped down the plaster, it was just empty space between the lath and the logs, advice please? Or if this is the wrong reddit, direction to where this would be more suitable. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 18:32 Educational-Ask-1454 I kept trying right up to the end of my DoorDash career .. one last ridealong .. the car has died 🧟‍♂️
 The block sealer didn't hold so it is over 
I'm old .. I almost passed out from working without AC and everything 😅 almost died several times driving the unsafe vehicle thanks to these vermin swindling me .. I'm very proud of the service I provided to my customers - no matter what the company did or how the rats at DoorDash treated us 😎
I think I essentially just didn't want to be where I live and that's why I drove for the reptilian minded cold blood IQless protozoa who control and own this company .. I had a great time roaming around all night 🌙 many times I'd say
I look forward to seeing Tony Xu and other fraudster people being brought to justice ⚖️ and I expect for them to be in a "praying for prison" position before too long 🙏 😎 as there's simply no way that anyone will ever simply get away with creating so much bad blood and ill will
Time will tell, I suppose
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2023.05.29 18:29 dlnth Appointment Cancelled / Rescheduled 1 Day before Install

Appointment Cancelled / Rescheduled 1 Day before Install
Wife and I get possession of our new house today. A month and a half ago I set up internet services and booked the appointment for install for today, Monday May 29 between 3-5 PM. I get a text yesterday out of the blue saying my appointment has been cancelled and is now on June 26th.
Incompetent company, have called multiple times and there is no update regarding this matter. The manager is stating there are errors within my account, and they don’t know when it will be fixed.
Anyone able to assist? Or have any suggestions?
I’m ready to move to Shaw at this point. TELUS customer service is non-existent.
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2023.05.29 18:27 twelvepeas Nikon Service Menu?

First of all, I'm not really familiar with Nikon.
I have a Nikon D3100 here that has a partially defective shutter. In the course of this, I have come across people on the net who talk about a "service menu" for the camera in which you can see, among other things, an error log of the camera's internal errors.
Is there really such a thing? How do I get access to it? Via the camera itself, via software on the computer? Do I need special software for this?
I don't intend to repair the camera, especially as it can still be used for videos in and I have enough other cameras to use anyway. I am just curious.
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2023.05.29 18:27 Jaso1n1 Should I be paid?

Long story short, I was at a restaurant for about an hour waiting for an order that another dasher had already picked up. I was going back and forth with the restaurant and DD support. Support said they put in the request for the merchant to remake the order. They tell me they’re working on it. Time goes by, then they tell me they never received the request. I call support again, and they contact the merchant. They said the merchant never received the order and support said they’ll just cancel the order and I’ll receive full payment. Well, I received a text later that same day saying I’ll only be paid for half the order and that my completion percentage will be affected.
Obviously I’m going to contact support again, but out of curiosity:
  1. Has this happened to anyone else before?
  2. Am I owed the full amount?
  3. This order is not under my earning tab at all, so as of right now I haven’t been paid anything.
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2023.05.29 18:26 lolalululolalulu My library just disappeared

I bought a new book to listen to but I wouldn't download to my phone. I did all the advised trouble shooting. When I logged out of my account and back in again, my whole library has disappeared. I can still see all my purchased associated with my account when I check Amazon, but resending to my device does nothing. What is going on? I used audible with no trouble in the last couple of weeks. I just wanted to listen to a new book.
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2023.05.29 18:26 Repulsive-Way272 Bleach or other chems helpful for stained wood?

Soft washing a stained log home. Water beads heavily when water sprayed on so the stain is in great shape.
Usually we just use a soft brush with a pole and a sudsy cleaner that has a picture of a log home on it (performs pretty similar to other house wash products). There are no visible mold/mildew issues. Is there any reason to add bleach or any other chemicals to the soft wash or do any sort of other pretreatment? The area is dusty so it seems like we are mostly scrubbing that.
The brushing is successful but just wondering if there is a better way.
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2023.05.29 18:25 lolalululolalulu My library just disappeared

I bought a new book to listen to but I wouldn't download to my phone. I did all the advised trouble shooting. When I logged out of my account and back in again, my whole library has disappeared. I can still see all my purchased associated with my account when I check Amazon, but resending to my device does nothing. What is going on? I used audible with no trouble in the last couple of weeks. I just wanted to listen to a new book.
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2023.05.29 18:23 Old_School_1970 Are we supposed to have access to OneSchulich on our MySchulich accounts yet?

I am a new fall 2023 student and I am currently able to log into my MySchulich account and I see there is a link for the "OneSchulich" but when I try to log into this site I get the following message, indicating I am unable to log in because they cannot locate my profile? Are we supposed to have acces to the OneSchulich site before our courses start in September?
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2023.05.29 18:23 Smooth_Listen5734 What in the world is this? 😂

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2023.05.29 18:23 PanathinaikosBear "Activity" versus "Exercise" and possible double counting?

