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Animals are conscious like us. Here we discuss animal intelligence, emotion and consciousness.

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For students and alumni of CSULB.

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The unofficial official subreddit for anything and everything Bruno Bucciarati! Mom of 5 beautiful children, until cheese Boi left us, I'm a Capo of Passione and want to over throw the Boss I love long walks on the beach and destroying the drug trade

2023.03.30 20:45 ThrowRA-reecypeecys My (18F) girlfriend broke up with me (21M) because I "dont prioritize her enough"

Hi, in the past few weeks, the idea of my girlfriend moving in with me has come up in my 5-month long distance relationship. It came up very suddenly when she was switching colleges due to financial reasons, and noticed the new college provides online classes which she can do remotely if she moves in with me. I currently need to live near my own college that I go to, so we would share an apartment. She said that if I said no, she would likely break up with me as she cannot do long distance much longer, which is understandable. At first I happily said yes to the idea, before anxiety crept in and told me things: what if we broke up later on because we end up not being compatible and I have to deal with the financial fallout, what if my girlfriend misses out on the real college experience, what if i dont get alone time anymore, she is still 18 which is young (im 21), etc. I tried my best to communicate these ideas with her, but she began to get upset, saying that because im even considering not living with her when the stake of the relationship lies on it, that it means I dont love her as much as she loves me and wouldnt sacrifice as much to be with her as she would with me.
And I will admit, I led her on for a while by saying yes then becoming unsure, and I felt terrible and apologized a lot for it. After talking through the issue, I decided that I would commit 100% to living with her, since it is best to try rather than give up, and I promised her it was my decision.
Today, we woke up happy, knowing that we were now both committed to living together. However, she told me again that the fact that I was unsure about it while knowing that the relationship was on the line was getting to her. She told me she felt as though she would give anything to be with me, like leaving her family behind or going across the country, but I would not do the same for her. I told her that family is one of my priorities and I wouldnt want to move too far from them, and she said "what do you expect me to do, follow you around the country like a puppy?" and I think this is fair and not something I considered until that moment. I told her later on that my choice about living with family changes a lot (my decision was different just a few months ago). However, she began to spiral, saying that I never sacrifice for her or put her first, that im a horrible person, that shes extremely hurt, and she hates me. She broke up with me within a few hours, saying that she wants to find someone who prioritizes her first like she would for them. She says the only way she will consider being with me again is if I give her real reassurance that I prioritize her, but it cant be words.
I have personally felt like I do prioritize her. I always leave class or my gaming with my friends to call her if she has an urgent situtaion, Ive driven 11 hours to see her in a day, Ive paid for her gas to drive to me, I give her gifts on valentines day, etc etc. I may be clueless but I feel like I'm checking all the boxes.
I wrote her a long apology last night for being so indecisive about the future and letting it affect us so much that it led to breakup, and that I now know I cant jump into relationships being unsure about my own cirumstances/future. I also said that I hope we can get back together soon.
My current thoughts about this are that I dont think im fully in the wrong, and many rash decisions were made today. However, I also think it is fair to be angry with me after my indecisiveness becomes such a large problem. Should I pursue getting her back or is this a lost cause?
TL;DR - girlfriend wants to move in with me due to financial reasons. After initially agreeing, I become unsure from anxiety, leading to a fight and ultimately a breakup. Girlfriend wants someone who prioritizes her first and wants me to reassure her that she is my priority to get back together, but I cant use words. Not sure if this is a lost cause.
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2023.03.30 20:45 darlingminerva I think I blew up my Motion account :( - good alternatives?

I've been using Motion and loving it, but I think I just blew up my account.
(Context: I do NOT work in tech but have a heavy project management role, and reeeeally loved the AI scheduling/rescheduling. My days are too unpredictable to timebox consistently - it would be a domino rescheduling effect pretty frequently.)
Long story short, I contacted Motion Support this morning about an issue and needed to re-add my calendar to try to fix. I only use one calendar with Motion and the re-add process wasn't clear, so I thought this meant I needed to "Delete all Motion tasks/sync" whatever. Shortly after I started that process, I then figured out how to re-add my original calendar correctly - which would not have involved that step.
The bummer is, I think by deleting all, I blew up my account. I've completed the process otherwise, re-authorized everything/re-scheduled my tasks but nothing is updating anymore. New tasks are stuck "Pending". Their Help page says the delete-all thing is irreversible, and based on all the feedback about their bugs I wouldn't be surprised if I just screwed myself.
I'm waiting on Support to confirm but in case that's what happened, what are some other good alternatives? AI is changing the landscape so quickly now, I'd love to know if there are better options out there. Price doesn't totally matter (job will reimburse + I was in a weird extended trial with Motion so no dollars lost) - just looking for that AI scheduling thing and Outlook connectivity.
My favorite feature was the auto-reschedule if I didn't mark as complete within 30 mins of scheduled time, and that newly scheduled events on my actual calendar updated my tasks without issue. I don't need connections to other systems or apps besides Outlook.
Thank youuu!
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2023.03.30 20:44 designcentredhuman East-end barber recommendation for a natural lumberjack beard?

I have a pretty long beard which is really messy at the moment and I'm looking for a barber around the Beaches who could style it into a *natural-looking* lumberjack beard.
I'm not really up to the task to style it (tried, failed, hence it's messy) and my current barber comes more from the faded/sharp-lined school of thought. I can't afford to lose too much length, cause my wife goes wild for it, and I'd like to keep it this way..
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2023.03.30 20:44 StepwiseUndrape574 made a dumb stupid video using stand. i love this mod menu

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2023.03.30 20:44 Ok_Initiative_1426 An Ohio Pokémon League

