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My thoughts of the Playtest, so far.

2023.05.29 17:05 ItsGeoffrey My thoughts of the Playtest, so far.

I want to have my initial thoughts of: I loved this game. So much. It was incredible. I think there was a lot of fun moments of this game. I cannot wait to see what the developers do upon release of the game.
As a streamer (SuperKingNerd on Twitch), my computer usually runs games for stream on high graphics, at times I have to drop it down to medium depending on what's going on or how high of the title there is. When I am not streaming, I can play this game on Ultra, no issues, with zero lag.
The only two games I've had issues with on stream, for whatever reason, was this game and The Evil Dead game. I believe there are definitely some optimization issues with the game as I had to put the game on windowed mode, 1920x1080, at low for it to not stutter anything on my stream's end. I never had issues with the game stopping my stream entirely (unlike The Evil Dead Game), so there's a win in my book, but I could almost barely see the game, and I felt like what I was sharing to my community was not what I usually saw in the game.
The other issue I had was with changing my control setup for my mouse. Nothing I could do would change the middle mouse button - which unfortunately is hit or miss for my setup. This made playing Bubba (or I believe Cook) impossible since I couldn't listen in for any victims. This would have been vital for me to be able to playtest and I really really wanted to playtest both sides.
I am interested to see how the perks will change the game. It's much like any solo or team game where you have really great opponents, or you can speedrun getting out. I think the perks will make this easier / harder depending on what's going on.
I worry about how this game will grow, however. I'm sure the Gun team has already discussed ideas for new content releases, but I feel like story-wise there's a limited amount of things to add and bring to pull players in and constantly keep the community engaged. I know thinking about these things before the game even remotely launches is a bit negative, but I'm just attempting to look ahead.
There are certain bugs that need to be worked out (ie: double models loading before the cutscenes, handstands at the beginning of the game before the models correctly load into their positions, blocking doors fully when they're not supposed to be blocked with the models). I think having playable tutorials would be helpful as well upon full launch. I had a few people come in for stream and ask how they're supposed to play because they couldn't figure the game out and were just getting their shitrocked. Which, fair, so did I my first few games but it is a learning experience. I think the tutorial for the breaker would definitely be useful as I genuinely had no clue how to do it until I watched another streamer do it and I felt like an idiot.
I feel like there's definitely some things that you have to just hope the Family you're playing against as a victim doesn't have their shit fully together - ie: getting the fusebox done and fully booking it downstairs. I also feel like I think we need notification if someone's fucked the fusebox over, because of the fact that I'll get all the way to the door that is opened by the fusebox only to find out that it was fixed by the family. So I have to reset entirely.
In the danger meter sense, as a hard of hearing person, I love this mechanic, however I think sometimes it detects chases above me or movement above me that doesn't actually threaten me at all. This puts me on edge, which is great, however... maybe being able to adjust the sensitivity of it would be beneficial.
This game, currently as it is, is bringing me the same joy that F13 gave me in it's hayday, when all my friends and I were playing it on Playstation. Keep up everything, developers! I just wanted to bring up my overall thoughts.
Thank you for including me on the Playtest!
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2023.05.29 17:05 Kiiernan Pinterest Higher CPM lower CTR (update pinterest caused this)

Hello fellow dropshippers, I have been dropshipping for a while now and without really any problems. i used to copy over adds from AliExpress or from Tiktok and having a stable CPM, CTR and RoaS. not really editing any of the videos at all. now since a few weeks ago all my adds slowly got a very high CPM and low CTR. is anyone else also experiencing this problem? and if so, what have you done to prevent it happening.
For others that have the same issue i have listed some things i have tried to do to fix it:
All with no positive results.
If you have tried anything that improved this and would like to share, dont hesitate to leave a reaction.
I really hope that someone has a solution to this issue since i have no clue where to go from this point.
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2023.05.29 17:02 Shahzeb_S_Nasir What is a realistic financial plan to keep in mind when buying a Ferrari?

For as long as I can remember my dad has been really into Ferraris. It is the one car he would consider his dream vehicle despite having driven some really great ones in his life. When I was about 7 years old, back before I knew anything about the world or finance, I made him a promise on his birthday that I'd get him his Ferrari and I really want to make that happen for him in this lifetime.
I am currently about to begin my medical residency very soon (I have graduated med school), and because I have been very blessed to have parents that have placed the education of their children as a priority, I don't have any financial debt. I received a few scholarships throughout my life which have also always kept costs of tuition low. I am someone that absolutely enjoys the finer things in life but I'm not someone that has ever had the mentality of wanting to keep up with the Jones'. I see money mainly as something that I can use to make the lives of those around me better and as something that gives me a safety net to approach the things I enjoy without having to worry about the future and putting food on the table. As such, even though I can afford a nice car now, I have no issues driving a 2008 Lexus IS F since it means no car payments. Residency also means I won't have time for vacations and I am currently not married and have no children. I do plan to have a family in the future but I would prefer to do a lot of my 'hard intensive saving/investing' now so that life is smooth sailing for my future family as it has always been for me growing up too. I understand there is no way I will be able to afford a Ferrari in a financially responsible way in the next few years but I would like a realistic idea of what kind of numbers you need to be looking at in your bank account before you can think about making that purchase.
I see anything luxury (clothes, car, shoes, accessories, watches and vacations) as something you should never ever go into debt for. It should only be done when you have the cash for it and even financing should only be considered if you have a low APR (lower than S&P) and you already have the cash for it *anyway* . I plan to go into a Gastroenterology fellowship after Internal Medicine (residency) - since I presume there must be lots of doctors here in this forum - so how do you decide if ~$400k should go to a car or should go to something else like another property, index fund, mutual fund or perhaps into something else? I love motorsports and have a sim racing setup so I get my driving fun there and on the karting track but I would eventually like to get myself a dream car as well but this Ferrari will take priority for me. A lot of the Ferraris I love are now no longer in production like the 360 CS and the 458 Speciale so the market value on them is higher than a most newer models. Is there anything to keep in mind or any tricks I can utilise to make this process easier and shorter? It isn't a weight that hangs above my head but I also wouldn't like to wait another 30 years to do this because my father won't live forever.
Thank you all for the help and I hope you're all enjoying your prancing ponies in good health!
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2023.05.29 17:02 Joji1218 Dealing with heart break