The calorie budget calculated by Lose It takes into account "Activity Level", with a higher level resulting in a higher budget. In addition, the daily calorie log includes an option to log exercises, whose calorie amounts are automatically deducted from the day's net calories. This confused me slightly because it seems to pose the risk of double counting calories burned from exercise. For example, if I take a 5+ mile walk daily, I might say that I am "highly active" and be given a calorie budget about 500 calories higher than if I told the app I am sedentary. However, if I then log my walks as exercises in the daily log, the calories from those walks are directly subtracted from net calories, so I would be double counting that exercise (implicitly counted in the initial budget and explicitly counted as an exercise) and thus potentially consuming too many calories.
Should activity level be better understood then as calories burned from day to day activities that we do not intend to explicitly log as exercise?
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2023.05.29 18:22 lavaplanet88 Issues logging in today?

I have been off work for 3 weeks and I am trying to login to Zapier to troubleshoot a problematic Zap. I am getting the following error -

Please enable cookies

To use Zapier, you need to enable cookies, including third-party cookies. Please refer to your browser’s help docs for instructions on how to enable them.
If cookies are enabled, you should go back and try again.
I have cookies enabled??
When I try to login in Incognito I get this error -
A server error has occurred EDGE_FUNCTION_INVOCATION_FAILED
Any idea how to get past this?
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2023.05.29 18:21 Heeraah My boyfriend

I'm in relationship for over a year now it's been one of the most beautiful relationship I ever had. He is literally the person I wished for but now things changed he changed. He started to prioritize his friends (m and f) and pushed me back , he changed his account password, he lied to me about stuff when I asked him etc . I opened up to him about it that how much it hurts me he apologized and told me he'll fix it next day we had a pretty good talk on call he uploaded it on his close friends story ( he said he don't want to show every guy how I look like which I respectfullu accepted ) but that what hits me when I got his account password I logged in and I saw the close friend story was just me added innit and no one else he made a fool out of me , he told me he is going to sleep early but he was up all night talking to people I told bothered me , he left the gc I was in with him saying he will leave every gc cuz it bothers me and he don't want it and in his Account all other gcs were present except the one he was in with me.... all ofu trust have faded away I feel so much pain in my heart (I just wanted to vent please if you can't say something nice don't say at all ❤️)
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2023.05.29 18:19 doll-intestines Today K.K. Slider played for the first time on my “No Time Travel” Island 💕

Today K.K. Slider played for the first time on my “No Time Travel” Island 💕
Just over two weeks ago I reset to begin a “No Time Travel” and “No Nintendo Online”* island and yesterday I reached 4 stars! (I was at 2 stars due to having 7 villagers until T-Bone moved in yesterday putting me straight to 4 stars.) After years of time travelling, using nookazon and treasure islands, I found that the game had begun to lose its fun. Ive discovered that, for me personally, I really enjoy logging on to just do daily chores, work on collecting nook miles for villager hunts, and generally just catching bugs and fish. I felt I had to work on making an aesthetic island (no hate at all, they are literal masterpieces) but then becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, then giving up. (Why is picking a custom path so hard?!) I’ve realised it’s just not my play style, and I’m finding this slower pace much more enjoyable.
No time travelling has also strangely helped me to wake up earlier as I am too excited to check what NPC has arrived or how the island has changed 😄.
*I only used Nintendo Online to get all the fruits as I think it’s bizarre you can’t get them in solo game play.
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2023.05.29 18:18 abbeysunn Trying to find an anime in which a character transmutes into a log of wood when attacked

I suppose this subreddit is about getting suggestions, but wanted to try my luck anyway in finding an anime show I used to watch when I was very young, and hence don't recollect every detail of, except for vague particulars of 2 characters. If it helps, it was telecast on Doordarshan in India around 1994-96.
One had this power where they'd plunge their arms into the earth and, underneath or around the bad guys, snakelike appendages would emerge to attack them.
The other character was a younger lad, probably preteen, with a round head, probably a cap turned backwards, large disc-like beady eyes, and a smile that would at times turn into what I can only describe as a } (Curly bracket) rotated 90°. I don't recollect whether this character had more than one power, but I do recall transmutation being one. There's this one scene where the snake hands person, transmutation boy ( Let's call him T-Boy), and gang are battling a boss character. Everyone is losing to the boss and the closing scenes pit T-Boy against boss. Boss nukes T-Boy with a sharp weapon (?) but when the dust clears, all that's left is a wooden log with the weapon lodged in it.
Most Google searches lead me to Naruto, but the characters don't match, specially T-Boy.
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2023.05.29 18:18 Homonid1 Locked out of Account

Good Day, I recently dropped my ISP for Starlink and discovered that I no longer can access my account because the authorization email goes to the primary account that was discontinued. When I attempt to recovery my password, I am given the option of Phone Number, which I did and received an Unknown Error message. When I tried the alternate password option, It allowed my to fill out the information on my account, name etc, it came back with Unknown Error again.
It appears that I'm in a circular error trying to log back into my account. I have to be logged in to start the process to fix this issue.
Please assist.
I still have internet. My Starlink dish is working fine and Starlink are still taking the monthly payment of my CC just fine.
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2023.05.29 18:17 N__bmaster69 BGMI ACCOUNT LOST.