So, it's kind of standard for Pokémon fans to come up with their own regions. When I was home from college over Christmas break one year I got bored and decided to make my own Pokémon region based off my home state - Ohio (lol). This is my idea of what an Ohio-based Pokémon league would look like.
The gyms, in no particular order:
Columbus - Electric Type Columbus is home to a lot of tech companies and research non-profits. The Columbus gym would be a research lab with an emphasis on artificial Pokémon: the Voltorb line, the Magnemite line, the Porygon line, Dracozolt and Arctozolt since those are fossil Pokémon based off of paleontologists "messing up", and Xurkitree, an ultra beast accessed via wormhole (portals as we all know are very scientific)
Cleveland - Poison Type Cleveland was once a center of industry in Ohio and as such generated a lot of pollution. In fact, Cleveland's river, the Cuyahoga, used to be so polluted that it would catch on fire (a river...catching on fire). However there have been a lot of cleanup efforts over the past few decades and wildlife have finally returned to the river. This open-air gym would be a clean-up site on the banks of the river, and the trainers and gym leader would specialize in Pokémon that eat pollution, thereby cleaning up their enviornment: the Trubbish line (eats land pollution), the Galarian Weezing line (eats air pollution and expels clean air, plus the smokestack design plays into the industrial character of the city), the Alolan Muk line (eats water pollution), and the Hisuian Qwilfish line (also eats water pollution). Other Pokémon that might be used here are the Skrelp line, Tentacool line, and Galarian Corsola line, as these are all Pokémon that can be found in dirty water (Lake Erie is right there after all)
Cincinnati - Water Type Cincinnati is water type because of its location on the Ohio River, and the significance of that river to American history: before the Civil War, escaped slaves would cross the Ohio River from the slave state in Kentucky into freedom in Ohio. Because African-American churches in Cincinnati played such an important role in helping escaped slaves reach freedom, this gym would take place in an African-American church! Gym trainers and the gym leader would specialize in water-type Pokémon that ferry people across bodies of water such as Lapras. Additionally, because Cincinnati's nickname is "the Queen City", trainers here would also use water Pokémon with "regal" names: Seaking, Kingler, Kingdra, Slowking, and their evolutionary families. Finally, because this gym is in a church, Swablu and Altaria would be seen here as well, given their angelic appearances.
Dayton - Flying Type Ohio is known as the "Birthplace of Aviation", in large part because the Wright Brothers developed their designs for their flying machines in Dayton. Similar to Unova, this gym would take place at an airfield. Because the Wright Brothers worked together as a team, this gym would focus on double battles, with a particular emphasis on flying Pokémon that exist in pairs: Skarmory and Mantine, Braviary and Mandibuzz, male and female Unfezant, maybe even the Lati's!
Toledo - Fire Type Another gym on the shores of our largest body of water that is not the water type lol. You might not know this but Toledo was and still is a huge producer of glass products. It's even earned the nickname "the Glass Capital of the World". As such, this gym would be held inside a glassblowing plant, and the Pokémon used would be fire type Pokémon that can double as furnaces: Torkoal, the Magby line, the Numel line, the Rolycoly line, etc. Additionally, Lampent and Chandelure would a staple of this gym as they are literally fire-type Pokémon that are made of glass. And finally, since glass is just superheated sand, this gym would use a lot of ground types as well, especially the Silcobra and Hippopotas evolutionary families, maybe even Sandygast and Palossand (even though they can't learn any fire type moves)!
Youngstown - Steel Type Youngstown is like the quintessential Rust Belt city. One of its nicknames is "Steel Town", and historically it's been a center for steel production in the United States. Those days are long gone, so imagine a gym inside a grungy, dilapidated old factory. The trainers here would focus on the Steel "object" Pokémon, Pokémon that look like ordinary objects that could conceivably be made in a factory: Klefki, the Varoom line, the Bronzor line, and the Klink line. While not based on a manufactured product, Copperajah's skin is quite literally made of oxidized metal, so it has to be included here. Lastly, Timburr, Gurdurr, and Conkeldurr would be very popular Pokémon here as well.
Athens - Psychic Type Located in Ohio's Southeast, Athens is home to Ohio University, the oldest university in the state. As universities are centers of learning and knowledge, this gym would be located inside the university's library (sorry to everyone trying to study), and the Pokémon there would be mons commonly associated with exceptional intelligence: Oranguru, the Abra line, the Solosis line, the Blipbug line, heck maybe even Uxie (the idea of a Uxie just chillin out at OU of all places is very funny to me). Other Pokémon that could be here are Psychic-type cats (OU's mascot is the bobcat) like Meowstic and Espeon, and because owls are often a symbol of wisdom, owl Pokémon like Noctowl and Decidueye would be favorites among the trainers here as well.
Hocking Hills - Rock Type For our last gym, rather than focusing on a city, I wanted to focus on one of Ohio's state parks, Hocking Hills. This park is in the south of Ohio and is known for its hiking trails and beautiful rock formations. Like Cleveland, this would be another outdoor gym, maybe at the end of a trail, in a rocky clearing surrounded by waterfalls. The trainers here would use...well, living rock formations! The Nacli line, the Roggenrola line, the Geodude line, the Dwebble line, the Binacle line, and Carbink. Additionally, because the Hocking Hills are also a forest, certain grass type Pokémon like Sawsbuck and Leafon would be staples of this gym as well (especially Leafeon, as it evolves from exposure to a Moss ROCK).
So those are Ohio's gyms! Would love to hear your guys' thoughts, if enough people enjoy this maybe I'll make a post about Ohio's Elite 4 and Champion as well! 😊
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2023.03.30 20:44 Deviled-Lettuce Anyone wanna draw me and my guitar?!

Anyone wanna draw me and my guitar?!
Long time sub lurker, first time poster. Lots of great artists I see on here, would love to see someone take a crack at this photo!
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2023.03.30 20:43 Averagedropout_ The Willow Tree Incident of 1945