I (25 NB) had recently told my best friend (27 M) of 6 years that I still had feelings for him. We dated in 2019, but ultimately parted ways amicably because I moved to another state. We both moved on and had our own lives for a while where we didn't talk as much. He came to visit me and we ended up sleeping together the entire time he was there and it felt as if no time had really passed. It brought up a lot of feeling that I was too scared to communicate so I let him go. He didn't talk to me as much and I figured it had made him feel uncomfortable or confused so I gave him space. I ended up meeting someone and ended up married. I was unhappy in the marriage and found out that that person had been cheating the whole time. Around the time I found this out my friend and I reconnected. He became my confidant and I told him everything. Our conversation after my divorce finalized turned flirty and we talked about the things we left unsaid during his trip to visit me the few years before. I was led to believe that he still felt confused, but he was just scared of the long distance. From August of 2022 to now May of 2023 we had been flirting and I occasionally would send him nudes when asked. I planned a trip to go see him because I had been recently SA'd on a date of which I confided in him. I told him that I missed him and wanted to see him and talk face to face for once. I didn't really see him the whole time I was there because he said he had work.The first night I was there he came to my AirBnB to hang out got a little and when he came in I was in the shower. He walked in washed his hands and said "Hey how are you" and I laughed and was like "Hey, nice to see you sorry I'm in the shower otherwise I'd hug you, but im almost done" and he laughed and said "I like seeing you like this" and then leaned in real quick to give me a kiss on the lips and said he'd just wait on the couch for me.We cuddled and watched Tv and we were laughing and he kept groping my breast and kissing me. He left because he had work the next day, but as he was leaving kissed me a few times and then lifted my shirt and kissed my breasts a bunch and said ill talk to you later i missed you. I asked him on a dinner date for when he was off work and he didn't text me until it was super late so we just drove around town. The next day we go exploring for museums and at dinner he's talking about this fwb situation he has with his coworker and asking if it makes him a bad person for intentionally stringing the person a long. I said yeah kind of I think you should be honest with people about how you feel about them or what you want from them. It was a bit of awkward silence, but I knew I had to say it otherwise the whole trip would feel like a waste. So, I told him how I felt and had been feeling for a long time and asked him what he thought. He was like a deer in headlights and just kept repeating "I don't know" and "yeah that's a lot that you've given me to think about". So, I told him well look I know this is a lot, but like just talk to me tell me what you're thinking and let's figure it out together. He just clammed up and it was awkward the rest of the dinner. He came back to the AirBnB I was staying at and we cuddled on the couch and I asked him if he wanted to talk more and again gave me the deer in headlights look. So, I just told him "It's okay dude you don't have to have all the answers right now just know that I love you and care about you and first and foremost your my best friend we can take our time yknow". So, we just kept cuddling, but that turned to kissing and he got horny. So, we ended up having sex and before we started I kept asking "are you sure" "please don't continue if you think you're gonna regret it" "for me this means something" and he just replied "I won't regret it I promise". Immediately after I could tell something was wrong and he asked if I had like hand sanitizer to put on his penis. I just stood there and I started to tear up and said "Do you regret it already?" and he said "What no I'm just really scared about catching something because the guy that raped you" and I started fully crying and he tried to get me to look at him and kept saying "oh God did I say something wrong" "Please look at me I'm sorry". We sat on the couch and he hugged me and kept trying to get me to talk while I cried. I finally told him that he made me feel dirty and like I was damaged goods and I just don't want him to regret it all or inadvertently push him away somehow because I was scared of losing my best friend. That I didn't wanna be just another one of his fuck buddies that he's intentionally stringing along. He kept saying "I would never do that to you" "I've always been honest with you" and "Im sorry I don't have the answers you need right now it's just a lot to take in and think about". Then he had to leave because he had work the next day. I asked him if I'd see him again and he was like yeah of course. I didn't see him the next day and he barely talked to me which only added to the anxiety that I had somehow fucked everything up. Then the next day, since it was my last day there, he asks if I wanna go to dinner at some fancy steakhouse he likes. We go and eat after he gets off. We joke around, but deep down I feel like something is off but I try to swallow that feeling. Then we went back to my AirBnB and cuddled up on the couch. He ended up falling asleep laying on my chest while I was playing with his hair. He woke up and said he had to go because of work the next day so we hugged and kissed, but before he left I asked if we were okay and he said "yeah why?" and I said "well, did you think anything more about the stuff we talked about and again the deer in headlights look and he said "um... no. I kinda put it on pause in my brain and tucked it away. I'm sorry" and I just said "it's okay I promise, but like please don't just pretend it never happened because that'll hurt" and he was like "of course not". So, he texted me that he got home safe and he said "Cuddling with you felt really nice" and I said "Yeah, is there any chance I'll see you before I have to go to the airport?" and he was like " um.. probably not I don't see being able to see you before I have to head to work because I usually don't get ready until a few minutes before" so I said "okay was just wondering if I'd get to say an actual good bye so I guess this is the good bye lol" and he said "I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more and see eachother as much" and I said "I promise it's okay I'll just have to back up some other time". So, I get home and I'm still feeling like sad and confused. I get a random anonymous message telling me to "back off of him" so I freak out and try asking about it. I ask again "are you sure you're not seeing anyone?" and he said "no I just have fwb I don't even know how they would know you were here I didn't even tell anyone except my coworkers and idk anyone vindictive like that" and as I'm trying to go through and figure out who it might be myself I come across an engagement announcement... from September 2021. I scroll through and some of the dates on their announcement are times that we were definitely flirting back and forth. So, I panick and say "well, hold on wtf is that dude you never told me you got engaged" and he says "oh God yeah don't message that one let me figure this out on my end" and I said "R... Are you engaged?" and his little chat bubble pops up and dissappear a few times before I get the message back of "I am but it's rocky right now" and I say "are you fucking kidding me wtf do you mean by rocky?" and he says "well I know she's cheated on me" and I say "well does she know you know or know that you've been sleeping with a bunch of other people?!" and he says "No she doesn't" and I say "are you kidding me right now? why would you be with someone if all you're gonna do is cheat on eachother" and he said "that's why I couldn't give you any answers" and I said "R.. how could you? I asked you multiple times if you were with anyone romantically ... so you lied to my face?" and he says "I did" and "I said I thought you were my friend I thought I could trust you I fucking loved you dude like how could you" and he just went on to be like this is the life I chose we're so different now and you're not what I want anymore and I was like well why couldn't you just tell me that and he was like I was afraid of losing you and I was like this is my worst fucking nightmare this is the worst way you could have possibly have handled this and I asked "So you only want me to be your friend and nothing else right?" and he goes "yes and I'm sorry" and I just said "fine but as your friend and someone who cares for you so much I'm telling you right now you need to cut your bullshit. Cut off all these fuck buddies and talk to your fiancé for fucks sake. Don't do what my husband did To me and make that girl look stupid for trusting you just like you just did to me" and he just started begging me not to tell anyone "Please don't tell her please it'll ruin my life and everything I've built for myself the last few years" and I said "honestly you should have thought about that and you should be the one to tell her" and he says "please ill do anything" and I said "be honest" and he begged more saying "it would ruin his family and hers and I just texted back "I can't do this ... I can't fucking talk to you anymore this is literally making me sick to my stomach I'm sorry" and I went through and blocked him on everything. I feel so fucking depressed and nauseous. I was betrayed, lied to, and used by my best friend and confidant of 6 years. I don't know what hurts more that someone I loved so much lied to me for apparently years or that I lost like my only fucking friend. I don't really know what to do now or how to get over this. I just wanna curl up and dissappear because I'm so tired of being used and lied to by the people I trust. I just wanna be able to trust and rely on the people I care about.
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2023.05.29 17:00 Pleasant_Ad_3168 Would this perk combo work with Aurors and the like in Harry Potter?

From Dexter:
Meanwhile the 600CP option will turn you into THE Super Rockstar of ALL Arms Of Law Enforcement, someone like Doakes in action, Luddy in investigation, Dexter in hunting (and everything else), Laguerta at PR, Mike Anderson with his information gathering techniques, and Debra with her hunches.
From lab work to great aim to acting skills (for blending in while undercover) to even accounting! Anything the law enforcement does? You do best.
It will never be weird for an IRS Officer like you to be a blackbelt at 16 different forms of Human Murdering arts. People will just assume the criminals (your victims) get violent when they see you relieving (stealing) their stolen (hard earned) money.
From Generic First Jump:
General Knowledge (50cp or 100cp)
When you enter a new Jump, you gain knowledge of the location and culture you start in that is equivalent to what the average citizen would know. You also gain fluency in the local language or languages. For an additional 50cp, all of your knowledge will have the local equivalent added, such as a student of history knowing as much as an equivalently educated student of history in the new setting. This added information never goes away, but is never confusing and does not impair you in any way.
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2023.05.29 16:58 folklore0014 Homeless and on MLOA waiting for paperwork to be approved and haven't been paid for weeks. I hate to ask for help but I'm truly desperate.