I downloaded BGMI today, and as I was trying to login but i didn't remember through which app did I logged in. I tried them all one by one but none were the correct. I tried Help and support but, only a loading screen is running. Even watched all those dumb youtube videos in which creators themselves don't know the answers. Help me please!!!
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2023.05.29 18:17 HotDogWater1221 Dark Souls 2 is great, but still the worst in the series

After finishing Elden Ring, I decided to go back through the Dark Souls trilogy. I flew threw DS1 with the dlc and had a fantastic time. I was surprised at how much the game had actually aged, but still consider it one of my favorite RPGs of all time.
I'm now about half way through Dark Souls 2, and while I'm enjoying it I can't say it's as good as the original. Movement and combat just feel too unpolished even after leveling adaptability (another huge step backwards). The bosses are lacking, estus has been rendered near useless until mid game, and the majority of the challenge comes from having to fend of hordes of enemies with a combat system seemingly designed for one-on-one encounters. This is made worse by the downgraded movement and rarity of shields that block 100% physical damage.
The NPCs (including the Emerald Herald) all feel lacking, with the majority simply serving as merchants. The rare returning character such as Patches and the Crestfallen Soldier are nice to see, but have been made less interesting this time around with Patches being nearly unrecognizable (and not in the fun way, like in Bloodborne).
All this being said, this game is saved by three things for me. The atmosphere, the main story, and even the lore. Dark Souls 2 has many flaws, and is a downgrade in nearly every aspect regarding gameplay. However, the lore ties into DS1 just enough to feel like a sequel set in another age and I have no issues with this, and in some ways even prefer it to Dark Souls 3's more direct sequel approach. The atmosphere of this game alone makes it easy for me to overlook the games flaws and still consider the game a worthwhile addition to the series, but I can't really call it a classic like the first.
For anyone curious, I'm playing the Scholar of the First Sin edition.
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2023.05.29 18:17 NextLevelStocksnNews Put another log in the fire and enjoy the show!!!!

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2023.05.29 18:16 beyoncesupperliphair Now that I’ve healed, I don’t feel as much sympathy for others. This feels like a generally good thing, but I’m worried I’m becoming callous and cynical.

TL;DR: Those of you that have gone through a lot of healing, how do you balance maintaining empathy for both yourself and others, with the knowledge that people who have been hurt similarly to you can be malicious? How do you practice compassion while also being stable enough to not fall for manipulation?
I used to get taken advantage of a lot as an extremely forgiving person, for the same reasons a lot of you probably do. Now that I’ve done a good bit of healing (there’s still more to go, obviously) I find myself less vulnerable to the manipulation games played by other highly-traumatized people. I’m finding that I can even recognize when someone has CPTSD/similar diagnoses before they even mention it. And honestly, I’m really put off by a lot of their behavior.
Now to be fair, I know that when I was in a similar position, being aware of my condition but not having the knowledge of how to change things, I had some off-putting behavior too. But I’ve been honest enough with myself to address these things and not let them be second-nature anymore. I never let myself be abusive though. I thought this was the natural way of things for most people with childhood trauma, but throughout my adult years I’ve begun to see that actually, hurt people DO hurt people. If I ever feel myself being too abrasive or too much or too anything, I tone it down. But I guess that isn’t as accessible for everyone.
I guess what’s bothering me about this is that although I like coming on to this sub and a few other mental health ones, I’m starting to get really annoyed with and be skeptical of a lot of people’s posts and responses. I’m just scrolling through everything and my internal monologue is “You’re lying. You’re not accepting responsibility for what you did. You’re projecting.” Which I understand may very well be true in some cases, but I just feel like a dick because I feel like those are the reactions I got from “healthy” people when I was being actively traumatized, and I know that in my case those accusations were wrong. I have the painfully-self-aware type of PTSD, so I’ve always kept a mental log of how I’m burdening other people. But after being personally victimized by Regina George other people with mental health problems, I’m very aware that lying and manipulation is the name of the game for a lot of people. And then on top of things, thinking about this has made me question my own narrative a bit. Was I actually projecting? Was I actually awful? If I’m not aware that I was, despite all the self-analysis I go through, how much can I really have healed? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with this!
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2023.05.29 18:13 Phat-Dabz-Ok What an absolute game changer from the weekend. Pet at 69 kc too ?! Jagex you naughty naughty.. Unfortunately, we are still looking for our BGS hilt for our TOAs

What an absolute game changer from the weekend. Pet at 69 kc too ?! Jagex you naughty naughty.. Unfortunately, we are still looking for our BGS hilt for our TOAs </3 submitted by Phat-Dabz-Ok to ironscape [link] [comments]