May 7th, 1945
This home is wonderful, it has everything I want and need, everything I ask for and for such a low price. I had always wondered why beautiful houses such as mine were on sale, and I would assume it was due to the inflation. Though don't ask me because I don't know how it works around here. The neighborhood is quite beautiful too, we have lovely rich neighbors who have welcomed us with open arms and oh our garden! That is what I set my pride and joy to, however there is this beautiful willow tree that I can't seem to revive, it's slowly dying and I don't know how to save it. I decided in the end it was un-savable, until one night I had thought I heard someone in my garden. I had tried to wake my wife and asked if she heard anything but she was in a deep sleep, I checked to see if maybe my daughter was awake but she was also asleep. I went downstairs with my flashlight and walked into my garden, but no one was there. I was going to head back to sleep but I heard a woman crying, it was coming in the direction of the willow tree.
"Who's there?" I called out, but she only cried, "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" But she didn't answer, I slowly walk towards the willow tree and looked around but no one was there, "Hello?"
"Up here." Her voice was angelic and she sounded young, I looked up and saw the shape of a beautiful woman. I went to point my flashlight towards her but it had died, I banged on it but nothing worked. I looked back up and she was still here crying.
"Why are you crying?" I asked softly, I wondered if she needed help or if she was hurt.
"The tree," She said, "It's dying." I almost felt ashamed when she mentioned this, because there really wasn't anything I could do to revive it.
"I tried to fix it, but there isn't anything I can do. It's something that doesn't want to be saved." She sniffled and I saw her slightly perk up.
"I know a way you can fix it." Excitedly I looked up, "But... I shouldn't tell you, it's too much to ask. The last owner, he refused to help the tree, that's why it is dying."
"I want to save the tree, I'll do anything!" I couldn't tell but it looked as though she looked down at me.
"Anything?" She asked in a curious tone.
"Of course! My garden means everything to me," I turn and spread my arms to show my lovely garden, "As you can tell I have taken well care of everything, all I need to save is the willow tree, so if there is anything I can do to save it I must know!" For a long moment she was silent, not a word was said and for just a moment, I lost slight hope until she spoke again.
"The tree needs blood." She said in a cold tone, "But your sacrifice won't be for nothing. The tree can grant you a gift, one thing everyone wants and can't deny. The one thing everyone is so desperate to have." My heart almost stopped beating for a moment, did she mean to sacrifice my own blood or kill someone?
"I can't kill someone!" I said, "That's a horrible thing to do! I would rather the tree die." For a second I laughed, "You have to be joking right? You don't really mean blood." She fell silent and didn't answer, a lump had got caught in my throat, she really does want me to kill someone, "I'm not killing anyone."
"You don't have to worry about hiding your crime, the tree will help you!" I grabbed my flashlight and began to walk away, I wasn't going to feed into these delusions, "The tree can give you Eternal youth!" She called out, and I stopped in my tracks
"Eternal youth?" I asked quietly, "You're lying."
"It's true! It's the gift that anyone would kill for and the only thing that the tree will offer to those who sacrifice for it." I turned to face the tree and walked closer again, looking back up, she hadn't moved an inch, "I was once and owner, I did the same thing for the tree. I too was skeptical, and one night, a burglar broke into my house, I ran into my garden and I killed him. The roots of the tree sank his body to the ground and granted me the gift of eternal youth, as long as I kept providing, and anyone else who was willing to provide for the tree." I looked at the trunk of the willow tree and grazed my hand upon it, I began to fantasize the idea of murdering people and continuously staying young with my wife and daughter forever.
"I don't even know how I would be able to murder someone."
"A party." She said softly, "Throw a party and bring someone alone to the garden, then, when no one is looking, kill them in front of the tree. The roots will consume the body into the earths soil." I stayed silent, was it really that easy? Will I really be granted this gift of eternal youth and my family, "Think about it, you don't have to decide now." She began to hum an unfamiliar tune and didn't utter another word, I went back to bed, but I couldn't sleep, all I could think about were her promises and her soft voice.
"Eternal youth..." I whispered to myself before falling asleep. My wife woke me up for breakfast the next morning, and as I went about my day, all I could was stare at my tree. Dead people in exchange for eternal youth didn't seem like a bad deal, and the tree will hide the body and my crime. I shake my head in shame, why would I ever do that to anyone? I couldn't hurt a fly, but if it were for my family...
"Honey! Dinner is ready!" my wife called out to me from the kitchen, I was in the garden, staring at the tree, not a woman in sight. I quickly walked back inside and my wife began rambling about how we need friends, a social life and how our daughter needs to make friends of her own. At first I didn't even pay attention, but I knew what I was going to do and I had finally made my decision.
"Let's have a house warming party." I said, "You'll make friends and so will Edith." Edith looked up at us with sparkles in her eyes, clearly excited by the thought of having friends. My wife, hugged and kissed me already planning on everything that was going to be needed for the party. That night I thought about who I would kill, how I would kill them, and how do I lead them to the tree. I looked out my window and there was the figure of the woman staring at my house, it felt as though she was waiting, like she knew I had made my decision.
The next morning I spent all day helping my wife decorating, I did all the things she wasn't able to and Edith made some cards and my wife cooked a wonderful feast. I bought fine wine and sat the drinks in an ice bucket. It was beginning to grow dark and finally the guest arrived, drinks were served, music was playing and everyone was having a joyful time.
"Ethan!" I turn to see Henry James calling my name and he held a glass of wine in one hand, and the other wrapped around his wife's waist, "Let's take a look at that garden of yours! You talk about it so much I just must see it!" My heart sank, I had completely forgotten that I was meant to kill someone and this was basically an opportunity falling write in my hands.
"Of course!" My throat suddenly became extremely dry as I guided him outside with my flashlight, "Isn't she a beauty? I designed her myself and she's very healthy."
"What about that thing?" I dreaded facing my light at the tree and showing its dead leafs and branches.
"Nothing I can do about it, it's not something I can save." I said taking another sip of the drink.
"It's because you don't have the money!" Henry laughed, "Your tree is dying from all those cheap products you use, of course it can't live in such cheap condition." He laughed much harder, his faced slowly glowed red, "I'll pay for your tree, I'll take it and show you what money can do!" I began to grow more and more angry; he looked down on me for not having much money, and he wanted to see my garden so he could laugh. I shut off my light, "Where's the light?"
"Battery died, give me a second." I said in a dark tone, "I just gotta give her a little shake." Henry laughed again, talking about cheap flashlights and gardens and he began to mention how I was lucky to even afford this kind of wine, I had lost it, smashing his head repeatedly, I turned the light on and shine it on him. I watched as the ground softly rumbled and the roots of the tree grabbed the body of Henry James, and I vomited.
"The tree is grateful," It was that woman's voice, and my flashlight stopped working again.
"No," I panicked, "I didn't mean to, it was an accident!"
"The tree will bless you now, aren't you happy?"
"No!" My heart raced with fear, "This shouldn't have happened! I'm drunk!"
"And who will believe you, the police? All the see is a man whose poor and killed a rich man." My eyes began to widen with fear, I have made some sort of deal with a demon and it was clear there was no escaping this. I ran inside, dropping my flashlight.
"Honey? Is everything okay?" I looked up and realized everyone was looking at me, I had to come up with a quick excuse, something that made sense and something believable.
"Yeah!" I laughed softly, "I wouldn't go back there until I've cleaned it, I vomited, had a bit much to drink."
"And my husband? Where is he?" Henry's wife perked her head up, "Didn't he go out with you?"
"Yes," I quickly thought of something, "He walked out through the back, headed home! He said he wasn't feeling well and to tell you he'll meet you home." She smiled softly, clearly calmer.
"This wouldn't be the first!" She laughed raising her drink and everyone went back to partying. Everyone believed me, no one batted an eye, no one questioned me, and my wife was social. Was I afraid of nothing? I continued to party with everyone like nothing had happened, even though the reminder of Henry James body was dead in the ground, nurturing my willow tree.
The next day, police knocked on my door, my wife had explained that Henry was missing and his wife had reported it that he was last seen with me.
"We just have a few questions to ask you," That woman was right, all the police will see is a poor man who killed a wealthy man, they don't care what went down.
"Of course." I softly smiled, "Ask me anything, Henry was a wonderful person and if there is anything I can do to help I will do everything I can." I invited the police in and My wife brought out tea for everyone, they asked me all the simple questions of what happened, when I last saw him, if he said anything out of the ordinary and of course I lied to them.
"Could be having an affair and decided to start anew." One of the officers mumbled, and then a lightbulb popped.
"You know officer, he did mention something," I spoke silently, leaning in the table and so did they, "He mentioned another woman, younger than his wife, mentioning starting anew." I shook my head, "Easily could just have been drunk talking, but I felt it be important to mention. He's a good guy, I don't think he would do that to his wife, I don't want to bad mouth him you know?" The officers looked at each other and began to stand.
"Alright, thank you for taking the time to speak with us," I guided towards the exit and one of the officers stopped, "By the way, you have an extremely beautiful garden, especially your willow tree there. Got any tips?" I chuckled and told him the fertilizer I used.
"Definitely something to die for." A lump in my throat formed remembering the dead body of Henry. The officers left. Later that night I went out without my flashlight, "Where is the gift? I don't look or feel any younger!" I angrily spoke to the woman in the tree, "Was this all just for me to kill?"
"The tree is more lively is it not?" She spoke softly.
"What are you?!" She went quiet, and finally she dropped down, I watched as she slowly walked towards me and stepped into the light, she was naked, and she had beautifully shaped body. I slowly looked up to her eyes and horror filled my body. She had leafs and branches sticking out of her eyes and mouth, she looked as though she was just flesh and the tree filler her with its branches like a puppet.
"The tree," She whispered. I screamed at the top of my lungs, rushing back in my house as quickly as I could, "Feed me, and I will allow you to live." She said before swinging back up, hiding behind the branches. I must feed the tree, I have to keep feeding the tree.
~ End of Diary
I looked out the window of my house, and there tree was. The same tree in the diary, and right below it was my great grandfather, sitting in front of it, in his rocking chair and staring at it. I opened the window hearing a woman softly cry, and I watched in horror, as she stepped out from under the tree and into the backyards light, staring up at my window before the lights flickered and popped.
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2023.03.30 20:43 nighaonthelookout I crave other people's company, is something wrong with me?