I am homeless and full time at amazon but I've been on medical leave for a bit and I'm waiting for my doctors paperwork to be approved. Is there anyway someone would be able to loan me money to get my other medication and for food/gas. I will prove I work for amazon and on leave, I really hate asking for help but I don't know what to do at this point. One of the medications is for mental health and the other is a medication I take due to seizures I've had since I was a kid. I live in my car and my gas light just came back on. I haven't been paid in a few weeks. I've tried applying for the brightside loan but they stated they are not doing anymore in my state right now, and none of the cash advance apps will approve me since I haven't had a steady paycheck in a few weeks. I've tried to apply to churches and local places but no help so far.
I had posted the other day but my account got banned, I'm not sure if it's for posting or what I did so I had to make a new account.
I was able to get one of my medications and food for a day thanks to someone helping me about 5 days ago.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to message me.
Edit: I tried the apps like Dave and stuff but since I haven't had a paycheck the last view weeks they won't approve me. I do not have a 401k as I've had to have every penny of my pay to try and improve my situation. I tried brightside but they are not accepting applications for loans in my state, and I tried the 100 dollar advance with opening the checking account but it has been pending approval for the account to be open. I have contacted HR and they gave me the resources for living number and all they could offer was mental health help.
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2023.05.29 16:56 Typical_Tonight_3978 Coping with an assault

Hello all,
I have always appreciate this sub reddit and have read a fair share of stoic books and always try to apply stoicism as much as possible
Today early morning. I unfortunately got assaulted on the street by homeless person. Me and my girlfriend were in a rush to get our train and a homeless man asked for some money, when I said ”no” he seemed very enraged and started to kick something next to him. We decided to fasten our phase as we needed to get our train and also to get from the homeless man as fast as possible.
Suddenly he caught up with us again, asking me why we are not giving him any money, I kindly told him I don’t have any cash on me but he wouldn’t give up.
He started to get real annoying and began to invade my person space and trying to stop me, eventually he was in front of me and wanted to punch me on the chin. Luckily it didn’t result to any sort of damage and it was a very soft punch. My girlfriend enraged and started screaming at him which scared him away
The moments before the punch a lot was going through my head and I was mostly very nervous and kind of frozen. This has to do with my fear of conflict which I have been struggling with for my whole live, whenever I get in a heated conflict I don’t seem to have the balls to give a small push or warn the person to back off. Getting punched today really hurt more my ego then my chin, especially as this happened in-front of my girlfriend who also scared him away as I wasn’t taking any action, this also makes me not feel like a man at all.
My question is what the best stoic way to overcome this situation? Its the whole day on my mind.
Also I want to start dealing with my intense fear of conflict, can someone advice any good stoics teachings / books about this. And besides a mindset Would it be advised to learn any mixed martial arts to help get more confident?
Thank you advance!
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2023.05.29 16:56 bimbo_wannabe_ [I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 6: On The Organizational Habits of Unrested Spirits and The Taste of Demon's Blood, Part 1.

[I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 6: On The Organizational Habits of Unrested Spirits and The Taste of Demon's Blood, Part 1.
Previous Part:
Becca invited me to her apartment when we made it back, sent me through the alley behind the building to keep the prying eyes at the minimum. That was fine with me as I was a lot more noticeable than I liked to be, at the moment. I had already lit a cigarette by the time she opened the back door of the stairwell to let me in. It was the last in the pack, and I'd only opened it this morning. The temperature on my phone screen had finally hit zero.
"You're gonna have to give me a second, B, I don't wanna smoke around you in your condition but I really need one."
She gave me another watery grin.
"Little too much blood in the nicotine system, huh?"
"Exactly, my young friend, exactly that."
She propped the door open and sat herself down on the ground. I could tell the high heels were starting to hurt her because she kicked them off and set them neatly to the side, though I knew the concrete had to be freezing her feet off. She tucked her skirt between her legs and sat with her back against the wall, her elbow propped on her bent knee, the other leg stretched out straight before her. It was exactly how what was left of Antoni had been sitting beside me less than two hours ago.
I was getting a little tired of all the patterns appearing in my life these days.
I flipped to my news app, as was my habit. There was an article at the top of page about the preparations the SDNY were making to get ready for the coming storm, but frankly I didn't really give a fuck so I just kept scrolling.
"Your old neighborhood is in the news, B."
"You ain't had enough bad news?" Beccs asked with a rueful laugh.
"Eh, I like to stay abreast of current events. I mean, you got me pegged, B. I'm a nosy fuck. But, uh, fifteen years on the inside, you learn that it pays to pay attention to the shit other people don't notice, cause you never know when the information you pick up is going to end up being the information you need."
She gave me a look that said she had to yield to my point.
"So what's the news from Koreatown?".
"Somebody shot a wedding up, apparently. Says seven were killed, including the bride and groom and the bride's father, as they was leaving the reception. You know, most of these names are Rhees. Ain't nobody you know, is it? Kinda feel like you've had enough death for the day, kid."
There was another look on her face, one I couldn't quite read even with all my people-watching prowess.
"Lemme take a wild stab at it. Two of those names are Rhee Seong-Min and Rhee Bong-Cha."
"Yeah," I nodded. "You do know 'em. I'm sorry, B."
She gave a low, almost rumbling, chuckle. It gave me a little shiver, not from the cold, and not one of enjoyment, either. She flashed a sign, one I'd seen her flash before, but it wasn't from any gang I knew personally, and lacking any official affiliation of my own, I'd dealt with my fair share of different gang members in the Upstate Correctional Facility. Double E's, one backwards, one forwards, three quick shakes of each hand.
"God bless old K-town. But you ain't got to worry about it. I'll not shed a tear over any of them. They's family, but they ain't exactly family, you know. I might tell you about it one day."
The last sentence had a note of finality to it, so I didn't ask any further questions in that regard, but I was still as curious as always.
"If all your family has Korean names, how the hell did you end up as Rebecca and your Dad as Sam?"
"My Dad's name is Park Kyung-Sam. Just Sam was easier to tell people and he, uh, he wanted me to have the same benefit of blending in in American society, and he liked the name Rebecca. So, Rhee Rebecca Hyo-Jin. My Mom's name was Rhee Chung-Cha, but everybody just called her ChaCha, like from Grease."
"So your Mom was the Rhee?"
She made an affirmative noise and nodded.
"She didn't exactly wanna give up her family name, and… my Dad didn't exactly give a fuck cause he was in love with her crazy ass. You know, that's where I get this from. Except my Moms, if she was still around she'd make me look like I grew up to be a calm, quiet girl."
I'd hate to see what was worse than Beccs.
"You done?" Becca asked. I nodded, tossed my cigarette into the sand-filled bucket we kept here for just that purpose. I followed B inside and we climbed the stairs to the third floor. I leaned against the wall as she pulled a ring of keys from her coat pocket and waited while she unlocked the knob and the three deadbolts on her door.
"Pretty serious about your home security, B?"
She shot me a look but didn't say anything as she opened the door. A steady beeping greeted us, and Becca stopped just inside and punched in a code on a security panel. As I stepped around her and entered the apartment, I understood why.
Do you know that part in Coming To America where Akeem comes home to his dilapidated Queens apartment and realizes Semmi has filled it with expensive furniture? Well, it was exactly like that. Becca locked the door back behind her, threw her stilettos onto the shoe rack, and hung her coat on the brass tree beside it. I did the same, removed my boots to place them on the rack as well.
"Jesus Christ, B, this place looks amazing."
There was a gray suede sectional in the center of the living room, a 152 inch Panasonic plasma bolted to the wall. The coffee table, the wool Oriental rug beneath it, and the end tables looked antique, as well as the green velvet chaise set near one window. There were three ornately-carved bookcases set against the far wall between the two windows facing the street, one filled with DVDs, and on the other two almost all the books were old and leather bound. The kitchen was open to the room, separated by a butcher block bar from the living room, all matching stainless steel appliances and black marble countertops. All along the walls were family pictures dotted between massive paintings held in golden Baroque style frames.
They were… stunning was the only word I could think to describe them. Most of them were portraits done in a slightly impressionist style, impasto if my memory served me, seemingly random strokes of thick paint that somehow managed to form the perfect images of faces and a few nudes.
"Jesus Christ, these paintings must have cost a fortune alone."
Becca stepped beside me, her arms crossed over her chest as she surveyed the painting I was looking at. It was done in mostly black and red, the image of a sleeping nude man, one arm tucked behind his head, his other draped across his stomach, his hips and legs covered with a sheet. If I touched it, I could have felt the wrinkles in the bunched fabric. There was something oddly familiar about it.
"They didn't cost shit," she answered.
That made me look away from the painting and back to Beccs.
"What the hell? Did you rob a gallery?"
"No, you mook, I painted them. They didn't cost anything but the price of the canvas and the paint, which, you know, I stole most of that from school."
"You painted them," I repeated, looking back.
As I looked closer at the canvas, I realized why it was familiar. The sleeping man was our dear friend Antoni Zabrowska. I had mistaken his tattoos for shadows, though I had to admit I had never seen him look quite so relaxed. As I glanced around the room, I realized I recognized many of the paintings. I was able to pick out her father's face, Rossi's, and I realized the model for the two female nudes was none other than Nia Bianchi. There was one of a woman in white with bloody skeletal wings that bore a strong resemblance to Becca and I imagined that was the infamous ChaCha.
"That's what I go to Columbia for. Visual Arts."
"You're a goddamn genius, B."
She scoffed.
"No, I'm fucking serious, kid. My sister collects art, and she refuses to go for the big names. Shit like this, she pays 10 to 20 grand for a painting half this size, more if it's one of the artists she likes."
Now she snorted.
"What? Your sister got a money tree?"
"No, my older sister Aurie's a writer. She wrote her first book when she was ten. She's published 20 so far, but she's got 30 or 40 more in backlog that she's still tweaking. She's kind of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, but I guess it pays off. Her books sell like fucking hotcakes everytime she puts one out, two of her series got picked up by Netflix, and Lion's Gate turned her seventh book into a movie. She even got to be involved in the productions.
"She's got a penthouse on the Upper East Side that she bought about six years ago. That's where I lived when I got out of the Upstate. Aurora, she's a fucking Saint, you know. I mean, I had a shitty PO that was up my ass every five minutes but Aurie never said a word about it. She just… always told me she was glad I was home, which, you know, was nice to hear considering that according to my grandparents I died 19 years ago. She was the one that helped me get this place down here, paid in full for a two year lease."
Becca raised an eyebrow at me.
"No offense, Tony, I can tell you're crazy about her, but she couldn't have picked a better place for you than this hell hole?"
I laughed as softly as I could, to save the muscles in my stomach.
"I picked this place myself, B. Cheapest apartment I could find in any of the boroughs, and it even had three bedrooms. I was thinking about having space for a library and a home gym."
Becca snorted.
"Yeah, it's cheap cause the fucking place is about 90 years old. Nobody's been able to get a hold of the slumlord who owns it for repairs in 8 months, but I bet you the motherfucker still collects the rent checks we deposit in his fucking bank account every month."
"Yeah, I figured that out just about as soon as I moved in, but beggars can't be choosers. Besides, Antoni always used to help me out whenever something broke."
Becca gave a small smile.
"They did that for everybody. I used to call them the apartment elves, cause instead of making shoes they were skittering around fixing fucking toilets and sinks, and rewiring burned up outlets and bringing in new refrigerators and stoves when shit broke in everybody else's places. And they bought it all with their own money. Everybody tried to pay them, but they never took a dime for any of it. Ironically enough, Pops used to talk about Antoni all the time because of all the money he'd spend over there every week. Said he had a good heart, just no good sense when it came to what was his responsibility and wasn't. You know, I had my own opinions about Antoni's heart, but I kept them to myself."
"I really wish I had paid more attention when Antoni was working on the boiler, though. Instead of just passing him tools and running my mouth."
"Yeah, you're good at that," she replied with a smirk.
"And fuck you, too, Miss Rebecca. You might be the strong type, but you're not exactly silent yourself."
She laughed.
"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."
I nodded and obeyed as she exited into what I saw was the bathroom as she opened the door and closed it behind her.
The sectional was goddamned heaven, and she'd said make myself comfortable so I kicked out the recliner and leaned back. I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed, and when I opened them I nearly jumped out of my skin. I barely managed to stop myself from letting out a yell as I jerked back up to sitting.
Antoni's corpse was standing by the picture wall, looking intently at a photo of a child Becca wearing a ruffled, cream colored dress with a ribbon in her long black hair. It was the picture of her first Communion.
"Goddamn, you can't give somebody a warning before you do that?"
He neither answered me nor turned to look at me because he was using the stumps of his wrists to adjust several of the frames back straight again.
"Fucking neat freak," I laughed. "She wasn't lying."
He finally turned toward me.
You ever seen a corpse try to look annoyed when he's missing about a quarter of his face? I mean, what am I saying, you probably haven't, but suffice to say, it's pretty fucking funny. He raised his left wrist, and if he had hands, he'dve been shooting the bird.
Almost hysterical laughter burst out of me as Becca exited the bathroom.
"Least the pipes ain't frozen yet," she muttered.
She gave me a strange look.
"Who are you talking to out here? And what's so funny?"
I glanced back to Antoni, but he was gone again.
"Don't mind me, B, I'm pretty sure I got a concussion. I'm pretty much seeing pink elephants at this point." Or, you know, the mutilated corpse of my best friend, but it's probably best I leave it at elephants.
"Yeah," she answered, and crossed the room to hand me something. "Speaking of."
It was a mouth guard.
"What is this for?"
She didn't answer me, but headed to the kitchen and opened a cabinet, withdrawing a cut crystal scotch glass and then opening the refrigerator and withdrawing… two bags of blood. Nia's blood, to be exact. She unscrewed the cap at the bottom of one, punctured the seal with a fresh insulin needle, and to my supreme discomfort squeezed some into the glass. The mouth guard suddenly made sense. It was so I wouldn't break my teeth or bite my tongue off when the convulsions started and my jaw locked down from consuming demon blood.
"Oh no, B, I don't want that."
"Yeah. That's why I didn't tell you why I wanted you over here, cause I knew you was gonna be a pussy about it."
I tried one more last-ditch effort.
"You need that more than me, B."
"I can just take my next dose early, but you, you can't go down and see Ma looking like that. She's gonna ask too many questions."
That one stopped me.
"I've had enough of interrogations for one day, B."
"There ain't no interrogation when it comes to Ma. She just puts it in your head that you ain't got no choice but to tell her the truth, and you do. She's made state witnesses get up on the stand and confess their own crimes, pleading the fifth be damned."
She screwed the cap back onto the bag and carried them and the glass over to the coffee table and set them down. She walked over and opened a closet door, pulling out an IV pole with a little box attached to it, and grabbed a small cardboard box from off a shelf and what looked like a tackle box. She set it on the coffee table after she pulled the pole over to the sectional and plugged it into the wall, opened the cardboard box and removed a cassette from inside and inserted it into the box on the pole.