Hello there,
I know I might be the opposite of an introvert but that is exactly why I am posting on this sub because your opinion is of high value for me.
I am an 18 year old male and someone who loves to hang out with people. I love to talk a lot, I can initiate a conversation with total strangers without feeling awkward and I could hold a conversation for a seriously long time, without getting the need to "take a break" from that person or from people in general. I don't seem to have a social battery.
Unfortunately that leads to many times/if not always in which it is my friends who initiate the "okay, time to go" while I could talk on for more. Even when there's a curfew or a time that I need to get back home I sometimes violate it by staying longer at a friend's house because I'm just happy to be there and hang out. I always try to find ways to stay longer without being viewed as needy. When it's time to go I spend time talking on the door and never seem to get going until they hint that it's time to go.
I'd like to understand how come I'm like that and why I seem to crave talking to other people and spend time with them. Just thinking about the thought of being alone for a long time makes me feel sick.
Also making new friends is something I always look forward to and unfortunately I seem to trust people / show people my true self "too soon" because I don't feel that my true self is different from my "hello, nice to meet you" self. I treat people I just met as if I met them many years ago (always respectful, but like true friends that I've been knowing for a long time).
I have been conscious about my behaviour for some time now but only recently noticed that I am somewhat different from other peers who tell me that at some point they just need a break from people to "recharge" their social battery. I never understood there could be a need for it until i recently read what these people go through and the reason behind it, yet i never fully comprehended that behaviour. So i decided to try Reddit and see what the internet has in store for me.
Anything you know, whether you relate, are a therapist or any kind of doc who specializes in this area, or have any knowledge on what this is about, please let me know your opinion on that matter and perhaps give some advice. That would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.30 20:42 Anp117 Chat GPT is helping me make Strahd sound a lot cooler!

I've seen a few posts about people posting on any good phrases or one-liners that Strahd would say and I've been compiling a list from various posts but I finally decided to see how AI can make some. I wanted to share some of the results and hopefully, they will inspire others.
• "Welcome to my realm. I am Strahd Von Zarovich, and I am the master of this land."
• "Do not mistake my calm demeanor for weakness. I am a predator, and I will always be in control."
• "Love and life are but fleeting illusions. Power is the only true reality."
• "I have lived for centuries, and I have seen empires rise and fall. Nothing is eternal, except for my hunger."
• "I am cursed to live forever in this dark and lonely place, but I would gladly trade it all for a taste of true love."
• "My powers are beyond your comprehension. You are but a mere mortal and I am a lord of the undead."
• "Beware, for in the shadows lurk creatures that would make even the bravest warrior tremble."
• "I am a creature of the night, and the night is mine. None can stand against me in my own domain."
• "I have seen the depths of human depravity, and I have reveled in its darkness. Come, join me in the abyss."
• "There is no escaping the fate that awaits you all. The only question is, when will it come for you?"
• "My thirst for blood is insatiable. But it is not just any blood that I crave. No, it is the blood of the innocent that truly sustains me."
• "I have lived through countless lifetimes, and yet I have never truly lived. Immortality is a curse, not a gift."
• "You mortals are so predictable. Always looking for someone or something to blame for your misfortunes."
• "Do not think that you can outsmart me. I have been playing this game for centuries, and I always win."
• "In this world, there are only two kinds of people: those who serve me, and those who are my enemies."
• "I have been cursed to live forever in this accursed place, but I will not rest until I have found a way to break the curse."
• "The darkness is my ally, and the shadows are my domain. You will find no safety in the light."
• "Your courage is admirable, but it will not save you. You are nothing but prey to me."
• "I am the lord of Ravenloft, and my power is absolute. None can challenge me and survive."
• "The only way to truly understand the nature of life is to embrace the darkness that lurks within us all."
• "I have lived for so long that I have forgotten what it feels like to be truly alive. But I will not rest until I find a way to break the curse that binds me to this existence."
• "The blood of the innocent is the sweetest nectar. It sustains me and gives me strength."
• "I am the master of the undead, and my minions will do my bidding without question."
• "Death is not the end for those who serve me. It is only the beginning of a new existence, one in which they will serve me for all eternity."
• "In this realm, I am both judge and executioner. I dispense justice as I see fit."
• "I am not bound by mortal laws or morality. I am a creature of the night, and I answer to no one."
• "The darkness holds no fear for me. It is my home, my sanctuary, and my source of power."
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2023.03.30 20:42 GhostDog125 Facial Hair SOS!

(TL;DR below)
Hey loves. So I'm Jewish and genetically predisposed to have super thick, dark, facial hair (not all Jews are but I am and I included that detail to see if anyone like me or of a similar background has found a solution to my problem).
I am also trans, obvi. I'm not on HRT yet but I cross-dress and wear wigs and makeup and yadda yadda yadda.
When I shave, I have a 5 o'clock shadow by the end of the day. It's just always been that way. It's a problem to the extent that I can't even cover it with makeup without it looking cakey as all hell (I've gotten better at makeup in the last few months but still have a lot to learn).
Can anyone recommend a solution?
I've seen at-home IPLs but am hesitant to invest in one given the severity of my problem. I'm not at the point where I'm ready for electrolysis, especially considering how long it'll probably take me given how thick the hair is and how much there is.
Can anyone recommend a viable solution? Maybe a specific razor or epilator of any kind of facial Nair (which I've seen but have also burnt my chest with body Nair enough times to be incredibly cautious of) that might help me feel smooth for longer than a few hours? Thank you all so much!
TL:DR: Let's make the comment section a resource for facial hair removal products/techniques recommendations for anyone in need.
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2023.03.30 20:41 nf49 [29/M] [Chat] chat through out the day/night

just looking for a friendly chat through out the day/night
Here's a little about me:
-I love gaming, I've been doing it all of my life and I've even made some money doing it. (mainly play wow right now)
-love anything to do with cinema...movies/tv/anime
-I love writing and reading, I enjoy writing prompts and roleplaying (mostly zombie or fantasy related).
-I've traveled all over the US, but haven't made it to any other countries yet, but plan to. I love the idea of traveling and seeing historic sights and museums.
-I like to research random shit/useless facts/trivia. I'm a huge history nerd.
-I like debating. Not in a hostile way or anything, but I love finding out other peoples view points on things and discussing it.
-I won't ghost you, please don't ghost me :
Honestly can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but feel free to ask any questions, I'm up for any chats as long as they're fun. I will say that I prefer to message on reddit over anything else
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2023.03.30 20:41 Random3x (FHM) Investigation Begins: The party starts