"What's that?"
"It's a blood warmer for rapid transfusions, so I don't go into hypothermia or hemolysis. Little bastard cost 137 thousand, but at least you can buy them online. You put a fresh cassette in every time, the blood runs through it, by the time it gets to my arm it's body temp."
She opened the tackle box and removed two fresh lines, attaching one to the bottom of the warmer and one to the top, hanging the bags of blood but not connecting the first of them yet. The top had a drip chamber with a filter, and the bottom held the flow regulator and the hypodermic needle with the cannula inside.
"You know, it's not fucking fair, B, you shouldn't have dealt with half the shit in your life that you have."
She snorted and her lips pursed with anger as she sat down beside me.
"You sound like Rossi with that shit. That's why he wouldn't let me die, said it wasn't fair. I was ready to go into hospice, fuck it, I was ready to see my Mom again. But I'll tell you the same thing I told his stupid old ass. Life ain't fair. Cause if it was I'd have my mother and my baby's father and Jimmy's ass would be the one laying in the morgue. You think it's fair you almost lost a finger because of what he ordered?"
I laughed.
"No, I actually think that's pretty fair. That's karma, B. I was usually the one doing the beating. How do you think I ended up in prison?"
She looked hard at me for a moment.
"I mean, you never told me. You were pretty open about having gone to prison, but you never said why."
"Well, I learned to be open about it. Some people get real upset when they find out they're dealing with someone who's been through the system, so I didn't really wanna go through that again. So now I just tell people up front, let them decide for themselves if they wanna deal with me or not. That way they can't throw it back in my face, say I lied to them."
Becca let out a bitter chuckle.
"So what's your story?"
"Well, we still ain't finished your story, yet, but we'll take a detour. The whole thing started my Senior year of high school. First game of the year, I blew my knee out, big as a bitch, tore everything there was to tear, shit was basically hanging on by the skin alone. Orthopedics said I had two choices, keep playing football or, retain the ability to walk on that leg, so… there went all my big dreams of college ball and making it onto the Giants."
I nodded. "Middle linebacker. I was good at it. 6'7, 265 pounds but light on my feet, all muscle. Back then I was running 7 percent body fat, and wasn't even trying. Shit just… all came natural to me. It all blew up in my face. Shitloads of surgery and physical therapy, and then one day the pain pills stopped but the pain didn't. Everyday, every night, I was still hurting."
She nodded.
"I know about bone pain. I could always tell when I needed to up the dose when my bones started hurting. When I started out all it took was an insulin needle. Now I take so much, I'm not even sure I qualify as human. But I guess I won't be much longer. That's always been the plan. Just keep me alive till 30 and Ma's gonna make me like her. That's the preferred age for the Entrance, something to do with the Trinity."
I nodded.
"I started asking around school if anyone knew where to get some Percs but pain management keeps that shit so tight I could only get a few at a time. Not only was they expensive, it wasn't enough. I got hooked up with this kid named Alessandro, he told me if I really wanted to control the pain, he could get me something better and cheaper. He took me to meet his uncle, Colombian guy named Marco. First shot is free and it was… it was beautiful. Everybody always gets sick the first time, but I didn't. And then after that, all my free money from my after school job started going to horse, and uh, I got my last six months off school. I already had all the credits I needed from AP classes, started working full time. They didn't piss test. But, my tolerance was rising faster than my income was."
I took a deep breath.
"I'd been buying enough that Marco was offering me fronts but I never took it. So next time I went, I asked him for my usual and I asked how much it would be for two O's on the front, cause I knew a lot of other users and I was thinking of starting to sell myself. So, he told me he'd give me a pound, and we could settle up at the end of the month."
"Jesus Christ, if you were selling a pound a month you must have been making bank."
I shook my head.
"I wasn't in it for the money. I was in it to keep myself supplied. If I kept my prices right, I could use for free, and I had enough left over to pay my portion of the rent and help pay for the groceries. I got good at it, I'd take a shot, and nod out for a few minutes, then get up and start walking the streets."
Becca snorted.
"You wasn't standing on a street corner?"
"Fuck no. Too visible. I did all my business by phone. I had a burner and gave everyone the number, and when they needed some they'd give me a call and I'd meet them or they'd meet me. I had ethics. I used to have people offering me fucking blowjobs for a bag, but I always said no, shit felt wrong. All they had to do was pay me by the end of the month but, sometimes…"
She gave a grin.
"But sometimes, 'Bitch, where's my money?'"
"Yeah, sometimes people would try to skip out, so I had to apply a little pressure to persuade them to pay. I never killed nobody, it's hard as hell to get money out of a dead man. But, black a few eyes and break a few bones and suddenly they had money they didn't before. Being my size, there wasn't many of them that could fight back. But, I fucked up the wrong lowlife.
"There was this prick, he'd been dodging me for weeks. He owed me like two grand, I'd given him that much because I knew he had money, so when I finally caught up to him, I was pretty mad and, the bitch, he told me he wasn't going to pay me. Thought he was better than me, thought he could fuck me and get away with it. So I beat the mortal hell out of him, took his wallet. He had five grand in there but I figured, 3K surcharge for wasting my time."
I shook my head.
"But I should have done some better research on who I was going after. Turned out the little prick had a socialite for a mother and his Daddy was a hedge fund manager and… I'd hurt him pretty bad. First three months, not only was I dealing with DTs, I was waiting to see if they were going to add Murder to my charges. He was in a coma for that long, and when he woke up, he had to learn to walk again, how to feed himself. I beat him so bad I gave him brain damage."
"Goddamn, Tony."
"Apparently his parents knew their son's habits and knew exactly who I was, cause they went straight to the police, and two days later SWAT showed up, turned the house upside down. I smashed my phone into pieces, flushed it so they couldn't get my contacts, but I didn't think about the fact I still had the wallet with his driver's license in it. My grandparents disowned me, right then and there. I had just reupped so they caught me with 14 ounces, all it takes is 8 for Class A felony possession. I spent 13 months in Rikers, but my sister got me a good lawyer, he knew the judge and the prosecutor personally, golfed with them, so he got me a plea deal. I was looking at life in prison, but he argued that I was a good student that had made a bad mistake because of a chronic pain issue, and they were both first offenses, so if I pled guilty, agreed to go through a substance abuse program and anger management, then they'd give me the minimum sentence.
"15 years, Class A Felony Drug Possession, 3 years, Class B felony First Degree Assault, intentionally causing grievous bodily harm while in the commission of another felony. But, at my sentencing, the judge said I was a big guy, with a big anger problem. I hadn't killed anyone, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Said I was a danger to society, so when I got to the UCF, they put me in dark red."
I nodded.
"23 hours a day in a box by myself, no visitors, barely saw the guards. But, I stayed quiet, made no problems. Prison was overcrowded so I ended up with a cellmate, and I was glad to see him. It could have been Hannibal Lecter and I would have gave him a hug. He might have been a murderer but he was actually a decent guy. Him and his crew had knocked over some jewelry stores in Manhattan, last job went bad. He'd killed three cops, so he wasn't never getting out. Neither was his wife. Life in Bedford Hills."
"That's where they was gonna send me if Ma hadn't got the jury to give me a Not Guilty verdict."
I knew Becca had a tendency to get in trouble because beside the cheerleading pictures in the bodega, there was also a mugshot.
"What did you do?"
She gave a bitter chuckle again.
"Unlike you, I killed someone. 2021, this fucking crackhead tried to rob the store. He shot the customer that was in there, old guy named Mickey, killed him. He used to live in your apartment. Tried to shoot me, too, but the gun jammed and I had the aluminum baseball bat under the counter. I just started swinging. He went down, but I jumped the counter, and hit him again. Blood lust is a real thing. Once I saw he was bleeding, I wanted to see more. I beat his brains out, literally, he was dead long before the cops ever got there. Bat looked like a toothpick when I was done.
"They arrested me, and the DA himself showed up at my arraignment. Said self defense didn't apply, sent me straight up to Murder 2, requested I be denied bail because I had a passport and plenty of money so I was a flight risk. But we all knew the truth. He was still pissed that he hadn't been able to send Rossi away for longer, and I was the next best thing. Ma had to pull a lot of strings to make sure I still got my transfusions when I was in lockup. I was in Rikers for four months, had my eighteenth birthday sitting in the Singer Unit."
"Goddamned patterns," I muttered, then raised my voice again. "You, me, and Antoni all got that in common, except he wasn't like us. He was already in prison. That's what the rose meant, turned eighteen in prison. Life sentence, triple murder."
"He told you that?" She looked betrayed, so I was quick to answer.
"No, the tattoos told me that. Google is my best friend, B. That's what the skull and crossbones, and the coffins on his arm meant."
She swallowed, and nodded again.
"But, I moved down," I continued. "Went to orange when they moved me to Gen Pop, and I had friends waiting for me. Marco was very appreciative of me keeping quiet about my source at trial, so outside Abuela Bogota's was where I hung out the most. But I had friends all over. My sister was smart. She always put way more in my account than I could spend, so whenever I heard that somebody needed something, I'd go to the canteen and buy it myself and pass it to 'em. Nobody had to owe me shit. All I wanted was to be left alone, so I had people watching my back from all sides. I ended up in blue, got moved to the dormitory, started working in the kitchen, ended up running it, cause I was a 'model prisoner.'"
"You ever fool around with any of your cellmates?" Becca asked with a grin. "Cause I did."
I gave an uncomfortable laugh.
"I mean, yeah. 15 years is a long time to be alone. I don't consider myself bisexual even, but if somebody offers, you know…" I shrugged.
"I think the word you're looking for is heteroflexible. That's how Antoni referred to himself. He had a thing for you, you know."
That stopped me dead.
"You're fucking with me, B."
"Nope. He asked me once if I'd mind if he ever got the chance to hook up with you, and I told him no, as long as he didn't mind I still hooked up with my old girlfriends from high school. But he never asked you, said he loved you too much, was afraid of ruining your friendship."
"Jesus Christ," I shook my head, finally decided I needed time to process that, and moved on. "But, my last year there, Covid hit, and, I volunteered to work in the infirmary, but pretty soon the infirmary was filled, they started keeping people in the hallway, and finally they just ended up leaving them in their beds, I was all over the place. People dropping like flies. Everytime someone coughed or sneezed, everbody'd get nervous. I been smoking since I was 16, so I cough my lungs out every morning.
"People was looking at me like I was Death Incarnate. But I never caught it, not even once. And I was all around the sick, I was taking the bodies out to the truck outside the gate. Could've run but I didn't. Only had a few years left. It worked in my favor. They cut the last three years off my sentence, put me on supervised release and now, here I am, 36 years old, and just starting my adult life."
"Rossi got let out of lockup right before lockdown, poor bastard. Me, him, and my Dad all quarantined at Ma's, but of course, you know, me and Dad was essential workers so at least I got to get out of the house everyday. I graduated early, at 16, been working seven days a week since."
I glanced at the glass on the table.
"So let's get back to your story."
She shook her head, lips pursed again.
"Uh-uh, you're not wasting anymore time. Take the blood, but first," she reached out, quicker than I could even register, and used her thumbs to set my broken nose back straight.
I let out a yell, momentarily unable to see as my eyes filled with tears.
"Jesus wept, Becca, fucking hell, goddamn."
"Sorry. It would've hurt more if you'd known it was coming. Besides, you're a good looking guy, Tony, you don't wanna ruin your face."
"Thanks, B," I muttered as I pressed the toilet paper back to my freshly bleeding nose, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Need a haircut though."
"Nah, you oughta keep it. It's very The Dark Knight Joker, just black, not blonde and green."
I laughed quietly.
"Not sure that's the best association, B. A little too psychotic and violent."
She raised an eyebrow at me.
"Alright, alright. It's probably an accurate association, just a little less arson and murder." I sighed and looked at the scotch glass. "So how do I do this, B?"
"Think about it like a tequila shot. Take the shot and then slip the guard in quick. Then sit back, try to relax."
I nodded and grabbed the glass before I lost my nerve. I raised it in her direction.
"Geonbae." She responded.
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2023.05.29 16:55 siegwagenlenker An illustrated children’s book where the protagonist turns into a peregrine falcon in the climax

So the book is about a boy who’s visiting a town and he discovers a theatre group where someone in his family used to participate in plays. Towards the end he discovers he can shapeshift and turns into a peregrine falcon to stop the antagonist.
The book had illustrations throughout and every (tiny) chapter would end with questions that gave you clues about what could happen next. There was also an appendix with solutions to the clues.
It was written in English (and wasn’t a translation as far as I could tell)
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2023.05.29 16:55 u-nes Is 5 sessions enough for laser beard trim?

Hello all,
This is my first time posting here. I want to get a beard line so I have been looking into some ads for laser hair removal clinics, they all offer 5 sessions for lots of money but I am kinda skeptical about it because I feel like my beard hair is rough and thick (see images), and 5 sessions won't be enough ...
I have used those IPL laser hair removal machines that sels on aliexpress before and they did nothing..
I used to have lots of ingrown hair back when I was a student which caused a lot of pimples and skin problems... now not as much but my beard hair is growing in all directions and causes lots of skin irritation which causes me to pluck my hair hence the patches in my beard.
Can someone with similar beard hair characteristics that went through with the laser beard trimming describe their experience? Is 5 sessions enough to get permanent results? Is it gonna have any after-effects?
Thank you all,
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2023.05.29 16:53 NoAdeptness729 Need advice - divorce/parents overstepping/work problem

First off, thank you for reading through this. I will keep this as brief as possible. This situation is FUBAR. Some of the things I'm going to say I'm sure are going to be like 'really? you didn't see that coming?' but hindsight is 20-20, especially when you're dealing with a bad marriage. A lot of this sounds childish when I write it, so I apologize if that's the case, but no one is perfect.
Alright, so my wife and I are in the process of getting a divorce. We are currently separated. Both have family law attorneys. We have been married 5 years. We have a 5 year old son who is mildly autistic. My STBX and I are working things out pretty amicably - working on a joint custody agreement, all that. My parents do not like my wife. More specifically my mother doesn't like my STBX. Never did. They make claims that she is an unfit mother - but they have zero evidence to back that up. It's really just that they don't think she is a GOOD ENOUGH mother. Yea well no one is perfect. I know my STBX always takes care of my son. I do not worry about him while he is in her care.
So I don't make a lot of money. I have a professional career, but I'm in early stages and my salary is low. My STBX hasn't really worked the past few years, mainly due to our sons age and the cost of childcare. As a result, both of our parents paid for our attorneys (I would have preferred zero attorneys and come to an agreement ourselves, but my wife felt the need to hire one - in case you don't know, a divorce is fucking expensive). My parents tried to pit me against my STBX when all the divorce talk happened because of some of the events that led up to it (I'm not going to mention the events here because I don't find it relevant at this point because we're getting a divorce at this point and that's all there is to it). I let them. They offered to pay for my attorney. I said Ok. They said some things about seeking visitation with my son, and at the time I just sort of said ok but didn't commit to anything. Of course, prior to that point, the thought of my parents having any sort of visitation had never occurred to me and I was so overwhelmed with the entirety of the situation I think I just sort of said ok or something and kept on moving (it was a few months ago, I don't remember it perfectly). There was certainly no official agreement that made - certainly nothing was signed.
Well, because things are currently going so well between my STBX and I at the moment, I've told me parents 'do not seek visitation of my son. If you do, you might upset my wife and that could change the dynamics of how things are going with us coming to an amicable agreement with my wife.' (My wife HATES my parents as well. To be fair, my parents and family have been extra shitty to my wife. I feel terrible for her for it.) For some reason, this has really upset my parents (my mother), which is setting off some red flags to me. I told them that ANYTIME I have him, you can see him. Doesn't seem to be good enough for them. The other day, my mother and sister ambushed me when I was at my parent's house. Basically calling me a piece of shit because I wouldn't let my parents seek visitation and I should show more gratitude to them for paying for my attorney's retaining fees (and for every other mistake/choice I've made in my imperfect life.) My mother even started angry-crying and called me a shitty father. I just said ok and walked out the door. I've been using one of my parent's cars because both of my cars have issues (Financially, things have gotten really bad the past year - I currently own two cars but both of them have issues one needs new front shocks, the other needs brakes and power steering pump - altogether I'm looking at about $5k to fix them and I just don't have it). Called my wife and told her just so she knows, my parents might off the deep end and do something but I didn't endorse it (to protect myself). Wife texts mother, says she wants to talk, mainly about how things will be handled and guidelines she wants if my parents are going to see my son this summer (I travel a lot in the summers - my wife and I never withheld our son from my parents and my wife has also always let them spend time with our son). Basically, my STbX wants to be treated with respect. No condescending texts. No texts that insinuate that my STBX is a bad mother, etc, etc. My mother refuses to meet with her. STBX says 'ok, so be it. you won't see our son and you also have no legal rights to see him.' Considering how shitty my parents and family have been to me recently, and how that has shed light on what they really wanted from the situation (which is my son, at the expense of me and my rights), I'm perfectly ok with it. I think what my STBX is asking for is reasonable, and the fact that my mother is not willing to meet her half way says a lot. It's also become apparent to my STBX and I that my mother genuinely thinks that we are not fit parents in her eyes. My mother wrote us an email in January that basically stated over and over that our son loves them so much and he should spend more time with them, etc etc. My STBX and I had not read the email until now because my mother is really cringey and she does these things and no one has time to read a 10 page email about someone else's feelings.
Problem: I have a work trip I have to go to on Wednesday out of state. My job has arranged for me to bring my own private transportation, because I have a court date for a traffic ticket that will cause me to leave early. Well, the vehicle that I was going to bring was my parents. It was actually their idea for me to drive it, so I would not inconvenience my employer. Well, now that my parents were petty and took back their car because I'm not willing to comply with their request about my son, I'm shit out of luck. My employer is going to be pissed, because coordinating some sort of transportation is going to be a pain in the ass at this point. I feel like my job is the only thing that I have going for me right now.
Question: should I try to talk to my parents, and just listen to what they have to say in order to get a vehicle to drive to work? Or should I just stand my ground and take my chances that my employer will be a little upset? I just hate how my parents leverage the fact that they have lots of money and use that to extort me.
tl;dr: getting a divorce; parents are seeking visitation and acting psychotic; they took away their car that I needed for work and putting me at odds with my employer if I don't get it back.
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2023.05.29 16:52 unseentides Scarily realistic dream.