It was late in the evening, nearing midnight, when the class were finally able to sneak out. On the horizon blocking out the moon's light, were dark clouds already rumbling, announcing the oncoming storm.
They couldn’t help but feel self-conscious about the clothes they were all wearing. They were all extremely flashy and the kind of clothes that Jack would gush endlessly over. Despite their reservations, they pressed on at a decent pace hoping to make it to the manor before the storm actually arrived.
Turning the corner, they could see their destination. A garish, brightly lit up manor house with far too much ornamentation. Outside the front was a masterpiece of artwork that had been roughly converted into a water feature. Putting on the masks of their costumes, they pressed forwards toward the gate with their invitations at the ready.
“Invitations?” the gate guard asked. Like the other people arriving in carriages, the guards were all dressed up for the event. However, they were wearing plain black three-piece suits with a plain white masks covering their faces. The whole appearance left a slightly unnerving feeling about them.
“Here,” Maxwell said as he handed them over.
“Ok, welcome to the party; you arrived just in time. The real event starts at midnight,” the guard said as he waved them through.
“Real event?” Tasha asked aloud as they made their way to the main doors.
“Common with big nobles in cities. They have a big game for all the partygoers.”
“Oh… wonder what kind of parties Lady Lust holds, do you know Maxy?”
“Best not dwell on it, Tash,” Maxwell said, ever thankful for the mask that covered his cheeks.
Entering the building, they were greeted by servants dressed all in white, with masks of pitch black—the inverse of the guards on the manor grounds.
“We welcome you, the ballroom is through those doors, and there is food and drink available,” one of the servants said as they all bowed in unison.
“T-thanks,” Gunter muttered, stumbling over his words. Gunter was very much like Bea in the sense he grew up without servants, so he was often unsure how to respond to them.
Arriving in the ballroom, the class was greeted by the sight of a mass of people moving around. Some were clumped together in clear and very animated conversations. Others were dancing on the dancefloor. At the same time, others were simply taking in the scene before them. Making their way to a corner of the room, slightly out of sight, the class now went over what to do next.
“So, where is the host?” Daisy began her anger seeping out of her and upsetting Sir Sparky, who was hanging limply around her neck disguised as a costume feature.
“Dunno but with these things, they usually show up late, and if there's a party game, she will initiate it.”
“Dunno bout you kids, but Gorm looks forward to this party game.”
The class slowly turned to face the towering figure dressed as a rook from a chessboard. Despite his face being hidden behind his ridiculous outfit, it was clear who was under.
“SIR GORM!” Gunter cried out as he went to kneel down, only to feel Gorm's hand on his shoulder.
“You know Gorm doesn’t like that stuff. Besides, we are at a masquerade party. No one will know it is Gorm you speak to!” The class decided not to point out his tendency to use his name to refer to himself might give away that little secret.
“What are you doing here? I heard you were on a nature walk with my brother and the other kids?” Daisy asked pointedly.
“Oh, they are still on the walk. They are camping out at the moment. Gorm is here because Gorm is the Frozen North's representative. Gorm has to show Gorm’s face at these events occasionally.”
“Where are they then?”
“Dragon Nest Mountain Range.” The class paled at the name of what was widely considered the most dangerous place on the planet. If the dragons didn’t get you, the various wildlife would. It was often joked it was where the gods put their failed projects.
“You…you left my brother alone in such a dangerous place?”
“What? No, Gorm may be foolish, but Gorm is not an idiot. The kids are in the valley of the sleeping horse with Elissa and Sithy.” Maxwell immediately perked up hearing Insithrilax’s nickname.
“Sithy is there?”
“As is Gorm’s great love. Gorm had to come to this party and flew here.”
“You flew here? How did you… no, wait, dragons… so they are safe?”
“Daisy, they have Insithrilax with them.”
“That nervous-looking bookworm?”
“I’ve already told you he is the most powerful dragon of all time. If he really wanted to, he could conquer the continent. Though you’d need to find a rare book to get him to do it.”
“Bahahahah! You know Sithy well, boy!” Gorms guffaw drew the attention of the people around them, who promptly decided to ignore the foreign savage.
“It still doesn’t feel like enough, though.”
“Flower girl Gorm has heard what happened, and he understands. But you cannot smother him to keep him safe. Regardless anyone who could hurt him now would be too strong even for Gorm to face bahahahaha!!!!” Daisy still seemed hesitant to accept her brother was safe where he was. But she couldn’t deny having Yuu, Elissa and an ancient dragon defending him was a significant force.
“So you come here with bestest buddy?”
“Sir?” Daisy asked to which Gorm nodded as he pointed to a corner near the grand staircase where a group of people with outlandish outfits, even by this party’s standards, were having an animated conversation. Their teacher's very distinctive lanky figure was obvious, as was the small frame of a girl with red hair next to him.
“That lying bastard!” Bea grumbled. When they had asked him about his plans for the evening so they could avoid him, he said he was spending the night in reading.
“Ah, you done sneaked out… Don’t worry; Gorm is the personification of SNEAKY!!!! He will be occupied in the geek corner all night. They like to talk about engineering and magic research. Stuff Gorm’s heart and soul likes.”
“So you know the people here, sir Gorm?”
“Yes, flower girl Gorm does.”
“I have a few names and was wondering if you could point them out for me,” Gorm thought momentarily before nodding to Daisy’s request.
“Ok, the first is a man Septus.”
“Guard boss… he’s the guy in the grand general dress suit,” Gorm said, pointing to a man surrounded by scared men with medals. His was the most distinctive as it was coated top to bottom in medals.
“Gorm has heard the fake medal makers love him.”
“Next is a Lux Lightbringer,” Bea added, to which Gorm pointed to the most eye-catching figure in the ballroom. It was a man in gold thread clothing with countless gems sewn into it. Every so often, a rainbow of light would refract off of him.
“Certainly lives up to his name,” Kline quipped.
“Then there is a Stephano,” Gorm paused in thought before he pointed to a man in rather plain clothing having what appeared to be a serious discussion.
“And Gabriella?”
“She is upstairs preparing for the game… though Gorm doesn’t know what it is, so don’t ask… GORM IS AN INNOCENT MAN!!!”
“How very interesting… especially those names,” a voice that felt smooth as silk said as it approached the group. Looking to the source, the class saw a man wearing priestly robes with a crusader's helm with large wings attached to the side.
“Apologies for eavesdropping. These parties can be so dull before the game starts, so I kind of make it a habit to listen for intrigue.”
“And you are?” Daisy near snarled in a way that caused Sir Sparky to twitch.
“My deepest apologies… I am High Priest Bernard of the city's temple.”
“High Priest?” Gorm repeated.
“Yes, the high priest. I handle all the holy rituals for the northern pantheon. Speaking of Northern Pantheon, I have a message I wish for you to convey to your father, Lord Gorm.”
“Gorm is not Gorm!” Gorm protested in a manner that almost felt pathetic.
“Well, ok… I’m sure a strapping lad like you knows the most excellent and magnificent master of combat that is Lord Gorm. Would you pass on this letter to him to pass on to his father?”
“Not Gorm will accept letter for Gorm to pass onto father.”
“Thank you… please enjoy your evening… I imagine it will be an interesting one.
The class watched the high priest walk away, and they only felt a sense of unease. While it was true the high priest in the city worked for Crozonia, their recent experiences with the theocracy had left a foul taste in their mouths regarding the clergy.
“Gorm thinks he successfully fooled him.”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention please!” a servant on the stairs announced.
“Her most magnificent being and your host this evening, Lady Gabriella!!!” A smattering of applause rang out as Gabriella descended the stairs in a ball gown and a veil covering her face.
“Good people of Hades Seat… I thank you for coming; we have prepared a most fun game tonight.” As the class focused on their last known suspect, they heard a grumble near them.
“Does she really think this will get her back in her majesty's good graces?”
“Tonight's game will be a murder mystery. There is a killer amongst us right this very moment!”
“Yeah, and she’s on the stairs,” Daisy grumbled under her breath.
“When the murder happens, you will have two hours to find the culprit before they can get away. Throughout my little home are clues hidden in rooms. There are even servants with clues that, if identified correctly, will share them. The winner of the game gets the coveted ambrosia crown,” a servant walked up next to her and held aloft a bottle containing a golden liquid.
“A liquid said to heal all wounds, even those considered fatal if the rumours are to be believed,” this reveal sent a fresh stir through the crowd. While opinions about the host were mixed, opinions about the prize were not.
“Here’s to a fun night!” Gabriella said as she raised her glass in a toast which was returned by the partygoers, with the class being the sole exception.
Just as everyone took a sip from their drinks, a lightning bolt struck just outside the room's windows. The glass shook, and the lights went out. There was a blood-curdling scream, and then the lights slowly came back on.
At the top of the stairs where Gabriella had stood moments ago was now a body impaled to the wall by a spear. There were a few shocked murmurs around the room before a person began to clap. This applause slowly but surely spread around the room till all in attendance were applauding the impaled Gabriella.
“Bravo, such showmanship. So the game is afoot!” a Noble called out as he and a few began heading out of the ballroom to start their search.
The class, however, didn’t move. They had the sneaking suspicion that she genuinely was dead. What told them this especially was Gorm looked rather pale, having removed his mask to gawk at Gabriella. They already knew he must be the chosen murderer for the game, considering he all but admitted it to them.
Searching the crowd for their teacher, they were surprised not to find him. He seemed to have gone off with the researchers and geeks from his corner to play the game. Deciding to go up and investigate the body, the class now knew for certain it wasn’t a trick.
“Yep, that’s real,” Maxwell said as he examined the body.
“Maybe one of the people here killed her. She was supposedly on her way out?” Bea suggested.
“But it was just a rumour,” Gunter pointed out.
“She might have already been kicked out by Crozonia,” Daisy suggested as she focused her gaze on Gabriella’s veil.
“How can you tell?”
“One of the things my parents always told me to stay away from was vampires wearing veils.”
“Why?” Tasha asked.
“Because they were likely defanged,” Daisy said as she pulled the veil down, revealing a pale but beautiful face. The mouth was hanging agape, and there were clear spaces where the vampiric canines should’ve been.
“So they pulled her fangs out?”
“It’s worse than that for a vampire. The fangs are what makes a vampire, well… a vampire. Vampires can live an incredibly long time, and barring injury, nothing will stop that. So exiling a vampire won’t do anything. But you yank out the fangs from a vampire and…”
“They begin to age?” Bea asked, putting the few clues together.
“Yes, and say a vampire has lived centuries… well, those years will start to catch up and quickly. It is one of the greatest punishments for vampires, who always will try to hide it.”
“Why not just execute and be done with it?” Maxwell asked.
“Some do take that way out. After being defanged, a vampire will run something through their heart to symbolise their broken heart and desire to die.”
“That must be where the idea doing that kills a vampire comes from,” Kline pointed out.
“Likely,” Daisy said, nodding in agreement.
“But she is clearly a young blood… that’s the weird thing about this; she could’ve lived a full human lifespan. With the amount of wealth on display, her descendants could’ve lived comfortably for their entire lives.”
“Maybe that’s the problem… her partner wanted to cut off a wasted expense?” Kline suggested.
“What now?” Tasha asked.
“Why don’t we split up and follow the group following each suspect? It could be one of them… Regardless I’m not going to go out of my way to solve the murder of the person who might be behind my mum's death!”
Reluctantly the class split into three groups of two and followed the groups slowly leaving the room with their chosen suspects. Unbeknown to them, a heavily shaking figure was hiding in the shadow of a pillar, intently watching them.