Just had a dream that felt like reality and all I wanted to do was get out of it. I’m missing minor details like the fact my Twitter account (which I never use irl) was hacked somewhere in the process, and the fact that Ryan Gosling featured as a novelist at some point*, but here’s what I sent my friend:
“I woke up in a house resembling my dad’s and someone was sticking me in the neck and as I fell asleep again I could see people making measurements of the location of the furniture. Then I had a… woman? Tell me I had to kill her three times in order to live. So I fought her with a sword in some jungle-type vibe. Woke up again to two mutes lightly scrubbing the carpet and I could tell there were blood stains there but it was eerily white otherwise. I ran to see my dad and sister and remember feeling relieved they were there, but all they noticed was the white carpet being extra white and they were happy because the house was up for sale. I tried to tell people what happened but various entities (not sure what/who now) cut me off and a guy in a cap pulled me aside to say he’d up my security.”
It’s all fading now but I had to get it out.
Any clues on the meaning? My dad died in 2021: it did not feel like a visitation dream. The selling of his house happened after he died and is a matter of soreness for me as it was my home up until the night he passed. That’s all I got, now I’m scared to go back to sleep tbh. I’ve never had anything like this.
*I asked him if he ever just bought one of his books for kicks and I can hear his response so clearly: “What? No. That’s insane. Can you imagine if people found that out?”
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2023.05.29 16:51 CrispyBrother76 [WTS] (KY) Custom Painted Rifles + Hi Capa Adapter & More
Hey y'all, got some guns up for sale. I had some of these at Noob Day you might've seen me there. Gonna try to keep this post fairly short, so pm me if you want an msrp price list on anything or have any questions, I'll be happy to send a list your way.
  1. KWA KR14 Build - $325+Ship Pics + Shooting Vid (Retail/MSRP Value $430+)
Just finished this build the other day. Am very pleased with it. I went for a mid-long range DMR style build. R-Hopped, ZCI tightbore barrel, APS stock, red dot, and hand stock. Shoots great with .40s, PM for more details. Includes the gun and 1 mag.
  1. KWA Mod.3 Railgun Build - $460+Ship Pics + Shooting Vid (Retail/MSRP Value $605+)
Finished this fairly recently, some of you may have seen me run it at Noob Day a lot of people seemed to really like it. It's a KWA Mod.3 with the 6mmProShop body kit, an airsoft T1 sight (works but needs batteries), an angel custom 6.03 tightbore, and a 3d printed mock suppressor extension because the barrel was too long. This gun shoots great, the selector switch doesn't click into place but it's not a big deal, I know how to fix it if you really want to though, it's simple, just PM me. PM if you have any questions or want a price list. Losing money on this build so I'm fairly firm on price. Comes with the gun and 4 mags.
  1. Masada DMR- Not currently for sale, was shooting incredible but now I'm having an issue with the hopup, I may be R-hopping it and putting a new barrel in it soon. Will have it for sale after that.
  2. Polarstar Jack MP5 Build - $630+Ship Pics + Shooting Vid (Retail/MSRP Value is $1195)
I've got a lot of money in this gun and am losing a lot on this, so the price is very much firm. I've got a price list I'll gladly send you if you're interested. This gun has been absolutely decked out. It's a VFC Mp5, with a Polarstar Jack. It's R-hopped, has a tightbore barrel, Maxx speed trigger, Amped brass weaved IGL with "CRISPY" text bc why not lol. Has a knockoff eotech, a real magpul AFG foregrip, knockoff KAC rail, and a Novritsch v2 foam filled suppressor making it super quiet. The gun shoots great, it's R-Hopped so use .32s at minumum, .40s preferably, the hopup is very sensitive. The gun has been semi locked, we only use semi at my field anyways, but can be fixed with a new trigger board which is only like $25ish if you really want it. Also the safety doesn't work which I think may be because the trigger is for an m4 and the safety lever doesn't work the same because mp5 triggers are much bigger and designed different. Gun has some scratches but hasn't seen a whole lot of use since I built it. It should last someone a very long time, but it has some fairly minor issues and I want to get rid of it which is why I'm selling it so cheap. Will come with the gun, and fcu battery, and 4 mags. PM for more details or price list.
  1. Famas - SOLD
  2. Hi Capa is gone but the Tapp HPA adapter still is, $75+ship for it
AW Custom VX9 - Sold
Scope - Sold
KWA Vector GBB Mag & Grip - Sold
V2 Gearbox, Needs connector -$20
KWA Mod.3 Parts, Needs mounting hardware - $15
That's all folks.
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2023.05.29 16:48 lennonfenton Investment Advice for ~$70k

Hello, seeking investment advice for a friend who does not use Reddit.
They are recieving approximately 70k and would like to know how best to manage this money.
Also, should they be hiring someone or does it not make sense for this sum of money?
Please let me know if there is any additional info needed.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:47 Remarkable_Soil4309 There are 68+ redemption arcs in One Piece

I'm using the words "redemption arc" in a very loose way here. But has anyone noticed that Oda loves to introduce a character with a negative quality or as an enemy to the straw hats FIRST, THEN turn them into an ally / show their good qualities SECOND, using the contrast to endear readers to the character?
For example, we first see Wyper in Skypea as a cold, prone-to-violence warrior who refused to negotiate (ch. 256), and was willing to "leave comrades behind to win this war". But later, we see how formidable his will is, and the reason he fights, standing up against Enel (ch. 276). And that's only a minor supporting character! Remember when Kin'emon was just an annoying pervert in Punk Hazard? (which highlighted Sanji's kindness when he wanted to help Kin'emon anyways) Or when we knew nothing about Jimbe except he was an ally of Arlong (who we hated)? Anyways, I made a list of characters below who had "redemption arcs"-- first introduced as bad/enemies and then "redeemed" later. I counted 68 characters/groups of people:
Zoro (before we meet him, Koby tells Luffy that Zoro is known as a "demonic beast" and "bloodthirsty hound")
Sanji (beats up customers, womanizer)
Nami (theif who didn't like pirates)
Usopp (liar, coward, but actually brave?)
Vivi (BW, tried to kill Laboon)
Igaram (BW along with Vivi, fought Zoro)
Dr Hiriluk (bad doctor, stole money, burned people's houses down)
Bon Clay (BW)
Smoker (marine out to catch Luffy)
Franky (beat up Usopp, and stole their money)
Aokiji (don't need to say anything here)
Corazon (hated children, almost killed Law)
Coby (coward, tells Luffy his dream is impossible)
Pekoms (Henchmen of Big Mom)
Bege (same as above)
All the minks (rumor is they hate humans and are ruthless, turns out false)
Hachi (Arlong pirates)
Saint Donquixote Mjosgard (just a douche at first)
Boa Hancock (merciless, turns her own people to stone, captures Luffy)
Boa Sandersonia
Boa Marigold
Robin (BW)
Dadan (didn't care about Luffy at first, perfectly happy if he died in the jungle)
Pudding (Pudding had two twists, from good to bad to good again)
Bartolomeo (before we knew he was a fanboy)
Baby 5
White Beard (refused to heed Shank's advice)
Lola (zombie)
Senor Pink
Ipponmatsu (the sword shop owner, stingy at first)
Noland ("liar")
Oden (first shown in flashback as a guy eating oden over someone's grave)
Dr. Kureha
Ashuro Doji
Shirahoshi ("crybaby")
Syrup villagers (seemed to dislike Usopp, but in fact, they would miss him when he left)
Shimotsuki Yasuie
People of Dressrossa who chased the Straw Hats out (turns out they knew Rebecca was fine)
The snake in Shandia
King Cobra (turns out to be a good king, though there's a civil war against him)
Sengoku (tried to hide marine-ford from the world, much more likable in his retirement)
Crocodile (kinda redeemed? Kinda?)
Germa 66 (also, kinda)
Mr. 3
Can anyone think of characters that I missed?
Also, I compiled some more thoughts in a youtube video. Check it out if you're interested:
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2023.05.29 16:44 nmgreddit Finale Thoughts [SPOILERS, ovbiously)

I liked the finale. But I feel like they worked backwards from it in a way that hurt the final season. Previously, this show has done a good job of justifying plot beats within the episodes themselves. I don't feel like the time jump was justified until the finale. As interesting as it was to see Barry and Sally and John, I personally was not invested in how that storyline would go and I don't think the show did a good job giving any reason for me to care. I only finally cared when I saw Sally was able to leave Barry and start a life of her own with John.
That's not to say the episodes weren't good. As slow as it was, Episode 5 (of Season 4) felt very intentional in the feelings it was trying to convey. I know it was supposed to feel depressing. But the depression didn't leave any feeling to care about what was gonna happen next, because it just felt like this was gonna be Barry and Sally for the rest of their lives. The whole Gene thing felt almost like a deus ex machina.
And then Gene being pinned as part of the whole Janice murder thing felt like a re-tread of "oh someone else gets blamed for something Barry did". I think it may have worked better if we had seen his interactions with police between the end of Season 3 and then, where he told them his story. It feels weird that something as simple as where the money came from would re-paint all of the things that happened. I would think that they would at least have investigated Gene's kidnapping so they could charge Barry for that as well. Barry giving Gene $250,000 doesn't negate kidnapping him.
And yes, he spun his story to where he looked like the hero... to the reporter. I guess we were supposed to assume he did the same to the cops? If he did, the money thing makes more sense, but that wasn't communicated clearly.
Overall, I liked the last season. But I didn't like wondering why I should care about what's happening for the last third.
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2023.05.29 16:44 Tricky-Round4464 will i ever be rich and stable financially ?

will i ever be rich and stable financially ?
(whole sign chart) I grew up thinking that i was rich whenever i was abroad then i came back to my hometown paris and my life's hasn't been more depressing, and the struggle with money had such a huge weight on me. Also i believe that my mom isn't a money magnet at all and she is the one who is unlucky with money and so it ends up affecting me in a way. Whenever i'm happy and confortable money flows to me i feel but since i came back to my mom my account is always in minus. can someone tell me if i will ever be rich, opulent, abundant and stable? and how and when please 🙏🏽
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2023.05.29 16:43 athebby Screwed over by a "30 day free trial"

Hi all, I'm embarrassed to say I got scammed out of my last bit of money today. It's been a rough few weeks money wise and we are very low on groceries (think tomato sauce, ranch, bread, and milk kinda low) I saw an add on tiktok for a meal service with what was supposed to be a 30 day free trial. Well, they ended up charging me and leaving me with $3 to my name. My bank says I can't get my refund for 7-10 business days. I have no gas and no food until pay day, the 5th. I'm really hoping someone can be generous enough to help me out. Any amount can help, thank you in advance.
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2023.05.29 16:43 InvestigatorScared42 Tired and defeated

I (31F) am just feeling so defeated. It just seems like any time I can see a way out or a positive end to the current struggle something else pops up. I've been in a relationship since 2014ish and living together for most of that time and we've always struggled financially. My partner isn't the best at keeping/holding a job and has quit a few previously without telling me until after. It's been almost 2 and a half years since their last one, they have back issues, but have gotten family help to keep us going. It just never seems to end though. I finally got a substantial raise about a year ago and apparently that pushed me over the federal poverty line and now I am being garnished for an almost decades old credit card judgement. The money has steadily been coming out and I've paid off almost all of it! I still have a few months left, and I know I'll make it through and survive! I should be happy that there seems to be an end to that struggle at least but I just can't muster it. I'm not sure if my partner is ever going to try to help me permanently. I feel like I'm in a constant repeat with them, I say I want more/different things in life than just this and they try, or so it feels. I slowly find myself back to the same position over and over. I also came across their Reddit recently, I tend to stay very face to face and keep our relationship away from the internet. I saw/read some things that again just paints me as less than. Also there was some pretty sexual interactions. I love them but I'm tired of just being used all the time. Most frequently I feel like it's mostly my fault, whether I don't communicate very well or I just let people push their will over mine. I tend to shut down vocally in about any situation I don't agree with, especially if it's with someone I care about. I'm not sure, I just really needed an outlet to vent.
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2023.05.29 16:41 Tricky-Round4464 will i ever be rich and stable financially ?

will i ever be rich and stable financially ?
(chart in whole sign)
I grew up thinking that i was rich whenever i was abroad then i came back to my hometown paris and my life’s hasn’t been more depressing, and the struggle with money had such a huge weight on me. Also i believe that my mom isn’t a money magnet at all and she is the one who is unlucky with money and so it ends up affecting me in a way.
Whenever i’m happy and confortable money flows to me i feel but since i came back to my mom my account is always in minus.
can someone tell me if i will ever be rich, opulent, abundant and stable ? and how and when please 🙏🏽
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2023.05.29 16:38 dl1966 How to deal with power hungry managers younger than you?

I am purely at this job to work, earn money and go home. I work hard and make an effort with people and have made some friends there but I want to leave the company ASAP. The last two years have been difficult and I settled for this position as I needed money and they offered it to me first. I’m only here until I find a new opportunity.
It’s a difficult situation. I’m not going to blabber on as most of you can probably relate but how do you deal with someone younger with far less experience who has a power trip?
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2023.05.29 16:38 danielj1632 What would happen to my debts if I died by suicide?

I'm 24, not married, have no kids. I have tens of thousands in debt and I barely make enough money to survive. I don't have skills, college credit, a degree, family to help, money for trade school, the ability to borrow any more money.. I feel entirely out of options. I'll spend the rest of my life just making interest payments and treading water.
I have private and federal student loans, I have medical debt, some in collections, personal loan debt, other collections.. It's ruined my life and all I do is work to pay debt.
If I died, I understand the debt doesn't disappear. By my understanding someone would try to auction off my stuff to raise money to pay it off, but unequivocally I have nowhere near enough to sell to even cover a fraction of it. At that point, the rest is just a loss?
Debt collectors would try to come for everyone around me and I would feel bad because I know what the spam and harassment from them is like, but if I write that under NO circumstances is anyone to take on any of my debt for me, ignore the collectors, send a cease and desist if necessary. But DO NOT take this debt.
If everyone knows that, then that's the only way to get rid of this debt basically right? If the death seems intentional, does that change things?
The debt, especially student loans, can't be discharged through bankruptcy, leaving the United States, it seems like the only option is suicide, and tell everyone the debt died with me
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