Start of Alex Series
Start of Teacher Series: Lesson 1
Previous: Investigation Begins: The Oracle
Next: Coming Soon
Royal Road
Alex and Freki Artwork // Class Picture
Sub: Random3X (lore and more)
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2023.03.30 20:41 morewinepwease First time knitting with a higher quality yarn and I am loving it! It's Jody long superfine merino wool in color celadon

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2023.03.30 20:41 nf49 [29/M] [Chat] chat through out the day/night

just looking for a friendly chat through out the day/night
Here's a little about me:
-I love gaming, I've been doing it all of my life and I've even made some money doing it. (mainly play wow right now)
-love anything to do with cinema...movies/tv/anime
-I love writing and reading, I enjoy writing prompts and roleplaying (mostly zombie or fantasy related).
-I've traveled all over the US, but haven't made it to any other countries yet, but plan to. I love the idea of traveling and seeing historic sights and museums.
-I like to research random shit/useless facts/trivia. I'm a huge history nerd.
-I like debating. Not in a hostile way or anything, but I love finding out other peoples view points on things and discussing it.
-I won't ghost you, please don't ghost me :
Honestly can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but feel free to ask any questions, I'm up for any chats as long as they're fun. I will say that I prefer to message on reddit over anything else
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2023.03.30 20:41 nf49 looking for someone to chat with through out the day/night

just looking for a friendly chat through out the day/night
Here's a little about me:
-I love gaming, I've been doing it all of my life and I've even made some money doing it. (mainly play wow right now)
-love anything to do with cinema...movies/tv/anime
-I love writing and reading, I enjoy writing prompts and roleplaying (mostly zombie or fantasy related).
-I've traveled all over the US, but haven't made it to any other countries yet, but plan to. I love the idea of traveling and seeing historic sights and museums.
-I like to research random shit/useless facts/trivia. I'm a huge history nerd.
-I like debating. Not in a hostile way or anything, but I love finding out other peoples view points on things and discussing it.
-I won't ghost you, please don't ghost me :
Honestly can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but feel free to ask any questions, I'm up for any chats as long as they're fun. I will say that I prefer to message on reddit over anything else
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2023.03.30 20:41 DotBeautiful2352 Not sure what to do next in relationship

Hi. I'm new here and I know this is highly used as an advice blog for people. I figured I'd tell my story because at this point I'm at a loss and could use some input, preferably non bias. I apologize for this being so lengthy.
I (32F) have been dating my boyfriend (40M) for nearly 2 years. We have a great relationship and we are very compatible. I love him so much and hes been nothing but good to me. When we first started dating, we agreed to take things slow and not rush into anything. We decided we would hold off on introducing our kids until about a year into dating. I have 2 kids, a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. They have separate fathers. I have split custody with my daughters dad and my sons dad is not involved. My bf has one 11 year old son with his ex wife, they too have split custody. We agreed to only have our sons meet, because as of right now I am currently going through a custody dispute with my daughters dad. I filed for primary against him for multiple reasons. We felt we should have my daughter meet my bf until after my custody trial and the dust has settled.
I have a very messy history with my daughters dad. We have been in and out of court many times over the past 10+ years since we split , a lot of it because he has made false accusations against me as a mother. I've had CPS at my door 3 separate times now because he repeatably alleges I'm this abusive, unfit mother when him and I are butting heads. All of these accusations were dropped and unfounded. He is extremely vindictive and has slandered me in court over and over. My life has been a living hell because of him, and he has manipulated my daughter into thinking he's this awesome parent and I'm the bad guy. He's coerced my daughter into keeping secrets for him and lying for him. It's an absolute nightmare and it one of several reasons I filed for primary. She doesn't realize his horrible and narcissistic behavior because he has her wrapped so tight around his finger. He even went as far as falsely accusing my last boyfriend of abusing my children and getting him involved when he did absolutely nothing wrong, eventually that relationship ended but not for that reason. It's a control issue for sure and I believe her dad is intimidated by my daughter forming any type of bond with a man other than him. He wants her all to himself. Which is unfair, because I never gave him a hard time about girls he's dated. I told him as long has they're decent people , not on drugs and treat my daughter well, I don't care who hes with. I am not that territorial baby mama. This just skims the surface of all the horrible shit he's put me through over the years. After I filed for primary, he filed an emergency petition against me claiming I'm emotionally and physically abusing my daughter. Not sure how this petition was granted but eventually after not seeing her for 15 days, I went to court with my attorney and everything was fixed and his petition was thrown out due to lack of evidence. My trial is in 2 months and it's been torture waiting on this day to come. It's been put on hold for months because the court system is pushed back due to covid and my lawyer also had to extend the trial because he had to go out on medical leave for a bit.
So back to the topic of me and my bf. We decided to keep my daughter out of the picture for now until after court. But we had our sons get acquainted and things seemed to be going well. We were spending a lot more time together over the summer and we were making progress in our relationship. I was really happy about this. But then it seemed like things came to a halt, and we stopped doing things as a family and just reverted back to only seeing each other on weekends he doesn't have his son. We live 40 minutes away from each other, so it's hard to spend time together with our kids schedules and work schedules. I see him a few times a month tops. it sucks but I love him and I've tried my best to make this relationship work. We text and talk everyday.
Recently, I confronted him and asked him why we haven't spent any time together with the kids. I told him I felt he has no desire to grow as a family unit and I wanted to know whats up, being that we've been together almost 2 years. He confessed the reason he hasn't wanted to engage the kids is because he is nervous about my daughters dad. He says he's afraid that when we introduce my daughter, her dad is gonna go A wall and accuse him of abuse like he did with my ex. I didn't understand where this was coming from, because I had been very open with him from day 1 about both of my kids fathers and my history with them. I told him everything he deserved to know. But then he told me that about 2 months ago he had talked with his lawyer and asked for advice on the situation and what he should do if my ex should ever tried to pull a stunt like with the last guy. His lawyer flat out told him to end things with me and that there's nothing protecting him and those kind of accusations could ruin is custody arrangement with his son and even his job position. She basically told him hes risking everything if he moves forward with me and he's in for a world of trouble. He has also discussed this matter with friends, family and colleagues who have gone through similar issues.
I'm crushed, I went into this relationship wanting to settle down. I told him from the door I wanted a family and marriage. He said he wanted that too, but now that he's been given this advice, he's basically telling me that right now he cant give that to me cause he feels he's at risk. He says he doesn't know what to do. I asked him, so what are we supposed to do, just not engage our kids and keep only seeing each other a few times a month? I understand his perspective, but what makes this hard is that he's coming to this decision 2 years in. I'm fully invested in this relationship and he just unloads this on me. It's not fair, I cant just be happy and have a good relationship with someone because my daughters dad is unhinged and his behavior is unpredictable. How is it right for someone to have that kind of control over my life and the person I'm involved with. Please don't judge me, I know I picked the people I had my kids with and can't change that now. I've been bearing the cross of my choices for years and I'm trying to make things right and do right by my kids. I'm just so down about this and feel so guilty for pushing people away with the baggage I bring. What should I tell my bf?
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2023.03.30 20:40 mrssquishy29 Always annoyed and stressed since I was diagnosed with PPD

I was diagnosed with PPD and PPA 2-3 months ago, it’s been very rough even had some suicidal thoughts at the time which was the cause for me to get help. I’m on medication and I was talking with a therapist but it made my anxiety worse when I’d have therapy appointments so I haven’t been back since my first few appointments. I thought I was getting better with PPD and PPA but this week has been rough. My daughter just turned 6 months old yesterday and the past few weeks we’ve been miserable. She won’t nap, won’t take a bottle, screams all day for fun it seems, and I’m just so tired with a headache constantly I just want to give up again. I wish I could curl into a ball in bed and never leave which is exactly how I felt when I got diagnosed with PPD.
I’ve also been extremely angry not at my daughter her screaming gets unbearable somedays but I always walk away and take a minute to clear my head then go back to soothe her. I’m just angry about life in general, I hate being home all day, feeling like I’m doing everything myself, always being alone, and never really getting that much of a break. I love my husband and my daughter so much, I’ve always been that person to make sure everyone else is taken care of before myself and lately I’ve felt so spread thin that I’ll breakdown at any moment. I’m getting a break next weekend to go out and get a haircut and I’m so excited because I just want to escape from all of the responsibilities for a minute, I’m just so tired. I’m tired of making sure all of the laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, taking care of our cat, suppers on the table, and just everything’s scheduled and in place to be done.
I’m so tired of everything riding on my shoulders it feels like, like if I don’t do it it’ll never get done and it’s all up to me. I just want a little bit of the day or maybe a whole day that I don’t have any responsibilities, i always know the minute I’m home all of that responsibility is gonna be put back onto me and it’s making me so frustrated. I just want some help but the help just isn’t possible, my family refuses to make an effort in my daughters life, my husbands family lives states away, and my husbands working, taking classes for work, and in college at the same time. I know I need to be the one to do these tasks because he has so much on his plate already but I’m just so tired and irritated it has to be all on me. I don’t really need any advice i just needed to vent about everything. Thanks for reading if you did, I’m sorry it’s such a long post.
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2023.03.30 20:40 Suitable-Problem7706 Hair School

Has anyone had good luck getting their hair cut or colored at a hair school here in town? I went to one a long time ago and had a real bad experience, but if there is a good one out there nowadays, i'd love to know!
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2023.03.30 20:38 ineedcoffee7 Starting to feel resentful of my (27f) boyfriend (30m) and don’t want to

My (27f) bf (30m) and I have been together for 5 years. He was in a band when we started dating, and he’s still in the band now. They have definitely made a lot of progress and gotten bigger, but I am still worried about the future. I am finishing up my masters degree and when I’m done I really want to get married and have a family. My boyfriend wants these things too, but I feel like I am maturing at a faster rate and it’s starting to make me resentful. He struggles with depression and anxiety and has gone to therapy, got on meds and made lots of progress which I am proud of him for. But he hasn’t had a stable job in a few years. He leaves often to record music and go on tour so finding a job is obviously difficult, but I feel like it’s not an excuse. He makes a little money from music, but not enough for us to start the life we want. I am now 27, and I don’t want to waste my time even though I love him dearly. He is extremely loyal to me when we’re not together and trust has never been an issue. I just feel like our lives may be going in separate directions and it’s making me very sad. I feel like I keep waiting around for things to happen or for us to be able to be an adult couple. I am very confused because he’s very important to me but I also fear I will stay in this for too long and then not be able to have what I want which is a family. I was always supportive of his music and still am, but I want him to focus more on our life together now. Anyone who has been in a similar situation and has advice, it would be appreciated!
TL:DR feeling resentful of my long term bf and his life choices
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2023.03.30 20:38 LestatDeBadass Opinion: this game is better than Monster Hunter

Let me preface this by saying I love Monster Hunter… and this game doesn’t exist without Monster Hunter…
I’ve played Rise, MHGU, and World to an excessive degree…
But I’m sorry Wild Hearts improves on the MH formula in almost every way. The combat is more fluid and fast paced. The weapons are more interesting and less clunky. The graphics and animations are definitely an improvement (as they should be). Even the story and world setting is much more interesting than any MH game I’ve played.
I was very skeptical of this game. The first 15 or so hours I was still skeptical… But hot damn if the combat doesn’t just click with the combinations of gear, food, and kakuri/fusion kakuris… This game feels like it rewards skill more than gear and I really, really appreciate that especially coming from rise… I don’t feel limited by my shit gear and feel the need to farm; rather I find more success in utilizing combos, kakuri, and the environment to down a monster foe and get faster and faster times as you learn the mechanics and master your weapon…
Overall, I think in comparing the two franchises wild hearts is just way more fluid and a lot less clunky. I feel like I have to menu less, less management of traps and crafting and more what I really want to do: kill some big ass monsters… I love on the fly trap making instead of lugging around barrels and spending 15 minutes prepping my inventory for a fight…
I’m sure this will piss people off and long time MH stans will disagree. I don’t really care. This game is exactly what I wanted MH to be and I’m glad it exists.
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2023.03.30 20:38 Natey3496 20M [chat] [relationship] Wanting someone to chill with :)

Hello all, hope you're having a lovely day
I'm a 20yr old college student looking to meet someone and become close ideally but if not that's okay. Would be open to something casual or serious depending on how we're feeling.
I'm 5'11 with a pretty average build, brown skin with brown eyes and thick coily hair. I do wanna start going to the gym so potential gym buddies? I play a lot of games if that's something you're interested in. This isn't exclusive to people in my area, I don't mind interacting with people online. We could text or call all day or night. I'm usually pretty available if you're looking for constant attention or support. Conversely, it would be pretty fun to go out and do things together such as walking in a park or going out to eat.
I'm probably looking for someone around my age with similar interests. But of course it's okay if we're not entirely identical in that regard. As long as you're kind and respectful I'm sure we'll get along just fine :)
I'm a pretty laid back person, I will go with your flow and I'm incredibly patient. Also I've been told by many people that my voice is pleasant to listen to? So if anything I can help you fall asleep at night. Not sure what else to put but if you wanna know more you're welcome to ask!
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2023.03.30 20:37 DevVrat08 Completed my watchlist!! Suggest me good Sienen anime.

Completed my watchlist!! Suggest me good Sienen anime.
Synopsis: Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gold Roger. The famous mystery treasure named "One Piece".
Review: I was captivated from the first episode and found myself watching 25–30 episodes on my first day and catching up in a month and a half. There were times when I didn't think it could beat it, but the series always proved me wrong. It features one of the greatest power systems, which many anime struggle with, good fights, distinctive eccentric art, and a character who initially turned me off from the show, but the more I watch it, the more I fall in love with it. The character designs are weird, but in a good way, and their personalities are spot on. The tale is brilliantly written, and you'd think that after 1000+ episodes, many events and characters would be forgotten, yet they never are, and the events are always interconnected. The comedy is usually slapstick and full of dumbfounded and dumb acts, but it can also be extremely sophisticated at times. They all make me laugh.
Synopsis: Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart?
Review: This film has stayed with me for the past seven years. A comedy about two teens who have the unusual ability to swap bodies at any time within a week. While they live in each other's lives, they come to love each other. The artwork is without a doubt outstanding—the most beautiful animation I've ever seen in any form. The song is passionate and melancholy, and it has left an imprint on my heart and mind. I could skip to any point in the movie and precisely hum the OST. Not to mention the four songs that are immensely touching and addictive: Yumetouru, Zen Zen Zense, Sparkle, and Nandemonaiya. Each of these four has a distinct tone and brilliantly crafted lyrics that conjure a magical picture in my head every time I hear them.
The film's topic of fate, destiny, and longing for someone is not new, yet it was performed flawlessly. Its ambience and mood transported me to a world I was unaware existed. Everything felt dreamy, out of this world, celestial, and yet reachable. But, as I previously stated, While I watched Taki and Mitsuha struggle wonderfully in this film, I could never recreate and regurgitate my sentiments or my experience. Just go ahead and view it.


Synopsis: Shinichi Izumi, 17, is afflicted with a parasite, which causes monsters to butcher and consume humans. If he is to survive as a parasite and a human, as part monster and part person, he must learn to coexist with the creature.
Review: I honestly enjoyed Parasyte more than I expected to. After each episode, I was completely hooked. The pacing is excellent; I never found an episode to be dull or uninteresting. The story is just incredibly bizarre, and its uniqueness adds to the show's appeal. The characters are by far the most enjoyable aspect of Parasyte. Shinichi and Migi's friendship is unusual and yet nicely formed. Also, the English dub is excellent; it is significantly superior to the typical version. Overall, Parasyte is a fantastic show that is well worth your time.


Synopsis: As his hometown is destroyed and his mother is murdered, young Eren Jaeger resolves to rid the world of the enormous humanoid Titans who have driven humanity to extinction.
Review: Attack on Titan is a fantastic series that should not be missed. Everything this programme has done so far has been fantastic. Its characters, while not particularly innovative or complicated, are cool and I want them to win; the animation is fantastic, especially during action sequences; and each episode leaves me wanting more. But, there are other aspects of the show that make it worthwhile to watch. The programme does an excellent job of dealing with death and hopelessness. When individuals die, you feel their loss. Some circumstances can feel completely hopeless at times, which makes it all the more thrilling when they prevail. Oh, and you can't talk about this programme without mentioning the awesome theme tunes. Both established the tone for the show while also sounding fantastic. I like the song that plays during the first half of the presentation, but I actually prefer the second half more. This is the first time I've ever had that reaction to a show's theme music.
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